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									           Call Brother Lou Bongiorno For A Free Estimate
   Privacy               Picket                 W ood              Railing

                       G OOD D AY F ENCE
                    Sales, Installations & Repairs
                  Vinyl, Chain Link, Wood & Railing
Phone: 631 226-4400                                  10 W Sunrise Hwy.
Fax: 631 226-3222                                  Lindenhurst, NY 11757
www . gooddayfence.com                    email:   gooddaydist@gmail.com

           Dated M aterial, Please Expedite.

                                                     Box 535 Lindenhurst, NY
                 www.loom1421.org                    Lindenhurst Lodge #1421
  Permit #72      Check out our new Web-Site:
  New York
 U. S. Postage
                 JULY & AUGUST
                         Loyal Order of Moose
                       Lindenhurst Lodge # 1421                                                                                  MOOSE MEMBER DISCOUNTS

                             631 226-4364
                                     2010 / 2011
                     Area Codes are 631 unless indicated * (516)

                               LOOM Elected Officers

                Governor: Sal Guadagnino 667-4410
JR Past Governor:
                     Pete Harrigan
                     Pat Rago
                                                  1Yr Trustee:
                                                                 Ed Blankenhorn 226-6884
                                                                 R.Wubbenhorst 888-0703
                                                                                                                           Joel R. Salinger
JR Governor:
                     Kevin Sabella
                     Joe Devoti
                                                  2Yr Trustee:
                                                  3Yr Trustee:
                                                                 Dick Inzinna
                                                                 Sal Dilluvio
                                                                               * 359-5857
                                                                                                                              Attorney at Law
                                                                                                  114 Old Country Road                      Phone: (516) 746-4747
                             LOOM Appointed Officers                                              Suite 440                                 Fax: (516) 877-7161
                                                                                                  Mineola, NY 11501                         Email: jrslaw@optonline.net
                                Sergeant At Arms: Joe Pascucci
Inner Guard: Tom Young                                      Outer Guard: John Dzikowski SR       Criminal * DWI * Family Law * Divorce * Traffic Violation * General Practice

                                     LOOM Chairmen                                                       “Let Brother Joel Advise You!”
300 Club:
Application Review
                     Kevin Sabella 827-4423
                     Charlie Rogers 957-6614
                                                  Hall Rental:
                                                                   Jodi Harrigan
                                                                   Larry Fontana
                                                                                                    The Chiropractic                                     John & Mary Frenna

Auditing             Earl Solbakken 226-4530      Kitchen:         Sal Dilluvio      *359-5857
Blood Drive:         Al Avila          957-6363   Legion:          Paul LaMartina    888-1241        Health Center
Building:            Fred Kennedy 365-3435        Loss Prevent:    Fred Kennedy       365-3435
Comm. Service:       William Pike, Sr. 957-8260   Members:         Paul LaMartina     888-1241   David J. Paoletta, D. C.
Club Mgr:            Peter Miller      617-8779   Moose Charity:   Pete Harrigan     888-5560                                                             The
Endowment:           Charlie Rogers 957-6614      Pilgrim:         Larry Fontana     226-4473       236 East Sunrise Highway,                             LITTLE FLOWER
Family Act:          Pete Harrigan 888-5560       Publications:    Paul LaMartina     888-1241       Lindenhurst, NY 11757                                          Shop
Fellowship:          Pat Rago          225-9722   Ritual:          Bob Rohde        *443-2865
Gov. Relations       William Pike, Sr. 957-8260   Sports:          Peter Miller      617-8779         Phone: 631 957-1717                     437 North Wellwood Avenue
                     Ernie Mattace                Teen Night:       Liz Oberlin     *644-3327                                                 Lindenhurst, New York 11757
                                                                                                 Most Insurances Accepted                            631 226-0030

                               Women of the Moose
                                  Chapter 690

                              WOTM Elected Officers

               Senior Regent: Lynda Rago                         225-9722

JR Graduate Regent: Theresa Alley 747-6052 JR. Regent:    Jodi Harrigan             888-5560
Chaplain:           Robin Sabella 957-3638 Sec/Treasurer: J. LaMartina              888-1241
                         Recorder: Irene Rogers 957-6614
                                                     LOYAL ORDER                          OF THE MOOSE

                                                        From the Governors Desk For July and August
                                                    Greetings Brothers and Co-Workers,

                                                    Our Lodge Home is in need of a new roof, plus the parking lot
                                                    needs to be repaired. Brothers Charles Rogers and Bill Pike, Sr.
                                                    have come up with a project for a fundraiser. This will raise the
                                                    needed money for the necessary repairs. A Memorial Walk is
                                                    planned for the front of the lodge using engraved bricks and a
    Three Great New Comedians From The              floral planting area along the building.

           Brokerage Comedy Club                    Nicoloc Brick has donated the necessary bricks. Brian O'Neill
                                                    from Stones Unlimited will do the engraving at a discounted
                                                    price. Brother Simon Hick will do the installation of all the fin-
  When: Saturday, October 2, 2010                   ished bricks. Brother Danny Jones has volunteered to be the
                                                    chairmen of the project. He will coordinate everyone's efforts.
   Time: Doors Open at 7;00 pm                      The Board of Officers voted this endeavor during their meeting
     Show Starts: 8 pm Sharp                        held on May 24, 2010. It was discussed at the General Meet-
                                                    ings held on May 17 and June 7, 2010.

           Snack Provided                           Each brick will cost $50.00 for three lines of text. There is no
                                                    limit as to how many you can purchase. Space is limited, there-

             Cash Bar                               fore, do not delay placing your order. Chairmen Brother Danny
                                                    Jones has the forms for the brick inscription. He can be con-
                                                    tacted at 631 365-0295 or speak to any officer of the lodge.
            50/50 Raffle                            A big thank you goes out to all the men and women of the
                                                    Moose who volunteered and worked the last 2 months.
      Join us for a night of fun and laughs.        I would like to take this opportunity to wish our LOOM and
                                                    WOTM members and their families a happy and joyful Independ-
Admission: $20.00 Per Person      Limited Seating   ence Day.

   For Tickets & information Contact Brother
                                                    Salvatore Guadagnino
          Sal Dilluvio at 516 359-5857              Governor
                     Prelate’s Report on                                         SHOW YOUR PRIDE IN OUR
                    Sickness And Distress
                                                                                 BE A BULLETIN BOOSTER
D   ear Brothers and Co-workers,
                                                                                  CATHY PARKHILL JUNE DUNSCOMB
As your new prelate I hope to be able to fill the shoes of our past prelate
Kevin Sabella who did such a fine job in the position. I will work very hard      ED BLANKENHORN WALTER PRICE
but I am also asking for your help. I can’t report what I don’t know so I am      PETE MILER     BRIAN DRUMMOND
asking all concerned to contact me with any information about themselves,        GERRY McNULTY STEVE LO GATTO
their families or any other Lodge member. I have listed my contact informa-
tion below so please feel free to contact me any way you can.                    LARRY SCHECHT         BILL PIKE JR
                                                                                  DICK HAVIGHORST    ALEX FOKINE
Brother Ed Blankenhorn’s brother was in the hospital and is now home.            JOE SCHNIEDER RICHIE NORTHORN
Co-worker Patti Moser is still recuperating from knee surgery.
Brother Joe Short had surgery and is now home recuperating. More tests
                                                                                 JOHN BEBBINO    GEORGE SWANSON
are needed at this time but his spirits are up.                                  PAUL CANNELLA        HERB YOUNG
Brother Pat Rago received an injection for back pain and is feeling much                   BABETTE SMITH
Brother Dick Inzinna’s sister passed away in Florida.
Brother Larry Fontana’s wife Mary had a second cataract surgery and is at                   AL AND PAT AVILA
home doing well.                                                                       FRED AND PAM KENNEDY
Brother Charlie Rogers had a heart catherization which showed no block-           JOHN III AND COURTNEY DZIKOWSKI
ages. Charlie has an irregular heart beat and that problem is now being ad-
dressed.                                                                                PAT AND LYNDA RAGO
On a happier note Brother Pat Inzinna and his wife Tara had their first child,      SAL AND EILEEN GUADAGNINO
a beautiful baby girl. Mother and daughter are doing great.                          DICK AND DEE MIKOLAJCZAK
Brother Lou Abrams had leg surgery on June 14. I spoke to him prior to the
surgery and he was very upbeat and confident. By the time you read this              JOE AND REGINA SENATORE
report the surgery will be completed and Brother Lou will be in rehab. Our             TONY AND HONEY FURNO
best wishes go out to him for a speedy recovery.                                     DICK AND MAUVEEN INZINNA
Brother Dennis Lind had 3 major surgeries to correct a glaucoma problem
and is now at home doing much better.
                                                                                     JOHN AND GERRY CAMPBELL
Brother Hank Broker’s wife Edna is starting Chemo treatments for cancer.           EARL AND MARALYN SOLBAKKEN
Brother Joe Vignola has a fractured ankle and his wife, Terry has had hip            LARRY AND MARY FONTANNA
replacement surgery.
Brother Ernie Matace was in the hospital for kidney and gall stones.
                                                                                      BARBARA AND JOHN HAPST
                                                                                     JAY AND DOREEN BALDAEUS
Please continue to keep all of our Brothers and Co-workers in your prayers.          BOBBY AND BETTY HARRELL
                                                                                   JIMMY AND PATRICA SCHNIEDER
F   raternally,                                                                     RALF AND JEAN WUBBENHORST
                                                                                      TONY AND JANE CASABONA
Brother Joe Devoti
E-Mail Address: wileedevo@verizon.net                                                   SAL AND JONI DILLUVIO
-- Please write Moose 1421 on subject line                                              JOE AND DORIS GREEN
Home 631-968-4009 Cell 516-459-5063
                                                                                        BILL AND PATTI MOSER
           WOMEN OF                     THE MOOSE

       Message from the Senior Regent for July and August

Dear Co-Workers and Brothers,

First, I’d like to thank the co-workers who have volunteered in
helping with the Family Breakfasts and Steak Nite. Your “stepping
up to the plate” is much appreciated. With your help, I am confi-
dent that our goal to work with the men will be accomplished.

July and August, Jodi & I, together with the WOTM, will be host-
ing Pasta Nite. We look forward to seeing both the men and
women come down and support this event. A variety of pasta
dishes will be prepared as well as spaghetti and meatballs.

As you know, membership is the key element in our Chapter’s suc-
cess. Sponsorship is easy. Ask your friends and family to join this
fun and meaningful organization. Remember, without members, we
cannot be a Chapter.

We have many exciting events coming this year. Keep checking the
bulletins or our new website for the latest functions planned.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Summer.

Fraternally Yours,
Lynda Rago
Senior Regent
                          Happy Birthday                                   tin   MOOSE Boos
                                                                  u ll e                   te
                             for July                         B                  FAMILY       rs
 Lou Abramz, Helene Allen, Vincent Ayers, Ed Bogart III,                          The Miller Family
Lou Bongiono, Peter Bryan, John Collins, Andy Cusumano,
    Joe Devoti, Jack Di Cristofalo, Barbara Diehl, Phylis
                                                                                 Pete, Deb and Harley
Diesso, Lyle Ellinger, Jesse Fawess, George Frazer, Gary
                                                                                  The Family Harrigan
 Garofano, Joe Genevese, Adriene Gentile, Lyman Green,
  Charles Groeling, Si Hick, Dick Inzinna, Patrick Inzinna,                   Peter, Jodi, Sean and Shannen
 Owen Johnson, Russell Kenngott, Paul LaMartina, Tony
  Lasala, Fred Mai, Ernesto Mattace, Bob Morton, Gerard                           The Sabella Family
   Obrian, Jay Olivo, Dan Peplinski, Irene Rogers, John                      Kevin, Robin and Kevin Junior
Rotzman, Victor Rousseau, Eric Schwarz, Rich Sorensen,
                        Jim Wilson.                                                  The Young Family
                                                                                       John and Flo

                                                                                   The Dunn Family
 Happy Birthday                                                                  Jim, Lynn and Eileen

   for August                                                                The Grawin Family
                                                                      Robin, Robert, Russell and Regina
  Lawrence Avenido, Jerlene Campbell, Tony Casabona,
 Carol Case, Sean Clyde, Alice Dooley, Wayne Duckfield,                          The Restivo Family
   Alex Fokine, Larry Fontana, Vincent Gentile, Howqrd                     Dan, Danny Junior, and Dorothy
   Grimes, Janet Groeling, Bob Harrell, Ritchie Hix, Joe
                                                                             The Dunscomb Family
 Hyland, Dannie Jones, Pam Kennedy, Everett Lamans,
 Marie McGregor, Chuck McNaly, Tom McNicholas, Rich           Chris, Angie, Mathew, Sgt. Christopher and Heather
   Mikolajczak, Pete Miller, George Mitchell, Bill Moser,
                                                                             The LaMartina Family
  Melisa Negri, Joe O’Donoghue, Stephen Rieber, Kevin
                                                                     Paul, Jeannine, Carolyn and Thomas
    Sabella, Donna Schwarz, Teresa Shemack, Teddy
Sherrod, Babette Smith,Leo Sonnenschien, Paul Westphal.
                                                                       The Fontana Family
                                                              Frank, Doreen, Lillian, Lena and Frankie
                                                  In prize money to be
                Brother Paul Cannella                  given away!

    (631) 422-2736 www.goconcordlimousine.com
                                                But you have to be part of
                                                        it to WIN
    10% of any Cake for Moose
      Members Only, with ad.
                                                 MONEY MADNESS
    350 East Montauk Hwy
    Lindenhurst, NY 11757                        Bi                (3oo Club)

       631 225-9766


                                                       A New Year is beginning.
                                                       $50 Books are Available!
                                                 There is money to be
                Tony’s Auto Repair                won. Don’t miss out.
                 789 Hempstead Tpk.               Contact Brother Kevin Sabella @ 631-957-3638
               Franklin Square, NY 11010
                  Brother Anthony Napoleon
                                                  DON’t wait too long
                                                   Buy a book today!
                 LODGE 1421
               SOCIAL QUARTERS
                                                                                  MOOSE SPORTS TEAMS
 Our Social Quarters Manager, Peter Miller, would like to invite everyone          Pool Bulletin Boosters
              to come on down and Join in on the FUN …
Sundays -                     CLOSED

Mondays -                      Open at 7 PM                                                           8 Ball - LINDENHURST MOOSE
Tuesdays -                    Open at 7 PM                                                            Glenn Broekhuisen Bob Anderson
                   “Tropical Tuesdays” - Ladies Night
                                                                                                      Mike Swanson        Simon Hick
Wednesdays -               Open at 7 PM                                                               Brian Koluch         Paul Waters
         “Buckets of Beer” $12 Domestics and $15 Imports                                                          Eddie Dunn
Thursdays -             Open at 12 noon for Lunch
           “Buckets of Beer” $12 Domestics and $15 Imports                   8 Ball - LINDENHURST MOOSE

Fridays -                     Open at 4 PM
                                                                            Angelina Dunscomb        Mike Lang
                         Special Guest Bartender                            Pete Harrigan            Harvey Royce
                             Drink Specials                                 Mathew Dunscomb          Richard Oliveri
Saturdays -                    Open at 7 PM
                                                                            Christopher Dunscomb     Mark Miller
For more information,
       Contact Peter, the Social Quarters Manager @ 631 617-8779

                                                                                9 Ball - MOOSE RIDERS

    LODGE 1421 SPORTS HONORS                                                Pamela Kennedy         Pete Miller
                                                                            Michael McKasty        Deborah Korpela
         Debbi Korpela was named                                            Joseph Pascucci        Jim Kilcullen
                                                                            Peter Harrigan         Fred Kennedy
    MVP for the 9-Ball Moose Riders Team.
          Mike Lang was named MVP
    For the 8-Ball Lindenhurst Moose Team.
                                                                                                   9 Ball - LINDENHURST MOOSE 1
            Team MOOSE RIDERS claimed                                                               Patti Moser        Michael Lang
             1st Place in the Sunday 9-Ball                                                         Chris Dunscomb     Eddie Dunn
                     Championship.                                                                  Mark Miller        Theresa Cole
                                                                                                    Angie Dunscomb     John Cole
                                                                         4th DISTRICT-                       LEGION 20

           J. P. Automotive                                                       What’s Happening
       128 S. 14th St., Lindenhurst, NY 11757
                                                                          Around the District and the Legion
631 225-3180      Brother John Pike, Proprietor           631 888-2929
                                                                            All Legionaries are welcome to come to
                                           LINDSAY P. HENRY                     the next Legion 20 Meeting on:
                                         SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY                   July 21st and August 18th
Paint Wallcoverings                   AUTO ACCIDENTS / NEGLIGENCE                   at our Lindenhurst Lodge
 Window Treatments                        MEDICAL MALPRACTICE
     191 N. Wellwood Ave.
                                     CRIMINAL FELONY & MISDEMEANOR                Meetings start at 7:30pm.
                                               REAL ESTATE
       Lindenhurst, NY
                                             WILLS & ESTATES
       631 226-2555
           10% off with ad             COMMERCIAL TAX GRIEVANCE               4th District Breakfast will be held
                                                                              on July 11th at the Glencove Lodge.
                                            PHONE     631 669-0640

 LINDENHURST FUNERAL HOME, INC.                                                   Meeting start at 9:30 AM.
                                                                             4th District Caucus will be held at the
424 South Wellwood Ave., Lindenhurst, NY 11757
                                                                                Riverhead Lodge on August 1st.
                    631 957-0300                                             Higher Degree Breakfast will be held
                      Fully Handicapped Accessible                           on July 25th at the Huntington Lodge.
                       Sponsor of free bus trips to
                      Calverton National Cemetery                                    9:30am Exec Meeting
                        All Major Cards Accepted
                                                                                      10:00am Breakfast
                                                                            Ralph Pasintino of the Riverhead Lodge
                        Directors:                                         will be conferred his PILGRIM Degree on
                    Brother Thomas A. Brennen
        Brother Vincent Ayers       Brother John F. Casey                           August 7th at Riverhead.
                      Brother Gordon Werner
                                                                  Moose Lodge 1421 Calendar
                 LOYAL ORDER OF THE MOOSE 1421
                    SCENIC SOUTH BAY CRUISE               Repeating Dates
                                                          LOOM 1421 General Meeting                     1st & 3rd Monday
                                                          LOOM 1421 Officer's Meeting                   2nd & 4th Monday
                                                          LOOM 1421 & WOTM 690 Officer's Meeting        4th Monday
               CAPTREE BOAT BASIN                         WOTM 690 General Meeting                      1st Tuesday
               ABOARD THE FAMOUS                          WOTM 690 Business Meeting                     3rd Tuesday
                                                          Family Breakfast                              1st & 3rd Sunday

                                                          Pasta Night /                                 4th Tuesday
                                                          Legion 20 Meeting                             3rd Wednesday
                                                          Steak Night                                   1st Friday
                                                          Teen Night                                    3rd Friday

                                                           * * * Dates Are Subject To Change So Watch Your Bulletin! * * *
               JULY 10, 2010

   TIME:7:30PM SHARP- 11:30PM
         DJ – DANCING – FOOD – BEER –                     “Five cents in the Morning and Five cents in the Evening”
    – WINE – SODA – COFFEE – DESERT – 50/50
                                                                        Easy enough to say however,
  COMFORTABLY PRICED AT $30.00 PER PERSON                        How many of you have actually done this?
                                                                Mooseheart and Moosehaven need our help!
  CONTACT BROTHER KEVIN SABELLA (631) 827-4423              70 cents a week or $3.00 a month or $36.50 a year or
                      OR                                                $182.50 for the Full 5 years!
  CO- WORKER JODI HARRIGAN (631) 433- 3079
            FOR MORE INFORMATION                                       It’s easy to do and it is needed!
                                                                       For More Information, Contact:
                                                                        Peter Harrigan 631-888-5560
                                                                       Charles Rogers 631-957-6614
              BRICK “PAVERS”                                              Licensed
                                                                          & Insured
    In Town 44 + Years . Lindy Class Of “77”
•     Any Color Pavers                       “COME BACK PRICES”                                                          EG
                                        Cement             $4.99 PerSq.

      Driveways, Patios                 Brick              $7.99 PerSq.
                                                                                                            S                 G
                                                                                                        L                      S
                                                  10% off for

                                                Moose Members

•     Sidewalks, Pools

•     Foundations

                                       Call Me Last .                                            BA
•     Stoops

                                 I’ll Beat All Estimates                                              CO
•     Cellar Entrances                                                                  TE                  N

      Cobblestones               226-0800                                                        USA
                                                                                                     G          E          COFF
                                                                                         SA                             HO
      ALL CEMENT WORK                                                                   ORA
                                                                                                        J U IC

                                                                                      LINDENHURST MOOSE LODGE

                                                                                               SUNDAY, JULY 18
                                                                                             SUNDAY, AUGUST 1
                                                                                             SUNDAY, AUGUST 15
                    Brother Bob Allar
                                                                                               $5.00 per person,
                                                                                             all you can eat buffet
                                                                                              9:00AM till 11:00AM
                                                                                                  For Information Contact:
                                                                                                 Sal Dilluvio @ 516-359-5857
     GOING GREEN                                                    Dear LOOM & WOTM members,

                                                                          The Women of the Moose, Chapter 690, is
  The Moose have always been an organization that dedi-             trying to collect school supplies for
  cates itself to helps others, We find a need and then fill that   Lindenhurst Middle School students in
  need. Well, there is a need to conserve paper and the trees       need.
  that are used to make it.

  With this in mind, our Lodge will soon be providing the                We are asking everyone to pick
  Bulletin electronically to our membership and reducing the        up an extra school supply item, or two,
  number of copies distributed via the US Mail.
                                                                    as you shop. Bring it down to the
  The Bulletin will be available for download on our new            Lodge by August 17th, 2010.
                                                                          We will package the item in a simple back-
  We can also distribute the Bulletin, or other announcements,
  via PDF files on Email. We would like to be fully electronic      pack to be given to student in need at the start of
  by our November 2010 Issue.                                       the school year in September.
  In order to complete this task, I will need you to send me an
  Email message with MOOSE BULLETIN in the Subject Line                  Some useful items we could use would be:
  and your FULL NAME and MAILING ADDRESS in the body                binders; pencils, pens, highlighters, composition
  of the message. Email To:                                         notebooks, loose-leaf paper, rulers etc.
                         Paul LaMartina
  If you wish to continue receiving the Bulletin via the US Mail,
                                                                    Thank you in advance for your support,
      FILL IN THIS COUPON AND MAIL TO THE LODGE:                    Co-worker Jeannine LaMartina - 631 888-1241
       LOOM1421, PO Box 535, Lindenhurst, NY 11757


                               (PRINT NAME)

                         (PRINT STREET ADDRESS)

                          (PRINT CITY, STATE, ZIP)

   BAR-B-QUE,                                    STEAK NIGHT &
                                                FAMILY BAR-B-QUE
CLASSIC CARS                                   FRIDAY, AUGUST 6th

      &                         ALL YOU CAN EAT
                                                  ~ AND ~

 ROCK-A-BILLY                     PASTA NIGHT

  CONCERT                      TUESDAY, JULY 20
                             TUESDAY, AUGUST 24
ALL MEMBERS AND QUESTS           (WOTM are cooking!)
      ARE INVITED                 All Dinners are from 6:00PM till 8:00PM
WHEN:                                    For Information Contact:
    August 14th, 2010                  Sal Dilluvio @ 516-359-5857
                                     Sal Guadagnino @ 631-667-4410

WHERE:                           Lodge Activities are steadily increasing!
 Lindenhurst Lodge 1421             Fun and Fellowship is on the Rise!
   883 South Broadway
                            In order to meet the these demands, the Lodge is
 Good Food * Good Friends            calling out to it’s membership …
        Good Music
                                         We need VOLUNTEERS!
  Fun For The
 Whole Family                 A lot of the activities we need assistance with
                                           are Fun and Exciting.
For Information                       Come and Join the Excitement!
Contact:                    Contact:
Brother Sal Diluvio                  Sal Guadagnino at 631 667-4410
516– 359– 5837
     CALLING ALL MEMBERS !                                                   Seeking All Talents
I need to remind everyone how important it is to renew       Hi, my name is Robin Sabella and I am the chairwomen for the Women
your membership in the Loyal Order of Moose on time.         of the Moose Theatre Group.

       “Don’t wait till you expire—renew prior!”             Currently I am seeking actors/actresses from within
With the end of the "Moose Year" upon us, it is important    the 1421 family to perform in an ensemble group; the
for us to renew as soon as possible.                         pieces will be no longer than 15 to 20 minutes and
                                                             doesn’t require a lot of time.
    CHECK YOUR CARD EXPIRATION DATE!                         I am also interested in producing a non musical and musical plays in
                                                             the future and would like to know how many of you could contribute
Renewal is EASY. Choose which is best for you:               your talents to this project. I need talent in all areas, performing,
                                                             set design and building, choreography, music direction, ect…
1) Via the Internet. Just go to the Moose International
website ( www.mooseintl.org ) and click on the word                              Please contact me at robinsabella@yahoo.com or
QUICKPAY, located on the left side of the screen. Next,                          631-957-3638 and let me know if you are inter-
type in your Moose ID number and click the Pay Dues                              ested.
button. Follow the instructions, fill in your information,
and you’re done.                                               PACK 1421 Dates to Remember:
2) Telephone and a credit card. Call Moose                   Saturday, July 17th 2010:
International Member Services at 1-630-906-3658. Have        Pack Fishing Trip - 3:00pm - 7:30pm -
your Moose ID number and card information handy!             Dixie II - Captree Boat Basin, cost
3) Mail your check, payable to Moose International, to       $20.00 per person.
Dues Processing Center, Moose International,                 Friday, July 23rd 2010:
                                                             Kit Flying & Pack BBQ - 5:30pm -
P.O. Box 88065, Chicago, Ill 60680-1065                      (Venetian Shores)
Write your Moose ID# on the check.                           Thursday, July 29th 2010:
4) Bring Cash or a check, made payable to LOOM 1421,         2010 Scout Night at the L.I. Ducks, cost $11.00 per person.
to the Lodge and give it to our Brother Administrator        Saturday, July 31, 2010:
Pete, or mail to LOOM Lodge 1421, P.O. Box 535,              Boy Scouts of America 100th Anniversary National Show,
Lindenhurst, NY 11757-0535. Write your Moose ID# on          ” A Shining Light Across America! At LaValle Stadium –
                                                             SUNY Stony Brook, free admission with pre registration.
the check.                                                   Wednesday, August 25th 2010:
                                                             2010 Scout Night at the L.I. Ducks, cost $11.00 per person.
Renew so you don’t miss out on our best year ever!
                                                             For information or to contact the pack, please contact:
Brother Paul LaMartina,                                                 Brother Chris Ahlers at (631) 987-3661
Membership Chairman                                                              cjahlers@optonline.net
                 Loyal Order of the Moose
                       Lodge # 1421                                            July 2010
      Sun                   Mon                       Tue           Wed              Thu                   Fri                     Sat
                                                                               1                 2                         3
                                                                                12p - 4p

                                                                                           International Convention at Nashville

4                  5                          6                7               8                 9                         10
                           NO                 WOTM                              LUNCH                                           CRUISE TO
                         MEETING              Meeting - 8pm                     12p - 4p                                        NOWHERE
                                                                                                                                  7 PM
                       International Convention at Nashville

11                 12                         13               14              15                16                        17
4th District @     LOOM Officers                               Coast Guard      LUNCH                    TEEN                  PACK 1421
Glen Cove          Meeting - 8pm                               Meeting          12p - 4p                 NIGHT              Fishing Trip 3PM

18               19                           20               21              22                23                        24
Family Breakfast LOOM General                 WOTM               Legion 20      LUNCH               Pack 1421
   9a - 11a      Meeting - 8pm                Meeting - 8pm    Meeting -7:30pm 12p - 4p            Bar-B-Que @
                                                                                                  Venetian Shores
                                                                                                     5:30 PM
25                 26                         27               28              29   LUNCH        30                        31
 Higher Degree     LOOM Officers               PASTA NIGHT                         12p - 4p                                BSA 100 Na-
   Breakfast at    Meeting - 8pm                  6p - 8p                       Pack 1421 Trip                             tional Aniversary
   Huntington                                                                    Scout Nite @                              Show @ Stony
                                                                                LI Ducks $11                               Brook Univ.
              Loyal Order of the Moose
                    Lodge # 1421                                August 2010
      Sun             Mon              Tue             Wed                Thu           Fri             Sat
1 Caucus & Picnic 2               3               4                 5           6                 7
Riverhead 10:30a LOOM General     WOTM            TROOP 1421         LUNCH          STEAK NIGHT
                  Meeting - 8pm   Meeting - 8pm   Committee          12p - 4p         & FAMILY
Family Breakfast                                                                     BAR-B-QUE
     9a - 11a                                                                          6p - 8p
8                9                10              11                12          13                14
                 LOOM Officers                    Coast Guard        LUNCH                         ROCK-A-BILLY
                 Meeting - 8pm                    Meeting            12p - 4p                        BAR-B-QUE
                                                                                                    & CONCERT

15               16               17              18              19            20                21
Family Breakfast LOOM General     WOTM              Legion 20      LUNCH              TEEN
   9a - 11a      Meeting - 8pm    Meeting - 8pm   Meeting -7:30pm 12p - 4p            NIGHT

                                                                                     State Conference @ Albany
22               23               24              25                26          27                28
                 LOOM Officers     PASTA NIGHT     Pack 1421 Trip    LUNCH
                 Meeting - 8pm        6p - 8p       Scout Nite @     12p - 4p
                                                    LI Ducks $11

29               30               31

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