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					              Alabang Ladies International Group
                   Annual Report January 2010
ALIG was created in 2003 in order to support expat families living in the area, make
connections with the community through fund raising and community support
activities, and to act as a social focal point for families in the Alabang area through
social events. As we all know, 2009 turned out to be a challenging year due to the
world economy and Mother Nature. We as a club were not only successful raising
money for our charities but also helping victims of Ondoy. We also had successful
social events which many of our members attended. In a year where there seemed to
be an obstacle around each bend, we as a club not only survived but grew stronger.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank some people who helped ALIG to grow
in 2009. I would like to thank Ronda Trower (Charities) and her charity committee
members for making sure that our charities got the items and funding they required. I
would like to thank the Casino Royale committee who were able to put together a
successful annual charity ball. They were able to generate donations that the charity
committee was able to put to good use. I would like to thank the group of ladies who
put together an Ondoy relief team and who organized fundraising in order to help
those who lost so much in the storm.
The members of the group this year were quite a social bunch. Our social calendars
were filled with fun things to do here in the Philippines. If it weren’t for Dina
Hourihan (evening social), Natalie Buijs (Day Social) and Marion Vermuelen (Day
social) what would our members have done with all that free time?
Membership in 2009 surpassed that of 2008. Throughout the year we signed up 157
members. Thank you to Sarah Prunoske for taking care of getting everyone into the
database and linked up with our yahoo group (a precious commodity). We have had
to say good bye to some our members who have moved on to new assignments and
welcome new members who have joined us from all parts of the globe.
Attendance at our general meetings has continued to stay strong throughout the year.
Louis Curtis (VP) has done a wonderful job of organizing the venues and making sure
that our bellies were nice and full before leaving the meeting. Thank you to Nancy
Beachler (Programs) and Stella Gonzales (Programs) for organizing our speakers and
our vendors each month. We certainly do like to shop.
I have heard from numerous members that the Newcomers meetings were a life saver
for them. They were able to get answers to questions they had from some of our
members who have been here for some time. Lisa Vinje and Tina Spinks opened their
homes to us and offered such hospitality that all felt welcome.
As we all know, technology is the way of life nowadays. Willy Nagtegaal did a great
job of keeping our website up to date and looking fresh at all times. She compiled a
monthly newsletter with interesting articles written by our own members and other
ex-pat women throughout the world. She submitted our club into the Expat Women
contest from whom the club won $1000.
Thank you to Leigh Anne Reichow for keeping our books straight and letting us know
where we stood at all times. Thank you to Jessica Robinett for taking our minutes as
the board meeting and sending our correspondence when needed.
In all I would like to thank the 2009 board members and the members of our club who
made the job of being president a worth while experience that I would not change for
the world.

Karen Carcamo

      Vice President’s Report
9 General Meetings were held in 2009:

The January Annual GM was held at Kirsten Maher's Home
The February GM was held at Ilaria Keogh's Home
The March GM was held at Cassandra Hilton's Home
The April GM was held at Amber Matus' Home
The May GM was held at Nancy Beachler's Home
No meeting where held in the summer months of June & July.
The August GM was held at Celia Gittus' Home
The September GM was held at Natalie Buijs' Home
The October GM was held at Sarah Beuerle's Home
The November GM and Potluck lunch was held at Cassandra Hilton's Home

TGI Friday's provided lunch for all of our meetings except for the May Meeting.
We arranged for Buona Vita to cater, and in August both TFG Friday and Outback
provided equal amount of food. Finally, November Meeting was a potluck.
Attendance has been steadily increasing! Our average number of attendees is 35 - 40,
with the highest number attending the September GM (47).
We had raffles at each meeting and were able to raise P34,800 in raffle sales. Lots of
prizes were won!

Louise Curtis

      Treasurer’s Report
Financial Position:
We opened the year with a checking account balance of PHP 743,087, saving account
balance of PHP 378,044 and petty cash of PHP 37,383 for a grand total of PHP
1,155,514. By the end of 2009 ALIG’s board, with help from our general
membership, were able to donate a significant amount of the money to local charities.
We ended the year with a checking account balance of PHP 551,277, saving account
balance of PHP 382,114, and petty cash balance of PHP 28,165 for a grand total of
PHP 961,556. This balance reflects income allocated for 2010 from our annual
calendar sales, 2010 Dinner/Dance ticket sales, and charity spending that the board
has already committed.

A detailed Income statement is attached to this report and is available for all members
to review. If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call at 02-842-0742.

Year In Review:

Charity and Social:

This past year with the recession, fund raising proved to be harder than in past years.
Ronda had her work cut out for her and with the help of our social chairs and
members, they all worked very hard raising money for our charities. Our annual
dinner dance raised 338,886. With the recession hitting, many companies in the area
were unable to sponsor the event and the donations for raffle prizes were limited. This
did not stop the ALIG members from attending the event and opening their wallets for
raffle tickets. We sold the most raffle tickets in the history of all of ALIG balls.

The fundraising continued throughout the year with various social events, our annual
garage sales, calendar sales, media sales, and the generosity of our members through
various donations. At the end of 2009, through fundraising and personnel donations
we raised 674,053 pesos for our charities. This is amazing since we cancelled our
November garage sale so our members could help with the victims of Ondoy. Our
members donated their garage sale items to help our surrounding community hit by
the rains that left many locals without shelter, clothing, food and water.

A fund raising event held at Appenzellar once again showed the generosity of our
members. This event alone brought in 349,826 pesos. ALIG’S board also donated
another 70,000 pesos. A very special thanks goes to Dina Hourihan, Sheri Baghaie,
and Stephanie Lindqvist for organizing the fundraiser and relief efforts benefiting the
community of Pateros and other surrounding areas.

A very special thanks to all of ALIG’s members; your generosity and volunteer work
throughout the year changed the lives of so many children and families in our
surrounding community.
Charity Spending:

In 2009, we supported six charities on a monthly basis donating a grand total of
816,447 Pesos. Throughout the year, we provide our charities with needed food items,
bags of rice, toiletries, and many other items to support their basic needs. We also
provided money for one-off donations that our charities desperately needed but could
not afford. At the end of 2009, our charity spending ended at a deficit of 287,522
pesos to our actual charity income.

The box below breaks down our spending by charity.

Operating Income:

Membership in 2009 was our highest in ALIG history. Throughout the year, we
signed up 157 members. We ended the year with around 140. As all international
clubs experience, membership fluctuates throughout the year. We say goodbye to
valued members who move onto new assignments and welcome new members joining
us from all around the world.

This year the board voted to stop charging an entrance fee to attend the newcomers
meeting. Our total expenses for providing food and newcomers packs this year totaled
9,529 pesos. A special thanks to Lisa Vinje and Tina Spinks who opened up their
homes and provided a warm and welcoming place for both new and old members to
come together. These meetings provide new members the opportunity to meet people,
find out about the community they live in, and get answers on how to survive in their
new host country. Once again, ALIG offered the seminar on managing your household
staff. Both new and old members attended this seminar coming away with a wealth of
information on how to deal with our household staff.

After going green last year, with a click of the mouse, ALIG members are able to stay
updated on what is happening. Our website and monthly newsletter provides
information on ALIG events, articles written by our members, advertising for local
business, and a place for incoming families to learn more about the country they soon
will call home. Through the Internet ALIG also provides yahoo groups where
members are able to send e-mails providing members with more information than
they will ever need. In addition, our yahoo groups provide members access to our
membership directory. This has taken the place of our paper directory. We still offer a
paper directory by request only. The total expense for 2009 was 5,500 pesos. This
year Willy worked hard on getting local companies to advertise on ALIG’s website
and in our newsletter. We raised 35,200 pesos through advertisements. This year the
board voted to move the money raised through advertising to benefit our charities.

Income Summary:
We ended 2009 with an operating income of 209,404 pesos and operating expenses of
116,111 pesos. This provided us with a net surplus of 93,292 pesos. For the year, we
finished at a total year loss of 194,230 pesos. Although we ended the year with a
negative income, the surplus from the previous years was used to cover this loss.
Since ALIG is a non-profit club and we are not registered here in the Philippines, we
needed to spend the surplus from the previous years. If we continued to carry high
balances in our accounts, we would need to register our group and start paying
registration fees and local taxes. This would then cause us to raise our membership
dues to cover the cost.

Below is a break down of all operating Expenses from 2009:

This report was based on our financial statements as of December 31, 2009.
After two and half years of serving as the ALIG treasurer, I say goodbye to the board.
It has been my pleasure to serve on the ALIG board as treasurer. As I move on to
other opportunities here in the Philippines, I look forward to still being a part of ALIG
and supporting the new board 2010 board.

Leigh Anne Reichow


ALIG had a great year in 2009 in terms of membership growth. We had a total of 157
members last year, of which 56 were new members and the rest were renewals.

This is a significant increase from two years ago and a steady growth from last year.
We had a total of 121 members in 2007 , 146 in 2008 and 157 in 2009.

The table below shows new membership over the last 3 years.

                                      2007        2008          2009
             January                  12          12             12
             February                 5           0              5
             March                    5           5              5
             April                    2           4              2
             May                      3           4              4
             June                     0           0              0
             July                     0           0              0
             August                   8           7              17
             September                17          19             6
             October                  5           5              4
             November                 2           3              1
             December                 0           0              0
             TOTAL                    57          59             56

ALIG is a truly international group with over 35 different nationalities in ALIG. The
main nationalities are American ( n= 42), British (n=16), Filipino (n=14), German (n=
11), Dutch (n=10), Australian (n=8) and Canadian (n=5).

This year we gave members an option to go “green” by utilizing our directory on the
yahoo website. However, the directory is still available in printed booklet form for
those who wish to have it.

Sarah Prunoske
There were nine Newcomers Coffees held in 2009. Half of the meetings were held at
Kirsten Maher's and the rest at Tina Spinks' home.
Attendance was usually high, varying between 15 and 25 people.
Number of new members that joined from Aug. till Oct. was very high compared to
previous years. August added eight, September added five, and October had an
additional four more.
We promoted sales of the “Arrival Survival” books.
Christine Ho and Celia Gittus kindly ensured that the ALIG second-hand books and
DVDs were always on sale at the meetings.
The seminar “Managing your Household Staff” was organized and well attended.

Lisa Vinje

Total charities income for the year was                                  674,053

Charity Budget for the year                                              935,000

Total charities spending for the year was                                816,447

The following charities have benefited from our group:

Marillac Hills – Residential home for abused or exploited girls. The home caters up
to 250 girls while they wait for their court hearings. This is a government funded
facility. We started out this year providing them P8500 every month for their bakery
program. This allowed them to make bread for merienda three times a week. We
have now increased that amount to P12,000 so they can make merienda four to five
times a week. The program also teaches the girls a skill. We have replaced the
screens in dorm one. We sponsored a team for their annual sports fest by providing
uniforms and tennis shoes. We have celebrated birthdays once a month with a cake.
We purchased sports equipment for the sports program. We are working with them to
start a garden to grow food to help feed the girls. This year for Christmas we made
lunch for all the girls, a visit from Santa Claus and provided a small gift. We had a
private party for Dorm one.

Tunasan Drop in Center – Fifty of the hampers went to theWe provide P7500 a
month for rice and groceries. This center provides washing facilities, meals and
education support for up to 50 children a day. We donated a used refrigerator, a new
cooking burner for their kitchen and had a cabinet built for their kitchen. We
provided money for their costumes for the anniversary celebration. This year we
provided 100 hampers at Christmas through private donations and money from the
budget. Tunasan families and the other 50 went to families at the San Pedro dumpsite.
We also provided a game for each family.
Birthright Foundation School – This school provides education for physically
handicapped children and their siblings. This year we donated P53,300 for them to
start a school at the trash dumpsite in San Pedro. Twenty-one children are attending
grade one there. We provided 60 hampers to the Birthright families and 19 families
from the San Pedro dumpsite. All 60 were covered 100% by member contributions.

Little Sisters of Assumption – This organization is run by a small group of
European nuns offering community assistance by way of a health clinic, livelihood
project and a preschool. We donated p100,000 to them this year. They used this for
training for their livelihood, educational trip to the zoo for the children, transportation
to therapy for 10 children a month, 100 rubber tiles for the floor of the pre-school and
the remainder was spent on their TB program. Our members continue to donate drink
cans for their livelihood project. They have opened a toy library and many of the toys
were donated by our members. LSOA community was hit hard by Typhoon Ondoy.
Many of our members made private donations to help them, ALIG also made a
donation to help them in their time of need.

Pacita Residential Center - This is a residential home for homeless children and
caters to approximately 40 children ages seven to 18. We provide them P5000 each
month for rice and p2500 for toiletries. We also have a rice sponsorship program
where our members can provide a bag of rice each month, or a one off donation. We
have also set aside P150,000 for repairs to their building. The repairs should start in

Philippine General Hospital – A public hospital in Manila, we sponsor the NICU
ward. This year we donated P100,000 for antibiotics after an infection broke out in
the NICU. We recently donated P10,000 to help purchase diapers for the babies. The
families have to pay for the diapers and many times they do not have the money. We
also donated P20,000 for the school for terminally ill children at the hospital for
school supplies.

House of Light- This is a residential home for 7 children who are cared for by a
house parent. We provide them P2500 a month for food and supplies.
With our unallocated funds we have donated P20,000 to Tuloy Foundation, Inc for
food. We donated P30,000 for Mercy2Asia to help with food and supplies for their
programs. We also paid for a roof leak to be repaired at Pacita Residential Center out
of this fund. We donated P10,000 for the Sidewalk Sunday Christmas party.

We provided money for Christmas parities and/or gifts for Pacita, Tunasan, Marillac
Hills and Little Sisters of Assumption.

Members of ALIG, along with friends and family continued the school sponsorship
program for Tunasan Drop-In-Center. This year 28 children were sponsored. Thank
you to Dina Hourihan for coordinating the program again this year.

ALIG donated P70,000 to the Pateros relief fund.

As I step down as charity coordinator, there are many people that I need to thank:
Dina Hourihan as coordinator for Tunasan Drop-In-Center, and all the ladies who
went to Tunasan and worked with the children each week.

Sheri Baghaie as coordinator for Marillac Hills and all the ladies who went every
other week to visit the girls.

Stefanie Riedinger for all her wonderful craft ideas and help with activities.

Annemiek Smid for attending all the different charity functions and her help.

Cynthia Batuhan for her help with teaching the girls English at Marillac Hills.

Leigh Anne Reichow for always letting us use her house for the garage sale and all
the volunteers who helped with the sale or donated items.

Ilaria Keogh for her help with running and organizing the garage sale.

Leigh Anne Reichow for always working with me to get the money to the different

Willy Baan and Natalie Buijs for all their work on the calendar. Also to Willy and
Natalie for selling the calendars and everyone else who helped with sales.

Christine Ho and Celia Gittus for running the book and DVD stall at our meetings.

To the dinner/dance committee for all their hard work and efforts to make this event a
big success.

To all the members who baked cookies, bought gifts, wrapped presents and attended
the Christmas parties for the different charities.
Thank you to everyone. You have all helped with charities by buying raffle tickets,
donating food, coins, items for the garage sales, volunteering, sponsoring hampers,
rice sponsorship and for visiting the different charities.

Thank you to the board for all their help.

A huge Thank you to the Pateros relief team , Sheri Baghaie, Stephanie Lindqvist,
Dina Hourihan, Angie McDonald, and Molly Schmidt for all their hard work and all
those who helped them.

If I forgotten someone, please forgive me.

Ronda Trower

Speakers for ALIG General Meeting for 2009
           Month                   Speaker               Subject
January                    No Speaker – AGM
February                   Vivian C. Zapanta    Stott Pilates Instructor
March                      Larry & Wan Hertz    Traditional Thai Art of
                                                fruit & vegetable carving
April                      Doods Tanbe          The Joy of Photography
May                        Sister Margaret      The Little Sisters of the
                                                Assumption - ALIG's
June                       No Speaker
July                       No Speaker
August                     Virgilio Gil Yuzon   Philippine History from
                                                late 1800's & stories on
                                                Ninoy Aquino
September                  Evelyn Mendiola      In-Touch Foundation
                           Gigi Gatti           Managing Your
                                                Household Staff (brief
October                    Vivien Mangalindan   Filipino Superstitions
November                   No Speaker
December                   No Speaker

Stella Gonzales & Nancy Beachler

Day Social Events

Date         Activity                                   Participants
Feb 3          Lazerextreme, lunch at Chelsea                       16/20

March 6        Manila Now 2009                                      14

Feb 28         Hiking the Pinatubo                                  79
               Dine at C-Italian in Angeles

April 2        Visit Little Sisters of Assumption,                  11
               lunch at Buona Vita

April 28       Pearl talk at Jewelmer ATC,                          20
               lunch at Omakase

May 15         Pahiyas festival in Lucban                           24
               Lunch at Arabella in Liliw

June 9         Visit Yuchengco museum,                              7
               lunch at Peoples Palace

Sept 3         Visit Lhuillier museum,                              22/20
               wine paring lunch by Jops

Nov 12         China town with Carlos Celdran,                      27
               lunch at Juri’s in Malate

Nov 23         Higantes festival in Angono,                         24
               Blanco museum and petroglyphs

Dec 10         Free basic portrait photography course               16

Natalie Buijs and Marion Vermeulen

        Evening Social Events

Another busy social year! I had a brief partner in crime - Celia Gittus!
January 30 - Happy Hour at Union Jack.

February 20 - Quiz Night at Union Jack kindly organized by Celia & Phil Gittus.

March 28 - Casino Royale Ball at Palms

May 9 - Cinco de Mayo pot luck party kindly hosted by Sarah & John Prunoske
with an impressive turnout of 101 guests!

June, July & August - INFORMAL HAPPY HOURS at Appenzeller.

September 19 - Dinner at Buona Vita with 46 guests.

October 9 - Ondoy Relief Fundraising Happy Hour at Appenzeller. P388,500 raised,
thank you very much to our generous Members.

to Kirsten & Holger Maher, Marilyn & Chris Duncan-Webb and Angie & Ally
McDonald for hosting 64 guests. As usual, Jops Melrose prepared a
delicious buffet paired with wines supplied by Forth & Tay.

I've enjoyed my 2 years as Night Social butterfly and recommend it as a fun position!

Dina Hourihan

Can you believe the website was only introduced less than two years ago? It’s a part
of ALIG, which you can’t imagine not to be there. As the basic set up was done
thoroughly, the focus in 2009 was on making small additions and keeping the
information up to date. Hoping to meet the demands of our members, the Expat
Calendar was added to the website, as well as more items to “Courses and Seminars.”
But there’s still more to explore. We attract newcomers to the Philippines through the
website as well. My interest was to give quick answers about items asked on the
ALIG newcomers coffee mornings: how to find household staff, SSS contributions,
and so on. This is the last addition I wish to make to the website before the new
board will be officially installed.

For the newsletter, a new start from scratch was made in March 2009. After years of
printed newsletters and a few labor intensive electronic letters, a new standard was
introduced using a recognizable template in Word every new coordinator should be
able to work with. The positive feedback of our members encouraged me to keep the
monthly newsletter going.
ALIG was lucky to renew bonds with schools and to raise more funds for charity by
selling advertisement space. This is one of the reasons the newsletter was issued to all
our members even during summer holidays. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it.

Willy Nagtegaal

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