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									   【SETOSAN®】Chitosan Anti-Bacterial Baby Clothing

                   Product Description

1. SETOSAN® Chitosan Long-Lasting Anti-Bacterial Baby Clothing

  Utilizing the only natural anti-bacterial raw material – Chitosan,
  our company employs advanced technology to produce nano
  sized particles of chitosan anti-bacterial agent. The chitosan
  nano particles have been added into the viscose before we spin
  the viscose rayon fiber, so it’s evenly distributed within and
  outside the fiber. Therefore, SETOSAN® Chitosan Anti-Bacterial
  Fabrics are able to effectively fight against the growth of
  harmful bacteria, such as Staphylococcus aureus, providing a
  longer-lasting anti-bacterial effect. Superiorly anti-odor and
  certified hypoallergenic. The fabrics are soft, comfortable, anti-
  bacterial, skin compatible and environmental friendly.

2. Advantages of SETOSAN® Chitosan Health Baby Clothing with
   Long-Lasting Anti-Bacterial Effect

  1. Long-lasting and natural anti-bacterial effect.
  2. Excellent skin compatibility.
  3. Soft and comfortable. High moisture-absorbing and odor-
     preventing abilities.
  4. “Green” fiber: Biodegradable and environmental friendly.
  5. Approved by Taiwan Functional Textiles as Anti-Bacterial
     Textiles for Apparel & Home (TTF-0004) according to
     AATCC 100-1999 (according to the test standard of TTF-
     0004, after 20 times washed, it still maintains the 90%
     upward anti-bacterial effect)

3. Fabrics Content: Chitosan anti-bacterial rayon (50%), Cotton
   (50%) blended fabrics.

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