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                                           Section13                      Non-Linear
                                 Applied Magic ...............................................800-801
                                 Digital Origin.................................................802-805

ProfessionalVideo   SourceBook
                                 Aurora ....................................................................806
                                 Apple Computer............................................807-810
                                 AIST .................................................................811-813
                                 DPS ..................................................................816-819
                                 Newtek ...........................................................820-823
                                 Canopus ..........................................................824-829
                                 Pinnacle Systems...........................................830-843
                                 Matrox ............................................................844-853
                                 In-Sync ............................................................854-857
                                 Avid .................................................................858-869
                                 Media 100 ......................................................870-881
                                 Inscriber .........................................................888-889
                                 Boris FX ..........................................................890-891
                                 Hollywood FX ................................................892-893
                                 Puffin Design.................................................898-901
                                 ICE .................................................................. 906-911

                                 Videonics ........................................................912-915
                                 Newtek ...........................................................916-919
                                 AIST/Vitec ..............................................................925
                                 Non-Linear Accessories ................................926-927
                                 Non-Linear Audio ..........................................928-933
                                 Medea .............................................................934-935
                                 CTI .................................................................. 936-939
             Standalone Non-Linear Video Editing System
             ScreenPlay is revolutionary non-linear video production
             appliance (no computer required) that offers broadcast
             quality video, real-time performance, and an easy-to-learn,

             award-winning user interface. Incorporating a real-time
             effects engine, and advanced Wavelet technology, ScreenPlay
             delivers full-motion, crystal clear video in realtime. Designed
             from the ground up and optimized for video production, there
             is no need for system configuration or add-on boards. Just
             plug it in and go to work!
             ScreenPlay features broadcast-quality video, real time transi-
             tions, 2D effects, page turns, picture-in-picture, special effects
             (including interpolated slow motion), color effects and motion
             titles. The patented WhiteMagic and ColorGard video tuning
             features offer real time auto-white balancing and color correc-
             tion of your video in post-production. ScreenPlay supports stop motion, time lapse recording and multi-layering of video,

             audio and effects – while maintaining amazing video quality through multiple layers! You can work on up to six proj-
             ects at a time, and the system supports project backup and restore.
             ScreenPlay is designed to work on one display device – either a television, video monitor or computer monitor. A single
             stroke of a key toggles you between the interface screen and full screen playback. When working in the interface mode,
             the system features a very nice, full 1/4-screen video-viewing window. ScreenPlay comes with a custom keyboard, which
             is pre-labeled for video production. Software is multi-standard (NTSC and PAL) and supports seven languages. An
             optional, custom wireless keyboard is also available.

             ScreenPlay uses a proprietary operating system (OS) designed from          ScreenPlay ships with SP-edit, ScreenPlay’s editing application, and
             the ground up for editing, providing a stable, efficient real-time oper-   SP-title, ScreenPlay’s titler. SP-edit includes a transition package,
             ating system. The OS is also extremely extremely tight and efficient,      color effects package, special effects package, graphics package and an
             code is loaded in just 4MB of flash ROM. Quite amazing when you            audio package. SP-title supports TrueType fonts and comes preloaded
             consider that the combination of popular PC-based editing applica-         with 8 True-Type fonts (any number and variety of fonts can be
             tions with Windows NT typically takes up about 160 MB of hard              downloaded via CD-ROM). Both SP-edit and SP-title are real-time
             disk space. The benefit here is pure A/V storage on your hard drives       applications.
             and the fact that your system continues to run even if your hard
             drive fails!                                                               ScreenPlay is an ideal tool for event videographers, educators, corpo-
                                                                                        rate A/V departments and government agencies. It can be used to
             ScreenPlay is more a digital appliance than a computer, and therefore      create training videos, presentations, facilities promotions, recruit-
             doesn’t incorporate many of the computer metaphors such as file            ment, product demos or promotions, and distance learning.
             management. In ScreenPlay, a file is synonymous with a video clip; a       Screenplay’s realtime functionality makes it ideal for a school envi-
             collection of video clips (with audio, titles and effects) is called a     ronment, where class time is limited and student captivation a must.
             project. The only limitation is that a video clip cannot exceed 36GB       Students will also find ScreenPlay’s interface so easy to learn that they
             in size (2 hours and 20 minutes at the highest quality setting). If you    will be editing right away. The MIDI time code in and out makes it
             ever encounter such a situation, splitting the clip would resolve the      great for producing music videos.
                                        APPLIED MAGIC
      Inputs and Outputs
                                                 Wavelet Compression Technology
■ Screenplay has two sets of composite and
  S-Video inputs and outputs (front and          Screenplay uses Wavelet compression technology because it offers the best mix of quality
  rear) and a DV (IEEE1394) I/O option           and efficiency. While M-JPEG (Motion-JPEG) offers excellent quality, it uses the most
  conveniently located behind a front panel      hard disk space to maintain its quality, so it is not efficient. MPEG offers the most com-
  access door for camcorder input. The DV        pression while still maintaining decent quality, so it is the most efficient, but the poorest of

  option also incorporates a PCMCIA              the three in terms of quality. (MPEG has a tough time with horizontal and vertical lines
  Type II port for inputting still images        and with lots of motion, such as leaves blowing on a tree.) Wavelet offers the best quality of
  from digital still cameras.                    the three – about a 20% quality improvement over M-JPEG at comparable compression
                                                 settings – and an efficiency rating that falls between M-JPEG and MPEG.
■ Stereo audio inputs are provided on the
  front and rear panels–the system sup-
  ports four stereo audio channels. There is                           Award-Winning Interface
  also a microphone jack for narration, and
                                                With one of the most intuitive user-interfaces ever, ScreenPlay lets you be a
  a headphone jack for monitoring your
                                                video editor instead of a computer specialist. On the right side of the
  audio on the front panel.
                                                ScreenPlay control screen you choose your desired editing function from three
■ Additional I/O support includes a CD-         simple clickable icons (Clapper Board, Titler and Toolbox).
  ROM drive (to input software upgrades,
  digital music, fonts and digital stills and
                                                1) Clicking on the Clapper Board icon activates the Bin area for accessing video
  clip art.), VGA port (to drive a computer
                                                   or audio clips, transitions, graphics and effects. Video and audio clips can be
  monitor if desired), PS/2 port for the
                                                   dragged and dropped in your desired order onto the Storyboard timeline at the bottom of
  keyboard and a serial port that is MIDI
                                                                                                                          the screen. Transitions
  compatible and also provides machine
                                                                                                                          dragged to the

  control for batch capture.
                                                                                                                          Storyboard are per-
                                                                                                                          formed in realtime,
   Supported File Formats                                                                                                 with no rendering.
■ ScreenPlay’s CD-ROM drive allows you                                                                                    These include dissolves,
  to import a variety of media through its                                                                                page turns and picture-
  auto-install feature. The system supports        in-picture. Your options in the Effects Bin include freeze-frame, slo-mo, film look, color
  JPEG, BMP, PNG, WAVELET, WAV,                    effects and more—all in realtime. Graphics are also dragged to the Storyboard and placed
  AIFF and CDDA files, as well as True             in the titling track.
  Type Fonts. Aso supports 3rd party plug-
  ins, such as Pixelan’s Video Spice Rack.      2) Titler icon designated by the letter “A” provides high quality True Type fonts in your choice
                                                   of sizes, scroll or crawl, drop shadow, rotation, and many other font options. Titler also
                                                   includes a powerful drawing tool to create and manipulate complex shapes.
■ ScreenPlay currently comes with a             3) Toolbox icon is where you choose from a wide range of user options like selecting NTSC
  9 GB hard drive, and depending on the            or PAL, compression ratio (variable from 5:1 broadcast quality to 25:1 demo quality), input
  quality setting chosen, can hold between         sources and even your choice of operating language (English, Spanish, German, French,
  35 minutes at the highest quality setting        Italian or Portugese).
  (broadcast) to over 3 hours at a very
  viewable quality setting.
                                                Six separate projects can be worked on simultaneously, ideal for high volume editing suites or
■ An external Ultra-Wide high-density           multi-user environments like schools and corporations.
  SCSI port lets you add as much extra          ScreenPlay is designed to work on one display—either a TV, video monitor or computer mon-
  storage as you need (up to an additional      itor. A single stroke of a key toggles you between the 1/4 screen Viewing Window and full
  13 SCSI devices – the sky is the limit!)      screen playback.. And you don’t just get a preview, but you get a real view of each selected
■ Designed to match aesthetically match         clip, graphic, transition and effect in realtime. The 1/4 screen Viewing Window also features
  ScreenPlay in appearance, the optional        true YUV video color space instead of the deceptive RGB color of compute monitors.
  SPES-2000 Extended Storage Unit is a
  user configurable backup storage periph-
                                                 ScreenPlay with 9GB Ultra SCSI hard drive, custom keyboard and mouse ........Call
  eral, that allows you to store up to three
  drives in any combination. Storage             Digital I/O Option (IEEE1394 DV and PC card slot) ......................................Call
  options include removable/fixed internal
                                                 Wireless IR Keyboard (Error-free remote operation from your couch) ................Call
  hard drive, AIT tape drive, 4mm tape
  drive, DVD RAM and Jaz drive.                  SPES-2000 ScreenPlay Extended Storage Unit ......................................................Call

                                                                                                THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
                                                                    PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
      D I G I TA L O R I G I N
             Professional Non-Linear Editing Software for Digital Video (DV)
                                                  Incredibly affordable, EditDV integrates editing, compositing and animation in a
                                                  single, user-friendly interface. The first non-linear editor designed 100% for edit-
                                                  ing DV material, Edit DV gives you total control, placing every detail of digital

                                                  video production at your fingertips.This includes three-dimensional positioning of
                                                  the video plane, high quality picture-in-picture, 3-point editing and professional
                                                  character generation. Advanced editing features such as trimming, device control,
                                                  keyboard control, and batch capture make editing a creative process—not a techni-
                                                  cal chore. Unlimited layering, high quality keying and key-frameable effects com-
                                                  bine to give powerful compositing and animation control. Transition effects like
                                                  wipes, dissolves, fades, moves and zooms can be applied to any layer. Effects can be
                                                  customized easily for your needs and saved for later re-use. Edit DV is also 100%
                                                  QuickTime compatible, so it works seamlessly and openly with hundreds of other
                                                  applications like AfterEffects and Photoshop.
              A true breakthrough non-linear post production solution for editing DV, EditDV provides an intuitive user interface for
             editors and computer users alike so that anyone new to non-linear editing will quickly be producing high quality video.


                                                   100% Digital In and Digital Out
             ■ End-to-end digital video production means      ■ Digital Origin’s software codec, AVA          ■ Non-square pixels are a fact of life on a
               the picture quality of your footage is never     (Advanced Video Architecture), provides         video screen. EditDV was designed to cre-
               compromised. Over the Firewire (or DV,           the fastest software rendering possible for     ate the precise non-square pixel aspect
               IEEE1394, i.LINK or whatever else you            your graphics and special effects. AVA is       ratio for DV footage. Edit DV’s high-
               want to call it) interface, you can transfer     user adjustable to provide the best quality     quality sub-pixel rendering for "correct
               digital video in and out of your computer        play-back suited to your system.                pixel aspect ratio" creates the precise pixel
               with a single cable connected to your DV         Depending on the speed of your machine,         aspect ratio for DV footage so that geo-
               camera or VCR. EditDV works with your            you can view in full, intermediate and          metric effects, transitions and titles do not
               DV device over FireWire, providing com-          draft quality modes.) And it provides the       appear distorted on the video screen. So
               plete machine control for unattended batch       flexibility for you to continue editing         whether you output to tape, CD-ROM,
               capture or realtime clip transfer.               when your DV device is being used else-         DVD or the Web you produce the highest
                                                                where.                                          quality effects and video.
             ■ Includes MotoDV to capture DV footage in
               the most efficient way possible. MotoDV        ■ DraftDV, a specialized rendering mode         ■ Works with whatever footage you’ve shot
               controls your DV device so you can easily        unique to EditDV, provides a 3-5x               in its native format. EditDV will maintain
               select the footage you need. You then create     improvement in rendering time. This             the correct and perfect aspect ratio—
               folders of clips and simply drag them into       allows you to efficiently watch your work       whether you’re creating a 16:9 wide screen
               the EditDV project window where a bin for        as it unfolds and to quickly communicate        or 4:3 normal movie in NTSC or PAL.
               each folder is created with the user defined     preliminary versions to your clients.
               clip organization.

              100% Digital Video on the Desktop
              The time has arrived for desktop video editing without the struggle of cables, disk arrays and special operating system tweaks. With
              QuickTime, DV format devices and EditDV, professional non-linear edit-ing on the desktop is a reality for Macintosh and Windows.
              For example, the new Apple Blue & White G3s with built-in FireWire interface provide all you need to produce professional video
              —only you will know it was created on the desktop.

             We are on the web at:
                                     D I G I TA L O R I G I N
                 3-D Effects                                                      Professional 3-Point Editing
■ You can manipulate your video in 3D            ■ While EditDV is accessible to
  with true perspective control. Control           beginners, the experienced edi-
  panning, zooming and rotation (PZR).             tor will recognize the same kind
■ Automatic border generation per picture          of flexible user interface and

  -in-picture.                                     sophisticated editing features
                                                   found in more expensive appli-
■ Add softness, opacity, or colored drop           cations. Working within the
  shadows to effects.                              parameters of familiar drag and
■ All effects are anti-aliased and sub-pixel
                                                   drop, EditDV provides profes-
  interpolated. Combine different effects to       sional style 3-point editing
  provide exciting broadcast visual effects.       including L-cuts, J-cuts, back-
                                                   timing and fit-to-fill (4 point
                                                   editing). All editing is available
              Transitions                          via keyboard control for effi-
■ Includes over 40 anti-aliased, professional      ciency, or easily handled with
  quality transitions. You can customize           the mouse . You decide how
  them with colored borders, variable soft-        you want to work.
  ness, and drop shadows —for a virtually
  unlimited number of transitions.               ■ 3-point editing lets you set an in or out point                     ■ Trim multiple tracks at once. You can
                                                   for your clip, pick an in and out point for it in                     select each and every cut you want to
            Advanced CG                            your program, and pop the clip in. The miss-                          trim and trim them all together - by

                                                   ing point will be automatically calculated for                        adding or removing frames via mouse
■ Integrated, unlimited title layers include       you. You can also work the other way around.                          or keyboard control. Trim as many
  fonts with keyframe control of drop              Set a range in your program first and fill it                         audio and video tracks as you want.
  shadows, gradients,softness, transparency        with as much of your clip as will fit. Amount                         Especially useful for accurate L-cuts or
  and colored backgrounds for professional         of adjustments you can make are endless.                              J-cuts.
  title creation.
■ Alpha mode is included for picture-in-                                                                     Audio
  title effects. This allows you to play other
                                                 ■ Directly manipulate the audio track vol-                        ■ Provides realtime adjustment of clip and
  video tracks right inside of your title.
                                                   ume to integrate diverse audio tracks and                         track volume making audio decisions
  Titles are animated directly on the video
                                                   easily mix the audio .                                            quick and easy.
  in realtime using keyframed spline, linear
  or hold motion.
                                                                                                  Additional Features
 Chroma and Luma Keying                          ■ Enhanced FX manipulation lets you                                ■ You can create, modify, save and distrib-
                                                   interact with your special effects directly                        ute custom filter settings for consistency
■ Create clean mattes for unlimited layer-         in EditDV’s FX monitor (the preview                                and productivity.
  ing of video without leaving your editing        screen) and instantly get a full snapshot
  environment.                                                                                                      ■ Choose between a single monitor or dual
                                                   out onto your NTSC monitor of what
                                                                                                                      monitor user interface providing a flexible
■ Chroma and luma keying offer softness,           you've created.
  transparency and tolerance sliders for         ■ Intuitive mouse-driven interface as well as
  accurate keying performance.                                                                                      ■ Provides interactive full motion playback
                                                    extensive keyboard controls let you move
                                                                                                                      via your DV device for setting in and out
■ Also provides a Color Replace filter for          quickly and easily through your work.
                                                                                                                      points, marking on the fly realtime play-
  professional matte cleanup capability.            Colored key cap stickers are included for
                                                                                                                      back of cuts and reviewing precision trims.
                                                    added efficiency and fast learning curve.
     Unlimited Key Frames
■ Provides unlimited keyframes for all                      Do You Already Have the Appropriate FireWire Connectivity?
  effects filters allowing not only spatial      EditDV is available with or without a FireWire interface kit for Windows 95/98/NT and Mac
  animation but control of all filter param-
                                                  # RASWEDV EditDV for Windows 95/98/NT ........................................................599.95
  eters. This provides you with complete
                                                  # RAEDVW EditDV for Windows 95/98/NT with FireWire (IEEE1394) board ....749.95
  control of your effects and the ability cre-
                                                  # RASWEDVM15 EditDV for Macintosh ................................................................599.95
  ate your own effects look.
                                                  # RAEDV15 EditDV for Macintosh with FireWire (IEEE1394) board ....................749.95

                                                                                                  THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
                                                                      PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
      D I G I TA L O R I G I N
             Capture and Editing of Digital Video (DV)
             MotoDV is a hardware and software package that lets you quickly and easily
             transfer pristine digital video form your DV-equipped camcorder or VCR to
             your PC or Mac. Now for a fraction of the price, you can create broadcast-

             quality videos, super-clean CD-ROM, web movies and integrate video into
             your presentations. Perfect companion for every DV camcorder! Includes
             everything you need to get started.


                          DV Capture                               Software Codec for DV
             ■ The MotoDV capture application trans-          ■ MotoDV includes Digital Origin’s software
               fers digital video from your DV device to        codec for DV. The advanced video archi-
               your hard drive. As clips are being cap-         tecture (AVA) is the high-performance,
                                                                                                                                    Proven Reliability
               tured, they are converted to QuickTime           high-quality software codec (compres-                   ■ Digital Origin's IEEE1394 Firewire inter-
               movies, complete with a separate audio           sion/decompression) engine that allows                    face supports more DV camcorders than
               track. Clips may be captured as real-time        you to render your effects, titles, 3D                    anyone else in the digital video industry.
               movies or as time-lapse movies.                  graphics and transitions to the DV format                 They also maintain the most comprehen-
                                                                and play them back on your computer.                      sive compatibility database of DV cam-

                                                                The beauty of software based codecs is that               corders. Digital Origin has the largest
                                                                as processor speeds increase, rendering                   installed base of IEEE 1394 users and per-
                                                                times decrease and software playback per-                 forming the most comprehensive in-house
                                                                formance improves.                                        compatibility testing.

                                                                 QuickTime Compatibility                                            Includes PhotoDV
                                                              ■ MotoDV's architecture is based on                       ■ MotoDV also includes Digital Origin’s
                                                                QuickTime so you can work alongside                       PhotoDV, the award-winning utility that
                                                                other popular applications and mesh with                  enables you to capture still images quickly
                                                                your workflow. Edit and composite your                    and easily from your DV tapes. Integrated
                                                                DV footage in leading applications like                   with Adobe Photoshop 5.0 LE (also
                         MotoDV’s Capture Window                EditDV, Adobe Premier and After Effects.                  included), captured images are immediate-
                                                                                                                          ly available for retouching. This is ideal
                           DV Player                                                                                      for capturing stills for use on the internet,
             ■ In addition to playing back your captured                                                                  in data bases and in your e-mail.
               clips in software, MotoDV’s DV Player          ■ Supports locked and unlocked audio so
               allows you to export DV over the                 you can work with a variety of formats
                                                                including DV, DVCAM and DVCPRO.
                                                                                                                           Includes Adobe Premier LE
               IEEE1394 connection for playback and
               recording of full motion digital video to        Unlocked sample rates include 32 kHz,                   ■ MotoDV includes the starter version of the
               your DV camcorder or VCR.                        44.1 kHz, and 48 kHz. Locked sample                       industry’s most widely used non-linear edi-
                                                                rates are 32 kHz and 48 kHz.                              tor, Adobe Premiere 5.1 LE.

                         VCR Controls                          PhotoDV for Mac OS & Windows 95/98
             ■ MotoDV also includes remote VCR con-            Includes Adobe PhotoShop 5.0LE ..........................................................................299.00
               trols making it easy to locate the clips you    MotoDV for Mac OS & Windows 95/98
               want to capture. An innovative search fea-      Includes PhotoDV, Adobe Premier 5.1 LE and Photoshop 5.0LE ..........................379.00
               ture automatically finds the beginning of
               the next or previous clip. And an auto-         MotoDV Studio 2.0 for Windows 95/98/NT4.0
               matic naming function saves you time            With integrated batch capture, device control, and timeline playback within Premier.
               and helps keep the clips organized.             Includes full version Adobe Premier 5.1, PhotoDV and Photoshop 5.0 LE ............699.00

             7-Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
                                     D I G I TA L O R I G I N
Painting and Special Effects Software for Digital Video
What your favorite "paint" program does for still images, RotoDV
does for video. If you can imagine it, RotoDV does it. The ideal tool
for creating eye-popping special effects, pure animations and subtle

touch-ups—RotoDV is the world’s most affordable multi-layer
paint-on-video application.
RotoDV gives you the power to paint at the speed of video. Bring
movies in, paint the frames one at a time or while they play, and
immediately see the result. Get real-time interaction and feedback.
Utilizing QuickTime, RotoDV works alongside other popular
applications and integrates seamlessly. RotoDV also makes an
excellent addition to video editing software such as EditDV,
Premier, and Final Cut Pro, as well compositing applications like
After Effects and effects software like Commotion.
RotoDV gives you an unprecedented combination of tools and capabilities —unlike anything you've seen in the world of
desktop video. If you're a newcomer to special effects, there's no better way to get started than with RotoDV. And if

you're an experienced creative professional, you'll wonder how you got by without RotoDV in your tool bag.


          Timeline Control                        Customizable Painting Tools                                                    Auto Paint
RotoDV’s timeline window provides you             Brushes can be customized by setting and                         Paint across multiple frames at once; apply
with precise and convenient control over all      linking parameters to produce a wide variety                     effects quickly and easily; paint while video
the layers in your project. Thumbnails of         of effects. Paint tools can be given a "natural                  plays. Auto Paint gives you amazing interac-
every frame in each layer show exactly            media" feel (useful when sketching with a                        tive control over your video creation. You
what’s happening at every point in your           graphic tablets), can be set to dynamically                      can adjust the speed of the moving video to
movie                                             apply sparkle or shimmer effects, or to even                     match your painting style.
                                                  paint directly into the alpha channel. Use
    Powerful Cloning Tools                        stylus input and other factors to change                                Real-Time Playback
                                                  brush and paint characteristics while you
                                                                                                                   As you paint and make changes, you’ll see
                                                  paint. Brushes can be customized to suit
                                                                                                                   the results immediately. There’s no waiting
                                                  individual needs. Create your own sets of
                                        You can                                                                    for the movie to render. RotoDV enables
                                                  custom tools to express your distinctive style.
                              replicate imagery                                                                    real-time playback at full resolution,
                    within a frame or from                                                                         depending on RAM availability.
                    any frame in a different        Unlimited, Non-Destructive
                  layer. Replicator brushes          Paint and Video Layers                                               Additional Features
                 "clone" imagery from one         A new approach to the concept of painting                        ■ Precise control over every frame and field
                  location so you can paint       on video, RotoDV gives digital artists the                         lets you create smooth animations and
                   it in another. Imagery can     freedom to work with an unlimited number                           effects at high resolutions.
                 be cloned within a frame or      of paint and video layers simultaneously.
                  from any frame in a differ-                                                                      ■ Provides a multi-layer onion skin ("light
                                                  RotoDV’s powerful layering architecture
                     ent layer, enabling you                                                                         table"), making animation and multi-
                                                  provides a flexible, creative environment. All
                      to literally put a video                                                                       frame effects easy to create and control.
                                                  your editing work goes into layers without
                       on your brush, and         affecting the source video and other                             ■ Using Wacom or other graphics tablets,
paint with it! For example, you can splash        imagery. Layers can then be blended using                          you can paint precisely and comfortably.
on a bit of your favorite waterfall, add a        sophisticated parameters in infinite combi-                        Create unique effects by using stylus
blast of sandstorm, or flame on a few             nations while each layer remains intact and                        input (position, pressure, angle, etc.) to
strokes of fire.                                  untouched.                                                         modulate the effects of your brushes.

                                                                                                 THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
                                                                     PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
             World's Fastest Video Capture Card Exclusively For Mac!
             IGNITER is the world’s fastest video capture card exclusively for the Macintosh platform. In a PowerMac G3 or a Blue
             and White G3 system, IGNITER allows you to capture and playback video at 13.3 MB per second. It features CCIR
             601 video resolution and 16-bit, 48kHz stereo audio with the option of upgrading to component input and output with

             balanced audio. Future upgrade options include DV, SDI and Uncompressed options.

             ■ Custom designed for QuickTime and the        ■ On board fully synchronized audio, up to     ■ Genlocking capability
               Mac OS bringing you ease of use and            16 bit 48kHz Stereo
                                                                                                           ■ Includes Adobe Premiere 5.1
               tightly integrated controls over the digi-
                                                            ■ Full CCIR, CIF, QCIF resolution sup-
               tizing and playback drivers.                                                                ■ Stabilizer Technology: By using an
             ■ Industry leading 13.3 Megabytes per sec-                                                      Aurora custom designed integrated cir-
                                                            ■ Fully QuickTime MJPEG-A format com-            cuit, Aurora has written drivers to guar-
               ond data rates, compression ratio: 1.5:1
                                                              patible                                        antee consistent output image quality
               to 50:1 Supports up to 720x486
                                                                                                             even during hardware acceleration of
               (NTSC) and 720x576 (PAL/SECAM)               ■ All outputs are simultaneously active dur-
                                                                                                             Premiere rendering functions.
                                                              ing both capture and playback

             Low-Cost, High-Quality Video Capture Card for Macintosh
             Fuse is a short PCI card (only 4 inches long) that delivers composite or S-Video
             capture and output at rates up to 9MB per second for the highest quality possi-
             ble. Significantly faster than any other card in its price range.

                 Capture and Playback                                   Acceleration
             ■ Capable of full frame (640 x 480), full      ■ Provides hardware acceleration for Adobe
               frame rate (30 fps) video capture at rates     Premier’s (included) transitions and
               up to 9 MB/s (2:1 compression).                effects –greatly reducing the time                   Versatile Interface
             ■ Video overlay allows you to view a cap-        required to create video content.
                                                                                                           ■ When capturing or playing back video, a
               ture and playback window on the com-                                                          preview window is displayed on your Mac
               puter monitor. (Other cards in this price                Versatile I/O
                                                                                                             monitor which can be scaled at either
               range either do not provide this feature     ■ Equipped with composite and S-Video            full, half or quarter size. Output to the
               or drastically limit the frame rate.)          inputs and outputs                             video monitor is always scaled to full size.
             ■ Supporting all video standards, Fuse pro-    ■ Audio input and output is handled by
               vides seamless support for NTSC, PAL           the Mac or a third party card. This                     Easy-to-Install
               and SECAM (input only for SECAM)               design allows you to pick the audio I/O      ■ Installation of the card itself is simple;
               without you having to worry about con-         format and quality of your choice while        pop open the case and slide it in.
               figuring software.                             still maintaining perfect synchronization      Documentation is included in PDF for-
             ■ Supports NTSC resolutions of 640 x             with the video. No longer are you locked       mat A testing application called
               480, 320 x 240 and 160 x 120 as well as        into the mediocre audio provided by the        "Rocker" and an installer for the software
               PAL equivalent of 768 x 576, 384 x             capture card. (Aurora Design wrote Fuse’s      drivers is also included.
               288 and 192 x 144..                            software components in a manner which
                                                              guarantees outstanding lip sync).

             We are on the web at:
                                                                                                                     FINAL CUT PRO
Professional Editing, Compositing and Effects Software for Macintosh
                                          True end-to-end professional digital video is now affordable and easy to use. A break-
                                          through in non-linear video, Final Cut Pro combines professional editing, compositing,
                                          and special effects in one powerful application— turning a Power Macintosh G3 into

                                          a powerful workstation.
                                          Designed from the ground up for DV, Final Cut Pro out of the box offers the easiest
                                          way to transfer material from DV sources to your hard disk; edit, composite, and add
                                          effects to the video and audio; and play the results. Ideal for independent, corporate
                                          and educational video producers, as well as web and multimedia authors. It has
                                          an advanced feature set that professionals will love, yet it’s also easy enough for
                                          novice video producers who are just discovering DV and FireWire.
                                 Final Cut Pro supports DV and all QuickTime formats, including M-JPEG and
                                 web-ready streaming video. It provides plug-and-play capabilities with most digital
video cameras. It supports unique DV features such as non-square pixels and audio/video interleaving. Just connect
your computer to a DV camcorder, capture video and edit it with sophisticated tools such as three-point editing,

match frame, and multitrack trimming. Create multiple layers of video using text, graphics, Adobe Photoshop files
(with layers maintained), or additional video elements. Each layer can be still, or animated along a user-defined
path using tools such as Bézier curves with acceleration control. Apply time-varying filter effects, such as blur, to
any layer, and mix and synchronize multiple audio tracks—up to 99 tracks per movie. Then you can output your
results for TV, videotape, QuickTime movies, or the Web.


                                                       Superior Flexibility
■ Efficient access to all features means you      ■ Tab-based contextual windows eliminates                        ■ Autosave and 99 levels of "undo" lets you
  can edit, render, and add effects in a min-       screen clutter by pulling out tabs to create                      work with confidence, knowing that you
  imum number of steps.                             stand-alone windows.                                              can easily correct any mistakes
■ All work in the program is done through         ■ Four work-mode qualities with separate                         ■ With the ability to log and capture media
  four multi-function windows. See all              caches. View high-speed previews and                              directly into bins you can organize your
  interface elements continuously, without          rendering of transitions, effects, and com-                       media as you capture it
  having to constantly rearrange windows.           posited elements.                                              ■ Sort and sift functions and Boolean
■ Print directly to videotape without a           ■ Flexible user interface controls lets you                         searches lets you find and organize your
  "make movie" command                              work the way you want to—drag-and-                                media assets quickly and easily
                                                    drop editing, pull-down menus, or key-                         ■ View clips on an NTSC monitor without
■ Pop-up editing palette gives you drag-            strokes
  and-drop support of major edit functions                                                                            opening the Viewer window

 Apple already leads the industry in providing the computers and                      Final Cut Pro, along with QuickTime, DV, FireWire technology,
 software used to edit and manipulate video. Apple’s objective is                     and the new Power Macintosh G3 systems, is reinventing digi-
 to make video an affordable, easy means of communication, just                       tal video. Together, these revolutionary products and technolo-
 as they did for desktop publishing with Macintosh systems,                           gies make high-quality digital video creation feasible for a much
 LaserWriter printers, and 32-bit color.                                              wider audience of professional and prosumer customers.

                                                                                                  THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
                                                                      PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
                                  Professional Tools                                                                 Plug-and-Play DV
             ■ Fast, interactive editing with a complete set of tools so spend your            ■ Provides all the components necessary for DV production except
               time creating great videos instead of performing wasted steps.                    the camera. Just plug in a DV camera and turn your computer
               Offers professional editing, compositing, and effects programs in                 into a complete personal video workstation Incorporates all DV
               one product.                                                                      video and audio standards. Provides simultaneous output to a

             ■ Direct, proxy-free compositing so you work precisely with ele-                    computer monitor, TV monitor, VCR, or camera
               ments, exactly as they will appear in the finished production
             ■ Build productions as complex as you want with unlimited layers of
                                                                                                              Outstanding Support for QT:
               video, audio, text, and graphics.
             ■ Create intricate, precise, time-varying effects using Bézier curves or          ■ Final Cut Pro takes advantage of the high performance and
               graphs to control effects and animations with keyframes                           enhanced features of QuickTime, the most robust open standard
                                                                                                 for video creation and distribution. You can view large video win-
             ■ Organize your assets efficiently with support for 34 columns of
                                                                                                 dows with smooth, stutter-free playback for precise editing; watch
               data and unlimited bins and sub-bins                                              and listen to guaranteed audio/video synchronization when using
             ■ With full-featured deck control you can batch-capture many dif-                   appropriate codecs; and export to all other QuickTime formats,
               ferent clips as well as export and play back to tape                              including web-ready streaming video.

                                          Power Mac G4
                                      Simply the fastest desktop computer ever, the G4 is designed for creative professionals who use
                                      computers as the pivotal tool of their trade, setting the pace of their work, their productivity,

                                      even their success. It features the revolutionary PowerPC G4 with Velocity Engine, which
                                      crunches multimedia data at blazing-fast speeds. The Velocity Engine uses true independent
                                      vector processing—a technology originally developed for use in scientific supercomputers. The
                                      result is unprecedented productivity for creative professionals—in the arts as well as the sciences.
                                      With its Pentium-crushing speed (easily running up to a stunning 100% to 200% faster than
               the fastest Pentium III–based PCs.) the Power Mac G4 picks up where the best-selling Power Macintosh G3 left off.
               The Power Mac G4 is so powerful that its speed       productive video editing, compositing, and special effects. When you’re ready, get
               is measured in gigaflops, or billions of floating-   unwired with AirPort, Apple’s new high-speed wireless local area network option.
               point operations per second, just like supercom-     AirPort gives you the freedom to surf the Internet without cables, additional phone
               puters. At the heart of this system is the brand-    lines, or complicated networking hardware. Just install the AirPort wireless networking
               new PowerPC G4 with Velocity Engine. Using           card, connect to an AirPort wireless network, and start surfing from your business, class-
               vector processing, the PowerPC G4 brings super-      room, or any room in your home.
               computer performance to the desktop for the
                                                                     Processor                          400MHz G4          450MHz G4            500MHz G4
               first time. The Velocity Engine moves vector and
               multimedia data at super efficient speeds—it can      L2 Backside Cache                  1MB 200MHz         1MB 225MHz           1MB 250MHz
               process data in 128-bit chunks, instead of the        SDRAM                              64MB (1GB max)     128MB(1.5GB max)     256MB(1.5GB max)
               smaller 32-bit or 64-bit chunks used in tradi-        Max Memory Bandwidth               400MB/sec          800MB/sec            800MB/sec
               tional processors. System performance is further      Graphics                           RAGE 128/PCI       RAGE 128/AGP 2X      RAGE 128/AGP 2X
               enhanced through the use of an all-new, super-                                           16MB V-RAM         16MB V-RAM           16MB V-RAM
               fast system bus and 1 megabyte of backside            Hard Drive
                                                                     3 internal bays, 1 used            10GB Ultra ATA/33 20GB Ultra ATA/66     27GB Ultra ATA/66
               cache. Expansion is this computer’s particular
               talent. It accommodates more than 100 GB of           CD-ROM/DVD Drive                   CD-ROM             DVD-ROM              DVD-RAM
               hard disk storage and up to 1.5 GB of SDRAM.          Removable Storage                  —                  100MB Zip            100MB Zip
               USB and FireWire ports let you connect to             Ethernet 10/100BASE-T              Yes                Yes                  Yes
               high-bandwidth peripherals such as printers,          FireWire ports 400Mbps             2                  3 (1 internal)       3 (1 internal)
               digital video cameras, hard disk drives, and          USB                                2 (12Mbps total)   2 (24Mbps total)     2 (24Mbps total)
               more. Three 64-bit PCI slots support a wide
                                                                     AirPort Wireless LAN
               variety of expansion cards. Choose Final Cut          11Mbps, 802.11 Compliant           n/a                Optional             Optional
               Pro video editing software for flexible, highly       56KV.90 Modem                      Built in           Built in             Optional

             7-Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
                                                                                                                     FINAL CUT PRO
          Four versatile windows for fast access to all Final Cut Pro features


The Viewer is analogous to a source monitor. Use it to
watch individual video clips, mark edit points and apply
effects. You can also load clips from the current sequence
into the Viewer to refine details such as edits, effects and
audio volume.

Viewer tabs contain controls for changing settings for dif-
ferent properties of a clip
Video Tab: View, locate and mark video frames, as well
as set In and Out points and keyframes.
Audio Tab: View the audio waveform channels and has
controls to change level and pan or spread settings. Set In
and Out points, markers and keyframes for audio clips
Filters Tab: Change the settings for filter effects you've

applied to a clip.
Motion Tab: Modify motion effects to a clip.

                            Canvas                                                                                Browser
  The Canvas window is analogous to a record monitor. It dis-               Organize your media however you prefer, using sophisticated search,
  plays the results of the edited sequence you are creating. When           sift and sort tools.Use the Browser to organize and locate the source
  you open a sequence, it is displayed simultaneously in the                material for your project. The Browser is not a collection of files; it is
  Canvas and the Timeline. The two windows mirror one anoth-                a collection of references to files, which you organize in the context of
  er, so that if you move the Timeline's playhead, the Canvas dis-          your project. You can group Browser items in bins, which are similar
  play changes accordingly.                                                 to the folder structure of the Finder. The Browser’s scrollable columns
                                                                            provide information about your files.
  The Canvas is also very useful for performing three-point edits.
  You can drag and drop a marked clip from the Viewer window,
  into the Canvas. A semi-transparent menu appears over the
  Canvas window allowing you to choose an edit type.
                                                                            The Timeline displays the layers of video and audio tracks in a
  Additionally, the Canvas Window provides a direct, proxy-free
                                                                            sequence along a time axis. The Canvas and Timeline windows mirror
  interface for building composites and adding effects. Each layer
                                                                            one another, so that if you move the Timelines's playhead—the yel-
  can be selected and modified right in the Canvas. Scale, rotate,
                                                                            low triangle and vertical black line—the current frame of the
  and reposition elements without using a separate dialog box.
                                                                            sequence is updated in the Canvas window and vice versa. At the
  Draw Bezier curves right in the window to define a motion
                                                                            center of the window are the base layers of video and audio.
  path and change the acceleration of the image along the path.
                                                                            Additional video tracks extend upward (V1, V2, V3...), additional
  You can also apply filters here.
                                                                            audio tracks extend downward (A1, A2, A3....)

                                                 Tool Palette and Controls
  The most frequently used editing and playback controls are conveniently located below the Viewer and Canvas windows. The Tool Palette
  contains tools for selecting and manipulating items in the Timeline and Canvas. It expands to allow quick access to variations or options
  to the basic tools. Almost all tools have keyboard shortcuts.

                                                                                                 THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
                                                                     PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1

               Input and Output Formats                                Audio Capabilities                        Print-to-Tape and Export
             • DV video using FireWire                        • Sampling at 8 to 48 kHz and 8 to 16 bits         • Instant playback of cuts
             • Analog composite and component (using          • Mixing of audio during video playback            • Insert and assemble to tape using

               TARGA card)                                    • Audio pan controls                                 device control
             • All QuickTime video and file formats,          • Logarithmic audio fades                          • Up to 4,000 x 4,000-pixel resolu-
               including Motion and Photo JPEG,               • Scrubbing with or without pitch shifting           tion in any combination, including
               Sorenson, Cinepak, and more                    • Automatic, single-step audio transitions           ITU-R 601 720 x 486-pixel and
             • Image formats (BMP, JPEG, Photoshop,           • More than 12 audio filters, including 3-           720 x 576 non-square pixel options
               PICT, QuickTime, SGI, TARGA, TIF) with           band and parametric equalizer,                   • Compressed or uncompressed out-
               alpha channels maintained (import only)          compressor/limiter, 60/120-Hz hum                  put
             • Standard audio formats, including AIFF,          remover, and noise gate                          • 60-field processing
               WAV, and various compressions
             • Export in QuickTime web-streaming format
             • Import and export of common EDLs with              Compositing and Effects                           Media Management
               preread options                                • Direct manipulation of video and images          • Multiple bins and folders for clip
                                                              • Graphical and numeric control of accelera-         and effects storage
                         Video Capture                          tion and velocity                                • Icon and detail list views by name
                                                              • Unlimited compositing layers                       and other parameters
             • Multiple resolutions and redigitizing
                                                              • Import of Adobe Photoshop files with layers      • Ability to open multiple projects

                                                                maintained                                         and programs
             • Batch digitizing into bins
                                                              • Subpixel motion accuracy                         • Support for multi-item sorts, sifts,
             • Mark subclips during digitizing                                                                     and searches
             • Ability to add scene, shot, take, and nota-    • Insertion of fully editable submasters
                                                              • Text generator                                   • Storage of clip information in 34
               tions to footage as it is being digitized                                                           bin categories such as file size, frame
             • Waveform monitor                               • Keyframe-based filters
                                                                                                                   rate, and comments
                                                              • Real-time wire frame views
                                                                                                                 • Optional subclips
                                                              • Bézier motion path controls with accelera-
                               Editing                          tion control
                                                              • Over 75 built-in filters and keying effects        System Requirements
             • Three-point editing
             • L cuts                                         • Support for third-party After Effects plug-
                                                                ins, including Ultimatte                         • 266-MHz Power Macintosh G3
             • Match frame for replacing edits                                                                     (300 MHz required for DV)
                                                              • FXBuilder scripting language for creating
             • Multitrack trimming
                                                                custom filters and compositing effects           • Mac OS 8.5 or later
             • Multiple actions, including insert, overlay,
                                                              • Ability to apply effects to time ranges, not
               and replace                                                                                       • 128MB of RAM
                                                                just clips
             • Ability to back-time edits in a single step
                                                              • Photoshop-like transfer modes, such as mul-      • 6GB hard disk (one or more sepa-
             • Active track targeting                           tiply and lighten                                  rate Ultra2 LVD SCSI media drives
             • Numerical trimming from timeline               • Multiple compositing methods, including alpha,     recommended)
             • Slip trimming and slide trimming                 blue and green screen, luminance, and more
             • Support for editing and trimming using                                                            • One of the following video capture
                                                              • Automatic alpha compositing
               black (null) space, and for replacing black                                                         systems (optional):
                                                              • Time effects such as slow motion with
             • Sync multiple video edits to a single audio      frame blending                                   —A DV digital video source connect-
               track                                          • Motion blur and sophisticated image dein-        ed to a computer equipped with an
             • Sync detection and automatic correction          terlacing                                        Apple FireWire port (built in or on an
             • Markers with or without comments and           • Multiprocessor rendering                         Apple PCI card)
               durations                                      • Four user-defined rendering qualities for fast   —An analog video source and a certi-
             • Choice of editing with offline/online files      previews                                         fied QuickTime-compatible video
             • One-step transition and superimpose edit       • Separate render cache for each quality setting   capture card or device*
               mode                                           • More than 60 predefined transitions
             • Inline transitions instead of A/B model                                                           • Dual-monitor support (optional)
Digtal Video Editing, Compositing and Animation Software for NT

                                                                                                                                                                 ANIMATION SOFTWARE
MoviePack is a hardware-independent, all-in-one digital video editing, composit-
ing and animation software that sets new standards for digital video editing.
MoviePack incorporates incredible new technologies that allows it to out-perform
anything else on the market —like the ability to offer a fully scalable, real-time
preview window for any and all edits, effects and compositions—the only software-
based product with this capability.
Among its many other features, MoviePack boasts 32-bit color, 1000 x 1000 pixel
resolution, unlimited video and audio tracks, unlimited compositing layers, a
built-in effects generator, professional color correction and keying functions, a 3D
rendering engine, virtual cameras and a titler. MoviePack also offers a high degree
of customization: all parameters can be manipulated; custom transitions, effects
and title templates can be created and saved in libraries; the interface can be cus-
tomized to your skill level and needs. MoviePack is also an open plug-in host.
You can easily import third-party plug-ins from Adobe Premiere, After Effects,
                                                                                            Only $799.00!
Boris FX and Hollywood FX, to name a few.

The best part of MoviePack though, is that, unlike other applications on the market that offer only partial solutions,
MoviePack is an all-in-one solution. It offers a single user interface for compositing, editing, motion graphics and ani-
mation—so you don’t have to switch between programs, which can be very tedious and time consuming. And with its
off-the chart price/performance ratio, it enables anyone to create professional, cost-effective productions, even on the most
limited budget.

                                               Real-Time Preview Window
 The world’s first software-only application to offer a fully scalable, real-time preview window for all edits, effects and compositions,
 MoviePack’s preview takes full advantage of the OpenGL standard to keep up with changes as they are made. In plain English this means—
 you can composite an unlimited number of layers —and preview results in realtime. This feature greatly improves workflow and cuts
 down on production time (probably the greatest understatement of all time) since you can test creative ideas immediately without rendering
 every time. Rendering only happens at the end of the project when all the decisions have been made. This is an unbelievable advantage that
 MoviePack has over any other application on the market—even hardware-based.
 The secret to MoviePack’s Real-Time Preview lies in it’s unique new technologies including Queued Processing Management (QPM) to opti-
 mize multi-processor systems and Adaptive Mesh Technology (AMT) for super-fast rendering of 3D effects.

 Queued Processing Management™                                                  Adaptive Mesh Technology™
 QPM is a unique technology developed by AIST that automatically                AMT is a rendering sub-system that reduces rendering time for 3D
 maximizes processor usage and evenly distributes the workload                  animations by automatically calculating the number of polygons
 regardless of the number of processors. QPM completely splits off              necessary to achieve smooth edges. Polygons are only added where
 the processor navigation from the program and sits as a layer                  needed. This means that even the most complex 3D effect now
 between the program and the system resources, behaving like a sys-             requires far fewer polygons than it would using traditional 3D
 tem manager. By doing so, QPM automatically recognizes the                     modeling methods. This results in dramatically reduced rendering
 resources available and distributes the computing tasks accordingly,           times. Tasks are carried out up to 50 times faster than through
 regardless of the number of processors, even in network operation.             traditional means.
 Work time is significantly reduced thanks to equal, automated bal-

                                                                                                THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
                                                                    PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
             MoviePack Interface
             This is your main workplace. Here, all
             program windows (Canvas, Preview,
             Timeline, Timegraph, Browser, Monitor,

             Video Control, Project Window or Effect
             Box) are located and can be scaled, locked,
             configured, opened and closed. The tools
             and dialog boxes are independent and can
             be placed outside MoviePack’s main win-
             dow. The main setup can be saved via the
             Workspace Manager. All commands are
             also available on the Main Interface, like
             opening, importing or exporting files or
             customizing toolbars.
             One of the most important factors for
             being creative and productive is having

             the right workspace. MoviePack´s
             Workspace Manager enables you to customize your workspace. The default profiles "Beginner", "Advanced" and
             "Expert" are already set up to meet the demands of different users with different levels of experience. The workspace last
             used is saved and automatically available at the next startup. Adapted interface configurations can be saved and re-used.

                                    Browser Window                                                               MoviePack Album
             In the browser window you can visually browse any kind of media               A great feature to tremendously enhance workflow. Various different
             accessible. Sophisticated filters make it easy to search for one specific     albums can be defined easily. They function as containers, containing
             file or format. The mouse-over-function is especially helpful. When           any media surpassing the computer´s directory structure. Drag &
             activated, you only have to "park" the mouse-cursor on the object in          drop operations from the browser are fully supported. Albums can be
             question and it will be magnified. If the object is a video file, it will     scaled according to your needs and the contents can be saved for
             automatically be displayed and a window opens, allowing you to trim           future use. Animated effects and transitions can also be saved as well
             the video and move it to the Timeline or an album via drag & drop.            as objects together with their behaviors.
             For fast access, tabs point to the last folders selected. The user can also
             add or delete tabs manually. The complete drag & drop metaphor                                      Preview-Window
             behind MoviePack allows you to move anything from the browser                 MoviePack offers OpenGL realtime preview in NTSC or PAL resolu-
             window directly into other windows, e.g. the timeline or album, etc.          tion (the output can be switched to a TV monitor via the appropriate
                                                                                           video hardware), with a 32-bit color depth. Productivity and workflow
                                            Canvas                                         will improve radically. The Preview-Window is freely scalable and
             Designing tasks are performed mainly in the canvas. Here you view             effect calculation as well as output takes place in realtime.Just vary the
             and edit the projects in realtime. The image is displayed in the Canvas       parameters in the effect box and you will see the result in the preview
             as if seen through the viewfinder of a stationary camera. All effects are     window immediately. The better the OpenGL support, the faster the
             also displayed in the canvas providing real WYSIWYG editing and can           preview.
             be dragged and dropped right on the object. All actions, such as              OpenGL is a standard for the acceleration of image display on the
             selecting the object, specifying the size and aspect ratio, rotating, dis-    computer screen. Many graphic cards already feature OpenGL acceler-
             torting and tilting objects in all directions, changing the perspective of    ation, however, some graphic cards do not support all OpenGL com-
             objects, editing their paths, as well as moving path points and key           mands (often, these commands are limited to commands for games).
             frames are performed with the mouse. For exact editing, it is of course       Furthermore, acceleration depends on the resolution, meaning it
             also possible to enter all values numerically.                                depends on the amount of RAM available.
This window offers you a chronological view
                                                                                                 MoviePack Features
of the animation. It can be used as an aid for
the temporary organization of a scene and the               Global Features                                                      Compositing
synchronization of the object’s movement.
                                                  • Open plug-in architecture                                       • Interactive preview
The Timeline also controls the temporary

                                                  • “On-the-fly“ OpenGL/Direct 3D offline                           • Definable motion paths (trough splines,
behavior of objects.The Timeline window
                                                    preview of all effects, filters & transitions                     beziers, freehand)
displays each object graphically along with its
duration and enables you to select its look       • All parameters of all effects can be animat-                    • Complete animation of all layer parameters
and size. In the Timeline, you administer           ed with an unlimited number of keyframes                        • Unlimited number of layers
objects over time. In the Canvas, you see         • Support for single or dual display monitors                     • Traceable and animatable garbage mattes
your object at the point in time at which the     • Unlimited undo and redo steps                                   • Unlimited combination of mattes and keys
Timeslider is located. Display of the objects     • User-configurable workspace                                     • Animated alpha-masking
on the Canvas takes place in the sequence in      • Simple intuitive user interface                                 • Alpha-mask with b/w inversion, gradient/total
which they were placed from top to bottom         • Excellent on- and offline documentation                           transparency and image arithmetic
in the Timeline. In other words, the head of      • Parameters can be defined through sliders,                      • Omni-directional lights
the Timeslider is a virtual camera and “sees”       numerical entry and object handles                              • Cameras
the objects as which were placed on top of        • Unlimited tracks for video and audio
each other.                                       • Multiprocessor support under Windows NT                                           Keying
                                                  • Embedding of scenes (Animations)                                • Differential keyer
               Timegraph                                                                                            • Chroma and Linear RGB keyer
The Timegraph offers an overview of the                            Editing                                          • RGB and HSB are supported
temporal behavior of the object. Due to the       • Area and clip protection                                        • Variable spill removal, softness and erode

fact that you can move images and videos          • Trimming and synchronization mode                               • Most standard keyers are supported
and apply a large number of effects to them         (double monitor system)
with MoviePack, you would quickly lose con-       • Direct timeline manipulation of all edits                            Character Generation
trol of which changes you have made when          • Includes more than 100 transitions                              • Support for all TrueType fonts
in the animation process without the
                                                                                                                    • Text-bevel
Timegraph. Each bar stands for the change-         Effects, Filters, Transitions
able size of an effect or a movement and each                                                                       • Characters are objects like AVI or bitmap
keyframe for a change.                            • More than 200 2D/3D time FX and filters                           files and therefore fully animatable (scale,
                                                  • “On-the-fly“ preview for effects, filters and                     rotate, effects, filters,.)
                                                    transitions                                                     • Many text features like drop shadow, out-
               Effects Box
                                                  • Parameters can be animated over time                              lines, extrusions, shadow, chamber, dedi-
In the Effect Box, all effect parameters which    • Numerous 3D-DVEs including page roll,                             cated title lights, glow, fuzziness, gradients,
are available when applying an effect can be        wrap, bubbles, wave, star...                                      border, texture etc. All features can be
controlled and adjusted. To apply an effect,      • 3D cameras and light sources (omni, spot,                         fully animated.
just drag & drop it from the browser or
                                                    directional)                                                    • Supports 3rd party products like Inscriber
album onto the object in the timeline. You
                                                  • All effects, filters and transitions can be
can also pull the selected effect directly into
                                                    saved together with their parameter values                                         Audio
the canvas. Now all parameters can be edited
                                                  • Gaussian blurs, noise effects, edge detec-                      • Unlimited number of audio tracks
and accessed in the Effect Box, where they
can be adjusted to suit your requirements.          tion, sharpen, blur mask, glow, median,                         • Sampling rate up to 16-bit/44 kHz stereo
The hierarchy of the effects in the Effect Box      highlight, solarization                                         • Sound transparency
is identical to the order in which they were      • Presets make it easy for the user to work                       • Large number of audio effects and filters
applied on the object. This order can easily        with new effects, filters and transitions
be changed by drag & drop.                                                                                                Media Management
                                                           Color Correction                                         • Import/export of all standard formats with
          Monitor Window                                                                                              alpha-channel (all formats are plug-ins and
                                                  • Separated luma, contrast, chroma and                              can be added to)
The monitor window with its dual monitors           gamma controls
allows for exact trimming of your video                                                                             • Resolution up to 4000 x 4000 pixels, 32 bit
                                                  • Manipulation of complete objects, indi-                         • Non-destructive editing
material. It supports all functions for which a
                                                    vidual objects, highlights, midtones, shad-                     • Thumbnail and detail view
two-monitor system is necessary, for example,
                                                    ows and masks                                                   • Albums for saving and administering
the exact insertion of a new object in the
timeline, exact cropping, determining the         • Interactive color-curve manipulation                              media and objects (images, clips, effects)
preview and rendering range etc..

                                                                                                  THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
                                                                     PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO    1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
             Non-Linear Digital Video Editing System
             Consisting of a PCI capture board,
             a breakout box, control panel and
             Sony’s user-friendly editing software,

             the ES-3 easily connects to a proper-
             ly configured PC and professional
             A/V hard drive to offer an extremely
             flexible and powerful non-linear sys-
             tem for video editing and multime-
             dia productions.
             It features versatile editing func-
             tions and an easy-to-use OS so you
             can focus on creating your video. In
             addition to it’s own special effects and titler, it has an open software architecture that supports popular third-party plug-
             ins for graphics, paint and 3D effects. For speed and editing efficiency the ES-3 utilizes Sony’s ClipLink picture index
             system. ClipLink operation allows for shot logging in the field and transfers the clip information directly to the ES-3’s

             GUI. And by incorporating i.LINK (standard) and optional QSDI(SDTI) interfaces, the ES-3 works with DV and
             DVCAM VCRs to deliver virtually lossless picture quality, even after multiple generations. Low cost and high performance
             make the ES-3 ideal for a variety of editing applications.


                                   Direct Digital Link                                          Unlimited Tracks for Multilayering
             The ES-3 eliminates the signal degradation that occurs in other sys-       The TimeLine consists of a virtually unlimited number of tracks and
             tems due to repeated recompression and analog-to digital conversions       unlimited layers of clips can be located on the tracks. The video track
             when uploading and downloading between VCRs and disk drives.               can be used either for video or for title and title clips, and there is no
             With the adoption of DV compression, uniformly compressed data is          restriction on the number of video and title clips. Also a virtually
             directly transferred via the SDTI(QSDI) and i.LINK interfaces.             unlimited number of audio track can be layered. (Real time audio
                                                                                        mixing is available for up to eight tracks.)
             With i.LINK (IEEE1394) interface as standard, you can connect any
             DV camcorder/VCR and almost any DVCAM camcorder and/or
             VCR with a single cable, enabling virtually lossless digital transfer of                            Special Effects
             material to the ES-3. With the optional SDTI(QSDI) interface
                                                                                        The ES-3 offers over 200 realtime dissolves, wipe patterns and slides,
             installed, VCRs such as DVCAM DSR-60/80/85, Digital Betacam
                                                                                        as well as realtime chroma keying. In addition, the ES-3’s open archi-
             and Betacam SX can also be connected directly to the ES-3.
                                                                                        tecture allows other transitions such as 2D and 3D DME’s using
                                                                                        third-party software and plug-ins. The ES-3 is compatible with appli-
                                           ClipLink                                     cations from Boris FX, HollywoodFX and Crystal Graphics. Also
             ClipLink operation allows you to instantly transfer only the clips you     offers ±3x slow/fast motion control in forward and reverse.
             want, to the ES-3 for editing. This saves considerable time that
             would have normally been spent digitizing all the clips. By incorpo-                                        Titler
             rating ClipLink, the DSR-300/500WS camcorders have already                 The ES-3 Titler allows title objects and simple graphics to be created
             marked the time code data of all the In/Out points of each shot and        as title clips. When the clips are on the timeline, fade-in, fade-out,
             recorded them to the cassette memory of the DVCAM tape. At the             scroll, roll, and pause are all supported. In addition, flying titles are
             same time, a still frame of each in-point, called the “Index Picture” is   available when title clips are used with the motion editor.
             also recorded to serve as the visual information associated with the
             shot data. (ClipLink requires a DSR-60/80/85 DVCAM VCR.                    The ES-3 is compatible with many image file formats including
                                                                                        JPEG, TIF, BMP, and TGA (with alpha channel)
                                                                                                                            ES-3 EDITSTATION
                EDL Output                              Easy-to-use, yet sophisticated GUI (Graphical User Interface) makes
Edits on the timeline can be converted to                editing simple even for novices and newcomers to video editing.
an EDL ( Sony BVE-9100 format) and dis-
played in an EDL window. The EDL can
                                                              Editor for Uploading                                                         Timeline
also be printed or saved to disk.
                                                       You start with the Editor for uploading to                         The timeline is where you build your project.

                                                       create both video and audio clips. The                             Each track may hold video, graphics, titles or
             Control Panel                             Editor consists of the live picture window,                        audio. To build your project, clips (from the
In addition to controlling non-linear func-            In/Out point window, duration window,                              ClipBin), effects and transitions are dragged
tions via mouse and keyboard, also includes            video/audio 1/2/3/4 selection buttons for                          and dropped onto the timeline in sequential
the ESBK-7011 Control Panel for conven-                uploading, a record clip button and VCR                            order. There are various timeline views avail-
tional operation. Combine familiar linear              control functions. Using the Editor, you can                       able. You can select any items displayed such
techniques such as jog/shuttle control,                upload video (including live upload) with-                         as Index Pictures of the head or tail of a clip,
effects transitions and audio fading with              out VCR control.                                                   marker, name, duration, reel number, mark
convenience of non-linear editing.                                                                                        in/out and many others.
         Media Conversion                              This is where you store program material                                          Trim Editor
Video and audio data stored in the disk                designated as clips. You can group clips and                       A Trim Editor is available for precise trim-
drive of the ES-3 can be converted to AVI              customize the ClipBin according to your                            ming on the timeline. It is opened as an
or QuickTime file formats where it can be              needs. The ClipBin has two main display                            independent window, with the video of the
downloaded to storage or transferred via               modes: picture mode and text mode. In pic-                         out point of the “from” clip and the in
SCSI or Ethernet. This makes the ES-3                  ture mode you can select six different sub                         point of the “to” clip displayed. Both single
ideal for creating multimedia materials for            modes;                                                             and dual trimming can be performed. Clips

CD-ROMs or for use on the web.                         • Small/medium/large mark-In/Index picture                         can also be played and trimmed directly in
                                                                                                                          the Clip Monitor which is selected from the
         I/O Breakout Box                              • Small/medium/large mark-in and mark-out picture                  edit menu.

                                                                                                              Audio Editor
                                                       With the Audio Editor, eight channels of assigned audio can be monitored in real-time. Each
                                                       input channel can be assigned to any track in the timeline. Each channel has its own peak
                                                       meter, level fader, level trim, phase control, three band EQ, panning and filters (low cut, high
                                                       cut, echo, etc.). Volume and pan are processed in real-time and can also be modified in real-
                                                       time using the ESBK-7011 Control Panel.
The breakout box provides easy interfacing             Audio level and panning for each clip can be controlled directly on the timeline with the rub-
to analog or digital equipment. It offers              ber band editing function. Each track has it’s own rubber band control, which can be activat-
analog composite, component and S-Video                ed independently.
input and output. For digital video, an
i.LINK input/output is standard, and
                                                                                                    Advanced Effects Editors
QSDI(SDTI) can be activated via optional               Unlimited special effects can be created with the ES-3’s effects editing tools. Incorporating
software and dongle. For audio, four input             tools such as Keying Editor, Color Editor, Wipe Editor, Motion/Wipe Editor, Filter Editor,
channels of XLR-balanced analog audio                  you can keyframe (customize) any effect, whether it is an ES-3 wipe or Boris FX 3D DVE.
(two out) and AES/EBU digital audio I/O                • Wipe Editor–creates custom wipes utilizing alpha channels
(XLR-balanced) are provided. Two RS-422                • Color Editor–adjusts color, contrast, brightness, gamma, etc.
ports are provided for deck control. Finally,
the ES-3 is also equipped with a genlock               • Filter Editor–used for making sepia, posterization, monochrome type effects
input and blackburst output for reference.             • Keying Editor–for luminance and chroma keying (removes areas of an image using a certain
                                                         color or brightness and replaces it with a different image)
                                                       • Motion/Wipe Editor–controls size, position, rotation and border to create effects such as

                                                                                      Complete ES-3 Turnkey System
                                                        • IBM IntelliStation M Pro, P-III 600 MHz                        • Sony ES-3 complete with I/O breakout box
SDI Board....................................1499.00    • CTI 36GB External Barricuda LVD Array                            and ESBK-7011 Control Panel and
Uncompressed Video Option ......1499.00                 • Viewsonic PS790 19-inch Monitor                                  12 months Sony POSC support

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             Studio Digital Disk Recorder (SDDR)
             Whether you are a 3-D animator, modeler,
             compositor, 2D artist or broadcast graphic
             designer—dpsReality is just the tool you need to

             help get the job done. Compatible with dozens
             of applications including Alias Maya, Newtek
             Lightwave 6 and Discrete Logic 3DStudio
             Max, dpsReality is a Studio Digital Disk
             Recorder (SDDR) designed to take advantage
             of DPS' latest real-time hardware technology.
             Sharing your work with others is a key facet of
             the dpsReality. Using the built in QuickTime
             or AVI export will allow you to move your
             project between different platforms, or allow
             you to export your project for viewing on the

             web. You can even create highly compressed
             QuickTime or AVI clips that can be e-mailed
             to co-workers or distributed on CD-ROM. Sharing your work is not limited to QuickTime and AVI export. One
             of the most powerful features of dpsReality is its Virtual Tape File System or VTFS. The VTFS acts like a mini
             server, allowing others to access your video and alpha channel data remotely from other machines. Not only can
             they access the data, they can do so in one of nine different file formats. That’s where the Virtual part comes in to
             play. The VTFS virtualizes the data that is stored on the dedicated SCSI disks. It displays not only video data as
             .dps files, it also displays that same data in nine different file formats without using any additional storage. VTFS
             also eliminates the conversion process. You can render directly to the file system, and the VTFS driver will auto-
             matically convert your rendered frames directly into video so you can go from rendering to output directly. And
             because the dpsReality supports 4:2:2:4 video plus alpha channel you can render with full alpha channel support.

                    Hardware Features:                                Software Features:                                    dpsReality
             ■ Uncompressed/compressed video + alpha          ■ dpsReality editor
                                                                                                                         Animation Bundle
               channel                                        ■ DPS VTFS (Virtual Tape File System)
                                                                                                              Includes Reality Studio Digital Disk Recorder
             ■ 4:2:2:4 sampling with full alpha channel
                                                                                                              (SDDR) card, audio/video breakout cable,
                                                              ■ Network rendering support                     dpsReality player application, DPS Virtual
             ■ Dedicated graphics channel for titling/logos                                                   Tape File System and Digital Fusion DFX
                                                              ■ Cuts editing (timeline/storyboard/playlist)
             ■ Integrated video and stereo audio I/O                                                          compositing software................................Call
                                                              ■ Logo/Graphic overlay (real-time)
               (composite, component and S-Video, (bal-                                                       SDI Digital Video I/O Card with AES/EBU,
               anced/unbalanced)                              ■ Deck control
                                                                                                              S/PDIF and embedded digital audio I/O with
             ■ Integrated Ultrawide SCSI Disk controller      ■ 4 track audio with guaranteed sync            audio breakout cable ................................Call
             ■ Optional SDI and DV I/O                        ■ Trim table with track patching                DV I/O Card plus AES/EBU, S/PDIF digital
                                                              ■ Real time VGA playback (in a window)          audio I/O with audio breakout cable ..........Call
             ■ Optional AES/EBU I/O (w/SDI Option)

             Used Equipment Bought, Sold and Traded
VTFS: One file stored = 9 file formats
One of the most powerful features of dpsReality is the Virtual Tape File System or VTFS. The
VTFS is a bit of software magic that makes the dpsReality the most productive solution avail-
able for animation and compositing.
The Virtual Tape File System eliminates a large portion of your production bottleneck by
allowing your machines to move data back and forth between image sequences and live video

seamlessly, without any drivers or application specific software. Imagine a special server that
would automatically make your image data available in every popular image format simultane-
ously. Save an image as a Targa (.TGA) and it would be automatically converted into a playable
video stream, as well as a TIF, SGI, PIC, BMP file — in real time. This means that each soft-
ware application can access individual frames of image data in their own native format. If you
software works natively with SGI files, no problem, read the data from the SGI folder. If your          VTFS makes each frame of video simultaneously avail-
software would rather work with .TGA files, that is no problem either, simply open the .TGA             able in nine different file formats: SGI, TGA, BMP, PIC,
folder to read and write frames in that format.                                                         TIF, IFF, VPB, RAS and RLA.

Now imagine that storing all of this data didn’t cost you one bit of additional space on your server. This is the Virtual in VTFS. Every time you
save a file to the VTFS it is automatically converted to video and nine different virtual file formats: SGI, TGA, BMP, TIF, etc. But there is really
only one type of file stored on the actual hard disks, which is a DPS video file. In addition, VTFS also adds support for more sophisticated
operations, like network rendering, playback while rendering, and full alpha channel support so you never have to worry about productivity, file
conversion, or losing your alpha channel data. VTFS makes dpsReality the most powerful and flexible SDDR architecture available.

DIGITAL FUSION DFX Compositing and Effects Software
Bundled with dpsReality is Eyeon software’s Digital Fusion DFX. An advanced reso-
lution independent compositing and effects software, DFX lets you easily add a pro-
fessional finish to your 3D productions and video sequences. Multiprocessor speed
and highly interactive controls give you instant feedback on the look of the final
product. DFX is actually a copy of Eyeon’s award-winning Digital Fusion software —
but without plug-in support (upgrade is available). With DFX you can go from con-
cept to final production with the same speed, precision, and productivity as with the
full Digital Fusion. Additional features include rotoscoping tools, video hardware sup-
port, effects tools, warp tools, timeline and spline animation control.
Major studios know that the key to getting that professional looking production is to
render all the 3D elements into separate layers. DFX uses both flow and timeline
layouts to help you visualize your layers, making it easy to explore editorial decisions.
By keeping the 3D elements separated DFX lets you easily make changes to individ-
ual layers—so you don’t have to re-render an entire sequence just to add some color
correction to the background element. Of course DFX directly supports the
dpsReality so you can instantly review your production in full broadcast quality. No AVI files, no dropped frames. Simply render directly to
dpsReality in either compressed or uncompressed video modes and see exactly how your final production will appear when you output to tape.

■ Flow and time line layout                           ■ Resize images to different resolutions and                      ■ HDTV support 1080i,1080p and 720p
■ Composite unlimited layers                            aspect ratios                                                   ■ 16:9 format for PAL & NTSC
■ Spline editing                                      ■ Loads and saves over 20 image file formats.                     ■ Split Alpha out to an image
■ Every tool is fully animatable with                 ■ Save to multiple image formats, resolution                      ■ Alpha blending control
  powerful spline controls                              & hardware at the same time
                                                                                                                        ■ Additive & subtractive merging & blending
■ Resolution independent                              ■ Create movies in AVI & Quicktime format
                                                                                                                        ■ View images including alpha & separate
■ Unlimited undo & redo                               ■ Process in fields & frames, NTSC and PAL                          channels, view alpha overlaid on the image
                                                        & mixed. Convert PAL to NTSC
■ Powerful warps & effects                                                                                              ■ Flip book, playback images from RAM.
                                                      ■ Independent control over each layer, size,                        On the fly screen switching from 640x480
■ Apply powerful animatable polygonal
                                                        position, rotation & alpha merge                                  to 1920x1080 and 16 to 32 bit depth
  effects/masks to user definable regions
                                                      ■ Color correct multiple image sequences                          ■ Tile safety and monitor safety guides
■ Change field dominance

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             The Ultimate 2D/3D Real-Time Non-Linear Editing System
             The ultimate realtime non-linear editing system,
             dpsVelocity delivers faster, sharper and easier edits
             while raising the bar for reliability and affordability.

             At the heart of every dpsVelocity editing system is the
             dpsReality Studio Digital Disk Recorder card (see pre-
             vious page). This advanced hardware, which supports
             compressed and uncompressed video recording modes,
             delivers quality so sharp it surpasses Digital Betacam.
             Amazingly compact, the dpsReality card combines the
             functions of a dual stream DDR, video mixer/keyer,
             real time 3D effects processor, multi-channel audio
             mixer, SCSI controller and two graphics framestores
             in a single PCI slot.
             To exploit the capabilities of the dpsReality hardware however, you need a equally powerful software application—
             dpsVelocity. The extensive real time capabilities of dpsVelocity put you in the fast lane. Optimized for the way you

             work, the intuitive and flexible interface makes it easy to perform even the most complex three and four point edits.
             Numerous real time filters such as color correction, speed change and transparency are included along with hun-
             dreds of ready to use 2D/3D transitions, rolling/crawling titles and perspective, rotation and warp effects. Audio
             features include real time volume, pan and EQ control for eight channels (four stereo pairs) of synchronized audio.

                SYSTEM FEATURES
             ■ Single slot, single IRQ, dual stream video    ■ Realtime 8-channel audio mixing                Bundled Software for Compositing
               capture card (dpsReality hardware with on                                                     and Effects, Titling, Audio Sweetening
                                                             ■ Live video pass through (allows placement
               board ultra wide SCSI interface)                of live video on the timeline with immedi-    Includes Digital Fusion DFX advanced
             ■ Mix clips captured at different compres-        ate title controls at the push of a button)   compositing and special effects software (see
               sion levels (including uncompressed)                                                          previous page for full description).
                                                             ■ Render Bank Technology (remembers pre-
             ■ Infinitely customizable 2D/3D transitions       viously rendered segments minimizing the      Includes Inscriber CG, the industry’s lead-
               and effects                                     need to re-render)                            ing character generator plug-in. The 12-bit
                                                                                                             precision of dpsVelocity effects system
             ■ 200+ predefined real time 2D transitions      ■ VTFS system (see previous page)
                                                                                                             ensures that Inscriber rolls and crawls are
               (12-bit, ultra smooth anti-aliased wipes      ■ Fully keyframeable proc amp controls with     ultra-smooth. Fully anti-aliased, every char-
               with colored, soft edge borders)                waveform & vectorscope display (can be        acter can be sized, compressed, expanded or
             ■ 200+ predefined realtime 3D transitions         applied to multiple layers)                   slanted on the fly without sacrificing quality.
               (sub pixel movement for superb quality)       ■ EDL import and export                         Variable edging in any amount or color can
             ■ Supports two graphics overlays on top of                                                      be defined and displayed in outline, emboss,
                                                             ■ Export AVI and QuickTime movies               or glow styles and shadow can be defined in
               real time transitions
                                                             ■ RS-422 control of integrated batch cap-       any color and transparency.
             ■ Real time rolls and crawls (supports both       ture, recapture and Print-to-Tape
               playing back at the same time in real time)                                                   Includes Sonic Foundry’s comprehensive
                                                             ■ Composite, component and S-Video I/O.         Sound Forge XP audio editing software.
             ■ Realtime picture-in-picture/3D perspective      (DV and SDI are optional)                     Features a wide range of tools for manipulat-
             ■ Real time reverse vari-speed playback                                                         ing digital audio. Effects include fade-
                                                             ■ Adjustable genlock timing referenced to
             ■ Balanced/unbalanced stereo audio I/O            video input                                   in/fade-out, normalize, pan, pitch, bend,
                                                                                                             smooth/enhance and time compress/expand.
             ■ Separate stereo CD/Aux audio input            ■ Dedicated preview channel output

             Overnight Shipping Available
           dpsVelocity Software—Faster, Sharper, Easier Edits

                        Capturing Footage                                                               Powerful Effects
                                                                                                        and Transitions
The process of
digitizing video                                                                                   Transitions and effects are fully

is accomplished                                                                                    keyframable, giving you maxi-
using either                                                                                       mum control. Numerous realtime
quick capture or                                                                                   effects are at your disposal,
RS-422 integrat-                                                                                   including perspective, speed
ed batch cap-                                                                                      change, reverse varispeed play-
ture, complete                                                                                     back, color correction, cropping,
with VITC/LTC                                                                                      keying, warping, transparency,
timecode. Both                                                                                     and more. You can even combine
allow for proc                                                                                     video effects with transitions and rolling and crawling titles in
amp controls                                                                                       groupings of up to five layers.
during capture,
as well as an on-
board waveform
and vectorscope
display. Whether
you're working online or offline, fully func-
tional EDL import and export can be uti-

lized using multiple industry formats.

             Organizing and Trimming Clips
Captured clips are easily organized into one or more customizable galleries,                       Hundreds of pre-designed 2D and 3D transitions are ready to
for playing, sorting, annotating and managing the media on your drives.                            go. You can even key graphics over live video at the touch of a
Trimming individual clips in three or four point fashion is enhanced by the                        button. For multi-pass effects, dpsVelocity uses fast hardware
dual trim window. Slip, slide, insert, overlay, and fit-to-fill modes supple-                      assisted rendering. To eliminate re-rendering, DPS Render
ment the ability to trim individual clips directly on the timeline.                                Bank technology remembers previously rendered segments,
                                                                                                   paving the way for flexible experimentation.

                                                                                                                      Audio Excellence
                                                   Quality Control
                                                                                                   Video is only half of the story. Audio features in dpsVelocity
                                                Sophisticated diagnostic tools,                    include real time multi-channel monitoring and hardware mix-
                                                like an integrated waveform                        ing of eight audio channels with guaranteed audio sync. Real
                                                monitor and vectorscope dis-                       time EQ has been added for audio sweetening, as well as com-
                                                play helps keep your video lev-                    plete right and left channel panning controls for each audio
                                                els within specifications.                         track. Need more channels? You can even automatically mix
                                                                                                   down additional audio tracks for real time preview.

                                      dpsVelocity Non-Linear Editing (NLE) Systems

 V2D-4000: dpsVelocity 2D Realtime NLE Bundle                                      V3D-4500: dpsVelocity-3D Realtime NLE Bundle
 Includes dpsReality SDDR card, dpsReality player, audio/video                     Same as above plus it includes rackmountable A/V breakout box
 breakout cable, dpsVelocity NLE software, Inscriber CG titling soft-
                                                                                   SDI-4000: Digital Video I/O Card with AES/EBU, S/PDIF and
 ware and Digital Fusion DFX compositing software
                                                                                   embedded digital audio I/O with audio breakout cable
 V3D-4500: dpsVelocity 3D Realtime NLE Bundle                                      DV-4000: DV I/O Card with DV IEEE1394 plus AES/EBU,
 Same as above plus the V3DX Realtime 3D Effects Module                            S/PDIF digital audio I/O with audio breakout cable

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             Tools for Broadcasting and Beyond
             With a suite of tools for video creation including all
             the essential components for video editing, composit-
             ing and 2D/3D animation, the Video Toaster is an

             uncompressed D1 (composite, component, Y/C)
             Windows NT solution that offers a price/performance
             equation unmatched in the industry.
             Unique to the Video Toaster is a breakthrough technolo-
             gy developed by NewTek that turns a standard Pentium
             II or III processor into a highly specialized video DSP
             (digital signal processor) for time base correction and
             other capabilities typically associated with expensive cus-
             tom chipsets. Superior to systems that cost tens of thou-
             sands of dollars the Video Toaster includes LightWave
             VT 3D animation software, Aura paint and composit-
             ing software and in-syncs Speed Razor 4.5 SE video editing software. Leveraging over 12 years of experience as an indus-

             try leader and pioneer in the desktop video, 3D, and 2D paint and animation markets, NewTek has created a product
             that contains award winning tools for creating better than broadcast quality an unbeatable price!

                              Uncompressed Video— No Compromises                                                             Powerful Editing
                                                                                                                    Video Toaster includes in-sync's powerful
             ■ The Video Toaster offers quality that's sec-     ■ The Toaster provides an uncompressed D1
                                                                                                                    editing application, Speed Razor 4.5 SE.
               ond to none. ALL video is ALWAYS stored             (composite, component, Y/C) digital video        Features include:
               in its native, uncompressed D1 video format.        solution typically associated with extremely
               Unlike other boards that show compression           expensive systems. High-end facilities know      ■ Project timeline that lets you easily cre-
               artifacts, the Video Toaster maintains the          that uncompressed digital video is essential       ate professional video projects contain-
               original pristine quality no matter how many        to the editing process. Most compression-          ing unlimited layers of video, audio,
               layers in your project.                             based systems are relegated to industrial and      still image files and animation.
                                                                   corporate video segments due to restrictions     ■ The ability to capture, edit and output
             ■ The Video Toaster allows you to manipulate
                                                                   on the number of layers and quality degrada-       to uncompressed video and other for-
               uncompressed video in many ways, includ-
                                                                   tion associated with multi-pass compression.       mats, including ASF for video stream-
               ing traditional 2D compositing, rotoscoping,
                                                                   All compressed systems produce unwanted            ing on the Web and multimedia AVIs.
               3D animation and modeling and editing. By
                                                                   artifacts. Because the Toaster utilizes uncom-
               merging video into a 3D compositing and                                                              ■ Comprehensive 2D compositing system
                                                                   pressed video, you can infinitely layer video
               animation environment, editors will find a
                                                                   without any concern about artifacts. This is     ■ Graphical workspace for digital media
               new paradigm for video effects and manipu-
                                                                   the major separation between high-end and          content management
               lation. The quality and capabilities of the
                                                                   mid range systems. The Toaster brings that       ■ Real-time on-screen preview of edits
               Toaster are comparable or better than digital
                                                                   ultra high-end sophistication to users at lev-
               video editing costing $50,000 to $100,000.                                                           ■ Power character generator (CG)
                                                                   els at an unprecedented price point.

              Only three things are certain in life... death, taxes, and faster computers. NewTek's revolutionary Lucas Code technology allows the Video
              Toaster to evolve at the speed of processor technology. NewTek has always known that computers would continue to get faster and faster. So,
              several years ago, their engineers began working on a system that required a computer that was not even built yet. NewTek's philosophy is to
              use the computer's processor, not bulky, proprietary expansion systems or non-expandable video cards that are sure to be outdated as soon as
              the silicon is pressed. Just imagine what will be possible next year, or the year after that, or the year after that...! With the Video Toaster,
              increased functionality is just a software upgrade away. Your investment won't be lost to future innovations.

             We Exhibit At NAB, Infocomm, and Siggraph
                                                                                                               VIDEO TOASTER
          Toaster Utilities
                                                                               3D and 2D Tools of the Trade
VT Director—Allows any program that
supports cut and paste to display an image      In addition to its video editing and manipulation capabilities, Video Toaster includes two
on a NTSC or PAL video monitor. Imagine         other stellar NewTek products: LightWave VT, based on the leading 3D animation soft-
working in Photoshop and being able to          ware for broadcast and movie productions, and Aura, an amazing 2D graphics and com-
                                                positing tool. Forget limits. If you can dream it, you can create it with the Video Toaster.

display your work on a video monitor with
one keyboard shortcut.
ToasterVision—Allows you to preview both
video input and output as well as animation     In addition to the 3D component, tradi-
on your RGB monitor at 720 x 480 resolu-        tional 2D manipulation remains essential to
tion and full frame rate—60 fields per sec-     the video creation process. NewTek's Aura, a
ond.                                            paint, 2D animation, rotoscoping and video
                                                layering system, is integrated into the Video
ToasterScope—Keep your video legal as           Toaster system to deliver complete control
you work on it. The built-in waveform           of the uncompressed D1 video stream.
monitor and vectorscope lets you monitor        Import segments of uncompressed digital
your video input and output.                    video for touch up, processing and other
ToasterKey—Use ToasterKey in Aura to            manipulation. Due to Aura's tight integra-
paint in realtime on your video monitor.        tion with the Video Toaster, you can paint
You can also paint in realtime over live        directly on live video in real time. By adding a powerful brushing engine to the mix,
video. Bring frames into Aura from a live       NewTek allows users to paint original work or simply add an element to existing footage.
input with the frame grabber.

                                                                                                                       LightWave VT
       Additional Features                                                                                  LightWave VT brings video professionals into
■ Real-time uncompressed D1 recording
                                                                                                            the dynamic realm of 3D animation and video
  and playback                                                                                              effects. Currently only high-end solutions
                                                                                                            carry the 3D element into their video product
■ Real-time 60 fps (fields per second) on-                                                                  line. With the Video Toaster, a substantially
  screen preview                                                                                            wider range of users will find the limitless
■ Real-time software playback for video
                                                                                                            power 3D can bring to the video editing
  effects and overlays                                                                                      process. No longer is 3D restricted to creating
                                                                                                            dinosaurs and aliens, 3D animation is invalu-
■ Real-time multi-track audio mixing                                                                        able in day to day video production.
■ Component, Y/C and composite I/O

■ Audio mixing and editing at 48 kHz
                                               Hard Drives– How fast and how much?
■ 3D DVE                                       The Video Toaster does not compress the video. All video is stored in its native uncom-
                                               pressed format. In order to accomplish this feat, a drive system capable of 22 MB/sec is
■ Still store/frame buffer
                                               required. To help you Newtek has developed a small application that allows you to test
■ Image stabilization and tracking tools       your drives to determine their level of performance.
                                               Uncompressed video requires approximately 21 MB per second. or just under a minute
■ Infinite layer 2D and 3D compositing
                                               per GB. Audio adds less than 200 KB per stereo channel.
■ 2D paint and image manipulation

■ Complete 3D animation, modeling and
  rendering suite (LightWave VT)              Continuously Upgradeable—Guaranteed Against Obsolescence
■ Chroma, color and luma keying               The Video Toaster was designed to last for years to come. Similar to the original Video Toaster
                                              for Amiga, which is still in production 10 years after its introduction, the Video Toaster uti-
■ 2D and 3D title generation                  lizes a hardware system that leverages highly tuned software and the systems processor. The
■ Matte generation                            true power of the system comes from the proprietary software designed to create magic with-
                                              out the use of expensive video cards or bulky external hardware. By merging software and
■ Uses SCSI/IDE NT stripe drives              hardware, the Video Toaster can be upgraded and expanded well beyond current systems.
■ Optional SDI board includes AES/EBU         NewTek will be adding modules for a real time 16-input switcher, DV I/O, storyboard edit-
  digital audio I/O                           ing, and real-time chroma keying and 3D DVE.

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                                               Powerful Tool for Animation, Paint and Video Layering
                                               Make digital images roar to life in video, multimedia and animation with Aura. A
                                               unique palette of paint tools, compositing, cel animation, special effects, 2D animation,
                                               and character generation, Aura combines key features of all of these in one superb system.

                                               So you can take any digital matter what the source...and add motion, color,
                                               2D and 3D elements, effects and titles. Add Aura’s rotoscoping, video painting and lay-
                                               ering and you can add color and depth to any production. Add NewTek's
                                               LightWave[6] 3D animation software which works seamlessly with Aura and together
                                               you have complete production environment unequaled by systems costing ten times more.


                        Infinite Layers                                 Alpha Channel                                     Video Paint
             ■ Creating complex images is fast and easy      ■ Real-time overlay and alpha channels for      ■ Paint tools includes a full complement of
               using Aura’s unlimited layers, positioning      every graphic layer                             standard video and image processing tools
               keys, 2D and 3D animations, paint tools,                                                        as well as natural media, fully animated
                                                             ■ Color, chroma, luminance and alpha chan-
                                                                                                               and video brush operations.

               video elements and special effects.             nel keying
             ■ Imagine unlimited transparent glass plates
               of the same size stacked one on top of
                                                                       Keyframe Tools                                Animated Brushes
               another and you get a pretty good idea of
               how Aura works. This unlimited layering       ■ Keyframe tools let you move elements          ■ Aura’s brush stroke recorder gives any
               makes positioning keys, 3D animations,          through space using speed, size, x, y, z,       video or animation a “paint on video” look
               painted layers, video elements and special      heading, pitch or bank. The same tools let      with full control of brush pressure, size
               effects simple and fast by allowing you to      you keyframe video or animation with mo         and noise. A cut-out tool lets you grab
               change one layer without physically             tion blur using linear and/or spline paths.     animated brushes, video or sequential
               changing any others. For instance, you                                                          frames and apply them to other projects.
                                                             ■ Time-line based animation and video ele-        And traditional animators will find Aura’s
               can pencil sketch a character on one layer      ment assembly
               and watercolor it in on another. This                                                           light table and drawing tablet support are
                                                             ■ Keyframe animation and video, motion            a perfect pencil test system.
               gives you the freedom to experiment
                                                               blur and opacity
               without having to start over if you want
               to change your image.
             ■ When you complete your project you can
               merge all the layers into a single image –
                                                               The beauty is
               or save them separately for easy modifica-
                                                               in Aura's flexi-
               tion later. And modifying images by
                                                               bility and ease.
               changing or re-arranging layers, moving
                                                               If you have a
               elements back and forth in time and
                                                               flying title or
               adjusting their duration is just as easy.
                                                               logo, for exam-
                                                               ple, you can
                Versatile Production Tool                      import it,
                                                               change the size,
             ■ Name a size and video frame rate and            fly it in any
               Aura supports it. It also supports multiple     pattern and add
               file formats and sequential images, popu-       flying text to
               lar paint systems like Photoshop and            move with
               Painter and non-linear editing systems          it….All in no
               like Premiere and the Video Toaster (new        time.
               and old).


                               ®           ®
Drawing and Pen/Brush Controls
■ Freehand and polygon shape creations                              ■ Control pen/brush tip, tension, pressure,                             ■ 2400 available image processing/drawing
                                                                      size, opacity and more                                                  combinations
■ Filled or outline drawing
                                                                    ■ Roto-scoping for quick, powerful video                                ■ Text tool supports TrueType fonts and a
■ Line, spline curve, shape draw with circle,                         painting; draw/paint operations and ani-                                wide range of text parameters

  ellipse and rectangle                                               mated video brushes "over time"
                                                                                                                                            ■ Four user-defined color palettes plus
■ Excellent control of pen, pencil, colored                         ■ Drawing tablet support for Wacom (or                                    unlimited colors and ranges
  pencil, chalk, crayon, airbrush, watercol-                          compatible) with 256 levels of pressure
  or, gouache and oil painting                                        and speed

  Get up to speed fast with this complete video training series for Video Toaster NT. Learn to optimize configuration settings, editing tech-
  niques, compositing techniques, animation and special effects. Discover how to maximize your abilities with this uncompressed digital
  video system. Includes two volumes on the Toaster, four volumes for Lightwave and three volumes for Aura.

    Video Toaster NT Tapes                                                    AURA Tapes                                                 Lightwave 5.5/5.6 Tapes
 Get up and
 running fast

 with this intro-
 duction to your
 new Video
 Toaster. You’ll
 find hardware
                                                                Get up and running fast with this new
 system settings                                                                                                                   Design and build 3D objects for computer generat-
                                                                paint and animation powerhouse.
 and operating                                                                                                                     ed animation & special effects. Start with Primitive
                                                                Techniques for creating animated text
 tips for getting                                                                                                                  shapes and mold them into detailed objects using
                                                                and custom backgrounds. Build multi-
 the most out of                                                                                                                   LightWave’s powerful modification tools. Discover
                                                                layered composites, add texture and
 your system.                                                                                                                      time saving tips, working in layers, assigning sur-
                                                                depth to video sequences.
 Begin to experience uncompromised                                                                                                 faces, modeling with reference objects and
 creative freedom with uncompressed                             Experience the thrill of real time video                           MetaNurb modeling techniques.
 digital video. Basic editing concepts with                     painting as you follow along with Don
 Speed Razor SE, working with Toaster                           Ballance of NewTek. Feel the speed of                              Learn fundamental layout techniques for digital
 TV files in Aura, saving LightWave ani-                        lightning fast rotoscoping. Your senses                            scene creation. Choose the setting, cast the charac-
 mation for Video Toaster output &                              explode with virtually unlimited com-                              ters, adjust the lights and direct the camera all
 more.                                                          positing capabilities. Yes, this is only                           within LightWave’s virtual studio. Create scenes
                                                                the beginning.                                                     using morph effects, displacement mapping, fog
  Toaster Creative Concepts                                                                                                        effects and more
                                                                Peel back the layers of Aura and discov-
 Learn the fundamental techniques for                                                                                              Learn how to bring your 3D objects to life with
                                                                er it's powerful animation & composit-
 digital video creation. Discover timeline                                                                                         LW’s powerful texture layering capabilities. Apply
                                                                ing tools. Apply image sequences to
 & interface navigation shortcuts, editing                                                                                         diffusion, secularity, reflectivity and texture attrib-
                                                                animated brushes, incorporate wipe
 techniques & audio mixing features.                                                                                               utes to simulate real world surfaces. Explore a vari-
                                                                effects for high impact graphic anima-
 Create animated title overlays & key                                                                                              ety of procedural textures and bump mapped sur-
                                                                tion. Use George scripts to apply ani-
 graphics over live video. Learn how to                                                                                            faces including veins and crust.
                                                                mated filters & effects. Add custom ele-
 map video sequences on objects to cre-
                                                                ments built in LightWave 3D to create                              Learn the fundamentals of digital film making with
 ate 3D video effects.
                                                                multi-layered graphic animation.                                   this in-depth guide to LightWave’s lighting attrib-
                                                                                                                                   utes and camera effects capabilities. Discover cam-
  Complete Series (all 11 tapes) ........................................................................319.95                    era techniques such as depth of field, motion blur
                                                                                                                                   and rack focus for film style image effects.
  Individual Tapes ea. ..........................................................................................39.95

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             Complete DV (and Analog) Editing System
             The DVRex-M1 is a hardware and software bundle that offers a com-
             plete solution for the capture, editing and output of DV as well as
             analog video signals. Equipped with Sony’s DVBK-1 hardware codec

             as well as Canopus’ optimized software codec, a video and audio
             breakout box and Rex Edit software, the DVRex-M1 provides real-
             time capture and output of DV signals from your camera or VCR via
             the i.LINK connector. In addition it also allows seamless mixing of
             analog footage (composite or S-Video) with DV material, automati-
             cally converting analog into DV. And like the DVRaptor, the DVRex-
             M1 overcomes the 2GB file size limitation with seamless long-form or selective batch capture. Capture up to 20 minutes
             in one file (4GB) or an entire DV tape in one pass (approx. 15 GB).
             With the bundled Rex Edit software, the capture and editing of native DV has never been so fast, easy and flexible!.
             Rex Edit features a timeline interface with real-time capabilities as well as effects and transitions. It also lets you control
             your DV camera or deck, batch capture video and audio, add new audio tracks and scrub in real-time.

                             The Hardware— Capture Card and Breakout Box
                                                    ■ High quality, scalable video window dis-       ■ Unique DV breakout box can be used
                                                       plays high quality, real-time, full-screen      either externally or
                                                       video during capture, editing and output.       internally inside a 5-1/4” drive bay. The
                                                                                                       box features composite and S-Video
                                                        ■ During analog capture and output,
                                                                                                       input/output, DV input/output and ana-
                                                           video characteristics such as bright-
                                                                                                       log stereo input/output. With the optional
                                                            ness, contrast, saturation etc. can be
                                                                                                       M2 module, component video output and
                                                             manually set.
                                                                                                       digital audio capabilities can be added as
                                                             ■ When incorporating effects, the         well.
                                                                optimized hardware DV codec
                                                                cuts rendering time up to 25%.

              The Software— Rex Edit
             Rex Edit is an easy to use capture and editing program that fea-
             tures a timeline interface and drag-and-drop capabilities. Add
             titles and transitions with ease and render them in seconds. In
             addition Rex Edit lets you preview audio and video and output
             the final production in real-time, directly from the timeline with-
             out rendering. Rex Edit also offers clip logging, batch capture and
             deck control.

             Overnight Shipping Available
                                     The Software— Rex Edit continued
For titling, a WYSIWYG editor with anti-aliasing, emboss, shadow and movement capabilities
is included. All capabilities are available in DVRex-M1’s high-speed rendering environment.
                                                                                                                     ■ DV or DVCAM input
RexEdit turns DVRex-M1 into a dual CODEC system, allowing for fast rendering times. On
                                                                                                                     ■ Analog and DV input, converts analog to

a Pentium II, 333 MHz system, a one-second dissolve is rendered in 3.5 seconds. And editing
is a breeze. Inserting a dissolve between two clips is as simple as clicking a button. It also has
wipes, dissolves, reveal, louvers, stripes, push and pull transitions and automatic audio cross                      ■ Capture up to 20 minutes (4GB) into
fade for greater convenience. (Transitions and titles are previewed in real-time).                                     one AVI file
                                                                                                                     ■ Seamlessly capture long DV segments in
To assure the best quality audio output, Rex Edit avoids re-mixing and re-sampling, keeping
                                                                                                                       one pass capture i.e. 14GB = 76 minutes
audio in its native DV form. Rex Edit incorporates enhanced audio processing capabilities
through an audio compression management (ACM) driver which overcomes the need to con-                                ■ Capture audio from single or multiple
vert DV audio formats. In addition, multi-channel audio mixing capabilities allow you to add                           DV channels if desired
additional audio tracks even though the .AVI file format doesn't support it. Batch Transitions                       ■ Frame accurate camera control when
Processing (BTP) lets you automatically add transitions to all your clips. For example, if you                         defining a batch list of video clips
have 50 still images with the clip of one button, you can have a transition between each one.                        ■ When batch capturing, camera automati-
                                                                                                                       cally seeks to clips
                                                                                                                     ■ Programmable pre-roll time
  DVRexRT                      Real-Time Option for the DVRex-M1                                                     ■ Batch clips can be stored in one or multi-
                                                                                                                       ple AVI files
 The DVRex-RT is a hardware and software option                                           RT provides real-time

                                                                                          audio filters which can
 for the DVRex-M1. The RT sits next to the DVRex                                          be applied to two exter-
 in its own PCI slot and connects to it using the top                                     nal and both video                           Editing:
                                                                                          audio tracks
 digital video bus. The RT hardware passes 4:2:2                                                                     ■ Real-time scalable video window
 digital video data directly to the DVRex-M1                                                                         ■ Easy to use drag-and-drop interface with
 bypassing the PCI bus. This decreases the PCI bus                                                                     audio and video timeline. Manually scrub
 loading and enables large amounts of uncompressed                                                                     through the timeline using a Microsoft
 video to be passed directly to the DVRex-M1.                                                                          IntelliMouse
 Unlike other real-time systems, the DVRex-RT adds                                                                   ■ Real-time video insert and audio scrub-
 effects to your DVRex-M1 that are more than just                                                                      bing
 simple real-time transitions and static titles. RT                                                                  ■ Video production can be output directly
 offers real-time moving titles, real-time keying, real-                                                               from the timeline with seamless playback
 time complex transitions, real-time color correction,
                                                                                                                     ■ Camera/deck timecode monitoring
 real-time colorization and posterization and real-time picture-in-picture effects. In addition
 to real-time video, RT also offers a wide variety of audio tools including high and low pass                        ■ Dual Pentium support for high speed ren-
 filtering, a parametric and graphic equalizer, and, reverb and delay. With RT waiting for                             dering
 renders is a thing of the past.                                                                                     ■ Supports 16:9 aspect ratio
 The RT software works closely with Pentium III processors to calculate real-time editing
 functions. This offers editing system performance scalability as CPU performance increas-                                             Audio:
 es. The main benefit is that you will never be out of date with the RT card. As you
                                                                                                                     ■ Capture and output native DV multi-
 upgrade to faster more powerful CPUs, RT will be upgraded automatically.
                                                                                                                       channel audio
                                 Real-Time Features:                                                                 ■ Audio is perfectly synced with video dur-
                                                                                                                       ing production and output
 • 2D wipes                                        • 2 Picture-in-Picture windows (either
                                                                                                                     ■ Overcomes AVI single channel limitations
 • 2D moving and scaled transitions                  scaled at 4:3 or outside of 4:3)
                                                                                                                       with real-time audio mixing
   (stretching and zooming)                        • 10 tracks of static and moving titles
 • Key-frameable filters such as noise, pencil     • Titling over transitions and effects                            ■ Real-time VU meter for audio monitoring
   sketch, blur, motion blur, emboss               • Variable slow motion video (1/4 to 8x)                            (32, 44.1 and 48kHz)
 • Luma keying                                     • 4 Channels native DV audio                                      ■ Locked and unlocked audio compatible
 • Color correction                                • Audio balance control, Echo and reverb                          ■ Multi-channel audio requires no render-
 • Brightness and contrast adjustment              • High and low pass filtering                                       ing for real-time adjustment and output
 • Colorization and Posterization                  • Parametric and graphic equalizer

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             High-speed Effects Rendering Engine
             An affordable 3D DVE solution, Xplode is a hardware-based 3D effects engine and tran-
             sition package that provides editors with a near real-time alternative to more expensive
             real-time DVEs. Xplode includes a sophisticated collection of over two hundred transitions

             including 60 3D effects like page peels, mosaic, picture-in-picture; titling effects and filters,
             double doors, spinning cubes and even environment effects like haze and lighting. You can also
             customize transitions by easily adjusting the parameters of each effect and save the settings for
             use in future projects (giving you a virtually unlimited reserve of customized effects).
             With Xplode, Canopus also brings award-winning graphics technology to DV editing. A 128-
             bit graphic display card with 32MB on-board RAM, Xplode features video overlay in high-res-
             olution–up to 1600 x 1200 at 32 bpp. And yes, you must replace your existing display card).

             ■ Xplode’s high-speed rendering capability       ■ Has two high performance software codecs:          ■ Though optimized for use with RexEdit,
               really shines when rendering complex tran-       DV and M-JPEG. The codecs allow you to               Xplode also significantly enhances the pro-
               sitions and effects. Because, while simple       install Xplode as a remote editing adapter           ductivity of of Adobe Premier.
               transitions and effects are rendered two to      which can read files generated by other
                                                                                                                   ■ 3D effects includes: Tumble, Spin and
               three times faster than with other software-     hardware video capture devices. This is use-

                                                                                                                      Rotate, Spinning/Flipping Objects,
               based effects programs, complex 3D tran-         ful in a network environment where you
                                                                                                                      Random particles, Rolling haze, Picture-
               sitions requiring advanced geometry calcu-       can have many people working on the
                                                                                                                      in-picture, Explosion, Multiple doors,
               lations are rendered up to 20 times faster.      same footage, without buying multiple
                                                                                                                      Tiling, Cubic objects, Fly Away, Zoom
                                                                hardware codec products.

                                                  OPTIONAL ACCCESSORIES for the DVREX-M1

                     JC-10 Shuttle and Jog Controller                                                              M2 DAT Pack
              The JC-10 is an external shuttle and jog unit that offers DVRex and     The DAT Pack is for those who want a direct optical connection from
              DVRaptor a                                                              the DVRex to DAT, minidisc players and high quality audio compo-
              traditional                                                             nents. It provides a convenient way to keep digital audio, digital,
              method of                                                               throughout the editing process . Offers copyright protection capabili-
              controlling                                                             ties, uses S/PDIF input and output connectors, and is easy to install.
              analog, DV                                                              Also includes the YUV component video output option.
              and software                                                            • DAT interconnect                   • Easy install and configuration
              video                                                                   • S/PDIF input/output                • 32/44.1/48KHz 16-bit audio
              footage. In                                                             • Copyright protection software      • Over 96 dB S/N ratio
              the Timeline mode the JC-10 provides hardware controls for batch
              capture, clip trimming, recording to disk and timeline navigation. In                              Rex Navigator
              DV Deck mode the controller can be used to navigate through the         Rex Navigator is an easy to use tape cataloging software that lets you
              camera or decks footage and use the DV timecode to batch capture        scan your tapes and catalog all your clips automatically or manually
              to the hard drive. In Analog Deck mode the JC-10 allows you to          for use in Rex Edit. Rex Navigator comes with a quick response DV
              control analog decks/cameras via RS-422, RS-232, LANC and 5-Pin         camera controller and accurate batch capturing features. You can also
              (analog control cables are optional).                                   add comments to the clips for reference information.
              • Traditional look and feel         • Control analog and DV decks       JC-10: Jog/Shuttle Controller ............................................559.95
              • Easy installation                 • Control Rex Edit software         YUV Output Option: Component video output ................94.95
              • Win95/98 and NT compatible        • Hardware control of software
                                                    functions                         M2 DAT Pack (Includes YUV option) ..............................449.95
              • Control batch and seamless
                capture                           • Software upgradeable              Rex Navigator Cataloging Software........................................89.95

             We Exhibit At NAB, Infocomm, and Siggraph
Real-Time DV Editing Workstations
For those who want to get up and running without the hassle of finding
and configuring their own editing system, Canopus offers two preconfigured
real-time DV editing workstations: A desktop and a mobile solution.

Built around around dual Pentium III 500 MHz CPU’s with 256MB of
RAM and 18GB of high-speed storage, they both host the DVRex-M1 DV cap-
ture card, DV-Rex editing software, DVRex-RT real-time software and the Xplode effects accelera-
tor card, as well as the breakout box, in a durable rack-mount chassis or portable configuration. With either the DVRex-
R3 or the mobile DVRex-M3, you’ll be able to edit as soon as you take it out of the box. Simply connect the mouse, key-
board, your monitor and digital or analog camera and you’re ready to edit.
The R3 and M3 deliver unmatched speed in real-time processing. Some real-time
effects include, transitions, luma keying, color correction, up to 10 tracks of titling,
slow-motion and picture-in-picture. Real-time audio effects include echo, reverb, and
parametric and graphic equalization and balance control.
The DVRex-R3 is a rackmountable workstation, the DVRex-M3 is a
portable, real-time editing system which can be taken anywhere.

Lightweight, it sets up in minutes and comes with a flip down key-
board and a 15" high resolution LCD panel. Available with a variety
of expandable storage options, either system will prove to be a cost effective
solution for editing your analog and/or DV productions with ease and speed.

                     VIDEO                                                                        COMPUTER
    Video Input and Output:                       Power:                                                        I/O Ports:
       Analog NTSC (720x480) based on DV            300W ATX Power Supply (with fan)                               — 2 COM
       specification. Real-time video window on                                                                    — 1 Parallel
       computer monitor in up to 1600 x 1200
                                                  System Board:
                                                    Intel 440 BX Chip Set                                          — 1 Mouse
       x 32bpp. Digital8, DV and DVCam                                                                             — 1 Keyboard
       using Sony i.LINK                          Processor:                                                       — 2 USB
                                                    Dual Pentium III 500 MHz Processors
    Compression:                                    with 512 kB L2 Cache                                        CD-ROM Drive:
       5:1 DV format, 720x480 (NTSC)                                                                               32x Internal CD-ROM Drive
    Video Input Connectors:                       Graphics Adapter
                                                    Xplode Effects Accelerator                                  Floppy Disc Drive:
       i.LINK, composite video (RCA), S-Video                                                                      1.44 MB Internal Floppy Disk Drive
    Video Input Connectors:                       Storage:
                                                    18GB Ultra3 SCSI Hard Disk Drive                            Sound Card:
       i.LINK, composite video (RCA), S-Video                                                                      Soundblaster Live PCI Sound Card
                                                    (10,000 rpm)
                                                  Memory:                                                       Networking:
    Analog Video Controls:                          256MB of 100 MHz SDRAM System                                  Built-in 10Base-T Ethernet
       Brightness, contrast, color saturation,
       hue, video filters
                                                    Memory                                                      Keyboard and Mouse:
                                                  Expansion Slots:                                                 Standard 104-key keyboard plus
    Camera Control:                                 — 1 AGP                                                        Microsoft IntelliMouse with scroll bar for
       Control individual DV devices in play-                                                                      shuttle-jog control (DVRex-R3)
                                                    — 4 PCI
       back and/or record modes. Upload to an                                                                      Standard 104-key keyboard with
                                                    — 3 ISA
       accurate frame position on the recording                                                                    Glidepoint trackpad (DVRex-M3)
       tape Shuttle jog control with Intelli
       Mouse (Microsoft)

                                                                                             THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
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             DV Camcorder Editor
             A next generation DV card (and picked by AVID to be the core of their new
             Xpress DV system—see page 864) the DVRaptor links your DV camera to a PC to
             capture DV footage via i.LINK while simultaneously viewing full motion video on

             your computer and video monitors. Bundled applications make capture and cata-
             loging easy. Raptor Navigator automatically detects clips on your video tape and
             stores them into a tape catalog. Once in the catalog you can select and range your
             clips. Then use the Raptor Video to batch capture to your hard disk only the clips
             that you want. In addition to selective batch capture the DVRaptor also supports
             long-form seamless video capture. Either way, the DVRaptor overcomes the 2GB file size limitation. Capture up to 20
             minutes in one file (4GB) or an entire DV tape in one pass (approx. 15 GB).
             ■ High performance PCI card with bus               ■ Frame accurate camera control                           Bundled Canopus Drivers
               mastering ensures high compatibility and
                                                                ■ High quality filtering and image enhance-    ■ Raptor Navigator is simple cataloging soft-
               flawless operation
                                                                   ment for still image capture                   ware which will automatically scan your
             ■ High speed software DVcodec                                                                        tapes and use advanced scene detection to
                                                                ■ Native DV audio support through
                                                                                                                  develop a clip list. When you are finished
             ■ Composite and S-Video input/output for              Canopus ACM driver
                                                                                                                  you can arrange and save the list and then

               real-time preview and video pass-through
                                                                ■ Supports DV and DVCAM                           batch capture the clips you need.
             ■ Seamless video capture and output (no
                                                                ■ Optional Raptor Bay moves DV and ana-        ■ Use Raptor Video to control your camera
               2GB file size limitation)
                                                                   log connections to the front of your PC.       during preview, output and, batch and seam-
             ■ Hardware jog and shuttle (with Microsoft                                                           less capture. DVRaptor's SmartPlay outputs
                                                                ■ Bundled with full version of Premiere 5.1
               Intellimouse)                                                                                      your production directly from the timeline.

                                                     DV or MPEG-2—What’s the Difference?
               Regardless of the compression format chosen for non-linear editing        Another obstacle involves the application of IBP frames in the video
               the final product is destined for duplication or distribution. or aired   stream and the large amount of data lost in order to achieve the low
               for broadcast with minimal loss in quality. The better the source         data rate. An I-frame is a full video frame containing the same
               material the better the end. Due to the lower cost of the equipment,      information that a M-JPEG frame would contain. In fact it is nearly
               most videographers use M-JPEG- or DV-based systems for video              identical in format and algorithm. P- and B-frames contain mostly
               editing. New MPEG-2-based editing systems are just coming on the          frame differences and need to refer to the nearest I-frames to be
               market, so which format is really best for non-linear video editing?      reconstructed. Using all three frame types, MPEG-2 compression
               With the introduction of DV, digital quality video recording is now       can be very high while maintaining exceptional image quality. But
               affordable. DV cameras capture video directly to tape with analog to      because the MPEG-2 I, B, P stream does not have all the video
               digital conversion performed by high quality circuitry inside. In         frames, new frames must be calculated when streams are added to
               addition, IEEE1394 or i.LINK was also introduced. This digital            each other. This new frame calculation increases loss. To avoid this
               serial bus transfers pure digital video and audio data directly to the    loss MPEG-2 editing systems edit in I-frame or I, P frame format
               PC. Capturing and storing in a digital format eliminates the need         only, in effect, making them almost identical to editing in M-JPEG.
               for 'lossy' analog-to-digital conversion. The DV format retains the       When all is said and done, the basic principles of video acquisition
               highest possible quality by keeping video in the digital domain           and editing have not changed. To achieve the best output quality, it
               throughout the acquisition and editing process.                           is important to minimize the number of times you convert your
               Recently, with the increasing acceptance of the DVD movie format,         source material to another format in your editing process. Each
               the MPEG-2 compression format has been considered as a possible           unnecessary digital-to-analog, analog-to-digital step, or transcoding
               video editing format. This seems logical because it offers superior       between compression formats, decreases quality. The best option for
               quality compared to VHS or broadcast TV. A significant obstacle to        the highest quality output is to maintain data in the original acqui-
               MPEG-2 is that, unlike DV where the data rate and image quality           sition format - if the source is digital, keep it in digital format
               are consistent, MPEG-2 image quality can vary significantly by the        throughout the editing process - and keep it in the same digital for-
               encoding system used and the processing power put behind it.              mat throughout the process.
Real-Time MPEG-2 Capture and DVD Authoring
Amber is a real-time MPEG-2 encoding and mastering solution for capturing
DV* and analog video into the MPEG-2 format where it is then ready be used in
DVD authoring applications. Based on Panasonic’s MN85560 MPEG-2 encoder

chip in combination with Canopus’ MPEG audio encoding technology, Amber
delivers the high-quality video and audio output required for DVD authoring.

■ Amber encodes analog footage in real-time using Main Profile at                 ■ Amber has an easy-to-
  Main Level MPEG-2, also called MP@ML. While other MPEG-2                               understand user inter-
  systems use I-frame or IP-frame only, MP@ML provides true IBP                          face that provides complete control of the MPEG-2 compression
  frame format. Encoding in MP@ML provides the highest quality at                        process, along with preview before and during encoding. With
  the lowest bandwidth. With variable and constant bit rate options                      composite and S-Video inputs, Amber is scalable up to full resolu-
  (from 1 to 15Mbps), you can adjust the bandwidth depending on                          tion in NTSC and PAL formats. Amber’s high-quality MPEG-2
  the complexity of the video. Variable bit rate encoding is one of the                  video output streams can also be used with DVD authoring.
  most effective techniques used to maintain video quality while
                                                                                  ■ *Amber when used with the DVRex-M1 or DVRaptor (required),
  reducing file size. For audio Amber captures in true MPEG Layer
                                                                                         allows you to maintain data in DV – the original acquisition for-
  II format up to 48kHz at 16 bits. This eliminates the need to re-
                                                                                         mat – during the editing process. You achieve the best output qual-
  render in order to convert the audio into MPEG format.
                                                                                         ity by editing in native DV and saving the final master in MPEG-2.

                                             Available with or without DVDVirtuoso

DVD Authoring System
DVDVirtuoso is an entry-level DVD authoring software
designed to work in conjunction with Amber. It provides all the
tools needed to turn a video production into an interactive
DVD video. Use Amber to capture MPEG-1 and MPEG-2
video for DVD in real-time, then use DVDVirtuoso to add
menus, subtitles, and interactivity. Finally, compile the project
for delivery to a replication facility. With an easy-to-use inter-
face that provides professional results, DVDVirtuoso enables pre-
view, proofing and delivery of DVDs with menus, chapters,
subtitles, and other interactive features that will playback on any set-top player, as well as in DVD-ROM players.

■ Windows NT 4.0 compatible                                                       ■ Import Photoshop still images
■ NTSC and PAL support                                                            ■ Up to 99 chapter points
■ 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio support                                               ■ Built-in subtitle generator
■ Video and audio locked in sync during capture and playback                      ■ Built-in menu editor
■ Import MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video                                                  ■ Navigation Simulation and Real-time preview
■ Import 48 KHz PCM 16-bit, AC-3 2-channel, and                                   ■ Write out to DVD-R or DLT
  MPEG-1 (Layer I and II) audio

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       miroVIDEO DV200
             DV Editing Package for Windows 95/98 and Windows NT
                                                         The miroVIDEO DV200 is the industry's most affordable, fully featured DV editing
                                                         solution. It includes a fast IEEE-1394 PCI board with bus mastering, DVTools and
                                                         now with a full version of Adobe Premiere 5.1 A complete pre-production software

                                                         application, DVTools features tape scanning with automatic scene detection, visual
                                                         database logging, drag-and-drop batch capture and frame accurate DV device control.
                                                         To enhance productivity with Adobe Premiere 5.1 the DV200 also includes
                                                         Pinnacle’s TitleDeko miroINSTANT Video. A plug-in for Adobe Premiere,
                                                         miroINSTANT Video saves you time and disk space by only rendering the effects
                                                         and transitions on the timeline.

             ■ The DV200 is an all-digital production           ■ By using SONY's optimized CODEC                  ■ The DV200 Can be combined with
               system for your PC. It is a PCI board with         technology, DV200 prevents transcoding             other Pinnacle Systems' miroVIDEO
               bus mastering that gives you a fast IEEE-          and maintains quality and performance              products to convert digital video data
               1394 (FireWire) connection between your                                                               into composite or S-Video output
                                                                ■ Bundled software includes: Adobe
               DV camera and your PC. With the
                                                                  Premiere 5.1, Pinnacle’s DVTools,
               DV200, the entire editing process, from

                                                                  TitleDeko and miroINSTANT Video
               input to output, is completely digital

                                                      DVTools and miro INSTANT Video
               ■   For powerful, efficient scanning, capturing, and editing, the       ■   All frames are captured regardless of host performance issues.
                   DV200 and DV 300 comes bundled with Pinnacle Systems                    To achieve lossless capture, DVTools uses a unique multi-pass cap-
                   Exclusive DVTools software. Its Scan Tape feature "watches" your        ture option that will detect if a frame was dropped during the ini-
                   DV tape for you, and automatically detects all the scene changes        tial capture. It automatically makes a second pass to retrieve
                   by time/date stamps, including in-and-out points. This creates a        the missing frame and insert it into the video file. This saves
                   database of video scenes, saving them to a scan gallery — without       time, since the capture process doesn’t have to be repeated due to
                   the need for capturing these scenes first. Then, you can organize       missing frames.
                   these scenes by simply dragging and dropping them into a Capture
                                                                                       ■   If scenes from more than one tape are in the Capture Gallery
                   Gallery. There you can trim unwanted video from each scene, sav-
                                                                                           DVTools will cue you for a tape change and ask for the next tape
                   ing hard drive space by capturing only the video you want.
                                                                                           by name. In fact, because of the extensive device control in
               ■   Once you've arranged your scenes in the Capture Gallery,                DVTools, this is the only time you have to touch the camera.
                   DVTools will automatically cue the camera and batch capture the
                                                                                       ■   Segments can be arranged for a cuts only production, or loaded
                   scenes based on the exact in and out points defined. With this
                                                                                           into Premiere for effects and transitions. There, miroINSTANT
                   frame-accurate capture, you capture only the video you want,
                                                                                           Video, a plug-in for Premier renders only effects and transitions,
                   avoiding clumsy manual captures while saving valuable disk space.
                                                                                           saving up to 50% of your hard drive space by not re-rendering the
                                                                                           video clips. The video and the effect segments are then stored
                                                                                           as individual video files. When production is finished, output
                                                                                           to the camera through the IEEE1394 link. From Premiere
                                                                                           miroINSTANT DV automatically prints files back to tape in one
                                                                                           pass, overcoming the 2 GB movie size limitation.
                                                                                       ■   miroINSTANT Video is a transparent playback tool in Premiere.
                                                                                           Just hit the ENTER key in Premiere and miroINSTANT Video
                                                                                           automatically plays the timeline, rendering only the effects
                                                                                           and transitions, saving you up to 50% of your valuable hard
                                                                                           disk space.

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                                                                                                              miroVIDEO DV300
DV Editing Package for                                               More about miroINSTANT Video...
Windows 95/98NT
                                                              miroINSTANT Video is a playback module for Adobe Premiere that greatly
                                                              enhances the production process by reducing rendering time and disk space usage.

                                                              However, to truly understand its benefits, it is important to first understand how
                                                              the rendering process works without it.
                                                                                   Make Movie - Surrender to render!
                                                              After assembling a project on the timeline in Adobe Premiere, the work must be
                                                              "rendered" or saved. This is done using the "Make Movie" menu command. Make
                                                              Movie takes the entire project (made up of .avi files, transitions and titles) and saves
                                                              them together, frame by frame, as a new single .avi file. Besides being painfully slow,
                                                              sometimes taking hours to render a project, this poses three major problems:
                                                              1. There is a 2GB .avi file size limit in Windows. Since Make Movie saves each
A step-up from the miroVideo DV200
                                                                 project as one large .avi file, this would mean that the entire project could only
(previous page), the DV300 offers all the                        be 2GB in size. With a compression ratio of 2.5:1 (optimal), this limit would be
features and software of the DV200 and                           reached in about 6 minutes!
adds Pixelan’s Video Spice Rack as well                       2. Make Movie rendering re-creates the .avi files that are already taking up precious
                                                                 storage, thus wasting up to 50% of your hard disk space.
as its own on-board SCSI-3 controller

card . This guarantees consistent disk                        3. If changes are ever made to the "rendered" .avi file, even very minor ones, the
                                                                 entire project must be re-saved and re-rendered— taking as much time and disk
performance and provides users a single                          space as the first time.
card solution. And like the DV200, it
                                                                                            miroINSTANT Video -
comes bundled with miroINSTANT                                                        The Intelligent Rendering Solution
Video and DVTools. For Windows
                                                              Instead of saving the project on the time line as one large file, it saves each element
95/98 and Windows NT.                                         as a separate file. It then creates a project file that will play back the entire project
Same as DV200 Plus —                                          smoothly as a sequence of these
                                                              files. With this approach,
              Video SpiceRack                                 miroINSTANT Video provides 3
                                                              major benefits:
■ Video SpiceRack from Pixélan Software is a
  collection of over300 unique images for pro-                1. With independent rendering of
  ducing creative, eye-catching transitions in                   each piece of the project you can
  Adobe Premiere projects. Simply select a                       assemble a movie of almost any
  SpiceRack image as a gradient wipe and                         length. (Adobe Premiere 5.0 can
  “spice” to your video productions.                             create a 3 hour project.)
                                                              2. Once a project element is ren-
             On-board                                            dered once, it will never be ren-
     Ultra SCSI Controller Card                                  dered again unless a change is applied directly to it. This includes .avi files you
■ DV footage can take up a tremendous amount                     captured onto your hard drive. Since they are not saved twice, like they are with
  of your disk space and processor speed during                  Make Movie, you are essentially freeing up 50% of your hard disk space.
  capture. Many times slower drives cannot                    3. miroINSTANT Video will only render the new or changed elements you add to
  adequately maintain a consistent capture. By                   your project - such as transitions and titles. If you change an effect at the end of
  including a built in Ultra SCSI controller into                a one-hour project, only that effect will be re-rendered. You can view your
  the DV300, it provides users a single card                     change in just seconds instead of hours. Even items that have to be rendered are
  solution for consistent capturing of playback                  finished up to 40% faster with Pinnacle’s special hardware acceleration.
  of your video files.

 DV200 ..............................................399.95   By reducing rendering times and disk space, miro INSTANT Video allows you to be more creative
                                                              with your project. Instead of "punishing" you for making changes, it encourages you to experiment
 DV300 ..............................................599.95   with different effects until your project is how you want it to be.

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       miroVIDEO DC30 PRO
             Video Capture Card for Windows 95/98/NT
             State-of-the-art hardware and high-powered software make the DC-30
             Pro the ideal solution for creating professional quality video productions.
             Whether you are creating corporate, commercial, wedding, event, multime-

             dia or web videos, the DC-30 Pro gives you unbeatable results.
             Use TitleDeko, a powerful character generator plug-in for Adobe Premiere
             with Emmy Award-winning technology to add creative custom titles. Use
             the full version of Adobe Premiere 5.1 to capture, edit and output profes-
             sional quality productions. Create royalty-free music for your videos with
             Sonic Foundry’s ACID Music software. The DC-30 Pro also includes 300
             unique Pixélan Software Video SpiceRack transitions and a high quality video and audio breakout box. With a six foot
             connection cable the breakout box allows for convenient placement of connections on your desktop.


                          Hardware                                                         Bundled Software

             ■ The DC-30 Pro is a professional quality
               video and audio capture card with a                  Full Version of
               high quality breakout box. It can capture          Adobe Premiere 5.1:
               video at CCIR-601 active area resolu-       Gives you powerful editing tools to create pro-
               tions for use in event, corporate, music,   fessional productions. Offers an elegant inter-
               and commercial video productions.           face and superb editing tools for producing
             ■ Capture video in compression ratios as      broadcast-quality movies for video, multime-
               low as 2.5:1 from either composite or       dia, or the Web.
               S-Video sources. By simultaneously
               capturing both audio and video, DC-30
                                                                   miroINSTANT Video:
               Pro maintains high quality lip sync and     Bundled miroINSTANT video saves time and
               provides exceptional audio fidelity. In     disk space with accelerated, intelligent render-
               addition, audio tracks from any source      ing. When rendering and playing your final
               with an audio output can be recorded        production, miroINSTANT Video overcomes
               in CD quality.                              the 2GB AVI file size limitation, allowing you
                                                           to quickly put more video directly onto tape –
             ■ Professional breakout box brings your       in one pass.
               connections up front and accessible.
               Place your audio and video connections       Sonic Foundry's ACID Music:
               within easy reach. No more crawling         Expand the limits of your creativity with the
               around on the ground to change your         amazing power of Sonic Foundry's ACID
               connections!                                Music. Just drop ACID Music into your DC-
             ■ With the DC-30 Pro, all your multime-       30 Pro system and it will blow your mind!
               dia needs—including animation, audio        ACID uses loops –clips of sound that can be
               and video—are satisfied with one card.      strung together to make continuous music--
               Bring in audio from outside sources such    "painted" into a track. Combine a few tracks
                                                           of loops, and you have created a song! It's easy.
               as microphones or CD players and cap-
                                                           Just pick some loops, paint them in and play
               ture music tracks and sound effects to
                                                           them back. Now music tracks for your video
               enhance video productions. Then use
                                                           productions can be created completely license
               Premiere to bring in your animation
                                                           free. (We must warn you though, once you
               frames and edit them, and then overlay      start using ACID music, you'll be hooked!)
               them onto video or output them to tape.


                               ®           ®
                                         PINNACLE SYSTEMS
                                                                                                    miroVIDEO DC30 PRO
                         More Software Bundled with miroVIDEO DC-30 Pro...

TitleDeko                                                                                                               Pixélan Software’s Video
Hollywood-quality titles for Pinnacle Systems capture cards operating with

                                                                                                                      Video SpiceRack from Pixélan Software is a
Adobe Premiere 5.0 and later                                                                                          collection of more than 300 unique
                                                                                                                      images for producing creative, eye-catching
A software plug-in for Adobe
                                                                                                                      transitions in Premiere projects. Use the
Premiere, TitleDeko uses technology                                                                                   SpiceRack images to create individual looks
from Pinnacle Systems’ Emmy award                                                                                     for every project.
winning FXDeko, a professional
broadcast character generator (CG).                                                                                   From elegant new wipes and irises to unique
The combination of Pinnacle                                                                                           organic effects to super-soft versions of clas-
Systems’ software and hardware with                                                                                   sic transitions, SpiceRack gives you a wide
Adobe’s video editing application cre-                                                                                range of fresh, useful “spices” to choose
ates a superior digital video editing                                                                                 from. Video SpiceRack is optimized for
environment for professionals.                                                                                        NTSC, PAL, D1, D1 PAL, and quarter-
                                                                                                                      screen or smaller movies.
And unlike low cost titling tools on
the market, TitleDeko has the quality
that has been previously available only in high-end solutions. At its core, TitleDeko shares
programming code with Pinnacle’s FXDeko application — a professional solution costing tens

of thousands of dollars.
                Features                              Backgrounds and Graphics
Create great looking, highly creative titles         TitleDeko can import graphics as objects or
right over the video. Titles can fade up,            full backgrounds. Then adjust transparen-
scroll and even blend with pictures. Use any                                                                              Examples of Video SpiceRack images
                                                     cies, composite layers, and apply styles.
font in the Windows/Font directory and               Letters, words, lines or whole pages can be
apply glows, neon and metallic looks, tex-           rotated, moved and independently adjusted                        SpiceRack images come in three sizes for
tures, backgrounds, shapes, shadows and              for colors, borders, shadows and more. The                       easy use in television, multimedia, and web-
edges. Complete freedom in creativity allows         power of TitleDeko is truly amazing!                             based video productions. Any image can
producers to place, rotate, kern, skew and                                                                            become an effect in a Premiere project by
size titles. You will be amazed at what can be                                                                        selecting them in the Gradient wipe tool of
done!                                                                                                                 Premiere. Use the edge controls to apply
                                                                                                                      sharp transitions and colors or soft flows.
Create stunning rolls and crawls and eye-
catching still titles that will import directly                                                                       Whether you seek greater visual variety in
into a Premiere project. The high quality                                                                             straight-ahead productions or dynamic new
neon, metallic, and textured styles provide                                                                           ways to manipulate layers in heavy compos-
unbeatable looks. Each title becomes an ele-                                                                          ite work, Video SpiceRack's 300+ Effects
ment of the Premiere project that can be                                                                              will enable you to add a custom look and
combined with Premiere video transparen-                                                                              still meet a tight deadline.
cies, motions and filters.

                                                            DC ProPack (For DC-30 and DC-30 Plus Owners)
                                                  DC ProPack contains a high-quality breakout box for use with older miroVideo capture cards like
                                                  the DC-30 and DC-30 Plus. The breakout box has input and output connections for composite
                                                  (RCA), S-Video as well as an unbalanced audio stereo pair. A six foot cable allows convenient
                                                  placement on the desktop, eliminating the need to access the back of the computer for connection
                                                  changes. Also includes Sonic Foundry's powerful ACID Music software for creating custom, roy-
                                                  alty-free music tracks. Compatible with any miro DC family product. as well as any video capture
                                                  card with composite or S-Video I/O.

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       miroVIDEO DC50
             Video Capture Card for Windows 95/98/NT
             Setting new standards in affordability for video pro-
             fessionals, the DC50 is a cost effective, Windows
             95/98/NT compatible solution that delivers the

             power you need to capture, edit and quickly output
             your video productions. Incorporating state-of-the-art
             technology and features, the high performance DC50
             enables broadcast quality production at an affordable
             price. It includes a professional-style breakout box
             that supports component, composite, and S-Video
             input and output as well as balanced and unbal-
             anced audio input/ output. It also provides genlock
             input/output for easy integration into any production
             environment. The DC50 comes bundled with Adobe
             Premiere 5.1 (full version) for professional video edit-
             ing, After Effects 4.0 for a superior compositing and

             layering solution and Pipeline ProVTR for precise
             and accurate VCR control.


                               Fantastic Software Bundle                                     ■ Data rate up to 7 MB/second
             In addition to the full versions of Adobe Premiere 5.1, After Effects 4.0 and   ■ Full field and frame resolutions: 720 x 486 NTSC and
             Pipeline’s ProVTR, the DC50 includes Pinnacle’s award winning TitleDeko           720 x 576 PAL
             character generator and Pixelan’s Video SpiceRack for fresh effects on your
             video production. And the coded drivers are designed to support applications    ■ Selectable compression ratio from 2.8:1 up to 20:1
             beyond just video editing. Use applications like 3D Studio Max and
             Lightwave 3D with the DC50 to provide a cost-effective, professional solu-      ■ VGA overlay for preview on VGA monitor
             tion for recording computer-generated animations directly to video tape.
                                                                                             ■ MiroINSTANT Video overcomes 2 GB AVI file size
                         Studio Quality Inputs and Outputs                                   ■ Hardware accelerated rendering
             The DC50 includes a professional rack-mountable breakout box that sup-
             ports high quality video and audio connection to professional equipment         ■ Genlock input and output for synchronization to
             such as Betacam SP VTRs and other component video sources. It provides            external sync
             input and output connections to component, composite, and S-Video
                                                                      sources, balanced      ■ Compatible with applications besides editing like
                                                                      and unbalanced           AfterEffects, Studio Max and Lightwave 3D.
                                                                      audio input/output,    ■ Integrated audio processor to ensure lip-sync sound
                                                                      and genlock              editing in CD quality
                                                                      input/output. This
                                                                      ensures compatibili-   ■ Record and play directly from/to the hard disk in full CD
                                                                      ty with any produc-      stereo audio quality. 44,1 kHz or 48 kHz, 16 Bit, stereo
                                                                      tion environment,
                                                                      from high-end post-    ■ Controls include: brightness, contrast, saturation, hue,
                                                                      production to inde-      sharpness, luma and chroma levels, synchronization, video
                                                                      pendent facility.        filters, compression ratio and hard disk rates

             Most Orders Shipped Within 24 Hours
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Realtime DV Editing with 3D Effects
The DV500 is simply the most affordable real-time, native DV non-linear
editing solution for video producers and videographers—ever. A complete
dual-stream, digital video production system based on DV (IEEE 1394) the

DV500 plays effects, titles and filters instantly with no rendering. Internally
the DV500 uses a dual stream hardware DV codec , providing real time spe-
cial effects and transitions. The DV codec (uses the same encoding technology
that exists inside your DV camcorder so there is no damaging transcoding or
recompression) maintains a 100% digital communication between digital
video equipment and the DV500, as well as providing extremely high quality encoding for analog video. The DV500
also provides simultaneous digital and analog video with audio I/O and includes support for MPEG-2 output for DVD,
interactive MPEG-2 CDs, and web video streaming applications. In fact, the powerful authoring software bundled
with DV-500 gives you the choice of delivery solutions – videotape, interactive CD-ROM, DVD and the Internet.


              Native DV                           3D Transitions with FreeFX                                     Choice of Media Distribution
Since DV500 uses the same encoding tech-         DV500 includes Pinnacle Systems’ revolu-                        DV500 gives you the power of choice when
nology that exists inside your DV cam-           tionary FreeFX technology. This seamless                        it comes to delivery solutions. Output your
corder and VCR, so this the digital infor-       plug-in for Adobe Premiere 5.1 provides an                      video in realtime from Premiere to DV or
mation remains unchanged. You don’t need         elaborate selection of complex, broadcast-                      analog videotape. If you need to post your
to transferring from one format to another,      quality 3D transitions for your video produc-                   video to the web, you can output it with the
which would resulting in require damaging        tion. And, since FreeFX is designed to take                     included Real Producer G2 software. Or, you
recompression.                                   advantage of your current graphics card, so                     can author a professional CD-ROM or DVD
                                                 you will not be forced to replace your exist-                   with bundled Minerva Impression, complete
                                                 ing hardware. to add a powerful 3D DVE in                       with interactive menus to create a multime-
         Real-Time Effects                       DV500’s native DV editing environment.                          dia experience that is second to none!
To maximize the speed of your editing, the
DV500 uses the latest dual-stream technol-
ogy so all of your effects and transitions are                    Complete Editing and Authoring Bundle
performed in real-time with no rendering!         DV500 features a content creation software suite, including Adobe Premiere RT, Sonic
Create Hollywood-quality titles and eye-          Foundry’s ACID Music, Pixélan Software's Video SpiceRack, Adobe PhotoShop LE,
catching transitions for every project.           RealNetworks RealProducer, Pinnacle’s TitleDeko and a professional quality audio/video
                                                  breakout box. Exclusive to the DV500, the supplied Minerva Systems’ Impression software
                                                  lets you create your own interactive MPEG-2 video that can then be targeted for CD-
    Analog and Digital I/O                        ROM or DVD playback, is also included.
Fully compatible with DV, you can create a
completely digital connection between your        Not just another graphics program, Pinnacle’s                 In addition to the incredible 3D transitions
DV camcorder and PC via the DV500’s               TitleDeko features anti- aliased text, rolls and              of FreeFX, Pixélan’s Spice Rack is a collection
DV (IEEE1394) connectors. Or if you’re            crawls. Comes with hundreds of customizable                   of more than 300 unique images for produc-
using analog cameras, or need to output to        styles such as neon, metallic, shapes and soft                ing creative, eye-catching 2D transitions in
VHS or S-VHS you can use the on-board             edges that can be applied to any font.                        Premiere projects. Use Spice Rack images to
composite and S-Video connectors. DV500           ACID Music makes it easy to create custom,                    create individual looks for every production.
gives you the creative flexibility to mix your    license- free music tracks for your produc-                   Using the full version of Premiere RT, hun-
legacy analog footage (Hi-8, VHS) with            tions. ACID uses "loops" – clips of sound                     dreds of video effects, filters and titles can be
new DV material in a single project with          that can be strung together to make continu-                  played back in real time without rendering.
no formatting or rendering penalty. The           ous music. The loops are painted into a track,                Premiere makes the editing process both fast
supplied external breakout box provides a         and tracks can be combined to create a song!                  and simple.
very convenient way to connect it all

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             Dual-Stream, Realtime Video Editing System for Windows NT
             Running under Windows NT the dual-
             stream ReelTime is a powerful yet low-cost,
             real-time non-linear editing system. With

             uncompromised quality, ReelTime is the ulti-
             mate tool for real-time wipes, dissolves, keys,
             and titles. For installation in any environment,
             Reeltime comes standard with a professional
             break-out box that has component, composite
             and S-Video input and output as well as
             XLR-balanced and unbalanced audio I/O.
             Optional interfaces include SDI and DV.
             When used with a DV camcorder, the DV
             option offers end-to-end digital — capture,
             edit and output without leaving the digital

             A comprehensive desktop solution, ReelTime
             offers over 400 real-time transitions, as well as real-time chroma, luma and linear keying,. For titling, ReelTime is
             bundled with Pinnacle’s powerful TitleDeko character generator. Create professional titles and integrate sizzling
             logos and graphics. Has over 400 custom-created looks like neons and glows that can be further customized by
             applying different fonts, styles and sizes. Ideal for broadcast production, commercials, presentations, interactive
             media, corporate, training, music, or promotional videos, ReelTime is used the world over by independent and cor-
             porate video producers, government and educational institutions, and post-production facilities of any size.

                                                Realtime Features                                                                Breakout Box
             ■ ReelTime can scrub, preview, and print to          effects with the gradient wipe tool. Just           ■ Supplied breakout box features all the
               tape without rendering. ReelTime simulta-          select the effect and see a full screen, full         inputs and outputs required in a profes-
               neously supports two streams of video with         motion A/B transition in realtime.                    sional video production system.
               2D or 3D transitions, graphic files with key,    ■ Transitions include dissolves, hearts, irises,        Component, composite and S-Video, as
               and six plus channels of stereo audio at any       diamonds, diagonals, pinstripes, blinds, slats,       well as balanced (XLR) and unbalanced
               point on the timeline.                             streaks, paint rollers, beehives, dots, curtains,     (RCA) audio are all standard. A compact,
             ■ ReelTime makes it easy to capture, edit,           clocks, shards, spins and spirals.                    lightweight and stable design makes
               and output broadcast quality video. Supports                                                             cabling up a snap. A rack-mount kit is
                                                                ■ Also allows realtime luminance, alpha, and            also available.
               a maximum frame size of 440 KB and a               chroma keying, real-time titling and six-track
               data rate of 13.4 MB/sec (mathematically           audio mixing with special effects. These            ■ DV (IEEE1394) and SDI (Serial Digital
               lossless compression ratio of 1.5:1) to ensure     include echo, level, pan and gain on each             Interface) input/output modules are also
               that video quality is never compromised.           track plus real-time 7-band EQ and audio              available to capture and edit completely
             ■ Over 400 high impact anti-aliased transitions      filtering.                                            in the digital domain. ReelTime’s modu-
               with customizable colored borders or soft                                                                lar design ensures that as new standards
                                                                ■ Built-in audio/video synchronization hard-
               edges in a single user-friendly interface.                                                               emerge, upgrading will be as simple as
                                                                  ware ensures that audio and video captured
               Includes full package of Pixelan Software’s                                                              plugging in a new module.
                                                                  with ReelTime will always be in sync —
               SpiceRack effects plus dissolves. You can          regardless of project length.
               also custom create your own gradient

             Corporate Accounts Are Welcome
                                        PINNACLE SYSTEMS
                                                                                             REELTIME/REELTIME NITRO
      Additional Features                               ReelTime NITRO—Breathtaking Real-Time 3D Effects
■ ReelTime overlays (mixes) digital video         When your projects require 3D effects that need to make your clients sit up and take
  with your SVGA graphics, so you can             notice, upgrade to ReelTime NITRO. ReelTime NITRO makes it easy to include page turns,
  simultaneously preview and playback video       ripples, spheres, hourglass, and bumps — instantly. You can even define your own unique
  on both a computer and video monitor at         3D effects with NITRO DVE Factory.

  full-size and full motion. Video window
  can be cleanly scaled to any size, even        ReelTime NITRO is a revolutionary, real-time
  1280 x 1024. Built-in scan rate conver-        non-linear editing system that gives you all the
  sion matches video and graphics output         power and sophistication of ReelTime plus it
  so you can use it with virtually any           gives you spectacular 3D effects, including page
  SVGA card.                                     turns, ripples, slats, transparent drop shadows,
                                                 highlights — in real-time.
■ Includes an innovative software codec,
  for rendering sophisticated compositing        ReelTime NITRO’s powerful 3D effects engine
  sequences or animations directly to            performs rotation, perspective, placement sizing,
  ReelTime. Equipped with a M-JPEG               cropping, axis placement, and target manipula-
  software codec, ReelTime allows hundreds       tion — all in real-time. It uses Pinnacle’s award-
  of graphics programs to render directly        winning Genie technology, with a full-function,
  to a realtime playable file. Files rendered    real-time, key-frameable 3D DVE that makes it
  in applications like 3D Studio Max,            easy to create your own stunning effects.
  LightWave 3D, AfterEffects, Elastic            ReelTime NITRO provides ultra-smooth motion
  Reality and Digital Fusion can be played       without pixelation when your video is sized,
  back in realtime. The result? Your work-

                                                 rotated or otherwise manipulated. The warp
  flow and productivity are greatly enhanced.    engine delivers four-corner page peels and page
                                                 turns, water ripples, ball effects, explosions, tiles,
■ Includes Pipeline ProVTR Plus 6.2, the
                                                 and spheres. Imaging effects include border gen-
  leading deck control for Adobe Premiere.
                                                 eration, matte generation, defocus, freeze, and
  Via RS-422, ProVTR provides frame
                                                 strobe. Add highlights, shadows, and spotlights
  accurate capture, batch capture, playback,
                                                 to enhance your production.
  insert and assemble editing. An RS-422
  cable is included, while adapters for RS-232   Has over 400 stunning, anti-aliased 2D and 3D
  and Control L are available from Pipeline.     transitions to get you started. Dazzle your clients
  With ProVTR, time code is automatically        with dissolves, hearts, irises, diamonds, diagonals,
  stamped on your captured clip. When you        pinstripes, blinds, slats, and streaks. Add paint
  are finished with your project, print your     rollers, bee hives, dots, curtains, clocks, shards,
  movie back to tape with complete deck          spins, and spirals. ReelTime NITRO also includes
  control, like a traditional analog edit.       the keying that you require - chroma, luma, and
                                                 linear — all in real time.
      Character Generator                        Feature                                                                    ReelTime       ReelTime NITRO
                                                 Dual-Stream Playback                                                           ✓                  ✓
■ Want to add easy-to-use, cutting-edge          Unlimited User Definable Real-Time Gradient Wipes                              ✓                  ✓
  titles and graphics to your production?        Keying                                                                         ✓                  ✓
  ReelTime is bundled with Pinnacle’s            Component, Composite, S-Video Input                                            ✓                  ✓
  powerful TitleDeko CG software. Create
                                                 Optional DV or SDI I/O                                                         ✓                  ✓
  your own title style with customizable
                                                 Real-Time Mixing of Audio Tracks                                               ✓                  ✓
  faces, edges, shadows and underlines. Easily
                                                 TitleDeko                                                                      ✓                  ✓
  add rolls and crawls, or other movements
                                                 Rendered Rolls and Crawls                                                      ✓
  to your titles. TitleDeko’s library of over
                                                 Frame Accurate Device Control                                                  ✓                  ✓
  400 text effects includes rotate, skew,
                                                 VGA and Video Preview                                                          ✓                  ✓
  glow, emboss, texture, neon, metallic and
                                                 450 3D Effects                                                                                    ✓
  extrude. This CG also supports multiple
  languages including Chinese, Japanese,         User Definable Real-Time 3D Effects                                                               ✓
  Korean, Greek, Cyrillic and all the Roman      Real-Time Warp Effects                                                                            ✓
  languages.                                     Real-Time Page Turns and Ripples                                                                  ✓
                                                 Real-Time Rolls and Crawls                                                                        ✓

                                                                                                  THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
                                                                      PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
                                    ReelTime NITRO DVE Factory                                                    ‘Ready-to-Edit’
             The NITRO DVE Factory enables cre-
             ation of custom real-time 3D effects to be
                                                                                                                  ReelTime/ReelTime NITRO
             used with ReelTime NITRO. The effects                                                                    Turnkey Systems
             created are complementary to the 400+

             standard 3D effects that are included with                                                           The throughput requirements for two simul-
             ReelTime NITRO. Custom effects appear                                                                taneous video streams plus graphics and
             within the NITRO Magic plug-in within                                                                audio are extremely high. As a result, system
             Adobe Premiere RT, alongside the stan-                                                               hardware requirements are equally high.
             dard NITRO effects. Standard NITRO                                                                   ReelTime typically requires a new state-of-
             effects can also be easily modified to create                                                        the-art, high-end workstation. Your PC from
             new effects. The type and number of effects                                                          just six months ago may not work.
             that can be created with DVE Factory are             NITRO DVE Factory user interface                In addition, configuring the workstation is
             limited only by imagination.                                                                         difficult because ReelTime is specifically
                                                                                                                  designed to push the system to its through-
             To create an effect, a series of events are        The NITRO DVE Factory Keyer Area pro-
                                                                                                                  put limit to provide you the greatest possible
             defined along the NITRO DVE Factory                vides control over chroma key, luma key,
                                                                                                                  productivity. Under the hood of a high-end
             timeline. The duration between each event          opacity, freeze/strobe, and solarization.
                                                                                                                  personal workstation, you'll find many per-
             is defined in the timeline. Any point along        Chroma key provides fine tuned control of
                                                                                                                  mutations of BIOS settings, NT service
             the timeline that an action occurs is called a     the clip color and "hole cutting" adjust-
                                                                                                                  packs, hard drive mode page settings, hard
             keyframe. That action can be a DVE                 ments (softness, discrimination, low color
                                                                                                                  drive striping/formatting settings, driver set-
             manipulation such as an image rotation or a        saturation). Luma keying involves specifying
                                                                                                                  tings, and PCI slot selections. Pinnacle has

             page turn. Changing opacity or applying a          a desired foreground luminance (or bright-
                                                                                                                  approved only a few specific configurations
             key such as chroma key also creates a              ness) level; foreground areas containing
                                                                                                                  so these and other criteria can be precisely
             keyframe.                                          luminance levels above (or optionally
                                                                                                                  optimized for the highest possible through-
                                                                below) the keying level are replaced with the
                                                                                                                  put in a amazingly fast dual-stream real-time
             The NITRO DVE Factory timeline win-                background image. Linear mixing is done
                                                                                                                  video environment. These settings are so
             dow provides the tools to control 3D per-          between certain key levels to create a soft
                                                                                                                  interrelated and specific to each configura-
             spective, borders, and warp shapes. A user         edge between background and foreground.
                                                                                                                  tion that is not possible for Pinnacle to sup-
             can click a picon (picture icon) of the tool       Solarization attenuates regions of luminance
                                                                                                                  port unapproved systems.
             they wish to use, and drag parameter values        to create a distorted look.
             up and down with the mouse, or input                                                                 Although you may have had a successful
             parameter values numerically. NITRO DVE            DVE Factory enables precise control of            experience in the past installing a video cap-
             Factory provides full X, Y, and Z control          DVE parameters for each video field. DVE          ture board yourself, we strongly discourage you
             over the 3D perspective tools: size, place-        Factory fills in or interpolates parameter val-   from attempting to do so with a ReelTime sys-
             ment, rotate, axis, perspective, and target.       ues between keyframes. With NITRO DVE             tem. A much better choice would be
             There are 13 colored border styles to choose       Factory, linear or smooth interpolation may       Pinnacle’s ‘Ready-to-Edit systems. Now you
             from, each with softness, width, and color         be applied to each individual pair of             don’t have to worry about mode page and
             control. This provides the ability to further      sequential keyframes. Smooth interpolation        BIOS settings. Purchase a turnkey ReelTime
             customize the 3D effects. 3D warp shapes           accelerates the image away from the first         workstation, connect external cables/VCR
             including page scroll/fold, splash, ball, slats,   keyframe and decelerates as the second            and start editing!
             arrow, burst, sawtooth, sine wave, bumps,          keyframe approaches.
             hexagon, and balloon.
                                                                NITRO DVE Factory provides a powerful
                                                                cataloging capability whereby users attach
                                                                descriptions and picons so that signature
                                                                effects are easily recognizable within the
                                                                NITRO Magic plug-in. Controlling all the
                                                                capabilities of a digital video effects engine
                                                                can be an intimidating task, but it allows
                                                                the creation of incredible effects and image
                                                                manipulations. With ReelTime NITRO,
                                                                the effects you create are played back in
                                                                real-time, without waiting hours to render.

             We are on the web at:
                                        PINNACLE SYSTEMS
 ‘Ready-to-Edit’ ReelTime/ReelTime NITRO Turnkey Systems
Ready-to-Edit for ReelTime and ReelTime NITRO are powerful, configured systems built around the IBM Intellistation M Pro with
either ReelTime or ReelTime NITRO. Why waste time trying to configure the system correctly yourself? Ready-to-Edit provides incred-
ible non-linear editing and finishing capabilities right out of the box. Simply hook up this state of the art solution, and you have an
online finishing system with instant effects and no rendering required.

Workstation Power                                                                  Add Character to your Productions with
The IBM Intellistation M Pro is a high performance professional                    TitleDeko
workstation powered by single or dual Pentium II processors in a flex-             Want to add easy-to-use, cutting-edge titling to your finishing station?
ible 6-slot/6-bay mini tower. The M Pro exemplifies the IBM                        Pinnacle’s powerful TitleDeko character generator package comes stan-
IntelliStation design mandate — to deliver superior Windows NT                     dard with ReelTime and ReelTime NITRO. Create your own title style,
application performance with inclusive hardware and software com-                  with customizable faces, edges, shadows, and underlines. TitleDeko's
patibility.                                                                        library of text effects includes rotate, skew, glow, emboss, texture, neon,
                                                                                   metallic and extrude. With ReelTime NITRO, use TitleDeko to easily
Configured for Power                                                               add rolls and crawls, or other movements to your titles.
There are four systems available. Want to run Adobe Premiere with
ReelTime/ReelTime NITRO? There are two systems with 256 MB of                      Integrate into any Digital Environment
RAM (more RAM can be easily added) and lots of hard disk space                     The ReelTime family has options for integration with DV and serial
(18GB or 36GB internal disk array.). There are also two systems for                digital sources. With the DV/1394 (i.LINK) I/O and the Serial
ReelTime /ReelTime NITRO with in-sync Speed Razor RT. Dual                         Digital I/O options, you can capture and edit video digitally. And the
processors, 512MB of RAM, lots of disk space – all the power you                   best part — you can output in real-time to DV/1394 or serial digital.
need. You also can choose what size monitor you need, 17" or 21".

                                                                                   That's what a true real-time digital environment means. Thanks to the
Want to run a dual monitor configuration? All systems are configured               ReelTime Family's modular design, either option can be added with-
with the Appian Graphics J Pro dual monitor display card.                          out taking up additional slots on your PC.

Start-to-finish Post-Production                                                    Peace of Mind
Adobe Premiere or in-sync Speed Razor both provide video editing                   Ready-to-Edit systems come with one (1) year of on-site service. In
capabilities, studio-quality audio editing, broadcast-quality titling,             the rare event you have a problem, just make one phone call and all
professional quality special effects and extensive multimedia capabili-            your problems are solved. Need some technical support? One phone
ties. You can edit their entire program on the system without any                  call is all that is required. No need to call around to try and find out
additional software or hardware. And you can integrate material from               how to resolve your issues with hardware, software, and all the pieces.
any one of hundreds of applications in your production.

                            ReelTime                      ReelTime NITRO                                    ReelTime                   ReelTime NITRO
 Editing Application        Adobe Premiere                Adobe Premiere                                    In:Sync Speed Razor        In:Sync Speed Razor
 Processor                  450MHZ Pentium III+           450MHZ Pentium III+                               450MHZ Pentium III+        450MHZ Pentium III+
 Processor’s Installed      Single                        Single                                            Dual                       Dual
 Speed                      450MHZ or faster              450MHZ or faster                                  450MHZ or faster           450MHZ or faster
 Ram Installed              256MB ECC RAM                 256MB RAM                                         512MB RAM                  512MB
 Disk Array                 18 GB or larger               36 GB LVD                                         18 GB LVD                  36 GB LVD
 System Disk                                                                                      13.5 GB
 Graphic Card                                                       Dual Monitor Appian Jeronimo Pro
 CD ROM                                                                                             40X
 SCSI                                                          Adaptec 2940U2W Dual Channel Ultra Wide
 Monitor                                                                               Optional 17˝ or 21˝
 Speakers                                                                  Pair of Self-Powered Speakers

         Obviously specifications will be continuously changing, please call us for the most current configurations.

                                                                                                  THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
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             MPEG-2 Content Creation and Delivery Solutions
             Next generation dual stream digital video and audio editing solutions the DC-
             1000 and DVD-1000 feature MPEG-2 IPP technology allowing video and dig-
             ital media producers to edit and produce high quality video tapes, streaming

             video for the Internet, and the ability to author CD-ROM videos with fully
             interactive menus. The DVD-1000 adds the capability to author fully featured
             DVD titles—the fastest growing delivery medium for video.

                                                     The DC-1000 and DVD-1000 editing and mastering systems are based on C-Cube's
                                                     DVxpress-MX video production codec. With real-time, frame accurate control of
                                                     MPEG-2, it allows them to increase productivity at a phenomenal price/performance
                                                     ratio. The unprecedented ability to produce high-quality output in real-time for CD,
                                                     DVD and the Web makes them the ideal solution for digital video in corporate, enter-
                                                     tainment and educational markets

             The affordably priced DC-1000 uses state-of-the-art dual stream           Optional add-ons include an IEEE-1394 DV (FireWire) I/O option,
             MPEG-2 IPP technology to provide broadcast quality at data rates          providing real time DV/MPEG-2 transcoding for use with DV cam-

             half that of M-JPEG, while proprietary "SmartGOP” technology              corders, and a component upgrade option to capture high-quality
             makes video editing frame accurate. The DC-1000 is bundled with all       analog footage. The component option has YUV, S-Video and com-
             the tools you need including Premiere 5.1 RT for editing, Pinnacle’s      posite I/O as well as balanced and unbalanced audio I/O.
             TitleDeko for graphics and titles, Sonic Foundry ACID Music to cre-
                                                                                       The DVD-1000 adds Minerva Impression for DVD, a fully featured
             ate royalty free music and effects tracks, Pixélan Software's SpiceRack
                                                                                       DVD video authoring tool used to create DVD titles with interactive
             for 300 great transitions and Minerva Impression CD Pro for creating
                                                                                       menus, multiple languages and subtitles. Impression for DVD works
             fully-featured, interactive MPEG-2 multimedia CD-ROMs.
                                                                                       with the DVD-1000 to create DVD projects which can be burned
             The DC1000 also includes a high-quality breakout box for conven-          onto a DVD-R disc or recorder on a DLT tape for DVD mastering.
             ient connection to your camcorder, VCR, or audio devices.                 The resulting DVD can be played back on a PC equipped with a
                                                                                       DVD player or a set-top DVD player.


             ■ The DC1000 saves valuable production           ■ miroINSTANT Video for reduced render-         ■ Adjustable parameters include brightness,
               time by delivering video filters, titles and     ing for any non-real time segments              contrast, saturation, color value, bit rate
               hundreds of real time transitions with no
                                                              ■ Full AVI compatibility for easy use with      ■ Video overlay chip for real-time monitor-
               rendering. Plays back two streams of
                                                                existing applications (Adobe After Effects,     ing on computer screen. .
               broadcast-quality video from the hard drive
                                                                Kinetix 3D Studio MAX, etc.)
               on a single PCI card. (25Mbit per stream)                                                      ■ Composite, S-Video and stereo audio
                                                              ■ Comprehensive support for many popular          input and output. Audio input level is
             ■ 4:2:2P@ML MPEG-2 format provides
                                                                consumer CD-R and CD-RW drives,.                selectable between 0 dB and -20 dB
               broadcast quality (ITU-R BT 601) video
                                                              ■ Compatible with DV, S-VHS, Hi8, VHS           ■ Optional IEEE-1394 ("FireWire") I/O lets
             ■ IPP compression method delivers broad-
                                                                and 8mm.                                        you go directly from DV to MPEG-2. The
               cast-quality video at 50% lower data stor-
                                                                                                                DV option is a daughter card so you don’t
               age requirements than M-JPEG                   ■ Upgrade path to robust DVD authoring.
                                                                                                                use another valuable PCI slot or system
                                                                Projects created with Impression CD Pro
             ■ Full resolution video 720 x 480 29.97fps                                                         IRQ. DV data is captured directly to the
                                                                on the DC1000 are fully compatible with
               (NTSC), with high-quality VGA overlay                                                            hard drive so your DV video never has to
                                                                the DVD1000, allowing you to create
                                                                                                                be re-rendered to be used in editing. There
             ■ CD/DAT quality stereo audio up to                high-quality DVDs based on your work.
                                                                                                                is also a component video option available.
               48kHz 16bit

             7-Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
                            PINNACLE SYSTEMS
          Complete Editing and Authoring Solution
The DC1000 ships with all the tools you need to create high quality video that can
be delivered on tape, the Internet, and navigable MPEG-2 CDs. Includes Real
Networks Real Producer software for Internet video production, Adobe Premiere RT
5.1, the leading real time professional digital video editing application, Pinnacle’s

TitleDeko for Hollywood quality graphics and titles, Sonic Foundry ACID Music to
create royalty free music and effects tracks, Pixélan Software's SpiceRack for 300
great transitions and Minerva Impression CD Pro for creating fully-featured, interac-
tive MPEG-2 multimedia CD-ROMs. A high-quality breakout box for convenient
connection to your camcorder, VCR, or audio devices is also included.

                                      MPEG-2 Video IPP Editing and IBP Delivery
MPEG-2 compression is a video industry standard designed specifically for moving video. It provides incredible quality while offering uni-
versal acceptance and robustness for the most demanding digital video editing and video delivery applications. Used for broadcast video
delivery and DVD authoring, MPEG-2 is now available to everyone on the DC1000 and DVD1000. The unique “Intra-frame” and
“Inter-framing predication” format of MPEG-2 allows them to deliver superior video quality at much lower data bandwidths and storage
requirements than other formats. MPEG-2 video efficiency has created such innovations as digital video streaming, CD-ROM video distri-
bution and DVD. When working with MPEG-2 video there are basically three forms of compression that can be used. These are I-Frame
only, IPP, and IBP.

 I- frame Only MPEG-2:                                                  The video captured and edited on the DC1000 and the DVD1000
 I-Frame only MPEG-2 is older technology that does not take             is full bandwidth 4:2:2 YUV true color ITU.R 601 specification for
 advantage of true MPEG-2 efficient compression techniques. For         broadcast quality. (For frame accurate editing the “SmartGOP”
 every frame of video from the source material, a frame of com-         technology used by the DC-1000 and DVD-1000 save one frame
 pressed video is created and stored on the hard disk. This is known    of video and then only the changes from that frame for the next
 as “intra” frame compression where every frame is basically the same three frames).
 size. It is similar to older M-JPEG format in its high data rate and
 large disk storage requirements for storing high-quality video.        IBP MPEG-2 Video: The preferred format for video streaming,
 It used to be that I-Frame was the only MPEG-2 video compres-          IBP is an even more highly compressed format of MPEG-2 that
 sion format that could be edited frame accurately. Not any more.       consists of very long GOPs made up of I-Frames, P frames and
 The DC-1000 and DVD-1000 use SmartGOP technology for                   complex Backwards looking frames known as “B” frames. B frames
 frame accurate editing of the IPP format they use to capture video.    fill in frame spaces between I-Frames and P frames by looking back-
                                                                        wards from the P-frame to the I-Frame. This format cannot be edit-
 IPP MPEG-2:                                                            ed frame accurately easily; it would take so long to decode for edit-
 IPP MPEG-2 used by the DC1000 and DVD1000 delivers a true              ing that it would be an unsatisfactory post-production experience.
 data rate advantage for high quality digital video and storage. IPP is IBP is best used for DVD authoring, CD-ROM multimedia video
 made up of a set of frames or “group of pictures” (GOP). The GOP creation, and continuous playback from video servers where their
 consists of one I-Frame and is followed by a series of predictive (or  high quality and very low data rates are a perfect fit. The DC-1000
 “P”) frames. The P frames are the secret to the low data rate. Each    and DVD-1000 export completed IPP video editing projects to IBP
 P frame stores only that part of the video frame that has changed      streams for use in the built-in CD-ROM and DVD authoring soft-
 from the previous frame. This allows broadcast video quality at data ware.This provides the best use of next generation MPEG-2 tech-
 rates 50% more efficient than I-Frame only.                            nology and its quality per megabyte advantages.

Format                     Advantage/Disadvantage                                                                        Application
I-Frame Only     No advantages in quality of efficiency. Demands twice the hard                     Used by costly editing systems where SmartGOP
                 disk space and bandwidth than IPP for the same quality results.                    technology is not used
IPP              Provides broadcast-quality video with twice the efficiency of                      Perfect for use in video editing where high quality and data
                 I-Frame only. 100% frame accurate when edited with                                 rate efficiency is required. Post production of DVD author-
                 Pinnacle’s SmartGOP technology.                                                    ing, CD-ROM video and Internet video content.

IBP              High quality at low data rates (not suitable for editing though)                   DVD authoring, CD-ROM video creation and broadcast
                                                                                                    video streaming.

                                                                                                   THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
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             Minerva ‘Impression CD-Pro —Bundled Video
             Authoring Software for CD and Off-line DVD Pre-Mastering
             Bundled with the DC-1000 is Minerva’s Impression for CD software.
             Impression enables producers to author interactive "video rich" CD titles with

             software-only tools that plug right into existing video editing environment.
             Impression for CD offers seamless integration with non-linear editors, the same
             unique video-centric interface as Minerva’s Impression for DVD, and full scal-
             ability to DVD authoring. Impression for CD can also be used as an off-line
             DVD authoring tool by exporting projects to Impression for DVD and used to generate a fully compliant DVD disc image.

             ■ Impression for CD is designed for video
               professionals working with interactive              Producing An MPEG-2 Video CD-ROM with the DC1000
               media including CD, DVD, and the Web,           Now you can easily create and deliver corporate, educational, entertainment and training
               to integrate with their current video post-     videos that can be viewed directly from the PC at high quality and with multimedia interac-
               production workflow                             tivity. CD-ROM drives are included on nearly 100% of new computers today and hundreds
             ■ With Impression for CD, the output from         of millions of them are installed on computers around the world. And powerful real-time edit-
               any video editing system can be immedi-         ing capabilities combined with state-of-the-art MPEG video technology make it faster, easier
               ately fed into the CD authoring process.        and cheaper than ever before.

               Importing stills and menus is also very         Minerva Impression CD Pro authoring software makes it easier than ever for video editors and
               simple. The "Smart PhotoShop" support           multimedia content providers to produce high powered productions and deliver them in a for-
               enables you to import entire multi-layer        mat which can be viewed on computers around the world. With Impression CD Pro and the
               image files with a single mouse click,          DC-1000 (and DVD-1000) you have all the interactive programming capabilities to create
               which are then parsed and captured as           an interactive, fully navigable MPEG-2 CD-ROM, with no need for any player software or
               backgrounds, buttons and highlights.            extensions.
             ■ Features a familiar project timeline para-
               digm; the author can see all of the video
               assets in the correct order, link any asset       The 1, 2, 3s Of Producing MPEG-2 Video On A CD Using The DC-1000
               to any menu and add new menus any-
               where in the project timeline.                   1) Digitize Footage: Use the DC1000 to digitize or "capture" video from the video source
                                                                   through the analog or DV (optional) inputs. This footage is stored to the video hard
             ■ All of the authoring steps are executed
                                                                   disk as an MPEG-2 AVI stream. The high quality and low storage requirements of the
               through a 100% drag-and-drop interface.
                                                                   MPEG-2 stream will produce a higher quality finished MPEG-2 video disk.
             ■ Every asset and title element is icon-based
                                                                2) Step 2 Edit: The DC1000 includes Adobe Premiere RT5.1 for professional video edit-
               and can be linked to menus with a single
                                                                   ing. Premiere RT5.1 takes advantage of the dual stream technology of the DC1000 to
               mouse click. "Dynamic asset linking" fea-
                                                                   provide real time effects, titles and filters saving you valuable time by eliminating ren-
               ture greatly simplifies the process of creat-
                                                                   dering on these items.
               ing and changing menus and navigation
               links during development.                        3) Step 3 Export: When your project is complete you can export the movie as a single
             ■ Built-in simulator lets you instantly pre-          MPEG-2 video stream with the included export utility on the DC1000. Once the
               view the results of your actions.                   movie is in an MPEG format, it is ready to be imported into the Minerva Impression
                                                                   CD Pro CD-ROM video authoring system.
             ■ Once the creative authoring process is
               complete, it is time to burn a CD-R disc.        4) Step 4 Authoring: Use Impression CD Pro to author fully interactive multimedia video
               Impression for CD includes support for              titles that can be viewed on almost any new PC with a CD-ROM drive (a Pentium II
               all of the leading CD-R burners. You can            266 is recommended). A special player is automatically placed on the CD-ROM to
               also export to a DVD service bureau                 ensure that no cumbersome downloads or driver changes is required by the viewing
               equipped with a professional MPEG                   audience. Once the interactive title is created, the project is then exported as a CD-
               encoder and Impression for DVD. The                 ROM image that can be burned to a CD-R. Impression CD Pro allows you to:
               bureau will convert the video assets into        5) Burn The Master CD: The final CD-ROM video disk image can be burned to your
               high-quality MPEG-2 compressed files                master CD with the export to CD tool. Alternative CD-R applications are available for
               and build a DVD disc image for output               use in creating other CD-ROM video, such as VideoCD.
               to a DVD-R disc or DLT tape.

             Corporate Accounts Are Welcome
                               PINNACLE SYSTEMS
Minerva Impression DVD—
Bundled Interactive Video Authoring Software for DVD
The DVD-1000 includes everything the DC-1000 has plus it adds Minerva

Impression—the next generation in DVD authoring. A complete software-only DVD
authoring solution, Minerva Impression enables creative professionals to add interac-
tivity to their video assets using an intuitive timeline paradigm—a natural extension
to their non-linear video editing environment.
The entire interactive project can be viewed using a timeline interface displaying
menus, stills, and audio/video assets. Menus and still images developed in Photoshop
can be exported to Minerva Impression with a simple mouse click. Compressed video
clips can be easily linked to graphic menu screens. Embedded real-time simulation
provides immediate feedback on the work in progress. Once the project is complete and all assets are in MPEG for-
mats, users can create a DVD disc image and then emulate the title before burning it to DVD-R or backing it up
to DLT tape. In the absence of a high quality MPEG encoder or DVD recorder, projects created with Minerva
Impression can be delivered to a service bureau, where the proxy video files are replaced with professionally encod-

ed MPEG files. The project can then be burned onto a DVD-R disc or backed up to DLT tape for duplication.

■ With Minerva Impression, the output           ■ Dynamic Asset Linking DVD title cre-                         ■ A powerful built-in simulator allows the
  from any video editing system can be            ation often requires menu and navigation                       author to instantly preview the behavior
  immediately imported into the DVD               changes during development. Impression                         of the title under development. The
  development environment. Import any             greatly simplifies the process by reducing                     Minerva Impression player is used to test
  AVI video file as a proxy into the DVD          the number of steps involved.                                  the title navigation and playback.
  project allowing you to quickly add
  interactivity to your project. Also accepts
  MPEG video streams directly from a
  hardware or software encoder.                                Pioneer DVR-S201 DVD-Recordable Drive
■ Smart PhotoShop support enables you to          The DVR-S201 is a 4.7GB DVD-
  import entire multi-layer image files           Recordable (DVD-R) drive designed for
  with a single mouse click, which are then       industrial DVD authoring and long-term
  passed and captured as backgrounds,             data archival.It provides write-once capabili-
  buttons and highlights. This feature            ties to DVD discs allowing storage for any
  greatly accelerates the DVD menu cre-           type of data including video, audio, images,
  ation process.                                  text, or multimedia programs. Compatible
■ Intuitive timeline paradigm reflects the        with version 1.0 of the DVD-R standard, the
  entire project. See all of the video assets     drive offers 4.7GB GB capacity - roughly
  in the correct order and link any DVD           eight times more than a CD-R disc. With its relatively low cost per megabyte, compact
  asset to any menu in the project time-          design and portability, it is ideal for short-run, desktop DVD authoring and long-term
  line.                                           data archiving. An external SCSI-2 device it writes and reads both 4.7GB or 3.95GB
                                                  media. Writing at 1X and reading at 2X speeds, a complete 4.7GB disc can be written in
■ All of the authoring steps are executed         approximately one hour and is compatible with existing DVD playback devices including
  through a 100% drag-and-drop user               DVD-ROM drives and DVD-Video players.
  interface. Every asset and title element is     Whatever your data storage requirements are; video, imaging, graphics--the DVR-S201 is an
  icon-based and can be linked to menus           affordable way to record discs compatible with DVD-ROM drives and DVD-Video players.
  with a single mouse click.                      Includes pre-mastering software and three blank 4.7GB DVD-R discs.

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      M AT R O X
             Real-Time DV or MPEG Editing and 3-D Effects
             Taking realtime non-linear editing to an unheard of price/perform-
             ance level, the RT2000 is a solution that until now you could
             only have dreamt about. A true breakthrough, the RT2000

             leverages Matrox’s expertise in high-performance 3D graphics to
             provide broadcast-quality 3D DVE and 32-bit, uncompressed,
             animated graphics in a native DV editing environment. It
             incorporates the revolutionary “Flex 3D” architecture which
             exploits the explosive 3D graphics performance of the award-
             winning Matrox Millennium G400 accelerator. With Flex 3D,
             any effect that can be imagined, can be programmed and added
             to the editing system without additional hardware. The RT2000 offers
             MPEG-2 output for DVD, Video CD, and web video streaming applica-
             tions, along with IEEE1394 and analog video output for tape distribution. It includes the Matrox Millennium G400
             graphics accelerator, the RT2000 codec card, an attractive audio/video breakout box, and a complete content creation
             software suite —Adobe Premiere RT realtime nonlinear editing, Ulead Cool 3D titling, Sonic Foundry ACID Music

             audio editing, and Sonic Solutions DVDit! LE DVD authoring.


                           Realtime Nonlinear Editing                                                        Native-DV Editing
             The RT2000 lets you work with two video streams and a 32-bit,              The RT2000 lets you realize the full potential offered by DV by shar-
             uncompressed, animated graphics layer in real time. Choose from            ing a common bitstream with your DV camera. You record DV in
             organic and 3D transitions, 2D and 3D DVE, and transparency                your camera, then digitally transfer your DV material via the DV
             effects – in real-time. Realtime editing gives you the freedom to exper-   IEEE1394 interface to the RT2000. Material stays in its DV native
             iment. There’s no penalty for changing your mind. Everything hap-          format so you avoid recompression passes that degrade the quality of
             pens instantly, at full online quality, and you see the results immedi-    your video when you convert to MPEG-2 or M-JPEG. The . RT2000
             ately on your video monitor. Instant random access to any frame in         provides native editing for all DV formats including Panasonic
             your project gives you a very responsive realtime scrubbing interface.     DVCPRO, Sony DVCAM, consumer DV (Sony, JVC, Canon, Sharp
             You can see what's happening at any point in your timeline, at full        and Panasonic.) and Sony Digital-8.
             quality, whenever you want – without waiting for a preview to render.
                                                                                                 Versatile Analog and Digital I/O
                                    MPEG-2 Editing
                                                                                        The RT2000 supports all the input/output connections you need to
             If you are acquiring video from an analog source, you can chose to         edit. Capture from analog or DV tape. edit once, then output any-
             edit in DV or in MPEG-2 4:2:2 I-Frame. The RT2000 lets you cap-            where. Deliver on tape, Video CD, DVD, or the Internet.
             ture and edit video in the MPEG-2 I-Frame format at variable bit
                                                                                        ■ Composite and S-Video input/output provides capture from analog
             rates between 10 and 25 Mbps. Whereas DV is fixed at 25 Mbps,
                                                                                          cameras and output to tape.
             MPEG-2 lets you digitize video at lower bit rates so you can make the
             trade-off between storage space and video quality when working on          ■ IEEE1394 DV I/O for all digital transfers as well as for machine
             long form projects. You can offline at the lower bit rates and then          control and batch capture
             auto conform at higher quality MPEG-2 or DV.
                                                                                        ■ 48 kHz stereo audio I/O genlocked to videofor perfect lip-sync.
             I-Frame is a better format for editing than IB or IP MPEG-2 frame
                                                                                        ■ MPEG-2 MP@ML output supports distribution applications such
             formats because it gives you instant access to every frame in realtime
             for frame-accurate edits, fast cuts and seeks, and a responsive scrub-       DVD and Video CD authoring.
             bing interface.                                                            ■ MPEG-1 and RealVideo output is used for web video streaming.

             Equipment Leasing Available
                                                                                                           M AT R O X
                         Advanced Productivity Tools                                                                 Complete Hardware and
■ Matrox RT2000 includes a variety of unique productivity tools to save you countless hours                             Software Bundle
  in the editing suite.
—Matrox Infinite Capture overcomes the           —Versatile software codec lets you run
2 GB file size limit by providing seamless       multiple applications concurrently so that
capture and playback of unlimited file size      you can render a project in a compositing

within Premiere.                                 or animation application like After Effects
                                                 while editing on the RT2000.
—Accelerated print-to-disk quickly puts
your realtime sequences into a DV or             —IEEE1394 interface software provides
MPEG-2 file for storage, archiving, DVD          camera/VCR control to facilitate frame-
authoring, etc.                                  accurate clip logging, batch capture, and                        The RT2000 bundle includes the Matrox
                                                 print-to-tape.                                                   Millennium G400 graphics accelerator, an
—Accelerated transfer of video frames to
system memory over AGP increases per-            —Realtime audio and video preview during                         attractive audio/video breakout box, and a
formance of host-based software effects.         DV capture lets you hear and see your                            complete content creation software suite
                                                 material exactly as it is recorded onto your                     including:
—Hard disk benchmark utility ensures
                                                 hard disk.
optimal system performance.
                                                                                                                         Adobe Premiere RT
                         Broadcast-Quality 3D Effects                                                             The realtime plug-in for Premiere lets you
                                                                                                                  take full advantage of the powerful RT2000
The RT2000 harnesses the power of the                                                                             hardware. Choose from a wide variety of
Matrox Millennium G400 graphics accel-                                                                            realtime 2D and 3D filters and transitions

erator via the Flex 3D architecture to                                                                            with customizable drop shadows, soft edges,
deliver realtime, broadcast-quality 2D/3D                                                                         and color borders. Get instant feedback –
DVE and transitions.                                                                                              the plug-in provides ultra-responsive scrub-
You get over 500 realtime effects and tran-                                                                       bing and realtime preview and playback on
sitions including page curls, perspectives,                                                                       your video monitor and desktop display.
scaling, picture-in-picture, and organic
wipes with customizable drop shadows,                                                                                        Ulead Cool 3D
soft edges, and color borders.                                                                                    Create stunning full-screen 3D animated
                                                                                                                  titles, alpha-channeled TGA images and
                                                                                                                  sequences, and full-motion AVI movies.
                         Matrox Flex 3D Architecture                                                              Add finishing touches to your videos with
All you really need to know about the revolutionary Matrox Flex 3D architecture is that it                        an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface
gives you broadcast-quality 2D/3D DVE and transitions in real time. If you're curious about                       where you can apply special effects, tex-
HOW it is done, read on.                                                                                          tures, and bevels to your text and logos.

Flex 3D is a fully programmable architecture that applies 3D texture mapping to video using
a Matrox 3D graphics accelerator chip and graphics memory. Motion video or graphics are
                                                                                                                    Sonic Foundry ACID Music
treated as source textures and mapped onto polygon-based 3D shapes such as page curls,                            ACID Music is the fastest and easiest way
planes, and particles. Broadcast-quality effects are achieved using special features that are                     to create custom license-free music for your
built into the 3D-accelerator chip and exploited through the Flex 3D architecture:                                RT2000 projects. The package includes
                                                                                                                  many high-quality, cutting-edge loops to
The fact that Flex 3D is fully programmable means that additional effects can be added via                        give you unprecedented creative flexibility.
supplementary software. An unlimited variety of brand new effects, that have never been seen
before, can be developed.                                                                                                   Sonic DVDit! LE
                                                                                                                  The easiest way to publish digital video on
■ YUV 4:2:2 and RGB 32 source textures           ■ Anti-aliasing ensures smooth edges                             DVD. You capture and edit video in real-
  and 32 bpp RGBA output maintain true-                                                                           time using Premiere RT. Then drag and
                                                 ■ True environment-mapped hardware                               drop your edited video, audio clips, graph-
  color integrity
                                                   bump-mapping produces an unlimited                             ics, backgrounds, and buttons into DVDit!.
■ Tri-linear and anisotropic filtering ensure      variety of realistic effects such as emboss,                   With its intuitive user interface, lightning-
  high-quality video scaling and perspective       ripple, shimmer, wave, etc.                                    quick operation and high-powered format-
■ Sub-pixel precision guarantees smooth          ■ 256 levels of alpha-blending enable multi-                     ting engine, DVDit! lets you easily create
  DVEs and transitions                             layer compositing                                              DVD-Video and DVD-ROM titles

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      M AT R O X
             Video/Graphics Frame Buffer and Mixer
             An independent 32-bit graphics frame buffer built on award-win-
             ning Matrox MGA Millennium graphics technology, DigiMix is the
             ideal videographics platform for demanding online environments. It

             is uniquely suited to work with Inscriber Technology’s broadcast CG
             and still store applications to give you all the quality, performance,
             and advanced features of traditional, online CG equipment— but
             with the versatilty and affordability of Windows NT. DigiMix fea-
             tures lightning speed, independent preview and program output
             channels, a choice of external keying or on-board mixing and superior video filtering. For easy setup, the supplied
             DigiMix input/output break-out cable set is a long eight feet with strain relief.

                            Broadcast Titling With                                                             Inscriber CG Supreme:
                        Inscriber CG Supreme/Xtreme                                         A true broadcast character generator, Inscriber CG Supreme fea-
               DigiMix’s built-in 10-bit digital switcher/mixer performs high-              tures multiple layers, transparent/soft-edged shadows, texture map-
               quality, soft-bordered, anti-aliased transitions, keying and effects.        ping, keyed logos, text rolls/crawls, safe color/title area control, and
               Superimpose graphics over incoming video with full linear key, dis-          TrueType anti-aliased fonts. It’s also an event editor, transition gen-

               solve at any speed between two 32-bit graphics pages, and roll your          erator, and frame grabber.
               credits in the center of the screen with soft-feathered edges.
                                                                                                                     Inscriber Xtreme:
               Both external and internal keying are supported so you can use the
                                                                                            A motion effects upgrade for CG Supreme, Xtreme lets you fly text
               system upstream or downstream. When used in an upstream con-
                                                                                            and graphics through virtual 3D space following spline-based
               figuration, DigiMix sends half-blended video plus the linear key
                                                                                            motion paths. Xtreme animations playback in real-time on
               signal to your downstream switcher. In a downstream configura-
                                                                                            DigiMix, complete with traveling linear key channel.
               tion, your graphics are mixed over video DigiMix.

                                     Professional CG Features:                                                                Inputs/Outputs
             ■ Realtime playback of 32-bit logo animations     ■ Extensive control over text attributes such           ■ Digital comb filter for superior chroma
                                                                  as texture, edges, shadows, rotation, etc.             and luma separation of the composite
             ■ Smooth sub-pixel rolls and crawls
                                                               ■ Productivity features such as live screen               video signal with
             ■ Realtime dissolves, transitions, and effects
                                                                  updates, style templates, image sequencing, etc.     ■ Digital proc amp adjustments - gain, set-
             ■ Flexible upstream and downstream operation                                                                up, hue and saturation
                                                               ■ Easy workgroup collaboration over a
             ■ Independent preview and program out-               Windows NT network                                   ■ Three composite, three S-Video and two
               puts on a single board                                                                                    component inputs as well as a loop-thru
                                                               ■ Direct import of graphics elements from a
                                                                                                                         reference input — 75-ohm termination
             ■ Advanced digital filtering with adjustable         variety of standard graphics creation,                 selectable from the front panel
               character-edge rise time                           paint, and photo-retouching applications
                                                                  (TGA, TIFF, BMP, PhotoCD, etc.)                      ■ Simultaneous analog and SDI I/O with
             ■ Full 32-bit support with 16.7 million col-                                                                optional card
               ors and 256 transparency levels                 ■ Master/genlockable video time base can
                                                                                                                       ■ Outputs (all simultaneously available)
                                                                  genlock to an external master sync source
             ■ Multiple channel support                                                                                –Program: Composite, component, S-Video
                                                                  (blackburst) for integration with profes-
                                                                                                                       –Preview: Composite, S-Video, linear key
             ■ Instant access to an unlimited selection of        sional equipment.
               TrueType fonts                                                                                          ■ All outputs are timed together. Linear key
                                                               ■ Able to program automatic display of
                                                                                                                         output can be delayed or advanced rela-
             ■ High-precision RGB to YUV 4:2:2:4                  text, graphics, and images from realtime               tive to the output signals
               color-space conversion                             data feeds.
                                                                                                                       ■ Advanced analog and digital video filters
                                                                                                                         ensure broadcast quality and prevent
                                                                                                                         "ringing" edge effects.

             Corporate Accounts Are Welcome
                                                                                                               M AT R O X
                                                                                       MILLENNIUM G400 SERIES
High Performance Graphics Cards with Dual Display Capability
Armed with the industry's fastest graphics chip, the Millennium G400 Series takes explo-
sive acceleration two steps further by adding unprecedented image quality, along with the
most versatile display options for all your 3D, 2D and DVD applications. As the most

powerful and innovative tools in your PC's arsenal, the Millennium G400 Series will not
only change the way you see graphics, but will revolutionize the way you use your computer.


 256-bit DualBus Architecture
                                                                Dual Head Display
The unique 256-bit DualBus of the G400
combines with a full 128-bit memory bus            The G400 Series introduces the highly versatile
to deliver the fastest Windows acceleration        DualHead Display feature. Unique to Matrox, this
ever. For the first time ever, business desk-      revolutionary technology allows a single AGP card
tops can run at the same speed at 1600 x           to support two separate displays with as many as
1200, 32 bpp as at 640 x 480, 8 bpp.               eight different configuration options.
                                                   DualHead display lets you use either an RGB
3D Rendering Array Processor                       monitor or analog Flat Panel as your primary dis-
Uses powerful single cycle multi-texturing         play and a separate RGB monitor, TV, analog or

with a throughput of over 5 million trian-         digital Flat Panel as your secondary display. Unlike
gles per second and 3D rendering at up to          traditional multi-monitor solutions that simply extend your applications across two monitors,
2048 x 1536 resolution to deliver the              the G400 offers a variety of unique display features and productivity-enhancing software utili-
world's fastest 3D performance.                    ties to help you get the most out of your applications.

     Advanced AGP Support                          DualHead Multi-Display—Double your                              DualHead DVDMax—True DVD func-
Designed from the ground up for AGP, the           desktop                                                         tionality
Millennium G400 Series delivers lightning          Allows you to double your Windows desktop                       Similar to a hardware DVD solution, enables
fast texturing from AGP memory to sup-             for a larger viewing area and a less crowded                    DVD and other video streams to be displayed
port high resolution AGP textures.                 desktop. You can then extend one application                    full-screen out to TV, while leaving a fully
                                                   across two monitors or open multiple applica-                   accessible Windows desktop on your primary
                    EMBP                           tions at once for increased ease of use                         display. Also includes hardware sub-picture
                                                                                                                   and scaling for maximum image quality.
The only hardware to integrate support for         DualHead Zoom—Simultaneous full
DirectX 6 Environment-Mapped Bump                  screen and zoom view                                            DualHead TV Output—Support for inde-
Mapping (EMBP)-providing incredible new            Allows you to select any region on your pri-                    pendent display modes
visual realism for 3D environments.                mary display and have it zoomed with high                       It allows a TV to display up to 1024 x 768,
                                                   quality filtering, so that it appears full-screen               32 bpp while the primary display runs at up
           Stencil Buffering                       on your secondary output. Filtering can be                      to 1600 x 1200, 32 bpp @ 85Hz. The main
This feature enhances scene quality by cre-        disabled for pixel by pixel re-touching. You                    display and the TV are both flicker-free. Use
ating compelling special effects while saving      can also move the zooming window around                         a TV as a second display for Windows 98
the graphics engine unnecessary rendering.         the desktop in real-time like a magnifying                      multi-display operation with independent res-
The G400 supports up to 8-bit stencil              glass.and enhanced productivity.                                olutions, color depths and refresh rates.
buffering, which can be used for many
effects such as dissolves and transitions, as      DualHead Clone
well as for rendering plain and volumetric         Allows the secondary display to duplicate or show a mirrored image of the primary display.
shadows, silhouettes and more.                     The secondary display could be a monitor, TV, or flat panel. Unlike other TV output solutions
            UltraSharp DAC                         that lock the refresh rate of the primary monitor to that of the TV, the unique DualHead
                                                   Clone mode enables up to 1024 x 768, 32 bpp @ 150 Hz on the primary monitor with simul-
An integrated DAC of 300 MHz provides
                                                   taneous scaled, flicker free output to TV.
high quality analog output signals to ensure
flicker-free displays and legible text at ultra-
high resolutions and at the highest color          Millenium G400 with DualHead, 16MB SGRAM and 300 MHz RAMDAC ............Call
depths, including 2048 x 1536 @32bpp.              Millenium G400 with DualHead, 32MB SGRAM and 300 MHz RAMDAC ............Call

                                                                                                    THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
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      M AT R O X
             High Performance Hardware for Realtime Non-Linear Editing
             High-performance video capture boards bundled with unique pro-
             ductivity tools, both the DigiSuite and DigiSuite LE deliver incredi-
             ble price/performance for realtime non-linear editing, digital com-

             positing, paint, titling, 3D animation recording, and audio sweeten-
             ing. Incorporating two M-JPEG codecs, they feature two streams of
             D1 video that can be combined with a host of realtime effects,
             transitions, DVE, and keying capabilities. Both offer realtime A/B
             roll digital video mixing with 2D DVE, 32-bit graphics, digital
             audio processing and optional boards for DV and SDI input/out-
             put and a 3-D DVE card. Comfortable in any post-production
             environment they offer advanced realtime keying, color correction
             and transitions; perfect 48 KHz audio genlocked to video, ultra-high
             speed 32-bit graphics frame buffer; seamless software integration and Windows NT networkability to ensure ultimate
             performance from leading software applications. The DigiSuite LE is functionally the same and shares most features
             with its big brother—except the (full version) DigiSuite takes it another step with its 100% uncompressed-quality video

             mode, an additional DVE channel, and on-board Ultra Wide SCSI controller. In addition AES/EBU and S/PDIF dig-
             ital audio as well as the breakout box come standard with DigiSuite (optional accessories for the DigiSuite LE).


                                                                     Real-Time Features
             ■ Highest M-JPEG data rates: compression          ■ Two video layers, one graphics layer, and         ■ Over two hundred customizable anti-
               ratio of 1.3:1 delivers 500 KB/frame.              and a background can be mixed in real-              aliased, real-time transitions with user-
               This means data rates exceed 15 MB/sec             time. Apply a key, wipe or dissolve to              adjustable parameters for soft edges,
               per stream (30 MB/sec combined)–                   each layer independently, combine in any            repeat factors, and color borders. You can
               so there is no data rate compromise                way, preview and play back in real-time.            also use the Matrox Filled Key effect to
               for dual-stream playback.                                                                              create your own organic wipes.
                                                               ■ Two channels of 2D DVE with high-
             ■ Two M-JPEG codecs operate independ-                quality scaling, sub-pixel motion, and           ■ Roll or crawl 32-bit animated graphics
               ently of each other to facilitate various          transparent shadows can be applied to               over video (and transitions) in realtime
               applications:                                      either two video streams or the 32-bit
                                                                                                                   ■ Real-time roll and crawl of titles and
                                                                  graphics layer (with alpha).
             • Two codecs compress simultaneously—                                                                    graphics–even those with multiple pages.
               capturing graphics and key signal at the        ■ DVE functions include: sub-pixel motion
                                                                                                                   ■ Full proc amp control on capture and
               same time facilitates animation recording.         (1/6 pixel accuracy); high-quality scaling
                                                                                                                      playback — tint, hue, chroma, setup and
                                                                  from one pixel to 2X zoom; color bor-
             • One codec compresses while the other                                                                   level adjustments.
                                                                  ders; transparent shadows; effects like
               decompresses— useful in time delays,
                                                                  posterization, negative, tinting and mosa-       ■ Independent fader (transparency) control
               instant replay, and news applications
                                                                  ic; flips and tumbles.                              for all three layers.
               where capture while editing is desirable.
                                                               ■ Two advanced chroma/luma keyers with              ■ Seven color generators including: one
             • Two codecs decompress simultaneously–
                                                                  chroma suppression, shadow preservation,            noise; four static color; two dynamic
               playback of two streams creates A/B roll
                                                                  and anti-aliased edges Luma keyer fea-              color ramps, X and Y assignable.
               effects or allows playback or video/anima-
                                                                  ture software adjustable gain and clip.
               tion with key.

              The real beauty of of the DigiSuite architecture is that all of the advanced real-time features can be applied to each layer independently, all
              are available simultaneously, and there are no repeat field transitions or other common quality compromises.

             Most Orders Shipped Within 24 Hours
                                                                                                           M AT R O X
                                                                                                DIGISUITE • DIGISUITE LE
                                                   Matrox Realtime Plug-ins
                                                    for Adobe Premier and
                                                     in-sync Speed Razor

                                                   Matrox has developed realtime plug-
                                                   ins, all keyframeable with linear and
                                                   spline interpolation, that let you take
                                                   advantage of the powerful DigiSuite
                                                   hardware from within Adobe Premiere
                                                   RT and in-sync Speed Razor RT.
                                                   All of the realtime plug-in capabilities                    Advanced chroma/luma keying with chroma
 Full color correction control — tint, hue,        can be applied to each layer independ-                      suppression, shadow preservation, and anti-
 chroma, setup and level adjustments               ently, they can be combined in any                          aliased edges.
                                                   way, and they can be previewed and
                                                   played back in realtime. The plug-in
                                                   interfaces are designed to let you easily
                                                   control all aspects of the hardware's
                                                   realtime capabilities. They also make it
                                                   easy to see when your production will
                                                   play in realtime, so you don’t have to
                                                   guess which effects are supported in the

                                                   hardware. As long as you are using the
                                                   Matrox plug-ins, you’re in realtime
                                                   Matrox also provides support for multi-
                                                   track transparency control, variable
                                                   speed motion control, accelerated
                                                   print-to-disk, and high-speed multi-                        200+ realtime customizable transitions with
                                                   layer compositing from within these                         attributes such as soft edges, repeat factors and
2D DVE with high-quality scaling, sub-                                                                         color borders
pixel motion, and transparent shadows.             applications.

                  Ideal for Animation, Compositing and Paint Applications
In addition to being the most advanced realtime editing platform                     The ultra-fast graphics frame buffer provides WYSIWYG support
on NT, DigiSuite is also a superior platform for animation, com-                     within a growing list of video paint, compositing and animation
positing and paint applications. It combines the functionality of a                  applications so you can instantly see your graphics on an NTSC or
conventional DDR, paint box, and downstream keyer, but lets you                      PAL video monitor as you work. The exact color temperature, the
create and modify motion sequences and still images in an open-                      safe-title area, and any interlaced artifacts that may be present in
platform environment. (See Matrox’s DigiTools next page, an                          the image are immediately apparent. Inscriber Video Clipboard
application designed to let you take advantage of DigiSuite's profes-                gives you similar functionality with standard NT graphic packages
sional features in a DDR-like environment.)                                          such as Adobe Photoshop. The on-board mixer lets you see your
                                                                                     32-bit images keyed over incoming video in realtime, without the
DigiSuite works with the Windows AVI file format that is support-                    need for and expensive external downstream keyer.
ed by most video compositing, paint, and 3D animation applica-
tions. Manipulate your material at up to uncompressed- quality                       Matrox Plug-ins for 3D Studio MAX and NewTek LightWave 3D
data rates without time-consuming and restrictive file conversions.                  let you render 32-bit images directly into two AVI files (video +
The AVI streams created in animation and compositing applica-                        matte) without leaving the animation environment. You also see
tions can be used directly as video or matte elements. In an anima-                  your animations immediately displayed on your video monitor.
tion recording or DDR application, the two DigiSuite codecs play
back video and its associated matte (alpha) channel simultaneously.

                                                                                                THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
                                                                    PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
         M AT R O X
                        16:9 Editing Support                                              Variable-Speed Motion Control
             ■ Wide screen capture, editing and display              ■ Speed-up and slow-down multiple layers of video at any rate you choose. Use the
                                                                       control for special effects and fit-to-fill.
                                                                                         Multi-Layer Compositing Engine
             ■ They provide balanced XLR and unbalanced

               RCA audio (analog) inputs and outputs (4-in/4         ■ Quickly builds productions with dozens (or even hundreds!) of video and/or graphics
               out).                                                   layers with travelling mattes, DVEs, transitions, color correction, keying, and all the
                                                                       other Matrox real-time effects. For example, a five-second sequence with 10 layers
             ■ 48 kHz audio clock genlocked to video reference         full of effects, is composited in under two minutes. Internal processing prevents
               ensures perfect synchronization in accordance           multiple generation loss
               with SMPTE-272M and AES11-1991 (not
               47.952 kHz approximation)                                                       Versatile Software Codec
                  Accelerated Image Transfer                         ■ Versatile VFW software codec lets you read and write DigiSuite compatible files
                                                                       without having the DigiSuite hardware in the system. With the codec you can con-
             ■ Phillips TriMedia processor with 8MB dedicated          currently run multiple applications that would normally require a unique hardware
               SDRAM frame buffer downloads full-resolution            resource This gives you the ability for example to render a project in a compositing
               still images or video to system memory or frame         application while doing realtime editing on DigiSuite
               buffer at more the 80 MB/sec over the PCI bus.
                                                                     ■ The codec also increases creativity in environments where editors, graphic artists and
                     Advanced Print-to-Disk                            animators share common media. In this case, only the editing station requires the
                                                                       DigiSuite hardware for capture and realtime online finishing. Over a network, the
             ■ Even when the number of layers in your project
                                                                       other stations can access material stored on the editing station, manipulate the mate-
               exceed their real-time capabilities, DigiSuite

                                                                       rial without making a local copy, and feed material to the editing station without
               hardware still speeds up your production. The
                                                                       interrupting the edit session. Last, the codec makes it easy to share work on remov-
               accelerated print-to-disk feature lets you quickly
                                                                       able media with sub-contractors and clients.
               build productions with many layers in real-time.
               Regardless of complexity, a 10-second sequence                                      Software Integration
               becomes an AVI file in under 30 seconds – less
               than three-times realtime so you can add addi-        ■ The native file format for capture and playback is the Microsoft-standard enhanced
               tional layers in realtime or send the streams to a      AVI file format. “Standard AVI” means that they can be used within standard
               clip store ready to air                                 Windows NT applications without file file format conversions. For example, the
                                                                       same files can be opened and manipulated in editing, compositing, paint and anima-
                               WYSIWYG                                 tion packages. The fact that they are “enhanced” means they overcome the usual 2
                                                                       GB limit and allows you to record up to 12 TB (terabytes) in a single AVI file. That’s
             ■ See your paint, compositing, and animation
                                                                       over 200 hours of D1 video.
               work directly on a video monitor from within
               most popular third-party applications                 ■ Takes full advantage of the advanced streaming architecture of DirectShow
                                                                       (ActiveMovie) to guarantee professional-level features such as dual-stream data rates
             ■ Ensure proper 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio in NTSC
                                                                       in excess of 15 MB/sec per stream, realtime 60-field/sec scrubbing, field-accurate
               or PAL
                                                                       video effects, real-time graphics roll and crawl, and perfect audio/video synchroniza-
             ■ Check for exact color temperature, safe-title area,     tion. Seamlessly integrate the vast array of AVI-based compositing, paint, 3D anima-
               and any interlaced artifacts that may be present        tion and titling applications within your real-time editing environment to really max-
               in the image                                            imize your creative options.

                     Efficient Media Storage                                                          Network Friendly
             ■ Unified storage architecture eliminates the need      ■ DigiSuite’s open architecture, unified storage, and standard AVI file format combine
               to move shots from one disk to another in order         with powerful Windows NT server tools to let you build a cost-effective, PC-based,
               to perform transitions                                  all-digital environment. Using the latest interconnect technologies such as Fiber
                                                                       Channel and SSA, your digital media can be transferred efficiently over high speed
             ■ NTFS file system provides the data security level
                                                                       networks–even faster than realtime in some cases. Network administration is made
               you need and compatability with industry stan-          easy through Windows NT tools that manage access rights. You can easily reduce the
               dard backup and storage devices to let you man-         risks associated with data sharing by giving creation access (write) to some users while
               age large archives of digital media.                    providing retrieval (read only) access to others. Optimize your facility for workgroup
             ■ All digital media is immediately available to all       collaboration, efficient digital asset management, or put together an entire all digital
               you applications without time consuming file            broadcast facility. For capture, creation, archiving, and broadcast, the DigiSuite plat-
               format conversions or transfers.                        form gives you all the tools you need.

             We Ship Worldwide
                                                                                                              M AT R O X
                                                                                                   DIGISUITE • DIGISUITE LE
Editing applications typically provide capture and print-to-tape utilities to transfer
video to and from the computer. Animation, compositing, and paint applications
typically don’t do this. DigiTools is used as a companion to these applications to
provide the capabilities of an advanced DDR (digital disk recorder). DigiTools

gives you access to a variety of useful tools: frame-accurate machine control for
capture and print-to-tape, keying of graphics and animations over live video, and
conversions between 32-bit TGA sequences and AVI files. The Playlist sequences
AVI and WAV files for seamless audio/video playback and print-to-tape.
• Video capture and playback of uncompressed quality
• Frame accurate machine control for capture, print-to-tape, and sync play
• Keying of graphics and animations over live video
• Automatic conversion of 32-bit TGA files to (and from) two standard AVI file–
  a 24-bit video file and an 8-bit matte (alpha) channel– to provide RGB-alpha
  animation support while maintaining VFW compatibility

             Inscriber Video Clipboard:                                                                      Configuration Panel:
                                The Video Clipboard provides the               Comprehensive configuration panel lets you specify your audio and
                                ideal method for using standard                video connections as well as your genlock source and VCR settings.

                                graphics applications, such as                 Other options include timing adjustments and test patterns for calibrat-
                                Photoshop and MetaCreations                    ing equipment. Configurations can be saved to reflect different system
                                Painter, in a video environment.                                                                          setups as well
                                You instantly view images that you                                                                        as to facili-
                                cut or copy to the clipboard, on                                                                          tate system
                                your video monitor, so you see the                                                                        maintenance
                                exact color temperature and any                                                                           and trouble
                                interlaced artifacts that may be                                                                          shooting.
                                present. Makes sure your graphic is
                                ready to air.

                                                   Which solution is best for you?

                            DigiSuite                                                                           DigiSuite LE —
 ■ Uncompressed-quality mode uses mathematically lossless encod-                   ■ Supports data rates exceeding 15 MB/sec per stream (30 MB/sec
   ing "data compaction" to give 100% uncompressed video quality.                    combined). That's 500 KB/frame or a compression ratio of 1.3:1.
   Similar to WinZip, maintain bit-for-bit data integrity while sig-               ■ Two simultaneously available DVE processors provide scaling,
   nificantly reducing the time to transfer video files over a network.              motion effects, and color correction control for two video
 ■ Supports data rates exceeding 15 MB/sec per stream (30 MB/sec                     streams.
   combined). That's 500 KB/frame or a compression ratio of 1.3:1.                 ■ A live video window is supported through the optional Matrox
 ■ Three simultaneously available DVE channels provide scaling,                      DigiDesktop or Matrox display cards such as Mystique and
   motion effects, and color correction for two video streams plus                   Millennium.
   graphics with alpha.                                                            ■ Optional plug-on module provides serial digital (SDI) video and
 ■ AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital audio are standard Optional plug-                      AES/EBU digital audio I/O.
   on module provides serial digital (SDI) video                                   ■ Optional audio and video breakout boxes to simplify your
 ■ Live video window is supported through the optional Matrox                        DigiSuite LE I/O configuration. They can be used in either a
   DigiDesktop card.                                                                 desktop or rack-mountable setup.
 ■ On-board Ultra Wide SCSI controller saves a PCI slot
 ■ Includes professional rackmountable breakout box for all
   DigiSuite I/O configurations.

                                                                                                   THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
                                                                       PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
      M AT R O X
             Realtime Editing Platform for Digital Television
             The DigiSuite DTV card combines the award-winning DigiSuite realtime editing engine with support for the complete
             range of compression formats (DV, DV50 and MPEG-2), as well as audio and video I/O, and connectivity interfaces
             that are required for digital television. Functionally the same as the DigiSuite and DigiSuite LE, the DTV offers the

             same analog composite, S-Video and analog inputs/outputs. It also accepts optional DV and SDI cards as well as the
             realtime 3D effects card. The main difference is this:
             The DigiSuite and DigiSuite LE only work in M-JPEG. Even when they are used with the DV option cards and DV
             sources, they will still convert the DV signal to M-JPEG. DigiSuite DTV on the other hand only works in native DV
             and MPEG-2. So when you import DV signals you can choose to work in native DV format or in MPEG-2 (I-frame).
             Even if you are working with analog sources like component signals, DTV will still convert them to either DV or
             MPEG-2. Being native DV and MPEG-2 gives DTV other benefits. It can accept an optional SDI/SDTI interface card
             for faster than realtime digital video transfer, and can output MPEG-2 files for DVD authoring.

             Same as DigiSuite and DigiSuite LE except:
             ■ Card occupies a single PCI slot.                 ■ MPEG-2 4:2:2 I-frame for variable bit         ■ Optional SDI/SDTI interface card with
                                                                  rate editing between 10 and 50 Mbps per          eight embedded audio I/O channels sup-
             ■ Native DV, DV50, and MPEG-2 multi-

                                                                  stream.                                          ports faster than realtime DV and DV50
               format editing.
                                                                                                                   transfers. Additional codec onboard
                                                                ■ MPEG-2 4:2:2P@ML and MPEG-2
             ■ Support for all DV and DV50 formats                                                                 SDTI card provides realtime print-to-
                                                                  MP@ML transcoding and output for dis-
               including Digital-S (D-9), DVCPRO and                                                               disk, realtime SDTI output, realtime
                                                                  tribution applications such as broadcast
               DVCPRO 50, DVCAM, and the DV                                                                        MPEG-to-DV transcoding, and realtime
                                                                  transmission, video server storage, archiv-
               "Blue Book" specification used by                                                                   MPEG-to-MPEG transcoding for GOP
                                                                  ing, DVD authoring, and web streaming.
               Canon, JVC, Panasonic and Sony.                                                                     structure and bit rate modifications.

                 Optional Boards and Accessories for DigiSuite/DigiSuite LE/DigiSuite DTV
                        3-D DVE Option                                        DV Option                                     SDI Options
              Add an optional real-time 3D DVE board            Consists of an IEEE1394 PCI adapter and         DIGILINX-12:
              to any DigiSuite. Tight integration of            software that allows you to control DV          Miranda DigiLinx SDI I/O board and
              DigiSuite, the editing application, the 3-D       camcorders and VCRs, and to transfer DV         connector for DigiSuite
              board and Inscriber VideoFX software              material into any DigiSuite.. In DigiSuite
              enables realtime 3D. When you add the             and DigiSuite LE, DV material is transcod-
                                                                                                                SDI digital audio and video I/O module
              board, you still retain all the benefits of the   ed from DV to “virtually lossless” M-JPEG
                                                                                                                for DigiSuite LE. Includes audio XLR
              DigiSuite platform plus you gain a chan-          in realtime and saved to disk in the form of
                                                                                                                (AES/EBU) and SDI video cables
              nel of 3D video effects. It’s the only solu-      M-JPEG AVI files, which can then be used
              tion that offers 2D and 3D simultaneously.        directly in standard editing, compositing,      DLEDV/DIG/MOD:
                                                                and 3D animation packages. During               SDI digital audio and video I/O module
              Perform hundreds of real-time digital 3D
                                                                transcoding, the DV material is upsampled       for DigiSuite DTV. Includes audio XLR
              effects including perspectives, zooms, page
                                                                from 4:1:1-(DV format) to 4:2:2 with lin-       (AES/EBU) and SDI video cables
              turns, water ripples, spheres and bumps.
                                                                ear interpolation of the digital information.
              Inscriber VideoFX controls the board and          Upsampling to 4:2:2 increases the quality       Breakout Boxes (for LE/DTV)
              provides an intuitive keyframe-based inter-       achieved when applying keying and com-
              face enabling you to create customized            positing functions to video. This ensures       DLE/DCT/VID Video Breakout Box.
              motion paths for flying live video in real-       optimal quality results in the final produc-    Composite, S-Video and component I/O
              time. You can rotate, spin, skew, twist, or       tion. When used with the DigiSuite DTV,         DLE/DCT/AUD Audio Breakout Box.
              adjust the shape of a video window in real-       the DV signal is never transcoded. You          Supports all analog and digital audio con-
              time with full interactive control.               work in fully native DV format.                 nections on LE and DTV boards.


                                 ®          ®
                                                                                                                  M AT R O X
Edit right out of the box. All DigiSuite systems come bun-
dled with the following:
●   Inscriber CG professional titling plug-in
●   Boris FX 3D effects plug-in

●   Adobe Premiere RT realtime non-linear editing. Premier editors and
    compositors alike, will appreciate the Matrox DigiSuite platforms. For
    the first time, Premier editors enjoy complete interactive control over
    two streams of D1 video and 32-bit animated graphics with a full
    complement of DVE, keying, color correction, transitions, and effects
    in realtime - without rendering.

DMX/DMT/KIT (DigiSuite)
DigiMix and DigiMotion board, Adobe Premier RT realtime version,
Boris FX plug-in, Inscriber CG plug-in, Movie-2 connector,
DigiConnect/Audio and DigiConnect/Video breakout boxes, manuals
and software utilities.                                                                                   Complete DVD Authoring Solution
                                                                                                 DigiSuite DTV (only) is bundled with Sonic DVDit! - the easiest
DLE/KIT (DigiSuite LE)                                                                           way to publish digital video on DVD. DVDit! seamlessly turns
DigiSuite LE board, Adobe Premier RT realtime version, Boris FX                                  your productions into DVDs. You capture and edit video in real-
plug-in, Inscriber CG plug-in, video (composite, component, S-Video                              time using your favorite editing application. Then drag and drop

cables), audio (XLR cables), manuals and software utilities.                                     your edited video sequences, audio clips, graphics, backgrounds,
                                                                                                 and buttons into DVDit! With its intuitive user interface, light-
                                                                                                 ning-quick operation and high-powered formatting engine,
                                                                                                 DVDit! lets you easily create DVD-Video and DVD-ROM titles
DigiSuite DTV board, Adobe Premier RT realtime version, Boris FX                                 that play back on your set-top or PC-based player. Now, with
plug-in, Inscriber CG plug-in, Sonic DVDit!, video (composite, com-                              affordably-priced DVD-recordable devices on your desktop, DVD
ponent, S-Video cables), audio (XLR cables), manuals and software                                is the perfect distribution format for any video program.

               Additional Realtime Editing Applications Tailored for the DigiSuite Platforms

                    in:sync Speed Razor RT                                                                                   Incite
    In addition to DigiSuite's advanced realtime features, its versatile
                                                                                           Incite is the
    routing matrix and flexible transition generator make it the ideal
                                                                                           first DigiSuite-
    hardware platform for Speed Razor's free-form layering approach
                                                                                           based applica-
    to editing and composition.
                                                                                           tion to deliver
                       Discreet Logic edit*                                                (mixed disk-
    edit* runs on any DigiSuite providing the highest image quality                        based, tape
    options for edit* - up to uncompressed. The DigiSuite platforms                        and live) edit-
    never revert to single-field previews or drop frames, no matter how                    ing, as well as
    complex the sequence. DigiSuite is the highest quality platform                        voice-over
    and DigiSuite LE is the best price/performance platform for edit*.                     recording with
                                                                                           video playback
              United Media On-Line Express
                                                                                           and record. It takes full advantage of the realtime capabilities of
    On-Line Express was designed specifically for the DigiSuite plat-                      the DigiSuite platforms including the realtime 3D DVE option.
    forms. All of DigiSuite's realtime features are supported in On-
    Line Express including keyframeable slow motion control, com-
    plex background generator, four audio input and output channels,                       Incite Realtime Video Editor for DigiSuite ....................795.00
    multi-layer compositing, and accelerated print-to-disk.

                                                                                                       THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
                                                                           PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
             Non-Linear Video Editing and Compositing Software for Windows NT
             The leading non-linear video
             editing and compositing software
             for Windows NT, the Speed

             Razor family is designed to meet
             the demands of editors, anima-
             tors, and special effects artists in
             high-end post production, televi-
             sion broadcast, and video or film
             production environments.
             Speed Razor is the most powerful
             tool available for creating profes-
             sional video productions from the
             desktop. It provides D1 quality
             output and full field rendering
             with no project limits. It features

             full batch capture for video,
             audio mixing, advanced trim-
             ming and editing, and major
             EDL support. It offers unlimited
             track compositing and over 100 Speed Razor is built for high-speed editing and compositing. The interface is streamlined and fully multi-threaded for
             adjustable video effects and        fluid workflow. Editing tasks have extensive keyboard and mouse short cuts, with trim and preview options, letting you
                                                 work quickly and accurately through all phases of a project. Speed Razor features multiple preview windows, a stand
             transitions. Bundled with the       alone VU meter and new customizable tool bars, adjustable color schemes, and other user options.
             Inscriber CG professional char-
             acter generator at no extra cost!
             In addition to its robust video editing features, Speed Razor delivers realtime audio mixing for up to 20 tracks at CD or
             DAT quality stereo output, with left, right, front and rear speaker pan. It is also the first real-time video editing soft-
             ware on Windows NT to deliver software realtime playback for multi-layered video effects and still image sequences.
             And it's networkable! Edit in realtime online and offline, individually or over a high-speed network. Speed Razor also
             gives you added file support (ASF for video streaming on the Internet, Motion-JPEG and multimedia AVIs.)

                                                                                              Editing tasks have extensive keyboard and mouse shortcuts,
              A true 32-bit design, Speed Razor’s open architecture makes it a
                                                                                              allowing editors to work quickly and accurately through all
              stable, high powered video editing solution at the core of any edit-
                                                                                              phases of a project. And Speed Razor delivers dramatically fast
              ing system. It provides direct support for high-end capture boards
                                                                                              processing speed for software video effects.
              (bypassing 2GB video file limitations) with the highest possible
              quality video output. Leading software plug-ins are also supported.             Whether you are editing long form video or film, or creating
                                                                                              short videos with multi-layered effects, Speed Razor provides a
              Built on a open-architecture standard for high-speed, high-quality
                                                                                              digital video editing and compositing solution for video proj-
              editing and compositing - k-sync - Speed Razor provides a stream-
                                                                                              ects of any length, complexity, and output level -at an unbeat-
              lined, clean, and fully multi-threaded interface for fluid editing.
                                                                                              able price point.

             Overnight Shipping Available
                                                                                                    SPEED RAZOR MACH 4.7
 Speed Razor is the most powerful realtime digital video editing, audio mixing, and video effects com-
 positing software for Windows NT and 98. And it’s networkable! Optimized for a range of video capture
 cards to suit your professional editing needs, Speed Razor is available in several versions:

Speed Razor 4.7 S                                                                    Speed Razor 4.7 Client
Leading DV video editing software on Windows NT. Supports                            Realtime off-line video editing software for use with Speed Razor 4.7
FAST DV Master. All the features of Speed Razor 4.7 plus DV                          RT or S on a Windows NT based network. No capture hardware
batch capture.                                                                       required.

Speed Razor 4.7 RT                                                                   Speed Razor 4.7 SE
Realtime online editing software on Windows NT for use with real-                    Realtime off-line video editing software on Windows 98 for use with
time capture boards. Supports Matrox DigiSuite, DigiSuite LE/DTV,                    Pinnacle miroVIDEO DC-30 and DC-50.
Pinnacle ReelTime and ReelTime NITRO.

Realtime Network Editing
Speed Razor provides an online and offline realtime solution for editing video over a network, one which promises to dramatically reduce cost-

per-seat and increase editing speed in a shared environment. Optimized to work on networks of varying sizes and cable types, Speed Razor gives
post-production houses, universities, and television stations a broadcast quality video editing network to meet deadline and budget demands.

■ Realtime Online and Offline Editing:              ■ Simultaneous access to source video,                            ■ Offline editing playback cuts on need for
                                                       audio and graphics files.                                        video capture hardware in each station.
– On-line editing using Speed Razor 4.7 RT
with dual-stream video capture and output           ■ Scalable: Meets the needs of large to small                     ■ When different video capture boards are
hardware installed on editing stations.                post production facilities,educational                           combined on the network, video file for-
                                                       institutions, production environments,                           mats can be read by each Speed Razor 4.5
– Off-line editing using Speed Razor 4.7 S
                                                       and TV broadcast stations. Network size                          offline and online editing station. For
to play back multiple streams of video
                                                       and setup configuration can be adjusted                          example, it is possible to combine .avi file
effects on the computer's VGA screen, and
                                                       to suit specific needs.                                          captured from a DigiSuite station with
then output final sections using either dual
                                                                                                                        .dvm files captured from TARGA hard-
or single stream video capture hardware.            ■ Allows more efficient use of professional
                                                                                                                        ware in a single project.
Capture hardware optional on off-line sta-             personnel and system resources. Increases
tions.                                                 productivity and smoothes workflow:

Real-Time Off-line Video Editing in Software
Get immediate feedback on multiple layers of video effects and still image sequences with software playback to your VGA screen, including up
to three 3D DVE video clips at one time, making Speed Razor a realtime compositing tool. Play back multiple streams of video effects in soft-
ware—including complex effects such as key frameable Garbage Matte. Import 32-bit TGA files from a 3D package. Dramatically reduces time
traditionally spent waiting to preview video effects, especially effects that exceed one or two layers in complexity, and frees video capture hardware
to perform the vital tasks of capturing and outputting video.

■ Speed Razor 4.7 gives you the unprece-            ■ Add and play back still image sequences,                        ■ Use Speed Razor 4.7 RT, S, and Client
  dented flexibility of playing back multiple          including 32-bit TGA animations, in real-                        versions to edit video online and offline in
  streams of video and effects in realtime on          time. Use Speed Razor's 3D DVE, chroma                           realtime. Speed Razor 4.5 Client lets you
  your computer's VGA monitor. Add multi-              key, garbage matte, tracking, image filter,                      edit in realtime without capture hardware
  ple layers of video effects and see results          and other high-end effects to build and                          installed on your editing station. Edit files
  instantly with realtime playback to your             preview complex images as you edit.                              from different capture hardware. Edit, play
  VGA screen. Make changes and play it                                                                                  back, and output NTSC or PAL formatted
  again - without waiting.                                                                                              files from a single project.

                                                                                                    THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
                                                                        PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
                                                  Video Capture                                                 Project Management
             ■ RS-422 control for frame accurate batch                                                    ■ Automatic storage for audio, video and
                capture, recapture, and print to tape.                                                      work files in folders under project name
             ■ SMPTE timecode support (VITC, LTC,                                                         ■ Automatic drive control for video and
                and control track)                                                                          audio storage

             ■ Drop frame and non-drop frame timecode                                                     ■ Individual settings per user and customiz-
                support                                                                                     able interface preferences.
             ■ Input Firewire (IEEE1394), SDI, compo-                                                     ■ Auto save and save multiple versions of a
                nent, composite and S-Video                                                                 project.
             ■ Auto recapture clips at a higher quality                                                   ■ Customize Library holdings by keyword,
                                                           ■ Extensive keyboard shortcuts for batch
                after editing                                                                               file type, time, length, etc.
             ■ Add notes to item on capture. Sort option                                                  ■ Ability to attach and separate video and
                                                           ■ Audio VU meter for capture and batch
                in batch capture: use notes for Library                                                     audio files
                item search

                                                                                                                        Video Editing
                                     Processing Speed and Interface
                                                                                                          ■ Edit and play back straight cut video in
             ■ Supports newest processors like PII, PIII   ■ No render for single frame video files or      real-time
             ■ Multi-threaded software supports multiple     background color                             ■ Advanced trim functions: edit video on
               processors                                  ■ Redesigned interface reduces need to open,     timeline or in Library.

             ■ Timeline view in drop or non drop frame,      close or move windows while editing          ■ Slip trim, slide trim and result timecode
               adjust timecode to project start time.      ■ Extensive zoom capabilities and navigation     trim features
               (interface)                                   shortcuts                                    ■ Insert edit and fit to gap clip placement
                                                                                                          ■ Preview video trim In and Out points on
                                                                                                            VGA screen Preview windows
                                         Files, Import and Output                                         ■ Scrub video and audio at variable speeds
                                                                                                            using "sticky" or "non-sticky" jog-shuttle
             ■ Edit full screen D1 uncompressed quality    ■ Import and export to CMX 3400 or 3600
                video, 60 fields per second (NTSC) or 50     EDL, Sony 9100 Grass Valley 4.1, 7.0.        ■ Apply markers while playing video or
                fields per second (PAL)                                                                     audio clip; move, edit and add notes to
                                                           ■ Direct video file format support for video
                                                             capture hardware: Matrox DigiSuite,
                                                             Truevision TARGA. No 2GB video file          ■ Collapse feature closes gaps after cutting
                                                             limitation or need to make movie.              and deleting clips
                                                           ■ Audio: Uncompressed WAV files at up to       ■ Change video speed with fully adjustable
                                                             16-bit 48 kHz stereo.                          frame rate; automatic speed change for fit
                                                                                                            to gap insert
                                                           ■ Still Images: Import and export TGA,
                                                             BMP, RAW, SGI, RGB, CIN, DPX, DIB            ■ Storyboard options: organize items in
                                                             and JPG files.                                 Library, trim, select multiple clips, play
                                                                                                            sequence, move as a group to timeline
                                                           ■ Color space independence (YUV, RGB - 8
                                                             or 16 bits per channel)                      ■ Multiple, named levels of undo/redo
                                                           ■ Genlockable output                           ■ Ripple and non-ripple editing and trim-
                                                                                                            ming modes: adjust individual clips or as
                                                           ■ Scale, crop, and adjust image aspect ratio
                                                                                                            a group.
                                                             upon import or export
                                                                                                          ■ Virtual editing: edit items from batch
                                                           ■ Import and export entire or selected area
                                                                                                            capture list before capturing. Edit in final
                                                             of files with ease: Automatic export to        online version, or offline 'thumbnail'
                                                                                                          ■ Edit large image sizes (up to 4000x4000
                                                           ■ Render in field or frame output
                                                                                                            pixels) and long image sequences
                                                           ■ No render for single frame video files or
                                                                                                          ■ Loop playback for editing audio and
                                                             background color                               video

             We Ship Worldwide
                                                                                                         SPEED RAZOR MACH 4.7
                    Audio                                                                           Effects and Transitions
■ 16 bit, 44.1kHz uncompressed, CD
  quality audio
■ Mix unlimited audio tracks in non real-
  time. Mix six to twenty stereo tracks in

  real-time (depending on system).
■ Adjust volume level and speaker pan in
  real-time (for single or multiple clips)
  using mixing sliders
■ Select individual audio channels or clips
■ Control up to six channels for stereo
■ Support for front and back stereo speaker
  pan: Surround Sound encoding
■ Adjust audio with limiting and gain con-           ■ Over 100 adjustable video effects and tran-                   ■ Field render for effects and transitions
  trol                                                 sitions with available presets.Transitions                    ■ Anti-aliased and field rendered motion
■ Automatic interpolation and anti-aliasing            include wipes, crossfades, dissolves, page                      path generator.
                                                       curls, slides, pushes, squeezes.
■ VU meters for editing and capture, and                                                                             ■ Apply transitions between multiple tracks
  other tools for preventing audio over sat-         ■ Video effects include: 3D DVE, scale,
                                                       blur, crop, emboss, draw arrow, raindrop,                     ■ Adjustable quality settings and frame lock

                                                       ripple, color correction, image filter, gradi-                  for quick previewing of effects.
■ Select individual clip waveforms; dual
                                                       ent design, grayscale, contrast and bright-                   ■ Scalable parameters and advanced node
  waveforms for stereo tracks
                                                       ness, gamma, traveling lens flare, image                        control: Bezier curve adjustments for
■ Automatic audio dampening                            stabilization, garbage matte, multi-point                       effects.
                                                       tracking and more.
                                                                                                                     ■ Bundled with Inscriber/CG character gen-
                                                     ■ 3D DVE has drop shadow with a graphi-                           erator as well as Speed Razor Titles effect
                                                       cally adjustable opacity, blend and light                       for window burn-in and compositing
                                                       source.                                                         video and text using any TrueType font.
                                                     ■ Preview effects over time on VGA screen                       ■ Compatible with major animation pack-
                                                       or external monitor.                                            ages (Studio Max, Lightwave, Softimage)
                                                     ■ Multiple Preview windows for viewing
                                                                                                                     ■ Software plug-in support for Ultimatte,
                                                       effect source and result images.
                                                                                                                       Boris FX, Hollywood FX and more.

                                                     Composition window provides a timeline with unlimited video and audio layers and tools for
                                                     organizing and previewing video, audio and other clips in a project. Preview and edit straight
                                                     cut video in realtime regardless of compression rates and image resolution. Split, trim, cut,
                                                     select, move and place clips using mouse or keyboard shortcuts. Attach audio and video clips
                                                     on the timeline and separate these at any point in a project. Build multi-layered composite
                                                     images or audio overlays. Scrub and shuttle video and audio for accurate editing. Loop the
                                                     playback of video and audio clips while editing. Multiple named levels of undo/redo.

                                                     ■ Change video effects over time                                ■ 1, 2, 3, and 4 point tracking
                                                     ■ View and edit multiple layers of effects                      ■ Color difference (chroma and luma) key-
                                                       with no generation loss; apply effects to                       ing (in realtime with certain hardware)
The VU (volume unit) meters in Speed Razor             multiple tracks simultaneously
indicate the average and peak-or maximum-vol-                                                                        ■ Still or traveling matte compositing
ume decibel levels of audio as it is captured into   ■ Streamline effects and compositing control                    ■ Mask (alpha channel) compositing
played back in, and output. VU meters aid in pre-      from the Item Info window
venting audio over saturation for safe audio play-                                                                   ■ Invert, skip overlay, apply self background,
                                                     ■ Composite film size images with resolution                      and enable or disable masks for effects
                                                       independent design

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                                                                        PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
      AV I D
             Non-Linear Editing Software for Windows NT
             MCXpress for Windows NT is the ideal tool for video and multi-
             media producers who need predictable project throughput and
             high-quality results when creating video tapes and digital content

             for training, promotional/marketing material, television and cable
             commercials, CD-ROMs and Internet/intranet distribution.
             MCXpress for Windows NT combines a robust editing function-
             ality with a streamlined interface optimized for ease-of-use. It
             offers integration with third-party applications, superb picture
             quality, professional editing features, powerful media manage-
             ment, title tool and a plug-in effects architecture. It also features
             multiple output options so you save time and money by reusing
             media assets across a range of video and multimedia projects.


                               Input                                       Editing Tools                               Character Generator
             ■ Delivers Betacam SP quality with up to         ■ Display clips in Frame View for story            ■ Bundled with Inscriber CG titling soft-
               360KB/frame images (2:1) compression             boarding or Text view, and quickly locate          ware–the industry standard. Overlay fully
               when used with TARGA 2000 RTX,                   shots using search and sort utilities.             anti-aliased 32-bit (24-bit color with 8-
               SDX and DTX boards for stunningly                Create programs interactively using time-          bit alpha channel) text on video. Create
               clear and sharp broadcast-quality results.       line editing, frame-accurate trimming and          scrolling and crawling titles with any
               Using the TARGA 1000/2000 achieves               full-screen playback.                              TrueType font or imported graphic.
               200KB/frame images (3:1) compression.
                                                              ■ Timeline window displays two video               ■ Control position, kerning, leading, trans-
             ■ Supports component, composite and                tracks – the top track is for creating             parency levels. Use drop shadows, trans-
               S-video providing 640 x 480 images.              titles, alpha, chroma and luminance keys,          parency, color blends. Provides
               Before digitizing, you can turn video and        transitions (over 100) and layered effects.        NTSC/PAL-safe color palettes and safe-
               audio on or off, adjust the incoming sig-        Transitions include smooth motion F/X              areas. Also has 8 built-in templates.
               nal with the built-in waveform monitor           as well as support for Hollywood FX and
               and vectorscope, and adjust the levels of        Boris FX plug-ins. The second track is for
               the incoming audio (up to 16-bit 44.1            your video clips and four audio tracks                            Audio
               kHz CD-quality). The Dial-a-Quality              (A1 to A4). The time line viewer lets you
               feature lets you meet specific system, stor-     view your project on the computer and            ■ Four audio tracks for real-time audio
               age and delivery needs.                          video monitor simultaneously so you can            monitoring and mixing (with unlimited
                                                                watch the actual video output.                     layering).

                                                              ■ Sync Lock function locks any number of           ■ Comprehensive audio control includes
                          VCR Control                           tracks together to assure sync during edit-        real-time rubber band level and pan set-
                                                                                                                   tings for audio clips.
             ■ Offers batch digitizing when used with           ing. If there is a break in sync, you get an
               time code and an RS-422-equipped                 indicator with instructions how to fix it.       ■ You also get waveform display in the
               VCR. Digitize and edit source material at                                                           timeline, digital audio scrubbing, full
                                                              ■ Color correction tool allows adjustment
               low resolutions, saving valuable hard                                                               audio track utilization with single-track
                                                                of a clip’s hue, saturation, brightness and
               drive space, then when you’re finished,                                                             audio crossfades and the ability to simul-
                                                                RGB levels.
               batch digitize at the highest resolution                                                            taneously edit audio and video.
               only the material you need for the final       ■ Digital effects include Picture-in-Picture
               version. Also supports Control-L and             with cropping. You can crop an image on          ■ Volume controls for entire sequences as
               Control-S machine control protocols.             all four sides independently for complex           well as volume control of channel, track,
                                                                visual effects like split screens and reveals.     clip or within clip.

             We are on the web at:
                                                                                                                                     AV I D
         Media Management
■ MCXpress automatically scans your com-
                                                         TARGA 1000/MCXpress NT
  position and removes excess media, sav-
  ing valuable disk space and improving
                                                     Professional Video Production Workstation
  media management.                             Incorporating the award-winning TARGA

                                                1000 video card and Avid MCXpress NT
■ Media library for organizing digital          non-linear editing software, this fully-config-
  media clips                                   ured workstation meets the needs of produc-
■ Database with search and sort capabili-       tion professionals, corporate communicators,
  ties                                          educators and Internet authors.
■ Customized views for easy clip access
  and retrieval                                      TARGA 1000 Features:
                                                The TARGA 1000 delivers high processing
           Import/Export                        speed for video and audio effects, titling and
■ Import and export a range of Windows-         compositing. Capture, edit and playback
  based file formats and seamlessly inte-       full-motion, full-resolution 60 fields per sec-
  grate 3D animation, graphics and audio        ond digital video with fully synchronized
  from other sources. Import and export         CD-quality audio.
  standard Windows file formats including
  WAV audio and FLC animation as well           ■ Compression can be adjusted on the fly                         ■ Genlock using separate sync input for
  as over 20 graphics formats. Via OMF            to optimize for image quality and/or min-                        working in professional video suites

  Interchange, you can import video and           imum storage space. Has composite and                          ■ Audio is digitized at 44.1kHz or 48kHz
  audio files from other OMF-compatible           S-Video inputs and outputs. Also avail-                          sampling rates, for professional quality
  applications such as Media Composer,            able with component input and output                             stereo sound. Delivers perfectly synchro-
  Xpress, Elastic Reality and Pro Tools.          (TARGA 1000 PRO).                                                nized audio and video.
■ Import and export CMX, GVG and
  Sony format EDLs.                               TARGA 1000/MCXpress Turnkey Systems:
■ Batch export lets you select multiple           • 300-watt, 6-Bay Full Tower ATX Chassis
  clips, sub-clips or compositions, and the
  system will automatically cue up and            • Pentium ATX Dual Processor Motherboard with 512K Cache
  export them while you do something              • Pentium III 500 MHz Processor
  else.                                           • Matrox Millenium G400 Display Card
■ Specify the default length of an imported       • 128 MB 10ns 168-Pin (DIMM) SDRAM
  graphics file. No more time spent tweak-
                                                  • IBM 13.5GB 7200 rpm IDE System Drive
  ing in the timeline or source window.
                                                  • Seagate Barracuda External 9.1GB LVD Capture Drive
■ When you finish, print your program to
  tape in real time or export your project as     • Adaptec AHA-2940U2 LVD Controller Card
  an MPEG or AVI file. Multiple software          • Teac CD-540 40X EIDE Internal CD-ROM Drive • 3.5” Floppy Drive
  codecs with variable frame rates and sizes
                                                  • Altec-Lansing ACS-48 3-Piece Deluxe Speaker System
  are also available for AVI export.
                                                  • Viewsonic GS771 17-inch (1280 x 1024) Monitor (0.27mm dot pitch)
     System Requirements                          • Focus 2001A Keyboard • Microsoft MS Mouse
• Pentium or Pentium Pro processor                • Windows NT 4.0 Operating System Software
• Minimum 32 MB RAM
                                                  • Symantec Norton Utilities and Clean Sweep
• Windows NT 4.0 (with SP1)
• Video board (TARGA 1000/ Pro,                   • Avid MCXpress for Windows NT
  2000/Pro, DTX and RTX                           • Truevision TARGA 1000 or 1000 Pro Video Capture Card
• SCSI adapter (Fast SCSI)
• AV-certified SCSI disk drive                    With TARGA 1000 ..................................................................................4995.00
• VGA monitor (17" or larger)                     With TARGA 1000 Pro (component input/output) ..................................5495.00
• Video monitor for full-screen
• Two self-powered speakers

                                                                                                 THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
                                                                     PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
      AV I D
             The Avid Xpress system is the fastest, most creative way
             to produce high quality video and multimedia content.
             Designed with unique breakthrough technologies and
             an uncompressed video option, Xpress systems lets you

             create superior content, do it faster and at the same
             time achieve significant productivity increases and cost
             savings. Available for Macintosh and Windows NT
             platforms, Xpress provides creative professionals with the
             most powerful digital video system in its price category.
             Xpress is based on Avid’s award-winning eighth-genera-
             tion software for the film and television industry.
             Available in several configurations each delivers
             unprecedented functionality and offers creative profes-
             sionals the speed, quality and creative options unattain-
             able from other comparably priced systems.
             These advantages, combined with Avid's adherence to the ITU 601-R broadcast industry standards, have made the

             Avid Xpress system the leading solution for creative professionals working with digital media.

                                                                 The Xpress Advantage:
                         Avid's One-Step™ Technology                                                Industry-Leading Image Quality
             One-Step Technology helps you save time and keep the creative                Xpress supports ITU R-601 broadcast industry standards for the
             process flowing, accomplishing the most common editing and cre-              truest online image quality. All Xpress for Macintosh and Windows
             ative tasks in the fewest possible steps, often with a single click of the   NT systems can deliver broadcast quality 2:1 image compression, as
             mouse. With other systems, much of your creative time is spent               well as a range of other resolutions. And for the first time in its cate-
             working manually and slowly, due to multiple steps and work-                 gory, uncompressed video is available as an option for the best possi-
             arounds. Avid’s One-Step Technology cuts to the chase, taking you to         ble quality (Deluxe and Elite only). Titles and graphics are displayed
             new levels of speed and productivity when working with digital               in a real-time uncompressed format. No other digital system matches
             media. The Avid Xpress interface is based on eighth-generation,              the the Xpress family’s combination of unmatched speed and pro-
             award-winning software. The highly intuitive Avid interface, proven          ductivity with the highest image standards.
             in the hands of over 50,000 editors in the film and television indus-
             tries worldwide, places it well ahead of other systems in terms of
             speed, simplicity and creative options.                                                                      Audio
                                                                                          On the audio front, Xpress offers 8-channel audio scrub and 8-chan-
                                                                                          nel real-time audio mixing with 3-band EQ, real-time rubber band
                             More Real-Time Features
                                                                                          gain adjustments, and external audio device control, making it faster
             With all the real-time features available in Xpress, you spend less time     and easier to produce the richest, most advanced sound. Audio can be
             waiting and more time creating. All systems feature over 24 real-time        input in either analog or digital formats and is compatible with a
             transitions including dissolves; horizontal, vertical and box wipes; and     wide range of audio equipment including DAT machines. For more
             real-time motion effects. Stepping up to the Deluxe or Elite systems         complex sound design, tracks edited in Xpress can be opened in
             gives you real time superimpose, mask, fade to/from color and                Digidesign Pro Tools, either on the same computer or on a dedicated
             keyframeable color effects (2 streams). For the ultimate in power, the       Pro Tools workstation. There is also an optional 8-channel audio I/O
             Elite system offers real-time chroma and luma key, flips/flops, image        that lets you digitize and output up to eight channels simultaneously.
             resizing, peels, conceals and squeezes, customizable 3D effects and
                                                                                          Audio punch-in (Deluxe and Elite only) gives you the ability to
             picture-in-picture (including 3D PIP). Titles and graphics are dis-
                                                                                          record audio that is synced to video directly to Xpress during an edit
             played in an uncompressed format for the best quality representation
                                                                                          session, rather than having to record elsewhere, digitize and sync.
             in real-time. Soft-edge drop shadows are also real-time.

             Equipment Leasing Available
                                                                                                                                       AV I D
                                                                                                                                     AVID XPRESS
                           More Built-in Functionality
Create professional results and stunning looks just using Xpress' built-in tools. No time or
                                                                                                                       Xpress One-Step
money is wasted using multiple applications. Tools include built-in compositing, complete                                Technology
titling capabilities, audio editing and effects, and unmatched media management.
                                                                                                                     Tight Timeline Editing—Each shot edit-
Built-in compositing means more creative flexibility, shorter production cycles and consider-
                                                                                                                     ed to the timeline is automatically joined

ably less frustration. Xpress offers 8 video tracks with unlimited layering and nesting of each
                                                                                                                     with the shots around it, eliminating the
video track (4 video tracks in Plus systems) eliminating the need for expensive and time-con-
                                                                                                                     need for a second step to close gaps
suming third-party applications. You can also create multi-layered effects within Avid Xpress,
                                                                                                                     between shots. Dramatically shortens
then composite multiple layers into a single track in one easy step.
                                                                                                                     project time
                                                                                                                     Single Track Transitions—Xpress uses a
                 Third-Party Integration for Ease-of-Use                                                             single-track editing model. With a single
Xpress is compatible with your favorite applications for animation, effects and audio. It works                      drag-and-drop motion you place a transi-
seamlessly with QuickTime applications (32-bit QuickTime with alpha channel) and with                                tion directly on the transition point
audio applications from Digidesign, including Pro Tools. With Avid Visual eXtension (AVX)                            between shots. Save time and increase
plug-in support, Xpress users have easy access to the most popular 3rd party plug-ins, includ-                       productivity by eliminating the need to
ing: TransJammer, HollywoodFX, ICEfx, BorisFX, and Ultimatte. In addition, Xpress also                               place shots on the correct tracks, line up
provides tight integration with numerous AudioSuite plug-ins for added audio capabilities.                           overlaps, and apply the transition to a
                                                                                                                     third-effects track.

                 Easy Fit in a Multi-Platform Workflow                                                               32 Levels of Undo/Redo—Be creative as
                                                                                                                     you can. 32 levels of undo and redo
If you have a multi-platform environment, Avid Xpress fits right in, so you can maintain your                        make it easy to go back and make
existing equipment investment. The only system in its class to support all of the following:

                                                                                                                     changes or view a previous version of a
                                                                                                                     cut. There are no limits on your ability to
HIIP: Multi-platform graphics I/O - popular      AudioSuite: Third-party audio plug-ins
graphics and animation files on Windows,         AIFF, WAV: Mac and PC format audio files
Macintosh, and SGI supported                                                                                         Matchframe— Park your cursor on the
                                                 QuickTime and AVI: Macintosh and
OMF: Easy-to-move compositions                                                                                       timeline and with a single click recall the
                                                 Windows video file formats
                                                                                                                     source for the shot or audio track where
AVX: Third-party video plug-ins                  Software Codec: Work with Avid OMF                                  your cursor is parked. Especially valuable
EDL: Import/export a wide range of formats       media directly in third-party programs like                         during long edit sessions.
                                                 Adobe After Effects
                                                                                                                     Pop-Up Source Monitors—Double click
                                                                                                                     on a clip in a bin to open its source mon-
                                                                                                                     itor with its own toolbar for playback,
                        Meridien Video Subsystem                                                                     modification, and editing. You can keep
                                                                                                                     several pop-ups open at once for quick
Xpress systems run on the state-of-the-art Avid Meridien video subsystem. Meridien deliv-                            access to multiple shots.
ers significant advantages over other video and audio board sets. Consists of new PCI cards
and a new I/O box, which provide superior signal isolation for the highest quality.                                  Sift—You can search through source
                                                                                                                     material using several simultaneous crite-
                                                                                                                     ria such as clip name, date, duration, etc.
                                                                                                                     to quickly display only material request-
                                                                                                                     ed. The Sift feature saves time by elimi-
                                                                                                                     nating the need to search through materi-
                                                                                                                     al and locate specific shots manually.
                                                                                                                     Consolidate—Keep useful material and
                                                                                                                     delete unwanted material in one simple
 • Component, composite and S-Video and          • Dual VGA display with video-in-a-win-                             step. The Consolidate feature maintains
   optional SDI video I/O on one system            dow                                                               organizational integrity and maximizes
 • Analog and AES/EBU digital audio (two         • YUV 4:2:2 digital component signal pro-                           disk space, which leads to greater efficien-
   channels standard, 8 channels optional)         cessing                                                           cy and cost savings.
 • An active I/O box that isolates sensitive     • Uncompressed video and superior 2:1                               Collapse—Easily take multi-layer com-
   signals from the computer internals and         compressed video                                                  posites and collapse them into a single
   provides easy, reliable, user connections.    • Extensive real-time 2D and 3D effects                             track while still maintaining complete
                                                                                                                     freedom to re-edit any element.

                                                                                                  THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
                                                                      PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
      AV I D
                                                 AVID XPRESS FAMILY FEATURES
             Xpress Plus (Macintosh or Windows NT)
             Xpress Plus is the most feature-rich professional digital video system available in its price range. It includes the high-productivity editing func-
             tionality that has become an Avid trademark, giving you a powerful yet affordable solution with seamless growth to higher-performance.

             Video                                                                       Digital Effects

             • ITU R-601 broadcast industry standard image output (720 x 486)            • Over 50 transitions
             • 2:1 image compression—300 KB (NTSC)                                       • Real-time dissolves and horizontal, vertical and box wipes
             • Four video tracks with nesting (compositing multiple video tracks to      • Matte key
               a single track)                                                           • Motion effects
             • Off-line (draft mode) and on-line image quality available                 • Fast-rendered superimpositions
             • Sony RS-422 serial and VLAN deck control                                  • Diagonal, matrix, sawtooth and shape wipes
             • Batch digitizing                                                          • Static alpha channel matte key; chroma and luma key
             • Waveform monitor and vectorscope                                          • Flips, flops and resizes
             • SMPTE timecode support (DF/NDF)                                           • AVX (Avid Visual eXtension) plug-in support
             • Integrated EDL import/export                                              • Peels, pushes and spins
             • 16:9 aspect ratio for editing widescreen projects such as independent     • Conceals, L-conceals and squeezes
               feature films, widescreen and letterboxed video, and DTV                  • Fast-rendered mask
                                                                                         • Picture-in-Picture
             Audio                                                                       • Unlimited keyframes per effect
             • 8-track, real-time audio mixing                                           • Nesting (compositing multiple video tracks to a single track)
             • 48, 44.1 kHz sampling rate                                                • Two streams of fast-rendered keyframeable color effects

             • Real-time, 3-band EQ
             • Real-time rubber band gain adjustments in timeline                        Graphics + Titling
             • Real-time audio input/output level adjustments                            • Real-time uncompressed static graphics and titles
             • Control volume and pan between channels by clip or track                  • Integrated,real-time anti-aliased titling tool
             • Display audio waveforms and scan audio                                    • Keyframed graphics and titles
             • Two channel audio I/O and external mic input                              • Rolling titles
             • Optional eight channel audio I/O to digitize and record up to 8           • Hardware-independent software codec (QuickTime for Macintosh;
               tracks of audio simultaneously. Supports AES/EBU, analog, S/PDIF            AVI for Windows NT)
             • Eight-channel scrubbing with pitch change                                 • Mask
             • Waveform display in timeline • Single-track audio crossfades              • Support for TrueType and PostScript fonts
             • Down sample audio to 22 kHz and 11 kHz for export                         • Soft-edge drop shadows on titles
             • Digidesign AudioSuite plug-in support                                     • Softimage Marquee v2.0 AVX Plug-in support (Windows NT only).
             • Support for flying faders with JL Cooper external mixer. Audio rub-         Marquee v2.0 lets you create stunning 2D and 3D animated titles
               ber banding is now more useful because the faders on the external           with motion, rotation, texture and advanced lighting, expanding
               mixer show relative volume levels when using on the fly.                    your creative capability beyond the built-in title tool.

             Editing                                                                     Import/Export
             • One-Step Technology • Ninth-generation Avid Editing Interface             • Import/export over 25 graphic file formats from Mac, PC and SGI
             • Tight timeline editing • Single-track transitions                         • Drag-and-drop import/export of graphic or animation files
             • Keyboard shortcuts • Snap to transitions                                  • Import/export FLC animation files
             • Splice, overwrite, extract, lift and split edits                          • Import/export anti-aliased PICTs, PICT sequences, QuickTime
             • Sync-lock/sync-break detection • Dynamic storyboard                         (with alpha channel) and OMF files.
             • Precise timecode editing                                                  • Import/export AIFF, SDII (Mac) and WAV (Windows NT) audio
             • 32 levels of undo/redo (automatically undo or redo multiple actions         files
               in one step or affect a specific action                                   • Batch re-import of graphics
             • Pop-up source monitors, matchframe, sift, consolidate, collapse           • QuickTime 4.0 support
             • Unlimited clip sizes • Built-in logging                                   • Provides pre-built templates with auto-selection of options, for con-
             • Remote/offline logging with MediaLog software (Mac only)                    tent exchanges with AudioVision, ProTools, SoftimageDS, Avid
             • Users can set up multiple workplaces, so that they can quickly              Symphony and Media Composer XL.
               switch the interface to their preferred setup when entering a new         • Third-party asset management applications will plug into and work
               phase of editing. For example, you could have a special interface           with Xpress for sophisticated media management, either locally or
               setup for digitizing and trimming that is quickly recalled.                 across networks

             7-Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
                                                                                                                                                         AV I D
        Xpress Deluxe                                                                                      Xpress Plus            Xpress Deluxe           Xpress Elite
        (Mac or Windows NT)                     IMAGE QUALITY                                                                      (Windows NT)
                                                                                                           ITU-R.601 (720x486      ITU-R.601 (720x486     ITU-R.601 (720x486
Xpress Deluxe is for professionals who          Video resolution
                                                                                                           NTSC/720x576 PAL)       NTSC/720x576 PAL)      NTSC/720x576 PAL)
demand real-time power coupled with the                                                                      Analog component/       Analog component/      Analog component/
                                                Video I/O formats                                            S-video/composite       S-video/composite      S-video/composite
industry’s highest image quality. It includes                                                              (SMPTE-259 optional)    (SMPTE-259 optional)   (SMPTE-259 optional)

2:1 image compression, real-time key            Standard online resolution                                     3:1,4:1,20:1            2:1,3:1,20:1           2:1,3:1,20:1
frameable color correction, eight video         Optional online resolution                                         N/A                     N/A                     1:1
tracks with unlimited nesting, unlimited        Standard single-field resolution                               2:1,4:1,15:1            2:1,4:1,15:1           2:1,4:1,15:1
keyframes, real- time audio mixing, uncom-      Optional single-field resolution                                   N/A                     N/A                    N/A
                                                EDITING FEATURES
pressed graphics and titling, real-time tran-
                                                Video tracks                                                   4 plus nesting          4 plus nesting         4 plus nesting
sitions and real-time color effects. Also       Tight timeline editing                                               •                       •                      •
accepts Avid’s Uncompressed Video Option        Single-track transitions                                             •                       •                      •
for best possible image quality.                32 levels of undo/redo                                               •                       •                      •
                                                Matchframe                                                           •                       •                      •
  Same as Xpress Plus Bundle, it adds:          Sift/sort media                                                      •                       •                      •
• 8 video tracks with unlimited nesting         Consolidate media                                                    •                       •                      •

• Unlimited keyframes for effects               Collapse tracks                                                      •                       •                      •
                                                Batch re-import of graphics                                          •                       •                      •
• Two tracks of realtime keyframeable color     MediaLog software                                                  N/A                     N/A                    N/A
  correction                                    DIGITAL VIDEO EFFECTS
• Real-time superimpositions, alpha channel     Dissolves                                                        Real-time               Real-time              Real-time
  matte key, mask, color and motion effects,    Horizontal,vertical, & box wipes                                 Real-time               Real-time              Real-time
                                                Diagonal, matrix, sawtooth & shape wipes                             •                       •                      •
  fade to/from color
                                                Pushes & spins                                                       •                       •                      •

• Slip and Slide Editing lets you easily        Peels                                                                •                       •                  Real-time
  change selected portions of source material   Conceals, L-conceals and squeezes                                    •                       •                  Real-time
  without changing the duration of the          Motion effects                                                       •                   Real-time              Real-time
  sequence (no more multiple trims)             Color effects                                                   Fast render              Real-time              Real-time
• Audio punch-in (voice over) lets you          Picture-in-picture                                                   •                       •                  Real-time
                                                Chroma and luma key                                                  •                       •                  Real-time
  record voice-over narration while playing
                                                Flips, flops                                                         •                       •                  Real-time
  video. Makes it much easier to synchro-       Image resizing                                                       •                       •                  Real-time
  nize voice-over to video.                     Superimpose                                                     Fast render              Real-time              Real-time
• Expert Render function analyzes the time-     Mask                                                            Fast render              Real-time              Real-time
  line and indicates which effects require      Customizable 3D effects                                            N/A                     N/A                  Real-time
                                                Hardware-independent software CODEC                         Video for Windows       Video for Windows      Video for Windows
  rendering to enable real-time playback.
                                                Keyframes for effects                                                4                       4                 Unlimited
• VCR Emulation eases the DVD author-           TITLING + GRAPHICS
  ing process. Now there is no need to mas-     Uncompressed graphics and titles                              Real-time,static        Real-time,static       Real-time,static
  ter a tape prior to the encoding stage.       Keyframed motion graphics and titles                                 •                       •                  Real-time
                                                Crawling titles                                                    N/A                     N/A                    N/A
   Xpress Elite Bundle                          Rolling titles                                                  Fast render             Fast render            Fast render
                                                3D titles                                                          N/A                     N/A                  Real-time
     (Macintosh or Windows NT)                  AUDIO
Avid Xpress Elite combines superb video         Audio sampling rates (KHz)                                        44.1,48                 44.1,48                44.1,48
and audio quality with real-time 2D and         Audio I/O formats                                             Analog, S/PDIF
                                                                                                              and AES/EBU
                                                                                                                                      Analog, S/PDIF
                                                                                                                                      and AES/EBU
                                                                                                                                                             Analog, S/PDIF
                                                                                                                                                             and AES/EBU
3D effects. For professionals who demand        Audio channels for real-time                                       2/8/2                   2/8/2                  2/8/2
the utmost in quality and creativity coupled    input/monitoring/output

with unmatched real-time performance, it        Audio tracks for editing/mixing                                      8                       8                      8
                                                Real-time rubber band gain adjustments                               •                       •                      •
offers real-time customizable 3D effects
                                                Real-time level adjustments                                          •                       •                      •
including: DVEs; 3D motion graphics and         Real-time, 3 band EQ                                                 •                       •                      •
titles; picture-in-picture; flips, flops and    Digidesign AudioSuite plug-in support                              N/A                     N/A                    N/A
resizes; chroma key and luma key; peels,        JL Cooper Fademaster Support                                         •                       •                      •
conceals, and L-conceals; and squeezes. Like    INTEROPERABILITY
the Deluxe Bundle it offers it offers Avid’s    AVX video plug-in support                                            •                       •                      •
                                                Audio import/export                                             AIFF,WAV                AIFF,WAV               AIFF,WAV
single stream uncompressed video option.
                                                                                                             OMF, QuickTime          OMF, QuickTime         OMF,QuickTime
                                                Video plug-in support
                                                                                                              (import), AVI           (import), AVI          (import), AVI
Same as Xpress Deluxe, plus it adds:
                                                                                                              Over 25 multi-          Over 25 multi-         Over 25 multi-
• Real-time x, y, z position and rotation       Graphics import/export
                                                                                                             platform formats        platform formats       platform formats
• Real-time, customizable 3D effects            EDL import/export                                                    •                       •                      •

                                                                                                           THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
                                                                               PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
      AV I D
                                                                 XPRESS Options
             Xpress FilmScribe:                                                         Uncompressed Video Option (Deluxe and Elite Bundles only):
             Based on the Academy Award-winning technology of Film                      Single stream of uncompressed video for best possible image quality
             Composer®, FilmScribe offers comprehensive and robust film list
                                                                                        Softimage Marquee Titling Option (Windows NT only):
             generation capabilities to Avid Xpress, giving film producers the abili-
                                                                                        Lets you create stunning 2D and 3D animated titles with motion,
             ty to use Avid Xpress for low-cost film editing.
                                                                                        rotation, texture and advanced lighting.

             SDI Video Option:                                                          Eight-Channel Audio Option:
             The SDI Video Option adds SMPTE-259 serial digital I/O to an Avid          The eight-channel audio option can be ordered in place of the stan-
             Xpress for Windows NT or Macintosh system, along with the stan-            dard two-channel audio I/O. With the option you get four stereo
             dard component, S-Video nd composite analog video I/O. In addition         pairs each of analog or AES/EBU digital audio I/O.
             to providing serial digital video I/O, the SDI Video Option provides
             circuitry that enhances Avid Xpress' ability to lock to some lower         VCR Play Emulation Option: For automated DVD mastering, Avid
             quality tape formats including VHS, S-VHS and Hi8.                         Xpress playback can be controlled by timecode from DVD encoders
                                                                                        and other device (only for Xpress Plus).

                      Avid Assurance Technical Support Plans—Insure Your System’s Peak Performance
                                   •Unlimited toll-free technical support from 8 am to 8 pm EST •Software maintenance releases
                                  •Access to Tech-Notes bulletins •Avid quarterly newsletter •Extended Hardware Warranty Option

                 Xpress for Macintosh Specifications:                                     Xpress for Windows NT Specifications:

                        Xpress for Macintosh Includes:                                           Xpress for Windows NT Includes:
             • Avid editing software, user manuals and hardware key                     • Avid editing software, user manuals and hardware key
             • Avid Meridien video, audio, effects, dual VGA display and SCSI           • Avid Meridien™ video, audio, effects, dual VGA display and SCSI
               hardware and Meridien I/O box for user connections                         hardware and Meridien I/O box for user connections
             • Analog (component, composite, S-Video) or optional digital               • Analog (component, S-Video, composite) or optional digital
               (SMPTE-259) video I/O                                                      (SMPTE-259) video I/O
             • Analog, S/PDIF digital and AES/EBU digital audio I/O                     • Analog, S/PDIF digital and AES/EBU digital audio I/O

             Requirements:                                                              Requirements:
             • Power Macintosh White G3 with minimum of 256 MB RAM                      • IBM Intellistation M Pro
             • Avid PCI Extender                                                        • Windows NT 4.0
             • 20 or 21-inch high-resolution monitor (two are recommended)              • 20 or 21-inch high-resolution monitor
             • Broadcast video monitor • Avid drives • Two self-powered speakers        • Broadcast video monitor • Avid drives • Two self-powered speakers

              MediaShare Fibre Channel offers cost-effective shared media capability at all Avid video reso-
              lutions. Ideal for work-group environments, MediaShare F/C delivers optimum reliability
              and performance, yet is very simple to use. By utilizing MediaShare F/C, multiple editors ,
              artists and other A/V professionals can collaborate on the same project at the same time from
              separate workstations, eliminating the hassle of changing workstations or moving disk drives.
              High-Resolution Sharing
              MediaShare F/C utilizes state-of-the-art Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop (FC/AL) technology,
              offering the ability to share the highest resolutions from a single shared-storage resource.
              How MediaShare F/C Works
              The system consists of four major components: Workstation Kit, Storage, Hub and Cables.
              Sharing media offers your workgroup:
              • Concurrent access to media without interruptions • Cost-effective central storage
              • Comprehensive media management solution • Seamless integration with qualified Avid systems

             We Exhibit At NAB, Infocomm, and Siggraph
                                                                                                                                      AV I D
                             MediaDrive rS LVD
                                  The latest in a line of leading edge storage products designed exclusively for AV profession-
                                     als, MediaDrive rS LVD is available in 9, 18, and 36GB capacities while utilizing the
                                     highest performance 10,000 rpm drives on the market today. Available in a stackable

                                     model with a rack-mount option, they incorporate Avid’s revolutionary ‘QuietDrive’
                                    sound dampening technology, and allow over a terabyte (1,080 GB) of storage using fif-
                              teen 36 GB rS LVD drives on each of two channels of the SCSI LVD adapter board.

■ Next generation LVD technology achieves         ■ An innovative vertical interlocking stack-                     ■ Optional rack mount kit adds flexibility
  40% higher performance than previous               ing feature provides the option to physi-                       by allowing two rS LVD units to be
  10K rpm SCSI drives. The increase in data          cally latch striped sets together permanent-                    mounted in a 2U rack format. Quick
  transfer rates results in fewer drives             ly or temporarily. This allows greater flexi-                   release allows drives to be removed easily
  required to achieve higher resolutions.            bility to change configurations between                         for transporting or replacing with new
■ Built-in thermal circuitry controls the            systems. (No more duct tape).                                   project drives.
  speed of the fan for efficient cooling and      ■ With its own power and SCSI connectors
  an external indicator helps to protect the
                                                     (conforming to fast and wide SCSI stan-                       MediaDrive rS LVD enclosure, 3.5 self-con-
  drive and critical data by signaling high          dards), the rS LVD drive is ready to travel                   tained (power, cooling and connections)
  temperature conditions.                            down the hall or around the world. You                        stackable unit. SCSI-2 68-pin connection.

■ QuietDrive technology reduces drive noise          can hook up the rS LVD drive in any stu-                      Up to 15 units can be chained together per
  by up to 20 dB. This allows finer audio            dio. No docking system is required.                           SCSI channel for 1080 GB of available stor-
  editing and lower operator fatigue.                                                                              age per editing system

 To guarantee the most reliable storage solution all drives go through the Avid qualification process– 100,000 hours of testing– one of the
 toughest in the industry. Includes rigorous hardware testing in Avid’s ISO9002-certified facility with high level testing in Avid-specific envi-
 ronments and a 30-day burn-in Process Maturity Test (PMT). Drive mechanisms are covered by a 5-year warranty, enclosures for 3 years.

MediaDock LVD
The MediaDock LVD is Avid’s removable drive solution, providing speed, capacity, scalability,
and reliability. LVD (low voltage differential) technology provides a 4x increase in throughput
compared to Avid's previous fast and wide MediaDock. The LVD has been clocked at speeds of
up to 80 MB. The MediaDock LVD chassis takes advantage of the latest 10k LVD drive tech-
nology, holding a total of eight iS18 LVD or eight iS36 LVD Shuttles. These drives offer the per-
fect removable media for digital audio and video professionals.

■ MediaDock LVD is much more than a               ■ MediaDock LVD chassis can hold a total                         ■ MediaDock
  storage chassis with removable drives. It is       of 8 iS18 LVD or 8 iS36 LVD Shuttles.                            LVD Manager
  the storage platform standard for ongoing          Combined with the iS36 LVD drives,                               software for
  and future storage solutions across Avid. It       MediaDock LVD can accommodate up to                              Macintosh and Windows NT is included
  is designed and architected to support             864 GB of media per chassis using two                            with every LVD chassis. This software
  future enhancements in the storage indus-          LVD channels.                                                    notifies you of any enclosure module faults
  try, like faster LVD disk drives.                                                                                   by monitoring the on-line drive status,
                                                  ■ Extra long cable lengths (up to 30 feet                           thermal conditions and power status. Via
■ MediaDock LVD transfers data at up to              from the host to the chassis) make the                           the software, an operator can spin down a
  80 MB per second per channel. (The cur-            MediaDock LVD a facility class storage                           drive, even if the storage is hidden in a
  rent fast, wide SCSI technology transfers          system. Rack mount (4U) or Tower                                 machine room. For overnight and unat-
  data at up to 20 MB per second per chan-           (Deskside) options give you even more                            tended operation, MediaDock LVD
  nel of the disk controller board.)                 configuration flexibility.                                       Manager keeps an event log for the user.

                                                                                                  THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
                                                                      PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
      AV I D
             Digital Content Creation and Distribution Software
             Avid Xpress DV combines powerful video and audio editing tools,
             digital mastering, extreme ease of use and an incredibly low price
             to make it the total solution for creating impressive video for the

             Web, CDs, tape and DVDs. Xpress DV captures and edits
             IEEE1394 digital video. It adds effects, mixes audio and pro-
             duces electronic content in all major formats of streaming media
             for the Web, MPEG 1 or 2 (for DVD and CD-ROM projects)
             and QuickTime and AVI files for computer-based presentations.
             Outputs digital video over IEEE1394 for making videotapes.
             A member of the Avid Xpress family, the Xpress DV offers power-
             ful audio and video editing tools through an intuitive, easy to use
             interface that removes the mystery of digital content creation.
             Xpress DV software offers a full range of editing, unlimited compositing, video effects and audio tools like real-time mix-
             ing and EQ of multiple audio tracks enabling you to communicate your message loud and clear. With Avid Xpress DV,
             you spend your time crafting your communication rather than learning how to use the tool.


                                 Video                                        Editing                                                 Effects
             ■   DV25 (DV, DVCAM) formats                 ■   Tight timeline editing                            ■   Over 50 transitions
             ■   4 nested video tracks                    ■   Single-track transitions                          ■   Dissolves
             ■   IEEE 1394 interface                      ■   Snap to transitions                               ■   Motion effects, color effects
             ■   Integrated EDL support                   ■ Splice,   overwrite extract, lift and split edits   ■ Superimpositions       and horizontal, vertical
             ■   Batch digitizing                         ■   Sync-lock/sync-break detection                        and box wipes
             ■   Avid graphical user interface            ■   Precise timecode editing                          ■Diagonal matrix, sawtooth and shape
                                                          ■   32 levels of undo/redo
                                 Audio                                                                          ■ Static  alpha channel matte key; chroma
                                                          ■ Pop-up    source monitors,matchframe, sift,             and luma keys Matte key
             ■   8-track audio editing with real-time
                                                              consolidate, collapse
                 mixing                                                                                         ■ Flip,     flops, and resizes •Peels, pushes, and
             ■   Real-time EQ template with 3-band EQ     ■   Unlimited clip sizes                                  spins
                 advanced user setting option             ■   Built-in logging                                  ■   Conceals, L-conceals, and squeezes
             ■   Real-time rubber band gain adjustments   ■   IEEE1394 and RS-422 deck control                  ■   Picture-in-picture Keyframe effects
             ■   32, 48 kHz sampling rate                 ■ DV    support includes Sony, Panasonic              ■   AVX plug-in support
             ■   Adjustable audio input/output levels         and Canon camcorders
             ■   Volume control and pan between chan-
                 nels by clip or track
                                                                                                                 Digital Distribution Options
                                                                      Graphics + Titling                        ■   Export to MPEG 1,2 (for CD and DVD
             ■   Waveform display in timeline
                                                          ■   Integrated, anti-aliased titling tool
             ■   Downsample to 22 and 11 kHz for multi-                                                         ■   Export to Microsoft Windows Media
                 media CD development                     ■   Hardware-independent software codec                   (MPEG 4) , QuickTime/ Sorrenson and
                                                                                                                    RealMedia (web streaming formats)
             ■   Digital audio extraction from CD
                                                                                                                ■   Export to AVI and QuickTime formats
             ■   Voice over
             ■   AudioSuite Plug-ins supported                                                                  ■   Import OMF/JFIF files
                                                                                                                                     AV I D
                                                                                                                    AVID XPRESS DV
Avid Xpress DV on IBM IntelliStation
Avid Xpress DV on IntelliStation is a turnkey digital video solution
designed to give professional content creators in corporations, educa-
tion and government institutions, the power to communicate with

video. The solution consists of web-based video hosting services from
IBM Global Services, IBM's award-winning IntelliStation M Pro
workstation, IBM monitor and storage products, and Avid’s Xpress
DV digital video content creation software.
When ready, you simply shoot footage, plug your DV camera
into the IntelliStation workstation, launch Xpress DV and
begin assembling a video. Using the high-powered and reliable IntelliStation M Pro and intuitive Xpress DV software,
you’ll be creating professional-looking video and multimedia content for a wide variety of uses including sales and mar-
keting videos, training videos and web-based teaching solutions—in no time.

           Powered by the Latest Computing Technology                                                                  IntelliStation Hardware:
The completely redesigned IBM IntelliStation M Pro features a high-speed Intel 840                                     IBM IntelliStation M Pro (6868-91x)

chip set, 600 MHz Pentium III processor, a massive amount of super RAMBUS ECC
                                                                                                                   ■   600 MHz Pentium III processor
memory, 133 MHz Front Side Bus, a Canopus DV Raptor, and a Matrox display card.
Designed with the Intel 840 chipset, the IntelliStation M Pro supports high-speed ATA-66                           ■   256MB Full Speed Cache
disk drives, as well as up to 1GB of high-performance RAMBUS ECC memory. The solution                              ■   Core Logic
is pre-installed with the Matrox Millennium G400 4X AGP graphics card (capable of
1GB/per second transfers) with 16MB of on-board memory , and the Canopus DV Raptor                                 ■   Intel 840 Chipset
Adapter IEEE1394 interface for DV I/O. It also includes two Ultra2 SCSI hard drives: a                             ■   133 MHz Front Side Bus
9.1GB drive for the operating system and programs, and an 18.2GB drive for capturing data.
                                                                                                                   ■   4X AGP Pro (50 watts) Accelerated
                                                                                                                       Graphics Port
                            Multiple Output Options                                                                ■   Highest Performance Subsystem
Avid Xpress DV software offers more digital distribution options than other content creation                       ■   2GB RAMBUS ECC Memory capa-
systems. This provides much greater flexibility and enables easy repurposing of media for dif-                         ble, with 1GB currently supported
ferent applications. Avid Xpress DV digital distribution options include the most popular web
streaming formats including RealMedia, Microsoft Windows Media (MPEG 4) and,                                       ■   Matrox Millenium G400 4X AGP
QuickTime/ Sorrenson. Xpress DV software creates MPEG-1,2 for use in CD, DVD,                                          with 16MB of RAM
Internet, and intranet streaming applications. For media that easily integrates with presenta-                     ■   S.M.A.R.T (Self-Monitoring, Analysis
tion tools like PowerPoint software, Xpress DV will generate AVI and QuickTime media files.                            and Reporting Technology) Hard Disk
Of course, Xpress DV software will connect directly to digital video cameras and decks to cre-                         Drives
ate digital videotapes over the native IEEE1394 connection.
                                                                                                                   ■   Ultra2 SCSI with 7200 rpm 9.1GB
                                                                                                                       drive for OS, 18.2GB drive for cap-
            Includes Web-Based Video Hosting Services                                                                  tured data
When the video is completed and ready for distribution, you can send it back out to DV tape                        ■   CD-ROM (20x -to- 48x)
or compress it into one of three web-based, video-streaming formats (RealNetworks G2,
                                                                                                                   ■   21-inch Monitor
Windows Media or QuickTime upload it to a server maintained by IBM Global Services, and
place streaming and download information about the video on a customized web page. People
who need to view the video can then stream it, or download it to their own personal comput-                            IntelliStation Software:
er. This new service eliminates the need for organizational IT departments to devote their
                                                                                                                   ■   Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
own resources to setting up and maintaining video servers. Customers of Xpress DV on IBM
IntelliStation can obtain up to 100MB of video storage and distribution service (approximate-                      ■   NT Service Pack 5
ly five hours of compressed video) without charge for three months. The service is fee-based                       ■   Avid Xpress DV installed
after three months.

                                                                                                THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
                                                                    PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
      AV I D
             Special Effects Software for
             Windows, Macintosh and SGI
             Elastic Reality (ER) is the most advanced warping
             and morphing software for creating mind-bending

             special effects on Macintosh, Windows or SGI work-
             stations. Used to create digital effects for movies like
             Forrest Gump, Batman Forever and The Nutty
             Professor as well as an Academy Award Winner for
             Technical Achievement , ER combines a powerful
             warping and morphing engine with edge detection,
             sophisticated 2D animation, color correction, matte
             generation and compositing tools. Whether you are
             working in video, CD-ROM, print or film, Elastic
             Reality offers unparalleled stretching, twisting and distortion control for every environment.


                 Warping and Morphing                        ■ Precise control over matte creation and             Assisted Tracing Tool
             Morph and warp still graphics to create high                                                    With ER's Assisted Tracing tool, you can
             quality 2D animations, morph live action        ■ Generate mattes and composites based on       create shapes and isolate areas of an image
             with 3D images. Create truly organic effects      multiple shapes and shape attributes          quickly and accurately. Edge detection tech-
             by allowing morphed regions to follow arbi-     ■ Preview of background for easy placement      nology lets you trace the shape of an image
             trary paths and blend through intermediate        of shapes relative to background objects      for traveling mattes or morphing and warp-
             shapes. Use it to fix post production prob-                                                     ing in much less time than it takes in other
             lems like matching jump cuts. The intuitive     ■ Jigsaw rendering mode for advanced mul-       applications. Previously found only in
             ER interface makes it all easy.                   tiple-layer rotoscoping and compositing       expensive compositing tools, this unique
                                                                                                             technology brings a whole new level of
             ■ Create outrageous warping and morphing
                                                                   Shape Creation Tools                      power to the desktop.
               effects using freehand and familiar struc-
               tured drawing tools                           The key to ER's power and flexibility is its    ■ Manipulate shapes in 3D -- flip, scale,
                                                             unique shape creation tools. Intuitive shape-     rotate, and animate using "transform"
             ■ Intuitive Shape-to-Shape interface delivers
                                                             based interface combined with Bezier curve        curves with automatic perspective adjust-
               high precision with less effort
                                                             technology provides easy shape creation,          ments.
             ■ Flexible dissolve and distortion rates --     keyframing and editing.
                                                                                                             ■ Path motion control -- define and link
               create any style effect from mechanical to
                                                             ■ Unique shape-to-shape interface                 multiple motion paths
               smooth organic motion
                                                             ■ Flexible, easy-to-use, artist-orientated      ■ Field rendering for smooth animations*
             Compositing & Matte Making                        drawing tools
                                                                                                             ■ Frame accurate audio sync
             Use ER to easily combine images that            ■ Import of Adobe Illustrator and
                                                                                                             ■ Multi-frame control options, keyframe
             weren’t shot on blue screen, as every ER          Photoshop pen paths as shapes
                                                                                                               controls and automatic "tweening"
             shape can contribute to an unlimited num-       ■ Control individual shapes, or groups of
             ber of matte layers for compositing. Each                                                       ■ Powerful keyframe and time editing
             matte shape can be keyframed and edited                                                         ■ Real-time sequence visualization with
             for use in Media Composer or Xpress edit-       ■ Sophisticated shape layering to pass
                                                                                                               zoomed stamps
             ing systems as traveling mattes. The speed        shapes in front of or behind other shapes
             and flexibility of matte creation makes ER                                                      ■ Powerful and unlimited DVE effects for
                                                             ■ Assisted Tracing tool with edge detection
             an essential compositing tool.                                                                    film and video
                                                               technology (Not available for SGI)

             Corporate Accounts Are Welcome
                                                                                                                                      AV I D
                                                                                                                   ELASTIC REALITY
Hierarchical 2D Animation                                                              File Format Management
  and Image Transforms                         ER is a resolution independent application. Use and mix any number of supported image formats
■ Define motion paths for your shapes to       with full alpha channel support. ER supports over 30 file formats including Abekas, Alias, BMP,
  follow. Link paths hierarchically to cre-    Cineon, Framestore, IFF, JPEG, OMF, PCX, Photoshop, PICT, Pixar, QRT, QuickTime, SGI,
  ate sophisticated animations with pow-       SGIMovie, Softimage, Sun Raster, TARGA, TDI, TIFF, Video for Windows, Wavefront (RLA
                                               and RLB subformats), X Windows, and YUV/QTL. This capability alone is a must-have-tool in

  erful inheritance controls. Manipulate
  images in 3D - flip, shear, distort,         today's video and graphics production where you never know where the images you need will
  rotate and animate using "transform"         come from.
  curves with automatic perspective            ■ Resolution independent (64-bit support on                       ■ Mix any number of supported formats
  adjustments. Break the image up using          SGI version)
  use multiple shapes moving on their                                                                            ■ Full alpha channel support
  own paths. Only ER can provide this          ■ Project and effects settings stored in open
                                                                                                                 ■ Render Server -- design projects on a work-
  multi-shape based animation with such          format allowing custom edits
                                                                                                                   station and render on a multi-processor serv-
  ease and flexibility. Animate simple still   ■ Bilinear and bicubic scaling for maximum                          er (available only as an option for SGI)
  photos with pan and zoom moves and             accuracy when scaling images
  add customizable ease-in/ease-out accel-
  eration curves for smooth motion.             • QuickTime is only available on ER for Mac OS/PowerPC
                                                ••Abekas, SGIMovie, and TDI are only available on ER for SGI
         Color Correction                       ••• Video For Windows is only available on ER for Windows
■ Manipulate RGB, hue, saturation,
  lightness, brightness, contrast and
  gamma values and even animate them             TRANSJAMMER AVX

  over time. ER provides great flexibility
  and animated control of global and             Video Warping Plug-In Effects
  spot color correction. Color correct any       TransJammer plug-ins are incredible transition effects for Media Composer and
  number of shapes or groups of shapes
  for fantastic spot color-correction
                                                 Xpress edit systems. Based on Elastic Reality’s (ER) awarding-winning warping tech-
  effects. Select the sky in your image and      nology found, TransJammer plug-ins offer Avid editors the fastest and easiest way to
  slowly animate it from day to night or         build spectacular looking DVEs, wipes and warps.
  blue to red. You can even make adjust-
  ments at the sub-shape level, for creat-
  ing gradient changes within the sky.           ■ Uses Avid Visual eXtensions (AVX) plug-in format, so transitions drop directly into the
                                                   Media Composer and Avid Xpress effects palettes and work seamlessly within the system -
■ Regional shape-based color correction            just like built-in effects. Simply drag and drop the desired effect into the video sequence.
■ Animated independent control over                It's that easy.
  red, green, blue, hue, saturation, light-      ■ Choose from 100 of the hottest transitional effects used in television production today,
  ness, brightness, contrast and gamma             many of which can't be duplicated through any other hardware or software plug-in pack-
                                                 ■ The first 100 effects are just the beginning. By combining TransJammer with ER you can
          Open Solution                            design your own plug-ins from scratch—a virtual plug-in factory at your finger tips! Use
■ ER is available as a stand-alone special         ER’s drawing tools to draw the transition patterns, or use warping effects to twist, stretch
  effects workstation. It is also a powerful       and distort images as they travel along motion paths. Then simply drag and drop the ER
  companion to Avid’s editing systems.             project into the TransJammer folder. The custom effect is now available inside your Avid
  Using the Open Media Framework                   editing system. Plug-ins can change duration, flip vertically or horizontally, even run in
  (OMF) Interchange, you can easily                reverse without ever leaving the edit system. There's no other plug-in package like it!
  transfer media between applications.
  Import, mix and match any                      Some of the effects with TransJammer:
  images–JPEG, OMF, EPS, TIFF or                 Ball Wipe , Ball Spinning, Billiard Balls, Bands, Blocks Fall,Bounce, Bubbles, Carousel
  Truevision AVI. ER supports more               Carpet, Circle, Clock Hands, Column Tumble , Corners, Cow, Cube ,Daisy, Diagonal Flip,
  than 30 file formats, all AVRs and field       Expand Disappear, Fall Under, Falling Panels, Film Strip Jitter, Flex, Fold, Geometric Glass,
  rendering, so you work smarter, faster         Jigsaw Puzzle,Jokers Ace , juggling Balls, Kaleidoscope, Ooze, Patches, Pizza, Wipe, Shards,
  and more creatively.                           Shuffle, Side Zoom , Sparkle Fade, Spin Switch, Spin Wave , Spinning Squares, Strip Fly,
                                                 Swirl, Trails, Tumble , Warp Drive, Wave Tile .

                                                                                                  THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
                                                                      PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
      MEDIA 100
       MEDIA 100 QX/QXC
             QuickTime Digital Video Systems for Macintosh or Windows NT
             Media 100qx and qxc (component version) are high per-
             formance, low-cost systems that let you use Mac or Windows
             QuickTime applications to create professional, broadcast

             quality video programs for CD-ROMs, DVD, the Internet,
             even broadcast and cable TV––quickly and easily. They
             combine industry-leading (300 KB/frame) picture and
             audio quality with Adobe Premier 5.1—the industry’s most
             popular video editing software. With Media 100qx/qxc,
             anyone can create programs that are indistinguishable from
             those created with broadcast tape equipment, at an afford-
             able price. And, they are the only QuickTime based system
             offering an easy software-only upgrade path to the advanced features and real-time functionality of professional Media
             100 (Mac) and Finish (Windows) systems. Identical in every way, except the qxc includes a rack-mountable break-out
             box with component input/output (in addition to composite and S-Video) and XLR-balanced audio input and output.


                Broadcast-Quality Video                            QuickTime Integration                              Media 100/Finish
             Based on the Vincent 601 card (the same          Media 100qx and qxc run seamlessly under                 Compatibility
             used in professional Media 100 systems),         QuickTime —the industry-standard digital        Seamless, software-only upgrade to the real-
             Media 100 qx and qxc deliver image and           media file format. Providing communica-         time editing functionality of professional
             audio quality indistinguishable from what        tion between applications such as Adobe         Media 100 and Finish systems. Clips and
             thousands of professional Media 100 users        Premiere 5.1 and After Effects 4.0,             programs authored on Media 100qx and
             get everyday. With up to 300 kb/frame pic-       MetaCreations’ Infini-D, Puffin Designs         qxc can be used directly by Media 100 and
             ture quality on either Mac or Windows NT         Commotion, Macromedia Director and              Finish systems with no loss. Drag and drop
             systems, you can also create broadcast televi-   Strata StudioPro, QT integration lets you       files from one system to another.
             sion programs, animations and much more.         “drag and drop” files between multiple
                                                              applications with no loss in quality.              Surfaceware Technology
                         Open System                                                                          Media 100 qx and qxc incorporate a unique
                                                                  Cross Platform Support
             Designed as an open system, Media 100 qx         Full cross platform support is also provided    software platform called Surfaceware tech-
             and qxc are fully compatible with Mac and        by QuickTime. This capability makes plat-       nology to support high-quality digital video
             PC hardware and off-the-shelf peripherals.       form issues irrelevant as project files and     applications. Surfaceware is a layer of soft-
             This lets you pick and choose the technolo-                                                      ware that provides tight integration
                                                              media files can be moved cross platform
             gy that fits your style and budget, and to                                                       between the Vincent card and applications
                                                              without requiring a separate translation rou-
             easily update your hardware as technology                                                        like Adobe Premier and After Effects. The
                                                              tine or application. Further, all QuickTime
             changes. Open system design also means                                                           result is optimum performance and reliabili-
                                                              media created in Premiere, After Effects or
             that you have a common user interface and                                                        ty while delivering more robust features
                                                              3D Studio Max can be moved cross plat-          than other cards.
             transparent access to QT applications.
                                                              form when created using QT.
                      Operates in YUV                                                                         Platinum One-Stop Support
                                                                        Fast Rendering
             Unlike systems that process signals in RGB                                                       The most comprehensive service and sup-
             and then convert to YUV, the Vincent card        Bundled with Adobe Premier 5.1 they offer
                                                              a wide variety of effects. In addition, the     port offerings in the industry. Choose from
             processes video signals in YUV color space.                                                      a full range of options including, unlimited
             This eliminates the quality degradation          power of the Vincent board increases your
                                                              productivity by accelerating the rendering of   toll-free telephone support, exchange loaner
             inherent in RGB conversion. Media 100 qxc                                                        program, extended warranty and All-in-One
             (component version) offers broadcast-quali-      23 of the most popular effects.(Currently,
                                                              acceleration is only supported on the           Protection.
             ty R-Y, B-Y video input and output.
                                                              Macintosh platform).

             We Ship Worldwide
                                                                          MEDIA 100
   Media 100qx/qxc SPECIFICATIONS                            MEDIA 100 PowerGrade Series
                    Video                                         Media 100 qx/qxc for Windows Workstations
■ 4:2:2 digital component signal processing
  delivers all digital, on-line video quality. Data   For minimum complexity and maximum
  rates up to 300 KB/frame equate to 9 MB/sec         potential, choose from the fully integrated
■ Genlock output for integration with profes-         PowerGrade series featuring hardware and

  sional systems                                      software from Media 100, Compaq
                                                      Computer, Adobe and RealNetworks. No
■ Clips compressed at different rates within a
                                                      assembly or configuration is required:
  single program
                                                      simply plug it in, turn it on, and start
■ User-selectable for NTSC or PAL                     editing. The Media 100 PowerGrade
■ Full-screen, full-motion video capture and          series includes the following:
  playback at 30 frames per second (60 fields
  per second)
                                                      • Media 100 qx 5.0                                          • Adobe Premiere 5.1
■ Composite and S-Video input/output. Also            • Compaq AP500 Pro Workstation                              • RealNetworks’ RealProducer software
  available with component I/O (qxc only)
■ View or record 32-bit animations out to             Internet Content Creation
  videotape in real time                              With the PowerGrade series, web developers can export high-quality, low-bandwidth
■ Simultaneous video and computer display             video directly to the web. They incorporate RealNetworks’ RealProducer software to
                                                      creates HTML-ready audio and video content for web pages. Netscape RealPlayer plug-
■ “Video Previewer” for seeing true colors of
                                                      ins or RealPlayer Active-X controls are used for viewing or listening to content directly
  computer-generated graphics on a video              in the web page.
  monitor (Macintosh versions only).
                                                      Unparalleled Picture Quality

                    Effects                           All workstations feature quick and easy media integration, and tightly integrated soft-
                                                      ware for instant video editing of high-quality, Internet-ready audio and video data. This
■ Full complement of Premiere 5.1 effects
                                                      enables high-quality production for a broad number of applications including video,
  (23 are accelerated on the Mac platform)
                                                      DVD, CD-ROM, multimedia and web production.
                    Audio                             Media Compatibility
■ Two audio input channels, eight real-time           The PowerGrade series allows third-party content-creation applications to instantly read
  playback channels, two audio output channels        and write media using Media 100's native compression format. Import content created
■ 16-bit CD/DAT-quality audio I/O                     in dedicated compositing, special effects, and 2D/3D animation applications —in faster
                                                      than real-time, with no rendering, no quality loss, and no file duplication. You can also
■ Audio simultaneously captured and synchro-
                                                      edit and trim video in Adobe Premier and then incorporate that video into other appli-
  nized to video                                      cations for further manipulation.
■ RCA unbalanced input/output. Also available
  with XLR-balanced input/output (qxc only)

                    Editing                                              MEDIA 100 PowerGrade Series
■ Complete compatibility with all QuickTime
  (3.0 and above) applications                        Media 100 PowerGrade 1:                                             PowerGrade 2:
■ Real-time non-linear editing for total freedom      Media 100 qx                                                        Same as PowerGrade 1 except it
■ Intuitive user interface, keyboard equivalents                                                                          includes Media 100 qxc
                                                      Adobe Premier 5.1
  for most functions                                  RealNetworks’ RealProducer
                                                                                                                          PowerGrade 3:
■ Direct control of clips, editing, and effect cre-   Compaq Professional Workstation AP500:                              Same as PowerGrade 1 except:
  ation in program timeline                           • 400MHz CPU
                                                                                                                          • Two (2) 9.1 GB UW SCSI
■ VCR control via third-party plug-ins                • 4.3 GB Ultra-Wide SCSI 7200 rpm system disk
                                                                                                                            10,000 rpm capture disks
                                                      • 128 MB SDRAM                                                      • 256 MB SDRAM
             Import/Export                            • 32X IDE CD-ROM drive                                              • 21˝ monitor
■ Drag-and-drop of Media 100 qx/qxc media             • Two 4.3 GB UW SCSI 10,000 rpm capture disks
 files to other QuickTime applications with           • Matrox Millennium G200 Graphics Controller                        PowerGrade 4:
 the QT codec                                         • 17-inch monitor                                                   Same as PowerGrade 3 except it
■ Work with digital media on non-Media 100            • 3-button mouse • Keyboard                                         includes Media 100 qxc
  systems with software codec                         • Windows NT 4.0

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      MEDIA 100
             Real-Time Digital Video Systems
             The Media 100 product family is the most complete digi-
             tal video system available for Macintosh in their respective
             price class for creating broadcast-quality programs. Driven

             by the advanced Vincent digital video engine, they bring a
             new level of price performance to creators of video and
             multimedia programs. Media 100 provides real-time edit-
             ing and playback, real-time COLOR FX, real-time pre-
             view MOTION FX, at least four tracks of real-time
             audio, and real-time preview dissolve. They also includes
             FAST FX (24 accelerated effects), genlock support, and an
             integrated character generator. Their built-in QuickTime
             codec provides transparent interoperability with hundreds
             of QuickTime applications.
             Media 100 leDV: Offers all the above features plus it adds Media         With real-time static titling and keying of graphics with alpha chan-
             100’s DV option. Although the only other Media 100 system (besides       nel, producers and program authors in independent post-production,

             the XR) to incorporate DV(IEEE1394) I/O capability, the DV               cable television, and high-end corporate video can finish programs
             Option is also available for the Media 100 lx/xe/xs (see page 875).      online, from a single system.
             Media 100 lx: Offers even more versatility and functionality by          Media 100 xs: Record, edit, create effects, do compositing, and mas-
             adding EDL import/export capability, assemble and insert editing,        ter-to-tape from a single system. The Media 100 xs enables broadcast
             and a real-time waveform/monitor vectorscope. To save disk space,        television stations, high-end independent producers, and post-produc-
             Media 100 lx also offers a variety of draft mode compression selec-      tion houses to finish programs on-line at 2:1 compression, without
             tions and a batch-redigitize function for final mastering. Last, Media   spending time in expensive offline edit suites. Media 100 xs combines
             100 lx includes an ergonomically designed junction (breakout) box        a real-time feature set with broadcast-quality images, real-time preview
             with balanced XLR audio and component video inputs and outputs.          transition effects, and audio processing tools that deliver quality,
             Media 100 xe: Delivers real-time audio processing and graphics per-      power, productivity, and performance at an affordable price.
             formance for productions requiring vibrant pictures and sound.           Media 100 xr: Same exact features and functions as Media 100 xs,
             Features like audio EQ, ColorFX, six tracks of audio, and preview        the flag-ship Media 100 xr adds all available options including the
             MotionFX are all in performed in realtime to enhance productivity        RealTime FX, DV and SDI options.
             and the-fly creativity.

                                                                           The Software:
                                      Open System:                                                        Intuitive Operation:
             ■ Designed as an open system, Media 100 is the only non-linear soft-     Quick and easy to learn, Media 100 enables you to become produc-
               ware that achieves its real-time performance using off-the-shelf       tive immediately. You can make changes quickly and easily, add
               Macintosh peripherals. The system captures source video and CD-        effects, titles and graphics, and mix in your audio–all in a real-time,
               quality audio and stores it digitally on standard Macintosh SCSI       non-linear environment.
               disk drives. This gives you maximum flexibility in purchasing,
               installing and upgrading your system.                                                        Intuitive Interface:
             ■ Incorporating the QuickTime codec, with alpha channel support,           The intuitive design of the Media 100 user interface allows even
               Media 100 assures complete compatibility and seamless communi-           those without traditional editing experience to quickly and easily
               cation with other QuickTime graphic and animation packages.              create professional programs. Taking advantage of the simplicity of
               Drag and drop a media file into Media 100, make changes and see          the Macintosh interface, the Media 100 software utilizes menus,
               the results immediately–in real-time. Once a program is complete,        icons and buttons that you simply point and click to, to access pow-
               you can output to video tape, CD-ROM, QuickTime, laser disc, or          erful editing tools, sophisticated effects and real-time operation.
               even live to air.

             We are on the web at:
                                                                              MEDIA 100
                                   Three Windows. Unlimited Opportunities.
                              Assembling a Video Program is Remarkably Simple.

 1. Select a video clip from the Bin              2. Drag the selected clip into the Edit Suite,                  3. Drag the edited clip into the Program
 Window, where you store your digitized           and access a complete range of editing func-                    Window, where you assemble clips, titles,
 footage.                                         tions through sliders, buttons and pull-down                    graphics and effects, and mix up to four

                                                  menus.                                                          channels of CD-quality audio in real-time.

Bin Windows:                                                                          Program Window:
Bins enable you to store, view and sort clips in a variety of                        This is the work
ways, making it easy to locate your video and audio clips. You                       area where you
can use multiple Bin Windows to “store” an unlimited number                          assemble clips
of clips. Keyframe representations of each clip appear in the Bin                    into programs.
Window, “pointing” to the actual digitized video clips.                              You can quickly
The List Mode in Bin Views provides an even more flexible                            and easily assem-
view of clips stored in bins, with database-style sorting and                        ble programs by
organization. You can attach a large number of attributes or                         dragging clips on
information types to your clips, and then sort by any attribute                      the timeline, edit-
type. View preferences for display and sorting include keyframe,                     ing, experimenting and re-editing to your satisfaction. You can also
clip name, reel name, in/out time, keyword, media file name,                         trim clips, specify where transitional effects occur and position titles

date/time, and many others.                                                          or graphical overlays.

The Edit Suite:
The Edit Suite window allows you to access a complete range of editing functions while working with your media clips..
Using buttons and sliders, you can work in one of several modes:

■ Digitize mode digitizes and compresses analog source material, and
  stores the data in media folders for access during editing, program assem-
  bly, play and output.
■ Edit Clip mode allows you to edit audio level and pan for individual
  clips, apply MotionFX or Color FX to clips, rough-trim video or audio
  clips, and export clips as QuickTime movies or export keyframes as
  PICTs for use with external applications.
■ Trim mode provides productive, precise cut trimming between two clips
  in the Program window. Dual-sampler and versatile editing controls
  allow you to view edit decisions on two clips simultaneously and to make
  precise adjustments of In and Out points. The main advantage of Trim
  mode is that you see the effect of any adjustments in relation to the over-
  all transition (cut). Using Trim mode you can trim the In and Out
  points of individual clips or proportionately trim the In and Out points
  of two adjoining clips.
■ Program mode provides controls for playing and editing your program,
  which is immediately reflected in the Program window.
■ Transition mode provides controls for setting up and creating transition
  effects between to clips.
■ Graphics mode allows you to create or add imported textual or graphical
  overlays with alpha-channel masks in the graphics track to add underly-
  ing video frames.

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      MEDIA 100
                                                            Media 100 Software Features

               Complete Solution for Streaming Video                               DirectEdit Technology— Take the Fast Lane
             Media 100 offers video producers and web site designers a high-       Media 100 is based upon timeline direct editing which avoids
             quality, professional digital video production and streaming media    unnecessary edit modes and layers that can confuse and limit the

             solution. All systems come integrated with Media Cleaner EZ. The      creative process. DirectEdit technology takes it a step further.
             industry standard for Internet video compression and image opti-      DirectEdit lets you apply all video and audio edits, titles, effects,
             mization, Media Cleaner provides the highest quality streaming        and transitions immediately to the media clip or on the track with-
             video on the Web. Media Cleaner outputs to all industry standard      out going to a separate menu.
             streaming media formats including Apple's QuickTime 4.0,
                                                                                   The latest DirectEdit feature is Marquee Selection in Timeline. You
             RealNetworks' RealSystem G2 and Microsoft's Windows Media
                                                                                   can draw a marquee around a region in the timeline to select a
             Technologies. With a single menu selection, you can export video
                                                                                   group of clips in addition to the previously available selection capa-
             data from the Media 100 timeline and launch Media Cleaner pre-
                                                                                   bilities. This feature is especially useful for selecting large numbers
             loaded and ready for streaming media optimization. The video data
                                                                                   of short clips all at one time.
             exported from Media 100 is in a native Media Cleaner format
             which ensures maximum image quality while also reducing storage
             requirements. No other solution in the industry makes it this easy                        Real-Time ColorFX
             to produce high-quality streaming media output.                       Real-time ColorFX lets you manipulate color and see the results
                                                                                   immediately, without waiting for rendering. Adjust tint, saturation,
                                                                                   brightness, contrast, colorization, posterization and solarization in
                       Media 100 CODEC Sharing—                                    real-time for stunning color effects. Plus, you can combine various
             By sharing the Media 100 hardware Codec, you get improved inte-       adjustments to create and save your own custom color effects. Built-

             gration with QuickTime based products like After Effects,             in preset color effects include black and white, sepia, cobalt, fade
             Commotion and Effetto Pronto. Sharing the Codec allows Media          up, fade down, standard color and inverse color. Real-time ColorFX
             100 to run in the background while the hardware is accessed by the    can be directly exported from Media 100
             other applications. Keep multiple applications open at the same
             time and instantly switch between them.
                         InstantMedia Integration—                                 Using Media 100’s built-in digital signal processing to create “field
                           Just Drag, Drop and Go                                  interpolated” motion effects with superior picture quality, Motion
                                                                                   FX alters the speed (slow-motion/fast-motion) and direction (for-
             With InstantMedia integration, content created in video graphics      ward/backward) of video, and apply effects such as freeze and strobe
             applications can be incorporated directly into Media 100 in real      to video. Effects are perfectly smooth with the on-line quality of
             time—no additional rendering, no quality loss, and no file duplica-   high-cost linear systems, and they can be previewed in real time to
             tion required. Simply drag and drop animations, graphics, and         speed the editing process.
             audio instantly into Media 100, saving valuable time while main-
             taining quality and maximizing disk space. InstantMedia even pro-
             vides alpha channel support for high-quality compositing.                      Four Real-Time Tracks of Audio
             InstantMedia turns content-creation applications into direct exten-   Media 100 provides studio-quality audio performance with up to 4
             sions of Media 100. Use applications like After Effects, Photoshop    real-time audio tracks, allowing you to make real-time changes to
             and Commotion for dedicated compositing, special effects, and         any track during playback (no rendering). When you do audio
             2D/3D animations, and then instantly incorporate them for final       mixes, you have the flexibility to manipulate the audio just the way
             editing and finishing. Conversely, you can edit and trim video in     you want it, while maintaining on-line quality. All four tracks are
             Media 100 and then use InstantMedia to instantly incorporate          16-bit, 48 kHz CD quality, with perfect audio/video synchroniza-
             them in other applications for further manipulation.                  tion at all times. Also included are mute and solo buttons for each
                                                                                   track in the audio panel, plus timeline-based audio editing for
                                                                                   selecting, adjusting and deleting audio modes.
             Streamlined Compositing with After Effects
                                                                                   Audio is processed digitally, and in real-time yielding CD/DAT
             Compositing and effects are a key part of the production workflow.    quality. Sampling rates express the quality of audio captured and
             Tight integration between Media 100 and After Effects allows users    directly affect file size. For example a sampling rate of 11.025 KHz
             to export the Media 100 program timeline directly into After          will yield poor audio quality and some data loss (used in an off-line
             Effects into separate layers with all clip information present for    situation), while a sampling rate of 48 KHz will yield CD/DAT
             streamlined compositing. This enables powerful editing and com-       quality audio. The higher the data rate, the larger the file size, and
             positing functionality on a single platform.                          the more storage required.

             Equipment Leasing Available
                                                                              MEDIA 100
                                                                MEDIA 100 LEDV/LX/XE/XS/XR
                                                 Media 100 Software Features

               High Productivity Editing                                                                   Enhanced Functionality
Slip and Slide gives you instant feedback with frame accurate trim-               ■ When importing Media 100 QuickTime files, you may select 4:3
ming while you fine tune your edits. "Slip" allows you to change the                     or 16:9 aspect ratio for the clip.

in and out points of a selected clip while leaving the two adjoining
clips unchanged. "Slide" leaves the in and out points of the selected             ■ Live feedback with scrollbar movement - Bins, Projects, and
clip unchanged while moving the out point of the previous clip and                       Programs update instantly as you drag the window's scrollbars.
the in point of the following clip. Both the Slip and Slide windows               ■ Abort Digitize and Eject Tape provide commonly used features to
are adjustable allowing you to maximize your workspace.                                  help simplify workflow in the editing process.
‘Flip" a clip horizontally, vertically, or both directions (diagonally)
                                                                                  ■ The new versions of the Transcoder and Video Previewer support
giving you maximum control over each frame.
                                                                                         non-square pixel formats along with square pixel formats.
Improve the quality of your transitions and effects with a full range
of border width softness settings up to 100% (or 256 values).                     ■ Import QuickTime 3.0 still image formats into a bin. File formats
Maximum border width for transitions has also increased.                                 include TIFF, Targa (TGA), JPG, and GIF.
                                                                                  ■ Import large still images into your bins and retain their size. Use
      Fast FX—24 Accelerated Transitions                                                 the image in conjunction with the Motion Editor, to create "pan
                                                                                         and scan" effects or stylized rolls and crawls from image files.
Quick rendering FastFX offers a variety of accelerated wipes and
other transition effects, including wipe, iris diamond, clock wipe,               ■ Choose the third-party applications you want to launch from with-
wedge wipe, radial wipe, inset, band wipe, iris cross, barn doors, iris                  in MEDIA 100. Just make an alias to the chosen application and
square, iris round and venetian blinds. Functionality also includes                      put it in the Quick Launch Items folder.

border and softness settings. (Rendering time varies proportionately              ■ Define multiple-user preferences for your Media 100 system.This
with your computer’s power and speed.)                                                   saves valuable setup time in a multi-editor environment. In addi-
                                                                                         tion, save your favorite user preferences to disk and use them on
                Alpha Channel Support                                                    another Media 100 system.
Media 100’s QuickTime codec supports an alpha channel for real-                   ■ It's easier than ever to arrange your bins and programs. Drag &
time, lossless import/export of files with alpha channels. (The alpha                    drop bins and programs into your Project window. You can also
channel assigns a value from 0-255 to a graphic image, or video to                       drag & drop bins, programs and projects out of Media 100 to save
determine the level of image transparency.) Media 100 includes a                         to other storage locations.
CODEC eliminating the need to first interpret a graphics file and
then make another copy, thereby degrading image quality.

                                                Digital Options—DV and SDI
An “one board solution”, Media 100’s DV Option (included with                    The SDI Option (included with Media 100 xr) offers you an afford-
Media 100 le/xr systems) incorporates industry standard IEEE 1394                able way to connect your Media 100 system to professional SDI-
connectivity and non-square pixel resolutions to make DV much                    based equipment. With its rack-mountable junction box, four
more than an acquisition format. Unique to the DV Option is the                  AES/EBU digital audio pair input connections, and signal re-clock
way it ‘upsamples’ DV’s native 4:1:1 media to the 4:2:2 M-JPEG                   capability, the SDI Option can be easily added to an existing SDI
format used by Media 100. This enables real-time application of                  infrastructure. Connect to an SDI network to interface with a
production processes like compositing, titling, keys, special effects,           number of SDI devices, including decks, DDRs, and switchers. Or,
and transitions, without a loss of image quality. It also handles audio          connect it directly to an SDI device for point-to-point productivity.
and machine control information via the supplied IEEE 1394 cable.                By transporting your digital footage into MEDIA 100 via SDI your
                                                                                 video and audio signals remain digital, allowing you to maximize
Additionally, the DV Option allows you to mix your DV media with
                                                                                 MEDIA 100’s unsurpassed image quality. SDI Option also works in
footage acquired from composite, S-Video or component sources in
                                                                                 conjunction with DV Option, delivering simultaneous SDI, DV,
the same program. That means you can repurpose pre-existing ana-
                                                                                 and analog signal integration in a single system.
log media for projects that will be delivered on DV, and accommo-
date the needs of diverse clients. Once your project is complete, you            Long transmit and receive distances, video network capabilities, and
can master to your DV device, or to a standard VHS, Hi-8, or                     broad device support. The ability to use SDI, DV, and analog
Betacam SP deck for maximum flexibility.                                         footage all within the same program—all in one option

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      MEDIA 100
             Media 100lx Step-up Features: Media                 100lx Step-up Features:
                                 Draft Mode Editing                                                      Import/Export of EDLs
             ■ To give you real-time access to hours of source footage, even if you       Power Import on the Media 100 lx allows import of industry-stan-
               have limited disk capacity, Media 100 lx provides several draft-           dard CMX, GVG and Sony EDLs into Media 100 programs.
               mode compression modes that let you capture footage to suit your           Automatically digitize them using the Auto Digitize function. This
               quality or available disk capacity. You can even use different set-        capability allows the Media 100 lx to used as an on-line system .

               tings within a single program to either increase storage capacity or
               optimize the quality of a particular scene. Digitize your source,
                                                                                                       Assemble and Insert Edit
               log “on the fly” or import a log –it’s your choice.
                                                                                          To simplify the process of building longer programs, Media 100 lx
             ■ In draft mode, you can edit, trim, and incorporate effects, titles,
                                                                                          allows you to assemble/insert edit with frame accuracy to frame
               graphics, animation, and QuickTime movies into your program.
                                                                                          accurate VCRs. Drop in as many scenes as you want, creating your
               When you’re done editing in draft mode, make the transition to
                                                                                          program in smaller pieces and then assembling them in final form.
               on-line quality with the Re-digitize feature. Re-digitize guides you
                                                                                          You can also use stock leaders and trailers from a folder or create
               through a simple, automated process to recapture and assemble
                                                                                          and save your own, without having build them into programs.
               your source material into a finished program using on-line master-
               ing video quality levels.
                                                                                                Real-Time Waveform/Vectorscope
                        Logging and PowerLog Import                                       Built-in waveform monitor/vectorscope provides broadcast caliber
             ■ Digitize a group of clips by creating a log. A log is an organized         video and audio setup control. To optimize video program quality,
               list of the available clips on each reel, along with the starting and      you can adjust the incoming video signal from each source for
               ending time codes for each clip.                                           consistent gain, setup, hue, and saturation. The waveform monitor
                                                                                          lets you to view gain and set-up information, the vectorscope

             ■ PowerLog import lets you import text edit log files created by             shows you the color components of a selected video signal.
               other applications. When you select an edit log file to import,
               Media 100 scans the text file, converts it to the PowerLog format,
               and creates a clip for each row in the file. Media 100 formats rows                   Professional Break-Out Box
               to point to specific source footage and clips and displays these           Media 100 lx includes a professional rack-mountable breakout
               clips in a new bin window when imported. Later, you can digitize           box with component, composite, S-Video and balanced and
               these clips using the Batch Capture feature.                               unbalanced audio input/output. Ensures compatibility in any pro-
             ■ Batch digitize clips you recently logged, or import logged clips           duction environment by allowing high quality video and audio
               using the PowerLog and batch digitize those clips                          connection to professional equipment such as Betacam SP VCRs.

                                        Media 100xe/Media 100xs Step-up Features:
             ■ Image quality to 200 KB/frame (NTSC) and 240 KB/frame (PAL)
             ■ Six tracks of realtime audio
             ■ With the Media 100 le or lx you cannot play any unrendered
               titles in real-time. With the Media 100 xe and xs you can play all
               static titles (titles without a custom motion path) in real-time. It
               is not necessary to first render them. This allows them to recog-
               nize and use the embedded alpha channel information of the
               PICT file to overlay graphics over video—in realtime.
             ■ When you are finished editing and the audio is locked down, you                  Media 100 xs
               can begin the process of “sweetening” the audio. In addition to                Step-Up Features
               level and pan adjustments, Media 100 xe/xs gives you a full range
                                                                                       ■ Image quality to 300 KB/frame
               three-ban parametric audio EQ to finish your sound mix.
                                                                                         (NTSC) and 360KB/frame (PAL)
             ■ There are 32 preset audio EQ effects, plus you can create your
                                                                                       ■ Eight tracks of realtime audio
               own, customizing each audio clip to give it the richest sound possi-
               ble. A graphic display updates as you change your EQ settings, pro-     ■ Realtime preview of WipeDesigner,
               viding an accurate representation of your audio’s frequency               MotionFX, Fast FX (accelerated
               response curve.                                                           effects), chroma and luma keying

             7-Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
                                                                              MEDIA 100
                                                                                                                         MEDIA 100XR
All the features of Media 100xs Plus—
The Media 100xr has all the features of the Media 100xs plus adds three options: the DV and SDI digital I/O options (see page 837) and the
RealTimeFX option. The RealTimeFX Option (which can also be purchased separately for any Media 100leDV/xe/xs/xr) is additional hardware
that adds dual-stream, real-time functionality to MEDIA 100. It allows you to apply or custom create a virtually unlimited number of real-time
transitions for your video program. With two streams of real-time video and alpha channel for uncompressed static graphics, RealTimeFX gives

you real-time effects processing at full on-line quality. This means your most common edits—dissolves, static titling, ColorFX, MotionFX,
audio crossfades, and audio EQ—can be modified and output simultaneously without rendering, at the highest quality.

                                PLATINUM SUPPORT SERVICES
                          For all Media 100/100qx/100 RFE and iFinish Systems
 Get the most out your Media 100 system by adding Platinum Support Services, the most-acclaimed customer service offerings in the digital
 video industry. An array of options to protect and enhance your investment, they include technical phone support, software updates, an
 advanced-exchange replacement and extended warranties —no other company delivers such support. Choose from a comprehensive, money-
 saving package that includes all the support services, or tailor your own support plan by purchasing only the individual services you require.

             Platinum Extended Warranty                                                                  Platinum Software Update
  Extend the one-year manufacturer's hardware warranty that is                         With Platinum Software Update, you automatically receive free
  included with every Media 100 system by purchasing Platinum                          copies of all updates to the Media 100 software you currently own.

  Extended Warranty. Gives you an additional year of warranty pro-                     Stay up-to-date with functionality and performance enhancements
  tection for your Media 100 board(s) and junction box.                                as new releases of Media 100 software, plus you receive a free sub-
                                                                                       scription to their quarterly newsletter. Online documentation for
               Platinum Technical Support                                              all updates is included at no extra cost.
  Choose one of the two phone support options: Each includes
  unlimited toll-free calls for one-stop answers for related hardware,                                Platinum Advanced Exchange
  software, and peripheral questions, as well as help with system inte-                With Platinum Advanced Exchange, you receive free delivery and
  gration and modification questions from qualified technical sup-                     use of Media 100 components if your system ever needs to be
  port engineers.                                                                      returned for repair. Loaners are based on your needs and include
  ■ 7x24 technical support: Provides a full year of unlimited,                         any necessary combination of board(s) and junction box.
     around-the-clock telephone support for your Media 100 system.                     ■ If you call before 3:00 pm ET Monday through Friday, they will
     This service is available in the USA and Canada only.                                ship you the replacement components by overnight courier.
  ■ Business-day (8-8) technical support Gives you unlimited access                    ■ If you call after 3:00 pm ET, or on a weekend or holiday, they
     to Media 100’s technical support team during the work week,                          will ship your components on the next business day.
     Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. In the USA and                         ■ Each Advanced Exchange Protection contract covers a single
     Canada, Platinum Support Representatives assist customers from                       Media 100 system. It doesn’t cover the cost of repairs or of ship-
     8:00am to 8:00pm Eastern Time (ET).                                                  ping components back to Media 100 for repair.

MAGMA PCI Expansion Chassis’
An ideal way to increase the functionality and capability of your Mac, Magma’s patented PCI
Expansion System is a cost effective solution for adding 4, 7 or 13 PCI slots.
■ Available in desktop or rackmount series,      ■ The chassis’ are shipped with an ample
  they offer you solid 4, 7 or 13 slot chassis      200-watt, 300-watt or 400-watt power
  that can be used with a desktop or                supply. Extra cooling is provided at no
  PowerBook. All you need to do is connect          additional cost and power connector’s and
  a Magma host interface and cable to your          mounting brackets are included for a cou-
  computer. No special software is required         ple of 3.5-inch hard drives.
  and installation is quick and simple.

                                                                                                  THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
                                                                      PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
      MEDIA 100
                                               Media 100 LEDV/LX/XE/XS/XR Specifications:
                                  Video                                      Editing                              Effects and Transitions
             ■ 4:2:2 digital component signal processing    ■ Complete compatibility with QuickTime          ■ Real-time preview of dissolve effect with-
             ■ Image quality to 150/180 KB                    applications                                     out waiting for rendering. Enables you to
               (NTSC/PAL) per frame (LE/LX);                ■ Real-time non-linear editing and play-           make an instant decision and move on to
               200/240 (XE); 300/360 (XS).                    back. No rendering required.                     the next edit.

             ■ All except LE offer composite, S-Video       ■ Intuitive user interface with keyboard         ■ Over 50 total transitions, including pic-
               and component input/output via external        equivalents for most functions                   ture-in-picture
               breakout box (LE has no breakout box         ■ Standard Mac functions for easy opera-         ■ WipeDesigner custom effect generator lets
               and offer composite and S-Video only).         tion                                             you create your own effects
             ■ User-selectable for NTSC or PAL              ■ Online video and Macintosh RGB dis-            ■ 24 accelerated transition effects (Fast FX)
             ■ Uses standard (off-the-shelf ) high-per-       play at all times                              ■ Real-time ColorFX
               formance SCSI drives                         ■ Direct control of clips, editing, and effect   ■ Accelerated, online-quality, field-interpo-
             ■ Clips compressed at different rates within     creation in program timeline                     lated MotionFX
               a single program                             ■ Auto Insert for inserting and overlaying       ■ Built-in chroma and luma keys
             ■ View or record 32-bit animations out to        clips in program timeline                      ■ Realtime preview of WipeDesigner,
               video-tape in real time                      ■ Dual subsampler in Trim Mode                     MotionFX, Fast FX, chroma and luma
             ■ Genlockable output with horizontal and       ■ Bin management tools, including List             keying (XS only)
               sub-carrier phase adjustments                  Mode with database sort capability             ■ Integrated key-frameable motion path
             ■ All except LE offer a real-time waveform     ■ Stock leaders and trailers                       with custom settings lets you define a
               monitor/vectorscope                                                                             path for video to move through by select-

                                                            ■ VCR control for mastering to tape.               ing keyframes. Media 100 interpolates the
                                                            ■ Video Previewer for viewing true colors          distance between defined keyframes and
                               Audio                          of computer-generated graphics on PAL            moves the video along that path.
             ■ 44.1, 48, 11.025, and 22.05 KHz sample         or NTSC monitors                               ■ "Stagger A/B" for time-saving transitions
               rates                                        ■ Recording in either insert or assemble         ■ Dual stream, real-time effects (XR only)
             ■ Real-time, CD/DAT-quality, 4-track             modes (LX/XE/XS only)
               (LE/LX), 6-track (XE) or 8-track (XS)        ■ Batch digitize (auto and redigitize):
               digital audio                                  Define a series of clips for unassisted dig-              Import/Export
             ■ Real-time audio crossfades (single track)      itization by the computer. Similarly, clips    ■ Complete file import/export capabilities:
               are executed in real-time without having       previously digitized for a low-res rough-        Media 100 provides import/export capa-
               to wait for rendering.                         cut may be re-digitized at high-res for          bility with most file formats.
                                                              better quality (LX/XE/XS only)                 ■ Imports Sound Designer II
             ■ Real-time mixing on multiple audio
               tracks                                       ■ Logging: Organize a list of available clips
                                                                                                             ■ Imports PICT files (for creating still-
                                                              on a reel. Logs include essential file           frame video clips)
             ■ Professional audio meters
                                                              information needed for the editing
             ■ Direct import from CD                          process (LX/XE/XS only)                        ■ Imports QuickTime files, including alpha-
             ■ Audio node editing in timeline
                                                                                                               channel support (for creating video and
                                                                                                               animation clips)
             ■ Control volume or pan between channels                         Titles                         ■ Imports/exports QuickTime and AIFF
               by clip or track
                                                            ■ Integrated CGStudio, a powerful charac-          audio files
             ■ Display audio waveforms and scan audio         ter generator that enables high end title      ■ Exports QuickTime formats
             ■ RCA unbalanced audio input/output and          and graphic incorporation into your pro-
                                                              ductions.                                      ■ Imports/exports single/multiple PICTs for
               all except LE offer balanced XLR audio
               input/output via external breakout box                                                          creation of still-frame, video, and anima-
                                                            ■ Integrated key-frameable motion path             tion clips
             ■ Real-time three band EQ (XE/XS only)           with custom settings
                                                                                                             ■ QuickTime codec for drag-and-drop inte-
             ■ Parametric, high-shelf, low-shelf, high-     ■ Scrolling and moving titles                      gration with third-party applications
               pass, low-pass, notch, noise-cut, and hum-   ■ Fully anti-aliased graphics
               cut filters (XE/XS only)                                                                      ■ Import/Export - Import/export standard
                                                            ■ Adobe and TrueType fonts                         EDLs (LX/XE/XS only)
             ■ Frequency response graphically displayed
               (XE/XS only)                                                                                  ■ PowerLog import: Allows importation of
                                                                                                               text edit log files created by other applica-
             ■ Pre-programmed and programmable presets
                                                                                                               tions (LX/XE/XS only)
               (XE/XS only)

             We Exhibit At NAB, Infocomm, and Siggraph
                                                                                      MEDIA 100
                                                                                                                             MEDIA 100 RFE
                                                        Remote Field Editor
                                                       It goes anywhere you want to take it— Media 100 RFE features out-
                                                       standing quality and performance in a portable, lightweight design.
                                                       Now you don’t have to waste time and energy toting heavy equipment

                                                       from the edit suite to the field, and back again. With Media 100
                                                RFE, you can edit practically anywhere. Create cuts on location, pitch and
present concepts right in the client’s office, or finish the spot from home. Enjoy all this flexibility, without sacrificing the
reliability, versatility, value, and image quality you’d expect from Media 100.

       Just 30 Pounds—But All Muscle                                                                          Media 100 RFE Includes:
Media 100 RFE is a complete video editing suite running on                 • MEDIA 100 system installed (model depends on configuration)
a PowerBook G3 and includes everything you need to create                  • Apple G3/300 MHz Powerbook with 192 MB RAM, 4MB SGRAM,
professional digital video. Available in two configurations:                 8GB IDE internal . hard drive, 20X CD-ROM, 56K modem, 14.1" display
RFE-1, based on Media 100 xr, delivers online quality with                 • Magma 4-slot PCI expansion chassis (includes an additional fan for cooling)
real-time effects and audio EQ at data rates up to 300
                                                                           • Two 18 GB hard drives (Seagate Cheetah 10000 rpm)
KB/frame (NTSC) and 360 KB/frame (PAL).
                                                                           • Disk controller (ATTO Express single channel LVD)
RFE-2, the second configuration is based on Media 100 lx

and is ideal for offline functionality such as logging, batch              • Junction box with a shortened cable for easy transport
digitizing, and EDL import and export. It supports data rates              • I/O cable for non-component media
up to 150 KB/frame.
                                                                           • Custom designed tote bag for the expansion chassis, Powerbook, junction
All of these components are together (integrated hardware and                box, and cables (The bag has a padded canvas shell with both hand straps
software, real-time capability, and ample disk space) in one                 and padded shoulder strap for easy carrying.)
system that is only 2 square feet and weighs only 30 lbs. Small
                                                                           • Colored EZ Keys for MEDIA 100 editing shortcuts
enough to carry on a plane, yet they still deliver the quality
performance that Media 100 users have come to expect.                      • Mouse, Media 100 mousepad, Documentation set

                                      Optional Accessories for Media 100 Systems

                                              EZ Keys                                                                                Media 100 “101”
The EZ Keys for Media 100 replace the standard Mac keys with color, icon, and name coded                                    A 60-minute step-by-step training tape by
keys to help you navigate and utilize the keyboard to its fullest. Appropriate keys are replaced                            award-winning Media 100 producer Bruce
with simple-to-use keycap tool. The EZ Keys are compatible with the Apple Design Keyboard                                   Sturgill, you’ll be up and running in min-
#M2980 that shipped with most 8600, 9600 and G3 computers. If you don’t have a compati-                                     utes. It features:
ble keyboard, a new Apple keyboard with EZ keys installed (EZ Key Keyboard) is available.                                   • How to setup Media 100 preferences
For Blue & White G3’s or G4’s, an ergonomic “blue & white” USB keyboard with EZ keys
                                                                                                                            • Explains hardware settings, video and
installed is available as is a matching USB mouse.
                                                                                                                              audio sample rates, DV, machine control
Key Kit for M2980 keyboard (specify made in China, Mexico or Czech) ....................99.95
                                                                                                                            • How to choose media destinations and
EZ Key Keyboard Kit (ADB keyboard with EZ Keys installed)..................................179.95                             media settings
USB Keyboard (complete with EZ Keys installed)......................................................179.95                  • Editing on a program timeline, creating
Mac USB Mouse (matches USB keyboard) ..................................................................39.95                  transitions,
For Media 100qx systems, stickers and keyboards are also available for Adobe Premier with                                   • Creating text objects, rule objects, and
over 50 direct keyboard commands—many of which were undocumented (until now).                                                 importing PICTs. Change text size, colors,
Premier Windows Keyboard.............149.95            Premier Stickers for white keyboards (black                            font, shadows and embossing
Premier Windows Keyboard (bl) ......169.95             letters) specify Mac or PC ..................29.95                   • Importing audio, setting EQ levels
Mac USB Keyboard .........................179.95       Premier Stickers for black keyboards (white
                                                       letters) specify Mac or PC ..................34.95                   Media 100 “101”.............................79.95
Mac ADB Keyboard.........................179.95

                                                                                                          THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
                                                                              PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
      MEDIA 100
       IFINISH                      V20DV/V40
             Digital Video/Streaming Media Production Systems for Windows NT
             With almost the identical feature set of their Mac counterparts ( Media 100 leDV and lx)
             including broadcast standards support, superior picture quality, InstantMedia integration,
             DirectEdit technology, audio and video effects, and industry-leading compression tools, the

             iFinish V20DV and V40 are designed to meet the needs of today’s professional digital
             video/internet video content creators. With a properly equipped iFinish V20dv or V40 system,
             you can edit, composite, create motion graphics and output to your choice of analog, DV or
             SDI devices. Add to that, the integration of Media Cleaner EZ and you’ve got a one-stop dig-
             ital video production tool for content creation and delivery.
             iFinish V20DV: The ultimate tool for creating and delivering video        iFinish V40: Like the Media 100 lx, the V40 is designed for editors
             to the web. Like the Media 100 leDV it features DV input/output as        and streaming media producers who need professional editing tools.
             well as composite and S-Video I/O, balanced and unbalanced audio          All the features of the V20DV (except DV I/O), the V40 adds draft
             (RCA), 150KB/frame picture quality, real-time audio cross fades, and      modes, insert and assemble edit, batch digitize, EDL import/export,
             support for all streaming formats.                                        logging import, 300KB/frame picture quality, real-time waveform and
                                                                                       vectorscope, and junction box for component and balanced audio I/O.


                   DirectEdit Technology                                                Streaming Media Production
             Equipped with Media 100’s DirectEdit              They integrate Media Cleaner EZ—the industry standard for video compression and image
             Technology, they take the fastest route to        optimization, providing the highest quality streaming video on the Web. Now you can use the
             finished programs. Apply video and audio          same technology used to produce the Star Wars trailer--the most downloaded trailer of all
             edits, titles, effects, and transitions immedi-   time. Media Cleaner EZ eliminates the incompatibilities between RealNetworks, Microsoft
             ately to the media clip or on the track.          and Apple by handling every imaginable streaming media format in an easy-to-use environ-
             Perform the most common edits with fewest         ment. Output to RealSystem G2, Windows Media and QuickTime (as well as MPEG-1, AVI,
             mouse clicks or keyboard strokes.                 MP3 and various audio and still image formats) from a single system with maximum image
             • Drag & Drop Fit-to-Fill Edits                   quality while optimizing for bandwidth and storage utilization.
             • In, Out and Roll Edit Trimming
             • Click & Drag Transition Creation                                          MPEG-2 and DVD Authoring
             • In-Track Transition Trimming                    With the RealTimeMPEG Option, you can             You also get real-time analysis of minimum,
             • 3-Point Drag & Drop Editing                     integrate MPEG 2 encoding (for real-time          average and maximum bit rates as projects are
             • Cuts to the Beat editing                        output of MPEG-2 files in both variable and       compressed to get frame-accurate identifica-
             • Ripple and Lift Delete                          constant bit rate format).directly within         tion.
                                                               iFinish for total control over DVD produc-
                InstantMedia Integration                                                                         DVDit!SE for iFinish from Sonic Solutions is
                                                               tion. The MPEG-2 option provides unrivaled
                                                                                                                 bundled with the MPEG-2 option so you can
             Incorporate content created in QuickTime          control over output image quality via a
                                                                                                                 keep your content creation, compression and
             based applications directly into iFinish in       unique compression monitor and control set-
                                                                                                                 DVD authoring on the same system. Work
             real-time with no additional rendering, qual-     tings, letting you optimize MPEG-2 com-
                                                                                                                 with graphics support like drop shadows,
             ity loss or file duplication. iFINISH also lets   pression for bandwidth and file size consider-
                                                                                                                 bevels, glow and emboss. Use up to 10 DVD
             you export program directly into After            ations. Media 100 worked directly with pro-
                                                                                                                 menus and an extensive selection of pre-creat-
             Effects (AE). Your program timeline will          fessional MPEG-2 compressionists to deter-
                                                                                                                 ed and copyright free graphics to use as back-
             appear in the AE composition window with          mine the exact features and controls required
                                                                                                                 grounds, buttons, and other such elements.
             each individual clip, along with its trimmed      for the highest quality output. You select your
                                                                                                                 With an easy to use interface that makes
             media, on separate layers for maximum con-        own bit rate or enter a targeted file size and
                                                                                                                 building DVD titles as easy as selecting a
             trol. You can apply AE’s tools to any of the      let the system decide the bit rates. A Data
                                                                                                                 menu background and dropping an iFinish
             clips in the entire iFINISH program.Tight         Rate Graph allows you to preview an analysis
                                                                                                                 video file onto it, DVDit!SE can be used to
             integration with AE allows you to work with       of specific MPEG complexity prior to com-
                                                                                                                 create interactive DVDs for either DVD-
             first-generation media ensuring the highest       pression so you can see exactly where you
                                                                                                                 Video or DVD-ROM players as well as CDs
             quality results. You can also integrate proj-     may lose quality using a constant bit rate.
                                                                                                                 that can be recorded on a CD-R and played
             ects, bins and media created in Media 100         You can then adjust the bit rate with the
                                                                                                                 back on a wide variety of PC-based players.
             Mac systems into iFinish systems.                 MPEG dialog box or change your edits.


                                ®           ®
                                                                        MEDIA 100
                                                                                                       IFINISH                V20DV/V40
Features                                               V20                                   DV V40
LOGGING & CAPTURE                                                                                                     PowerGrade Series
640x480 NTSC/768x576 PAL Square Pixel Frame Size        •                                        •
ITU-R BT.601 720x486 NTSC/720x576 PAL 601               •                                        •
Non-Square Pixel Frame Size                             •                                        •
Online 2 Field Resolutions (KB/frame NTSC/PAL)     150KB/180KB                              300KB/360KB

RS-422 Deck Control                                     •                                        •
User Definable Clip-Based Input Setups                  •                                        •
Online 2 Field Resolutions                                                                       •
Offline Single Field Resolutions                                                                 •
Built-In Logging                                                                                 •
Powerlog Import, EDL Import/Export                                                               •
Batch Digitize                                                                                   •
Real-time Waveform Monitor and Vectorscope                                                       •

Real-time Story boarding                                  •                                        •
Drag &Drop Fit-to-Fill Edits                              •                                        •            The result of a partnership between
In, Out, and Roll Edit Trimming                           •                                        •            Media 100 and Compaq Computer the
In-track Transition Trimming                              •                                        •
3-Point Drag & Drop Editing                               •                                        •            iFinish PowerGrade Series comes with
Cuts to the Beat editing                                  •                                        •            everything you need to start producing
Ripple & Lift Delete                                      •                                        •
Non-destructive Overwrite Editing                         •                                        •
                                                                                                                high-quality programs right out of the
Insert Editing                                            •                                        •            box. No assembly or configuration is

Insert & Assemble Edit to Tape                                                                     •            required: simply plug it in, turn it on,
                                                                                                                and start editing. iFinish PowerGrade
Real-time Wipes, Dissolves                                •                                        •            Series are based on Compaq’s Professional
23 Accelerated FastFX Transitions                         •                                        •            Workstation AP500, a powerful digital
Page Turns, Spins, Peels, & DVE's                         •                                        •
Picture-in-Picture w/ Soft Drop Shadows                   •                                        •            video computer from the world's most
Real-time Classic ColorFX                                 •                                        •            popular PC manufacturer (monitors
Real-time Preview MotionFX                                •                                        •            available for an additional charge)
Real-time Freeze Frame & Strobe                           •                                        •
Built-in Chroma/Luma Keyer                                •                                        •
Boris FX                                                                                           •            iFINISH V20DV PowerGrade
RealTimeFX Option                                  Option Available                         Option Available
w/Video Spice Rack Pro                                    •                                        •            The iFinish V20DV PowerGrade is the ulti-
                                                                                                                mate tool for creating and delivering video
GRAPHIC & TITLES w/Inscriber TitleMotion                                                                        to the web. Principal features include sup-
Real-time static graphics and titles w/ fades                                                      •            port for DV, composite, and S-Video I/O,
Multiple Text & Graphics Layers                           •                                        •
                                                                                                                balanced and unbalanced audio,
3D DVE for Text & Graphics w/ wireframe preview           •                                        •
Soft edged Drop Shadows                                   •                                        •            150KB/frame picture quality, real-time
Style Sheets & Layout Templates                           •                                        •            audio cross-fades, and support for all
Rolling & Crawling Text                                   •                                        •            streaming media formats. The iFINISH
                                                                                                                V20DV PowerGrade and a DV camera are
FILE I/O                                                                                                        all you need to capture, edit, apply effects
RealTimeMPEG Option                                Option Available                         Option Available    and stream video online.
Adobe After Effects Export                                •                                        •
QuickTime Exporter                                        •                                        •
Import/Export Sequential Image Files                      •                                        •              iFINISH V40 PowerGrade
Reference Movie Output                                    •                                        •            The iFinish V40 PowerGrade is designed for
                                                                                                                streaming media producers who require
Real-time Audio Tracks                                    4                                        4            more professional editing tools. It includes
32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz Sampling Rate                       •                                        •            all of the features in V20 DV and adds pro-
Real-time Automated Mixing Panel                          •                                        •            fessional level editing tools such as insert
Real-time Break-Point Gain and Pan Controls               •                                        •            and assemble edit, batch digitize, EDL
Real-time Audio Level Input Control                       •                                        •            import/export, logging import,
Digital Audio Scrubbing                                   •                                        •
Digital Audio Metering                                    •                                        •
                                                                                                                300KB/frame picture quality, and real-time
Real-time Audio Crossfades                                •                                        •            waveform and vectorscope.

                                                                                              THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
                                                                PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO     1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
      P L AY
             Television Studio-In-A-Box
             Trinity is an all-in-one video production system complete with
             a live production switcher, 3D digital video effects, non-
             linear/linear editor, character generator, paint/animation/com-

             positing software, virtual sets, dual channel D1 still store, chro-
             ma keyer, and audio mixer. Trinity supports up to eight video
             inputs simultaneously to produce high-quality video output in a
             variety of formats. Trinity includes live transitions that inte-
             grate animating alpha channels with 24-bit animating graphics.
             Trinity allows creation of real-time 3D digital video effects
             with live video mapping on animated user-defined objects such
             as logos, products or even human faces. Custom effects can be
             created using Trinity's Personal FX application. Trinity's Warp
             Engine provides sub-pixel positioning and smooth pixel interpo-
             lation to allow live video to be warped onto arbitrary 3D shapes with extremely high quality.
             Trinity is the result of the industry's largest development effort and is based on Play's 22 custom chips and millions of

             lines of software code. It is simply the most advanced production tool in the history of television. Trinity replaces an
             entire network-level broadcast studio full of expensive and complex video equipment with one simple and affordable box.
             Now for the first time anyone with a Windows PC can have all the uncompromising high-end tools of television on their
             desktop, from live production to post production to graphics creation.

                                                        Ready To Integrate Into Any Environment

              Integration into your edit suite isn't an afterthought with Trinity - it
              was designed from the ground up to interface with a wide variety of
              video and computer equipment with minimal fuss.

              Modular input and output cards allow you to
              simply configure your system for the video for-
              mats of your choice including composite, S-
              Video, analog component (YUV/RGB), non-
              compressed digital component (SDI), and DV
              (IEEE 1394). Up to eight video inputs and four
              video outputs are supported simultaneously.

              Built into Trinity are four RS-422 serial ports
              for frame-accurate control of a wide variety of common
              VTRs. Trinity's dedicated serial ports ensure accurate communi-
              cation with decks for logging and assembly operations. Four bi-
              directional GPI trigger ports are available for control of external
              equipment during an edit.

              Trinity supports a wide range of clip and still formats, including
              Windows AVI, Apple Quicktime, BMP, JPEG, TIFF and TGA.
              Import and export common EDL formats, including CMX, Sony,
              GVG, and Avid OMF.

             We Exhibit At NAB, Infocomm, and Siggraph
                                                                                                                                          P L AY
Live Digital Component Production Switcher, Chroma Keyer and Still Store
The heart of Trinity's live production capabilities is a pow-
erful digital component switcher that meets the most
demanding requirements for on-air live broadcasting as

well as providing the real-time performance essential to
high-end online post production. You can mix up to eight
video sources, two still stores, and a matte generator in real
time at full D1 resolution. In addition to traditional dis-
solves, fades, wipe generation and color correction, Trinity
offers exclusive capabilities like soft edged organic wipes,
animated 24-bit graphics, recursive digital decays, and
color re-mapping effects. Pull the T-Bar to instantly control
the wipe and matte generators, graphics alpha channel,
upstream and downstream keyers, still store and organic
wipe patterns.

■ Supports up to eight video inputs simul-          ■ Transitions with 24-bit animating                               ■ Dual channel still store recalls CCIR-601
  taneously                                            graphics and integrated alpha channels                           frames in less than a half second. Operate
                                                                                                                        still store with mouse, ten key or automat-
■ Expands to multiple simultaneous key              ■ Infinitely variable colorspace remapping
                                                                                                                        ically via preset timeline
  outputs                                              effects including solarization, posteriza-
                                                       tion, color swapping and sepia tone                            ■ Still store imports/exports standard image
■ Output program or key in four or more
                                                                                                                        formats including BMP, JPEG and TIFF
  different formats simultaneously                  ■ High-resolution Chroma Keyer generates
                                                       sharp, crisp keys with key color spill sup-                    ■ Support for tally lights and bi-directional
■ User-definable soft-edged organic wipe
                                                       pression providing perfect realism for                           GPI triggers
                                                       blue/green screen effects. While meeting
                                                                                                                      ■ Software control parameters like phase
■ Independent color correctors on each input           broadcast quality specifications, it pre-
                                                                                                                        locked loop characteristics, comb filter
                                                       serves soft-edged-shadows and allows arbi-
■ Border types include matte and gradated                                                                               adjustments and chroma H/V shift
                                                       trary color luminance ranges to be simul-
  colors, bitmap graphics, live video sources          taneously defined for the best key possible

Trinity Virtual Sets allow the combination of live actors and 3D computer graph-
ics to generate super realistic digital sets in real-time. Virtual sets integrate Trinity’s
switcher, chroma keyer and Warp Engine to create photo-realistic artificial environ-
ments with real-time environmental reflections and refractions. These scenes include
semi-transparent shadows, environmental reflections, refractions, shadows, light
sources and virtual camera pan, scan and zoom. When standing in a Trinity virtual
set an actor can be refracted through glass, obscured by foreground objects or have
a real-time reflection mapped onto surfaces. In addition an actor's shadow can be
mixed seamlessly with the synthetic background. Now anyone can create the illu-
sion of shooting in exotic locations, as well as on dramatic imaginary sets that
would be impossible to actually construct.

■ Real-time video keying into artificial environments                                    ■ Virtual sets support multiple live cameras
■ Environmental reflections and refractions                                              ■ Animating graphics interacting with talent

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      P L AY
             Warp Engine—3D Video Effects Engine
             The Warp Engine is a massively parallel video geometry engine capable
             of manipulating live video streams into stunning visual effects far beyond
             the reach of any existing system regardless of cost. The Warp Engine's

             power includes live transitions that integrate animating alpha channels
             with 24-bit animating graphics. Additionally, it allows creation of real-
             time 3D digital video effects with live video mapping on animating
             user-defined objects such as logos, products or even human faces.
             Custom effects can be created using Trinity's Personal FX function where
             the Warp Engine provides sub-pixel positioning and smooth pixel inter-
             polation to allow live video to be warped onto arbitrary 3D shapes with extremely high quality. Use Personal FX and
             the Warp Engine to incorporate semi-transparent colored light sources to generate highlights on warped video and to cast
             soft-edged shadows all in real time.
             ■ Perform all 2D effects with perspective      ■ Semi-transparent colored light sources       ■ Integrate graphic elements into or on top
               including flip, push, pull, squeeze, zoom,     generate highlights on warped video and        of video effects including over-the-shoul-
               tile mirror, tumble, spin and rotate           cast soft-edged shadows in real-time           der and picture-in-picture treatments

             ■ Create real-time 3D effects with live        ■ Warp Engine provides sub-pixel position-     ■ Warp live video onto arbitrary 3D shapes
               video mapping on animating user-defined        ing, smooth pixel interpolation and anti-
                                                                                                           ■ Apply true 3D procedural distortions to live
               objects such as logos, products, or even       aliasing
                                                                                                             video, including waves, ripples and peels
               human faces

             Preditor—Linear/Non-Linear On-Line Editor
             Trinity's hybrid editor, Preditor, uses a timeline format to edit video from
             tape decks or disc-based sources systems (on the same timeline.) Preditor
             can layer titles, 3D effects, animated graphics, still stores and live video all
             in real time—no rendering delays. True color correction is performed in
             real time on a clip-by-clip basis. Preditor has four RS-422 ports for
             A/B/C roll editing with professional VCRs. The timeline format supports
             optional real-time audio mixer for pan, fade, mute, effects send/return,
             and a three-band parametric EQ. Ripple and non-ripple style editing can
             be performed as well as sequential and checkerboard style auto-assembling.

             ■ Use video from tape decks or disk storage    ■ Interactive trim, slip, and roll clip con-   ■ Programmable strobe effects may be
               systems on the same timeline                   trols                                          applied to any video clip
             ■ Simple drag-and-drop operation for visual    ■ Independent color correction settings for    ■ Import and export standard EDL formats
               editing                                        each clip, or on a tape by tape basis          including CMX, GVG and Sony
             ■ View video clips, effects, graphics and      ■ Supports sequential and checkerboard         ■ Intelligent auto-assemble speeds editing
               titles instantly by dragging through the       style auto-assembling                          by performing as many edits as possible
               timeline                                                                                      in each record pass


                               ®           ®
                                                                                                                                    P L AY
Panamation—Paint, Graphics and Compositing
Panamation offers graphics and compositing power to paint directly onto live
video with variable transparency and real-time anti-aliasing. Objects can be
animated in keyframes or spline-based smooth motion interpolation to vary

size, perspective, skew, rotation and transparency. Create, animate, composite,
rotoscope and motion track multiple layers in perfect component digital quality.
With the uncompromising real-time performance required for today's critical
on-air and post-production environments, Panamation is ideal for applica-
tions where hold-out mattes, sophisticated multi-layer keys and graphical ele-
ments may be instantly created and composited during an edit session. Panamation's flying logos and animated elements
can play back from the Trinity Switcher or Preditor timeline seamlessly composited over live video in real-time.

■ Paint directly onto live video with vari-   ■ Particle system dynamics for animation                           ■ Animate with keyframes and automatic
  able transparency and anti-aliasing           including velocity, gravity and friction                           linear or spline-based smooth motion
■ Fully object-oriented design allows         ■ Create soft-edged stencils and mattes with
  unlimited undo, redo and modify of any        airbrushes or chroma/luma keys                                   ■ ClipMem allows video segments to be
  stroke, motion or color at any time                                                                              recorded, modified and played back in
                                              ■ Adjustable light sourcing casts soft-edged,

                                                                                                                   real-time, even without non-linear storage
■ Easily create animated over-the-shoulder      semi-transparent shadows on strokes
  graphics, corner bugs and box scores          while drawing                                                    ■ Animate any stroke over time with vari-
                                                                                                                   able size, perspective, skew, rotation and
■ Rotoscope moving glints, sparks, high-      ■ Works with optional pressure-sensitive
  lights and shadows onto live video scenes     graphics tablets

TitleWave—Live On-Air and Post Production Character Generator
Unlike software-based titlers, TitleWave drives Trinity's high performance
hardware making it perfectly suited for live broadcast as well as online post-
production. Advanced features include infinitely variable font treatments with
multi-point color gradients, 24-bit textures and variable transparency on each
text face, outline, border, and shadow. TitleWave even provides unprecedented
options for high-end text manipulation with powerful warping effects includ-
ing peel, spin, explode, bend, twist and ripple. Real-time page moves include
roll, crawl and flash all at 60 fps. Text pages can be composed interactively
over live video on either Trinity's program out or preview out.
■ Anti-aliased four-nanosecond effective      ■ Drag and drop to use still stores, bitmaps                       ■ Rolls and crawls track total running time
  broadcast resolution                          or textures on font faces, outlines, borders                       during page creation
                                                or shadows
■ Supports thousands of widely available                                                                         ■ Move text and graphics elements larger
  TrueType fonts                              ■ Infinite control of text and graphic trans-                        than a full screen with roll and crawl
                                                parency with user-creatable alpha channel
■ Includes 100 scalable fonts from the                                                                           ■ Built-in spelling checker with auto-cor-
  BitStream broadcast font library                                                                                 rect mode
                                              ■ Fully supports visual grids and tab stops
■ Free-form positioning and infinite multi-                                                                      ■ Create and save user-defined type styles
                                                for lightning fast page creation
  layering of text and graphics                                                                                    and page formats

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      P L AY
             Time Machine—Turns Trinity into the Ultimate Non-Linear System
             With this last piece of equipment, Trinity becomes the best
             editing tool ever created. With Time Machine, a high-quality
             non-linear disk system, Trinity becomes more than the sum of

             its parts. It becomes the ultimate non-linear system. It balances
             raw speed with unprecedented ease-of-use. It combines uncom-
             promising quality with impressive expandability - all at a
             breakthrough price. With Time Machine, everything you’ve
             seen and read on the previous four pages is available to you—
             except they are performed in true non-linear fashion. And
             unlike anything else available today, Trinity’s unique custom
             hardware architecture allows for unprecedented real-time func-
             tionality. Storytelling becomes limited only by your imagina-
             tion, not the speed of your CPU. Experimentation is fast and
             non-destructive, allowing more time to try different options, unleashing the creative process.

                       Realtime Power                                                        Digital Audio Mixer
             ■ Traditional 2D and 3D digital video           Trinity’s optional Digital Audio Mixer Module offers eight inputs and two program outputs
               effects such as push, pull, slide, page       (RCA or balanced XLR). Additionally there are two channels of FX send and return allowing
               peels, cubes, spheres and slabs.              external effects processing units to be added to the audio chain. The mixer features a three-
                                                             band parametric equalizer on each input as well as individual pan, fade, solo, mute and gain
             ■ Map live video onto arbitrary animating       controls. Each of these audio parameters may be controlled in real-time or on a frame-by-
               3D shapes from client logos to human          frame basis in the non-linear timeline. It allows an infinite variety of audio mixing, filtering,
               heads.                                        dynamics and effects to be applied externally in real-time via RS-422 control. It can be directly
             ■ Create 3D graphic animations which            interfaced with external mixing and effects systems such as Yamaha's O1V and O2R, allowing
               incorporate live video reflections, refrac-   Trinity to control audio events on the external mixer from the graphical timeline.
               tions, shadows and lighting from multi-
               ple video sources simultaneously.                                         A Look at Time Machine
             ■ Up to three video sources can be simulta-      Time Machine is a disk storage system that brings the image
               neously manipulated using any combina-         quality and true random access on non-linear editing to
               tion of 2D, 3D, Warp and Video Tracing         Trinity. Fully integrated into Trinity, Time Machine brings
               effect modes.                                  non-linear video and audio streams to editing, compositing,
                                                              paint, animation and live production, all without dropping a
             ■ Independent proc amp controls for each         frame. Using a next generation Wavelet-based compression
               video source plus non-uniform color            algorithm, Time Machine visibly outperforms M-JPEG
               space remapping for fixing common              based-systems. The addition of Time Machine transforms
               video footage problems.                        Trinity into the ultimate video production powerhouse.
             ■ Play back video clips at slower and faster
                                                              Added to Trinity, Time Machine provides disk-based editing, on-air playback and graphics
               than normal speed, as well as reverse play,
                                                              production. It offers two channels of realtime video playback, each with four channels of
               all without, rendering.
                                                              digital audio. The editing timeline is smooth, featuring cut, copy and paste, zoom-in and
             ■ True non-linear performance with no            zoom-out, and auto scrolling capability. Time Machine’s proprietary wavelet technology
               time-consuming "defragmentation" or            delivers superior results at any given compression ratio. Online storage may be expanded
               "print-to-video" delays ever required.         from 30 minutes to more than 5 hours at visual quality exceeding that of Betacam SP.
                                                              Wavelet compression ratios are selectable on a clip basis from 3:1 (still superior to even the
             ■ Chroma, Luma and Linear Keying in
                                                              2:1 compression of M-JPEG) to 30:1. Up to four Time Machines are supported for eight
               real-time with key color spill suppression
                                                              simultaneous sources. A non-compressed version of Time Machine will be available soon
               and variable soft edges
                                                              with up to an hour or 1:1 storage.

             Overnight Shipping Available
                                                                                                                               P L AY
                                                                                                       TRINITY/TRINITY NLE
      Trinity System and
          Components                      HOLOSET
          Trinity Base System             Next-Generation Chroma Keying Technology
                                          From the earliest days of motion pic-
Input Modules

• Composite and Y/C                       tures and television to today's network
• Component and YUV                       broadcasts, keying has been an essen-
• Serial D1 (SMPTE 259M)                  tial tool for visual storytellers.
• DV (Firewire)
                                          However it has always been plagued
Output Modules                            by costly lighting, creative limitations
• Master Composite and Y/C Reference      and technical difficulties. HoloSet
• Master Multi-Format Broadcast
  Reference (supports composite, compo-
                                          ends all that. A dramatic new tech-
  nent and Y/C)                           nology that will forever change televi-
• Slave Serial D1 (SMPTE 259M)            sion and film production, HoloSet
• DV (Firewire)
• Composite Preview Output (with GPI      stretches the visual boundaries of time and space while eliminating the barriers
  and Tally light interfaces)             of lighting and location.
                                          The secret behind HoloSet's visual magic                     While the background appears neutral gray to

                                          is a custom-developed synthetic reflector                    everyone else, your camera sees a broadcast-quali-
                                          background and the special HoloRing                          ty key source without background chroma spill
                                          optical emitter. Simply attach the                           or tell-tale 'blue fringes'. HoloSet can work with
                                          HoloRing to any standard camera lens                         any chroma keyer from Trinity to Ultimatte to
                                          and place a HoloSet synthetic reflector in                   software-rendered keyers and it's unprecedented
                                          the scene. When illuminated by the                           chroma purity delivers stunning results even from
                                          HoloRing's uniform light wavelength, the                     consumer cameras. HoloSet enables a new world
                                          synthetic reflector sparks to life with an                   of creative options where virtual sets can go on
                                          eerily intense glow that is perfectly even                   location in a camera bag and breathtaking virtual
                                          yet invisible to the naked eye.                              environments can be lit literally, by candlelight.

                                          POCKET PRODUCERS
                                          Portable Editors and Loggers
                                          Pocket Producers are palm-sized video product that bring the
Video Effects and Processing Cards        essential tools of video production out of the edit suite and put
Additional Video Framestore Cards         them in the palm of your hand (requires Palm Pilot).
Additional 3D Warp Engines                                                                               Pocket Producer
Clip Grab PC Video Display
                                                 Pocket Producer Logger
Coordinator Card                          Imagine timecode accurate logging of video
                                          clips anywhere, at any time. An indispensa-                    The Studio version combines all the function-
Videonet Card
                                          ble tool for everyone who uses non-linear                      ality of the Logger with a powerful EDL-based
Switcher Card
                                          editing, Pocket Producer Logger allows log-                    editor and timecode management toolset to
                                          ging of clips during or immediately after                      create a single, inexpensive miniaturized won-
Component/Storage                                                                                        der. The included custom hardware module
                                          shooting on location. You can choose your
Time Machine Compressed                   shots while they are still fresh in your mind,                 provides dual device control of cameras, VTRs
                                          and save valuable hours later in the edit                      and camcorders, allowing for either LANC to
Audio Components                          suite. Record timecode from any LANC,                          LANC or LANC to RS-422 editing. Pocket
                                          RS-422 or LTC source, add comments, then                       Producer Studio includes essential production
Automated Digital Audio Mixer (RCA)
                                          download your log later into any Mac or                        utilities such as a timecode calculator, stop-
Automated Digital Audio Mixer (XLR)
                                          Windows editing system, including Play's                       watch, and countdown timer. It's the mini-
                                          Trinity, Avid and Media 100 systems                            production studio that goes anywhere.

                                                                                          THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
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             Professional Titling and Motion-Effects Plug-in for Video
                                                                            TitleMotion is a professional graphics plug-in for creating
                                                                            stunning video titles and motion effects. Featuring extensive
                                                                            attribute controls for all aspects of design and output,

                                                                            TitleMotion greatly extends the capabilities of Inscriber CG
                                                                            (already bundled with many non-linear editing applications)
                                                                            giving editors the tools they need to make top-end videograph-
                                                                            ics in a hurry. All graphics created with TitleMotion include
                                                                            full key channel support, so the titles are automatically laid
                                                                            over the digitized video with full transparency.
                                                                            TitleMotion is based on technology developed for Inscriber’s
                                                                            high-end character generator products, which means you get
             full access to Inscriber’s top-quality output. In addition, TitleMotion supports TrueType fonts as well as realtime rolling
             credits and crawls with sub-pixel movement for maximum image quality.

             TitleMotion is an enabling tool for video artists who need to finish       Every moving object can be flipped, twisted, skewed, or rotated,

             off their video productions with top-end titles. Because this prod-        and filters such as transparency can be applied to the animation
             uct is a cross between a page layout program, a drawing package,           over time. In addition, each object in a TitleMotion animation can
             paint software, and a DVE editor, you can use TitleMotion to               have independent acceleration and deceleration, and X, Y, Z move-
             import graphics and backgrounds, place and manipulate text,                ments in virtual three dimensional space. Rendering time for
             apply textures to text faces, edges, and draw objects, and bring all       motion effects is very fast (rendering time depends on the com-
             these elements together to form eye-popping still or animated              plexity of the animation and the speed of your system), and ani-
             video titles.                                                              mations are set-up in keyframe mode, so you can preview anima-
                                                                                        tions in realtime.
             The culmination of a three year engineering effort, the motion
             capabilities are a stunning breakthrough in CG capabilities. Now
                                                                                        TitleMotion is an upgrade which adds many powerful capabilities
             for the first time video producers have an unlimited range of
                                                                                        to those systems that already incorporate bundled versions of
             effects that previously required dedicated DVE hardware systems
                                                                                        "Inscriber CG" including Avid MCXpress NT, Discreet Logic
             costing ten to twenty times more. TitleMotion includes many pre-
                                                                                        edit*, DPS VideoAction RT, in:sync-SpeedRazor, Media 100
             set templates that can be used to animate any text or graphic
                                                                                        Finish, and other systems. (Also available in full package including
             object. Each template sets all time, position, and shape attributes
                                                                                        Inscriber CG for FAST Video Machine and Adobe Premiere). .
             for each keyframe in the path. In addition, you can streamline the
             production process by defining animation parameters as templates
                                                                                        TitleMotion is a terrific value for two reasons: First, it is inexpen-
             and adding these to the registry for ongoing use.
                                                                                        sive when compared with other title creation solutions. Second,
                                                                                        TitleMotion gives you the very same professional quality of charac-
             Unleash your creativity with powerful motion effects capabilities.
                                                                                        ter generator products that cost thousands more.
             Once you create a still title such as a lower third, you can then cre-
                                                                                        TitleMotion is also an excellent value because it saves you time by
             ate multi-layered animations to fly text, graphics, logos, and draw
                                                                                        enabling you to create broadcast-quality video titles quickly. And
             objects around the screen following customized motion paths.
                                                                                        with features such as powerful template and style management
                                                                                        tools, TitleMotion makes you more productive.

              Since 1986, Inscriber has been the standard in PC-based character generators. With over 30,000 systems installed, Inscriber is used by
              broadcasters, post-production houses and in-house video editing facilities around the world to create professional titles every day. If you've
              ever watched television, you've seen Inscriber. And now FeaturePak/CG gives you capabilities that were previously only available in Image
              North’s broadcast-level CG products.

             Most Orders Shipped Within 24 Hours
                       Keyframe Control                                                                                  Altering Shape
■ Delete keyframes using the keyboard or mouse                                               ■ Extend, skew, twist, and scale the selected keyframe in the X/Y
■ Setup keyframe insertion defaults, to either insert before, after or
  at the current frame                                                                       ■ Shape can be altered over a desired number of keyframes while
                                                                                                   maintaining a smooth flow

■ Adjust keyframe position using the mouse or the keyboard arrow
  keys, and watch as the motion path redraws itself in realtime.
■ Keyframes select with either a mouse click, or by typing in the
  desired keyframe under easy-to-use tabs.                                                   ■ Frame-measured time scale for maximum customization
                                                                                             ■ Time manipulation through a timeline which displays all objects
                                                                                                   in the animation on separate tracks
                                                                                             ■ Full control over In point, Out point and length of individual
■ Using keyboard shortcuts, quickly move from one keyframe to
                                                                                                   motion paths within the animation
  another, or select the first or last keyframe of the animation
                                                                                             ■ Adjust length of animation from timeline or from within non-lin-
■ Maneuver through multiple animation paths using the mouse or
                                                                                                   ear editor
  keyboard shortcuts
■ Quickly find specific items by using the various formatting tabs
                                                                                                                           Logo Maker
                                                                                             ■ Alpha-aware logo compose facility
                      Spline Modification
                                                                                             ■ Converts image and frame grab files to fully anti-aliased color or
■ Tension settings to tighten or loosen the spline curve

                                                                                                   monochrome logos
■ Continuity settings to adjust the smoothness of the path coming
                                                                                             ■ Maintains alpha channel in 32-bit images
  in and out of the keyframe
                                                                                             ■ Generates alpha channel based on image’s luminance or chromi-
■ Bias settings weight the motion coming in and out of a keyframe
■ Ease In and Ease Out spline modifications to create dramatic tran-
                                                                                             ■ Alpha calculations occur on the entire image or a specific region

                              Templates                                                                                 Applying Filters
■ Powerful templates allow quick storage and retrieval of motion                             ■ Crop from various directions
                                                                                             ■ Luminance with adjustable brightness and contrast
■ Customize templates from newly created motion paths
                                                                                             ■ Mosaic with customizable width and height
■ Apply templates to single, multiple or all objects in the animation
                                                                                             ■ Transparency changes alpha value of object over time
■ Stagger templates to create a typing effect
                                                                                             ■ Tint with adjustable hue and saturation settings
■ Reverse the path of a template with the click of a button
■ Pre-made templates are included                                                                                      Placement Effects
■ Real time wire frame preview with various playback options                                 ■ Determine how many times the selected keyframe spins before it
                                                                                                   reaches the next keyframe
■ Slider allows fast manipulation of wire frame preview of the ani-
  mation                                                                                     ■ Adjust the rotation of selected keyframe along the X, Y, and Z axis
                                                                                             ■ Create an offset to mark the rotation point of the selected

 TitleMotion for Adobe Premier (all versions) ..............................................................................................................Call
 TitleMotion for AVID MCXpress, Edit, dpsVelocity, iFinish, Speed Razor (specify) ..................................Call

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      BORIS FX
       BORIS FX
             3D Special Effects Plug-In
             Boris FX is a software plug-in application that enables you
             to create 3-D special effects for television, film or multime-
             dia. A software-based multi-channel DVE (Digital Video

             Effects) generator complete with multi-layered time-line,
             unlimited keyframes, and animation graphs. Boris FX allows
             you to create and save your own custom moves. It includes a
             keyframe library of over 300 customizable effects including
             cubes, page turns, spheres, picture-in-picture, particles,
             titling, soft edges, masks, filters as well as compositing of
             unlimited tracks of video and graphics.
             Effects can be saved for use with different video source clips.
             Map any supported media onto any of the 3D shapes. Apply images to the Page Turn shape and peel it away!
             Create 3-D flying logos effects from PICT, TIFF, bitmap, AVI and QuickTime files using an embedded alpha channel.
             Boris FX also offers borders, drop shadows, and control over camera position and light source with specular highlights.
             Boris FX closely integrates with its host non-linear editing system. Once installed, it appears in the effects list. It is not a

             background application and no importing and exporting is required. It is also multi-processor aware, allowing users of
             multi-processor computers to render significantly faster than single processor CPUs..

             ■ Unlimited layers and keyframes                  ■ Adjustable ease-in/ease-out controls          ■ Extensive ripple/wave/bulge functionality

             ■ 300 fully customizable preset effects, all      ■ Preview to RAM for near realtime preview      ■ Blur and bevel filters
               effects parameters are fully keyframeable          of effects                                   ■ Manipulate still image files with alpha
             ■ Drop shadows with variable positioning,         ■ Add keyframeable specular, diffuse and          channels to create logo fly-by or titling.
               opacity, softness, color and distance              ambient light to your effects.               ■ High quality linear keying and composit-
             ■ Border control with variable width, trans-      ■ Ability to save effect settings                 ing filters for complex and intricate keying
               parency, softness and color                                                                       (includes Chroma Key filter for profes-
                                                               ■ Photographic color correction and effects       sional blue/green screen composites).

                                            Boris FX also offers over 30 filters covering everything from      ■ High quality re-sampling and sub-pixel
                                            Particles to Keying to Color Correction. All filters include         positioning for smooth, clean effects
                                            several parameters all of which can be animated with unlim-        ■ Full control of image scale (size), position-
                                            ited keyframes. For example, 2D Particles filter gives you           ing, depth and opacity
                                            the ability to break the image apart, scatter it, or apply other
                                            chaotic "particle" effects. You have control over many             ■ Unique Pixel Chooser for partial filtering
                                            parameters including number of particles, size of particles,         of images based on individual pixel value
                                            dimensions of particles, opacity, speed, variance, and gravity       or location
                just to name a few. Some of the other powerful filters include:                                ■ True 3D shapes that rotate, wrap, unwrap
                                                                                                                 and displace. Map video on all sides of
                Curvilinears                                   Color/Composites                                  3D objects
                Bulge, Ripple, Wave                            13 Color Correction filters
                                                                                                               ■ Comprehensive set of filters, include curv-
                Keys                                           Blurs                                             linear distortions with controls for posi-
                Chroma Key, Make Alpha Key                     Directional, Gaussian, Unsharp Mask and           tioning, full XYZ rotation, pivot, camera
                Matte Cleanup, Linear Luma Key                 Basic                                             and light, soft borders and shadows.
                Two way Color Key
                                                                                                               ■ Free technical support for one year

             We are on the web at:
                                                                                                              BORIS FX
                                                                                                                                           BORIS FX
Boris FX provides several 3-D shapes onto which you can map any supported media. Each shape supports independent media on each face.

                                Cubes                                                                                     Cylinder
Map different media to all six faces, displace all faces of the cube                     Complete wrap control, map alternate media to the inside, perspec-
(move outward or converge toward one another), full                                      tive control, full tumble/spin/rotate/scale/distance/opacity control,
tumble/spin/rotate/scale/distance/opacity control, front face opacity                    and many more parameters all of which can be animated through the

control, and many more parameters all of which can be animated                           use of unlimited keyframes.
through the use of unlimited keyframes.
                                                                                                                         Page Turn
                               Sphere                                                    Offset control allows you to determine speed or completeness of the
Complete wrap control, map alternate media to the inside, perspec-                       page turn, ability to map alternate media to the back of the page
tive control, full tumble, spin, rotate, scale, distance, opacity control,               turn, direction control which allows user to animate the direction of
and many more parameters all of which can be animated through the                        the page turn over time or simply determine which direction the
use of unlimited keyframes.                                                              page turns in. Complete light and shadow controls, scale and dis-
                                                                                         tance controls, opacity controls, and many more parameters all of
                                                                                         which can be animated through the use of unlimited keyframes.

BORIS RED                              Uniting Titling and Effects

Join the revolution and change how you animate titles, effects, and DVE layers in 3D space! Boris RED is a complete
plug-in application designed for non-linear online effects finishing. Unite titles, layering and effects creation and revolu-
tionize the way you work with Boris RED!
Boris RED is a resolution independent 3D compositing and title effects plug-in application that integrates directly in to
Adobe, Avid, Discreet, and Media 100 editing applications. Using the same flexible Boris interface with unlimited lay-
ering, nesting and keyframes, Boris RED adds the ability to animate DVE layers and titles in 3D space. Animate titles
using kerning controls, 3D text extrusions, soft shadows, character rotations and motion blur. Apply any of the 54 filter
effects on to titles for rippling, blurring and displacement maps. Supports Adobe Premiere, Avid Symphony, Media
Composer, Xpress (Mac and NT), Discreet edit* and Media 100/Finish.
■ 2D/3D title animation with kerning                ■ Soft edge cast shadows                                         ■ Z-space container for layering DVE’s in
  controls                                                                                                              true 3-D space
                                                    ■ 3-D DVE with motion blur and lighting
■ Import and animate EPS graphics files                                                                              ■ Supports After Effects compatible plug-ins
                                                    ■ Advanced chroma keying and matte tools

BORIS AE                                           Boris FX 4.0 “System Hosts”
Filters for After Effects                          ARBEAVX:             For Avid Media Composer/Xpress Mac ..........................................749.95
Boris AE is a set of 54 filters for Adobe          ARBEAVXNT:           For Avid Media Composer/Xpress NT ..........................................749.95
After Effects. Advanced color correction           ARBEM100:            For Media 100 (Macintosh) ........................................................ 749.95
tools, directional blurs, gaussian blurs and       ARBEM100F:           For Media 100 Finish ....................................................................749.95
lighting filters provide faster rendering and      ARBEPM:              For Adobe Premier Macintosh........................................................499.95
greater control. Boris AE expands your             ARBEPW:              For Adobe Premier Windows, MCXpress, Canopus RexEdit,
palette of creative tools with unique,                                  dpsVelocity, in:sync Speed Razor and Ulead Media Studio Pro ......499.95
unmatched filter effects such as 3D Text,
3D Image Shatter and Natural Effects. Also
                                                   Boris RED
supports Final Cut Pro, and Commotion.
                                                   ARBRM:               Boris RED for Macintosh ............................................................1869.00
BAEM4-300: Boris AE for Macintosh                  ARBRW:               Boris RED for Windows ..............................................................1869.00
BAEW4-300: Boris AE for Windows                    ARBRUM/V:            Boris RED for registered users of Boris FX 4.0 or later ..............1095.00

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             HOLLYWOOD FX
             3D Effects Software for Macintosh, Windows 95/NT
             Hollywood FX (HFX) is a professional 3D digital effects system that works as a plug-in to your non-linear video editor,
             or stand-alone. Easy-to-use, HFX provides incredible 3D transitions and effects with complete control for video, film,
             publishing, Web and multimedia. Now you can get effects that look like they were created using dedicated hardware sys-

             tems—software rendered—for thousands of dollars less. Available for Macintosh and Windows 95/NT based systems,
             HFX is a complete library of true 3D transitions and effects. A snap to use within your non-linear editor, just drag and
             drop the HFX icon into your timeline like you would any other transition. The FX Selection Dialog will appear, letting
             you select an FX. An immediate preview is provided so you see exactly what you'll get.

             Hollywood FX (HFX) Bronze
             Perfect for the video editor on a budget Hollywood FX Bronze includes
             50 customizable 3D effects for Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects, in-
             sync Speed Razor and Ulead MediaStudio Pro.


                   Customizing Options                          Detailed 3D Object Control
                                                              ■ Select additional video to map on other
                                                                 source objects in multi-window effects.        ■ HFX Bronze uses OpenGL, the industry
                                                              ■ Brighten any object using luminosity               standard in high performance graphics.
                                                                                                                   Open GL provides the highest quality,
                                                              ■ Add shine for glossy bright spots.
                                                                                                                   true 3D effects, with hardware enhanced
                                                              ■ Control object transparency over time.             performance. For even faster rendering,
                                                              ■ Adjust the direction any object flies.             HFX Bronze also supports multiple
                                                              ■ Rotate object to follow path.                      processors.
                                                              ■ Add any number of trails and control
                                                                                                                     Highest Quality Video
             ■ Quickly change transitions between fly-
               on and fly-off.                                                                                  ■ All transitions and effects are resolution
                                                                                                                   independent, sub-pixel rendered, with
             ■ Get rid of jaggies with anti-aliasing con-
                                                                                                                   pixel blending, for the highest quality
                                                                                                                   images. The final quality of your video is
             ■ Control light direction in 1° increments.                                                           limited only by your video capture/play-
             ■ Turn on shadows for incredible realism.                                                             back hardware.
             ■ Add motion blur to create realistic
               blurred motion.

               Hollywood FX contains a variety of effects including morphing 3D objects, and real-world objects which can't be found in other packages.
               Based on an open, modular 3D architecture it’s design allows for new effects to be added at any time, and allows for different 3D rendering
               engines to be plugged-in in the future that take advantage of any new technologies that appear. Other products often use simulated 3D,
               rather than the true 3D polygon rendering with calculated lighting, shadows, motion blur, and spline based paths. Other products only
               include a fraction of the effects that come with Hollywood FX, and those effects are not nearly as customizable as Hollywood FX.
               Hollywood FX includes plug-ins for all popular non-linear editors and paint programs in one package. You don't have to purchase separate
               packages for each editor.

             Most Orders Shipped Within 24 Hours
                                     HOLLYWOOD FX
                                                                                                    Hollywood FX (HFX) Silver
All the features of HFX Bronze plus it adds over 100 customizable 3D effects and transitions. HFX Silver also gives you
control over every effect, including a full path editor, and envelope control over every attribute.
All the features of HFX Bronze, PLUS—
                                                  Path Editor                                                       Envelope Editor

                                               Now you can create new                  An envelope lets you control a value over time. For example, an
                                               effects by changing the                 object can fade
                                               path of any object in any               to invisible
                                               effect. With this feature               halfway through
                                               you can create picture-in-              a transition, then
                                               picture effects, even with              become opaque
                                               perspective. With the                   again by the end
                                               spline based path editor,               of the transition.
                                               you can create paths with               Hollywood FX's
                                               acceleration and decelera-              envelope editor
                                               tion (tension, continuity,              lets you easily
                                               and bias control over each              click and drag
                                               path control point). The                control points to quickly create envelopes. You can even control how
interactive path editor is simple to use, just drag and rotate the wire                an object morphs from one shape to another.
frame objects exactly the way you want them.

Hollywood FX (HFX) Gold

HFX Gold contains over 300 effects, with unlimited sources and layers, and all the features found in HFX Silver. It
allows for greater control over changing surface colors and texturing on any object like rotation, movement and sizing.
Now camera controls include: tracking, movement, focal and depth. Use special lights like spot, fill and point and render
with full scene shadows. HFX Gold merges 3D animation world with editing and compositing by loading objects from
popular 3D formats e.g. Lightwave, StudioMax and Softimage. Use the included PROPS library (3D arrows, words
and many other shapes) to make a point or provide clarity to any video project. Enhance Gold through plug-ins (several
included like AlphaWiping, Twist, Color Correction and more) from 3rd party sources, After Effects and Photoshop!

3D VORTEX Volume 1 and 2
Put an end to boring videos with cutting-edge, broadcast quality 3D transitions, like the ones you see on
television. These incredible 3D transition effects will wow your audience and your clients. 25 transitions in
each volume, they plug right into popular non-linear editing programs including: Adobe Premiere, Ulead
MediaStudio Pro, EDIT, FAST VM-Studio PLUS and the Sony ES-3.

                                                    3-D IMPACT! PRO
                                                    Easy-To-Use 3D Animation Program
                                                    3D Impact! Pro is an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use program that in minutes will have you enhanc-
                                                    ing your videos , presentations and web pages with extraordinary 3D titles, logos and objects.
                                                    Create titles and logos that sizzle and spin in 3D. You can even add drop shadows, sparkles
                                                    and reflection effects. Includes over 120+ pre-created, ready to render 3D objects

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             The Ultimate Tool for Motion Graphics and Visual Effects
                                                            The industry-standard for professional motion graphics, After Effects is the
                                                            most powerful tool available for producing unlimited composites, fluid ani-
                                                            mations and sophisticated special effects. After Effects is also resolution

                                                            independent (up to 4000 x 4000 pixels) so its the ideal design tool for film
                                                            and video producers, graphic designers, multimedia professionals and Web
                                                            developers. Produce stunning special effects for broadcast, film, video, mul-
                                                            timedia, and on-line production right from your desktop. Create anima-
                                                            tions for openers, bumpers, on-air promos, commercials, music videos,
                                                            titles, games, and more.
                                                            When compositing, After Effects produces results that meet the most exact-
                                                            ing standards. Control layers with stunning precision. Combine unlimited
                                                            layers of moving and still images. Produce sophisticated audio and visual
                                                            effects with more than 75 effects plug-ins. Create adjustment layers to
                                                            apply effects to multiple layers simultaneously.
             Add any number of keyframes, animate and apply special effects to each layer, and adjust those layers until the composite

             looks and moves exactly as you want. Enjoy precise control over every aspect of your composite—from sub-pixel position-
             ing to controlling the shape and velocity of each animation path. Use the new RAM Preview function to check how com-
             positions play back—in real time. Only when you are totally satisfied do you output a project for final delivery.

              Available in Two Versions:
              After Effects comes in two versions: The Standard version delivers the core tool set for compositing, 2D animation, and
              special effects. The Production Bundle version offers the same, plus a powerful set of motion control, keying, and special
              effects packs that can greatly increase your productivity. For example, distort images with exacting creative control using
              the Bezier Warp, Mesh Warp, and Reshape effects.
              The Production Bundle offers advanced support for motion tracking and stabilization. It has special effects such as Corner
              Pin, Bulge and Lightning .It generates high-quality mattes. For precise keying, it is equipped with a Color Difference key
              and Spill Suppressor among others.
              Production Bundle extends the core power of the standard version with even more features for performing and achieving
              limitless special effects. It provides the precision tools you need to produce top-quality output that meet and surpasses, the
              most exacting professional standards.

             Available for Macintosh and Windows 98/NT, After Effects is tightly integrated with the Adobe product family, so if you
             work with Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere, you already have the skills, shortcut know-how, and hardware you need
             to make Adobe After Effects a seamless, powerful extension of your creative arsenal. When you import Photoshop files,
             After Effects preserves layers, alpha channels, and transfer modes—you can then animate each Photoshop layer over
             time. Imported Illustrator files remain in vector format until you output your final composition, so you can scale these
             graphics to any size while maintaining the crisp detail of the original artwork. After Effects and Premiere can each
             import the other’s movies.

             Most Orders Shipped Within 24 Hours
                                                                                                                      AFTER AFFECTS
  Powerful Motion Controls                                                               Sophisticated Compositing
■ Simple cut, copy, and paste functions let      ■ Combine unlimited layers of video,
  you quickly reuse motion paths and               audio, still image, and animation files.
  effects                                          Import QT or AVI movies; files created
                                                   in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and
■ Add realism by simulating shutter dura-

                                                   other graphics and 2D or 3D animation
■ Uncompromising animation control to
                                                 ■ Add up to 128 open or closed masks on
  develop visual effects.
                                                   each layer. Instantly combine masks in
■ Add unlimited keyframes to animate all           unusual shapes by applying add, subtract,
  layer attributes such as position, rotation,     intersect, and difference operations.
  scale, anchor point, and opacity.
                                                 ■ Rotate and scale masks (or portions of a
■ Precisely position and animate layers            mask) in free transform mode.
  with accuracy to 1/65000 th of a pixel.
                                                 ■ Mix multiple file resolutions from
■ Design complex and natural-looking               thumbnails up to 4,000-by-4,000-pixel                        Produce powerful composites with precision and
  motion paths using the unique roving             frames.                                                      fine control, create realistic composited scenes,
  keyframes feature—manipulate motion                                                                           generate crisp, clear titles.
                                                 ■ Create and manipulate alpha channels.
  paths and reposition keyframes interac-
  tively to easily fine tune the shape of a      ■ Apply interlayer transfer modes for fine control over the interactions between layers.
  path and the velocity along a path.
                                                 ■ Create sophisticated traveling mattes with the easy-to-use standard Bézier drawing tools and
■ Apply true-motion blur for realism that          apply them to images with variable feathering. Path tools, similar to the ones in Illustrator

  simulates shutter angle with adjustable          and Photoshop can be used to create precise masks for imported media elements. Bézier
  intensity.                                       masks can also be animated to change shape over time. This capability is particularly useful
                                                   for elaborate, traveling-mask effects.
■ Apply time remapping for effects such as
  variable slow motion, frame stuttering,
  playback delay, backward playback, and                                               Leading-Edge Visual Effects
  hold frames.
                                                 ■ Work with more than 85 visual effects                          ■ Produce unique elements by applying ren-
■ Animate mask positions, shapes, and              plug-ins to stylize, enhance, and manipu-                        der effects, such as Fill, Stroke, Audio
  feathering.                                      late images and animate every control—                           Waveform, and others, to open or closed
■ Use the Path Text plug-in to animate text        including Blur and Sharpen, Distortion,                          mask shapes.
  along masks of any shape.                        Color Correction, Perspective, Stylize, and
                                                                                                                  ■ Create adjustment layers to apply effects
                                                   Transitions plug-ins.
                                                                                                                    globally to all of the layers that appear
            Audio Efects                         ■ Apply multiple special effects for each layer.                   below them.
                                                   An unlimited number of special effects fil-
■ Adjust your audio levels precisely in the                                                                       ■ Apply the Smear effect to stretch and dis-
                                                   ters can be specified for an element.
  Audio palette, which offers VU meters                                                                             tort part of an image over time.
  with peak and clip indicators.                 ■ Animate text along any path shape. Even
                                                                                                                  ■ Alter the color values in your images using
                                                   animate text parameters, such as tracking,
■ Prepare or even resample audio using                                                                              color adjustment controls that match those
                                                   character rotation, and jitter.
  professional-quality sampling rates from                                                                          in Photoshop.
  8 kHz to 48 kHz (Mac) or 96 kHz
  (Windows).                                                              Cycore CULT EFFECTS
■ Play your audio clip from the last frame
  or keyframe to the first frame or
                                                                        18 Powerful Plug-ins for After Effects
  keyframe with the Backwards effect.             From the creators of Final Effects, comes Cult Effects—indispensable tools which give you
                                                  almost endless creative freedom for delivering high-quality visual effects. Cult Effects
■ Make basic adjustments to audio tone
                                                  includes CE Paint, the only solution for painting in After Effects. With this filter, you can
with Bass & Treble.
                                                  boost productivity 50-75% for most related tasks, like rotoscoping, dust busting and matte
■ Repeat the sound in a clip at specified         touch-up. But more important, you can paint without ever having to build filmstrips or
intervals with Delay.                             leave After Effects. Other filters include CE Lightning which allows precision control of
■ Pan from the left speaker or channel to         lightning bolt using alpha obstacles and CE Noise Turbulent for creating fractal animations
  the right speaker or channel, or vice           like lava, water and gas. Add or remove camera lens distortion with CE Optics
  versa, with Stereo Mixer.                       Compensation.

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                                                                     PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
               Professional Final Results                      ■ Pixel Aspect Ratio option compensates for                    ■ Work with film or simulate a film look to
                                                                 non-square pixel video formats and differ-                       your animations using 3:2 Pulldown
             ■ After Effects supports image resolution           ent aspect ratios. Allows proper processing                      option. Compensates for the frame-rate
               ranging in size from 4 pixels by 4 pixels         of footage from sources that have non-                           difference when transferring between film
               up to 4000 by 4000 pixels. This resolu-           square-pixel aspect ratios, such as D-1,                         and video. This results in higher-quality
               tion independence enables After Effects to        HDTV and film.                                                   animations and faster rendering.

               be applied in film, video, multimedia or
               Internet-based projects. Resolution inde-
                                                                                 Import/Output a Wide Variety of Formats
               pendence also means After Effects can
               mix multiple resolution files within a sin-     ■ Import and output QuickTime; native Photoshop (PSD); native Adobe Illustrator (AI);
               gle composition.                                  TIFF; TARGA PICT; multi-frame se-quences of still images; Filmstrip; AIFF (Macintosh
                                                                 only); and ElectricImage files.
             ■ Perform multiple renders of a composi-
               tion at various sizes and save render tem-      ■ On Windows only, import import or output AVI files.
               plates—or batch-render any number of
                                                               ■ Cross-platform compatibility lets you move your files and projects with ease between After
               different compositions. Batch rendering
                                                                 Effects for Macintosh and After Effects for Windows.
               allows multiple versions of each composi-
               tion to be created simultaneously. For
               example, an animation can be rendered as                          Smooth Integration Into the Adobe Family
               high-quality, D-1 output, as a lower-qual-      ■ Integrate with Adobe
               ity QuickTime movie, and as a sequence            Illustrator, Photoshop and
               of still images all in one rendering session.     Premiere to create titles,
               Multiple compositions can be queued for           images, and movies and per-
               rendering in any desired order, and the           form other production tasks

               rendering order can be changed at any             with complete ease.
               time . Custom configurations of render-           Optimize a full suite of
               ing settings can be saved in template for-        Adobe products that
               mat for use in other projects. You can            encompass bitmapped, vec-
               specify multiple output drives to accom-          tor and time-based media.
               modate overflow frames from the primary
               hard drive.                                     ■ Copy and paste masks from
                                                                 Illustrator or Photoshop for
             ■ Use low-resolution proxies to speed up            use in your After Effects compositions.
               preliminary design—then revert to origi-
               nals for final output.                          ■ Position layers precisely using the Align                    ■ Import Photoshop files with layers, alpha
                                                                 palette or rulers and guides that work like                      channels, adjustment layers, transfer
             ■ Control field-rendering order for jitter-         those in Illustrator and Photoshop.                              modes, and layer effects intact.
               free playback at any frame rate (up to 99
               frames per second).                             ■ Import Adobe Premiere projects as compo-                     ■ You can also select and import specific lay-
                                                                 sitions. Edited Adobe Premiere clips                             ers of a Photoshop image, rather than
             ■ Make changes right up to the final step           appear as individual layers arranged auto-                       import the entire layered document. All
               because After Effects saves all processing        matically in the appropriate time-based                          the interlayer transfer modes in Photoshop
               until final render time, so your work can         sequence                                                         (such as Multiply, Screen, Hard Light, Soft
               be first-generation quality.                                                                                       Light, Difference and others) are directly
                                                               ■ Retain vector information with files
             ■ Specify output frame rates and resolutions                                                                         supported for layers in After Effects. You
                                                                 imported from Illustrator. Images can be                         can change the transfer mode from a pop-
               with anti-aliasing to meet all international      kept in vector form until rendering time.
               broadcast standards.                                                                                               up menu for each layer and view the
                                                                 This enables you to scale, rotate and                            results immediately on-screen.
             ■ Frame blending enables After Effects to           manipulate graphics with a myriad of
               interpolate motion over a range of frames         motion effects, without sacrificing any                      ■ Work efficiently with tabbed windows,
               in order to generate very high-quality            detail. The result is resolution-independent                     tabbed palettes, and other innovative fea-
               intermediate frames for both time-com-                                                                             tures in the elegant user interface.
                                                                 motion, vital for video production.
               pressed and time-expanded footage.
             ■ High-quality deinterlace function deinter-
               laces only those areas in which there is
               motion, preserving the highest resolution        After Effects for Macintosh ......................................................................................599.95
               integrity of the rest of the image wherever
               possible.                                        After Effects for Windows ........................................................................................599.95

             Equipment Leasing Available
                                       After Effects Production Bundle
  Adobe After Effects Production Bundle includes all of the features and functionality available in the standard version
  of the application as well as the following sets of advanced tools: Motion Pack, Keying Pack, Distortion Pack and
  Audio Pack. Projects that require complex motion control, more precise keying capabilities or time-varying distortion
  effects will benefit from the After Effects Production Bundle.

                                       Motion Pack                                                                                     Keying Pack
This set of advanced tools lets you create, delete, and manipulate keyframes to finely control                               ■ This set of advanced keying plug-ins is
motion in your animations. Includes:                                                                                           designed specifically for superior color-
                                                                                                                               screen removal and matte manipulation.
Keyframe Assistants, which allow groups of keyframes to be processed with algorithmic con-
trol, yielding a wide assortment of automatic motion and interpolation effects. Two examples                                 – Spill Suppressor: eliminate blue or green
of the power of Keyframe Assistants are Motion Tracking and Image Stabilization. For exam-                                     colors that reflect on the talent when
ple, computer-generated 2D and 3D graphics and video elements can be motion-synchro-                                           shooting in front of blue or green screens.
nized to video elements. The same type of footage can be digitally “steadied,” to remove jitter                              – Matte Choker: constrict the matte to cre-
using Image Stabilization.                                                                                                     ate a more natural edge between the per-
The Motion Pack also includes Motion Math, for writing custom motion control scripts                                           son or object and the background image.
using layers and properties as variables to generate sophisticated user-defined motion;                                      – Color Difference Key: create combina-
Smoother and Wiggler, which generate smoothing and wiggling motions; Easy Ease, which                                          tion mattes for superior control over hard-
generates automatic “ease in” and “ease out” of keyframes; Exponential Scale makes extend-                                     to-key images, like those with glass, water,
ed zoom effects appear more natural, and Time-Reverse Keyframes reverses a range of select-                                    or transparent regions containing smoke

ed keyframes in time without disturbing any other parameters.                                                                  or hair. Transforms the image into two
                                                                                                                               partial mattes based on the key color and
— Motion Tracker: Isolate and track the                 — Exponential Scale: Create natural-look-                              a contrasting color, and combines the two
  motion of a single element on a layer, and              ing zoom effects by changing linear scale                            mattes for high-quality keys
  then apply the keyframes generated to                   into exponential scale.
  another layer for a precise match.                                                                                         – Three types of linear keys (Linear Color,
                                                        —Motion Stabilizer: Isolate and track the
                                                                                                                               Extract and Difference Matte) to create
— Motion Math: Write and save new scripts                motion of a single element on a layer, and
                                                                                                                               clean, natural-looking composites by set-
  to manipulate the properties of one layer              then apply the keyframes to the same layer
                                                                                                                               ting a key criteria and then generating a
  in relation to those of another layer if you           to reduce unwanted motion.
                                                                                                                               range of transparency values based on how
  don't opt to use the prewritten scripts               —Wiggler: Apply smooth or jagged changes                               closely each pixel matches the criteria.
  included with the program.                             to any property over a range of keyframes,
— Smoother: Smooth a sketched motion                     so you can create random changes in                                 – Enjoy other keys including Color Range,
  path or any other path.                                color, motion, or other effects over time.                            Simple Choker, and Alpha Levels to
                                                                                                                               shrink, expand, adjust transparency of,
                                                                                                                               and remove the key color from, pre-exist-
                                    Distortion Pack                                                                            ing mattes generated from within After
This special set of effects plug-ins includes an enhanced user interface for greater control. All                              Effects or elsewhere.
can change over time, and all come with many controls and options for widely varied results
from a single effect. This pack includes Scatter, Wave Warp, Bulge, Glow, Corner Pin, Polar
Coordinates, Ripple, Twirl, Time Displacement, Displacement Map and Lightning.
                                                                                                                                        Audio Pack
                                                                                                                             ■ Add depth and character to a sound or
– Corner Pin lets you position four corners            – Displacement Map lets you displace pixels                             make a single voice or instrument sound
  anywhere in a layer you want them to be                on one layer to another layer to create a                             like many with Flange and Chorus.
  (and at any perspective). For example, to              range of effects.                                                   ■ Remove high and low frequencies to
  mirror a pattern from one layer on another                                                                                   enhance your sounds or create special
                                                       – Glow picks out the brighter pixels along
  layer and make it move around                                                                                                sound effects with High-Low Pass
                                                         the edge of an object and creates a diffuse
                                                         halo with them.                                                     ■ Produce a variety of echo and chorus
                                                                                                                               effects with the Modulator
                                                                                                                             ■ Simulate a spacious or acoustically live
                                                                                                                               interior with Reverb
 After Effects Production Bundle for Macintosh ....................................................1399.95                   ■ Create simple tonal sounds such as a door
 After Effects Production Bundle for Windows ....................................................1399.95                       bell or a cacophony of beeps with Tone.

                                                                                                           THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
                                                                               PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
             Realtime Paint and Effects Software
             Commotion DV is a professional image editing and effects program for digital
             video artists using a Mac or Windows NT system. With real-time video playback
             and familiar tools for cloning and touch-up, you can enhance any production

             without spending hours working in applications designed for static images.
             Commotion DV makes many time consuming tasks a snap.

              Software Playback Engine                              Image Editing and Effects
             ■ Realtime uncompressed playback of clips          ■ The creative tools in Commotion DV
               at any frame rate directly from RAM.                allow you to clone images from any frame
             ■ Indicator for frame rate to gauge play-
                                                                   and automatically paint over images for
               back speed. Partial sections of the frame           animated effects. Choose from hundreds
               can be selected and played.                         of textured and stylized brushes to create
                                                                   unique 2D animation. Quickly get rid of
             ■ A partial frame range can be loaded into            boom mics, wires, and dirt with the Wire
               RAM (virtual frames) and manipulated.               Removal Tool.
             ■ A portion of an image can be opened and          ■ Keying package includes color, luminance                     DV SnapShot

               manipulated, then inserted back into the            and difference keyers with independent          ■ Use DV SnapShot to preview your
               area of the picture from where it came.             controls and softness tolerances for individ-     images on a NTSC or PAL video moni-
                                                                   ual RGB/HSL variables.                            tor through your DV camera using DV
             ■ Supports independent frame rates (includ-
               ing 24/25/30 fps, 60-field NTSC and              ■ Image Manipulation: RGB and HSL con-               SnapShot. See exactly how your final
               PAL), image resolutions up to 768 x 576             trols, Levels, Lookup Tables, Brightness,         images look on video using the FireWire
               pixels, and bit depths of 1, 4, 8, 16, and          Contrast.                                         port on your Macintosh and any compat-
               32-bits per pixel.                                                                                    ible DV camera. DV SnapShot automat-
                                                                ■ Sophisticated channel-independent blurs,           ically compresses the image and displays
                       Matte Creation                              including Blur White and Blur Black .             it on the video monitor, eliminating any
             ■ Commotion DV includes a bezier spline            ■ Convolution Filters, Min and Max for               guesswork.
               to create an animated path. Use the roto-           choking mattes, and custom kernels.                       Rotospline Tool
               spline tool to isolate elements for color
                                                                ■ Matte Tools Build Min/Max allows for             ■ Rotosplines created at lower resolutions
               correction or to create an animated alpha
                                                                   garbage mattes to be generated that com-          can be automatically scaled to match
               channel that can be used in Commotion
                                                                   bine the minimum or maximum extension             higher resolution images. Ideal for mock-
               DV or other applications. Play the roto-
                                                                   of a matte over a frame range.                    ing up shapes at low resolution and then
               spline path back in real-time over video.
                                                                                                                     modifying them at full resolution.
              Speed is essential for an animated paint program, because the art of painting seamlessly over        ■ Advanced feathering capabilities can be
              time is made difficult by pops of different kinds that catch the eye. Having to render each            set to feather spline edges in/ out / or
              time you complete a set of paint strokes makes nailing your work down almost impossible.               centered on the spline.
              Being able to loop through a sequence at real time, or “rock and roll” back and forth over a         ■ Spline playback at accelerated rates over
              specific section, can make the difference between completing a shot in two hours or two                actual footage.
              days. By taking advantage of the affordability of RAM, Commotion DV loads as much of a
              clip as possible into assigned memory, and offers several ways to fit it in the way you want
              it. You can choose a smaller (in area), but longer (in time) clip by scaling the whole clip
              down or by only selecting a specific area to edit. You’re limited to working only on the sec-
              tion of the clip that is currently loaded into RAM, but there are many ways to cycle
              through more frames or parts of frames when you’re ready. When you render, the full
              frames are restored (as long as you haven’t scaled the clip or reduced colors), so this provides
              no ultimate limitations of time or size. It also accommodates people would want to use the
              software to print directly to video, and so it contains the option to play back full-screen, or
              against black, with leading and trailing frames and comments in the black area.

             Corporate Accounts Are Welcome
                                 PUFFIN DESIGNS
                                                                                                                            COMMOTION DV
                Paint Tools                                  Paint Options
■ Realtime Brush Maker enables brushes to             ■ Compositing allows for quick
   be made via keyboard short-cuts. Size and             previewing of composites or
   feather controls can be set interactively and         channel math while you paint.
   immediately used.                                     On-the-fly previews of com-

                                                         posites as you touch up matte
■ Auto-Paint can be used to repeat or ani-
                                                         edges. Paint onto a separate
   mate brushstrokes over a series of frames
                                                         layer so paint changes can be
   and create “Write on” and wiggle effects.                                                                 Super Clone Brush allows cloning between various files
                                                         saved as separate files for com-
   Save your strokes and reuse them later.                                                                   and differing frames in a clip.
                                                         positing at a later stage.
■ Other Paint tools include: Pencil, Paint
                                                      ■ Onion Skinning for reference                                    ■ Frame or Field based painting modes allow
   and Air Brush, Bucket, Gradient, Eraser,
                                                         to past paint frames as lower opacity over-                      for realtime field specific painting without
   Eye Dropper, Blur/Sharpen, Dodge/Burn,
                                                         lays. Settings permit multiple frames to be                      any rendering.
   Smudge. Marquee and Lasso.
                                                         displayed at varying opacities.
■ Wacom pen tablet support for size and                                                                                 ■ Independent Red, Green, Blue, and Alpha,
                                                      ■ Overlay Mask view with selectable color                           and simultaneous RGBA painting.
   pressure values. Magic Wand with RGB
                                                         and opacity.
   and HSV independent tolerance controls


Professional Light Effects and Lens Flares
Created by ILM Visual Effects Supervisor John Knoll (Star Wars Special
Edition, Mission Impossible, Star Trek First Contact), Knoll Light
Factory allows you to create lighting effects and lens flares with an
unprecedented level of precision and control. Stop using canned lens flares
that are easily recognized as computer-generated effects. Light Factory
allows you to build your own custom lighting effects and flares using a
series of Lens Primitives modeled after professional camera lenses. By
combining multiple Lens Primitives you can match nearly any lens flare
from source footage or create completely original light effects. Lasers, suns,
flares, explosions, bursts, and "photon torpedoes" are just a few of the included preset flares created by John Knoll to meet
his production challenges.

■ Lens Primitives are chosen from a popup menu and combined in                             ■ Auto Obscuration automatically hides and reveals a lens flare as a
  any order or quantity to create the lens effect. Each primitive can                            light source moves behind another object. Set the auto obscuration
  be selected and its attributes edited in the Primitive Editor. Lens                            layer as either an RGB or Alpha channel from a layer within After
  Primitives range from familiar glows and spikes to newly-fashioned                             Effects, then watch the intensity of the effect automatically adjust
  Chroma Hoops, Panavision Stripes, and Aperture Reflections --                                  to compensate for the obscuration. Animate the flare's tint auto-
  artifacts commonly seen in real lens photography.                                              matically to simulate translucent obscuration by multicolored
                                                                                                 objects, such as light passing behind a stained glass window.
■ Auto Track automatically animates a lens flare's light source loca-
  tion based on the alpha of another layer. Render out a small dot                         ■ In addition to creating lens flares, Lens Flare Pro also includes
  into an alpha channel from a 3D application, then watch Light                                  Adobe After Effects interface controls for efficient integration of
  Factory automatically animate the lens flare to follow its move-                               flares into your composites. The ElectricImage plug-in allows for
  ment. Highlights and light sources can be automatically tracked                                intensity control based on Z-depth, as well as amazing lighting
  without any keyframes!                                                                         effects when used in conjunction with visible light rays.

  Commotion DV ........................................................649.95              Light Factory ..............................................................299.95

                                                                                                       THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
                                                                           PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
             Compositing Plug-in Tool for Adobe After Effects (Macintosh Only)
             Composite Wizard empowers you to seamlessly integrate images for professional-quality composites, Tattered edges, poor
             matte extractions, improper focal depth cues, or unbalanced color schemes are a thing of the past. Composite Wizard
             allow you to automate color correction effects, blur or feather edge borders, and clean up unwanted artifacts.

             With superior quality, more control, and faster processing, Composite Wizard competes with high-end compositing sys-
             tems costing six figures and more. The ideal complement to keying solutions such as Primatte Keyer, or visual effects
             packages like Adobe After Effects and Puffin’s Commotion.

              Some of the Filters Included

                Composite Color Matcher                               Matte Feather Sharp                              Super Compound Blur
             Automatically adjust a clip’s colors to match     Feather and blur the edge of a layer with hard    Super Compound Blur extends the power of
             the composite environment by blending its         geometric and compound lines without los-         Super Blur to allow the blur intensity to be
             tonal and exposure ranges .                       ing its geometric shape. Edge Feather Sharp       set by a control layer, such as a layer’s lumi-
                                                               uses algorithms specifically designed to main-    nance or individual R, G, B, A channel.
                  Miracle Alpha Cleaner                        tain hard edges while feathering them.            When used with a control layer created with
             Zap grain, fill holes, and other problem key                                                        Deluxe Edge Finder, incredibly realistic com-
                                                                        Super Rack Focus

             areas in your matte that would otherwise                                                            posites with ultra subtle edge integration can
             require separate manual touch-ups. Miracle        Super Rack Focus brings Z-buffer control to       be synthesized.
             Alpha Cleaner is like a detergent that applies    the Super Blur algorithm, allowing for the
             a cleanup pass to your alpha, identifying dirt    creation of realistic depth of field simulation               Matte Feather
             and other artifacts based on a combination of     when a Z-buffer or "depth map" is available.      Create a gradual change (feathering) from
             their size, alpha level, and proximity to the     Depth Maps created in a 3D application can        opaque to transparent at the edge of a layer's
             principal element.                                determine the distance from the camera to         alpha. Correct dirty or tattered layer edges, or
                                                               different points within a clip. Super Rack        use to soften a hard edge from a CG object,
                           Light Wrap                          Focus can then reference this depth map to        making it fit into an organic scene.
             Light Wrap solves one of the trickiest chal-      progressively blur an image as it recedes in
             lenges of compositing — creating the illusion     space away from the viewer. By animating the                     Spill Killer
             that light from the background layer is being     virtual camera parameters within Super Rack       Eliminate blue or green spill on the fringe of
             reflected onto the foreground layer, as if they   Focus, the feel of a camera operator changing     your composite elements, even those with
             were photographed in the same environment.        focus as a scene progresses can be created        fine detail or motion blur. Neutralize the blue
             Wrap light around the edges of a foreground       with startling realism.                           or green contaminated pixels without harm-
             object so it appears lit from the environment                                                       ing the underlying color and eliminate the
             reflecting onto it, creating a more convincing               Smooth Screen                          traces of a visual effects shot.
             composite.                                        Apply a "smoothing" effect over your blue or
                                                               green screen to reduce lighting and surface                       Zone HLS
                             Edge Blur                         variances. Smooth Screen compares pixels to       Take control of your image’s Hue, Saturation
             Correct tattered edges and generate graphics      the target keying color, and corrects them to     and Lightness color components based on
             that make animations and text look more           smooth out the blue or green screen before        tonal range including highlights, mid-tones,
             organic and photo-realistic. Blend and inte-      keying.                                           or shadow areas. Return image colors to the
             grate multiple images easily with Wizard’s                       Super Blur                         desired level, after multiple filter passes.
             Super Blur algorithm, ensuring faster and         Experience the quality normally only associat-
             higher quality blurring.                          ed with a Gaussian blur filter, at up to five               Wire/Rig Zapper
                                                               times the speed. Now use blurs whenever you       Eliminate wires and unwanted objects from a
                     Deluxe Edge Finder                        want, without the tremendous performance          scene by either cloning or stitching pixels
             Create a precise border along a layer’s alpha     hit on your workflow. The unique Super Blur       together from the surrounding areas. Zap
             channel, which when used as a control layer       algorithm is used to accelerate the perform-      stage rigging from a blue or green screen
             will allow you to control the exposure, color     ance of many of the effects in Composite          shot, eliminating unwanted objects prior to
             balance, sharpness, and transparency of the       Wizard, well beyond the threshold of tradi-       keying. Synthesize replacement pixels over
             composite’s edge.                                 tional filters.                                   film scratches or video dropouts.

             7-Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
                                PUFFIN DESIGNS
                                                                                                                                      PRIMATTE KEYER
Create Spectacular Mattes Every Time
Previously only available for high-end professional workstations, Primatte Keyer for Adobe After Effects enables you to extract miraculous keys
from any color background. Say goodbye to imprecise edges, incorrect transparency levels, and blue spills on your composites. Primatte Keyer
allows you to select foreground or background areas of your images and reduce edge spill and transparency problems – all directly in the After
Effects composite window.

             Overcome Your Workflow Challenges                                                                  Revolutionary Patented Technology
Not all bluescreen conditions are as ideal as those in software demos.                              Primatte Keyer makes perfect mattes possible through a unique,
Complications such as uneven lighting, subtle shadows and edge light                                patented process called the Primatte Polyhedral Slicing Algorithm.
contamination ("spill") make matte creation tough. Even when the screen                             Join the ranks of professionals who’ve been using Primatte for

is perfectly lit, transparent objects like water, smoke, glass, hair, and                           years on feature films and high profile television programs and
motion-blurred edges are almost impossible to capture without tireless                              commercials—the power and ease of the Primatte Keyer will take
hours of additional image processing and trial & error. Primatte Keyer                              you beyond what you previously thought was possible.
overcomes all of these workflow challenges. It’s fast. It will give you fan-
                                                                                                    Primatte Keyer ..........................................................569.95
tastic results and its simple user interface makes it a pleasure to use.

Style Tools for Jazzing Up Your Images
Image Lounge is a set of over 20 filters for After Effects to make dynamic images or motion text. Replicate natural elements like fire, smoke, and
water. Add realistic touches using shadows, displacement, color mapping, and accurate camera blur. Create text effects such as animated type-
writer text and credit rolls. Image Lounge is a must-have for anyone wanting to add creative visual effects with amazing ease.

     Alpha, Borders, Colors                                        Effect Blender                                             ■ Create a nearly endless variety of fire
                                                                                                                                  effects, including solar flares, napalm
■ Quickly make circular, curved, or linear           ■ Apply effects to a controlled region of a                                  explosions, smoky oil fires, or an inferno.
  alpha ramps directly in the alpha of your             layer. Build up your text, color treatment,
  current effect – without the need to create           and other effects, then use the Blender to                            ■ Simulate mirages, heat waves, jet washes,
  additional matte layers. Create text transi-          apply the finished results to the region.                                 and other thermal-currents that may cause
  tions or wipes and add to a gradation from                                                                                      distortion patterns within your effect shot.
  transparent to opaque to any effect.                                                                                        ■ Camera Blur replicates the blurred look
                                                                   Fractal Effects                                                from out-of-focus images shot with real
■ Add style and dynamic movement to your
  otherwise static graphic elements.                 ■ Create realistic fire, smoke, fog, tornadoes,                              35mm camera. Creates realistic lens arti-
  Synthesize outline, edge, or inline shapes            and distortion field animations with total                                facts, simulating the path that light takes
  on the border of your images.                         control of parameters to synthesize literal-                              through a real lens.
                                                        ly thousands of incredible effects.
■ Color an image using a pair of sophisticat-                                                                                 ■ TrueCamera Rack Focus lets you mimic
  ed color blend ramps. Stylize your footage         ■ Make puffy, cumulus, nimbus, or glassy                                     the feel of a camera operator changing
  with bold color treatments, add duotone               stratosphere clouds. Also, create oceans,                                 focus as a scene progresses can be created
  and tritone style colorization, or create edi-        water falls, rivers, and other water surfaces,                            with startling realism.
  torial transitions.                                   complete with ripples and reflections.

 Composite Wizard ..................................................569.95                Image Lounge ..........................................................569.95

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                                                                             PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
             Film Simulator Plug-in for Adobe Effects
             Cinelook is a revolutionary tool that takes any video, computer animation, film-
             scan or photo and allows you to add grain, correct color and add film artifacts
             like dust, scratches, stains, hair and more.

             Cinelook is designed for video producers who needs to match video footage or
             3D animation with film footage or to get that "film look” by
             adding film-grain to video or computer and cel animation. It
             can also reduce film grain to better integrate scenes in film
             production. Cinelook allows you to take any video footage (S-
             VHS, Hi-8, Betacam SP, DV) and make it look like film by
             emulating all of the popular film-stocks and performing
             advanced color correction. It uses the enhanced timing con-
             trols in After Effects to convert 30 fps footage to 24 fps in
             order to simulate 35mm and 16mm film, and 12 fps for 8mm
             film. This process in known as "inverse-telecine" and is integral
             to achieving the "film look”. CineLook uses several other tech-
             nologies, including StockMatch, which adds grain to the RGB
             channels separately, Chromamatch, its color matching and correction system, and TimeMatch its
             advanced time matching system. (Much more sophisticated than After Effects, TimeMatch allows CineLook to create a
             softer, more filmic appearance to video footage than what can be achieved by AE.).
             Cinelook is available in two versions, Broadcast and Film Res. Broadcast is limited to a resolution of 768 x 576 pixels (D1). The Film Res ver-

             sion adds a de-grain filter, a hardware key and works up to 4K by 4K resolution.


                     Emulate Real Film Stock                                                           Deluxe Interface
             ■ Simply import your footage from any source and             ■ CineLook plugs directly into your application. The revolutionary CineLook inter-
               apply the CineLook plug-in. Emulation of over                 face gives you an excellent set of controls in which to work, or you can use the
               50 different film stocks is already built-in.                 standard interfaces of After Effects, Avid or Flame – whichever environment you
               Delivered complete with 30 of the most common                 find most comfortable. The CineLook interface gives the appearance and func-
               film-stocks, plus 20 more special effects settings            tions similar to a traditional telecine device.
               including 8mm color & BW, 16mm color & BW,
                                                                          ■ Whether you are working directly in your editing and compositing application
               several 35mm film stocks and several special effects
                                                                             or exporting to a CineLook compatible system, you can make footage from
               settings. Customize any or all of the parameters
                                                                             any system look like film. CineLook is especially adept at taking DV format,
               using StockMatch and ChromaMatch to get the
                                                                             Beta SP or animation footage and matching it to your film-based footage.
               exact film look you want. Anything that you create
               can be saved and reapplied to other footage at any
               time, so you don’t have to worry about matching
               footage from many different sources. Naturally, the                                       ChromaMatch
               better the source quality, the better the results          ■ The color matching portion of CineLook, Chromamatch, is based on a color
                                                                             curve manipulation system. Each of the curves has 7 control points for changing
                                                                             the color values in a highly accurate manner. In the interface, you can choose
                              StockMatch                                     both hue, saturation and brightness controls and red, green and blue color con-
             ■ StockMatch is a microscopic stochastic film-grain             trols.
               emulator that allows you to match ANY film stock           ■ With ChromaMatch, 3D footage can be accurately matched to film stocks, an
               with ease! Grain can be added to either the red,              important step forward in the attempt to have 3D imagery blend seamlessly
               green and blue channels separately or to 3 different          with video and film footage.
               brightness layers to accurately emulate any film
               stock (those currently available and those that            ■ Control the color interactively using ChromaMatch’s "Photoshop Variations"
               haven’t been invented). You can save all settings as          style tool, a "Photoshop Curves" type of controls or simply use the standard
               a preset, or modify existing presets.                         After Effects sliders - the choice is yours!

             Corporate Accounts Are Welcome
                  Film Damage                                  If you are an independent movie producer, CineLook is a great tool to get your
■ A unique film artifact generator called FilmDamage is        work "in the door". As you may know, distributors will rarely review any material
  another component of the CineLook package.                   that was shot on video. But CineLook gives you a creative edge.
  FilmDamage specializes in taking your video and giv-
                                                               Why pay ridiculous service bureau prices?
  ing it the look of deteriorated film. Everything that

  you would expect to see on old, decaying film can            There are service bureaus that offer a similar effect as CineLook, but at upward of
  easily be emulated. It uses a database of real film arti-    $85 per minute. Most force you to buy a minimum of ten minutes. You also have
  facts, which creates a completely realistic effect. Over     no control over the look. What you get is what you get. If you don't like, they can
  30 parameters allow you to customize the effect to           run it again... at $85/minute. Compared to these rates, CineLook is a real bargain.
  your liking. Add duotone, dust, hair, dirt, stains,          You will save thousands of dollars the first time you use it. Plus, you can control
  scratches, flicker, uneven focus, film sprocket jitter       all aspects of the effect, including 30 to 24 fps conversion (inverse-telecine look).
  and even a trapped hair to simulate a more realistic         Check out a typical service bureau for more information about their services.
  film appearance. You can even save your settings as a
  preset! FilmDamage uses both algorithmically created
  artifacts and digitized material to create its effect,
  completing the full simulation of film. With
  FilmDamage, vintage footage is just a few clicks away.
■ CineLook also helps 3D animations look more film-           Tools for Simulating Film Motion, Controlling Noise and More
  like and blend more smoothly with film back-
  grounds. Importantly it enables animators to both           CineMotion is a set of 10 plug-ins for After Effects MacOS that allows you to take
  remove film grain from old film footage (with               any video footage (S-VHS, Hi-8, Betacam, DV) and make it move like film, reduce
  CineMotion, CineLooks companion product) and                or enhance grain, diminish interlace flicker, create film-aspect ratios, perform poster-

  add film-grain to newly rendered images, making it          ization effects and lessen color banding artifacts.
  possible to match computer-generated animations             All plug-ins have presets, so you can get started quickly. You can also save your own
  with existing film in graininess. Film, especially old      presets, and trade them with others or use the on other projects. CineMotion was
  film, is typically laden with grain -- an inevitable        designed to allow video producers to give thier productions the motion of film with
  kind of visual "background noise" that is inherent in       complete flexibility and control.CineMotion is a great companion to DigiEffects
  the medium of film. In fact, grain is part of what          award-winning product, CineLook. The Film Motion plug-in creates a much
  helps people recognize film as film, and computer-          enhanced version of the standard 3:2 pulldown for After Effects.
  generated images devoid of grain look too "perfect"
  to pass for film footage.                                   ■ Film Motion— CineMotion simulates                        ■ Grain Reducer—Reduces the apparent
                                                                the effect of telecine transfer from film                  graininess and noise in images using 10
■ CineLook essentially enables producers to add cer-
                                                                to video. Film Motion performs a                           different reduction algorithms, all fully
  tain imperfections to achieve a more realistic film-
                                                                sophisticated simulation of 24 frame-                      controllable.
  like appearance to thier productions. CineLook will
                                                                per-second film playing on 60 field-per-                 ■ Selective RGB Noise - Allows you to
  help all kinds of computer-generated animations
                                                                second video. Choose from 8 different                      control exactly where to place mono-
  look more like what audiences expect from film.
                                                                film-motion simulators, from general                       chrome or RGB noise in an image,
  Producers and animators who have struggled in the
                                                                purpose to key-frameable motion blurs.                     based on the Red, Green and Blue
  past to drop thier carefully constructed 3D anima-
  tions onto background film, only to experience the          ■ Adaptive Noise — Allows you to place                       brightness values of the source image.
  disappointment of seeing the animations as sterile-           RGB or monochrome noise is areas of                      ■ Selective HSB Noise - Allows you to
  looking images floating against the grainy back-              flat color, creating an organic liveliness                 control exactly where to place mono-
  ground, will be blown away with what CineLook can             in an otherwise flat image, without loss                   chrome, RGB or HSB noise in an image
  help them create.                                             of detail.                                                 based on the Hue, Saturation and
                                                              ■ Banding Reducer— Reduces the effect                        Brightness values of the source image.
                                                                of smooth-color regions that occur with                  ■ Selective RGB Posterize - Allows you to
 TimeMatch — Simulate the Shutter
                                                                color correction effects (like CineLook's                  add posterization (also known as color
          Blur of Film!                                         Chromamatch) and certain compression                       banding) of an image through the Red,
■ Film is captured using a rotating shutter that takes a        algorithms.                                                Green and Blue channels independent-
  relatively long exposure at a rate of 24 times a sec-       ■ Interlace Aliasing Reducer - Reduces the                   ly.
  ond. On the other hand, video uses an electronic              apparent flicker that may occur when                     ■ Selective HSB Posterize - Allows you to
  CCD and captures an image every 1/60th of a sec-              using 3:2 pulldown within After Effects,                   add posterization (also known as color
  ond. This difference in capture rates causes film to          and some of the algorithms in Film                         banding) of an image based on the
  have a more organic and "slurred" look. CineLook              Motion. Flicker occurs with non-                           Hue, Saturation and Brightness chan-
  allows you to control this aspect of film with ease           organic images (like cars and buildings),                  nels independently.
  using TimeMatch's "Time Slur" controls, which add             and computer generated footage.                          ■ Letterbox - Create cinematic aspect
  an enhanced motion blur to the video footage.                                                                            ratios, quickly and easily.

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                                                                        PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
             Berserk is an awesome set of incredibly useful and creative After Effects tools for Windows
             NT machines. An all new pack of 20 award-winning special effects, Beserk offers atmos-

             pheric effects including StarField and FogBank, distortions including Perspectron and
             Cyclowarp, and stylistic effects like VanGoughist and Night/Bloom. One of the 20 plug-
             ins is called Blizzard. Like its name, Blizzard uses a particle system to create a simulated
             snow storm. You can adjust the number of flakes, speed and size of the flakes, lilt amount,
             gravity and the opacity of the flakes. You can simulate light snow or full blizzards. By
             combining Blizzard with other filters, you can create interesting animated textures.
             Beserk for Macintosh or Windows NT ..................................................................................................................................................249.95

                                                                 An amazing set of plug-ins for After Effects, Delirium has over 45 separate tools that

                                                                 will make your video and motion graphics work stand out. Create natural phenomenon
                                                                 like snow storms with flakes that fall naturally on any logo or image. Or generate spec-
                                                                 tacular particle-based fire and smoke as well as lens flares, motion graphic elements, gun
                                                                 muzzle flashes, lighting effects and much more!

                                         Fire                                                                                     Delirium Features
              Fire has to be one of the most requested                              ■ Delirium gives you the power to create                            ■ Image processing effects include Day For
              plug-ins of all time. This is probably why                                fire-engulfed logos, snow falling on any                           Night which simulates all kinds of photo-
              there are so many fire plug-ins available and                             image, rain, smoke and much more! You                              graphic color filters. Solarize simulates
              even more tutorials on how to create fire                                 can simulate electrical arcs, blurs, video                         photographic processing effects. Glower
              with general purpose particle systems.                                    malfunctions, photographic effects and a                           creates a glow around an image with inter-
              The fire style is a “raging inferno” type of                              whole lot more! Create amazing three-                              esting compositing effects. Retinal Bloom
              fire with flames flicking upwards from the                                dimensional effects with the unique TILT                           simulates in-camera glowing effects.
              burning object. This can make a nice torch                                3D plug-in tools that allow you to insert
                                                                                                                                                        ■ All plug-ins can save, load and modify
              burning effect. Delirium Fire is a particle                               3D models directly into your composi-
                                                                                                                                                           presets. No need to navigate to find a pre-
              based algorithm in contrast to other fire                                 tions without using a full-blown 3D
                                                                                                                                                           set - just click the pop-up! Each plug-in
              effects with are procedural-noise based.                                  application. Create amazing multi-colored
                                                                                                                                                           has several presets to get you started
              Delirium’s Fire will have a much more                                     gradients with the MultiGradient tool in
                                                                                                                                                           quickly. FireWorks creates amazing
              organic and realistic appearance due to the                               many different shapes. Create unique
                                                                                                                                                           pyrotechnic displays automatically – it’s
              particle system simulation. “Organic Levels”                              mask and colorization effects – everything
                                                                                                                                                           an AutoAnimate plug-in. It can create
              is an important control — it adds additional                              is animatable!
                                                                                                                                                           spectacular spherical explosions complete
              layers of fire with all of the same control set-                      ■ Many of the plug-ins AutoAnimate,                                    with sparkly trails quickly and easily. Lens
              tings, but it creates slightly different values.                          meaning the many of the plug-ins will                              Flares allows you to create hundreds of
              Each additional level will slow the render                                begin to animate as soon as they are                               lens flare effects by defining the glow, flare
              times, so use sparingly. This will give you                               applied to an image, meaning you no                                and reflective properties. You can also
              additional levels of fire with the same gener-                            longer have to tweak parameters to get                             Tint and obscure the lens flare behind the
              al look, but the various layers of fire will                              quick results.                                                     alpha of an object.
              have individual characteristics.

              Delirium for Macintosh..........................................................................................................................................................................429.95

             We are on the web at:
                                                                                   PLUG-INS for AFTER EFFECTS
Simulates an old-movie, complete with grain, dust, hair, frame jitter, luminance distortion,
colorizing, and scratches. This is great for use in music videos, and entering your video into
those film-only contests. No one can tell the difference! You can make your film as clean or

dirty as you want. Use the 3:2 pull down to create the correct film frame rate. Increase the
quality for a smoother looking grain. Comes with 26 cool special effects filters including
AgedFilm 2, VideoLook 2, Earthquake 2 and Turbulent Flow 2. Definitely a must-have set.

 Aurorix for Macintosh or Windows NT ................................................................................................................................................249.95

                                 Cyclonist (pronounced "sigh-clone-ist") is a new organic particle effects generator in the
                                 form of a plug-in filter for After Effects. It allows you to create a broad range of organic
                                 particle effects, like fire, snow, painterly styles, bubbles, animated sketches and more! You
                                 can create animated textures and moving masks. You can simulate many different types

                                 of natural phenomenon and generate artistic media effects. All parameters are animatable
                                 over time, so you have full control of the look of the effect. Cyclonist ships with over 100
different Presets and over 160 different stroke images.
You start with a Preset, and modify it with over 60 parameters. You can then render your effect and save your new style
as a Preset for use in other projects. Cyclonist offers full anti-aliasing for smooth images and motion.
Cyclonist ships on a CD-ROM full of sample movies, sample projects, tips and techniques, tutorials, free sample textures
from TextureFarm and ArtBeats, cool and useful shareware, and demos from companies like Equilibrium.

Over 100 Animated Presets                                              Visual Preset/Stroke Picker                                              Interactive Documentation
Start with a preset like Fire, OilPaint,                             Visually choose your stroke or preset with a                             The electronic documentation show movies
Charcoal or Molecules. Import your own                               dialog, or use the quick reference card.                                 for each feature of Cyclonist. This makes
imagery, modify the parameters and render                                                                                                     learning the basic concepts behind Cyclonist
a movie. Save your own and trade them                                                                                                         fun and easy. You can also print any page, or
with others!                                                           63 Animatable Parameters                                               the entire document for easier reading.
                                                                     Every control is fully animatable. Use the                               Complete graphical Tutorial gets you up to
                                                                     powerful key-framing capabilities built into                             speed in only minutes.
    Over 160 Stroke Images                                           After Effects to generate completely unique
Mix and match the Presets with any stroke                            and customizable effects. Parameters can
image. You can even create your own, they                            also be controlled via still images and                                             Lots of Samples
can be in color and they can be animated!                            movies.                                                                  Ships with great samples to inspire you and
                                                                                                                                              show you the range of effect that Cyclonist
                                                                                                                                              can achieve. Also includes sample projects
       Quick Reference Card                                              Built In Mini-Help System                                            showing simple through advanced aspects of
Full color, reference card explains all param-                       A full-color electronic quick reference is                               Cyclonist. An easy way to learn how the fil-
eters. Shows color samples of different inter-                       accessible directly from within the filter so                            ter works.
action modes and alpha modes. Displays the                           getting started is easy.
most commonly used stroke images.

 Cyclonist for Macintosh ........................................................................................................................................................................429.95

                                                                                                                            THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
                                                                                                PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
             Accelerated Effects Hardware and Software
             At the forefront of today’s desktop video revolution, ICE brings high performance capabilities to industry-standard tools
             like After Effects, Commotion, Cinelook and ICE’s own Final Effects Complete for After Effects. Fueled by an insatiable
             demand for eye-grabbing graphics, ICE’s unique multi-processing hardware and software products enable design profes-

             sionals to create top-quality content on the desktop faster and more cost-effective than ever.
             With ICE, a render that used to take an hour now only takes a few minutes — and the quality is so good that it’s
             impossible to tell that the effect was not in fact created on a system costing ten times more. ICE also allows you to create
             visual effects right within your workflow, so you have the tools (and the time) to try and retry various looks. ICE also
             brings its powerful hardware to video compression and distribution solutions like Media Cleaner Pro to speed delivery of
             content in a variety of digital media formats including video, film, DVDs, CD-ROM’s and the web.

             Hardware Accelerator Cards for ICE’d Effects
             The BlueICE video processing hardware is the cornerstone for the ICE family of graphics-intensive visual effects and

             media compression tools. With four Phillips TriMedia 1300 processors, the Basic BlueICE card has a combined comput-
             er power that exceeds a workstation with multiple 400 MHz Pentium processors. When applications get “ICE’d” they
             take advantage of BlueICE’s multi-processing hardware to achieve performance gains of 2X to 50X compared with un-
             ICE’d software. As a result, visual effects are rendered faster and files are compressed faster, so you have more time to
             explore creative options and streamline your workflow.
             ■ The Basic BlueICE board works in both Mac and Windows NT                ■ With eight TriMedia processors, Ultra BlueICE hardware delivers
               systems and includes an interface to support an optional BlueICE          up to twice the speed of Basic BlueICE for the ultimate in perform-
               SDI video daughter card. Basic BlueICE is also field-upgradable to        ance — creating stunning graphics and publishing digital video for
               Ultra BlueICE with a simple snap-on daughter card.                        broadcast, CD-ROM or web distribution.

             BLUEICE SDI                        Video Daughter Card
             A revolutionary option for uncompressed video capture and playback, BlueICE SDI Video daughter card attaches to
             either Basic or UltraBlue cards eliminating the need for extra PCI slots devoted to video cards. The BlueICE SDI Video
             card provides SMPTE 259M video capture direct to disk. It provides frame-accurate deck control and captures
             QuickTime compatible media.

             ■ Real-time capture of SMPTE 259M video          ■ QuickTime format for seamless integration      ■ Frame-accurate VCR control through the
               from your tape deck, fully integrated within     with your After Effects projects.                remote serial port VCR control software.
               the After Effects environment.                                                                    Capture the exact footage you want to work
                                                              ■ Video monitor output for viewing during
                                                                                                                 within your After Effects project. The deck
             ■ Uncompressed video footage is stored             creative iterations. When you are satisfied
                                                                                                                 control interface for capture and upload is
               directly to disk with no compromise in           with the results, you can layoff directly to
                                                                                                                 integrated right into the After Effects user
               video quality.                                   tape — uncompressed and real-time — all
                                                                from within the After Effects environment.

             Most Orders Shipped Within 24 Hours
                                                                                                            AFTER EFFECTS On ICE
The Ultimate in Motion Graphics and Visual Effects Performance
Taking the industry’s leading desktop compositing tool to the next level, After Effects ‘On Ice’ provides blink-of-the-eye interactive responsive-
ness and lightning fast rendering across the entire application, not just with plug-in special effects filters. It gives you freedom to experiment in
any compositing task, to perfect the right look, to complete more projects, and most important, to gain a vital edge. Along with a palette of
awesome ICE effects, a must-have tool for After Effects users, AE on ICE adds performance where it is needed most— the core AE functionality

of Geometrics, Compositing, and Motion Blur. So no matter if you are creating simple composites or intensive special-effects projects, AE On
ICE will forever change the way you and all artists work in After Effects. AE On ICE available in two versions: Basic and Ultra Edition.
BASIC EDITION includes Basic BlueICE board, After Effects Production Bundle, ICE’d After Effects Application and ICEfx —ICE’s
own award-winning tool set for After Effects.

ULTRA EDITION adds Ultra BlueICE hardware for the most powerful graphics performance available on the desktop. It also includes
an assortment of popular plug-in applications for After Effects which have been ICE’d. These include an ICE’d DigiEffects CineLook,
ICE’d Final Effects Complete and ICE’d Edges.

■ Watch your productivity rocket due to                                                                     ICEfx for After Effects
   unparalleled performance. After Effects on
   ICE delivers 3- 7x the performance of an               ■ Maximize visual impact with an incredible                        ■ For fast color correction and even finer
   un-ICE’D Macintosh or NT workstation                      palette of super-fast ICE effects. Create                          control, ICEfx Color Correction adds
   when animating position, scale, and rota-                 superb motion graphics and visual effects                          keyframable color effects through five

   tion with Motion Blur applied.                            every time with powerful compositing                               powerful correction tools. Keyframe func-
                                                             capabilities and uncompromising anima-                             tionality allows editors to more easily cor-
■ Eliminate time consuming conversion                        tion control and precision. Includes over                          rect for subtle changes within a shot such
   steps by flawlessly importing projects                    50 filters to get exactly “the look” you                           as sunlight or hotspots. For even more
   from popular applications such as Adobe                   need. For example the power of ICE’d                               control has gamma, pedestal, and gain
   Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere. Also                 Blur is endless; effect entire clips, individ-                     control for each of the RGB channels.
   read and write QuickTime, OMF, and                        ual color channels, spot blurs or horizontal
                                                                                                                             ■ Accelerate Ultimatte’s blue and green
   numerous other formats seamlessly.                        blurs on titles and keys. Unique effects
                                                                                                                                screen compositing with ICE’d perform-
                                                             such as ICE’d Water Waves, LightBlast and
                                                                                                                                ance. ICE hardware provides the fastest
■ Optional SDI I/O for uncompressed                          Lenstar bring new possibilities to the pro-
                                                                                                                                rendering of Ultimatte’s Grain and Screen
   capture and playback with no additional                   duction environment.
                                                                                                                                Correction modules.
   PCI slots required.

After Effects On ICE Basic Edition:                                                            After Effects On ICE Ultra Edition:
Includes Basic BlueICE board, AE Production Bundle, ICE’d AE                                   Includes Ultra BlueICE board, AE Production Bundle, ICE’d AE
Application and ICEfx for AE.............................................Call                  Application, ICEfx for AE, ICE’d CineLook, ICE’d Final Effects
                                                                                               Complete and ICE’d Edges........................................................Call

 Compositors and animators are constantly striving for better per-                              The BlueICE hardware uses parallel-processing technology to spread
 formance from their machines. New software packages offer more                                 the computational workload out across four (Basic BlueICE) or
 features and improved toolsets, but place greater demands on their                             eight (Ultra BlueICE) powerful Philips Trimedia DSP chips specifi-
 computer hosts. In the compositing world, powerful programs like                               cally designed for the task. This takes the burden off of the system's
 After Effects can eat up CPU cycles in wholesale quantity, especially                          CPU, clearing up processing and I/O bottlenecks that can stall soft-
 when creating sophisticated effects sequences with multiple layers                             ware performance.
 and complex masking and filters.
 Rendering time is affected by three factors — the number and types                             BlueICE is unique in that works in either a Mac or PC. This is
 of filters applied to a layer, the settings of those filters, and the host                     because the BlueICE is not a general-purpose accelerator but rather
 system's CPU speed. The more layers involved, and the more filters                             a high-performance rendering engine that requires the compositing
 applied to those layers, the slower the process — and performing                               program to use specially written (ICEd) filters to take advantage of
 field-rendering for greater detail can more than double this time.                             its optimized hardware acceleration.

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                                                                                PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
             Make Your Video Look Like Film
             You could spend a ton of money on a professional service bureau.You could get a whole slew of new
             sophisticated hardware. You could do a lot of expensive, time-consuming things to get your video to look
             like film. Or, you could see things differently, with ICE’d CineLook, the ICE’d version of the acclaimed

             DigiEffects CineLook filter.(See full description on page 902) Grain. Color adjustments. Film artifacts.
             You can have all 50 of CineLook’s common film presets at your disposal. All with hair-raising rendering
             speeds that are 5 to 10 times faster. So you can create just about any film effect your heart desires. Add
             them to any type of footage, from video to computer animation, to film-scans, to photos, and your most
             creative, original thoughts are suddenly transformed to look like film.

             ICE'D COMMOTION
             ICE’d Commotion speeds the core functions within Puffin Designs’ Commotion including motion tracking, stabilization, corner pinning, and
             special effects—from 2 to 50 times faster. The kind of speed that gives you time to add exquisite finishing touches you previously had to pass
             on. It provides a seamless way to read and write OMF media files used by Avid’s Symphony, Media Composer, Xpress systems, thereby giving
             non-linear editors who work with Avid systems access to the popular Commotion system and its high-end paint, rotoscoping and playback
             capabilities. And for existing ICE users, ICE’d Commotion brings another upshot of predictivity with yet another major application in the
             workflow that leverages your BlueICE hardware investment.

             ■ ICE’d version of 14 software effects           ■ ICE’d Motion Tracker                           ■ ICE’d Geometric Properties

               included in Commotion 2.0
                                                              ■ ICE’d Stabilization Module                     ■ OMF Reader/Writer
             ■ ICE’d Corner Pin

                                        The Ultimate in Motion Graphics and Visual Effects
                                        Broadcast, commercial films, advertising, promotions, even training programs — it doesn’t matter, grabbing
                                        and holding the attention of viewers is a tough business. More and more these days creative special effects are
                                        an integral part of effective visual entertainment and communication. A premium set of 60 effects, Final
                                        Effects Complete (FEC) is one of the most comprehensive and powerful set of Adobe After Effects plug-ins
                                        ever created. (See full description on page 910) Now use a super-charged version of FEC that uses the multipro-
                                        cessing power of ICE hardware to accelerate effects from 10x to 50x faster. Use ICE’d FEC effects like Particle
                                        Effects to simulate rain, drizzle, snow, fire,smoke, bubbles, liquid mercury distortions, and explosions. Use
                                        powerful stylized and distortion effects such as ICE’d Flo Motion and ICE’d Smear to create image distortions
                                        from the simple to the psychedelic.

             ICE’D EDGES
             You ’ve got multiple streams of video to composite. And track mattes to create. All with different funky edges, and no time. No time to
             work them up in Photoshop or tweak your own gradients. That’s when you turn to ICE’d Edges and in one step, on one layer, you have
             complete control over edge treatment and border accents. ICE’d Edges is the most comprehensive, useful set of effects you can have in
             your Adobe After Effects palette. It streamlines your workflow and gives you a unique set of effects that you can use every day. Highlight
             messages and scenes within your projects. All with ferocious speed. So get ICE’d Edges, and watch what happens. Fast.
             ICE’D EDGES
             ICE'd Burn Edges       ICE'd Gradient Blur       ICE'd Power Ramp         ICE'd Sparkle Edges       ICE'd Spot Blur      ICE'd Spot Feather

             ICE'd Spot Frame       ICE'd Spot Tatter       ICE'd Spot Turbulence        ICE'd Wiggle Edges

             Equipment Leasing Available
                                                                            MEDIA 100
                                                                                       MEDIA CLEANER PRO 4
The Industry Standard for Dynamic
Media Compression on Mac or Windows
Delivering the highest quality new media requires careful compression into multiple formats. To get
the job done right, professionals turn to Media Cleaner Pro 4. The only cross-platform tool that

outputs all the major formats for delivery on the Web, CD-ROM, DVD, broadband, kiosk, and
presentation, Media Cleaner Pro 4 also produce the best results in less time—which is why it is the
industry's top-rated dynamic media compression tool. Available for Mac and Windows 95/98/NT,
Media Cleaner Pro 4 reads a wide range of formats and outputs the highest-quality QuickTime,
RealG2, Windows Media (ASF), MPEG-1, AVI, DV, still images, audio-only formats, and more. It
also includes the Fraunhofer MP3 Encoder (QT4 will play MP3 files) and supports optional
upgrades to MPEG-2, losslessly converting between formats.

■ Save time with drag and drop batch pro-         ■ Produces Real G2 files. With Real’s                          ■ Use to create high-quality MPEG-1, AVI,
  cessing. Quickly process up to 2,000 files        SureStream feature, your viewers are auto-                     DV, AIFF, JPEG, GIF, BMP, QTIF, PICT
  in one batch. You can even make multiple          matically shown the best version out of up                     and more from a single batch! Also sup-
  versions from the same source.                    to six different data rate streams.                            ports optional MPEG-2 encoders.
■ Use the Dynamic Preview’s realtime feed-        ■ Easily produce high-quality Windows                          ■ Has higher quality audio processing, and
  back to fine-tune your settings, filters, and     Media ASF files for network deployment.                        filters, including Noise Removal,
  adjustments to get the best results.              (Media Cleaner Pro 4 is the only tool to                       Bandpass, Noise Gate, and more. Produce
                                                    produce ASF on both Mac and Windows.)                          superior sound quality in all formats.
■ No tool supports QuickTime better and

  now it adds powerful support for stream-        ■ Use Media Cleaner Pro 4 to losslessly con-                   ■ High-quality crop and scale, QuickTime
  ing, as well as poster frames and enhanced        vert from one file type to another – with-                     effects, and much more..
  alternate support.                                out having to recompress!
                                                                                                                 Media Cleaner Pro 4........................379.95

The total solution, Media Cleaner Power Suite contains specially accelerated versions of Media
Cleaner Pro 4, Sorenson Video 2 (Developer Edition), and an Ultra BlueICE PCI hardware board,
as well as the Pro Edition of QDesign Music Codec 2. This solution works great with Media 100,
Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and includes OMF import for optimal integration with Avid sys-
tems. With the Media Cleaner Power Suite, you can compress QuickTime video 4x - 7x faster!
Projects that would have taken hours now take only minutes! Of course, the Power Suite allows you
to easily take advantage of Media Cleaner's batch processing, variable bitrate encoding, powerful A/V
filters, inverse telecine, Settings Wizard and more to produce great results.

 Sorenson Video QuickTime Codec
 Due to its high-quality, low-bandwidth capabilities, Sorenson compression is one of the most popular formats
 for video compression on the Internet. The efficiency of Sorenson’s algorithm makes it possible to decode the video
 stream without the high-end processors required by other decoders. Bundled as a standard part of Apple's QuickTime,
 the Sorenson de-compressor is already used by millions of users for video playback. But while Sorenson compression offers
 the ability to play back high-quality output at low bit rates, using Sorenson compression was a computer intensive, time consuming step in
 the distribution process--until now. Using the ICE hardware with the accelerated version of Sorenson Video, you get all the advantages of
 high-quality video compression with up to seven times the performance speed.

■ Compression up to 7x faster, which saves        ■ The Power Suite is OMF, Media 100, and                       ■ Because they decode on BlueICE hard-
  both time and money. You can create mul-          QuickTime compatible. It fits seamlessly                       ware, you get accelerated import of AVID
  tiple versions of a project in the time that      into the content creation workflow with                        and Media 100 files.
  it currently takes for a single compression.      no file conversions necessary.

                                                                                                THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
                                                                    PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
             Plug-in For Adobe Effects
             Final Effects Complete is a premium set of 60 motion graphics effects’ plug-ins for Adobe
             After Effects which create professional special effects for film, video and other digital video

             production. Final Effects Complete offers the ability to generate rain, snow, fire, smoke, bub-
             bles, liquid mercury distortions, explosions, 3D particles, liquid displacement and light-
             ing effects, a multitude of stylistic transitions and other video effects.


             ■ You get 60 Hollywood-style filters and           ■ Powerful and flexible controls let you
               transitions–not just quick tricks, but use-        deliver custom, unlimited effect combina-         ■ Customizable distortion and perspective
               ful, real-world effects. These are the same        tions with interactive control over subtle          effects including; bending, slanting, split-
               ones used in MTV and Fox promos,                   compositing details. Plus, all effects can          ting, rippling, stretching, pulsating, tiling,
               NBC network productions and more.                  be easily animated over time to add even            twisting and crumpling your image or
                                                                  more sophistication.                                movie in an infinite number of ways.
             ■ The heart of FA Complete is the the full-                                                              Turn them into a movable sphere or
               featured 2-D and 3-D particle system.            ■ Dramatic or subtle lighting is easy with            cylinder, rotate them or manipulate them
               Create rain, smoke, fire, bubbles, ball            spotlights, multi-colored light rays, light         in any imaginable perspective without
               action, starburst effects, confetti, gas par-      sweeps and light bursts. Sophisticated

                                                                                                                      destructive clipping. The possibilities are
               ticles, jet trails, water ripples, cubes, star     time controls are great for advanced echo           endless.
               bursts, hair, liquid mercury blobs, fire-          and motion blurring effects.
               works and more. Particle World, an                                                                   ■ Everyday production tasks, such as
                                                                ■ Incredible one-of-a-kind stylistic effects.         removing tell-tale wires from blue screens
               amazing 3D particle system with Z-depth
                                                                  Burn your image away like melting film.             are a snap. Simple production filters let
               and full camera tilt movement, lets you
                                                                  Paint in brush strokes with a glue gun.             you create alpha maps and sepia tones,
               spray particle objects around your 2D
                                                                  Scatterize every pixel of an image. Create          composite between effect and source, and
               image layers.
                                                                  psychedelic flowing backgrounds and                 even rotate between color values.
             ■ Every FA Complete filter takes full                kaleidoscope patterns. Flip your image
               advantage of multi-processor power,                like a page turning in a book to reveal           ■ Includes on-board tutorials, a compre-
               which means extremely fast rendering               another image. Materialize an image into            hensive User Guide, sample movies and a
               time.                                              glass or a blobby substance over time.              VHS tape with tips and tricks from
                                                                                                                      effects maestro Brian Maffit.

             FE Particle Systems — create an infinite           FE Flo Motion — creates vortex distortions          FE Slant — tilts an image or movie horizontally.
             number of particle animations using a alpha        which takes an image and copies it 1000
                                                                                                                    FE Slant Matte — creates slanted drop shadows
             map.                                               times downwardly spiraling in a vortex pattern.
                                                                                                                    for images, text or movies.
                                                                This creates flowing psychedelic distortions over
             FE Alpha Map — create auras or glows around
                                                                time. Useful for background patterns and            FE Smear — creates distortion effects over
             an image using the images alpha channel.
                                                                composited effects.                                 time by twisting or stretching an image or
             FE Composite — blends between a copy of                                                                movie. These distortions are similar to some
                                                                FE Griddler — cuts an image into tiles which
             an image that has an applied effect and the                                                            of the distortions possible in Kais Power Goo.
                                                                form a grid. The tiles can then spin and scale
             original image offering numerous blending
                                                                over time.                                          FE Split — create and animate a split in your
                                                                                                                    source image and synchronize with sound to
                                                                FE Lens — creates glass lens distortions
             FE Bend It — warps an image with a bend,                                                               create a talking head.
                                                                over time.
             like a strong man bends a steel bar. Use it to
                                                                                                                    FE Tiler — scales down and tiles an image to fill
             make a flag wave in the breeze.                    FE Power Pin — lets you slant, scale or apply
                                                                                                                    the screen. You can also use it to determine the
                                                                perspective to a movie or image.
             FE Bender — creates a bending effect                                                                   center point around which to scale the image.
             between any two points. Useful for creating        FE Ripple Pulse — creates ripple waves onto
                                                                                                                    FE Color Offset — allows you to rotate the
             swaying effects such as making a still figure do   an image or movie similar to the effect of a
                                                                                                                    color of each channel over time.
             the hula.                                          pebble dropped into a pool of still water.

             We Exhibit At NAB, Infocomm, and Siggraph
                                                                          FINAL EFFECTS COMPLETE
FE Threshold — creates a mask area from a          FE Particle Systems II — create simple explo-                     FE Kaleida — creates a kaleidoscope effects out
footage file without an alpha channel for          sions, massive smoke screens and other particle                   of the image or movie that can be animated.
compositing with other layers.                     animations. It allows you to independently con-
                                                                                                                     FE Mr. Smoothie — transforms images into
                                                   trol features such as Opacity Mapping, Color
FE Threshold RGB — allows you to create                                                                              flowing, psychedelic patterns. You can use it to
                                                   Mapping, Particle Animation and Particle
thresholds based on individual red, green and                                                                        create background textures or wild special effects.
                                                   Objects to create and almost infinite variety of

blue values.
                                                   animation effects.                                                FE Page Turn — peels back the image or
FE Toner — use your source image or movies                                                                           movie to reveal the background. The effect is
                                                   FE Particle Systems LE — A simplified ver-
luminance to color map animatable sepia tone                                                                         like turning the page of a book to show the
                                                   sion of Particle Systems II for creating fast
effects. You can apply a three-point color                                                                           next page.
                                                   particle animations.
ramp to effect the highlights, midtones and
                                                                                                                     FE RepeTile — uses its layer image as a tile,
shadows.                                           FE Particle World — creates 3-D particles
                                                                                                                     which it ca repeat horizontally and vertically
                                                   and camera behavior in a 2-D space. Fly
FE Simple Wire Removal — removes wires                                                                               in any of several patterns.
                                                   directly through a fiery explosion, sparkling
from images and movies that were used in
                                                   fountain, or stream of glowing coins!                             FE Scatterize — creates an exploding or dis-
special effects photography, like go-motion.
                                                                                                                     persing effect by scattering the pixel in your
Wires are replaced with background imagery         FE Pixel Polly — breaks the source layer into
                                                                                                                     image or movie.
using advanced algorithms.                         polygons — like a pane of glass shattering
                                                   and flying apart.                                                 FE Force Motion Blur — blurs a moving
FE Light Burst 2.5 — casts light rays from an
                                                                                                                     layer with data from previous and subsequent
image. This creates an effect that looks like      FE Rain — creates a scattering of angled
                                                                                                                     frames. Makes animations smoother like they
the image or movie is exploding with light.        streaks that look like falling rain. Creates a
                                                                                                                     were filmed with a movie camera.
                                                   summer downpour or a raging thunderstorm!
FE Light Rays — creates wonderful, radiating
                                                                                                                     FE Time Blend — adds a ghostly trail to the

streaks of light. Great for casting light behind   FE Snow — creates particles that look like
                                                                                                                     effects of other time-based plug-ins.
images or lettering.                               gently falling snowflakes. Creates mild flurries
                                                   or heavy snowstorms!                                              FE Time Blend FX — copies information
FE Mr. Mercury — creates convincing mercury
                                                                                                                     from one frame to the next to create a trail.
blobs for cascading water, molten metal, dis-      FE Star Burst — breaks an image into stars
solving plastic and more with this mercury         and spreads them through space. You can ani-                      FE Wide Time — creates a temporal blur. It
particle system.                                   mate this effects to make it appear as if the                     will blur objects in motion leaving stationary
                                                   viewer is flying through a star field.                            imagery alone.
FE Light Sweep — creates a beam of light or
colored light that can be animated across the      FE Advanced 3D — places the image or movie                        FE Glasss Wipe — creates a glassy transition
image or movie, like a searchlight through a       on a virtual plane. You can move the image                        using the displacement and light values of a
hazy night.                                        around in virtual space to view it at any angle.                  source or destination image.
FE Spotlight — creates the illusion of a spot-     FE Cylinder — wraps the image or movie                            FE Grid Wipe — creates a transition that
light shining down on your source image.           onto a 3-D cylinder. You can then move the                        cuts the source image into squares and wipes
This virtual spotlight has all of the parameters   cylinder around in virtual space to view it                       them off the screen.
of a real spotlight, including size, angle and     from any angle.
color.                                                                                                               FE Image Wipe — uses a layer to control the
                                                   FE Sphere — wraps the image or movie onto                         gradient of the transition.
FE Ball Action — transforms an image or            a sphere. You can rotate the sphere, control
movie into balls. The balls can be rotated,        lighting, and other surface properties.                           FE Jaws — creates a toothshaped transition
twisted and scattered.                                                                                               splitting the source image into two parts with
                                                   FE Blobbylize — uses the alpha channel of                         Spikes, RoboJaws or Block.
FE Bubbles — adds bubbles into any image           another image to create a blobby cutout of
or movie with control over reflection, size and    another image.                                                    FE Light Wipe — creates a transition that uses
speed.                                                                                                               a light source to wipe away the source layer.
                                                   FE Burn Film — creates the illusion of film
FE Drizzle — creates circular distortions that     burning or melting when it gets stuck in a                        FE Radial Scale Wipe — a radial scale wipe
look like raindrops disturbing the reflection in   projector on the image or movie.                                  transition in which the edges fold.
a pond.                                                                                                              FE Scale Wipe — stretches a layer on or off
                                                   FE Glass — gives an image or movie a con-
FE Hair — creates particles that stretch into      vincing blown glass-like appearance.                              the screen by using the scale center.
filaments like hair. You can grow hair of any                                                                        FE Twister — twists away one image to reveal
                                                   FE Glue Gun — is a painting effect that uses
color on anyone or anything.                                                                                         another. You can twist the source image into a
                                                   blobby particles to create the illusion of writ-
                                                   ing or drawing with a glue gun.                                   layer that appears to be on the backside of the

                                                                                                   THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
                                                                       PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
             Compositing and Digital Video Effects System
             Effetto Pronto (EP) is a comprehensive QuickTime-based compositing
             and digital video effects system for Macintosh that provides the ultimate
             in productivity, creativity, flexibility and economy. The package consists

             of the Effetto QuickTime-based compositing software and Pronto, a ded-
             icated PCI effects processing engine that provides unparalleled
             creation and production speeds. Features include multiple resolu-
             tion compositing, sophisticated titling, instant feedback on a
             video monitor, texture and bump mapping, color correction and
             an advanced keyer. EP’s true 3D workspace offers dazzling effects
             including: warps with perspective, animatable lights and a
             unique animatable camera.
             The system can be easily integrated into any QuickTime based non-linear digital video editing suite on the Macintosh
             platform. EP’s unique pipeline architecture is resolution independent and allows artists to seamlessly mix and match file
             formats with an unlimited number of tracks.


                                                                 True 3-D Work Environment

             Your creativi-                                                                           ■ EP has the ability to view the composition from
             ty shouldn't                                                                               a camera's perspective. This "point of view" per-
             be restricted                                                                              spective can be animated like any other object.
             by the tools                                                                               Rather than animating the objects to create an
             you use.                                                                                   effect, the objects can be positioned in Z space
                                                                                                        and the effect created by "flying" the camera
             EP includes                                                                                through 3-D space. Combining camera move-
             advanced                                                                                   ments with object movements can create com-
             capabilities                                                                               plex animations with a unique look that would
             that allow                                                                                 be impossible to create any other way.
             you to create
             without lim-                                                                             ■ Because EP works in a true 3D environment,
             its.                                                                                       you can create DVE style effects such as page
                                                                                                        turns, cubes, cylinders ripples and explosions
             In addition                                                                                that actually warp in true 3D space. Used in
             to being a                                                                                 combination with EP’s animatable camera, these
             powerful                                                                                   warps can create some truly striking effects.
                                                                                                      ■ EP gives you the ability to apply lights to any
             EP includes                                                                                object. Reflections play off the highlights with
             sophisticated                                                                              complete 3D accuracy. Because they are
             built-in titler                                                                            processed using the Pronto card, lights in Effetto
             and the ability to create your compositions in true 3D space.                              preview and render at speeds that are un-heard
                                                                                                        of on the desktop. It is possible to have an
                                                                                                        unlimited number of lights in the composition
             ■ Move 2D objects forward and backward in Z-space. This gives the compositor a whole       and their location is animatable in 3D space just
               new creative angle in which to work. It is possible to rotate objects around others,     like any other object. Lights also have their own
               which combined with the animatable camera, creates some incredible effects. Any          tab card, which allows you to animate the lights
               object can be rotated or warped on its X, Y or Z-axis.                                   type (bar or spot), the angle, the light color and
                                                                                                        it's brightness.

             Corporate Accounts Are Welcome
                                                                                                             EFFETTO PRONTO
  Powerful Compositing                       Effects Galore
Includes all the features you would expect   EP comes with built-in effects that give you quick and easy access to filters, keyers, lights,
in a powerful compositing program.           motion blur plus much more. A lot of these effects are processed using EP’s hardware, which
■ Comprehensive support for all the
                                             makes them faster than ever.
  Photoshop Transfer Modes.                  ■ Gaussian blurs, bump maps and

■ Nested composition support allows
                                               gradient wipes; effects you use all of
  you to bring an entire composition           the time. In EP, these effects along
  into another composition in order to         with fast blur, directional blur,
  create a complex final output or easily      hue/saturation, motion blur and
  apply effects to the entire composition.     transfer modes are all standard.
  There is no limit to the amount of         ■ Using Effetto's time stretching fea-
  composition that can be added to a           ture, it is possible to slow down or
  project.                                     speed up individual movies with full
■ EP's unique grouping feature allows
                                               frame blending. This ensures a
  you to group an unlimited number of          smooth motion between frames.
  objects together so that you can make        With time re-mapping, it is possible
  global changes to all the objects at         to manipulate both the direction of
  once. Groups can consist of movies,          movies as well as the speed.
  still images, titles, audio and other      ■ Some of these effects take advantage
  groups. As the group itself appears on       of the processing muscle of Pronto,
  its own individual track, the group has      which sets new standards of speed

  its own set of parameters such as geo-       on the desktop. EP also has a num-
  metrics and image. For example, it is        ber of built in true 3D effects such
  possible to change the opacity of all        as page turns, cubes, explosions, cylinders, ripple and shower glass. These effects also use the
  objects within the group simply by           Pronto card for processing and create actual warps in 3D space!
  changing the group’s opacity. It is also
  possible to simply move objects            ■ EP’s hardware based multi-pass keyer allows you to make fast, accurate keys. Sensitivity, clip
  between, into and out of groups sim-         and gain controls give control over the initial pass of the keyer and subsequent flare sup-
  ply by dragging and dropping. There          pression and key shrink give the user greater control of the accuracy of the key.
  is no limit to the number of groups        ■ EP also has internal RGB plus alpha color correction and a large selection of image tools
  that can be created, which means it is       such as brightness, opacity and contrast.
  possible to have a group within anoth-
  er group.
■ Adjustable bezier splines exist for all    Sophisticated Built-In Titler
  animatable parameters in EP. This
  allows changes in parameters between       ■ EP has a full featured integrated titler as standard. The titler is vector based and allows you
  keyframes over time in a non-linear        to use any font, size or style (plain, bold, italic, underline, outline). Additionally, the titler has
  fashion. This relates to all animatable    its own set of tab cards from which you can control gradients, textures, glows, drop shadows,
  parameters in EP including geomet-         line thickness and paragraph settings.
  rics, opacity, effects and much more.
                                                                                                                ■ Create shapes (including rectangles, cir-
■ EP’s powerful and easy-to-use masking                                                                            cles and polygons both straight and
  feature allows you to make any object                                                                            curved) and make text on path.
  a mask for any other object. It is also
  possible to apply an unlimited number                                                                         ■ Whether your type elements are
  of masks to any object. Each track on                                                                            grouped or animated, your changes will
  the comp editor has an easy-to-use                                                                               take effect without altering the existing
  mask pull-down menu.                                                                                             animation - no need to mask off type.

■ With EP's powerful 3D camera, it is                                                                           ■ Type break-up feature allows text items
  possible to simply create depth of field                                                                         to be separated into distinct lines, words
  effects, zooms, tilts and pans.                                                                                  or characters with the push of a button.
  Combine the camera with non-linear                                                                               When updated into the comp, individ-
  motion paths and separate animations                                                                             ual titler elements are automatically
  in 3D space.                                                                                                     grouped.

                                                                                             THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
                                                                 PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
              Traditionally, compositing has been seen as an extension of the editing process and in many instances, this is true. However, when you bring
              more than just video in to your project and try to take full advantage of tools such as graphic and paint programs, rotoscoping programs,
              plug-in filters and audio based animations, it can be difficult using just a non-linear editor. The editor’s task is to assemble and “finish” the
              completed pieces of the project. The compositing system’s specialty is combining multiple media items, allowing them to be animated and
              have effects applied. To effectively take advantage of the new wave of digital production tools, a compositing system like Effetto Pronto adds
              value by acting as a standalone “host.” For instance, when painting individual frames from your project in a paint program, you would want
              all changes to be automatically updated in the compositing system. You may also want the motion tracking keyframes from an external soft-

              ware system to import directly into the compositing system. As can be seen in the diagram below, EP is an essential part of today’s digital
              video production system.

                                              Effetto Pronto allows                      Effetto Pronto supports popu-
                   Graphics Program                                                      lar paint and rotoscope pro-               Paint and Rotoscope
                                              file sharing with graph-
                                              ics packages such as                       grams such as Photoshop and
                                              Photoshop for quick                        Puffin Designs’ Commotion.
                                              and easy adjustments.                      This includes the ability to
                                                                                         import motion tracking data.

                        Audio Support
                                                                                                                   The Effetto Pronto compositing system acts
                                                                                                                   as the “host” of the digital video production
                                                                                                                   system. It is able to combine different media

                                                                                                                   items, and work with a number of outside
                                                                                                                   tools. Within the system itself, built in tools
                                                                                                                   such as a Titler, 3D DVE and unlimited lay-
                 Effetto Pronto enables the user                                                                   ers enhance the system’s capabilities. EP’s
                 to import audio sources in                                                                        hardware acceleration greatly enhances the
                 order to cue animations for                                                                       compositing system’s effectiveness.
                 synchronizing video.                           3D DVE           Built-in Titler

                                                                                                                                      Effects Filters
               Effetto Pronto lets you       Non-Linear Editing System
               output your final ren-
               dered movie in the for-
               mat of your non-linear                                               Effetto Pronto supports popular
               editing system for subse-                                            plug-in effects such as those from
               quent editing. This                                                  ICE, DigiEffects, and Boris.
               may include Media100,
               Avid, or Final Cut Pro.

                  COMPLETELY FLEXIBLE
             With Effetto Pronto as a hub, you can build a top-of-the-line production system by adding products from other manufacturers. EP actually
             enhances the performance of other software and hardware production tools
             ■ You can bring graphics files directly into EP including PICTs,            ■ EP projects can be rendered in the format of most popular NLE
               GIFs and TIFFs. All elements of Photoshop layers, alpha channels,            systems including Avid, Media 100 and Final Cut.
               transfer modes, and layer effects are preserved when importing
                                                                                         ■ EP has a high degree of integration with Puffin Designs
               into EP. When importing a Photoshop document with layers, the
                                                                                            Commotion. This includes importing motion tracking data and
               layers can be brought in as a group maintaining priority.
                                                                                            the publish feature. Publish allows you to save individual frames or
             ■ EP supports most After Effects third party plug-ins. This includes           the composition itself as sequential PICT files for paint or roto-
               plug-ins from Final Effects, ICE, Puffin Designs, BorisFX,                   scoping in Commotion or Photoshop. Changes are automatically
               DigiEffects, Ultimatte and much, much more.                                  updated in EP without having to replace footage.

             Corporate Accounts Are Welcome
                                                                                                             EFFETTO PRONTO

Time is money. EP's hardware accelerator offers unparalleled speed to enhance your productivity in both the creative and production phases.
Rendering times are up to 10 times faster than software only products. The unique Dynamic Effects Caching actually renders on the fly. With
EP you can monitor your project on an NTSC or PAL monitor while you create it. And all of EP’s superior productivity tools are accessed

through an intuitive user interface.

        Instant Feedback                                                                       Superior User Interface
■ Unique to EP is the daughter monitor          ■ Intuitive interface allows you to work work                    ■ RAM preview allows you to "render" your
  output card. This gives you a composite         in a timeline/parameter based environment                        composition to RAM for real-time preview
  or S-Video monitor output of everything         in the comp editor; a visual based environ-                      before going to final render.
  happening within the composition win-           ment in the comp window with the tool-                         ■ Dynamic Effects Caching prepares your
  dow. This "confidence output" gives you         bar and slider bar; or using EP’s unique                         production on the fly by caching two
  a full-size, full resolution preview of the     Tab Cards. As you select a track, each tab-                      things; uncompressed movie frames and
  project. Let your clients it with you as        card updates to that particular objects                          frames from objects that have effects
  the project take shape before their eyes.       parameter.                                                       applied to them. For instance, not only
■ Effetto's unique hardware/software com-       ■ Batch rendering lets you bring as many                           can you cache a movie in an uncompressed
  bination architecture processes over a          comps as you would like into the project                         state but you can also separately cache that
  million pixels of video content in real         window and simply add them to a render                           movie with effects applied to it. Therefore,
  time. The more complex the project, the         queue. When you have finished, EP will                           if you change the effects, you only have to
  faster EP becomes. Render up to 10x             automatically render each composition                            re-cache the effect not the entire movie.

  faster than with software only products.        individually.

  The Ultimate Graphics Library for Non-Linear Editing Systems
  Digital Juice is a 16 CD collection of highly creative graphics designed
  to enhance any production. No other product comes close to providing
  the quality of so much royalty-free content at such an affordable price.
  Most graphics are provided in multiple formats so you can use with
  them with just about any system, and a program is included that will
  convert your graphics to other formats, if needed. Digital Juice graphics
  come in resolutions of 640 x 480, 720 x 486, 800 x 600, 1600 x
  1200 and in many cases 3200 x 2400. That means you can Digital
  Juice graphics for print work as well.

  ■ 40 Completely loopable animated motion backgrounds                         ■ 100 Exotic Paper Backgrounds
  ■ 600 Professionally designed graphic backgrounds                            ■ Thousands of creative adaptations (remixes) of the original back-
  ■ 500 Original Photographs
                                                                               ■ A full-color printed index so that you can quickly locate the
  ■ 300 Marble, granite and texture backgrounds
                                                                                      graphic you need
  ■ 200 High resolution Photo Clip Art
                                                                               ■ A custom-designed album to hold all 16 CDs.

                                                                                                THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
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       LIGHTWAVE [6]
             3D Animation, Modeling and Rendering Software
             Explosive ideas that test the boundaries of 3D animation deserve a program that can realize them in exciting new
             ways. Creating worlds that no one's ever seen. Creatures that have never walked the Earth. Special effects, games,
             web sites - all creations that exist only in your mind. Until now.............

             The culmination of over ten years of development, LightWave [6] advances the state-of-the-art in professional 3D
             animation by adding a comprehensive set of groundbreaking character animation tools, advanced rendering capa-
             bilities, a new and improved architecture and a refined work environment. The three traditional areas of 3D,
             modeling, animating and rendering, have received massive enhancements in the new software. Among the thou-
             sands of changes in this completely redesigned system, LightWave [6] boasts real-time subdivision surfaces as a
             modeling and animation tool, radiosity, caustics, 160-bit floating-point rendering, a hybrid Inverse/Forward
             Kinematics engine and new character-animation technologies: LightWave, the recognized leader in the film and
             television industry, provides the most complete feature set of any 3D animation tool available—one of the reasons
             you can find LightWave 3D in more Hollywood animation suites than any other 3D program. And , LightWave
             [6] is the only 3D software system to run on Macintosh, Windows NT, Alpha and SGI.

             LightWave [6] introduces a new modeling paradigm.
             Now, you can take advantage of the software's completely
             interactive toolset to do real-time sub-division surface
             modeling with point weights; control UV mapping with
             infinite layering; use orthogonal and perspective view
             modeling ports for greater flexibility in the modeling
             process; and achieve direct control over polygons, vertices
             and patches. Users of LightWave [6] have unprecedented
             control over the surfaces of animated objects. The soft-
             ware offers infinite layers of projection; procedural, gra-
             dient and UV maps, and these layers can feed into each
             other for texture blending and manipulation.
             Animatable surface attributes include all general surface
             settings and can be linked to other items in the scene. One of the most exciting new surfacing tools is the Gradient
             layers, which can be added to a texture. These gradient ramps can be used to change a surface attribute with
             inputs such as incidence angle, light incidence, distance to another object or the height of the bump, to name a
             few. New translucency and glossiness mapping capabilities expand the options for animators of complex and realis-
             tic scenes, while content management tools (e.g., filters and comments) simplify the animation of large projects.

             Most Orders Shipped Within 24 Hours
                                                                                                                       LIGHTWAVE [6]
                  Realtime Subdivision Surface Modeler                                                                     Additional Features
While the industry has embraced subdivision surfaces as the way of the future, NewTek actu-                         ■ OpenGL or QuickDraw3D supports real-
ally introduced the first subdivision surface modeler over five years ago. With LightWave[6]                          time shaded views and displays many sur-
you own a robust tool set for manipulating these revolutionary surfaces, including interactive                        face attributes Preview objects as solid or
modifiers that allow you to model in multiple "soft" modes. LightWave[6] allows you to                                see-through wire frames in the OpenGL

sculpt "digital clay" by direct manipulation at the vertex level by controlling groups of points                      preview window.
or polygons with an extreme list of operators.
                                                                                                                    ■ Boolean tools to cut, slice and combine
                                                                                                                      objects. With LightWave‘s Boolean tool,
                                    Smarter Models                                                                    things take shape fast. The Boolean prin-
                                                                                                                      ciple is simple. Add. Subtract. Intersect.
Unique to LightWave [6] is a new breed of character animation tools called IntelligEntities.
                                                                                                                      Take simple primitives ,like spheres or
IntelligEntities allow you to create smarter objects that understand animation, including time
                                                                                                                      cubes, and create complex shapes quickly
independent models that ease the production process. IntelligEntities include Skelegons,
                                                                                                                      and effortlessly.
Endomorphs, MultiMeshes and VMaps, making your objects practically self-aware, allowing
objects to carry data well beyond simple geometry.                                                                  ■ Dragnet and Smooth Scale– designed to
                                                                                                                      help you work with organic models. Ideal
                                                                                                                      for use with subdivision surfaces.
■ Skelegons are a new type of polygons that appear like traditional 3D bones. Skelegons add
  the skeletal structure directly in the model so you can use all the modeler tools to build and                    ■ Also incorporates traditional spline-based
  manipulate your character's skeleton. These Skelegons are saved as part of the object so that                       modeling tools. (Brezier and hand drawn
  a character always has an intact skeleton. As modifications are made to a character the bone                        curves automatically converted to poly-
  structure is automatically updated. Skelegons provide an enormous arsenal of tools for cre-                         gon surfaces). The spline modeler lets you
  ating bone structures as well as fantastic control and maintenance of characters.                                   create any shape you can dream up in

                                                                                                                      incredible detail and lets you endlessly
■ Endomorphs allow the change of expression, mood, or action by training a single model.                              modify your creations.– there's nothing
  Facial animation has been simplified with endomorphs. The use of Endomorphs provides                                you can't create.
  for the simple creation of lip sync and complex morphing scenarios. Teach your model
  about different expressions and lip positions and then animate and blend them together                            • 3DMF Support on PowerMac
  with complete non-linear access. Combined with layered geometry and expansive extra ver-
                                                                                                                    • MetaBalls modeling plug-in
  tex data your models are more than simple objects, they are digital actors.
                                                                                                                    • MetaForm2 plug-in
■ Multi-meshes embed multiple layers of geometry into a single object. (3D objects can have
  layered data similar to Photoshop layers). With Multi-meshes, hierarchical objects are saved                      • Graphics tablet support standard
  as a single, complete model with all of the defined relationship and pivot data included.
                                                                                                                    • Randomization for bevel and array tools
■ VMaps store extra data in your models at the vertex level. Create selection sets, assign
                                                                                                                    • Two way data sharing between layout and
  points to bones, create UV maps for textures, or use this data with third-party plug-ins. A
                                                                                                                      modeler with the hub
  must have for game developers.
                                                                                                                    • Hundreds of polygon modeling tools,
                                                                                                                      including extrude, lathe, bevel, mirror,
                                                                                                                      clone, quantize, jitter and subdivide.
                                                                                                                    • Postscript and TrueType font compatibility
            New Workflow and Production Environment                                                                 • Draw freehand shapes or trace over images
 The production-oriented approach to the design of LightWave [6] makes it faster to use,                            • Multiple view options
 more straightforward to learn and easier to integrate into professional production environ-
                                                                                                                    • Macros to automate complex functions
 ments. NewTek refined the workflow and user interface based on 11 years of feedback and
 collaboration with thousands of broadcast, film and game content creators. The software                            • Multiple levels of undo and redo
 features a user-customizable interface, contextual pop-ups, floating-tool bars and numerous
                                                                                                                    • Automatic standards - design in metric,
 new real-time views.
                                                                                                                      English or SI measurement units
 All windows in LightWave [6] are non-modal and "floatable," which provides users with an
                                                                                                                    • Mathematical functions can be typed
 enormous amount of functionality at their fingertips. The redesign of the system provides
                                                                                                                      directly into numeric requesters
 an enhanced software development kit (SDK) for the easy expansion of functionality by
 third party developers. Developers now have direct access to the LightWave interface and                           • Translator loaders/savers for these formats:
 internal functions. LightWave [6] enhances the interoperability between animation and                                3D Studio, AutoCad (DXF) and
 modeling environments, and it includes a "Hub" that acts as a control point for all data.                            Alias/Wavefront (OBJ).

                                                                                                  THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
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       LIGHTWAVE [6]
             An animation powerhouse LightWave[6] provides an arse-
             nal of tools designed specifically for the animation process.

             Based upon the world's fastest, most flexible, and accurate
             3D solving IK engine, the LightWave animation system
             gives you exactly what you need—control. Control for
             mixing modes between inverse and Forward Kinematics.
             Control to interactively set constraints for both animation
             modes and to choose between seamless skin skeletal defor-
             mation, hierarchical jointed objects and animatable subdi-
             vision surface models. Combine the power of the anima-
             tion tools with the revolutionary advancements of
             IntelligEntities and you can focus on animation and not

                                                                          Graph Editor                                   Texture Perfect

                New Kinematics Engine
                                                             ■ Working in conjunction with the expand-        ■ LightWave[6] changes the way you think
             ■ LightWave [6] features a hybrid
                                                               ed Kinematics tools is the Graph editor,         about surfacing your object. Create sur-
               Inverse/Forward Kinematics engine that
                                                               the most advanced channel editor on the          faces beyond your wildest imagination
               improves on what is already the indus-
                                                               market. Designed for speed and maxi-             with projections, UV mapping, 3D pro-
               try's most flexible Inverse Kinematics
                                                               mum non-linear control, the editor allows        cedurals and parametric gradients. All tex-
               (IK) engine. This hybrid system com-
                                                               you to work on multiple curves simulta-          ture types can be infinitely layered with
               bines the strengths of Inverse Kinematics
                                                               neously from any item in your scene: roll        multiple modes for blending from one to
               for making sweeping changes to a num-
                                                               keys in time, copy entire curves to store        the next. With the real time texture
               ber of joints with the precision and direct
                                                               groups of keys in instant access key bins.       engine you can exploit the expanded set
               control of Forward Kinematics. Free-form
                                                               There is no end to its capabilities.             of texturing tools with simplicity and
               and locked IK goals allow users to have
               goal items that are locked to the length of   ■ For realistic motion of any kind, but for
               the chain or that use a rubberband-style        characters in particular, it is important to   ■ With features like floating point color
               goal that can float in space away from the      have precise control of the motion curve.        entry, translucency, procedural plug-ins,
               chain itself.                                   Curves can be created with multiple tan-         and a real time texturing system, you can
                                                               gent types including Bezier, Hermite,            create complex textures from cartoon style
                 Inverse Kinematics (IK)                       TCB, Linear and Stepped. These tangent           to photo realism in a matter of seconds.
                                                               types can actually co-exist on a single          The LightWave[6] surface editor is flexi-
              Inverse Kinematics (IK) accounts for all                                                          ble enough to handle anything from sim-
                                                               curve. Because each curve type has specif-
              those linkages between say, a finger and                                                          ple animations to massively complex digi-
                                                               ic benefits, it is tremendously useful for
              the shoulder of the arm it's attached to.                                                         tal movies. With an interface that allows
                                                               fine tuning motions.
              Move the tip of the finger object around                                                          drag and drop texturing and parametric
              and LightWave's IK automatically adjusts                                                          surface controls, ease of use and extreme
              for the movement of all the linkages in-              Animation Controls
                                                                                                                power go hand in hand.
              between without endless tinkering to cre-      ■ Animate nearly all scene atributes through
              ate a realistic motion. It's fast and easy.                                                     ■ Infinite layered surfaces, provides algo-
                                                               an easy key frame interface or with enve-
                                                                                                                rithmic textures plus image mapping. The
                                                               lope controls. Advanced motion controls,
             The VIPER system (Versatile interactive                                                            result is a versatile tool for stacking image
                                                               including velocity, shifting and scaling
             Preview render) allows users to make                                                               upon image as deep (or high) as you like.
             changes to typically render intensive ele-      ■ Animate lights, lens flares, textures,           Create clothes with wrinkles, creases and
             ments in the scene and get nearly instanta-       objects, even camera attributes ( zoom or        ripples or make waves with layers and
             neous feedback without a complete scene re-       depth of field ). Lens flare controls allow      crests. It's as real as it gets.
             evaluation.                                       streak rotations and other manipulation
                                                                                                              ■ Animate and morph textures

             Equipment Leasing Available
                                                                                                                           LIGHTWAVE [6]
In 3D, image is everything. LightWave 3D has long been regarded as the best rendering engine in the business for
image quality, features, flexibility and speed. Now, LightWave[6] sets an all new standard for rendering systems.

Built on a pure 160-bit floating-point pipeline, this render engine has image depth beyond compare. Massive
amounts of internal data computed at floating-point accuracy ensure the color depth that results in ultra high-
quality imagery. With true radiosity, caustics, and HyperVoxels integrated into the industry's most mature distribu-
tive ray tracing engine, LightWave[6] is untouchable.These breakthrough enhancements guarantee complete inter-
operability with motion blur, depth of field and ray traced shadows, reflection and refraction. Truly the most fea-
ture rich rendering engine available in any 3D animation system.

■ Radiosity and caustics rendering for the
                                                                                                           Save Millions
  calculation of indirect light as it bounces
  from diffuse, reflective and refractive sur-    Of course, once you are working with LightWave your facility is sure to expand, when it
  faces, which allows LightWave [6] to            does you will be ready. LightWave[6] includes unlimited render nodes with each animation
  deliver the nuances of lighting better          license. Many systems charge anywhere from one to three thousand dollars for each addi-
  than any other 3D package on the mar-           tional render node. You do the math.

■ 160-bit IEEE floating-point rendering          ■ Project bitmap images through spot lights                            ■ Enhanced anti-aliasing option improves
  pipeline assures ultimate color depth and                                                                               quality by increasing the samples for each
                                                 ■ Inexhaustible list of lens and illumination
  accuracy adding exceptional richness and                                                                                pixel and using more intelligent filtering,
                                                    effects, including point, spot, shadowing
  realism to the imagery. The engine                                                                                      with a minimal increase in rendering time
                                                    and lens flares. Also depth-of-field,
  dynamically scales from 160 bits to 320           motion blur, field rendering and more.                              ■ Generate true-to-life ray traced shadows,
  bits depending on the requirements of                                                                                   reflections and refraction
  the scene.                                     ■ Control light attributes, including light
                                                    type, color, intensity, fallof, lens flare,                         ■ Create special effects such as an animated
■ Sub-pixel displacement rendering for the          shadow options and more                                               fog, image keying and particle blur.
  creation of realistic volumetric surfaces                                                                               Unaffected by fog option for objects
  such as water, clouds and gels with            ■ Plug-in classes include pixel filter and
  incredible precision and speed.                   special buffers for rendering and shader                            ■ Unseen by rays option for objects
■ Advanced HyperVoxels for direct ray                                                                                   ■ Custom resolutions up to 8,000 by 8,000
  tracing of volumetric surfaces, optimiza-      ■ Use realistic camera options such as focal                             pixels
  tions that make HyperVoxel rendering              length, depth of field and motion blur
  400% faster
■ Volumetric lighting model optimized for
  a more than 300% boost in speed with                                                                    Total Package
  full texture support for innovative new        Real time subdivision surfaces, extensive texturing tools, character animation tools, radiosity,
  volumetric lighting effects.                   caustics, HyperVoxels, and ray tracing all incorporated into an extremely powerful animation
■ Built-in cel shader. Say you have a 3D         system. With LightWave[6], the NewTek tradition continues: Making the world's most pow-
  creation and now you'd like it to look         erful tools and making them available to everyone. It's all about talent, creativity, expression
  like a hand-drawn 2D object. Or maybe          and power. LightWave[6], everything you need and more. It's time you experienced The Joy
  you want to merge conventional 2D              of Six.
  with 3D animation. No problem. The             LightWave[6] for Intel......................................................................................................Call
  cel shader calculates shading and operates
  much faster than hand drawing because          LightWave[6] for Alpha....................................................................................................Call
  the computer draws the interim frames.         LightWave[6] for SGI ......................................................................................................Call
■ Lens flare modes, including central ring
                                                 LightWave[6] for PowerMac ............................................................................................Call
  color and size modifications and star fil-
  ter enhancements

                                                                                                      THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
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      P L AY
             Modeling, Rendering and Animation Software for Macintosh
                                                      The industry workhorse for professional 3-D designers working in television, video and
                                                      multimedia, ElectricImage Universe is a.feature-laden animation tool that is easy-to-
                                                      use, delivers superb quality and is simply the fastest renderer on the planet –on any

                                                      platform. In just minutes it renders complex, million-polygon scenes that would choke
                                                      the average program.Throw in unprecedented new modeling capabilities EI Universe
                                                      dramatically change production possibilities as well as your perception of what can be
                                                      achieved in real-time.
                                               Features like hybrid surface/solid modeling, real-time 3D Video Tracing and Digital
                                               Backlot technology, as well as a sophisticated ray tracing engine, a deeper animation
                                               tool set and the ability to directly save Trinity effect file formats dramatically expand
             production possibilities for motion picture, broadcast, game development and Web graphics. Universe also has an
             improved interface designed to take advantage of natural workflow processes with tear-off tool palettes, custom layouts,
             context-sensitive menu systems and user created tool palettes.


                 Deep Animation Toolset                             Real-Time Video Tracing                                   Digital Backlots
             Virtually every attribute in a Universe 3D         Universe contains radical new innovations in       ILM used Universe's Digital Backlot technol-
             scene is animatable. Animating is fast and         the merging of 3D graphics and real-time           ogy in "Star Wars : The Phantom Menace" to
             interactive, using direct manipulation or flexi-   video. A tight integration between Universe        create hundreds of on-screen effects shots.
             ble temporal, keyframe, key-index, and             and Trinity allows the creation of real-time       Universe delivered film resolution final
             frame project views. Bezier splines and inde-      visuals never before possible at any price.        imagery in record time for scenes such as the
             pendent axis of rotation make traditional ani-     Complete Universe 3D scenes and live video         breathtaking royal palace at Naboo, the light-
             mation a snap. Powerful higher level anima-        sources can be combined with Trinity's cus-        ning-fast pod race and the Jedi temple on
             tion provides for inverse kinematics, function     tom hardware to create sophisticated effects       Coruscant. The combination of three key
             curve editing, Bones, morphing, smart defor-       complete with multiple video targeting, light-     techniques enabled creation of these visuals.
             mations, particle systems, vibration systems       ing, shadows, reflections, refractions and vari-   First, advanced 3D camera projection map-
             and importation of motion capture data.            able transparency. This allows the creation of     ping combines digital matte paintings with
             Master materials allow any attributes of a sin-    photorealistic virtual sets, video transitions     the freedom of camera motion to easily pro-
             gle model or light source to control any num-      and overlay effects previously impossible to       duce elaborate and realistic environments.
             ber of similar objects' attributes.                achieve in real-time.                              Second, superior anti-aliasing and sampling
                                                                                                                   algorithms ensure that digital elements match
                Universal Data Exchange                                                                            physical elements without the visual artifacts.
                                                                         Multiple Platforms                        Last, the ability to quickly render scenes with
             No matter where your content was created,          Universe gives you the freedom to work on          literally millions of polygons allows the real-
             chances are Universe can use it. Entire            your platfrom of choice plus the power to          ization of vast virtual landscapes.
             Lightwave scene files can be loaded intact,        move seamlessly between platforms. Universe
             including objects, cameras, lights, textures       has true feature parity across all supported
             and animation parameters. Import over 30           computer platforms, including Windows NT,                  Inverse Kinematics
             different model interchange formats from           Power Macintosh / iMac, Sun Solaris and            True 3D IK puts your characters into motion
             other 3D packages such as Softimage and            SGI. All Universe native file formats are bina-    with multiple links and chains, multiple con-
             Studio MAX. Read and write surface and             ry compatible across hardware lines. OpenGL        straints, multiple linkage types, rotation and
             solid model descriptions using the IGES file       hardware acceleration is supported on all          translation parameter limits, center of angle
             specification for exchange with various CAD        platforms for fast shaded user interface feed-     or stiffness, gravity, and forward kinematics
             systems and Maya. Use EPS files as editable        back. Network rendering is supported cross-        with locked children. Bones allows you to cre-
             outlines or solid objects. Create 3D models        platform as well, allowing different computer      ate an inverse kinematics skeleton within an
             from PostScript and TrueType fonts, com-           platforms to participate in a single job.          object and then deform the object by manipu-
             plete with automatic bevels and fillets.                                                              lating the skeleton.

             We are on the web at:
                                                                                                                                     P L AY
                                                                                                ELECTRICIMAGE UNIVERSE
       Additional Features
                                                  ElectricImage exploded onto the scene when it was used to create the nuclear
■ Full function curve editing control. You        blast effect in "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" - the first ever done completely
  can easily animate all factors of any           with a desktop 3D solution. It was also the first used for special effects on a tel-
  model or many models all at once. Now
  with Automatic Scaling                          evision series (Space Rangers), a theme park ride (Space Shuttle America at Six
                                                  Flags in Illinois) and a 3D animated outdoor display (Fremont Street in Las

■ Put even more character into your ani-
                                                  Vegas). Not to mention those infamous "Flying Pentium" commercials created
  mation by adding as many bones as you
  want of any length to a model. Bones            for Intel with ElectricImage on a Macintosh (obviously, those other PC pro-
  now affects selection sets also. They no        grams just couldn't deliver the goods). Today, ElectricImage's production credits
  longer have to affect a single Poly Mesh        read like a Who's Who of the entertainment and 3D imaging industries, assuag-
■ You control the timing and morphing             ing any doubt that a desktop software package can compete in the demanding
  percentages, and they do the rest! All this     3D business.
  is done via the simple morph window.
■ Add a glow to a scene, set its attributes      ■ Displacement Maps - These maps actual-
  and assign the glow attribute to any
                                                   ly change the surface of the model, modi-
  desired objects in the scene.                    fying the surface itself.                                      ■ Literally blow your models apart with Mr.
                                                                                                                    Nitro. Includes explicit motion control
■ Skies and Backgrounds - Specify horizon        ■ Texture Animation Playback Control -                             (gravity, air resistance, etc.).
  and nadir colors, and ground plane color.        Use a movie as a texture and control
                                                   when it starts and stops.                                      ■ Mr. Blobby for metaball style effects.
■ Project Window - View data in time
  mode, by keyframe or index. You can            ■ Have a texture only partially affect a                         ■ Apply a user-selectable mesh to any previ-

  animate in time, frames or video fields.         shading attribute.                                               ously made model with Dicer!
  Preset frames per second (FPS) modes
  and custom FPS modes are available.            ■ All shaders and textures are in one win-                       ■ Generate fountains, sparks, fireworks and
  Animate interactively or plug-in exact           dow, to view how these work together.                            more with Particle Generation. Every
  XYZ coordinates into any frame.                                                                                   aspect is controllable and animatable.
                                                 ■ Professional Gamma Control - Improves
■ Unlimited Cameras - View and render              image quality by reducing moiré and                            ■ Electric Socket ToolKit to create your
  your project from countless angles.              aliasing effects with specific input and                         own ElectricImage plug-in.
                                                   output monitor gamma control.
■ Smart Deformations - Add stretch, bulge,
  twist, shear, Bezier and more to objects.
  Multiple deformations can be applied to                               Hybrid Surface/Solid Modeling
  an object in any order for varying results.    Unlike anything seen before on the desktop, a true hybrid surface/solid modeling system
                                                 allows both surface and solid
■ Animate directly to sound cues.
                                                 techniques to be used in the
  Frequencies from 5KHz to 64Khz sup-
                                                 creation of a single model. All
  ported. Soundtrack waveforms are conve-
                                                 models are resolution independ-
  niently displayed in the project window.
                                                 ent, allowing for incredible edit-
■ ElectricImage now can import entire            ing control as well as clean, pre-
  LightWave scenes to be rendered out            cise edges and unions, with
  with our award winning and speedy cam-         none of the artifacts associated
  era for the ultimate in picture quality.       with polygon-based modelers.
                                                 Create complex shapes quickly
■ Now texture maps can be viewed live in         with UberNURBS, multi-
  your preview windows, a real time saver.       dimensional Booleans, blends,
■ Use PhotoShop style blending tools (nor-       bevels, boundary surfaces, sur-
  mal, multiply, soft light, hard light, color   face networks, NURBS, Bezier
  burn, etc.) to blend your textures.            curves, polylines and primitives.
                                                 Formulas can even be used to
■ 3D Camera Projection Maps - 3D back-           create surface descriptions,
  grounds and matte paintings! You've seen       allowing for easy creation of
  them in Star Wars Episode 1 Phantom            otherwise difficult geometry. A variety of deformation techniques can change the basic shape
  Menace, Star Trek: First Contact,              of a solid or surface, such as bend, twist, taper and free form deformation. To speed the mod-
  Babylon 5—now do them yourself.                eling process, collisions between model pieces can be detected and prevented.

                                                                                                THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
                                                                    PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
      P L AY
             EI Universe Modeler
             The Universe 3D Modeler can create anything from
             spaceships and automobiles to creatures and aliens –
             and everything in between. It is a solid/NURBs surface

             hybrid, capable of building and manipulating models
             as solids (having volume) and surfaces (outer shells).
             Unlike other 3D modeling products that are created for
             the architect or engineer, the Universe Modeler is
             designed for 3D animators of all kinds. The intuitive
             interface, extensive tool set, materials editor, still image
             rendering engine, and easy to use NURBS technology
             can easily accommodate the most demanding project.
             Building upon the ACIS Geometry Engine from
             Spatial Technology – the industry standard solid model-
             ing engine, the Universe Modeler adds an incredible array of surfacing tools, and makes the distinction between the tools
             transparent to you by building a fast, intuitive and platform independent user environment. With all the power of

             heavy-duty industrial design programs, yet incorporating and easy to use interface geared towards the artistic user, the
             modeling process far more approachable than ever before.

             ■ Solid Modeling Power - Solid models have       ■ Resolution Independent Models - Models        ■ UberNURBS - UberNURBS make mod-
               mass, so that when a hole is drilled into an     are stored as solid surface data without        eling as easy as sculpting in clay, or
               object, it will be seen as going through the     any resolution limitations. At any time,        stretching and pulling on a piece of taffy.
               entire object like a brick, not an eggshell.     the model can be sampled into polygonal         Just start out with a simple solid primitive
               Create solid shapes, or use the provided         data for rendering purposes, with full user     and then pull and drag for instant cre-
               solid shapes, glue them together, cut pieces     control over the amount of n~lvanns             ation of a shape that other methods would
               away, or use the difference of the two           describing the surface. Additionally, "sur-     take hours to create. A host of tools are
               pieces for more complex objects.                 face normals" are output with the poly-         included to make your ÜberNURBS proj-
                                                                gons, enabling perfect shading of polygo-       ect a success, including Subdividing, Inner
             ■ Solid Surface Hybrid - Supports both solid
                                                                nal data.                                       Border, Loop, and Rib Control as well as
               and surface modeling to allow the user the                                                       Visibility controls among others.
               widest range of options in model creation      ■ NURBS - A complete set of Nurbs tools
               and manipulation. Both mechanical man-           including Edit Surface, Elevate/Reduce        ■ Traditional 3D Tools More traditional
               made objects and organic objects can be          Degree, Increase/Decrease Multiplicity,         tools such as surface networks (Gordon's
               created in the same environment.                 Weight Assignments, and Curves                  surfaces), sweep, revolve and extrude tools,
                                                                                                                boundary surfaces (Coon's surfaces) and
              The use of the ACIS Solid Modeling Kernel allows the EI 3D Modeler to flawlessly                  skinning are also offered. Other NURBS
              import and export ACIS .sat format files to and from other applications. The .sat format          tools provide real surface modeling power
              is an industry standard and is a publicly available specification from Spatial Technology         with trim surfaces, blended surfaces, pro-
              Corp. This feature allows for quick and painless integration of the EI 3D Modeler with a          file skins and surface continuity control.
              host of other leading 3D CAD/CAM MCAD packages, such as AutoCAD, Bentley,                         Boolean operations are available on sur-
              Intergraph Microstation, HP Solid Designer, and other workstation class 3D applications.          face objects, offering an unprecedented
              The robust surface solid modeling capability of the EI 3D Modeler makes a perfect sub-            amount of capability.
              stitute for dedicated 3D surface applications such as Alias/Wavefront Studio, and               ■ Quick Draw 3D RAVE Drawing Engine
              3Designer, which require conversion of their data into IGES format. When the EI                   Apple QuickDraw 3D "Rave" environ-
              Modeler is used with another ACIS-based applications, no conversion is necessary as .sat          ment, coupled with a high end graphics
              is native to ACIS. This means that you can exchange information between the modeler               card for outstanding performance.
              and another .sat-based programs without any loss of data or degradation of precision.

             7-Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
                                                                                                                                            P L AY
                                                                                                            ELECTRICIMAGE UNIVERSE
■ Boolean Operations - Allow for the abil-
  ity to cut holes into, combine or intersect     MASTER SERIES TRAINING TAPES
  models in one simple step. Multi-
  Dimensional Booleans can be created in           Mastery of Visual Effects Begins Here!
  one, two or three dimensions. What does
  this mean to you? Objects can be com-            The Masters of Visual Effects programs give you access to a wealth of essential VFX

  bined to create infinitely thin lines and        knowledge that would typically require years of apprenticeship, making you better, faster
  planes. A very robust boolean library            and savvier in your work. In these tapes, the most prestigious VFX professionals in the
  guarantees that shapes which some                world lead you into diverse areas of digital effects for film and video, explaining process-
  boolean modelers cannot handle (often            es, defining concepts, offering tips, warnings and professional anecdotes.
  called non-manifold shapes) will likely                                 You can't get this schooling anywhere else!
  work just fine in the ElectricImage 3D
  Modeler.                                         Learn from award winning FX specialists, software designers, filmmakers, teachers, and
                                                   maestros of the art and science of visual effects, featuring John Knoll and Scott Squires,
■ Materials Editor - Add unlimited tex-            VFX Supervisors for Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.
  tures to a single model of any supported
  type. Texture layering allows for the cre-                         Series I: Introduction to Visual FX
  ation of fantastic effects, without any                 Working with digital images in every phase of production
  restrictions. A memory efficient texture        Tape 1: Visual Effects Cues                                       Tape 3: Post-Production Basics
  map caching scheme makes a little mem-          Fooling the human eye with special effects                        Are you up to speed on "telecine" and
  ory go a long way. Models also have the         starts with with fundamentals of art and pho-                     "EDLs?" Forest Key guides you through the
  ability to inherit maps from their parent       tography such as lighting, composition and                        entire post-production process, providing a
  object.                                         depth of field—not computers. Learn how                           solid overview of everything that happens

■ Bevels - Real world objects never have          color, shadows, glare and film grain affect                       after the production is "in the can."
                                                  images. The first step to creating great effects.
  edges that are knife edge sharp (unless it                                                                        Tape 4: Pre-Visualization & Editing
  is a knife!), so why should your models?        Tape 2: Film and Video as Digital Images                          Pre-visualization is the process of plotting out
  ElectricImage 3D Modeler has a great            Working in digital effects and post-production                    your effects shots layer by layer, from sketches
  beveling tool, which offers control over        begins with understanding what a digital image                    at inception to advanced computer graphics
  the size of the bevel radius and whether        is, how it is expressed, and what the limitations                 testing. Forest Key covers these steps and
  the bevel is round or flat. A fillet is the     and benefits are of digital imaging. Clarifies                    explores how strongly editing influences any
  opposite of a corner bevel, and is used to      technical issues from binary codes to Borges.                     effects shot or program
  smooth an intersection between two con-
  nected objects. The Fillet tool offers con-                           Series 2: 2D Compositing--
  trol over the size of the radius of the fil-            Animating, Manipulating, and Integrating Diverse Images
  let, and whether the fillet is round or flat.   Tape 1: Compositing Concepts I: Ron                               Tape 4: 2D Painting -- 2D digital painting
                                                  Brinkmann illustrates how to manipulate dig-                      includes removing unwanted objects or wires
■ Rendering - No 3D modeler would be
                                                  ital images to create visual effects, explaining                  from the scene, cloning an image, painting
  complete if it could not create incredible                                                                        out blue screen problems and adjusting a
                                                  such steps as color correction, spatial filters
  images, and the EI 3D Modeler is no             and geometric transformations.                                    moving image.
  exception. Unlike other modelers, how-
  ever, it comes bundled with the El Still        Tape 2: Compositing Concepts II: Explains                         Tape 5: Motion Tracking -- The complexity
  Camera, the world's fastest renderer!           how to effectively integrate diverse images                       of creating FX in motion is simplified with
  Intuitive interface controls for lighting,      taken from different environments and make                        tracking processes. Stu Maschwitz advises you
  texture and camera placement that work          them look like they were photographed                             on the steps of tracking, stabilizing, finding
  just like the EI 3D animation product           together, using mattes, morphing, Z-depth                         patterns and setting up tracking shots.
  line.Output high resolution still images,       compositing and more.
                                                                                                                    Tape 6: Keying and Procedural Matte
  anything from print advertisements to           Tape 3: Rotoscoping: Mattes -- Clarifies the                      Creation -Learn about extracting mattes
  movie posters up to 32K X 32K!                  creation of articulated and garbage mattes,                       using blue/green screens, luminance keys and
                                                  using splines and keyframes properly, facing                      difference mattes. Edge and color quality,
          Latest Features:                        roto challenges, and advanced techniques.                         spill suppression and clean plates are all cov-
                                                                                                                    ered here in detail.
• Deformation Modeling • EPS Importing
• Multiple undos across all tools, including      Series 1 ......................................179.95             Series 1 & 2 ................................319.95
UberNURBS • Non-Uniform Scaling                   Series 2 ......................................229.95
• Selecting positions for each rounding           Coming soon! Series 3 and 4-3D Animation: (8 Vol.) and Advanced Concepts: The dif-
radius • Collision Detection                      ference between good effects and amazing ones (6 Vol.). Watch for them on our web site

                                                                                                   THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
                                                                       PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
             Powerhouse Plug-in for ElectricImage
             The EPS Invigorator is an advanced modeling system for pro-
             ducing beautiful models for titles, logos—very, very fast.
             Creating a 3-dimensional model within ElectricImage takes

             only a few seconds. You don’t have to be skilled at modeling to
             get incredible 3D logos and text. Use a post script drawing pro-
             gram like Illustrator to create the base shapes, then use the
             Invigorator to turn them into 3D sculptures. If revisions need to
             be made, any parameter can be changed. The new model retains
             all the surface colors and textures as well as the animation that
             was applied to the old model. So easy, it’s invigorating.
             ■ EPS Invigorator lets you take encapsulated PostScript and Adobe             ■ All models can be meshed creating a deformable object with just
                Illustrator files and use them to create models directly inside of            one click and use any of the ElectricImage deformation tools to cre-
                Electricimage. There are over 100 extrusion profiles from which to            ate dazzling effects. And, you have complete control over inside and
                choose. You don't have to settle for just flat extrusions or simple           outside curve profiles and widths. All profiles are browse-able,
                bevels and all profiles can be flipped inside out to give you reverse         meaning you can click through each one, and watch as your model
                impressions.                                                                  is rebuilt in front of your eyes using the new style.

             EPS Invigorator for ElectricImage Universe ..........................349.95   Also available for After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator ..........Call

             3D ARTIFEX Plug-ins for ElectricImage Universe
             Four volumes with 3 plug-ins each, just plug them in and crank them up for jaw-dropping special effects
                                         Volume One                                                                    Volume Three
             Big Dipper is perfect for creating star fields of all kinds including         Cablecraft allows you to create animateable extruded B-Splines. If
             galaxies and Star Trek like warp fields.                                      you create some simple anchor and knot points and supply a cross-
             Zeus generates three-dimensional lightning effects with explicit con-         section model, you get instant hoses, cables, and ropes.
             trol over turbulence, branch quantity.                                        Placer Deposit allows you to quickly and easily place copies of mod-
                                                                                           els on the surfaces of other models. This enables you to create sophis-
             Da Vinci's Chisel is a 3D wipe tool actually consumes models poly-
                                                                                           ticated particle systems to emulate fur, spines, grass, forests and more.
             gon by polygon making for impressive transitions such as names being
             carved out of stone with light rays pouring through them.                     Flock This! provides extensive controls for instancing animated
                                                                                           sequences allowing you to instance running, walking, flying, or other
                                         Volume Two                                        motions on the individual flock members.
             Liquefy allows the digital artist to melts objects into, or build them
             from pools, as seen in Terminator 2.
                                                                                                                        Volume Four
                                                                                           Contortionist is a path deformation tool. It allows you to move
             Dante is an immensely powerful particle generation tool capable of
                                                                                           objects down a path and have them deform in the shape of the path.
             producing ultra-realistic fire and smoke, and much much more.
                                                                                           Dervish allows you to tear apart models polygon by polygon and
             Pathfinder allows you to use a path that you build in your modeler as
                                                                                           reassemble the polygons into other objects.
             a motion path. You can make any object traverse any path you create
             with your modeler, allowing you to create complex effects such as ani-        Black Hole is a suction effect. Objects appear from or disappear into
             mated tank treads with minimal keyframing.                                    a singularity.

              3D Artifex Single Pack—Your choice of any one volume..............279.00      3D Artifex Triple Pack—Your choice of any three volumes............629.00
              3D Artifex Double Pack—Your choice of any two volumes...........449.00        3D Artifex Quad Pack—Order all four volumes.............................799.00

             Corporate Accounts Are Welcome
                                                                                                                                 MEDIA MANIA
Animation and Warping Software
With MediaMania you can generate animated video sequences on the com-
puter ranging from simple editing, title fade-ins to professional intros and
sophisticated cartoons. A project like a TV weather map would be easy to cre-

ate. MediaMania uses cutting-edge technology—no frame by frame animation
here. More than just a program for animating GIFs, editing videos, titling
and adding sound, MediaMania is one of the most powerful and sophisticated
computer animation tools to come to market. MediaMania works scene ori-
ented, as such animation is defined using vector paths, which are processed
independently of source images. As the animator your work is simplified and file sizes are kept to a minimum.
■ Select 100 “multiples” and all your           ■ Virtual camera for zooming in on a detail                      ■ Raster effects adjust brightness, contrast,
  “cloned” extras are on stage waiting for        in a scene                                                        saturation and hue. Color gradients can
  your directions                                                                                                   also be applied
                                                ■ Create morphing sequences fast and effort-
■ Rotate 15 video sourced simultaneously in       lessly, even over more than two objects. All                   ■ Transparency and chroma keys, dynamic
  3D, fly your images across the scene like       corresponding lines of all objects can be                         deformantions, alpha masking, slow-
  butterflies or flying carpets—with a few        changed. Automatic area dissolving and                            motion and time lapse
  mouse clicks                                    precise color adjustment let you morph
                                                                                                                 ■ Full integration with all non-linear editors
                                                  very different objects.

■ Add 10 transitions to your video with 20
  different possibilities, each with its own    MediaMania Pro (Up to 720 x 480 Pixel resolution) ................................................269.95
  editable parameters                           MediaMania Broadcast (Up to 2000 x 2000 Pixel resolution) ..................................949.95

DVD Tool Box
A complete and powerful DVD-video production software solution, the DVD Tool
Box lets you use your existing AVI video files to create a DVD-Video on a CD-R,
CD-RW, DVD-RAM, DVD-R or any other storage medium that you want. The
resulting disc can be played back using Vitec’s software-only DVD-Video Player.

Software Tools Included:
MPEG Maker-2                                    DVDMaker DVD Authoring Software                                      VOB to MPEG Video Conversion Tool
MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 Encoding Software:            ■ Create a DVD-video title with your                              ■ Demux your own VOB files into MPEG
■ AVI to MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 conversion             MPEG files                                                        files (both audio and video)
■ Full D1, MP@ML                                ■ Organize your DVD-title into chapters                           ■ Regenerate your MPEG files from DVD
■ VCD 2.0 conversion supported                  ■ Generate your VOB file on your hard disk                          Chapters to enable edition
■ Includes DVDDirect and MPEGExpert             ■ UDF format output supported
  encoding features                                                                                                          Software DVDPlayer
■ BMP images and WAV to MPEG encoding           MPEGRemix Audio Conversion Tool                                   ■ DVD navigation support,
■ Image resizing mode                           ■ Replace instantaneously the audio part of                       ■ MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video playback
                                                  your MPEG files with the content of a                           ■ Dolby Digital (AC-3) audio decoding
VIDEO Clip MPEG-2 SE MPEG-2 Editor                WAV file Ideal for adding music to your                         ■ Sub-picture decoding
■ I & P frame accurate copy & paste editing
                                                  existing video
                                                                                                                  ■ DirectDraw video acceleration support
                                                ■ Automatic adjustment features: Auto align-
■ Instantaneous preview of the virtual edited
                                                  ment, Audio loop
  sequence                                                                                                                          379.00

                                                                                                 THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
                                                                     PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
             The One-2-Punch is a unique routing system that allows
             you to interface any two source or record VCRs with any
             non-linear editing system. The source side of the One-2-

             Punch allows A/B selection of RS-422 control, video (com-
             ponent, composite or S-Video) and balanced audio for
             input to the non-linear editor. The record (or destination)
             side of the system delivers the same functions. The rear                                        •
             panel has all the equipment connections and the front
             panel provides A/B selection of either device’s three signals (RS-422, video and audio). This eliminates patchbays, jack-
             fields, or the clutter of separate switchers for each functions. The ideal solution for Avid or Media 100 editing systems.
             ■ Automatically toggle between any two             ■ Uses passive switching for all signals to       ■ A special feature of the One-2-Punch is the
                source machines and any two recorders             insure a totally transparent operation.            main Auto-Switch. Once each function
                                                                                                                     switch is set to the Auto position, a single
             ■ Eliminates confusing patchbays, c ustom          ■ Each function (control, video and audio)
                                                                                                                     touch of the Main-Auto button will switch
                switchers and cable clutter                       has a separate A/B selector switch that
                                                                                                                     all of their functions instantly. Each func-
                                                                  works independently. You can select A/B
             ■ Status LEDs on the front panel indicates all                                                          tion has a switch that can be set to the

                                                                  functions for the source and the record
                switch functions clearly. Space is provided                                                          Master position. In this position, one switch
                                                                  equipment instantly without the cable clut-
                to allow you to label the equipment associ-                                                          will switch the function simultaneously.
                                                                  ter typically associated with this operation.
                ated with each function.
                                                                                                                  One-2-Punch ....................................849.95

             The Route-4 represents the latest in high tech solutions
             for A/V and Control interface with today’s non-linear
             edit systems. Absolutely eliminate the need to unplug
             equipment from your NLE (Non-Linear Editor) for
                                                                                                                                              AUDIO I/O

             different formats. With the Route-4, you can connect
             up to 4 source VCRs into the NLE’s single input port.
             All formats (composite, component, S-Video) can be
             fed to the NLE simultaneously. The Route-4 delivers
             full 2-channel balanced audio in addition to RS-422 serial control. The output of the NLE is fed back to the Route-4
             where it’s signal can then be routed to as many as 4 recorders or back to the source VCRs. All routing is accomplished via
             high speed monolithic active matrix routing. The absolute ultimate routing system for Avid or Media 100 systems.
             ■ State-of-the-art active matrix signal routing.   ■ 4 Sources selectable to the NLE input,            ■ Outputs for audio/video monitoring
               Single push-button action for all func-             while NLE output can be assigned to any
                                                                                                                    ■ 19" rackmountable (2RU high)
               tions                                               of 4 recording devices
                                                                                                                    ■ Includes 13 breakout cables: Eight 7-Pin
             ■ Compatible with composite, S-Video and           ■ Full balanced audio - dual channel
                                                                                                                       (4 male and 4 female) to 3 BNC compo-
               component signals.. All formats switch
                                                                ■ RS-422 serial remote                                 nent, and five 15-Pin D-Sub to 2 XLR
                                                                                                                       male & 2 XLR female for audio I/O
                                                                ■ Compact design using supplied multipin
             ■ Can be configured as 4 individual sources
                                                                   input and output breakout cables                 Route-4 ........................................1995.95
               and 4 individual recorders

             Equipment Leasing Available
                                    P I P E L I N E D I G I TA L
VCR Control Plug-in for Adobe Premier
The leading Premier deck control plug-in since
1993, ProVTR allows a wide variety of VCRs to be
used with accurate control, time code stamping on
digital video clips (QuickTime or AVI), and batch

capture. ProVTR in conjunction with Adobe
Premier provides advanced control for exporting movies to tape, offering the choice of insert, assemble, and hard record.
ProVTR offers complete control of 9-pin         Simply drop the software into the Adobe                              ■ Software-only -no card or box required
RS-422; 25-pin RS-232; and LANC                 Premiere Plug-ins folder, and connect the
                                                                                                                     ■ Responsive deck control makes digitizing,
(requires Addenda Electronics RS-4/L) pro-      Pipeline Digital "Computer-to-VTR" cable
                                                                                                                        batch capture and editing fast and pre-
tocol VCRs. Time code is passed along on        between your computer's serial port and the
                                                                                                                        cise, saving you time
the serial port and stamped on the video        serial port on your deck. After selecting
clips, which enables accurate EDLs (edit        ProVTR as your device controller, you'll                             ■ Creates accurate EDLs
decision lists) to be created from the          have control of the VCR from the Premier
                                                                                                                     ■ Batch capture lets you automate the digi-
Premier project. With deck control and time     movie capture window. Time code is auto-
code support, ProVTR allows the automat-        matically stamped on your captured clips.                               tizing process
ed batch capture of clips to the hard drive,    When you are finished, export your                                   ■ Insert Edit Export your movie to tape
dramatically saving time in an edit session.    movie back to tape with complete deck                                   with a clean insert
                                                control, like a traditional analog editor.

 KeyWest Technology
 KW-40/KW-42 Multi-Source Routers
  Multi-source editing routers, the KW-40 simplifies switching sources on
  your non-linear editor and the KW-42 makes it easy to use your VCR
  with more than one non-linear system, making routing to two NLEs
  effortless. All you have to do is push one button and your video, audio
  and RS-422 machine control changes. Both the KW-40 and KW-42
  make the maze of too many switch boxes and too much cable swapping
  and routing a thing of the past.
■ Both allow the quick and easy integration                       KW-40
  of up to four VCRs or other sources. They     Control:
  accept any video analog format-compos-        • 4-inputs, 1-output: RS-422 (9-pin)
  ite, Y/C or component and automatically
  output just that format.                      Video:
                                                • 4-inputs: BNC (75 Ω terminated all
■ Audio is also easy, balanced or unbal-          formats), composite, Y/C, component
  anced, and machine control switching          • 1-output: BNC (75 Ω terminated) com-                                                 KW-42
  (9-pin cables) is included.                     posite or component, 4-pin for Y/C                               RS-422 Router: 4-input/2-outputs
■ Cable spaghetti, crawling under the table     Audio:                                                             Video Inputs: 4 per channel, 3 channels
  to change VCRs and multiple actions to do     Four Inputs:                                                       Video Outputs: 1 per channel, 3 channels
  just one thing are completely eliminated.     • Stereo XLR (3-pin) balanced                                      total +2 combined S-Video
                                                • .25” plug (one or two channel) 600 Ω                             Audio Inputs: 4 per channel (XLR), 2 chan-
■ User-friendly, their designed from the
  ground to fit into any broadcast and pro-     One Output:                                                        nels total
  fessional facility. Both are ready to rack-   • Stereo XLR (3-pin) balanced                                      Audio Outputs: 1 per channel (XLR), 2
  mount, just 2RU, and include rubber feet      • RCA phono plug (stereo) 600 Ω                                    channels total +1 monitor per channel (RCA)
  for desktop applications.                     KW-40..........................................1499.00             KW-42..........................................1649.00

                                                                                                   THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
                                                                       PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
             Soundtrack Creation Software For Mac and PC
             The first and only audio software designed specifically for video editors, web
             site creators and multimedia authors, SmartSound lets you create soul-stirring
             sound tracks in minutes instead of hours. SmartSound takes fully orchestrated,

             high-quality, royalty free music and sound effect files and embeds them with
             special information. This information then allows SmartSound’s patented
             software to manipulate the audio in almost any way you choose - automatical-
             ly. This gives you complete control over the soundtrack creation process without
             the need for time consuming sound editing or difficult music composition. Just open the program and begin creating
             emotion packed, precisely timed soundtracks with amazing results - in minutes.

             ■ Allows you to create professionally edited   ■ You can decide whether soundtracks have      ■ You can import and manually edit your
               soundtracks - fast. SmartSound's unique,       a musical beginning with a strong musical       own audio files in the "Block Clipper".
               patented process, automatically assures        end, or loop continuously. Not every            Imported audio can be mixed and
               smooth, professional edits. Even if you're     project is suited to loop-based music cre-      matched with the “Smart enabled” sound-
               fast with an editor, SmartSound will save      ation. Tight, definitive endings sync bet-      tracks to further customize your scores.

               you hours of editing time in the creation      ter to video edits and make for tight,          Imported audio will not be "Smart
               of your music and sound beds.                  impactful videos.                               enabled" so it won't respond to the auto-
                                                                                                              matic length tool and Maestro, but will
             ■ Every SmartSound enabled CD-ROM is           ■ The Maestro process will present up to 10
                                                                                                              respond to many of the other tools
               completely royalty free.                       different arrangements for any specific
                                                                                                              including SmartSound's unique automatic
             ■ Designed specifically for video editors,       soundtrack you create - all fitting your
                                                                                                              cross-fade editor, the Smooth Tool.
               SmartSound has a graphical drag & drop         specifications. Like the beginning but
                                                              want a different ending? You choose the      ■ Additional SmartSound Audio and Sound
               interface similar to a non-linear editor.
                                                              one that is right for you.                      Palette CD-ROMs are available so you
             ■ The Maestro process will locate exactly                                                        can add as much "Smart enabled" music
               the type of music you're looking for in      ■ Selections are complete and fully orches-
                                                                                                              and sound effects as you want - at your
               just seconds, then edit it to the desired      trated - no need to drag and drop a drum
                                                                                                              own pace. Each palette contains plenty of
               length needed (accurate to 1/10 of a sec-      beat, search for a sax lick, add a guitar,
                                                                                                              versatile selections within specific areas of
               ond) automatically.                            and then try to mix them.
                                                                                                              interest including; Action, Film Scoring,
                                                                                                              Documentary, Narration, Romance,
                                                                                                              Commercials, Sound Effects and many
                          Professional Multimedia Speakers                                                    more. Build exactly the collection you
                                                                                                              want for the types of projects you do.

                  SONY                  SMS-1PB             ROLAND                    MA-12C               ■ Compatible with 44.1, 22 and 11 kHz,
                                                                                                              8/16-bit, stereo/mono .AIFF, .WAV, Real
                                                                                                              Audio (RA), AU, Quicktime and Sound
              Powered Near-Field Monitors                   Powered Multimedia Monitors                       Designer II audio file formats.
              ■ Shielded 10cm full range speaker design                                                    SmartSound 44kHz (for Mac or PC)
                                                            ■ 10cm full range speaker
              ■ Ideal for desktop record-                                                                  Includes a complete library of 50 selections
                                                            ■ 10 watt amplifier                            written and performed by top Hollywood
                 ing and video suites
                                                            ■ Magnetically Shielded                        professionals (Jazz, Pop, Rock, Film, Music,
              ■ Standard phono (RCA)
                                                                                                           Big Band, Country and Western, Latin,
                 and XLR balanced inputs                    ■ Volume, bass and tre-
                                                                                                           Classical, even World Beat and sound
                 each with independent                        ble controls
                 level controls                                                                            effects) ..............................................269.00
                                                            ■ Separate mic, instru-
              ■ 15 watt output power                                                                       SmartSound 44kHz Audio Palettes
                                                              ment and line-level
                                                              inputs                                       (Music CD-ROMs) ....................129.95 ea.
              ■ Bass and treble controls
                                                                                                           SmartSound 44kHz Sound Palettes
                                                                                                           (Sound Effects CD-ROMs) ........129.95 ea.

             Used Equipment Bought, Sold and Traded
                                                                                                                                            PEAK 2.0
2-Track Audio Editing for Macintosh
Spark offers intuitive, easy to use 2-track editing software for the Power
Macintosh. It features 24-bit and 32-bit file support, making it ideal
for music mastering, while SMPTE synchronization and QuickTime

movie import capabilities allow editing audio for film and video. A
host of compression algorithms such as QDesign make editing audio for
the web a snap. Most major professional samplers are also supported
and the Loop Tuner helps create perfect loops every time.

■ 8, 16, 24, and 32-bit audio file support       ■ SMPTE timecode synchronization                                ■ Customizable tool bar and floating palette
■ Compatible with AIFF, SDIl, .WAV,              ■ Loop Tuner helps create perfect sample                           give easy access to editing tools for an
  QuickTime, Pro Tools-style dual-mono              loops and the Loop Surfer creates real-                         ergonomic work-space.
  files, RealAudio 2.0, 3.0 & 5.0 Internet          time, tempo-based loops from audio clips                     ■ Left and right channels can be independ-
  sound files, multiple compression formats                                                                         ently processed.
                                                 ■ There's also advanced batch file process-
  including QDesign, IMA and µ-Law.
                                                    ing, click repair, custom blend and fade                     ■ A pencil tool allows precise, sample-level
■ TDM and AudioSuite plug-in support                envelopes, innovative DSP tools, and the                        editing simply by drawing a line.
                                                    ability to import multiple audio tracks

■ Real-time Adobe Premier plug-in support                                                                        ■ Import QuickTime movies and synchro-
                                                    from CD.
■ Playlists offer a quick and easy way to                                                                           nize your audio to video with better-than-
                                                 ■ Support for MIDI samplers, including                             frame accuracy.
  arrange sequences of audio, apply real-
                                                    AKAI, E-mu, Ensoniq, Kurzweil, Peavey,
  time DSP effects and directly burn a                                                                           Peak 2.0 ......................................199.95
                                                    Yamaha, and others.

                                                                                                             TC WORKS
                                 2-Track Audio Editing for Macintosh
                                 Intuitive, easy to use 2-track editing software for the Power Macintosh. 24 and 32-bit file sup-
                                 port up to 96kHz is ideal for music mastering. SMPTE synchronization and quicktime movie
                                 import capabilities for editing audio for film and video. A host of compression algorithms such
                                 as QDesign make editing audio for the web or multimedia a snap. Most major professional
                                 samplers are also supported and the Loop Tuner helps create perfect loops every time.

■ Browser View—file database, audio editor       ■ VST Plug-in compatible                                      ■ Supports AIFF, SoundDesigner, .WAV and
  and play list all in one easy to use display                                                                    QuickTime file formats.
                                                 ■ DSP processing includes: Normalize,
  with movable border lines. No need to surf
                                                   Reverse, Fades, Crossfades, and Sample                      ■ Supports file swapping with most major
  several windows to access and edit files.
                                                   Rate conversion and realtime Time                              samplers and any sampler that supports
■ Wave Editor- perform off-line editing,           Stretching                                                     SMDI
  processing, and create markers and non-
                                                 ■ Extract audio from a quicktime movie for                    ■ Bundled with Adaptec’s Toast Pro you can
  destructive regions
                                                   editing and then export the audio along                        burn your audio on CD
■ Batch Processing                                 with the video into a new file
                                                                                                               Spark ..............................................429.95

                                                                                               THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
                                                                   PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
        SOUND FORGE 4.5
             2-Track Recording Software for Windows
             Sound Forge 4.5 is professional editing software for Windows that
             contains an extensive set of processes, tools, and effects for manip-
             ulating audio. A built-in batch converter, spectrum analyzer,

             SMPTE timecode support are ideal for music production, multi-
             media development, sound design, audio for the Internet and
             broadcast production.The ability to synchronize sound and video
             with subframe accuracy makes Sound Forge 4.5 the ultimate 2-
             track editing tool for non-linear video editing systems.


             ■ Non-linear hard-disk editing                                  Built-In Effects                                                             Tools
             ■ Standard keyboard commands, mouse             ■ Amplitude Modulation, Envelope                                   ■ Batch converter supports processing any
               shortcuts, toolbars                                                                                                  process, effect, or tool in Sound Forge 4.5
                                                             ■ Chorus, Delay/Echo (Simple and Multi-
             ■ Mix, paste and crossfade audio files                                                                                 or any DirectX Audio Plug-In.
                                                                Tap), Flange/Wah-Wah, Pitch Bend/Shift,

             ■ Auto left and right mono to stereo merge         Reverb and Vibrato                                              ■ Built-in spectrum Analysis
             ■ Multiple-level undo and redo as well as       ■ Graphic and Multi-Band Dynamics can                              ■ Auto Region, Crossfade Loop, Find Tool
               undo/redo histories                              add fullness to the entire file or compress
                                                                                                                                ■ Preset Manager
             ■ Real-time play/record meters                     by frequency range. Noise Gate
                                                                                                                                ■ Sampler and Statistics Tool, Simple and
             ■ Mark-in/out, drop markers in real time        ■ Gapper/Snipper
                                                                                                                                    FM Synthesis, DTMF/MF Synthesis
             ■ Pop-up mixer
             ■ Embed summary information in files                                 Processes                                                           Timecode
             ■ Support for DirectX Audio Plug-ins such       ■ Auto Trim/Crop, Normalize, Reverse,
                                                                                                                                ■ Timing can be based on samples, time,
               as Sonic Foundry Noise Reduction 2.0,            Resample, Insert Silence, Volume, Mute,
                                                                                                                                    seconds, time and frames, absolute frames,
               Acoustic Mirror, and XFX Plug-In Packs           Invert/Flip
                                                                                                                                    measures and beats, SMPTE DF/NDF
                                                             ■ Time Compress/Expand can turn 33 sec-                                time code and SMPTE EBU/film sync
                                                                onds of narration into a 30-second spot
                          File Support                          without any pitch change
                                                                                                                                ■ Generate SMPTE/MIDI Time Code
             ■ Mono and stereo 8-bit or 16-bit audio
                                                             ■ Graphic, Paragraphic, and Parametric EQ,
               files with sample rates from 2 to 96 kHz         Smooth/Enhance                                                                  Video Support
             ■ Read and write support for just about any                                                                        ■ Display exact video frame animation above
                                                             ■ Graphic Fade- Fade In/Out
               file format including RealNetworks                                                                                   waveform
               RealSystem G2 and .mp3 audio files.           ■ Pan/Expand (supports mid-side mixing)
                                                                                                                                ■ Synchronize sound and video with sub-
             ■ Full support for Sonic Foundry's ACID                                                                                frame accuracy, maintains perfect sync
               including a loop-editing toolbar.                            Sample Editing                                          while working with NTSC and PAL video
                                                             ■ Sustaining Loop, release Loop, Real-time                         ■ Adjustable video frame rate and frame size
                   Regions And Playlists                        loop tuning window                                              ■ Edit .AVI files with multiple audio streams
             ■ Non-destructive playlist and cutlist          ■ Virtual MIDI Router for Windows 9x and                           ■ Video preview window as well as external
                                                                Windows NT as well as a pop-up MIDI                                 monitor support (if your video card sup-
             ■ Name markers, loops, regions
                                                                keyboard.                                                           ports the video's compression format)
             ■ Playlists can be triggered with sequencers,
                                                             ■ Sample transfer using SCSI/SMDI or                               ■ Video and audio compression options
               MIDI-event generating devices or with            MIDI/SDS
               time-code generating devices
                                                             Sound Forge 4.5 ............................................................................................................299.95

             We Exhibit At NAB, Infocomm, and Siggraph
                                     SONIC FOUNDRY
                                                                                                                                      VEGAS PRO
Multi-track Recording Software for Windows
From the company that brought you Sound Forge and Acid Pro comes Vegas Pro, non-linear
multi-track recording and editing software for Windows. Whether you need better than CD
quality 24-bit/96kHz file support for tracking your next album project or are authoring con-
tent for streaming audio on the internet, Vegas Pro’s got you covered.

■ 24-bit/96kHz file support                     ■ Direct internet streaming file authoring
■ Unlimited tracks (CPU, RAM dependent)            (Windows Media and Real Networks G2)

■ Audio/video scrub                             ■ MIDI Timecode support

■ Supports multiple file formats and sample     ■ 4-band EQ and compressor inserts on
  rates on a single track                          every channel
                                                ■ 26 Aux outputs                                                  ■ DirectX plug-in support with 32
■ Multiple I/O support                                                                                               Assignable FX sends
■ Dual monitor support                          ■ Unlimited Undo/Redo
                                                                                                                  Vegas Pro ........................................449.95

                                                ACID PRO                                           Loop-Based Sequencing for PC
                                                ACID is a breakthrough loop-based music production tool that brings unprecedented creative
                                                flexibility to loop arranging and editing. ACID can preview any loop (.WAV, .AIF) and auto-

                                                matically match the tempo and pitch in Realtime. You can take a drum loop from your
                                                favorite CD, grab a bass from somewhere else and an elephant roar from your TV set. ACID
                                                will play the drum loop, you set the amount of measures, and in Realtime you can throw in
                                                the bass line and it will loop in key and tempo perfectly, no matter where it came from.

                                                 ■ Master track looping and editing                                ■ Includes hundreds of loops
■ 16 and 24-bit support                          ■ Unlimited loop tracks                                           ■ Volume, pan, and effect level automation
■ DirectX audio plug-in support for real-        ■ Change loop tempo or pitch on the fly,                          ■ Direct output to .WAV, .AIF or .ASF
  time effects                                     automatic matching of tempos and pitch
                                                                                                                   Acid Pro ........................................239.95

CARD DELUXE 24-bit/96kHz Audio Card
From the company that’s been bringing sonic excellence to the Windows platform for nearly a decade comes the
affordable Card Deluxe. It’s a half length, no compromise, 24-bit/96kHz PCI card compatible with today's cutting
edge production software. You can even chain multiple cards together for multiple sample accurate I/O’s. Available
for Windows 95/98 and NT with support for the MacOS coming soon.

■ 8 to 24-bit resolution and from 22 to 96       ■ Several user-selectable dithering options
  kHz sampling rate                                are available for applications where
■ 2 channel 1/4-inch +4/-10                        recording is done at less than 24 bits.
                                                                                                                   ■ Dolby AC3 surround sound streaming is
  balanced/unbalanced analog I/O                 ■ Slave multiple Card Deluxes to single                              supported via the S/PDIF digital outputs
■ 4 channel operation using both analog            sample clock using DAL’s WavSync drivers                           with no generation loss.
  and digital I/O                                ■ Windows 95, 98 and NT drivers
■ Coaxial S/PDIF digital I/O                     ■ DirectX support                                                 Card Deluxe ..................................449.95

                                                                                                 THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
                                                                     PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
             Digital Audio Workstation For Mac And PC
             A completely integrated digital recording, mixing and editing environment for the
             Mac and PC, the DIGI-001 offers a 24-bit multi I/O breakout
             interface along with Pro Tools LE software— based on

             Digidesign’s world renowned ProTools software. The DIGI-
             001 interface features 18 simultaneous I/Os made up of 8 analog
             inputs and outputs— two of the inputs are full featured mic preamps with
             phantom power, and digital I/O including standard S/PDIF as well as an ADAT optical inter-
             face that can also be used as a S/PDIF I/O. ProTools LE supports 24 tracks of 16 or 24-bit audio and 128 MIDI tracks
             and also features RealTime AudioSuite (RTAS) effects plug-ins. For ease of use, MIDI and audio are editable within the
             same environment and all mixing parameters including effects processing can be fully automated.
                           Digi-OO1                                       Pro Tools LE                                MIDI Functions
             ■ 18 simultaneous, 24-bit ins and outs with    ■ Supports 24 tracks of 16 or 24-bit audio      ■ MIDI input and output ports
               support for 44.1 and 48 kHz sample rates        and 128 sequenced MIDI tracks                ■ Supports MIDI hardware control sur-
             ■ 20Hz - 22kHz freq. response ± 0.5 dB         ■ Sample-accurate editing of audio & MIDI         faces, such as the Mackie HUI
                                                               simultaneously                               ■ MIDI functions include graphic con-
             ■ 2 channel. XLR mic/1/4" line inputs with

               -26 dB pad, 48v phantom power, gain          ■ Real-time digital mixing capabilities           troller editing, piano roll display, up to
               knob, and High Pass Filter at 60Hz              include recall of all mixing parameters,       128 MIDI tracks and editing options
                                                               support for edit and mix groups and com-       like quantization, transpose, split notes,
             ■ 6 ch. line inputs (1/4") TRS balanced/          plete automation of all volume, panning,       change velocity and change duration.
               unbalanced w/ software controlled gain          mutes and plug-ins.                          ■ Every aspect of MIDI data can be
             ■ +4dB balanced 1/4-inch Main outputs          ■ Outboard processing gear can be routed          manipulated right alongside audio.
             ■ Balanced 1/4-inch Monitor outputs with          and mixed in real time.                      ■ MIDI data can be edited on the fly
               front panel gain knob                        ■ MP3 and RealAudio G2 file support               while you hear the results.
             ■ 1/4-inch unbal. line outputs channels 3-8
             ■ 1/4-inch Stereo headphone output with
                                                            ■ Two plug-in platforms offer multiple                  ToolBox XP
                                                               options for effects processing.
               with independent gain control knob                                                           Based on the Audiomedia III card—the
                                                            —Real-Time AudioSuite (RTAS) is a host-         most popular high-quality interface card
             ■ 2 channel S/PDIF coaxial digital I/O         based architecture that allows an effect to     ever, and ProTools LE software, the
             ■ 8 channel ADAT optical I/O can also be       change and be dynamically automated in          ToolBox XP is a simple, full featured,
               used as 2 channel optical S/PDIF             realtime as the audio plays back.               cross-platform solution for music, sound
                                                             —AudioSuite is a file-based format, that       design and multimedia production.
                                                             renders a new file with the processed sound.   Featuring better than CD quality 18-bit
                                                                                                            analog stereo I/O using unbalanced RCA
                                                             ■ Bundled RTAS plug-ins include, 1 and         connectors and 24-bit coaxial S/PDIF digi-
                                                                4-band EQ; Dynamics II- compressor,         tal I/O, the Audiomedia III integrates
                                                                limiter, gate and expander/gate; Mod        seamlessly with a small mixer or a DAT
                                                                Delay - short, slap, medium, and long       recorder. With ToolBox XP, you have access
                                                                delays with modulation capabilities for     to all the real-time processing and mixing
                                                                chorus or flange effects and dither.        power and high track count of Pro Tools
                                                                AudioSuite plug-ins include Time            LE at the lowest price available. Coupled
                                                                Compression/Expansion, Pitch Shift,         with Audiomedia III’s high-quality I/O and
                                                                Normalize, Reverse.                         proven reliability, Digi ToolBox XP is an
                                                                                                            extremely cost-effective solution for digital
             Pro Tools LE places all of the tools you need into two main windows - Mix and Edit. If you     audio production.
             want to mix your tracks like a traditional console, use the Mix window. If you need to edit    ToolBox XP (Mac or PC) ........459.95
             your audio or MIDI, use the Edit window. You could even do all your mixing in the Edit win-
                                                                                                            Digi-001 (Mac or PC)..............895.00
             dow and never have to move from a single work environment.

             Corporate Accounts Are Welcome
                                                                                                                             WAV E S
                                                                                                                      WAVE BUNDLES
Waves Bundles use the CPU of your Mac or PC to provide top
quality effects processing for audio recording, sound design, mixing,
mastering and multimedia applications. The Bundles are compati-
ble with many popular audio editing platforms including any VST,

Premier, or Direct-X supported application and MOTU’s MAS as
well as video editing systems such as Adobe Premier and AVID
MCXpress and Media Composer.

                          Native Power Pack
                         A complete suite of Waves processing- includes five essential plugins from EQ to Reverb - with no DSP card needed!
                         Whether sweetening or fixing problem audio the Native Power Pack is an indispensible tool for recording, mixing, mas-
                         tering and multimedia. The Native Power Pack also includes Wave Convert, a stand alone application that batch con-
                         verts file formats, bit-depths and sample rates.

TrueVerb- Virtual room/reverb processor offer-    C1- Compressor/Gate- Frequency-selective                          L1- Ultramaximizer- The industry standard
ing control of room size, frequency response of   dynamic processor with phase compensation.                        digital limiter. Make your CDs or multimedia
room as well as distance from sound source.       A surgical tool for mastering and voice-overs.                    files as loud and clean as possible. Combines

Q10- ParaGraphic EQ- 10-bands of full             S1- Stereo Imager- 4 unique stereo-image                          look ahead peak limiting with advanced
parametric EQ— the Swiss-army knife of            modifiers. Expand width, improve spacious-                        requantization.Gives maximum level and high-
equalizers. Over 200 filters in the extensive     ness, adjust center channel and stereo image                      est resolution for all audio applications.
setup library.                                    separately.

Native Power                                                  Native Pro-FX Bundle
                                                  Some of the coolest sound design plug-ins available!
Pack II
                                                  SuperTap- Six taps of mono or true stereo delay (up to 6 seconds) with
The Native Power Pack II is entirely differ-
                                                  global LFO modulation, 2 feedback modes, Q10-style filtering for each
ent than the Native Power Pack. It includes
                                                  tap as well as rotation (stereo panning). Delays are adjustable in millisec-
four distinct mastering quality plug-ins with
                                                  onds and note values and you can tap out delay times or patterns using
emulations of vintage EQs and compressors
                                                  the Tap Pad
as well as Bass enhancement and de-essing.
Renaissance Equalizer- The distinctive            UltraPitch - Formant-corrected pitch shifter with 6-voices that creates huge and thick stereo
warmth and clarity of vintage analog filter       chorusing, doubling, parallel harmonies and vocal slap/spread effects. It also creates excellent
designs have been captured by this astound-       gender-bending effects. Features independent stereo panning and delay for each voice. An ani-
ing 48-bit paragraphic EQ.                        mator delay-randomizer sets the pitchshift by musical intervals (with 5 cent resolution). Includes
                                                  manual formant mapping as well as presets that match instrumental formant responses.
Renaissance Compressor- Recreates the
warm sound qualities and simple operation         MetaFlanger- Vintage tape-flanging, phaser-                        MondoMod- AM, FM, and Rotation (stereo
of opto and electro style vintage analog          emulation, and special effects with true dual-                     panning) modulators. creates gentle wander-
compressors.                                      delay flanging sounds. Wet signal include fil-                     ing guitar solo panning or bizarre destructive
DeEsser- Using simple controls and                ters so you can flange or phase just part of                       effects. a Single LFO drives all modulators
dynamic graphic interface attenuates high         the signal. Presets of vintage emulations                          with independent phase offsets between the
frequency ‘ess’ sounds from solo vocal takes      (Mutron, MXR, Itchycoo Park) and more.                             modulator signals.
and instrumentals.
MaxxBass- Pushes the low-end capabilities          Native Power Pack (Mac or PC ..............................................................................319.95
of your speakers to the maximum by psy-            Native Power Pack II (Mac or PC)..........................................................................319.95
cho-acoustically adding bass harmonics to          Native Pro FX Bundle (Mac or PC) ........................................................................269.95
extend perceived bass response.                    Native Gold Bundle: Includes all of the above plug-ins (Mac or PC) ................799.95

                                                                                                    THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
                                                                        PHOTO - VIDEO - PRO AUDIO   1 • 8 0 0 • 9 4 7 • 9 9 0 1
             VIDEORAID SCSI
              High Performance, Low-Cost Disk Arrays for Macintosh
              and Windows-based Non-Linear Video Editing Systems
              SCSI has always been an expensive solution. Until now! Medea has
              engineered a way to deliver high-performance video storage at prices

              significant less than competing SCSI solutions. VideoRaid SCSI
              marks the beginning of a new era of affordable performance.
              VideoRaid SCSI is the lowest-cost RAID 0 system capable of deliver-
              ing the high sustained transfer rates required by non-linear editing
              system. Now video editors who work with Mac or Windows-based
              computers can enjoy the benefits of using VideoRaid...the price/perform-
              ance leader in video storage solutions. The 2-drive versions offer up to 50 GB of video storage and sustain an 18
              MB/second data transfer rate while the 4-drive version offers up to 100 GB versions with a blazing 36 MB/second data
              rate—more than enough performance to support dual-stream real-time systems. Unlike competing disk arrays (or drive
              stripe sets) that suffer a 40% drop in data rate as they fill with video, VideoRaid SCSI sustains its high data rates from
              the first GB of storage to the last GB thanks to Medea’s proprietary Zone Stripe Technology (ZST).

                                                                                              ZST–Zone Stripe Technology
              ■ Attach to any Ultra Wide or Ultra2 SCSI
                equipped PC, Mac or SGI computer. Daisy-chain         All disk drives exhibit 40% slower data rates as they become full and store data on
                up to 15 of the 4-bay 100GB SCSI modules to           the inside tracks. Consequently, their ability to record video without dropped
                achieve 1500 GB of high-performance video stor-       frame is dependent on the physical location of the data—unknown to you. Zone
                age –all configured on a single SCSI host adapter.    Stripe Technology (ZST) overcomes this phenomenon by averaging the data rate
                                                                      between the outside tracks and the inside tracks of the disk in VideoRaid. This
              ■ On-board hardware RAID controller eliminates          provides a consistently high data rate with no limitations as to the physical loca-
                the need for disk striping software or configuring    tion of the data or how much video is stored. ZST records a part of each data
                drive stripe sets. Each VideoRaid SCSI module         transfer block on the outside tracks of one drive while recording the rest of the
                looks like one large SCSI disk drive to the operat-   data transfer block on the inside tracks of the other drive .This provides a consis-
                ing system and uses a single ID.                      tently high data rate (a constant 10
              ■ Sustained data transfer rates support all levels of   MB/sec.) even as the array fills up
                analog and DV video capture boards including          and enables it to deliver full motion               SUSTAINED PERFORMANCE
                single and dual-stream, real-time effects boards.     video across the entire array—an
                                                                      industry first.
                                                                                                                        Data Transfer Rate (MB/sec)

              ■ VideoRaid SCSI’s incredible sustained perform-
                                                                      The requirements of video applica-            36                                      VideoRAID scsi
                ance eliminates the need for users of single-stream                                                                                            with ZST

                video capture boards to defragment the array prior    tions can only be met by providing
                to use.                                               "isochronous" data. To your com-                                                        2 10K RPM
                                                                      puter, "isochronous" means "regu-             24                                    Ultra 2 SCSI drives
              ■ Easy installation. No stripe sets or drive mode                                                                 Real-time Effects
                                                                      lar over time". To you, it means                            Danger Zone
                pages to configure. Only a single SCSI ID to set,     that your storage device guarantees
                                                                      regular delivery or recording over            12 Outer tracks          Inner tracks
              ■ "Sneaker-net" from PC to PC. VideoRaid SCSI                                                            (first GB)               (last GB)
                can be easily moved between PCs (with the same        the entire duration of your video
                OS) since the striping control is maintained within   clip. Adequate performance is
                the unit and not on the host PC.                      defined as comfortably exceeding the demands of the application. Don't be mis-
                                                                      lead by traditional data processing storage performance claims, which emphasize
              ■ Lowest $/GB of any video capable disk array           "best case" data transfer rates. The only important specification for video applica-
              ■ Small 5” x 10” footprint integrates comfortably on    tions is the "worst case" data transfer rate, which takes into account the huge
                the desktop.                                          drops in performance at the inside tracks of every disk drive, and defect manage-
                                                                      ment which slows data rates even more significantly. Using ZST technology,
              ■ 5-year warranty and unlimited free tech support       Medea produces factory integrated video storage that leaves nothing to chance.

              We are on the web at:
                                                                                                                              VIDEORAID SCSI
    Why a RAID system for video editing?                                                         Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
➤ The data transfer rate of a single disk drive is simply not fast                                          (RAID) Level 0
   enough for reliable, good quality video. RAID's have higher
                                                                                      RAID Level 0 also known as "data striping" is a technique used to
   transfer rates suitable for high quality video capture and playback.
                                                                                      increase the read/write performance of a storage system by spreading
➤ A largest capacity PC disk drive like 9GB can accommodate a video                   data across multiple physical disk drives. Digital video editing appli-

   file of between 20-40 minutes depending on the quality required. A                 cations require disk systems that are capable of sustaining very high
   small RAID system can easily double this length, allowing continu-                 data transfer rates. The VideoRaid unit "stripes" data across two/four
   ous video files of between 40-80 minutes in length.                                physical disk drives which effectively doubles/quadruples the transfer
                                                                                      rate of a single drive (read/write operations can happen in parallel).
➤ The data rate of a single disk drive is not consistent over the
   entire surface of the disk and is dependent on the amount of                       RAID Level 0 and Medea's proprietary Zone Stripe Technology
   data stored on the drive. Data rates drop (as much as 40%) as                      which guarantees a minimum, consistent rate across the entire array
   video is written to the inner tracks of the disk drive. Medea’s                    and enables the VideoRaid family of products to easily out perform
   proprietary Zone Striped Technology (ZST) ensures a consis-                        single disk drives and other disk array systems. By making several
   tently high data transfer rate as the drives in the array fill up                  drives appear as a single drive, RAID 0 allows you to overcome the
   with video.                                                                        physical size limitation of a single drive.

 Next to your video capture board, video storage is the most critical component in any desk-
 top video editing system. You need a storage device that will consistently deliver uninterrupt-
 ed audio/video capture and playback performance. Now you might be tempted to integrate
 video storage yourself. However, you will have to contend with the delay and frustration of

 working around the unexpected dropout zones of your disk(s) and slower performance on
 the inner disk tracks. The solution? Entrust your storage to a solution engineered and manu-
 factured to rigorous, no-compromise specifications.
 Medea engineered the VideoRaid SCSI family of disk arrays with a clear understanding of
 the subtleties of disk drives. Utilizing proprietary ZST technology, Medea converts
 "off-the-shelf" data processing disk drives into integrated video storage that leaves nothing to
 chance. No drives to test and replace; no software to load; or stripe-sets to configure,
 everything has been taken care of.

                                    Calculation of Video Storage Capacity in Minutes
Most high quality desktop video capture boards are capable of capturing 720 x 480 video pixels per video frame. Since the frame rate is 29.97
frames/second and there are 2 fields/frame we get a data rate for uncompressed video equal to:
720 X 480 X 29.97 X 2 = 20,715,264 pixels per second or 20.7 MB/second
If we compress this video at 5:1 we get a data rate equal to: 20.7 divided by 5 = 4.14 MB/second or 248.4 MB/minute.
Therefore, VideoRaid 2/50 scsi can hold 5000 MB divided by 248.4 = 201 minutes of video or 3 hours 21 minutes

                                                                                                                                         Hours: Minutes of Video
             All Kits Include                            Model                                        Capacity       Performance          By compression Ratio
 • 2 or 4 AV disk drives in high quality exter-                                                                                          2.5:1     5:1        DV
   nal enclosure with 40 or 100 watt universal
                                                         VideoRaid SCSI 2/13                          12.8GB         18MB/second         :26        :52        1:0
   power supply
 • Integrated RAID hardware controller with              VideoRaid SCSI 2/26                          25.6GB         18MB/second         :52        1:45       2:04
   ZST.                                                  VideoRaid SCSI 2/34                          33.6GB         18MB/second         1:07       2:13       2:42
 • Ultra Wide SCSI Interface                             VideoRaid SCSI 2/50                           50 GB         18MB/second         1:41       3:22       3:51
 • 1 meter, 68-pin high density SCSI cable
                                                         VideoRaid SCSI 4/26                          25.6 GB        36MB/second         :52        1:45       2:04
 • Single-ended active SCSI terminator
                                                         VideoRaid SCSI 4/51                          51.2 GB        36MB/second         1:43       3:25       4:03
 • Power Cord,
 • 5 year warranty and unlimited free techni-            VideoRaid SCSI 4/67                          67.2 GB        36MB/second         2:13       4:26       5:19
   cal support, with Installation Guide                  VideoRaid SCSI 4/100                         100 GB         36MB/second         3:21       6:42       7:43

                                                                                                       THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
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             External Single or Fixed Array Stackable Drives
             CTI’s Saturn line of Fixed Arrays and Single Drive subsystems combine
             high performance, flexibility and unsurpassed reliability. It provides the
             ideal storage solutions for today’s multimedia, digital video, graphics

             and prepress applications. Available in one or two drive configurations
             designed for NT, Macintosh and UNIX platforms, every aspect of the
             product line reflects CTI’s commitment to enhancing the professional
             user’s productivity. From durable metal cases to 10,000 RPM drives,
             their subsystems are designed to provide exceptional performance and
             the highest return on your investment.

             ■ Ultra WIDE SCSI and LVD (Ultra 2) SCSI
             ■ Single drive capacities from 4.5GB to 36GB
                                                                               Host Bus Interface                   LVD, Ultra Wide SCSI SE,
             ■ Available in 7200RPM and 10,000 RPM for top performance
                                                                               Number of SCSI interfaces            Up to two in a 2-bay tower
             ■ Compatible with Windows 95/NT, MAC and UNIX

                                                                               Maximum Drives per Tower                                      2
             ■ Push button SCSI ID selector
                                                                               Devices supported                 Any standard 3.5˝ SCSI device
             ■ Individual device activity and power on LED
                                                                               Maximum Capacity per Array                               72GB
             ■ Fan speed and temperature monitoring (audible alert)

             ■ 85-264v AC 47-63Hz universal power supply
                                                                               Dimensions (Single Tower)          2-5/8 x 7 x 8-7/8˝ (HxWxD)

             ■ Durable metal case                                              Dimensions (2-Bay Tower)        6-1/2 x 5-1/8 x 9-1/2˝ (HxWxD)

                                                            Saturn Single Drive Subsystems
             Model                  Capacity        Manufacturer             Type              Mechanism              RPM        Seek Time
             S150-SE97                 9GB               Seagate          Medalist Pro             ST39175LW          7200           7.1ms
             S150-SE187                18GB              Seagate          Medalist Pro          ST318275LW            7200           7.6ms
             S150-SE367                36GB              Seagate          Medalist Pro          ST136475LW            7200           7.4ms
             S150-SE507                50GB              Seagate          Medalist Pro          ST150176LW            7200           7.4ms
             S150-SE910                9GB               Seagate            Cheetah                ST39103LW          10,000         5.2ms
             S150-SE91810              18GB              Seagate            Cheetah             ST318203LW            10,000         5.2ms
             S150-SE3610               36GB              Seagate            Cheetah                ST36403LW          10,000         6.0ms
             S150-IB97                 9GB                  IBM             Ultra Star          DNES-308170           7200           7.0ms
             S150-IB187                18GB                 IBM             Ultra Star          DNES-318350           7200           7.0ms
             S150-IB367                36GB                 IBM             Ultra Star         DRHS-3036410           7200           7.5ms
             S150-IB910                9GB                  IBM           Ultra Star ZX             DMVS              10,000         4.9ms
             S150-IB1810               18GB                 IBM           Ultra Star ZX             DMVS              10,000         4.9ms
             S150-IB3610               36GB                 IBM           Ultra Star ZX             DMVS              10,000         4.9ms

                                                         All systems come with cable and LVD Terminator

             7-Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
                                                                                                       SATURN SUBSYSTEMS
About CTI.........
CTI is one of the fastest growing providers of high performance data storage and management solutions for PC, Macintosh and Unix based
systems. The company's data storage solutions include Hard Disk Drives, Disk Arrays, RAIDs, DAT, AIT and DLT backup systems.
CTI's solutions incorporate the latest Ultra SCSI, Ultra 2 and Fibre Channel technologies to provide high performance data transfer ranging
from 40MB/sec. up to 200MB/sec. and capacity from 4 GB to over 1 TB (Terabyte). Optimized configurations and multiple RAID levels
provide the scalability and reliability for mission critical applications such as video, file and Internet/Intranet servers. In addition, their non-

proprietary systems ensure maximum flexibility when upgrading or interfacing with other systems.
As technology partners with industry leaders like Seagate, Quantum, IBM, Adaptec and ATTO, CMD and Mylex, CTI is committed to pro-
vide world class products and services through innovative engineering and the use of high quality components.

                                                          2-Bay Fixed Arrays
Model                    Capacity         Manufacturer                 Type                              Mechanism                 RPM          Seek Time
S250-18FSL                 18GB              Seagate                Barracuda                              ST39175LW                7200           7.1ms
S250-36FSL                 36GB              Seagate                Barracuda                             ST318275LW                7200           7.6ms
S250-72FSL                 72GB              Seagate                Barracuda                             ST136475LW                7200           7.4ms
S250-100FSL               100GB              Seagate                Barracuda                             ST150176LW                7200           7.4ms
S250-10FSCL                18GB              Seagate                 Cheetah                               ST39103LW               10,000          5.2ms
S250-36FSCL                36GB              Seagate                 Cheetah                               ST31803LW               10,000          5.2ms
S250-72FSCL                72GB              Seagate                 Cheetah                              ST136403LW               10,000          6.0ms
S250-18IBFSL               18GB               IBM                   Ultra Star                           DNES-308170                7200           7.0ms
S250-36IBFSL               36GB               IBM                   Ultra Star                           DNES-318350                7200           7.0ms

S250-72IBFSL               72GB               IBM                   Ultra Star                           DRHS-3036410               7200           7.5ms
S250-18IBFSCL              18GB               IBM                  Ultra Star ZX                             DVMS                  10,000          4.9ms
S250-36IBFSCL              36GB               IBM                  Ultra Star ZX                             DVMS                  10,000          4.9ms
S250-72IBFSCL              72GB               IBM                  Ultra Star ZX                             DVMS                  10,000          5.9ms
                                               All systems come with cable and LVD Terminator

                              Ultra2 SCSI (LVD): The High-Performance Solution
The requirements for more storage capacity and faster data movement                The enhanced Ultra2 SCSI (LVD) is fully backward compatible, and
are increasing at a startling rate. The Internet alone requires that the           uses the same physical environment as its predecessor. The advantage
interface (bus) between computers and disk drives transfer unprece-                of the 15-year backward capability with SCSI allows the drives to
dented volumes of data at high speeds. To meet this demand, SCSI—                  work with even the oldest SCSI devices.
the storage industry’s dominant, proven interoperability technology                More important, it is easily integrates with current hardware and
continues to improve just as fast. The latest implementation, Ultra2               firmware—no need to modify or change operating systems. This pro-
SCSI Low-Voltage Differential (LVD) provides more bus bandwidth,                   tects your investment in operating system software and drivers. The
increased packaging and density and greater configuration flexibility.             millions of lines of SCSI software code already written can be used
LVD offers better reliability, backward compatibility through auto-                immediately with the next-generation Ultra2 SCSI (LVD) interface.
matic mode sensing of single-ended or differential bus configuration,              And finally, Ultra2 SCSI (LVD) is well positioned for the future
common-mode noise immunity, reduced EMI, low power require-                        because it offers forward compatibility and significant room for
ments, insensitivity to ground shift and extended cable lengths.                   growth to support faster microprocessors and drives.
Improved noise immunity leads to better signal integrity and data
reliability. Low power requirements and smaller connectors enable                  The SCSI Evolution: SCSI data rates have increased over time, dou-
four rather than two SCSI buses on a single host adapter card. In                  bling about every five years.
addition to delivering the capacity and performance demanded by                    SCSI Technology                     Bus Width (bits)     Speed (MB/sec)
today’s data-intensive applications, Ultra2 SCSI (LVD) has many                    SCSI-1                                    8                      5
other benefits:                                                                    Fast SCSI                                 8                     10
Unlike other systems, performance doesn’t become I/O limited as                    Fast Wide SCSI                            16                    20
drive throughput increases. Ultra2 SCSI (LVD) integration performs                 Ultra SCSI                                8                     20
faster drive buffer-to-host transfers, freeing the bus to accommodate              Wide Ultra SCSI                           16                    40
more devices (up to 16) at increased cable distances (up to 12 meters)             Ultra2 SCSI (LVD)                          8                    40
while achieving up to 80 MB/sec transfer rates.                                    Wide Ultra2 SCSI (LVD)                    16                    80
                                                                                   Wide Ultra3 SCSI (LVD)                    16                  160

                                                                                                  THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
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             High Performance Disk Arrays
             CTI’s Saturn line of high performance disk arrays are designed and engi-
             neered with the creative professional in mind. Optimized for digital video,
             animation, multimedia and graphics applications, they utilize the latest

             LVD (Ultra 2) SCSI and Fibre Channel technology to provide top per-
             formance and expandability. Compatible with Windows NT, MAC and
             UNIX operating systems, the 2- and 4-bay Saturn disk arrays offer the
             ultimate in flexibility, performance and reliability.

             ■ Ultra SCSI, LVD, Fiber Channel compatible
             ■ Support 3.5” disk drives and tape drives                                  Host Bus Interface                    LVD, Ultra Wide SCSI SE, Fiber Ch.
             ■ Hot swap drive modules                                                    Maximum Drives Per Tower                                               4
             ■ Support 10,000 RPM drives                                                 Devices Supported                       Any standard UW SCSI, LVD, FC
             ■ Front removable power supply and fan                                      Maximum Capacity Per Array                                        144 GB
             ■ SCA active backplane technology for maximum reliability                   Dimensions (2-Bay Tower)                         7.25 x 7 x 13˝ (HxWxD)
               and performance                                                           Dimensions (4-Bay Tower)                           12 x 7 x 13˝ (HxWxD)

             ■ Compatible with NT, MAC and UNIX                                                                        Monitoring
             ■ Software-based RAID for striping and mirroring                            Individual Drive Activity and Fault                 Audible Alert and LED
             ■ Metal tower and disk carrier provide exceptional durability               Unit Power Supply                                   Audible Alert and LED
               and cooling                                                               Tower and Individual Drive Temperature              Audible Alert and LED
             ■ 115-230v AC 50/60Hz universal power supply                                Fan Monitoring                                      Audible Alert and LED

                                                                         Removable Disk Arrays
               S200: 2-bay removable tower with one power supply and blower. Configured with Single Channel SE/LVD bus
               S400: 4-bay removable tower with one power supply and blower. Configured with Single Channel SE/LVD bus
               They Includes Ultra 2 cable and terminator

             Fiber Channel Technology                                                         The data rate is also significantly greater than SCSI.While Ultra2 can
                                                                                              attain speeds of 80MB/s FC-AL starts at 200MB/s and promises even
             Although SCSI has been around for years, complexities and peculiarities          faster in the near future. IEEE-1394a (Firewire/i-link) promises similar
             such as cable length limitation, number of devices supported, device             speeds, but it doesn't come close to the convenience of FC-AL. It can't
             addressing and termination—have caused much frustration and even unre-           compete on distance, number of devices and compatibility with existing
             liability. With the introduction of Ultra2 and the newer Ultra160 SCSI           families of devices. FC-AL's architecture also offers one other major
             technologies, the industry has come a long way to improve the ease of            advantage - it has multi-directional networking capabilities. You can have
             installation while significantly improving SCSI's speed and performance.         a very large mix of storage devices AND computers sharing them.
             But there is still much room for improvement. Fortunately, there is a tech-
             nology available that embraces all of the benefits of SCSI while adding its      For those invested in SCSI, there are adapters for connection to an FC-
             own improvements. Fibre Channel - Arbitrated Loop, or FC-AL.                     AL system. A Fiber Channel chassis can even support Single Connector
             Unlike the parallel (many wire pairs) cable configuration of SCSI, FC-AL         Attachment (SCA) based SCSI drives, as they use the same connectors
             is a serial (single wire pair) configuration. This allows for thinner copper-    and are compatible. But, unlike SCSI, you don't have to worry about set-
             based cables and smaller connectors, which are less expensive to manufac-        ting the device addresses. Every FC-AL device is manufactured with its
             ture. But it is its ability to use fibre optic cables that makes FC-AL superi-   own unique device ID, so it doesn't matter where in the system it's
             or. When using a light-based (after all, that's what a fibre optic cable         installed - you can easily locate it. And termination issues are a thing of
             transmits) protocol, a FC-AL system can transmit to devices up to 10,000         the past. FC-AL devices also require less system overhead. And FC-AL is
             meters (10KM) away - that's 1000 times the distance of Ultra2! And the           fault-tolerant. If one (or more) hard drive develops problems, the system
             cabling costs are significantly cheaper than copper wire.                        won't be pulled down or crash. The offending drives can be easily
                                                                                              removed and replaced without the necessity of powering down.

             Corporate Accounts Are Welcome
                                                                                       SATURN RAID SYSTEMS
8-and 10-Bay LVD RAID Systems
CTI´s Saturn RAID series are high performance, fault tolerant, scalable storage systems designed
to meet the critical storage requirements of today’s digital video and networking applications.
With a rugged system designed to provide maximum system uptime, Saturn RAID’s deliver con-

tinuous, uninterrupted data availability at all times. Built in redundancy, fault tolerant RAID
support, and highly reliable components ensure that information stored remains intact. Fully
redundant hot swappable drives, power supplies and cooling fans can be quickly replaced without
interrupting system operation. For added fault tolerance, they can also be configured with a
hardware RAID controller supporting RAID levels 0, 1, 4 and 5 with a global hot spare to pro-
vide automatic, unattended disk rebuild to replace a failed drive within the array. With support
for Ultra 2 SCSI and Fibre Channel technology, a Saturn RAID fits the requirements of today,
with the flexibility to increase capacity and performance in the future.
■ Ultra SCSI, LVD Ultra 2 SCSI and Fibre Channel compatible                                                          General
■ Support 3.5” Disk Drives and Tape Drives                                   Host Bus Interface        LVD, Ultra Wide SCSI SE, Fiber Ch.
■ Hot swap drive modules, support up to 10,000 RPM drives
                                                                             Maximum Drives Per Tower                                  10
                                                                             Devices Supported           Any 3.5-inch UW SCSI, LVD, FC

■ Hot swappable removable power supplies and blowers
                                                                             Maximum Capacity Per Array                           360 GB
■ Available with hardware and software-based RAID                            Dimensions (8-Bay Tower)            7.25 x 7 x 13˝ (HxWxD)
■ SCA active backplane technology for maximum reliability and                Dimensions (10-Bay Tower)             12 x 7 x 13˝ (HxWxD)
■ Metal tower and drive carrier provide exceptional durability and
                                                                                                     Monitoring (Supports SAF-TE)
  cooling                                                                    Individual Drive Activity and Fault                     Audible Alert and LED
                                                                             Unit Power Supply                                       Audible Alert and LED
■ Alarms for drives, power supplies and blowers status
                                                                             Tower and Individual Drive Temperature                  Audible Alert and LED
■ Desktop can be be converted to a rackmount configuration                   Fan Monitoring                                          Audible Alert and LED

                        Removeable Drives for Saturn Disk Arrays and RAID Systems
                                     Capacity                    Mechanism                                        RPM                       Seek Time
Seagate Barracuda
S100-SE97                               9GB                       ST39175LW                                        7200                        7.1ms
S100-SE187                             18GB                       ST31825LW                                        7200                        7.6ms
S100-SE367                             36GB                      ST136475LW                                        7200                        7.4ms
S100-SE507                             50GB                      ST150176LW                                        7200                        7.4ms
Seagate Cheetah
S100-SE910                              9GB                          ST39103LW                                    10,000                       5.2ms
S100-SE1810                            18GB                          ST31803LW                                    10,000                       5.2ms
S100-SE3610                            36GB                          ST36403LW                                    10,000                       6.0ms
IBM Ultra Star
S100-IB97                               9GB                     DNES-308170                                        7200                        7.0ms
S100-IB187                             18GB                     DNES-318350                                        7200                        7.0ms
S100-IB367                             36GB                     DRHS-3036410                                       7200                        7.5ms
IBM Ultra Star ZX
S100-IB910                              9GB                           DMVS                                        10,000                       4.9ms
S100-IB1810                            18GB                           DMVS                                        10,000                       4.9ms
S100-IB3610                            36GB                           DMVS                                        10,000                       4.9ms
                                              All systems come with cable and LVD Terminator

                                                                                                  THE PROFESSIONAL’S SOURCE (212) 444-6601 • FAX: (212) 444-5001
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