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					                                                 C M PAS

                                  COMMUNITY PARENTS AND STAFF
                                             Garforth Academy
                                  Lidgett Lane, Garforth, Leeds LS25 1LJ
                                            Tele: 0113 3368600

                                   MINUTES OF COMPAS MEETING
                                   Wednesday 20th April 2011 - 7:30pm

    Present: Tracey Rayner, Debbie Kirby, Liz Styan, Julia Greenwood, Elaine Downes,
    Angela Webster
    Apologies: Dave Richardson, Shirley Tobin, Ali Longthorn, Lalith Goonesekera, Jayne Hawkesworth
       Agenda item                                                                         Action
1         Welcome by Chair Tracey Rayner. Thank you to all members for attending
&         meeting. Apologies given (listed above)
3         Review Minutes from last meeting. Ratified & Agreed
4          Outstanding items
5         Treasurer’s Report (Dave Richardson, absent report given to Chair)

           Balance £1,192 includes £168 Prize Draw money,
           £75.00 paid to each of School Proms – Yr 11 & Y 13.
           £52 to Dog Trust

6         Review of Events
          No Events this term

7         Future Events and Topics

           Car Boot & Table Top Sale 11th June. – Volunteers needed for this event from
           7am to finish at approx. 1pm. Unable to have access Friday 10th to set up, due to    TR & DK
           hall being booked for event.
           Any amount of time within this time frame is gratefully accepted, however small.
           Letting charge for this event, increased cost of table by £1 to cover this. To ask
           DR to organise food. DK to check Compas stocks before event. Banners to go             DR
           up by week commencing 16th May. TR to check if catering staff available.               TR

             TR to contact new Principal of Academy to request welcome meeting.                  TR

             Prize draw on hold due to technical difficulties, double draw to be held end of
              Summer Term.

7   A.O.B
        Angela Webster – Vice Chair has researched types of Parent Associations           TR. AW.
          groups, and recommended that a PTFA – parents, teachers (includes all school       DK
          staff) friends association is best fit.
          DK researched high schools to see what, if any, PTA involvements they have.
          New vision and aims discussed and agreed.

          Grant Request - Donation request received from ex pupil Melanie Cuffe (also
           works voluntary with Extended Schools), now at Leeds University. Agreed to
           invite her to have free table at table top sale.

          Compas member Liz Styan is organising a Summer Charity Ball - Garforth
           Working Men’s Club Sat. 4th June 2011 funds to CRY and Whiteknights EVS
           Tickets £20 inc buffet, live band & disco. We ask all members to help support
            this fantastic community event. Liz can be contacted on 0113 2863533

    Date next meeting
                     7:30 Thursday 9th June 2011
            Full Compas calendar listed on Academy website


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