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					                                                 Run to Remember                                        Pack mentality                                                Firsthand history
                                                 Community members lace up                              A local claims examiner offers                                A Holocaust survivor
                                                 to show support for fallen                             tried-and-true tips for a painless                            shares his story with
                                                 Soldiers and their families                            PCS experience                                                the community
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Vol. 7, Nr. 10                                      U.S. Army Garrisons Grafenwoehr, Hohenfels, Garmisch, Schweinfurt and Ansbach                                                           May 25, 2011

Hohenfels Soldier nabs prestigious award 1-91 snipers
Meegan is one of 28 junior of cers                                                                                                     First Lt. Daniel
                                                                                                                                       Meegan makes
                                                                                                                                                                       take aim at
nationwide to earn MacArthur Award
    by Mark Iacampo              for 2010.
                                                                                                                                       friends with an
                                                                                                                                       Afghan girl while
                                                                                                                                       deployed to the
USAG Hohenfels Public Affairs

                                    Deployed with Delta
                                 Company to the Zabul Prov-
                                 ince of Afghanistan as a pla-
                                                                                                                                       Zabul Province.
                                                                                                                                       Meegan was one of               partnerships
Duty. Honor. Country. To         toon leader in March 2010,                                                                            28 company grade                          Story and photo by
the men and women serving        Meegan took command of                                                                                of cers across the                      Nathan Van Schaik
in our armed forces, those       Combat Outpost Baylough                                                                               Army to be chosen                  USAG Schweinfurt Public Affairs
words have a meaning far         with a company-sized unit                                                                             for the Gen. Mac-
beyond what can be found in      comprised of U.S. and Ro-                                                                                                             HAMMELBURG, Germany They
Webster’s dictionary.            manian Soldiers, as well as                                                                           Arthur Leadership               are some of the most lethal Soldiers
    The MacArthur Lead-          Afghan National Security                                                                              Award.                          in the world. And they are woven of
ership Award recognizes          Forces.                                                                                               Photo by Staff Sgt.             a tight-knit fabric unlike the rest of
28 company grade of cers            “Given responsibility be-                                                                          William Tremblay                us. Their bond transcends national-
across the Army, National        yond his experience and rank,                                                                                                         ity and knows no service branch, no
Guard and Army Reserves          1st Lt. Meegan excelled,”         months under Spartan condi-     sel ess concern for all sol-     and make things happen, but        language barrier, no particular army.
each year who epitomize          said Col. John M. Spiszer,        tions while in direct contact   diers and the mission, which     he did an outstanding job and      At least that’s the indication from the
these ideals, and 1st Lt. Dan-   Joint Multinational Readi-        with the enemy and with lit-    quickly established the infor-   brought the ght to the en-         12 German and ve American snipers
iel M. Meegan, Headquarters      ness Center commander. “Lt.       tle contact with his chain of   mal authority vital to leader-   emy. He was out there with         sharpening their skills together and
and Headquarters Company,        Meegan superbly led a com-        command. His effectiveness      ship under these conditions.”    his guys in every re ght …         trading best practices during a recent
1st Battalion, 4th Infantry      pany’s worth of U.S. joint        was only possible through his      “Not only was he able to      leading from the front,” said      three-week sniper training course
Regiment, earned that honor      multinational troops for six      leadership by example and       go out there and take charge          See MEEGAN, page 16           here.
                                                                                                                                                                           The combined training, organized
                                                                                                                                                                       by both German and American Army

          Sorting it out                                                                                                                                               of cials, brings together the two
                                                                                                                                                                       groups at the infantry school, or In-
                                                                                                                                                                       fanterieschule — the only one in all
                                                                                                                                                                       of Germany and located just 30 kilo-
       Grafenwoehr Elementary students learn                                                                                                                           meters west of the U.S. Army garri-
                                                                                                                                                                       son in Schweinfurt.
      the ins and outs of recycling in Germany                                                                                                                             “A sniper is a sniper, no matter
                                                                                                                                                                       what army,” said a German senior
           Story and photos by                                                                                                                                         sniper instructor without cracking
           Molly Hayden                                                                                                                                                a smile. He spoke behind a 6-foot,
               Staff Writer                                                                                                                                            6-inch frame, dark shades and a
                                                                                                                                                                       waxed Rollie Fingers mustache and
  STEINFELS, Germany            Leilani                                                                                                                                only wished to comment on condition
  Castillo, 11, strained her neck to                                                                                                                                   of anonymity.
  peer upward at the multitude of                                                                                                                                          “The sniper community is very
  machines sorting a mix of plas-                                                                                                                                      small, very tight-knit and we take
  tic, glass, aluminum and everyday                                                                                                                                    pride in our skill identi er,” said Sgt.
  trash.                                                                                                                                                               Bryan Crowder, a visiting instructor
      “So all of the plastic items are                                                                                                                                 from Fort Benning’s acclaimed snip-
  on the conveyer belt and a big                                                                                                                                       er school. “We’re smaller than the
  magnetic machine pulls any metal                                                                                                                                     Ranger community.”
  cans they may have got mixed in                                                                                                                                          In the German military, the stan-
  there,” explained Castillo. “Then                                                                                                                                    dards are just as rigorous. The sniper
  whatever is left is sorted by the                                                                                                                                    school only accepts candidates who
  workers here.”                                                                                                                                                                      See SNIPERS, page 20
      Castillo, along with more
  than 40 additional students from
  Grafenwoehr Elementary School
  toured Bergler Sorting Plant, May
  10, gaining a plethora of knowl-
                                          Fourth-grader Michael Clark
  edge on the process of sorting re-                                                                                                                                    South of the border
                                          tests the magnetic value of
  cyclables.                                                                                                                                                              A local correspondent relays his
      For two hours, students stepped     some recycled metal.                                                                                                          tales while searching for culinary
  into a green think tank as they                                                                                                                                       and cinematic gold.
  answered questions on the impor-          Related story: For more on
                                                                                                                                                                          See page 13
  tance of recycling, how the pro-          Earth Day at Grafenwoehr,
  cess works and how compost soil           see pages 6-7.                                                                                                              One community
  is made.                                                                                                                                                                Today marks the opening of
      The Bergler Sorting Plant sorts     rounding housing areas. All sorted
                                                                                                                                                                        the tank trail between Main Post
  4,500 tons of metal, plastics, wood     items are packaged and sent to var-
  and compostable items every             ious companies for the nal stage                                                                                              (Gate 4) and Rose Barracks
  month, including items from Main        of recycling.                          Fourth-grader Xander Mattkins inspects a large pile of presorted                       (Gate 2) for POVs, allowing
  Post, Rose Barracks and the sur-               See RECYCLING, page 20          recyclable plastics during a eld trip to the Bergler Sorting Plant.                    drivers to transit between Graf
                                                                                                                                                                        and Vilseck without leaving post.
                                                                                                                                                                          Drivers must have an I.D.
   Defender 6 sends                        ARLINGTON, Va.          A fundamen-                            been taking a        One of our most important efforts        card or installation pass to use
                                           tally different scal reality. We will                          hard look at      has been to fully establish Survivor        the road, and are reminded to

 New scal                                  be hearing some variation of that
                                           phrase from Army leaders for a long
                                           time to come. The Army’s budget is
                                                                                                          the programs
                                                                                                          and services
                                                                                                          we     provide,
                                                                                                                            Outreach Services, to provide survi-
                                                                                                                            vors with longer-term, expanded sup-
                                                                                                                            port and care after casualty assistance
                                                                                                                                                                        observe posted speed limits.

reality, same                              smaller than it has been in previous
                                           years, and it will get smaller still.
                                           However, a different scal reality
                                                                                                          with an eye not
                                                                                                          only to costs
                                                                                                          but also to ef-
                                                                                                                            ends. SOS staff have made tremen-
                                                                                                                            dous progress in a short time, receiv-
                                                                                                                            ing more than 24,000 cases from Ca-         Op-Ed                         2

commitment                                 does not change the reality of what
                                           we owe to Soldiers and families for
                                           their service and sacri ce. The Ar-
                                                                                                          fectiveness. As
                                                                                                          the inevitable
                                                                                                                            sualty and Mortuary Affairs, and they
                                                                                                                            continue to enhance services as more
                                                                                                                            survivors provide feedback. This past
                                                                                                                                                                        News       3-4, 6-8, 16, 19, 20
                                                                                                                                                                        What’s Happening             10

 to families                               my’s commitment to Soldiers and           comes, we are not trying to do more    year, SOS initiated a survivor vehicle      Travel                       13
                                           families remains as strong as ever.       with less. We are working to make      decal program to ease installation          Medical                      14
                                               For the last 18 months, the Instal-   sure we can do the important things    access, established a Facebook page,
                                           lation Management Community has           better.                                                See LYNCH, page 20          Movies                       21
2 Bavarian News                                                                            Opinion & Editorial                                                                                                  May 25, 2011

                                                                         Commander’s Message

                                          Summer season heats up at Graf gets hard
                                                                         labor for
                                               Gruess Gott! This Monday, May 30,
                                          as we have for the past 143 years, we will
                                                                                         in our success.
                                                                                             We are proud
                                                                                                                                            time to relax also requires our focused ef-
                                                                                                                                            forts to aggressively prevent senseless in-
                                          honor our service men and women who
                                          made the ultimate sacri ce serving our
                                          great nation during past con icts, and those
                                                                                         of you, our Army
                                                                                         family. Your cour-
                                                                                         age,    dedication
                                                                                                                                            juries and the loss of life. Smart decisions
                                                                                                                                            coupled with sound personal risk man-
                                                                                                                                            agement can reduce mishaps and help
                                                                         wear of
                                          who have lost their lives supporting the
                                          current con icts in Iraq and Afghanistan.
                                          Let us pay special tribute to the Soldiers
                                                                                         and sel ess ser-
                                                                                         vice to the nation
                                                                                         are the hallmarks
                                                                                                                                            keep us all safe this summer.
                                                                                                                                                Almost every mishap is preventable if
                                                                                                                                            we make good decisions. A smart deci-
                                          we lost this past year. They served with
                                          distinction and honor and are heroes to us
                                                                                         of the U.S. Army.
                                                                                         For details on our
                                                                                         local celebration,
                                                                                                                                            sion might be something as simple as de-
                                                                                                                                            ciding to stick to the rules, checking the
                                                                                                                                            weather, planning your vacation route,
                                               As we remember them, let us offer a       see page 10.                                       knowing when to say “knock it off” and            By JMTC Of ce of the
                                          heartfelt ‘thank you’ for their sacri ce                                                          bringing along a ‘battle buddy’ when you          Staff Judge Advocate
                                          and the sacri ce of their families as well.    Smooth move                                        head out somewhere.                                       News Release
    Commander, U.S. Army
                                          They offered their sons and daughters,             Once again the big PCS season is                   Vehicle and motorcycle operations
    Garrison Grafenwoehr                  brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, moth-      upon us. Many of us fear and dread a               always present a potential for serious             At a special court-martial
        Col. Vann Smiley                  ers and fathers for our nation and for de-     PCS because it puts a lot of stress and            or fatal mishaps. That’s why attend-           convened in Bamberg, Germany,
                                          veloping nations throughout the world.         strain on the family. However, it does not         ing mandatory safety training sessions,        April 13, Sgt. 1st Class William
     Public Affairs Of cer                This does not go unnoticed by our na-          have to be stressful; all it takes is a little     wearing seat belts and protective equip-       Gonzalez, 630th Military Police
           Michael Blass                  tion, or by the people for whom our he-        bit of planning to help you and your fam-          ment, traveling at safe speeds, staying        Company, was found guilty, con-           roes shed their very lifeblood to protect      ily get and stay organized throughout the          alert and avoiding distractions like cell      trary to his plea, of two speci ca-
  DSN 475-8103, CIV 09641-83-8103         and defend.                                    process.                                           phones should be our normal way of do-         tions of Article 134, UCMJ, for
                                               Let us remember this Memorial Day             For example, taking pictures of your           ing business. It also goes without saying      unauthorized wear of the Combat
         Managing Editor
                                          as you serve in your place of duty, near       personal property is a great way to in-            that driving while impaired is never ac-       Action Badge on Aug. 15, 2010,
        Jeremy S. Buddemeier
                                          or far, that we will never forget their sac-   ventory and record the condition of your           ceptable.                                      and for unauthorized wear of the
  DSN 475-7113, CIV 09641-83-7113
                                          ri ce or the sacri ces of those who have       belongings all at once. Supervising and                We must also embrace the idea that         ribbon representing the Bronze
                                          gone before them.                              giving children a role to play while the           sports and recreational activities are for     Star medal and the Purple Heart
        Assistant Editor                                                                 movers are there can also reduce the stress        enjoyment. We should discourage “win           Medal, Sept. 24, 2010.
             Amy Zink                     Happy 236th, Army                              of having to run from room to room.                at all cost” behaviors where people be-            He was found not guilty, in                  On June 14, 1775, the Continental              Moving from place to place is one of           come over-aggressive or reckless in an         accordance with his plea, of Ar-
  DSN 475-7775, CIV 09641-83-7775         Congress established our Army. In the          the things that makes being a Soldier so           effort to win. We see sports- and recre-       ticle 107, UCMJ, for false of cial
                                          236 years since that day, our Army has         unique, and it is also one of the things           ation-related injuries to Soldiers almost      statement; and of Article 134,
 Grafenwoehr Correspondent                proven itself on countless battle elds         that makes being a Soldier so rewarding.           every day, and a number of these activi-       UCMJ, for unauthorized wear
           Molly Hayden                   as liberty’s best friend and oppression’s          For more tips on how to have a                 ties are risky enough without adding ag-       of the ribbon representing the             worst foe.                                     smooth PCS move, check out the article             gressive behavior.                             Bronze Star Medal, the Purple
 DSN 475-8886, CIV 09641-83-8886              Today’s Army is the greatest land          on page 8.                                             Everyone is encouraged to have a fun       Heart Medal, and the Meritorious
  Garmisch Correspondent                    ghting force in the history of the world.                                                       summer, but in doing so, please remem-         Service Medal, Aug. 15, 2010;
              John Reese                  Our Army is serving in more than 120           Fun in the sun                                     ber that any loss of a life in a prevent-      and not guilty of unauthorized        countries, conducting missions across the          In addition to the PCS season, sum-            able off-duty mishap is unacceptable. As       wear of the Meritorious Service
 DSN 440-3701, CIV 08821-750-3701         spectrum of con ict from humanitarian          mer in Bavaria is the perfect time to              always, our goal is zero mishaps, which        Medal and the Joint Service Com-
                                          assistance to combat operations. While         experience the great outdoors. Without             will take strong leadership, good deci-        mendation Medal, Sept. 24, 2010.
 Schweinfurt Correspondents               at war, we are continuing to change our        question, summer is an enjoyable season            sion making and each of us looking out             A military judge sentenced
  Joy Chalmers, Charles Stadtlander,      Army to meet the needs of the current          and one that offers countless off-duty ac-         for one another.                               Gonzalez to be reprimanded, to
          Nathan Van Schaik               and future strategic environment.              tivities. However, with the additional ac-             Once again, please exercise caution if     be reduced to the grade of E-6,               Our Army is strong, and this strength      tivities comes additional risk of mishaps.         you’re PCSing or enjoying the great out-       and to perform hard labor with-       comes from our greatest asset: the Amer-           In fact, the time from Memorial Day            doors and thanks for making our commu-         out con nement for a period of         ican Soldier, whose courage, compassion        weekend through Labor Day weekend is               nity such a great place to live and work.      60 days.
  DSN 354-1400, CIV 09721-96-1400
                                          and determination have for generations         when the most mishaps and fatalities oc-
                                                                                                                                                                                           Indecent conduct
   Hohenfels Correspondent
           Mark Iacampo
                                          been the bedrock upon which our victo-
                                          ries have depended. In all that the Army
                                                                                         cur. During this time period last year, the
                                                                                         Army unfortunately lost 40 of its nest                        Col. Vann Smiley                        At a general court-martial             has accomplished, and all that it will be
                                          called upon to do, the American Soldier
                                                                                         to off-duty mishaps, and even more were
                                                                                         injured, some seriously.
                                                                                                                                                   Commander, U.S. Army                    convened in Bamberg, Germa-
                                                                                                                                                                                           ny, from April 20-22, Sgt. Mike
  DSN 466-2398, CIV 09472-83-2398
                                          remains the single most important factor           So it is important to remember that this               Garrison Grafenwoehr                   D. Golden, 317th Maintenance
   Ansbach Correspondent                                                                                                                                                                   Company, 391st Combat Sus-                                                                                                                                                             tainment Support Battalion, was

                                                                          Charging Boar 2011
  DSN 468-1600, CIV 09811-83-1600                                                                                                                                                          found guilty, contrary his plea, of
                                                                                                                                                                                           two speci cations of Article 120,
                                                                                                                                                                                           UCMJ, for indecent conduct.
  Advertising: Retail advertising                                                          GRAFENWOEHR, Germany            In the early                                                        He was found not guilty, in
  and classi eds,,
                                                                                           morning hours of May 12, a “dirty” bomb                                                         accordance with his plea, of
     e-mail:                                                                                                                                                                  ve speci cation of Article 120,
   Address: U.S. Army Garrison                                                             shook the ground of the main parking lot                                                        UCMJ, for aggravated sexual as-
    Grafenwoehr Public Affairs                                                             at the Joint Multinational Training Center                                                      sault, abusive sexual contact, and
        Attn: Bavarian News                                                                Headquarters Building. The detonation                                                           wrongful sexual contact; and not
    Unit 28130, APO AE 09114
                                                                                           caused chaos with a portending threat: ra-                                                      guilty of one speci cation of Ar-
                                                                                           diation being dispersed throughout the area.                                                    ticle 128, UCMJ, for assault con-
                                                                                           The scenario was part of this year’s Charg-                                                     summated by a battery.
  If you have newsworthy ideas or                                                                                                                                                              An enlisted panel sentenced
 stories to submit, coordinate with the                                                    ing Boar force protection exercise, which                                                       Golden to be reduced to the grade
 managing editor at 475-7113, or e-                                                        trains personnel on responding procedures,
                                                                                                                                                                                           of E-3, to forfeit $987 pay per
 mil. The editorial deadline for ar-                                                       gear, and communication for emergency                                                           month for two months, and to be
 ticles and announcements is noon on                                                       incidents.                                                                                      restricted to the con nes of his
 Tuesday, the week prior to the publi-                                                                                                                                                     unit area for 60 days.
 cation date. Publication dates can be
 found at The nal                                                                                                                                                           Desertion
 decision on whether content will run                                                                                                                                                          At a special court-martial con-
 rests with the managing editor.
  All editorial content is the respon-
                                                                                                                                                                                           vened in Schweinfurt, Germany,
 sibility of the U.S. Army Garrison                                                                                                                                                        April 26, Pvt. Diener Vascon-
 Grafenwoehr Public Affairs Of ce.                                                                                                                                                         celos, 12th Chemical Company,
  The Bavarian News is an authorized                                                                                                                                                       18th Combat Sustainment Sup-
 publication for members of the De-                                                                                                                                                        port Battalion, 16th Sustainment
 partment of Defense. Contents of the                                                                                                                                                      Brigade, was found guilty, in
 Bavarian News are not necessarily                                                                                                                                                         accordance with his plea, of one
 the of cial views of, or endorsed by,                   Photos by Christoph Koppers                                                                                                       speci cation of a violation of Ar-
 the U.S. Government, the Depart-
 ment of Defense or the U.S. Army.
                                                                                                                                                                                           ticle 85, UCMJ, for desertion.
                                                                                                                                                                                               A military judge sentenced
                                                                                         3-minute activity relieves stress
  The Bavarian News is published ev-
 ery two weeks by Werbeagentur und                                                                                                                                                         Vasconcelos to be con ned for
 Verlag Roswitha Lehner, a private                                                                                                                                                         a period of six months and to be
   rm in no way connected with the                                                                                                                                                         discharged from the service with
 U.S. Army under exclusive written                                                 The rst activity in a seven-part series to help Soldiers become healthier                               a bad-conduct discharge.
 contract with U.S. Army Garrison
 Grafenwoehr. The newspaper has a
                                                                                   and resilient. Each part contains an observation, activity and re ection.
 printed circulation of 9,000.
                                                                                                                                                                                           Child pornography
  Everything advertised in this pub-                                                            By Denver Makle                              5) Repeat out loud or to yourself:               At a general court-martial con-
 lication shall be made available for                                                            JMTC Public Affairs                         6) “Right here,” “right now,” “not this,”     vened in Schweinfurt, Germany,
 purchase, use, or patronage without                                                                                                      “just that”                                      April 27, Sgt. Daniel F. Williams,
 regard to race, color, religion, sex,                                                 Try this exercise to reduce stress and get            7) Keep repeating and focus on your           D Company, 9th Engineer Battal-
 national origin, age, martial status,                                             focused. You will need nothing extra — just            breathing for three minutes.                     ion, 172nd Infantry Brigade, was
 physical handicap, political af lia-                                              yourself. You will feel calm and relaxed —                 The Soldier 360° Leader Comprehen-           found guilty, in accordance with
 tion or any other nonmerit factor of                                              just try it!                                           sive Fitness Course is a franchise that can      his plea, of one speci cation of
 the purchaser, user or patron.
  The appearance of advertising in
                                                                                       1) Get in a comfortable position seated            be hosted in any community, Armywide.            Article 134, UCMJ, for wrongful
 this publication, including inserts                                               or lying down                                          To replicate this program at your home sta-      possession of child pornography.
 or supplements, does not constitute                                                   2) Place your right hand over your heart           tion to help the Soldiers in your community         A military judge sentenced
 endorsement by the U.S. Army or                                                   and left hand over your stomach                        establish better relationships with local ser-   Williams to be reduced to the
 Milcom Advertising Agency of the                                                      3) Breathe deeply inhaling and exhaling            vice providers.                                  grade of E-1, to be con ned for
 products or services advertised.                                                      4) Feel the expansion and contraction of              For more information on the course and        a period of 13 months, and to be
   Water Tower art by Dane Gray                                                    your chest and stomach as you inhale and               other observations, activities and re ec-        discharged from the service with
                                                                                   exhale                                                 tions, visit        a bad-conduct discharge.
May 25, 2011                                                                                        News                                                                                            Bavarian News     3

Cork set for 2011 Military World Games
172nd Infantry Soldier                                                    I think that was what
                                                                          helped us win. In or-
will be sole Army Europe                                                  der to be competitive
                                                                          you have to play to-
representative at upcoming                                                gether, drills can only
                                                                          take you so far.”
competition in Brazil                                                         Twelve years after
              Story and photo by                                          starting her volleyball
               Molly Hayden                                               career, eight years
                  Staff Writer                                            after gaining a full
                                                                          scholarship to play
GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — Capt.
Danielle Cork has a love affair with vol-
                                                   Cork                   for West Point Acad-
                                                   emy and two years after joining the All-Ar-
                                                   my Women’s Volleyball team, Cork’s career
                                                                                                                                                                                City of Graf
   “It starts with a pass, the setter sets the
ball, the hitter hits it — it’s a lot of nesse,”
she said. “You have to have the right touch,
                                                   as an Army athlete has spiked even further.
                                                       Through hard work and dedication to
                                                   the sport, Cork will be Army Europe’s sole
the right uid motion.”
   Cork went on to describe the athletic en-
terprise as the “ultimate team sport,” com-
                                                   representative heading to the 2011 Military
                                                   World Games to play on the All-Armed
                                                   Forces team.
                                                                                                                                                                                its 650th
paring it to her current position in the Army
as an adjunct general of cer with Head-
quarters and Headquarters Company, 172nd
                                                       The 2011 Military World Games will
                                                   take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the
                                                   third week of July. The 5th Military World
Infantry Brigade.
   “We’re a team and if we have successes
within our team, it’s a success for every-
                                                   Games will host approximately 4,900 ath-
                                                   letes from more than 100 countries compet-
                                                   ing in 24 sports.
                                                                                                                                                                                June 3-5
one,” said Cork. “Just like on the court.”             For Cork, the competition will be tough.                                                                                               Staff report
   It was perhaps this attitude that pushed            “We have about two weeks to practice
Cork and her fellow teammates on the All-          together as a team,” said Cork, who will                                                                                         Grafenwoehr’s 650th anniversary
Army Women’s Volleyball team to bring              play with many of her teammates for the                                                                                      celebration, June 3-5, has something
home the gold for the indoor competition at          rst time during this event. “We’re playing                                                                                 to offer for everyone! Whether you’re
the 2011 Armed Forces Volleyball champi-           against teams whose job is to play volley-                                                                                   young or old, single or with a fam-
onships held at the Marine Corps Air Sta-          ball and nothing else, and they play together                                                                                ily, fun is on tap for this weekend.
tion in Cherry Point, N.C., April 6-15. The        year-round.                                       Capt. Danielle Cork spikes the ball during practice,                       Local Grafenwoehr clubs will offer
team was undefeated with a 6-0 record.                 “But we are dedicated to the sport and to     May 18. Cork will represent U.S. Army Europe in the                        an international selection of food and
   “We had a great team, we played well to-        our team,” added Cork. “I’m happy to rep-                                                                                    beverages and various musicians will
gether,” said Cork. “In the month we had to        resent the Army and I’m happy to represent        2011 Military World Games in July as a member of the                       perform on four different stages. The
practice we scrimmaged almost every day.           Graf.”                                            All-Armed Forces Volleyball Team.                                          artistic performances from different
                                                                                                                                                                                epochs and countries will ensure the
                                                                                                                                                                                entertainment stays lively throughout

Food, fun are the focus for Asian-Paci c celebration                                                                                                                            the weekend.
                                                                                                                                                                                    On Friday, June 3, the “cultur-
                                                                                                                                                                                al center” around Grafenwoehr’s
           Story and photo by                                                                                                      not able to become American citi-            Stadthalle will turn into a party-mile.
          Mark Iacampo                                                                                                             zens,” she said. “We were considered         The Downlookers, a cult band, will
    USAG Hohenfels Public Affairs                                                                                                  permanent aliens. Because of the             open the festivities and play until
                                                                                                                                   long and dif cult struggle throughout        about 10 p.m. At 11 p.m., the Antenne
HOHENFELS, Germany — With                                                                                                          American history of many Asians,             Bayern band will rock the crowd.
seashell necklaces, Filipino dancing,                                                                                              this is my way of showing those that         Then DJ Mini will keep the party go-
and kalua pork, Hohenfels’ Asian-Pa-                                                                                               fought to achieve what we have today,        ing until the early morning.
ci c Heritage Month celebration felt                                                                                               a small token of my appreciation.”               The entrance fee for this party of
a bit like an island luau.                                                                                                             Guest Speaker Capt. Emma Par-            superlatives is 5 euros. Tickets are
    Community members thronged                                                                                                     sons, U.S. Army Garrison Hohen-              available online at www.oktickets.
to the Community Activities Center                                                                                                 fels Headquarters and Headquarters           de, or at the following locations in
to experience a taste of Asian-Paci c                                                                                              Company commander, spoke on the              Grafenwoehr: the bookstore “Im
culture not just through food, but also                                                                                            challenges of growing up with the            Buecherturm” next to the Grafen-
art, decorations, song and dance.                                                                                                  stereotype of what an Asian-Amer-            woehr town hall, at the toy store
    Asian-Paci c includes the entire                                                                                               ican woman is expected to do. Her            “Spielwaren Gradl,” Obere Torstr. 5,
Asian continent, as well as the Pa-                                                                                                mother had mapped out Parson’s fu-           or at the “Reisewelt” Travel Agency,
ci c islands of Melanesia, Microne-                                                                                                ture for her, and it wasn’t until her        Pressather Str. 17.
sia and Polynesia. This celebration                                                                                                freshman year in college that she be-            On Saturday, June 4, fest opera-
of Asians and Paci c Islanders in the                                                                                              gan to explore the possibilities open        tions start at 2 p.m., and at 10 a.m.,
United States occurs in May to com-                                                                                                to her. At a friend’s urging, Parson         Sunday, June 5. During the entire
memorate the immigration of the rst                                                                                                decided to join the Reserve Of cers’         weekend, the different eras of history
Japanese to the U.S. on May 7, 1843,        David Nannie serves up some sushi to Daphne Nash at Hohen-                             Training Corps program.                      will be represented in the old town of
and to mark the anniversary of the          fels’ Asian-Paci c Heritage Month celebration, May 11.                                     “After signing up, it only took me       Grafenwoehr, showing a cross-sec-
completion of the Transatlantic Rail-                                                                                              a couple hours to start regretting my        tion of the 650-year history. Food and
road by a predominately Chinese im-         his culture. We’re so diverse, it’s im-    the village sultan. Her daughter, Jem       choice,” she admitted. “I couldn’t do        beverages from various countries will
migrant workforce, May 10, 1869.            portant to recognize and represent         Limos, sang.                                one push up; I couldn’t do the obsta-        also be available.
    “This is really a cultural educa-       everyone, so we can understand each            Sushi, eggrolls, shrimp and pork        cle course.”                                     A medieval camp with ags, wag-
tional experience,” said Master Sgt.        other better.”                             adobo graced the menu, all prepared             With basic training behind her,          ons and Richtblock will be set up in the
Christopher T. Mulvihill, Joint Mul-           Todd’s NCO, Staff Sgt. Richard          by volunteers eager to share a small        Parson began to learn about leader-          city park. The courtyard of the muse-
tinational Readiness Center Equal           Sianoya, is also the 2007 Operation        piece of their culture.                     ship, and she knew she’d made the            um will become a stage for the Cath-
Opportunity Advisor. “The diversity         Rising Star winner, and he opened              “As an immigrant from the Philip-       right choice. She said that through          olic theater group in Grafenwoehr,
that we have all across the Army is         the ceremonies with a stirring rendi-      pines, it is important for me to main-      her military experience, she felt she        which will re-enact “How Grafen-
an amazing resource … All the in-           tion of the national anthem. Sianoya       tain and embrace my Asian heritage          had broken that Asian American ste-          woehr (perhaps became) a city” – a
teresting and unique aspects that ev-       also performed during the food tast-       and culture,” said Iris Lactawen Nan-       reotype that people like her parents         not quite seriously intentioned review.
erybody brings to the table that really     ing, crooning down the aisles to the       nie, U.S. Army Garrison Hohenfels           have perpetuated.                            Also, an “artistic mile,” where partici-
adds to our ability to accomplish the       delight of the crowd.                      management analyst who provided                 “America represents the same             pation is encouraged, will be set up on
mission.”                                      Jean Sabal-Limos performed a            haupia, a traditional Philippine des-       choices for everyone,” said Parson.          Martin-Posser-Strasse.
    “My NCOIC is from the Philip-           traditional dance from the Mindanao        sert. Nannie emigrated from the Phil-       “It doesn’t matter what your back-               For more information on the rest
pines,” said Capt. Steven Todd of Ba-       region of the Philippines, in which        ippines when she was 3 years old.           ground is – America offers choices to        of the 650th anniversary celebration
varian DENTAC. “I came down here            the graceful arm motions and doll              “For many years, Asians were le-        become what you want to be as long           events, visit the garrison’s website at
to support him and learn a little about     poses are meant to attract the eye of      gally discriminated against and were        as you put your mind to it.”       

New physical therapy clinic in Hohenfels opens doors to public
              By Mark Iacampo                          have room.”                                           better when their therapy is a shared experi-           move.” Students submitted artwork which was
          USAG Hohenfels Public Affairs                    “Our physical therapy clinic has more than        ence.                                                   then voted upon by the participants themselves.
                                                       doubled in size from its previous two loca-               “We have a system set up now where most             The top 12 pieces now hang in the physical
HOHENFELS, Germany — The Hohenfels                     tions,” said Lt. Col. Gordon Mayes, U.S. Army         of our post-op patients come in at the same             therapy clinic.
Health Clinic unveiled its new Physical Ther-          Health Clinic Hohenfels commander. “We have           time, so Soldiers and family members who                    “I want the community to feel like this is
apy center at a ribbon cutting ceremony, May           a multitude of injuries that require Physical         have gone through the same surgery can kind             their clinic, the kids as well as the adults. We do
13.                                                    therapy, especially with these post-deployment        of share tips and their experience,” she said.          have high school students that are our patients.
    Formerly an ambulance garage and once              folk that come back. If you don’t have proper             Elliott helped design the layout of the new         So now, they can come in and say, ‘my artwork
used for parties and potlucks, Building 15, lo-        physical therapy … it can hamper you very             clinic, as well as determine what types of              is up on the wall permanently at that physical
cated behind the main clinic and adjacent to the       much later on in life or throughout your life.”       equipment to include.                                   therapy clinic,’” Elliott said.
dental clinic, is now a state of the art rehabilita-       “If we can get Soldiers back to their units           “We’re here to heal the warrior,” she said.             When Elliott arrived here in July 2009, Ho-
tion center, featuring brand new equipment and         and prevent them from leaving the Army be-            “I’ve always felt very strongly about physical          henfels only had a physical therapist that visit-
the rst permanent art display at Hohenfels.            cause of injuries that they’ve sustained in com-      therapy being more than just a place for people         ed on a rotating schedule across multiple bases.
    “I remember when physical therapy (in Ho-          bat or … training, or through the rigorous day-       to come and work out. I want this to be a place         Scheduled to leave in a few short weeks, she is
henfels) was just a small closet six years ago,”       in-day-out activities of army life, that is a great   of tranquility. I feel it’s kind of a spiritual heal-   proud to leave her successor with a state of the
said Col. Steven Brewster, commander of U.S.           thing,” said Brewster.                                ing. That’s why I think the art is an important         art facility.
Army Medical Activity Bavaria.                             “And physical therapy clinics are key to that     element in that.”                                           “I’m a little sad that I can’t stay,” she admit-
    “We could not handle the amount of patients        whole process,” he added.                                 She also wanted the place to re ect the             ted, “but I feel like I’ve done what I came here
we had,” said Sandra Elliott, HHC physical                  The new clinic has room for multiple pa-         community. To this end she commissioned the             to do. It’s been a great opportunity and I know
therapist. “We ran into a couple periods where         tients to be treated simultaneously. Elliott said     Hohenfels Middle-High School art students to            whoever takes over it next will make it their
we had to bring out makeshift tables so we’d           studies have shown that patients often respond        create art work based on the concept “on the            own.”
4 Bavarian News                                                                                News                                                                                             May 25, 2011

Division re-enacts ag raising
         By Jason Tudor                   that started in Morocco in 1942,” she     three orders.
    Marshall Center Public Affairs        said. “Today, we remember the brave           “We were told to go shave, wear
                                          men who brought freedom and peace         a tie and bring our helmets,” he said.
OBERSALZBURG, Germany —                   with their blood, sweat and tears.”       When he arrived, the Army shot a
Soldiers, veterans, and community             Retired Army Lt. Gen. Keith W.        photo showing the American Soldiers
leaders gathered here May 5 to com-       Dayton, director of the George C.         raising the ag on a hill overlooking
memorate the 66th anniversary of          Marshall European Center for Secu-        a valley, the hill now occupied by a
U.S. forces raising the American ag       rity Studies in Garmisch-Partenkirch-       ve-star hotel and valley a home to
at this site and the eventual defeat of   en, Germany, served with the division     a golf course. “I’m glad to represent
the Nazis.                                in the 1990s. He said the courage         the division today.”
    Organized by the Society of the       needed to reach Obersalzburg was              Army Pfc. Gavin Grundmeier
3rd Infantry Division, the ceremony       astounding.                               marched a folded American ag as
included Soldiers from the U.S. and           “They knew what awaited them,         part of the closing of the ceremony.
German armies. It also drew local         but they served with courage and          Grundmeier admitted he gets his
area leaders, Soldiers from the garri-    distinction,” Dayton said, then talk-     knowledge of World War II from the
son in Schweinfurt and the American       ed about the veterans in attendance.      mini-series “Band of Brothers,” but
Consul General to Germany, Conrad         “These vets we have today, part of the    his respect for what happened during
Tribble.                                  greatest generation, are an inspiration   WWII is “very real.”
    Adolph Hitler seized Obersalz-        to those that followed.”                      “It’s a real honor to give back to
burg in the 1920s to use as a retreat.        That included the loss of 25,977      them like they gave to us,” he said,
That included a large hotel and, later,   fellow soldiers and 531 days of com-      speaking about the three veterans in
several residences for Hitler’s staff     bat -- the most of any Army unit          attendance.
such as Joseph Goebbels and Hein-         during the war. In that same period,          After the war, the Americans
rich Himmler.                             the division had the most Medals of       claimed the area. The U.S. Army
    According to the society, the 3rd     Honor recipients with 37, including       claimed most of the buildings and
Infantry Division arrived before          Audie Murphy.                             land. Hotel Platterhof, a former Nazi
other units May 5, 1945, raised the           The ceremony included three           resort, was renamed the General
  ag then handed operations off to the    World War II veterans present on          Walker Hotel in 1952 and used as an
101st Airborne Division.                  the day of the event, Robert Dutil of     Armed Forces Recreation Center un-
    Retired Army Capt. Monika Stoy,       California; John Miller of Michigan;      til 1995 and destroyed in 2000.
event organizer and the society’s Eu-     and John Keller of Illinois. Miller ar-       This isn’t the rst memorial for
rope chapter leader, talked to the 150    rived in Germany Feb. 9, 1945 as a        the taking of Obersalzburg. The So-
in attendance about the signi cance       “replacement” just after the division     ciety of the 3rd Infantry Division laid
of the day.                               seized the Colmar Pocket in France.       a plaque commemorating the event
    “The ag raising here marked the       He said the day the ag was raised at      in 2008. Mr. Miller attended that cer-
very end of a long and bloody trail       Obersalzburg, the soldiers were given     emony.                                    Soldiers from the Headquarters and Headquarters Troop of the
                                                                                                                              1st Squadron, 91st Cavalry Regiment, take part in a simulated

630th Military Police Company returns                                                                                         casualty situation during the recent Sky Soldier Competition at
                                                                                                                              Schweinfurt’s Pfaendhausen Training Area. The 1-91st and their
                                                                                                                              companions from the 173rd Airborne Brigade hosted the contest.
          Story and photo by                                                                  Third Platoon’s Sgt.
       Nathan Van Schaik
   USAG Schweinfurt Public Affairs
                                                                                              Brandon Arnold is
                                                                                              welcomed home
                                                                                              by his wife Leanne
                                                                                                                                Sky Soldiers square
                                                                                                                                 off in Schweinfurt
SCHWEINFURT, Germany — The
smoke machine was ipped to “on”                                                               Arnold and their son,
and AC/DC’s classic “Thunder-                                                                 May 5. Forty-three
struck” reverberated through the                                                              Soldiers with the
gym corridors and down the spines
of those eager to see their Soldiers
                                                                                              630th Military Po-              34 teams scale nets,
                                                                                              lice Company’s 3rd                                                                   1st place
come home. Moments later, 43 Sol-
diers with the 630th Military Police                                                          Platoon returned to             lug loaded sleds and                         Attack Company from 1st
Company, 3rd Platoon made their                                                               Schweinfurt after a             drag the ‘wounded’ for                       Battalion, 503rd Infantry
triumphant entrance before the vocal                                                          yearlong deployment
crowd, May 5, after a yearlong de-                                                            to Afghanistan.                 local bragging rights                                Regiment
ployment to Afghanistan.
    Children reunited with parents                                                                                                      Story and photo by                        2nd place
and Soldiers kissed their loved ones      sance and route security to training      family and community. Focus will be              Charles Stadtlander                    A Company from 2nd
as garrison of cials welcomed back        the Afghan National Police, the 3rd       on physical, mental, emotional and           USAG Schweinfurt Public Affairs
the platoon. The platoon had most         Platoon played a robust and varied        spiritual aspects of well-being.                                                       Battalion, 503rd Infantry
recently been attached to the Army’s      role in Afghanistan, according to 1st         Afterward, the platoon begins         SCHWEINFURT, Germany — The                           Regiment
1/101 Brigade Combat Team in sup-         Lt. Daniel Workmaster, commander          community law enforcement retrain-        proud tradition and rigorous train-
port of Operation Enduring Freedom.       for the 3rd Platoon. “We covered four     ing and recerti cation prior to going     ing of airborne troops sets them apart               3rd place
    “The thing I look forward to the      districts in Afghanistan,” he said.       back on the road to patrol the streets    from other Soldiers in the Army,
most is for my husband to nally get           Earlier this year in Afghanistan,     of Schweinfurt, said 1st Lt. Maureen      but how do these top-notch warriors            Headquarters Battery
a chance to see his son, Connor Ar-       Soldiers with the 630th were in-          Stagney, commander of the 4th Pla-        determine which among their own              from 4th Battalion, 319th
nold,” said Leanne Arnold, whose          volved in containing a bank heist that    toon.                                     ranks is the most capable?                     Airborne Field Artillery
husband, Sgt. Brandon Arnold, is          turned bloody in Jalalabad.                   The 630th Company is headquar-            The 173rd Airborne Brigade
attached to the 3rd Platoon. Sgt. Ar-         Soldiers with the 3rd Platoon —       tered out of Bamberg but the 3rd and      hosted a brigade-wide “Sky Soldier”                  Regiment
nold was on a mission and missed his      with the aid and guidance of the Sch-     4th platoons each provide MP servic-      competition over two days in early
son’s birth, Leanne said.                 weinfurt garrison — now begin the         es here. Soldiers with these platoons     May to nd out.
    From combat patrols, reconnais-       process of reintegrating with their       live and work at Schweinfurt.                 The contest, which pitted 34 four-    ercise lanes, designed to simulate the
                                                                                                                              Soldier teams against each other, was     real-life demands of battle with mock
                                                                                                                              held in Schweinfurt’s Pfaendhau-          injuries, lugging loaded sleds and
Survivor shares experiences from Holocaust                                                                                    sen Training Area, known locally as
                                                                                                                              “Area Mike.” The Schweinfurt troop-
                                                                                                                              ers of the 1st Squadron, 91st Cavalry
                                                                                                                                                                        mitigation of potential enemies.
                                                                                                                                                                            After the relatively close comfort
                                                                                                                                                                        of the con dence course and STX
          By John Reese                      After Doherty spoke, he enabled        in the occupying forces after the         Regiment, welcomed their brigade-         lanes, the long haul portion of the
    USAG Garmisch Public Affairs          a live video transmission from the        war,” he said, noting he was drafted      mates from the garrisons in Bamberg       contest took hold.
                                          Houston Holocaust Museum with             by the U.S. Army in 1953 after his        and Vicenza, Italy.                           The quartets each strapped on a
GARMISCH, Germany — The Ho-               Bill Orlin. The 79-year-old survivor      family rst migrated to Canada and             Also throwing their berets into the   loaded rucksack and humped it for
locaust Days of Remembrance held          told a gripping tale from watching        then Texas, where he’s maintained         ring were eight German soldiers and       six miles from Camp Robertson to
at the Garmisch Community Library,        the invaders burn down his home to        residency for more than half a cen-       four airborne members of the Serbian      the Pfaendhausen range for the nal
May 5, was a rsthand account by a         the constant movement further and         tury. “I served as a translator.”         army.                                     test: a tiring “stress shoot.”
Polish survivor, a child then, as his     further east, eventually ending up in         Guest speaker Chaplain (Lt. Col.)         The full-scale production simu-           Sweaty and out of breath from the
family ed ever eastward while the         Kazakhstan.                               Avi Weiss, IMCOM Europe, was ac-          lated a battle mission, as the compe-     six mile slog, the Sky Soldiers had to
German army advanced and Jews                                                       companied by his wife Elcya. The          tition was complete with a tactical       drop their rucksacks and lug heavy
were either killed on the spot or relo-        One person can                       two spent a long day of travel from       operations center bustling with com-        ve-gallon water cans for 300 feet.
cated to concentration camps.                                                       Heidelberg to Grafenwoehr where he        manders and coordinating of cers.         Then, two of the four Soldier teams
    The event began with a Garmisch-          make a difference,                    spoke rst, and then to Garmisch.          The well-oiled machine started the        simulated an incapacitating injury,
centric view of the satellite camp of         and even if only to                       “Mr. Orlin told the story better      night of May 3 with a mass arrival in     requiring the remaining two healthy
Dachau that was, according to local                                                 than I could,” said Weiss, who de-        Schweinfurt from both Germany and         teammates to drag their wounded
historian Jake Doherty, located on           one other person, it                   livered his prepared comments in a        Italy.                                    comrades 75 feet.
Artillery Kaserne. Doherty used his               matters.                          less formal discussion format with            Competitors then smoked through           But the battle was not over. Lungs
storytelling and technical skills to                                                the participants. He nished with an       a physical tness test and slept for       burning and head spinning, all four
demonstrate how the Nazis came to                 Lt. Col. Avi Weiss                inspirational message about how one       four hours before beginning the           Soldiers then took up arms at the
power, initiated the Holocaust, and              Chaplain, IMCOM Europe             person can make a difference, and         showdown before dawn.                     range and had eight magazines worth
how it affected the local community.                                                even if only to one other person, it          Camp Robertson – located in the       of ammunition to score center hits on
    “At one point a man who had              Orlin spoke in clear and matter-       matters.                                  heart of Pfaendhausen – is the nerve      a far-off target, taking special care
nothing to offer — no food or wa-         of-fact tones, sometimes in English           After the group discussion one of     center of Schweinfurt’s Training and      to miss strategically placed balloons
ter — reached outside of his barred       or Yiddish, occasionally spelling out     the participants from the George Mar-     Support Command, and there the Sky        that take points off the total score
window and simply placed his hands        names of towns and rivers he passed       shall Center approached the couple        Soldiers shimmied up ropes, down          when popped.
on the head of another prisoner stand-    through, of his father being drafted      and began a conversation in Polish.       cargo nets, over elevated beams and           The cumulative scores from the
ing outside in the freezing cold, shar-   into the Red Army, of his grandfather         The event could not have taken        across stretches of monkey bars dur-      timed con dence course, STX lanes,
ing all that he had, the warmth of his    becoming separated and freezing to        place without the support of librarian    ing the timed con dence course sec-       ruck march and stress shoot deter-
body and a human touch, for a few         death, and how he and his surviving       Ailien Patail, who provided every-        tion of the competition.                  mined the winners, and despite the
moments,” said Doherty, sharing           family were eventually reunited in        thing necessary to make an environ-           Outside the fence of Camp Rob-        drive for victory within every Sol-
personal stories he’d collected from      Poland after the war.                     ment conducive to learning about a        ertson, the airborne Soldiers then        dier there, not everyone would tri-
other survivors.                             “Ironically, I came back to serve      time that must never be forgotten.        moved on to Situational Training Ex-      umph.
6 Bavarian News                                                                                                                                              News                                       May 25, 2011                        7

                                                                                                                                                                    Grafenwoehr Community Kids
                   Grafenwoehr                                                                                                                                       make every day Earth Day!
                       Earth Day
                                          May 12, 2011
                  Protecting Soil, Air and Water and Supporting
                              the Training Mission
     The Grafenwoehr Directorate of Public Works Environmental Division and the Operations and Maintenance Branch, The Bundesforst Grafenwoehr,
      The Joint Multinational Training Command (JMTC) Integrated Training Management (ITAM) office and local environmentally friendly firms and
    organizations introduced local Grafenwoehr residents and their children to the outstanding Earth-friendly programs are available locally and sponsored
            by the U.S. military community, as well as those promoted by their German neighbours in the surrounding Grafenwoehr area.
              The Grafenwoehr Community Earth Day 2011 event was hosted by Col.Avanulas R. Smiley, the Grafenwoehr Community Commander.

                 ding a green
             B fenwoeh

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Photos: JMTC Grafenwoehr and the Grafenwoehr Community Public Affairs Office.
                  a ra


   U.S. Army Grafenwoehr Directorate of Public Works,
                 Environmental Division

  For information on environmetally friendly programs and events in the Grafenwoehr Community visit
8 Bavarian News                                                                                 News                                                                                                May 25, 2011

Proper planning has potential to prevent PCS pain
Claims examiner gives                     pany of what
                                          you own and
                                                                                     out all high-value items. Have a copy
                                                                                     of this list for the moving company.
her perspective on                        provide visual                             Make sure the High-Value Inven-
                                          information on                             tory List includes everything from
successful PCS moves                      the condition                              your list and includes all details.
                                          of the items.                                  Watch the movers pack every
       By Lindsay Hunter                  Making a video                             item and speak up if something does
            USAG Ansbach                  of your prop-                              not appear to be packed properly.
                                          erty may be                                Watch which items
ANSBACH, Germany — I have been            equally help-                              go into each
a claims examiner for seven months        ful. Describe                              box and dou-
and have assisted hundreds of Sol-        the items while Hunter                     ble check the
diers and their families with house-      you lm them. For example, if a box         inventory
hold goods claims. After seeing many      of “clothes” goes missing, you need        descriptions
successful claims and some not-so-        to know and prove how many T-shirts        for that box.
successful claims, I have learned a       you owned.                                 If there are
few tricks of the trade, and would like       Walk around your place and make        clothes and
to pass them on.                          a list of all your high-value items. A     knick-
    First and foremost, pack small,       good rule of thumb is that anything        knacks,
expensive items in your carry-on lug-     worth over $100, not including big         make sure
gage. Next, check to see if you are       and bulky furniture, is a high-value       the in-in-
covered for the property value.           item. Examples include your laptop,        ventory
                                                                                     ventor yr
    The maximum amount paid by the        TV, computer, surround sound sys-          does not only list clothes                 that must be made if you are moving            If the movers are not unpacking
Army for a typical move is $40,000.       tem, video game system, jewelry,           for that box.                              a plasma TV. Stop by and get a yer         all your items, then have them un-
The moving company’s limit is             chandeliers and paintings.                     If you have a large number of CDs      on this from the claims of ce.             pack any box that appears to have
$50,000 or $4 per pound, with a min-          Be speci c on your list. Do not        or DVDs, count them and make sure               When the movers are done pack-        been crushed, wet, formerly wet but
imum of $5,000. If this coverage is       write “jewelry”; write down exactly        that the accurate count is listed on       ing everything, you will sign the in-      now dry, or damaged in any other
not enough, talk to your renter’s or      what you have, including model             the inventory by the packing crew.         ventory. First, review the inventory in    way. Check the contents thoroughly.
homeowner’s insurance company             numbers, serial numbers and the ap-        For example, the inventory should          detail and make sure that it identi es         When the movers are done un-
about their limits and getting the nec-   proximate value. For example: three-       say “130 DVDs” instead of “box of          all of the items packed and that all of    packing everything, you will have to
essary coverage.                          karat diamond ring worth $3,000 or         DVDs.”                                     the pre-existing damage listed is ac-      sign a damage report form. Before
    If you own a large number of valu-    Magnavox seven-speaker surround                Review the pre-existing damage         curate.                                    you sign, list any missing or damaged
able small items, like DVDs or video      sound system including Blue Ray            listed for each item — mostly furni-           Keep a copy of the inventory in a      items.
games, you may want to split them         player, model number PH2940, serial        ture. The inventory will list “couch,”     safe place — not packed and shipped            Some movers will tell you that
between your shipments, because           number GH324953, worth approxi-            followed by some numbers and let-          with your household goods.                 you will have to le a claim for these
there are maximum amounts that the        mately $800.                               ters. These numbers/letters indicate                                                  items and that you do not list them
Army will pay for various categories          Have everyone in your family           pre-existing damage and there is a         At delivery                                now. This is wrong and you need to
of property included in one shipment.     make a list of what would really both-     key to explain what they mean at the           When your goods arrive at your         list the items on that form. If the mov-
    Purchase receipts or other pa-        er them if it was damaged, destroyed       top of the inventory.                      new duty station, have your inventory      ers will not let you list the missing or
pers that document type and value         or disappeared — called your “Spe-             If you do not agree with the pre-      list ready. Also have a few blank piec-    damaged items, do not sign it.
of property should not be shipped         cial Item List.”                           existing damage, speak up. Make the        es of paper for note taking. Check off
by your movers. You can pack those            For those items, pack as many of       moving company show you the pre-           each item as the movers bring it into      Reporting damages
documents in your suitcase, mail cop-     them as possible into your suitcase,       existing damage listed.                    the house. You should know immedi-             You have 70 days to determine if
ies to friends or family, scan to your    instead of having them shipped by the          If there are light scratches on the    ately if any boxes or individual items     you have additional lost or damaged
computer, or e-mail to yourself.          moving company. Share these lists          top of your kitchen table, and there       are missing. Make a note of those.         items. Stop by your local claims of-
                                          with everyone in the family.               are on most kitchen tables, make the           Next, have the movers unpack             ce with all of the documents from
Preparing for your move                                                              movers write “light.” If your table        all of your high value items. Inspect      the moving company such as your
     Before the movers arrive, take       When the movers arrive                     gets a new scratch during the moving       those items carefully to make sure         damage report form and packing
photos of the contents each room,             Designate one person in your fam-      process and the inventory lists that       that they are not damaged. If possible,    inventory to learn how to le your
closet and bookcase in your home.         ily to be in charge, but have as many      it had scratches using pre-assigned        plug in all of your electronic items. If   claim.
If anything, or everything, you own       people as possible at your move.           numbers, then you might not be able        it’s a cold day, you might have to wait        Editor’s Note: Lindsay Hunter is a
goes missing, those photos will help      When the movers arrive, walk around        to be compensated for the damage.          to plug in the electronic items so as to   claims examiner for U.S. Army Gar-
remind you and the moving com-            with the mover-in-charge, pointing              There are special arrangements        not cause damage.                          rison Ansbach.

Comedians deliver jokes and more to local Soldiers and families
          Story and photo by              cousin, who is currently serving in        proached her after a show to praise        Spc. Kristopher Janke, HHC 1-4th
          Mark Iacampo                    Iraq.                                      the entertainers that visit the troops.    Inf. Regt.
    USAG Hohenfels Public Affairs             Zagone said she’s impressed by             “He was sent on some kind of re-           “It’s just nice to bring a taste of
                                          the sacri ce of those serving in the       con mission where he was isolated          back home for everyone,” said Za-
HOHENFELS, Germany — A quin-              armed forces.                              for three months, and the last thing       gone. “People forget that the families
tet of comedians cracked up the               “To make that decision, to give up     he did on base was go to the comedy        of the military as well, they need re-
crowd during the “No Laugh Track          the next six years of your life, to see    show,” she said.                           lief just as much as the military guys
Required IV” tour at the Zone, May        your family for one week a year – my           The Soldier told Tran that in his      and girls.”
14.                                       hat’s off to them. This is about letting   darkest moments, he would close his            “It takes a lot of guts,” Zagone
    The “fourth time’s the charm”         them know we still appreciate them,”       eyes and remember the show.                said of those who serve their country.
show featured some of the hottest ris-    she said.                                      “He said ‘that comedian’s jokes        “You talk to a lot of people … who
ing stars on the comedy scene, veter-         Cardinale is also no stranger to       kept me alive.’ You never know             say ‘I could never do the military,’
ans not only of the stage, but of lm      performing for the military. On his        whose life you’re going to affect.”        and you meet all these people who
and television as well.                     fth tour for the Army he has per-            “These guys get off of 15 hour         are just like ‘no problem, let’s get out
     The lineup included Heather Ma-      formed in Japan, Korea, Africa and         shifts, doing really terrible things and   there, let’s do it.’ Like Pat Tillman,
rie Zagone, Justin Wade, Rosie Tran,      the Middle East. He said it is the feel-   they need to laugh,” Cardinale said.       you know, gave up his NFL career to
Johnny Cardinale, and Todd Rexx.          ing of being part of “one big family”      “You see them afterward, you hear          go join the Army Rangers. There re-
    “This was funny all the way           that keeps bringing him back.              some of their stories and they tell        ally are good Americans out there; I
through, and I laughed through ev-            “At a comedy club there’s just a       you, ‘hey man, I haven’t laughed in        don’t care what anybody says. Amer-
ery single person,” said Sgt. Bailey      bunch of random people that don’t          three months.’ That’s why we do it.”       ica’s an amazing country.”
Olen, Headquarters and Headquarters       know each other and don’t have any-            But they were funny, and the               As appreciative of the comedians
Company, 1st Battalion, 4th Infantry      thing perhaps in common,” he said.         crowd did everything but roll in the       were of their audience’s sacri ce, the
Regiment. “I thought, these guys          “In (a military show) everybody sort       aisles. From Wade’s imitation of           feeling was reciprocated.
aren’t going to be able to follow up      of knows each other, they’re all in        Rocky Balboa doing the ‘angry man              “It’s refreshing to have something
after each one, but it was like nonstop   the same boat together. It’s this big      dance’ from “Footloose,” Rexx’s ob-        like this on base, especially for the
laughter.”                                ‘you’re all in it together.’ It’s really   servations on the vagaries of married      single Soldiers in the barracks to be      Johnny Cardinale gives his
    Zagone, comedian and actress          an amazing feeling.”                       sex, Cardinale’s impromptu song lyr-       able to walk out and come out to the
                                                                                                                                                                           impersonation of an angry
who has appeared on “Weeds” and               Writer, actress and comedian Tran      ics, and Zagone’s anecdotes of her         Zone and actually utilize the utilities
“CSI,” produces the show and is on        recently performed at shows in Iraq        travels through Afghanistan, each co-      that are here on base. It’s awesome.       Italian at the “No Laugh Track
her fourth tour in ve months. She         and Kuwait. She said right before          median left the audience in stitches.      And to laugh like this, what a great       Required IV” show at Hohen-
started the program in honor of her       she left Los Angeles, a Soldier ap-            “It got ridiculously funny,” said      way to spend a night,” said Janke.         fels’ Zone, May 14.

 Elmo, a busy
                                                                                     USAG Garmisch discovering Elmo’s world
  Community                                                                                    Story and photo by               take a stand against sexual assault        deputy garrison manager Thomas
                                                                                               Daniela Moten                    on National Denim Day, attended            Hays’ home and came back after a
                                                                                               USAG Garmisch                    the spirit- lled National Prayer Lun-      fun- lled stay dressed up in new ap-
    volunteer,                                                                              Army Community Service              cheon, and was a popular highlight         parel. Hays and his wife,Vicky, ‘kilt-
       donned                                                                                                                   at the Asian-Paci c Heritage Month         ed’ Elmo, making him an honorary
  denim, April                                                                       GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN                     celebration.                               member of Clan Hays.
  27, to take a                                                                      — Since his arrival, the newest ad-            Having Elmo as a volunteer mem-            From riding his little motorbike on
stand against                                                                        dition to the ACS family, Elmo of          ber of the ACS staff has turned out to     sunny days to hanging out with good
                                                                                     Sesame Street, has been very active        be a good idea according to director       company and listening to interesting
        sexual                                                                       in ACS programs.                           Doris Tyler.                               topics around post, Elmo is enjoying
    assault on                                                                           Whether it was just advertising            “Elmo helps bridge generations         his time in Garmisch to the fullest.
      National                                                                       ACS events like the community baby         and puts children visiting our of ces          If you happen to run into him, take
   Denim Day.                                                                        shower, co-hosting a brie ngs, or          at ease,” she explained. “Since join-      your photo and post it on the USAG
                                                                                     helping to teach a child abuse class,      ing our team, he’s become a familiar       Garmisch Facebook page, and keep
                                                                                     Elmo has been a busy member of the         sight at our community events.”            checking in on his latest adventures
                                                                                     team. He wore jeans to the of ce to            Elmo accepted an invitation to         in the ACS hallways.
10 Bavarian News                                                                                       News                                                                                                     May 25, 2011

        Soldier Show spectacular

                                                        Courtesy photo
   OBERAMMERGAU, Germany             From a boardwalk
   to a fun house to a circus to a county fair to a time
                                                                                                                                                                                      Photo by Jeremy S. Buddemeier
   machine, Soldier-entertainers will take their guests
   on a song and dance tour of carnivals across Amer-
   ica and beyond as the 2011 U.S. Army Soldier Show
                                                                                                                               Alternative energy
   takes place here in the Ammergauer Haus, at 3 p.m.,                              News is addictive. Sub-                    GRAFENWOEHR, Germany           U.S. Army Garrison Grafenwoehr em-
   May 29. Admission is free on a rst-come, rst-                                  scribe to USAG Grafen-                       ployees ash their pearly bikes as they pass Gate 6 on Main Post
   seated basis. Tickets can be picked up at Garmisch                            woehr’s daily newsletter to                   as part of National Bike to Work Day, May 20. Representatives from
   Outdoor Recreation on Artillery Kaserne. Call DSN                              get your x. E-mail usag                      the Directorate of Public Works handed out prizes for participating
   440-2638, CIV 08821-750-2638.                                                                  cyclists, several of whom made the commute from as far as Weiden.

              What’s Happening                                                                                  at Waidhaus and Prague, as well
                                                                                                                as on all routes around the Czech
                                                                                                                capital. Drivers who get into such
                                                                                                                situations should de nitely not
                                                                                                                                                       specialist, at DSN 466-4908.

                                                                                                                                                           May 19-20: If you are 40 and
                                                                                                                                                                                            football, ages 6-12; cheerleading,
                                                                                                                                                                                            ages 6-15; Bowling, ages 6-15.
                                                                                                                                                                                                To nd out how to become
                                                                                                                                                                                            a coach, call Parent Central
                                      ACS gatherings                       ment of food and fun activities      stop but simply drive on.              older or if you have a history of    Services located in Bldg. 10 at
      Garmisch                             Monday
                                           Gruess Gott Garmisch Group
                                                                           and programs around the Main
                                                                           Post Fitness Center, including:      Community newsletter
                                                                                                                                                       breast cancer you may need a
                                                                                                                                                       mammogram. May 19 and 20 the
                                                                                                                                                                                            DSN 466-2080/2078 or CIV
       Briefs                         meets at 9:30 a.m. the rst
                                      Monday of the month at the Pete
                                                                           children’s activities and adult
                                                                           sporting events kick off, 10:30
                                                                                                                    Want up-to-date informa-
                                                                                                                tion delivered to your inbox?
                                                                                                                                                       Health Clinic will have a mobile
                                                                                                                                                       mammogram van on site to

Munich/Third Reich
                                      Burke Center.
                                           M.o.M’s Group (Move on
                                                                           a.m.; Pressath Marching Band, 11
                                                                           a.m.; Eschenbach Band perfor-
                                                                                                                Subscribe to the community
                                                                                                                newsletter today!
                                                                                                                                                       perform mammograms.
                                                                                                                                                           For questions or to sign up
    June 1 & 2: After an overview
on Wednesday, 7 p.m., at the
                                      Monday): 10:15-11:45 a.m.
                                           Money Mondays: 11:30 a.m.-
                                                                           mance, 2 p.m.; awards ceremony
                                                                           / keg-tapping ceremony, 5 p.m.;
                                                                                                                    E-mail the USAG Grafen-
                                                                                                                woehr Public Affairs Of ce at
                                                                                                                                                       for your exam call Emily Rich at
                                                                                                                                                       CIV 09472-83-3347
PLTCE Auditorium (Bldg. 253),         1 p.m. the second Monday of the      and the bon re, 7 p.m.      to be
on Thursday meet at the Bahnhof       month                                                                     added to the list.                     Memorial Day                         Memorial Day
just prior to the 8 a.m. train to          Tuesday                         236th Army Birthday                                                             May 26: The Hohenfels                Schweinfurt VFW Post
Munich where we recreate the               Playgroup: 10-11:30 a.m. at         June 14: USAG Grafenwoehr                                               Military Community will be           10658 and the Schweinfurt VFW
Bier Hall Putsch as it happened in
1923, visit the site of the Munich
                                      the Garmisch Chapel
                                           Conversational German: 9:30-
                                                                           and JMTC will host a 236th
                                                                           Birthday celebration at noon in
                                                                                                                      Hohenfels                        conducting a Memorial Day
                                                                                                                                                       Ceremony in Remembrance of
                                                                                                                                                                                            Ladies Auxiliary, in partnership
                                                                                                                                                                                            with USAG Schweinfurt, will
Accords and explore other places
associated with the Nazi move-
                                      11 a.m.
                                                                           the Main Post Dining Facility,
                                                                           Bldg. 101. The event is open to
                                                                                                                       Briefs                          all brave Americans who have
                                                                                                                                                       honorably served the United
                                                                                                                                                                                            be hosting a ceremony to honor
                                                                                                                                                                                            our fallen heroes, May 26, from
ment.                                      Career Corner: 1-2:30 p.m.      the community, and the birthday                                             States of America.                   11:30 a.m.–8:30 p.m., at the Conn
    This is an extremely interest-      rst Wednesday of the month         cake will be distributed to all      Combatives                                 The ceremony will take place       ag pole.
ing tour, somewhat like examin-            Thursday                        Soldiers, family members and             June 24-25: All Soldiers           on May 26 at 11:30 a.m., in front        We will be joined by special
ing an urban battle eld. Lots of           Newcomers Community             civilians present.                   assigned to U.S. Army units            of Bldg. 1.                          guest speaker, U.S. Army/
walking all day - wear comfort-       Services Brie ng 8:30-11:30              The DFAC will be open for        in Bavaria are encouraged to                                                NATO Brigade Command Sgt.
able shoes. Cost: $35.                a.m. the second Thursday of the      lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.      register and compete in the 2011       Golf tournament                      Maj. Mark K. Schindler, for the
                                      month. Contact ACS to sign up        and features lobster tail, steak,    Bavarian Open Combatives                   June 3: Our second golf          of cial ceremony and wreath lay-
Vino Nella Valle                      by Tuesday prior to the brie ng.     shrimp, chicken, BBQ ribs, tur-      Competition sponsored by the           tournament of the year will be       ing. Immediately following the
    June 1: Come to a wine tast-           German Customs and Culture      key and other selections.            Hohenfels Military Community           held at the Habsberg Golf Course.    ceremony will be a free commu-
ing seminar, sampling Italian         Class: 1-3:30 p.m. the second            The cost for lunch that day      June 24-25. Registration must          The registration deadline is May     nity BBQ at the Conn Club and a
wines, cheeses, and salamis. Let      Thursday of the month. Contact       will be $5.95 for spouses and de-    be completed and sent to               31; only 18, four-person team        softball tournament.
us do the driving!                    ACS to sign up by Tuesday prior      pendents of specialists and below            slots available. The entry fee is
    We will drop you off at home      to the class.                        and $7 for all others.               no later than June 21. Find the        $75 ($40 for club members); golf     Askren Clean Sweep
with your purchases. VAT forms             Stress and Anger Manage-                                             required forms on the JMRC             cart rental and green fees are           This surging community
accepted. Meet at 5:30 p.m. Cost:     ment Class every second Thurs-       Spiritual Breakfast                  Facebook page or http://tinyurl.       included in the price. €12 lunch     initiative gathers dedicated vol-
$10.                                  day from noon-1 p.m.                     U.S. Army Europe will host       com/394xqt9 and sign up today.         optional. The rst 10 teams to        unteers, Askren residents and
                                           Unless noted all ACS ac-        a Spiritual Fitness Breakfast                                               register will receive a free hat     otherwise, to meet at the com-
Conquer the Zugspitze                 tivities take place or meet at the   in honor of the Army’s 236th         Newcomers’ orientation                 clip with ball marker.               missary at 9 a.m., June 4, and
    June 4-5: At 2,966 meters,        Garmisch ACS Center (Artillery       birthday, June 9, from 7-8:30            May 18-20: This is the place           Check-in begins at 7 a.m. with   spend an hour or two sprucing up
Germany’s highest peak is 2,200       Kaserne, Bldg 203).                  a.m., at the Casablanca Room in      to be if you’re new to post.           an 8 a.m. shotgun start. Register    Schweinfurt’s largest housing are.
meters higher than Garmisch!               For more, contact your ACS      Bldg. 31 on Campbell Barracks        Hallo Hohenfels is a dazzling          on WebTrac, www.webtrac.             Take pride in your community;
    Starting at the Partnach-         staff at DSN 440-3777, CIV           in Heidelberg.                       three-day event packed with the, or e-mail Family       join the movement.
klamm, we hike up through the         08821-750-3777, or e-mail them           This special event is a cel-     exact information you need upon        and MWR Sports and Fitness
stunning Reintal Valley, staying      at Garmisch.FMWRacs@eur.             ebration of the spirit and soul of   arrival. It’s also a direct hands-on   at dlmwrhohenfelssports@eur.         SNAPS
the night at the Reintalanger-                            our Army. There is no cost, but      introduction to the local German Other upcoming golf            Equipping newcomers with
huette. Sunday morning we                                                  voluntary donations will be ac-      economy. You will explore              tournament dates: Aug. 12 and        the knowledge they need to live
will be serenaded with Zither
music and then we climb to the           Graf/Rose                         cepted at the door.
                                                                               Reservations are required.
                                                                                                                local communities including a
                                                                                                                local bakery and butcher shop,
                                                                                                                                                       Sept. 9.                             comfortably and independently
                                                                                                                                                                                            in Germany. This ve-day course
                                                                                                                                                       Beginner kayaking
Zugspitzplatt glacier. Get a great
lunch or scale the harrowing           Barracks Briefs                     Call the USAREUR Chaplain’s
                                                                           Of ce at DSN 730-7385 or e-
                                                                                                                visit Mobelhof, a huge home
                                                                                                                decorating store, and travel to             June 8 and 10-12: The
                                                                                                                                                                                            culminates in a cultural site-
                                                                                                                                                                                            seeing tour. Presented June 6-10
“klettersteig” to the cross. Cost:                                         mail       a mall in Regensburg. Find out           rst trip out on the water for      at 9 a.m. each day. Preregistration
$149.                                 Luau                                 mil.                                 how Hohenfels works without            the season is for beginner           required.
                                          June 4: Join the commu-                                               doing everything yourself and          kayakers. Learn the rivers in            For info or to register, call
Venice & Verona                       nity in celebrating Asian-Paci c     Auto advisory                        make some new friends at the           the area, paddling and basic         ACS at DSN 354-6933, CIV
    June 10-12: On Saturday, visit    American Heritage Month at               German motor club ADAC           same time. Hallo Hohenfels             skills. Outdoor Recreation has       09721-96-6933.
Venice with its great art and ar-     a luau, June 4, from noon- 5         reports motorists in the Czech       begins at ACS, Bldg. 10 at 8:30        all the equipment you need,
chitecture, pigeons in St. Mark’s     p.m., at the Grafenwoehr Army        Republic should beware of            a.m. For more, call Kurt Rager,        transportation and experienced       ASIST training
Square, gondolas, and good food.      Air eld (Hangar 2084). The           Eastern European gangs trying        Relocation Program manager, at         instructors.                             This training for the Ap-
On Sunday, it is off to Verona and    event will include re dancing,       to scam foreigners along the         DSN 466-3403.                               Participants must stop by       plied Suicide Intervention Skills
a tour of the Romeo and Juliet        martial arts demonstrations,         highways. The incidents have a                                              ODR on June 8th between 11           Training requires preregistration.
city with the great Roman Arena.      cultural displays and ono food       common pattern: the crooks gen-      Resiliency training                    a.m. and 6 p.m. to be tted           The class is at the Conn Chapel
Trip departs Friday, June 10, at      samples. Contact Sgt. 1st Class      erally in big, dark sedans follow        May 19: Resiliency                 with their equipment. The trip       on June 7 & 8. Contact Religious
4:15 p.m. Cost: $290.                 Yolanda King at DSN 475-8038         cars with German license plates      Training is a vibrant part of          will take place June 10-12. The      Services by Fri, June 3, at 09721-
    Unless noted, all FMWR            or        and signal the driver to stop with   Comprehensive Soldier Fitness.         location will be determined          96-1370.
events meet at the Pete Burke         by June 1 to RSVP.                   hand gestures, ashing of lights      This innovative six-week               depending on water levels. Call
Center. To register for the events                                         or by raising a gas canister. They   program provides cutting edge          to reserve your space today at       Blood drive
contact the staff at the Pete Burke   Blackhawk Rendezvous                 demand nancial assistance for        concepts and ideas to allow both       DSN 466-2060. Course Price:              Sponsored by C Co., Warrior
Community Center, DSN 440-                June 11: The Grafenwoehr         their families from the occupants    Soldiers and spouses to respond        $139 and includes rental,            Transition Battalion-Europe Sch-
2638, CIV 08821-750-2638, or          military community is invited to     of the stopped car or by trying      to and bounce back from the            equipment, kayaking course and       weinfurt in partnership with the
email us at Garmisch.FMWRo-           attend the 172nd Separate Infan-     to sell them fake jewelry. If the    unique and demanding challenges        transportation not including the     Armed Services Blood Program,                       try Brigade’s color casing cer-      victims give too little cash or no   of today’s Army. This is the           camping fees.                        this blood drive is June 7, from
    The Pete Burke Community          emony on the Main Post parade        money at all, the begging often      emotional and psychological                                                 9 a.m.–2:30 p.m. in the Finney
Center also provides space avail-       eld at 10 a.m. This important      turns into a robbery.                ammunition you’ve been hoping          Coaches needed                       Gym.
able transportation to and from       tradition marks their readiness          According to the German Em-      for. Get all the information from      Youth Sports is looking for              All blood collected stays in
the opera house for those who         for their upcoming deployment        bassy in Prague, these incidents     9 a.m.-noon at ACS, Bldg. 10.          volunteers to coach the following    our community. Come out and
just want the evening in Munich.      to Afghanistan. Following the        often take place on the D5 high-         For more, call Trish Scott,        fall sports: Soccer, ages 3-15;      save a life. For more call DSN
Cost: $12.                            ceremony, there will be an assort-   way between the border crossing      Family Advocacy Program                Tackle football, ages 12-15; Flag    354-6217, CIV 09721-96-6217.
May 25, 2011                                                                                   Travel                                                                                   Bavarian News      13

  Clockwise from top left: A century-old coffeehouse on the Ringstrasse was remodeled in the 1950s and has been stuck in a time warp since. Photo by Oswald Haerdtl.
  Vienna at dusk as seen through the glass window of a Riesenrad car. Photo by John Reese. The Richard Strauss Orchestra performs its nale in Innsbruck as bal-
  loons fall and the band toasts the audience. Photo by Dawn Lyn. The famous Riesenrad, a landmark of Vienna, is best known through movies. Photo by John Reese.

                Orchestrating the perfect weekend
            by John Reese                 higher purchase price, the cost of       in English.                             destinations for normal people.         saw items from mundane to bizarre
          U.S. Army Garrison              spontaneity.                                 A stop at the information booth     The earth was spongy from rain,         under long stretches of tents, open
         Garmisch Public Affairs             The ride between Garmisch and         at Vienna’s Westbahnhof got us          and when we found the right spot        tables, and sometimes just a seller’s
                                          Innsbruck through the Alps is very       a free city map, and under a light      the grave appeared to have been         pile of old junk unceremoniously
      Traveling in Austria is much        scenic, with sweeping panoramas          drizzle we walked a few blocks          recently re lled, with deep pockets     on the asphalt.
  like traveling in Germany; if you       viewed from tracks precariously          down busy Mariahilferstrasse to         of standing water and pine boughs           Free samples abounded for a
  already know your way around a          perched on the edge of steep cliffs.     our inexpensive 1-star pension. The     piled atop.                             wide variety of other foods from all
  bahnhof and can ask “Wo ist die         The hourlong trip is a rough train       Hungarian night clerk spoke little          Strange by American traditions,     corners of the Earth as the sellers
  toiletten, bitte?” then you’re ready    ride due to the pretzel twist turns      German or English but quickly           Banner’s headstone was removed          hawked their wares. The rich aroma
  to adventure in Oesterreich.            leading up and over the mountains,       found our reservation. She led us       in 1988 and another person laid to      of brightly colored spices mixed
                                          but the view makes up for it.            up two ights of an ancient marble       rest in the same spot. According        with food stands made our mouths
  Romantic Innsbruck                         A brief walkabout the old town’s      staircase allegedly climbed by Sig-     to Garmisch’s host nation liaison       water.
      The Richard Strauss Orchestra       center took us to our romantic           mund Freud to our modest room.          Andrea Winter, gravesites are usu-          A hot chocolate stand warmed
  directed by famed Dutch conduc-         centuries-old four-star hotel where          Vienna is famous for inter-         ally rented, not purchased, and even    us up before we set off for the
  tor Andre Rieu is currently on its      we got easy instructions to use          national food and its namesake          when purchased it’s not unusual         Prater, a large fairground home to
  annual world tour, and tickets were     Innsbruck’s public transportation to     weinerschnitzel. We found Korean        for a family to sell a grave after 25   the giant Ferris wheel seen in the
  secured for the performance at the      the concert.                             food. Over bulgogi we met a nice        years.                                  classic Orson Welles lm “The
  Olympiahalle in Innsbruck.                 If you’re unfamiliar with Andre       local who recommended a famous              It’s possible Banner’s remains      Third Man” and the not-so-classic
      As the trip involved the Austrian   Rieu and his orchestra, they play a      cafe she said would give us a true      are sharing the grave, or they were     James Bond lm “The Living
  rail system, it turned out to be dif-   variety of classical and opera pieces    taste of Vienna that wasn’t touristy    removed to a “bonehouse,” a place       Daylights.”
    cult or impossible to buy tickets     mixed with contemporary musical          and had a no-smoking wing.              where the dead are still held in            Most of the rides are closed in
  online at the Deutschebahn website      pieces, and they employ so much              The morning sun burned              respect.There was supposed to be        the winter, but the Wiener Riesen-
  or at the self-service machines in      humor that anyone will enjoy the         through an early mist and we pur-       a placard indicating it was indeed      rad with passenger cars the size of
  the newly remodeled Garmisch            show.                                    chased a two-day transit pass from      Banner’s nal resting place, but we      RVs was making slow revolutions.
  station.                                   Although chilly, the 40-minute        an easy-to-use machine. Public          found no sign.                          The wheel was built in 1897, saved
      For trips within Germany, both      walk back to the hotel after the con-    transportation in Vienna is excellent       Banner served in the U.S. Army      from demolition in 1916, wrecked
  online and lobby machines are           cert was refreshing and gave us a        and a cinch to navigate.                Air Corps during World War II.          by Allied bombing in 1944, and
  user-friendly and can be accessed       look at Innsbruck after dark. Unlike                                             Present or not we lit a candle, and     rebuilt in 1945.
  in English, and using them saves a      Germany, smoking is permitted in         Honoring a folk hero                    paid military respects. And then,           We took in the excellent view of
  few euros over a customer service       bars and restaurants. The pubs had           We’d come here to pay our           having seen too many George             Vienna from above before walking
  rep.                                    smoke thick enough to slice.             respects for the 101st birthday of      Romero movies, we left the cem-         through Vienna’s central park to
      Instead, we visited the ticket                                               the late actor John Banner, AKA         etery and headed to explore the gi-     our cafe for schnitzel. For des-
  window and using DB’s 25 percent-       JetRail to Vienna                        Luftwaffe Master Sgt. Hans Georg        ant Naschmarkt between Karlsplatz       sert we had Viennese coffee with
  off second class discount cards we          The next day the Austrian            Schultz of “Hogan’s Heroes.”            and Kettenbrueckengasse.                Sachertorte, a very chocolate cake
  purchased tickets to Vienna with a      JetRail took us to Vienna. It takes      A native Viennese, Banner died                                                  with apricot jam between the layers
  20-hour layover in Innsbruck, sav-      about ve hours on this express           suddenly on his 63rd birthday           Tasty Viennese treats                   considered one of most famous
  ing about $60.                          train to transit Austria west to east.   while visiting in 1973. Verboten in         The Naschmarkt is said to be        local treats.
      The return trip wasn’t purchased    The train was packed, making us          Germany and Austria when it rst         a place where the world’s great-            The next morning we purchased
  then as we were considering an          glad to have paid a few extra euros      aired, the show recently became         est chefs come to purchase their        return tickets at the Westbahnhof
  extra night in Vienna, which we         for reserved seats. And, stops en        very popular here.                      spices. The market also has a giant     and headed back to Garmisch after
  did, leading to a signi cantly          route are conveniently announced             Cemeteries aren’t tourist            ea market on Saturdays, and we         an adventurous long weekend.
14 Bavarian News                                                                              Medical                                                                                          May 25, 2011

Summer marks the return of sunscreen
Skin cancer affects all ages, races a
          By Maj. Sunghun Cho
            BMEDDAC Dermatology
                                                                             Strange spots
                                                                             and moles on
                                                                             skin should be
                                                                                                       sunglasses when possible. Apply sunscreen
                                                                                                       when going outdoors.
                                                                                                           When choosing a sunscreen, you want a
                                                                                                                                                           of advice
VILSECK, Germany — Skin cancers are the                                      checked out by            broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen
most common type of cancers. One in ve                                                                 with a Sun Protection Factor of at least 30. SPF
Americans will develop some form of skin                                     a doctor. Skin            refers to the product’s ability to provide pri-
cancer during their lifetime.                                                cancer affects            marily UVB protection, which helps prevent                  By Lt. Col. Stephen Linck
    The majority of diagnosed skin cancers are                               all ages and              sunburn. The higher the SPF, the more UVB                             BMEDDAC
nonmelanoma skin cancers. About 80 percent                                   races but can             protection, but the level of protection does not
of these are basal cell carcinomas and the other                             be prevented              increase proportionately with the SPF value.           Want your health-related question an-
20 percent are squamous cell carcinomas. It is                                                             A SPF 30 blocks about 97 percent of UVB         swered? Send an e-mail to brmc-pao@
                                                                             with the use of
very rare for these skin cancers to spread to                                                          rays. Broad-spectrum provides protection   or post your question on our
other parts of the body and cure rates of 95                                 sunscreen. It is          from both UVA and UVB rays. Ingredients in          Facebook page at
percent can be achieved if detected early and                                easily treated if         sunscreen that provide broad-spectrum protec-       dac.Your question may appear in the next edi-
treated promptly.                                                            detected early.           tion include titanium, zinc, avobenzone (Par-       tion of the Bavarian News.
    Although melanomas make up less than 5                                                             sol 1789) and ecamsule (Mexoryl). Look for
percent of skin cancers overall, they are the      This form of ultraviolet radiation can pen-         these in the list of ingredients.                      Q:    What is the
most common form of cancer for young adults        etrate window glass, exposing you even when             Sunscreen should be applied to the skin 20      ideal age for a woman
25-29 years old and the second most com-           indoors or inside your car. UVB rays are the        minutes before going outdoors. Coat all ex-         to get pregnant? I
mon form of cancer for adolescents and young       sun’s burning rays. Although they are blocked       posed skin liberally, paying particular atten-      realize it’s “whenever
adults 15-29 years old. They are also the dead-    by window glass, they are the primary cause         tion to the face, ears, hands and arms, and rub     she’s ready,” but in
liest form of skin cancer. In 2010, 114,900        of sunburn.                                         it in thoroughly.                                   terms of your body
new cases and 8,700 deaths were attributed to          Both UVA and UVB rays are linked to the             Most people apply only 20-50 percent of         being physically ready
melanomas in the United States.                    development of skin cancer. While there are         the recommended amount of sunscreen. One            for the challenge of
    All forms of skin cancer are highly treat-     nonmodi able risk factors for skin cancers          ounce, enough to ll a shot glass, is the typi-      childbirth what age
able when caught early. You can play an active     such as genetics and fair skin, the most pre-       cal amount of sunscreen needed to cover the         range would that be?
role in the detection of skin cancers by check-    ventive risk factor for skin cancer exposure        exposed areas of the body evenly. Sunscreen                                   Linck
ing your birthday suit on your birthday. If you    to ultraviolet light from the sun and indoor tan-   should be reapplied at least every two hours or        Thank you,
notice anything changing, growing or bleeding      ning devices      can be controlled. Seek shade     after swimming or perspiring heavily.                  Childless in Cologne
on your skin, talk to your health care provider.   when appropriate, especially between 10 a.m.            For more information about skin cancer,
    Harmful rays of the sun include ultraviolet    and 4 p.m. when the sun’s rays are strongest.       visit            A: Dear Childless,
A and ultraviolet B rays. UVA rays cause pre-      Wear protective clothing such as a long-            cer-detection or               A lot more goes into having children than
mature aging such as wrinkling and age spots.      sleeved shirt, pants, a wide-brimmed hat and        Cancer-Facts.                                       just age. If you are ready, then it is time.
                                                                                                                                                           From the wording in your message, I assume
                                                                                                                                                           you are referring to the optimal age to have
Ombudsmen help with medical, military issues                                                                                                               children. If you were to ask a provider, they
                                                                                                                                                           would recommend getting pregnant for the
                                                                                                                                                             rst time between 25 and 30 years of age.
   By Jennifer Walsh Cary                                                                                               There are several ways to reach        This is the ideal time for pregnancy, es-
     BMEDDAC Public Affairs                              ria
                                        Ombudsmen in Bavaria                                                        an ombudsman. Bene ciaries can         pecially for women becoming pregnant for
                                                                                                                    contact their local ombudsman at       the rst time. It is quite possible that women
VILSECK, Germany            Bene -      Ansbach, Bamberg and Schweinfurt                                            their of ce or they can call the       above 30 years of age might face some prob-
ciaries looking for assistance with     Rodney Figueroa                                                             Wounded Soldier and Family Hot         lems with fertility if they are getting pregnant
medical-related problems should         DSN 354-6221 or CIV 0162-253-13144                                          Line toll-free at DSN 312-421-         for the rst time.
look no further than their local                                                                                    3700 or at commercial rates at             Many women are considered a “high-risk
ombudsman.                              Grafenwoehr, Hohenfels and Vilseck                                          001-800-984-8523.                      pregnancy” if they are under 17 or older than
    “The ombudsman deals with           Edwin Carter                                                                    Individuals who request assis-     35. There are many things you can do to help
patient complaints and grievanc-        DSN 476-3150 or                                                             tance through the hotline are con-     prepare yourself. Most important are exercise
es,” said Edwin Carter, ombuds-         CIV 0152-0717-4244                                                          tacted within 24 hours, and if the     and proper nutrition. I wish you good luck
man for Grafenwoehr, Hohenfels                                                                                      individual lives in Germany, an        and good health.
and Vilseck communities. “We           cal-related problems that haven’t     medicine with most of them being       interview will be set up to under-
verify, clarify and resolve events     been resolved through normal          retired senior noncommissioned         stand the nature of the complaint.        Q:     I found a body lotion that has SPF 15
that are a source of patient dissat-   channels. Often these are complex     of cers, of cers and civilian per-         Overall, Carter wants people       in it. Is this the same as using a sunblock that
isfaction.”                            or overwhelming issues such as        sonnel who held medical jobs dur-      to know that the ombudsmen are         has SPF 15 in it? I prefer the lotion because
    Although the ombudsmen are         physical disability processing or     ing their Army careers.                there for them.                        it isn’t greasy and doesn’t smell, but I want
able to assist all bene ciaries,       transitioning to the Veterans Ad-         “I served in the U.S. Army             “We are here to engage prob-       to make sure it’s the same level of protection
they primarily work with Wound-        ministration.                         from 1975 until 2002 and was a         lem-solving solutions and to           as something marketed as sunblock.
ed Warriors and their families.           “The ombudsman functions as        member of the Army Medical De-         assure Soldiers and their fam-
For them, the services range from      an independent, neutral and im-       partment during this entire period     ily members that they could and           Respectfully,
medical issues to military issues      partial mediator for Soldiers and     of service,” Carter said. “I was       should expect the very best health        Tanning in Tanz eck
such as dif culty with appoint-        their families and not as a means     hired as an ombudsman in January       care,” he said.
ments, pay problems, housing is-       to circumvent the Soldier’s chain     2011, but I have been a passion-           For more, visit http://med-           A: Dear Tanning,
sues or orders.                        of command,” he said.                 ate advocate for Soldiers and their                It is really hard to tell without seeing the
    For all other bene ciaries, the       The ombudsmen in the pro-          family members since I became          or call your local ombudsman of-       product information. I can say that SPF, or
ombudsmen only handle medi-            gram are all well-versed on Army      an NCO in 1977.”                         ce.                                  Sun Protection Factor, is a worldwide mea-
                                                                                                                                                           sure on how effective the protection is against
                                                                                                                                                           UV rays. The SPF number multiplied by 10

          Referral process changes                                                                        Dentists talk                                    indicates the number of minutes the protec-
                                                                                                                                                           tion will last.
                                                                                                                                                               For example, your SPF 15 lotion should
         By Jennifer Walsh Cary
           BMEDDAC Public Affairs
                                                   ral, pertinent medical documentation, the au-
                                                   thorization, an additional claims form in case
                                                   the provider needs it and other information
                                                                                                          piercings and                                    protect you for 150 minutes. The American
                                                                                                                                                           Academy of Dermatology recommends using
                                                                                                                                                           lotion or sun block with at least SPF 15. So,
VILSECK, Germany            Effective immedi- such as directions to the host nation facility.
ately, bene ciaries who are referred to a host         “We want to ensure you are not making
nation provider for care can expect a 10-day multiple trips back and forth looking for an
                                                                                                           oral health                                     in general, I say that your SPF 15 lotion is
                                                                                                                                                           probably just as effective as a SPF 15 sun-
                                                                                                                                                           block. Happy tanning.
waiting period between the date of their refer- authorization so the timeline for referral pack-             By Ralinda Eatherington and
ral and the date the authorization for care is et pick-up was extended to 10 days,” Morris-                     Col. Theresa Gonzales                         Q:    What’s your thought on “mental
available.                                         Samuels said. “Now it’s a one-time stop at                         Bavaria DENTAC                       health” days where people call in sick to
    “Prior to us having a contractor, the clinics your military treatment facility. You’ll have                                                            work so they can recharge? Is this a medi-
issued their own authorizations, which is why everything you need to complete your network             GRAFENWOEHR, Germany                  Let’s chat    cally viable excuse? Or are they just trying
we could give patients                                                     appointment.”               about piercings and dental care. Like clothing      to get out of work and still get paid? There
an authorization imme-                                                         Although 10 days        and hairstyles, oral piercings give teens and       are some days when I want to recharge, but I
diately,” said Phyllis          We’re growing into the                     may seem like a long        adults a way to express themselves.                 would feel guilty taking sick leave.
Morris-Samuels, dep-                                                       wait, Morris-Samuels            While trendy, this fashion statement poses
uty chief of Medical            managed care concept                       stressed that for routine   a number of potential oral and overall health          Thanks,
Management. “We are                                                        specialty appointments      care risks. It’s also important to note that oral      Honest in Hohenfels
now operating under                 ... with the goal of                   the access to care stan-    piercings most commonly involve the tongue,
managed care so the               maintaining quality.                     dard is 28 days from        and also the lips, cheeks or a combination of          A: Dear Honest,
contractor has assumed                                                     the date of the referral.   sites.                                                 Since you are asking my opinion I can tell
responsibility for issu-            Phyllis Morris-Samuels                 This is also not unique         Oral piercings have been implicated in a        you I think it is a good idea. There are times
ing authorizations.”           Deputy Chief Of Medical Management          to Europe.                  number of adverse oral and systemic condi-          when I just need a day to drink coffee and
    International SOS,                                                         “Other       military   tions. We, the dental health care team in Ba-       read a book outside in the morning. What is
the managed care sup-                                                      treatment facilities in     varia, would like you to understand that oral       important is not to abuse sick leave. I think
port contractor, issues the authorizations, the U.S. have utilized a managed care sup-                 piercings can pose special challenges for you       taking a day for yourself every six months to
which are crucial to having a successful rou- port contractor for years. These facilities often        and for your dental health care team. While         a year is a good idea.
tine specialty appointment at a host nation fa- have a seven- to 10-day wait for authoriza-            piercing the tongue, lip or cheek may be at-           I frequently tell my staff that they can’t
cility.                                            tions,” she said. “We here in Europe have only      tractive to some, there are a number of health-     take care of others unless they take care of
    “If you don’t have an authorization, a cou- recently obtained the service of a managed             related risks associated with oral piercing, in-    themselves. Sick leave is theirs to use and I
ple of things could happen,” she said. “It could care support contractor and now our referral          cluding:                                            don’t question people’s use of sick leave un-
be that the doctor won’t see you because you process will be much more similar to the one                  Infections. The wound created by piercing,      less it impacts mission or is for an extended
don’t have an authorization or they do see you Soldiers and families experience back in the            the vast amount of bacteria in the mouth, and       period of time.
and you may have to pay a portion or all of the U.S.”                                                  the introduction of additional bacteria from           I hope this helps, and I think it is ne to
claim.”                                                Patients who have urgent medical needs          handling the jewelry all work to increase the       occasionally treat yourself.
    The 10-day waiting period ensures the Tri- will go through an expedited authorization              risk of infections.                                    If you need a shot of advice, e-mail your
care Referral Center receives the authorization process.                                                   Transmission of diseases. Oral piercing is      question to Lt. Col. Stephen Linck at brmc-
and puts together a referral packet for the pa-        “If it is urgent specialty care, we aren’t      a potential risk factor for the transmission of
tient. The packet includes a copy of the refer-                        See REFERRALS, page 20                                 See PIERCINGS, page 20
16 Bavarian News                                                                               News                                                                                               May 25, 2011

TSAE brings live- re training to Soldiers Community
           Story and photo
          by Kat Watson
                                                                                                                              diers with any live requirement and
                                                                                                                              are capable of supporting numerous
                                                                                                                                                                         to celebrate
   Training Support Activity Europe

                                                                                                                              range types such as Modi ed Record
                                                                                                                              Fire Ranges, Combat Pistol Quali-
                                                                                                                                cation Course, Sniper Field Fire,
Training Support Activity Europe’s
Range and Training Land Program
has a portable, state-of-the-art De-
                                                                                                                              Multipurpose Machinegun Range,
                                                                                                                              and Heavy Brigade Combat Team
                                                                                                                              and Stryker Brigade Combat Team.
ployable Range Package which in-                                                                                                  Prior to the deployment, the re-
cludes target lifters, handheld Radio                                                                                         questing unit will need to coordinate      Local celebration will
Control Units, tools and instructions
to establish various train, to U.S.
                                                                                                                              with its supporting Regional Training
                                                                                                                              Support Division/Training Support
                                                                                                                                                                         be June 14, at noon, at
standards, training ranges in support
of USAREUR based Soldiers and
                                                                                                                              Center so that the preparation for a
                                                                                                                              formal request for DRP support can
                                                                                                                                                                         the Main Post DFAC;
their Joint Multinational partners.                                                                                           be forwarded to TSAE Headquarters,         see page 10 for details
    The equipment can be used to                                                                                              Attn: RTLP Manager in the form of a
conduct individual and crew-served                                                                                            memorandum for approval.
weapons and tactical vehicle gunnery                                                                                              Procedures can be found at U.S.               By Bruce Anderson
training. The modular concept al-                                                                                             Army Europe (USAREUR) Sustain-                 U.S. Army Europe Public Affairs
lows for a solution to be speci cally                                                                                         able Range Program site https://srp.
tailored for each unit’s training re-                                                                                        HEIDELBERG,            Germany       —
quirements for out of sector training     Soldiers from the 172nd Infantry Brigade train using the Deploy-                    aspx.                                      Through a weeklong celebration,
exercises, real world deployments or      able Range Package in Romania, recently.                                                For more information, call DSN         U.S. Army Europe will be honoring
Home Station Training.                                                                                                        474-2088 / 2089, CIV 09641-454-            the sacri ces Soldiers and their fam-
    Armor and infantry targets, ei-       be designed and executed by trained       ly con gured for shipment and easily      2088 / 2089, or e-mail mail.tsae.          ily members have made over the past
ther moving or stationary, along with     operators according to unit require-      installed at a remote location or local                          236 years defending our nation and
generators, batteries, hammers, nails,    ments. Commanders responsible for         training area where targetry is limited       TSAE’s key mission is to inden-        preserving our way of life.
tape and other necessary ancillary        conducting unit live- re training are     or nonexistent.                           tify, acquire, manage and sustain the          The festivities will begin June 9
range support equipment are includ-       able to develop scenarios that use the        The New Equipment Training            necessary training resources required      with a prayer breakfast at 7 a.m. in
ed, and shipping can be coordinated       accessible range space to its best ad-    maybe conducted either at the DRP         to support training needs and pro-         the Casablanca Room on Heidel-
for the units. Target lifters are oper-   vantage.                                  warehouse, local training area or at      vide state-of-the-art training support     berg’s Campbell Barracks.
ated using the handheld controllers          The DRP targetry may be divided        the out of sector location by our high-   throughout USAREUR’s area of re-               On June 10 there will be a four-
that communicate by the use of radio      among separate ranges allowing in-        ly trained personnel. Deployable targ-    sponsibility.                              player, team golf scramble at the Hei-
frequency signals that operate up to      dividual units to conduct their own       etry can be stored, stacked and trans-        Editor’s Note: Kat Watson is a         delberg Golf Course in Oftersheim,
a distance of 1.5 km. The handheld        mission-focused training.                 ported in standard CONEX shipping         DRP targetry equipment specialist          hosted by the Association of the
controller allows training scenarios to      Deployable targetry can be quick-      containers to support deployed Sol-       for Training Support Activity Europe.      United States Army, teeing off with a
                                                                                                                                                                         shotgun start at 8 a.m. Sign-in starts
                                                                                                                                                                         at 6:45 a.m. Participants must register

Graf designated as net zero pilot installation                                                                                                                           by June 6.
                                                                                                                                                                             The U.S. Army Garrison Baden-
                                                                                                                                                                         Wuerttemberg is sponsoring a free
    By Of ce of the Assistant Secretary                 assistant secretary of the Army for installations,      are: Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md.; Camp Rilea,           Army birthday 5-kilometer fun run
        of Defense Public Affairs                       energy and environment, who made the announce-          Ore.; Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico; Fort Riley,            and walk June 11. Registration starts
                    News Release                        ment at the opening session of the annual Associa-      Kan.; Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash.; Toby-             at 8:30 a.m. at the Village Pavilion on
                                                        tion of United States Army Installation Command         hanna Army Depot, Pa.                                    Heidelberg’s Patrick Henry Village.
    The Army recently announced the locations           Symposium.                                                  A net zero waste installation reduces, reuses            Highlighting the weeklong cel-
identi ed to be pilot net zero installations. As part       A net zero energy installation produces as much     and recovers waste streams, converting them to           ebration will be USAREUR’s Army
of the Army’s overall effort to conserve precious       energy on site as it uses, over the course of a year.   resource values with zero land ll over the course        Birthday Ball, which begins June 11
resources, net zero installations will consume only     The Army’s pilot net zero energy installations are:     of a year. The Army’s pilot net zero waste installa-     at 6 p.m., and at the Village Pavilion
as much energy or water as they produce and elim-       Fort Detrick, Md.; Fort Hunter Liggett, Calif.;         tions are: U.S. Army Garrison, Grafenwoehr, Ger-         on Patrick Henry Village. Tickets are
inate solid waste to land lls.                          Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands;      many; Fort Detrick, Md.; Fort Hood, Texas; Fort          on sale now.
    The announcement initiates the programmatic         Parks Reserve Forces Training Area, Calif.; Sierra      Hunter Liggett, Calif.; Fort Polk, La.; Joint Base           On June 14, USAREUR will be
environmental analysis and planning process for         Army Depot, Calif.; West Point, N.Y.                    Lewis-McChord, Wash.                                     serving birthday cake at 10 a.m. in the
the Army’s Net Zero Installation Strategy.                  Additionally, the Oregon Army National Guard            Two installations volunteered to be integrated       Keyes Building Conference Room on
    Speci cs for projects and initiatives will be de-   volunteered to pilot a unique and challenging Net       net zero installations: Fort Bliss, Texas, and Fort      Campbell Barracks. This event will
termined through a programmatic environmental           Zero Energy Initiative, which includes all of their     Carson, Colo. A net zero installation is comprised       include a reading of the Army Birth-
analysis, which will include public engagement          installations across the state. This strategy will be   of three interrelated components: net zero energy,       day Children’s Book.
and stakeholder outreach.                               included in the environmental analysis.                 net zero water and net zero waste.                           The USAREUR and IMCOM-Eu-
    “The Army has identi ed six net zero pilot in-          A net zero water installation limits the con-           “I am amazed at the progress Army installa-          rope culinary arts team will be pro-
stallations in each of the energy, water, and waste     sumption of freshwater resources and returns wa-        tions have already made to reduce energy and             viding culinary arts demonstrations
categories and two integrated installations striving    ter back to the same watershed so as not to deplete     water consumption as well as waste generation.           June 14, 16, and 17 at the commis-
towards net zero by 2020. This is a signi cant step     the groundwater and surface water resources of          We will all monitor the journey these installations      sary on PHV from 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
in addressing the Army’s sustainability and energy      that region in quantity and quality over the course     embark on to reach the nal net zero goal,” Ham-              Visit your garrison’s website and
security challenges,” said Katherine Hammack,           of a year. The pilot net zero water installations       mack said.                                               keep an eye on the USAREUR Face-
                                                                                                                                                                         book page for more information on
                                                                                                                                                                         the birthday events.

Meegan excels in tasks beyond his experience, rank
Continued from page 1
Capt. Andrew C. Johannes, HHC                      Duty:  You’ve got the mission ... but you have a duty to your Soldiers and a duty to your
                                                                                                                                                                         launches @
1-4th Inf. Regt. commander.                               country. I joined the Army to serve my country, that’s the whole reason I’m here.
    During the seven months he                    Honor: I wake up every morning and put on my country’s ag. I have to recognize that I can
commanded at Baylough, Meegan                             never do anything that would bring discredit upon myself, my family or my country.
planned and led his Soldiers on over
170 combat controls. More than 40 of
his patrols came in direct combat ac-
                                                 Country: America … symbolizes an idea that you can start out as a nobody and become
                                                          somebody. You earn what you want in this country.                                                              EURMama
tion against the Taliban, all of them                                 1st Lt. Daniel M. Meegan, HHC, 1-4th Infantry Regiment                                                   By U.S. Army Europe
resulting in enemy killed, captured or                                                                                                                                            Public Affairs
wounded with no friendly losses.          it’s simply not in our career eld,”       and his unit instituted “grassroots”      them to go downrange.”                                  News Release
    While acknowledging a little luck     Meegan said. “The American Soldier        programs to improve the quality of            “A lot of what we do is making
and good grace, Meegan attributes         has one true purpose in life, and that    life for the local farmers. In an area    sure my soldiers are exceptional,”         HEIDELBERG, Germany — “Com-
this success to the rigorous training     purpose is to win at whatever task        where bulldozers couldn’t penetrate,      Meegan said. He explained that while       ing to U.S. Army in Europe and want
that prepared his Soldiers both men-      you’re given … It could be anything       they rebuilt roughly a mile of road       the 1-4th Inf. Regt. is no longer de-      some info? Or, are you looking for
tally and physically to take the ght      from making sure the grass is mowed       with a “whole mess of shovels” and        ploying, they are responsible for          tips on making the most of your Eu-
to the enemy.                             to ghting in combat. You do it right,     a lot of sweat.                           training the Soldiers who are.             ropean tour? Ask EURMama!”
    “When (my men) fought the en-         you do it properly and you do it pro-         “We instituted a volunteer pro-           “What they deserve is a world              That is what visitors to U.S. Army
emy, they knew they weren’t ght-          fessionally, cause that’s the job we’re   gram,” said Meegan, who explained         class OPFOR (opposing force) who’s         Europe’s new site on the social media
ing somebody who was just there on        in.”                                      to the Afghans that they would re-        going to go out and thrash them so         platform Twitter will see right at the
a deployment. They knew they were             This attitude continually inspired    ceive the bene t of the road. “If you     that when they go out to wherever it       top. Visitors will also see a picture of
  ghting somebody who was there to        the Soldiers under his command.           show up and help us build this road       is that they’re going ... they’re con-     EURMama, a ctional woman who
win,” said Meegan.                            “He’s con dent within himself, so     … we’ll feed you for the day.”              dent in their capabilities,” he said.    could be from any of the countries in
    “My duty to my Soldiers is to plan    it carries on throughout the platoon,         As Meegan labored alongside               Meegan attended an award cer-          Europe where U.S. Army personnel
and prepare well enough so that …         to give us con dence to achieve what      of his men, one of the tribal leaders     emony at the Pentagon May 18 where         are stationed.
when I send them on a mission or          we need to,” said Spc. William Fel-       told him that he never expected to        Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, Army chief             “EURMama represents a wel-
when I go on a mission with them,         lows, who served with Meegan in Af-       see Americans out digging in the dirt     of staff presented him with an en-         coming and wise gure who will
they’re prepared to accomplish it,        ghanistan. “He knew we could get the      with the Afghans.                         graved watch, a bronze bust of Gen-        always have information and advice
they are ready to accomplish it, and      job done, and we did.”                        “Well,” Meegan replied, “I told       eral MacArthur, and a commendation         for those who need tips and facts
I’ve mitigated or I’ve reconciled my-         Meegan’s in uence extended be-        you I was going to do that.”              memorandum.                                about life in U.S. Army in Europe —
self to the risks involved in it,” he     yond even his Soldiers and his ANSF.          Currently, Meegan is the weapons          “Really to me, it symbolizes all       whether they are on orders to a new
said.                                     He earned the respect and admiration      platoon leader for the HHC, 1-4th Inf.    the work that my Soldiers did, that        assignment here, are new to the com-
    Meegan’s passion for excellence       of the local population through hon-      Regt. His standard of excellence re-      my team did, that my platoon did,”         mand, or have been here quite some
showed early in his career as he be-      est communication and hard work.          mains high.                               said Meegan. “While I’m being rec-         time and have a question,” said Col.
came the honor graduate of his ba-             “They always knew that if they           “Oftentimes when your back here       ognized for it, I know it’s the work       Bryan Hilferty, U.S. Army Europe’s
sic training battalion and his Of cer     came to us they weren’t going to get a    at the garrison and there’s down-         that they did, so it will be a constant    public affairs chief.
Candidate School class. As an of cer,     wishy-washy answer,” he said. “They       time, usually the Soldiers, they take     reminder to me of the capability,              To ask EURMama a question,
he also made the commandant’s list at     may not agree with our answer, but        advantage of that,” said Johannes.        the honesty and really the love that       pick up some tips, or give some of
Infantry Basic Of cer Leader Course.      they always knew they were going to       “(Meegan) really wants to train his       American Soldiers have for their job,      your own, EURMama says search
    “All too often in the world in gen-   get an honest answer.”                    Soldiers, to utilize all the possible     for their country, and really for all of   for @EURMama on www.Twitter.
eral, mediocrity is acceptable, and           Working at the local level, Meegan    time available to train and to prepare    humanity.”                                 com.
May 25, 2011                                                                                     News                                                                                    Bavarian News    19

Local volunteers recognized for their service
          Story and photo by                                                                                                   mentors that he had as a young man
          Mark Iacampo
    USAG Hohenfels Public Affairs
                                                                                                                               in the Boy’s Club.
                                                                                                                                   “I just wanted to carry that on to
                                                                                                                                                                             Giving back
HOHENFELS, Germany — U.S.
                                                                                                                               the other young men and young la-
                                                                                                                               dies,” he said.
                                                                                                                                                                           in Grafenwoehr
Army Garrison Hohenfels paid trib-                                                                                                 Davis added that though this was
ute to its legion of volunteers with a                                                                                         his rst volunteer recognition cer-
recognition ceremony and luncheon                                                                                              emony, he was impressed with how
in appreciation for another year of                                                                                            the community turned out to show
giving “from the heart.”                                                                                                       their appreciation for all the hard
    “Volunteers sel essly give their                                                                                           work.
time to organizations and activities                                                                                               “I think it’s a great thing because
that possibly wouldn’t exist without                                                                                           it shows other people to come out
them,” said Madelene Y. Celestine,                                                                                             and do the thing, and then actually
Army Volunteer Corp program co-                                                                                                start submitting their hours,” he said.
ordinator. “The ceremony is an op-                                                                                                 People are encouraged to sign up
portunity for the entire community                                                                                             and log in their hours to allow the
of Hohenfels to show our gratitude                                                                                             command to quantify the essential
to our volunteers.”                                                                                                            roles volunteers have in the commu-
    There are currently 1,078 vol-                                                                                             nity, said Celestine.
unteers active within the Hohenfels        U.S. Army Garrison Hohenfels recognizes its volunteers who                              “With the current state of the
Volunteer Management Informa-              cumulatively logged more than 21,000 hours in 2010.                                 economy, many key programs are
tion System, and these individuals                                                                                             cancelled. The Army Volunteer                              Photo by Amy Zink
worked a combined total of 21,482          sistant for JMRC, but logged another      to learn what my husband does and         Corp. Program is vital to this com-       GRAFENWOEHR, Germany —
hours during 2010.                         835 hours as a volunteer.                 what he does it for,” Ruiz said.          munity and by the volunteers logging
    “I think the number of volunteers          “I think that volunteer service is        In a video address, Brig. Gen.        their hours, you have the numbers to      Vilseck High School students
that we have to recognize today is         the best thing you can do for your        Steven L. Salazar, commander of           prove it,” she said.                      Andrew Zdeb and Kelsey
a re ection of your commitment to          community,” she said, adding that         the 7th Army Joint Multinational              Volunteers should visit       Brewster add to the ambiance
make this community the ‘great little      she feels it is especially important      Training Command, praised the com- to create a pass-        of the Forst Haus garden
place,’” said Lt. Col. Kevin J. Quar-      within the close-knit atmosphere of       mitment and motivation that inspires      word and login. From the volunteer        during the U.S. Army Gar-
les, garrison commander.                   the military. “I want my kids to be       the volunteers.                           tools tab a volunteer can view the        rison Grafenwoehr Volunteer
    “We would not be able to pro-          volunteers and give that back to the          “I’m really impressed and amazed      118 organization with volunteer op-
vide the amount of service with the        community, and so we raise them to        by what you do as volunteers,” he         portunities. The opportunities are        Ceremony, May 6. Volunteers
frequency that we want without our         it,” she said. “I can’t very well ask     said. “And you’re doing that on top       limitless and a volunteer can apply       who donated more than 500
volunteers,” he added. “You want to        them to do it if I’m not willing to do    of all the things we ask you to do as     to as many organizations as desired.      hours of their time to the
get it done, and you do it in such a       it myself.”                               Army family members, which is re-             Col. John M. Spiszer, JMRC            community were honored by
phenomenal way.”                               Stephanie Headrick and Lauren         ally considerable.”                       commander, said he believed that          Brig. Gen. Steven Salazar,
    While all volunteers were hon-         Ruiz each volunteered over 1,000              Sgt. 1st Class Michael D. Davis,      the numbers logged into the system        commanding general, Joint
ored with a certi cate, those who          hours. That’s roughly equivalent to       JMRC Mustangs Brigade Observer            don’t accurately re ect the true im-
served over 500 hours and those over       six months at a 40-hour-per-week          Controller Team, was singled out by       pact of the volunteers on the Hohen-      Multinational Training Com-
1000 hours received special com-           job.                                      the Child, Youth and School Services      fels community.                           mand, and then treated to a
mendations.                                     “I’m new to being an Army wife,      for his extraordinary contribution to         “I don’t think I know anybody on      reception at the Tower View
    Lori Starnes works full time as        so I just wanted to dig in and learn      the sports and tness programs. Da-        this post who doesn’t volunteer in        Conference Center.
the Family Readiness Support As-           more about it, and this is the best way   vis said he was inspired by all the       some shape or form,” he said.

Community remembers fallen Soldiers with 5k run
          Story and photos by                                                                                                                                            Of cer. “We need to keep in mind the
        Cristina M. Piosa                                                                                                                                                sacri ces our Soldiers make each day
         USAG Grafenwoehr                                                                                                                                                and show support for their families
       Army Community Service                                                                                                                                            no matter where they are located.”
                                                                                                                                                                            The SOS program is receiving
VILSECK, Germany — A perfect                                                                                                                                             more visibility throughout the Army.
spring Saturday morning on May 7                                                                                                                                         The program commits to the families
set the tone to the Army Community                                                                                                                                       of fallen warriors by providing life
Service First Annual 5km Run/Walk                                                                                                                                        time support, information and ser-
to Remember.                                                                                                                                                             vices to survivors.
     Although more than 350 partici-                                                                                                                                        The survivors will always have
pants preregistered, approximately                                                                                                                                       one point to contact on any Army
1,000 people showed up and regis-                                                                                                                                        installation to help them navigate
tered on the spot. Participating chil-                                                                                                                                   through the myriad of services and
dren received American ags, which                                                                                                                                        bene ts available.
they proudly waved throughout the                                                                                                                                           “The great thing about the SOS
route on Rose Barracks.                    Survivor Joanne Valenzuela                                                                                                    program is that they are a program
     In addition, stickers with the Sur-   and her pet show some spirit                                                                                                  that exists when help is needed,” said
vivor Outreach Services logo were          during the Army Community                                                                                                     Joanne Valenzuela, a survivor who
given out and allowed participants to      Service 5K Run / Walk to Re-                                                                                                  participated in the event. “As a sur-
  ll in a name of a Soldier or unit for    member, May 7.                                                                                                                vivor, things come up at all different
which they wanted to dedicate their                                                  Community members set the pace early near the starting line.                        times after a spouse’s death regard-
run or walk to.                            the Rose Barracks Calvary Chapel          bers,” said SRA Joshua Cornell, 2nd       or those names with a military salute.    ing many topics. Knowing there is
     Community members wore T-             where the run/walk began and ended.       Air Support Operations Squadron,          The 5K Run/Walk to Remember was           a program to turn to is a lifeline and
Shirts with photos of fallen Soldiers,     Following the U.S. and German na-         who is stationed on Rose Barracks.        the rst of its kind within the ACS        provides a bit of peace to the survi-
unit emblems and some brought com-         tional anthems, Garrison Commander        “The Airmen of the 2ASOS live, train      and SOS programs and showed to be         vor who is already trying to adapt to
pany ags.                                  Col. Vann Smiley spoke to the crowd       and ght alongside members of the          a great success, as well as an example    a ‘different life’ than what they have
     The number of participants re-        about the importance of the role that     2SCR. The event de nitely hit home        for other installations in Europe.        known.”
  ected the diversity within the gar-      the community has in supporting the       for us due to our close relationship          “This event means a lot to many          The event was organized by ACS’
rison. Soldiers, Airmen, family readi-     surviving families.                       with the 2SCR both in garrison and        people, especially as our commu-          Survivor Outreach Services, with col-
ness groups, veterans, survivors of           “The most striking thing about the     in combat.”                               nity prepares for redeployment and        laboration from American Red Cross,
the fallen, family members, children       event was the overwhelming turnout            The names of the fallen service       deployment,” said Patricia Mallard,       USO, GCSC, VCSC, WTU, BMED-
of all ages, and even a variety of dogs    and support by all participants to the    members were displayed along the          ACS Survivor Outreach Services Li-        DAC, DPTMS and Exchange Auto
made for a colorful crowd in front of      surviving friends and family mem-         route and participants stopped to hon-    aison and Army Emergency Relief           Car Sales.

Spouses cook local dishes with Chef Sven
          Story and photo by                                                                        Spouses watch as
        Cristina M. Piosa                                                                           Chef Sven demon-
       USAG Grafenwoehr Army                                                                        strates techniques
         Community Service
                                                                                                    for making local
GRAFENWOEHR, Germany —                                                                              Bavarian favorites
Community spouses gathered in their                                                                 like weiner schnit-
Bavarian print aprons with big ap-                                                                  zel and kartoffel-
petites for the German cooking class                                                                salat. Spots are
offered by Grafenwoehr Army Com-                                                                                                                                             Photo by Cristina M. Piosa
                                                                                                    still available for
munity Service, recently.
    The menu of the day called for                                                                  the July 29 class.                Spouse appreciation
weiner schnitzel mit Bayrischem kar-                                                                                                  VILSECK, Germany       Tamara Smiley (far right), wife
toffelsalat (Bavarian potato salad).       meal which they helped prepare.           following community advertisement.
ACS staff member Chef Sven dem-               “The demand for a German cook-         The August and September sessions                of the U.S. Army Garrison Grafenwoehr Garrison
onstrated how to make the very tradi-      ing class was high among community        are also booked, however, there are              Commander Col. Vann Smiley, discusses the role
tional meal, which can seem intimi-        spouses. This is a great opportunity      still some slots available for the July          spouses have in being pillars in strong Army families
dating for a non-German to prepare,        to offer a unique class that allows       29 class.                                        during a spouse appreciation event at Rose Barracks
in the hands-on cooking class.             spouses to learn, interact and have           For more information about up-               ACS, May 3. Spouses celebrated cultural diversity
    In addition to the cooking dem-        fun while increasing cross cultural       coming Army Community Service
onstration, participants satis ed their    adaptation techniques,” said Chef         events, call DSN 476-2650, CIV                   by preparing food from around the world, including
appetites by savoring the Bavarian         Sven. The sessions booked overnight       09662-83-2650.                                   South African pap and stew and French chouquettes.
20    Bavarian News                                                                           News                                                                                               May 25, 2011

Snipers bond with German comrades                                                                                                                                       Referrals
Continued from page 1
have passed a four-week course
                                                                                                                             diers at Fort Benning — have been
                                                                                                                             participating in the combined train-
                                                                                                                                                                        change with
within their battalions, according to
the school’s commander, Capt. Falko
Reisser. And even then, only about 30
                                                                                                                             ing at Hammelburg for the past three
                                                                                                                             years, said Crowder, C Company,
                                                                                                                             2-29th Inf. Regt., 197th Infantry.
                                                                                                                                                                        the times
to 50 percent of those graduate from                                                                                             “We’ve been trading information        Continued from page 14
the sniper school at Hammelburg,                                                                                             with each other on things like de-         asking you to wait 10 days,” she
Reisser added.                                                                                                               ployments, tactics and training pro-       said. “The Tricare Referral Center
    The more narrow a shared skill,                                                                                          cedures. It’s working together. It’s       will work with the referring provider,
it seems, the stronger the bond that                                                                                         about knowing everyone’s capabili-         consulting provider and ISOS to get
unites a group who possess it. So it                                                                                         ties. We need to understand them and       that patient in with an authorization
comes as no surprise then that both                                                                                          vice versa,” Crowder said of the joint     as soon as possible.”
German and American snipers treat                                                                                            efforts.                                       Once patients have their autho-
each other as brothers. They can all                                                                                             Another divide between the two is      rization in hand, they can schedule
nail a golf ball-size target between                                                                                         in simple measurements.                    their host nation appointment in one
500 and 1,000 meters, something few                                                                                              “This training is great for us be-     of three ways.
other Soldiers in either the U.S. Army                                                                                       cause everything is in metrics,” said          “The preferred way is that the pa-
or the Bundeswehr can claim to do.                                                                                           Sgt. Jonathan Holmes, a sniper school      tient calls and makes their appoint-
    The 17 snipers’ work during the                                                                                          instructor at the U.S. Army Sniper         ment,” Morris-Samuels said. “If you
three-week course serves different                                                                                           School at Fort Benning. “We work in        can’t make the appointment because
immediate targets. For the Germans,                                                                                          standard measurements but the U.S.         of a language barrier then ISOS can
all of whom are bound for Afghani-         Spc. Scott Beavers of the 1-91 Cavalry Regiment, left, analyzes                   Army is shifting over to metrics with      assist. And of course, your clinic’s
stan, it is a predeployment refresher.     shots made by a German sniper team at the German infantry                         its new sniper ri e, the XM 2010.”         Tricare Referral Center is available to
For the Americans, it is an opportu-       school, May 5. Twelve German and ve American snipers have                             The combined training has created      assist as well.”
nity to sharpen their skills.              been sharpening their skills together and trading best practices                  lasting effects. An example of the ex-         In the event of a medical emergen-
    “The bene t is being able to shoot                                                                                       change came last year when the Ger-        cy, which is de ned as threat to life,
other weapons, and being able to           during a three-week combined training event in Hammelburg.                        man army, after having witnessed the       limb or eyesight, patients should go
shoot more,” said Spc. Matthew Po-         the relationship between the two is a had to be prepared to combat the So-        ef cacy within the U.S. Army ranks,        directly to a host nation emergency
letiek of C Troop, 1st Squadron, 91st      matter of life and death.               viet threat in the past, now the two      decided to incorporate a long-range        room. The patient should call ISOS
Cavalry Regiment. “We get more                 “You have to have the guy’s dia- armies simply go on deployments              marksman into their own infantry           or their local Tricare Referral Center
training time here and pick up on dif-     lect down because time is always together.                                        units — a concept the Americans            to have an authorization retroactively
ferent techniques.”                        going to be an issue,” said Sgt. Shi-      “We’ve learned that we have to         have been using for years, Hurt said.      issued.
    Both German and American snip-         loh Briggs with C Troop, 1-91. “You rely on each other,” Hurt said.               A long-range marksman is expected              Overall, she said adjusting to
ers share many practices, one of           need someone who is intelligent and        Given that the majority of what is     to be able to track and engage a tar-      the new process is about embracing
which is the two-man sniper teams          able to perform under pressure. The taught at both German and American            get within 300 to 600 meters while         change.
dispatched by their various battal-        probability is that you have only one sniper schools is the same, the objec-      snipers train at ranges between 500 to         “In reality, it’s about change.
ions. U.S. Army research indicates         shot and the spotter has your life in tive of the combined training is “to        1,000 meters.                              We’re just going to have to realize
that sniper teams of two, as opposed       his hands.”                             put everyone on the same page,” Hurt          Among these Soldiers, identifying      that military health care is changing,”
to the traditional one-man team, are           Beyond the tight relationships be- said.                                      each other’s differences and incorpo-      Morris-Samuels said. “We’re grow-
more likely to successfully engage         tween shooter and spotter are those        Differences, though slight, are in     rating them into their game plan has       ing into the managed care concept
their targets, according to Maj. Na-       forged between Germans and Ameri- tactic and strategy.                            been most bene cial in expanding           of medicine with the goal of main-
than Hurt, the American liaison be-        cans. The focus of the dual training       “One of the differences is that        their skills.                              taining quality, cost-effective health
tween the U.S. Army and the school         has been at recognizing the overlap Germans do a lot with calculations —              “I’m certain that the soldiers who     care.”
at Hammelburg.                             in similarities and closing the gap be- wind, location, climate,” said one of     attended this predeployment sniper             For more, contact your local Tri-
    There’s the shooter, of course.        tween the differences.                  the German sniper instructors. “If a      course will take with them a few           care Referral Center or International
And then there’s the spotter who is            “The ultimate goal here is to cre- German sniper misses, he’ll probably       things that they learned from their        SOS toll-free at 0800-181-8505.
typically the more experienced of the      ate snipers who are capable of oper- recalculate and shoot again. Ameri-          counterparts during this training,”
two, according to Crowder. The spot-       ating in a coalition environment with cans, if they don’t hit their target,       said event organizer Mike Cormier, a
ter, at arm’s length from the shooter,
provides detailed information on
climate conditions, elevation, wind
                                           our allies,” said Hurt. “The goal is they’re more likely to pick up and
                                               Times have changed in the past
                                                                                   change location.”
                                                                                      Soldiers with the 2nd Battalion,
                                                                                                                             partnership of cer who for years has
                                                                                                                             helped organize combined training
                                                                                                                             between the Americans and Germans.
and data on previous engagement, or
DOPE. Like a pilot and his co-pilot,
                                           several decades, explained Hurt. 29th Infantry Regiment — the unit
                                           While both U.S. and German forces responsible for training infantry Sol-
                                                                                                                             “Learning from each other is, I think,
                                                                                                                             very important and bene ts all.”             plant a hit
Piercings require care                                                              Lynch outlines new plan                                                                for local
Continued from page 14
herpes simplex virus and hepatitis B
and C.
                                               Jewelry aspiration. Jewelry that
                                           becomes loose in the mouth can be-
                                           come a choking hazard and, if swal-
                                                                                    in light of future budgets                                                             children
    Endocarditis. Because of the           lowed, can result in injury to the di-   Continued from page 1                    works, emergency services, environ-        Continued from page 1
wound created by the piercing,             gestive track or lungs.                  and held the rst annual SOS summit       mental programs, recreation, child             “With the metal, they melt all of
there’s a chance that bacteria could           From an oral health care delivery    to address challenges survivors face.    care, single Soldier programs and          it and then make new things out of
enter the bloodstream and lead to the      standpoint, wearing jewelry inside           Other efforts include:               family programs.                           it like silverware,” said 10-year-old
development of endocarditis          an    your mouth or jewelry that sticks into       *Transforming how Army Com-              When we look at some big indica-       Sienna Hager. “And all the plastics
in ammation of the heart or its valves     your mouth can make X-rays less          munity Service delivers services, by     tors, we see evidence that the Army        are put into cubes, then they melt it
    in certain people with underlying      diagnostic as the X-rays cannot pen-     cross-training more generalists to       is meeting the needs of Soldiers and       and make new stuff like bottles and
(and often undiagnosed and without         etrate the metal jewelry. This makes     handle multiple programs and mov-        families. The Army is exceeding its        bags.”
symptoms) heart problems.                  it impossible to see what is behind      ing service locations out into com-      recruitment and retention goals, and           “Plastic can also be used for en-
    Nerve damage/prolonged bleed-          the piece of jewelry. Your dentist,      munities.                                on the most recent Survey of Army          ergy,” piped in 10-year-old Xander
ing. Numbness or loss of sensation at      hygienist or X-ray technician will           *Adding 44 more Systems Navi-        families, the majority of spouses said     Mattkins.
the site of the piercing or movement       ask you to remove any jewelry that       gators to Exceptional Family Mem-        they are satis ed with the Army as a           The sorting plant was large and
problems (for pierced tongues) can         may cause interference with x-rays or    ber Programs at 26 installations, to     way of life. This is signi cant after 10   contained everything that could be
occur if nerves have been damaged.         treatment.                               assist families with special needs       years of ongoing con ict-it speaks to      recycled, including the kitchen sink.
If blood vessels are punctured, pro-           We would like you to remove all      members in accessing educational,        the dedication of Soldiers and their       Scrap metal, aluminum cans and nu-
longed bleeding can occur. Tongue          jewelry on your face or in your mouth    medical, housing and personnel ser-      families and the Army’s commitment         merous other materials were stacked
swelling following piercing can be         prior to arriving at the dental clinic   vices on and off post.                   to providing a quality of life com-        sky high, waiting to be compacted,
severe enough to block the airway          if possible. This will make your ap-         *Hiring more than 240 additional     mensurate with their service.              sorted, distributed and made into new
and make breathing dif cult.               pointment go smoothly. If you are        Army Substance Abuse Program                 In the new scal reality, it will be    products. Students learned rsthand
    Gum disease. People with oral          unable to remove the jewelry, we         counselors for installations world-      more of a challenge for the Installa-      the intense process of sorting and re-
piercings        especially long-stem      will work with you to reschedule an      wide.                                    tion Management Community to pro-          cycling and the negative impact that
tongue jewelry (barbells)        have a    appointment to a time when you can           *Launching the Con dential Al-       vide the level of support we want to       waste has on the natural environment.
greater risk of gum disease than those     remove it. If a piece of jewelry can-    cohol Treatment and Education Pilot,     for our Soldiers and families, but we          The U.S. alone produces half of
without oral piercings. The jewelry        not be removed and dental treatment      a program which allows Soldiers to       will.                                      the world’s garbage, including many
can come into contact with gum tis-        is needed, we will take all necessary    seek help for addiction without man-         We are nding better and smarter        items that could have been recycled,
sue causing injury as well as a reces-     steps to prevent injury to the pierced   datory command involvement.              ways to provide services and pro-          although it accounts for only six per-
sion of the gum tissue, which can lead     area. We use bite blocks, rubber dams        *Launching a pilot program in        grams by asking ourselves the same         cent of the population.
to loose teeth and tooth loss.             (you know those little stretchy pieces   which Military Student Transition        questions families ask when they               “We’re running out of land lls
    Damage to teeth. Teeth that come       of material that stretch across your     Consultants join school liaison of -     look at their own budgets: do we real-     and space to put them,” said 10-year-
into contact with mouth jewelry can        mouth and isolate a tooth from the       cers in working with school districts,   ly need it? Is it worth the cost? What     old Alex Vlad.
chip or crack. One study in a dental       rest of your mouth) and other devices    garrisons and families to help stu-      are we willing to do without?                  Vlad explained the importance of
journal reported that 47 percent of        to prevent injuries to your mouth.       dents succeed at their new schools.          To answer these questions, we          protecting the earth for future genera-
people wearing barbell tongue jewel-       These devices are not always com-            *Revising the Total Army Spon-       need to keep hearing from Soldiers         tions and said recycling was an easy
ry for four or more years had at least     fortable for you but they are neces-     sorship Program that helps prepare       and family members         through ICE     task, yet had a signi cantly positive
one chipped tooth.                         sary to insure safety. Keeping you       Soldiers, families and civilians for     and local AFAP summits, for exam-          impact on the environment.
    Dif culties in daily oral functions.   safe and in good dental health is our    their new duty station.                  ple     about the speci cs of what is          “Unless we start to colonize the
Tongue piercing can result in dif -        top priority.                                *Reinvigorating the Army Family      working, what needs to be improved,        moon, we aren’t going anywhere,”
culty chewing and swallowing food              We want you to be an active mem-     Action Plan process, with an analysis    and what is missing.                       said Vlad. “We only have one planet
and speaking clearly. This is because      ber of the dental care team and hope     and review process that has reduced          The commitment to supporting           and we need to take care of it.”
the jewelry stimulates an excessive        that this information on wearing jew-    the backlog of active AFAP issues        Soldiers and families remains as
production of saliva. Temporary or         elry on your face and inside your        from 86 in February 2010 to 51 in        strong as ever, but more than ever, we
permanent drooling is another con-         mouth will answer some questions         February 2011.                           have to make sure we are on target in
sequence of increased saliva produc-       that you may have. Our team of den-          This is a snapshot of what we        meeting their needs.
tion. Taste can also be altered.           tal professionals is trying to provide   have been doing to enhance support
    Allergic reaction to metal. A hy-      you information you can use to make      for Soldiers and families. It does not
persensitivity reaction called aller-      good treatment decisions for you and     begin to convey the full scope of the       Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch                        Voice your opinion about the
                                                                                                                                                                             services and products you
gic contact dermatitis     to the metal
in the jewelry can occur in suscep-
                                           your family. If you have additional
                                           questions on this subject, please ask
                                                                                    programs and services installation
                                                                                    management professionals provide
                                                                                                                              Commander, Installation                     receive by logging into the ICE
tible people.                              your dentist or hygienist.               every day, including housing, public       Management Command                            site at