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17 July 2003

TO: ExCo Members and Alternates/Operating Agents
    Task Leaders
    Invited Observers incl. FAO
    IEA Office of Energy Technology and Efficiency
    IEA Legal Office - Information

Dear Colleagues


This information has been emailed to you all, but I am also sending it by post to ensure it reaches
everybody. As you know from the decision taken at ExCo51 and previously, this ExCo meeting will be
held in Brazil, hosted by the Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy along with the Brazilian Network of
Biomass for Energy (RENABIO). The ExCo Members for Brazil, Mr Marcelo Poppe and Dr Manoel
Noguiera along with Professor Laercio Couto, President of RENABIO and Brazilian Team Leader for
Task 30 have made some excellent arrangements. These include two study tours; one on Tuesday 28
October and another on Friday 31 October – more details are provided below.

Meeting Details
The ExCo52 meeting will take place at the Royal Palm Plaza Hotel in Campinas, Brazil. This is a resort
hotel built in Spanish colonial style with modern facilities. The meeting will start at 9.00am on
Wednesday 29 October and continue on Thursday 30 October starting at 8.30am. A informal pre-meeting
will be held on the evening of Monday 27 October to which all ExCo Members and Alternate Members
are invited. This is a new process introduced by our current Chairman (please see ExCo51 Final Minutes,
page 34).

Meeting Venue and        Royal Palm Plaza Hotel
Accommodation:           Rua Commendador Dr Jose Cesar
                         200 Jd Do Lago
                         Campinas 13051024
                         Tel: +55 19 3738 8000
                         Fax: +55 19 3738 8001

Brazilian Contact:       Ms Tatiana Crespo
                         Campus da Universidade Federal de Viçosa
                         Departamento de Engenharia Florestal, sala 216
                         Viçosa – MG CEP 36570-000
                         Phone: +55 31 3899 1199
                         Fax: +55 31 3891 2166

                                                                                                  Page 1
Hotel and Meeting Registration
Please note, if at all possible confirm your hotel requirements without delay and definitely before 30
September. The attached Registration Form should be returned to Ms Tatiana Crespo to ensure a
reservation and to facilitate the meeting arrangements.

Rooms: Please indicate your room preference on the registration form. Room costs range from R$230 to
R$420 per night - this includes breakfast.

Check-in/Check-out: Hotel check-in time is 5.00pm. Check-out is noon. If you have special
requirements related to check-in or check-out please advise Ms Tatiana Crespo on your registration form.

Airport Transfers: The Royal Palm Plaza Hotel is located between Campinas airport and the city. Our
hosts advise that there are plenty of taxi cabs available. Look for a Cooperative Taxi Office in the airport
building rather than for just any taxi outside. The travel time to the hotel is approximately 15 minutes
and costs about 15-20 USD. It is not usual to tip the taxi driver.

Brazils currency is the “real” (pronounced hay-ow), often written R$; the plural is “reais” (hay-ice). One
real is made up of 100 centavos. Bank notes are easy to distinguish from each other as they come in
different colours. There is a one real coin as well as a one real note. There is a shortage of change all
over Brazil. When you change money ask for lots of small notes. It is best to take a combination of credit
cards, US$ travellers cheques and US$ cash for maximum flexibility. As at 17 July: 1R$ = approx. 0.35
USD and = approx. 0.31 Euro.

Other Useful Information
Attendees should check carefully for any Brazilian tourist visa requirements as part of their travel plans.
Passports must be valid for at least six months from date on entry. Visas are required for tourists of many
nationalities including Australia, Canada, Croatia, Japan, New Zealand and the USA. Visas are issued by
Brazilian diplomatic offices and are valid for a travellers arrival in Brazil within 90 days of issue and
then for a 90 day stay. You will need your passport, a passport photograph and a round trip ticket or a
statement from your travel agent that you have it.

Visitors to Brazil should also check on recommended vaccinations, e.g. tetanus and hepatitis.

Credit cards are now accepted all over Brazil. Visa is the best card to carry for cash advances and is the
most widely accepted card followed by Mastercard, American Express and Diners Club.. Changing cash
and travellers cheques is straight forward. Most services get tipped a mandatory 10%, often this is
included in the bill.

The weather will be hot (up to 30ºC) in October, and it might rain some days. The region were we are
going to stay is one of the most developed in Sao Paulo.

Study Tours
Two study tours have been organised, one for Tuesday 28 October and another for Friday 31 October. On
Tuesday a bus will leave the hotel at 8.30am to arrive at International Paper around 9.30am. This visit
may include their nursery, biotechnology laboratory and short rotation eucalyptus plantation
management. On Friday a bus will leave the hotel at 8.30am to arrive at Copersucar around 9.30am. This
visit will demonstrate producing energy from sugar cane bagasse. We expect the study tours to finish
around 5.30pm. Our hosts advise that there will be no charge for the bus and meals. Further information
on the study tours will be provided as it becomes available.

ExCo Meeting Facilities
All normal facilities will be available.

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Conference Charge
At this stage it is unclear if there will be a “conference charge” to cover the meeting room, lunches and
morning and afternoon teas for the ExCo meeting.

Official Dinner
An official dinner is planned for the evening of Wednesday 29 October. Sponsorship of the event is
undecided at present. Delegates should be prepared to pay for themselves at this stage. Final details will
be announced at the meeting.

I would like to know in advance if any of the Contracting Parties will not be represented at the meeting.
Please send me a fax or e-mail.

Agenda Material
The deadline for receipt of Agenda material at my office is Friday 12 September 2003 (NZ time) to catch
the post-out. If those of you who are preparing material cannot meet this deadline for any reason, I will
supply an Agenda document number and the report should be sent out directly to the ExCo participants.

Task Leaders – please note the date above with respect to Task Progress Reports and the New Task
Proposals for 2004-2006.

Attendance of Task Leaders at ExCo52
There may be Task Leaders who can attend ExCo52. Bridgwater and Patel indicated attendance
previously and van Loo and Schlamadinger possible attendance. Please advise me as soon as possible if
you are planning to attend. I have sent this meeting announcement to all Task Leaders.

Action Items From ExCo51
I should be grateful if ExCo members, Operating Agents and Task Leaders would all review the list of
action items from ExCo51 which are attached to this letter.

Financial contributions
At the date of this letter, there are a number of contributions outstanding. I should be grateful if the
relevant ExCo Members would check progress with these payments and advise me of when they are
likely to be received by my office. These funds are needed by the Task Leaders so they can progress the
agreed work programmes in the Tasks.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me or Ms Tatiana Crespo.

Best personal regards.
Yours sincerely

John Tustin
Secretary, IEA Bioenergy

                                                                                                      Page 3
                                 REGISTRATION FORM
                IEA Bioenergy ExCo52, Campinas, BRAZIL
                           28-31 October 2003
 Name of respondent:

 Name(s) of accompanying person(s):

Please return this registration no later than Tuesday 30 September, 2003 to Ms Tatiana Crespo, e-mail:, Phone: +55 31 3899 1199; Fax: +55 31 3891 2166.
1.    Meeting participation (mark with  beside Yes or No):
       Yes             No      I will participate in ExCo52 from 29-30 October 2003.
       Yes             No      I/We will participate in the Dinner on Wednesday 29 October 2003.
       Yes             No      I/We will participate in the Forest Study Tour on Tuesday 28 October 2003.
       Yes             No      I/We will participate in the Sugar Cane Study Tour on Friday 31 October
 Extra comments:

2.    Arrival/departure details, hotel room in Campinas:
 I/We will arrive in Campinas on                                                                           (date)
 Expected time of arrival:                                                                                 (time)
 I/We will depart from Campinas on                                                                         (date)
 Expected time of departure:                                                                               (time)

 My spouse/partner will be travelling with me.                                        Yes         No
 Please reserve me/us a room at the Royal Palm Plaza Hotel for the indicated length of stay in Campinas.
 I intend to stay for       nights. The rates below include breakfast.
     Single Room (1 single bed)        R$230 (Lux)         R$340 (Delux)        non-smoking        smoking
     Double Room (1 double bed)            R$250 (Lux)          R$420 (Delux)        non-smoking          smoking
     Twin Room (2 single beds)             R$250 (Lux)          R$420 (Delux)        non-smoking          smoking
 Currency: 1R$(Brazil Reais) = approx. 0.35 USD and = approx. 0.31 Euro
 Extra comments/preferences. Please indicate if you have any special requirements including those relating
 to the restaurant, e.g. vegetarian, or special food. Also relating to your room and early check in on arrival.

3.    Personal and card details for the hotel booking. Please note the hotel accommodation will not be
      guaranteed without credit card details:
 Full Name:
 Phone:                                                       Fax Number:
 Email address:
 Name of Bank:                                                 Expiry date:
 Credit Card No: