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									            May 2010
                                   East Mississippi Community College
                                       Scooba Campus Hosts Awards Day
East Mississippi Community College’s Scooba campus held Awards Day ceremonies Wednesday, April 22, 2010. During these
ceremonies academic and career technical students were honored for their hard work in the classroom. In addition, other
students honored included members of Who’s Who Among American Community College Students, Student Ambassadors,
Student Government Association, and Phi Theta Kappa USA Academic Team. Award winners are as follows:

Art: Ferris Rich
Art: Emanuel Watkins
Business Office Technology: Teresa Campbell
Business Office Technology: Kelly Kilpatrick
Chemistry: Anthony Tyler
English: Composition: Leigh Ellen Barefield
English: Composition: Mallory Pace
English Literature: Jasmine Harris
English Literature: Corey Luke
Forestry Technology: Coker Fulton
Forestry Technology: Keith Odom
Job Search Skills: Cedrick Parks, Lee Hayes,
Jimmy Campbell, Timothy Hardy, Johnathan Sellers, Tyler
Abercrombie, Darren Black
Mathematics (College Algebra): Rickiesha Bryant
Mathematics (College Algebra): Tabitha Higgins
Mathematics (College Algebra): Alicia Hazzard                    Heavy-Duty Art
Mathematics (Trigonometry): Leigh E. Barefield
Mathematics (Trigonometry):                                                Darren Black of Macon won the Welding
Ariel R. Cunningham                                              & Fabrication award at Scooba’s Awards Day
Ophthalmic Technology: LaDonna Davidson                          ceremonies. In addition to proving himself a
Ophthalmic Technology: Shannon Syfrett                           stand-out in the classroom, Black also used his
Scholar-Athlete Award (Baseball): Tyler Aldridge                 new-found skills to create a metal sculpture. In the
Scholar-Athlete Award (Softball): Mallory Pace, Leigh            center of the sculpture, a figure fishes in a quiet
Barefield, and Katie Newman                                      pond; around him are abstract representations of
 Scholar-Athlete Award (Women’s Basketball): Nashedra            plant and insect life. At the edges of the sculpture,
Barry                                                            twisted metal fragments represent the turbulent
Scholar-Athlete Award (Football): Enoch Glenn                    emotions of young person. As a whole, the sculpture
Scholar-Athlete Award (Men’s Basketball):                        represents a young man thinking about how to shape
Jonathan King                                                    his life as he moves into adulthood.
Scholar-Athlete Award (Men’s Soccer):
Leonardo Reyes
Scholar-Athlete Award (Women’s Soccer):
Alexandria Shelton
Welding & Fabrication: Darren Black
Lion Tracks
Student Government Association Members Honored
at Awards Day                                                     Scooba’s Phi Theta Kappa Recognizes
                                                                  Leadership & Academic Excellence at Awards
                                                                  President: Adriana Rodriguez
                                                                  Secretary: Fanetta Houston
                                                                  Vice President of Service: Katie Rose Higginbotham
                                                                  Vice President of Leadership:: Tasha Watkins
                                                                  Vice President of Scholarship: Steven Faulkner
                                                                  Vice President of Fellowship: Jamie Scrivener

                                                                  Katie Rose Higginbotham
                                                                   All Mississippi Academic Team- 1st Team
                                                                  Adriana Rodriguez
                                                                   All Mississippi Academic Team- 2nd Team

 Scooba’s SGA:
 Tasha Watkins, President; Adriana Rodriguez, Vice President;
 Jamie Scrivener, Secretary; Angelica Vaughn, Sophomore
 Representative; Konrad Davis, Sophomore Representative; &
 Hilton Gibson , Freshman Representative.

                                                                  Student Ambassadors Honored at Awards

                                                                   Outstanding Service as Ambassador:
                                                                    Scooba
                                                                            Jamie Scrivener, Adriana Rodriguez &
                                                                               Fanetta Houston
                                                                    Golden Triangle
                                                                            Stephanie McCully, Shadow Cox, Kyle
                                                                               Harriman, Paula Kohut, Hannah Ingram,
                                                                               Tishana Smith, Jonathan Stolle, Hannah
 Golden Triangle’s SGA:                                                        Eaves, Clay Fisackerly, Jessika Howard,
 Kareem Davis, President; Lisa Roberts; John Dillon, Secretary/                Lauren Colby Lindley & Laura Hankins
 treasurer; Shakeria Jefferson; Sandeka Jones; Tyisha Malone;
 Talisa Montgomery, Heather Pogue, Vice President;
 Paula Porter ; Jewel Robertson; Raphael Rogers; & Paul Smith

Who’s Who Among American Community College Students Honored

  Who’s Who Among American Community College Students, Golden Triangle:
  Kenneth Gipson, Stephanie McCully, Sydney McKnight, Shadow Cox, Leroy Anthony, Taylor Hegwood, Rachael Hicks,
  Kevin Rowland, Jessica Young, Jakob Baird, Victoria J. Caldwell, Tharwin Carr, Hannah Eaves, Clay Fisackerly, Tanesha
  Hill, Theresa Meggs, Michael Jay Mordecai, Marybeth Rhea, Jessica Rogers, Danika Studdard, Tamatha Tate, Timothy Vann,
  Olivia Bouder, Patricia Love, Laura Hankins, Amanda Blanton, Justin Kennedy, Josh Smith, Cimmeion C. Patty, Kali
  Dempsey, Steven Kyle Harriman, Ravi Patel, Kyle Hindman, Richard Lee, Aubrey James, Joshua Cox, Lauren Breland,
  Casey Anglin, Valerie Coleman, Nicholas Dover, Christine Little, Shirley Lucious, Thomas Malone, Tabitha L Parish,
  Tammy Terrell, Felicia Watkins, Andrew Hobson, Mark Riley, Debra McKee, Cynthia Porter, Ann Andrews, Deborah
  Brown, Syreeta Davidson, Phillip Domino, Lauren Huffman, Hannah Ingram, Deionne Lenior, Robert Phyfer, Elizabeth Poss,
  Brittany Poss, Steven Roberson, Caleb Alford, Aimee Recto & and Teresa Hulen

  Who’s Who Among American Community College Students, Scooba:
  Stephen Spencer , Cody Pounders, Adriana Rodriguez, Andrew Dearman, Anthony Seal, Konrad Davis, Gidget Griffin,
  Kimberly Peterson, Jamie Scrivener, Timothy Jewell, Roana Stowers, Tasha Watkins, Judah Huggins, Kenya Wilbanks,
  Raymond Faulkner, Vera Dees, Laura Farrow, Hailey Fulton, Corey Luke, Jonathan King, Sanket Patel, Leonardo Reyes,
  Jesse Conner, Katie Rose Higginbotham, Fanetta Houston, Samuel Jackson, Kimberly Pierce, Derrick Steele, Mitchill Bohon,
  LaDonna Davidson, Hannah House & Courtney Nunn

Columbus Air Force Base Honors Outstanding                        Student Practical Nursing Association Honors
Students                                                          Members

 Outstanding Freshman Columbus Air Force Base:
  Christy Barber
 Outstanding Sophomore Columbus Air Force Base:
  Aimee Recto

                                                                  The Student Practical Nursing Association, located on the
                                                                  Golden Triangle campus is a student chapter of the National
                                                                  Federation of Licensed Practical Nurses. THE SNPA recog-
                                                                  nized its officers during the Golden Triangle Award’s Day

                                                                       Karen Stone, President
                                                                       Tamatha Tate,Vice-President
                                                                       Amanda Misso, Secretary

Graduation Practice for Scooba/NASM                                  EMCC Students Participate in Multiple Sclerosis
Students                                                             Walk
    Thursday, April 29th, 1:00 p.m.                                Students, faculty and staff members from EMCC’s Golden
    Keyes Currie Coliseum                                          Triangle and Scooba campuses participated in the Multiple
                                                                     Sclerosis Walk in Columbus on Saturday, April 17, at Probst’s
    All graduation candidates are expected to attend.              Park. This team worked together on their own campuses to
    Caps & Gowns will be given out after                           raise awareness about Multiple Sclerosis and to raise money for
      pratice. Students must have student ID and                     the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.
      receipt from Business Office.

    Students are required to be at Hawkins Vo-Tech
      by 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, May 8th for graduation.
    Students will check-in, pick up their name card
      and honors tassel at this time.

    Students who have an overall GPA after final
      grades are posted, will graduate with the follow-
      ing distinctions:
            3.20 – 3.59 – Honors
            3.60 – 3.89 – Special Honors
            3.90 – 4.00 – Highest Honors

                                                                Pictured above is the EMCC team. Included are, from front
                                                                left: Kareem Davis, PJ Smith, Jewel Robertson & John Dillon.
                                                                On the second row are Talisa Montgomery, Sandeka Jones,
                                                                Ralpheal Rogers, Paula Porter, Heather Pogue, Brittney
                                                                Brown, Katie Rose Higginbotham, Emily Hunter, Tasha
                                                                Watkins & Adriana Rodriguez. Not pictured is
                                                                Tyler Williams.
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                                                                     Editors: Courtney Nunn, Editor & Carla Caldwell, Assistant Editor

                     Softball                                                                      Staff : George Butler, DeShuni Sanders
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                                                           If you have questions, comments, or story ideas, please contact Jenny Box at
                                                                              jbox@eastms.edu or (662) 476 5032.

                                                          East Mississippi Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities. The
                                                          following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies:
                                                          Dr. Jackie Stennis, Vice President for Scooba Campus
                                                                       Davis Administration Building
                                                                       P.O. Box 158, Scooba, MS 39358

Phi Theta Kappa Holds Induction Ceremony
By Carla Caldwell

The Scooba campus’s Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society, Eta Upsilon chapter, held its annual
induction ceremony on Wednesday, April 21, 2010 in Stennis Hall Auditorium.

Phi Theta Kappa recognizes as its four hallmarks scholarship, service, fellowship and leadership. Its purpose
is “to recognize and encourage scholarship among associate degree students.” To be eligible for
membership, “a student must be enrolled full-time in a technical or academic degree program and have
completed a minimum of twelve hours of academic classes. The students must have earned a GPA of 3.5 or

New PTK Members include:
  Tyler Alan Anthony             Vera Dees                       Sam Davis Hudnall              Kimberly Pierce
  William Autrey                 Jasmine Shalisa Deloach         Justine Joell Jenkins          Cody Lewis Pounders
  Leigh Ellen Barefield          James Wesley Dodd               Haley Anissa Lollar            Alexandra Shelton
  Neshedra S. Barry              William Brooks Edwards          Gidget Malone-Griffin          Derrick Steele
  Cameron Brown                  Michelle Lynn Fast              Sidney Jo McDonald             Shannon Syfrett
  Alex Hamilton Chick            Michael Hilton Gibson           Katherine Ann Newman           Brett Peter Tortorich
  Cayla Coleman                  Andrew Russell Graham           Mallory Limerick Pace          Mallie Ann VanDevender
  Konrad O. Davis                Hannah House                    Sanket Patel
  Andrew Thomas Dearman          Sydney Houston                  James Tyler Pierce

Pictured above are new PTK inductees:
At far left are (from front left) Justin Jenkins, Haley Lollar, Neshedra Barry, Cody Pounders, William Autrey & Michael Hilton
Gibson. In the middle are Sidney McDonald, Leigh Ellen Barefield, Mallie VanDevender, Gidget Griffin, Sanket Patel & Tyler
Anthony. At far right are Leigh Ellen Barefield, Katherine Newman, Mallory Pace, Cayla Coleman, Justin Jenkins & Neshedra

                                                        At left are Cody Pounders,
                                                        Alex Chix, James Wesley
                                                        Dodd, Will Edwards,
                                                        William Autrey, Hilton
                                                        Gibson & Andrew Graham.
                                                        At right are Cayla Coleman,
                                                        Andrew Graham & Mallory

EMCC Students Participate in Art Competition
By Carla Caldwell

   On February 25, EMCC art instructor Lisa Spinks drove to Copiah Lincoln Community College in Wesson to drop off
artwork for the MCJCAIA Art competition. EMCC entered twelve pieces of art: six two-dimensional and six three-dimensional
pieces from this past fall’s students and the current art students. Becky Syfrett from Mr. Cherry’s Painting I entered the nine grid
collage pictured below.

The Riley Foundation and Mississippi State
University Announce the Riley Next Step
                                                                         highest accrediting boards for each degree program we offer. It
           The Riley Foundation and Mississippi State University         is incredible that during the tough economic times that we are
‐Meridian are pleased to announce the Riley Next Step                    experiencing, we can make such a lasting impact on the future
Scholarship Program. The program is designed to recognize                by providing a high‐quality educational experience AND at
students who have excelled at the community‐college or                   almost no cost for students with high academic achievement!”
junior‐college level and want to pursue higher‐education                           Consideration for this competitive scholarship program
opportunities at MSU‐Meridian. The recipients of this                    will be given to students transferring for the fall 2010 semester
scholarship will be known as “Riley Scholars” and will receive           from East Mississippi Community College, East Central
full tuition to Mississippi State University‐Meridian for two            Community College, Jones County Junior College and Meridian
years (four semesters, fall and spring).                                 Community College. Other scholarship criteria are: admission to
           This scholarship is made possible through grants from         MSU‐Meridian and a completed scholarship resumé;
The Riley Foundation and other generous benefactors. Becky               completion of at least 48 hours of transferable
Farley, executive director of The Riley Foundation, said, “The           community‐college or junior‐college courses applicable to a
Riley Foundation is proud to partner with Mississippi State              bachelor’s degree at MSU‐Meridian; preferably, an associate’s
 University to offer this great opportunity for students attending       degree; a competitive scholarship GPA; full‐time enrollment (12
MSU‐Meridian, as education is vital for the growth of our                hours per semester) at MSU‐Meridian; and maintenance of a 3.0
community.”                                                              or better GPA at MSU‐Meridian.
           Ranked by Forbes magazine as one of the “Top 20 Best                    Application for the Riley Next Step Scholarship
College Buys” nationwide, Mississippi State University offers a          Program begins March 1 and continues through June 1, 2010.
high‐quality learning experience in an encouraging and                   Awards will be made on a competitive basis following a review
supportive atmosphere.                                                   of all credentials by the scholarship committee. Successful
           Dr. Jack Tucci, Dean and Executive Director for               applicants who are members of the Phi Theta Kappa honor
MSU‐Meridian, says, “At Mississippi State University, we want            society will also receive a grant for books (equal to the
students to dream big and to follow through on those dreams              published estimated cost of books) in addition to a full
with us. With friends of the University such as The Riley                scholarship.
Foundation and its grant, we can help turn those dreams into                       For more information, contact Mississippi State
reality by providing an education recognized nationally. Those           University‐Meridian at (601) 484‐0134. MSU is an
recognitions come in the form of accreditation by all of the             equal‐opportunity institution.

EMCC Students Participate in Skills-USA Competition
By Dale Henry

East Mississippi Community College recently competed in the Skills-USA state competition held at Mississippi Gulf Coast
Community College. The following students placed in the top 3 in the state in their prospective categories:

   1st place Automotive Service Technology- Taylor Watson
   1st place Diesel Equipment Technology- Wesley Nickoles
   1st place Job Skill Demo A- Dillon Sawtelle
   1st place Job Skill Demo O- Sharon Washington
   1st place Cosmetology- Crystal Coan
   2nd place Motorcycle Service Technology- James Dees
   2nd place Small Engine Technology- Lamar Butler
   2nd place Electronics Technology- Dylan Hicks
   2nd place Job Interview- Andrew Hobson
   2nd place Opening and Closing Ceremony- Audra White, Brittany Vance, Heather Bigham, Charlene Kilpatrick, Crystal
     Jones, Jessica Lemly & Lauren Nelson
   3rd place Industrial Motor Controls- Leroy Anthony

All first place students will represent Mississippi at the National Competition in Kansas City Missouri June 20-25.

 Pictured at left are the Opening and Closing team: Brittany Vance, Cyrstal Jones, Jessica Lemly, Audra White, Lauren Nelson,
 Charlene Kilpatrick & Heather Bigham.

 In the middle are Cosmetology instructor Debbie Coker and with 1st place cosmetology winner Crystal Coan.

 Pictured at right are Automotive 1st place winners: Taylor Watson, Automotive Contest; Wesley Nickoles, Diesel Contest;
 Dillon Sawtelle, Job Skill Demo A; Sharon Washington, Job Skill Demo B & Dale Henry, Automotive Instructor.

                                                              ion Country Athletics
                                                              EMCC Lady Lions Maintain Share of Division Lead
                                                              with Home Sweep of Delta

                                                                         Bidding for at least a share of the MACJC North Division
                                                              softball championship, the Lady Lions of East Mississippi swept
                                                              visiting Mississippi Delta, 6-1 and 5-1, on Tuesday, April 20, in the
                                                              afternoon during ‘Sophomore Day’ festivities on the Scooba
                                                                         Coupled with Itawamba’s home sweep of Holmes on
                                                              Tuesday, EMCC and ICC remain tied atop the division standings
                                                              with identical 18-4 league marks. With one division series
                                                              remaining in the regular season, Itawamba travels to last-place
                                                              Coahoma for a Friday doubleheader, while the Lady Lions take on
EMCC Golf Team Places                                         third-place Northwest Mississippi Monday in Senatobia. In the
Seventh At MACJC State                                        event of a first-place tie at the conclusion of the regular season, ICC
Championship                                                  would earn the right to host the upcoming MACJC State Softball
                                                              Tournament (April 29-30) by having swept EMCC on the year.
          The East Mississippi men’s golf team concluded                 In their regular-season home finale, the 20-27 Lady Lions
its spring campaign with a seventh-place finish at the        rode the 10-strikeout performance of sophomore Courtney Nunn to
MACJC State Championship played at Eagle Ridge Golf           earn the 6-1 victory in Tuesday’s opener. The veteran right-hander
Club.                                                         from Jonesboro, La., brought a one-hit shutout into the final
          Head coach Dale Peay’s EMCC Lions carded             inning. However, the visitors opened the seventh with a bunt
team scores of 305 and 315 on Monday and Tuesday,             single by Alex Domino, who scored a batter later when pinch-hitter
respectively, to finish the two-day event just four strokes   Miller Maddox’s base hit squirted under the glove of EMCC right
out of fourth place. Two-time defending NJCAA Region          fielder Courtney Castleberry. Nunn responded by retiring the next
23 champion Mississippi Gulf Coast (289-298—587)              three hitters in order – two by strikeout – to preserve her 16th
claimed the team title with a 2-stroke victory over           victory of the season.
Northeast Mississippi (289-300—589). Copiah-Lincoln                      With nine hits in the opener, the Lady Lions used three
placed third with a 596 total (301-295).                      hits in each of the first two innings to score one run in the first and
          For East Mississippi, freshman Jackson Bryant       two more in the second on RBI singles by Mallory Pace, Cayla
garnered a spot in the upcoming NJCAA Region 23               Coleman and Celeste Fontenot. After plating two unearned tallies
Championship by finishing in a three-way tie for 12th         in the fifth, Coleman, of Meridian’s Clarkdale High School, capped
place in the state tournament with a two-day score of 150     a 3-for-4 outing with a run-scoring triple down the left field line in
(76-74). A former standout at Natchez’s Trinity               the sixth to close out the game’s scoring.
Episcopal Day School, Bryant ranked second on the                        The nightcap featured a pitching duel between EMCC
EMCC squad with his 76.1 stroke average during the fall       freshman Nashedra Barry and Delta’s Miller Maddox, as both
campaign.                                                     hurlers scattered five hits apiece in recording complete-game
          Though missing the regional cut after carding a     decisions. A dual-sport standout from Columbus High School,
two-round score of 156 (79-77) this week, EMCC                Barry struck out six and walked three in picking up her third win of
sophomore Michael Lauseng was named MACJC                     the season.
All-State First Team after completing the 2010 regular                   East Mississippi again struck early in the second game,
season ranked second in the state with his 74.63 stroke       pushing across two unearned runs in the first inning. After the
average. The Bossier City, La., native trailed ICC’s          Lady Trojans cut the deficit in half with an unearned run in the
Rowland (74.38) by one-quarter of a stroke in just            third, EMCC nearly batted around to produce three more runs in the
 missing out on claiming the prestigious Hubert Tucker        home half of the third. Aided by a lead-off walk and a hit
Award, which earns an automatic exemption into next           batsman, the Lady Lions used a run-scoring groundout by Nunn
month’s NJCAA Championship in Arizona.                        sandwiched between RBI singles from Leigh Ellen Barefield and
          Fellow EMCC sophomore Will Black, of                Barry to account for the 5-1 outcome.
Calhoun City, tied Lauseng for 25th place (76-80—156)                    Despite missing the first 20 games of the softball season
in this week’s MACJC State Championship, while                because of her basketball responsibilities with the Lady Lions,
sophomore Trey Adams (76-84—160) of Belmont and               Barry added to her team-leading RBI total (25) with a 2-for-3 effort
freshman Ian McAdams (77-91—168) of Madison                   in the nightcap. She also had a single with a run scored in the first
Central rounded out East Mississippi’s scorecard.             game.
          Hinds Community College and Eagle Ridge
Golf Club will also host the upcoming NJCAA Region 23
Men’s Golf Championship, slated for April 25-26 in

                                     Lion Country Athletics
EMCC Drops Baseball Doubleheader at
Itawamba, 1-0 and 6-1
          The East Mississippi baseball team was limited to just
one run in dropping a road doubleheader to defending state                         The Indians added four more runs late in the contest on
champion Itawamba, 1-0 and 6-1, on Saturday, April 17 in the              two-run doubles by Irvin and Roye in the fifth and sixth innings,
afternoon at Crubaugh Field on the ICC campus.                            respectively, to improve their division-leading record to 13-
          Battling for the fourth and final playoff spot in the           5. ICC’s Sloan picked up the complete-game victory in the
MACJC’s North Division along with Holmes and Mississippi                  nightcap, limiting the visitors to six hits while striking out six
Delta, the EMCC Lions enter Wednesday’s critical home twin                and issuing but one walk.
bill against Holmes with a 7-11 division mark.                                     Head coach Tony Montgomery’s EMCC Lions, now
          Saturday’s first game in Fulton featured a classic              20-20 overall, will look to snap their six-game losing skid by
pitching duel between two hurlers – EMCC’s Corey Luke and                 playing host to the Holmes Bulldogs in a key 3 p.m. MACJC
ICC’s Will Irvin - having recently returned to the mound                  North Division doubleheader Wednesday at Gerald Poole Field
 following extended layoffs due to injuries to their pitching             on the Scooba campus. East Mississippi also has remaining
arms. Both pitchers threw six innings of shutout baseball before          divisional two-game sets at Mississippi Delta (April 24) and at
being lifted prior to the seventh inning. Though not figuring in          home against Northwest Mississippi (April 27).
the final decisions, Luke and Irvin gave up five and three hits,
respectively, while both right-handers were credited with three
strikeouts and two walks.
          The visiting Lions had the first opportunity to break the
scoreless deadlock in the top half of the seventh inning.
Pinch-hitter Billy Autrey drilled a two-out line drive off the
right field wall off ICC reliever Joseph Koon, but the dual-sport
standout was held to a long single by right fielder Channing
Walker. Following a single by Derek Beach and a walk to Alex
Lummus, Mitch Bohon’s bases-loaded smash down the third
base line was speared by ICC’s Jake Sloan for the inning-ending
force out at third.
          EMCC reliever Tyler Richardson was not afforded the
same type of fortune as he took the mound for the bottom of the
seventh. Koon led off the frame by reaching on an infield error
and was replaced on the bases by courtesy runner Adam
Roye. After being sacrificed to second and advancing to third
on a wild pitch, Roye scored the winning run on Colby Moore’s
bloop single to short right field.
          In the nightcap, the home-standing Indians took an
early 2-0 lead with solo tallies in the first and second innings.
However, EMCC’s Beach came up big in the second to limit
ICC to just the one run after beginning the inning with three
straight singles to load the bases.                                                   Above, Alex Lummus slides to the base.
          Though not plating their first run of the day against
Itawamba until Hilton Gibson’s two-out RBI double scored
Drew Vaughan in the sixth, the Lions let possible scoring
opportunities slip away in the third and fifth innings. Following
a one-out single by Randy Frederick in the third, Bohon reached
base safely and joined Frederick in scoring position via John
Gatlin’s throwing error from shortstop. However, freshman
Tyler Aldridge fanned to end the inning. In the fifth, catcher
Steven Peebles led off the inning with an opposite-field double
off the right field wall and was replaced by courtesy runner
David Williams. Three batters later, Lummus lined a two-out
single to left field, but Williams was thrown out at the plate to
end the EMCC threat.

                                    Lion Country Athletics
                                                                                  Student Athletes
                                                                                            East Mississippi Community College’s
                                                                                  Scooba campus included a new honor at its
                                                                                  annual Awards Day ceremony, for the student
                                                                                  athletes with the highest grade point averages.
                                                                                  They are, first row from left: Leigh Ellen
                                                                                  Barefield of Preston, Katie Newman of
                                                                                  Aberdeen and Mallory Pace of Meridian, all
                                                                                  members of the Lady Lions softball team with
                                                                                  perfect 4.0 GPAs. In the second row are Tyler
                                                                                  Aldridge of Caledonia, baseball team, 3.82
                                                                                  GPA; Nashedra Barry of Columbus, basketball
                                                                                  and softball, perfect 4.0 GPA; and EMCC
                                                                                  athletic advisor Brittany Wagner-White. In the
                                                                                  third row are Enoch Glenn of Brooksville,
                                                                                  football, 3.76 GPA; Leonardo Reyes of Arima,
                                                                                  Trinidad, 3.71 GPA; and Jonathan King of Pa-
                                                                                  nama City, Panama, basketball, 3.66 GPA. Not
                                                                                  pictured is Alex Shelton of West Point, soccer,
                                                                                  3.66 GPA.

Baseball Update                                                      Softball Update
By Courtney Nunn                                                     By Whitney Sumrall

          The East Mississippi’s baseball team was limited to              On Saturday, April 17th the Lady Lion softball team
just one run in dropping a road doubleheader to defending                    lost the series with Itawamba Community College
state champion Itawamba, 1-0 and 6-1, Saturday, April 17 in                  putting them in 2nd place.
the afternoon at Crubaugh Field on the ICC campus. The                     On Tuesday, April 20th, the Lady Lions played their
Lions then hosted a double header Wednesday, April 21                        last home game, defeating Mississippi Delta
against Holmes Community College. With two upsetting                         Community College.
endings of 11-4 and 10-0, EMCC continues their division                    The team will travel to Northwest Community
play by traveling to Mississippi Delta on Saturday, April 24                 College on Monday, April 26th for their last regular
for a doubleheader. The Lions will then host a 3 day game                    season game.
series with Arkansas Baptist on Monday, April 26;                          The Lady Lions then will be preparing for the state
Northwest on Tuesday, April 27; and Bishop State on                          tournament which will be held in the North this year.
Wednesday, April 28. All games will begin at 2 P.M. Tony
Montgomery’s Lions are now 20-22 overall and
unfortunately will not qualify for the MACJC State

                                                                                 Pictured above is Mallory Pace pitching.


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