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									        DP        Home environment causes violence in child behavior not violent video games and violent movies. There has been no            SR #1
                  sufficient evidence in studies that supports a link between child behavior and entertainment violence. Richard Rhodes
                  reports, “No direct, casual link between exposure to mock violence in the media and subsequent violent behavior has           EV #1
                  ever been demonstrated, and the few claims of modest correlation have been contradicted by other findings,
                  sometimes in the same studies” (Rhodes 30). According to these two essays between Richard Rhodes and John Leo, EX #1
                  the influences that mock violence has on children has only been speculated but have not been successfully proven.
                  Rhodes also reports, “Other social science that supposedly undergirds the theory, too, is marginal and problematic”
                  (Rhodes 31). As Rhodes points out, there have been some contradictions within the studies, so there is no clear
                  conclusion and consequently, the studies fail to prove any link between entertainment and the influence it has on
                  children. A violent home environment influences a child far more than entertainment violence. Rhodes makes valid
  SR #2           points when he reports, “There is good evidence that it’s learned in personal violent encounters, beginning with the
   EV #2          brutalization of children by their parents or their peers (Rhodes 31) and “Brutal physical punishment in child rearing
                  appears as a common factor in the background of violent criminals today” (Rhodes 30). Parents and adults
  EX #2           everywhere need to realize that verbal and physical abuse carry far more consequences on a child’s self esteem and
                  character rather than violent video games and movies. Many parents and politicians today like to use the                  SR #3
                  entertainment industry as a scapegoat for failing to protect children. Leo writes, “Primary responsibility for protecting
                  children from dangerous games lies with their parents, many of whom like to blame the entertainment industry for their EV #3
                  own failings” (Leo 33). Parents have the ultimate say in what their children watch. Parents can not rely on
                  entertainment for raising their children. The focus on this issue facing society today should be on family life and        EX #3
                  strengthening family values such as raising a child in a loving, non-violent environment. But at the same time, society
                  should take a stand against violent games and movies by not contributing to the profit this industry makes. Violent
                  entertainment is indeed a business and should not be held accountable for children. Violence has existed many years
                  before violent video games and movies were ever invented and should not be considered the problem that faces
                  children today. Parents need to be educated on how profoundly their home surroundings affect their child’s behavior.

                              Some believe that violent media, and especially violent video games, are both construed as being real and
   P:                                                                                                                                             EVIDENCE
                  not as fictional entertainment and therefore cause violent behavior. They also believe that violent media and video
   Opponent’s     games are detrimental to the development of children in our society. Leo stands firm stating that, “More realistic
   Point That I   touches in video games help blur the boundary between fantasy and reality…” (Leo 34). This is a solid point; yet, most          USED TO
   am going to
                  children are not so unstable that they cannot differ between reality and fantasy. Equally important is that most children       MAKE POINT
                  do have strong valued parents who instill their same values and beliefs in their children. For example, many parents
                  guide their children in what they believe to be right and wrong and this sets ground work and examples for the children
                  to do the same. Leo also agrees with this by stating, “…the primary responsibility for protecting children from                  EXCEPTION
                  dangerous games lies with their parents, many of whom like to blame the entertainment industry for their own failings.”
                  (Leo 33). Parents are not the only people blaming the entertainment industry for violence amongst children, but
                  politicians are as well. “Despite the lack of evidence, politicians can’t resist blaming the media for violence.” (Rhodes
                  31).The only difference between the parents and politicians is that the parents actually believe there is a connection
                  and that the media is harmful. Whereas politicians mainly just say that violent media and video games are responsible
DISCUSSION        for violence. However, they may or may not actually believe there is a connection, but rather say things of this nature
                  because they know it gives them a more “positive” image among the people in society. Furthermore, politicians do not
                  necessarily care about violence as an issue that they, some day, will have to address. This is because, “They can
                  stake out the moral high ground confident that the First Amendment will protect them from having to actually write
                  legislation that would be likely to alienate the entertainment industry.” (Rhodes 31). All things considered it is still the
                  job of parents to guide their children in right and wrong, and fiction and in reality. Also politicians need to not blame the
                  media and violent video games for the shortcomings of parents and address real issues.

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