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									No. 7/ June 2010/ Mexico

             Vegan-Anarchist Publication for Direct Action

    Interview with Brendan McNally// Insurrectionist solidarity with the Days of Anti-
    incarceration Agitation// Security for Activists II// The Coordinator for “Liberacion
 Animal” of Argentina //A year since the death of Mauri// Chaos on the farm// Anarchist
 attacks from yesterday and today// On the insurrectionist flight of the combatant Diego
                                    Alonso and more…
Greetings to those who fight:
This is already the seventh installment of this publication
in support of radical actions for liberation, Rabia y Acción
(Rage and Action). We are very happy with the progress
of the struggle and the persistence that the revolutionary
cells have shown in enduring the repression of the state.
They have responded to this as always with actions
striking the economic assets of large companies.

Likewise we were jumping with joy when we learned that
Diego Alonso (the eco-warrior from Guadalajara) had
once again mocked the authorities and had escaped from
the house arrest to which he had been sentenced. We
cheer Diego’s decision to refuse to obey the mandates of
the state and to keep living his life as he wants, not how
they tell him to.

In the months of march, april and may, the press finally
had to start reporting, because banks such as Banamex
(the bank responsible for environmental destruction and        Contents:
one of the businesses involved in the prison sentence of     -Editorial
more than five years received by the eco-anarchist           -Diego Alonso’s letter from the underground
Adrian Magdaleno) faced major attacks with homemade          -Reflection on the reasons for the rebellious flight of Diego Alonso
bombs and Molotov cocktails. Thus demonstrating that         -Rebellious solidarity with Mexican prisoners during the days of anti-
even the threat of jail will not quell the instincts for     incarceration agitation
freedom.                                                     -A few words a year after the death of Mauri
 The same thing was demonstrated during the fighting         -Reports of actions in the Americas
memorial for Mauricio Morales, not only in Chile but in      -Chaos on the farm (sent anonymously)
Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Italy, Spain, as well as        -Updated list of anti-authoritarian, animal and earth liberation prisoners in
other countries. A year after his death his memory lives     Mexico
on not only in photos and in his writings but in every       -Interview with Brendan McNally
street fight and every attack against the authorities.       -Anti-leather fire in Mexico (sent anonymously)
                                                             -Beings in revolt (translated text from the old Italian publication Provocazione)
We give infinite thanks to the people who contributed to -Box of Tools
this publication- after four months it is at last published: -Advice for Activist Security II (excerpts from articles about security taken from
to Brendan McNally and Ronnie Lee, to the person who Acción Vegana)
got us interviews with them, to Acción Vegana for their -International News
translations, to the person who provided us with the         -Criticism of the leftism of the “movement"
translated texts from Provocazione, to the Coordinator       -Interview with Ronnie Lee
for Liberación Animal in Buenos Aires, to Liberación         -Anarchist attacks yesterday and today
Total, to the Bella, libre y salvaje blog, to the anonymous -Feral revolution (translated text from Provocazione)
individuals who sent us accounts of their actions and to -Why Bike?
you for deciding to print this publication and sell it, give -Interview with the Coordinator for Liberación Animal of Argentina
it away or exchange it, as always for the expansion of the
offensive against domination. We look forward
to the next issue! Continue smashing
the imposed order!

AGAINST ALL                                                                                                 FREE AND
DOMESTICATION!                                                                                                  WILL!
      Diego Alonso’s Letter from the Underground
Greetings Comrades:                                                         There many custodians kept us subjugated. You constantly heard
I have decided to write a letter to all the people who have been            words like, "This is the fucking slammer asshole, I’m gonna smash my
worried about me even without knowing me, who have given me so              cock in you." They truly looked at me as if I was a crazy person and
much support in various ways, first of all I want to explain my             from the first day I arrived I was prescribed a psychiatric medication
situation and how I came to it after they found the fragrance of            for people with Schizophrenia. This dazed me and kept me doped up
incendiary devices on me on España Street near an evil meat                 which is an insult to me because I live a lifestyle free from addictions.
company called Pilgrims Pride.                                              At first I only ate beans, which had to be checked for stones or other
                                                                            things. After that I was given a diet of bland vegetables. The
I had discovered this business in an industrial area while passing by       custodians would beat us for anything we did. They made us undress
on my bike looking for targets to attack. I noted that 10 truck trailers    in front of everyone at night to see if we were hiding drugs or
were parked in their parking lot. It appeared to me to be a very            weapons. They kept us locked up 23 hours a day reading things which
efficient target to attack so I made 6 incendiary devices made from         were "authorized" by the state.
bottles of gasoline and a wick. I left my house at night and I
approached the business that had seemed to be a simple target               My father, being an attorney, got an order for my release because
earlier because it was in a neighborhood where not many cars passed         there were certain inconsistencies in the accusations against me.
by. I sat in a park on España Street waiting for more time to pass          Which 2 ½ months later ordered my release from prison, keeping me
before acting, but what I didn’t realize was that there was a police car    on house arrest. Five days later, I decided to rebelliously defy the
watching me two blocks away. They approached me suddenly,                   order because I will never obey the system. I take the opportunity
overpowered me and I had no time to run. They found the devices in          here to tell the state that they will not succeed in bending me that
my backpack and they were very frightened to be face to face with an        easily. I will fight until the end to abolish exploitation of animals and
activist. They called for backup and many police arrived who insulted       the earth and thus achieve green anarchy. I want to tell everyone to
and beat me. They called the media who described me as a lunatic (of        stay active: Do not take a single step backward, our enemies
course I am a little bit but not like the state described me), as a         intimidate us with their jails, with their weapons, but I have always
terrorist, and as a radical.                                                been of the belief that they are the ones who should fear us.
 I was transferred to the Attorney General's Office in my city where I
was beaten and where they even attempted to suffocate me with               Leaving that center of control leaves me with more hatred toward
water from a toilet. They wanted me to inform on my other                   the state and the techno-industrial system and with more love for
comrades, which I refused, and to acknowledge my belongings (in             anarchy, animal and earth liberation. I also say to you- do not waste
this case my backpack). The next day my dad demanded my release             time, there are hundreds of possible centers to be attacked and it is
due to the fact that a year earlier my family had committed me to a         effective. If they arrest one person there are 10 more out there
psychiatric center because of my anarchist, vegan ideals. Upon              fighting to end this huge shithole that we call civilization. To the
finding out that they would be visiting my house regularly, I               people who sent me letters throughout the world I thank you. But I
rebelliously fled for a few months, mocking the system and showing          want to be clear that I'm not any kind of hero, I only did what my
them that I would not backtrack one step in my ideals. I was told that      heart and revolutionary spirit dictated.
my family had been extorted by the police. I returned home for a few
days and was told that the Judicial Police and the Department of                        We are alone in front of the machine, against its existence.
Public Safety would be coming to the house every week looking for                              Hatred and rage at its operation, at the daily lootings
me. They claimed that they only wanted to talk to me (ha ha). Due to                                                         carried out for centuries.
my recklessness I stayed there a while, partly because I have a                  At the slaughter, the extermination, the dementia, the authority.
brother whom I love very much and am attached to. One of the days                                   Fire, fire against everything, violence & revenge.
when I was living with my family I heard a door cracked open.                                                                        Ashes & rubble ...
Thinking it was my dad, I got out of bed where I was sleeping and              From there we will start off toward a new world, before that- no...
heard my father saying: Diego, there is someone looking for you.                       This is the logical course of things since one way or another,
What a surprise it was to see there were three judicial police officers      capitalism & its lackeys will reduce the world to that, with or without
saying to me: we will take you to court to testify and then you will                                                                               us...
return home. They handcuffed me and took me out of my house                     Come out combatants, from monotonous meetings & discussions,
which caused a lot of attention from neighbors and people passing                    Let anarchy flourish, in the adrenaline of street confrontation,
by. I was taken to COCYDEJ (Center for observation and classification                          Escape from bourgeois intellectualism that threatens
of minors in Jalisco state).                                                                                 to keep us anarchists at the writing desk.
 There I faced the court and correctional facility. In the court I looked                 Pick up weapons, set it all on fire, destroy all that you can
very shocking because my general way of dressing is dirty with my                          And take the life of every damned guardian of the order,
hair green and shorts with tights. The judge decided I was mentally ill       We relive the emotions of all those who have died in past uprisings,
and I was truly very angry. I had a hearing in which he interrogated         Let us make it so that they smell the cadavers which they themselves
me and he told me the crimes which had been ascribed to me. He                                                                                       hid
could not accuse me of violating the federal weapons and explosives                           Intending to pass by unnoticed, like enraged zombies,
law because minors in our country cannot be charged with federal                                         We sow fear in economic leaders, that each
crimes. Then he accused me of carrying weapons and prohibited                 fallen comrade will be revived at the barricade and at the blast of a
articles. One of the questions the secretary at my hearing asked was:                                                      bank or private property ...
Do you regret it? To which I replied: Well, yes, but the only thing I                                                      Cheers and green anarchy!
regret is not being able to burn the trucks used for animal
exploitation. This scared them very much and they immediately                                    From the rebellious underground: Diego Alonso.
turned me over to the Guardian of Minors CODYDEJ.
We received the good news of the escape of Diego Alonso with big smiles from ear to ear. It pleased us greatly to know that our comrade took the first chance
he got to escape from house arrest and that he decided once again to mock the authorities and those who support them. Flight is now part of the life of the
rebellious warrior for total liberation, Diego Alonso, as it has been a part of the lives of various anarchists throughout history.

It was first seen in the flights of the Magonistas before and during the           threatened the police, snipers opened fire and seriously wounded Fantazzini
(impeded) revolution of 1910 in Mexico, which were bought about through            believing that he would be killed by the bullets that pierced his body, but such
wild revolts, or by other Magonista fighters who freed their comrades in the       a brave anarchist could not die like that. Surprisingly he continued to live and
struggle from prison.                                                              after leaving prison he went back to robbery until December 19, 2001; the
                                                                                   police arrested him along with his accomplice after having robbed a bank. He
The anarchists who escaped the prison of Punta Carretas, Uruguay on March          was escaping on his bicycle.
18, 1931 are another example of insurgent and imaginative flight. That day
three prisoners with ideas of liberation and five pesos in total escaped through   The Greek anarchist Vassilis Paleokostas along with his Albanian comrade
a tunnel dug from a house in front of the prison. The action was planned           Alketou Rizaj, staged one of the most spectacular escapes from a maximum
primarily by the famous anarchist expropriator Miguel Arcángel Rosigna.            security prison in Athens on February 22nd of last year, when Vassilis’
                                                                                   comrades took a helicopter, landed it on top of the prison, and dropped a rope
Flight was also part of life for Gabriel Pombo da Silva. We remember that in       which the anarchists climbed and they fled amid gunfire from guards.
October 2003 Gabriel escaped from a Spanish galley. In a communiqué issued
by him in February 2004 he said: It’s over! The power games, the farce, the        These are just a few small examples of anarchist fighters who have mocked
silence, the humiliations, the tortures are over; now I'm FREE.                    the powerful and their dungeons of punishment by escaping prison, some of
                                                                                   which had the highest security in all the world. From this writing we want to

His life as a combatant led him to once again directly confront the guardians      send a greeting to our comrade Diego Alonso wherever he is, that the flame of
of capital on June 28, 2004 in the city of Aachen, Germany when Gabriel            your revolutionary environmentalist abolitionist ideals never goes out, always
along with four others tried to escape a police cordon. In the action there were   standing tall for the destruction of all prisons and cages, because the system
hostages taken and an extensive shootout; da Silva was eventually trapped          may label us as crazy people, extremists or vandals but deep inside we know
along with the others and taken to court on charges of attempted murder,           what we are, screw them Diego, run!
taking of hostages, armed robbery and planning a holdup. Gabriel continues to
be one of the most controversial prisoners to date.                                May the secrecy and the darkness of the wild environment accompany you on
                                                                                   your journey towards the freedom that is always so beautiful! Strength for
Claudio Lavvaza, one of the most rebellious anarchists, also decided to go on      Diego Alonso and for another Diego as well, Diego Rios of Chile, both in the
the run when his group attacked the Udine prison in northern Italy. The            street dodging
commander of the guards was killed in the attack and two prisoners were            the authorities!
freed. Claudio is Italian but is well-known in Spain and has distinguished          Immediate
himself as a person with rebellious and insurrectionary anarchist ideas both       freedom for the
inside and outside prison. They have accused him of numerous charges that          anarco-vegans
include involvement in an armed gang, subversive association, murder of a          Abraham López
jeweler, the commander of the guards and two female police officers who            and Adrian
Claudio shot during a bank robbery in self-defense, as well as rioting, unlawful   Magdaleno!
carrying of firearms, manufacture of incendiary devices and explosives, etc.       Immediate
During the murder trial Claudio Lavvaza said: "And as much as all of you,          freedom for the
gentlemen, try to cover your eyes, this is a war, A SOCIAL WAR, and each side      anti-authoritarians
will cry over their fallen ones. We already have spent a long time crying over     Víctor Herrera,
ours.”                                                                             Emmanuel
                                                                                   Hernández and
Another anarchist who also mocked his imprisonment and physical                    Socorro Molinero!
subjugation was the Italian Horst Fantazzini. Best known as the kind thief, the    Fire to civilization
gentleman or the bandit on the bicycle. Fantazzi claimed to be an anarchist        and the
from an early age, later he considered himself an anarcho-individualist and        incarcerating
participated in an infinite number of bank robberies in which he always used a     society that
toy gun. He got some sympathy even with the employees of the banks he              supports this
attacked due to his good manners and always kind character. "Good morning,         system of
stay calm and give me the money, thank you" were his only words before             physical, mental,      The bullet-ridden body of Fantazzini
leaving to escape on his bicycle. In 1973 Horst attempted to escape from the       political and cultural domination!
Piamonte Fossano prison where he had been detained after a robbery. The            For animal and earth liberation!
situation got out of control and he took hostages, and with a real gun             Rabia y Acción
                                                                  Insurrectionist solidarity with Mexican
                                                                       prisoners during the days of anti-
                                                                                  incarceration agitation

Before the beginning                                                      treated like a formal group). This action, on the day that the days of
A few weeks before the end of January, agitation could be felt in the     agitation was beginning, provoked fear of what the anarchist cells
air in Mexico after a rebellious anarchist group attempted to place       would attempt next against these idiots’ property. After this
homemade bombs targeting symbols of power and anthropocentrism            altercation, the activities organized over the next week were the target
in different municipalities in Mexico State, in San Luis Potosi and in    of police harassment. Plainclothes police roamed the streets around
Mexico City on December 31 of the previous year. After that, actions      where people were organizing and would attempt to participate. Inside
against the Oxxo self-service chain were claimed in solidarity with the   the College of Science and Humanities East judicial police and
prisoner Victor Herrera, in one action a policeman died. Several          detectives were watching, trying to capture some “suspicious”
municipal police and private security cars were shot up with weapons      movement or come up with some pre-designed profile after the
of various calibers by another insurgent group in Tijuana on January      actions of September, October and December of last year. They did not
1st. After that another bomb was placed in the Coca-Cola bottling         arrest anyone but the atmosphere in those places felt tense. What
plant and a butane gas bomb also exploded in a BBVA, both of these        police did not expect would be the international solidarity through
were in Mexico State. After all this happened in January, there was a     action and insurrection.
call for the Days of Anti-Incarceration Insurrection, February 1-12.
Various types of actions were planned such as rallies at the Juvenile     Strikes in Argentina and Chile
Detention Center and at the Reclusorio Norte prison, film showings,       Police detectives in Mexico were trying to find those responsible for
boycotts and informative groups. The text included in the                 the closure of Avenida Insurgentes, so they tried using their
propaganda read, "...a call that, from your trenches, you will do         helicopters, their civil policemen with large guns and they tried
whatever your imagination dictates and whatever your hatred               infiltrating the public activities of the Days of Action. While this was
advises you to do.” After this was seen and read on different internet    going on, the Mexican embassy in Argentina was attacked in the
pages, the direct action cells began to mobilize.                         Belgrade neighborhood of Buenos Aires on the 6 th. According to the
                                                                          communiqué, a banner was hung on the facade of the embassy that
The media was alerted about what would happen over those two              said: "Against the Incarcerating Society, an international greeting to
weeks, police sharpened their knives to arrest more people and            the anti-authoritarian prisoners in Mexico.” They threw paint bombs,
detain them in their centers of extermination. The centers of the         set off a smoke bomb and distributed pamphlets for the liberation of
cyber police and public security investigations, as well as the federal   the following prisoners: Víctor Herrera, Emmanuel Hernández,
agencies were alerted to prevent such attacks by eco-anarchists and       Abraham López and Socorro Molinero. Their communiqué said: "Our
insurrectionists.                                                         position and commitment is unwavering as we face this antisocial war,
                                                                          far and wide across the world that brings with it death, imprisonment,
The beginning                                                             being on the run, painful penalties, joys and much more. We are
On February 2 a communiqué surfaced on Liberación Total, it was           guerillas not soldiers who carry out anti-authoritarian actions daily for
about some unnamed individuals who had cut off one of the main            the destruction of this miserable society.” Their message was very
transit roads to Mexico City, the normal functioning of Avenida           clear and along with it came this very representative and rebellious
Insurgentes had been interrupted after they set containers on fire        action. A few days after this attack another would come but this one
and used them as barricades to block the passage of cars. After a few     was in Chile; the Mexican Embassy in Santiago would be attacked on
minutes the police arrived and at that moment there was a                 the 11th, a day before the Days of Action would end, although the
confrontation and the masked individuals escaped. In an internal          solidarity would not end. That was the day that the morning news
document, the Mexico City government warned their officials that          would carry the story of an act of solidarity by our Chilean comrades
they should give special attention to two groups, to the university       that would shake up international relations between the countries. The
organizations and to the black block (as if the black block would be      windows were smashed with a hammer, the flag was torn down, paint
bombs were thrown and leaflets in solidarity with the prisoners          state (in this case Chile) must provide security to the embassies of other
previously mentioned were scattered. It was like a great tremor that     countries (in this case the Mexican embassy). The
shook the heads of representatives from Mexico and Chile, the            communiqué that was published almost immediately read: "Though we
news spread everywhere. The entire communiqués from the attacks          are separated by distance, by locking up some of our comrades the jailers
on the embassies in Argentina and Chile were read in full on the         have made their pain and struggle a part of us. The prison, a place where
radio. The news condemned the incident and the ambassadors               sorrow and death whispers in the ear at every step. The vastness of
demanded that the police work to catch those responsible, but to         capital’s power is based in its authority to lock up or kill anyone who
date no one has been arrested. The organization of the anarchist         breaks with their damned order; anyone who positions themselves
cells surprised those who said that the anarchists are the most          against the establishment. Our role is the revenge that we carry out, we
disorganized of all movements. A surveillance camera recorded the        feel for those who have been kidnapped by those in power.” The 8 th will
action, the journalists said that it was a group of 10-15 masked         also be remembered in Chile, as another action was carried out in
people. Saying that while a few broke windows, others threw paint,       solidarity with prisoners in Mexico, an incendiary attack against
others scattered pamphlets and still others tore down the Mexican        Indumotora Subaru.
flag. They said that the action had taken less than a minute. It
became clear that groups with anarchist affinities are actually the      The unexpected in Mexico
most organized when it comes to preparing for an attack. It also         While the eyes of public opinion were turned toward the events in
showed that anarchist solidarity can be found not only within a          Argentina and Chile, another eco-anarchist attack was mentioned in the
country between friends, but can also be found among those who           Mexican press that did not produce the results that it sought. The first
do not know one another.                                                 lines of the newspapers spoke of six incendiary devices which had been
                                                                         placed in automobiles in a bourgeois development in Xochimilco.
                                                                         Although this action was thwarted, it was part of the Days of Anti-
                                                                         Incarceration Agitation in solidarity with prisoners in Mexico and
                                                                         throughout the world. Police along with experts stated that these
                                                                         incendiary devices had extensive burning capacity because they were
                                                                         composed of chemicals and gasoline. This attack occurred on the 11 th (the
                                                                         same as the attack on the Mexican embassy in Chile), it is as if the desire
                                                                         to destroy everything and manifest solidarity with prisoners in Mexico,
                                                                         was communicated through thoughts and feelings among the likeminded.
                                                                         After the Days of Action ended, the communiqués would appear, claiming
                                                                         actions such as the gluing of the locks of restaurants, a fascist shop, a KFC
                                                                         and other speciesist businesses; an arson attack on a security module;
                                                                         another incendiary attack on a excavator and a water pipe in an
                                                                         urbanization construction site and another incendiary attack against a
                                                                         jeep belonging to a meat market and against a milk delivery truck, all
                                                                         these actions occurred during the days of actions but were only claimed at
                                                                         the last minute to make a greater impact. The events during the days of
The ambassador of Mexico in Chile, Mario Leal, argued that it be         action represented solidarity transformed into action
treated as an act of vandalism of a political nature because they
requested the release of four jailed militant anarchists in Mexico       The State’s Blow
with serious charges such as theft, damage to private property and       These actions represent solidarity with our comrades who are now
transporting explosives. He was not wrong. It’s just that this type of   prisoners, it is a continuation of their struggle, and of their desire to make
attack is going to be praised for demanding the release of prisoners     this world burn. One such example is our comrade Adrian Magdaleno
of war, it is going to be praised for directly damaging the prison       Gonzales who (we believe) wanted to express his sincere greeting and
system, breaking down our own fears, destroying the morals and           support to those people imprisoned for actions in recent months, so he
ethics of this society based on consumerism and destruction of           took the path of direct action with pleasure on February 4; his action was
freedom through capitalist drugs.                                        high risk, leaving an explosive charge inside a metro car in the Taxqueña
                                                                         station (south of Mexico City). His action was accomplished but society
In Mexico as should be expected, the authorities condemned this          betrayed him. They all gave him the finger and blamed him for detonating
act, but at the same time entered a foreign conflict with the            butane gas cans inside the most guarded metro system in the Americas.
authorities of Chile, because according to them, they had violated       When it was known that the Mexican Embassy in Chile had been attacked
                                                                         by an anarchist group and when it was learned that incendiary devices
                                                                         had been found in six cars in Xochimilco, the police published the news
                                                                         that since February 4, "the saboteur of the metro” was arrested. It had
                                                                         been several days before it had been made public. Why? We believe that
                                                                         the police were waiting for the perfect time to publicize this news, it was
                                                                         as if to say "You have attacked in Chile, Argentina and Mexico City, but we
                                                                         have one of your own here” it was a very clear message. The days of anti-
                                                                         incarceration action demonstrated a lot of things, above all that
                                                                         institutions can be attacked where they hurt most. In solidarity with the
                                                                         prisoners of the state and with international cooperation, just like them,
                                                                         we will also find our moment to say: "You all have a few of us, but those
                                                                         of us on the outside continue on, enraged. Beware."

the agreement of the Vienna Convention which provides that the
Some words one year after
the death of                        Mauri
A year after the death of Mauricio Morales, the offensive against
power and authority has not taken one step backwards. On the
contrary, as he had said it would, it expands like the Black Death.
We acknowledge once again that our instincts for freedom cannot
be destroyed by the death of a close comrade. Nor can the
persecution of our comrades who are on the run stop our
abolitionist ideals. Nor can the imprisonment of those who are
close to us stop the social war against this increasingly artificial,
technological reality sustained by the techno-industrial system.
A year after the death of this warrior, this fighter (not social but
rather antisocial), we shout from the rooftops: Mauricio Morales is
here in attacks against all authority!
The news from Chile reached us in Mexico and we realized that we
had lost someone who was very loved, during an action, a
tremendously valuable combatant in the struggle against the state and
its protectors. They have said that you were indomitable, fearless, cheerful and stubborn, that your diet was free of the suffering of other
sentient beings. We are told that on May 22 you headed to a school where they teach people how to lock away behind bars the dreams of
anyone who has positioned their life in opposition to the normal functioning of this false world. Using a black bike for your trip, a much more
coherent means of transport in civilization than one of those pieces of metal which bring climate change. You moved on your bike like the
Italian anarchist expropriator Horst Fantazzini when he robbed banks. Like the sole anarcho-primitivist member of FreedomClub who made the
most exceptional intellectuals of industrial- technological development tremble, Ted Kascinski. Like the anonymous individual who made a fool
of the most “effective” police in the world, the FBI, when he used a bomb to destroy various targets in the United States. Like our comrade
Diego Alonso who recently escaped from hands of the Mexican police that smelled of torture and humiliation. That night you moved as they all
did and as surely others will continue to. On your bicycle, making a statement through movement about the society of the masses immobilized
by the daily stress of traffic on their way to their monotonous work imposed by the endlessly routine life lived in the system.
They have told us that you were carrying a bomb in your backpack ready to detonate, the explosive device filled with gunpowder, black like the
night, like your bike, like your blank gaze after the explosion, black like your silhouette and your covered face leaving this world and you are
next to the brightest star in the endless sky, with the black wolves that go hunting during the full moon, next to the abyss where never-before-
seen species take refuge in the seas and oceans, in the natural darkness of the forests where the trees are so large and the branches so
interwoven that they let in no ray of sunshine, you are in the ground moistened by your still savage, spilled blood after they buried you several
meters deep in a wooden coffin.
We are here, although we have never lost someone in this way before we feel a tremendous pain when they tell us about you. We are
immediately in solidarity with your loved ones in every way possible. A year after your death we still feel that pain and rage, the pain that chills
the heart and the rage that makes our bones ache. Because although we never met you, we never looked one another in the face, or never
even exchanged words in an e-mail, we claim you as a comrade of ideals who died in combat and who deserves to be remembered in every act
against the civilizing machine.
Mauricio Morales always remembered in revolutionary actions!
                                                                                                                                     Rabia y Acción
Sometimes thinking of yesterday is a little easier than thinking about       Fighting against the order imposed by the so-called authorities, for the
tomorrow. A year has passed since Mauri died and not a day has gone          state and its pawns, because despite the control, the cameras and the
by that we have not had him in our thoughts.                                 security systems, they are always there, attentive, observing and
On May 22, 2009, loaded with conviction, with ideas of freedom, love         finding ways to circumvent their alleged impunity and ubiquity. The
and hate, he approached the gendarmerie school with a homemade               insurrectionist flame of rebellion that has burned for years will not go
bomb in his backpack and a .32 caliber revolver in his clothes.              out with a single blow, nor with their repressive hurricanes.

He achieved something unexpected which was a consequence of this             Because they believe in nothing more than the justice that they can
path, which many comrades have also decided to take...                       create with their own hands. They are not victims, because they know
 Seeing all this, it is possible to acknowledge that despite all the tears   the consequences and have accepted them, each brave individual
shed, it was all worth it, worth it because they are the ideas of a new      taking their lives in their own hands. That’s why the prison, flight, or
and different life without any resemblance to the dreadful society           death are obstacles that they have known (and will continue to know)
which surrounds us.                                                          which are faced according to the circumstances, never in passivity.
Fighters across the Earth are struggling for the destruction of each         Attacking, they are dedicated to destroying those who perpetuate and
pillar that upholds this order, struggling to ensure that no other           sustain this society, anonymous fighters who are part of a war declared
animal (human or non-human) should suffer the tortures which they            centuries ago. Standing in solidarity with you because in you ideas and
themselves are subjected to on a daily basis. Against the exploiters,        practices converge which speak of an irreducible warrior. They have
who benefit from the deaths of animals, from deforestation or who            told us of your actions and we see these deeds as an effective tool for
are looking to secure the dominant interests by locking up a                 strengthening ties between comrades around the world because that’s
comrade.                                                                     how it has been and will remain so in a variety of ways (sabotage,
                                                                              them on the altar of the evening news, to show some sort of result to
                                                                              their barren investigations. They raid the homes and lives of our
                                                                              comrades, and yet are not capable of acknowledging that they will
                                                                              not be able to find the insurrectionist shadows, that connections
                                                                              between activists can create links of attack that can vanish and
                                                                              regroup when necessary ... and if, in spite of everything they get
                                                                              some of these comrades, solidarity will show its face, as we have
                                                                              already seen in actions in solidarity with Mauri in places like France,
                                                                              Argentina, Germany, Italy, Greece, Mexico, Chile, Spain, Switzerland
                                                                              ... and will continue onward growing stronger every time.

                                                                              The vacant gaze cannot be deceived. Restless minds create
                                                                              unexpected ways of attacking.
                                                                              His eyes will never go out.

                                                                              Fighters will continue on without giving up until the efforts to
                                                                              dominate and put a price on wild nature are dismantled. They will
                                                                              continue until they recover their lives from the powerful who
                                                                              attempt to control everything.

publications, discussions, actions, etc.), each one of them is an attack      To the comrades who dare to confront this order with everything
against authority. Because you, like so many others, have planned             they have at hand in disseminating and attacking, we can only offer
ways to attack and make the attacks stronger each time, because               encouragement and say that although the consequences are painful,
anti-authoritarians do not believe in representatives nor in                  rebelling against the powerful you have the pleasure of the only
organizations that give orders. They create their own lives, in words         feeling that a living being deserves: the energetic and insurgent
and deeds, and because you, like so many, decided to write your               struggle against domination.
story with the colors of rebellion.
                                                                              We look forward to seeing you in their actions, to see you laugh, and
We will never forget who germinated the chaos in this maddening               to see you with the anonymous fighters planning their next attack,
and frustrating order. We will never forget that the praxis of your life      we will look forward to seeing you in the flames against power.
demonstrated what a fighter is. We will never forget you, neither you
nor anyone, anyone who is armed to attack.                                    Mauri is here!
We are in solidarity and it will continue while the basis for freedom
exists, showing itself in various parts of the Earth where hearts             "Animals encaged in vivariums and extermination farms, and some
explode because of love and anger, they burst and join their lives,           imbeciles believing themselves to be above others and at the top of
because at every step they leave a trail of eternal defiance and              the evolutionary chain, I look in your eyes and don’t believe you!
vengeance for their stolen lives, but this trail is not just a silent mark    Nowaways we don’t even hunt or produce, everything that we
but rather it makes a deafening roar.                                         consume comes in packaging.
                                                                              The bottled water, processed meat, these goods separate the animal
The powerful see this and will not be able to explain that there is           that lives inside of us and the beast that shaves every morning.
never anyone to hold responsible for these attacks.                           -Mauri-
They invent stupid profiles, crude assumptions to capture anti-
socials, characteristics that reflect what imbeciles they can be and it’s     Liberación Total
all to show the media and the spectators the guilty ones, crucifying
                                                                              May 2010

   Comrades: We are writing from Bolivia, we know that our struggle is quite young and we must be united and strengthened. Our movement must grow
   larger on our continent and across the planet, so we invite you to the 2nd
   ANIMAL LIBERATION ENCOUNTER OF BOLIVIA 2O11 to be held in January of next year. Our thanks for the publication of this event.
   Greetings and Hugs

                                                                                                          ANIMAL LIBERATION, EARTH LIBERATION

                                                             2-ALF visited horse-exploiting business and glued the doors inside the place (USA)
                                                             2-Avenue blocked with incendiary containers in a confrontation with police
                                                             (Mexico City)
                                                             5-Corrosive acid ruined the windows of a McDonald’s (USA)
                                                             6-Restaurant, fascist shop, KFC and speciesist businesses had padlocks glued
                                                             (Mexico State)
                                                             7-The Plaza de Toros Mexico bullfighting ring, the bullfighting museum and a
                                                             bullfighting shop were painted with graffiti (Mexico City)
                                                             8-Incendiary attack against Indumotora Subaru (where automobiles are sold and
                                                             repaired) in solidarity with prisoners in Mexico (Chile)
                                                             8-Incendiary devices used on excavator and water pipe at a construction site vital
                                                             to the urbanization of the Ecatepec municipality (Mexico State)
                                                             8-Dove liberated and pet store sent warning (Venezuela)
                                                             9-Incendiary attack on municipal police unit (Mexico State)
11-The mass media reported that the placement of incendiary devices in six luxury cars was stopped by police (Mexico City)
18-Paint spilled on fur shops in Vancouver (Canada)
18-Incendiary attack on a dairy company truck and a jeep belonging to a butcher shop (Mexico City)
22-Two luxury trucks set on fire (Argentina)

2-Three luxury cars burned at different times on the same night (Paraguay)
2- Automobile intentionally set on fire (Argentina)
2-Luxury vehicle set on fire; earlier in the month another two cars were burned (Ecuador)
3-Graffiti and paint poured on hotel where clothing made from animal skins is sold (Canada)
5-Incendiary device placed in primate vivisector’s vehicle (USA)
6-Vehicles burned in a bourgeois development (Argentina)
11-Bomb explodes in Neuquén Gas and Petroleum’s private social work office because of their exploitation of
the planet and various animal species (Argentina)
21-Molotov cocktails used against Banamex bank’s ATMs (Mexico City)
23-Luxury truck set on fire in the affluent neighborhood of Polanco (Mexico City)

1-Incendiary attack on a patrol car belonging to the public security secretary which was alongside
the attorney general’s office; action claimed by an insurgent group (Mexico City)
1-Incendiary visits to the homes of three vivisectors at the University of Utah (USA)
2- 72 chickens liberated from a farm in Utah (USA)
7-Graffiti painted on butcher shops, pet shops, cars and veterinarians in solidarity with prisoners in
Mexico (Chile)
10-Automobiles destroyed by Núcleo Luddita (Luddite Core) in Villa del Parque (Argentina)
11- Bombing of Volkswagen dealership in Ecatepec claimed by the FLT (ELF) (Mexico State)
12-Fur shops graffitied and covered with red paint, foie gras restaurant glued and "Quack!"
painted on the door, and circus signs torn down (USA)
13-Bombing by the Células Autónomas de Revolución Inmediata-Praxedis G. Guerrero
(Autonomous Cells for Immediate Revolution-Praxedis G. Guerrero) against Banamex bank in the
borough of Tlalpan; destroyed windows, ATMs and floor (Mexico City)
15 Bombings started fire at Banamex bank; claimed by the FLA (ALF) (Mexico State)
18-Butane gas cans with nails exploded in the ATM area of a Banamex in the borough of
Cuauhtémoc (Mexico City)
20-Graffiti against foie gras restaurant (Canada)
22-Two wild boar piglets were liberated from hunting traps and various traps were destroyed (USA)
23- Graffiti on the Mellon Institute building in the Oakland area of Pittsburgh for its support of
vivisection (USA)
25-Incendiary attack on two trucks belonging to the Atayde brothers circus by the FLA (ALF)
(Mexico City)
26-Two turtles liberated, metro attacked with paint bombs and two rabbits liberated by the FLA
(ALF) (Mexico City)
27- Insurrectionist group attacked a military school with paint bombs and graffiti in solidarity with
the Greek anarchist prisoner Giannis Dimitrakis and the prisoners in Mexico and Argentina
(Mexico City)
28- Bombing of a BBVA bank branch destroyed
roof, windows and ATMs in Nicolás Romero
(Mexico State)
29-Graffiti and spilled paint against pet stores and
veterinarians (Argentina)
30-Incendiary attacks against electric company

2-Butcher shop stoned in broad daylight and in a
second attack locks were glued in solidarity with
prisoners in Mexico, Argentina and Switzerland
3-Insurrectionist group succeeded in causing an
explosion at a Santander bank which destroyed
windows on the first two floors; ATMs and roof
were also damaged (Mexico City)
5-Bomb in the Atizapan shopping center defused
by police agents (Mexico State)
5-A company that manufactures products with
sheep and goat skins set on fire, the damage is
$500,000 (USA)
6-Rescue and release of 13 rabbits from a fair
(Mexico State)
8-Dove released from cage (Mexico City)
10-Butane gas cans exploded in front of the
entrance of a KFC, by the FLA (ALF) (Mexico State)
10-Padlocks glued, paint spilled and graffiti left at
military recruitment offices, against Teletrak
(where they have horse racing) and against a
butcher shop, by the FLA (ALF) (Chile)
10-Several fur shops glued and graffitied and
advertisements at a McDonald’s painted (USA)
11- Death threat against the Argentinean
Ambassador in Mexico in solidarity with those
arrested after a confrontation with police outside
the Greek embassy at a demonstration in support
of Giannis Dimitrakis (Mexico City)
12-Two fake bombs left outside a KFC during
business hours created a mass mobilization of
police and military. The message left: "Freedom
for political prisoners in Mexico and throughout
the world! This is not a game, attacking and
disappearing we will always be anonymous! FLA-
FLT (ALF-ELF)“ (Leon, Guanajuato)
13-Dynamite and butane gas bomb exploded at the
entrance of a McDonald’s (Mexico City)
19-Environmentalist-insurrectionist group claimed
the arson attack against the Royal Bank of Canada.
The bank was left severely damaged by fire
21 Attack against a McDonald's, their windows
were completely destroyed by the FLA/FLT
(ALF/ELF) (Chile)
21-Second bomb at the headquarters of Novartis,
by the FLA (ALF) (Guadalajara)
22-Sabotage against cell tower in Santiago (Chile)
24-Arson attacks on cars in Villa del Parque (Argentina)
24-Hunting and fishing club attacked with paint bombs and stones,
and McDonald’s propaganda attacked (Chile)
26-Medical school attacked with paint bombs (Mexico City)
30-Ferrero metro station stoned and slaughterhouse truck burned by
the FLA (ALF) (Mexico State)
31-Graffiti, paint bombs, and noise bombs used at the CueroBat
leather shop by the FLA (ALF) (Chile)
Chaos on the Farm
                                                        Interesting story about one of the first liberations of mink in Spain, sent anonymously to Rabia y Acción

After a trip of several hours we hid the car in a place we had chosen during       If anyone became disoriented running to the car and the others in the group
our last visit, a few weeks before.                                                waited too long, the whole group would ended up being arrested, as well as the
For us it was especially important that the car not be found, because that         owner of the car, something we wanted to avoid at all costs. We had especially
would implicate the owner, who did not know anything about what would be           put a lot of effort into reviewing the paths, but we did not want to rule out the
happening that night. They didn’t even know that the car was far from where        possibility that one of us feeling chased and not paying attention to the markers
it had been parked; one of us had abused their trust to get the keys.              on the path would get disoriented. In that case they should hide somewhere,
Tomorrow, if everything went well, the owner would find it in the same             calm down, and try to reorient themselves. The car would wait as long as
clearing where it had been parked. It was a very disagreeable decision for the     possible, but after a while would have to go. This person would have to get as far
person who got the keys, but that person knew that if we wanted to carry out       away from the farm as possible during the night, if they didn’t run into anyone
the action, there was no other alternative. Realistically we didn’t have any       head-on they would not be detected. On the contrary, that person would be able
money to pay for gas, let alone to rent a car, so that wasn’t even an option. I    to see the Civil Guard and the Environmental Protections Agency patrol cars going
want to clarify that this person had committed themselves that if for some         through the area hundreds of meters before crossing their path and therefore
reason they discovered the car involved in the action and the police accused       would have plenty of time to dodge them. The following morning they would
the owner, he or she would turn themselves in voluntarily and vindicate the        appear 20 or 30 kilometers away and would have to hitchhike. If they saw a
owner of the crime. Anyway we put a lot of effort into being sure that the car     nearby town they could also go to it and take the first bus to the nearest town.
could not be linked to the action in any way.                                      We had thought about all of this, and had distributed among us all the money we
                                                                                   had left, which was very little, but if the ticket was not very expensive it would get
The license plate on the car had been slightly changed, the key had been left      you to the city. From there you would have to hitchhike back home.
on the driver’s side wheel so that if the driver was arrested by the police, the
others could get away, and the car could as well. The car had been hidden in       I do not know if all this will seem strange to some people, but is more common
some bushes located two kilometers from the site where the action would            than you might think. There have been many actions in different countries in
take place. We had read in an interview (from the website No Compromise,           which a car has left a group of activists near the place they’re going to attack, and
translated by Acción Vegana) that this was the most sensible thing to do, and      the next morning it came to collect them at a point dozens of kilometers away. If
we all agreed on it. If they surprised us we would be able to run along            activists know to orient themselves with compasses and they have the necessary
different paths to the car and being so far away it would make it difficult for    equipment many times this is the safest option. It is true that it is unpleasant to
them to find it and to block us from leaving. Also, before getting away we         spend the night walking in the dark, but it’s worst to pass the night in a cell.
would block the road with stones and branches, so that nobody would be able
to follow us.                                                                    So we were there; five people, all dressed completely in black. We were ready for
We had walked for quite a while, only three of us had been here before, so       this experience but didn’t know how it would end up. In the best case with
only three of us knew the way, and we needed to show the other two               thousands of prisoners liberated, in the worst case with five new prisoners locked
comrades. As we walked we came to several splits in the path, and we marked      up. With us carrying the equipment we needed: a couple of walkie-talkies which
which path to follow when we returned. The markers were made from natural        we had expropriated from a mall, a huge pair of boltcutters that had been
elements, and nobody but us would notice them.                                   expropriated from a Leroy Merlin. The boltcutters were so large that they
The night was very dark, and as it had been a month since we were there we       couldn’t be hidden anywhere, so to expropriate them one of us carried them
didn’t remember the path and it took us longer to find the farm than what we     across their shoulder and we walked out the door calmly, in front of the security
had hoped.                                                                       guard who looked somewhat puzzled, thinking it was not possible to rob in such a
                                                                                 brazen way. He was wrong.
Finally, the forest gave way to fields of corn, and a prairie where the farm was We had paid for the headlamps, the batteries had been charged to the account of
located. We stood in front of it, explaining to the two new people where         a big company, we only had a few pairs of pliers that we bought at a small
everything was. We'd obviously already shown them on maps, but that’s not hardware store, and those who had balaclava had made them themselves,
the same thing.                                                                  cutting off the legs of an old pair of jogging pants. They had cut a relatively large
It was still very early, so we had time to review several times what we would piece, the size of two hands, sewed the tight end and put their head through the
do, the direction from which the cars would appear if we were discovered and wide end, they marked where their eyes were and made holes to see and
the direction we should head to find our car. We had decided that, in case we breathe. I didn’t even have one, I wore a black long sleeve shirt (like the
were surprised we would ensure that the farmer did not catch anyone, if he       Palestinians who throw stones at the Israeli army): putting my head through the
did we would help the comrade to get away from him, and then run to the          waist of the shirt, as if I were going to put it on, when my head got to the neck of
meeting place (the car). We would try to go together as far as possible, if for the shirt it stretched it, leaving a hole for the eyes. Continuing to stretch the
some reason someone was delayed and we knew that it was not because the sleeves at the back of my neck, stretching the shirt, finally tying the sleeves
farmer had got him/her, we would wait a bit but not too long because             through it.
otherwise the police would be combing the whole area and end up finding the
car. The chance of discovering a person hiding in a forest at night was very     We were a very inexperienced group. The only knowledge that we had had been
unlikely, but a car was much easier, and the risk was much higher.
acquired through reading articles on the internet. Fortunately we have begun      doubted that they would have an effect on them. We hid in the forest, among the
to have access to them in Castilian, as I have said this is thanks to Acción      bushes where we could make out the farm and we chatted a bit.
Vegana who translated many of the texts from the North American website,          After 20 minutes we were back facing the exterior fence on the back side, farthest
No Compromise. For example 'the ALF Primer' is a very basic direct action         from the house. Before starting we said goodbye to the person who would be the
manual, but it was fundamental for us. We also had some experience in             lookout and they went to the front part of the enclosure. They had a position by
actions carried out in cities. We all thought of ourselves as anarchists,         the house from which they could see some of the lights in the house in case they
although some more than others. We had participated in anti-capitalist, anti-     were turned on (I say some, because the lookout was not able to see every light.
fascist activities. Of course we had also carried out actions related to animal   If the farmer slept in a room at the far end of the house, the lookout would not
liberation. But what was about to happen was something new for all of us.         know they were awake and could not give the warning signal). Furthermore, this
                                                                                  place was very close to the dogs, which could alert them even more. It was not an
Like almost all mink farms, this was laid out in a rectangle and there was a      ideal position for a lookout: they could not monitor all the many windows and
slight slope. The farmer's house was on the front-upper side, between it and doors, they were literally stuck by the house, which meant that if the walkie-
the sheds there was a space where 4 or 5 medium and large-sized dogs were talkie was too loud it could wake up the farmer. If the farmer woke up and ran
locked up. The other night we had come here to study it, to see what tools we outside, the lookout would only have 15 meters head start. But this was the best
would need, to find a hiding place for the car and escape routes, the whole       there was, or if there was a better spot we didn’t know where it was.
time the dogs didn’t stop barking. In fact, before we arrived they had already
detected us and gave the alarm signal. The farmer must have thought that it The lookout was in position. Checking once again that the walkie-talkies were
was some animal that had made them nervous, and did not bother to check it well connected, the lookout told his/her comrades who were across the way that
out. But there would be a difference between tonight and the one before: the they could begin to cut the circular perimeter.
first night we didn’t make hardly any noise, and we only got close to the dogs We had never used boltcutters, the ones we brought were so large (about a
for a moment, no more than twenty seconds. We wanted to know how many meter long) that we thought that there was no padlock that could resist them, as
there were, their sizes, and if there was anyway they could get to the sheds      the worker at the Leroy Merlin store said. But we did not know that with
and attack us, or if the mink would be able to enter their enclosure and be       certainty. That boy was right, it worked as well as if the lock had been made of
attacked (they couldn’t). We also needed to look at whether there were any paper, it didn’t even take two seconds.
hunting dogs. When we saw that there were two Pointers, we assumed that
there was someone in the house who would be armed.                                We imagined that the farmer wouldn’t have a tool quite as effective as ours so
                                                                                  we brought another lock to replace the broken one. Only this one wasn’t to keep
The rest of the time, about 15 minutes, we were mostly off the grounds,           the gate closed, but rather to keep it open. We opened the back gate (which was
peering at the exterior fence for a while and a padlock which was of              a large one, since it was used for tractors and heavy vehicles), then continuing,
enormous proportions. We noted the tools that would be needed to break            we used the chain which was used to keep the gate closed to attach a side of the
through both of them and open the largest possible space so that mink would gate to a post, leaving it completely open. Finally we put on the padlock we had
be able to get out without problem. We were also in the sheds for a few           brought, so that they would not be able to close it. It would take them so long
minutes, looking at what the cages were like, how to open them, the number time to find a tool capable of cutting such a lock, which guaranteed a huge escape
of cages in each shed, the number of individuals in each cage, etc. But most of route for the mink. Freedom for many of them was guaranteed.
the time, we were so far from the dogs (over 100 meters) that they calmed         We took the pliers and started cutting the fence. In less than half an hour dozens
down, this could be seen in the barking as some even became silent. This          of meters were on the ground. The problem was that the bottom section was
time, we would make more noise, and most importantly: the mink would              affixed to the ground. When the farmer found it, he would be able to reattach it
come out of their cages, many would come sniffing around the dogs’ small          when he had sufficient help. He would be able to tie it in some way to the posts
enclosure, making them extremely nervous.                                         stopping the mink who had not had time to escape. We had wanted them to lose
                                                                                  as much time as possible on fencing-in the enclosure again, the longer it took the
Dogs do not always bark the same. When they hear someone at a distance            more could escape. We
they limit barking to a warning of their presence and give the alert signal, but had been counting on
when they see they have something dangerous in front of them they give a          having time, and we were
stronger and more agitated bark. Undoubtedly, with noise and thousands of far enough away as to
animals scurrying around where they are locked up, they are going to bark         allow us to pull away the
more than ever. The farmer would notice the difference and realize that           fence and carry it several
something was happening.                                                          meters away. This made
We did not like the idea, but we had no other alternative but to sedate the       the task of raising the
dogs. We did not want them to sleep, only to be more relaxed. This was good fence again tremendously
not only for us (because if we were discovered it would make things more          more difficult, since
difficult) and for the mink (because if the dogs didn’t give us away, more mink before they could put it
could be liberated), but also for them. We did not want them to be stressed or up, they would have to
scared, nor did we want them to be miserable.                                     set the lower half very
                                                                                  securely so that they
We talked to three different veterinarians to whom we explained that we           wouldn’t be able to escape beneath it.
were going to take a trip on an airplane with some dogs that become very          Rarely does one have the opportunity to destroy so much fencing. In most mink
nervous leaving the house, that it would be a traumatic experience and that it liberations small rectangular holes are made near the ground for their escape.
would be better to administer them a tranquilizer. They prescribed us the         These escape routes are some distance from one another. There are times when
proper medication based on the size of each dog. The main drawback was            not even this can be done, which then involves placing makeshift ramps for the
that we could not give each dog the dosage they required. It was very likely      mink (made from the doors of the sheds, old or spare cages that are usually
that when we threw the meatballs (made with recycled meat) which had the stored somewhere visible, etc.). There are times when as a result of the difficulty
pills in them, some dogs would eat more than others and thus ingest a dosage in carrying out a liberation activists opt to cause economic damage, often
that would cause them some problem. For this reason we reduced the dosage employing fire. To build a fire using very basic devices: one or two sticks of
even more, so that even if a dog ate all the pills it would not be detrimental to incense which are attached with rubber bands or surgical tape to a couple of
their health, at the most they would fall asleep for a while. That did not        matches. The heads of the matches are close to a sponge soaked in fuel, below
happen, several dogs ate them, and as a farmer said to the press later, he        which is placed a container of gasoline. The incense stick is lit, making it a wick.
noted that the dogs were slightly "groggy" and he suspected they had been         After a while the heads of matches, in contact with incense, will be lit, which will
given a tranquilizer. Another farmer denied this saying that the dogs were        set fire to the sponge impregnated with fuel and this in turn lights the gasoline
fully alert and no one had given them anything. Obviously, if we had not been container. Sometimes they are several mechanisms, in case any fail, and many
concerned about the dogs we would have flooded the enclosure with the             bottles. This explains why the ALF has achieved so many costly economic
meatballs with pills inside.                                                      damages.
We had to wait at least 15 minutes, until the pills began to take effect on the Fires at the least cause as much loss to the farmer as a liberation, but the major
dogs, but not too long. The dosage had been so low that it would not be long drawback is not being able to liberate the animals that are kept as prisoners. Yet
until they were fully alert again. In reality, the dosage had been so low that we it will affect future enslaved animals in the fur industry, especially if the losses are
so large that it closes the farm.                                                  number of cages and as fast as possible, but every so often thoughts intersect.
                                                                                   Sometimes I thought "holy shit, no I cannot believe it, you’re all gonna be free!"
We entered the farm. We got inside the first shed and we showed the two            or "if I end up a prisoner, it will be worth it."
people who had not been there before how to open the cages, each one of            During the first ten minutes I didn’t have any feeling of joy, on the contrary, I felt
them had an entire family inside, a mother with her 3 or 4 children (which         frustrated. I was so deluded that I had imagined that as soon as the cage was
were already almost as large as the mother). With just a movement of the arm opened they would run right out. After I finished a row and saw that the first
four or even five prisoners would be liberated. We left the shed, walking          cages were still not empty (one row took several minutes to finish, like 4 or 5) I
around for a while through the farm to make sure that there was nothing            felt very confused. I saw them poke out their frightened little noses. "What the
unusual there.                                                                     hell is going on with them?" I asked, "are they idiots or what? Goddamn it, will
                                                                                   you all just get out! "
The time had arrived to begin opening the cages. We had decided to remain in One time I put my hand in to get one. I was so desperate upon seeing that none
pairs, and try to see that the pairs were in constant contact with each other.     of them were leaving that I said to myself, "I am so fed up that I will make sure at
But we didn’t even remotely do this. Both pairs lost sight of one another very least one will come out of their goddamn cage.” All at once I saw the mink biting
quickly, my partner left me after only a few minutes. He decided to go to          my glove. I instinctively and reflexively pulled my hand from the cage as quick as I
another shed and I lost sight of him, which left me alone. From what they told could, and the mink got out behind it. To be honest, a huge sign appeared in my
me afterwards the other couple stayed together a little longer, but we had         brain saying: "you son of a bitch!" but when I saw him fall to the floor, looking
established lookout shifts which ended up messed up as well.                       good and running around scared searching for freedom. I wanted him to find the
                                                                                   way out as soon as possible.
The sheds were arranged parallel to one another, they were narrow and long.
In each one there was a corridor approximately 80 meters long, at each side of One thing that I have not yet explained, and that I suppose made things even
the corridor there was a row of cages, at a height of 1.20 meters. Each shed       more disorderly was that nobody wanted to be the lookout. We had all wanted to
could be accessed at both ends of the corridor, since there are doors on each participate in the liberation, so we decided to take turns every quarter of an hour.
end.                                                                               The lookout would let us know by walkie-talkie when his or her shift was over,
                                                                                   then the one who received the news would inform the next comrade, who would
The most sensible thing would have been if, as there were four people inside then go to the lookout’s post. The lookout would hand over the walkie-talkie and
the farm, if we would have stayed together at all times. We should have            would leave when the switch was made.
stayed in pairs, a pair would enter at one end of the corridor, and the other
pair would enter on the other side. A member of the pair would be at the row This process seemed simple and quick to us when we were planning the action,
of cages on the right and the other at the row on the left, and they would         because we had never imagined the chaos that there would be. Finding the next
head toward the center. The pairs would meet in the center of the shed, each guard took a long time: you had to go looking for lights. Furthermore, these lights
would run to the next shed and they would repeat the process.                      were turned off and hidden when they saw another light running looking for
                                                                                   them, with fear that it would be the farmer. It was not an easy thing. Another
This would have had several additional advantages: of the four only one of us consequence of the shift change was that the one opening cages was told that he
had a walkie-talkie, therefore only one was in contact with the lookout. If the or she had to stop working on the row or even half the shed; they would have to
alarm had been given we would have all been together and thus we would             leave to be the lookout. As that person had opened the first cages, the ones
have fled immediately. On the other hand, if the farmer had entered without closest to the door, it would later be very difficult to determine how many meters
the lookout knowing we would have been taken down with relative ease               in were mink who were still in cages. Since from the door you could see the open
(since we were not armed). But we had not thought about that, or if we did         cages and take it for granted that the whole shed was 'done'. The only possibility
we did not give it the importance it deserved. In the texts we had read none of was that someone could enter through another door and see that there were
this was mentioned. In fact, I remember that the one that most influenced us cages still to be opened.
also related a chaotic situation (entitled “La Alternativa a Luchar” which can     If it appears a little chaotic to you, I would like to add something else. Between us
be found in the articles section of Acción Vegana. This was originally published we did not all know each other very well. I knew one friend very well, there was
by No Compromise as “A Fighting Chance: A First Hand Account of a Mink             another girl and a boy I had known for several years from being involved in social
Raid”,). I don’t know how the liberation was in the U.S. but I think it’s          movements. The other boy was the one who found the farm and he proposed the
impossible that anyone has participated in a liberation more disorganized          action. My friend had known him for a few months and she had introduced him
than this one. I remember it as true insanity.                                     to all of us. We liked this guy right away, he was cheerful, smiling and nice, he
If you had completed a shed and passed by the next you could easily see            knew how to keep his composure very well and made us feel secure. In addition,
whether a comrade was already in it opening the cages. By how he was right it was evident that he took the struggle for animal liberation very seriously. It
in front of them, how he was carried away, the noise of the cages being            captivated him. Although we did not know him very well, we all wanted to work
opened, the light, etc. But the one opening the cages could not tell who was with him.
coming toward the door with a light.
                                                                                   When it was his turn to be lookout he wanted to share his joy at seeing the
There were times when I saw a light approaching me from the other end of           dozens of mink escaping through the fields; every so often he used the walkie-
the corridor. On other occasions, I was so devoted to opening cages that by        talkie and said "I see them leaving, they are leaving in droves," "I have one at my
the time I noticed the presence of someone, they were already at my side.          feet," “they are precious," etc. Each time he spoke he aroused the concern of the
Obviously this scared me, since I didn’t know who it was. I turned out my light one who had the other walkie-talkie. As this person was busy opening cages he
and crouched below the cages, until my comrade signaled to me and I                not only interrupted their work, but also because he could not be heard clearly
continued on with my work. On one occasion I was so obsessed with opening they had to ask him to repeat what he had said. On one occasion, the one who
as many cages as quickly as I could that I continued in with my work, I had        was handling the walkie-talkies "ran" to warn the others that the lookout was
seen a light approach me and I thought, “it probably won’t be the farmer, if it saying something, and that they had better leave. The two went to look for the
is him, I can manage it, but I will liberate as many as I can until I find out who others which was not too easy at that moment. An hour had already passed, the
it is.”                                                                            mink had left their cages and the floor was full. You cannot imagine the sight: at
                                                                                   each step you would trip on one or two, you could see that they were very
The fact of not knowing who was approaching us resulted in many                    delicate animals (similar to cats), so you had to be especially cautious. Walking
interruptions. Every time someone finished a shed they wouldn’t know where was very difficult, running was impossible.
they should continue. If there were one or two comrades opening cages,
they’d pass on to the next, and so on. But you could see that the person who Before the person with the walkie-talkie met up with the other four he or she
was inside was a comrade because it was clear they were opening cages.             realized that he was simply commenting on the things he saw, the very tender
Nonetheless, the one opening cages could not have known who was                    sounds the mink were making, etc. This meant that many of us lost track of which
approaching, they had been seen by someone who had ran away. It could              shed we were in, so we started with the closest one and continued on with our
have been a farmer who had run to warn others. In any liberation you should work. Unfortunately we lost several very valuable minutes, and left cages
know exactly where your comrades are at any given moment, and if possible unopened because we were confused. Finally we told our comrade to only speak
have several walkie-talkies with which to be able to contact each of them.         if there was danger, and to keep his mouth shut. It seemed surprising that we did
While you open the cages your brain will focus on opening the maximum              not discuss this before the action. It was a mistake that we all learned from.
Later he realized his mistake and asked our forgiveness, which he didn’t have      of the car and expelled all that I had ingested. My comrades laughed a little as
to ask for, nobody held a grudge. It could have happened to any one of us. On      did! In a little bit I was feeling better.
the other hand, we understood that being alone in the most dangerous spot          After 20 or 30 minutes we were in front of the main highway. One of us got out of
was disturbing, and you instinctively look to make contact with your               the car, took off the surgical tape on the license plate and pulled out again. We
comrades, even though it was simply to say something about the sound the           spent a few hours cleaning the car and leaving it where we had found it.
mink make.                                                                         Everything turned out perfect.

Since that day we started giving the work of the lookout the importance it         I still had not slept and on television they talked about what happened. All that
deserves. A lookout is a very important figure in an action. They have to be       day and the next two, it was on all the channels and all the programs. It was on
calm, to not be paranoid, to be intelligent and to be able to solve problems;      the front pages, in the letters to the editor and in articles of all kinds. Some
they must also be able to express themselves clearly, and to reassure their        theorized that a group of "ecologists" did it, others wanted to remove the
colleagues if they are lost. Sometimes the lookout must put themselves in the      political nuances and claimed that it had simply been a group of hooligans.
most riskiest position, so they have to be brave. Despite their importance, we     There were those who defended the action, but the majority condemned it.
must recognize that it is a role that can be very tedious, and it's hard to take   Environmentalists joined the inquisition and this did not please me one bit.
several months preparing an action, dreaming about it, spending all your           Environmentalists wanted to separate themselves from what happened, so they
savings, etc., for you to end up being crouched down for hours among some          turned to various lies, insults and condemnations.
bushes, in the heat/cold, with a walkie-talkie in hand, while your comrades        They claimed that the liberation would be a blow to the native wildlife, and that it
are there close by liberating animals.                                             would displace other animals who could not compete with them. At the same
We had discussed for weeks how the action would go, yet it was completely          time they contradicted themselves predicting they would die from starvation, not
chaotic, but it turned out in the very best way it could.                          knowing how to hunt. The environmentalists thought that a European mink had
We spent an hour and a half opening cages without stopping, as quickly as we       more right to live in an Iberian river than an American mink, by the mere fact of
could, making noise, the mink screeching, the dogs barking continuously, and       being native. They were following the same reasoning as xenophobes.
no one woke up. The time came when I began to ask the comrades I ran into
to get ready to leave. Some resisted, others ignored me or responded "just     For us the reason the reason to respect the earth, and not contaminate it was
one more shed and we'll go." When we finished that one, they said "one         that individual living beings live on it. To destroy it would destroy the homes of
more."                                                                         the animals. Ecologists and biologists seemed to see things differently; they didn’t
                                                                               stop to think of animals in themselves, of their lives, of their interests. The
It is difficult to convince someone to escape when they had not finished       animals were mere pieces of mechanisms that interact with each other forming
opening the cages, but the risk was already huge. There had already been so the ecosystem. The ecosystem as a whole was what they valued, and not the
much noise that I cannot understand how the farmer had not already woken animals as individuals. For this reason they demanded more respect for the boar
up. The most difficult to convince was one comrade in particular. In earlier   in a forest than for the pig on a farm (which they themselves eat), for the Iberian
discussions he had warned us that he was ready to go to prison for a few       wolf rather than the dog in a laboratory, for a grouse rather than a hen. For us,
years if it would enable him to get all the cages open. He had decorated this  every individual deserves the same respect, even if they don’t play a role in an
statement saying he believed that "prison is just a phase in the life of a     ecosystem that a group of humans believe should be preserved. That night we
revolutionary." But I am very stubborn, and I got us to stop from moving       wanted to return what belonged to them and what had been taken away from
towards the sheds close to the house. We began to head back checking the       them: freedom.
sheds that had allegedly already been done as he would not leave the rows      Since then things have changed a lot in three ways. 1st) About the organization,
unopened. In the end very few cages were left closed.                          the groups that have carried out the recent actions have organized themselves in
                                                                               a masterly manner, which enabled them to do 4 different farms simultaneously,
We gave notice to the lookout that she could leave her post. We met her in     separated by several thousand kilometers. 2nd) The environmental organizations,
the back where the fence had been before. At that moment we saw a light. If although they still do not see animals as individuals who deserve to be respected,
it had not been for my insistence on leaving anything could have happened.     have started attacking mink farmers, rather than the liberators. After the last
But the farmer woke up too late. That was what was important. In those         liberation which occurred in March 2010, Ecologistas in Acción wrote an article
moments he was confused, trying to convince himself that it was a nightmare, for a newspaper in which they called the mink farms concentration camps, and
that this could not be happening to him.                                       expressed their revulsion "towards a business designed to make winter coats [...]
The five of us together started running toward the road. We ran a good pace, we should acknowledge the rights of other living beings." 3rd) With respect to the
looking for the signs on the path that we previously placed. We reached the    response to attacks, they have responded to them very brilliantly. Acción Vegana
car, took off the black clothes and made ourselves look as elegant as we       wrote an elaborate answer to all those empty, speciesist critics, entitled "In
could.                                                                         Defense of Mink Liberations." Another organization (Igualdad Animal) has done
Before getting into the car we checked to see that we hadn’t dropped           open rescues of mink, which has allowed them to explain their reasons and
anything while we changed clothes. Once inside we pulled out and smoothly respond intelligently to the attacks. This same organization has publicly defended
entered the road. The car was very slow so as not to make any noise, and for a the big liberations, not as ALF spokespeople, but rather redirecting the focus to
few hundred meters the lights were off.                                        animal exploitation.

We were far from the farm, had blocked the way so that no car could follow         From my point of view, this is most important: when doing this type of action it is
us, but we still preferred to remain undetected. When we were sure we could        not wise to focus the debate on the activists themselves. The liberators of
not be seen, the lights were turned on and we accelerated. We drove for            animals do not seek any kind of starring role, it is not worth arguing over whether
dozens of kilometers across dirt roads. We had to cross many branches in the       they are "hoodlums or liberators", this is what the fur industry wants. Animals are
road that we had not marked in any way. I had no idea what the correct             the victims of exploitation, they deserve to be the center of attention, describing
choice was in each case, but my comrades, to my surprise, remembered               them as the sentient beings that they are and demanding the respect that they
perfectly.                                                                         deserve. Additionally, the debate should be reformed so that the fur industry can
I remember we were all completely exhausted, sweaty and thirsty. We had a          be openly and amply questioned, for their killing of sentient beings. Of course,
couple of bottles of water in the car; they did not last even a round. A few       the debate should not be limited to the exploitation of mink but rather all forms
minutes later we had to stop the car. Having drunk so much water in so short       of animal exploitation should be questioned.
a time, I was feeling bad. I asked the comrade who was driving to reduce the
speed, "What’s going on?" "I think I’m going to vomit" I replied. I jumped out     Direct action is important for those who are liberated. But other animals need
                                      anti-speciesist attitudes to spread. We        important to them. In some ways they resemble the democratic citizen who in
                                      should work to ensure both strategies          an election believe that a particular party is the best, and four years later have
                                      which       complement      each     other.    changed their mind, and vote for another party (without hesitations). They
                                      Depending on the type of actions carried       change their minds with "ease" because they were never very convinced. Long
                                      out it will be more or less easy to achieve    before they start contributing to animal exploitation you feel that what the
                                      this mutual understanding (this is a           struggle for animal liberation means for them is not close to what you feel; they
                                      disadvantage of arson.) I want to mention      are also aware of the differences and it is not unusual for them to say so openly.
                                      that this action brought the issue of mink
                                      farms into the public light. In those days     Sometimes it comes out in their behaviors and in speciesist comments. Before
                                      millions of people could see for the first     this boy became vegetarian we had predicted that we could not imagine him
                                      time what was behind a fur coat. Many          being a vegan for 70 years and the same with the others. I saw them several
                                      could not have imagined that in this           years ago. I don’t want to seem arrogant; I do not intend to spread the message
                                      country there were places like this. There     that I'm better than them. I'm not, but obviously what animal liberation meant
                                      are those who questioned the relations         for them is not what it means for me. I do not dislike them on a personal level,
                                      we have with the animals, I know of at         on the contrary, I continue to be very fond of them in spite of the fact that we
                                      least three people who became vegan            have followed different paths, even if at some point we were on the same one. I
                                      because of that day.                           say this with the intention of sharing my experience because for me this issue
                                                                                     has been truly baffling and disturbing, and now, looking back I see it with
What was related here occurred many years ago, I have contact with the other
                                                                                     greater clarity. Everything fits, it couldn’t have been any other way. To know
four people, some in a continuous way, others more sporadically. There are
                                                                                     that old friends have started to fund animal exploitation disturbs me, and I
those involved in social movements who have tried to ridicule the anti
                                                                                     want to help so that other people do not feel how I have felt.
speciesist struggle on Internet, criticizing those who they do not know: those
who had performed the action. Putting on airs of a smartass claiming that
                                                                                     On the occasions when we met one another we have had a cordial relationship,
those involved had been a bunch of brats looking for adventures and claiming
                                                                                     as I have said, on a personal level they are excellent people, but we have
that none would endure even five years as a vegetarian. These comedians
                                                                                     avoided remembering our "war stories." Once the same boy even brought up
were absolutely wrong. It hasn’t been five years, but rather much more, and
                                                                                     the subject to a comrade, saying how he often thought about "what we had
four of the five continue being active and fighting for animal liberation (I
                                                                                     done to the farmer", he felt terrible about it and was completely repentant.
wonder what the critics are doing). We are not the same as before, once we
                                                                                     I do not think we did anything to the farmer, we did something to the mink. I do
gave much importance to the dissemination of anti-speciesism, and now we
                                                                                     not hate the farmer, I do not want to cause him any harm, nor do I want
do even more than ever. We devote our time primarily to that, and to legal
                                                                                     anything bad to happen to him, but I think he has no right to use other
activities (sanctuaries, etc.).
                                                                                     individuals for his own benefit. I participated in that action not to upset
                                                                                     anyone’s life, but to free those who were being enslaved. I didn’t feel hatred
The other person is curiously the one who did not want us to leave the farm
                                                                                     then, nor do I feel it now. When the farmer’s wife came forward crying tears,
under any circumstances. It’s certain that that night showed that he took
                                                                                     lying while she argued that her life’s work was ruined and asserting that they
animal liberation very seriously, but later there were several instances where
                                                                                     would probably have to close the farm, I did not rejoice in her suffering. I was
it was clear that he had little seriousness or commitment. We opted not to
                                                                                     pleased to think that I might have contributed to the closure of an
participate with him in specific actions. We were always clear that he was
                                                                                     extermination camp; for me that was what mattered.
brilliant in many other respects, and still is, but we did not want him to join us
in action. Now he eats eggs and dairy products, which shows that we were not
                                                                                     Our ex-comrade is now repentant, he feels bad about himself, but ... what
wrong. His concern for animals is useless.
                                                                                     about the others? As I said, we remain concerned about animals, but most of
                                                                                     our efforts now go in other directions. If anyone is questioning whether we
In the past I wondered how people who had been vegan can stop and it was
                                                                                     would do it all again, the answer is emphatic: we would do it again a thousand
incomprehensible and disconcerting. If they truly believed the things they said
                                                                                     and one times. We knew it would be a nuisance to the farmer, but that is not a
how could they change something so important? It was like hearing the story
                                                                                     reason to allow him to continue subjugating individuals. It would also bother a
of an anti-fascist who split the faces of Nazis, and then a few years later was
                                                                                     rapist if they were not allowed to consummate their abuses but we should not
chasing after immigrants with bats.
                                                                                     allow them to use other people as objects. But I do not like to speak for my
                                                                                     comrades, I prefer that they do it for themselves, in their words.
One day three years ago I was sleeping in a type of cave, near the sea. My dog
and I enjoyed a magnificent night in a quiet area with very little traffic. It was
                                                                                     In the book 'R-209-Habla el Frente de Liberación Animal’ (R-209-The Animal
dawn, but I opted for staying in the sack a little longer. I heard barking next to
                                                                                     Liberation Front Speaks), you can find an article written by one of the people
me, someone had come in. I opened my eyes and saw a familiar silhouette. I
                                                                                     who participated in that action. In the text, this comrade tells of his start in
fixed my gaze on it and discovered a man with a crest and a pair of dogs who
                                                                                     direct action, he talks about how he moved from small sabotages to sabotage
came to greet me. It was the man who spoke. "What are you doing here?" we
                                                                                     with fire, and finally telling, from his perspective, of the action that I have
asked each other at the same time. I spent the whole morning talking with
him. There was a time when there was silence and I wanted to take advantage
of it to ask a question about some doubts I had. "At some point you came to
                                                                                     Returning to the issue bought up by the person previously mentioned of
see animals as individuals like you and I, that they deserve the same respect,
                                                                                     whether some are repentant, I will quote from the text the comrade wrote in R-
that we are not to exploit them?" I said it to him in a moderate tone, not
                                                                                     209: "This was one of the first mink liberations done in Spain. Since then other
throwing anything in his face, I only wanted him to show me the way he sees
                                                                                     groups have participated in these actions and the farmers no longer feel safe. I
things to help me to understand his change in attitude. To my surprise, the
                                                                                     am proud to have participated in this action and all the rest. I feel proud to be
question seemed to bother him, "of course," he replied, "Not only did I
                                                                                     part of this struggle and of this movement. Every time I've taken an animal from
believe that, but rather I still believe it." It was not my intention to harass or
                                                                                     a cage or sabotaged the property of an exploiter it was clear that it was the right
judge him, but we both knew that his response was quite inconsistent with
                                                                                     thing to do. I do not regret anything. And if one day I go to prison the sentence
the fact that he ate eggs and milk. So I asked him if he really looked at the
                                                                                     will be far greater than to do nothing in front of all that’s happening. I have no
animals that way’ how was it possible that that he would contribute to their
                                                                                     doubt that it’s worth the risk."
exploitation? His answer was so clear that I didn’t have to ask him any more
questions: "for convenience," he snapped. In two terse words he had justified
                                                                                     We now give more importance to dissemination than we did before. But that
all forms of domination. At least he was not a hypocrite, nor was he looking
                                                                                     does not mean that we give less relevance to direct action. We know that direct
for excuses.
                                                                                     action is necessary, and at the moment when we have the opportunity to take
                                                                                     an animal from a cage, we will take it. Sometimes these situations appear even
He was not the only person I've known who has moved from opposing animal
                                                                                     without looking for them. The comrade who wrote the last chapter of R-209
exploitation to financing it. But I want to say one thing: they have never
                                                                                     titled “Mi comienzo en el FLA” (My Beginnings in the ALF) explained in it that he
surprised me. There are some people with whom you interact and you see
                                                                                     found the farm accidentally. This happens more often than you’d think.
that they really feel and live it, and there are others who are there but might
                                                                                     Last spring I was traveling through Eastern and Central Europe. A car that had
as well be somewhere else. "They believe what they say”, but it is not very
                                                                                         Updated List (from May
picked me up hitchhiking led me to a Polish camping site. A kilometer before
getting there, among the trees of the forest I thought I saw a wall and sticking
out on top was some metal roofing that was arranged in parallel. I told myself
I was too obsessed and that I was seeing mink farms everywhere.
                                                                                            31, 2010) of anti-
Still I wanted to check it out, I arrived at the campsite, mounted my bike and
immediately went back to the area of the forest where I had seen the sun                authoritarian, animal and
                                                                                        earth liberation prisoners
reflecting on the metal plates. Even looking carefully I could not find anything
that looked like a mink farm and when I was ready to go again I saw the

                                                                                                 in Mexico

I went into the forest and there it was, voila! I continued getting nearer,
parting the bushes I could make out dozens of sheds. I was in the rear, the
house was in front, well away from me. But there were workers and I did not
want them to see me. I returned at night with a backpack, some gloves, a                Víctor Herrera Govea: Arrested in the riots of the October 2nd demonstration
camera to photograph the situation that they were suffering in and a                    last year. Accused of robbery (as part of a gang) and damages to private
flashlight. I had no equipment nor comrades to destroy the wall, so all I could         property in the looting of an oxxo self-service shop. This business, along with
do was to climb it. I accessed one section, took several pictures and put one or        eight judicial police who participated in his violent arrest, gave testimony so
two individuals in the backpack who I would later release at a nearby river.            that Víctor would be transferred to the Reclusorio Sur prison in Mexico City.
With a little luck I could do the action.                                               After more than eight months of incarceration he has not been given his
                                                                                        freedom and his hearings have been postponed.
When I was over the wall, looking for any strange systems in place before               Write to him at:
entering, shining the flashlight I found an even stranger device, it appeared to
be an alarm system. I know that there are several ways to disable them, but I
could not do it. There have been people who even with alarms have ran
inside, rescued a few mink and escaped quickly. These type of actions are very          Emmanual Hernández Hernandez: Arrested November 23, 2009 for a warrant
fast, without giving the farmer time to react. But I had no desire to be a super-       for arrest by the judicial police in Mexico City. Accused of violating a federal
heroine.                                                                                law against transporting explosives, when he was arrested in 2006 and
                                                                                        charged with transporting Molotov cocktails during a demonstration against
With this last story I want to emphasize that when people say that the                  the World Water Forum and was sent to the Reclusorio Norte prison. He first
struggle does not end until all the cages are empty, say it seriously, it is not a      received a sentence of 4 years, but this was completely annulled through the
mere slogan. That does not mean that we are bound to illegal direct action,             appeal of his initial sentence. Freedom for Emmanuel continues to get closer.
we must carefully assess how appropriate a strategy is in each situation. There         Write to him at:
will be times when a situation arises which can only be confronted with pliers
and balaclavas, and other situations that have to be confronted in a different
way.                                                                                    Abraham López Martinez: Arrested on December 15, 2009, kept in the
                                                                                        detention center for juvenile offenders in the Narvarte section of Mexico City.
The farm that we attacked was found by one of us incidentally, during a trip.           Accused of damage to private property and delinquent/subversive association
The experience in Poland happened years later, and this would happen to a               for the burning of two new vehicles and an explosive attack against a Harley
lot more people if their eyes were open. But if someone really wants to                 Davidson store in a wealthy area of Mexico City, an action claimed by the
participate in such acts, the best thing to do is not to wait until it falls from the   Frente de Liberación de la Tierra (Earth Liberation Front). It should be
sky, set out searching for the farms. There are many places to find                     emphasized that after the action, Abraham was arrested along with Fermín
information, where you can learn which farms are open and in what region                and Carlos who later informed on him and other activists as well. These two
they are located. It is strange to me that there are countries such as Chile,           guys have been rejected by the anarchist movement in Mexico. In the end it
Argentina and others which have a major fur industry (farms of nutrias,                 was decided that Abraham could leave on bond since the charge of subversive
beavers, mink, chinchillas, etc.), and where there are groups that have                 association was dropped due to lack of evidence. Abraham is vegan.
engaged in direct action, yet have not carried out their first liberations. The         Write to him at:
time is now.

The article I read, written by an American ALF activist, encouraged me to take          Socorro Molinero Armenta: Arrested January 1, 2010 for his alleged
a step forward and to believe that I was also ready. I do not know if anyone            participation in an armed attack on the municipal police of Tijuana, in which
will feel this same thing when they read this text. If so, I also want to               several police cars were shot up by the insurrectionist group Acción
encourage you, the text will help you not to make the same mistakes that we             Anarquista Anónima (Anonymous Anarchist Action). They could potentially
made. Be prudent, but not cowardly, trust in yourselves and fight for animal            accuse him of delinquent association, damage to property of the nation-state
liberation, it is worth it.                                                             and transportation of firearms. At this point we don’t know anymore about
                                                                                        his case, if anyone has more information about Socorro write to
                                                                               or mail to CNA Mexico.

THEY ARE WAITING FOR YOU                                                                   Adrian Magdeleno Gonzales: Arrested February 4, 2010 by the banking and
                                                                                        industry police, accused of detonating a butane gas bomb inside a Mexico City
                                                                                           subway car, specifically in the Taxqueña terminal station. The bomb did not
                                                                                        completely reach its objective. The device was composed of three cans of gas,
                                                                                         out of which only one exploded which caused the gas to escape and go out in
                                                                                        large quantities. It should be noted here that no one was in danger during the
                                                                                           action since the device was only detonated after all the people had left the
                                                                                             train. Adrian is at the Reclusorio Norte prison in Mexico City, accused of
                                                                                        attacking the social peace and damages to private property, they also charged
                                                                                         him with the gas can explosion against a Banamex on September 25, last year
                                                                                         in the Milpa Alta area. He was sentenced to 5 years and 10 months, but there
                                                                                            are many ways that they may give him less time through an appeal of his
                                                                                          initial sentence and then he would be eligible for release on bail. This will be
                                                                                                   decided in august of this year. Adrian is vegan. Write to him at:

                            OPEN THE CAGES!                                                            
 Interview with Brendan McNally
-Interview by Rabia y Acción in collaboration with Acción Vegana-

 Rabia y Acción: Why did you start hunt-sabbing in
 your early days as an activist?
 Brendan McNally: In 1979 I was hitchhiking in the
 south of England to get back up north where I lived,
 and I was picked up by a group of hunt saboteurs.
 They had been out saving animals from being killed by
 hunters. I heard their stories and experiences, and I
 was inspired by their compassion and courage. They
 gave me the phone numbers to contact activists in the
 area where I was living so that I could also participate.
 A short time later I was going out regularly with my
 local hunt saboteurs group. After a while, I saw a most
 horrific sight, a fox torn to pieces by hounds in front
 of us. We became very angry, and some of us were
 arrested for trying to save the fox. This incident had a
 big impact on me: the blood, the bones and pieces of
 flesh, the cruelty of the hunters and the fact that we
 were the ones arrested. All this made me really
                                                             photograph damaged the image of hunters so much that they couldn’t do anything to
 determined to devote the rest of my life to fight to
                                                             change it. This shows the importance of taking cameras on actions. Without this
 stop animal exploitation and to try to achieve a more
                                                             picture, the hunt would have been able to say that it was we who had been violent,
 compassionate society. From time to time we had to
                                                             and the police are always on their side.
 face violence from the hunters. These were often rich
 and powerful people, they were not used to being
 challenged like this, and they did not like it. On one
                                                             When you started using ALF tactics in the struggle for animal liberation, did you ever
 occasion in 1984, I was attacked by a huntsman and
                                                             think that these methods would spread all around the world, and that those tactics
 other activists managed to get some photographs of
                                                             would arrive in the Americas?
 the incident. We were able to get this publicized in
                                                             I always hoped that the movement would become international, and I believed that it
 many national newspapers and on TV. (Attached is a
                                                             would eventually, but we have to realize that it is up to us to make it happen. The
 press cutting taken from the Daily Mirror, one of the
                                                             international gatherings have played a big part in this. In the last 10 years though, the
 most important national newspapers in England.) You
                                                             movement has grown so much more than we expected. Now it is truly a global
 can see from the picture that the huntsman is so
                                                             movement and I feel that nobody can stop it now. We are all really inspired to see
 angry and aggressive, and you can just see the lifeless
                                                             activists in places like Russia and Latin America taking action for animals, places where
 body of the fox they had just killed. This made big
                                                             even human rights are not so respected.
 news at the time, the picture was shown in
 newspapers and on the TV news, it showed the reality
 of how violent the hunters were. Up to then it was the
                                                         Do you think that NALL tactics could be used nowadays?
 saboteurs who were portrayed as violent, but the
                                                         I was involved in many NALL actions (also CALL, and SEALL), and was arrested on some
                                                         as well. They were very inspiring at the time, and they achieved much, but now I think
                                                         they are very risky and I would not advocate them. On a typical NALL action, many,
                                                         sometimes hundreds, of activists would storm into the grounds of a large vivisection
                                                         center. While some held a banner, others would gain access to the offices of the
                                                         laboratories. The plan was not to rescue animals or cause damage, but to get evidence
                                                         of animal abuse to expose it to the public. The problem was that there was always a
                                                         small amount of damage necessary to gain access, and also it was impossible to
                                                         control so many people, it only takes one or two people to cause much more damage.
                                                         Because the raids took place in daylight, it was easy for the police to arrest large
                                                         numbers of people. Eventually the police started to charge everyone who was
                                                         arrested with conspiring to cause the damage, even if they had not caused it
                                                         themselves. The NALL era culminated with a raid by hundreds of activists at the
                                                         headquarters of the multinational Unilever, in Bedford in 1984. During the action a
                                                         small amount of damage was caused, and then police arrested about 50 activists at
                                                         the scene. There was no evidence they had committed the damage themselves, but
                                                         under the law they were responsible because they were part of the same action.
                                                         About 27 activists were sent to prison for up to 2 years for “conspiracy to commit
                                                         criminal damage,” many of them were new and young activists who were not
                                                         prepared for prison. This spelled the end of the NALL type raids. This tactic only
                                                         worked as long as those who were arrested were only treated as protestors. Once they
                                 Photo of the aggression
                                                         began to be charged with serious offences it was no longer sustainable, and activists
                                Brendan received during
                                                         reverted to ALF style tactics of operating in small autonomous groups of activists.
                                      the hunt sabotage
As a logical consequence of your anti-anthropocentric positions you
ended up in prison. How was your first time in prison?
In 1982, I took part in a raid on a vivisection laboratory. We rescued
more than 20 rabbits and caused much damage. The problem was
that someone had called the media, and so the raid was filmed. I was
arrested the following week because the raid was shown on TV news.
The good part of this story is that all the rabbits were taken to places
where they were safe and well cared for. The disguises were not very
effective, and I could be recognized on the film. (You can see film of
the raid at this link, I am the one with the white scarf and long hair
rescuing a white rabbit. This was part of a documentary from 1982
called “Rabbits Don't Cry.”
As a result I spent 3 months in prison. I was still just 20 years old; they      One of the fires at department stores selling fur in the 80s
sent me to a youth prison. These prisons are often worse than adult
prisons as the young prisoners are trying to prove themselves and are         Tell us the story of one of your actions that you will never forget.
often out of control. It was difficult at first; I don't mind admitting I     On one occasion on a night time visit to a battery hen farm, as we
was a bit scared. There was hostility from some of the staff and other        were leaving the sheds, some farmers turned up with guns and were
prisoners, because I was different. Being vegan was especially                only a few feet away. We had to run out of there as fast as we could. I
difficult at first. The Prison Service didn't recognize the vegan diet at     never imagined that I could run that fast.
that time, and would only serve "vegetarian" food which had cheese
or eggs in most meals. In those days I was the only animal rights
prisoner so it was unusual for them. So I had to go on hunger strike as       Could you tell us about the struggle against fur in the 80s? What
well, which made me even more unpopular with the prison officers.             was your participation in it and what victories were achieved?
Within days however I started to get much support from all over the           By the mid 1980's many fur shops had been forced to close because
country, letters and cards poured in, sometimes 20-30 letters a day.          of demonstrations and sabotages by activists. The time came when
At the annual meeting of the biggest anti-vivisection society, the            the insurance companies refused to insure the fur shops because of
BUAV, I was elected Vice-President (while still in prison). All this          the number of attacks they received. So the big fur companies began
support completely changed the attitude of the other prisoners and            to move more and more of their business into department stores.
the guards. Most of them now started to treat me with respect. The            They thought they’d be safe from attacks there. The activists warned
government's Prison Department accepted that I could officially have          the owners that if they didn’t stop selling fur in their establishments,
a vegan diet, and even went shopping for vegan food and toiletries.           they would start being treated like fur shops. These were big
This shows the importance of supporting prisoners, not only for the           companies and they refused to stop selling fur. The vast majority of
morale of the prisoners themselves, but also because it shows that            department stores were owned by just 3 companies. The largest of
they are part of a big movement, and this has a big effect on how the         these was House of Fraser with nearly 200 large stores, and they had
prisoners are treated by prison officers and other prisoners.                 a deal with the largest fur company, Edelson Furs. After the campaign
                                                                              escalated into damage attacks, such as breaking windows, the
                                                                              spokespeople for House of Fraser said they would not be intimidated
When you were in jail, close to that prison, every animal at                  by "terrorists." So activists responded by developing a small
Leicester University was rescued. How did you feel after learning             incendiary device with a timer, that could be left in the store when it
about this raid, obviously in solidarity with you as an animal rights         was open and was programmed to start a fire inside the store late at
prisoner?                                                                     night when the store was closed. The idea was not to burn down the
Wow, I didn't realize you knew about that! There was a big solidarity         store, it was expected that after a small fire, the sprinkler system
demo planned to take place outside the prison where I was, it was a           would be activated, and that the store would be flooded, causing
big talking point inside the prison. When I woke up on the morning of         much damage. The first device was planted in 1985 at a House of
the demonstration, I heard on the radio that the night before,                Fraser store called Rackhams. The damages were calculated at a
activists had raided the vivisection laboratory at nearby Leicester           quarter of a million pounds. About one fifth of the damage was due
University as a gesture of solidarity with me. They had taken almost          to fire, the rest was flooding caused by the sprinklers. Of course there
every animal as well as caused some damage. There was cheering                were some campaigners who criticized this action but it was
from many of the other prisoners when the news got round. It was              supported by others, that is always the way it always works. But the
really moving and inspiring for me to know that activists were                government was now angry, and they brought in anti-terrorist police
carrying on the struggle. When the demonstration happened later               to try to catch those who planted the incendiary device. They soon
that day, all the prisoners were allowed out of their cells to watch TV       made some arrests, and some of the people they arrested gave
and play games etc, so that they would not see the demonstration              statements naming other activists. Sadly, this allowed the police to
from their windows. This made me even more popular. There were                make more arrests. Then they decided to use this case in order to try
about 200 people at the demo, and later they went to do a                     to break the movement. They said that they had arrested the leaders
demonstration at the laboratory which had been raided the previous            of the ALF, and they organized a big show trial in Sheffield in 1987. I
night. When they got there the doors were still broken and open.              was one of the defendants. They claimed the ALF was a big
Some activists walked in and found two guinea pigs, the only                  conspiracy and we were the "ringleaders". We were accused of being
remaining animals following the liberation, and these were also               responsible for all ALF actions between 1980 and 1986. The Judge
taken, leaving the university with no animals and a lot of damage to          they chose in the case was Frederick Lawton, a man who was well-
clear up.                                                                     known. In the 1930's he had been a leading member of the British
                                                                              Union of Fascists. He had retired 3 years earlier at the compulsory
                                                                              age of 75, but was brought out of retirement just so he could sit in
this case. He made sure that we did not get a fair trial. So it was not a     Did you take part in any action with Barry Horne or Ronnie Lee that
surprise that we were convicted, and sent to prison. I was sentenced          you want to tell us about?
to 4 years. The long prison sentences were intended to be a deterrent         In 1987 I was in court with Ronnie. Ronnie was the spokesperson for
to other activists, but this did not happen. Before the Sheffield Trial,      the ALF in those days and I was with Ronnie in court when he was
there had only been one incendiary device attack, in the following            sentenced to 10 years in prison, the largest sentence up to then for an
two years there were at least 40 further attacks. In some of these            animal rights prisoner. So when it came to my turn and I got 4 years it
attacks, the sprinkler systems didn't work, and the stores were just          did not seem so bad. I was on quite a few actions with Barry, he was a
about burned down, causing millions of pounds in damages. The final           good friend. One of my favorite memories was from around 1992. We
and most devastating attack, took place in 1988 at a House of Fraser          were part of a group of activists who invaded a vivisectors' conference
store called Dingles, in Plymouth, southwest England. Here again, the         at Oxford University. There was lots of damage caused, and the event
sprinkler system failed to operate, and the resulting fire caused             had to be cancelled. But some of us were caught by police on the
massive damage. (You can see photos at                                        grounds of the college. Because I was caught not near where the Soon               damage was, I was allowed to leave. But Barry was arrested with 6
after this fire, House of Fraser decided to stop the sale of all fur in all   others and charged with criminal damage. When we being were held in
their branches, and the other two big chains soon followed in their           the college grounds, Barry was on the ground with handcuffs behind
footsteps. Suddenly almost every department store in the country              his back, being physically restrained by cops, but he still managed to
had stopped selling fur, and many of the big fur companies went               look up and smile at me as I walked away to freedom.
bankrupt overnight.

                                                                              You were betrayed by some acquaintances who talked to the police
What was the feeling in the movement when the large stores                    about everything they knew, and as result your house was raided
stopped selling fur? Did this victory end the attacks on the fur              and you sent to prison. What happened? Have you seen the
industry?                                                                     informers since then?
When the department stores stopped selling fur in 1989, it was seen           Yes this is true, 4 people gave statements naming me and many other
as a big victory and the end of a 7 year campaign. We had spent much          people. My door was broken in the early morning by the cops and I
time and energy on the campaign so it was also a relief that it was           was arrested. Their statements meant that the police were able to
successful at last. By this time the department stores accounted for          arrest many other people too which led to the big ALF show trial in
the large majority of fur sales, and so the fur trade was devastated in       1987 I talked about before. I saw the informers in prison, and also later
the UK. This led directly to the closure of fur farms as well. In 1989        after I got out. I was not angry with them, I understood that they had
there were 61 fur farms, just two years later in 1991, only 26 were           been under pressure, but it was important they did not get the chance
left. By 1999, the government banned fur farms. But there were only           to do the same thing again. One of them lied and denied that he
13 fur farms left anyway, the rest had been closed by activists,              betrayed his friends, and so it was necessary to expose him publicly. It
though the government got the credit.                                         is important that people know the truth so that the informers don't
                                                                              have a chance to do the same again.
                                                                              How is the struggle against MaxMara going and what is your role in it
                                                                              now? Have you heard that in Mexico a cell of the ALF put an
                                                                              explosive in one of these stores which was located in one of the most
                                                                              posh areas of Mexico City? What do you think about this action?
                                                                              For legal reasons I cannot comment on current illegal actions, only
                                                                              those in the past. But I think it's important that activists do not waste
                                                                              time and energy criticizing other people's tactics, especially in the
                                                                              media. Instead they should keep the focus on why MaxMara is a target.
                                                                              MaxMara is making money from the fur trade. They are responsible for
                                                                              the suffering and deaths of many animals just for fashion. So it should
                                                                              not be surprising that they attract the anger of those who want to stop
                                                                              such atrocities.

                                                                              Do you think that one day HLS will close forever?
                                                                              The campaign against HLS has effectively been won already several
                                                                              times, it is only still in business because the UK government has
                                                                              intervened each time, and they have used tax-payer's money as well.
                                                                              The SHAC campaign was so successful that no bank would agree to
                                                                              have an account for HLS, this means that they could not do business,
                                                                              but the Bank of England agreed to give them an account. Then the
                                                                              campaign was about to make sure that all the insurance companies
                                                                              refused to provide cover for HLS, again this meant they could not do
                                                                              business, so the UK government agreed to underwrite the company.
                                                                              HLS no longer have shareholders, they were forced to go private, and
                                                                              they are tens of millions of dollars in debt, they don't even own their
                                                                              own buildings, and they are relying on secret loans from shadowy
                                                                              companies. This is no longer a fight against HLS; the UK government is
                                                                              propping up a dead company. If the government stopped supporting
                                                                              HLS it would close tomorrow. This cannot continue forever, so it's just
                                                                              a matter of keeping up the campaign.
Is there anything else you want to talk about?
Most of the interview has been about the exciting or dangerous side of the movement, but most of the campaigning I've done over the years
has been much more mundane but equally important. History shows that the success of direct action is not possible without the support and
backing of a mass movement, that is the majority of activists out on the streets and in the offices, carrying out the day to day grind of effective
campaigning such as making leaflets, doing street stalls, investigations, recruitment, organizing demonstrations. As well as action against the
animal abusers, we need to get the public on our side, and that means getting out on the streets, and on the internet, and spreading the
message about veganism and animal rights.
Anti-leather fire in Mexico                                                    We had originally decided to take action at night, but after several
                                                                               nighttime walk arounds we said no, because the guards at the fair
                               Anonymous story sent to Rabia y Acción
                                                                               stayed up late drinking and screwing around. So we looked at the
2008, the surge of actions in Mexico was growing. Every day there              possibilities carefully and decided to carry out the action in the early
were notices of broken windows, graffiti, spilled paint, arsons,               morning hours.
liberations, threats at the centers of animal and earth exploitation.          It was a Sunday, November 31, a good day to end a very good "Barry
Many of the businesses that get rich off the domination of animals             Horne month." From our meeting place we got ready and we headed
had received some form of attack. The owners of restaurants, leather           to the point of attack, passed several municipalities to get to this one,
and fur shops, multinationals, businesses, and breeders were                   Coacalco, a municipality which had already been hit by our cell that
surprised upon arriving at their work to find their walls chaotically          year and in years past. Finally we got there with our two liter device,
stained with red paint, their windows shattered, their locks glued,            just about ready to start the incendiary fiesta; all we needed to do was
their walls covered with large graffiti, their doors completely                to light the fuse which would trigger the anti-leather fury. It was
blackened or, in the best case with their properties partially or              almost five in the morning; being a Sunday there were not many
completely burned and with cages emptied and destroyed.                        people there. The police passed by but never stopped us; we started
The actions were unstoppable, persistent; these types of actions               the action.
succeeded in closing some of the speciesist businesses which were              One of us watched from a bridge near the target. We could take that
attacked earlier in Mexico State where most sabotages and                      bridge to cross the avenue quickly to escape if they saw a police officer
liberations are recorded. Our cell had learned from a comrade how              or if one came by. They could warn us with a little whistle. Another
to make incendiary devices with readily available material. They               person watched my back in order to warn me if the other comrade
consist of two gasoline-filled bottles taped together, a small                 whistled while I used scissors to cut the ties that held together the tarp
disposable cup in which a little bag filled with gasoline is placed, next      protecting all the leather stalls. When they were all cut, I went in. I was
to it is a paper pouch with the heads of matches, along with a magic           alone in those aisles where people would no longer be but which
candle (the kind which you blow and it does not go out) that sets it all       would provide passage for the fire. There were about 4 piles of pure
on fire illuminating the darkness. When we were well-educated and              leather and skin. I walked carefully, silently to avoid detection by the
had done some tests, we decided to move to something a little bigger           guards who were probably asleep. I walked down about three aisles
than cars and KFCs.                                                            where all the stalls were covered with plastic sheeting. Everything
In Coacalco municipality, the "Leon Guanajuato expo-fair of leather            indicated that it would be a hard blow, the plastic sheets, the skins, the
and footwear" had been created. This fair was a union of vendors of            paper that was spread about and the dry grass, everything was highly
leather, small businesses that dreamed of being big corporations in            flammable. In each aisle there were large mirrors that reflected a large
this industry mired in the blood of millions of animals. One day,              shadow of me on the walls on one side. So I got down on all fours and
before the action, we surveyed the place. We passed through the                crawled to one of these stalls. I removed the device from my backpack,
aisles of skins ripped from animals such as snakes, raccoons, sheep,           lit the magic candle and left it on the plastic sheeting in one of these
crocodiles, horses, cows and others. The anger it provoked in us was           aisles. While the candle was burning I stood for a short time to see if
enormous, the images of the skins of those animals being exchanged             my present worked; the candle got to the heads of matches, these in
for large amounts of money produced so much hatred in us toward                turn lit the little bag of gasoline and the fire spread to the bottles,
those bastards. If we were sure before that we were going to attack            which melted, giving birth to a fire made by the rebellious ingenuity of
these businesses, well now we were fully convinced.                            liberationists.
Later the people in our cell who were responsible for collecting               After that I left the place
information learned that the municipality of Leon in Guanajuato is             immediately, but when I was
one of the largest suppliers of skins in Mexico. It is there that it is torn   leaving I saw a police car
from the animals, tanned, marked, processed, and exported to be                passing in front of me, I had
sold. When we heard that a cell of the FLA had used acid in Leon in            not heard the whistles of
July 2009 in an attack at a leather goods store, we were immensely             my colleagues. In less than a
happy. again these bastards got what they deserved.
second I regained my composure, and did not show my nervousness.
The police went away, and after this we went up on the bridge and                   BEINGS IN REVOLT
admired how the flame danced in the fair. The fire was not too large
yet and had not left the site. We didn’t waste any more time and          Christians believe that with enough love people will start to pay attention to
                                                                             what’s happening in this world. But the indifference and pessimism of
disappeared. When we were far enough away we saw the results of
                                                                            skeptics kill this idea. Our work here is not to pass from one side of the
our action. A frightening flame roared, the fire was immense, it was      mirror to the other but instead it is to break it into pieces, settling accounts
the largest we've ever seen. Our muscles tightened, our feelings of                                       with both sides.
anti-speciesist revenge emerged. Once
Arriving at our meeting point one of us wanted to see how the fire        No one should feel humiliated or mocked for being unreasonable, or deemed
went to work (ironically on a Sunday) and returned to the scene.            an individual outside the circuit, unrecoverable, uncontrollable or crazy.
                                                                             Their very existence is a condemnation of compromise. Their choice to
Before they arrived there, a few meters away, they could smell the        separate themselves constitutes an act of denunciation against the infamous
                                                                          pact of those who instead of fighting have chosen to conform. They separate
burned plastic and skins, reduced to ashes. They could see that a
                                                                                             themselves from the influence of power.
majority of the leather fair was completely burned, about a quarter
of it survived the fire since the firefighters were mobilized. What       We are really alone in this world in which everyone feels that they are living
would have happened if the fire station had been many kilometers           together peacefully. In pain we are really alone, because only the sufferer
from the fire? The fire would have consumed everything. The baffled            can know the weight of their own unique suffering and this is what
police couldn’t explain how a fire with such devastating                     irremediably divides us. True pleasure is found in this painful journey,
consequences had happened. The owners shouted about the                   because living intensely makes us want to end the suffering caused by those
destruction of their property. Even with all their tears they could not     who subjugate us. We want everything because each thing lives and dies
                                                                             with us. None of us will ever belong to those who continue causing our
understand the pain felt by animals when their skin is torn from them
                                                                                                        suffering and loss.
to dress the anthropocentric human!
                                                                          One can not continue calmly living in this society of zombies; it’s like going to
After taking pictures, we sent out a communiqué under the name             the theater where you are dying of boredom while trying to maintain the
Animal Rights Militia, not because we want rights for animals since                            conviction that you’re having fun.
we believe that giving animals rights is something that happens
within the legal system. Whereas freedom is outside the law, it is           The poison of hatred will be instilled drop by drop into the heart of each
disobedient and chaotic. Animal liberation should never be about          being raised in the shadow of this terrible suffering. This hatred will even the
                                                                           score directly and without intermediaries. These negative thoughts, not the
understanding rights or privileges, animal liberation is something that
                                                                          kind feelings that deep down we are all brothers, will be what unleashes the
is taken so that the exploiters stop selling animals as products. We                                          struggle.
are not about to start raising money to buy animals from circuses. We
used the name of the ARM/MDA for its historical place in the struggle       The critics of this plan won’t be around to be held accountable. Reason is
for animal liberation, so that the destroyers of wild nature know that      used like an army for control. Rationality is the anonymous controller of
this type of group which is even more radical than the ALF exists. To      their hidden fears, they will all be nervous that things will get out of hand.
put in their heads the very direct attacks that the ARM has carried        Their way of living is disgusting and because of this, they are always hiding
out since the 90s in various countries in the Americas and in Europe.        themselves, wasting time, living in the anguish of the expectation that
                                                                              sooner or later someone will come looking for them, to awaken them
They had perhaps thought that Mexico could not have "crazy people"
                                                                                             suddenly from their domesticated dreams.
like these, but they were wrong, because in 2010 the struggle
continues to give them something to talk about. We continue                 Avoiding the entanglement of reason, I have determined that there is no
striking. We will continue onward.                                        reason for beings in revolt. Enraged tigers teach their cubs with passion how
                                                                             to love and hate completely in the inferno of the present constraints.

                                                                          Through it all the rebellious aggressively dance because of their desire to live
                                                                               differently without domestication, wildness is rediscovered and our
                                                                             perception is purified. Passion will no longer be domesticated by social
                                                                             norms. What is right or wrong will be established by each individual for
                                      Individuals in happy anonymity       themselves. So that each day will pass to the next they will say goodbye to
                                                                          the clock of time and begin to invent the game for themselves, to determine
                                                                             their time and to make of it what they want, having courage that every
                                                                                desire can continue or can come to an end only if they want it to.

                                                                          Pleasure is priceless, that is why revolt is on fire. Passions arouse the desire
                                                                           to destroy the locks created by the powerful. Freedom is a total liquidation
                                                                           of prejudices, of the taboos that are housed in our brains. It is a permanent
                                                                          closure of any oppression or limitation of one’s own being. Freedom is given
                                                                            in excess. All will be free beings. Make it known to those who believe: the
                                                                                         revolution is a pagan festival, an orgy of pleasure.

                                                                           We do not put our dignity above the confidence of others nor do we put it
                                                                             above ourselves. We do not look for our individuality, our irreducible
                                                                           uniqueness, at the start of the journey, but through it. We are strangers to
                                                                             ourselves, but that is life. What we make of it and what we do is what
                                                                                                         reveals who we are.

                                                                            Do not put your faith in the image of us as mocked and evil. It doesn’t do
                                                                           good to believe it, it is better to laugh about it all. Our fears don’t matter in
                                                                          the social war and neither do their judgments of us: we have no sense of the
                                                                                                             middle ground.
                                                                             * Text taken from the Italian insurrectionary publication Provocazione.
                                                                                       Cigarette punctured at the bottom


                           Advice for carrying out direct action                               Metallic tape
“Express” incendiary device

Two plastic liter bottles of your choosing
Adhesive Tape
Incense and- of course- fire
This incendiary device is one of the easiest since there is no need to                      Butane gas can
soak a sponge or fill a small bag with gasoline. Simply light the
incense that will be attached to a slow burning fuse. This will be
attached to the middle of the two bottles. Leave it in the place of
your choosing and you are all set, in a few minutes you will have            View from the top (using three butane cans):
flames shooting up into the air.
                                     Fuse attached to the incense
                                                                                                                                  Cans of gas

                                                    Bottles with gasoline

                                         Tape holding the bottles together                                                           Fireworks
Butane gas bomb
Recently many direct action groups in Mexico have been using these
very simple devices.
Butane gas can (whichever you choose) or cartridge of gas used in
Duct tape (metallic)                                                                                           Duct tape uniting the three cans.
High power fireworks (in Mexico they are known as quail eggs, tiger
                                                                             Explanatory note: Rabia y Acción does not intend to
claws, or stars)
Incense or cigarette                                                         encourage anyone to carry out this type of action. This is
                                                                             advice that can be used if you are the owner of a bank or
First attach one of the fireworks to a butane gas can with the duct          some other business… or if you just want to see it blown into
tape. If you are going to use more than one, attach them one by one          a thousand pieces.
                                                                                    So you think the
around the fireworks. You have to cram them in very tight, remember
that more pressure means greater chance that your device will be
even more destructive. Now it’s put together, when you arrive at
your target site, if you are using incense do so with much care
                                                                               insurrectionists don’t keep
watching that the flame from your matches or lighter do not touch
the fuse of the fireworks. Then light it and leave.
                                                                                      their word?
 If you are using a cigarette you should light it and make a hole in the
middle and putting the fuse in the hole of the cigarette. That is it,
remember that the tighter this is, the greater the power from the
explosion of the cans. It is also recommended that the cans and the
fireworks be tied together with wire instead of tape for greater
efficacy. Remember to buy the materials in different stores, not all
in one place, also remember that if you are going to use a cigarette,
take off the end where you place your mouth so that it is not left

                                                                                        Well, take a look
Other more destructive bombs would be made by acquiring dynamite
or gunpowder and fill a metal base with this, make a small opening to

                                                                                         at your banks!
insert a fuse and trigger it with a cigarette or incense. You can also
attach it to butane gas cans.
The autonomous cells that carry out direct actions always have to consider the response of the
state, police and business both before and after doing an action. This article is the second part of
our advice for you to follow so that you are not subjected to jail or persecution. The people who
carry out sabotage and attacks against all that is against us, know very well what they need to do,
but never was it more true than right now that they must watch their backs carefully if they want
to continue fighting. Many people who have carried out large acts of sabotage have never set
foot in jail and that is due to their high level of personal security. This can also be true for you.
This is just a small article about security but you can read more and better inform yourself
through a guide that all activists should read on the website of Acción Vegana.

 Personal Security:
Always remember that when you start doing high-level actions you should leave even fewer
tracks; this does not mean that you shouldn’t be safe when gluing locks, on the contrary.
Although you are doing less small actions like spray painting than when you started carrying out
actions, you will be rewarded by the fact you have been acting safely from the beginning. Do not
make the same mistake that a number of activists from various countries have made: never join a
publicly active animal rights group, therefore making the police’s investigation easier for them.
The less you make known about yourself, the less it’s known that you're vegan or that you talk
about animal liberation, the less of a risk there is that they will link you to radical action groups.
Each activist should know what to do when they are asked about what is happening in Mexico
(and other countries) regarding Animal Liberation groups, but we suggest keeping away from the
frantic making of friends and good times, its better to be a stranger and not a popular super-

Never draw attention to your clothing; wearing a shirt supporting the ALF or ELF can lead to some lengthy interrogations in police stations;
having a punk aesthetic (for example) can also attract attention from the police.
Clothing and aesthetics may seem important to you, but if you are going to be a serious activist, you should avoid drawing attention to yourself.
It’s good to be "an individual", unless you are doing things that may attract the attention of the state. Why help them? Unfortunately we do not
live in a utopia, so committed activists have to make this sacrifice. The idea is not to stand out in the society around you. Use discreet clothes
every day and have a haircut that an average citizen would have. We could debate what is "normal" in society, but the reality for an activist is
that stereotypes are very clear. These theoretical debates should be kept on the margin of practice. If your purpose is to stay on the sidelines
and to remain active for a long time, do not try to attract attention.

Handling the Police:
The police must always be handled calmly and respectfully. You have to hide your hatred for these bastards when they arrest you under the
pretext of "acting suspiciously." Never carry anything illegal when you are out walking in the street. Many people who are tall and thin are
detained nowadays in the metro and on dark streets as that is the profile that the police have of those suspected of causing explosions in banks
and businesses. Always speak in a confident way with the police, do not change even when they say stupid things about your ap pearance or
physical condition.
Always avoid places where you think the police may be looking for you or looking for someone who fits your profile; go away when you see
people who have the look of a police officer or those who you do not trust taking pictures, video or asking questions like are you are part of a
collective or organization for animal liberation.
If you know the police are investigating your activities and you want to stay active, you should take these precautions even more seriously
unless you want to be taken and to end up in jail. Abandon the house where you live; if you've seen strange cars with people inside watching
you, we recommend that you go far away from the places that you had been frequenting.

Protecting yourself in your house:
If you are living in a house permanently and carrying out eco-sabotage, you should take care of what you have there. You should remove
everything from your house that could compromise you as an activist. For example alternative newspapers, vegan propaganda, anarchist
books, magazines that are critical of the system, animal liberation stickers, material like dynamite, butane gas canisters, fireworks, guns, fuses,
and other materials for actions should never be in your home. You should take all this to a safe place that you think the police will not search if
they search your house. Never leave your contacts scattered throughout your home, keep them save and have them on hand or save them to
an encrypted and secure disc. Burn all your garbage, letters, writings and personal things that implicate you in having any relationship to animal
and earth liberation and insurrectionism. You should also clean out your computer. Do not keep files on communiqués or news that they can
use to connect you to one. Remember that it’s not enough to delete those files, the cybernetics investigations in Mexico tend to be quite
effective, so you have to clean everything, including the hard drive, because even if you delete these files they remain on your hard drive.
Reformatting it or buying a new one are the best options. Or if you cannot, take your computer to another secure location.

Also remember to never talk about actions in your home where there may be microphones. It is not known to have happened in Mexico but
since there is that uncertainty, never talk of these things in your house. It’s better to go for a walk with the interested people or with your cell,
remembering to turn off cell phones and remove the battery so that no one from the telephone corporations can listen to what you say.
Remember above all never give your keys to someone in whom you don’t have much confidence.
Learning these security measures very well will help you avoid charges of possession
of prohibited objects if the police arrive with an arrest warrant or if they arrive while
you are sleeping.

Neighbors and the neighborhood:
It is of utmost importance that you know who your neighbors are. Keeping
conversations to just a short hello and goodbye will be useful in recognizing them
and for them to recognize you.
Neighbors and friends in the neighborhood can be quite helpful when the police
come snooping around your house. But this is a double-edged sword; the police can
convince some neighbors to carry out investigations of you, they will let them place
hidden security cameras to watch you, or let them put microphones in their walls to
hear your conversations.
If you get along well with neighbors you can find out through them if the police are
asking about you, and also they will cooperate less with the police. If they have
decided to collaborate, they will surely change their attitude towards you, which will
raise your suspicion. On one occasion, an activist discovered a camera had been
placed in the building across the street because the doorman did not know how to
keep a secret and told a neighbor who was a friend of the activist. Another found a
camera because their neighbor turned on the TV only to see their own doorway up
on the screen.                                                                               Officers from the FBI deactivating a bomb under a
It is important to know the area where you live very well, the shortcuts, the railings                         car in the USA in 1998
by which you can escape if the police decide to try to catch you one day, the avenues, the streets, the rooftops, the alleys; knowing this will
facilitate your escape from the authorities. Also by knowing the faces of your neighbors, you can recognize anyone unusual pa ssing through
your neighborhood and take precautionary measures. This does not mean that when you see someone you do not know you should be
paranoid, just be aware.
You should also watch the normal functioning of your neighborhood, what cars are parked during the work week, which cars belong to
neighbor’s family members, etc.
Recognizing an "undercover" police car is easy: see if the tires are too good for the model of car, if it has sophisticated antennas or more than
one, if it has maps inside and if the occupants are turned toward the place where you live. These may arouse your suspicion; be very careful
with undercover agents.

                                                       Personal Defense
                                                       Security also means defending yourself from physical harm. When you leave to carry out
                                                       an action there is no way to know what kind of disturbed person may attack you, and that
                                                       includes security guards, farmers, etc. Learning a few basic movements to get away from
                                                       your attackers can be very important.
                                                       Self-defense classes can teach what you need to know.
                                                       Also carrying a weapon will be useful for when you go to an action, since you will feel much
                                                       more confidant and secure in the situations that may arise during your action.

                                                         Find out if they are following you:
                                                         Some experts suggest that you prepare a route to find out if you are being followed. Try a
                                                         path of only a few kilometers through the city, quiet streets and other places that will allow
                                                         you to apply the techniques of counter surveillance without raising suspicion. This is more
                                                         effective if other activists are waiting for you hidden somewhere along the way and they
                                                         can see if someone is following you. This can be difficult to prepare, and if people who are
                                                         following you find out what you're doing or that another activist is spying on them, it may
                                                         not work out.
                                                         There are some tricks:
                                                         a) Run into another activist "by chance" and thus you have a reason to stop and together
                                                         you can see if anyone is spying on you.
                                                         b) The other activist can watch the people who hang around you from a place that cannot
  Mexico: Police officer shot down in self-defense be noticed (a bar, a shop with a display window...)
Much of what has been said can be applied when you are being followed, but it does not apply when they brazenly follow you to scare you or
to prevent you from carrying out actions. In this case, you just have to give them the slip. Be unpredictable, use public transportation if you
think it’s a good idea— run (this is not illegal). The problem is that if you act unpredictably, it will confirm their suspicions and can encourage
them so that they begin to follow you more closely and for more time.
The other alternative is to give the impression that you're a totally harmless person, you can go to have coffee or go shopping. If you start
looking through the lingerie section this can make many of them feel uncomfortable and they will leave, especially if you do something that
puts them in a particularly embarrassing situation.

Internet Security:
There are many security and privacy programs that you can use to keep your computer and your personal files 100% secure, one of the most
important is PGP, which is easy to use. There are different websites where you can download it and use it to encrypt your email and your whole
computer. For more information see the security section of Acción Vegana.
                                                                       Grecia                                                               Mexico

                  Alemania                             Argentina                                         Canadá

                                  INTERNATIONAL NEWS
February                                               20-Italy: More than a dozen roosters and hens              shops near the Parliament and assaulted the secretary
1-Germany: Paint bombs and stones thrown at            liberated from a factory farm                              general of the largest private labor union when he
the ROLA software company for being one of the         21-Belgium: Automobile set on fire and display             spoke to the demonstrators, meanwhile more masked
companies who are accomplices with the state,          windows shattered at a Renault dealership                  individuals attacked police in the State Council and
providing advanced technology security devices         21-Germany: Political campaign bus set on fire             others broke into the Ministry of Labor.
to European cities                                     21-Germany: Windows broken and paint bombs used            5-Belgium: Incendiary attack carried out against the
2-Germany: Incendiary attack on the building of        against a luxury housing complex                           Police Academy, one of the most important institutions
a political establishment                              22-Chile: Bombing of the UDI party headquarters            for the nation-state. Windows were shattered by the
3-Argentina: Major explosion against the offices       22-Mexico: Glass doors shattered at a Nissan               fire, part of the building remained blackened and
of Lan Chile political party                           dealership in Chihuahua                                    various parts of the building were damaged
4-Italy: The windows of a Mercedes belonging to        22-Mexico: At the very least 50 or more cars have          6-Chile: Attack against the Penal Court and the
a hunter were smashed                                  been torched since late 2008, the police do not rule       municipality of Linares
4-Germany: Incendiary device made with gas             out the involvement of anarchist groups in Saltillo        6-Belgium: A luxury car garage was set on fire and two
canisters was used to set fire to the rear part of a   22-Italy: Major fire destroyed rabbit slaughterhouse.      Porsches were reduced to scrap
finance house in Berlin                                The sabotage cost hundreds of thousands of Euros in        6-Germany: Masked activists threw Molotov cocktails
5-Germany: Incendiary attack against the               damages, the action was later claimed by the ALF           at the Turkish Embassy
Schlecker drugstore chain; the fire caused             after police said the fire was caused by a short circuit   8-England: Doors glued and threatening graffiti left at
significant material losses (Schlecker is a            23-Ireland: Various speciesist businesses glued by the     the department of environmental pollution
company with deplorable working conditions)            ALF                                                        8-Basque: Two bulldozers used for building the TGV
4-Spain: Street blocked on one of the main             24-Ukraine: After the arrest of a person accused of        high speed train were burned
routes to the city of Barcelona                        vandalism against an important fur shop, actions and       8-Germany: Anarcho-feminist group attacked
6-Argentina: Paint bombs, flyers, banners and          protests were carried out against Moda Furs in             pharmacy that supports “pro-life” campaign with
smoke bombs at Mexican embassy in solidarity           solidarity with Eugene Voloschuk                           stones and paint
with the Days of Anti-Incarceration Agitation and      25-Chile: Mapuches expropriate land after clashing         9-Greece: About 35 masked anarchists expropriate
in support of prisoners in Mexico and                  with police officers                                       from a supermarket to protest the government's
throughout the world                                   25-Greece: Anarchist contingents destroy businesses,       financial crisis
6-Sweden: Two cars owned by a director of              banks and clash with police during a demonstration in      9-England: 200 chickens and 4 pigs liberated from a
AstraZeneca (HLS partner) covered with paint           support of the general strike in Athens                    factory farm
and "murderers" written on them                        25-England: A group of anarchists claimed the attack       9-Spain: The anarchist Amadeu Casellas was freed after
6-Germany: During the night police vehicles            against the Royal Bank of Scotland using rocks and         24 years in prison on charges of expropriation
attacked with stones in Friedrichshain                 paint bombs, as well as closing a street with burning      10-Greece: The anarchist Lambros Foundas was killed
7-Greece: Sticks and stones used against police        tires in the same action                                   by police after an attempt to rob a car with a firearm
by anarchist and anti-fascist groups during a          26-Island of Sulawesi: Citizens and anarchists face        10-Germany: Graffiti and warnings were left at the
march to protest anti-immigrant laws                   anti-riot guards after being evicted from their homes      house of Wilfried Kosalla the head of speciesist
8-Chile: Fire and barricades set up in                 28-Chile: Faced with the earthquake in central and         businesses
Concepción, in protest of the bicentennial             southern Chile, thousands of villagers go after large      11-England: The Teco Metro supermarket chain was
anniversary of blood and exploitation                  food companies and expropriate food; after the             attacked with bricks and paint
9-Germany: Butyric acid (which has a horrible          supermarkets were empty they were burned                   12-Sweden: Paint mixed with glue was thrown on a fur
smell) was released outside the Laden shop             28-Germany: Large arson against explosives                 shop which is famous in this country. During the entire
which carries Nazi items                               company; the flames reached several meters high, the       week the attacks on fur shops by the DBF (Swedish
11-Chile: Windows smashed with a hammer, flag          damages were valued in the hundreds of thousands           Animal Liberation Front) did not stop
torn down, paint bombs and pamphlets thrown            of Euros                                                   12-Germany: 4 dumpsters, portable toilets, a building,
in an attack on the Mexican embassy in support                                                                    a container near a Mercedes, a plastic barrel near a
of prisoners of that country and throughout the                                                                   house, all these targets were in flames in less than an
                                                       1-England: Car vandalized outside the home of a            hour during a night of action in various German cities
12-Chile: Various shops and cars set on fire in                                                                   13-Greece: Riots during the general strike in Athens,
one night                                              furrier
                                                       1-Germany: Walls stained with black paint at the           anarchists clashed with police, destroyed shops, banks
13-Germany: 10,000 anti-fascists and anarchists                                                                   and cars
stopped a traditional fascist parade with clashes      School of Technology and Economics
                                                       2-Spain: Actions claimed against various circuses in       14-Austria: Broken windows and paint bombs claimed
between neo-Nazi gangs; barricades and                                                                            by individuals and in student protests against fur shops
blockades set up                                       November and December graffiti, gluing and sabotage
                                                       carried out against cars and circus facades. In January,   16-Sweden: Incendiary device placed in the car of
14-Canada: The black block destroyed                                                                              AstraZeneca executive
businesses, banks, cars and buses, in the              more attacks against circuses and an attack on a
                                                       furrier previously visited with locks glued and graffiti   16-Canada: Stones and graffiti used against a police
commercial area of Vancouver, after a                                                                             station leaving several windows broken, damage to
demonstration against the Olympic Games being          2-Sweden: Two pigs rescued from a factory farm
                                                       3-Germany: Box belonging to the NPD political party        computers in the building and damage to police cars
held in that city. It is also reported that a day                                                                 17-Argentina: Explosive attack against Banco Nación.
before, people dressed in black attempted to           destroyed by an explosive placed inside.
                                                       4-Mexico: Bomb threat against U.S. embassy in              19-England: Attack at the offices of Lloyds Private Bank,
sabotage the stadium where the Olympic Games                                                                      graffiti, broken windows, pipes and cables for
were to be celebrated.                                 Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua threw the consulate’s
                                                       activities into chaos                                      ventilators were broken
16-Argentina: Anarchist graffiti on the theatre                                                                   19-Germany: Four thousand mink were liberated from
where the businessman Ricardo Fort would be            5-Greece: Riots during the general strike in Athens;
                                                       anarchists attacked the ceremonial guards protecting       a fur farm in Brandenburg, dozens of cages were
appearing                                                                                                         destroyed, the supply of water to the property was
16-Greece: Bomb exploded at the offices of the         the monument of the Unknown Soldier (the symbol of
                                                       "national sacrifice"), masked individuals destroyed        damaged, a lawnmower and a specialized machine
JP Morgan Company                                                                                                 were destroyed
20-Greece: A big explosion caused serious              penitentiary services headquarters, in solidarity with    May:
material damage to the fascist political party         the hunger strike of anarchist prisoners                  1-Chile: Dozens arrested after several clashes
offices of "Jrisí Avgí"                                8-Chile: Incendiary attack against Peugeot automotive     between masked individuals and groups of police
20-Spain: 126 mink were liberated from a fur farm      in Autofagasta                                            officers during the "Labor Day" demonstrations
in Teruel                                              8-Italy: 15 chickens rescued from a factory farm in       1-Greece: About 10,000 people participated in the
21-Greece: A homemade bomb exploded outside            Livorno                                                   May 1st demonstration; in various Greek cities riots
the police detention center in Athens, damaging        8-9-Sweden: Fur shops graffitied and windows broken       arose in opposition to riot police; attacks on banks,
the guardhouse                                         by the DBF; they assure us "We will not stop attacking    luxury cars, businesses and the press
22-Spain: Windows broken at a police training          until they close"                                         1-Chile: Noise bombs against a shopping center and
center in Barcelona                                    10-Spain: Police Preparatory Academy stoned in            the Dominicos transit station
22-Spain: Explosive device detonated at the            Madrid                                                    1-Germany: The press reported that during the
training center of the state security forces in        10-Germany: Destruction of agricultural machinery         month of April various hunting towers were
Barcelona                                              and vehicles, about 100 cages destroyed and 50 mink       demolished by groups of radical vegans
23-Chile: Noise bomb brought the bomb squad to         liberated at the largest mink farm in the country         2-Russia: Stones, paint bombs and smoke bombs in
the LAN Airlines building in Santiago                  13 New Zealand: Two baby piglets rescued from a pig       opposition to the Aurora Business Park shopping
24-Chile: Bomb detonated at Banco de Chile in          farm                                                      center. The officers of Novartis and Sanofi Aventis,
Santiago                                               15-Greece: Anarchists occupied the headquarters of        associates of HLS, are located in this shopping
24-Argentina: Church attacked with paint bombs         the Association of Newspaper Editors in Athens in         center
and stones, and a flaming barricade blocked the        opposition to the sensationalist reports by the press     3-Chile: Bomb threat against the justice center in
street along with a black flag with the message No     in the case of those arrested and accused of              Santiago for the mistreatment received by political
dictatorship nor democracy, long live anarchy!         belonging to the group Revolutionary Struggle; they       prisoners
24-Northern Ireland: The Animal Liberation Front       also occupied the Creta Channel television channel        3-Germany: Four hunting towers damaged, the
glued the doors of a butcher shop and a betting        where a communiqué was read, afterwards other             damages are valued to be in the hundreds of euros
center in Belfast                                      anarchists occupied the PASOK headquarters                5-Spain: Incendiary attack on earth-destroying
25-Spain: Incendiary attack at the door of the         16-Spain: Attack on the police academy for the            machinery in La Mancha
headquarters of the fascist group “2000 España”        second time in Madrid                                     5-Greece: Businesses destroyed, clashes with police
in Zangotza                                            20-Spain: Attacks with paint bombs and graffiti in        and banks set on fire during the mass
25-Argentina: At least 40 masked individuals           opposition to police brutality at the socialist           demonstrations against the government’s economic
attacked a police station with stones and Molotov      headquarters.                                             plans
cocktails during a demonstration in Nequen             21-France: Five slaughterhouse trucks destroyed in        7-Belgium: Headquarters of the fascist secretary of
26-Chile: Arson against car rental company near        fires started by the ALF                                  the Vlaams Belang party was attacked with stones
the Santiago airport, 11 cars were burned and          21-Italy: Bomb package with gunpowder and nails           7-Argentina: Graffiti and banners dropped in
there was 150 million in losses                        sent to a police station which specializes in anti-       various parts of Buenos Aires in solidarity with
26-Argentina:The expropriation of money and a          sabotage efforts                                          anarchist prisoners who attacked the Greek
gun from a labor union leader was claimed by an        21-Chile: Police prevented a demonstration in             embassy
anarchist group                                        solidarity with prisoners around the world. Upon          7-France: 17 cars set on fire after the police
26-Greece: Incendiary attack against the Bank of       seeing this hooded individuals organized themselves,      crackdown on Parisian youth
Agriculture in Athens                                  caused the closure of an urban residential street,        7-Germany: Water hoses and electrical cables were
27-Spain: Windows smashed with hammers and             threw stones, sticks, paint bombs and Molotov             cut on a small mink farm in broad daylight
stones at the Caixa Catalunya bank branch in           cocktails against Cruz verde pharmacy and threw           8-England: The ALF followed a hunter and slit the
Barcelona                                              leaflets in solidarity with prisoners in Mexico and the   tires of his car outside his home
27-Italy: Threat, addresses, drawings and a bullet,    hunger strike carried out by more than a thousand         9-Sweden: Fur shop attacked, windows were left
all this was in a package that was sent to Italian     prisoners in Argentine jails. Despite the repression no   destroyed with DBF graffiti
President Silvio Berlusconi. A letter bomb sent to     one was arrested during the action                        11-Spain: The police academy in Madrid was
Interior Minister Roberto Maronique                    22-Germany: Tires of 56 DHL vehicles were punctured       attacked for the third time, the glass door was
unfortunately did not explode in his hands.            because of their military work with NATO                  destroyed and graffiti left which said "argentine
Actions were claimed by the Hermanas es Armas-         24-Argentina: Stones and graffiti in opposition to the    anarchist solidarity"
Núcleo Mauricio Morales                                penitentiary service in Plata                             11-Sweden: After three attacks against a fur shop
28-Greece: Three simultaneous homemade bomb            24-Spain: Assault on the Popular Party headquarters,      that involved the destruction of windows, and red
attacks against a church, a multinational              windows broken, Spanish flags torn down, walls and        paint, the owner grew tired and closed the shop.
corporation and a bank                                 electrical lines destroyed, money expropriated and        Victory!
30-Argentina: Bombing of Banco Nación in Buenos        computers destroyed                                       11-Italy: During the celebration of the first of May,
Aires                                                  25-Chile: Major explosion destroyed the front of          exploiters such as butchers, fishmongers and horse
31-Sweden: Overview of actions in January,             BancoEstado in Santiago                                   transporters were celebrating while the windows of
February and March, windows destroyed, paint           25-Spain: Incendiary attack on Caixa Catalunya ATM        their cars were smashed and their tires were
spilled, graffiti, visits to fur shops and the homes   in Barcelona                                              popped
of the owners, fur shop and butcher shop closed        27-Argentina: A group of masked individuals attacked      13-Greece: High powered bomb exploded on the
after persistent attacks in Gothenburg                 the Greek embassy in solidarity with anarchist            outskirts of the largest maximum security prison in
                                                       prisoner Giannis Dimitrakis, launching paint bombs,       Athens; the explosion caused material damages in
April:                                                 doing graffiti, throwing Molotov cocktails, causing a     the women’s section.
3-Italy: Nets were cut and cages opened so that        confrontation with police. The result, two women and      14-Greece: After an anonymous phone call and
thousands of pheasants and quail could fly to          three men arrested, one of them hospitalized after        evacuation, a bomb exploded in the Court of
freedom in Rivarolo Mantovano, action claimed by       being struck by police, a policeman with head injury,     Salonica
the ALF                                                another with a fractured arm and another with torn        14-Germany: Hunting towers consumed by fire,
4-Sweden: Fire damaged a building at the               ligaments                                                 causing hundreds of euros in damage
University of Umeå where there is an animal            28-Chile: Explosive device detonated in a Catholic        14- England: Truck transporting sheep for export
experimentation laboratory                             church caused damages in the entry, the windows           was sabotaged
5-Italy: Four lambs and their mothers liberated        and the pews                                              16-Sweden: Various consistent sabotages of various
from a farm in the village of Scatolin di Cermenate    29-Czech Republic: Incendiary attack against the          fur shops in Gothenburg; one of the shops attacked
6-Norway: Whaling boat sunk                            Greek Embassy                                             stopped selling fur
7-Italy: Mink freed from fur farm by the Total War                                                               16-Austria: A small incendiary device was placed on
Commando of the ALF                                                                                              clothing made of fur in a Kleider Bauer store by the
7-Argentina: Street blocked and graffiti done                                                                    ALF
during demonstration outside the federal
17-Sweden: The Djurens Befrielse Front (Swedish Animal Liberation Front) rescued 32 rabbits from farms on the outskirts of Skara, this being the second
liberation on this farm, the last was in May 2004 when 133 rabbits were removed from their cages
19-Germany: Several towers in different places destroyed and ripped down, hundreds of euros in losses, the hunters were left without their bloody fun
19-Sweden: The largest liberation of hens in Sweden; 214 were rescued from a factory farm in Lantagg Lommarps!
20-Israel: ALF visited a butcher shop, destroyed all the windows and did animal liberation graffiti
27-Colombia: Action of propaganda in commemoration of Mauricio Morales
27-Chile: Street closed with a barricade set on fire in memory of Mauri
26-France: Arson against hunting association
20-Chile: Insurrectionists blocked street in memory of Mauricio Morales
21-Sweden: Hunting towers destroyed and sabotaged
22-Argentina: Demonstration in memory of Mauricio Morales and in repudiation of the celebrations of the bicentenary
23-Sweden: Red paint and windows broken at Bayer (Linked to HLS)
25-Argentina: Explosive device ruined three ATMs and destroyed the facade of the Banco Ciudad
29-Chile: Bomb exploded inside the Inmaculada Concepción church, explosion destroyed the building and the windows
30-Chile: Noise bombs at the headquarters of the fascist Raza Chilena and against the trial in Santa Cruz

NewZeland                                             Chile                         Argentina                           Belgium                           Greece

There are various points that I would like to touch on, but for now I             of their freedom and an endless number of things that you suppose
will mention only a few.                                                          these people would already know. Anyway. If they do know it, why
                                                                                  do they do it? Well because the human being is self-centered. Some
As the first point: alcoholism. And I am not precisely referring to               more, some less, but always, or most of the time we think only of
those people who have problems with the way they drink alcohol,                   ourselves. But I must be very dumb (idiot) because for me there has
but rather the drinking of alcohol in itself. I do not understand how as          never been any pleasure in doing that, it is just inhaling and exhaling
a person who is “radical” or “revolutionary” or any other name they               smoke, carrying it to your lungs, causing damage to yourself, to your
give themselves (because according to them, they are different from               insides, to nature, and to the animals. In addition, it causes cancer (I
the rest of society in general) can drink alcohol. This in itself                 hope all smokers develop it) which carries with it the pharmaceutical
reproduces the values of the system and adopts their norms of                     industry who make the medications, experiment on animals (this is
“consuming unnecessary, harmful products that make you stupid,                    incredibly stupid in itself, since all animal organisms are different,
etc, etc” and the worst of it is that it doesn’t end with making a fool           even the most similar do not work in the same way, like the monkey
of yourself and doing damage to yourself (in my opinion all the                   and the human) more and more cargo trucks traveling, spreading
drunks can just die) but it’s very hypocritical to talk of animal and             toxic gases, making the hole in the ozone layer bigger, provoking
earth liberation when some brands of beer sponsor bullfighting and                climate change. Then they dare to say that it is an invention of
experiment on animals. Still they talk with such idiocy of the fact that
there are “vegan” beers; that is a huge lie. It is just like saying that
capitalism is at one with the earth. No type of alcohol can be vegan
since there is more to being vegan than not consuming anything of
animal origin or not supporting bullfighting, when thousands of liters
of water are being contaminated from its production and
distribution, and millions of roads built throughout the world giving
off carbon dioxide and other things. And the most absurd part of all
of this is that there are people who drink and say they hate
capitalism. It’s like saying “death to capitalism and all forms of
exploitation of animals and the earth, but leave our beer and tobacco
alone” ha, ha, ha, please!
Something very, very similar happens in the case of tobacco, cigars
and cigarettes. Experimenting on animals, obligating animals,
especially monkeys and dogs, to smoke, this is in complete                                            The most attacked website by the press
contradiction to the natural behaviors of any being. Not only do they                                and the governments of Mexico and Chile,
force them to smoke, filling their lungs with smoke, but they are also
                                                                                                             still in the midst of battle!!!
separated from their habitats in the free and wild earth which once
belonged to the animals (human and non-human); they are deprived
Environmentalists.                                                          It does not need to be based on a relationship of friends and what’s
Another point and the last one that I will try to make as it carries with   more it’s not even necessary to talk too much, nor to be pleasing to one
it various subtopics, is something complicated; we’ll see if I’m able to    another. You can meet with a like-minded group to do actions and that
make you understand it the way I understand it and the way I feel it.       is enough of an interaction, it’s not necessary to attack the other person
Well then, you must see this last point as part of the relations we         directly when you are discussing ideas and vice versa.
have or rather the way we relate to those who are close to us. I will       On the other hand this indiscriminate solidarity appears to be what is in
try to speak of separating personal conflicts and conflicts of ideals       the commandments of the (pseudo) revolutionaries and that require
and points of view; of indiscriminate solidarity and of solidarity with     one to always be in agreement and if not, you are seen as a scab or any
yourself.                                                                   other number of bad words; but I ask you: why do I have to help and
First I will give examples and later develop the theme a little bit.        support causes that are not compatible with mine? This is something
I can have conflicts in ideals with a person who sees veganism and          very hypocritical, to do things that we do not feel, just to be on the good
insurrectionism from a more social point of view. For me this isn’t         side of others. The simple act of mentioning the word solidarity is not
right. If that person is interested in looking for an alternative to all    enough. It is something that has lost its meaning and even more, did not
this bullshit— the revolution is internal, it is from within each person.   really have a clear meaning to begin with. It is a word that can have
Living in the city for me the way to be most consistent is to be vegan,     many meanings that have lost its essence. This word does not please me
it is an alternative, it is not more than that. It is not the end we want   nor do I identify with it. How can I accept something that even the
to arrive at. I do not want the whole world to be vegan, to avoid           government has adopted. It is so hypocritical to “help” only to look good
meat, milk, eggs, etc, but continue consuming many unnecessary              in front of others. On the contrary; however if you feel pain at seeing a
things. If the whole world were vegan, the industries would begin to        close one or loved one having problems and helping them comes
produce thousands and thousands of products, which would be                 naturally to us- it is not solidarity- it’s more than that, it is identifying
“vegan” according to them, the problem is not what they produce             and sharing the pain and trying to help since we do not want to suffer
(which is in reality bad for the Earth) but rather the production in        nor do we want to see those we love or share something with to suffer.
itself.                                                                     In this case it is about the ideas of those who are close to us. This is
The problem with all that I see in people, as I have already said, is       something much deeper than the masses can understand. It’s a
that we are self-centered. But the people that want to do so, will          reciprocal relationship, we hope that they will do the same or something
change on their own. Information is everywhere and there are so             similar if we find ourselves in a difficult situation and not as a
many reasons veganism is there if they want it. It is not necessary to      compromise but rather because it comes naturally to them to do so.
go around preaching to every person about what a vegan is. Each one         One example is the case of prisoners, especially those who we’ve had
is the owner of their own lives and has to make that decision.              direct contact. If a friend is in jail, we carry out actions to pressure and
I could say so many more things contradicting the point of view that        annoy the authorities to make them see that we are a big headache and
they have, but always attacking the idea and not the person. And            to free our friend, our comrade in struggle, we send letters making them
here is where the conflict with Leftist people begins; they do not          see that although he is deprived of freedom in body, his mind can still
differentiate between the relationships they have with others and           have the same ideas or more radical still and his heart can have
the ideas that these people have.                                           tremendous hate and his stomach endless rage, because this is what we
Equally on the other hand, if I have problems or personal problems          feel on the outside, this rage and impotence knowing that there are
with someone but this person is in a certain circle and is willing to       people throughout the world with ideas like ours and are incarcerated
carry out an action, I can put aside our personal problems to achieve       for not following the values imposed by this techno-industrial system
a shared goal. But this is what many people don’t understand; they          that they impose or try to impose on us.
can’t put aside personal things, to be acquainted.                          The conclusion is to take it back from them yourself with reflection and

                                                                                       TAKE IT BACK!
                                       Ronnie                             Ronnie Lee is one of the people who contributed to the birth of
                                                                                the Animal Liberation Front in England and to the radical

                                                                                  actions for animal liberation that have since expanded
                                                                          throughout the world and continue today. This interview was a
                                                                               collaboration between Rabia y Acción and Acción Vegana

                                       Interview                           7.- You have been arrested
                                                                           several times on different
                                                                           charges. Which was the
                                                                           longest sentence you have
                                                                           The longest sentence was
1.- How did the first actions of the Band of Mercy start?                  in 1987, when they
There were six of us, the majority were hunt saboteurs. We had a           sentenced me to 10 years
meeting in London and decided to start a direct action campaign            for inciting people to
against the property of animal exploiters.                                 cause damages to the
                                                                           property of animal
2.- How did the Band of Mercy choose their targets? Did you focus          exploiters. This sentence
on a specific area of animal exploitation?                                 was because of my
Given that the majority of us were already involved in hunt sabotage,      participation in various
we began attacking the vehicles used by the hunters. Later we began        publications related to the
striking property related to the vivisection industry. We had a list of    ALF.
businesses that bred animals to sell to vivisection laboratories. These
were the easiest targets because they had less security systems.           8.- You were accused of being the leader of the ALF. How did the
Generally we focused on the vehicles parked outside so that we             rest of the ALF show their support for you after this false
didn’t have to enter the actual building.                                  accusation?
                                                                           The actions of the ALF continued while I was in jail. This
3.- What can you tell us about your activism during the early years?       demonstrated the incoherence of the accusation that I was the leader
I was one of six people that formed the Band of Mercy and                  of the ALF.
participated in a number of actions before being arrested in 1974 for
arson and material damages. I was sent to prison in 1975 and               9.- How did you feel when other countries in Europe started to
completed a sentence of one year and three months.                         carry out liberations and sabotages in the name of the ALF?
                                                                           Of course I felt very happy since I always had the hope that the ALF
4.- Why did you decide to use fire as a tool?                              would spread.
Because it was a simple and fast way of producing large material
damages.                                                                   10.- After many years, the name of the ALF and other radical animal
                                                                           liberation groups have spread to Mexico, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil,
5.- What books and authors did you read when you decided to form           Venezuela, Colombia, Peru and Argentina. What can you say about
the ALF after leaving jail?                                                the arrival of this form of activism throughout Latin America?
Actually the ALF was the same as the Band of Mercy but with a              It truly does not surprise me because in all countries where there are
different name. We wanted a name that would explain for itself what        exploiters of animals, it is foreseeable that there will be people who
was behind it, and this was Animal Liberation. My role in the              carry out actions in this way.
formation of the Band of Mercy was very influenced by situationism,
especially a book called “The Revolution of Everyday Life” by Raul         11.- How is your campaign against greyhound racing going?
Vaneigem.                                                                  I am very involved in this campaign and for many years my partner
                                                                           and I have rescued greyhounds. It is an educational campaign, not
                                                                           direct action, and we have had a lot of success convincing people not
                                                                           to attend the greyhound races. From this we have been able to close
                                                                           several tracks.

                                                                           12.- We have heard that you think that sabotages are more
                                                                           effective than liberations. Can you explain why?
                                                                           When I was an ALF activist I came to the conclusion that causing
                                                                           damage to property was more effective than liberations because it
                                                                           produced more economic losses. This is the way that the exploitation
                                                                           centers will close.

6.- Can you tell us about an action that you carried out in the 70’s?
The first action of the Band of Mercy, which I was part of, was an
attack on a laboratory that had been constructed in Milton Keynes.
We waited for the contracted workers to leave and then we set the
building on fire. It was not completely destroyed but we produced
sufficient damages to delay the start of their activities for several
-Anarchist Attacks Yesterday and Today-

  “Against repression, direct action” graffiti for
   prisoner freedom during the takeover of the
   dean’s office in Ciudad Universitaria in 2004

                                                       Anarchist riots in the Extraordinary Summit of the                   Demo on October 2, 2005
                                                       Americas in Monterey in 2004

   Riots during the demo on October 2, 2008

                                                                                                                            Riots at the Yankee embassy 2007

                                                                                         Black Block faces anti-riot police at the Summit of Latin America in
                                                                                                                   Guadalajara 2004

                                              Burger King shot up and set on
Anarchists participating in the defense of    fire in Oaxaca in 2006. Almost
Ciudad Universitaria in Oaxaca in 2006              everything was lost.

                                                     Incendiary devices
                                                        placed in cars
                                                       February 2010.                           Butane gas bomb                     Explosive attack against
                                                                                             detonates in Banamex in              Banamex by eco-anarchists in
                                                                                                   early 2008                             April 2010.
                                                                                                           Explosion in
                                                                                                        Santander leaves
                                                                                                         serious damage

                                                                                                        Intentaron Anarquistas atentar
                                                                                                        contra el Metro
                                                                                                        Integrantes del grupo anarquista Frente de Liberación Animal pretendieron
                                                                                                        descarrilar un convoy del Metro colocando latas de gas butano en uno de los
                                                                                                        vagones a su llegada a la estación Taxqueña de Línea 2.

                                                                                                        12/02/2010 | DF.- Integrantes del grupo anarquista Frente de Liberación
                                                                                                        Animal pretendieron descarrilar un convoy del Metro colocando latas de gas
                                                                                                        butano en uno de los vagones a su llegada a la estación Taxqueña de Línea 2.
                                                                                                        Los hechos ocurrieron el jueves pasado a las 10:30 horas, y uno de los
                                                                                                        agresores fue detenido por elementos de la Policía Bancaria e Industrial
                                                                                                        cuando intentaba escapar del lugar.
                                                                                                        La información proporcionada por la Procuraduría General de Justicia del
                                                                                                        Distrito Federal (PGJDF) señala que el artefacto está compuesto por tres botes
                                                                                                        de gas butano, un cohete conocido como "garra de tigre" y una vela.
                                                      Butane gas explosion in another Banamex in 2010   Sin embargo, el movimiento del convoy en la curva que hay entre la estación
                                                                                                        General Anaya y Taxqueña afectó al artefacto y sólo detonó una de las latas.
                                                                                                        Adrián Magdaleno González, de 21 años, estudiante del séptimo semestre de
                                                                                                        psicología de la FES Aragón, fue detenido y presentado ante el Ministerio
                                                                                                        Público de la agencia especial para delitos en el Metro.

                                                                                                                                   The idiocy and ingenuity of the police:
                                                                                                                                   Two indigent individuals were
                                                                                                                                   captured with an alleged explosive
                                                                                                                                   device that was checked and found to
                                                                                                                                   be made with a tube of pepper spray
                                                                                                                                   tangled in wires in May 2010.

                                                                                                                                                                 Areas of
                                                                                                                                                                 Mexico City
                                                                                                                                                                 where actions
                                                                                                                                                                 have been
                                                                                                                                                                 claimed by
                                               The takeover of preparatory
Attack on the Mexican embassy in Chile
                                               schools 5, 6 and CCH incited by
                                               anarchist groups in 2005 in
 Encuentran artefacto                      explosivo to groups of thugs….
 en sede de Novartis, Guadalajara

                                                                                                                                        *                 *
                                                                     Confrontations between anarchist groups
                                                                      and campesinos against anti-riot police
 Esta es la segunda ocasión en que es dejado un explosivo en la
 misma zona. El 22 de septiembre del 2009 en el ingreso del          during the OMC Summit in Cancún in 2003
 edificio fueron encontradas cinco latas con gas butano atadas con
When I was a child, my life was full of intense pleasure and a vital        revolutions of the past. These did not try to eradicate the social
energy which caused me to feel that my experience was a full one. I         institutions of domestication, the best of these tried to eradicate
was at the heart of this wonderful, pleasant existence and I had no         power relations while leaving the institutions intact. So these past
wants. I felt my life intensely as a fiesta of passions and pleasures. My   revolutionaries focused their attacks on the centers of power trying
disillusionment and my pain were also intense.                              revoluciones del pasado. Estas no trataron de erradicar las to replace
                                                                            them. They were concentrated on power, but were blind to the
I had been born free, wild in the midst of a society based on               insidious forces of domination that surround our daily existence and
domestication. There was no way to escape the fate of being                 thus after having obtained a success in their own existence, they
domesticated, for me as well. Civilization does not tolerate wild ones      stopped searching. To avoid this we need to not focus our attention on
existing within it. But I will never forget the intensity that can be       power, but on our desire to unshackle ourselves, to have the total
reached in life. And I will never forget the vital energy that rebelled     experience of life, to intensely know pleasure and wild adventures. In
within me. My existence, from the first moment I realized that this         seeking to realize this desire, we hit the true forces of domination, the
vitality was being dried up, was a war between the need for survival        forces that we face in every moment of every day. These forces do not
in society and the desire to tear the seams apart and undo the              have a single center that can be eliminated. They are a web that traps
experiences and the well-known abundances of a free life.                   us. Many revolutionaries have exploited the well-trodden path of
I want to experience this vital energy once again. I want to know the       power. I want to eventually explore the unmapped territories which
wild freedom of my repressed desires that can be manifested in a            have not yet had their wild freedom mapped out. I want the revolution
magnificent game. I want to destroy the wall that is between me and         to be a wild revolution.
the intense and passionate life of freedom, uncontaminated by want.
All these walls together are called civilization, all of which stands       There can be no programs or organizations for the wild revolution,
between us and a direct participatory experience of the wild world. A       because the rage cannot be confined in programs and organizations.
dominating web was built around us, a structure that limits our             The wild fury stems from the freedom of our instincts and our desires,
experiences, defining the acceptable confines of reality, setting limits    from the spontaneous expression of our passions. Each one of us has
on the production and consumption processes. The dominating                 experienced the process of domestication and this experience can give
authority takes different forms, some of which are difficult to             us the knowledge we need to rid ourselves of civilization and transform
recognize; government, capital and religion are some of the most            our lives. The distrust of our own experiences comes from the fact that
obvious faces of authority. But technology, work, language (with its        we prevent ourselves from facing the rebellion as freely and actively as
conceptual boundaries), gangs (with their ridiculous rites) and             we should. We are scared of being screwed over, we are afraid of our
property, these are authorized by domestication transforming us             own ignorance. Mistrust and fear have been instilled in us by the
from a wild, happy, and ruleless animal who in domestication                authorities. They create it and sustain it through systems of education.
becomes a limited, unhappy producer and consumer.                           These make us a difficult target for any authority that is ready to target
                                                                            us. To build "revolutionary" programs means going past this fear and
These things work against us; limiting our imagination, usurping our        mistrust which reinforce the need to hear someone say what we
desires, suppressing our instincts, denying both their significance as      should do. No attempt to turn us wild can succeed if it is based in a
well as the reality of our life experiences. And it is the world created    program. We need to learn to take our feelings and experiences into
by these authorities, the civilized world where we live. For my dream       account, if we want to be free.
of a life full of intense pleasure and of wild adventure to be possible,
the world must be radically transformed, civilization must fall before      So I do not offer any programs. What I want here is just a path to
the expansion of the desert, authority must fall to be able to develop      explore. From the moment we were domesticated, part of the
the energy of our wild freedom. There must be (to use a better word)        revolutionary process became a personal transformation. We have
a revolution.                                                               been conditioned to not trust ourselves, to not live fully, to not to have
                                                                            intense experiences in our lives. We have been conditioned to accept
But a revolution capable of awakening civilization and giving relief to     the humiliations of work and to regard as inevitable a way of behaving
the vital energy of uncontaminated desire, it cannot be like the            towards things not as resources to be used to fully satisfy our needs,
                                                                            but rather as consequences of how much we have produced. We are
conditioned to expect disillusionment, to accept everything as normal      Trying to live as freely as possible right now helps us also to disrupt our
instead of asking ourselves why.                                           social conditioning. This motivation can lead to an identification of all
                                                                           that domesticates us, undoing civilization and creating new
We have been conditioned to accept the boredom of civil existence          paths in life and in relationships with others.
instead of crushing it with freedom and real life. We have the need to
explore various paths to smash these constraints, freeing ourselves of     This exploration marks the boundaries of the domination of civilization
our domestication, something we can do right now. And it is also true      and identifies the possibilities of opposition in the name
that as we seek to free ourselves of this conditioning, which              of freedom. And thus opportunities that could not have been imagined
continuously threatens to control us, we are committed to using it as      are discovered for such vast spaces and wild desires. Projects,
a piece of paper guaranteeing our survival in the midst of civilization,   beginning with the sabotage and reaching the flowering of all that is
even as we try to fight it at the same time.                               here which subverts the dominant society, the expansion of its
In general, we know something because we want to. And we want a            disarray, the fiestas, the orgies and in general the explosion of
life free of rules, in a free world where there are no rules. The          freedom, everything that can develop unexpected possibilities.
humiliation of being obligated to follow rules, to sell our lives to
survive or to sell our usurped desires, transforming us into               The wild revolution is an adventure. It is the bold exploration of what
abstractions and images with the aim of being able to sell ourselves       we want to do outside the box. It takes us to an unmapped territory.
as commodities, this fills us with rage. How long will we continue         We can get to know this territory but only if we actively want to
supporting this misery?                                                    explore it. We must dare to destroy everything that is destroying our
                                                                           wild freedom and oppressing our instincts and our desires. We have to
We want to make this world into a place where our desires are              keep ourselves in mind, our experiences and our passions. Otherwise
immediately achievable, not sporadically, but always.                      we allow them to shackle us, to domesticate us. Our wild energy must
                                                                           demolish civilization and create a life of liberty that is free of rules and
We want to re-eroticize our lives. We do not want to live in a world       full of intense pleasure.
where resources are dying, but in a world filled with our untamed
love. We need to begin to widely use everything that we can, making                                                                    Feral Faun.
our dreams real now without isolation. All restrictions clearly show us      Text taken from the Italian insurrectionist publication Provocazione
what domination and civilization are made of and how to live our
lives. They make us understand how long the fight against
domestication is and we also extend our ability to live more freely.

                                                    … WE NEED TO LET GO OF FEAR, THE FEAR OF FIGHTING. IDEAS NEED TO BE TURNED INTO ACTION.
                                                                                                                             WE ACCEPT IT…

Nights are not for sleeping
Las noches no son para dormir                                  Distri Bella, libre y salvaje
            but for fulfilling your dreams ...                                                              (Bella Distro, free and
                                                                                                            Material; anti-civilization, ontological
                                                                                                            anarchy, primitivism, in support of the
                                                                                                            ALF-ALF, insurrectionalism vegan-
                                                                                                            freegan-bike, poetic terrorism, zero-
                                                                                                            work theory, etc.
                                                                                                            Distribution and exchange (provided
                                                                                                            that the material is in affinity)
                                                                                                            To order write to us at:
                                                                                                            Or visit our blog:
Bike cuz….
                                                                                                                      For: Bella, libre y salvaje
-Cuz it’s the most consistent alternative for traveling across civilization
-Cuz compared to an automobile or any other motorized vehicle, the manufacture and use of it is the least polluting
-Cuz it’s structure is not very complex and I can fix it myself when it breaks down
-Cuz it’s cheap as are its spare parts
-Cuz it doesn’t need gasoline and because it does need my physical effort and
strength, it exercises my body and my instincts.
-Cuz it gives me autonomy in my movement, I can travel anywhere. I can stop
where I want and I can go where I choose.
-Cuz in today’s mass society, there is a huge build-up of automobiles that make
movement slow but on my bike I can dodge this mass of metal and plastic and
arrive at times faster than they can.
-Cuz it’s a lot of fun
-Cuz I am not caged inside a metal structure. I am in the open air and can interact
with what I find in my surroundings.
-Cuz I enjoy the wind caressing my body. I also love the rain drenching me.

Tips for the bike:
-It is indispensable to carry tools with you on your daily journeys
-Basic tools:
Small adjustable wrench, pliers, small tire pump, patches, sandpaper,
flathead and phillips screwdrivers (the tools vary according to the
type of bicycle)
Types of bicycles:

                                                                         Hybrid (2)
Folding (1)

                                                                        Racing (4)
Trail (3)
                                                                         De montaña (6)
   BMX (5)

(1) Ideal for traveling to nearby towns and for those who have no              (4) Made of lightweight materials and has narrow tires which are
place to store it, they are perfect for carrying in backpacks and do not       excellent for long distances. Its gears reduce excessive pedaling.
require any tools to be assembled.
                                                                               (5) Completely resistant bicycles, made for speed and agility of
(2) This bike is a mixture of a mountain and a racing bike, lightweight        movement. Very strong composition.
materials absorb the irregularities of the road. It is ideal for urban
travel, for exercising and for carrying bags.                                  (6) Ideal for accessing places that are hard-to-reach with the other
                                                                               bikes, it also has a gear system that improves pedaling
(3) Ideal for short and local trips, its thick tires absorb the bumps.
How to patch a tire?
-To remove the damaged wheel
-Remove the tire and pull the tube out
-Inflate the tube a little bit, submerge sections in a bucket of
water, remove the tube
-Sand down the place where you found the hole a little bit
-Add glue and seal the patch, pressing hard
-Check that the tube doesn’t have more holes by submerging in
-Put the tire back on and inflate
Bike Cleaning
A very important part of maintaining your bike in good condition is                Remember: "Kids on bikes are wild, if you don’t have
cleaning. For a good cleaning you need: Water (preferably recycled),                               one- take one!"
degreaser, a rag, a stiff bristle brush, sponges.
For the wheels:
-Remove them, clean with soap and water, also clean the spokes with
the brush and dry everything with a rag.
For the chain:
-Try to remove mud or dust from the chain with a brush, use
degreaser on the tensor, plates, diverter and exchange. Soak the
sponge with soap and rub the chain, turn the pedals to clean it in its
                                                                                                                Activity against the
                                                                                                                Congress of Animal
                                                                                                               Experimentation and
                                                                                                           Welfare at the University
                                                                                                                    of Buenos Aires

Interview with the Coordinated Effort for Animal Liberation of Argentina by Rabia y Acción
What is the Coordinated Effort for Animal Liberation and when did         "anti-discrimination" legal advances; we believe it is
it start?                                                                 counterproductive to carry out "improvements" from a legal point of
                                                                          view, knowing that society as a whole continues to maintain
The Coordinated Effort for Animal Liberation began in mid-August          speciesist values. This would do no more than reinforce
2007 arising from the discontent felt by many people, in order to         discrimination by merely improving the capitalist system of
carry out actions for and through the liberation of humans, animals       exploitation, resulting in partial "improvements" that would only
and the earth (being separate from any partisan or hierarchical           allow the strengthening of the vision of "useful exploitation" or
movement). The formation of an anti-speciesist, anarchist and             "humane exploitation", a model often used by companies in which
horizontally coordinated effort was born, which is to say we assert an    "antidiscrimination" improvements are planned on the basis of the
ethical stance which treats all species equally, and in which an          needs of the company itself and not on the needs of the exploited.
anthropocentric point of view loses value due to the falsehood of the     Likewise, the system of hierarchical submission that predominates in
arguments and evidence that assert the supposed superiority of            this model, would deliver benefits to those companies, such as the
humans over other animals. It also negates the "difference =              legal categorization of the company or organization as "pro-animal
superiority" argument in which characteristics such as intelligence,      rights”, and thus absolving them of their responsibility, which would
language and "development" are used to discriminate against other         be hidden under this welfarist improvement which is always partial
species of animals. Our Anti-Speciesist position presents ethical         and false in respect to the real needs of exploited and tortured
possibilities for the appreciation and treatment of other species         animals.
(including our own) based on values of unhindered development,
autonomy, individuality and respect, understanding human beings as        It is before this background in the Anti-speciesist movement, already
a species with our own characteristics (just like every other species),   well known by us, that we do not take part in the movement for legal
but not superior in any aspect. We believe in talking about               change, and we propose a permanent BOYCOTT as an effective
differences in regards to characteristics without attributing             weapon against discrimination and exploitation, making it a social
hierarchical values, as anthropocentricism often forces us to             problem and not a problem of the leaders, calling on those who are
understand differences.                                                   interested in this fight to not consume products linked to speciesist
                                                                          exploitation and to publicly denounce these types of practices,
                                                                          carried out not only by mega transnational corporations, but also in
                                                                          national laboratories, research centers belonging to the armed
                                                                          forces, the universities and the colleges of education throughout the

                                                                          We have made this a COLLECTIVELY AND INDIVIDUALLY RESPONSIBLE
                                                                          AND ACTIVE movement, inclined to carry out active and vigilant
                                                                          boycotts against businesses, owners, and their distributors, those
                                                                          directly responsible and/or those who contribute to the exploitation
                                                                          of animals, making the rejection of this type of practice by society
                                                                          clear, and assuming direct responsibility for its denouncement,
                                                                          without intermediaries or "approved bodies", leaving possibilities
                                                                          open for those who wish to participate through any other means of
                                                                          direct pressure against those responsible for animal exploitation.
We propose taking active and participatory action against the
problem of Speciesism (or discrimination based on species), the           How is the anarcho-vegan movement in Argentina? (with respect to
reaction to this type of discrimination can be brought forward from       activities such as vegan cafeterias, food not bombs, freegans,
an abolitionist perspective, which is the understanding of the            concerts, community centers, squats)
problem of speciesism not as a problem of laws, nor any legal
regulations, but rather corresponding to flaws in the system of           Before answering this question, we would like to briefly clarify a key
"rewards and punishments" (the legal system) it is a flaw in society in   issue; we understand what is meant by the neologism "Anarcho-
general (both in assessment and conduct). That is why we are against      vegan" but we believe that its composition is essentially unrelated,
since classic Anarchism as a socio-political theory has an                  Tell us about a positive result you have had in a campaign or
anthropocentric basis, traditional and static, consisting of an             protest.
epistemological structure of humanistic notions, which by not               We always meet people who show interest in our activities. We
recognizing non-human animals as individuals capable of having their        consider that a positive result, but being more specific, we have been
own rights, creates a primary incompatibility between the                   quite satisfied with the impact we have caused in activities related to
established meanings of "Anarchism" and "Veganism."                         animal experimentation, either in conferences, courses or seminars,
                                                                            using boycotts and protests.
 Despite this, we advocate for the re-conceptualization and the
overcoming of the classical foundations of anarchism, with the              That took place in the week against MaxMara?
intention of creating a rupture in the accepted interpretations of the      In the "International week of sabotage against MaxMara", we
theoretical frameworks which emerged in the Renaissance, while              conducted a campaign of condemnation and defamation through the
retaining the anti-authoritarian nature, and the rejection of any           use of publicity against them, using posters that were placed
source of domination, seeking to generate an anarchist ethic that           strategically in places close to the headquarters of MaxMara
includes restraint and consideration for the wild environment.              Argentina.

With respect to the movement, the groups that make it up can be
divided into two distinct types. From our
group’s perspective, we do not see very
many collectives or organizations advocating
a framework linking animal rights and
anarchism. In fact, we believe that the
opposite exists. The predominate groups are
inclined to advocate exclusively for
non-human animals, invoking a distinction
between human animals and non-human
animals, which results in an unfinished and
segregated critique. The second type is the individualist, which is         What do you all think of legal reform organizations that often see
variable and depends upon the people, the individuals who carry out         this movement as simply an opportunity for making money?
many of the activities you mentioned.
                                                                             As anarchists we repudiate the judicial system, and we do not
What campaign are you all carrying out at the moment?                       consider the power that it invokes as a means of struggle. For that
                                                                            reason we do not put our efforts into reforming or improving this
We are now busy editing the second issue of our publication                 system, but rather into rejecting and abolishing it.
EXTINCTION. Previously we put it out in conjunction with the Semilla
de Liberación (Seed of Liberation), a series of activities in response to
academic events associated with "the use of laboratory animals and
animal experimentation" which take place in the University of Buenos
Aires and the University of Quilmes.

Have you had any mishaps with the police during a protest near any
animal extermination center?

One always runs the risk of such mishaps.

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