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					    March                                                                                   littER to glittER
                                                           WEbEloS ACtivity bAdgES: AthlEtE/EnginEER

T  his month Cub Scouts will turn recycled items into treasures and learn about
   conservation at the same time. Build artistic masterpieces of your own design
using items that would normally go in the trash or recycling bin. It’s amazing what
                                                                                             Some of the purposes of Cub Scout-
                                                                                             ing developed through this month’s
                                                                                             theme include:
some recycled bottles and paper can do when combined with glue, glitter, and a little
imagination. Have a gallery opening at your pack meeting and display all your art.           •	 Citizenship. Boys provide service
Boys can work toward completion of the Art belt loop and pin.                                   to their communities as they clean
                                                                                                up the environment and recycle
                                                                                                limited natural resources.
PACk PlAnning                                                                                •	 Character development. Boys
   The pack meeting for March gives Cub Scouts a chance to shine with their recy-               learn about reusing and recycling,
cled creations. Appoint the following committees:                                               and then try their best to do it.
   Decorations Committee. Create a pack art gallery to display the wonderful things          this theme is designed to promote
boys make at den meetings. Have a specific place (table for sculptures, wall space for       character development by emphasiz-
posters and pictures) for each den to display their masterpieces. Be sure each piece is      ing these core values:
labeled with the artist’s name. Award ribbons to each participant.
                                                                                             •	 Citizenship. Boys learn that provid-
   Welcome Committee. Welcome everyone and direct boys to the gallery area to                   ing services related to recycling and
display their works of genius. Of course, families will want to look at the artistic tal-       reusing can help them be good citi-
ents displayed. Hand out items needed for the gathering activity, explain the activity,         zens of their neighborhood, town,
and encourage each family to participate.                                                       state, country—and the world.
   Program Committee. Assemble trophies needed for The Glitter Awards opening                •	 Resourcefulness. Transforming dis-
ceremony (2 MAR). Provide flashlight “spotlights” if needed for the ceremony. Col-              carded items into things of value
lect and prepare lids for Lid Toss game (3 MAR) and provide supplies for activities.            is a good example of resourceful-
Set up the game area and plan to supervise the games.                                           ness for Cub Scout–age boys to

                                                     Pack Meeting
before      the   Meeting                     (2 MAR). Invite all pack members to           Game
   All committee members arrive early         join in prayer, meditation, or silence as       Play Lid Toss (3 MAR).
at the meeting place to set up the gal-       is their custom.
lery area for the dens to display their       Icebreaker                                      Use The Glitter Awards opening cer-
Litter to Glitter projects, set up the Lid       Ask pack families to share some of         emony (2 MAR) to present badges to
Toss game (3 MAR), and have gathering         their answers from the What Can You Do        Cub Scouts. Present glittery homemade
activity supplies ready to hand out.          With It? gathering activity. Award prizes     awards to leaders who really shine as
gAthering                                     if desired. Lead The Trash Monster audi-      they help the boys turn litter to glitter.
  Greeters from the welcome commit-           ence participation stunt (3 MAR).
tee greet pack members as they arrive         Welcome and Introductions                       A pack committee member dressed
and show them where to display art              Welcome all pack families and any           as a magician does a simple magic trick
projects in the gallery. Other welcome        special guests. Thank committee mem-          to introduce the theme of next month’s
committee members hand out items for
                                              bers for making the pack meeting spar-        meeting, Abracadabra. Be sure to tell
the What Can You Do With It? gather-
                                              kle this month.                               the date, time, and place of the magical
ing activity (2 MAR) and encourage all
families to participate.                      Song                                          meeting.

MAin PArt         of the     Meeting             The song leader leads “We Can Do           Cubmaster’s Minute
                                              It” or “Re-Use” (2 MAR). Provide large          The Cubmaster shares the Walt Dis-
Opening                                       posters with the words printed on them        ney Cubmaster’s Minute (3 MAR).
  Conduct the Litter to Glitter opening       so everyone can see them.
ceremony (2 MAR) or choose an alter-
                                              Den Demonstrations                              Designated Cub Scouts present the
nate ceremony from Cub Scout Ceremo-            Dens share their artwork and tell           Looking at Things Differently closing
nies for Dens and Packs.                      what they did to turn litter into glitter.    ceremony (3 MAR), or choose an alter-
Prayer                                        Dens can also share den activities, ser-      nate ceremony from Cub Scout Ceremo-
  Call a preselected Cub Scout forward        vice projects, field trip stories, etc.       nies for Dens and Packs.
to share the Use Our Resources prayer
1 MAR 08
                                               Cubmaster Corner
 gAMes MAke PACk Meetings shine
     Games promote teamwork, good sportsmanship, and physical fitness. But most of all, games are fun! When choosing a
 game for pack meetings, consider games that can be played with a large group of boys, parents, and leaders. And don’t for-
 get little brothers and sisters! Consider the physical arrangements. Is the room or playing area large enough? Remove all haz-
 ards from the playing area and set up boundaries if needed. Consider the number of boys involved and know their abilities.
 Make sure you have the needed equipment. Prepare more supplies than necessary, because it’s always better to be safe
 than sorry.
     Be sure you know and understand a game before trying to teach it. Practice with your family or friends before the pack
 meeting. To introduce the game, name it, demonstrate it, ask for questions, and then start it. If the game goes badly, stop
 it, explain it again, and then start play once more. Always insist on fair play. Don’t overplay the game. A successful game will
 be more in demand if it is stopped while it is still being enjoyed. Keep a notebook or game file to jot down games your pack
 enjoyed and may want to play again. Create a pack game box with simple, inexpensive, or recycled materials that can be used
 to play games. Now go out there and play!

                              Ceremonies, Games, Songs, Stunts
gAthering ACtivity: whAt                     oPening CereMony:                                song: we CAn do it
CAn you do with it?                          litter to glitter                                Tune: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
   Materials: Paper, pencil, clean recy-        Equipment: Cards that spell L-I-T-T-E-R
clable objects, prizes                       —one letter on each card. Cards can              We can do it, you and me.
   As the pack families enter, give each     be decorated with litter-like materials          Paper, jars, and milk jugs can
family something that is usually used        (wadded up paper or tinfoil, bottle              Be recycled—lend a hand,
then thrown away, such as milk cartons       caps, torn labels). One card with the            We can do it, you and me:
or jugs, aluminum cans, paper plates,        letter G on it, decorated with glitter.          R-E-C-Y-C-L-E.
paper towel tubes, newspapers, etc. (Be         The first six Cub Scouts stand in a line      song: re-use
sure the item is clean. Avoid glass items    with cards. In turn, each boy steps for-         Tune: Bingo
for safety reasons.) Give each family a      ward, holds up his card, and says his line.         Sing through one time; then replace the
paper and pencil and challenge them to       Boy No. 7 is offstage.                           first letter with a clap, like in the song
write down as many ideas of things that      L LOOK all around you, there’s junk              “Bingo.” Continue singing, picking up speed,
can be done with their item. Let each             everywhere.                                 until all the letters are replaced by claps.
family share some of their ideas during      I IT’S all over the ground, it’s a real          We’ll make the world a cleaner place and
the pack meeting. You can give prizes             nightmare.                                     reuse all we can.
for the longest list, the most original      T TRASH like newspapers, bottles,                R-E-U-S-E,
idea, the craziest idea, etc.                     and cans,                                   R-E-U-S-E,
                                             T TRASH everywhere, we must have a
newsPAPer yo-yo                                   plan!
   Materials: Newspaper, rubber bands,                                                        And re-use all we can.
                                             E EVERYONE can pitch in to clean up
tape                                              a street,                                   AdvAnCeMent CereMony:
several rub-
                                             R RE-USE and RECYCLE—it can’t be                 the glitter AwArds
                                                  beat.                                          Equipment: For each award to be pre-
ber bands                                       (Boy 7 enters, stands at the first position
(larks head                                                                                   sented, make a trophy out of recycled
                                             in the line, and displays his sign.)             materials. Glue cardboard tubes or clean
knot works                                   G Turn litter to GLITTER and you will
well). (Start                                                                                 aluminum cans together, spray paint gold
                                                  see, a good citizen and hero you will       or silver, and cover with glitter. Embellish
with three                                        be.
and then add more.) Ball up the newspa-                                                       the trophies with stickers or names of the
per as tight as possible. Put the newspa-    PrAyer: use our                                  boys receiving the awards. Pin the badge
                                                                                              to a colorful ribbon, and hang the ribbon
per ball inside of the rubber band at the
end of the rubber band chain and secure
                                             resourCes                                        over the trophy.
                                                We feel gratitude every day for this             The presenter of the awards should shine
it well with tape. On the other end, make    world we live in. We hope for the com-
a loop for a finger.                                                                          in bright clothes decorated with anything
                                             mitment to reuse and recycle in our              sparkly—rhinestones, sequins, beads, alu-
   Bounce the ball toward a bull’s-eye       homes and neighborhoods, to use our
drawn on paper. Try to hit the bull’s-eye.                                                    minum foil, etc. Add a pair of sunglasses.
                                             resources wisely, and to keep the world             The room can be darkened and flash-
Add more rubber bands to your chain as       clean and beautiful. Blessed be, amen.
you become more skilled. Now can you                                                          lights used as spotlights.
do it with your other hand?
                                                                                                                                2 MAR 08
   ANNOUNCER: Welcome to the first-              When using flashlights in ceremonies,         of newspaper, but I can use it to make
ever Pack [No. _____] Glitter Awards! And      always remind boys to be careful that they      a hat.
here is your host, Spark Lee Guy/Gal!          don’t shine the light in anyone’s eyes.            CUB SCOUT 4 (holds up paper plate):
   CUBMASTER: Thank you! I’m so                                                                This may look like just a paper plate, but
happy to see all of you at the first-ever      gAMes                                           I can use it to make a mask.
Pack [No. _____] Glitter Awards! In fact,      Lid Toss                                           CUB SCOUT 5 (holds up sock): This
I’m beaming! (Gives audience a great big          Equipment: Variety of plastic lids, per-     may look like just a sock, but I can use it
smile.) The Glitter Awards honor those         manent marker, tape or string                   to make a puppet.
boys in our pack who really shine! The            Collect a variety of plastic lids from          CUB SCOUT 6: Try to look at things
boys we honor tonight radiate the Cub          containers such as margarine tubs, yogurt       differently, and you’ll be surprised what
Scout spirit. They sparkle as they do their    containers, coffee cans, nut cans, milk         you can see. Remember, one person’s
best to live the Cub Scout Promise. They       jugs, etc. With a permanent marker, mark        trash is another person’s treasure.
gleam as they serve others and help the        half the lids with the letter C for Cub and
pack go. They positively shine as they         the other half with the letter S for Scouts.
                                                                                               AudienCe PArtiCiPAtion:
work to advance in rank. So, let’s light up    Divide the group into two teams, the            trAsh Monster
the night with the brilliant deeds of our      Cubs and the Scouts. Give each team the             Divide the audience into five groups.
Cub Scouts!                                    appropriate set of lids. Use tape or string     Assign each group a word. When that word
   First, let’s spotlight our Cub Scouts who   to mark two target circles about 15 ft. away    is read, the group must respond with the
have earned their Bobcat badge. They have      from a baseline. Each team must stand           designated sound.
followed the path of Akela and learned         behind the baseline and sail their lids into        Monster: “GRRRRRRR!”
the fundamentals (with that emphasis on        their target. Award a point for each lid that       Paper: “Crinkle, crinkle”
fun!) of Cub Scouting. (Calls forward boys     lands in the target. Take away a point if a         Cans: “Crunch, crunch”
receiving Bobcat badges along with their       lid lands in the opposing target.                   Bottles: “Clink, clink”
parents or guardians. Present “trophy” to         If you have a large group, you can use           Boxes: “Square, square”
adults who hang award ribbons around           more lids and add more teams, such as B             Trash: Everyone makes their sound
boys’ necks. Cubmaster gives “sparkling”       for the Blue and G for the Gold. Try this       together
compliments to each boy. Follow this pattern                                                       In my neighborhood, and maybe in
                                               game as a relay, with one boy from each
for all other badges.)                                                                         yours, there is an empty lot. At first glance
                                               team running up to the baseline, tossing
   Tiger Cubs have been brilliant as they                                                      it looks like there is nothing there. But
                                               his lid toward the target, and then running
searched, discovered, and shared the world                                                     look carefully, and you’ll see the home of
                                               back and tagging the next player.
around them. (Presents awards.)                                                                the TRASH MONSTER. He starts out as
   Next, the spotlight shines on the Wolf      CubMAster’s Minute:                             a little guy, but he keeps growing. Just add
den. These boys have glowed and sparkled                                                       a few sheets of PAPER. “Yum,” says the
as they completed their 12 achievements        wAlt disney                                     MONSTER as he slurps down the PAPER.
and obtained the rank of Wolf. (Presents         I’m sure all of you have heard of Walt
                                                                                               Someone throws some empty soda CANS
awards.)                                       Disney, the father of Mickey Mouse and
                                                                                               into the lot, and the MONSTER is happy.
   The Bear Cub Scouts bask in the glow        the creator of Disneyland. Walt Disney          CANS are one of his favorite snacks. He
of the spotlight tonight! These boys were      wanted Disneyland to be a clean place           loves the taste of BOTTLES and BOXES for
absolutely radiant as they learned about       for families to visit. Whenever he saw          breakfast. With every piece of TRASH that
God, country, family, and self. They bril-     any bit of trash at the park, he picked it      is added to the lot, the MONSTER grows
liantly completed 12 achievements to earn      up and put it in the garbage. He thought        bigger and bigger. When the lot is totally
the rank of Bear. (Presents awards.)           keeping the world clean was so impor-           filled with TRASH, the MONSTER has
   Now, I’m proud to introduce our bril-       tant that he asked all of his employees         grown so big, he covers the whole lot.
liant Webelos Scouts! These loyal Scouts       to follow his example and pick up trash             Well, I don’t know about you, but I cer-
are in the spotlight as they worked all        whenever they saw it. This month, let’s         tainly don’t want a TRASH MONSTER liv-
month to earn their activity badges. (Pres-    follow Walt Disney’s example and take           ing in my neighborhood. So I asked a Cub
ents badges.) Some of our Webelos Scouts       the time to pick up trash when we see it        Scout pack to help me defeat that MON-
have really sparkled, and they are now         and dispose of it properly.                     STER. One Saturday morning a bunch of
                                                                                               Cub Scouts, armed with work gloves and
ready to step into the spotlight and accept
the Webelos badge. (Presents awards.)
                                               Closing CereMony: look-                         garbage sacks, met at the lot. The TRASH
   This brings the first-ever (and maybe       ing At things differently                       MONSTER was not happy to see them.
the last) Pack (No.)_______ Glitter               Equipment: Cardboard tube, sheet of          The Cub Scouts picked up the PAPER, the
Awards to a sparkling conclusion. Let’s        newspaper, paper plate, sock                    CANS, the BOTTLES and the BOXES. The
give our recipients a round of applause.          CUB SCOUT 1: This month we’ve                MONSTER became angry. He tried to hide
(Leads appropriate applause.) Remember,        tried to look at things differently.            some of the CANS, but the smart Cubs
these boys are the light of our future.           CUB SCOUT 2 (holds up cardboard              found them. He asked his friend the wind
And their future is so bright, they have       tube): This may look like just a cardboard      to blow the PAPERS all around, but the
to wear shades! I’m your host, Spark Lee       tube, but I can use it to look at the stars.    quick Cubs grabbed the PAPERS out of the
Guy (Gal), wishing you a shiny good               CUB SCOUT 3 (holds up sheet of news-         air and then stuffed them into the garbage
night—and brilliant Scouting.                  paper): This may look like just a sheet         sacks. The MONSTER hid the BOTTLES
                                                                                               under the tall grass and tried to squash the
3 MAR 08
BOXES. But those Cub Scouts had eagle eyes          looked around. All his beautiful TRASH          and any other TRASH that might show
and found every BOTTLE and BOX.                     was gone. He was shrinking, shrinking,          up there. The TRASH MONSTER would
   The Cubmaster looked around. “Well done,         shrinking, and soon he was gone. The            never again come to my neighborhood.
boys,” he exclaimed. “Let’s get this stuff to the   Cubs promised to keep the lot clean from        Three cheers for the Cub Scouts!
recycling center.” The TRASH MONSTER                PAPER, CANS, BOTTLES, and BOXES,

                       March Pack Program Page: Litter to Glitter
ACAdeMiCs          And     sPorts                   Trace applies in a backyard or local park       or her art or someone who uses recycled
                                                    (frontcountry) as much as it does in the        materials to create different products.
ProgrAM                                             wilderness (backcountry).                          Plan April’s Abracadabra pack meet-
Academics                                              We should practice Leave No Trace            ing. You may want to invite a magician to
   Art. Fulfilling requirements for this belt       in our attitude and actions wherever we         speak about the art of illusion and dem-
loop and pin will help Cub Scouts develop           go. Understanding nature strengthens            onstrate a few tricks.
their powers of observation and their               our respect for the environment. One               Promote day camp, resident camp,
appreciation of the world they live in.             person with thoughtless behavior or one         and family camping opportunities. Have
   Wildlife Conservation. Fulfilling                shortcut on a trail can spoil the outdoor       information and registration forms avail-
requirements for this belt loop and pin             experience for many others.                     able for all pack families.
will help your boys understand why con-                                                                Conduct Unit Leadership Enhance-
servation is an important responsibility of         good turn          for     AMeriCA              ment No. 11, “Pack Meetings,” to review
every good citizen.                                   This is a good month                          the excitement each pack meeting pro-
                                                    to plan a field trip to                         vides for pack families. Choose a topic
Sports                                              take the Litter to Glitter                      from the Cub Scout Leader Book for next
   Roller Skating. This sport provides a            theme one step further.                         month that meets the current needs of
good physical workout for boys and can              The pack could spon-                            your pack.
be done both indoors and outdoors.                  sor a recycling project to
   Table Tennis. If weather permits, move           collect cans or milk jugs or glass to take to   looking AheAd
the table outside for Cub Scouts to prac-           your local recycling center.                       If you hold your pack space derby next
tice their skills as they gather for the den                                                        month, distribute the space derby kits to
meeting. Rotate players as the boys arrive.         bsA resourCes                                   Cub Scouts at this month’s pack meeting
                                                    highlight                                       so they will be ready to participate in the
fAMily ACtivity                                        Requirements for boys to earn the            derby in April.
  Becoming a good citizen includes                  Cub Scout Leave No Trace Awareness                 Begin planning for summertime activ-
accepting responsibility within our                 Award are in the Cub Scout handbooks            ities by gathering suggestions from the
communities and our own homes. This                 for each rank. Addi-                            pack families.
month would be a good time to encour-               tional information
age families to work on the “Developing             and requirements for                            PACk trAiner highlight
Responsibility” section in Cub Scouting’s           leaders to earn this                               Fifth-grade (or 10-year-old) Webelos
BSA Family Activity Book. Some sug-                 same award are on                               Scouts are graduating into local Boy Scout
gested activities include developing a              the national BSA Web                            troops. This will mean a loss of many
family chores chart, making a family                site at www.scouting.                           adult members of the pack. Now is the
rules chart, and holding family planning            org/cubscouts/resources/13-032/index.           time to recruit for any vacant positions.
sessions to plan the week’s events.                 html and in the Cub Scouting’s Leave               Review the Guide to Safe Scouting (avail-
                                                                                                    able online at the national BSA web site,
did you know?                                       No Trace Frontcountry Guidelines (No.
                                                                                           with leaders. Empha-
                                                    13-032), available at many local council
Cub sCouting’s leAve                                service centers.                                size that different events are appropriate
no trACe frontCountry                               PACk leAders’ PlAnning
                                                                                                    for different age levels. Encourage them to
                                                                                                    take a Scouting Safety Begins with Leader-
   As more people                                   Meeting                                         ship course in your area.
                                                      Pack leaders meet one or two weeks
use parks and recre-
                                                    before the pack meeting to review the final
                                                                                                    outdoor ideAs            for
ation facilities, Leave                                                                             everyone
No Trace guidelines                                 details for this month’s meeting and to
                                                    review plans for April’s meeting.                  Tiger Cubs. Tiger Cubs and their adult
become even more
                                                      Evaluate last month’s pack meeting.           partners will enjoy a trip to a tree farm.
important for out-
                                                      Make sure appropriate materials will be          Wolf Cub Scouts. Take a bicycle ride
door visitors. Leave
                                                    available for the What Can You Do With          with the den (and don’t forget helmets!).
No Trace is a plan that
                                                    Me? gathering activity and The Glitter             Bear Cub Scouts. Participate in a local
helps you, your Cub Scouts, and their
                                                    Awards advancement ceremony.                    tree planting or cleanup.
families to be more concerned about
                                                      A guest speaker may be invited, perhaps          Webelos Scouts. Gather aluminum
their environment and to help them pro-
                                                    an artist who uses recycled materials in his    cans during a neighborhood hike.
tect it for future generations. Leave No
                                                                                                                                      4 MAR 08
                        Litter to Glitter: Tiger Cub Den Meetings
                                 Each Tiger Cub and his adult partner should attend all meetings as a team.
                                               Dens may meet in the evenings or on weekends.
        Full or partial credit may be received for the following advancement possibilities highlighted in this month’s meeting plans.

   WHEN                 FIRST WEEK                     SECOND WEEK                     THIRD WEEK                      FOURTH WEEK

                               The Tiger Cub den leader shares leadership with a Tiger Cub adult partner.
                            This team should review plans before each meeting and check equipment needed.

BEFORE THE Have materials for collages           Have materials for Cleanup     Call the Go See It destination Host team writes a thank-
MEETING    and for By the Numbers (6             Treasure Hunt (6 MAR);         to confirm arrangements,       you note to the destination
STARTS     MAR), U.S. flag.                      gather materials for litter    times, fees, etc.              of last week’s Go See It.

                                                      Den leader may collect dues.
                      Den leader checks boys’ books for completed advancement requirements and records them on
                        Den Advancement Chart. Boys record own advancement on den doodle, if den has one.

GATHERING       Make a collage of pictures of Divide boys into two groups.
                things that can be recycled.  Give each a box with recy-
                                              clables such as paper towels
                                              rolls, milk jugs, foil, cans,
                                              water bottles, etc. Boys use
                                              tape and scissors to create a

OPENING         Recite the Pledge of Alle-       Practice the Public Service
                giance. Say the Cub Scout        Announcement (Elective 20).

SHARE           Discuss ways to complete         Do the Cleanup Treasure                                           Participate in the monthly
                Achievement 1F at home.          Hunt (Elective 33).              GO SEE IT: Visit a dump,
                                                                                                                  pack meeting by sharing the
                                                                                 landfill, or recycling center.
                                                                                                                   Public Service Announce-
                                                                                                                  ment and information about
                                                                                 At the end of the trip, lead         the den’s Go See It.
                                                                                 a reflecting discussion with
DISCOVER        Have boys bring items            Share the items boys brought      boys and adult partners
                                                                                                                   Tiger Cubs and adult part-
                for next week that can be        and how they are recycled            about their outing.
                                                                                                                  ners sign the thank-you note.
                recycled (Elective 47). Create   (Elective 47).
                a Public Service Announce-
                ment (6 MAR) about recy-
                cling. Make and play By the

SEARCH          Discuss plans for the Go         Finalize plans for the Go
                See It.                          See It.

CLOSING         Create a circle by putting       Tiger Cubs give a big
                hands together in the center.    “R-o-a-r-r-r!”
                Yell “Do your best!”

                                        This month’s shared leadership team reviews the meeting.
        The den leader should meet briefly with the Tiger Cub and adult partner who will share leadership at the next den meeting.

AFTER THE       Den leader files tour permit     Talk to Tiger Cub team in      Den leader fills out den          Den leader mails the thank-
MEETING         with local council service       charge of the next month.      advancement report for the        you note.
                center for Go See It.            Offer resources or ideas as    pack leaders’ meeting.

                                     CHECK WITH YOUR PACK TRAINER OR CUBMASTER

5 MAR 08
                                              Tiger Cub Den Activities
     Advancement possibilities highlighted in this month’s meeting plans: Achievement 1f; Electives 20, 33, 47
     It may not be pretty or even smell sweet, but the lessons to be learned about trash and litter will encourage boys to
  reduce, reuse, and recycle after they have visited their local landfill. Many advancements can be springboards to the Litter to
  Glitter theme. Boys working on Achievement 1F, Making My Family Special, can do chores like putting items in recycling bins.

gAMes                                           (Elective 47), boys can take the bundles      necessary to make a hole in the metal
                                                of newspaper to a recycling center.           pieces. Tie the string pieces together—
Play Catch                                                                                    the knot should be placed just below
  Materials: Two plastic milk jugs that         PubliC serviCe                                the top of the carton with part of the
have the bottoms cut off, foil rolled into      AnnounCeMent                                  metal pieces showing from the bottom.
a ball or an old tennis ball                    (Elective 20)                                 Place the string pieces in the center of
  Tiger Cubs and adult partners stand              Get the word out! With your den,           the opening of the carton. Close the
several feet apart, each holding the            make a public service announcement            carton top and staple it shut. Hang it
handle of a milk jug. The Tiger Cub             about the pros and cons of recycling.         in a windy place but out of the rain. Or
tosses the foil or tennis ball to his adult     Show what your neighborhood would             use this as a “doorbell” for a bedroom.
partner using the milk jug. The adult           be like if no one recycled. Then show            Note: Adult partners can prepare the
partner tries to catch the ball with his/       what it would be like if everyone recy-       carton top ahead of time.
her milk jug.                                   cled. Give information on where the              If you use glitter for a craft project,
By the Numbers                                  nearest recycling centers are located.        mix it in glue first; then you won’t have
                                                Explain for the finale that you learned       glitter all over the floor during or after
                                                these things as a Tiger Cub and encour-       the activity. School white glue works
                                                age others to join your pack.                 better than tacky glue. Homemade glit-
                                                                                              ter glue does not look like commercially
                                                CleAn-uP treAsure hunt                        made glitter glue. Don’t worry: the glue
                                                (Elective 33)
                                                                                              will dry clear. Be generous with the
                                                   Materials: Gloves, trash bags, treasure
                                                hunt list, pencils
                                                   Create a treasure hunt list of items to    JuMPing sPider
                                                find that can be recycled or disposed of
   Materials: Bottom of an egg carton,          properly. Divide into teams of three or
marker, paint stick, 15-in. string, alumi-      four. Go outside and try to find as many
num foil, duct tape                             items on your list in the time allotted. In
   Write numbers 1 through 12 in the            addition to the suggestions provided in
bowls of the egg carton. Ball up a small        the Tiger Cub Handbook, you may find
piece of foil around one end of the             straws, straw wrappers, gum wrappers,
string. Make sure the string is securely        envelopes, and even small change.
attached to the ball. Make a hole on
one end of the carton and attach the            Milk CArton wind ChiMe                           Materials: Half-gallon milk carton
string. Tape the paint stick on the bot-           Materials: Half-
                                                                                              bottom (4 to 5 in.), scissors, permanent
tom of the carton. Hold the paint stick,        gallon milk car-
fly the ball into the air and catch it. See     ton top, two metal
                                                                                                 Draw a spider face on the bottom of
how many points you can earn within a           pieces (frozen juice
                                                                                              the carton. Make slits on each side to
given time. Adult partner can help keep         can lids, jar lids,
                                                                                              about 1 in. from the bottom. Bend each
the score.                                      old spoons, etc.),
                                                                                              leg outward, taking care not to make a
                                                one bell (½ in. or
Paper Pile Race                                                                               crease. Cut the corners of each leg as
                                                larger works best),
   Materials: Old newspapers, string                                                          shown. Place the spider on a smooth
                                                three string pieces
   Have a contest to see which Tiger Cub                                                      surface and then poke it to make it
                                                at least 18 in. long,
and adult partner can work together to                                                        jump or move. Can you make it jump
                                                scrap fabric, glue, glitter, stapler
make the highest stack of newspaper.                                                          high? How about a race with other
                                                   Cut the carton about 6 in. from the
Adult partners hold the papers while                                                          spiders?
                                                top. Wash the top piece and dry it well.
Tiger Cubs make a stack 8 to 12 in. high                                                         Note: Use the part of the milk car-
                                                Decorate the carton top with fabric
and tie string around it. Set a time limit                                                    ton left over from the Milk Carton
                                                pieces (like a collage) and glitter glue.
to see which team makes the highest                                                           Wind Chimes. Any size milk carton
                                                Attach string to the bell and metal
stack. After learning about recycling                                                         will work.
                                                pieces. Adult partner can help if it is
                                                                                                                              6 MAR 08
                             Litter to Glitter: Wolf Den Meetings
                                       Dens may meet after school, in the evenings, or on weekends.
                                           Review the theme pages before planning den meetings.
       Full or partial credit may be received for the following advancement possibilities highlighted in this month’s meeting plans.

   WHEN                FIRST WEEK                      SECOND WEEK                       THIRD WEEK                     FOURTH WEEK

                   Den leader, den chief, and denner review plans before each meeting and check equipment needed.

BEFORE THE Have materials for Recycling          Have supplies for Potato         Call the destination of your Denner writes thank-you
MEETING    Neckerchief Slides (8 MAR);           Chip Cookies, Recycled           field trip to confirm arrange- note to last week’s destina-
STARTS     print out the Outdoor Code;           Bowling (both 8 MAR), and        ments, times, fees, etc.       tion. Have materials for Soda
           have a soccer ball.                   making posters.                                                 Bottle Animals and Recycle
                                                                                                                 Chair Scramble (both 8

                                                           Den leader collects dues.

WHILE CUB      Start the meeting outdoors        Collect permission slips. Talk                                   Boys sign thank-you note.
SCOUTS         with a game of soccer.            about the MyPyramid Plan                                         Play Recycled Bowling (8
GATHER                                           of nutrition (Achievement                                        MAR).

OPENING        Lead the Leave No Trace           Den chief demonstrates an          Collect permission slips.     Form a semicircle around
               Pledge (Wolf Handbook).           outdoor flag ceremony and                                        the flag and say the Pledge of
                                                 raises the flag (Achievement                                     Allegiance.

                      Den leader checks boys’ books for completed achievements and electives and records them on
                        Den Advancement Charts. Boys record own advancement on den doodle, if den has one.

BUSINESS       Talk about recycling and          Review requirements for                                          Boys practice how they will
ITEMS          review Achievement 7, Your        Cub Scouting’s Leave No                                          share their posters at the
               Living World. Discuss what        Trace Awareness Award (Wolf                                      pack meeting. Let boys know
               boys can do for advancement       Handbook). Make a poster of                                      what order to stand in. This
               at home this month.               the Leave No Trace Pledge.                                       practice will help them feel
                                                                                                                  more comfortable when they
                                                                                                                  get in front of the pack.
                                                                                    Visit a recycling center or
ACTIVITY       Lead the Character Connec-        Create bowling pins for             water treatment plant.       Make Soda Bottle Animals.
               tion on Citizenship (8 MAR).      Recycled Bowling. Make                                           Play Recycle Chair Scramble
               Make Recycling Neckerchief        Potato Chip Cookies. Ask          At the end of the trip, lead   (8 MAR).
               Slides. Play Outdoor Code         boys where cookies would go       a reflecting discussion with
               Game (8 MAR).                     on the MyPyramid.                   boys about their outing.
                                                                                    Stress the importance of
                                                                                   clean water and what they
                                                                                    can do to not pollute our
CLOSING        Remind boys to bring 20-          Go outside for a closing                                         Sing “Cub Scout Vespers”
               oz. bottles for next week.        flag ceremony (Achievement                                       (Cub Scout Songbook).
               Do a closing flag ceremony        2f).Remember that the flag
               (Achievement 2b). Send            should be lowered slowly and
               home permission slips for         with respect.
               the field trip during the third

                                               Denner supervises putting away equipment.
                      Den leader, den chief, and denner review the meeting and check details for the next meeting.

AFTER THE      Den leader files local tour                                        Den leader fills out den        Den leader mails thank-you
MEETING        permit with council service                                        advancement report for the      note.
               center for field trip planned                                      pack leaders’ meeting.
               for third week.

                                     CHECK WITH YOUR PACK TRAINER OR CUBMASTER

7 MAR 08
                                             Wolf Den Activities
     Advancement possibilities highlighted in this month’s meeting plans: Achievements 2b, 2f, 7, 8a; Elective 12c
     Who can take a liter bottle, save it, earn an elective by adding coloring to it, and make it a game?—Wolf Cub Scouts, that’s
  who. This month, as the weather is getting warmer, the den will venture outside to play some games and run. Being outdoors
  reminds them of the Leave No Trace Awareness Award and the importance of the Outdoor Code and Leave No Trace guidelines.
  Leaving the environment in good shape for those who will come later is a good sign of responsible citizenship.
     Encourage Cub Scout families to work on additional achievements and electives that support this theme such as:
  •	 Achievement 11, Duty to God: Boys can start working with their religious leader to earn the religious emblem for their faith.
  •	 Elective 12a, Be an Artist: Boys have started learning about how colors are combined; they can take it one step further and
     make a freehand sketch of a person, place, or thing.
  •	 Elective 17d, Tie It Right: Recycle newspaper the right way and tie a string around the stack.

ChArACter ConneCtion:                        gAMes                                            To play: Set the bottles up in a tra-
                                                                                           ditional bowling pin pyramid shape,
CitiZenshiP                                  Outdoor Code                                  approximately 10 ft. away from a start
   When we started our                         Materials: Two copies of the Outdoor        line. Each boy gets two rolls to try to
meeting we recited the                       Code, cut into strips of one line each.       knock down the pins. Score 1 point per
Cub Scout Leave No                             As an American,                             bottle knocked down.
Trace Pledge.                                  I will do my best
•	 What do you think                           to be clean                                 Recycle Chair Scramble
   the pledge means?                           in my outdoor manners,                         Materials: Chairs placed in a circle
•	 Do you know what citizenship is?            be careful                                  (have one chair for each player, less
•	 How is the Cub Scout Leave No Trace         with fire,                                  one); foam stick, such as a pipe insula-
   Pledge related to citizenship?              be considerate                              tor or swimming pool toy
•	 How do you practice good citizenship        in the outdoors,                               Players sit in a circle on the chairs. “It”
   related to the outdoors? How can you        and be conservation minded.                 is in the center holding the stick. Play-
   be a responsible citizen during the         Divide into teams. The first boy takes      ers leave their chairs and walk around
   week ahead related to the outdoors        one piece of paper, goes to a table,          in a close circle saying “Reduce, Reuse”
   and recycling?                            and lays it down. The next boy takes a        (repeat). “It” goes through the motions
                                             second piece and places it in the spot        of picking up things with the stick (as
PotAto ChiP Cookies                          where it should be within the Outdoor         a litter stick). Suddenly, when no one
  Ingredients: ½ C. crushed potato                                                         is expecting it, “It” taps the stick three
                                             Code. Continue until one team has put
chips, ¾ C. flour, ¼ C. sugar, ½ C.                                                        times, shouts “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!”
                                             the pieces together to form the correct
unsalted butter, ½ t. vanilla                                                              and runs for a seat. All players run to
                                             Outdoor Code. The den chief can check
  Mix sugar and butter until smooth.                                                       find a chair different from the one they
                                             for accuracy.
Add vanilla, then flour. Finally add                                                       had before. The player left out is the
crushed potato chips. Drop by tea-           Recycled Bowling                              new “It.”
spoons on a greased cookie sheet. Bake 7     (Elective 12c)
minutes at 350 degrees. Yield: 2 dozen.         Materials: Ten 20-oz. soda bottles,        sodA bottle AniMAls
                                             water, food coloring, glue, soft plastic
reCyCling neCkerChief                        ball
slide                                           Start this project by asking the boys
                                             what happens when you mix primary
                                             colors. Fill bottles with water and have
                                             one Cub Scout add three to five drops
                                             of food coloring and shake. Next, allow
                                             a second boy to take a different primary
                                             color and add. Watch what happens to
  Materials: Craft foam sheets, paper        the water. Make three color combina-            Materials: 20-oz. soda bottles, cork
for drawing designs, 1-in. length pieces     tions: red and yellow to make orange,         pieces, paint, felt pieces
of ¾-in.-diameter PVC pipe                   red and blue to make purple, and blue           Boys choose an animal to create out
  Boys reproduce the pictures shown          and yellow to make green.                     of a soda bottle. Cut holes to attach legs
onto 2-in. squares of white paper. Cut          Brush white glue on the threads of         (corks). Add felt pieces in shapes for
out the drawing and glue them onto 2-        the bottle cap and screw on the cap.          ears, eyes, tails, etc. Cut a small hole in
in. squares of craft foam. Glue the piece    Allow it to dry in place until the next       the top and it becomes a coin bank.
of PVC pipe to the back.                     meeting.
                                                                                                                              8 MAR 08
                             Litter to Glitter: Bear Den Meetings
                                       Dens may meet after school, in the evenings, or on weekends.
                                           Review the theme pages before planning den meetings.
       Full or partial credit may be received for the following advancement possibilities highlighted in this month’s meeting plans.

     WHEN                  FIRST WEEK                    SECOND WEEK                     THIRD WEEK                   FOURTH WEEK

                   Den leader, den chief, and denner review plans before each meeting and check equipment needed.

BEFORE THE         Find out the guidelines for Have U.S. flag. Prepare             Call the destination of      Purchase note paper made
MEETING            recycling in your area; copy Recycle Run (10 MAR).              your field trip to confirm   from recycled paper. if
STARTS             the Outdoor Code; have                                          arrangements, times, fees,   permitted by den meeting
                   materials for papier-mâché                                      etc.                         location, have supplies for
                   masks (Elective 10a) and Hit                                                                 pocketknife use (including
                   the Heights (10 MAR).                                                                        Whittling Chip cards.) and
                                                                                                                pocketknife available for
                                                                                                                each Scout.

                                                           Den leader collects dues.

WHILE CUB          Start papier-mâché masks         Collect permission slips.                                   Each boy writes a thank-you
SCOUTS             by tearing paper into strips.    Denner helps boys sort                                      note or card to last week’s
GATHER                                              the recyclable items they                                   destination (Achievement
                                                    brought.                       Collect permission slips.    18e).
                                                                                   Collect recycled items to
OPENING            Give each boy a copy of the      Denner leads the boys in the take to the recycling center. Turn off the lights and shine
                   Outdoor Code. Recite it          Pledge of Allegiance.                                      a light on the U.S. flag and
                   aloud together.                                                                             sing “God Bless America”
                                                                                                               (Cub Scout Songbook).

                      Den leader checks boys’ books for completed achievements and electives and records them on
                        Den Advancement Charts. Boys record own advancement on den doodle, if den has one.

BUSINESS           Talk to the boys about the       Remind boys of any recy-                                    Discuss the den contribu-
ITEMS              Litter to Glitter theme. Ask     cling activity that the den                                 tion to the pack meeting
                   them to save cans, bottles,      will support at the pack                                    this month. Lead a discus-
                   and newspapers and bring         meeting.                                                    sion on the use of a pock-
                   them to the den meeting to                                                                   etknife.
                   recycle as a den.
                                                                          Visit a recycling center and
                                                                           recycle the items the boys
                                                                          have gathered. Have a rep-
ACTIVITY           Make a papier-mâché mask. Decorate the papier-mâché    resentative of the recycling          Make a carving with a
                   Play Hit the Heights.     masks started last week.      center teach the boys why            pocketknife (Achievement
                                             Play Recycle Run. Sing “The recycling is important and             19c). Boys can use plastic
                                             Color Song” (Cub Scout      what happens to their recy-            knives first to practice carv-
                                             Songbook).                  cled items (Achievement 6c).           ing, using all the skills they
                                                                                                                learned earlier.
                                                                                   At the end of the trip, lead
CLOSING            Boys give their den yell. Set    Form a Living Circle.                                       Den lines up before the
                                                                                   a reflecting discussion with
                   papier-mâché masks aside         Denner leads the boys in                                    U.S. flag. In turn, boys step
                                                                                     boys about their outing.
                   to dry. Send home permis-        the Law of the Pack. Discuss                                forward, salute the flag, and
                   sion slips for field trip dur-   arrangements for boys to                                    step back. Boys observe a
                   ing the third week.              have their pocketknives                                     moment of silence.
                                                    at the den meeting in two
                                                    weeks, as permitted by
                                                    meeting site.

                                               Denner supervises putting away equipment.
                      Den leader, den chief, and denner review the meeting and check details for the next meeting.

AFTER THE          Den leader files local tour                                     Den leader fills out den     Den leader mails thank-you
MEETING            permit with council service                                     advancement report for the   notes.
                   center for field trip planned                                   pack leaders’ meeting.
                   for third week.

                                     CHECK WITH YOUR PACK TRAINER OR CUBMASTER

9 MAR 08
                                                Bear Den Activities
     Advancement possibilities highlighted in this month’s meeting plans: Achievements 6c, 18e, 19c; Elective 10a
     Boys are reusing newspapers to make a fun mask. See the Cub Scout Leader How-To Book for helpful hints. Don’t hesi-
  tate to ask parents for hands-on help this month. When adults see how much fun the den meetings are, you may have a
  hard time keeping them away! They can help with the mask making and guidance in creating the Recycle Run game. Boys
  earning their Whittling Chip card represents many triumphs: following directions, respecting others, following rules, and fulfill-
  ing advancement requirements.
     Encourage Cub Scout families to work on additional achievements and electives that support this theme such as:
  •	 Achievement 14a, Ride Right: Boys will be venturing out on their bicycles with warmer weather, so now is the time to
     review safe bicycling practices.
  •	 Achievement 17a, Information Please: Boys can watch a television show with their family and then talk about it.
  •	 Elective 1a, Space: Before evenings get shorter, now is a good time to venture out at night with a parent to observe stars
     and identify constellations.

glitter CAndle JAr                              way to run the course would be to have          Go to to find out
   Materials: Small glass jar, colored tis-     boys working with partners to answer the        more.
sue paper in three to four colors, glue, fine   questions.                                         Question 5: EPA stands for Earth Pro-
glitter (optional)                                 Question 1: Can you recycle all plastic?     tection Attitude.
   Cut the tissue paper in any shape, but          Yes: Wrong answer. Some communities             Yes: Wrong answer. EPA stands for the
not too small (1 to 2 in.). Dilute glue with    don’t recycle plastic yet. And some commu-      U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,
about an equal amount of water. Apply a         nities recycle only certain kinds of plastic.   which is responsible for the protection of
small amount of the glue mixture onto           Look at the recycle sign and number on the      the environment and helping preserve it for
the jar. Stick on a piece of tissue paper,      bottom of the plastic.                          future generations.
making sure the piece gets wet but not             No: Right answer. Plastic can be recycled       No: Right answer: EPA stands for the
dripping. Apply another piece overlapping       only in some communities. And they must         U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,
the first. Keep applying overlapping tissue     have a recycle sign and number on the bot-      which is responsible for the protection of
pieces. Colors will run, blurring the edges     tom of the jug.                                 the environment and helping preserve it for
of individual tissue pieces. When the jar          Question 2: It’s a waste of time to recy-    future generations.
is covered with the tissue paper, you may       cle newspapers.                                    The web page of the U.S. Environmental
want to rub on some glitter glue. When             Yes: Wrong answer. It is always a good       Protection Agency (
dry, place a tea candle inside the jar.         idea to take the time to recycle newspaper,     has lots of resources about recycling as well
   Note: For fire safety, avoid gluing tissue   which takes up as much as 13% of the            as children’s educational pages.
                                                space in U.S. landfills.
pieces to the top edge of the jar.
                                                   No: Right answer. Recycled newspaper         reCyCled CrAyons
gAMes                                           can become many things and helps keep              Materials: Old crayons, muffin tin, alu-
                                                our landfills from filling up so quickly.       minum foil
Hit the Heights                                                                                    Remove the paper wrappers from old,
   Materials: A quantity of clean alumi-           Question 3: Old refrigerators and other
                                                appliances take up the most space in U.S.       broken stubs of crayons. The brighter
num cans                                                                                        colors produce the best product. Line
   Divide the boys into teams. On a sig-        landfills.
                                                   Yes: Wrong answer. Plain old paper takes     a muffin tin with a piece of foil in each
nal, the teams grab aluminum cans from                                                          cup. Fill the cup approximately half full
the supply and stack them as high as pos-       up the most space—on average, more than
                                                40% of landfill space! That’s why recycling     with crayon pieces. Bake the crayons in a
sible. The team with the can that reaches                                                       300-degree preheated oven for five or six
the highest spot wins. (This can also be        is so important.
                                                   No: Right answer. Plain old paper takes      minutes. They should melt just enough to
played as an individual competition.)                                                           blend the colors, but not to melt together.
                                                up the most space—on average, more than
Recycle Run                                     40% of landfill space! That’s why recycling        An adult removes the tin from the oven
   Set up a “course” with yes-no questions      is so important.                                and lets the crayons cool for at least 30
about recycling. Have the question writ-           Question 4: The very first Earth Day in      minutes. When the colors are cool, remove
ten on a card and two other cards, one          the United States was celebrated on April       from the tin and peel away the aluminum
with YES written on it and one with NO.         22, 2000.                                       foil. Color with your new crayons!
Boys choose a YES or NO card and turn              Yes: Wrong answer. Earth Day started            Note: Whittling Chip cards are earned
it over to find out whether they are right.     more than 35 years ago, in 1970, and con-       by learning the safety rules as well as the
If they choose the right card, boys score 5     tinues every year. Today, millions of peo-      proper use and care of a pocketknife.
points and move to the next station. The        ple from 174 countries annually celebrate       See the Bear Handbook, Achievement
den chief and assistant den leader will be      International Earth Day on April 22.            19, Shaving and Chips, and the Cub
very useful to ensure that each boy answers        No: Right answer. We’ve celebrated           Scout Leader Book.
the question by himself without the next        Earth Day since 1970—more than 35 years!
boy watching over his shoulder. Another
                                                                                                                                 10 MAR 08

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