The First Recruits - December 1775

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					March 2010


             The First Recruits - December 1775
      March 2010                                                                                                       1

         Marine Corps League Of Pennsylvania, Inc.                                          New Mission Focus
The Spring Staff Meeting will be        The October Staff Meeting will be            The Detachment has been informed of a
   19 March 1500 to 2300                   22 – 23 October                         situation in the care of our wounded
   20 March 0800 Detachment                  Meetings at Headquarters Bldg         troops who are being sent to Germany
   Commandants’ Council -                    Stay at Days Inn, Lickdale            for further treatment. It seems that the
      Meetings at Headquarters Bldg          3 Everest Ln                          wounded are being flown out of the area
      Stay at Days Inn, Lickdale             Jonestown/Lebanon, Pa                 in unheated aircraft and they are in need
      3 Everest Ln                                                                 of warm clothing for the trip.
      Jonestown/Lebanon, Pa             2010 National MCL Convention                 There is an immediate need for the
                                             8 – 14 August                         following items:
National Northeast Division Meet             Sheraton Greensboro Hotel                 Hooded sweatshirts
   26 – 27 March 2010                        Koury Convention Center                   Small blankets / snuggies
      Radisson Lackwanna Station             Greensboro, NC                            Breakaway trousers
      700 Lackawanna Ave                       1 800 242 6556                          Phone cards
      Scranton, Pa                             visit                 We will also be accepting cash dona-
  All funds raised through registration      Host Detachment:                      tions to make these item purchases in
and ad book sales will benefit the MCL       Greater Greensboro Det #260           large quantities and the best price.
Youth Physical Fitness, Marines Help-                       -----

ing Marines, and the National Scholar-    The monument being erected in Boals-            Accept Challenges,
ship programs. General Al Gray, the     burg to honor the men and women who
                                                                                          So that you may feel
Commandant of the Marine Corps, has answered the final call while serving with         The exhilaration of victory!
been invited to speak.                  the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 28th INF
                                        DIV will also honor 34 Marines who also
Department Convention                   answered the call while serving with the                Marine Fact
   23 – 26 June                         Brigade.
   Holiday Inn and Conference Ctr                            ----
                                                                                                   I like the fact
   I-83 and PA Turnpike                 The MCL of Pennsylvania will co-sponsor           that if you are a self-declared
   New Cumberland, Pa                   the Annual Memorial Day program at the                  enemy of America,
   Room Rates: $89.00                   Indiantown Gap National Cemetery on 30             running into a Marine outfit
      717 774 2721                      May at 1400. There will be a massing of       in combat is your worst nightmare;
  There is to be a Golf Tournament in Detachment Colors.                                    and that your health record
New Cumberland, PA on Wednesday                         Semper Fi,                     is either about to get a lot thicker,
23 June with a 1300 Shotgun Start.                       Leanna Dietrich                     or be closed out entirely.
  The entry fees and course are to be           Department Commandant
                                                      Chester County Marine 

   Chester County Detachment                                                                             8th and I, Washington, DC
                                                                                            31 March 1801 –
                                                           Highlights Of
             Home                                                                           was selected as the site of the Marine
                                                          The Corps’ Story                  Barracks.
     610 518 5375
Staff meeting:                                  2 March 1968    – Battle for Hue, Vietnam
  2nd Wednesday of each month at 1930.                                                        Didn’t Louis XIII have any furniture?
                                                was declared finished.
General Membership meeting:                                                                    Everybody’s heard about his son’s
     4th Monday of each month at 7:30 PM.                                                        furniture, but what about him.
                                                3 March 1776    – U.S. Marines made their
Directions: From Boot Rd. go north on
Chestnut St in Downingtown first building       first amphibious landing capturing 24
on the right after the bridge;                  barrels of gunpowder from the
 from Rt 30 turn South on Chestnut St;          British.
the last Building on the left just before the
railroad bridge. Parking on side or back.                             st    th   th
                                                7 March 1951   – The 1 , 7 , & 11 Marine      On Friday 5 February, eight members
  Entrance is on Chestnut St.                   Regiments commenced operations at
                    *****                                                                   of Chester County Detachment took part
                                                Hongchon, Korea.                            in Memorial Services for deceased
         Detachment Officers
                                                8 March 1965    – Marines landed at Red     member Charles Tuerk. Charles was a
Commandant Pat Powell          610 952 5045                                                 World War II and Korean War Veteran.
                                                Beach, Da Nang, Vietnam.
Senior Vice Dan Condron        610 458 0797                                                 He joined the U.S. Marine Corps at the
                                                9 March 1847     – Expeditionary Marines    age of sixteen and was assigned as a
Junior Vice Bill Shields       610 458 5748                                                 gunner aboard the USS Essex for the
                                                landed and seized Vera Cruz,
Judge Adv    William Tapper 610 696 4025        Mexico, during the Mexican War.             duration of WWII.
                                                                                              There were two Marines assigned to do
Jr. Past Com William Tapper 610 696 4025        12 March 1824
                                                            – Marines of the Boston         the Flag Folding and Presentation detail
Adjutant     David Mundy       717 442 0788     Barracks quelled a Massachusetts            and a sailor rendered Taps.
                                                State Prison riot.                            Chester County Detachment members
Paymaster    Phil Murray       610 918 1335
                                                17 March 1918
                                                                - The 5 Marines were the    participating in the service were:
Chaplain     Tom Tanner        610 933 0957
                                                first Marine unit to move into World          Dan Condron, Tom Fisher, Al Harper,
Sgt.of Arms Pat Vollmer        610 383 1416     War I frontline trenches.                     Tom Logan, Jim McIlhenney, Dave
                                                                                              Mundy, Patrick Vollmer, Harold Wells.
Serv Officer Kathy VanGorder610 489 3756
                                                23 March 1815     – Marines assisted the     Dave Mundy was Officer in Charge and
Directors    Tom Fisher        610 273 9498                                                 Al Harper rendered the Funeral Version
             Al Harper         610 857 2378
                                                                                            of the Marine’s Hymn on the trumpet.
                                                USS Hornet’s capture of the HMS               Anyone that would like to participate in
             Dennis Brown      610 692 4782                                                 funeral details please contact Al Harper
Publisher    Pat Powell        610 952 5045                                                 to be put on the call list. CCD MCL
                                                                                            extends sincere thanks to all participating
Editor       David Mundy       717 442 0788                                                 members.
Aux. Pres.   Victoria Cloud
                               610 383 7729     Penguin.                                                     Semper Fi
         NEWSLETTER POLICY                                                                       VA Opens New Cemetery
  Chester County Marine, the only
publication paid for by Chester County 24 March 1944 – The 22nd Marine                      The Secretary of Veterans Affairs announced
Detachment MCL #286, is published monthly                                                   the opening of the new Washington Crossing
                                              Regiment captured Ebon and Namu
as a service to the membership and other                                                    National Cemetery in Newtown, PA. The new
interested organizations. We will reprint any Atolls in the Marshall Islands.
article deemed to be newsworthy and not                                                     205-acre national cemetery in the
political. The editor reserves the right to 28 March 1918 – Marines were placed             Philadelphia area will serve Veterans’ needs
modify any items selected for printing.
                                              under the command of French                   for at least the next 50 years.
  The views expressed herein are those of the
authors and do not necessarily reflect the Marshal Foch in WWI.
                                                                                              Information on VA burial benefits can be
position of National MCL, Inc., Pennsylvania                                                obtained from national cemetery offices, from
MCL, Inc. or the Chester County Detachment. 29 March 1917 – Marines were garrisoned         VA’s Burial and Memorial benefits webpage
All members and other interested parties are St. Croix to deny harbor to German
invited to submit articles for publication.
                                                                                            or by calling VA regional offices toll-free at
                                                submarines.                                 800 827 1000.
                                           Chester County Marine 

  For information on Washington        VMA-323 and was at K-3 (Po Hang, In P’nam mun jom, Korea there is a
Crossing National Cemetery, call the   Korea).                                “par 3 one-hole golf course” located at
cemetery office at 215 504 5610. To      2nd Lt. Dick Kaleta was to join them Camp Bonifas, Korean Demilitar-ized
make burial arrange-ments at the time  there.                                 Zone, which includes an Astro-turf green
of need, call the national cemetery                                           and is surrounded on three sides by
scheduling office at 800 535 1117.            Notice in a farmer’s field:     minefields. So far, at least one shot has
                                                                              exploded a land mine. Were it not for
 T;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;        The farmer allows walkers
                   ;T                                                         the minefields and soldiers, it would
                                              to cross the field for free,    “look like a big Boy Scout camp.”
                        The cause of –           but the Bull Charges.

         The Forgotten War               POW/MIA Remembered
  26 April - Armistice talks resumed
at P’anmunjom.
 1 May - The 1 Marine Division
was relieved by the U.S. 25th Divi-
sion on the MLR. They became the
reserve for the corps 15 miles
behind the lines.
                                               Robert Leo Babula
 29 May - The Eighth Army gave                                                            (2001 – Present)
up the Nevada Cities complex to Date of Birth:       7 March 1947
avoid greater casualties.                            Biloxi, MS              The War on Terror, including Operations
                                      Home:          Indiana, PA             Iraqi and Enduring Freedom are ongoing
 30 June - The strength of the U.S. Rank:            E2, PFC                                conflicts.
Marine Corps on active duty was Branch:              U.S. Marines
18,731 officers and 230,488 enlisted.                CO K, 1st PLT,
                                                                                     Marines Are Needed
122,000 reservists, both recruits                    3rd BTN, 1st Marines      We need your help on Saturday 5 June,
and veterans, saw active duty in                     1st Marine Div          to help out at the Exton Mall to collect
Korea.                                Date of Loss:  28 August 1966          American flags that need to be retired
                                    Area of Loss:    Hoa Hai village, Hoa    and sell MCL Scholarship raffle tickets.
  6 July - The 1 Marine Division Vang District, Quang Nam Province,
                                                                               We need four hours of your time to
moved back to its old position on South Vietnam.
                                                                             assist in this major MCL fund raising
the west flank of the Eighth Army
                                      He and three other Marines were        effort
                                    assigned as an ambush detail. When         If you can help, please contact Fred Le
                 th                                                          Clair, 610 518 3444. Your help would
  6 – 11 July - 7 Infantry Division the four Marines failed to return as
abandoned Pork Chop Hill to the scheduled, searches were conducted           be greatly appreciated.
Chinese; it’s not worth further with no results. The four were offi-
fighting.                           cially listed as captured, and no
  7-8 July - Marine and Turkish
                                    further contact has been made.                           Jeff
troops defended Outposts Berlin                                                           D’Ambrosio
                                               VVA Chapter#844
and East Berlin.                                 El Paso, TX                           Dodge – Mitsubishi
 12 July - VMA-251 joined AG-12
                                           Toughest Golf Course                        1081 E. Lancaster Ave
in Korea as the replacement for                                                           Downingtown
                                                                                           610 269 9500

                                                                                           Lancaster Ave
                                                                                      Chester County Marine 

                                                                                     Outside a secondhand shop:         He was a Brigadier General in the New
                                                                                                                       York militia, and rose to the rank of
                                                                                      We exchange anything –           Major General.
                                                                                  Bicycles; Washing Machines; etc.     1776 the British forced his family to flee
                                                                                                                       and his home was destroyed.
                                                                                    Why not bring your wife along
                                                                                                                       1798, he died at the age of 71.
                                                                                    and get a wonderful bargain?                           _

  T ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;T

                                                  Most Accidents –

        VIETNAM CONNECTIONS                                                                  The 1700’s                                Vieques
                                                                                 Declaration of Independence Signers
                                                                               Vieques, Puerto Rico was one of the
                                          Who were they and what happened U.S. Navy’s largest firing ranges and
                                        to them?                             weapons testing sites for nearly six
                                                                             decades beginning right after World War
                                          Thomas McKean:
                                                                             II. After years of protests the Navy left
                                        from Delaware was born in Chester
                                                                             Vieques in 2003.
                                        County, PA and was a lawyer and
                                                                               The only ones left are the island resi-
                                        jurist. He represented and led the
                                                                             dents who can’t use the base and target
                                        state of Delaware but later was
1962                                                                         areas but are now getting sick.
17 May - 3 Marine Expeditionary
                                        selected as Chief Justice of the
                                                                               During their tests the Navy fired wea-
Brigade landed at Bangkok, Thai- Pennsylvania Superior Court (1777- pons that had napalm, depleted uranium,
land in a show of support for that      1799).
                                                                             or Agent Orange, the defoliant used on
government. The Brigade stayed            He signed the Declaration after
                                                                             the Vietnamese jungles that was later
three months. Udorn and Korat           January 18, 1777.
                                                                             linked to cancer and other illnesses in
were rice fields full of cobras.        1787 – 1790, he was a Federalist.
                                                                             veterans. Agent Orange was also used
                                        1790s, he became a Democratic-
                                                                             around the perimeter fence to keep it
1 July - The entire Marine Corps        Republican.
Reserve was restructured from           1799-1808, he was the governor of
                                                                               Numerous unexploded ordinance and
independent battalions and              Pennsylvania.
                                                                             bombs continue to litter the former bomb
squadrons to form a complete 4th        1817, died at age 83.
                                                                             site and the surrounding waters. This
Marine Division and 4th MAW.                               -
                                          Arthur Middleton:                  litter continues to corrode, leaching
22 August - U.S. officials felt the war had graduated from Cambridge and dangerously high levels of carcinogens.
had reached a stalemate.                studied law in London. He became a
                                        Justice of the Peace and plantations            There are no shortcuts
31 December - 109 U.S. troops were owner in Charleston, SC with over                  To any place worth going.
killed or wounded this year.            800 slaves.
There were 11,000 American                While defending Charleston in                      Wegmans
troops in Vietnam.                      1780 he was captured along with
                                        Heyward and Rutledge as traitors and     has a . . .
                                        all three were imprisoned where he
         Murphy's Laws of                                                           Business hours 24/7
                                        was tortured until July 1781.                Catering Department
        Combat Operations
                                        1787, he died at age 44.                       Delicatessen
            The only time                                                                Grocery Store
                                          Lewis Morris:                                     Market
  you have more than enough fuel
                                        from Bronx, NY had graduated from                    Pharmacy
       is when you’re on fire.
                  ***                   Yale College in 1746 and inherited                    Pizza Shop
                                        an estate.                                             Restaurant
                                                                            Chester County Marine 

                                Support for the                                       CHAMPVA                       800 733 8387    Age 36 to 60                   $400
                                                                                      Cold War Certificate          610 344 6375    Age 51 to 60                   $300
MCL                                                                                   Gulf War / Agent Orange
   1056 E. Lancaster Ave                                                                         Help Line          800 749 8387    Over Age 60                    $150
   Downingtown                                                                        Headstones & Markers          800 697 6947
                                610 518 7890                                          Mammography Hotline           888 492 7844    Sign up with Paymaster Jim McIlhenney.
                                                                                      MCL Hdqts Indiantown Gap 717 861 9629             DD214s or certificates of discharge are
                                                                                      Military Medical records, DD214                    required to ensure honorable service
                                                                                      Parkinson’s                                         To become a Life Member,
T ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; PADRECC                       888 959 2323
;;;;T                                                                                 Parkinson Support Grp         610 431 1852            you must already be a
                                                                                      Telecommunication Device                           “Member in Good Standing”.
                                                              Is High H.P. – (Hearing Impaired/TTD)                 800 829 4833

                                                                         Fort Mifflin Celebration                                             PTSD Diagnoses
           C C D Committees                                             Independence Day, 4 July 2010                                                                 TIME / CNN
Americanism       D. Condron                                                                                                         For all the attention focused on PTSD in
Auxiliary Liaison D. Condron
                                              The Marine Corps League in conjunct-                                                 recent years, doctors have never had a clear-
Bingo             B. Shields                tion with Ft. Mifflin on the Delaware will                                             cut way to be certain a patient has it. But
Highway Cleanup   D. Brown                  honor Revolutionary War heroes on 4                                                    Minnesota scientists how believe they have
Home Liaison      E. Dymek                  July 2010. The event will take place at                                                found a PTSD fingerprint that confirms the
Locker Box        J. Ceschan                Ft. Mifflin on Hog Island and Ft. Mifflin                                              disorder by measuring electromagnetic fields
Marine Corps Ball R. Spina                  Roads in Philadelphia at 1:00 pm.                                                      in the brain.
                  A. Harper                   Ft. Mifflin was the site of one of the                                                 This could help the 300,000 cases of PTSD
Membership        R. Spina                  most significant battles of the Revolu-                                                that are anticipated among the U.S. troops
MOY               W. Tapper                 tionary War where a few hundred                                                        who have gone to war in Afghanistan and
Newsletter        D. Mundy                  defenders held off the invading British
Parades           B. White                                                                                                         Iraq.
                                            force from 10 to 15 November 1777.                                                       Dr. Apostolos Georgopoulos, the researcher
Marksmanship Team D. Brown
Scholarships      B. White
                                              Under continuous bombardments by                                                     says, “This shows that PTSD is a brain
Special Events                              the British Armada, the fort was                                                       disease. There have been questions that this
Ticket Sales      R. Spina                  destroyed, but the Continental forces                                                  is a made-up disorder and isn’t a true brain
VAVS              Dr. Wells,                never surrendered.                                                                     disease, but it is.” The magnetic-imaging bio-
                  R. Spina                    The ceremony will include Color                                                      marker shows changes over time in a brain’s
West Chester                                Guards, Rifle Squad, wreath-laying, and                                                electrical activity, allowing mental-health
   Vets Council   P Powell                  a brief speech followed by a tour of the                                               workers to chart the effectiveness of various
                                            restored fort.                                                                         therapies.
                                              You and your family’s attendance at                                                    Up until now, conventional diagnostic tools,
       The CCD Home is available            CCD event would be greatly appreciated                                                 including MRI, X-Rays, and tomography have
             for private parties            either as a participant or a spectator. We                                             not been able to detect evidence of PTSD
         to CCD MCL members.                need to know beforehand how many plan                                                  because their snap-shots of brain activity
        Contact Pat Powell for details. to attend. Arrangements for bus trans-
                                                                                                                                   occur too slowly.
                                            portation from the Home are being                                                        The procedure (MEG) was used to assess
           VA Information                   considered.                                                                            74 Veterans believed to be suffering from
                                              There will be a $3.00 charge for non-                                                PTSD, along with 250 subjects not suffering
VA Benefits booklet                         participants by Ft. Mifflin.                                                           that condition.
 & Information
VA Benefits                    800 827 1000   For additional information please                                                      Other doctors are still skeptical.
VA Health Benefits             877 222 8387 contact Fort Mifflin, 215 685 4167 or Fred
VA Education Benefits          888 442 4551 Le Clair 610 518 3444.
VA Life Insurance                         800 669 8477
VA Debt Management                        800 827 0648
Health Eligibility Center                                                    Life Membership Rates
1644 Tullie Circle                                                                                                   2009
Atlanta, GA 30329-2303                    404 235 1257               Up to 35 years of age                           $500
                                          800 929 8387
                                                         Chester County Marine 

                                                   May – Jim Bradford departed Parris      We want to notify friends, if Dan has
                                                   Island and was sent to Sea School, any, and family especially his daughter
                                                   Portsmouth, VA.                        and sisters who know the good stuff
                                                                                          about him.
                                                   28 May – The U.S. Army launched a ******************************************
                                                   rhesus monkey, Able, and a squirrel
                                                   monkey, Baker, aboard a Jupiter              Many a man who makes hay
                                                   missile for a suborbital flight, which           While the sun shines
                                                   both primates survived.          Baker        Would prefer to make love
                                                   expired shortly after arriving at the          While the moon shines.
                       9/10                                                                                *******
                                                   Army Lab; the body was thrown into
                                                   a suitcase and taken to Washington,      When in Rome do as the Romans do
T;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
                                                   D.C. for a final checkup.                  Except if your wife is with you.
; ; ; ; ;T

                                  And low I.Q. !
        6                                                      Vet Suicides                              It’s Your Funeral
              The Cold War
1959                                                 Suicide rates for veterans not on active     When you die, does your family know
2 January    – A3C Dave Mundy                      duty in the military have gone up signifi-   where your DD214 is?
arrived at Otis AF Base, Cape Cod,                 cantly.                                        One of the first things the funeral
MA.                                                  According to the VA, in 2007, for every    director will ask is: were you in the
                                                   100,000 veterans 57 committed suicide;       military, and if so, do you want a
10 January – The USS Independence                  that number is up from 45 just two years     military funeral. If your family indicates
(CV-62) was commissioned. This                     earlier. The suicide rate among 18- to       that you want military honors, the funeral
was the fifth ship with that name.                 29-year-old male veterans jumped 26%         director will need your DD214 to notify
                                                   from 2005 to 2007.                           the Marine Corps.
 January      – Jim Bradford departed                VA Secretary Eric Shinseki noted
for Parris Island.                                                                                If you want the Marine Corps League
                                                   recently that of the 30,000 suicides each    to provide a uniformed casket watch or
16 February – Fidel Castro became
                                                   year in America, about 20% are commit-       grave side honors, your family must call
premier of Cuba after the                          ted by veterans.                             610 857 2378 or have the funeral director
overthrow of Fulgencio Batista.                                                                 call Al Harper of the Chester County
             (There went the casinos.)                  Marine of the Year Roast                Detachment to make the arrangements.
                         th                          The purpose of having a ‘Marine of           When you prepare or revise your will,
February       – The 8 Marines, along
                                                   the Year’ is in order to have a Spring       be sure your family knows where your
with Cpl Al Harper, were sent to
                                                   Fund Raiser, get-together and thaw-          DD214 is kept and if you want military
Cuba to help generate water for
                                                   out. Spring is coming on and we              honors at your funeral leave the phone
Guantanamo when the Castro gov-
                                                   hope to have the MOY Roast before            numbers for the detail NCOIC and the
ernment threatened to cut off all
                                                   new robins start hatching.                   detachment Commandant.
                                                     The MOY Roast is to be held on 24            If you wish to make a donation to the
18 April – Ron and Joanne Heckman                  April at 6:00 PM here at the Home. I         MCL send your donations to:
were married.                                      hope as many of you can attend                 CCD MCL
                                                   especially members we haven’t seen             430 Acorn Lane,
29 April – Robert D. Westfall went                 in a while. Please let us know if you          PO Box 828,
on flying status at Otis AF Base.                  would like to attend but need a ride.          Downingtown, Pa. 19335-0828
                                                     The announcement and invitation              Jamie W. Goncharoff, 610 436 9700,
19 May  – BLT 1,2 and HMR (L)-262
                                                   will be sent out soon. We would like         is a practicing attorney who can help you
were alerted for deployment to
                                                   for all attendees to provide a small         prepare your will.
Berlin, West Germany during the
                                                   gift to be raffled at the roast. That is       If you can serve on the funeral detail,
Communist threats to renew the
                                                   our fundraiser for the spring and            please contact Al Harper at 610 857
blockade of the divided city.
                                                   gives Ed a chance to talk at us.             2378. He can provide information on the
                                                                                                uniforms and procedures required.
                                                       Chester County Marine 

                                                                                              Chester High Schools. They want West
                                                  On a pamphlet:
                                                                                              Chester to be aware of past resident
                                                           If you cannot read,                ‘Smedley D. Butler’.
                                                         This leaflet will tell you                 - We are to make a donation to the
                                                           how to get lessons.                “Philadelphia Comfort House”.
                                                                                                    - The S.E. Division Meeting is to be held
                                                                                              at our Home 31 January; Al wants the CCD
                                                                                              members to participate. He expects 40
                                                                                              officers from the District to attend plus the
                                         12/10                                                Auxiliary intends to have 35 more participants
                                                                                              so he needs funds for the ‘cold cuts platter’.
; ; ; ; ; ;T                                                                                    Dave Mundy - Phil Murray has created a
                                                                                              challenge to increase donations to the “Hardy
                                Burma Shave
                                                                                              Scholarship Fund”.
   Scholarship Fundraising                                                    Meetings Gleanings
          Challenge                                                                              Dennis Brown - The first Pistol Team meet-
                                                        Meeting Opened:     At 1937
                                                                                              ing was held on 24 January at 1400. The
  As most of you know, CCD MCL                            Roll Call of Officers:
                                                                                              Pistol Match will be 5 -7 June so the paper
awards two scholarships annually.                   10 officers present
  One is in honor of Ed Hogg, a                                                               work needs to be done quickly. The next
                                                               New Members:
                                                                                              meetings will be 28 February, 28 March; live
World War II veteran and former                     Al Harper introduced Gene Gerard who
                                                                                              firing will be 25th of April and the 23rd of May.
member of CCD.                                    was accepted and sworn in.
                                                                                                     - Road Clean up is scheduled for 11th of
  The other is in honor of Chester                        Minutes: from the December
                                                                                              April 9:00, Sunday.
County fallen hero Cpl Brandon                    meeting were read and accepted.
                                                                                                     - The Rifle Match is scheduled for the
Hardy.                                                         Correspondence:
                                                                                              24th – 26th of September.
  However, you may not have                         Bill Tapper mentioned that the hospital
                                                                                                          Standing Committees: -
known that Brandon was engaged                    in Afghanistan received the first ship-
                                                                                                 Bill White - The West Chester Christmas
to my niece, Samantha DiGrazio.                   ment of the blankets they requested for
                                                                                              Parade is scheduled for the 3rd of December
My family and I wanted to find a                  patients going to Germany. The shipping
                                                                                              and a request for our participation has been
way to honor Brandon, his service                 boxes are small to ensure delivery.
to our country and his ultimate                       Paymaster Report: Not available.
sacrifice.                                                                                           - A Scholarship request was made for
                                                     Member or family members Sick
  We also would like to support the                                                           Downingtown High School.
                                                                or In Distress:
                                                                                                     - The Philadelphia 4th of July Parade
mission and goals of the CCD                        Al Harper - CCD member, Charles
                                                                                              would like our participation. What day is it
MCL. Therefore, my family and I                   Tuerk passed away and is to be cre-
                                                                                              on? CCD MCL will be at FT Mifflin on the 4th.
are making the following fundraiser               mated. The memorial service is planned
                                                                                                 Doc Wells - The VAVS the St Valentine’s
challenge: We will match dollar-                  for 5 February. The CCD is invited to
                                                                                              Bingo is 10 February and the St Patrick’s
for-dollar all monies raised up to                contribute a short ceremony in his honor
                                                                                              Bingo is 17 March both at 6:30 in VA Building
$5,000 by the CCD MCL for the                     at 1100 hrs.
scholarship fund from 1 January to                    - Phil Murray had a death in the
                                                                                                            Good of the League:
30 April 2010.                                    family.
  Think about it – your $50 dona-                                                                 Tom Fisher - The Veterans’ Breakfast at
                                                               Officers Report:
                                                                                              the Exton Diner is on the 2nd of February.
tion becomes $100 or your $100                      Al Harper - A new Memorial Plaque
                                                                                                 Tom Tanner - We need to nominate a
donation becomes $200!                            needs to be made for our departed
                                                                                              person for “The Four Chaplins’” award.
  This is a great way to have a posi-             members.
                                                                                                     - MCL Scholarship applications are
tive impact on a young person’s life                Tom Tanner - John Ceschan may be
                                                                                              available on-line.
while honoring our fallen warriors                planning to have it made.
and supporting your detachment.                         - Smedley D. Butler Detachment is
                                                                                                 Al Harper - Bob Concordia has written a
      Semper Fi, Phil Murray                      providing scholarship funds for the West
                                                                                              new book; Last Resort is at the bookstores.
                                                  Chester County Marine 

      - Ann Marie, a Bingo-business
expert is available to help us generate       For information on the claims pro-cess,           One student said to him,
more business.                              contact the Stop Loss Program Office at         “You must have Peltry Syndrome.”
  Kathy Van Gorder – The N.E. District or                                    The man said,
Meeting in Scranton will have awards        1 877 242 2830. Additional information is           “No…. You are wrong.”
for the Detachments’ high recruiter.        available in the Marine Administrative
                                            Message 624/09 at https://                        The other student suggested,
      - Forms for the National Meeting                                                     “You must have Zovitzki Syndrome.”
need to be filled out.
                                            insearch.aspx.                                           The man said,
      - We need to create an ‘ad’ for the                                                       “No…. You are wrong.
State Convention and an ‘ad’ for the                    Semper Fidelis                               I thought I had
National Conven-tion at a cost of $100           Memorandum for Retired Marines
                                                                                               Grandiose Flatulence;…..
for each. Gene Gerard is willing to do             October – December 2009
                                                                                                 but I was wrong, too.”
the graphics.

          Closing: At 2115

    8                                                     Homeless
                                                                                                     Agent Orange
   Marines Eligible for                        Last November, Secretary of the VA,                            Source: Texas VV News
 Retroactive Stop Loss Pay                  Eric K Shinseki unveiled the VA’s plan to      Dioxins, a group of defoliant chemicals
                                            end homelessness among Veterans by           now considered the most toxic ever
  The DoD announced recently plans to                                                    created by man, are linked to a higher
provide Retroactive Stop Loss Special       marshalling the resources of government,
                                            business and the private sector.             risk of multiple cancers, birth defects,
Pay to eligible service members.                                                         and other conditions that are contributing
Marines can now submit their claims            “Those who have served this nation as
                                            Veterans should never find themselves        to an increase in financial compensation
and have one year to apply. All appli-                                                   for U.S. veterans and their families.
cations must be received no later than      on the streets, living without care and
                                            without hope.”                                 Until recently, the VA would grant
21 Oct. 2010.                                                                            compensation to veterans exposed to
  Active and reserve Marines, including        The plan includes preventive measures
                                            like discharge planning for incarcerated     Agent Orange (AO) outside of Vietnam
former and retired Marines, who served                                                   only if the claimant proved exposure to
on active duty while their enlistment or    Veterans re-entering society, supportive
                                            services for low-income Veterans and         AO and provided a medical connection
period of obligated service was involun-                                                 between the current disease and that
tarily extended, or whose retirement        their families and a national referral
                                            center to link Veterans to local service     exposure, and the veteran had one of the
was suspended, as a result of stop loss                                                  ten diseases presumed by law to be
between 11 Sept.2001 and 30 Sept.           providers.
                                               It also calls for expanded efforts for    related to exposure to AO, the medical
2009, are eligible to receive a payment                                                  connection would be presumed and the
of $500 per month or any portion of a       education, jobs, health care and housing.
                                               “In the past, the VA focused largely on   claim granted unless there were other
qualifying month.                                                                        disqualifying factors.
  Marines must meet eligibility require-    getting homeless Veterans off the streets.
                                            Our five-year plan aims also at                The only issue is proving exposure. All
ments established by the 2009 Supple-                                                    persons who served in Vietnam are
mental Appropriations Act and must be       preventing them from ever ending up
                                            homeless.                                    presumed to have been exposed. The VA
prepared to provide documented proof
with their claim. Family members of            The Small Business Administration is to   is determining whether DoD information
deceased or incapacitated Marines can       certify Veteran-owned small businesses       is sufficient to add some non-Vietnam
submit claims and should contact the        for listing on the Federal Supply Register   units to the presumptive exposure list.
Stop Loss Program Office web site at                                                     Confirmed places AO was used:
https:// www.manpower,                                                   The Korean De-Militarized Zone in
                                                   Two medical students
  Marines should submit their payment                 were out walking                   1968-1969 was sprayed by South Korean
claim using the Marine Corps web-                 when they noticed a man                troops.
based, online application system, the            walking slowly, bent over,                A New Brunswick, Canada forest was
Stop Loss Case Management System             legs spread apart, and stiff-legged.        used to secretly test unregistered herbi-
at https:// www.manpower,
                                            Chester County Marine 

cides with the permission of the      Tickets will be mailed out to every tion process for benefits, according to
Cana-dian government.                 member soon.                                             VA officials.
  Tonto National Forrest near               **************************************************   The secretary’s decision brings to 15
Globe, Arizona was sprayed in             War Dogs Remembered                                  the number of presumed illnesses
1968-1969 with guidance from the                                                               recognized by the VA.
                                        About 200 Vietnam War dog
U.S Forest Service.
                                      handlers that had trained to read and                                                   Semper Fidelis
  A CBS News report said that AO
                                      communicate with their canine
was sprayed on Guam from 1955 to                                                                      The only time my prayers
                                      partners gathered in February for a
the 1960s and in the Panama Canal                                                                         are never answered
                                      reunion honoring their K-9 friends.
during 1960s-1970s. Guam was                                                                                 is playing golf.
                                        During the Vietnam War, more than
also a storage area during the                                                                                                  Billy Graham
                                      4,000 dogs served in various
Vietnam War.
                                      positions and averted 10,000
  Vietnamese filed a lawsuit but a                                                                    A well regulated Militia, 
                                      casualties. But at the end of the war,
judge dismissed it stating that the                                                                Being necessary to the security 
                                      only about 200 dogs came home.
herbicides used during the war                                                                             Of a Free State, 
                                      The rest who had survived were
were not intended to be used to                                                                        The right of the people 
                                      either euthanized or turned over to
poison humans and therefore did                                                                       To keep and bear Arms, 
                                      the South Vietnamese -- left behind,
not violate international law.
                                      a surplus of war.                                                Shall not be infringed.

                                           VA Extends Agent Orange                                                                  9
     Scholarship Tickets                                                               Benefits to More Veterans
                                        Relying on an independent study by
  Each year we send out                                                                 “We must do better reviews of illnesses
                                      the Institute of Medicine, Secretary
‘Scholarship Tickets’ hoping you                                                       that maybe connected to service, and we
                                      of VA Eric K. Shinseki decided to
will sell them to help our                                                             will,”   Secretary    Shinseki    added.
                                      establish a service-connection for
Detachment.      This is a very                                                        “Veterans who endure health problems
                                      Vietnam veterans with three specific
important fundraiser for us because                                                    deserve timely decisions based on solid
                                      illnesses based on the latest evidence
it gives inactive MCL members a                                                        evidence.”
                                      of an association with the herbicides
chance to be involved in the
                                      referred as Agent Orange.
Detachment and the proceeds help                                                         Other illnesses previously recognized
                                        The Illnesses affect by the recent
fund Department scholarships. The                                                      under VA’s “presumption” rule as being
                                      decision are B cell leukemia, such as
Detachment keeps $.40 out of each                                                      caused by exposure to herbicides during
                                      hairy cell leukemia; Parkinson’s
dollar to:                                                                             the Vietnam War are:
                                      disease; and ischemic heart disease.
  1) Support our year-round events      Used in Vietnam to defoliate trees             * Acute and Sub-acute Transient
for the veterans at the VA Medical    and remove concealment for the                     Peripheral Neuropathy;
Center in Coatesville. We have a      enemy, Agent Orange left a legacy of             * AL Amyloidosis;
monthly Bingo party, an outdoor       suffering disability that continues              * Chloracne;
picnic, St. Valentine’s Bingo         today. Between January 1965 and                  * Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
party, and a St. Patrick’s party.     April 1970, an estimated 2.6 million             * Diabetes Mellitus (Type 2)
  2) Provide funds for our scholar-   military personnel who served in                 * Hodgkin’s Disease
ships we give out locally.            Vietnam were potentially exposed to              * Multiple Myeloma
  3) Help pay our Home electric       sprayed Agent Orange.                            * Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
bill.                                   In practical terms, veterans who               * Porphyria Cutanea Tarda
  The tickets won’t be drawn until    served in Vietnam during the war and             * Prostate Cancer
the Department meeting in June but    who have a “presumed” illness do                 * Respiratory Cancers
by letting you know ahead of time     not have to prove and association                * Soft Tissue Sarcoma (other than
you may be able to give out some      between their illnesses and their mili-            Osteosarcoma, Chondrosarcoma,
of the tickets as birthday gifts.     tary service. This “presumption”                   Kaposi’s sarcoma, or Mesothelioma)
Please call Rudy at 610 644 8409 if   simplifies and speeds up the applica-
you would like some tickets.
                                                  Chester County Marine 

Additional      information      about A resolution passed by the Conti-            a uniform of the French and Indian War
Agent Orange and VA’s services nental Congress on 10 November                       with a British army sword hang-ing from
and programs for veterans exposed 1775 brought the Marines into exis-               his waist, and the recruits dressed in
to the chemical are available at        tence. Within three weeks officers          hunting shirts, frock coats, petticoat were appointed and the recruitment          breeches, and carrying homemade
orange or call 1 800 749 8387.          of several companies began. By mid-         powder horns, cartridge boxes, and an
Memorandum for Retired Marines
                                        December recruits thus far enlisted         assortment of British and French
                                        were assembled on the Willing and           muskets. Then as now the sight of
        Retirement Deal                 Morris Wharves and assigned the             drilling troops probably attracted a
  More than 4,300 Iraq and duty of guarding Continental ships                       variety of interested spectators.
Afghanistan war veterans who were stores on colonial Philadelphia’s                  The stern of the Alfred – flagship of the
diagnosed in service as suffering waterfront.                                       Continental fleet commanded by
from PTSD have won an agreement As the first Marines were assem-                    Commodore Esek Hopkins is partial-ly
with the DoD to upgrade those bled, Captain Samuel Nicholas and                     obscured by the two ranks of privates
ratings retroactively to 50%. The Lieutenant Matthew Parke, dressed in              and the gathered spectators.
higher rating will represent an green coats and off-white waist-                     In early January 1776, Continental
important win for this group of coats, breeches, and facings, stood by              Marines would board her and six other
veterans mentally scarred by war. as a sergeant brought his men to                  ships of the Hopkins’ squadron and
It will mean, from date of order.                                                   within two months, land and occupy the
discharge, eligibility for disability      Both the sergeant and privates           British island of New Providence in the
retirement and access to TRICARE.       were dressed and equipped as they           Bahamas.
                                        the sergeant in might have enlisted;        *****************************************

    10                                  *****************************************
              A Pictorial History                                                   Revolution
                                                   The Marines in the
  The birth of the Marine Corps                                                     discouraged now and then. But behind
took place two centuries ago in the
                              come alive.                                           those who broke rank were others who
midst of the American Revolution.
                                A romantic haze has settled over                    were just as willing to take their place.
Intervening years, however, have
                              the whole affair, and when we look                      The pictorial history is an attempt to
done something to our recollection
                              through it the facts tend to become                   give flesh and blood to that group of men
of the circumstances. The legends
                              blurred. What is most worth re-                       who in a small way helped give us our
and a good body of tradition remain
                              membering – the thing that so often                   independence, to get back to the reality
but a good deal of the reality has
                              is forgotten – is the fact that like all              beneath the legend – not only in the text
been filtered out. When we look
                              of history’s wars the American                        written by Charles R. Smith, but also
back we see Marine Captain    Revolution, and the Continental                       through a series of paintings created by
Samuel Nicholas and his three Marine participation in it, was a hard,               Major Charles H. Waterhouse, USMCR.
companies advancing across thewearing, bloody, and tragic business                  If the history provides a clearer under-
fields of Princeton on a cold winter
                              – a struggle that we came very close                  standing of what took place on a number
morning in January, or Nicholas
                              to losing.                                            of significant dates during the eight hard
singlehandedly directing the cap-
                                But all this says nothing more than                 years, if it breathes a little life into the
ture of the island New Providence;
                              that Continental Marines were                         legend and tradition it will have served
we see the tall, lanky, enlisted
                              human. Most were willing to fight                     its purpose.
Marine picturesque in a clean,hard and even die for what they
bright,    green     uniform;    but
                              believed in order to make the dream                        For sale by the Superintendent of Documents,
somehow it all seems to be out of a
                              of independence and freedom come                                      U.S. Government Printing Office
pageant, and neither Nicholas nor
                              true. They did not have a very easy                                                   Washington, D.C:
the men who followed him quitetime, and it is not surprising that a                                                      Price $1.05
****************************  number of them got confused and                       *********************************
           The First Recruits ******************************                         Hannibal, from Carthage, was planning
                     The cover picture by   December 1775                           to cross the Pyrenees in north-east Spain
                                            Maj Charles H. Waterhouse
                                            Chester County Marine 

 and he needed Spanish guides to         Being unfamiliar with that area,        don't pronounce the letter "H" so
   lead his large army, including             the guides became lost          all Hannibal heard was "Elp!” “Elp!"
 elephants, through this unknown             in the different canyons.              And that's where the 'Alps'
         mountainous area.              When Hannibal demanded to know                  got there name; Eh?
   Once through there he needed                  where they were,                                            Reader's Digest
 the guides again to lead the army           the guides were yelling,
   through the mountain valleys                   "Help! Help!"
     leading into northern Italy.        As everyone knows, the Spanish

                                        “Once a Marine, Always a Marine.”     Participation at the
               Chester County             The Chester County Detachment       Coatesville Veterans Hospital,
                                        was chartered on July 4, 1974. Our    Color Guard for parades and ceremonies,
  John A. Lejeune founded the           regular meetings are held the forth   Honor Guard for our fallen brothers and
Marine Corps League in 1923. He         Monday of each month beginning at     sisters,
said his first claim to fame was, “I                                          Marine of the Year Banquet and Roast,
                                        7:30 PM unless it conflicts with a
am a Marine!”         All his other                                           Flag Retirement Ceremony,
                                        Holiday.                              Salvation Army Canned Food Drive,
attainments came further down the                                             Scholarship programs,
list. The U.S. Congress felt that the   Detachment Marine Corps               Fund raising programs,
purposes of the Marine Corps                                                  Rifle and Pistol marksmanship programs,
League were so valid that in 1937 it     Our meetings are conducted in our Cemetery site decoration for Memorial
granted the League a federal            “Home” which is located on Day,
charter. There are detachments all      Chestnut St. just off Boot Rd. in Our own newsletter,
across the country and each hold        Downingtown. Membership dues
the slogan as a personal truth:         are $35.00 annually.
                                         Some of our activities include:   League
                                      Chester County Marine
Community Highway Cleanup
Toys for Tots and
A Marine Corps Birthday Ball with
  The Chester County Detachment
has an Auxiliary Unit and their
members carry out the purposes of
the league and support our
  We look forward to meeting you
and hope you will join with your
fellow Marines to continue the
special camaraderie unique to those
that have worn the Eagle, Globe
and Anchor.
 Semper Fidelis
 Chester County Detachment
 Department of Penna.
 Marine Corps League

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