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					                             In the era of mobile technology, Android has
been showing its enormous presence attracting, both, users and Android
application developers. Since its release in 2007, we have found
Android's prospects in developing quality mobile applications. Whenever
Google releases new versions of Android SDK, multiple new features are
added to compete in the mobile technology world. As we see, third party
mobile applications are playing a startling role these days and
smartphone users are getting excited about that. Be it paid or free,
mobile apps are now mainstream because a wide range of apps such as
security applications, fun applications, business applications, internet
applications, utility applications and many more can be run on a
smartphone platform.As users are multiplying rapidly with the demands of
both custom and customized applications for their respective devices,
most of the leading smartphone manufacturers are playing major role to
thrive in it. Like other operating systems, Android has also been facing
challenges in terms of market share and branding. Being a new comer in
the mobile technology market, Google Android has been trying to be a
killer platform.Since its first rollout, Android is the most popular
platform to work on, among the developers of professional Android
Application Development companies. To build attractive and custom designs
of Android applications, developers use the set of developing tools
available on the SDK, which can be used smartly for molding the
creativity to real applications.Android SDK has a debugger to test the
programs and finding bugs, various libraries, tutorials, ample codes and
handset emulator. High performance and quality applications can be
developed by using the SDK as it provides great built-in features as well
as high level flexibility to develop smart mobile applications. Using the
SDK, Android developers not only develop applications for companies but
also for individual businessmen from various business industries.So it is
true that building innovative and far-reaching android applications
always require highly skillful and experienced Android application
developers. From the day of inception, various reputed Android
Development Companies in India have been working on Android SDK. But, for
a scalable application development, one must select a development company
that can meet the increasing demands of clients at an affordable rate.

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