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					Grand Avenue Primary and Nursery School

                Updated School Travel Plan
                      For 2010-2011

                                        Grand Avenue
                                          KT5 9HU

                            Email address:

             Website Address:

              LEA/School DfE Reference Number: 314 / 2033

School Travel Plan – Grand Avenue   December 2010               1
                                    Introducing our School

School Name:                  Grand Avenue Primary and Nursery School

Telephone Number: 020 8399 5344

Type of school: LEA primary and nursery school.

Location of the school:

The earliest part of the school was built in 1935. A separate primary school was
added in 1969. In 2007 construction of a new combined school was commenced and
this became fully operational in September 2009. Whilst the 1935 building has been
demolished, the planned demolition of the 1969 building is on hold pending a
feasibility study of whether the school should be expanded to three form entry. A
demountable classroom is being located at the school to house a “bulge” class of
additional pupils from September 2010.

The school is situated on Grand Avenue, a single carriageway road of approximately
three car widths within a busy residential area of Surbiton, south of Kingston upon
Thames. The site is surrounded on all sides by residential properties.
Grand Avenue is a 20mph zone.

School Travel Plan – Grand Avenue    December 2010                                2
Pedestrian & School entrances:
The school has been served by two entrances, both shared use driveways off Grand
Avenue. The intention was that, with the full occupation of the new building, the
northernmost entrance would become dedicated for pedestrian use and the other for
vehicle use. However, the retention of the 1969 building has reduced the planned
area available for staff car parking which may require some parking to continue at the
northern entrance (as it has done in the past).

As part of the works planned to expand the school it is proposed that the North west
gate will be dedicated for pedestrians and cyclists with vehicular access through this
gate to the caretakers house only. The gate will be relocated towards Grand Avenue
to prevent parents from using this entrance to drops off/collect their children by car.
The south east gate will be shared access for pedestrians, cyclists and staff and
delivery vehicles however pedestrians will be segregated from vehicles entering the
via by an extension to the existing pedestrian fence. Parents’ cars will not be
permitted to enter the site.

Map showing school’s location:

School Travel Plan – Grand Avenue   December 2010                                     3


Cycle Parking
There is currently space for 40 bicycles to be parked on the school site and the
storage is well used. Under plans for the expansion of the school it is proposed to
increase this number with an addition 24 cycle parking spaces and 24 scooter
parking spaces. A further 3 secure, covered, Sheffield stands are proposed for the
dedicated use of school staff providing space for a further 6 bicycles.

Car Parking
At present there are 20 car parking spaces available in the south east corner of the
site including two spaces which are designated for disable and visitor use. An
additional 14 spaces are proposed as part of the school expansion. This would bring
the total spaces to 32 Staff parking spaces, 2 disabled parking spaces and one visitor
parking space.

One shower is available in the newly built disabled toilet facility

Staff have access to a total of 20 personal lockers. There are no pupil locker

School Travel Plan – Grand Avenue   December 2010                                     4
Transport links:

The nearest bus route is the K2 running (from early morning to nearly midnight)
between Kingston Hospital and Hook. Whilst the nearest stop on this route is only
about 0.5 km from the school, very few pupils live far enough away to make effective
use of public transport. Few staff use local bus services. There is no signposting to
the school from the bus route.

Berrylands Rail station is just under 1.5km/approximately 20 minutes walk from the
school. Rail is not used as an option for any pupils on their journey to and from
school. Visitors to the school who have used the train have commented that there is
no map at the station showing the location of the school or the walking time. Neither
is there any signposting.

The site is ten minutes walk from Tolworth Broadway, a popular shopping location
which is served very well by local buses. Kingston bypass (A3), the main road into
central London from Surbiton/Tolworth, is a two minute drive from the school. Roads
surrounding the school are residential streets with significant amounts of on-street
parking. Many properties also have and use off-street parking facilities.

Use of school outside of school hours including extended
schools activities:
 Currently the school hall is used in the evening for a Pilates class. Extended
 school activities such as chess, football, gym and art are held outside school
 hours. There are regular evening meetings of Governors and the Parents’
 Association organise Summer and Christmas fairs at the school. The school
 is part of a school cluster and has bid to provide various out-of-school
 activities using the facilities available. It is expected that any new facilities
 provided with the construction of the new school should be available for wider
 use of the local community. The transport impacts of these activities are, in
 the main minimal compared with the day-to-day operation of the school.
 However, they will extend the period over which traffic will enter and exit the

School Travel Plan – Grand Avenue   December 2010                                    5
School Opening & Closing Times:

                                                Open/start           Close/finish
School site                                 07:00                 18:00
Breakfast club (if applicable)              07.45                 08.45
Pupils official school time
Nursery                                     8.30                  15.20
Foundation Stage KS1 School                 08:45                 15.05
KS2                                         08:35                 15.15
After School Club                           15:00                 18:00
Other extra curricular activities           various               Various
at various times – usually after

Pupils from neighbouring schools use Grand Avenue’s swimming pool during the
summer term. Swim schools and parties use this facility from May to October during
school half term and holidays.

In September 2010 the school closing times and the opening time of the Nursery
were amended. It is hoped that a staggering of the closing times will assist in
alleviating traffic congestion around the school at the end of the school day as well as
assisting those parents with children in more than one year group to collect their

Pupil & Staff numbers:

Numbers of pupils on roll                   486 (although this will increase to a
                                            maximum of 682 – including nursery – as
                                            the school moves to 3 form entry).
Numbers of full time staff                  21(although this will increase to cater for
                                            the additional pupil numbers mentioned
Numbers of part time staff                  33 (this may also increase for the reasons
                                            mentioned above)
Numbers of school volunteers                Variable – c.100 are CRB checked and
                                            able to provide support in the school.

School Travel Plan – Grand Avenue   December 2010                                         6
                          Introducing our pupils and staff

Number of pupils who attend the school: 486

Age range of Pupils: 3-11

Other information about the pupils who attend our school:

 32% are from ethnic minority groups
 32% have English as an additional language
 7.1% are eligible for free school meals

 Figures are for 2010 – further details are available in the schools Self Evaluation
 Form (SEF)

Number of Staff who work at the school:                      57

Other information about the people who work at our school

 Majority of staff are female (only 4 male members of staff)
 Majority of staff work part-time
 % of EAL/ethnic minority staff very low
 The vast majority of staff use their car or walk/cycle to get to and from the school (2
 uses the bus)

Our School Catchment:
Most pupils live close to the school. The recent parental survey indicated that about
70% of pupils live within half a mile of the school and over 90% live within one mile.
None live over 2 miles away.

Staff live further away and the majority travel by car. As well as the convenience
there is often the need to carry significant amounts of paper, etc. A further survey of
staff travel patterns is planned for the new academic year.

School Travel Plan – Grand Avenue   December 2010                                        7
Existing school policies and practice to promote safe, healthy
                  and sustainable transport

WOW (Walk on Wednesdays)
The WoW badges are used to promote walking to
school on a termly basis and pupils often participate
in related awareness raising activities e.g. walking to
school calendar competitions and assemblies led by
the RBK walking mascot, Debra the Zebra. Pupils
have designed a poster promoting the use of seat
belts and WoW badges


The Junior EcoSTARS were brought into being and
are facilitated by Kingston Council’s Climate Change
and Sustainable Travel Group. Each year, four
children are selected from each school in the
Borough. Their aims are to make sure all our
children know how to keep safe as they travel, either
to and from school, or when they are out with friends
and family. They also look at how to look after the
environment as we choose our ways of travelling.
The Eco STARS have taken part in and organized at
the school all the RBK school competitions that have
been sent to the school.

The EcoSTARS for 2010-2011 school year are Jai Sangha, Andrea Thomas, Jake
Arnold and Sajeena Balenthiran.

School Travel Plan – Grand Avenue   December 2010                            8
Charity Walks
We promoted the May 2010, 10k Charity Walk in Richmond Park, for The
Neurofibromatosis Association to the whole school community and
participated in the Sport Relief sponsored mile in the Spring Term 2010.

Walking to School
Children have been encouraged to sign a Walking to School Promise where
they are walking to school every day or parking 5 minutes away from school
and walking the rest of the way.

Promoting Cycling
The extensive construction work over the past two years has rendered it
difficult to promote cycling as much as the school would like. However, the
school supports and encourages cycling as an option in leading a healthy life
style and is keen to become involved in Bike Week activities in future years.

The cycle storage is very well used. The school is keen to promote cycling
and hosts annual, national standard, Bikeability training courses for pupils in
years 5 and 6. In addition the school is keen to ensure that pupils know how
to maintain their bikes and ensure they are safe to ride. To help with this a Dr
Bike session was held for all pupils in December 2010.

We are a “Healthy School”
We have a silver Eco-Schools Award which was achieved in June 2010
We have twice been awarded the runner up prize in the Mayor’s London
Environmental Award.
In June 2010 we achieved Sustainable Level (Bronze) Accreditation for our
School Travel Plan and are working towards achieving Higher Standards
(Silver) in 2011

Discouraging parking around the school
The School’s “Eco Stars have led an assembly highlighting the dangers
involved in crossing between parked cars.

Parents are regularly reminded of the need to promote safety for children near
the school and as part of this not to park near the entrances via the school
newsletter and specific letters home.

Improving the Roads around the school
Discussions have been held with engineers from the Royal Borough of
Kingston to seek traffic control improvements in the roads surrounding the
school. A new pedestrian crossing has been installed in Raeburn Avenue, the
area near the school is a 20mph zone, zig-zag markings cover the school
entrances and white lines have been placed in Grand Avenue to advise on
areas where it is inappropriate to park. As part of the travel and transport
working group, some additional engineering measures are being proposed to
improve safety around our school. Details of this can be found later in this

School Travel Plan – Grand Avenue   December 2010                               9
Road Safety
The school uses RBK provided equipment to teach road safety and a Theatre
Group has visited to promote this theme. There are plans for the new
playground to include markings to be used for road safety training.

In Years 1, 4 and 5 pupils partake in a local area study each year which
involves traffic surveys and raising awareness of environmental issues.

The school has a school trip policy and risk assessments are carried out
Public transport is used wherever possible for school trips. .
The School Travel Plan links to the updated School Improvement Plan.

School Travel Plan – Grand Avenue   December 2010                          10
              Identifying our baseline information
                         Survey Results

      How pupils and staff usually travel to school


                    Actual 2006                    Actual Jun 2009    Actual Jun 2010     Actual Nov
              Number        %                  Number      %          Number    %       Number     %
Car              167            44.9              109          28.2      83      21.2     100     24.1
Car                                                                                        9       2.2
                                                    4           1        10      2.6
Share              8                2.2
Bus                5                1.3             7          1.8       8        2        5       1.2
Rail               0                0               0           0        0        0        0       0
Bike               7                1.9            44          11.4      50      12.8      45     10.8
Walk             177            47.6              187          48.3     170      43.5     166      40
Park and                                                                                   61     14.7
                                                   23          5.9       50      12.8
Walk               0                0
Other              8                2.1            13          3.4       20      5.1       30      7.2
survey                                            387                   391               415
                 372                                           100               96.8             85.4
total                           78.8              387                   404               486
pupil            472

It is disappointing that car use has risen since our previous survey but this is
most likely due to the difference in season (summer v winter) and still
represents a decrease in cars since 2009. It is a positive note however that
park and walk has increased and that walking and cycling figures have not
dropped dramatically which has hopefully lessened the impact on local
residents. The school will continue to encourage, enable and support families
to travel on foot and by bicycle and we hope that our summer figures for 2011
will show an improvement on the 2010 figures. The school is pleased that
messages to parents to park away from the school to relieve congestion
outside the school and avoid causing issues for residents appear to be getting
through with a large increase in park and walk numbers. The number of
children travelling by scooter (listed as “other” in the surveys) has increased
again reflecting the ongoing popularity of scooting to school.

School Travel Plan – Grand Avenue       December 2010                                       11
                                       Actual Jun    Actual Nov
                                          2010          2010
                                      Number %      Number %
                        Car             22     57.9   23     48.9
                                           0          0       2      4.3
                        Bus                3         7.9      3     6.4
                        Rail               0          0       2     4.3
                        Bike               4         10.5     4     8.5
                        Walk               9         23.7    11     23.4
                        and                0          0       2      4.3
                                          38                 47
                                                     62.3            87
                        Total             61                 54

Overall the number of staff travelling by car to the school has
decreased by 9% although it is recognized that figures do show an
increase of 1 actual car. It is encouraging however given the
different season that the survey was undertaken during (winter as
opposed to summer) and that the percentage and number of staff
taking part in the survey was much higher. The school is pleased
to see that walking figures have increased and that other forms of
sustainable travel have remained steady. This success is
something that will be built on throughout 2011.

         How pupils & staff would prefer to travel
                                                     Actual Jun   Actual Nov
                        Actual Jun 2006
                                                        2010         2010
                      Number             %          Number % Number %
           Car          81              21.2          53     13.6  43     10.4
                           18            4.7          58    14.9    41     8.4
           Bus             5             1.3           7     0.5    16     3.9
           Rail            0              0            2     1.8    25      6

School Travel Plan – Grand Avenue   December 2010                                12
          Bike            112           29.3             135    34.6          171   41.2
          Walk            161           42.1              68    17.4           56   13.5
           and             0              0              10        2.6        23    5.5
          Other            5             1.3             57     14.6          40    9.6
                          382           80.9             390                  415
         survey                                                 96.5                85.4
        total                                            404                  486
        pupil             472


                                       Actual Jun    Actual Nov
                                          2010          2010
                                      Number %      Number %
                        Car             10     26.3   9      19.1
                                          2         5.3        0          0
                        Bus               2          5.3        1         2.1
                        Rail              0           0         2         4.3
                        Bike              9         23.7       17        36.2
                        Walk             15         39.5       18        38.3
                        and               0          0         0          0
                        Other             0          0         0          0
                                         38                    47
                                                    62.3                 87
                        total            61                    54

It is worth noting that many of the staff who currently drive but expressed a
preference for walking to school also stated that their journey was much too
far to walk.
All those currently travelling by sustainable modes were happy with their
mode of transport and none expressed a preference to travel in a different

School Travel Plan – Grand Avenue   December 2010                                          13
       Evidence of consultation and involvement

                         Consultation with parents

New Parents Survey

Date of Survey: June and September 2010
Number of Responses: 37
How people will travel
The majority of our new parents (83%) will be walking their children to school
in September which is extremely encouraging. Of the remaining parents one
stated that they would be driving to school each day with one parent opting for
park and walk. Two parents said that whilst they may drive occasionally it was
their intention to walk on most days. These figures reflect the area of our
catchment with the majority of new parents (79%) living under 1km from the
school. Interestingly the reasons given by parents for driving to school were
not specifically those of distance with 50% stating that they needed to drive
onto to work after dropping their children at school and 50% parent saying
that they did not have enough time to travel any other way.

It is encouraging that the car use for this new year group is below the current
average for the school indicating that next year car use should drop.

                                                    Planned Mode of t

                                            Park and Walk            Car
                                                  4%                 13%

It is encouraging that of those parents who reported that they would be using
their car for the journey to school in September one said they would try to
walk to school once a week and five parents said that they would walk when

School Travel Plan – Grand Avenue   December 2010                             14
they were off work and did not need to drive on to work. Three of the parents
said they would make an effort to park and walk to relieve congestion on the
road in front of the school.

Walking Bus
Four parents expressed an interest in a walking bus operating at the school
with a further 9 saying they may be interested but would like further

Cycling to School

Of our new pupils starting only two will not have a scooter or bicycle. Most
(83%) of our new pupils own a scooter with 9 pupils in this age group also
having bicycle. Given the popularity of scooter the school will need to ensure
through the travel plan that there is sufficient scooter storage facilities for
those wishing to “scoot to school.”

It is further encouraging that 12 parents (half of those responding to the
survey) said that they would be interested in cycling to school with their
children. Those parents who said they would or could not cycle with their
children provided the following reasons:
      Having other smaller children (babies and toddlers) - 1 response
      The distance being short enough to walk and therefore no need to
         cycle – 5 response
      Children too young to cycle – 1 responses

When asked what would encourage them to allow their child to cycle when
they are old enough the following responses were received

                 What would encourage you to allow your
                          child cycle to school
                                      Cycling with others
                      Help planning a
                        safe route                          Training
                           12%                                35%

                                        Cycle Storage
                                                                  Family Training

School Travel Plan – Grand Avenue   December 2010                                   15
When asked what age they would allow their children to cycle to school 13
parents said that they would allow their child to cycle accompanied by an
adult from Year 1, five parents said Year 4, 2 Year 2, 1 Year 3 and 3 Year 4.
By Year 6 thirteen parents said they would allow their child to cycle on their
own. This reflects the age at which pupils at Grand Avenue undertake their
cyclist training.
To encourage and enable our parents to cycle with their children the school
will need to explore through the travel plan the provision of family cyclist
training and the capacity of the cycle storage on site to cope should parents
wish to leave their bicycles as well as those of their children. We will need to
promote the cycle storage that is available on the site to ensure parents and
pupils are aware of it.

Issues on the routes to school
When asked if there any parts of the route to school that parents felt were
unsafe for those walking or cycling, the following responses were received
(brackets indicate the number of responses):
    Crossing the road directly outside the school due to congestion (1)
    Raeburn Avenue – islands in the road are very small and there are not
      enough zebra crossings (1)
    A3 Slip Road ( Malden Way) is dangerous (1)
    Junction of Greenfield and Grand Avenue is difficult to cross (1)
    Tolworth Broadway is very busy (1)
    Sterling Walk – it would be nice if there were wardens/police officers
      along this route (1)

The issues identified will be discussed with traffic engineers from the Royal
Borough of Kingston upon Thames to investigate if any improvements can be

Pupil Consultation
Extensive consultation was undertaken with parents and pupils when the
Travel Plan was first developed in 2005. Since then there have been
intermittent surveys of pupils, the last being in June 2010; this involved all
pupils. The results have been incorporated in the tables above. In addition the
EcoStars are actively involved in the development and implementation of the
travel plan.

The initial preparation of the school travel plan was led by a governor who has
kept the Governing Body informed of progress. Governors have been kept
appraised of travel related issues, in particular the difficulties created by
injudicious parking by parents dropping off and collecting their offspring.

School Travel Plan – Grand Avenue   December 2010                              16
Parents were consulted when the Travel Plan was first developed. About
60% of parents responded. They were asked about travel modes and habits.
A further survey was carried out in July 2009. The response rate was lower
and represented just over 20% of pupils. Respondents were asked whether
there were measures which would make walking and cycling more attractive.
Most (40%) wanted a safe place to leave bicycles and helmets at school;
nearly a quarter wanted improved lighting and security; and about 20%
wanted cycle training for families and adults. When asked to identify
problems about 75% referred to the problems caused by parked cars near the

A survey of new parents to the school (those whose children will be joining in
September 2010) was carried out in June 2010. The results are provided on
page 15-16 of this plan.

Staff have been surveyed (most recently in November 2010) on their current
and preferred modes of travel. The results are presented above.

Assemblies, presentations, displays regarding the School Travel Plan

The Travel Plan has not featured specifically in any assemblies, presentations
or displays. However, in the Spring Term the School Eco STARS made a
presentation in assembly to Key Stage 2 pupils.

            Travel and Transport Working Group
As part of the permanent expansion of the school a Travel and Transport
working group has been established with a wide range of stakeholders which
includes the school (Headteacher, Deputy Head and member of the
Governing Body), local residents, the police and officers from the Council
(Children and Learners and Environment Depts.)

Meeting Date: June 2010

The main issues and suggestions raised at the first meeting of the group

1. Proposals for single yellow line restrictions in Grand Avenue between
   Elgar Avenue and Greenfield Avenue
2. Proposals for build outs to provide pedestrian crossing points
3. Proposals for raised tables across the school access/accesses?
4. Issues of parking enforcement

School Travel Plan – Grand Avenue   December 2010                           17
Meeting Date: 11 October 2010

Draft engineering scheme designs were discussed by the working group. The
group were particularly concerned with the safety of children accessing the
school and the inconsiderate and on occasion dangerous, parking behaviour
of parents who drive to school at the start and end of the school day. The
outcome of the meeting was the creation of a list of on street traffic and
parking improvement measures which the group indicated they would support.
The Council traffic consultants investigated the measures with the Council
Neighbourhood Engineering Team and a final scheme is proposed which
     Double Yellow lines to prevent parking close to Grand Avenue’s
       junctions with Elgar Avenue, Moresby Avenue, Norton Avenue and
       Greenfield Avenue
     Extension of the “School Keep Clear” markings at both school
     Provision of a build out crossing point close to each entrance to the
     A short section of single yellow lone on the opposite side of the school
       to restrict parking
     Extension of the pavement across the school entrances to give priority
       to pedestrians
     Widening of the school gate to improve access for coaches
     Extension of the 20mph zone into Elgar Avenue and Greenfield
     Installation of bollards to prevent parking on verges
     Advisory white lines to indicate no parking on Greenfield Avenue,
       Norton Avenue and Moresby Avenue

In addition as a result of the issues raised concerning parking around the
school, the school will be developing a parking strategy and campaign within
our travel plan to address these issues starting in 2011.

Next Meeting: 13th December 2010

School Travel Plan – Grand Avenue   December 2010                          18
                                                             Our travel/transport problems

    Details of the issue/concern             How was issue identified?             Possible solutions?                                  Who will need to help?
    The volume and manner of car             Observation by pupils, staff and      Creation of a parking enforcement strategy as part         RBK road safety
1   parking near school entrances            parents of poor parking near          of this travel plan which will include:                     and highway
                                             school. Comments on survey                  Regular reminders have been included                 engineering
                                             forms from parents.                           in the school newsletter which goes to             RBK parking
                                                                                           all parents twice a term                            enforcement
                                                                                          Banners for display at the entrances               Parents
                                                                                           advising drivers not to park                       Pupils
                                                                                          Periodic attendance by police
                                                                                                                                              Police
                                                                                          Use of RBK “camera car”
                                                                                          Traffic management measures being
                                                                                           developed with travel and transport
                                                                                           working group
                                                                                           Encourage more walking and cycling
    Parking on site                          Observation of double parking in             Provide planned number of parking                  RBK
2                                            car park and staff parking off-site           spaces                                             Staff
                                                                                          Reduce us of cars

    Signage from Bus stop/station            Comments from those wishing to               Provide signage                                    RBK
3                                            use public transport to reach the            Map at station                                     TfL
                                             school                                                                                           SW Trains

    School Travel Plan – Grand Avenue   December 2010                                                                                                       19
    1. To improve the safety of the journey to school for all both on and off the school site.

    2. To raise awareness of sustainable travel options and their benefits amongst the whole school community

    3. To encourage more members of the school community to use active travel modes for their school journeys

    4. To encourage a reduction in the number of car trips that are made to and from the school


        To decrease pupil/parent car use to the school site by 10% by 2017 (end of school expansion) – thus maintaining current car
         numbers and restricting the impact of the expansion on the local road network (29% - 19%)
        To decrease single occupancy car use to the site for staff by 7% by 2017 (68% to 61%)

School Travel Plan – Grand Avenue   December 2010                                                                                20
     Our Action Plan 2010 - 2011
Objective         Steps/actions needed                                             Who is       Target date        Projected    Progress Update
and Target                                                                         responsibl                      cost and     December 2010
linked to                                                                          e?                              source of
                  Promoting Walking to school
O2, O3, O4        Continue using the WOW badges to promote walking to                           Termy                           Reduction in
T1                school                                                                        throughout         Staff Time   WOW resources
                                                                                                2010-11            required     available from
                  Promotion of Walk to School Week (May) and Month                 A Elmer/A    May and                         RBK STA has
                  (October) through the School Newsletter and Assemblies           McKenna      October                         hindered
                                                                                                Annually                        progress. School
O2                Take part in the WOW badge design competition run by                          Spring Term                     exploring
                  Living Streets                                                                annually                        possibilities for
                  Promoting Cycling to School
O1, O2, O3,       Develop and adopt a school cycling policy                                     Autumn Term
O4                                                                                              2010
02                Participate in the TfL cycle poster and jersey design                         Autumn and                        Competition not
                  competitions                                                                  Spring Terms                        run by TfL in
                                                                                                Annually                           Autumn Term
O1,               Continue to provide Bikeability cyclist training for pupils in   A Elmer/A    Training to take   Staff Time   Pupils
O2,O3,O4          Year 5 and 6                                                     McKenna      place each          required    successfully
T1                                                                                              academic year                   received training
                                                                                                                                in the 1st week of
O3                Include cycling in the WOW scheme so that pupils who cycle                    Monthly                         See above
T1                receive badges as well as those who walk                                      throughout

     School Travel Plan – Grand Avenue   December 2010                                                                                               21
O1, O2, O3,       Include a Bike Maintenance Session as part of the school fair                June/July                     A Dr Bike session
O4                (liaise with local bike shops, Police and RBK Cycle officers                 annually                      was held on 8th
T1, T2            to set this up)                                                                                            December for all
O2                Participate in and promote Bike Week activities                              June annually
O1, O3, 04        Install additional cycle parking as part of the school                       Summer/Autum
T1, T2            expansion programme (26 additional spaces)                                   n Term 2011
                                                                                                                Staff Time
O1, O3, O4        Install scooter parking for 26 scooters as part of the school                Summer/Autum
T1                expansion programme                                                          n Term 2011

                  Promoting Car Sharing
02 T1             Include article in school newsletter about car sharing                       September 2010 Staff Time
02, T2            Post information on staff notice board encouraging car share                 September 2010 required       Action completed
                                                                                   A Elmer/A
                  with sign-up sheet for people to offer/request sharing

                  Promoting public transport
02, O4            Display of local public transport maps and timetables on staff               September 2010
T2                notice board                                                                 and updated on
                                                                                               a termly basis
O2                Information on public transport to the school to be included                 Starting
T1, T2            information for                                                              September 2010
                   - New Parents                                                   A Elmer/A   and updated      Staff Time
                   - New Staff                                                     McKenna     annually          required
                   - Visitors to the school
O2                Use of the TfL Upgrade materials in Year 6 as part of the                    June/July
                  Transition to Secondary School                                               annually
O2                Invite the TfL Safety and Citizenship Team to the school to                  Autumn Term
                  talk to the children about safe use of public transport                      annually

                  Improve safety of the routes to school
O1                Discuss possibility of parking restrictions with RBK engineers   A Elmer/A   June 2010        Staff Time        Parking

     School Travel Plan – Grand Avenue   December 2010                                                                                           22
O1                Attend residents meetings as part of the school expansion      McKenna/R                       required       restrictions
                  programme                                                         BK                                          included in
                                                                                 Engineers                                       proposed
                                                                                                                                 works and
                                                                                                                              meetings held
                                                                                                                             with residents in
                                                                                                                               October and
                                                                                                                             December 2010
O1                Undertake audits of the Local Area with pupils as part of                   Autumn Term
                  Curriculum delivery                                                         Annually
                  Liaise with local Safer Neighbourhoods Police Team to link
                                                                                 and pupils
                  this to local Environmental Visual Audits

                  Promotion of the travel plan and its messages
O2                Information to all parents informing them about the travel                  September        Paper for     Our EcoStars
                  plan and what it hopes to achieve each academic year                        annually         letters and   gave a
                                                                                                               Staff Time    presentation to
                                                                                                                             parents at our
                                                                                                                             coffee morning in
                                                                                 A Elmer/A                                   September 2010
                  Articles in the newsletter at least half termly highlighting   McKenna      Half termly      Staff Time    Articles have
                  initiatives linked to the travel plan                                                        required      been included in
                                                                                                                             the newsletter on
                                                                                                                             the travel plan,
                                                                                                                             walk to school
                                                                                                                             week, and
                                                                                                                             parking outside
                                                                                                                             the school
O2                Items on the parents noticeboard promoting the travel          A Elmer/A    Starting
                  plan(e.g. survey results) and its activities (e.g. promoting   McKenna      September 2010

     School Travel Plan – Grand Avenue   December 2010                                                                                           23
             walk to school events and bike week)                                        and updated
                                                                                         each half term
             Inclusion of the travel plan as a download on the school                    September 2010                    A copy of the plan
             website                                                                                                       is available on the
                                                                                                                           website and will
                                                                                                                           be updated as
             Inclusion of information on sustainable travel in the school                September 2010
             Inclusion of a message about travelling sustainably in all                  From
             communications about school events                                          September 2010

In addition to the above actions, in response to issues raised through the travel and transport working group, we will be developing a parking
strategy as part of this travel plan which will include providing more encouragement to parents to travel sustainably to the school for out of
school hours events and will include a number of campaigns to encourage safe, legal and considerate parking by those parents who need to
drive. Full details of this will be provided in the STP annual review in 2011.

School Travel Plan – Grand Avenue   December 2010                                                                                                24
Monitoring & Reviewing Our Plan

Our next hands up surveys will be in: June 2011

Our next pupil consultation will be in: June 2011

Our next staff consultation will be in: June 2011

Our next parents consultation will be in:
                                    April 2011 (existing parents)
                                    June 2011 (new parents)

Our Annual Progress review will be completed in: June 2011

Our full review of the School Travel Plan will be completed in: June

The person(s) responsible for ensuring the annual review will be
done is: Ms Anna McKenna
When reviewing our School travel Plan we will take into consideration
any issues arising from new developments in education and transport
since the original STP was completed.

School Travel Plan – Grand Avenue   December 2010                       25
     Appendix A: Proposed engineering
                                            (Dec 2010)

School Travel Plan – Grand Avenue   December 2010        26
               Appendix B
    Our progress since starting our plan
Action                     Timescale                Who is        Progress
Set up a walking           2008 – 9                 Andy Elmer    A walking bus was
bus                        Academic year                          investigated in 2006
                                                                  with the assistance of
                                                                  RBK but due to a
                                                                  lack of parents willing
                                                                  to be escorts. The
                                                                  walking bus scheme
                                                                  has been added to
                                                                  our new parents
                                                                  questionnaire to
                                                                  assess whether this
                                                                  is something that is
                                                                  worth revisiting
Provide cyclist            Annually                 Andy Elmer,   The school has been
training for pupils                                 Anne Mc       a regular venue for
                                                    Kenna, RBK    cyclist training and
                                                    Cyclist       all pupils who wish to
                                                    instructors   cycle to school are
                                                                  encouraged to
                                                                  undertake training.
Improve the                2009-10                  Andy Elmer,   Discussions have
safety of the              Academic Year            Anne Mc       been held with RBK
school entrances                                    Kenna, RBK    engineers and with
                                                    engineers     local residents. A
                                                                  number of proposals
                                                                  are being considered
                                                                  which include waiting
                                                                  restrictions outside
                                                                  the school and
                                                                  changes to the
                                                                  opening and layout
                                                                  of school entrances.
Particpation in            2009-10                  Anne Mc       Action Completed
WOW scheme to              Academic Year            Kenna
promote walking            on a termly basis
Participate in             2009-10                  Key Stage 2   Action Completed - 4
RBK Eco STARs              Academic Year            pupils        Eco Stars selected
Programme                                                         who co-ordinate
                                                                  relevant activities and
                                                                  competitions within
                                                                  the school

School Travel Plan – Grand Avenue   December 2010                                     27
Progress against our previous targets
Target: To assess the feasibility of a walking bus at the school by Easter 2005: Target Met
Late (2006)

Target: To implement a walking bus at the school during Summer Term 2005: Target not

Note: Walking scheme developed in 2006 but not implemented due to lack of parental
involvement. School is revisting the possibility of a walking bus with new parents in 2010-11
academic year.

Target: By Easter 2010 to meet with RBK and other parties to identify measures which can
be taken forward to improve safety and reduce hazards around the school and identify a
timetable for implementation Target Met

Note: meetings are ongoing as part the expansion of the school and include local residents
as well as RBK officers

Target: By July 2010 to determine what improvements can be made to onsite parking Target
met – plans included in development proposals for school expansion and under appendix A

Target: By July 2010 to assess the need for additional cycle parking and investigate sources
of supply and funding. Target Met – additional storage included in site development
proposals for school expansion

Modal Shift progress - How pupils usually travel
                  Actual 2004              Actual 2006          Actual 2007        Actual 2008          Actual 2010
               Number      %             Number     %          Number   %         Number       %       Number     %
 Car                 79      27.1             167       44.9      157    33.5         143      31.3         83    21.2
 Share                 0            0           8        2.2        2       0.4            3    0.7         10        2.6
 Bus                   0            0           5        1.3        1       0.2            3    0.7           3       0.8
 Rail                  0            0           0         0         0         0            0       0          0        0
 Bike                27        9.2              7        1.9       18       3.8            8    1.8         50    12.8
 Walk               186      63.7             177       47.6      290       62        300      65.6         170   43.4
 Park and
 Walk                  0            0           0         0         0         0            0       0        50    12.8
 Other                 0            0           8        2.1        0         0            0       0        20        5.1
 survey             292      91.2             372       78.8      468    99.4         457      100          391   96.8
 total pupil        320                       472                 471                 457                   404

Overall car use is down at the school since the first travel plan was developed
which is encouraging as it had risen as a result of increased numbers at the
school. We are pleased that we have reversed this trend and hope to further
decrease car use in the future. There has been a significant increase in
numbers cycling which we hope to build on and we are pleased that park and
walk messages to alleviate congestion outside the school are proving

School Travel Plan – Grand Avenue       December 2010                                                  28
Modal Shift progress - How pupils would prefer to
                 Preferred 2004            Preferred 2006           Preferred 2010
                 Number      %             Number        %          Number        %
 Car                    15           5.3            81       21.2            53   13.6
 Car Share               0             0            18        4.7            58   14.9
 Bus                    27           9.6             5        1.3             2       0.5
 Rail                    0             0             0         0              7       1.8
 Bike                   27           9.6        112          29.3          135    34.6
 walk                 212           75.4        161          42.1            68   17.4
 Park +Walk              0             0             0         0             10       2.6
 (Scooter)               0             0             5        1.3            57   14.6
 total survey         281           87.8        382          80.9          390    96.5
 total pupil          320                       472                        404

It is worrying that car use is creeping upwards as a preferred travel choice and
this is something the school will seek to address in 2010-11. We are however
very pleased with the positive cycling messages that are having an impact on
the pupils with a 25% increase in pupils expressing a preference to cycle to

School Travel Plan – Grand Avenue   December 2010                                           29

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