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					             Export Controls & Embargoes Acronym List

Abbreviation / Acronym                            Definition
AECA                     Arms Export Control Act
AES                      Automated Export System
AO                       Advisory Opinion
BIS                      Bureau of Industry and Security
BXA                      Bureau of Export Administration (now known as BIS)
CCL                      Commerce Control List
CIV                      Civilian End Use/End User
CJ                       Commodity Jurisdiction
DFOIS R                  Directorate for Freedom of Information and Security Review
DOC                      Department of Commerce
DOD                      Department of Defense
DOE                      Department of Energy
DOS                      Department of State
DPL                      Denied Persons List
DDTC                     Directorate of Defense Trade Controls
DTRA                     Defense Threat Reduction Agency
EAA                      Export Administration Act
EAR                      Export Administration Regulations
ECCN                     Export Control Classification Number
EO                       Executive Order
ITAR                     International Traffic in Arms Regulations
MLA                      Manufacturing License Agreement
NLR                      No License Required
NSDD 189                 National Security Decision Directive 189
OFAC                     Office of Foreign Assets Control
RWA                      Returned Without Action
SCL                      Special Comprehensive License
SDN                      Specially Designated Nationals
SED                      Shipper’s Export Declaration
SME                      Significant Military Equipment
SNAP                     Simplified Network Application Process
TAA                      Technical Assistance Agreement
TCP                      Technology Control Plan
TSR                      Technology and Software Restricted
TSU                      Technology and Software Unrestricted
USML                     United States Munitions List
                      Export Controls & Embargoes Acronym List

Australia Group       34 member countries focused on chemical production equipment
                      and technologies and measures to prevent the proliferation of
                      biological weapons
Automated Export      The systems used to file Shipper’s Export Declarations (SEDs)
System (AES)          with the Census Bureau electronically.
 Bureau of Export     See Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS)
Bureau of Industry    Regulatory agency responsible for licensing items that have both
and Security (BIS)    commercial and military applications.
Commerce Control      A list of items subject to the Bureau of Industry and Security
List (CCL)            export license requirements based on their identity. (EAR Part
                      774 Supplement 1) This list does not include commodities
                      exclusively controlled for export by another department or
                      agency of the USG.
Commodity             Any article (defense or otherwise), material or supply, except
                      technical data
Commodity             The procedure authorized by ITAR used to determine if an
Jurisdiction (CJ)     article is included on the USML.
Consignee in          A foreign purchaser who will receive the shipment for storage,
Country of            modification, or for incorporation into another end-item, and for
Ultimate              subsequent forwarding to the foreign end-user.
Country Chart         A chart, found in Supplement Number 1 to Part 738 of the EAR,
                      that contains certain licensing requirements based on destination
                      and reason for control.
Data Generally        [EAR] Data that have been made generally available to the
Available (see also   public in any form, including (1) data released orally or visually
Public Domain)        at open conferences, lectures, trade shows or other media open
                      to the public; and (2) publications that may be purchased without
                      restrictions at a nominal cost (the cost of preparing and
                      distributing the publication and not the intrinsic value of the
                      technical data) or obtained with costs or are readily available at
                      libraries open to the public. (See Public Domain for the ITAR
Deemed Export         Release of controlled technology or source code to a foreign
Defense Article       Any article included on the USML. Defense articles include
                      models, mock-ups and any other items, which reveal technical
                      data directly related to the articles included on the USML.
                      It does not include basic marketing information on function or
                      purpose or general systems descriptions.

Defense Service       Means (a) the furnishing of assistance, including training, to
                      foreign persons in the design, engineering, development,
                      production, processing, manufacture, use, operation, overhaul,
                     Export Controls & Embargoes Acronym List

                     repair, maintenance, modification or reconstruction of defense
                     articles, whether or not in the United States or abroad; or (b) the
                     furnishing to foreign persons of any technical data, whether in
                     the United States or abroad or (c) military training of foreign
                     units and forces, regular and irregular, including formal or
                     informal instruction of foreign persons in the US or abroad or by
                     correspondence courses, technical, educational or information
                     publications and media of all kinds, training aid, orientation,
                     training exercise and military service.
Restricted Parties   US Government lists of restricted persons and entities including
Lists                the Denied Persons List, Entity List, Unverified List, Specially
                     Designated Nationals List, Debarred Parties List, and Debarred
                     Bidders List.
Distribution         An agreement to establish a warehouse or distribution point
Agreement (DA)       abroad for defense articles exported from the United States for
                     subsequent distribution to entities in an approved sales territory.
DSP 5                License issued by the DOS for the permanent export of
                     unclassified defense articles, services or technology.
DSP 61               License issued by the DOS for the temporary import or in-transit
                     shipments though the United States of unclassified defense
DSP 73               License issued by the DOS for the Temporary Export of
                     unclassified defense articles which will be returned to the US
                     within 4 (four) years and where title will not transfer during that
DSP 83               A form entitled Non-Transfer and End Use Certificate executed
                     by the foreign consignee, foreign end user and the license
                     applicant. It stipulates that, except as authorized by DTC, the
                     article or technology exported will not be reexported, resold or
                     otherwise disposed of outside the country identified in the
                     license application.
DSP 85               A form used for the permanent or temporary export or temporary
                     import of classified defense articles, service or technology.
Dual Use             When used in relation to technical data and commodities, means
                     technical data and commodities that have both civilian and
                     military use.
Empowered            A person directly employed by the license applicant who in a
Official             position of authority is empowered to sign license applications
                     on behalf of the applicant and has independent authority to
                     review any export transactions.
Encryption           The process of translating data into an electronic code to achieve
                     data security during data interchange.
                      Export Controls & Embargoes Acronym List

Export                An actual shipment or transmission of an item outside the U.S.
Export                Title 15, Parts 730-774, regulations that govern the export of
Administration        dual-use items.
Regulations (EAR)

Export Control        A five digit number that identifies items found on the Commerce
Classification        Control List.
Number (ECCN)
Export of TechnicalIncludes not only the physical conveyance of technical data to a
Data               person or location outside of the national boundaries of the
                   United States, but also any release of technical data with the
                   knowledge or intent that the data will be shipped or transmitted
                   from the United States to a foreign country. An export may
                   occur when technical data is communicated to a foreign national,
                   wether or not the foreign national is located in the United States
                   of in a foreign country.
Foreign National   Any person who is not an U.S. citizen, national, or permanent
                   resident alien, temporary resident alien, refugee or person
                   granted asylum in the United States.
Foreign Person     A person who is not a citizen or permanent resident of the
                   United States.
International      22 CFR 120-130, governs export control of defense related
Traffic in Arms    articles, services and technical information and are administered
Regulations (ITAR) by the Department of State Office of Defense Trade Controls.
Item               Any product considered for export. Examples are, but not
                   limited to, the following products: hardware, software, technical
                   data, publication of any kind, laptop computers taken on foreign
                   travel, etc.
License            Written authorization by the U.S. Government to export, re-
                   export or conduct other regulated activity.
Major Defense      Significant military equipment having a nonrecurring research
Equipment          and development cost of more than $50,000 or a total production
                   cost of more than $20,000,000.
Manufacturing      A U.S. person grants a foreign person an authorization to
License Agreement manufacture defense articles abroad involving tech. data or
(MLA)              defense articles or performing a defense service, or use by a
                   foreign person of tech. data or defense articles previously
                   exported by the U.S. person.
Missile Technology Policy statement between the US, United Kingdom, Federal
Control Regime     Republic of German, France, Italy, Canada and Japan to restrict
                   sensitive missile-relevant transfers
Munitions List     List of defense articles and services controlled by ITAR
Office of Foreign  Administers trade embargoes and other economic sanctions.
Assets Control
Office of Foreign  31 CFR 200 et seq., regulations for trade embargoes and other
                      Export Controls & Embargoes Acronym List

Assets Control        economic sanctions.
Public Domain        Information published and accessible to the public including
                     book sales, subscriptions, mail, libraries, government
                     publications available to public and fundamental research at
                     colleges or universities.
Reexport/Retransfer  Transfer of a defense article or service to an end use, end user, or
                     destination not previously authorized.
Significant Military Articles for which special export controls are warranted because
Equipment (SME)      of their capacity for substantial military utility or capability.
Simplified Network Secure environment for submission of export and re-export
Application Process applications, and commodity classification requests via the
                     Internet to the Bureau of Industry and Security
Software             Includes but is not limited to the system functional design, logic
                     flow, algorithms, application programs, operating systems and
                     support software for design, implementation, test, operation,
                     diagnosis and repair.
Specially            Article, data and related technical data designated by the US as
Designated           defense articles and services
Technical            An agreement for the performance of defense services or the
Assistance           disclosure of technical data, as opposed to an agreement granting
Agreement (TAA)      a right or license to manufacture defense articles.
Technical Data       Technical data includes blueprints, plans, diagrams, manuals,
                     instructions, photographs and documentation.
Technology           Technology is specific information necessary for the production,
                     development or use of a product.
Technology Control Company document identifying means of enforcing regulations
Plan                 to prevent unauthorized disclosure of technical data to foreign
United States        A listing of articles, services and related technical data which are
Munitions List       designated respectively as defense articles, defense services and
(USML)               defense technical data and are found in ITAR.
US Person            U.S. citizens, lawful permanent resident aliens, other protected
                     individuals, and business or other entities incorporated to do
                     business in the U.S.
Wassenaar            An organization of countries which contribute to regional and
Arrangement          international security and stability by promoting transparency
                     and greater responsibility in transfers of conventional arms and
                     dual-use goods and technologies and establishes lists of items for
                     which member countries are to apply export controls

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