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					VC Annual Report
                  SPRING 2010      VOLUME 1                 No. 1

   Villanova College            1 0 YE A R A N N
                                                 IV   E R SA RY

   The First Ten Years
                                    1 9 9 9 -
                                              2 0 0 9
                                VC Annual Report 2010             1
                                           1      Message from the Board of Governors

                                           2      Message from the Head of School

                                                  Villanova Volunteers

                                           4      10 Years and Counting
                                                  A history of Villanova College

                                                  Founding Families
                                                  Founding Contributors
                                                  Original Contributors
                                                  A Founding Family’s Reflection
                                                           Mary and Celeste Iacobelli reflect on the origins of Villanova

                                           6      Wall of Faith
                                                  Our generous donors

                                                  Student reflection by Stephanie Bianco

                                           12     Gifts of Kindness
                                                  Faculty reflection by Mr. Sean Hayes

                  14    Villanova College Graduates
                        Congratulations to our graduates
                        Faculty reflection by Mrs. Sally Mastromonaco
                        Alumnus reflection by Chiara Bitondo
                        Founder reflection by Mr. Grant Purdy
                        Student reflection by Robert White

                  18    Post Secondary Institutions
                        Life after Villanova

                  20    Message from the Treasurer
                        of the Board of Governors

                  21    Audited Financial Statement Excerpts



VC Annual Report 2010
         Message from the Board of Governors
    As I prepared to write this message I was reminded of the        Since 2001 the parent community has entrusted the
graduating class of 2005. My son Michael was graduating,         Board of Governors to ensure that the mission of the School
he started at VC in 1999 as part of the School’s original 26     is carried out. We are fully committed to demonstrating good
students. His graduating class was the last to include any of    stewardship. I would like to thank my fellow Board members
the School’s founding students. At that time my wife, Josie,     for their dedication to the School. I would also like to thank
and I wrote the following as part of a tribute to the Class of   the Administrators of the School, past and present, for their
2005:                                                            guidance and the faculty for engaging our children in their
                                                                 personal development.
        “All of our founding families deserve much
    credit for their blind faith in this school - the original       In 2005 Josie and I wrote:
    believers. Many of us arrived with mops and pails
    so that we could transform a modular into clean                      “Villanova has endured many changes, and
    and operational classrooms … As if by divine                     change means progress, but let those who follow
    intervention, we knew that by choosing Villanova                 never forget its history, its humble beginnings …
    our children would be entering a safe and rewarding              its morals and values. We hope Villanova forever
    environment where they would be granted the                      remains the same.”
    opportunity to grow from somewhat apprehensive
    children into respectful, well-mannered and                      Five years later, I can confidently say that Villanova has
    exceptional young adults.”                                   remained the same in this regard, and I’m confident it will
                                                                 continue to do so.
    Parents no longer require ‘blind faith’ when they send
their children to Villanova College. The success of our
School is apparent to any who come into contact with our
community. We enjoy a beautiful campus and impressive
facility, our School is a member of the Conference of
Independent Schools, our financial strength and stability has
been recognized by the banking community, our graduates
have attended the finest post-secondary institutions and our
                                                                                      Remo D’Angelo
current students are being well-prepared to follow in their                           Chairman of the Board of Governors
footsteps.                                                                            Father of Stephanie, Class of 2003,
                                                                                      and Michael, Class of 2005.
    The original Villanova families pitched in with ‘mops and
pails’ to build a safe and rewarding School, and they also did
much more. The Founding Contributors began a tradition
of faith and generosity that continues today. Donors have
given more than $4 million to support the growth of our
School. These gifts have a direct effect on the quality of the
environment in which our children learn and the number of
opportunities available to them.
                  Message from the Head of School
    From the time that Villanova College first opened its              Through the stewardship of the Board of Governors,
doors in September 1999, it has been blessed with individuals      Villanova College has provided our students a facility that
and families who have come together to serve others and            is second to none. It has employed a vision for growth
have established a school that focuses on faith, academia and      and security that permits the School to offer a breadth of
community. At the centre of the school are our students and        academic and co-curricular programmes at one of the lowest
our children. Established to give Catholic families a choice in    tuition levels in the country.
the education of their children, Villanova College has grown
                                                                       The countless volunteer hours of the Parent Council have
from a dream to a reality and from twenty six students to
                                                                   provided the School an energy and spirit that enriches the
a school community that now boasts an enrollment of six
                                                                   lives of our students and staff on a daily basis. By generating
hundred. Over four hundred alumni continue to establish
                                                                   the support of the parent community, the Parent Council
Villanova’s name across North America and Europe.
                                                                   and its fund raising initiatives have provided, and continue
    The founding families took a tremendous leap of faith          to provide, the resources for the continual growth of our
in choosing a school with no foundation or history. They           programmes.
believed that their children would be provided the opportunity
                                                                       St. Augustine writes:
to be formed as young Catholic men and women. By
entrusting their children to Villanova, they became partners
with the School and the Church, working together to educate
                                                                         “A community is a group of individuals bound together
their children.                                                          by the harmony and communion as to the things
                                                                         that they look for and love. In order to discover the
    That leap of faith soon turned into a sense of confidence            character of a community we only have to observe
that, as parents, the work, the sacrifice and the time that they         what they love.”
had invested was indeed the best that they could do for their                                ~St. Augustine, City of God 19,24
child. Their mission then turned to making Villanova a school
for not only their own children but for all families, wanting
to prepare their children for university and for adulthood.            At Villanova College, we are united in purpose, in seeking
Through word of mouth and partnerships with the local              truth, recognizing the goodness in all God’s creations, as we
parishes, the reputation and the spirit of Villanova College       form our community.
grew. To this day, the growth of Villanova can be attributed
                                                                       Your generosity has assisted us in teaching these values
to that faith and spirit that started with just a few.
                                                                   to our community. By focusing on these values and our
    Today, Villanova College is recognized for its excellence      proud history, even greater progress lies ahead for Villanova
in academics, the arts, athletics and social outreach. Through     College.
the hard work of a dedicated, caring faculty, our students
are afforded many opportunities and challenges to prepare
them for post secondary studies and future leadership. As an           Eternally grateful,
Augustinian school, the core values of unitas, veritas, caritas
are lived each day and are at the heart of every decision made
by the School.

                                                                                              Paul Paradiso
                                                                                              Head of School

2   VC Annual Report 2010
                                 Villanova Volunteers
                 Villanova College would not exist today without the tireless efforts of countless volunteers.
 Parent Council members and other volunteers exemplify the core values of unity, truth and love through their exceptional
dedication and generosity. For all of those who have volunteered their time, skills and effort to support the School’s mission,
                 a heartfelt thank-you. You will always hold a special place of honour at Villanova College.

                               “Let us love, not in word or speech,
                                     but in truth and action”
                                                              ~ 1 John 3:18

                                                                                                          VC Annual Report 2010   3
10 Years and Counting …
    St. Thomas of Villanova College began as a shared dream          On January 24, 2000, the School moved to its current
of lay educators, Paul Paradiso and Grant Purdy.      In 1997,    location. Initially, classes were held in The Annex, a temporary
the Archdiocese of Toronto granted permission for the             building that was used until the construction of the first
establishment of an independent Catholic secondary school in      permanent building was completed in September 2002. The
York Region. One year later, the Augustinian Fathers granted      school’s commencement exercises for its first graduating class
Villanova thirty-three acres of property at Marylake in King      took place on June 26th, 2003, and a few months, later the
City, Ontario. The property’s rural setting, rolling landscape,   expansion of the School’s building was finished. By the fall
proximity to the lake and Our Lady of Grace shrine are all part   of 2009, the Athletic Centre, Great Hall, Library and Resource
of Villanova College’s unique identity.                           Centre and new learning space were constructed, raising
                                                                  student body capacity to 800 students.
    In September of 1999, before moving to the Marylake
property, Villanova College opened its doors to twenty-six           In our short history, enrollment has risen from 26 students
students in grades 7, 8, and 9. Its first home was the Parish     to 600. 424 students have graduated from Villanova College
Hall of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in King City.        This    and gone on to attend some of the finest universities in Canada
historic occasion was only made possible by the support of        and abroad. The phenomenal achievements of our first ten
Rev. Laurence Clark, OSA and many dedicated lay advisors.         years have been built on the foundations of a committed
Villanova College would not exist today without the unwavering    and involved community of parents, an engaged and caring
commitment of its “Founding Families” and the support of its      teaching staff, and an unwavering dedication to the education
“Founding Contributors”. These initial supporters will always     of young people, engaging them in their spiritual, intellectual,
hold a special place of honour at our School.                     physical and social development. Villanova College will forever
                                                                  remain faithful to this mission.

                                           Founding Families
                 Without their faith and commitment Villanova College would not be here today.

  Bache Family               Corazza Family         Figliano Family            Iacobelli Family        Spagnuolo Family
  Barker Family             D’Angelo Family           Flatt Family             Ingratta Family            Stea Family
 Bielecki Family             De Vito Family         Forgione Family            McAvoy Family           Tombolillo Family
 Binsfield Family            Dhama Family            Gambin Family           Provenzano Family          Verdugo Family
  Brown Family                Eaton Family          Gurizzan Family             Sharpe Family
Cappellucci Family          Fasthuber Family

4   VC Annual Report 2010
       Founding Contributors                                A founding family reflects on the first
                                                            five years of Villanova College
Thank you for leaving a legacy of generosity, faith and
sacrifice. Your belief and involvement in Villanova has
                                                               St. Thomas of Villanova College has been
allowed it to become what it is today.
                                                            a wonderful experience for both of us, as well
                                                            as for our son, David. To dream of a Catholic
               Archdiocese of Toronto                       school on the grounds of Mary Lake and then
           Augustinian Fathers of Ontario                   to see that dream take shape year by year is a
                  The Barker Family                         true statement of what faith and hard work can
                Mayor Margaret Black                        accomplish. When we heard of the plans to start
        Remo and Josie D’Angelo and Family                  a new Catholic independent school, we were
        DeGasperis Families (Con Drain Company)             interested from the inception. The timing was
         Nat and Marisa Figliano and Family                 just right. David was ready to start grade seven
        Celeste and Mary Iacobelli and Family               and we felt that the opportunity to be part of
                  Township of King                          this new school was something we would want.
           Tiberini Family (A.R.G. Group Inc.)
             Roy Varacalli (Burka Varacalli)                    The vision of a school whose central values
                                                            were based on academic excellence, Catholicism
                                                            and the overall needs of the student appealed
                                                            to us. We chose Villanova even though we
        Original Contributors                               quickly realized that we might be foregoing
                                                            things such as an existing school building
We sincerely thank these benefactors, as their energy
                                                            and facilities, an established track record and
and resources have allowed Villanova to flourish in its
                                                            a larger student community. Those concerns
pursuit of excellence.
                                                            quickly became secondary.

   Bianchi and Poretta Families (Bianbel and Associates)        The commitment we made to the realization
        Congiusti Family (Protosteel Industries Ltd.)       of the vision became a family affair which
        Sandy D’Angelo Family (Oakdale Drywall)             we embraced. The philosophy of the school
  Manuel Fiuza and Vilma Cortellucci-Fiuza & Family         distinguished it from other schools and made it
         Kubicz Family (Concord Glazing Systems)            special. The growing pains were many, and the
        Lazzaro Family (Carwell Construction Ltd.)          inconvenience of living through construction
          Gary and Lena McDonell & Family                   quickly became a faint memory. David’s
      Morra Family (Outspan Concrete Structures Ltd.)       Villanova school years are now over. The
             Steven Muzzo (Ozz Corporation)                 school gave him the opportunities it promised.
  Provenzano Families (Anpro Excavating and Grading Ltd.)   He participated in academics, athletics,
        Ricciuto Family (Carwell Construction Ltd.)         student government, social events and faith
           Ruffolo Family (North End Interiors)             development. We know that he learned to give
            Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto                and not just take. We believe that he and his
         Toneguzzo Families (Diromar Masonry)               classmates are a finer group of young men and
        Peter and Teresa van Schaik & Family                women because of their Villanova roots. The
                 Verrage Glass & Mirror                     challenges and obstacles were many, but in the
                      Mark Zwicker                          course of meeting and overcoming each one,
                                                            we developed many close friendships, warm
                                                            memories and the satisfaction of witnessing
                                                            and participating in the success of the founders’
                                                            dream. Villanova will always be a part of
                                                            us, and, hopefully, we will remain a part of
                                                            Villanova in years to come.

                                                            Mary and Celeste Iacobelli,
                                                                    ~ Parents of David Iacobelli, Class of 2005

                                                                                           VC Annual Report 2010   5
                                                     Wall of Faith
                           Villanova College is fortunate to have the support of many generous donors.

              The Wall of Faith was established to recognize families, individuals, institutions and corporations
              that believe in the School’s vision and who have been inspired to make a financial contribution to
              Villanova College. The Wall of Faith recognizes cumulative giving in support of capital projects as
              well as academic, artistic, athletic, chaplaincy and outreach programs. The extraordinary support
               of Wall of Faith donors has a direct impact on our students in providing first-class facilities and
                           supporting academic and extracurricular programs of the highest quality.

               The Wall of Faith is updated every year. Donors are permanently recognized on the Wall of Faith
                      in the School and will be recognized annually each spring in our Donor Registry.

                      St. Augustine Circle                                            St. Thomas of Villanova Circle
                                    100,000+                                                    $
                                                                                                    50,000 - $99,999
                       Remo & Josie D'Angelo                                              The Bianco & Fantin Families
                        (The Automated Group Inc.)                                              (Cooltech Air Systems)
                      The De Gasperis Families                                        Bondfield Construction Company Ltd.
                     (Con Drain Company 1983 Ltd.)
                                                                                      Manuel Fiuza & Vilma Cortellucci-Fiuza
                The DiVincentiis & Ostella Families
                            (Global Precast Inc.)                                         Graziani & Corazza Architects
                 The Lazzaro & Ricciuto Families                                             Celeste & Mary Iacobelli
                      (Carwell Charitable Foundation)                                        Patrick & Sherri O'Hanlon
                                                                                                    (Kylemore Homes)

                                                           St. Monica Circle
                                                                 25,000 – $49,999
                                                                 Anthony Colucci
                                                                 (Roman Metal Inc.)

                                                          Nick & Loreta Creatura
                                                         Silvio & Ada De Gasperis
                                                           Nat & Marisa Figliano
                                                     (Lincoln Arrow Interior Construction)

                                                                   Mirage Steel
                                                         The Provanzano Families
                                                        (Anpro Excavating & Grading Ltd.)

                                                        Skyhawk Steel Construction
                                                         Stefcon Construction Inc.
                                                        Peter & Teresa Van Schaik
                                                                 Bernadette Yuen

All giving statistics have been compiled from historical tax records. Every effort has been made to present an accurate account of giving
in our first ten years. Family-owned company names have been listed where the company giving accounts for a significant portion of the
family’s total giving. We regret any inaccuracies or oversights. Please contact the Development Office with any omissions or enquiries.

    6   VC Annual Report 2010
 Headmaster’s Circle                                                             Founder’s Circle
     $10,000 – $24,999                                                              $5,000 – $9,999

                                              Frank & Kathleen Abels                Domenic & Natalie Eramo          Antonio & Christene Ranieri
    Domenic & Nancy Alati                 Ermelindo & Silvana Agostini            Jose & Vickie Espirito Santo         Faris & Khalida Reyhani
     (Foreign Express Auto)                       Mike & Anna Albo                  James & Anna Fabbricino                  Angelo Ricciuto
   Domenic & Cathy Biase                      (Better Living Products)          Faga Group Construction Ltd.                Kathryn Richards
 Christopher & Louise Bielecki                  Michael & Mary Alfieri               Robert & Amber Forhan           Michael & Kimberley Rinaldo
   Michael & Karen Biskey                        Paul & Rose Allison                    Rocco & Jane Furfari            Jose & Rosalina Rocha
   Angelo & Fiona Bitondo                          Quinto Annibale                     Mario & Helen Furfari           Franco & Maria Rotondi
   Neil & Carolyn Bornstein                    Brian & Donna Arthurs            Joseph Gerace & Carla Ridolfo          Rosario & Linda Ruscica
      (West Hill Pharmacy)                  Joseph & Brenda Artibello                                                 (Thorncrete Construction)
                                                                                Peter Gould & Mary Catherine
      Frank & Rose Calvi                         Paul & Mary Barker                              Turner                Robert & Wendy Russell
          (United Floor)                                                                Aldo & Sandi Grossi
                                                Rudy & Irene Bianchi                                                     Peter & Sandra Russo
    Paul & Grace Cantarutti                                                                 Michael Harris
                                                Luigi & Donna Bianco                                                       Nabil & Hala Saidv
     Robert & Angie Colelli                                                              (Steane Consulting)
                                           Antonio & Angela Bisogno                                                Dominic & Claudia Scarangella
   Enzo & Marisa Colosimo                                                            Claudio & Lina Iacobelli
                                                   John & Janet Bot                                                       Enzo & Pat Scozzari
Anthony & Antonia Di Cristofaro                                                      Frank & Eliana Iannucci
                                                Sandro & Lucy Brocca                                                  Mario & Marianne Serrani
       Joe & Mary Furfari                                                                     Roy Johnson              (Basic Fashion Services)
                                                 Vanni & Sue Bronca
      The Furfari Families                                                           (Reliable Book Binders)           Sandro & Antonia Soscia
                                             Frank & Rosemary Bruno
     (Furfari Paving Co. Ltd.)                                                    William & RoseMary Kehren               (Soscia Engineering)
                                               Ernesto & Louise Bucci
       Pat & Emily Fusco                                                             Kristopher & Paula King               John & Maria Spina
         (Avenue Realty)                        Mario & Marisa Bucci
                                                                                   Kenneth & Liliana Klepacki           Frank & Angela Stadler
     Louie & Julia Genova                 Pierre-Andre & Jagjit Burnier
                                                                                              Tom Krcmar          Brian Stevenson & Cathy McGrath
     Michael & Enid Hand                    Nick & Ornella Caccavella
                                                                                    Mark & Angela Lackowicz            Les & Patricia Tomasone
    (Emergency Preparedness                         Gavin Cairns &
                                                                                       John & Nicolette Lane     (Enviro-Way Waste Management &
          Consultants)                           Beata Granat-Cairns                                             Sherway Excavating and Haulage)
     Jim & Sandra Hardy                   Jim & Katherine Cappadocia                    Enzo & Sandra Macri
                                                                                                                            Diego Toneguzzo
    Luigi & Maria Iacobelli              Ciro & Anna Maria Caravaggio               William & Linda Mahaney
                                                                                                                   Adrian Trotman & Joanne Lippa
         (Cobel Drywall)                                                        Francesco & Francesca Maiolo
                                                Piero & Rose Carbone                                                       Allan & Liza Tsang
     Jim & Joanne Ingratta                                                          Carmine & Soula Maione
                                                   Joe & Deb Carey                                                  Mike & Antonietta Vallescuro
    Brian & Valerie Jeffries                                                     (CMC Excavation & Grading)
                                               Michael & Angela Carli                                                   (Keele Finch Masonry)
    John & Cynthia Kubicz                          (Rigobon, Carli)               Salvatore & Birgit Mannella
                                                                                                                            Alex & Cindy Wai
   Steven & Oriana Lazzaro                   Frank & Lorella Cerisano               Mike & Maria Marinaccio
                                                                                                                        Patrick & Martez West
      Rosario & Gina Lijoi                           Paul Cesario                    Ralph & Angie Massara
                                                                                                                         Robert & Kelly Wright
    Gary & Lena McDonell                       (Trimen Food Services)                 Frank & Joanne Mauro
                                                                                               (JD Barnes)              Ashraf & Rima Yacoub
   (Sports Tours International)            Paul & Caroline Chong Yen
                                                                                           Amelia Mazzobel              Antonio & Hellen Zitoli
 Myles & Catherine McGovern              Michele & Graziella Ciuffreda
        Cynthia McLeod                    Brian Coggin & Liana Turrin                     Richard Mazzobel
    Russell & Jane Oldfield                   Frank & Toni Colangelo               Michael & Marie McLennan
 Renato & Maryanne Ostella               Vincenzo & Yolanda Congiusti           Pasquale & Maurina Morabito
  Nicola & Loretta Pantaleo                 Lennie & Sandra Contardi                  Lorenzo & Nella Morra
     Leo & Mary Racioppo                   Giuseppe & Julie Coscarella                  Victor & Mary Mossa
                                                                                       (Firstview Properties)
      Fred & Tracey Rossi                  Rudi Covre & Maria Castro
                                                                                        Mark & Lynn Murphy
  Douglas & Elizabeth Steele                Carlo & Carol D'Argentov
                                                                                       Joe & Anna Naccarato
   Bob & Christine Tisdale                     Tom & Claudia Davies
                                                                                       Lou & Deanna Natale
   The Toneguzzo Families                 Clarence & Donna de Winter
       (Diromar Masonry)                                                                Peter & Donna Nella
                                           Willie & Sara Del Bel Belluz
   Mauro & Sandra Tonietto                                                           John & Marlina Oliveira
                                         (Trinity Contracting & Delsara Inc.)
     Carlo & Flora Vigna                                                              John & Dina Ostrander
                                           Gianni & Paula Del Degan
       (Supreme Financial)                                                        Arthur & Angela Pelliccione
                                               Marco DeSimone
  Robert & Leonarda Zanetti                                                            Carlo & Anna Perfetto
                                          Marco & Monika Di Lorenzo
     (Toronto Redi-Mix Ltd.)                                                              Bill & Shirley Persa
                                          David & Joanne Dodsworth
                                                                                     Domenic & Carm Presta
                                         Wynand & Mary Clare Egberts
                                                                                   Franco & Italia Provenzano
                                          Steven Elia & Pamela Angle

                                  To learn more about how you can support Villanova College students,
                             contact the Development Office at 905-833-1909 or

                                                                                                                         VC Annual Report 2010   7
                                                    $1000 – $4,999

                                      Deborah Abraham              Clementino & Joanne Bucci
                              Danny & Antoinette Acchione             Mark & Angie Buchner
                             Rosario & Giancarla Acquaviva               Steve & Lia Budaci
                                Charlie & Sylvia Agozzino        John Bush & Ellen Miceli Bush
                                Leo & Antonella Agozzino               David & Liz Cameron
                                   Ben & Sandra Alberga         Rosario & Brunella Cammalleri
                                    Marcel & Mary Algieri            Gary & Angie Campacci
                                      Brian & Karen Allen             Frank & Josie Campoli
                              Guglielmo & Paula Andreucci           Albert Cannitelli & Rosina
                               John & Catherine Andriano
                                                                  Stefano & Lorraine Capetola
                                  Nick & Grace Angellotti
                                                                     Vince & Rosie Cardarelli
                                   Robert & Pina Antonel
                                                                     Sergio & Paola Carestia
                             Humberto Aquino & Bernadette
                                            Wainman                  Giorgio & Sonia Carloni
                                       Lino & Italia Arci             Gino & Norma Caruso
                                 Emanuel & Sandra Arcuri               Lino & Paula Casalino
                              Andrew & Andrea Armstrong              Charles & Joanne Casey
                                    Simon & Susan Asaro             Gerry & Serena Cashman
                                  Darrell & Sandra Ashby               Enzo & Anna Casullo
                                    Giulio & Luisa Babici          Frank & Patricia Catapano
                                  Ben & Lorena Baccilieri               Lou & Nadia Ceciliot
                                   Mark & Carolyn Bailey              John & Franca Celenza
                                    Bailey Metal Products             Anthony & Nadia Cella
                                      Tom & Sheila Baker                 Dan & Geta Cernat
                                   Robert & Joanna Balaj            Dennis & Teresa Cesselli
                                Paolo & Mary Baldassarra             Kar-ki & Catherine Chan
                                  Nick & Georgina Balega       Reginald & Anna Maria Chapman
                                         Roy Barichello           Leonidas Christakis & Luana
                                                                          Biocchi Christakis
                                Giovanni & Elisa Barillaro
                                                                        John & Mary Ciampa
                                   Ivo & Sonya Battistella
                                                                     Corrado & Mary Cirinna
                                    Walter & Helen Bauer
                                                                   Frank Ciulini & Anne Kriisa
                            Beau Brummell Custom Tailor &
                                           Shirt Maker           Carmine & Stella Colarocchio
                                         Gino Bellisario                 Luigi & Maria Colin
                               Belmont Concrete Finishing                 Pat & Nadia Collia
                                   Eugene & Kim Benson            Aldo & Donna Compagnone
                                Douglas & Mary-Lou Betz             Alberto & Luciana Conte
                              The Bianchi & Presta Families        David & Christina Corazza
                                       (Bianchi, Presta)           Luciano & Corinne Corona
                                Giovanni & Katia Bianchini          Ettore & Romina Corsetti
                                Peter & Susanne Biasutto                 Vince & Dina Costa
                                 Denis & Martina Bizzotta              Sam & Vaselle Covelli
                                      Albert & Dina Blais                     Edwin Crain
                                 Luciano & Anna Bolzicco                   (Kingstar Direct)
                                    Elias & Patty Bomben                     Viveca Crain
                                 William & Gabriele Borgo              Albert & Sandra Crimi
                                  Andy & Mara Bortolotti                   Milena Crognale
                                          (Solid Stone)            Michael & Martha Croteau
                            Fabio Bortoluzzi & Anna Rossetti    Jose Cruz & Santina Calidonna
                                  Roy & Franca Borzellino           Robert & Joanne Curridor
                                George & Odette Boutros           Luigi & Mary D’Abbondanza
                                  Marek & Dorota Bozek                 Mario & Ida D’Addese
                                     Jan & Patricia Bradel            Rick & Tracy D’Alessio
                                  Eduardo & Pilar Bresani             Tony & Mary D’Alonzo
                                  Robin & Coreen Brown               Peter & Lori D’Ambrosio
                                         Virgilio Brusco              Sandy & Ada D’Angelo
8   VC Annual Report 2010
      Tony & Toni D’Angelo          Nicholas & Sandra Ford                  Craig & Wanda Hazlett                    Robert & Karen Lanni
       William & Liz Daniell         John & Frances Foresi                 Michael & Rosanne Heap                  Vince & Victoria Lanzino
      Ray & Mary D’Antonio               Rose Forgione                        Allan & Maria Hendy                Joseph & Christina Lanzino
    James De Angelis & Rose        Mario & Darlene Forgione                    Jack & Julie Hewitt             John Larsh & Nancy Lonergan-
              Catalano                                                                                                       Larsh
                                   Mario & Michelle Forgione             Peter Higley & Kimberley Linn
     Attilio & Grace De Biasi                                                                                   Nick Latinovich & Mary Goyo
                                   Daniel & Nancy Frustaglio                  Peter & Susan Hillar
Amato & Maria Teresa De Civita                                                                                Stephen & Catherine Lawrynuik
                                    Angelo & Nina Furgiuele                         Wendy Ho
     Giuseppe & Vincenzina                                                                                          Loris & Annette Lazzer
                                   Corrado & Mary Furlanetto               Richard Hosko & Vittoria
           De Francesco                                                            Giovannetti                    Chris & Rosalind Lehman
                                     Frank & Anna Gabriele
      Nando & Josie De Luca                                                   Steve & Helen Hunt                Marcel Leutenegger & Marcy
                                    Peter & Joanne Gabrielli
 Antonio & Margaret De Palma                                                                                               Radolivich
                                                                          Domenic & Mary-Jane Ieraci
                                         Emilio Gambin                                                                   (Design Ideas)
      Mario & Mary DeCicco                                                 Carmine & Debbie Infante
                                   Charles & Marisa Gambin                                                       Danny & Claudia Liberatore
     Howard & Dianne Dellar                                                Luigi & Giuseppa Ingraldi
                                       Joe & Joana Gareri                                                            Alfonso & Pina Licata
 Francesco & Angie Demarinis                                                    Jim Innes & Emily
                                  Messina Gaspare & Francesca                                                      Agostino & Connie Liuni
      Larry & Elaine Deramo                                                          Lamount
                                            Messina                                                                John & Rossana Lo Faso
      Joe & Sandra D’Ercole                                                  Graham & Linda Irvine
                                    Vince & Dawn Gennaro                                                        Dominic & Cinzia Loccisano
    Thomas & Angela Devlin                                                Anthony & Mirella Jacobelli
                                   Frank & Mary Giambagno                                                              Emilio Lombardi
       Peter & Carol Dhama                                                     Bill & Erika Jacobs
 Luisa & Rodolfo Di Clemente
Giuseppe & Assunta Di Donato
     Guido & Anna Di Felice
Luciano & Caterina Di Giuseppe           VC Alumni Speak…
  Giuliano & Luisa Di Lorenzo
  Robert & Patricia Di Matteo               Faith, Excellence, Discipline, Sacrifice. For me, the VC motto truly captures my high
  Mario & Charlene Di Monte              school experience and continues to guide me to this day. VC is different. It offered me
    Sam & Anna Di Pasquale               a holistic education ranging from honing my writing and math skills, to training on the
     Lui & Amy Di Vincentiis             football field, to deepening my faith, and even going to drama practice! There were
      Remo & Maria Di Vito               also countless leadership opportunities at my fingertips. In particular, my experience
      Steve & Lisa Di Zazzo
                                         as Student Council President helped me to build self-confidence and also get a better
      Robert & Gayle Disano
                                         sense of my own self-identity. I have to thank Villanova for helping to shape me into
 Dennis & Jacqueline Donnelly
                                         the individual I am today.
     Ezio & Joanne D’Orazio
      Michael & Kim Downs
                                         Matthew Presta,                                         Matthew recently spent
       Alan & Sherry D’Silva             Class of 2006, Unitas, Now and Forever                  five months studying in
     Philip & Glynnis Du Bois                                                                    Milan as part of his BBA
                                                                                                 from the Schulich School of
        Daniel & Beth Duffy                                                                      Business at York University.
       Scott & Mary Duncan                                                                       He will begin his MBA at
      Sam & Kathleen D’Uva                                                                       McMaster in September
Zbigniew & Anna Dzialoszynski
          Art & Patty Ella
     Piero & Patrizia Fabiano
                                   Marcello & Carmella Giannace              John & Joanne Jarman               Enzo & Franca Lombardi
        Jeffrey & Trudy Fan
                                       John & Judy Giordano                    Peter & Mary Jarvis             Emanuel & Josie Lombardo
     Danny & Bev Fantauzzi
                                    Mario Giovannone & Angela                Mark & Anna Johnston                Massimo & Karen Lozzi
     Leonard & Laurie Fantin                  Lalicata                      George & Claudia Jucan            Frank & Antonella Luccisano
  Gabriele Viana & Antonella             Ian & Janet Gough
               Favaro                                                        Kerry & Sheila Judges               Ernie & Teresa Luchetta
                                        David & Debra Goyo
            Marco Fazari                                                    Adrian & Chris Kardash          David Lukezic & Heather Houston
                                        Donald & Jodie Gray
             Lisa Fazari                                                    John & Suzanne Kehren                     Michael Lund
                                    James & Jeanne Grobowsky
      Angelo & Grace Fazio                                                   Brad Kinsella & Tracy                 Sal & Cathy Lunetta
                                       Danny & Carol Grossi                          Wilson
       Larry & Cathy Fedec                                                                                        Peter & Patrizia Lupis
                                       Sal & Laurie Gugliuzzi             Angelo & Denise Kosmidis
      Sam & Loretta Ferrari                                                                                 Michael & Carol Lyn Mac Donald
                                          (Roysun Electric)                       Beata Kowalik
      Michael & Pina Ferraro                                                                                   Bernardo & Julie Macchiusi
                                     Danny & Marina Gurizzan              George & Corinne Kriarakis
             Remo Ferri                                                                                         Romolo & Mary Magarelli
                                    Liborio & Antonella Gurreri              Dave & Dina Krznaric
           Rosanna Ferri                                                                                       John & MaryAnne Mahony
                                    Berge & Brenda Hadjikezian             Richard & Mary Kuempel
   Robert & Angie Figliomeni                                                                                      Doug & Nora Maikawa
                                        Michael & Julie Ham               Vadym & Svitlana Kvyetko
      Pompeo & Lucy Finelli                                                                                      George & Valerie Makar
                                      Remon & Alice Hanoun               Vincent & Michelle La Gamba
         Lou & Elaine Fior                                                                                      Frank & Susan Malatesta
                                     Robert & Belkys Harbauer            Anthony & Victoria La Regina
         Vito & Josie Fiore                                                                                        Tony & Josie Malfara
                                  Mark Harris & Marlene Vickers                (Regina Hill Group)
      Michael & Mary Fiume                                                                                    Michael & Dianna Mammoliti
                                 Peter Harrison & Joanna Acchione             Tom & Carolyn Lam
       Russell & Carol Flatt                                                                                     Paolo & Rita Mantenuto
                                          Gary & Judy Hatt               Peter & Deanna Lambertucci
 Paul Flumian & Madeline Zito                                                                                    Emilio & Miriam Manzo
                                                                           Stephen & Caroline Lane
                                                                                                                        VC Annual Report 2010   9
      Vincenzo & Rita Mariani       Peter & Diana Perruzza         Louie & Nancy Plastina        Rosalia Provenzano
          Diego & Judy Marin       Oreste & Maria Perruzza              Robert Polese            Emilio & Anna Pulla
    Guido & Joanne Marinucci        Todd & Michelle Peter           Vince & Rose Porano       Anthony & Denise Puppi
      Maurizio & Sue Mariotti     Vince & Marcella Petrozza       Domenic & Julie Porretta    Vince & Barbara Purificati
      Steve & Sandi Marocco              Kim Peyman               Adrian & Fabrizia Prater   Edward & Angelina Pursley
          Joe & Rose Martino         Ian & Corrine Phillips      Danny & Madalena Principe   Christopher & Isabelle Pyz
  Tony & Antonietta Marziliano       Joe & Edi Pietrangelo       John & Rosemarie Procajlo    Antonio & Sandra Racco
        Joe & Mary Mascitelli          Frank Pietrobono            Frank & Violet Procopio     Joseph & Joanna Radice
                                  & Patricia Mior-Pietrobono
      Philip & Anna Mattucci                                         Frank & Liz Prosperi         Nick & Ida Rapallo
                                  Anthony & Louise Pignetti
   Scott & Michelle McDonald                                      Pat & Halina Provenzano    Renato & Joanne Razzolini
                                   Salvatore & Rina Pillitteri
      Brian & Cynthia McGee                                          Alberto Provenzano           Gord & Terri Reid
    Stephen & Kathleen McGill
     David & Joanne McIntyre
  Donald & Annalisa McKenzie
   Chris McKey & Chris Welch
    John & Antoinette Mendes
     Carlos & Laurie Meneses
        Vincent & Janet Mior
          Ann-Marie Molinari
     Frank & Angela Montano
      Christian & Lisa Montini
     Matthew & Jacquie Moore
              David Moreal
       Enzo & Franca Morini
      George & Marie Mousa
     Tyler & Frances Mulhern
          Vlad & Olga Muller
    James & Sandra Mutchmor
     Diego & Denice Muzzatti
  Dmytro & Yuliya Mykhaylova
             Robert Nadeau
     Memo & Ivette Nafarrate
       Ian & Silvia Nakamura
     Nicholas & Daniela Natale
      Marc & Ann Marie Neeb
         Samuel & Wendy Ng
  Bernardo & Anne-Marie Niro
       Gyula & Gizella Nyulas
  Cosmo & Teresa Oppedisano
         John & Elena Pacitto
              Peter Padula
         Frank & Mary Paglia
 Perry & AnneMarie Panagakos
     Danny & Rose Panagoulia
    Lucio & Monika Pannozzo
 Dennis Papaluca & Lisa Martins
       Paul & Linda Paradiso
       Don & Connie Parente
           (Parente, Borean)
         Filippo & Lina Parisi
          Partition Solutions
   Stephen & Eloise Pasianotto
   Gregory Pau & Karen Wong
        Joseph & Elem Pavan
            (Torino Drywall)
        Frank & Sandra Peca
         Gary & Norma Percy
  Walter & Maria Perez-Tristan
       Tony & Daniela Perillo
          Carlo & Leslie Perri

10   VC Annual Report 2010
                Rep Pharm Inc.                      Luciano & May Taverna
            Bruno & Rose Ricchio                    Richard & Nancy Taylor
                                                                                   VC Student Speaks…
               Silvana Rocchetti                      Hans & Rina Teschl
Arthur Rodrigues & Mona Simon-Rodrigues                Enzo & Italia Testa         It feels as though it was only yesterday
          Louis & Catti Rodriguez          Guido Tittoto & Antoinette Benedetto    that I was a scared, confused grade 9
            John & Marie Roman                 Luciano & Franca Tombolillo         student walking through the hallways of
           Carlo & Maria Romano             David Tommasini & Anna Rucchetto       VC, and not knowing what the next four
        Anthony & Mirella Romano              Paolo & Maddalena Tommasino
                                                                                   years would bring me. It is four years
         Frank & Rosemary Romeo                    Roni & Josie Toneguzzo
          (Pineview Pontiac Buick)                                                 later, and I can truly say that my high
                                                        Dean Topolinski
          Stephen & Terry Romeo                                                    school experience at Villanova College
                                                       Donna Topolinski
         Paul & Stephanie Rossetto               Bart & Marianna Trentadue
                                                                                   has been extraordinary.
        Michael & Sandra Rowland                  Leonardo & Venera Triolo
            Carlo & Rose Ruffolo                                                   I have had the opportunity to explore
                                                 Joe & Antoinette Triumbari
          Chad & Melissa Ruggles                  Tony & Rose Trompoukis
                                                                                   many different academic subjects, be
              Tony & Pina Russo                     Jim & Anna Tsaggarelis         involved in many clubs and sports, learn
         (TAP Mechanical Services)
                                                        Fai & Mei-Po Tse           from teachers that not only teach you
            Stephen & Mary Ryan
                                                   George & Angie Tsianos          the curriculum but life lessons, and
           Tim & Jacqueline Safar
              Deborah Salisbury                Thomas Tsui & Chin-Yu Kwok          meet friends whom I will carry with me
          Mike & Cindy Salvadore                       Rick & Lisa Umbrio          for the rest of my life. Villanova is not
                                            David Urso & Mara De Angelis Urso      only a school, not only a community – it
   Thomas Sands & Judy Hayden-Sands
                                                   Conrad & Wendy Vachon           is a family. Every day I walk through its
       Domenic & Mary Santaguida
                                                  Joe & Marietta Valenzano         doors, I know I am not only going to
           Antonio & Linda Santo
                                          Anthony Valenzano & Loretta Puzzolanti
              Domenic Saverino                                                     school to learn for six hours of my day,
                                               Gerald & Paula Vanderpluym
         Mauro & Lucy Scarsellone                                                  but I am returning to my “second home”:
                                                      Gino & Josie Varone
                Liane Scattolin                                                    a place where I can just be myself and
                                                   Manuel & Dalisay Veloso
          James & Evelina Sciacca                                                  learn to be an even better person.
                                                     Santo & Carolyn Veltri
                Christine Scott
                                                John & Andrea Venchiarutti
     Robert & RoseAnne Seccareccia                                                 There is not one day that goes by that
                                                    Paul & Susan Ventresca
          David & Eleanor Sedran                                                   I do not thank my parents for giving
                                                Salvatore & Giuliana Verduci
               Ricky & Joyce See
                                           Joe Verdugo & Brenda Boyd Verdugo       me this truly amazing, life-changing
               Tony & Jean Sena
                                                  Marcel & Sonia Villeneuve        opportunity to attend such a prestigious
              John & Jackie Sepe
                                                     Claudio & Mary Vinelli        school. My only dream is that I too will
        Francesco & Rosanna Serpa
           Robert & Gail Severini                        Angelo Virgilio           send my children to Villanova. The
          Mark & Audrey Sheridan                    Frank & Susan Vonasek          people I have met and the places I went
                                                     Alex & Beverley Weick         will be forever in my heart, and I owe it
        Ezra Simms & Pansy Keddo
                                                       Paul & Lucia White          all to Villanova. Thank-you to the entire
                  Kelly Sinclair
                                                     Barrie & Dina Williams        faculty and staff, my friends, and “both”
          Gino & Laura Smargiassi
                                             Henry Winiarz & Joanne Marabella
       Rocco & Margaret Smeriglio                                                  my families!
                                                     Simon & Karen Wright
           Grant & Daniela Smith
                                                       Eric & Jasmine Yan
            Blake & Nanda Soutar
                                                     Tom & Vanda Yantsis
           Philip & Tina Spatafora
                                                     Francis Yu & Luisa Ng
        Richard & Floriana Spencer
                                                     John & Michelle Zaina
          David & Lina Stanghieri
                                                         Nives Zamparo             Stephanie Bianco,
           Marcel & Franca Stirpe
                                                    George & Rosanna Zeni          Class of 2010, Live to Dream
          Wayne & Kathryn Stordy
           Michael & Rita Surman                   Vincent & Nadia Zenobio                                 Stephanie is an Honour Roll
                                                          Cathy Zeraldo                                    student, a VC mentor and
         Blaine & Fredda Symonds                                                                           has worked with Sandwich
                                                        Ivan & Kim Zichy                                   Patrol. She will begin
              Joe & Joanne Taibi
                                                  Lorenzo & Elsa Zomparelli                                studying Sociology at the
         Michael & Mary Tambosso
                                                                                                           University of Toronto in
         Robert & Sanda Tankovich                                                                          September.

              “Our hearts are restless
               until they rest in You”
                                ~ St. Augustine
                                                                                                            2010 Annual Report 11
                                         Gifts of Kindness

               Dinner Dances ~ Golf Tournaments ~ Arts Programs
                      Graduation Ceremonies ~ Prom Night
           Over the years Villanova College has hosted numerous events that have strength-
           ened and celebrated the School community as well as raised funds to support
           School programs. Whether great or small, because these gifts support Villanova
           College’s mission, they are invaluable to us and our students. We extend our
           heartfelt thanks to the countless donors who quietly gave to and supported
           Villanova College. This published list of donors was compiled from historical tax

  Alliance Atlantis Communications Inc     Canadian Helicopters Limited                 D’Uva Family
             Alpha Textbooks                Canadian Tire Store #237                    Eaton Family
               Avenue Realty                        Carli Family                         Ella Family
          Bacon Basketware Ltd.              Carrville Food Centre Inc                E-M Air Systems
               Balega Family                   Carwell Construction                    Eramo Family
                 Bar Family                 Charles Letts Canada Ltd.               Etcetera Hair Studio
              Barillaro Family                     Ciampa Family                    Extravaganza Florist
               Barker Family                       Clear Day Spa                     Fasthuber Family
           Basic Fashion Service             Clearstream Landscaping                    Ferri Family
           Baycor Construction                Coggin - Turrin Family                  Figliano Family
      Beau Brummell Custom Tailor                  Colelli Family                     Forgione Family
               & Shirt Maker                      Contardi Family                         Fortinos
          Better Living Products                   Corbo Family                        Furfari Family
              Betz Cut Stone                 Cortellucci - Fiuza Family               Gabriele Family
              Bianchi, Presta                      Covelli Family                     Gagliano Family
               Biskey Family                      Creatura Family                      Gambin Family
          Bisogno Jewellers Ltd.              D’Abbondanza Family                      Garden Foods
                  Bisque It                      D’Angelo Family                    Gentec International
              Bitondo Family                       Daniell Family                      Gough Family
          Blue Door Yoga Room                   De Gasperis Family                Grande Cheese Co. Ltd.
            Blumarine Day Spa                      De Vito Family                Hair Designs by Mimma C
             Bornstein Family                    Del Degan Family                       Hillar Family
            Brancatella Family              Designer Fashion Emporio                  Hitachi Canada
                Bucci Family                    Di Cristofaro Family      Hollywood Princess Portobella Restaurant
             Caccavella Family                    Di Felice Family                    Iacobelli Family
               Cairns Family                       Diodati Family                     Ingratta Family
                Calvi Family                    Dircam Electric Ltd.             Instachange Displays Ltd.

12 VC Annual Report 2010
                                                                           VC Faculty Speaks…
                                                                           Villanova College is a place to grow.
                                                                           It is a place to become the person
Interiors by Marina Khatjetoorian                Rahil Family              God calls you to be. If God is love,
   Investments Hardware Ltd.                Religious Gift Store           if God is good, if God is life and I am
          JN Maintenance            Remo Ferri Group of Fine Automobiles
                                                                           made in God’s image and likeness,
    JW Athletics & Active Wear                 Reyhani Family
           Kehren Family                       Ricciuto Family             then I am created to be the same. At
             Kerr Family                        Rigobon, Carli             Villanova College I am able to grow
  Kid’s Country Children’s Wear            Ristorante Di Romano            into this “sameness”. As an educator
     Kylemore Communities                       Ritchie Family             at Villanova, I have the pleasure and
            Lanni Family                         Rossi Family
                                                                           responsibility of being part of the
          Lazzaro Family                 Royalton Gifts & Jewellery
       Lett’s Filofax Group                     Rundle Family              “village” or community that co-creates
             Lijoi Family                      Sammut Family               with God, the people of our world and
             Lott Family                       Scargall Family             the leaders of tomorrow. I have no
   M Bar Bookkeeping Services                    Scott Family              greater pleasure than to see the spark
          Mancini Family                        Sharpe Family              of an idea, a thought or an action that
            Maple Group                        Signorile Family
                                                                           grows out of a lesson and leads to
          Marocco Family                    Sisters of St. Joseph
   Martin Daniel Interiors Inc.             Sit N’ Sleep Shoppe            the establishment of a new insight or
      Masters Insurance Ltd.                      Skin Logics              conviction. Villanova College is a place
             Max Donna                         Souvenir Avanti             of discovery.
         McDonell Family                       Spencer Family
         McGovern Family                      Stanghieri Family            As an educator, I have grown more
         McMahon Family                     Stay Fresh Cleaners            fully as a person of faith. In sharing
           Miconi Family                        Stordy Family
                                                                           the Villanova journey with Michelle (my
         Miller Paving Ltd.                 Sunquest Vacations
       Mizuno Canada Ltd.                        Terra Realty              wife and a music teacher at VC) we have
       Montecassino Place                      Terraprobe Ltd.             been able to grow in our relationship,
            Muller Family                  Textures Hair Design            as we participate in the evolution of this
           Murphy Family                     The Sports Village            school. We both began in the humble
         Mutchmor Family                    The Uniform Group
                                                                           surroundings of a collection of “port–a–
   National Computer Leasing                    Tittoto Family
            Nella Family                        Tomei Family               packs” we affectionately refer to as the
         Newmarket Volvo                         Triolo Family             Annex and as the buildings have grown,
         Numbers by Lyn                           Tutto Bene               so too have we. Together, with all of
         O’Hanlon Family                         Urso Family               VC’s students, faculty and parents, we
          Oldfield Family                        Varga Family              have helped create the school that we
   One & Only Shoe Company                      Varone Family
                                                                           inhabit. I have witnessed the creation
       Organized Interiors                    Vincentina Meats
            Persa Family                        Virgilio Family            of V.O.I.C.E., the leadership program,
          Petrozza Family                     Vista Electronics            sandwich patrol, child sponsorship,
        Pine Valley Florist              Wendy Lynn & Associates           mission trips, overnight fasts and prayer
     Pine View Pontiac Buick                     West Family               vigils, Wednesday prayer services and
           Prima Lighting              Woodbridge Hockey & Sports
        Provenzano Family                     Zero 20 Bambini
            Pulla Family                         Zichy Family
                                                                           As teachers and students, we have
           Ragno Family                    ZO Music Productions
                                                                           grown in awareness of who we are, and
                                                                           who we are made to be by being part
                                                                           of something greater than ourselves:
                                                                           Villanova College.

                                                                                             Sean Hayes,
                                                                                             Religious Education
                                                                                             Department Chair

                                                                                            VC Annual Report 2010 13
                    Villanova College Graduates
        Villanova’s first graduating class, the Class of 2003, was made up of twelve students. They
        began student life using chairs as lockers, a church as a classroom and a parking lot as an
        athletic field. The Class of 2010 will graduate from a first-class facility that includes a state-of-
        the-art athletic centre, a full-service library and modern computer labs.

        While the School has continued to grow and evolve the most important elements of a student’s
        journey remain the same: a catholic education that engages spiritual, intellectual, physical
        and social development. Congratulations to the 424 graduates of Villanova College’s first ten

                                 The Graduating Class of 2003 - “First of Many”
            Joseph Accardi            Rosanna Cappellucci        Matthew Devito             Michael Gambin
             Iliana Adamo             Stephanie D'Angelo          Megan Devito               Elya Gurizzan
              Greg Barker                Daniel Devito           Kristen Figliano           Ashlea Oldfield

                                The Graduating Class of 2004 - “Second to None”
             Sara Accardi               Pierluca Collia         Katrina Gabriele         Chantelle Ophelders
             Daniel Albo                Laura Curridor        Chantelle Hadjikezian      Domenic Oppedisano
            Daniella Asaro             Alexander Doyle          Mario La Regina       Michael Alexander Rossetto
          Alessandra Bresani             Andrew Flatt              Tania Niro             Vanessa Spagnuolo

                               The Graduating Class of 2005 - “The World is Ours”
           Julius Yaw Adjei             Michael D'Angelo            Colin Jarvis             David Petrozza
           Daniel Agozzino            Alessandra De Palma      Andrea Kirou-Mauro              David Poole
            Robert Bielecki            Justin Peter Dhama         Sara La Gamba             Joseph Prosperi
            Chiara Bitondo                Robert Disano          Sarah Liberatore          Peter Provenzano
           Jason Bornstein            Adam Dzialoszynski       Alexandria Mac Iver           Jordan Rinaldo
           Ashley Bortolotti                Andrew Ella           Nadia Marotta            Stefano Spensieri
          Dani-Lynn Buchner                 Marc Fiume            Jessica Mazza                Travis Stack
           Elissa Caccavella              James Gambin          Andrew McGovern            Caryl-Anne Stordy
            Andrea Carloni               Michael Granat         Christopher Mior           Daniel Tombolillo
            Andrea Ciampa                Danny Gurizzan            Sean Moffatt             Joseph Verdugo
            Michael Covelli            Christopher Guspie        Brandon Moore             Amanda Visentin
              Geoff Crain                   David Hand            Michael Morra              Nicholas Zichy
             Marina Da Re                David Iacobelli       Christopher Mousa
                                         Daniel Ingratta            Brian Neeb

14   VC Annual Report 2010
                             The Graduating Class of 2006 - “Unitas... Now and Forever”
          Daniela Agostini                     Anthony D'Angelo                     Robert Ingratta                    Cristina Polsinelli
           Matthew Albo                      Alexandra De Gasperis                  Kathryn Jarman                      Matthew Presta
            Luca Antonel                       Courtney de Winter                    Laura Johnson                      Daniel Principe
           Sara Bianchini                     Elissa Del Bel Belluz                 Kalyna Kardash                        Daniel Puppi
            David Biskey                        Steven Del Degan                     Diana Lazzaro                       Jane Purificati
           Gabriela Bozek                     Steven Di Clemente                       Joseph Lisi                      Daniela Romeo
          Christian Brusco                     Andrew Di Matteo                    Daniel Lombardo                     Stephanie Rubino
          Gabriel Burnier                          Joseph D'Uva                  Jacqueline Maidment                     Christina Sepe
          Brittney Ceciliot                       Michael Fantin                      Shaun McGill                        Natalie Sepe
             Olivia Choy                            Marco Ferri                        Lisa Miconi                    Anthony Spatafora
           Marisa Coggin                            Lia Forgione                     Joseph Miniaci                       Jessica Spina
          Michael Curridor                        Christian Fruci                  Alessandra Natale                  Anthony Stanghieri
         Sarah D'Ambrosio                     Alexandra Frustaglio              Alessandra Oppedisano                 Lucas Vanderpluym
                                              Brendan Hadjikezian                     Katrina Persa

                             On a beautiful, sunny Saturday in May, the Class of 2006       Mr. Paradiso had fired up the barbeque and was cooking
                             came together to build a garden. Mrs. Viola and I were not     burgers for them. At lunch, Mr. Paradiso sat down with Mrs.
                             certain how many students would commit a weekend day           Viola, the kids and me, and as we ate, we exchanged stories
                             to this endeavour, but by 10:00 a.m., the majority of the      of the Villanova past and of the future yet to come.
                             fifty four-member class had arrived. For two hours they
                                                                                            Now, today, as I look out my classroom window at the garden,
                             dug, hoed, but most of all, talked and laughed, as a garden
                                                                                            I recall that special day it was planted, and I remember the
                             was sown, and as a Villanova tradition – the Grad Gift – was
                                                                                            spirit of pride, care and community in which it was created.
                                                                                            Unitas, Now and Forever: this is what VC means to me. So
Mrs. Sally Mastromonaco      What stands out most in my mind about that day, besides        it grows.
  English Department Chair
                             the camaraderie of the classmates, was the involvement of
                             Mr. Paradiso. While the students toiled away in the hot sun,

                                  The Graduating Class of 2007 - “We Are the Future”
          Christina Alati                        Alessio De Civita                  Lauren Lombardi                  Amanda Oppedisano
      Anthony Baldassarre                       Davide De Simone                     Joanna Lunetta                    Amanda Palumbo
          Nicholas Balega                       Amanda Del Greco                        Krizia Lupis                  Robert Pasianotto
             James Bar                              Joseph D'Elia                    Gillian Mackrell                 Piero Perez-Tristan
            Keith Bauer                      Francesco Di Cristofaro                  Elyse Mahony                      Jessica Petrozza
            Max Bianchi                          Cordelie DuBois                    Pasquale Maiolo                    Christina Poretta
           Maria Bianchi                           Nicole Duncan                   Amanda Malatesta                      Michael Presta
        Jennifer Bornstein                          David Eramo                   Stephanie Malatesta                 Lucas Provenzano
         Steven Bortolotti                         Steven Filippi                    Jillian Mannella                     Stephen Pulla
         Nathalie Burnier                           Daniel Fiuza                   Stefania Marcello                    Peter Raimondo
      Domenic Cammalleri                         Rosemarie Fusco                   Christina Mariani                   Nicoletta Ranieri
       James Cappadocia                              Luca Gerace                  Annamarie Mattucci                  Alessandro Ruffolo
      Fernando Caravaggio                       Mattia Giallonardo                 Alessandro Mazza                      Brittney Russo
           Marc Carbone                         Stephen Giannace                       Susan McGill                        Peter Russo
           Daniel Carloni                             Elise Hand                   Damian McGovern                         Tracey Safar
           Teresa Colelli                          Carolyn Hillar                    Sabrina Miconi                       Stefano Serpa
      Christopher Creatura                       Alexander Hosko                     Lindsay Moffatt                   Julian Spagnuolo
           Michael Curci                            Erika Iannelli                   Marco Molinari                    Amanda Spencer
         Cassandra Da Re                          Jennifer Jeffries                Antonietta Morra                      David Tersigni
           Michael Da Re                        Cassandra Kehren                      Daniel Mossa                       Stefania Tirone
    Josephine D'Abbondanza                     Katrina Kirou-Mauro                 Jessica Mutchmor                     Zachary Tisdale
       Gianluca D'Addese                            Estelle Larva                   Memo Nafarrate                   Derek Vanderpluym
         Tiffany D'Angelo                       Inez Leutenegger                       Michael Niro                        Anita Varone
         Karlie De Angelis                        Alexandra Liuni                     Alessia Oliveti                     Jessica Wright
                                                                                                                            VC Annual Report 2010 15
                             The Graduating Class of 2008 - “Leave Your Mark”
            Benjamin Alavie               Josie Cuntrera            Daniel Giordano           Alexander Pietrangelo
            Laila Andreucci          Paolo Cuntrera Arevalo         Marco Gobbatto                   Cole Power
               Erica Arcuri               Victoria Curci            Michelle Gomes            Anthony Provenzano
            Stefano Ardizzi             Brianna D’Alessio            Taylor Gough               Mario Provenzano
           Amanda Bartella               Alexia D’Angelo          Jinelle Hadjikezian               Richard Rahil
              Evan Benson                Luca Dardengo               Glenn Hazlett            Stephanie Romanello
             Michael Biase            Cristina De Francesco           Vincent Iorio              Katherine Romeo
              Laura Biskey              Cassidy de Winter            Natalie Kehren              Matthew Ruffolo
                Anne Bot                 Eric Del Favero              Amanda Kerr               Samantha Ruscica
           Medi Brancatella                Nadine D’Elia                Eric King                   Victoria Santo
           Stephanie Bruno              Bianca Demarinis           Christopher Lam              Jordan Seccareccia
             Roxanne Bucci               Marco D’Ercole             Caitlin Mahaney              Patricia Selvaggi
          Constance Budaci              Danielle Di Felice         Michelle Maikawa               Bianca Siragusa
            Daniel Buzzelli             Julian Di Lorenzo           Mathew Maione                Kayla Smargiassi
         Christopher Campoli              Jessica D’Silva       Samantha Marinaccio                 Chloe Soutar
               Paul Caruso                Trisha Egberts        John Frank Marinucci              John-Paul Spina
          Markella Christakis              Matthew Elia           Heather McDonell               Rocco Tavernese
               Paul Colelli           Samantha Fabbricino        Matthew McLennan                  Justin Tisdale
           Robert Colosimo             Melissa Figliomeni             Julia Mossa              Michael Tomasone
           Marco Congiusti                 Alanna Finelli        Jonmichael Ostella              Jean-Marc Tomei
             Analisa Corbo                Michelle Fusco              Alissia Paglia            Andrew Trentadue
         Alexander Coscarella           Gaetano Gagliano             Lucas Parente                   Alana Vigna
              Tianna Costa                Laura Gambin                Steven Persa              Samantha Winiarz
             Nicholas Crain              Adrian Giannace              Kyle Phillips                Rochelle Wolff

                                 The Graduating Class of 2009 - “Be the Change”
           Sabrina Agostini               Miranda DuBois              Rita Morcos                  Luke Sullivan
              Elyse Alavie           Stephanie Espirito Santo         Jacob Muller                Alanna Tersigni
            Stefano Algiere             Katrina Furlanetto        Emilio Nafarrate                 Nicole Teschl
          Michael Annibale               Anthony Gennaro           Francesca Niro             Christopher Thompson
           Whitney Arthurs                 Zachary Giusti          Kelly O’Hanlon                 Malyssa Tidona
          Stephen Artibello                Matthew Hillar          Daniel Oliveira               Alessia Tonietto
               David Bar                  Nicholas Iannelli         Justin Oliveira             Matthew Trevisan
          Rochelle Bechard             Alessandra Iannucci      Stephanie Pantaleo                   Jonus Tsui
           Andrew Bitondo                Elizabeth Infante       Emma Pelliccione                Renee Vallescuro
            Krystina Borgo                  Julie Ingratta       Christopher Percy                   Ian Veloso
            Tristan Bronca                Meagan Jeffries        Matthew Peyman                 Danielle Villeneuve
              Paola Bucci                Elizabeth Johnson       Matthew Piersanti                Michael Vinelli
            Alyssa Buzzelli             Annie Khajetoorian       Michael Polsinelli                  Alicia Yan
          Daniel Caccavella                Evan Kosmidis        Natalie Provenzano              Christopher Zaina
               Elyse Calvi               Christopher Lane           Vanessa Pulla              Marc-Anthony Zanetti
          Andrew Cantarutti                 Adrian Larva        Mark Quattrociocchi                Laura Zuccaro
          Silvia Caravaggio           Anthony Leutenegger        Michael Racioppo
         Alexandra Castaldi                Sarah Lionessa         Anthony Ranieri
            Santo Cerisano                Stephen Logush          Lauryn Richards
            Jeannine Chen               Sierra Maier-Niemi             Tyler Rossi
         Nicholas Chong Yen                Joanne Maiolo            Olivia Rotondi
            Bianca Cirinna                  Ryan Malfara             Alicia Serrani
             Robert Costa               Jacqueline Mancini        Isabella Serrani
             Connor Dellar               Cristina Marcello       Alessandra Soscia
        Veronica Di Cristofaro             Daniel Mariotti         Josie Spatafora
           Amanda Di Vito              Sierra-Maria Massara           Holly Stacey
            Diana DiZazzo                 Thomas Masucci             Justin Stadler

                                                                                  Grad Gift
                                                                              School Crest
                                                                              Floor Mosaic
                                                                             Class of 2007
                                                                        “We Are the Future”
16   VC Annual Report 2010
                           VC Alumni Speak…
                           As I look back over the five years since
                           I graduated from Villanova, I realize
                           that while I may have left VC, the things
                           I learned and the experiences I had
                           definitely have not left me.

                           Villanova instilled discipline - a self-
                           discipline that helped to guide my studies
                           and with which I pushed myself to achieve.

                           Villanova forced me to challenge myself to
                           seek new opportunities and discover new
                           horizons, to take risks like moving to new
                           cities, to exploring new countries, and to
                           understand and celebrate new cultures.
                           It is also a place to which I can return and
                           call home.

                           My experience with V.O.I.C.E has helped
                           me believe - believe not only in the value
                           of persistence and determination, but
                           also in the power of small numbers of
                           people to affect big change. V.O.I.C.E
                           taught me about social responsibility
                           and encouraged me to “be the change” -
                           whether by handing out sandwiches to the
                           hungry in Toronto or by teaching orphans
                           in Tanzania.

                           The values that Villanova has instilled in
                           me and the opportunities with which I was
                           provided have helped carry me through
                           university, and will undoubtedly guide
                           me in all of my future endeavours. By
                           encouraging me to get involved in so
                           many aspects of school and society, the
                           Villanova community helped me to grow:
                           as a student, an athlete, a musician, a
                           Christian, and as a whole person. For that,
                           I can only say thank you.

                           Chiara Bitondo
                           Class of 2005, The World is Ours

                                                   Chiara recently returned
                                                   from Tanzania where she
                                                   worked with Peace House
                                                   Africa teaching students
                                                   orphaned due to AIDS.
                                                   She will begin her Masters
                                                   of Education at OISE,
                                                   University of Toronto this
               Grad Gift                           fall.
St. Thomas of Villanova
       Bronze Sculpture
          Class of 2008
      “Leave Your Mark”
                                                 VC Annual Report 2010 17
VC Founder Speaks…                             Villanova College graduates have attended some of the
When I reflect on the past 10 years at         finest post-secondary institutions at home and abroad.
Villanova College it is hard to believe
that so much time has passed and we
are getting ready to celebrate our 10th                          Ontario Universities
anniversary. I recently walked down the               Brescia College, University of Western Ontario, London
hallways of the Annex and it is difficult
                                                                  Brock University, St. Catherines
to fathom that so much has come from
a “temporary modular structure”. Shortly                            Carleton University, Ottawa
thereafter I returned to the magnificent           Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario, London
new edifice and it is hard to imagine                  King's College, University of Western Ontario, London
that we came from such humble
                                                                  Laurentian University, Sudbury
beginnings. I have been asked many
times to define our school. I rarely                              McMaster University, Hamilton
describe the building. It really is the                            Queen’s University, Kingston
community of staff, students, parents                    Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto
and board members that make up our
                                                                  Royal Military College, Kingston
                                                                    Ryerson University, Toronto

Harry S. Truman wrote “You can                         Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto
accomplish anything in life provided you                       Sir Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo
don’t mind who gets the credit.” The                          Sir Wilfrid Laurier University, Brantford
people who believed in what could be
                                                                  Trent University, Peterborough
at Villanova never let themselves get
                                                                        University of Guelph
in front of the vision. We are grateful
to those who never let anything get                                     University of Ottawa
in the way of giving so many students                       University of Toronto - Mississauga Campus
the opportunity to experience what                         University of Toronto - Scarborough Campus
Villanova is all about – faith and
                                                             University of Toronto - St. George Campus
                                                                       University of Waterloo
As we remember the lessons learned in                                  University of Windsor
the classrooms at Villanova, let us never                             York University, Toronto
forget the lessons we learned building
those classrooms.
                                                                     Out of Province
Grant Purdy,
Canadian and World Studies                                    Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia
             Grant Purdy is a co-founder of                  Bishop’s University, Lennoxville, Quebec
             Villanova College and runs VC’s
             new High Performance Athletic                    Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec
                                                             Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia
                                                                McGill University, Montreal, Quebec
                                                        Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick
                                                      Okanagan University College, Kelowna, British Columbia
                                                       St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia
                                                     Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, British Columbia
                                                    University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia
                                                               University of New Brunswick, Moncton

   18   VC Annual Report 2010
                                                       VC Student Speaks…
                                                       My summer holidays had come to
                                                       an end, and the next thing I knew, I
                                                       was on the school bus, making my
        International Schools                          way to Villanova College to begin my
Barnard College, Columbia University, New York City    high school career. Was I going to be
                                                       accepted? Were my teachers nice?
     European School of Economics, Milan, Italy
                                                       Was I ready?
Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, California
          University of Sheffield, England             The first thing I had to do was attend an
                                                       assembly for the grade nines. Sitting
          Wayne State University, Detroit
                                                       in the library among a sea of unfamiliar
                                                       faces, I felt uneasy. However, as soon
         Community Colleges                            as I proceeded to my Grade 9 advisor
                                                       meeting, I felt a lot more comfortable
            Centennial College, Toronto
                                                       with my surroundings.
             Durham College, Oshawa
                                                       The Advisor program really helped me
            Fanshawe College, London
                                                       assimilate into the Villanova way of
          George Brown College, Toronto                doing things. Slowly, as the months
              Georgian College, Barrie                 progressed, I made new friends and
             Humber College, Toronto                   familiarized myself with Villanova life.
                                                       I also took advantage of the many
North Island College, Port Alberni, British Columbia
                                                       extracurricular opportunities available
              Seneca College, Toronto                  to students.
                                                       The most positive experience I have
                                                       had is my involvement with the school
                                                       musical, Barnum. The Arts program
                                                       has really served to improve my self-
                                                       confidence and my juggling capabilities!
                                                       I am in the last stretch of grade 9,
                                                       and I can say, without hesitation, that
                                                       choosing VC was an excellent choice.

                                                       Robert White
                                                       Class of 2013
                                                                       Robert is an Honour Roll
                                                                       student who started acting
                                                                       this year. He juggles and
                                                                       plays the role of Wilton in
                                                                       Barnum, this year’s School

                                                                          VC Annual Report 2010 19
                                                                         Message from the Treasurer of the
Board of Governors                                                             Board of Governors
     As a non-profit corporation, Villanova College relies
heavily on the support of the community. The Board of
                                                                             Our small school started 10 years ago with 26 students
Governors is drawn from the School community and members
                                                                         in a church hall. Today we have a school of 600 students
are appointed in accordance to the Board’s by-laws. The                  learning, competing and performing on a state-of-the-art
Board’s primary role is to provide good stewardship by                   campus. As Villanova College has evolved, so has its financial
ensuring that the mission statement and mandate of the                   position and structure. The School was initially funded by
school is being carried out.                                             family contributions and donations from the community.
                                                                         In 2001, the innovative VC Bond Program enabled the
     2009 - 2010 Board of Governors                                      construction of the main academic buildings we have today.
     Mr. Remo D’Angelo                                 f
                                                           (Chair)       In the 2008-2009 fiscal year, Villanova College began a
     Mr. Michael Carli                         f
                                                       (Vice Chair)      transition to more traditional bank financing in order to build

     Mr. Angelo Bitondo                                f
                                                                         the Athletic Facility and the Library and Resource Centre.
                                                                             With the help of our parent community, the transition to
     Ms. Liana Turrin                              (Secretary)
                                                                         bank financing has been very successful. Villanova College
     Mr. Peter Bar
                                                                         has arranged a $15.5 million long-term facility with the Royal
     Mr. Nick Caccavella
                                                                         Bank of Canada that provides the School with a more certain,
     Mr. Nick Creatura
                                                                         stable and efficient source of funding that will allow us to
     Mrs. Donna de Winter
                                                                         address the growing needs of our current and future students
     Mrs. Joanne Ingratta                                                and their families.
     Mr. Frank Stadler                                                       As part of the transition to bank financing the School
     Mrs. Teresa Van Schaik                                              has begun to wind-up the VC Bond Program. Approximately
     Ms. Madeline Zito                                                   $2.1 million of VC Bonds (principal and accrued interest) were
                                                                         repaid during the 2009 fiscal year. A further $5.1million was
     Members ex officio                                                  repaid after June 30, 2009, including all bonds in series one
     Rev. W. Lego, OSA                                                   through five. Moving forward, the School will continue to pay
     Mr. J. Gennaro                f                                     down bond debt in a prudent manner.

     Mr. P. Paradiso                   f                                     School operations continue to be sound with a $442,000
                                                                         surplus generated during 2008-2009. As a Not-for-Profit
                                                                         organization we are required to use any annual surpluses to
     Former Governors
                                                                         fund future operations. As a registered Charity, Villanova
     Rev. J. Borean            f

                                                                         College is audited annually by a public accounting firm.
     Mr. M. Cerisano                       f

     Mr. M. Ciccolini                      f

     Rev. L.P. Clark, OSA                              f

     Mr. R. DeGasperis                             f

     Mr. D. Donnelly                       f

     Mrs. M. Gambin                        f

                                                                                               Angelo Bitondo
     Mr. C. Iacobelli                  f
                                                                                               Villanova College Board of Governors
     Mr. P. Jarvis     f

     Mr. G. Purdy          f

     Mr. J. Ware   f

     f - Founding Board Members

20   VC Annual Report 2010
Audited Financial Statements Excerpts
(Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2009)

Statement of Financial Position (000’s)            Statement of Operations (000’s)
 Assets                                            Revenues
 Current                                               Tuition & Fees                                        8,356
     Cash                                 3,061        Donations & Fundraising                                 689
     Accounts Receivable                    738        Other                                                   111
     Inventory & Prepaid Expenses            63
 Capital Assets                           8,769
 Property Under Development               9,775        Salaries & Benefits                                   5,613
                                         22,406        Academic & Extra-Curricular                             813
 Liabilities                                           Bursaries                                                75
                                                       Utilities & Student Transportation                      415
 Current                                               General & Administrative                                832
     Bank Loan                            3,294        Interest on Long-Term Debt                              470
     Accounts Payable & Accrued           2,960                                                              8,218
     Deferred Tuition                     3,871    Amortization of Capital Assets                              496
     Current Portion of Long-Term Debt    2,686
 Long-Term Debt                          10,397    Excess of Revenues over Expenditures                        442

 Surplus (Deficit)
 Invested in Capital Assets                2,167
 Long-Term Debt Reduction                (2,969)
                                                                    Voluntary Giving
                                                                          ($ in thousands)

                                                                                             VC Annual Report 2010 21
                      IV   E R SA RY   Put your faith in us
     1 0 YE A R A N N
                                       You can play a vital role in developing great young people.
                                       Your financial support of our academic, athletic, arts and
                                       social outreach programs directly benefits our students.

                                       The Development Office
         1 9 9 9 -
                   2 0 0 9             905-833-1909

24   VC Annual Report 2010

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