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             Automobile Association
       of the Northern Territory Inc.


                                                                                                                                  A A N T N EW S

                                                   RITE OF PA SSAGE
                                                      Are you planning to travel overseas? The
                                                   AANT has several services that can help take
                                                   the guesswork out of your journey abroad
                                                   – especially if you’re planning to drive, camp
                                                   or take your car with you.
                                                      Did you know that an Australian driver’s
                                                   licence is not recognised in certain countries?
                                                   Purchasing an International Driving Permit
    BY BOB B R A DL EY                             (IDP) will allow you to drive hassle free in
                                                   approximately 150 countries worldwide. The
    PR ES I D E N T O F A ANT                                                                                             acquiring a Carnet de
                                                   IDP is available for $20.00 and the AANT
                                                                                                                         Passages en Douane (CPD),
                                                   can issue an IDP on the spot, on sighting a
       As Northern Territory’s peak motoring                                                                          which gives your vehicle an
    body, the AANT receives many requests for      current Australian driver’s licence and a recent
                                                                                                                   international identification
    assistance on a range of motoring-related      passport-size photo.
                                                                                                      – essentially its very own passport.
    issues – ranging from technical matters,          If you’re planning to camp overseas,
    legal issues and road rules, to                                                                      And to avoid any lengthy roadside
                                                   an International Camping Card is essential,        breakdown, don’t forget to carry your AANT
    holiday advice.
                                                   and provides protection against legal liability    membership card and your Australian Driving
       Recently we received an enquiry from
                                                   for bodily injury and/or property damage           Licence on your overseas adventure as you
    one of our members regarding our opinion
    on ‘Demerits Insurance’ which a web based      to third parties in camping grounds. Many          will be entitled to reciprocal services from the
    Insurance Company was offering – timely        camping grounds in Europe will only accept         Alliance of Internationale de Tourisme (AIT)
    given the Northern Territory has recently      guests who hold an International Camping           and the Federation Internationale
    introduced a demerit points scheme             Card, and as an added bonus many offer             de’l Automobile (FIA).
    for drivers.
                                                   discounts and special rates at parks and              For more information on your overseas
       While we do not investigate the bona
                                                   attractions for cardholders.                       travel needs contact the AANT on
    fides of any company, unless we choose
    to do business with them, our advice is to       If you are contemplating taking your             8981 3837, visit 79 – 81 Smith Street
    read the ‘fine print’ or Product Disclosure     own car overseas, talk to the AANT about           Darwin NT or email
    Statement and understand all the
    conditions attached to the policy before
    committing your hard-earned money.
       The other consideration with insurance
    is the price, and coming to grips with the
    knowledge that the cheapest quote is
    not always the best – for example if the
    company doesn’t pay up when a legitimate
    claim is made then it is clearly not a
    bargain. Fortunately TIO, which underwrites
    AANT insurance products, has an excellent
    reputation for settling claims – providing
    peace of mind that help and support is on
    hand when you need it the most.
       If you are concerned about accumulating
    too many demerit points and losing your
    license we suggest you modify your driving
    habits and comply with the road rules it
    would make the roads safer for all users.
       The AANT Council does not condone
    drink driving and encourages our members
    to stay well under the legally prescribed      STUDY P R OVE S E SC                               crashed in Australia and New Zealand
    limits. Sometimes though, even with the        SAVES LI VE S                                      between 2001 and 2005. These results were
    best intentions, some motorists have
                                                      A definitive and landmark Australasian           then compared with crash patterns of about
    one too many and are tempted to drive
    because they are unsure if they are under      study has confirmed that Electronic Stability       203,000 vehicles without ESC that had been
    the limit – and assume that because they       Control (ESC) systems dramatically reduce the      involved in crashes during the same period.
    feel fine then they must be okay to get         risk of single vehicle crashes.                      The study found a 25 per cent crash
    behind the wheel. The AANT has decided                                                            reduction for ESC equipped cars, a 51 per
                                                      Although previous international studies
    to get rid of the roadside guesswork,                                                             cent crash reduction for ESC equipped 4WDs,
                                                   have indicated that ESC is extremely effective
    and now stocks an Alcolizer personal
                                                   in preventing single vehicle crashes, the          and a 28 per cent reduction across all
    breathalyser – a quality product that has
    been extensively tested by our associated      Monash University Accident Research Centre         vehicle types.
    Interstate motoring clubs. If you are a        confirmed this effectiveness in                       ESC is currently only being fitted to 40
    drinker who is committed to driving            Australasian conditions.                           per cent of new vehicles available to the
    after consuming alcohol, but remain              Acting on behalf of the 13 State and             Australian market. The AANT has renewed
    concerned about staying under the limit                                                           calls for ESC systems to be fitted to all
                                                   Federal road agencies and the Australian
    we recommend this product to you. It may
                                                   automobile clubs, the study analysed crash         vehicle models, especially 4WDs. The AANT
    save you more than just a few demerit
    points – it could save your life and           patterns of 7,700 ESC-equipped vehicles            additionally encourages consumers to request
    your license.                                  manufactured from 1997 to 2005 that had            ESC be fitted in any new vehicle purchase.



win                              A PERSONAL BREATH A LY SE R

      While the best advice is not to drink if you plan to drive, if you do opt for a drink
   when you’re out with friends, it’s important to understand how your body metabolises
   alcohol. The Alcolizer personal breathalyser, now stocked by AANT, will help you
   measure your BAC and make the right
   choice about getting behind the wheel.

    This issue ntmotor is giving readers                                                                                                     BY ADAM TH OMS O N
  the chance to win their own Alcolizer
  breathalyser. To be in the running, write
                                                                                                                                             MANAGING EDITOR
  your name, address and contact number
                                                                                                                                      The recent Federal Government
  on the back of an envelope and post it to:
                                                                                                                                    nomination of Western Australia’s
  ntmotor Breathalyser Competition                                                                                                  Commissioner for Consumer
  Automobile Association of the NT Inc                                                                                              Protection, Mr Pat Walker, as the
  GPO Box 2584,                                  CONDITIONS:Total prize value is $369. Competition opens on 10 March                Australian Competition and Consumer
  DARWIN NT 0801                                 2008 and closes with the last mail on 2 May 2008. Winners will be drawn at
                                 A HOLDEN VH COMMODORE
                                                 2pm on 3 May 2008 at AANT, 79-81 Smith Street, Darwin. Winners will be             Commission’s first Petrol Commissioner is
                                                 notified within 14 days of draw and published in the June edition of ntmotor,
                                                 published on 2 June. The promoter is AANT, 79-81 Smith Street, Darwin              good news for motorists.
                                                 0800. Prize cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash.
                                                                                                                                       On a local level, the AANT has been
                                                                                                                                    monitoring fuel prices in the Territory

                                                                                                                                    over the past decade and has been
                                                                                                                                    concerned with what it has seen. This
                                 A HOLDEN VH C OM M O DO R E                                                                        announcement is a significant step
                                                                                                                                    towards achieving a better deal for
                                                                                                                                    motorists, who should be able to expect
                                                                                                                                    to pay a fair and reasonable cost for fuel.
      The VH Commodore driven by Bernie Stack and Wayne Clift at the 1984 Bathurst
   proved a talking point for all the right reasons. This VH entry not only finished the                                                The increased focus on diesel and LPG
   gruelling event but also proved a hit amongst keen race photographers because                                                    prices in the Petrol Commissioner’s brief
   of its eye-catching sponsor’s decals.                                                                                            is welcome news for those using these
                                                                                                                                    fuel types, who equally deserve effective
      For your chance to win your own                                                                                               and transparent price monitoring rather
    scale model of the attention-grabbing                                                                                           than the focus being solely on
    legend, write your name, address                                                                                                unleaded petrol.
    and contact number on the back of an                                                                                               The extension of the review
    envelope and post it to:                                                                                                        – to include diesel and LPG – and to
                                                                                                                                    determine whether the ACCC requires
    ntmotor VH Commodore Competition
                                                                                                                                    further powers concerning pricing of
    Automobile Association of the NT Inc
                                                                                                                                    these fuels is timely, particularly given
    GPO Box 2584,
    DARWIN NT 0801                                CONDITIONS:Total prize value is $36.95. Competition opens on 10 March
                                                                                                                                    a marked increase in the purchase of
                                                  2008 and closes with the last mail on 2 May 2008. Winners will be drawn           diesel-fuelled vehicles in recent years and
                                                  at 2pm on 3 May 2008 at AANT, 79-81 Smith Street, Darwin. Winners will
                                 A HOLDEN VH C OM M O DO R E
                                                  be notified within 14 days of draw and published in the June edition of            consequent increase in diesel fuel sales.
                                                  ntmotor, published on 2 June. The promoter is AANT, 79-81 Smith Street,
                                                  Darwin 0800. Prize cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash.                         As the debate rages on the impact of
                                                                                                                                    transport on the environment, LPG and
                                                                                                                                    diesel fuels are clearly more beneficial
                                                                                                                                    in terms of reducing greenhouse gas
                                                                                                                                    emissions, and the recent price increases
                                                                                                                                    for each of these fuels must be kept
              AANT services directory                                                                                               in check.
                                                                                                                                       Also in the scope of the new Petrol
  AANT Office                                       SMS Service for Hearing and                                                     Commissioner’s brief is considering
  79 — 81 Smith Street,                             Speech Impaired 0427 131 110                                                    downstream costs such as the use,
  DARWIN NT 0800                                                                                                                    leasing and sharing of terminals for
                                                    Technical Advisory Service
                                                                                                                                    importing refined petrol. In an ideal
  GPO Box 2584, DARWIN NT 0801                      1300 661 466                                                                    world, greater competition in the
  Phone 08 8981 3837
                                                    AANT Membership 08 8981 3837                                                    marketplace should serve to drive down
  Fax 08 8941 2965                                                                                                                  prices to more acceptable levels.
  Web                                                                                                                  Time will tell as to whether all this will
  Email                            AANT Touring 08 8981 3837
                                                                                                                                    truly make a difference when we fill up at
                                                    AANT Insurance 08 8981 3837                                                     the pump. The oil companies seem very
  24hr Emergency Road Service
                                                    Email                                                     quick to pass on price rises when the cost
  24hr Emergency Battery Service                                                                                                    of oil from Singapore rises, but they are
  13 1111                                           AANT Accommodation 08 8981 3837                                                 nowhere near as quick to pass on savings
                                                                                                                                    when the costs go down.
                                                                                                                       A A NT ISS U ES

    running the gauntlet
    It may seem like an irrelevant fact at first glance, but did you know that the combined
    weight of 101 elephants is equivalent to the weight of just one locomotive?

       An entire train weighs ten times            Because trains are fast, quiet and can       stay safe and avoid the increasing number
    this much and when travelling at               come from either your left or your right     of near misses reported in the Territory.
    110 kilometres per hour it can take up         side, it is often difficult to judge their      Stop at ‘STOP’ signs. Stop when the
    to two kilometres to stop. Now imagine         approaching speed and distance, and          lights are flashing and when boom gates
    accidentally stepping out in front of          that is why it is vital to Stop, Look,       are down, and give way at ‘GIVE WAY’
    a stampede of more than a thousand             Listen and Think when you come to a          signs. At rail level crossings with flashing
    elephants and consider your chances            rail level crossing, and again before
                                                                                                lights, don’t proceed until the lights have
    of survival.                                   you cross.
                                                                                                stopped flashing.
       But despite that, a number of                  The reality is that a little extra care
                                                                                                  Trains can come at any time of day or
    Australians every year – motorcycle            and taking a few seconds could have
                                                                                                night and it is up to each and every one of
    riders, car and truck drivers, passengers      seen every one of these accidental
                                                                                                us to obey the warning signs at rail level
    and pedestrians – die as a result of           deaths avoided.
    crashes with trains at rail level crossings.      Most fatalities at level crossings        crossings and share the responsibility for
    Running the gauntlet ignores the fact          have occurred during daylight hours,         improving safety on our roads.
    that trains have the right of way at rail      in good weather, and on straight, dry          For further information on road
    level crossings, cannot stop quickly           and level roads, and by obeying the          safety visit the Department of Planning
    when something gets in the way,                warning signs and crossing the tracks at     and Infrastructure website at
    and can’t suddenly change direction.           designated rail level crossings, you can


                                                the line                                                                              D EEP
                                                                                                                                   B REAT H
                                                Towing a trailer can be                                          Don’t be taken unawares when
                                                a particularly hazardous                                   you’ve had that drink before driving.
                                                                                                               While it’s best not to drink if you
                                                pastime, and if you                                              plan to drive, with the Alcolizer
                                                                                                              breathalyser you’ll know when it’s
                                                don’t do it correctly, it                                   safe to get behind the wheel again.
                                                could become a rather                                                     AANT members $279
                                                                                                                                        RRP $369
                                                expensive one as well.

  The Australian Road Rules stipulate             When transporting vehicles on this type
that it is an offence to either drive a        of trailer, it’s particularly important that
vehicle or tow a vehicle, if the vehicle       the vehicle is securely restrained to the
is carrying a load that is not properly        trailer, either with chains or strong rope. If
secured or is placed on the vehicle in         the trailer has a manual winch, use it as an
a way that causes the vehicle to be            additional securing aid.
unstable. However, it’s important to              Other trailers being towed which have
be aware, that you could be liable for         sides, tailgates and in some cases cages
                                                                                                                          THE B EAT S
                                               are easier for securing loads but they must
significantly more if your unsecured load                                                                             O N TH E S T REET
                                               be used correctly. The securing of loads
causes injury or damage to others.
                                               of course also applies to items we may be
  Of particular concern from a safety                                                                  Not good with directions? Then let the
                                               conveying on roof racks or in the boot or            Tom Tom take the strain. With easy to use
point of view, is the increased use of car
                                               parcel area of our vehicle.                           LCD touchscreens, and up to date maps,
trailers (often by drivers inexperienced                                                            the portable satellite navigation units take
                                                  Drivers also need to be aware of the
in towing) for transporting broken down                                                               you where you want to go. Choose from
                                               maximum permitted weight that the                    the Tom Tom One, the Tom Tom One XL
vehicles, written off vehicles and of          vehicle can tow - check out your vehicle’s                    or the Tom Tom 720 to suit your
course furniture when people are moving        owner’s manual for this information. The                         pocket and your travel needs.
house. These trailers are generally quite      towbar fitted to your vehicle will also have            Tom Tom One – AANT members $379
open and have no tailgate, so any load                                                                                       RRP $399
                                               a maximum weight that it can safely handle
that is not secured has an open path to                                                             Tom Tom One XL – AANT members $479
                                               - and remember - if the trailer and its load                                   RRP $499
leave the trailer and create havoc to          weigh more than 750kg then the trailer is               Tom Tom 720 – AANT members $669
following traffic.                              required to have brakes fitted to it.                                           RRP $699

     • Remember to allow extra time and distance for braking.
     • Reduce your travelling speed to account for the longer and heavier vehicle that
       you are driving.
     • Ensure the tailgate on the trailer is attached and securely fastened before
       setting off.
     • If there is a cage on the trailer, check that the gate is secured.
     • If possible, place a cover over the load in the form of a tarpaulin or similar.
     • Whether a cover is used or not, the load must be secured to the trailer and/or                                            W IP EO U T
       the cage if one is being used.
     • The securing should be with strong rope that is not frayed, and ensure in the                             Wipe away your car-cleaning
       process that the rope is not rubbing on something sharp that can cause fraying                    problems with Bodytech auto wipes.
                                                                                                           There are wipes to take care of dirt
       or worse, cut through the rope and insecure your load.
                                                                                                     caused by grease and grime; windscreen
     • If the journey is of some distance, stop regularly to check your load remains                       cleaners; dash and trim cleaner, tar
       secure - particularly a tied-down load because knots can work loose                              bug and droppings wipes, and leather
       along the way.                                                                                cleaning wipes. All come in handy glove-
     • Hardware stores also sell ratchet load ties that can be used as an alternative                   compartment sized packs for easy use
                                                                                                                   to keep your car sparkling.
       to rope.
                                                                                                                        AANT members $4.25
     • Remember to check indicators and brake lights before towing
                                                                                                                                 RRP $5.95

                                                                                                     A A NT E NVI R O N M EN T

    green with envy
                                                       BY J O N DE E , FOUNDE R & CH A I R M A N, P LA NE T A RK

    Thanks to growing concern about fuel prices and climate change, many
    Australians are making the switch to fuel-efficient cars. Despite this,
    I often find myself wondering whether enough is being done to maximise
    the number of fuel-miserly cars on our roads?

      Aside from the reward of saving the       be entitled to carry the green license    for all types of cars, regardless of their
    environment and your wallet every           plate, which gives consumers access to    fuel consumption. Money from the
    time you fill up, there are little to no     added benefits. The theory is that these   sales of the plates funds a variety of
    additional benefits to be had from           practical benefits will make people more   environmental projects. The Victorian
    making the switch.                          likely to buy a fuel-efficient car.        Government tried this idea when
      For people living in Ontario, however,      Here in Australia, the cleanest and     they recently sold hundreds of ‘Karak’
    this situation could soon change. Drivers   most fuel-efficient cars have already      Commonwealth Games license plates.
    of fuel-efficient cars might soon be         been identified by the Federal             This initiative raised significant funds for
    rewarded with green-hued license plates     Government’s      projects aimed at saving the rare
    that give them access to benefits such       website. This site gives the greenhouse   Karak bird.
    as free parking and the right to drive in   emissions and fuel efficiency ratings        Given the growing popularity of carbon
    commuter lanes.                             for all types of cars currently sold in   offsets, however, maybe we should have
      The new ‘Eco-License’ plate idea is       Australia. Could this list not be used    an ‘Eco-License’ plate linked to a yearly
    one of a variety of incentives being put    to identify fuel-efficient cars to which   renewable scheme for cars? Drivers who
    forward by the Ontario Government.          special benefits could be added that       join such a Government scheme could
    The administration is about to consult      makes their purchase more attractive?     have trees planted to offset their annual
    with car manufacturers and environment        The idea of ‘Eco-License’ plates        car usage. This would then entitle them
    groups about designing a rating system      has already taken off in a number         to drive with a special green ‘Eco-
    that identifies the cleanest and most        of American States like California.       License’ plate that identifies their car as
    fuel efficient cars. These cars will then    These plates, however, are available      carbon-neutral, regardless of its size.

staying safe
How do you know if your child is the correct size for the seat you have
chosen? Is it installed correctly? Protecting your child while driving should
be a top priority for every parent and care-giver.

   Every year on Northern Territory               One of the most common mistakes              Any benefits of allowing children to use
roads, children are badly injured or die        made is the premature graduation of         the front seat are significantly negated by
in car crashes, because they were not           children to the next stage of restraint.    the increased risk posed, especially if the
properly restrained.                            For example, too often children are         seat belt is not able to be worn correctly.
   Statistics clearly show that children in     placed in booster seats before they         It also goes against manufacturers’
appropriate child restraints are 60 per         have outgrown their child safety seat.      recommendations not to put a child
cent less likely to be seriously injured than     If your child is currently seated in a    restraint in the front seat of a car if it has
children wearing adult seat belts. This is      child safety seat, it’s important to keep   a passenger airbag fitted.
because seatbelts are designed primarily        them in it until they reach the maximum        At the time of writing this story, an
for adults, so until such time as a child       weight (normally 18kg). The only time a     amendment to the Australian Road Rules
is able to wear a seatbelt correctly, an        child should be moved out of the seat       was being considered, to introduce age
appropriate child restraint should always       before this weight is if their shoulders    as a criteria determining how long a child
be used.                                        have just passed the top harness hole.      should be in an approved child restraint.
  But just having a child in an approved           Likewise for a booster, the child        It is expected that if this amendment is
restraint doesn’t automatically mean            should remain in the booster until they     passed, children up to the age of seven will
that they are safe. The effectiveness of        reach the maximum weight (normally          have to be in some type of approved
restraints can be compromised by the            26kg). The only time they should move       child restraint.
incorrect installation of the restraint, the    from the booster is when the child’s          Although having age as criteria will
use of damaged or old restraints, and the       eye level has reached the top of the        provide some clearer direction on how
use of restraints that are not appropriate      booster seat.                               long a child should remain in a restraint,
for the size and weight of the child.             When it comes to allowing children        as most of us know, not all children of the
  Recent surveys have suggested                 to sit in the front passenger seat, while   same age are the same weight and height.
that up to 70 per cent of child restraints      the complaints may cause frustration,       Therefore, AANT strongly encourages
are incorrectly fitted and a similar             AANT recommends parents keep                parents and caregivers, to check the criteria
percentage of children are not using            children in the back seat for as long       on the restraint they are using to ensure it’s
an appropriate restraint.                       as possible.                                appropriate for their child.
                                                                                                                   A A NT TE C H N ICA L

    skid row
    Like tyres, brakes are integral to vehicle safety, but often overlooked. While maintaining
    them can be an expensive exercise, with potentially fatal consequences for not looking
    after your brakes it’s a case of better safe than sorry.

    W H AT ’ S T H E DI FFERENC E?                  on the rear. However, some still have          Uneven disc or drum wear can induce
      First things first - let’s get the tech-talk   the less efficient drum brakes on the           symptoms such as a pulsing brake pedal,
    out of the way. There are two main types        rear wheels.                                   vibrations through the steering wheel
    of brake systems – disc brakes and                                                             and even the car veering to one direction
    drum brakes.                                    W EAR A ND TE A R                              when the brakes are applied. Sometime
                                                       The more brakes are used the quicker        this can be cured with new brake pads
      Disc brakes have a disc attached to           they wear, so if you live in the hills and     and having the surfaces of the disc
    the inside of the wheel that is gripped         travel down to the city, expect your           machined to make sure both sides of the
    on either side by brake pads and                brakes to wear quicker than a country          discs are parallel and to restore a smooth
    squeezed by a brake caliper to slow the         vehicle that clocks up its distance on         surface. However, be aware that this can
    disc and the vehicle. Drum brakes are           long straight roads where the brakes are       only be done a couple of times before
    where curved brake shoes are expanded           seldom used.                                   the disc become too thin and has to
    outward into a rotating drum that is                                                           be replaced.
    attached to the wheel and the friction            The main cause of premature brake
    created slows the wheel.                        wear is high temperatures. Steep hills            It’s also important to be aware that
                                                    braking, constant city braking or towing       brakes should never be allowed to wear
       The friction caused in both systems          of trailers and caravans all increase          to the extent that their metal bases dig
    creates very high temperatures, which           braking temperatures and reduce the life       into the disc. Besides being expensive
    negatively affect the brakes ability to         of brake pads. As a general rule typical       to repair, this creates a different braking
    slow the vehicle, so brake cooling is           brakes pads should last between 20,000         effect on each wheel causing instability
    essential for good brake performance.           to 60,000 kilometres.                          in the vehicle that is dangerous and
    Disc brakes are better at getting rid of                                                       potentially fatal. Some vehicles have
    this heat and therefore are used on all            Most of the time the brake pads wear        brake wear warning systems to avoid this
    wheels where high performing brakes             at a quicker rate than the disc or drum        where the driver is alerted via a warning
    are needed, such as sports cars. All            that they are rubbing against. However         on the dash or others have a simple thin
    modern cars have disc brakes on the             as vehicle manufacturers have pursued          plate that touches the disc and vibrates,
    front wheels where the braking need is          better brake performance, increasingly         causing a noise that gets the
    the greatest and most have disc brakes          it is the disc that suffers significant wear.   driver’s attention.

CO U NT I NG T HE C OST                                           preventative maintenance servicing of                                 driver doesn’t feel it, the brakes are
  When it comes to brake safety, the cost                         your car, so check your vehicle’s owner                               wiped dry ready for use. Other brake
for a normal brake repair can be around                           manual for the service interval and type of                           systems sense any sudden lift off of the
$75 – $100 per wheel, but this cost can                           brake fluid to be used. Be careful though,                             accelerator pedal and interpret this as
triple if you need to replace the                                 as brake fluid degrades when overheated,                               the beginning of an emergency braking
discs rotors.                                                     contaminated or if it absorbs moisture                                situation. In an instant, they will pre-
                                                                  from the air, so ensure you don’t leave                               empt the driver by slightly applying the
  Vehicle manufacturers spend a lot                               the brake top-up container open for very                              brakes ready for when the driver’s foot
of time and money developing the                                  long. This also applies to the bottle of                              gets to the brake pedal and applies full
optimum brake system for their cars                               brake fluid you may have in the shed.                                  braking pressure.
so it’s best to use the same brake
pads as they use. However there are                               HIGH T E CH B R A K E S                                                 Then there are hybrid vehicles that
circumstances where some brake                                     At the extreme technology end of                                     turn their electric motor into a generator
component manufacturers do make                                   brakes there are some manufacturers that                              to deliver load on the wheels via the
better discs and pads than the vehicle                            offer ceramic brakes which are lighter and                            transmission to slow the vehicle while at
manufacturers.                                                    offer superior braking performance under                              the same time generating power back
                                                                  extreme conditions – but they can add                                 into the battery. These need little or
 Talk to AANT Technical for advice on                             $19k to the cost of a vehicle.                                        no normal brake assistance under light
what would be best for your car on                                                                                                      braking situations.
1300 661 466.                                                       There are also some smart innovations
                                                                  that have been introduced, such as disc                                  When it comes to your cars brake
A L I T T LE T LC                                                 brake wiping systems. During heavy                                    system, the most important thing to
  Brake systems use hydraulic brake fluid                          rain, water can get onto the disc and                                 remember is safety comes first. So of
to take the pressure that you apply to                            in the first split second affect brake                                 if you feel or hear anything out of the
the brake pedal, amplify it using a brake                         performance. These systems sense                                      ordinary, have your car checked by an
booster, and send it to the brakes. Brake                         the rain and automatically lightly apply                              AANT Approved Repairer as soon
fluid has to be changed as part of the                             the brakes intermittently. While the                                  as possible.

                                          “Here’s how you can

                                           help save water”
      Visit our website at                                   45L PotMate
      for all the information you need on water                                                                                                Vitreous China Toilet Suite
      saving, energy use and recycling. We’ve also
                                                                                 Waterless Garden Mulch                                        WELS 3 star. Full 6L - ½ 3L - ave flush 4L.
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      got brochures and D.I.Y. Workshops in-store
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      on sustainable living. You’ll be able to help
      the environment and save money as well.
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                                                                                     Solid Water
                                                                                     Slow release. I/N3020038
                                                                                                                 Bermuda Hi Rise Shower
                                                                                     $ 97
                                                                                         6                       Head with Arm
                                                                                                                 WELS 3 star. 9L/min.
                                                                                                                                             1998 Not all services and products featured are available in all stores, but products may be ordered. Bunnings Group Limited ABN 008 672 179                     BNAT00334

  BNAT00334.indd 1                                                                                                                                                          16/1/08 3:01:11 PM
                                                                                                                        A A F EAT F ET Y
                                                                                                                    A A NT NT S AU RES

                                                                          off the
                                                                          beaten track
                                                  wet season forced them to abandon the             Environment and geography – the
     The old saying that ‘what is
                                                  car just outside of Katherine and hitch a       impact of settlement and roadways
     old can be new again’ will                   ride back with a camel train.                   on the diverse natural and introduced
     soon be put to the test in the                  The good news is that the original           habitats along the routes
                                                  Talbot survives today. Residing at the             The exhibition has been designed to
     re-creation of an epic Aussie
                                                  National Motor Museum at Birdwood               be portable and self-contained so that
     road trip by two explorers                   in South Australia, it is set to be the         it can be viewed by people in even the
     of yesteryear crossing the                   heart of an exciting travelling exhibition      smallest of communities.
                                                  that will celebrate the centenary of              With the trailer itself carrying the car,
     continent from south to
                                                  this monumental journey. The touring            there is also a canvas canopy to shelter
     north for the first time.                     exhibition will feature the car in its own      viewers. When it comes to exhibits, the
                                                  custom-built trailer so that it can visit all   car is sure to take centre stage alongside
        Road rage and red lights may be our       its old original ports of call without risk     the other, smaller, related objects
     biggest problems behind the wheel            of damage.                                      on display.
     today, but 100 years ago it was a little       The exhibition will leave Adelaide on            Text panels will explain the central
     more dangerous - drought, flood and           30 June 2008 – 100 years to the day after       themes of the exhibition while additional
     bushfire were just some of the everyday       the Talbot was driven from Adelaide             information will be provided for visitors
     travelling challenges.                       – and arrive in Darwin on 20 August, just       via touch-screen computers. Additionally,
       On 30 June 1908, Henry Dutton and          as Henry Dutton and Murray Aunger did           a catalogue with essays about various
     Murray Aunger left Adelaide on a historic    on that first journey.                           aspects of the journey and photographs
     journey that took them through the heart        On the way, the Talbot will tour small       from the original journey will create a
     of the continent, and faced them with        regional centres to allow people in             lasting legacy of the exhibition and allow
     extreme conditions.                          inland areas to share in the celebration        people to further explore the topic.
       Adelaide’s wide boulevards must have       and encourage them to tell their own               One exciting aspect of the exhibition
     seemed very far away as they traversed       stories of early motoring. The exhibition       is the broad-based education program
     countryside, deserts and bush – with no      will explore four themes:                       that will see the exhibition visit even the
     real roads – in an open-topped                  The original journey - What the              smallest of schools en route, discussing
     25-horsepower 1908 Talbot.                   travellers experienced as the first people       the journey, and hopefully eliciting
       The car had separate compartments          to travel across the Australian continent       the stories and photographs of those
     for the driver and passengers. Back          in a motor vehicle.                             communities in relation to the impact
     then, the ‘mod-cons’ consisted of spoke         Travelling through Aboriginal lands          of road travel. It is hoped these will
     wheels, three spare tyres, a klaxon          – Although the country was harsh to the         then become part of a valuable national
     horn, brass lamps, a brass radiator and      travellers, it had been home for many           archive on motoring’s early days in
     a shovel. It was the first car that many      thousands of years to many different            the interior.
     people in the centre of Australia had        Aboriginal groups. The exhibition looks           The Talbot Touring Exhibition will
     ever seen and they could hardly believe      at the impact of road travel on those           visit towns and communities including
     their eyes when the vehicle moved itself     communities, and maps the different             Kapunda, Burra, Peterborough, Leigh
     without the aid of horses.                   language groups the route                       Creek, Oodnadatta, Marla, Kulgera,
       The crossing took 52 gruelling days to     passed through.                                 Alice Springs, Tennant Creek, Daly
     get from Adelaide to Darwin, and it was        People of the story – Gaining an              Waters, Katherine and Darwin.
     only successful on the second attempt.       understanding of the extraordinary               To find out more and follow this
     Their first attempt some months earlier       people who took the decision to brave           momentous journey online, log onto
     had been cut short, after driving into the   the epic trek.                        

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                                                                                                                                                                                                               • Alice Springs
                                                                                                                                                                                                               • Katherine
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A PP ROV E D RE PA IRERS                                   approved repairer profiles
                                                                       O UTBACK A UTO E LE CTR I CA L
                                                                       A ND A I R CO NDI TI O NI NG
                                                                       Michael Farrow has run his Berrimah business, Outback Auto
                                                                       Electrical and Air Conditioning, for the past two and a half years,
                                                                       and over that time the workload has been steadily building and the
                                                                       business is continuing to grow and thrive.
                                                                       After working as an auto electrician himself, and also running a
                                                                       workshop for another firm for six years, Michael decided to break
                                                                       out on his own. As it turns out, it proved to be the right choice – now
                                                                       employing three staff and on the hunt for more as word gets around
                                                                       about the high quality of service offered.

Mick has been in business now for 28 years, first in Winnellie and
now in Yarrawonga. Mick specialises in automatic transmissions,
manual transmissions and differentials. He says that in his years in
the business the biggest change has been in the technology that he
sees go through the shop. Together with his technician of over ten
years standing, Mick has a wealth of experience that’s sure to fix any
transmission problems.

mechanical repairer                                    automobile association of the northern territory
1   Engine tune-up;
                                                       approved repairers
2   Minor engine repair & vehicle servicing;
3   Major engine repair;
4   Steering & suspension                           NIGHTCLIFF Aralia Street Autos,
5   Brakes; 6 Electrical;                           62 Aralia Street                8948 4200
7   Clutch, manual transmission & rear axle;        PALMERSTON
8   Automatic transmission; 9 Air-conditioning.     Palmerston Mechanical Centre,
Where no categories are shown,
                                                    51 Georgina Crescent               8932 2532   automatic transmissions
                                                    PALMERSTON Ultra Tune,                         YARRAWONGA Mick Taylor Automatics,
the repairer is approved in all nine.
                                                                                                   4618 McEnzie Place          8983 1231
• AANT Battery Service Centre                       3 Muluka Street                    8931 3411
                                                    STUART PARK
                                                                                                   automotive exhausts
                                                    Auto Inspection and Road Service
                                                                                                   (also towbar specialist)
                                                    15/34 Bishop Street                8981 7333
mechanical repairers                                STUART PARK Darwin Honda,
                                                                                                   STUART PARK Muffler City,
                                                                                                   26 Stuart Highway                8981 4406
ALICE SPRINGS Outback Automotive,                   1–2 Duke Street                    8981 3827
31 Wilkinson Street         8952 0123               STUART PARK Darwin Mitsubishi, Suzuki,         automotive electrician
ALICE SPRINGS Peter Kittle Motor Co,                Ssangyong, Land Rover, Volvo                   BERRIMAH (ARS 5039)
46 Stuart Highway               8952 5500           34 Stuart Highway              8946 4444       Outback Auto Electrical
                                                    STUART PARK Kerry Holden, Mazda, Nissan,       1902 Pruen Road                  8947 3758
BERRIMAH Hidden Valley Auto Ctr,
                                                    Mercedes, Jeep, Chrysler
9 Hidden Valley Road           8947 0060
                                                    17–25 Stuart Highway          8980 8030        crash repairers
CASUARINA Ultra Tune 1–8,
Cnr Trower and Dripstones roads,                    WINNELLIE Winnellie Auto Ctr 1–8,              ALICE SPRINGS Andrew Paterson Crash
Casuarina Square Shopping Ctr           8945 2122   1427 Stuart Highway             8984 4448      Repairs, 49 Priest St         8952 6360
COCONUT GROVE                                       WINNELLIE NT Auto Repairs,                     BERRIMAH Berrimah Panel Works,
Auto Kare Automotive,                               9 Steele Street                    8947 4746   1140 McMillans Rd              8984 3137
16 Travers Street                       8985 6422                                                  DARWIN Darwin Crash Repairs,
COCONUT GROVE                                       specialist repairers                           2 Finniss Street                 8981 4000
Prompt Auto Repairs Pty Ltd,                        automotive windscreens                         WINNELLIE R J Panel Works,
14 Travers Street                       8985 6733   ALICE SPRINGS                                  Sadgroves Crescent               8984 4570
DARWIN Bridge Autos Toyota                          Trusty Glass (O’Brien Glass agent)             WINNELLIE B & S Body Works,
1 Stuart Highway                        8946 0099   31 North Stuart Highway (ARS 5031) 8952 3322   85 Winnellie Road                8947 2251
DARWIN Carmech,                                     STUART PARK O’Brien Glass,                     WINNELLIE Coonawarra Panel Works,
5–7 Carey Street                        8942 3342   38 Stuart Highway                  8981 4612   1746 Coonawarra Road         8984 3368
                                                                                                           NE W CA R REV IEW

                                                                                                               The sporty RS model of
                                                                                                               Škoda’s Octavia sedan.

     new kid
     on the block
     With nearly 50 brands already in Australia the last thing it needs is another
     car brand in a market which is only one per cent of the world’s market and for
     a new entrant it is particularly risky if your brand has some baggage.

        For those old enough to remember         and ESC. In addition, all except the RS      The hero of the range is the sporty
     when Skoda was last in Australia in the     model have full-sized spare wheels.       RS, which is powered by the VW Golf
     early 80’s they were the butt of a lot of      If Volkswagen is the more affordable   GTi’s 147kW, two-litre turbocharged
     jokes but a couple of decades later, with   Audi then Skoda is more affordable        FSI engine with six-speed manual
     a new owner they are fast becoming the      Volkswagen. VW DNA is evident in          transmission. The RS needs the more
     European value brand with quality to        the range – from the firmer ride to the    expensive 98 RON fuel while the
     rival the best of the Germans.                                                        rest of the petrol Skodas run on the
                                                 touch and feel of some of the interior
        The Czech-based Skoda was taken          trim and controls.                        slightly lower priced 95 octane fuel.
     over by VW in 2000 and since then they                                                In true European style, the RS is also
                                                   Built on the VW Golf platform and
     have transformed the company and its                                                  available in wagon version with the
                                                 sharing a lot of the bits with the VW
     vehicle’s quality. By 2010 Skoda expect                                               cargo blind. Our guess is that when
                                                 Jetta, the Octavia range has three
     to have five models covering all the                                                   South Australians tire of their SUVs
                                                 models – Ambience, Elegance and
     major market segments. The first two                                                   the humble station wagon with AWD
     models to come to Australia though          the sporty RS. There is a myriad of       will become the popular and practical
     are the mid-sized Octavia sedan which       body, engine and transmission options     family car again.
     comes in a couple of variants, including    that can be mixed and matched and            Performance of the RS is very good,
     the sports RS model, and the quirky         the engines on offer include a 118kW      with well matched gear ratios in the
     styled Roomster which is a small car with   1.8-litre turbo petrol engine, a 110kW,   six-speed manual transmission the
     large car space.                            two-litre FSI engine or the 103kW         Octavia drives as well as anything in
       Skoda has taken vehicle safety            turbocharged diesel. The wagons cost      this part of the market. However, the
     seriously and the entire range will come    $2,000 more than the sedan and for        gearshift could be a little more precise,
     standard with six airbags, including        another $5,500 you can specify the all-   as it’s relatively easy for reverse to be
     head-protecting side curtains, ABS          wheel-drive version.                      accidentally selected.
                                                                                                               Škoda’s quirky and spacious
                                                                                                                      Roomster family car.

  On the road Octavia’s steering is firm          Roomster is as unusual in name as it         removable seats are easy to handle and
and direct which adds to the solidness        is in design. The small car of the Skoda        when removed offer a large cargo area.
and this is reinforced by the feel of the     range, as its name suggests, is a roomy,           On the road it is a bit underpowered,
firm seats. The steering-wheel-mounted         little family car. From a functionality         so to make the most out of the two-
controls for the stereo make channel          viewpoint it works with lots of space for       litre engine you really have to keep it
surfing easier.                                front and rear passengers, including            working above 3000rpm. Similar to the
   The Octavia’s diesel engine is a bit       generous headroom and rear doors                Octavia, the reverse gear is a bit too
lifeless under 2000rpm until the turbo        that are tall and easy to get in and out
                                                                                              easy to select as well.
gets on the boil. From there on it            of. Its external design, however, will
                                                                                                Visibility out of the Roomster is
develops very good torque and coupled         be one that polarises people. Skoda
                                                                                              quite good because besides having a
to the five-speed gearbox whips it up to       has created an interesting styling
                                                                                              relatively tall seating position it has lots
highway speeds without any effort. The        combination in that its front looks like
                                              a sleek-lined small car, but its back is        of glass to get a good view of the traffic
Octavia body is sprung fairly firmly, just
like its Volkswagen and Audi cousins.         reminiscent of a slab-sided small van.          around you. Unfortunately, vehicles
The diesel is a bit noisier than most at         Combining the front chassis of the VW        of this type and design haven’t had a
low speeds as the subtle presence of          Polo, the rear section of the Octavia and       good track record of becoming sales
a diesel knock makes its way into the         a middle that is unique to Roomster,            successes. However, with the novelty
passenger compartment. Plus, like a lot       it is allowed Skoda to make the most            of the Skoda name, reasonably keen
of European cars, Octavia suffers from        of each of these vehicles’ assets. The          pricing and being a functional car
alloy wheels that seem to be perpetually      rear space can be further utilised by           – albeit not very pretty – it might find
black from brake dust.                        removing the rear seats and at 10kg the         a niche in the Australian market.

                                   Škoda Octavia Wagon                     Škoda Octavia RS                      Škoda Roomster

Power                                   103kW @ 4,000rpm                147kW @ 5,100 to 6,000rpm                77kW @ 5,600rpm

Torque                                  250Nm @ 1,900rpm                280Nm @ 1,800 to 5,000rpm               153Nm @ 3,800rpm

Price as tested                               $38,420                             $37,490                             $26,990

Fuel Consumption                            7.2 L/100km                       11.1L/100km                          11.4L/100km

 Towing Capacity: with brakes                1,400kg                            1,400kg                               1,000kg
               without brakes                 650kg                              650kg                                 450kg

Green Vehicle Guide Rating                  ★★★★                              ★★★★                                  ★★★★
Crash Rating (EuroNCAP)                     ★★★★                              ★★★★                                ★★★★★
Warranty                              3 years/unlimited distance             3 years/unlimited distance       3 years/unlimited distance

     Mazda6 2002
                                                                                            USE D CA R REV IEW S

                                       The good news is that if you own a           ‘Luxury’ and ‘Luxury Sports’ arrive at
                                     Mazda6 they don’t have a history of         the top end in sedan and hatchback with
                                     needing major repairs, and if you are in    ‘Luxury’ only available with automatic
     Limited Sedan 4sp auto
                                     the market to buy a secondhand Mazda6       transmission. The ‘Luxury Sports’ is
     $11,200 - $15,000
                                     the bad news is they hold their price.      available in hatchback only, but received
     Classic Sedan 4sp auto
                                       The Mazda6 was the first of the new        both manual and automatic transmission.
     $12,800 - $16,800
                                     generation of Mazdas whose styling          Additional features include curtain air
     Luxury Hatch 4sp auto
                                     changed the car manufacturer’s fortunes     bags, side airbags, premium sound system,
     $16,000 - $20,200
                                     and led the way for the smaller Mazda 3     leather upholstery and power sunroof. The
     Luxury Sports Hatch 4sp auto
                                     and Mazda 2.                                ‘Luxury Sports’ also received a body kit.
     $16,700 - $21,100
                                        The most common model in used               The performance of the 2.3 litre
     P RI C E WH EN N EW             car yards is likely to be the entry level   4-cylinder engine was one of the best in
     Limited Sedan                   ‘Limited’ which was only available as a     its class but it came at the cost of poor
     Manual $28,270 / Auto $30,350   sedan but there are both manual and         fuel consumption and it needs the more
     Classic Sedan                   ‘activematic’ four-speed automatic          expensive Premium ULP. It also handled
     Manual $31,705 / Auto $33,785   transmission versions out there. The        and rode well and these attributes
     Luxury Hatch                    standard features weren’t bad for the       combined with good space and comfort for
     Auto $41,270                    time and included air conditioning ABS      the occupants made it a good all round car.
     Luxury Sports Hatch             and dual airbags that helped it get a       Good enough that in 2003 it won the AANT
     Manual $41,170 / Auto $43,250   four-star ANCAP rating. Also all models     award for the Best Mid-sized Car
                                     have a full sized spare wheel. The higher   over $28,000.
     AV E RAGE K M                   specced ‘Classic’ came in sedan, hatch         Look at the service book and as the
     78,000km                        and station wagon. The wagon is only        services are scheduled to be done at
                                     available in automatic. This is probably    every 10,000kms or six months, most in the
     A N CAP RATING                  the better model to look for because for    market should be coming due for major
     ****                            a little extra cost they have additional    services at 80,000kms which could cost
                                     features including alloy wheels, cruise     about $370 or the 100,000kms which could
                                     control, trip computer, CD stacker and      cost about $430 because the platinum
                                     climate controlled air conditioning.        tipped spark plugs will need replacing.
AANT TIPS                                                penny pinching                           STO R Y B Y BR I A N J O H N S TO N

Most people know it as a tip. Travel writer Paul
Theroux, who spent many years in Africa, refers to it
as a dash. Throughout the Middle East it’s renowned
as baksheesh, from the Persian for ‘give’. Americans
now call it a gratuity. But if you do a lot of travelling
you’ll become honest: it’s really blackmail, extortion,
a greased palm.

   Tipping, according to American               Those infamous London cabbies are the
Express advice, depends on the quality          exception: after journeying into the city
of service you’ve received and the              from Heathrow, expect to lose an arm and
practices of the country where you’re           a leg on the fare and another half limb on
travelling. But knowing what those              the tip.
practices are is so complicated that              In Europe you can never really enjoy a
Amex prints arcane tables of tipping            meal in a restaurant because you’re too
rates that you need to scrutinise like          busy with your calculator, slide rule and
Nostradamus before you can work out             multi-lingual dictionary attempting to
what to do.                                     calculate the damages in tips. Needless
  A visit to the United States – the            to say it’s the Italians who ransom you with
spiritual motherland of tipping – is an         the most spectacular flair, since the prices
Australian’s nightmare. Doormen and             on the menu bear no relation to the final
bellhops require tips (US$1 a bag),             bill. Add on several euros for pane e
but hotel receptionists don’t. Waiters          coperto (a cover charge) and 10-15 per
expect tips (15-20 per cent of the              cent for service, which usually consists of
bill), whereas flight attendants will be         a bored waiter flapping at flies.
offended by it. Hairdressers require it,          In Holland you need to know that
and bar staff need the subsidy or they’ll       inclusief BTW is not a side salad but
die of starvation. Most of all, taxi drivers    rather a whopping value-added tax (17.5
love tips, and will even grow abusive if        per cent), and that this, as well as a 15 per
they believe they haven’t received their        cent service charge, is added on to every
proper contribution.
                                                restaurant bill. Don’t imagine this lets you
   Legend has it that tips originated                                                           restaurant without leaving any dash at
                                                off tipping, because you might want to
in the Middle Ages, when the nobility                                                           all. At a hotel you can yank your suitcase
                                                leave a couple of euros in restaurants and
scattered coins on passing through                                                              back from the bellhop and pretend to
                                                rounded-up change in cafés.
villages in order not to be attacked by                                                         rush off for an urgent train – no tip. And
                                                   In Germany you must realise that a           there’s always the old ploy: you’ve just
verminous peasants. This seems quite
                                                Bedienung (service charge) lets you off         arrived in America/France/Brazil and you
believable, since those who don’t leave
                                                tipping, but if it isn’t included then you      have no local coinage. Sorry, no tip. Next
tips in America are just as likely to be
                                                should cough up 10-15 per cent extra.           time, of course.
torn limb from limb.
                                                In France service is always compris in            In America, the land of golden
   Inexperienced tippers would do well
                                                restaurants, although you might leave the       opportunity for tip-seekers, you can
to avoid North America altogether.
                                                small change. Everywhere else in France         tell which tourists come from tipless
Thankfully there are still some corners
                                                you’ll be distributing tips like alms to the    societies: they’re the ones with pockets
of the globe untouched by international
                                                poor: porters, hotel staff, taxi drivers,       distended and out of shape, weighed
tip mania. In the South Pacific the
whole idea of tipping is contrary to a          theatre ushers and even museum guides           down by an accumulation of coins.
tradition of hospitality. Similarly, in Japan   will be queuing up in expectation.              Americans never have any coins, because
nobody – not a waitress, doorman or               The other worry that might put you off        they’re all left behind on restaurant
taxi driver in the country – will ask you       your dessert is what exactly you do with        tables or pressed into the palms of
for baksheesh. Indeed, if you offer some        your tip. Do you leave it lying casually on     hotel workers.
extra yen you’ll create not gratitude but       the table? Do you fling it into a specially         The only other people with heavy
confusion and embarrassment.                    provided saucer? Perhaps you can just go        pockets in America are waitresses going
  Britain is another country where              up to the waitress and press some notes         home from the evening shift. Their
most workers survive in a gratuity              into her eager palm.                            pockets hang down around their knees
wasteland, since the British are reticent         If you’re extremely daring you can solve      like swag bags, heavy with a day of
about throwing their money around.              this problem by making a dash out of a          professional blackmail.
                                                                                                                        A A NT T RAV EL

                               cape to cape
                                                                                                 STO R Y B Y LE E ATK I NS O N

     ntmotor writer Lee Atkinson blows the lid on one of Australia’s best kept secrets
     - there’s actually so much more to Western Australia’s picturesque Margaret River
     than just amazing wine.

        Think Margaret River and most people         Perth to Margaret River is around             take photographs of stands of kangaroo
     automatically think ‘great wine’, but the     a three-hour drive. Once there, base            paw growing by the side of the road.
     burgers are just as good. Or at least         yourself in the township of Margaret            Then, follow the road spearing north to
     the fish burger that we’re devouring is        River and spend a couple of days                Cape Naturaliste, with a stop at Yallingup
     as we look out towards a stormy sea           exploring Caves Road, a 110km scenic            Galleries on the way. Take a tour of the
     from inside a cosy bakery in the town         drive that stretches cape to cape.              lighthouse, and then wander around the
     of Augusta, in the south-west corner of         The northern end of the Caves Road            headland – eyes peeled to the sea in the
     WA. The day before we’d had an equally        loop hits the sea in Geographe Bay at           hope of spotting whales.
     fabulous burger, this time a gourmet          Cape Naturaliste and cuts through the             Day two and the southern end of the
     venison affair, washed down with a            heart of the main wine producing area.          Caves Road loop to Cape Leeuwin is
     couple of glasses of light wheat beer in      There are more than 60 wineries in the          around 45km, but expect it to take much
                                                   district, and visitors can choose from          longer. You’ll find the temptation to pull
     the grassy lake-side garden of
                                                   a number of guided wine tours. If you           over and fossick through the many art
     Bootleg Brewery.
                                                   prefer to go it alone though, remember          galleries, studios and showrooms along
        We may have come to the region for
                                                   you can only try so much wine in any one        the way, too hard to resist.
     a few days of wine tasting, but we’ve
                                                   day – particularly if you’re driving.             A must-do should be the Dilkes-
     found, much to our delight, that the
                                                     First on a do-it-yourself tour is a quick     Hoffman ceramic studio where you can
     Margaret River region is not just home
                                                   stop at Vasse Felix – the first commercial       chat with the owners, Tova and Rod, and
     to some of the finest wines produced in        winery established in Margaret River.           watch them at work creating elegant jugs,
     Australia. A wild knob of land jutting into   Here you can taste some wine and check
     the sea, crowned in the north by Cape                                                         bowls and platters. A few minutes further
                                                   out the latest exhibition from the Holmes
     Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin in the                                                           down the road is Boranup Galleries, with
                                                   á Court Art Collection in the gallery,
     south, it’s also got some of the best karri                                                   room upon room of hand-made furniture,
                                                   before continuing on to Gracetown.
     forests in WA, a wealth of art galleries      At Gracetown, walk along the rocks              sculpture and paintings. At nearby
     and some of the best surfing beaches           and white sand beach being lapped by            CaveWorks learn about the local geology
     in Australia.                                 impossibly turquoise water and stop to          and how the network of some 350 caves

were formed. There are several show          Pictured: (previous page) Explore beautiful Karri
caves open for guided and self-guided        Forests.These page: (from left to right) Indulge in
                                             great food and wine at Vasse Felix Winery Restaurant;
tours through underground rooms full         Kangaroo Paw.
of huge but ornate masses of stalactites
and stalagmites.
  Next, continue south and take a            curves of corrugated iron. Practically
detour off Caves Road, winding your          next door is Voyager Wines, full of faux
way through the Boranup Karri Forest,        Cape Dutch architecture and extensive
where you can stop to take a short walk      formal gardens.
through the 190m-high trees, marvelling         On your way back to Perth, linger
at their grandeur. If you’ve got any tree-   a while at Busselton, where you can
hugging tendencies hidden away deep          wander the two-kilometre heritage-
inside you, this is when and where they      listed wooden jetty – the longest in the
will emerge!                                 Southern Hemisphere. It has formed a
  Back in the car, meander past barely-      huge artificial reef where an abundance                    Ready for a grape escape? The
there beach-side communities before          of marine growth encrusts the pylons                    Margaret River region is just a three-
finally reaching Cape Leeuwin, the most       of the jetty and is a popular diving and                hour car journey or short train ride
south-westerly tip of Australia.             snorkelling spot. If you’re not up to
                                                                                                     from Perth. You can plan your own
  The lighthouse here has watched over       wetting the feet, head to the underwater
                                                                                                     itinerary with the help of AANT, and
the point where the Indian and Southern      observatory instead, that descends
                                                                                                     for advice on getting there, maps and
oceans meet since 1895. The point is a       eight metres below the surface of the
                                                                                                     all your accommodation needs, talk to
popular place to spy whales off the shore    water. Here you can gaze out at a forest
                                             of vividly-coloured tropical and sub-                   the AANT on 8981 3837 or visit the
and during spring masses of beautiful
wildflowers dot the windswept headland.       tropical corals, sponges, fish and other                 AANT Office today.

  But there’s no escaping the fact           sea creatures.
that this is one of Australia’s best wine       For one more lasting memory, the
regions, and you’ll eventually succumb       beach behind the jetty has a playground
to temptation and call into one of the       for kids and a vast expanse of shady
most popular cellar doors, Leeuwin           grass picnic areas – perfect for enjoying
Winery, set in bushland and all natural      a last lunch of fish and chips before
timber, wrought iron and long sweeping       heading back to Perth.
                                                                        A A NT T RAV EL

     most wanted
     They’re the destinations that keep drawing in
     the visitors year after year. ntmotor discovers
     where Territorians like to holiday and what
     these favourite destinations have to offer.

       Gold Coast                                   Hobart
       The Gold Coast is legendary. Fling           Hobart is built in a picturesque jumble
     yourself into surf and nightlife, then       between hills and sea. Battery Point
     skydive and bungy-jump before                has a maritime air: winding streets,
     heading to the big theme parks. At Wet       historic pubs with buccaneer names,
     ‘n’ Wild prepare for Terror Canyon and       and Georgian and Victorian churches.
     the Double Screamer; at Dreamworld           Below, the warehouses of Salamanca
     take the Giant Drop, tallest freefall ride   Place burst with cafés and craft shops
     on the planet. In the evening, the new       and host an energetic Saturday market.
     Australian Outback Spectacular is more       At Constitution Dock, yachts bob and
     action-packed entertainment at its best.     fish markets cook up fresh seafood on
     Yet steering clear of the adrenaline zone    the spot. The city’s Maritime Museum
     is surprisingly easy. Extensive waterways    is excellent and the Cadbury Chocolate
     allow for tranquil fishing and sunset         Factory entices. You can walk off
     cruises. Even the beaches have quiet         the calories just out of town on Mt
     corners, where you’ll find nobody but         Wellington, which has wonderful views
     a leather-skinned fisherman standing          over Hobart and half of Tasmania.
     knee-deep in surf.

       Melbourne                                    Tropical North Queensland
       From trendy boutiques to laid-back           Cairns has taken on a cosmopolitan air
     cafés, pretty parks to football stadiums,    in recent years, yet still manages a laid-
     nineteenth-century architecture to           back Queensland charm and wonderful
     cutting-edge art, Melbourne has              surrounds. A sleek boat transports you
     something for everyone. The ultimate         to the Barrier Reef for a plunge among
     experience must be a weekend AFL             tropical fish and coral. A scenic train
     game at the MCG, but vying for second        journey takes you past waterfalls to
     place is fashion shopping on Chapel          Kuranda. A drive into the countryside has
     Street, coffee along Brunswick Street,       you among rustling fields of sugarcane,
     or Chinatown dining. Southbank’s             where dusty dogs doze on verandas.
     museums are outstanding; try the Ian         Further north, wedged near World
     Potter Centre, the first major art gallery    Heritage rainforest, Port Douglas has
     dedicated exclusively to Australian art.     some seriously cool restaurants haunted
     When the hustle of the big city gets too     by celebrities. It is small wonder that this
     much, simply take a rattling tram to the     corner of Australia is one of the world’s
     beachside suburb of St Kilda.                greatest travel experiences.

                                                                                          This sophisticated city sits quietly on
                                                                                        the waters of the Gulf St Vincent and
                                                                                        thrives on the fruits of the region. If it’s
                                                                                        wine you’re after, take your pick from the
                                                                                        world class Barossa and Clare Valleys, the
                                                                                        Southern Vales and the Adelaide Hills.
                                                                                        Dine on an eclectic range of cuisine at
                                                                                        the cafes of Rundle Street or even take
                                                                                        a break at the Victoria Square pie cart.
                                                                                        Take in the suburban beaches that run
                                                                                        the length of the city coastline or soak
                                                                                        in the view from a hilltop hotel while the
                                                                                        setting sun sizzles into the sea.

                                                                                          Sydney has the best restaurants, most
  South West WA                              Great Ocean Road                           varied museums, finest array of beaches
                                                                                        and hottest nightlife of any city in
  The premium wine country of                Possibly the country’s most
                                                                                        Australia. Its sunny and seductive beauty
Margaret River may be its greatest         spectacular drive, this hundred-
                                                                                        is best showcased along the harbour.
attraction, but most of the southwest      kilometre stretch of coastal road takes
                                                                                        The white sails of the Opera House and
is actually a rugged wilderness. Bring     in rainforest, sea cliffs, pounding
                                                                                        the humpback of the Harbour Bridge are
your hiking boots and let the wind blow    waves and, of course, some famous
                                                                                        stunning, and in the evening at Darling
away the cobwebs along a coastline of      rock formations. Slow down for the
                                                                                        Harbour you can tuck into seafood
spectacular rock formations and scenic     most spectacular section between
                                                                                        risotto and a good wine with the lights
farmland. Stop off at Albany, where        Peterborough and Princeton, which lies
                                                                                        of the city splashed across the sky. The
a replica of the brig Amity shows the      within Port Campbell National Park and
                                                                                        other highlight: a ferry ride to Manly that
cramped conditions under which the         is home to the Twelve Apostles and
                                                                                        takes you from skyscrapers to seaside
first settlers to WA arrived, while the     Blowholes. Yet the glow-worms and            suburb and beaches in a scenic
fascinating Whale World details the        ferns of Melba Gully State Park, and the     thirty minutes.
dangerous life of old-time whalers.        boardwalk at Maits Rest, are reminders
These days, you can whale watch out on     that this isn’t all about coast – the
                                                                                          When planning your next holiday
the bay. Inland, limestone caves, karri    rainforest is beautiful too. The drive
                                                                                        be sure to visit the AANT before you
forests and wildflowers await.              finishes at surfing-mad Torquay.
                                                                                        go. AANT members can save on a
                                                                                        wide range of Australian theme parks
  Sunshine Coast                             Victoria’s Goldfields                       and attractions when tickets are pre-
  A laid-back lifestyle and new urban        The meandering country lanes and           purchased from the AANT. To find out
chic characterise the Sunshine Coast.      old settler towns of the Goldfields hold      more, visit the AANT office to pick up
Surfers and pelicans bob on the waves,     some fine surprises: Chinese temples,         a copy of the AANT Holiday
and koalas doze in the gum trees. The      artworks in excellent regional galleries,    Savings book.
Big Pineapple was once the height          and fine Thai curries in the most rural of
of sophistication and is now rightly       pubs. But it’s nineteenth-century gold
something of a national treasure. Yet,     rush history that’s the real drawcard.
up at Noosa fine hotels and boutique        Bendigo is a wild mixture of Italianate
shopping cater to the yuppie crowd,        and neo-Gothic architecture and is
who dine on gourmet crab at pavement       dotted with ornate bandstands and            These pages: (clockwise from bottom left): Exploring
cafés. The dramatic beauty of the Glass    statues of robed royalty. Ballarat is        Margaret River region’s rugged side, WA; Ian Potter
                                                                                        Centre, Melbourne, VIC; The view from Mt Wellington
House Mountains and the coloured           almost as grand, while nearby Sovereign      over Hobart, TAS.
sands of Forty-Mile Beach are also         Hill recreates the lifestyle of the 1850s.
highlights. Australia Zoo, and the Koala   If history had been this scenic and
and Wildlife Hospital next door,           entertaining at school, we’d all
are impressive.                            be academics.
                                                                                                                        A A NT A DV IC E


         While baby boomers continue to hit the road in increasing
         numbers, more and more are opting to take their pets with
             them, rather than have them boarded at kennels.

       Accommodation providers are increasingly responding to            box as there may be times when you need to secure your pet
     this trend with more of them sending out the welcome mat for        within the vehicle. Some cats enjoy travel but they should
     guests with two legs, four legs, and even wings.                    always be confined whenever travelling to avoid
        Just a regular search online for pet-friendly accommodation      any mishaps.
     will present a myriad of options. Caravan parks are among the          Take a simple pet first-aid kit containing bandages, antiseptic
     most pet-friendly havens for travellers, but it is important to     cream, tweezers (to remove foreign objects from fur) and pet
     check with the park before you arrive, both to make sure that it    travel medication.
     is ok to bring your pet, and to get an idea of the ‘house rules’      While all your pet’s vaccinations should be up to date, double
     for that particular location.                                       check with your vet about additional shots your pet may need.
       Many will specify that dogs need to be on leads, or cats          Also ask them for a copy of the vaccination certificate and have
     confined to cages during certain hours. Provision for horses can     your pet go through a general health check before you set off.
     be easily accessed at some while others ask they be kept in           NEVER leave your dog or cat in the car, no matter how quick
     the floats.                                                          you think you will be. Dogs have different sweat glands to
       Once you’ve decided to take your pet with you, it pays to         people and won’t last long in a hot car. Always clean up after
     take a few measures to make sure they’ll be both safe               your dog and make sure it is well behaved. If it barks all night it
     and comfortable.                                                    will ruin everyone’s holiday.
       Make sure your pet is wearing identification that will allow          If you have a cat, train it from an early age to walk on a lead.
     you to be contacted wherever you are – ideally, have them           This allows you to take your cat outside of the caravan, tent or
     microchipped. A mobile number on your pet’s tag is also a           area you are staying in – don’t let your cat out without a harness
     good option. Bring their favourite bowl, toys or blankets for       or lead. It must also be a specially designed harness as cats can
     familiarity and a spare rug to cover any furniture at the place     slip out of their collars. Include kitty litter and a scoop to clean
     you’re staying. Pack some of their favourite food in case you       up after it and don’t let your cat wander off in a strange area
     can’t get it on the road.                                           – they may get lost.
       For your and your pet’s safety, restrain a dog with a proper        With some forward planning, the whole family – even the furry
     pet harness while in the car. You may also wish to take a carrier   ones, will have a great holiday.

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