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SSC Chest Radiology


									S U B S P E C I A LT Y C O N T E N T B R O C H U R E

Chest Radiology

Radiological Society of North America

92nd Scientific Assembly
and Annual Meeting
November 26 – December 1, 2006
McCormick Place, Chicago
Subspecialty content brochures organize the
components of the annual meeting by subjects that
correspond to radiologic subspecialties. We hope this
brochure, along with the meeting program, helps to
enrich and ease your experience at RSNA 2006.

RSNA Annual Meeting CME Information
RSNA® is accredited by the Accreditation Council
for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to
provide continuing medical education for physicians.

RSNA designates this educational activity for a
maximum of 85 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits.

Physicians should only claim credit commensurate
with the extent of their participation in the activity.

Sunday, November 26, 2006
10:30-12:00     Multisession Course
                Pediatric Radiology Series (Chest Radiology I)

10:45-12:15     Scientific Paper Sessions
                Chest (Pulmonary Embolism) (E351)

                Informatics (Image Processing, Analysis, and
                Navigation) (S404CD)

                Vascular/Interventional (Ablation) (E350)

2:00-3:30       Multisession Course
                Pediatric Radiology Series (Chest Radiology II)

                Refresher Courses
                Case-based Review: Approach to Diffuse
                Lung Disease (An Interactive Session)
                (Course RC101) (S405AB)

                Differential Diagnosis of Mediastinal Masses
                (How-to Workshop) (Course RC151) (E261)

                Imaging of Chest and Abdominal Trauma
                (Course RC108) (E450A)

Monday, November 27, 2006
8:30-10:00      Multisession Course
                Case-based Review of Radiation Oncology
                (Thoracic Cancers) (S402AB)
8:30-10:00    Refresher Courses
              New Thoracic Imaging Technologies: 64-Slice
              Multidetector CT, Postprocessing, PET/CT,
              and Enhanced Radiography Methods
              (Course RC201) (S406A)

              PET/CT in Oncology I (Course RC218)

10:30-12:00   Scientific Paper Sessions
              Chest (Computer-aided Diagnosis) (E351)

              Vascular/Interventional (Onco-Intervention)

              Vascular/Interventional (Visceral) (E253CD)

3:00-4:00     Scientific Paper Session
              Chest (Radiation Dose Issues) (E351)

4:30-6:00     Special Focus Session
              CT Screening for Lung Cancer: Is it Worth it?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006
8:30-10:00    Refresher Courses
              Minicourse: From Image to Decision—
              Science and Technology for Effective
              Interpretation of Medical Images: The
              Radiologist and Computer-aided Detection
              (CAD) (Course RC323) (S404CD)

              Multidetector CT of Pulmonary Arteries, Heart,
              and Thoracic Aorta (Course RC301) (S406B)

              Update Course in Diagnostic Radiology
              Physics: Multidimensional Image Processing,
              Analysis, and Display—Visualization,
              Navigation, and Quantitation (Course RC332)

10:30-12:00   Scientific Paper Sessions
              Chest (Lung Cancer: Basics) (E352)

              ISP: Chest (Interstitial and Airways Disease)

10:30-12:00   Multisession Course
              Essentials of Chest Imaging: Solitary
              Pulmonary Nodule, Interstitial Lung Disease,
              and Tuberculosis (S100AB)

3:00-4:00     Scientific Paper Session
              ISP: Chest (Positron Emission Tomography)
3:30-5:00     Multisession Course
              Essentials of Trauma Imaging (S100AB)

4:30-6:00     Refresher Course
              Imaging of Obstructive Lung Disease:
              Emphysema and Large and Small Airways
              Disease (RC401) (E451B)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006
8:30-6:00     Multisession Course
              RSNA-NCI Interventional Oncology Series

8:30-10:00    Refresher Courses
              Lung Cancer Screening and Coronary Artery
              Disease Screening: The Present and the Future
              (In Conjunction with the American Association
              for Women Radiologists) (Course RC516)

              Lung Nodules: Detection, Characterization,
              and Biopsy/Radiofrequency Ablation
              (Course RC501) (E353B)

              Pneumonia for Radiologists: A Practical
              Approach (How-to Workshop) (Course RC551)

              Role of Lung Scanning and CT Angiography in
              the Diagnosis of Pulmonary Embolism in the
              PIOPED II Era (Course RC511) (S401CD)

              The State of Computer-aided Diagnosis
              (CAD): Are You Ready to Move? (Advanced
              Imaging Informatics) (Course RC530) (N226)

10:30-12:00   Scientific Paper Sessions
              Chest (Lung Cancer Screening) (E351)

              ISP: Chest (Intervention) (E352)

              ISP: Radiation Oncology and Radiobiology
              (Thoracic Malignancy) (S403A)

              Physics (Thoracic Computer-aided Diagnosis)

              Vascular/Interventional (Embolization) (E350)

1:30-3:00     Multisession Course
              Case-based Review of Pediatric Radiology
              (Thorax) (S406A)

3:00-4:00     Scientific Paper Sessions
              Chest (Computer Applications) (E351)
              Vascular/Interventional (Nonvascular
              Intervention) (E350)

              Vascular/Interventional (Visceral) (E451A)

Thursday, November 30, 2006
8:30-10:00    Refresher Courses
              Update Course in Diagnostic Radiology
              Physics: Multidimensional Image Processing,
              Analysis, and Display—Computer-aided
              Diagnosis in Cardiothoracic Imaging
              (Course RC632) (S403B)

              Update on Thoracic Malignancies: Lung
              Cancer, Lymphoma, and Mesothelioma
              (Course RC601) (E450A)

10:30-12:00   Scientific Paper Sessions
              Chest (MR Imaging) (E352)

              Chest (Pulmonary Vascular) (E351)

4:30-6:00     Refresher Courses
              Current CT Techniques for Imaging Medical
              Emergencies (Course RC708) (E353B)

              Minicourse: Image Optimization for Radiation
              Therapy Treatment Planning: Lung, Upper
              Abdomen, and Pelvis (Course RC722)

              Pulmonary Infections: Tuberculosis, Atypical
              Mycobacteria, Immune-suppressed Hosts, and
              Emerging Infections (An Interactive Session)
              (Course RC701) (S405AB)

              Topics in Aortic Imaging (Course RC712)

Friday, December 1, 2006
8:30-10:00    Refresher Courses
              Cardiac Imaging for the Thoracic Radiologist
              (Course RC801) (E353B)

              Practical PET/CT of the Chest, Abdomen, and
              Pelvis (Course RC811) (S406B)

10:30-12:00   Scientific Paper Sessions
              Chest (Digital Imaging) (E351)

              Vascular/Interventional (Nonvascular
              Intervention) (E451A)
Education Exhibits
Space No.        Exhibit Title

LL-CH4542-D-11 Finger-in-Glove? A Primer of Mucoid

LL-CH4543        Bronchiolitis: Classification, CT and
                 Histopathologic Findings, and Radiologic

LL-CH4544        Bronchiectasis: A Review of the Types, Causes,
                 and Imaging Features

LL-CH4545        CT Features of Complications after
                 Aortic Surgery

LL-CH4546-R11 Thoracic Aneurysms: Etiology, Significance,
              and Radiologic Appearance

LL-CH4547        Atypical Radiological Findings of Congenital
                 Thoracic Disease in the Adult

LL-CH4548-H12 Diaphragmatic Problems: Tips for
              Differentiating Hernias from Other Conditions

LL-CH4549        CT Findings of Anterior Portion of Diaphragm
                 on Multiplanar Image

LL-CH4550-B11 Spectrum of Pulmonary Sarcoidosis: Variations
              in High-Resolution CT Findings and Clues for
              Specific Diagnosis

LL-CH4551        Diffuse Infiltrative Lung Diseases: Role of
                 Multislice CT Reformations

LL-CH4552        Interstitial Lung Diseases Associated with
                 Collagen Vascular Diseases: High-Resolution
                 CT Findings and Clinical Course

LL-CH4553-L12 Centrilobular Opacities on High-Resolution
              CT: Review of Imaging Findings with Emphasis
              on Differential Diagnosis

LL-CH4554        Autologous Blood Patch in Percutaneous
                 Transthoracic Core Needle Lung Biopsy:
                 Clarifying the Technique

LL-CH4555        Ground Glass Opacity in HRCT: What Is That

LL-CH4556        Radiation Dose Reduction in CT of the Thorax

LL-CH4557        Applying Continuous Quality Improvement
                 Methods to Reduce Radiation Exposure from
                 Chest CT: How to Do It

LL-CH4558-L11 Going to the Heart of the Matter: The
              Importance of the Heart When Interpreting
              Standard Thoracic CT

LL-CH4559        Dye Another Day: Cardiovascular Findings
                 on Noncontrast Chest CT
LL-CH4560       Pulmonary Infection after Solid Organ
                Transplantation: Review of Etiology and
                Radiologic Findings

LL-CH4561       Pleuropulmonary Paragonimiasis: CT Findings
                and Its Schematic Illustrations

LL-CH4562-B12 Lymphoproliferative Lung Disorders: A
              Radiologic-Pathologic Overview

LL-CH4563       Imaging Manifestations of Castleman’s Disease

LL-CH4564       Thoracic Manifestations in Extranodal
                Lymphoma: Spectrum of Imaging Findings

LL-CH4565       Resectability of Malignant Pleural

LL-CH4566       Radiologic Findings in the Thorax after
                Radiation Therapy

LL-CH4567       Imaging Findings Following Radiofrequency
                Ablation (RFA) of Lung Tumors

LL-CH4568       Interpretation of Thoracic CT Scans for Lung
                Nodule Detection without and with Computer
                Aid: Early Experience from an Observer Study

LL-CH4569       Thoracic Duct and Cisterna Chyli: Imaging
                Demonstration with Multi-Detector Row CT

LL-CH4570       Tumors and Tumor-like Conditions of the
                Thymus: Radiologic-Pathologic Correlation

LL-CH4571       Imaging Findings of the Thymus: Normal or

LL-CH4572       A Pictorial Review of the Thoracic Aorta
                Disease with 16 MDCT

LL-CH4573       The Many Faces of Lipoid Pneumonia

LL-CH4574       Respiratory Viral Pneumonia in Hematopoietic
                Stem Cell Transplant Recipients: High
                Resolution CT Findings with Pathologic

LL-CH4575       Chest Wall Infections: A Pictorial Essay

LL-CH4576       The Various Radiographic Appearances of
                Pulmonary Mycobacterium Avium
                Intracellulare (MAI) Infection

LL-CH4577       Upper and Lower Respiratory Tract
                Manifestations of Wegeners Granulomatosis

LL-CH4578       Pneumocystis Pneumonia: The Spectrum of
                High-Resolution Computed Tomography
                (HRCT) Appearances

LL-CH4579       Incidental Pulmonary Nodule Management:
                A Practical Algorithm
LL-CH4580        Contrast Enhancement Patterns in
                 Pulmonary Nodules

LL-CH4581        Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma: Imaging,
                 Staging, and Response Evaluation

LL-CH4582        Molecular Targeted Anti-Cancer Therapeutic
                 Agents for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer:
                 Mode of Action, Predictive Biomarkers, and
                 Radiologic Findings after Treatment Using
                 These Agents

LL-CH4583        Thoracic and Abdominal Germ Cell Tumours

LL-CH4584        Cystic Lung Diseases: Pathological Analyses of
                 Etiological Mechanisms

LL-CH4585        Iatrogenic Thoracic Mishaps: Can You Spot
                 the Complication?

LL-CH4586        Calcification: Significance for
                 Mediastinal Tumors

LL-CH4587        Unilateral Hyperlucent Lung: Which Lung Is

LL-CH4588        Static and Dynamic MR Imaging for
                 Evaluation of Diaphragmatic Hernias

LL-CH4589        Pneumothorax Signs: Aids for Diagnosing
                 Subtle and Uncommon Presentations of

LL-CH4590        MDCT of Primary and Metastatic Tumors of
                 the Pulmonary Vasculature

LL-CH4591        Normal Anatomy, Variations, and Disease
                 Spectrum of the Diaphragm Made Easy with
                 Multidetector Spiral CT

LL-CH4592        Pulmonary Manifestations of Vasculitis

LL-CH4593-R12 Supraclavicular Triangle in the Thoracic Inlet:
              A Pictorial Review

LL-CH4594        Diffusion-weighted MR Imaging of Various
                 Chest Diseases Using Single Shot Fast
                 Spin Echo: Its Advantages and Prospect for
                 Clinical Using

LL-CH4595        Functional Multidetector Computed
                 Tomography (MDCT) Using Respiratory Gating

LL-CH4596        The Lateral CXR Revisited

LL-CH4597        Keep Your Eyes on the Masses Situated
                 Predominantly in the Thoracic Paravertebral

LL-CH4598        Systemic to Pulmonary Venous Shunts:
                 Imaging Findings and Clinical Presentations
LL-CH4599     Bronchogenic Cysts Revisited

LL-CH4600     Various Imagings of Cardiopulmonary
              Dysfunction in Liver Cirrhosis

LL-CH4601     Combined Bilateral Pleural and Pericardial
              Effusions at CT: What Kind of Diseases
              Should Be Considered?

LL-CH4602     Spectrum of Pulmonary Complications of
              Hematopoetic Stem Cell Transplant (HSCT)

LL-CH4603     Accessory Fissures of Lungs: Old and New

LL-CH4604     Thoracic Medical Devices: Imaging Review of
              an Apparently Easy Issue

LL-CH4605     Don’t Struggle in Vein: Performing High
              Quality Thoracic MDCT Venography

LL-CH4606     A Review of Unusual Causes of Pulmonary
              Hypertension: CT Diagnosis with Pathologic

LL-CH4607     Spectrum of Imaging Findings in Chronic
              Pulmonary Embolism

LL-CH4608     Radiologic Manifestations of Tracheobronchial
              Injuries due to Blunt Trauma

LL-CH5040     Characteristics of Small Missed Lung Cancers
              and Detection on Standard and Dual-Energy
              Chest Radiographs

LL-CH5041-R   Detection of Early Lung Cancer by Chest

LL-CH5042     Foreign Bodies and Liquid Aspiration
              Pneumonia: MDCT Findings

LL-CH5043     Bronchial Fistula: Pitfall and Usefulness
              on CT and MDCT

LL-CH5044     Ultrasonographic-guided Transthoracic
              Needle Biopsy of the Chest: Different
              Approaches according to Location

LL-CH5045     CT Pulmonary Angiography in the
              Diagnosis of Venous Thromboembolism
              in Pregnant Patients

LL-CH5046     Surgical Planning in Patients with Lung
              Cancer: The Role of Three-dimensional
              Imaging Using Multi-detector CT

LL-CH5047     Acute Aortic Dissection: CT, Surgical, and
              Pathological Correlation according to the
              Form of Involvement in the Aortic Wall

LL-CH5048     Cavitary Lung Lesions: A Guide to
              Differential Diagnosis
LL-CH5049-B   Smoking-related Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD):
              A Definition with Radiologic-Clinical-
              Pathological Correlation

LL-CH5050     CT Appearances of Radiation Pneumonitis
              and Local Recurrence after Stereotactic
              Radiotherapy (SRT) for Stage I Non-Small Cell
              Lung Carcinoma (NSCLC)

LL-CH5051     Multimodality Imaging in the Diagnosis,
              Treatment, and Follow-up of Pulmonary Arterio-
              Venous Malformations (PAVMs): A Review

LL-CH5052     Imaging the Spectrum of Non-traumatic Acute
              Aortic Syndrome

LL-CH5053     The Role of Ultrafast MR Pulmonary
              Perfusion Imaging in Patients with Congenital
              Heart Disease

LL-CH5054     Imaging Findings of Systemic Arterial Supply
              to the Lung in Various Congenital Diseases

LL-CH5055     MR Imaging of Thoracic Duct: Preoperative
              Study before Chest Surgery

LL-CH5056     The Utility and Pitfalls of Lung Cancer
              Screening Using MDCT

LL-CH5057     The Varied Manifestations and Appearances
              of Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma on CT

LL-CH5058     Complications of Percutaneous CT-guided
              Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) of Unresectable
              Lung Tumors

LL-CH5059     Thoracic Manifestations of AIDS: A Central
              London Teaching Hospitals Experience

LL-CH5060     Pulmonary CT Findings of Visceral Larva
              Migrans due to Ascaris Suum

LL-CH5061     Acute Mediastinitis: Multidetector CT (MDCT)
              Imaging Findings of the Sternum and
              Mediastinum after Median Sternotomy

LL-ED3405     Chest Case of the Day

LL-MS3187     Clinical and Imaging Characteristics and
              Therapeutic Options in Hepatopulmonary
Scientific Posters
Space No.        Poster Title

LL-CH4025-B01 Computer-aided Diagnosis for Improved
              Detection of Small Lung Cancers on Dual-
              Energy Subtraction Chest Radiographs

LL-CH4026-B02 The Evaluation of the ECG-gating Method
              Using Dual-exposure Dual-energy Subtraction
              Chest Radiography with Flat-panel Detector

LL-CH4027-B03 Computer-aided Detection of Small
              Pulmonary Nodules on Chest Radiographs

LL-CH4028-B04 Comparative Study of Diagnosing Rib Fracture
              between Dual Energy Subtraction and
              Conventional Digital Radiography

LL-CH4029-B05 Bedside Chest Computed Radiography in
              Intensive Care Cardiovascular Unit: Soft Copy
              versus Hard Copy in the Detectability of
              Medical Devices

LL-CH4030-B06 A Longitudinal Comparative Study Using CAD
              between Drug Resistant and Sensitive
              Tuberculosis Patients under DOTS Treatment

LL-CH4031-B07 Temporal Subtraction Technique for Breathing
              Chest Radiography Using a Dynamic Flat
              Panel Detector

LL-CH4032-B08 Impact of Quantitative D-Dimer Elisa Assay
              on Utilization of Pulmonary CT Angiography
              Done in the Emergency Department

LL-CH4033-B09 Multiple Focal Ground-Glass Opacities on
              High-Resolution CT: Clinical Significance in
              Patients with Lung Cancer

LL-CH4034-B10 Dynamic MR Imaging versus Dynamic CT
              versus Coregistered FDG-PET/CT: Capability
              for Differentiation of Malignant SPNs from
              Benign SPNs in 175 Subjects

LL-CH4035-D01 Comparative Study of Detecting Pulmonary
              Nodules between Dual Energy Subtraction
              and Conventional Digital Radiography

LL-CH4036-D02 Wording of Chest X-ray Reports

LL-CH4037-D03 Value of Axial Maximum Intensity Projection
              (MIP) Images for the Detection of Pulmonary
              Nodules in an Early Lung Cancer Detection
              Program with Low-dose Multislice CT:
              Preliminary Results
LL-CH4038-D04 Whole-body Diffusion-weighted MR Imaging:
              Utility for Assessment of M-stage in Lung
              Cancer Patients as Compared with Standard
              Whole-body MR Imaging and FDG-PET

LL-CH4039-D05 Radiological Evidence of
              Lymphangioleiomyomatosis in Female and
              Male Patients with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

LL-CH4040-D06 Correlation of PET CT with Histopathology of
              Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Related with
              SUV (Standardised Uptake Value)

LL-CH4041-D07 Five-second 16-slice MDCT Pulmonary
              Angiogram: The Potential Contrast Dilutional
              Effect of the Active Inspiration

LL-CH4042-D08 The Value of Multi-directional Multi-planar
              Reconstruction with Multi-slice CT for Guiding
              Biopsy of Focal Pulmonary Lesions

LL-CH4043-D09 Chest Wall Tumors: Prospective Evaluation of
              Tumor Grade and Prognosis Using FDG

LL-CH4044-D10 Diagnosis and Localization of Regional,
              Segmental, and Subsegmental Air Trapping
              in Asthma

LL-CH4045-H01 Optimization of Low Dose CT and 3He
              Diffusion MR Techniques for Quantifying

LL-CH4046-H02 Conversion of Images Reconstructed with
              Lung Algorithm Using Smoothing Convolution
              Filter for Soft Tissue Interpretation

LL-CH4047-H03 Pulmonary Toxicity Associated with Sirolimus
              Treatment in Kidney Transplantation:
              Radiologic Manifestations

LL-CH4048-H04 Functional Evaluation of the Pulmonary
              Circulation Using Pulmonary Transit Times
              from Time-resolved MRA

LL-CH4049-H05 Experimental Study of a Closed-Chest
              Pulmonary Embolism-Reperfusion Injury Canine
              Model by Means of Swan-Ganz Catheter

LL-CH4050-H06 The Effect of CT Reconstruction Algorithm on
              Quantitative Measures of Diffuse Lung
              Disease: An Inter/Intra Manufacturer

LL-CH4051-H07 The Extent of Emphysema Measured Using
              Computed Tomography Scans Predicts Excess
              Decline in Lung Function

LL-CH4052-H08 Additional Findings in the Dutch-Belgian Lung
              Cancer Screening Trial (NELSON) with Low-
              dose CT
LL-CH4053-H09 Impact of Massive Image Noise on
              Emphysema Scores Provided by the
              Density Mask Method on Multislice
              Computed Tomography

LL-CH4054-H10 The Sensitivity of Two Lung Cancer
              CAD Systems Compared a Pathologic
              Gold Standard

LL-CH4055-L01 Value of Thoracic Ultrasonography in Patients
              with Suspected Pneumothorax

LL-CH4056-L02 Is Negative Multidetector Computed
              Tomography (MDCT) Pulmonary Angiography
              a Reliable Imaging Tool to Exclude Pulmonary
              Embolism? A Prospective Study

LL-CH4057-L03 Oxygen-enhanced MRI versus Quantitative
              MDCT in Patients with Smoking-related
              Pulmonary Emphysema

LL-CH4058-L04 Pulmonary Cryptococcosis in Patients without
              HIV Infection: Immunologic Competence and
              CT Findings

LL-CH4059-L05 Right Inferior Pulmonary Vein Pericardial
              Recess: A Potential Pitfall—Morphological and
              Densitometric Analysis with Multidetector CT

LL-CH4060-L06 Velocity-encoding MR Imaging: Utility for
              Assessment of Influence on Cardiac Function
              and Disease Severity of the Lungs in
              Pulmonary Emphysema Patients

LL-CH4061-L07 Dose Reduction in High Resolution MSCT
              Examinations of the Chest for an Early
              Detection of Pneumonia in
              Immunocompromised Patients

LL-CH4062-L08 CT-based Blood Flow Measurements in Lung
              Parenchyma of Normal Controls: Normal
              Smokers and Smokers with Emphysema

LL-CH4063-L09 Functional Evaluation of Pulmonary Embolism-
              Reperfusion Injury in Canine Model by Using
              Multidetector CT Perfusion Imaging

LL-CH4064-L10 Accessory Cardiac Bronchus in Japan

LL-CH4065-R01 Image Quality of Temporal Subtraction
              according to Patient’s Position: Feasibility
              to Employ the Program Developed for PA
              Chest Radiographs to Supine and Sitting
              Position Radiographs

LL-CH4066-R02 CT Pulmonary Angiography for Evaluation
              of Pulmonary Embolus: Comparison of
              Fully Automatic and Semi-automatic
              Intravenous Contrast Bolus Tracking with
              Fixed Delay Technique
LL-CH4067-R03 Is the Combined US-guided Pleural Biopsy
              with Thoracentesis Helpful in Diagnosis of
              Pleural Tuberculosis?

LL-CH4068-R04 Image Findings of Low Dose Chest CT
              in Subway Workers: Study of 1091 Patients
              in Seoul

LL-CH4069-R05 Basic and Clinical Assessment of New CT
              Auto Exposure Control (CT-AEC) System
              Permitting XYZ-Modulation in 64-Slice
              Multislice CT

LL-CH4070-R06 Lung Parenchymal Abnormalities of
              Churg-Strauss Syndrome in 23 Patients:
              CT Findings and Correlation with Clinical
              and Pathologic Findings

LL-CH4071-R07 Use of Contrast CT for Three Dimensional
              Diagnosis of Small Pulmonary Nodules:
              Differentiation between Benign and
              Malignant Nodules

LL-CH4072-R08 Correlation between Lung Attenuation with
              High Resolution Computed Tomography
              (HRCT) and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary
              Disease (COPD) Severity Grading Systems

LL-CH4073-R09 Differential Diagnosis of Malignant Anterior
              Mediastinal Tumors on CT: Low Incidence
              of Lympadenopathy in Malignant Germ
              Cell Tumor

LL-CH4074-R10 Detection of Ground-glass Opacity in the
              Lungs at Multi-Detector CT: Effect of the
              Radiation Dose and CT Number of Ground-
              glass Opacity (GGO)

LL-NM2085-D10 Mechanism of Lung Mosaic Attenuation on X-
              Ray Computed Tomography in Pulmonary
              Artery Occlusive Diseases: Comprehensive
              Assessment with Breath-Hold SPECT-CT
              Fusion Image

LL-NM2086-H01 Co-registered Perfusion SPECT/CT
              versus Density-Masked CT: Capability for
              Prediction of Clinical Outcome after Lung
              Volume Reduction Surgery in Pulmonary
              Emphysema Patients

LL-NM2087-H02 Can Integrated PET/CT Using
              Fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) Differentiate the
              Malignant Tumor from Inflammatory Nodule
              on Nodular Ground-Glass Opacity?
LL-NM2089-H04 Assessment of Respiratory Lung Motion in
              Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary
              Diseases with Respiratory-gated SPECT
              Image-derived 3D Displacement Vector

LL-NM2092-H07 Fractal Texture Analysis of Lung Scan for
              Diagnosis of Pulmonary Embolism

LL-NM2093-H05 Actual Effects of Intravascular Clots on
              Peripheral Lung Perfusion/CT Attenuation in
              Pulmonary Thromboembolism: Assessment
              with Breath-hold SPECT-CT Fusion Images

LL-NM2094-H09 False Positive F-18 FDG PET Scan in
              Patients with Pulmonary Involvement in
              the Hypereosinophilic Syndrome Simulating
              Lung Cancer

LL-NM2098-L03 Assessment of Regional Ventilation in
              Pulmonary Bullous Lesions Associated with
              Pulmonary Emphysema: Evaluation with
              Dynamic Pulmonary Xenon-133 Gas SPECT

LL-NM2106-R01 Assessment of Cross-sectional Lung
              Ventilation-Perfusion Inequality in Smokers
              with Ventilation/Perfusion Quotient Images
              Derived from Tc-99m-Technegas/MAA SPECT

LL-PD4001-B01 Optimization of Exposure Factors and
              Radiation Dose for Imaging Low Contrast-High
              Spatial Resolution Objects in Neonatal Chest
              Radiography: A Phantom Simulation Study

LL-PD4002-B02 Role of Contrast-enhanced MR
              Angiography of Pulmonary Artery
              in Patients with Pulmonary Atresia

Informatics Special Event
Space No.        Exhibit Title

LL-IN1404-6B     Lung Imaging Database Consortium

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