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					                                                                                                              NOVEMBER 2010

                              MALONE ROTARY CLUB
                                                                            CLUB 4615—DISTRICT 7040

                            The Rotary Foundation is a not-for-profit corpora-      Promoting peace and conflict resolution: Watch-
                            tion that supports the efforts of Rotary Interna-       ing civil war tear apart his homeland of Côte
                            tional to achieve world understanding and peace         d'Ivoire instilled in Rotary Peace Fellow Kouame
 EREY                2      through international humanitarian, educational,        Remi Oussou a passion to resolve conflict. He is
                            and cultural exchange programs. It is supported         now working for the United Nations Development
                            solely by voluntary contributions from Rotarians        Programme in the Central African Republic, a
 SHARE               2      and friends of the Foundation who share its             country that weathered periodic internal fighting
                            vision of a better world.                               before a comprehensive peace accord took effect
                                                                                    in 2007.
 CA GOVERNOR         2
                            The Foundation's Humanitarian Programs fund
 GENERAL                    international Rotary club and district projects to      Basic education and literacy: Education helps
                            improve the quality of life, providing health care,     rebuild lives, whether it's in small rural towns or
 WORLD INTER-        2      clean water, food, education, and other essential       in war-torn countries. For example, a literacy pro-
                            needs primarily in the developing world.                ject sponsored by U.S. Rotarians in conjunction
                                                                                    with the International Reading Association (IRA) is
                            There are as many reasons to support The Rotary
 ROTARY UN DAY       3                                                              helping Sudanese refugees rebuild their commu-
                            Foundation as there are ways to do good in the
                                                                                    nities by equipping them to teach future genera-
                            world. By contributing to the Foundation, you help
                            support the Foundation's six areas of focus. Here
 CLUB SCHOLAR-       3
 SHIP                       are a few ways your contributions are making            Eradicating Polio: Rotary launched its PolioPlus
                            change possible.                                        program in 1985. Since then, eradicating polio
 MEMBERSHIP                                                                         has been the organization's top priority. Around
                     4      Fighting Hunger: In Romania, orphans and sick
 MOMENTS                                                                            the world, Rotarians are taking millions of steps
                            children have eggs, milk, and meat because of a
                                                                                    in walkathons, diving into icy ocean waters, and
                            Foundation grant that benefits local farmers. The
 NOVEMBER INFO 4                                                                    participating in other fundraisers to help Rotary
                            farmers are able to buy everything from animal
                                                                                    fulfill its promise to rid the world of polio. Si
                            feed to packaging materials. There is one stipula-
                                                                                    Burgher, of the Rotary Club of Bloomfield, Indi-
                            tion: They must donate a portion of their products
                                                                                    ana, USA, raised almost $1,600 by having his
                            to children’s hospitals, schools, and orphanages.
                                                                                    shaggy eyebrows shaved.
                            In Alaska, USA, the Rotary Club of Anchorage East
                            is also fighting hunger by distributing food to low-    A donation $1000 or more to the Rotary Founda-
 Meets every Thursday
                            income families through a mobile food pantry.           tion, or people who have that amount contributed
 12:05 pm at
                                                                                    in their name, can be recognized as Paul Harris
 Gallagher’s Restaurant     Reducing child mortality: The Rotary clubs of
                                                                                    Fellows. Each new Paul Harris Fellow receives a
                            Jaela-Kandana, Western Province, Sri Lanka, and
 227 West Main St.                                                                  commemorative certificate and a pin. Each year
                            Madras Northwest, Tamil Nadu, India, are helping
 Malone, NY 12953                                                                   the Malone Rotary Club recognizes a member of
                            to reduce child mortality by providing improved
                                                                                    the club by making a donation of $1000 in his or
                            sanitation facilities for 15 families in a small com-
                                                                                    her name. The commemorative certificate and
                            munity in Sri Lanka. With a Rotary Foundation
                                                                                    pin is then presented to that individual in a public
  FOUNDED 1925              Matching Grant, the clubs have built 14 toilets,
                            helping to prevent diarrhea and other diseases
                                                                                    - submitted by Jon Ray, Foundation Committee
                            related to poor sanitation.
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   NOVEMBER 2010

   Contributions to the Annual Programs Fund through the Every           If you individually give $100 per year
   Rotarian, Every Year (EREY) initiative are the primary source of      through EREY, you automatically be-
   funding for Foundation programs. From digging water wells for         come a Rotary Foundation Sustaining
   villages in Africa to teaching basic literacy skills to children in   Member. By donating $1,000 or more,
   Latin America, during any given moment, thousands of Rotarians        you can become a Paul Harris Fellow .
   volunteer their time and expertise. All contributions to the Annual
                                                                         You also can honor a friend or family member through a named
   Programs Fund are spent wisely on quality Rotary projects.
                                                                         gift to the Annual Programs Fund .

SHARE                                                                    CANADA’S GOVERNOR GENERAL A
                                                                         ROTARY FOUNDATION ALUMNUS
   Foundation program awards are distributed worldwide through
   the SHARE system. Contributions to The Rotary Foundation are                                Hon. David Johnston, the new Governor
   transformed into Ambassadorial Scholarships, Group Study Ex-                                General of Canada was a Rotary Founda-
   changes, Matching Grants, and more. Through SHARE, Rotary                                   tion Ambassadorial Scholar in 1963. He
   districts choose which Rotary Foundation programs they wish to                              was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Sault
   support. SHARE offers a wide variety of program options for                                 Ste. Marie, Ontario, (District 6290) to at-
   districts to choose from.                                                                   tend University of Cambridge in England.
   At the end of every Rotary year, 50 percent of each district's               He is also an honorary member of the Rotary Club of
   donations to the Annual Programs Fund is credited to their Dis-              Kitchener (District 7080).
   trict Designated Fund (DDF); the other 50 percent is credited to
   the World Fund. The Foundation uses the World Fund to pay for
   the worldwide programs available to all Rotary districts, regard-              “Only Through our generosity can we transform lives.”
   less of their specific contributions. Districts use their DDF to               - Luis Barroso Filo Past DG District 4420
   fund the Foundation programs they participate in.

   One of the most significant and fastest-growing programs of           They will be baking pies again this fall, Thanksgiving pies instead
   Rotary service, with more than 10,700 clubs in 109 countries          of Christmas pies this year. Be sure to buy at least one.
   and geographical areas, Interact has become a worldwide
                                                                         Currently no students have signed up for the El Salvador mis-
   phenomenon, with almost 200,000 young people.
                                                                         sion, but have been advised that there are still openings if any
   Each year, Interact clubs complete at least two community             students are interested.
   service projects, one of which furthers international under-
                                                                                  President: Natalie Brand
   standing and goodwill. Through these efforts, Interactors
                                                                                  Vice President: Amanda Gadway
   develop a network of friendships with local and overseas
   clubs and learn the importance of developing leadership                        Treasurer: Anna Dievendorf
   skills and personal integrity; demonstrating helpfulness and                   Secretary: Ashley Gadway
   respect for others; understanding the value of individual re-                  Historian: Sylvie Choiniere
   sponsibility and hard work; and advancing international un-                    Advisors: Ms. Susan Jones - King
   derstanding and goodwill
                                                                                             Mrs. Jane Dievendorf
   Franklin Academy’s Interact Club started off the new school
                                                                                             Mrs. Christine Disotelle
   year full speed ahead, with many new members who will be
   Inducted later in the year.                                           The FA Interact Club is looking forward to a fun filled year with
                                                                         many awareness days, fundraisers and the Relay for Life!
   In their first project the Club raked eight lawns the weekend
                                                                                            - submitted by Rotarian Christine Disotelle
   of October 15th and 16th and realized a profit of $500.00.
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   NOVEMBER 2010

   Rotary and the United Nations have a long his-        Rotary currently holds the highest consultative
   tory of working together and sharing similar          status offered to a nongovernmental organiza-
   visions for a more peaceful world.                    tion by the UN’s Economic and Social Council,
                                                         which oversees many specialized UN agencies.
   In 1942, Rotary clubs from 21 nations organ-
                                                         Rotary maintains and furthers its relationship
   ized a conference in London to develop a vision
                                                         with a number of UN bodies, programs, com-
   for advancing education, science, and culture
                                                         missions, and agencies through its representa-
   after World War II. That event was a precursor
                                                         tive network . This network consists of RI repre-
   to UNESCO. In 1945, 49 Rotarians went to San
                                                         sentatives to the United Nations and other or-
   Francisco to help draft the UN Charter. Rotary                                                              Rotary's relationship
   and the UN have been close partners ever                                                                    with the United
   since, a relationship that’s apparent through         Rotary maintains an office at UN headquarters         Nations dates back
   PolioPlus and work with UN agencies.                  in New York City. It’s staffed by representatives     to 1945 when some
                                                         who attend meetings and events of various UN          49 Rotary members
   “The invitation to Rotary International to partici-                                                         acted as delegates,
                                                         agencies, as well as programs of other nongov-
   pate in the United Nations Conference as con-                                                               advisors and
                                                         ernmental organizations in the international
   sultant to the United States delegation was not                                                             consultants at the
   merely a gesture of good will and respect to-                                                               United Nations
   ward a great organization. It was a simple rec-       Each year at Rotary UN Day, more than 1300            Charter Conference.
   ognition of the practical part Rotary’s members       Rotarians including many Rotary International         Today, Rotary holds
   have played and will continue to play in the          Directors, Foundation Trustees, past Senior           the highest
   development of understanding among nations.           Leaders, and guests come together at UN               consultative status
   The representatives of Rotary were needed at          Headquarters in New York. The program is de-          possible with the
   San Francisco and, as you well know, they             signed to inspire and educate all participants        United Nations as a
   made a considerable contribution to the Char-         as well as provide insight into the relationship      non-governmental
   ter itself, and particularly to the framing of pro-   between Rotary and the United Nations.                organization.
   visions for the Economic and Social Council.”                        - From Rotary International
                   - Edward R. Stettinius, Jr.,
                   former US Secretary of State

                                                                                                             Rotary Club of Malone has
                                                                                                             awarded a $500 scholarship
                                                                                                             to Jessica Marshall, RN
                                                                                                             student at North Country
                                                                                                             Community College, Malone.
                                                                                                             Marshall is pictured receiving
                                                                                                             a check from President Dana
                                                                                                             Drake. Pictured from left are
                                                                                                             Rotary Immediate Past Presi-
                                                                                                             dent Steve Hardy, Rotarians
                                                                                                             Bob Singer and Marge Miller,
                                                                                                             Drake, Marshall, NCCC Lead
                                                                                                             Nursing Instructor Lorraine
                                                                                                             White and Nursing Instructor
                                                                                                             Mary Jo Carter
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                                                               WEEKLY BULLETIN UPDATES
                 In Memoriam
                                                                   Weekly bulletin information is posted in the online club planner,
        Roger Brewer 1927—2010                                     on the Facebook page and in the Twitter stream, as well as in
                                                                   periodic email updates. Look for weekly information on speak-
                You are missed.
                                                                   ers, meeting summaries, pictures and more.

                                                                   Welcome John Ray as the new Facebook administrator.

MEMBERSHIP MOMENT                                              NOVEMBER MEETINGS
   Rotary Minute: How can Rotary attract new members?      •    NOVEMBER 3, 7AM BOARD MEETING AT HOSLER’S
   is inspiring.                                                RESTAURANT

   If you are on Facebook? Sayantan Gupta has a great
                                                           •    NOVEMBER 4, CLUB ASSEMBLY
   article on member retention; he covers it all.

   To get an application package or to submit a name for
                                                           •    NOVEMBER 11, SPEAKERS TERRY MAGUIRE AND

   club membership, see membership chair Lynn Dufort            MIKE SPADARO ON NYSP COMMERCIAL VEHICLE

   or recruitment committee members Nancy Monette               INSPECTION UNIT

   and Tracy Warren Edwards. The membership proposal
                                                           •    NOVEMBER 18, JOHN RAY ON RI FOUNDATION
   form is also available online here.
                                                           •    NOVEMBER 25, NO MEETING; HAVE A HAPPY


   Monday                           Tuesday                       Wednesday                         Thursday
   Canton          12:15 pm         Massena         12:15 pm      Chateaugay        6:15 pm         AuSable Forks     6:00 pm
   Cornwall        12:15 pm         Montréal        12:30 pm      Plattsburgh     12:15 pm          Clayton           6:15 pm
   Huntingdon       6:15 pm         Plattsburgh      7:30 am      Potsdam         12:15 pm          Ogdensburg       12:15 pm
   Ottawa          12:30 pm         Saranac Lake     7:30 am      Watertown       12:15 pm          Watertown         7:30 pm

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