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A Profile of a Slum Community


									A Profile of a Slum Community?
• We need to research     • Avoid using a
  and develop a profile     questionaire and
  of the slum               surveys – they raise
  community we are          expectations among
  planning to work in       slum dwellers
• The information is      • Ascertain, population,
  best collected from       family details, main
  informal observation      occupations, income,
  and conversations         services available,
  with slum dwellers        resources, etc
 What income generating projects
   can come from this slum?
• Ask the inhabitants
  what income
  generating ideas they
• This will also help
  locate the
  entrepreneurs in the
• Ascertain what capital
  is needed to start
  these projects?
Here is an example

• From Manila, the Capital City of the
  Philippines – this slum settlement is
   the famous Payatas B rubbish tip
      slum 12 km from the Central
           Business District.
A Picture of the Payatas Rubbish
           Tip in Manila
A Profile
• 150,000 inhabitants in
  Payatas B Settlement
• 20,000 families
• 10,000 scavengers
  working everyday from
  6am to 5pm
• Earn Pesos 2,000/mth =
• Many scavengers are
  addicts on
      Exploitation of the Poor!
• 500 trucks per day      • Where is the justice
  enter Payatas tip         for the poor?
• Each truck is charged   • The Municipality may
  350 Pesos to unload       have to move the tip?
• Gangs control who
  gets to scavenge in
  the tip
• The scavengers have
  to bribe the gangs to
  be able to scavenge
 Can anything good come out of a
         place like this?
• 80% is recyclable       • Kids whose parents
• Plastic bags are          are drug addicts can
  washed in the nearby      collect rubbish and
  creek, and baled for      sell it to get money for
  reprocessing              food
• Tyres are used to       • The smell of the
  make sandals              rubbish tip is
• Food scraps can feed      overwhelming
  pigs and make worms     • Sometimes rubber
• All metals, glass and     and plastic is burned
  plastics can be sold    • There is plenty of
                            food waste
• There is a water and          • There are hundreds of
  good electricity supply         young men looking for
• There are several pre-          work
  schools and schools in        • There are internet Café’s
  the Payatas B settlement        in the slum at very
• There is a concrete road        reasonable prices
  two thirds of the way into    • A major market is close
  the settlement                  by
• There are many types of       • Most slum dwellers have
  transport readily available     unused land around there
  for hire                        houses – up to 600m2
• Many women have no            • The land is fertile and the
  work                            climate is very good
20 pastors and leaders train to help
       the poor in Payatas

    • 20 passed the week long training
    • Three new income generating
      cooperatives were birthed.
    • They will employ 80 people
      directly and provide an extra
      6,000 – 8,000 Pesos per month
      to 80 families.
  How much capital is required to
    fund these new projects?
• US$150 to help
  another squatter
  family start a pig
  raising farm.
• NZ$US110 to help a
  poor family start a
  duck raising farm.
• Donate US$375 to
  start a sandal making
  This information was gathered in
• One week living in the
  slum community
• Three entrepreneurs
  were located who
  were ready to
  implement the three
• The pastor knew a
  person who was
  ready to fund these
What can you do in the slum you
       are praying for?
                • People are waiting for
                  you to help them,
                  bring them hope
                • God is wanting to
                  help you – their needs
                  are a burden on His
                • Pray, build
                  research, organise,
                  act, and see what
                  God will do.

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