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									                                        ASBC Express
                                        Boulder & Broomfield Counties’ Premiere Autism Source
                                        Promoting Education & Awareness
                                         ASBC Express Volume 5, Issue 12                                                         December 2006

 Special points of interest:            LEGISLATION TO FIGHT AUTISM PASSES
 • Autism Community Mourns loss
   of Leader—pg 1.
                                        After weeks of work by several       from this devastating disorder.     affected population. Funding
                                        autism advocacy groups apply-        The landmark legislation en-        for the measure will be deter-
 • CAA Legislation Passes—pg 1
                                        ing pressure to Congressman          sures that three main concerns      mined by the Appropriations
 • Year in Review - pg 2                Joe Barton to pass the Combat-       will be addressed:                  Committee.
 • Ask the Advocate - pg 3              ing Autism Act out of committee         • Research provisions for        Notably lost through the most
 • Link between Low-IQ and Autism       and onto the House floor, which
   Challenged—pg 4
                                                                                   investigating the link be-    recent negotiations were funds
                                        quickly passed in the House,               tween environmental fac-      earmarked for the National
 • Community Support — pg 7             the Senate passed the bill and             tors and the development      Institute of Environmental
 • Safe and Strong Lecture Com-         it is now headed to President                                            Health Sciences (NIEHS)
   ing—pg 8
                                                                                   of autism.
                                        Bush. President Bush’s signa-                                            passed in the Senate version of
                                        ture will enact landmark disor-         • Greater research oversight
                                                                                   from the autism commu-        the bill. As a result, many advo-
 ASBC Publication Notice: Copy-         der specific legislation as law.                                         cacy groups will continue in
 righted material used in accordance    Not since the passage of the               nity
 with "Fair use" under copyright law.                                                                            their efforts to make sure that
 Copyrighted items are protected        Ryan White bill has disorder            • Treatment of those diag-       environmental provisions of the
 and are for our readers' personal      specific legislation been                  nosed with autism spec-       measure become a reality by
 education or research purposes.        passed. Many advocacy groups               trum disorders.               adequately funding NIEHS as
 Articles may not be further re-        feel that this bill will in effect   The bill also expands the Inter-    recommended in the legislative
 printed or used commercially with-     declare war on Autism Spec-
 out consent from the copyright                                              agency Autism Coordinating          reports issued by the House
 holders. To find the copyright hold-
                                        trum Disorders, which continue       Committee (IACC) to include         and Senate.
 ers, follow the referenced website     to rise and is currently affecting   members of the autism commu-
 link provided. ASBC articles are       1:166 individuals. It is esti-                                           Additionally, Congressman Joe
                                                                             nity to strengthen research         Barton stated in the accompa-
 copyrighted and protected and may      mated that 1.5 million individu-     oversight and will address treat-
 not be used without permission.        als in the U.S. currently suffer                                                        (Continued on page 9)
 Information contained within the                                            ment options for the existing
 publication is for informational

                                        AUTISM WORLD LOSES A GIANT
 purposes only and are not neces-
 sarily the views of ASBC nor are
 advertisements preferential (as
 provided by ASA Options Policy).
 Past newsletters are available on-     EL CAJON, California,                matic improvement and often                                to create a
 line at          www.AutismResearchInstitute.c        even recovery.                                             worldwide
                                        om Autistic children and their       Dr. Rimland’s forty years of                               research
                                        parents said goodbye to their        work on behalf of autistic chil-                           center and
                                        best friend and greatest cham-       dren began with a single child:                            clearing-
                                        pion on Tuesday, November            his own son, Mark Rimland,                                 house for
                                        21st when Dr. Bernard Rim-           born in 1956.                                              biomedical
       Inside this issue:               land, founder and director of                                                                   treat-
                                        the Autism Research Institute,       Dr. Rimland discovered power-                              ments. In
Year in Review                     2     passed away at the age of 78.       ful evidence that autism was a                             1985, he
                                                                             biological disorder—outlined in     retired from his career as a
Ask The Advocate                   3    Dr. Stephen M. Edelson, who is       his seminal book Infantile Au-
                                        assuming the position of Direc-                                          Navy psychologist to devote the
                                                                             tism: The Syndrome and Its          remainder of his life to autism
Autism/Low-IQ Link Restudied       4    tor of ARI, says, “Dr. Rimland       Implications for a Neural Theory
                                        will go down in history as the                                           research.
                                                                             of Behavior, published in 1964.
Glutathione Study Announced        4    person who ended the ‘dark           The book changed the autism         “One of the most remarkable
                                        ages’ of autism and spear-           world forever.                      things about Dr. Rimland,” says
Putting Mom & Dad First            5    headed the fight to bring hope                                           Dr. Edelson, “is that he realized
                                        and help to autistic children.       He formed the National Society      in the early days that parents
ASA-Net Excerpts                   6
                                                                             for Autistic Children (NSAC),       held many of the keys to solving
                                        When he began his work in the        now known as the Autism Soci-
                                        field of autism in the 1960s,                                            the mystery of autism. From day
Community Support Groups           7                                         ety of America, in large part to    one, he listened to them and
                                        psychiatrists blamed parents         promote “behavior modifica-
                                        for their children’s autism. To-                                         respected them—and he fol-
Coming Events                      8                                         tion” (Applied Behavioral Analy-    lowed their lead […] a key rea-
                                        day, autistic children receive       sis, or ABA) — the educational
                                        effective educational interven-                                          son why ARI has always led the
BACK PAGE - SUPPORTING ASBC       10                                         treatment of choice.                way in identifying new treat-
                                        tions and biomedical treat-
                                        ments that bring about dra-          In 1967, he started the non-                       (Continued on page 9)
                                                                             profit Autism Research Institute
Page 2                                                                                                                              ASBC Express

                      THE YEAR IN REVIEW
                      Theresa Wrangham, President & Co-Founder
                     It’s hard to believe that another year has al-      We were nominated by Boulder Community Hospital and it is and
                     ready flown by and that we are fast approach-       honor for our organization to be recognized so early in our endeavors
                     ing a new year with new goals. As we ap-            to improve awareness and education in our community regarding
                     proach the coming year, we wanted to share          autism. Our thanks to Boulder Community Hospital for their contin-
                     with our readers some of the year’s highlights.     ued support.
                     Why is this important? Because our organiza-
tion is accountable to our membership and the goals we put forth         This year all respite requests will be met (6) in giving direct aid to our
each year. In addition, they are a good measure of our effective-        families. Our annual respite picnic, as always, is great fun for our
ness in the community. Here are some of the highlights!                  families and a place where we can gather without judgment. There
                                                                         were GFCF accommodations, cookie decorating and carnival games.
Our year started out at a fast pace with the introduction of our first   The weather was beautiful and we are already planning our 2007
legislative measure to be offered in the Colorado Legislature. The       picnic. Many thanks to Wild Oats and SketchUp! for their continued
measure was to ban mercury in vaccines in favor the existing vac-        sponsorship of this event.
cines meeting EPA standards on exposure to mercury via vaccines.
While the measure failed to make it out of committee, awareness          Boulder Community Hospital hosted a Continuing Medical Education
on the dangers of mercury exposure was raised and working with           lecture for ASBC with Dr. John Kirk to spread awareness of the need
Colorado Department of Health, medical professionals are encour-         for early screening for autism during well checks with pediatricians
aged to respect an individual’s choice for mercury free vaccines.        and family doctors. We are pursuing grant funding to continue this
We thank our supporters and our sponsors, Representative Mad-            important awareness program. This program will assist in early iden-
den and former Senator Evans.                                            tification and thus enable families early access to state funded early
                                                                         intervention programs.
In addition to getting our feet wet legislatively, we also worked with
the ASA Denver chapter (Autism Society of Colorado) for sponsor-         These are only a few of the highlights and they were achieved by our
ship and passage of a resolution by the Colorado General Assembly        volunteer board and community members, to whom we are all very
requesting Colorado’s Congressional Delegation’s support of the          thankful. We continue to provide awareness through published mate-
Combating Autism Act (CAA), which now awaits the President’s             rials, phone support and our website. We now offer IEP specific sup-
signature (see pg 9). ASBC thanks our sister chapter, Representa-        port to our community in assuring the most appropriate educational
tive Romanoff and Senator Gordon for their support of our commu-         services are delivered to our children. Our newsletter is now mailed
nity and reaching out to our delegation for action.                      free of charge to the community, as well as being archived on our
 In addition to efforts to pass a state resolution, ASBC spearheaded
a consensus on CAA amongst the four local ASA chapters, profes-          In 2007 our website will transformed for ease of navigation. ASBC
sionals and advocacy organizations in Colorado and submitted the         will be in Denver frequently during the legislative session to report
document to Colorado’s Delegation and overseeing committees in           and testify on proposed legislation affecting our community. We will
Congress considering the bill. Many parents and professionals            continue our efforts to keep our community informed of events at a
wrote personal letters and made phone calls when the bill was            local and national level that are of interest or concern to the welfare
held hostage late in the session and through these grassroots ef-        of ASD individuals. Our mission will continue to be to raise autism
forts it appears that success is around the corner!                      awareness in Boulder and Broomfield Counties by supporting all Au-
                                                                         tism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) individuals and their families and pro-
This year also brought changes to our local support in that we alter-    fessionals. We provide information on all topics related to au-
nate monthly in offering free lectures on timely subjects to our         tism, educational support, autism research and legislation.
community and an informal support group that allows parents to
gather and exchange successes and information gathered on the            Our success is your success as we create a world that accepts our
journey with autism. These changes have been met with higher             children with compassion, understanding and respect. Those are our
turn out and satisfaction with support in our community.                 guiding principles as we form our goals. We know that we can count
                                                                         on the continued support of our community in achieving a place in
Our two fundraisers, the annual conference and wine tasting and          the world for ASD individuals that is inclusive.
silent auction, were also met with favorable response. The com-
munity voiced new desires in the feedback forms received during          May the peace and joy of this holiday season be abundant in your
the conference that are being used as we evaluate conducting             homes and hearts. Blessed be!
another conference. The wine tasting and silent auction that is                                                                              - TKW
given during Autism Awareness Month (April) had a new and highly
successful feature added – and ASD Art Show displaying the works
of our young ASD artists. This event normally draws community
members not affected by autism and created new curiosity in
learning more. We anticipate that we will continue the art show
and will also have the art displayed separately from the event to
allow more community appreciation our children’s abilities. Both of
these events are manned by many volunteers, sponsors, exhibitors
and speakers too numerous to name and our thanks go out none
the less!
ASBC and its founders, Sue Thomas and I, were honored by the
Boulder County Business Report as Healthcare Heroes in the cate-
gory of Community Service for leadership on a healthcare issue.
ASBC Express Volume 5, Issue 12                                                                                                          Page 3

Ask the Advocate…                                           by Desiree Vandelac
It’s that time of the year once                                          “Happy Holidays. With warm regards, The Difficultparent Family.”
again when many of us are
contemplating gifts and                                                  A Few More IEP Tips:
cards for our children’s ser-                                            When you sign the sign-in sheet for an IEP meeting, under your
vice providers. It would be                                              name write, “Parent’s signature is for the sole purpose of acknowl-
nice if we could share all of                                            edging attendance at the IEP meeting. It does not constitute agree-
the accolades we hold in our                                             ment with any issues/topics discussed or decisions made during
hearts for the numerous
service providers who are                                                the IEP meeting.”
doing their very best to help                                            On the consent page of the IEP (typically the last page of the IEP), it
our children. However, be-                                               will often say at the top, “Parental Agreement for Initial Placement”
fore writing that gushing                                                and then it will say something such as, “I have been informed of
holiday card praising your                                               and understand my special education rights and procedural safe-
child’s service providers, take a moment and make sure you pick          guards” and “I give consent for my student to receive special edu-
your words very carefully. Why? Well, you know the part of the           cation and related services.” Those two statements are followed by
Miranda rights that states, “Anything you say can and will be used       boxes to check for either “yes” or “no.”
against you.” Same goes for gifts and holiday cards to service pro-
viders or for that fact anything you say or do at anytime during the     First, I recommend that you draw a line through the phrase “and
school year. Anything and everything you say or write in praise of       understand” in the prewritten statement regarding educational
your child’s teachers, aides, and other services providers can and       rights and procedural safeguards so that the statement reads only,
will be used against you when you find yourself at odds with your        “I have been informed of my special education rights and proce-
school, district, or service providers, even if it is on an unrelated    dural safeguards.” Be sure to initial the area that you lined out.
matter.                                                                  This will eliminate any potential future argument that by your signa-
                                                                         ture on this page you acknowledged that you understood all of your
Imagine you write a note to your child’s teacher that says, “Mrs.        rights under IDEA and that you knew what actions to take in the
Wonderfulteacher, we feel so fortunate that Johnny is in your class      event of a dispute with the IEP team and as such you willingly and
this year. We appreciate your hard work and dedication in making         knowingly failed to follow appropriate procedures when a dispute
sure Johnny is included in classroom activities and how hard you         arose.
have worked to ensure the other children accept Johnny as a class-
mate.” Then imagine a month later Johnny is hurt on the play-            Second, I recommend that under your signature you write,
ground during recess when another child punches Johnny in the            “Parent’s signature provides consent for implementation of the IEP
face, splitting his lip, pushes Johnny to the ground and calls him       and related services. It does not constitute agreement with every
numerous insulting names. Of course, you immediately write a             aspect of the IEP nor does it constitute agreement with the appro-
letter to the IEP team to express your concern, and perhaps you          priateness of the IEP or adequacy of services provided within the
also call for an emergency IEP meeting to address the fact that          IEP.”
Johnny wasn’t provided appropriate supervision during recess             A note of warning: these actions will frustrate and possibly anger
when the incident happened (even though Johnny’s IEP specifically        the other members of the IEP team. They may even tell you that
calls for direct supervision during that time). Then during the IEP      you are not allowed to write on the IEP. This is not true. There is
meeting the school principal confronts you with your earlier             nothing in IDEA that prohibits you from writing on the IEP. After
“happy” letter and says to you, “Mrs. Difficultparent, only last         writing these statements on the IEP make sure you get a copy be-
month you stated how happy you were with Johnny’s placement              fore you leave the IEP meeting and make sure that the document
here. Nothing has changed during that time except for Johnny’s           you wrote on is what is placed in your child’s file.
behavior. Mrs. Crappara had to leave the playground for just a
moment to take little Sally to the nurse. It is not our fault Johnny     Send questions via email to While I
got hurt. You can’t possibly expect us to watch Johnny every sec-        cannot respond directly to you, I will try to answer all of your ques-
ond of the day. This is a public school with limited resources. We       tions in this column.
do the best we can. You must remember that we have 400 other
students that also need our time and attention. Johnny must have
instigated the incident, as we have never had any problems in the        Desiree Vandelac is a Special Education Advocate and Legal Assis-
past and Steve has never gotten in trouble before. You, yourself,        tant for the Law Offices of Louise Bouzari, and mother of an Asper-
told Mrs. Wonderful Teacher how happy you were with how every-           ger’s child.
thing was going this year. You are simply overacting and blowing                      THIS COLUMN IS GRACIOUSLY SPONSORED BY
this incident out of proportion.” -- Unfortunately, this is not a fic-
tional incident nor was it exaggerated for dramatic purposes.                         Law Offices of Louise Bouzari, LLC
With this information in mind, what can we say to our service pro-                    7887 E. Belleview Ave, Suite 1100
viders to thank them for their hard work and dedication? Well, it’s                        Englewood, CO 80111
great to say, “We really appreciate the hard work and dedication
required to be a teacher” or some such similar thought. But, what-                             (303) 228-1616
ever you do, avoid statements such as, “Johnny loves your class so
much, we are so happy to have you as his teacher this year and               A law firm specializing in the representation of families in
can’t imagine what we would do without you,” or “Suzie has made          both special education and discipline matters. The firm also has a
tremendous gains in your class so far this year. We are thrilled         special education advocate for families needing advocacy services
with her progress.” The “safest” statement you can make is simply,                 in lieu of, or in addition to, legal representation.
Page 4                                                                                                                    ASBC Express

                                      Autism and Low-IQ Link Challenged
   LOOKING FOR                        STEVEN CARTER, The Oregonian -
 SUPPORT OR HAVE A                    news/1164421506110210.xml

    QUESTION?                         SALEM -- The conventional wisdom that children with autism are often mentally retarded may
                                      be wrong, according to research by a Willamette University professor.
                                      Meredyth Goldberg Edelson, trained as a clinical child psychologist, has discovered that dec-
                                      ades of literature linking autism with retardation were based on flawed assertions or con-
 VISIT ASBC’S ONLINE                  tained no empirical research at all.
RESOURCE DIRECTORY &                  Goldberg Edelson reviewed 215 studies on autism, dating to 1937, which made 223 claims
                                      about the rates of mental retardation in autism. Only 58 of those claims were supported by
   EVENT CALENDAR                     data, she found, and most researchers stated their results without reporting how they meas-
                                      ured intelligence.
  Our website keeps a list of         Most of the studies that measured intelligence used tests that were inappropriate, Goldberg
  local professionals experi-         Edelson found. Goldberg Edelson, a psychology professor, came to autism research through
 enced with autism spectrum           her husband, Stephen M. Edelson, a researcher and author who was studying effective treat-
  disorders and information           ments for children with autism. He asked her to check the intelligence of the children in his
 and events of interest to our
          community.                  "Many times, if the researchers had a child they couldn't test, they just assumed he or she was
                                      retarded and assigned a low IQ score," Goldberg Edelson said.
  Visit our Website, Email or         Goldberg Edelson found that often the children had been given timed tests or tests that re-
            Call Us!                  quired them to follow verbal instructions or give verbal answers, conditions that are frequently
                                      hard for autistic children to deal with. Goldberg Edelson used untimed tests that measured
                                      nonverbal intelligence. On average, the children scored a 90 -- near average – on the IQ scale.             Only 19 percent were within the range of mental retardation.            "It's important for parents of autistic children to understand that there in a huge range of intel-
        720-272-8231                  lectual capacity and behavior," says Bertram Malle, an associate professor of psychology at
                                      the University of Oregon. "Some of the behavior is amenable to improvement."
 LOOKING FOR YOUR LOCAL               Goldberg Edelson, 45, said she hopes that her research helps prevent therapists and educa-
AUTISM SOCIETY OF AMERICA             tors from setting artificially low expectations for children with autism. "In the 1950s, children
 CHAPTER? COLORADO HAS                with autism were institutionalized," she said. "If most children with autism aren't mentally re-
 FOUR LOCAL CHAPTERS TO               tarded, we need to find ways for them to interact with society and help them become all they
       SERVE YOU!
                                      Autism study tests glutathione levels
                                      115241-6785r -- U.S. researchers are testing a formulated whey protein isolate -- Immunocal
 AUTISM SOCIETY OF COLORADO —         -- to raise glutathione levels in an attempt to lessen symptoms of autism.
 SERVING DENVER AREA COUNTIES, 720-   Although the causes of autism have not been clearly identified, research has suggested that
 214-0794 OR                          chronic biochemical imbalance plays a role.
                                      Studies have shown that levels of the major intracellular antioxidant glutathione are typically
 AUTISM SOCIETY OF LARIMER            about 50 percent lower in children with autism. Glutathione, which is produced by every cell in
 COUNTY- SERVING LARIMER COUNTY,      the body, is responsible for a number of functions including removing or neutralizing danger-
 (970) 377-9640,                      ous substances that people are exposed to on a daily basis, including toxic metals, according
                                      to scientists at the University of Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.
                                      "Some children with autism are poor detoxifiers relative to normally developing children, and in
 AUTISM SOCIETY OF AMERICA -          particular, have trouble excreting toxic metals," said Dr. Janet Kern, a professor of psychiatry.
                                      "Toxic metals that are not eliminated may build up in the brain. Plasma glutathione has been
 COLORADO, (719) 630-7072,
                                      found to be lower in children with autism, particularly, in children with autism who have re-
                                      gressed. We want to clearly establish that raising glutathione levels in these children will im-
                                      prove their ability to detoxify these substances and in that way improve some of their symp-
ASBC Express Volume 5, Issue 12                                                                                                         Page 5

To Parents…Take Care of Yourself
It’s probably the last thing that you think about,              to learn to play with others and can also
yourself. Do you even remember what it was like                 help the parents by giving an opportunity
10 years ago before the marriage, the children                  to share their experiences with other
and all of the responsibility you face now? With a              parents in similar situations.
child with Autism those memories seem like an-                                                                 Helping Children with Autism
other lifetime ago. You now are in a place full of       Medium Cost Ideas                                      Reach Their Full Potential
conflicting schedules, boundary setting, crisis in-
tervention and money troubles. Keeping calm and           • Involve you and your child in summer
patient is tested regularly. The last thing you, your         camps (Adams Camp, Rec Center day
family, and your child need is for you to finally             camps, sport camps, etc.)
crack. It’s already difficult to find time to eat and     • Hire a sitter – same as above, go out or
sleep, let alone take a long bath or get away with            stay home, just use the time to benefit
friends for any amount of time, but I will pose               yourself. Try to have a regular time, like
some ideas for you to try on for yourself for your            once per week, when they come and
sanity                                                        watch your children/home for you.
Low Cost/Flexible Ideas                                  Higher Cost Ideas
  • Journal, meditate, call a friend or family               Bring in a professional to help you to re-
      member – These three can be used to vent               organize your priorities or to give ideas on
      or to find calm. They can also be used to              more difficult problems you are facing. If
      have a cognitive way for you to put aside              you are going to hire a professional, here is     Consultants for Children, Inc.
      problems until you have time to think about            some clarification about the different types          265 South Harlan Street
      them, freeing your self to think about other           of counselors who are recognized by the                Lakewood, CO 80226
      things and not spend as much time worry-               licensing board:                                       Phone (720) 272-1289
      ing about something you cannot do any-                    • Psychologists have a doctorate                     Fax (303) 237-0137
      thing about right now.                                       (Ph.D., Psy.D., or Ed.D.) in psychology.
  • Take advantage of the little things – don’t                 • Psychiatrists are medical doctors.           For more information, contact
      forget to get some fresh air, exercise, smell
      the roses, and listen to good music.                      • Social workers have a Master’s de-                 our web-site at:
                                                                   gree in social work (MSW or CSW).  
  • Don’t “should” upon yourself – you are                         Social workers may be licensed as a
      doing the best you can do right now. If you                  Licensed Clinical Social Worker
      think you “should” be doing something                        (LCSW).
      different, then either do it or don’t do it, but
      above all, whatever you choose to do or not               • Counselors have specialized training
      do, don’t be mad at yourself, think less of                  in particular areas, like Certified Alco-
      yourself because you aren’t doing some-                      hol counselors (CAC), or they may
                                                                   have advanced degrees (e.g. Mas-
      thing else. It will only bring you down.
                                                                   ter’s degrees) in counseling, nursing,       AUTISM SOCIETY OF
                                                                   psychology, or guidance. Their li-
Low Cost/Less Flexible Ideas
                                                                   censes are Licensed Professional              BOULDER COUNTY
  • Join a support group – there are many                          Counselor (LPC), Licensed Marriage
      types (informative, venting, distraction,                    and Family Therapist (LMFT), and
      goal focused, and others) and there are                      some counselors are unlicensed but             MERCURY IN VACCINES
      many already out there (see local ASA                        registered with the state.
      chapters—pg 4) you may join. There are

      also online support groups if it works better           Take a long vacation and hire someone to
      for you. Know that you are not alone.                   go with you to be with your child. There are
      Meeting others and having people you can                special organizations and highly trained
      contact for ideas and thoughts when you                 people who can go with you on your trip
      come to something new for you that they                 and give assistance in many ways.
      may have gone through is helpful.
  • Ask family and friends to help – maybe just          Overall
      to watch the children while you take a bath          • Don’t forget about yourself
      or spend time with your spouse. Maybe                • Don’t forget about your spouse
      they could take on some chores you have-             • Don’t forget about your other children             ASK YOUR PHYSICIAN
      n’t been able to get to.                                                                                  FOR VACCINES THAT
  • Apply for respite care – agencies offer res-         Germaine Seufert, MA, NCC, LPC with Consult-          MEET FEDERAL SAFETY
      pite care for families with a child with dis-      ants for Children, Inc. has over nine years of             GUIDELINES
      abilities. You can contact ASBC, ASC and           experience with children with autism and their
      Imagine! for possible respite care.                families. For more information see ad box on             Download your free
                                                         this page.
  • Start a local play-group for children who                                                                        brochure at
      live near you who also have disabilities.                                                        
      This can be great for children with Autism
Page 6                                                                                                                                ASBC Express

ASA Resources News & Updates — excerpted from ASA-Net
ASA Conferences Update                                                      and adult children with autism, respite can help provide the relief
2007 National Conference Call for Papers Remains Open                       necessary to maintain their own health, bolster family stability, keep
ASA's 2007 National Conference theme, "Together a Brighter Tomor-           marriages intact, and avoid out-of-home placements.
row," reflects our belief that success will be achieved with all af-
fected by autism -- individuals, families, professionals and friends --     "Families of children with autism consistently rank respite as one of
working together. During this conference, to be held in Phoenix, AZ,        their greatest family support needs, yet in many states and regions
July 11-14, 2007, ASA will bring together experts from various disci-       respite is in short supply or unavailable due to inadequate and un-
plines with the creative ideas and energy to address the diverse            even funding, lack of provider capacity, and resulting waiting lists for
challenges individuals with autism and their families face. Our goal        such services," said ASA President and CEO Lee Grossman. "Families
is to provide conference attendees with the opportunity to learn            take great joy in supporting their child with autism; however they
from innovators and access critical information to improve their lives      need regular breaks from their care giving responsibilities."
and those of the people they love, treat and inspire. With collabora-
tion and armed with knowledge, ASA is sure that there will be a             Research indicates that families of children with autism have greater
"brighter tomorrow" for the autism community.                               parental stress due to challenges in caring for their children. Because
                                                                            of the additional care required by a child with autism, families identify
Submit your abstract/paper for consideration to speak at ASA's 38th         respite care as a basic need, with the need increasing as the child
National Conference:                 gets older. Families who report less stress usually are the recipients
                                                                            of formal family support services, such as respite care.
Autism Resources
For our Spanish speaking members: Los Trastornos del Espectro de            "We know from experience that a small investment in respite and
Autismo de la A a la Z, by Emily Doyle Iland and Barbara T. Doyle.          other family support services makes an enormous difference in the
For the first time in the United States, an autism specialist author        lives of children and families," said Dr. Cathy Pratt, Chair of the ASA
who speaks fluent Spanish has published a book, Los Trastornos del          Board of Directors. "Passage of the Lifespan Respite Care Act is a
Espectro de Autismo de la A a la Z (Autism Spectrum Disorders               good step towards the development of a comprehensive system of
From A to Z) in Spanish. Although some books about autism have              services and supports for individuals with autism and their families."
been translated into Spanish, their authors cannot speak directly to
the Hispanic/Latino community as can Emily Doyle Iland. Mrs. Iland          The Lifespan Respite Care Act is based on model Lifespan Respite
is the mother of three children, one of whom has an autism disor-           Systems in Oregon, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Oklahoma. These sys-
der. She co-authored her book with her sister Barbara T. Doyle who          tems provide easy access to an array of affordable, quality respite
has been a professional educator in the field of autism for more            services; ensure flexibility to meet diverse needs; and assist with
than thirty years. The book was named Outstanding Literary Work of          locating, training, and paying respite providers. ASA will complement
the Year, Educational Division, at the ASA National Conference in           Autism Speaks' research efforts with focus on lifespan services
                                                                            Autism Society of America Welcomes Autism Speaks/CAN Merger
Understanding Autism for Dummies , by Stephen Shore and Linda               The Autism Society of America (ASA) welcomed news of the pending
Rastelli, with a foreword by Temple Grandin.                                merger between Autism Speaks and Cure Autism Now (CAN). As a
Autism affects more than 1 million children and adults in the United        longtime supporter of autism research, ASA shares the commitment
States, and parents may be confused by the behavior of autistic             of the new organization, Autism Speaks, Inc., to accelerate and fund
children. This book provides help-and hope-by explaining the differ-        biomedical research into the causes, prevention and treatments for
ences between various types of autism and delivering the lowdown            autism spectrum disorders and to increase awareness of the disor-
on behavioral, educational, medical, other interventions. Featuring         der.
inspiring autism success stories as well as a list of organizations
where people who support those with autism can go for additional            "ASA has always enjoyed our strong relationship with CAN and Autism
help, it offers practical advice on how to educate children as well as      Speaks," said ASA President and CEO, Lee Grossman. "We look for-
insights on helping people with autism use their strengths to maxi-         ward to continuing this strong relationship, complementing their criti-
mize their potential in life.                                               cal research efforts with ASA's focus on lifespan services, self-
                                                                            determination, and rights for individuals living with autism. Together,
Bethesda, MD (12/06/06) - The Autism Society of America today               I am sure we will change the landscape of how autism is diagnosed,
applauded the passage of H.R. 3248, the Lifespan Respite Care Act,          treated and served."
by the U.S. House of Representatives. The bill, introduced by Energy
and Commerce Health Subcommittee Vice-Chair Michael Ferguson                ASA Board Chair Cathy Pratt, Ph.D., agreed, noting that “Developing
(R-NJ), Rep. Langevin (D-RI) and several members of the Energy and          partnerships strengthens the autism community and ensures that the
Commerce Committee, authorizes competitive grants to states to              goals we share will really be achieved. The ASA board and organiza-
make quality respite available and accessible to family caregivers,         tion wishes continued success to those involved in this new venture.”
regardless of age, disability, or family situation. For families of minor

                                                                       To become a member of Autism Society of America and
                                                                       receive their quarterly magazine, or to join their e-newsletter,
ASBC Express Volume 5, Issue 12                                                                                                Page 7

                                                 Community Support
Boulder & Broomfield County                      For more info contact 303-759-1192.          each month. Contact Sabrina at sabri-
                                                 2nd Monday                                   nab@psdschools.lorg or Darla Beuerman
 • ASBC Support Group held at the Asso-                                                       at 970-420-8939. Meets 3rd Tuesday of
   ciation for Community Living in Long-     •   WOW (Watch our Words) Facilitated
                                                 Communication groups, 6-7:30pm 6th           the month except for summer and De-
   mont January 13, March 10, April 14,                                                       cember.
                                                 floor conference room, Developmental
   and June 9 from 10am to noon.                 Disabilities Planning Council              • Family Support & Sharing Group 6pm on
   RSVP to Bob Sargent no later than the, call 720-941-           2nd Thurs at Harmony Presbyterian
   Wednesday before at 303-666-5369.             0176. 3rd Thursday                           Church 400 E Boardwalk – Ft Collins,
 • Parents of Students with Emotional                                                         Brenda 970-267-8705
   Issues @ BVSD Admin Bldg - Contact        •   Grupo Vida & Spanish support group
   Kathy McBride @ 303-447-5176 for               3rd Thursday every other month (Jan,      • Open Meeting for People w/Disabilities
                                                 March, May July Sept & Nov. Call Ellie       11am on 1st Saturday at Smiling Moose
   more info. 2nd Tuesday                        @ 303 904-6073 or                            Restaurant, Greeley – Michelle 970-330-
 • NAMI - Mental Health caregivers fam-
   ily education and support group                                                            5326
   meets @ 9am in Boulder. Contact           •   BIOMEDICAL SUPPORT - DENVER Par-         Colorado Springs Area
   Judy Goldstien @ 303-938-1360 for             ents interested in biomedical support
                                                 and information. Switching the Decem-      • KOFFEE KLATCH - COLORADO SPRINGS
   more info 2nd & 4th Tuesdays                  ber meeting to December 13th @The            Meets monthly @ Pikes Perk. Contact
 • NAMI FAMILY SUPPORT GROUP -                   Aspen Center for Autism. For more info       Renee @ 719-598-7827 9:30am -
   LONGMONT meets @ 9am at Spirit of             contact Claudia Barzen @ claudiabar-         11:00am – last Tuesday
   Peace Church. Call Kathleen or Steve 6:30pm - 8:30pm              • AUTISM SOCIETY OF PIKE'S PEAK meets
   at 303-443-4591. 2nd & 4th Saturday       •   ASD SUPPORT GROUP - AURORA meets             quarterly. Call 719-473-5421 3rd Mon-
 • OCD SUPPORT GROUP - BOULDER                   @ 7-9pm at Polton Elementary 2985 S          day 7pm at the World Prayer Center
   meets @ 7pm at Boulder County Men-            Oakland St 80014. Melissa 720-474-         • Family to Family Support Group – 7pm on
   tal Health Center. Contact Judy Gold-         2948 for more information. 2ndTues           1st and 3rd Tues @ 616 N Royer St Colo-
   stien @ 303-938-1360 for more info.                                                        rado Springs. Gayle 719.599.0692
                                             •   Adolescents-Young Adults Toilet Train-
   3rd Sunday                                    ing Strategies meets 5pm on 1st, 2nd,      • Family Support Group 3rd Wed 10-12PM
 • SPANISH SUPPORT GROUP—                        3rd Tues at Developmental Pathways,          601 Greenwood Ave Canon City
   LONGMONT Contact Donna Wilson al              11111 E Mississippi Ave Aurora – 303-        719.275.1616 x 212 – Nancy Harris
   303-457-5641                                  360-6600                                   • Toddler Playgroup Fremont County Family
 • GLUTEN/CASEIN Free Support                •   Epilepsy Support Group – Adults/Family       Center every Mon Wed and Fri 10-11am
   Group— Contact Emmy Conroy 303-               Members 7pm on 3rd Wed at 234 Col-           1401 Oak Creek Grade Road Canon City
   664-1295 or emmy@conroy-                      umbine St #333 Denver – Amy 303-             719.269.1523                                    377-9774 x26                               • Independent Living Skill every Fri Inde-
Denver Area                                  •   Epilepsy Support Group – Parents 7pm         pendence Center Colorado Springs
                                                 on 2nd Wed at 234 Columbine St #333          719.471-8181
 • DENVER/AURORA METRO AREA -                    Denver – Amy 303-377-9774 x 26
   Adult ASD Group @ Aurora Mental                                                          • Asperger Support Group 3rd Thurs 7pm
   Health Center in afternoons. Call Bob     •   Health Promotion Class, JFK Partners 5       5550 N Union Blvd, Colorado Springs –
   Froug @ 303-617-2300. Thurs after-            pm every Wed 303 724 0652                    Kim at 719-265-6141
   noons                                     •   Depression-Bipolar Recovery Group-         • Epilepsy-Seizure Disorder Support Group
 • SOCIAL SKILLS/FRIENDSHIP GROUP -              7pm on 4th Thurs at Messiah Lutheran         3rd Wed 5:30 pm Easter Seals of South-
   DENVER, JFK Partners/UCHSC with               Church 1750 Colorado Blvd, Denver            ern CO, 225 S Academy Blvd Colorado
   Dr. Green @ 303-315-0837 for more             Mental Health Association of CO              Springs, LeeAnn 719.636.0009
   information. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Thurs-        303.377.3040.                              • Sensory Processing Disorder Support
   days                                      •   SOUTHWEST METRO meets @ the                  Group 2nd Monday 7pm Margo
 • NORTHEAST DENVER - PARK HILL                  Marrs house @ 6pm. Contact Laura @           719.522.1837 – 5550 N Union Blvd,
   SUPPORT GROUP - Coffee morning                303-986-8634. 2nd Thursday                   Colorado Springs
   and support for parents of special       Northern CO                                   Southern Colorado
   needs kids. Northeast Women's Cen-
                                             • ASD/PDD SUPPORT GROUP - GREELEY              • Autism/PDD & AS support group of
   ter. Contact Karen Roberts @ 303-
                                               Meets monthly @ Greeley Recreation             Pueblo. Nancy 719.547.9542
   329-8950, or email
                                               Center. Call Susan @ 970-356-7314 Fridays                                                               • Parent’s Garden - Every Thurs 10-11am
                                               from 7:00pm - 9:00pm 2nd Monday                Community Connections for Families,
 • CHERRY CREEK SUPPORT GROUP -              • Eaton Support Group                            1101 Berkley Ave, Pueblo 719.583.2459
   DENVER, Downing Group - Adult As-           4th Monday of every month. Call Di-
   pergers Social Group 5:30-7pm for           anne for details (time, place, topic):       • Four Corners ASD Support Group – Leigh
   Aspergers individuals and their neuro-                                                     970.259.5732 (Durango)
                                               970-454-3023(h) 970-330-3608(w)
   typical friends. Contact Kathy @ 303-
                                               6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
   861-2422. Tuesdays
                                             • FORT COLLINS SUPPORT GROUP-
 • SOUTHEAST DENVER - MASK Group               Meets at Bacon Elementary @ 6:30
   meets @ Aspen Center from 7-8pm.
Page 8                                                                                                                 ASBC Express

                                Coming Events
                                ASBC Free Lecture Series: Safe & Strong: Personal Safety Strategies for People with Devel-
                                opmental Disabilities, January 13th—Irene Lucas, journalist and mother of an autistic adult will
                                present her multi media educational program Safe and Strong. The focus of her discussion will be on
                                personal safety strategies for people with developmental disabilities. Two mini workshops on Safe
                                and Strong: Home Alone & Safe and Strong: Safety in the Community will be presented. Ms. Lucas’
 VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!             workshops equip people with developmental disabilities with safety strategies at very young ages into
                                adulthood which can reduce their risk and vulnerability. Target audience – Parents, caregivers, edu-
   Events Coordinator           cators and professionals. Saturday, January 13, 2007 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Location: Imagine!
                                1400 Dixon Ave, Lafayette. RSVP by Wednesday, January 10th to (720) 272-8231 or asbcMeet-
   (DISTRICT PERSONNEL)         ASBC Free Lecture Series: Relationship Development Intervention, February 21st,
                                Join Dr. Stacy Goresko, an RDI® Program Certified Consultant, for an introduction to Relationship De-
   CORPORATE GIVING             velopment Intervention, a relatively new cutting edge treatment program for ASD. 7:00 – 8:30 PM at
       (FUNDRAISING)            Imagine!, 1400 Dixon Avenue in Lafayette.
Learn more and join our team!   ASA Pikes Peak Region Conference — April 12, 2007
 We continue to grow in our     Dennis Debbault will host a seminar on “Autism Recognition & Response for Law Enforcement & First
support of our community and    Responders Evening Session for Families, Educators, & Others. Location 918 Crown Ridge Drive,
 need our members contribu-     Colorado Springs, CO 80904 (719) 630-7072. For more information please visit or
      tions and talents!        email:
 GENA @ 720-272-8231 OR         ASBC Free Lecture Series: The ABC’s of Applied Behavioral Analysis, May 16th – Join Diane
         EMAIL                  Osaki, Founder of The Aspen Center for Autism for a discussion regarding the basics of Applied Be-
VOLUNTEER@AUTISMBOULDER.ORG     havioral Analysis. 7:00 – 8:30 PM at Imagine!, 1400 Dixon Avenue in Lafayette.

 Creative Perspectives, Inc.
 Autism Center of Boulder V  alley
 Early Childhood Interventions                                       Seasonal Interventions
             1:1 Interdisciplinary Intervention                                 Camp Le’ale’a Summer Camp
             Small Group SLP/OT Therapy                                         Camp Ko’eko’e Winter Camp
             Small Group Music Therapy                                          Camp Mohala Spring Camp
             Small Group Play Therapy                                Clinical Services
 Childhood Interventions                                                        Multi-Disciplinary Diagnostic Services
             1:1 Interdisciplinary Intervention                                 Functional Behavior Analysis
             Educational Support Programming                                    Licensed Clinical Psychologist
             Recreation-based after-school Programming               Specialty Interventions
 Adolescent Interventions                                                       Speech Therapy
             Center-Based Social Groups                                         Occupational Therapy
             Recreation-based after-school Programming                          Music Therapy
 Sibling Interventions                                                          Art Therapy
             Sibling Play Therapy                                               Massage Therapy
             Adolescent Support Groups                                          Therapeutic Yoga

                                                                         Autism Center of Colorado
                                                                         Lakewood, Colorado 303.935.5200
                                                                         Autism Center of Boulder Valley
                                                                         Lafayette, Colorado 303.665.6800
ASBC Express Volume 5, Issue 12                                                                                        Page 9

Combating Autism Act Passes Congress &
Awaits President’s Signature                                                       AUTISTIC ASSISTANCE K9S
(Continued from page 1)
                                       their toxic components can no
                                       longer be ignored by our govern-
nying report language, “..the legis-   ment as causative factors in
lation rightfully calls for renewed
efforts to study all possible          autism.”
causes of autism—including vac-        ASA President, Lee Grossman,
cines and other environmental          stated “ASA thanks Chairmen
causes.” Barton also states,           Enzi and Barton for their leader-
“..these provisions will insure        ship,” and added “This is only
continuation and intensification       the beginning of our commit-
of crucial research at NIEHS so        ment to ensure federal funding
that it is able to conduct all nec-    to support and serve all affected
essary research to determine the       by autism.”
environmental factors in autism.”      Autism Society of Boulder                       All K9s Custom Trained
                                       County (ASBC) thanks all the
“For the first time, we now have       Colorado organizations and indi-
acknowledgement from the fed-          viduals who advocated over the         HANDLER FOCUSED – To remain focused and
eral government that factors such      past year and were a part of the
as mercury from vaccines may           consensus document ASBC sub-
                                                                              handler aware;
play a role in the development of      mitted on behalf of Colorado to        SEIZURE ALERT - Brainwave and body function-
autism,” commented Laura Bono,         the committees and legislators
National Autism Association (NAA)      for the passage of this legisla-       ing alert;
board member and mother of a           tion. Theresa Wrangham, ASBC           HANDLER SEARCH & RESCUE - To stay with,
son diagnosed with autism and          President, stated “This has been
mercury toxicity. “This is the most    a long hard battle and it is grati-    search out and reconnect with family;
promising area of research for         fying that in the end our voices       ASSISTANCE TRAINED - According to individual
our children, and we now have a        were heard. Our children stand
clear directive that this will be      to make great strides as a result      needs of recipient.
investigated by the National Insti-    of these efforts.”
tutes of Health. Vaccines and                                                           For More Information, Call
Community Mourns Loss
(Continued from page 1) -

ments and uncovering the roots of autism.”
Dr. Rimland was one of the first to explore the connection behind
skyrocketing rates of autism and thimerosal.
                                                                                     AD SPACE AVAILABLE!
He created the Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) project, to bring together
dozens of the world’s leading researchers o create a state-of-the-art
treatment plan and prioritize research goals.
Dr. Rimland didn’t know the meaning of “ivory tower.” In his few free
moments each day, he responded to letters, phone calls, faxes, and           DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE TO NON-PROFITS
emails from thousands of distraught parents around the world.                    AND FOR REPEAT CONSECUTIVE
His vast network of friends knew him as an extraordinarily generous                     RUNNING ADS
soul and an irrepressible “yenta,” whose greatest joy lay in bringing
strangers together for the benefit of all. He was also a soft touch,
incapable of saying “no” to any worthwhile cause—no matter how                           CONTACT
large or small.
Dr. Rimland’s remarkable wife, Gloria, gracefully handled his nearly-        AUTISM SOCIETY OF BOULDER COUNTY
impossible schedule while keeping a home with three children run-
ning smoothly.
The autism world sends its deep condolences to Gloria and to their
children, Mark, Paul, and Helen.                                                                 OR
“Our community is greatly diminished by the loss of Dr. Rimland,”                          NEWSLETTER@
says Dr. Edelson. “His legacy, however, will live on in the work of ARI                  AUTISMBOULDER.ORG
and the DAN! project – and in the joy of families whose children, dis-
missed as ‘hopeless’ and ‘incurable’ by the medical establishment,
are now leading happy, healthy, productive lives. It’s exactly the leg-
acy that Dr. Rimland would want.
                                                                                                               NON-PROFIT ORG

                                                                                                                 U.S. POSTAGE

Autism Society of Boulder County                                                                                LOUISVILLE, CO
194 Mesa Ct                                                                                                      PERMIT #34
Louisville, CO 80027

Phone: 720-272-8231
Fax: 303-604-6656

Promoting Education & Awareness

ASBC Depends on Support from the Community
This year 700 families in Colorado will be   dues. You can donate critically needed funds         • $50 sponsors books into the Boulder Pub-
told their child has an Autism Spectrum      online at                        lic Library’s collection of Autism reference
Disorder. Each year, we appeal to our                                                               guides and publications.
                                             Whatever you can give, your support will
community requesting donations to allow
                                             make a difference:                                  Alternatively, you may choose to make Autism
us to continue our important work for over
2,000 families currently coping with Au-                                                         Society of Boulder County the beneficiary of
tism in our area.                             • $1,000 puts our local monthly newsletter         your company's next event.
                                                  in 40 families hands for a year. Distrib-      Please help Autism Society of Boulder County
We provide free awareness programs,               uted FREE of charge to current subscrib-       continue its mission: To raise Autism aware-
lecture and support groups to our commu-          ers and agencies in the region.                ness in Boulder and Broomfield Counties by
nity, as well as publications and timely      •   $700 sponsors our Annual Picnic that           supporting all Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
information. ASBC continues to be the             draws our community together for a day of      individuals and their families and profession-
voice in our community in shaping good            sharing, support and carnival games.           als by providing information on all topics re-
policies for individuals affected by ASD                                                         lated to autism, educational support, autism
and actively communicates the ASD com-        •   $500 provides much needed respite for 4        research and legislation.
munity’s concerns with our professionals          local families caring for an autistic child,   Together we raise awareness and change our
and legislators.                                  or ASD adult.                                  community for the better. Thank you for your
                                              •   $250 provides 166 autism resource direc-       support!
Donations provide a critical source of            tories for distribution to families and pro-
income for ASBC, which is comprised               fessionals in the Boulder and Broomfield
solely of volunteers that are working to          area for one year;
make Boulder & Broomfield County the
premier location to raise a family with or    •   $100 provides 100 our informational
without special needs. ASBC’s services            brochures displayed and distributed at
are free to the public and we charge no           support groups and in professional of-

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