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									European Large Corporate

Aetna Global Benefits
Topic Title     New partnership — new
Goes Here]      possibilities

                 New partnership of AGB and Goodhealth —
                  leveraging the best of both worlds
                 Largest U.S.-based expatriate insurer with over
                  335,000 members in over 100 countries
                   – Global presence, local footprint: Dubai, Shanghai,
                     London, Ireland, Hong Kong, Jakarta and the U.S.
                   – One-stop solution for globally-mobile employees
                   – Comprehensive products and services
                   – Targeted and flexible offerings
                   – Next generation of first-class service
                   – Focus on total health and quality of care
Topic Title     Moving up in the world
Goes Here]      …together

                 New force in the global marketplace delivering
                  MORE together!
                   – More products
                   – More global presence
                   – More local knowledge
                   – More service capabilities
                   – More clinical knowledge
                   – More resources
                   – More data and technology
                   – More diversity

     Why an international plan?
     Healthy employees = successful assignments

Compensation and benefits are key to the
  success of expatriate assignments

                Carefully selected and simplified
                         global benefits package

               Appropriate and prompt handling
 +                  of member health concerns

                 Successful Assignment
 Topic Title
 Goes Here]
                     Top expatriate concerns*

                     ISSUE               AGB SOLUTION

                     Relocation          Pre-Trip Planning:
                                         •Web-based tools
                                         •International Health Advisory Team
                     Cost of living      Direct-settlement of high-cost, complex medical procedures

                     Repatriation        •Up to 90-day extension of policy upon return home
                                         •Consistent access to care
                     Family issues       •Provide employee assistance cover for employees and families
                                         •Comprehensive routine care cover for all members
*Results from AGB    Cultural training   •Help assignee to overcome language barriers for treatment
Demonstrated Value                       •Support from a multilingual staff
                                         •Online tools including medical phrase and drug translation databases,
                                          cultural and travel tips and security information
                     Support system      •Integration of global resources and strategic partners to assist
                                          assignees with escalated health issues while overseas
                                         •Toll-free telephone service provided to all members and providers

 Topic Title
 Goes Here]
                     Top employer concerns*

                     ISSUE                AGB SOLUTION

                     Serving employees    24/7 member support:
                                          •Reduces administrative burden
                                          •Peace of mind
                                          •Consistent, quality of care across all employee populations

                     Cost of assignment   •Competitively priced
                                          •Bespoke benefit portfolio
                                          •Consumer approach puts employer in the driver’s seat

                     Repatriation         •Up to 90-day extension of policy upon return home
                                          •Consistent access to care
*Results from AGB                         •Lessening of administrative and cost burden of switching employees
Demonstrated Value                         to new plan
                     Compensation &       •Dedicated Implementation Manager to oversee the organisational
                                           installation easing the burden on the employer and HR team
                     benefits             •Dedicated account manager to work directly with the employer to
                                           obtain/maintain total benefit satisfaction
                                          •Multiple plan design, funding and pricing options available to meet
                                           the employer’s specific needs

Topic Title      Aetna: It begins with the people
Goes Here]       who use our services

Aetna’s Values

Topic Title
Goes Here]
                    The AGB experience

                               Flexibility            Innovation

                                             The AGB
Building global connections                  Experience
for healthy and successful
international assignments

                              Integration             First-class

Topic Title
Goes Here]
                 Inside the AGB experience

                 Flexibility
                    –   Plan design options
                    –   Customisable benefits solutions
                 Innovation
                    –   Solutions for international assignment concerns through
                        Demonstrated Value research
                    –   International Health Advisory Team (IHAT)
                    –   Global presence with direct-settlement contracts in countries
                        important to our members
                    –   Wellness, disease management and maternity management tools
                        and resources
                 Integration
                    –   Dedicated account management, single solution (one rate, one
                        bill, one claim platform), plan portability, single point-of-contact,
                        easy access to care
                 First-class service for members and employers
Topic Title
Goes Here]
                 Suite of products and programmes

                Flexible plan designs deliver personalised solutions
                 Customisable medical cover with optional features of
                  Dental, Prescription Drugs and Vision
                 Wide array of additional products and services:
                    –   Emergency Assistance
                    –   Life
                    –   Long-term Disability (LTD)
                    –   Accidental Death and Personal Loss (AD&PL)
                    –   Informed Health Line®
                    –   International Employee Assistance Programme
                    –   International Disease Management and International Maternity
                        Management Programmes

Topic Title     Solutions across all stages of
Goes Here]      health

Topic Title      A holistic view of health and
Goes Here]       wellness

                 International Health Advisory Team (IHAT)
                    –   Integrated model of clinical resources to assist members in eliminating
                        barriers to accessing care
                    –   Single point of contact for all member health needs across continuum of care
                        and stages of assignment
                 International Disease Management Programme: diabetes, asthma,
                  coronary artery disease
                    –   Voluntary programme, tailored support through IHAT for managing chronic
                        condition and accessing care and medications across borders
                 International Maternity Programme
                    –   Voluntary programme, tailored support through IHAT providing resources and
                        support for planning for a healthy pregnancy and delivery

Topic Title      Dedicated service and support
Goes Here]       Employers

                 Designated Account Management
                 Local support
                 Single point of contact for case installation
                 Satisfaction measurement tools
                 Friendly service, responsive delivery
                 Tools and resources for benefits programme

Topic Title      Dedicated service and support
Goes Here]       Members

                 24/7, multilingual global member service — we’re awake
                  when they’re awake!
                 Claim reimbursement in 100+ currencies
                 Cheque, wire and electronic funds transfer (EFT)
                 International Health Advisory Team (IHAT): pre-trip
                  planning, case management and more
                 Secure website at www.aetnaglobalbenefits.com
                    – Pre-trip planning tools
                    – Security and health news
                    – International provider directory
                    – Claim forms and claims data
                    – Wellness Centre
Topic Title     Why AGB
Goes Here]      An open road to a world of unlimited possibilities

                 30+ years international expertise
                 97 percent client retention for the past eight
                 ―Best of two worlds‖ with AGB and Goodhealth
                   – 1,200+ customers
                   – 325,000+ members in 100+ countries
                   – Comprehensive portfolio
                   – Global reach, local support

                 Consultative and strategic solutions
                 Next generation service philosophy
Topic Title
Goes Here]
                About us

                About Aetna Global Benefits
                Aetna Global Benefits (AGB), the international division of Aetna Inc., is a provider of
                comprehensive health benefits solutions for multinational employers and government
                agencies. AGB's offerings include medical, dental, vision, life, disability, emergency
                assistance and health management programs for employees and high net worth
                individuals who live, work or travel internationally. With the recent acquisition of
                Goodhealth Worldwide, AGB is the industry's largest and most prominent U.S.-based
                international benefits carrier, supporting more than 350,000 members worldwide from
                offices throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

                Aetna Health Insurance Company of Europe Limited, trading as Aetna Global Benefits, is regulated
                by the Irish Financial Regulator and is a member of the Aetna group of companies, a wholly owned
                subsidiary of Aelan Inc.

                Goodhealth Worldwide (Europe) Limited. Registered Address: 76 Shoe Lane, London EC4A 3JB.
                Registered in England & Wales. Registered No. 04548434. FSA Registered No. 310030. An Aetna
                Company. Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

                Plans and programmes are offered, underwritten or administered by Aetna Health Insurance
                Company of Europe, Ltd., Aetna Life & Casualty (Bermuda) Ltd. or Aetna Life Insurance Company


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