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CLASSIC WHITES                                                     VINTNER’S BLENDED REDS
Marito Dry White                                                   Rosé
4 Glass, 11 Bottle, 8 Wine Club                                    5 Glass, 20 Bottle, 15 Wine Club
Fresh and crisp, blended of Seyval Blanc, Viognier, and            Strawberry, cherry blossom, and candied cinnamon;
Chardonnay. Bright clean fruit of apricot and honeysuckle          this playful wine has serious intent.
with floral notes, lively acidity, and medium body.
                                                                   Marito Dry Red
Viognier 2007                                                      4 Glass, 14 Bottle, 11 Wine Club
5 Glass, 19 Bottle, 15 Wine Club                                   An impressive blend of barrel aged wines creates the
A full bodied wine with flavors of peach and apricot; crisp        perfect balance and harmony whether you’re enjoying it
acids and floral aromatics entice the palate.                      with an evening meal or celebrating a special event. Black
                                                                   cherry fruit and soft layers of oak are balanced with
Chardonnay 2008                                                    rounded tannins.
5 Glass, 16 Bottle, 12 Wine Club
The wine exemplifies the bright, crisp flavors of pear,            Tempest, 2007
citrus, and tropical fruit with hints of mineral from the          9 Glass, 35 Bottle, 28 Wine Club
central Kentucky wine growing region. Limited aging in             A blend of Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, and
French oak created the creamy flavors of this elegant wine.        Cabernet Franc displays dark, rich bramble fruit with
                                                                   overtones of cigar box and spice.

Pinot Noir 2008
14 Glass, 55 Bottle, 40 Wine Club                                  MY LITTLE SWEET
This elegant Pinot Noir is delicately harvested by hand
from the Robinson’s “Lakeside Vineyard” planted in the
sandy soils along the foothills of the Appalachian                 4 Glass, 16 Bottle, 12 Wine Club
mountains. Enjoy the elegant fruit of cherry and brambles,         Cold fermented to preserve the delicate balance of bright
balanced with the rich vanillin of French oak.                     tropical fruits and citrus notes this lightly sweet Germanic
                                                                   wine has a delicate balance and soft floral notes
Merlot 2007
5 Glass, 18 Bottle, 14 Wine Club                                   Muscat
Red berry and plum fruit are highlighted by the rich               7 Glass, 13 Split, 10 Wine Club
chocolate notes of this food friendly Merlot. Its soft             An explosion of apricot, floral honey, and grapefruit with a
tannin structure allows casual enjoyment by friends yet            pleasant sweetness balanced by a crisp, refreshing finish.
will pair well with food.
                                                                   Dolce Sweet Blush and Red
Syrah 2006                                                         3 Glass, 9 Bottle, 7 Wine Club
7 Glass, 25 Bottle, 20 Wine Club                                   The belief that wine is a part of daily life is reflected in
Produced in the traditional Rhone style this wine has              these approachable, well balanced sweet wines.
rich layers of cherry, currant, and bramble fruit with
soft, fine grained tannins.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2007
8 Glass, 28 Bottle, 22 Wine Club                                   BEVERAGES
This vintage has a rich opaque color with structured
flavors of black cherry, with notes of mocha and                   Bottle Water (Sparkling or Still) 5
espresso. The wine has firm tannins with a long,                   Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite 1.50
balanced finish.                                                   Iced or Hot Tea 1.50
Malbec 2008                                                        Café Marco Coffee 3
10 Glass, 40 Bottle, 32 Wine Club
Limited production from Kentucky’s only Malbec
vineyard the wine is rich and robust with flavors of
black raspberry, violets, and red currant with deep
purple hues. Soft fine grain tannin fill the palette with
a long smooth finish.

Petite Syrah 2007
12 Glass, 48 Bottle, 35 Wine Club
A bold, full bodied wine with a dense garnet color which
gives way to rich aromatics of ripe blueberry and spice.

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      Jean Farris Winery & Bistro 6825 Old Richmond Road Lexington, Kentucky 859-263-WINE(9463)

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