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Alice Hyde Medical Center
       2007 Annual Report
   Quality health care with dignity and compassion to those we serve…
                   — Alice Hyde Medical Center mission

    We will be the trusted and respected health care provider of choice,
              exceeding expectations through qualified staff,
         advanced technology, and state-of-the-art facilities.…
                     — Alice Hyde Medical Center vision

Every day, around-the-clock, the dedicated caregivers at Alice
Hyde Medical Center strive to meet our mission of delivering
quality health care with dignity and compassion to those
we serve. While it is commonly understood that we focus on
treating, healing, and curing, there are many “side effects” to
the advanced medicine and compassionate care offered by
Alice Hyde Medical Center professionals and physicians.

The 2007 Annual Report of the Alice Hyde Medical Center offers a glimpse
of the many positive side effects that result as we fulfill our mission of caring
and service. From the restorative power of surgery and rehabilitation to the
expansion and growth of critical health care services to helping keep our
neighbors healthy and well, Alice Hyde Medical Center is making a positive
difference in the life of our community.

                    all side effects of good health.

                             Teaching children about proper nutrition and the importance of physical
Playing:                     activity through partnerships with schools…

A Side Effect                Helping seniors achieve a better quality of health and life by effectively man-
                             aging chronic diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis…
of Good Health               Offering a broad range of programs, services, and support to community
                             members for quitting smoking, preventing cancer, losing weight, managing
                             stress, driving safely, engaging in exercise…

                             Alice Hyde Medical Center…working together with our community members
                             and partners to achieve all the side effects of good health.

2 00 7 Annual Rep or t                                                                                         1
    Report from the President and Chair

    The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.        We are looking ahead to the changes
                                                                 in how health care will be financed
    “Change” has been the one thing we have been able to         and adapting our service delivery
    count on in health care and in the history of Alice Hyde     and financial structures accordingly.
    Medical Center. The historic changes that have taken
    place in Malone and at AHMC in the past 100 years have       To ensure that there are enough
    been well documented—and they have always been a             health care professionals and
    reflection of community needs.                               physicians to care for our increasing
                                                                 elderly population, AHMC is
    But, change is happening more rapidly now than ever          helping to “grow” nurses and other
    before. Take a look at some of the demographic facts:        health care professionals locally          John W. Johnson,
                                                                 through programs like New Visions,
    330 people turn 60 every hour.                               partnerships with community
                                                                 colleges, and offering educational
    Every 7 seconds, someone in America turns 50.                and employment incentives.

    The size of the 50+ population will be more than double      To strengthen our governance and
    over the next 35 years.                                      fiduciary responsibilities for this
                                                                 precious community asset, Alice
    There are now more people over 65 than there are             Hyde Medical Center is reaching
    teenagers.                                                   out and cultivating future leaders
                                                                 to serve as Board members and
    There are now 70,000 people over 100 years old;              executives.                                  Gerald Rufa,
    by 2050, demographers estimate there will be 834,000.                                                    Chair, Board of
                                                                 Perhaps the most essential                    Directors
    Much like other rural communities across the country,        ingredient to the success of the
    we are struggling with the changes in population, the        Medical Center in the future is our commitment to work
    ever-dwindling government financial resources for            together. Whether you are a physician, an employee, a
    hospitals and nursing homes, the breakneck speed             patient, a family member, a community member, a donor,
    of development of new, often life-saving technology,         a Board member, a local business owner, a volunteer, or
    dramatic advances in the ability to prolong life—these       resident of the area served by Alice Hyde Medical Center,
    all necessitate the leadership of AHMC to prepare for the    your involvement and support is essential to a healthy
    future today.                                                future. We are confident, based on the close to 100 years
                                                                 of years of giving and caring, that together we will
    That is why the Alice Hyde Medical Center Board of           maintain and grow Alice Hyde Medical Center to serve
    Directors and Administration are creating plans to           future generations.
    address both current and future health care needs
    for those living in the North Country. Not only are we       Thank you to our Board members for their time,
    working to meet your needs today—as chronicled               commitment, and vision, and our appreciation to the
    throughout this Annual Report—we are laying the              staff, volunteers, and physicians who give selflessly to
    groundwork for the Medical Center to thrive in the future.   care for those who live, work, and visit in the areas served
                                                                 by Alice Hyde Medical Center.
    To maintain and bolster our financial health, Alice Hyde
    Medical Center is working collaboratively with physicians,   We look to the future with confidence and optimism as
    government agencies, schools, and other community            we continue to provide quality health care with dignity
    partners to make sure that we are using all available        and compassion to those we serve.
    resources efficiently and avoiding duplication of effort.

2                                                                                        Al i ce Hyd e M e d i c a l Ce nte r
    Page 3: Major Accomplishments
    CHANGE to: Growing or Succeeding?…A Side Effect of Good Health

    Highlights of 2007
    During the past year, Alice Hyde Medical Center:

    ▲ Expanded physician services for our community. Four Board-certified physicians
      joined the Alice Hyde Medical Center Medical Staff—Dr. Dragos Macelaru,
      Orthopedic Surgery; Dr. Wolfgang Miggiani, Emergency Medicine; Dr. Noel Varghese,
      Obstetrics/Gynecology; and Dr. John W. Gebert, Radiation Oncology.
    ▲ Brought state-of-the-art medical technology to the North Country. A new 4D
      Volume Ultrasound is now improving the quality of health care for women, and the
      Baker SterilShield and ChemoShield isolator units are making medication preparation
      in our pharmacy safer for all patients.
    ▲ Was recognized and rewarded for excellence. Alice Hyde Medical Center and
      Nursing Home earned the Joint Commission’s “Gold Seal of Approval”.
    ▲ Strengthened Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Alice Hyde Medical Center is
      a key partner in the establishment of a new EMS “Fly Car” to provide an Emergency
      Medical Technician during the daytime hours when volunteers are unavailable.
    ▲ Instituted a tobacco-free environment to assure a healthier, safer environment
      for patients, residents, visitors, physicians, and employees. Alice Hyde Medical
      Center joined other North Country hospitals in becoming completely tobacco-free.

2 00 7 Annual Rep or t                                                                      3

4                 Al i ce Hyd e M e d i c a l Ce nte r
    Celebrating: A Side Effect of Good Health
    During 2007, Alice Hyde Medical Center celebrated
    the anniversary of two critical health services that
    have greatly improved the quality of life in Malone and
    surrounding areas—the Reddy Cancer Treatment Center
    and the Wade and Marjorie Hastings Hemodialysis Unit

    Before the opening of the Reddy Cancer Treatment
    Center and the Wade and Marjorie Hastings HDU ten
    years ago, cancer and dialysis patients had to travel
    long distances for treatment. Since their inception, both
    services have grown to meet the needs of North Country
    patients—the number of dialysis patients has increased
    from 12 to 54 and cancer patients now have access to
    technologically advanced treatment.

    For the past decade, the Wade and Marjorie Hastings
    HDU has made great strides and has been recognized for
    excellence—it has consistently scored higher than the
    state and national averages for quality indicators and has
    received National Patient Recognition awards. The Reddy
    Cancer Center is one of fewer than 200 facilities accredited by the     Evelyn Rolland of Brushton has
    American College of Radiation Oncology.                                 received dialysis treatments for the past
                                                                            2 ½ years, Suzanne Applebee, Patient
    Community support and partnerships have been the hallmark of            Care Tech, and Kristine Collins, LPN
    these centers of caring—from the financial support to establish these
    services, to local residents taking full advantage of these services
    when they need them.

                                                                                  Left of machine: Lorene
                                                                                  Reynolds, HDU Nurse Manager,
                                                                                  Mary Hiscock, HDU patient,
                                                                                  Frank Jacobs, HDU Social
                                                                                  Worker; right of machine: John
                                                                                  Johnson, AHMC President/CEO,
                                                                                  Laurie Marr, Communications &
                                                                                  Community Affairs Leader, Alcoa
                                                                                  Massena Operations, Julia Race,
                                                                                  AHMC Philanthropy Director.

2 00 7 Annual Rep or t                                                                                                  5
    Running: A Side Effect of Good Health
    A significant achievement of the past year was
    the opening of the new Alice Hyde Orthopedic &
    Rehabilitation Center.

    Designed with patient and community needs in
    mind, this Center incorporates state-of-the-art
    techniques and equipment, including an aquatic
    therapy pool equipped with a treadmill; expanded
    space for services and private treatment; and
    upgraded therapeutic equipment.

    The Center integrates the patient experience from
    surgery to rehabilitation, and houses both the
    Holmes Rehabilitation Department and the Alice
    Hyde Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Center—the
    offices of Orthopedic Surgeons Drs. Marco Berard
    and Dragos Macelaru and their staff.

    Getting patients back on the road to recovery—
    helping them to first walk and then run—is a reflection of yet another side
    effect of good health offered by Alice Hyde Medical Center.

6                                                                                 Al i ce Hyd e M e d i c a l Ce nte r

2 00 7 Annual Rep or t             7

    O      nce again in 2007, community members,
           employees, physicians, and members of the
           AHMC Board of Directors demonstrated their
    commitment to ensuring the viability and growth of Alice
    Hyde Medical Center.
                                                                        In keeping with their mission of supporting AHMC, our
                                                                        patients and families, and our community, the Alice
                                                                        Hyde Auxiliary donated over $36,000, which was used to
                                                                        upgrade the furniture in nursing home residents’ rooms
                                                                        and to purchase a portable whirlpool unit for the Alice
                                                                        Hyde Orthopedic & Rehabilitation Center.
    The Medical Center is also appreciative of the generous
    support given this year by the Alcoa Plant and the Kinney           Alice Hyde Medical Center is grateful for the community
    Drugs Foundation, each of which donated $20,000 to                  support of both time and funding—together, we have
    offset the purchase of new hemodialysis machines for the            and will continue to expand and grow to meet dynamic
    Wade and Marjorie Hastings Hemodialysis Unit.                       community needs.

                                                       2007 Donor List
    We would like to extend            Annual Gift Levels:              New Covenant Church                   Linda Styles*
                                                                        North Franklin Federal Credit Union   Sunflower East Cafe
    our deepest appreciation           Chairman’s Circle ($5,000+)      Julia C. Race*                        Erik & Jennifer Whittaker
                                       ALCOA                            Kalpana Reddy                         Doug Yando
    to contributors who have           Anonymous                        Rosie & Mordi Rehany
                                       Estate of Hale Harvey            Gerald & Mary Rufa                    Friend ($100 - $249)
    supported Alice Hyde Medical       Estate of Alice Hoffman          Rajiv Shah, M.D.                      Karla J. Alexander*
                                                                        Nadav Sharon, M.D.                    Donna M. Andrews*
    Center. In 2007, $197,000          President’s Circle               Dianna C. Tarbell                     Anonymous
                                          ($2,500 - $4,999)             The Industrial Press                  Anonymous
    was raised to ensure quality       Jack & Inge Hinman               Clint A. Watson                       Anonymous
                                       Kinney Drugs Foundation                                                Anthony & Jennifer Bailey
    health care.                                                        Guardian ($500 - $999)                Christina M. Baranoski*
                                       Benefactor ($1,000 - $2,499)     Adirondack Energy Products            Marci K. Berkman*
                                       Dr. Emile & Melissa Benardot     Robert & Laura Bessette               Deborah K. Bigness*
    These funds will go towards        Gary R. Benware                  Gerald W. Cahill, M.D.                Janice E. Bilow*
                                       Marco Berard, M.D. &             Irving S. Caplan                      Donna M. Bishop*
    the continued advancement              Marie-Caroline Piche, M.D.   John & Beverly Connors                Jeremy J. Bombard*
                                       Anjni Bhagat, M.D.               David & Sue DeSantis                  Linda M. Bouissey*
    of medical technology and          Bilow Farms, LLC                 Carlos F. Dishman                     Gordon & Marie Bowen
                                       Morris Browman, M.D.             Leonard & Lucille Dumas               Walter Brand
    services that will save lives in   Burke Grange 932                 Bryan & Cathy Duquette                Bernard J. Bruyere*
                                       Paul & Susy Cantwell             Jason & Tara Ellis                    Garth & Sharlene Callahan
    our community. We offer our        Daniel E. Clark                  Rick & Kathy Ellis                    Emily E. Campbell*
                                       Nancy S. Collins                 Mary Jo Feeley                        Ginger C. Carriero*
    sincere thanks to each of you.     James & Elizabeth Coughlin       Jack Fleury                           Ruth Chapin
                                       Dr. Leonardo & Martha Dishman    Fran & Paul Goodrow                   Phyllis Chase
                                       Dr. & Mrs. Bernard Gelbard       Bryan J. Hughes                       Francesca M. Chesbrough*
                                       Kevin Hart*                      Dr. & Mrs. Benson Kelly               Stuart Child
                                       John W.* & Sally Johnson         Shawn & Paula McNerney                Jacqueline Clookey-Bouissey*
                                       Dean & Melissa Johnston          Wolfgang P. Miggiani                  Jan S. Close, M.D*
                                       Christian Lamarre, M.D. &        North Star Lodge #107                 Malinda A. Collins*
                                           Mrs. Brigitte Fontaine       George K. Pond                        Kelly J. Cowan*
                                       Lashomb Insurance Agency                                               Cheryl A. Crinklaw*
                                       Craig LaVigne                    Partner ($250 - $499)                 Dr. & Mrs. G. Berton Davis
                                       Dick LaVigne                     American Legion Post 1479 –           Mr. & Mrs. Glen Davis
                                       Phillip Leroux                       Hogansburg                        Josephine S. Delaney*
                                       Dragos Macelaru, M.D. &          Phil & Sandra Dafler                  Sheila M. Demers*
                                           Mrs. Lumi Iorgu              Timothy J. Harmon*                    Michele T. Denny*
                                       Ann M. Main                      Sue Holland                           Madeline C. Deno
                                       Dr. & Mrs. Robert Malatesta      Shannon F. Legacy*                    Darrel & Mary Deragon*
                                       Brian & Linda McClarigan*        T. Geoffrey Luke*                     Michael J. Derouchie*
                                       Mary Beth McKee                  John J. Montville*                    Christine M. Dominic-Rovito*
                                       Drs. Marina & Vladimir Medved    Anne E. Slocum*                       James Donnelly*

8                                                                                                      Al i ce Hyd e M e d i c a l Ce nte r
Nancy A. Douglas                   Patricia J. Russell*                Ada M. Currier*                 Malone Amvets Post 8
Barbara Drake                      Jane E. Sevey*                      Ruth S. Davis                   Francois G. Marceau*
Norman & Shirley Dumas             John D. Shea*                       Harvey J. & Robin A. Day, III   Janice & Pat Marlow
Msgr. Dennis J. Duprey             Jesse & Helen Sherwood              Angela M. DeBeer*               Annette M. Marshall*
Lawrence H. Elliott*               Joyce T. Smith                      Ronald DeBeer                   Carl & Liz Marshall
Burton & Ann Emory                 Mary A. Smith*                      Richard & Marianne DeBellis     John W. Martin*
Kathleen S. Evans                  Virginia S. Smith*                  Jack & Susan Delehanty          Karl & Gayle Martin
Richard & Janice Farmer            Jeanette P. Snell*                  Joan H. DeLorme*                Susan E. Mathieson*
Dorothee S. Fetter*                Peter C. Snell*                     Bonnie Demers                   Sheila M. Mayville*
Kimberly A. Finch*                 William Sousie                      Sheree A. Denny*                John & Eleonore McCabe
Rick & Joni Fitchette              Anna V. Stafford*                   Marie & Richard DeVries         Hugh & Lucille McCann
Hallie L. Garland*                 Annamae G. Stewart                  William & Judith Diana          Alison P. McCarthy*
Robert & Sherrill Gasper           Shelly R. Stone*                    Charles & Jane Dievendorf       Susan M. McElwain*
Lora Lie M. Gokey*                 John & Barbara Sullivan             Heidi L. Dishman*               Ellen T. Miller*
Ruth A. Gonyea*                    Rick Swanston                       Andre & Molly Stark Donikian    Jane & Bill Monheimer
Garth & Mary Ann Maneely Griffin   Susan Sweeney-Smith                 William & Isabelle Dorey        Jane M. Monica*
Jon S. Halley*                     Felix W. Tam*                       Debora L. Ducharme              Michelle L. Montgomery*
Thomas H. Hamilton*                David Thomas                        Lynn Dufort                     Roxanne M. Morter*
Suzanne M. Hayes*                  Lois Thomas                         Dorothy Dufrane                 Elizabeth J. Noreault*
Janet M. Hazel*                    Kurt E. Trautmann*                  Denise M. Duquette*             Fran Ohlman
Gordon & Rose Hiscock              Mary Kay Tulloch                    Michelle A. Durant*             Robert & Linda O’Jida
Suzanne M. Hogan                   The Tulloch Family                  Melven R. Durham*               Ann M. O’Neil*
Joyce A. Hurteau*                  Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Tutino           Althea C. Eames*                Brenda L. Parker*
Peggy Janes                        Sheila M. Wagner*                   Kristin L. Ellis-Wood*          Kenneth & Janet Parnapy
Janice M. Johnson                  Todd W. & Barbara M. Weber          Deborah A. Ellsworth            Kelly L. Patterson*
Lorraine M. Johnson*               Sylvia M. Willett*                  Richard Feimann, Sr.            Ronald J. Perry*
Marcella A. Jones*                 Michael D. Zemany*                  Gregory E. Freeman*             Sandra A. Perry
Ellen D. Koehler*                  Sue E. Zemany*                      Patricia I. Gaglianese*         Paula M. Poirier*
Ralph & Gertrude Kriff                                                 Elaine M. Gale*                 Beverly Quenville
Barbara A. LaBombard*              Supporter (under $100)              Dawn D. Gokey                   Mr. & Mrs. Marcel Racine
William J. LaBrake*                AA Group (Sunday A.M.)              Marilyn C. Gokey*               Gene & Caroline Riley
Deborah L. LaFlesh*                Anonymous                           Howard & Fae Goodrow            Karen SB Riley*
Cathlyn E. Lamitie*                Mayra A. Alba-Chartier*             Robert & Karen Gravel           Barbara J. Rodriguez
Cheryl A. LaPlant*                 American Legion                     Susan D. Griffin*               Marian Roscoe
Linda M. LaRock*                       Auxiliary Unit 219 – Malone     Elizabeth M. Guerin             Beverly G. Ross
William R. Latreille. Jr., M.D.    Kathy L. Avery*                     Deborah A. Gumbus*              Elizabeth G. Russell
Colleen A. Law*                    Paul D. Avery*                      Marie T. Gumbus*                Mary Beth Ryan
Toby R. Legault*                   Richard R. Babbitt                  Ann E. Hall*                    John & Suzy Safford
Brenda J. LePage*                  Denise A. Baker*                    Robert & Ellen Hall             Deborah E. Sauve*
Rebecca K. Livernois*              Eugene Barber & Beverly Kraft       Danielle C. Halley*             Andrea B. Savage
Roger A. Livernois*                Mr. & Mrs. Richard Barber           Gertrude Hamelin                Kenneth & Amy Schack-Sehlmeyer
Susan L. Lockwood*                 Deborah M. Barney*                  Diana L. Handly*                Connie Schell
Robert Lyng                        Tonya M. Barnhart*                  Michelle A. Harris*             Valerie A. Sherwin*
Sandra M. MacDonald*               B. E. Smith, Inc.                   Janet L. Hazel                  Kimberly A. Silver-Harmon*
Tiffany & Andrea Maiorana          Joel P. Benware*                    Mark A. Helmer*                 Victor F. Silver
Linda S. Maneely*                  Marsha L. Benware*                  Marcia (Ronan) Hennessy         Donald J. Simpson
Sharon T. Manning*                 Joanne M. Bergevin*                 Jerry & Marsha Hickey           Dawn M. Smith*
Taina M. Marlow*                   Brian D. Berry*                     Holly L. Hiscock*               Jack & Cindy Soper
Julie A. Marshall*                 Mr. & Mrs. William Besaw            Cathy & John Hollinshead        Kevin R. Spaulding*
Matamek Corporation                Robert & Linda Bishop               Laurie J. Holmes*               Tom Spaulding
Pamela M. McDonald-Tilson*         Alvin T. Black*                     Gretchen L. Holzhauer           Jeff E. Spence*
Robert & Donnamae McGibbon         Lora A. Blair*                      Lowell & Dorothy Hoy            Tammy L. Spinner*
Jerome McNulty                     Lloyd N. Boadway                    Wanda L. Jock*                  Sherri L. Staib*
Sandra M. Mertz*                   Shirley A. Bombard*                 Wendell & Sandra Jock           Linda M. Stanka*
Bernard & Elaine Miner             Grace M. Bourey                     Judith A. Johnson*              Michelle A. St. Hilaire*
Donna L. Morris*                   Janice L. Boyea*                    Rita B. Kennedy*                Theodore T. Stone*
Mr. & Mrs. G. Albert Moses         Rebecca L. Boyea*                   Darline A. LaBarge*             Brandi L. Surprenant*
Dawn R. Norcross*                  Vincent & Louise Boyea              Donna M. LaBombard*             Nathan O. Surprenant*
Amy E. O’Connor*                   Joseph A. Brady*                    Gail S. LaFlesh*                Roy & Caroline Tarbell
Patricia A. O’Donnell*             Beth A. Brand*                      Diana C. Lamica*                Shannon C. Tatro*
Paul N. Paquin*                    Roberta M. Brand*                   Sherry L. Lamica                Mary Jo Terrance
Ann V. Perry*                      Beatrice Brooks                     Renee C. Lane*                  Mr. & Mrs. William Tomkiewicz
Linda L. Phelix*                   Lydia G. Brown*                     Robert & Jeanne Lang            Janice H. Towne*
Karen M. Phillips*                 Mr. & Mrs. John Buchanan            Theresa A. Lasky*               Terry & Marcella Trudeau
Andy Pickett                       Laura L. Burgess*                   Susan H. Leahy*                 Gary J. Trumble*
Carole J. Plante*                  Thomas E. Burton                    Cheryl Learned                  Linda D. Trumble*
Mrs. Mary Potter                   Patsy K. Card*                      Joseph & Marian Leone           Julia R. Trumbull*
Gerald W. Proper*                  Bonnie M. Cavanagh*                 Jennifer L. Lockwood*           Christina M. Tupia*
Betti J. Reynolds*                 Centennial Abstract Company, Inc.   Norman Loiselle                 Jeanette L. Tuttle*
Tammy L. Reynolds*                 Betty V. Chase                      Cheryl A. Luke*                 Elizabeth A. Tyson*
Nancy M. Richards*                 Susan B. Collette*                  Gail I. Lunan*                  Harry E. Upham
Sharon Roscoe-Martin*              Virginia M. Collins*                Kelli E. Macauley*              Ursuline Sisters of Malone
Carl Rowley                        Joann M. Cook*                      Pat & Irv MacLaren              Catherine VanSchaick*
Jeffrey & Sandra Rundell           John & Mary Coultry                 John & Karen Mahoney            Joan D. Varsics*

2 00 7 Annual Rep or t                                                                                                                  9
     Laura A. Walbridge*                      2007 AHMC Winterfest:              David P. Gorman, M.D.:                   Craig & Ginger Carriero
     Deborah G. Warren*                       Beardsley Design Associates        Jack & Inge Hinman                       Sue & Alexander Chelico
     David Werner                             Bill’s General Repair              Connie Schell                            John & Nancy Child
     Margaret S. Wescott                      Bonesteel’s Gardening Center       Jesse & Helen Sherwood                   Jan & Patricia Close
     Chantal White*                           Charles Lucas Electrolux Sales &                                            Guy & Halette Djandji
     Irene G. Wilcox                               Service                       Walter J. (Tim) Higgins:                 Viviane Djandji
     Geraldine M. Wilson*                     Chez Madeleine                     Penny & Marcel Almond                    Pat Gaglianese
     Lisa F. Wilson*                          forARTSake                         Douglas & Bernice Champagne              F.H. Haroun
     Walter Winiarczyk*                       Free Trader                        John & Mary Coultry                      Gowling Lafleur Henderson, LLP
     Brenda & Cyril Winters                   Giroux Bros.                       CSEA BOCES Unit 6869                     Kevin & Mary Hart
     Write One                                Graymont                           Viola Hawkins                            Scott & Janet Hazel
     Donald & Jean Yeddo                      Jons Restaurant                    Jim & Isabelle Martin                    Yves Homsy, M.D.
                                              Leroux Oil Company, Inc.           Angela Premo                             John & Sally Johnson
     *AHMC employee                           Main Street Medical Group          Dick & Sandy Robert                      Francis & Marilyn Johnston
                                              Malone Office Products             Sue Robinson                             Christian Lamarre & Brigitte Fontaine
     2007 AHMC Benefit                        MorrisSwitzer-Environments for     Jerry & Rita Savage                      Larry Legault
     Golf Tournament:                              Health, LLC                   George & Rose Sheelar                    Jonathan & Margaret Lowell
                                              National Grid                      Mary Kay & Bob Smith                     Brian & Linda McClarigan
     $2,500 & Up                              Northern Ambulance                 Ann & Bob Sova                           D.C. & Gloria McCormick
     Wilson, Elser, Moskowitz, Edelman &      Park Street Inn                    Staff at Franklin County Child Support   Nora J. Malouf
         Dicker, LLP                          Price Chopper                           Unit                                Karl & Gayle Martin
                                              SeaComm Federal Credit Union       Clifford & Mary Steenberge               David W. Minnich
     $1,500 to $2,499                         St. Mary-Murphy Funeral Home       Floyd & Sheila Walker                    Kamil Nasr
     Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC             The Industrial Press                                                        T. Gary O’Neill
     Malone Emergency Medical Services        The Investment Center              Wallace L. Jones:                        Gary & Kathy Peffer
        (MedExcel USA, Inc.)                  Time Warner                        Bill & Jackie Burns                      Robert & Carole Plante
     Medical Liability Mutual Insurance Co.   Titus Mountain                     LeRoy & Rita Gonyea                      Dr. & Mrs. Everett C. Reid
     MorrisSwitzer-Environments for                                              William & Bess Hanna                     Tammy Reynolds
        Health, LLC                           Honoring:                          Ethel H. Jones                           Penny & Magdy Saad
     Treo Solutions, Inc.                                                        Malone Middle School Flower Fund         Dr. Nabil E. Saheb
                                              Mary Kay Lamitie:                  Patricia Maneeley                        R. Salhani
     $1,000 to $1,499                         Donna Fleury                       Donnamae McGibbon                        Kenneth & Susan Scott
     Atlas Health Care Linen Services         Christine M. LaDuke                The Bouissey Family                      Robin & Linda Styles
     Fuji Film Medical Systems USA, Inc.                                         Charles & Angela Wemette                 Frank Williams
     Key Bank                                 Carol Lyng:                                                                 Dr. Akil Yousef & Family
     Manning & Napier Advisors, Inc.          Dr. & Mrs. Robert S. Nolan         Jeffry Lamitie:
     Martin, Fletcher                                                            Mary Kay Lamitie                         Earl & Vivian Mumley:
     Mohawk Hospital Equipment, Inc.          In Memory of:                      Elizabeth & Lyle Rafter                  Larry & Gail Scott
     Stryker Orthopaedics                                                        Adeline Taro
                                              Robert Baker:                                                               Clemy Reynolds:
     $500 to $999                             Bruce & Cheryl Boyea               Phyllis Legault:                         Donald Reynolds
     Community Bank, N.A.                     Wayne & Linda Brockway             Donald & Elizabeth Burditt & Family
     Continuum Professional Services          John & Mary Byrnes                 Malone Post Office Employees             Craig Sherwin:
     Corporate Express                        Michael & Roxy Hammett             Brian & Lori Smith                       Kenneth & Sally Deuel
     Highline Technology, LLC                 David & Mary Ellen McKane          Edward & Gay Tatro, Jr.
     Liberty Mutual                           Linda Sprague                      Michael & Linda Tatro                    Doris Watson:
     Pizzagalli Construction Co.              Paul Tallman & Linda Tucker                                                 Clinton A. Watson
     Sid G. Spear                                                                Effat Macramalla, M.D.:
     Westelcom                                Winifred Bennett:                  Alice Hyde Medical Center Nursing        Doryce White:
                                              Peter & Pamala McArdle                 Administration                       John & Joyce Taylor
     Under $500                                                                  Alice Hyde Orthopaedic & Sports
     Atlantic Testing Laboratories            Lional Bergeron:                       Medicine Center                      Pauline Woodward:
     Contact Paging & Answering Service       Janet S. Hadlock                   Ioana Riga-Avedian                       Edward & Joyce Bachl
     Healthcare Concepts, Inc.                Mrs. Olivia Leduc                  Michelle Babbie & Family                 Krista Bachl
     KBM Management                           Raymond & Claudine Leduc, Sr. &    Bob & Chris Baranoski                    Mr. & Mrs. George Maneggia
     Labcorp                                     Family                          Robert & Linda Bishop                    Mr. & Mrs. Troy Therriault
     Upstate Linac Services, LLC              Richard Leduc & Jan                Dr. & Mrs. Stanley Blum & Family
                                              Joseph & Brenda Turner             Beth Brand

10                                                                                                               Al i ce Hyd e M e d i c a l Ce nte r
                                               2007 Total Gross Revenues

                      Blue Cross: 23%                                                                                  Medicare: 39%

                                                                                                                              Comp/No Fault: 3%
                             HMOs: 2%
                                 Other: 6%                                                                                   Self Pay: 3%

                                      Medicaid: 15%                                                               Commercial Insurance: 9%

                                             2007 Patient Volume Trends
                         Licensed Hospital Beds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .76
                         Nursing Home Beds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .75
                         Admissions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2,850
                         Patient Days . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11,264
                         Average Days of Stay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.0
                         Operating Room Procedures . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4,728
                         Laboratory Exams . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 718,768
                         Radiology Procedures . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51,223
                         Emergency Department Visits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13,706
                         Clinic Visits. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9,635
                         Dental Center Visits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12,126
                         Health Center Visits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16,045
                         Same Day Surgery Procedures . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4,083
                         Dialysis Treatments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8,017

                                                  2007 Operating Expenses

                   Interest Expenses: 1%                                                                           Medical Supplies & Other: 27%
                         Bad Debts: 4%

                 Fringe Benefits: 11%

                                                                                                                              Employee Salaries: 48%
            Building & Equipment: 5%

                         Medications: 4%

2 00 7 Annual Rep or t                                                                                                                                 11
     Board of Directors
     Gerald Rufa, Chair*            Carlos Dishman*              Dean Johnston*                    Dianna Tarbell
                                    Lynn Dufort                  Benson Kelly, MD                  Terry Trudeau
     Gary Benware                   Jason Ellis                  Craig LaVigne                     Douglas Yando
     Anjni Bhagat, MD*              Rick Ellis*                  Dick LaVigne*
     Morris Browman, MD*            Mary Jo Feeley*              Phil Leroux*
     Daniel Clark*                  Jack Fleury                  Mary Beth McKee*
     James Coughlin                 Paul Goodrow*                Rick Swanston                     * Executive Committee

     Ex-Officio                     Executive                    Medical                           Auxiliary
                                    Leadership as of             Executive                         Board
     John W. Johnson                December 2007                Committee                         Members

     William Latreille              John W. Johnson              Dr. William Latreille             Cathy Duquette
     MD, President, Medical Staff   President/                   President                         President
                                    Chief Executive Officer
     Cathy Duquette                                              Dr. Rajiv Shah                    Pat Maneely
     Auxiliary President            Linda McClarigan, RN, MS     Vice President                    Vice President
                                    Senior Vice President,
     Jan Close, MD                  Patient Care Services        Dr. Myrna Sanchez                 Molly McKee
     Chief Medical Officer                                       Secretary/Treasurer               2nd Vice President
                                    Jan Close, MD
                                    Chief Medical Officer        Dr. Maurice Bettez                Rebecca Livernois
                                                                 Chair, Dept. of Surgery           Treasurer
     Emeritus                       Kevin Hart
                                    Vice President, Operations   Dr. Craig Richards                Darcye Gervais
                                                                 Chair, Dept. of Medicine          Recording Secretary
     Donald Anderson                Sandra MacDonald
     Claire Bailey                  Interim Vice President,      Dr. Emile Benardot                Suzy Cantwell
     Ralph Cardinal                 Finance                      Chair, Dept. of                   Legislative Advisor
     Thomas Cardinal                                             Female & Child Health
     George B. Davis, MD            Walter Winiarczyk                                              Carole Holmes
     Norman M. Gervais              Administrator,               Dr. Gerald Cahill                 Gift Shop Buyer
     Jack Hinman                    Alice Hyde Nursing Home      Chair, Nominating/
     Jack Kimberly                                               Bylaws Committee                  Clarice Champagne
     Robert G. Main, Jr
                                                                                                   Kathy Evans
     J. Brian McKee
     John B. Murphy                                                                                Marilyn Johnston
     Kenneth Tulloch                                                                               Theresa LeRoy
                                                                                                   Amy O’Connor
                                                                                                   Karen Mahoney
                                                                                                   Bev Marsden
                                                                                                   Linda McClarigan
                                                                                                   Marge Miller
                                                                                                   Anne Simays
                                                                                                   Sue Spaulding
                                                                                                   Linda Sprague

12                                                                                          Al i ce Hyd e M e d i c a l Ce nte r
2007 Active Medical Staff
Dr. Emile Benardot       Dr. Prabhna Kandiyil        Dr. Myrna Sanchez             Dr. Paul Tran
Pediatrics               Internal Medicine           Oncology/Hematology/          Podiatry
                                                     Internal Medicine/
Dr. Marco Berard         Dr. Benson Kelly            Palliative Care               Dr. Noel Varghese
Orthopedic Surgery/      Family Practice                                           Obstetrics/Gynecology
Sports Medicine                                      Dr. Rajiv Shah
                         Dr. Christian Lamarre       Gastroenterology/             Dr. Ira Weissman
Dr. Maurice Bettez       Emergency Medicine          Internal Medicine             Pediatrics
                         Dr. William Latreille       Dr. Nadav Sharon
Dr. Anjni Bhagat         Internal Medicine           General Surgery
Internal Medicine
                         Dr. Sun Liauw
Dr. Morris Browman       Radiation Oncology
                         Dr. Jonathan Lowell
                                                                 In Loving Memory of
Dr. Gerald Cahill        Family Practice
Family Practice
                         Dr. Dragos Macelaru
Dr. Jan Close            Orthopedic Surgery/
Chief Medical Officer    Sports Medicine

Dr. Phil Dafler          Dr. Aleksandr Medved
Ophthalmology            Dentistry

Dr. Jay Dewell           Dr. Marina Medved
General Surgery          Family Practice/
                         Osteopathic Manipulation
Dr. Leonardo Dishman
Pathology                Dr. Yuliya Medved
Dr. Frank Fuentes                                                    David P. Gorman, M.D.
Dentistry                Dr. Wolfgang Miggiani                    April 24, 1936 - August 12, 2007
                         Emergency Medicine
Dr. John W. Gebert
Radiation Oncology       Dr. Marie-Caroline Piché
                         Hospice & Palliative Care
Dr. Bernard Gelbard
Anesthesiology/          Dr. Mordi Rehany
Pain Management          Radiology

Dr. Jahangir Hossen      Dr. Craig Richards
Anesthesiology/          Internal Medicine
Pain Management
                         Dr. Marcial Salvador
Dr. Sonia Joseph         Pediatrics
                                                                  Effat A. Macramalla, M.D.
                                                                November 24, 1938 - April 17, 2007

2 00 7 Annual Rep or t
                   Accredited by
                The Joint Commission

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            American Hospital Association
       Healthcare Association of New York State
             Iroquois Healthcare Alliance
          North Country Healthcare Providers
       Northern New York Healthcare Association

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      Alice Hyde Medical Center
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