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Oh Joy


									Oh Joy

          “Jessie,” Jessie‟s eyelids flickered, but she didn‟t wake up.
          “Jessie, please wake up,” James whispered urgently.
          Jessie groaned and rolled over in her sleeping bag, her hair settling over her face in what James
thought was a rather nice way. She looked so gentle when she was sleeping. Then her eyes snapped open
and she fixed James with a baleful glare. The change was remarkable.
          “There better be a reason why you interrupted my beauty sleep,” Jessie growled, blinking in the
early morning sun. She sat up and looked around the campsite. Everything was still in place, nothing was
on fire, Meowth was gone, but he often prowled the woods at night. The only thing out of place was
James, standing next to her sleeping bag clad only in his regulation Team Rocket boxers. Then she noticed
his odd, bowlegged stance and the pained look on his face.
          “All right,” she sighed, “What‟s wrong?”
          “I think I need a doctor,” James whimpered, “It hurts.”
          “What hurts?” she seemed suspicious, “Is this another stupid plan to get me to take off your tube?”
          In response, James carefully lowered his boxers, exposing his genitals. Jessie saw that his penis
was still locked away in its chastity tube, but his balls were hugely swollen and a dark, purple-blue in color.
They looked most unhealthy. Jessie was no expert, but she thought he might be right. She couldn‟t afford
to lose him as a partner; her next partner might not be quite so easily intimidated. She reached out to
carefully touch one of James‟ swollen testicles, flinching as he yelled in pain. She‟d hurt him a lot in the
past, but even she hard a hard time watching this.
          “Okay, put some clothes on and we‟ll get you to a doctor,” she climbed out of her sleeping bag
and set about getting dressed, using clothes from their „disguise‟ box. It wouldn‟t do for the notorious
Team Rocket to show up at a hospital; they‟d get arrested. Jessie settled on a sensible brown business suit
with knee-length skirt and horn-rimmed glasses, while James carefully slipped into a red-flowered kimono.
          “One more thing,” Jessie opened James‟ kimono, took a small steel key from somewhere, and
unlocked his chastity tube. Gently, she slipped it from his penis, the job made easier by the fact that he was
completely limp from the pain. The key and tube disappeared back to wherever it was she kept them.
          “Don‟t want the doctor to see that, now do you? Now let‟s go,” she walked over to the motorcycle
and waited while James hobbled over and slowly lowered himself into the sidecar.
          “What about Meowth?” James asked, trying to find a less uncomfortable position to sit in.
          “He can take care of himself, and we won‟t be long,” Jessie replied, “It‟s probably just a simple
infection you picked up from dripping all the time. An ointment, some pills, maybe a shot and you‟ll be
          “A shot?” James glanced nervously down at his groin.
          “They‟re not going to stick a needle in your balls,” she rolled her eyes at him, “Well, probably
          Jessie kicked the bike to life, zooming down the dirt trail they‟d camped near. James cried out as
they hit a bump, the shock hitting him like a hammer to the groin. Jessie slowed the bike to a more sedate
pace, avoiding the larger rocks and ruts.
          “What?” she snarled a little too loudly when James looked over at her, “I don‟t want to ruin the
          Soon they reached the main road, its smoother, paved surface easier on James. Ten minutes later
they drove into the outskirts of a good-sized town, street signs leading the way to the hospital. Pulling up
in front of the hospital, Jessie stopped the bike, nervously watching an Officer Jenny approach. Like all the
others they‟d seen (and, as criminals, they‟d seen a lot), this Officer Jenny was a slim little woman with
short, purple-ish hair, a mini-skirted police uniform, and a stern look on her face.
          “I‟m sorry, citizens, the hospital is closed for, er, maintenance,” Officer Jenny stood blocking their
way to the hospital, hands on hips.
          “But I need to see a doctor,” James wailed pitifully, on the verge of tears at being so close to help.
          “If it‟s an emergency, then I suggest you go to the Pokemon center down the street,” Jenny stood
firm, “No one is allowed in the hospital right now.”
          James was about to object, until Jessie nudged him in the ribs and pointed behind Jenny at two
police officers carrying a covered gurney out of the building. There was a large, bloody stain on the
covering sheet. Without another word, the two took off down the road.
           Leaving the bike parked outside, Jessie walked into the Pokemon center, James hobbling along a
short distance behind. Inside the high tech veterinary center everything was quiet, a pair of Chanseys
wandered about, idly dusting the furniture. The two chubby, pink Pokemon were dressed in little nurse‟s
uniforms, and were just intelligent enough to serve as assistants. One of them looked up and spotted Jessie
and James then waddled into a back room, calling out in its oddly musical voice. A moment later a Nurse
Joy came walking out, following the Chansey.
           “Oh, I‟m sorry, I didn‟t hear you come in,” Nurse Joy looked like every other Nurse Joy, a cute,
petite woman, with a girlish face, large blue eyes, and long pink hair done up in a complicated pair of
ponytails that trailed down her back only to loop back up and meet under her white nurse‟s cap. Her pink
hair complemented her pink and white nurse‟s uniform quite nicely. Even her voice sounded just like the
Nurse Joy in every other Pokemon center they‟d ever been to. Privately, Jessie thought there was a secret
government cloning project to crank out Nurse Joys and Officer Jennys to staff Pokemon centers and police
departments across the country. There was no way they could all be sisters like they claimed. Still, she
thought, they were cute, maybe someday she‟d get one drunk and see if they had a belly button.
           “What can I help you with today?” Joy asked brightly, bowing in front of the smiling Jessie and
grimacing James.
           “Umm, the hospital‟s closed and, uh, I, um,” James stammered, caught between embarrassment
and necessity.
           “He‟s having a problem with his testicles,” Jessie finished for him, unconcerned with his
           “Oh, I see,” a rosy blush appeared on the nurse‟s cheeks, “Well, if you‟ll follow me into the
examination room, I‟ll do everything I can to help.”
           They followed as Joy led them into the exam room, exchanging the soft earth tones of the waiting
room for white tile and shiny chrome fixtures. Two more Chanseys, or perhaps the same two, it was
difficult to tell, stood next to a waist-high metal table. Nurse Joy went over to a sink and began washing
her hands.
           “Please take your clothes off and lay down on the examination table,” she said over her shoulder,
her sweet voice sounding a bit more business like. As James self-consciously slipped off his kimono and
lay down on the table the two Pokemon darted forward, pulled several canvas straps from under the table,
and quickly and expertly lashed James to the cold metal surface.
           “Hey!” James shouted, struggling against the bonds. Jessie started forward, unsure what was
           At the commotion Nurse Joy whirled around, “Oh, my! I‟m terribly sorry, the Chanseys are used
to dealing with injured Pokemon, some of which need to be restrained so they don‟t lash out.”
           “Really,” Jessie stopped, resting her hands on her hips, “Well that sounds reasonable, we wouldn‟t
want him hurting himself, so there‟s no point in taking them off.”
           “Oh, alright then,” Joy finished washing her hands and began putting on a pair of rubber gloves,
“If you think that‟s best.”
           “But that‟s really not nece…”James frowned up at Jessie.
           “Now, now, you heard the nice nurse, so hush up and let her help you,” Jessie leered down at the
naked, bound James and winked. James groaned, but really had no choice in the matter.
           Nurse Joy walked over to the exam table and looked down at his crotch, noting the swollen, blue
testicles, the shriveled, limp penis, and a few bruises on his inner thighs. She carefully, gently manipulated
his testicles with a minimum of discomfort for James, then felt along his thighs and lower abdomen.
Despite his pain and humiliation, or perhaps because of it, James‟ penis began to react, slowly creeping up
his hairless crotch toward his stomach.
           “Hmm,” Nurse Joy turned to look up at his face, “When was the last time you ejaculated?”
           James thought for a moment, then looked over at Jessie, who just shrugged, “Uh, I don‟t
remember. It‟s been a while though.”
           “Just as I thought,” Joy snapped her fingers, “You‟ve got a bad case of blue balls. I see this
sometimes when trainers don‟t breed their male Pokemon often enough. Don‟t worry, though, I know just
what to do.”
           She stripped off her gloves, tossing them into a nearby trash basket as she rummaged through
cabinets. Once she had to bend over to open a lower drawer and Jessie caught herself admiring Joy‟s
backside. Finally, she found what she was looking for. Joy stood up, turning back to the exam table with a
small black box in hand. Setting the harmless looking box between James‟ legs, she pulled out three small
electrodes connected to the box with thin, coiled wires. These she stuck to James, one on each testicle, and
one just behind his scrotum, where they adhered by themselves.
          “What‟s that for?” James was understandably nervous as he peered down his body at the nurse.
          One of the Chanseys handed something to Joy; James couldn‟t quite see what it was.
          “Why, this is just the device we use to extract the fluids from a Pokemon‟s testicles, don‟t worry,
this won‟t hurt a bit,” she smiled sweetly at him. Then she placed a rubber sheath over his nearly hard
penis. The sheath had a length of clear plastic tube that led into a small glass vial, obviously designed to
catch the „fluids‟ as they were extracted.
          “But can‟t I just, you know, do it myself?” James whined, uncomfortable with the strange device.
          “Oh, no,” Joy replied, “This is much safer and more accurate.”
          Jessie simply stood there smiling down at him, enjoying it all immensely. Joy adjusted a dial on
the box and flipped a switch. James tensed, expecting a sudden shock, only to be surprised at the almost
pleasurable sensation he felt instead. It was a mild feeling of heat coupled with a sort of pressure inside his
balls. Within seconds thick, white semen began pulsing rhythmically along the tube, emptying into the
          Nurse Joy turned to Jessie, “May I offer you some tea while we wait?”
          “I suppose so,” Jessie was a bit disappointed, she had been expecting a shock as well.
          She followed Nurse Joy into another room, absently watching the way her skirt swung back and
forth, revealing a bit of thigh each time. So engrossed was she, that Jessie never noticed as the Chansey
slipped up behind her with a hypodermic in hand. A tiny pinch in the back of her leg caused her to spin
around, and she just kept spinning, dropping to the floor as darkness swept over her.

          Jessie woke up suddenly, with seemingly no aftereffects from the drug. She realized immediately
that she had been drugged, but had no idea why. Of more immediate concern was the fact that she was
strapped to a chair somewhat like one found in a gynecologist‟s office, although with extra attachments
apparently meant for Pokemon of various body types. Even worse, she was completely naked. Her
smooth, feminine arms were bound to the chair at wrist and elbow. Another strap wrapped across her
chest, its upper edge nestled up under her round, full breasts. Still more straps pinned her long, shapely
legs to the wide spread stirrups sticking out of the base of the chair. She was left completely exposed, her
soft, velvety cock and hairless, slightly wrinkled balls dangling over her tight pink anus. Her firm ass hung
unsupported over the edge of the chair, there being no seat to speak of. Her gaze traveled up from her own
bound, partially reclining body to where Nurse Joy stood. Nurse Joy‟s arms were folded across her chest,
she tapped her foot, and there was a strange look on her cute little face.
          “Good morning, Jessie,” Nurse Joy smiled at the shocked look on Jessie‟s face, “Yes, I recognized
you when you came in. I‟ve got to tell you, those disguises were the worst I‟ve ever seen, your hair‟s a
dead giveaway.”
          “What do you think you‟re doing?” Jessie shouted, angry at having been captured by a mere Nurse
Joy, “When I get loose…”
          “You won‟t get loose, that chair is designed for holding fighting type Pokemon,” Joy smiled, a
twinkle in her eye, “As for what I‟m doing, well, let me show you.”
          Jessie couldn‟t believe her eyes as Nurse Joy took off her white apron, unzipped her nurse‟s
uniform, and let it fall to the floor. Clad only in frilly white panties, lacy bra, and nurse‟s cap, Joy‟s body
was smooth and pale, virtually flawless. Jessie felt a flush rising, despite herself. Joy, unsnapped her bra,
revealing high, perky breasts of medium size. Her small, dark nipples stood straight out, obviously
aroused. Then Nurse Joy stepped out of her panties, drawing a stunned gasp from Jessie. Nestled between
Joy‟s smooth, creamy thighs lay a small, uncut penis.
          “You see,” Joy was starting to blush as well, pale pink color spreading across her breasts and face,
“Not all Nurse Joys are born Joy. Some, like me, are born Jay. Our family is just a touch strange,
however, and all children are raised as women. Around puberty the boys get hormone treatments and
plastic surgery along with our veterinary training. It‟s just one of our family‟s little quirks.”
          Jessie had the genetic good fortune to be born the way she was, and had never met another like
her, only James and Meowth knew her secret. This was unknown territory; shock and confusion rendered
the normally vocal redhead silent.
          “When I caught you, I was just going to rape you while you were unconscious,” Joy continued, “I
get so few chances to have sex. But when I found out you had a little secret of your own, I decided to keep
you. It‟s not like anyone will miss you.”
          “This is insane,” Jessie said, her normal bravado quickly returning, “I‟ll never allow it!”
          “I thought you seemed like the dominant type,” Joy seemed pleased, “But don‟t worry, I know lots
of Pokemon taming techniques that should make you more docile. Of course I‟ll have to keep you under
control until then, but, like I said, I‟ve handled meaner Pokemon for years.”
          Joy walked around to the side of the chair to where a tray of instruments sat just out of Jessie‟s
view. The petite nurse picked up a curved and hinged piece of metal, showing it to her patient. Jessie
looked at it warily, the stainless steel sparkling innocently as Joy wiggled it in front of her face.
          “Don‟t even think about touching me with that, that, thing, you bitch!” Jessie had a foul mouth
when she wanted to, and she used it, swearing long and loud at Nurse Joy. Joy only smiled and waited.
When Jessie stopped to take a breath before continuing her tirade Nurse Joy jammed the device into the
gasping redhead‟s mouth. As Joy squeezed a lever on the side, curved protrusions caught behind Jessie‟s
teeth, ratcheting farther and farther apart as Joy continued to work the lever. Soon Jessie found herself
unable to close her mouth or spit out the device.
          “For your information, that thing is a dental spreader, used during oral surgery,” Jessie grunted
angrily at Joy, “It won‟t keep you completely silent, but I like a little background music. So moan all you
want, but no screaming or I‟ll have to do something a little more… drastic.”
          As she said this she smiled sweetly and touched her index finger lightly to Jessie‟s throat. Jessie
gargled futilely, finding that she could no longer swallow properly with her jaw stretched wide. She
explored the steel intruder with her tongue, trying to find some way to dislodge the offending gag. Joy
giggled as her captive struggled, starting to realize just how much she was under the nurse‟s control. Jessie
thrashed against her bonds for a few minutes, squealing childishly as she flung her head from side to side,
strings of saliva arcing out from her open mouth. This little tantrum only served to demonstrate her utter
          “Oh, you‟re so sexy when you‟re angry,” Joy purred, leaning close and gently stroking Jessie‟s
stomach, running one hand up her ribcage to cup a soft, warm breast. Jessie squirmed indignantly. Joy
licked delicately at Jessie‟s nipple, her tongue toying with the sensitive bud until it began to harden. Jessie
felt goosebumps prickle along her skin, the strange combination of arousal and anger, lust and shame
combining to produce an intense reaction. She wondered off-handedly if this was how James felt when she
did things like this to him.

          Speaking of which, James was still strapped securely to the examination table, the collection vial
between his legs nearly full. His balls were less swollen and had lost their ugly, bruised purple color. Still,
the electric milking device continued its work, squeezing every last drop from his testicles. Now, only an
occasional drip oozed from the tip of his penis, inching down into the vial.
          “Hello? Nurse Joy? Jessie? Anyone?” James yelled toward the door, “I think I‟m done. Nothing
else is coming out. Please, it‟s been over an hour. Anyone?”
          Drawn by the noise a Chansey wandered in. James looked over at the approaching Pokemon with
relief. The Chansey waddled over to the exam table, hopped up on a stool and pushed a button on the black
box. The steady pulsing in his scrotum stopped.
          “Oh thank god,” James said, “It was starting to hurt again. If you‟ll just untie me I‟ll find my own
way out.”
          The Chansey had been instructed not to bother Nurse Joy until she said otherwise, and not to let
James go until she returned. Therefore, it assumed in its tiny little mind, the treatment was to continue.
Removing the full vial from the collection tube, it exchanged the vial for an empty one from a nearby tray
of instruments. Then it pressed the button again, hopped off the stool and left to continue its rounds. James
could feel the pulsing begin again, building to a steady ache. A small squirt of semen oozed down into the
empty vial. James‟ head dropped back onto the metal table with a thud and tears began well up in his eyes.
This was turning out to be a really bad day.

          Nurse Joy continued her assault on Jessie‟s nipples, sucking and nibbling them each in turn. Joy‟s
hand slid down Jessie‟s smooth, flat stomach, rubbing gently at a spot just above her penis. Jessie closed
her eyes, tensing against the strange but not entirely unpleasant sensations the nurse was causing. Avoiding
Jessie‟s rapidly swelling member, she started fondling Jessie‟s balls, rolling them around in her hand and
lightly squeezing them. With a final, playful bite Joy pulled away from Jessie‟s breasts. Jessie was
breathing heavily as she opened her eyes, wondering what Joy had in mind now.
          “Well, you seem to be enjoying yourself,” Nurse Joy stroked Jessie‟s hair, “But I‟m ready to move
on. Sorry if I seem impatient, but it‟s not everyday I get a hold of a sexy redhead like you.”
          Joy reached behind the chair, picking a syringe from the tray there; “Although, I guess now I will
have a sexy redhead everyday. At least until I get tired of you.”
          Jessie stared wide-eyed at the needle with a worried gurgle. Joy held the needle up, tapping it with
a slender forefinger. She squirted a bit of the colorless fluid into the air.
          “Don‟t worry, dear, this isn‟t for you,” Jessie could only stare in disbelief as Joy placed the needle
at the base of her own penis and inject the fluid into herself, “This is just one of the drawbacks to having
been raised on all those chemicals. But this Synthetic Pokemon Hormone Extract perks me right up.”
          Sure enough, as soon as she withdrew the empty needle, Joy‟s flaccid penis swelled up, erecting
into a thick, throbbing, purple cock. Her foreskin stretched tight over the shiny, engorged head. Joy
shuddered with the almost painful feeling, her cock bobbing drunkenly in front of her. Jessie couldn‟t
believe it, when fully erect Nurse Joy‟s penis was at least an inch longer than her own six-inch member.
Joy dropped the empty syringe back onto the tray and moved around to the end of the chair, between
Jessie‟s spread legs. The nurse ran her hands along Jessie‟s warm, silky thighs as she leaned forward, their
hot, hard cocks rubbing together. Jessie moaned at the contact, fully aroused despite her situation. Joy
grabbed Jessie‟s breasts, roughly massaging them as she continued to grind her crotch against Jessie.
          “You‟ve got such wonderful tits,” Joy told her captive, who could only groan inarticulately, “So
big and soft and bouncy. Not like mine.”
          Joy jiggled her own high, perky breasts then gave Jessie‟s an especially hard squeeze, making her
gasp loudly. Rocking back and forth between Jessie‟s legs, Joy savored the friction of flesh against flesh
until she could stand it no more, raking her fingernails down Jessie‟s stomach as she pulled back. Jessie
was panting loudly, her penis and stomach slick with their mingled precum. Joy rubbed the head of her
own cock, smearing their combined juices around the head and foreskin. Taking the base of her cock in
one hand, she positioned the bulging head at Jessie‟s tight ass. Jessie tensed up, her spread thighs straining
to close against their bonds. The petite little nurse leaned forward, grabbing Jessie‟s hips and pushing her
slick, straining cock into the struggling redhead. Jessie screamed past her gag as the bulbous head ripped
past her virgin sphincter, tears springing to her eyes.
          “I said no screaming, didn‟t I?” Joy whispered, her cock half buried in Jessie, “Wait, you‟re not…
you‟ve never taken it up the ass, have you? In that case, I‟ll forgive you this time.”
          Joy took her time, slowly pushing in despite the clenching tightness. When she was fully
embedded, her hips pressed to Jessie‟s buttocks, she just as slowly drew back until the head stretched
Jessie‟s tight hole. She groaned as Joy picked up her pace, thrusting faster now, gasping in time with each
in-stroke. Jessie‟s ass was on fire, the pain something she‟d never experienced before, worst of all there
was nothing she could do about it. Joy noticed her look of discomfort and pain, even distorted as it was by
the dental spreader.
          “Oh, I‟m sorry, but the pain will pass with practice, and soon you‟ll learn to enjoy it,” Joy cooed
tenderly, still thrusting, “Let me see if I can help take your mind off of the pain.”
          Taking Jessie‟s cock in her hand, Joy began stroking it, matching rhythm with her own lunges.
Soon Jessie found herself making little mewling sounds, which delighted Nurse Joy. As she kept stroking
and thrusting, Joy could feel Jessie‟s hips twitching, thrusting as much as they could within their bondage.
A few seconds more and Jessie‟s entire body stiffened. A wordless howl spilled from her as she shot her
load, thick streams of cum splashing both of their bodies as Joy continued to jerk her off. Joy could feel
Jessie‟s ass squeezing tight with orgasm, clamping down on her cock as she thrust harder. Joy‟s eyes
glazed over with lust as she massaged some of the spilled cum into her sensitive breasts, this sign of
Jessie‟s total submission driving her closer to the edge. As her own warm pleasure began to fade, Jessie
felt her face redden, a different sort of heat spreading through her from shame at this forced violation.
Finally, Joy could hold back no longer, grunting loudly as she emptied herself deep into Jessie‟s sore
bowels. Jessie could feel what seemed to be gallons of hot cum gushing into her abused nether regions,
anger and disgust toward her captor replacing shame. Joy collapsed forward, nestling her head in Jessie‟s
cleavage, their semen-soaked bodies sliding wetly together.
          “That was amazing, I‟ve never felt so good. I‟m going to like having you around,” She sighed,
nuzzling Jessie‟s breasts gently, “I think I‟ll… eep!”
          Joy squealed, struggling to stand. Her still hard penis pulled free of Jessie‟s ass with an audible
sucking sound. She turned to see Meowth standing behind her, holding an empty syringe and smiling
         “Nighty night, nurse,” Meowth called as Joy staggered and fell to the floor, gradually losing
         The cat-like Pokemon began unbuckling straps on the chair, allowing Jessie to finally remove the
hated piece of steel from her mouth. Jessie glared venomously down at the limp nurse, working her
cramped jaw.
         “About time you got here,” Jessie turned her gaze to Meowth, noting his aroused, glistening red
penis, “Just how long were you standing there?”
         “About ten minutes,” Meowth grinned, heading for the door, “I‟ll go get James while you get
cleaned up.”
         Jessie snatched a towel off of the tray behind the chair, wiping the mess from her body. She
looked at the tray again, then at Nurse Joy, feeling a twinge of pain from her ass.

         “You‟ll have to drive back to camp, James,” Jessie settled onto a cushion she‟d set in the sidecar,
“I‟m in a little pain here.”
         James sat astride their motorcycle, gently resting his sore balls on the bike seat, dreading the
coming ride. Meowth sat on the handlebars, satisfied now that he‟d relieved himself with a poor
unsuspecting Chansey.
         “Now let‟s go, I‟ve got lots of new toys I want to try out,” Jessie patted the bulging medical bag
she‟d brought with her.
         “I can‟t wait,” James groaned, starting the bike, “Ow, ow, ow, ow.”

          Nurse Joy opened her eyes, still a bit groggy from the anesthetic. She could feel the straps of the
exam chair around her, holding her down. The dental gag held her mouth open, keeping her from calling
for help. Tilting her head forward she saw a surgical clamp pinched tightly on each nipple, their sensitive
tips burning as they turned purple. An IV stand stood next to the chair, a half-empty one-gallon bag of
water suspended from it. Her cramping, distended belly told her where the other half-gallon was. A huge
enema nozzle, designed for large Pokemon, was wedged tightly in her ass, too large for her to expel. Last,
but not least, the electric milker was taped to her scrotum. A congealing puddle of semen on her bulging
stomach told Joy that it had been working for a while. Her balls burned with every contraction, Jessie
having turned the device to its highest power setting.
          How long had she been out? As if in answer to her question, the lights in the room went out,
leaving her in total darkness. Oh no, she thought, the Chanseys were closing up for the day. Once they
left, there wouldn‟t be anyone in the building until the morning shift arrived. In eight hours.
          As Nurse Joy lay there, stomach cramping, nipples and balls aching, release eight hours away, she
wondered if Jessie would ever come back to see her.

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