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					                                                             July 2008

        Coal Bed Methane – Botswana’s New Treasure!
                         Presentation by Tore Horvei
              Botswana Resources Conference, GICC, 23 July 2008
Erica Belling
VP Investor Relations                                   Warren Newfield, Chairman
(416) 361-9636 ext. 243                                       Colin Kinley, Director                                        Saber Energy Corp.
                                         Forward-Looking Statement
Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

This presentation contains certain “forward-looking statements”. All statements, other than statements of historical fact, that address activities, events or developments
that Saber Energy Corp. (“Saber” or “the Company”) believes, expects or anticipates will or may occur in the future are forward-looking statements. This presentation
includes certain “forward looking statements” within the meaning of the United States Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements are
often, but not always, identified by the use of words such as “seek”, “anticipate”, “believe”, “plan”, “estimate”, “expect”, and “intend” and statements that an event or
result “may”, “will”, “can”, “should”, “could”, or “might” occur or be achieved and other similar expressions. These forward-looking statements reflect the current internal
projections, expectations or beliefs of Saber based on information currently available to Saber. Forward-looking statements are subject to a number of risks and
uncertainties that may cause the actual results of Saber to differ materially from those discussed in the forward-looking statements, and even if such actual results are
realized or substantially realized, there can be no assurance that they will have the expected consequences to, or effects on, Saber. Factors that could cause actual
results or events to differ materially from current expectations include, among other things: failure to complete a positive preliminary and/or bankable feasibility study;
volatility of and sensitivity to market prices for gas and prices (market or otherwise) for electricity; changes in equity and debt markets; inflation; changes in exchange
rates; uncertainties relating to the availability and costs of financing needed to develop the project; the ability of Saber to conclude power purchase agreements with
South Africa’s state owned electricity utility (Eskom Holdings Limited) and Botswana’s state owned electricity utility (Botswana Power Corporation); exploration costs
varying significantly from estimates; delays in the exploration and development of the project; inability to secure and produce sufficient water to support gas production;
actual gas usage varying from assumptions; inability to, or delays in, procuring the required engineering, procurement and construction (“EPC”) contract, labour, capital
equipment and/or operating parts and supplies; equipment failure; unexpected geological or hydrological conditions; political risks arising from operating in Africa;
imprecision in resource and reserve estimates, including estimates of the life and recovery thereof; success of future exploration and development initiatives; inability to
establish the minimum amount and quality of reserves required to support the proposed power plant project; competition; operating performance of facilities;
environmental and safety risks, including increased regulatory burdens, seismic activity, weather and other natural phenomena; inability to, or delays in, obtaining
necessary permits and approvals from government authorities; the existence of undetected or unregistered interests or claims, whether in contract or in tort, over the
properties of Saber; changes in government regulations and policies, including tax and trade laws and policies; risks relating to labour; and other exploration,
development and operating risks.

Any forward-looking statement speaks only as of the date on which it is made and, except as may be required by applicable securities laws, Saber disclaims any intent or
obligation to update any forward-looking statement, whether as a result of new information, future events or results or otherwise. Although Saber believes that the
assumptions inherent in the forward-looking statements are reasonable, forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and accordingly undue
reliance should not be put on such statements due to the inherent uncertainty therein.

Resource figures included in this presentation are estimates based on work completed by the previous owner of the properties and do not comply with National
Instrument 51-101 of the Canadian Securities Administrators. No assurances can be given that the indicated amount of Coal Bed Methane will be proven or produced.
Estimates made at a given time may significantly change when new information becomes available, including as a result of future exploration activity. Resource
estimates are imprecise and depend, to a certain extent, upon statistical inferences which may ultimately prove unreliable. If the resource estimates are inaccurate or
are reduced in the future, this could have a material adverse impact on Saber.

Certain information contained in this presentation was prepared by Saber using data from publicly available sources, including information relating to Botswana, the need
for new power capacity in South Africa and GDP growth forecast for South Africa. While the Company is not aware of any misstatements regarding such data, such data
is subject to change based on various factors.
                                                Forward-Looking Statement Cont’d
Conditions of presentation
The information contained in this presentation has been prepared by Saber and is being delivered for informational purposes only to a limited number of persons to assist them in deciding
whether or not they have an interest in investing in the Company. The presentation has not been independently verified and the information contained within is subject to updating,
completion, revision, verification and further amendment. The presentation does not purport to contain all information that a prospective investor may require. While the information
contained herein has been prepared in good faith, none of the Company, its shareholders, directors, officers, agents, employees, or advisers give, has given or has authority to give, any
representations or warranties (express or implied) as to, or in relation to, the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information in this presentation, or any revision thereof, or of any
other written or oral information made or to be made available to any interested party or its advisers (all such information being referred to as “Information”) and liability therefor is expressly
disclaimed, except as may be imposed by applicable securities laws. Accordingly, none of the Company, its shareholders, directors, officers, agents, employees or advisers take any
responsibility for, or will accept any liability whether direct or indirect, express or implied, contractual, tortuous, statutory or otherwise, in respect of the accuracy or completeness of the
Information or for any of the opinions contained herein or for any errors, omissions or misstatements or for any loss, howsoever arising from the use of this presentation. In furnishing this
presentation, the Company does not undertake or agree to any obligation to provide the recipient with access to any additional information or to update this presentation or to correct any
inaccuracies in, or omissions from, this presentation which may become apparent.

Information contained in this presentation is confidential information and the property of the Company. It is made available strictly for the purposes referred to above. The presentation and
any further confidential information made available to any recipient must be held in complete confidence and documents containing such information may not be reproduced, used or
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This presentation should not be considered as the giving of investment advice by the Company or any of its shareholders, directors, officers, agents, employees or advisers. Each party to
whom this presentation is made available must make its own independent assessment of the Company after making such investigations and taking such advice as may be deemed
necessary. In particular, any estimates or projections or opinions contained herein necessarily involve significant elements of subjective judgment, analysis and assumption and each
recipient should satisfy itself in relation to such matters. Neither the issue of this presentation nor any part of its contents is to be taken as any form of commitment on the part of the
Company to proceed with any transaction and the right is reserved to terminate any discussions or negotiations with any prospective investors. In no circumstances will the Company be
responsible for any costs, losses or expenses incurred in connection with any appraisal or investigation of the Company.

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who fall within the category of person set out in the Article 19 (investment professionals) of the Order or (b) are persons of the type specified by Article 49(2) (high net worth companies, etc.)
of the Order. Any investment activity to which this presentation relates in the United Kingdom is available to, and will only be engaged with such persons and this presentation should not be
acted or relied upon in the United Kingdom by persons of any other description. This presentation has not been approved as a prospectus by the UK Financial Services Authority ("FSA") under
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presentation should not rely or act upon it.

                     Gas in Botswana?
• Gas is normally understood to mean natural gas

• Natural gas is generally scarce in Southern Africa
    – Offshore Angola – targeted primarily for LNG export
    – Pande and Temane onshore gas fields, Mozambique – mainly to supply
      Sasol’s operations in South Africa
    – Offshore South Africa (south coast) – exclusively to sustain PetroSA’s gas-
      to-liquids (GTL) refinery in Mossel Bay

• A new approach is needed – what role can unconventional gas play?
    – Unconventional gas includes coal bed methane (CBM) and shale gas

• CBM has been on the radar screen for some time, but no major
  resource has been proven through actual exploration and production

• Saber Energy Corp is about to change this
    – Saber’s focus is Botswana, and the prospects are good!
                                      Coal Bed Methane (CBM) for Africa

     Saber Energy is an emerging, vertically integrated energy company focused
      on developing a coal bed methane (CBM) gas field in the Karoo Coal Basin,
      in Botswana

     Uses included:
       • Gas for power generation
       • Gas for gas-to-liquids (GTL) plant

     Preliminary reports indicates current licenses may hold in excess of 3 trillion
      cubic feet (TCF)* of recoverable methane gas

     Commercial production anticipated before end of 2011

                            Today a liter of diesel in Botswana costs approx. $ 1.18
                                  An equivalent heat value is $32.21/mmbtu
                               It is time for a new fuel option for African Power

* Not compliant with Canadian National Instrument 51-101(NI 51-101) Standards of Disclosure for Oil and Gas Activities
                         The Case for Saber Energy
   Conventional gas wells:
     •   North American gas wells deplete in less than two years
     •   Worldwide, many conventional basins have similar decline curves or faster

   New technological developments typically allow fast access and production of
    previously locked up gas resources in coals, shales and mudstones

   Saber Energy gas wells:
     •   Shorter term (five to seven year economic decline of the organic shale gases) PLUS
     •   Slower early dewatering of the coals (typical in organic blocks of shales interlaid with
         coal beds) PLUS
     •   Long exponential or hyperbolic decline of the coals EQUALS
     •   Economic life of well to be approximately 20 years

   Long life reserves provide consistent predictable gas flows

                                     Strategic Energy in Africa
                            Saber Resource - Risked - Estimate 12 tcf
                              Power, LNG, Diesel Conversion, Export
                             Botswana: Economic Success Story

   Political & Financial Stability                                                                Tunisia

     •     Stable Multi-party democracy
     •     GDP per capita of $US 5,580                         Sahara                 Algeria

     •     Average GDP growth of 5% (2000 -2006)
     •     Significant foreign currency reserves            Mauritania

                                                                              Mali                Niger

                                                                                                                  Chad                                                  Djibouti
   Favorable foreign investment climate                                 Burkina Faso

                                                          Guinea                  Benin
     •    No exchange controls                      Sierra Leone
                                                                     Ivory Coast
                                                                                                Nigeria                                              Ethiopia

     •    Low tax rate                                     Liberia
                                                                                                              Central African Rep.
                                                                              Equit. Guinea                                               Uganda
   A2 Credit rating by Moody's                                              Sao Tome &
                                                                                                                          DRC                                  R.


   Australian Publication “Resource Stocks”:               Political and                                                                                            Comores

     •    Rated Botswana as having the 7th lowest          Economic Risk                                       Angola                         Malawi
          country risk for mining globally (2007)             Low
                                                              Medium-low                                                             Zimbabwe

   Transparency International:                               Medium                                           Namibia

      •   Rates Botswana as having one of the                 Medium-high
          lowest corruption indexes in the world,             High

          37th out of 165 countries (2006)           Source:
                                                                                                                       South Africa       Lesotho

                                                     Aon Group, Inc 2007

Saber Botswana Acreage Position
                Saber Energy controls more than 3.5
                million acres in the resources rich
                Karoo Coal Basin

                   Karoo Central                   991,0001
                   Karoo West                      773,000
                   Karoo East                      741,0002
                   Karoo North                   1,184,0003

                Total Acreage                     3,689,000

                 Exploration Schedule

                    Central Block - underway
                    West Block - underway
                    East Block - July 2008
                    North Block - begins August 2008

                     1 90% Vested, remaining 10% subject to
                     issuance of extraction permit
                     2   Subject to 90% earn-in
                     3   Subject to 85% earn-in

                               Project Update – Drilling (as at end-Jun’08)

     Total wells drilled on project               82        Central Karoo Block

     Core holes:
       • Desorbed by Saber                         14
       • Desorbed by TerraTek*                     5
       • Non-desorbed core holes                   10

     Production pilot and stratigraphic wells
       • Drilled by Saber                          34
       • Drilled prior to farm-in                  14

     Water supply wells drilled and completed
       • Drilled by Saber                          5

     Horizontal well pads under construction      2

     Production 5-spots for current testing       5

       Rotary Air Percussion Drilling is a cost effective
                 and low impact drill method
      Local Contractor being used to support Saber rigs

* A Schlumberger company

                         Project Drilling - Update
Oblique Section – Central Karoo Block – Coal Shale Section

    North half of Central block average is 21m of coal
  128 SCF/Ton on 20m is 9.68 BCF/mile² (1.324g/cm3)
     120 Acre Spacing = 1.64 BCF/Well – Unrisked
              50% Recovery = .82 BCF/Well
                               Project Update - Drilling
Five Spot As-Build
   5 five spots currently drilled
   Wireline perforating, acidization and fracing currently underway
   Isolated completions of coals at different levels after prove up
   ARI confirmed saturated coals throughout the central area
   Desorption of single zone completions should occur quickly
   Estimated dewatering of two to four months

                                                                             Saber Energy Site in Botswana, June 2008

                                                                  Water Disposal

                                                                      Evaporation ponds constructed
                                                                      Water is “cattle quality”
                                                                      Agricultural applications
                                                                      Disposal method options

                         Project Update - Drilling

Horizontal CBM Wells

   Thick coals – low risk steering
   Weatherford currently mobilizing
   Company owned drilling equipment
   High production drilling                 Horizontal Drilling Technology provides:
   Fracing and cementing are not required              High Production
   Fewer moving parts – less pumps            Near Term Effective Well Depletion
   Lower environmental impact
   Greater reserves – lower F & D
   Smaller diameter drilling
   Multiple lateral wells – no casing
   More effective drainage
   Huge economic impact on valuations
   No perforations required
   Higher production

                          Comparable Fuels
   For power generation, Botswana and South Africa’s current fuel options are coal and diesel
   Export quality (A-grade) steam coal is trading up to US$ 160/ton (26mmbtu/ton)
   This coal price equates to US$ 6.27/mmbtu (if available)
   Diesel is US $32.21/mmbtu

              Botswana Diesel Price (as at June 13, 2008) US$ 1.18/liter (US$ 4.47 US/Gallon)
                          Equivalent US$ 32.21/mmbtu (Factor $g/.13869)

                                Coal Basin Comparisons
Cherokee Basin Comparison

   Coal Total Thickness Average 13 feet
   Shale Thickness Average 5 feet
   Coal Gas Content Average 200 SCF/Ton
   Shale Gas Content Average 40 SCF/Ton
   Well Reserves 160 mm/160 Acres                                     Saber Karoo Coal Project
   Production Average 40 mcfd                                             3.5 Million Acres
                                                                   Coals 65 to 110 Feet of Thickness
*Source: Tedesco Gas Contents                                  Shale and Mud up to 230 Feet of Thickness
                                                                 Coal Gas Contents up to 150 SCF/Ton
                                                                 Shale Gas Contents up to 50 SCF/Ton
Powder River Basin Comparison

   Average Gas Content Coal >20’ = 65 SCF/Ton vs.
    Saber Karoo Coal Project > 65’ = 100 SCF/Ton
   Current Powder River Recovery Factors Range from 50% to 90%
   Average Recovery Assumption 67%
   Powder River Basin Average Production 300mcfd
   Average Reserves 220 mmcf Big George (58% of wells)

*Source: Gas Content, Goolsby and Associates Powder River Report , Production, EUR -Swindle SPE
                                  Project Status
   Exploration and Production Drilling is underway (>US$30m spent since Oct’07)
   SNC Lavalin completed initial pipeline study and Saber Energy has recently
    assigned engineering contracts in support of environment impact assessment
    approval on 90 kilometer pipeline
   Site and environmental studies are planned
   Dialogue established with Botswana Power Corporation about potential gas
    supply to 250 MW Botswana IPP project

         *Please note the above photos are for illustrative purposes only and are not the actual Saber Energy Project
                       Eskom’s Generation Expansion Options –
                       Saber is featuring as an option

* Red outer circle indicates out of Borders project

                                           Source: Eskom Jan 21 2008

                               Management Team

 Saber Energy Corp.
     Warren Newfield, Chairman
     Craig McLeary, CFO

 Saber Energy Administrative Services*
     Francois Badenhorst, Vice President
     Stefan Regardh, Vice President

 Manx Drilling*
     Colin Kinley, President & CEO
     Andrew Mac Ewen, Vice President & CFO
     Brent Nattrass, Vice President Engineering
     John Ed Singleton, Vice President Operations
     Greg Embery, Vice President Geology
                                                                                    Saber Energy Site in Botswana, April 2008

* Saber Energy Administrative Services and Manx Drilling are wholly owned subsidiaries

      Southern Africa is facing major electricity shortages –
       Saber Energy’s project is ideally positioned to address
       anticipated shortfalls
      Southern Africa is also facing a growing shortage of
       refined fuels
      Botswana has a stable democracy with an excellent
       credit rating and the lowest political risk in Africa
      Preliminary reports are that the current Saber Energy
       licenses may hold in excess of 3 TCF* of economically
       recoverable methane gas
      Value extraction possible from gas supply to a
       Botswana independent power producer (IPP) that
       supplies power to Botswana Power Corporation (BPC)
      Additional possibility include 1,000 MW mid-merit
       combined cycle gas turbine plant supply power to
       Eskom and the Southern Africa grid
      Possible gas-to-liquids opportunities, which would
       convert the gas to a variety of downstream products,
       including petrochemicals, gas and fuels
    * Not compliant with Canadian National Instrument 51-101(NI 51-101) Standards of Disclosure for Oil and Gas Activities
                                    Botswana Gas - Energy for Africa!

   Saber Energy’s progress is very encouraging
   Indications are that Botswana has a significant gas potential
 Saber’s acreage alone could hold more gas resources than so far proven in all of
Southern Africa
   And remember, Botswana’s gas resource potential does not stop with Saber!

       Drilling at Saber Energy Site in Botswana, May 2008   Saber Energy Site in Botswana, June 2008
Thank You!

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