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					Bullseye! - SOUTH DOWNS CVS e-bulletin
30 September 2009
Bullseye! is a weekly information bulletin of information that is relevant to SDCVS
members. It helps SDCVS keep members informed and engaged in consultation
and information processes between the times that the SDCVS newsletters
(South Downs View and Wealden View) are published. Notices of publications,
events and services do not necessarily carry an endorsement by the editor or
South Downs CVS, nor do they represent CVS’ own views.

            Introduction to Bookkeeping using Excel (2 day)
                             with Steve Early
                  Thursday 8 October 2009 9.30am - 1pm
                  Tuesday 13 October 2000 9.30am - 1pm
                 South Downs CVS, 66 High Street, Lewes,
                          East Sussex, BN7 1XG
        For people who are new to voluntary and community sector
        finances, and are looking for guidance on doing bookkeeping on
        Excel (not on a computer accounting package). Cost £40- £65
        (depending on status). First 4 bookings are free for
        voluntary/community groups with up to 3 full-time staff or
        part-time equivalent. To view the SDCVS training brochure and
        for a booking form go to:
        For more information contact Julia on 01273 483832, email:


     East Sussex in Figures
     Action for Blind People Home Support Service (East Sussex)
     Drop in Café
     Care for the Carers – Young Carers‟ Services Manager
     ACEVO Publications
     South East England - Volunteering Development Council
     NAPP
     Abbey Charitable Trust
     Change to Project Funding
     BIG Awards for All – England
     Co-operative Community Fund
     Concertina
     New Compact Guidance Documents Available
     Reviewing the Compact
      Voluntary & Community Sector in East Sussex – the effects of the
       economic recession
      ESCC Community Partnership Finance SEEDCORN Fund
      East Sussex Downs & Weald PCT Health Improvement Grant

                              Office Space
      South Downs CVS have office space to share at 66 High
       Street, Lewes, for details please contact 01273 483832

East Sussex in Figures (ESiF)
ESiF is a free data observatory for East Sussex, is open to everyone and holds a range
of data from housing and population to health care and education. It also provides a set
of easy-to-use tools for analysing and presenting this information such as graphs, tables
and thematic maps. Area Profiles are available for wards and parishes in East Sussex,
as well as for each district and for the county as a whole. They contain a number of pre-
determined tables, charts and maps that present key information for different areas. For
further details contact Tim Carpenter, East Sussex in Figures Coordinator, on 01273
482030 or email

Action for Blind People Home Support Service (East Sussex)
RNIB saved Homecall (excluding the Bexhill area) from closure last September. In April
the renamed Home Support Service transferred to Action for Blind People as part of their
newly-formed association with RNIB.

Liz Wilkinson’s contract with Action has now come to an end as there is insufficient
money in the Action pot. Liz has been informed that Action will be continuing for the next
six months, through their London office, to pay volunteer expenses and provide
information to both clients and volunteers on the ongoing services and support available
from the local blind societies. If you have any queries about the service please phone
David Newbold on 020 739 12299.

Drop in Cafe
Every Wednesday between 11.30 and 2 pm the Oyster Project, a Lewes based disability
self-help charity runs a Drop In Cafe at the All Saints Arts Centre, Friars Walk, Lewes
BN7 2LE A hot lunch, always with veggie option, and snacks are available at very
reasonable prices. The Cafe is fully accessible and is open to anyone. Other charities
and voluntary organisations often meet for 'business lunches' and children are welcome.
 In the Autumn they hope to have occasional live music sessions with local singers and
musicians and in December they start Accessible Cinema which will run a 5 film 'season'
with the emphasis being access to cinema for wheelchair users and the mobility
impaired. They welcome information displays from other organisations and look forward
to seeing you, the members of the Oyster Project

Care for the Carers – Young Carers’ Services Manager
Care for the Carers’ vision is to improve the quality of carers’ lives by helping the
local community recognise and value the role of carers, and by enabling carers to
access the services and support they require.
Young Carers’ Services Manager
37 hours per week. Salary: £27,573 - £29,714 (APT & C Points 33-36)
Based in our Eastbourne office, you will lead the development and continued
improvement of our support service to young carers. This is a key post requiring vision,
sensitivity to carers’ issues, ability to make a personal impact and the skills to lead a
diverse team delivering frontline services. As a key member of the Senior Management
Team of Care for the Carers, you will also make an active contribution to the
management and development of the organisation as a whole and deputise for the CEO
on occasion. Experience of working with children and/or young people is essential, and
particular skills in Strategic and Policy Development, Monitoring and Evaluation and HR
Management would be an advantage. This post is subject to a CRB check.

To obtain an application pack, please send an A4 SAE (46p) to: Pat Garrett, Care for the
Carers, Greencoat House, 32 St Leonards Road, EASTBOURNE BN21 3UT or Email Closing date for applications is 12noon on Tuesday, 13th October
2009. Interviews 27 October 2009. Care for the Carers is an equal opportunities

ACEVO publications now available to purchase from Amazon
The Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations ACEVO produces a
wide range of publications that aid the third sector in organisational and personal
development. A selection of their top selling publications are now available to purchase
from Amazon at:
alias=stripbooks&field-keywords=acevo&x=0&y=0 . These include: Your Chair and
Board: A survival guide and toolkit for CEOs; A CEO’s Guide to Board Development;
and Full Cost Recovery: A guide and toolkit on cost allocation (version II). View a full list
of ACEVO publications at:

South East England Volunteering Development Council
On the 19th October, RAISE will host the inaugural meeting of the South East England
Volunteering Development Council (EVDC), the regional network for volunteering. To
join the EVDC Network or for more information please email John Slater or call John on
01483 885264

Abbey Charitable Trust
The Abbey Charitable Trust is committed to supporting local communities, particularly in
those areas where Abbey, Alliance & Leicester or Bradford & Bingley have a significant
presence. They fund projects based on the following three priorities to help
disadvantaged people:
•      Education and training
•      Financial advice
•      Community regeneration

Last year they spent over £905,000 on education and training, £402,000 on financial
advice and £408,000 on community regeneration projects.
For details on how to apply for a grant from the Charitable Trust please go to:

Community partnership - A large proportion of their donations are made through
Community Partnership Groups made up of local Abbey staff and pensioners as well as
a representative of local charities, usually from a Community Foundation, Council for
Voluntary Services or similar organisation. These groups have a key role in appraising
local charity requests and in visiting the successful applicants. More importantly they are
members of their local communities and therefore have a good understanding of the
issues faced by the charities working in their areas. They also actively encourage Abbey
Branches to nominate local charities that meet their charitable priorities. Around a third
of their donations are made through matching fundraising undertaken by Abbey staff and
pensioners. (Staff are free to raise funds for any UK registered charity)

To find out more about applying for donations and The Charitable Trust, please Email: You can call their helpline Tel: 0870 608 0104 or
write to: The Abbey Charitable Trust, 201 Grafton Gate East, Milton Keynes, MK9 1AN.

The National Association for Patient Participation (NAPP) is the umbrella charity for
Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) within primary care - they have nearly 450
members. You may be aware that there is a national campaign to promote PPGs,
supported by the Royal College of GPs, the British Medical Association, the NHS
Alliance, NAPP and the Department of Health. To find out more, please visit

Change to project funding
Awards for All England no longer funds projects where the main aims of the
project/activity are based solely around arts, sports or heritage. You will have to apply to
one of the other appropriate lottery distributors listed below.

Arts grants
For projects that: Engage people in the arts, or helps your work as an artist or arts
Contact: Grants for the Arts Council England Tel: 0845 300 6200
Heritage grants (ages 13 - 25)
For projects that: Involve young people (aged 13 to 25) in finding out about their
Contact: Young Roots Heritage Lottery Fund Tel: 020 7591 6000
Heritage grants
For projects that: Help communities learn about their local, regional or national heritage
and take part in related activities.
Contact: Your Heritage Lottery Fund Tel: 020 7591 6000
Sports grants
For projects that: Encourage people to take part in sport. Ensures people have a quality
sporting experience Helps people to improve their performance in their chosen sport
Contact: Small Grants Programme Sport England Tel: 0845 8508 508

BIG - Awards for All - England
Awards for All England offers grants of between £300 and £10,000 for projects that
improve communities, and the lives of people within them. It is for voluntary and
community groups, schools and health organisations, parish and town councils.

To make a successful application, the project must also meet one of these four
    People have better chances in life - with better access to training and
      development to improve their life skills.
    Stronger communities - with more active citizens working together to tackle their
    Improved rural and urban environments - which communities are better able to
      access and enjoy.
    Healthier and more active people and communities.

Here are some examples of what a grant can pay for:
    equipment hire or purchase, feasibility studies for building projects that will cost
       £25,000 or less (including VAT),
    information technology equipment,
    land, building refurbishment, landscaping or property projects (including
       playgrounds and temporary buildings) costing £25,000 or less (including VAT),
    materials for use in your project,
    publicity materials for use in your project,
    sessional workers (those who work only as and when required),
    training,
    transport costs,
    updating equipment for health and safety reasons,
    venue hire,
    volunteer expenses,
    VAT that you cannot recover.

If you have a general enquiry or want an application form, please contact us on one of
the following. Tel: 0845 4 10 20 30
Textphone: 0845 039 02 04, Email:

Co-operative Community Fund
The Co-operative Community Fund is their grants scheme that helps local communities
throughout the UK. Since they started the initiative in 1997, thousands of clubs,
community groups and self-help organisations have benefited. The way the scheme
works is by committed members of The Co-operative Group who want to help improve
the lives of others, donate part or all of their share of the profits. These members have
already raised millions of pounds each year for all kinds of community projects.
Community Fund grants, between £100 and £2,000 are awarded to community,
voluntary, or self-help groups to run projects that meet the following criteria. To be
successful a group must:
     carry out positive work in the community and a project must:
     address a community issue
     provide a good long-term benefit to the community
     support co-operative values and principles
     ideally be innovative in its approach
Read full criteria, eligibility etc., and apply online at:

Concertina makes grants to charitable bodies which provide musical entertainment and
related activities for the elderly. This not only brightens up their lives, but also provides a
therapeutic benefit to their health and well-being.

Concertina is keen to support smaller organisations which might otherwise find it difficult
to gain funding. Since its inception in 2004, it has made grants to a wide range of
charitable organisations nationwide in England and Wales. These include funds to many
care homes for the elderly to provide musical entertainment for their residents. Charities
are invited to make an application to the Trustees via the Administrator. They need to
provide details of their charity’s objects, its financial position, the sector of the elderly
community which it benefits, amount sought and proposed cultural activities or related
facilities it intends to provide.

The trustees review applications January 31, April 30, June 30 and October 31. Please
submit your application in good time so the administrator can review it to ensure there
are no omissions and that it is suitable before submission to the Trustees. Sally Dyson,
the Administrator, would be delighted to hear from you should you require any further
information. She may be contacted by post, email or telephone: 20 Kent House,
Aylesford Street, London SW1V 3QB Tel: 020 7976 5785, Email: Website:

New Compact Guidance Documents Available
New implementation guidance on independence is out now. Independence Matters
explores five dilemmas that both the public and the Third Sector face and shows how to
address them by applying Compact principles

To download a PDF version of the guidance please go to:
_webversion.pdf New Compact guidance is available on negotiating the complexities
of Procurement Law and European Union procurement rules.

Reviewing the Compact 2009 – statutory, voluntary and community groups
working together
Each year we review the East Sussex Compact. The aim of the annual review is to:
    build awareness of the Compact and help create a better understanding of it
    report on events and activities to date
    collect and present evidence of successes and good practice
    collect and present evidence of any bad practice, and to learn and develop from

Reviewing the Compact 2009
We asked for your views on:
   how the Compact is working in East Sussex
   the Compact Action Plan 2009
   East Sussex Compact Information Folder - that holds all the important
      documents and guidance on Compact Working

The Action Plan and the contents of the Information Folder are available at
The consultation begins on 10 August 2009 and closes on 26 October 2009.

Results of the review and what happens next
The outcomes of this review will be presented at the East Sussex Compact Annual
Event to be held on Monday 2 November 2009.
More information
To find out more about this consultation, please contact the Compact team at
The questionnaire for the annual review can be downloaded at

Voluntary & Community Sector in East Sussex: the effects of the economic
SpeakUp Forum together with CVS Partnership (EAVS, HVA, RVA & SDCVS) and
Brighton University is undertaking a research “Voluntary & Community Sector in East
Sussex: the effects of the economic recession”.

Please take a few minutes to fill in the questionnaire. Or if you prefer to discuss it in
more details we can arrange for the University researcher Laura Cecil to meet with you
or your group or network.

The purpose of this survey is to explore the capacity of the voluntary & community
sector (VCS) and to support people in East Sussex during the economic downturn. Initial
feedback shows that many voluntary & community organisations (VCOs) in East Sussex
are experiencing greater client demand or receiving less revenue. Some report
increased redundancy in the older age groups whilst volunteering presents a more
complicated picture. This survey will enable us to understand the complexities of the
challenges facing the sector and to share and develop effective strategies.

The questionnaire is available on-line
Also as a PDF document for printing and in WORD format for returning by e-mail. The
documents are available on

The outcome will be presented at the Big Event, 20th January 2010. The results will be
also shared with the local authorities and the regional bodies to inform them of the needs
of the Voluntary and Community Sector in those challenging times. If you would like to
discuss the research please contact me or Adam Chugg (EAVS), tel 01323 639 373

ESCC Community Partnership Finance SEEDCORN FUND
The Seedcorn Fund is part of East Sussex County Council’s Community Partnership
Finance programme 2009 - 2012. The next deadline for the ESCC Seedcorn Fund is 2
December 2009. There will be two rounds annually between 2009 and 2012. You can
download an application form and guidance notes from:
(go to the funding page) or For further information,
or for help to complete your application, contact: Jackie Blackwell (South Downs Council
for Voluntary Service) 01273 483832, For
Wealden District contact Karl Parks on 01825 765136

East Sussex Downs & Weald PCT Health Improvement Grant
Need a grant to fund a small health project? If your community or voluntary organisation
is developing a project that promotes healthy eating, mental health & well-being,
encourages physical activity, accident prevention, promotes sexual health, alcohol
awareness or tackles health inequalities, your group could benefit from receiving a small
grant towards costs. Deadline Date: 27 November 2009. Application and guidance
notes can be found at:
For further details please contact Sandra Blaber on 01273 483832 email: or for Wealden enquiries contact Karl Parks on
01825 760019 email:

South Downs CVS Training

The South Downs CVS training brochure 2009/10 can be accessed at

Introduction to Bookkeeping using Excel (2 day)
with Steve Early
Thursday 8 October 2009 9.30am - 1pm
Tuesday 13 October 2000 9.30am - 1pm
South Downs CVS, 66 High Street, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 1XG
For people who are new to voluntary and community sector finances, and are looking for
guidance on doing bookkeeping on Excel (not on a computer accounting package). This
two session course will help you to:

• Set up an analysed cashbook to keep simple
   bookkeeping records
• Reconcile your cashbook to your bank statements
• Deal with petty cash
• Log incomings and outgoings
• Identify which budget headings to use
• Analyse costs and expenses
• Set up your accounts on Microsoft Excel

(This course is run over two half days). Please bring a calculator to the first session.
You will be using Excel in the second session. Closing date: Thursday 24 September
2009. Cost £40- £65 (depending on status). First 4 bookings are free for
voluntary/community groups with up to 3 full-time staff or part-time equivalent.

Demonstrating your value to funders
with SCIP & Working Together Project, Tuesday 20 October 2009, 9.30am – 4.30pm
(light lunch included), Yarrow Room, Town Hall, High Street, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7

This one-day course is for anyone who is involved in monitoring and evaluation (e.g. if
your role involves marketing, fundraising, data management).

It will help you to think through the monitoring requirements of funders along-side
measuring and promoting your organisation’s work day-to-day. The course will cover:

• Identifying and clarifying aims and objectives, outputs and outcomes for a project
• What you need to have in place before you make an application
• Setting output and outcome indicators and negotiating these with funders
• Developing an evaluation framework, including internal and external evaluation
• Collecting and storing self-evaluation information, particularly for outcomes
• Distinguishing between outcomes and impact
• Using Microsoft Office applications to ensure the effective and efficient collection,
storage and analysis of information
• Maximising the effectiveness of self evaluation

Cost £35 - £60 depending on status. First 4 bookings are free for
voluntary/community groups with up to 3 full-time staff or part-time equivalent.
Closing date for bookings: Tuesday 6 October 2009

Press Publicity & Promotion
with SCIP & Working Together Project
Tuesday 10 November 2009, 9.30 –4.30pm
(light lunch included) at South Downs CVS 66 High Street, Lewes,
East Sussex, BN7 1XG

This one-day course is aimed at people who want to get more out of working with the
press and to produce electronic promotional material. The course will cover:

• Writing for the press
• Fitting your message into the media agenda
• How to format a press release
• Writing other promotional materials
• Producing simple electronic publicity

Feel free to bring something you’re working on.
Cost £35 - £60depending on status (up to 3 full-time - staff first 4 bookings free)
Closing date for bookings: Tuesday 27October 2009

Empowering the Voluntary Sector Programme
An advice and advocacy service is able to help Voluntary Organisations challenge
decisions by public bodies. The Empowering the Voluntary Sector programme deals with
issues such as breaches of the Compact, complaints procedures and judicial reviews.
South Downs CVS are arranging a workshop to take place on 16 December for details
and booking form please go to:
training/training.php or contact Julia Fowler on 01273 483832. For more information
go to:

Other Training & Events
SPIN (Single Parent Information Network)
SPIN based in Brighton is running an information sharing and problem solving course for
single parents, men and women with sole or shared care. Single parent facilitators will
run 8 sessions on a Tuesday between 10-12pm with the first course starting Tue
06/10/09. Two more courses will be run in 2010 with the second in January. Childcare
and travel costs will be covered to attend for any single parent anywhere in Sussex.
Participants are entitled to a massage for £5, a gift to the value of £20 and references on
completion. Call them on 01273 675773/079 489 71559 or email or visit

Commissioning with the Public Sector
A training programme for trustees and managers of voluntary and community
organisations operating in East Sussex.
Developed with local partners, the programme aims to develop a greater understanding
of the process agencies to commission organisations within the voluntary and
community sector to deliver public sector services.

The programme begins in October with a half-day briefing for trustees and managers of
voluntary and community organisations who want to know more about contracting to
deliver public sector services.

In November there will be one-day courses for voluntary and community organisations
(VCOs) that are considering contracting to deliver public sector services. In December
one-day courses will be held looking at creating opportunities and overcoming barriers,
this course will provide an opportunity for public sector commissioners, and voluntary
and community organisations to work jointly to develop relationships that lead to
successful public sector contracting. The programme will respond to identified needs
and will be based on key issues that emerge during the previous courses. The
programme will be delivered in three locations across East Sussex; Hastings/St.
Leonards, Eastbourne, and Lewes.

For training dates, more information and booking forms please visit the Ask Casper
Training page:
Bookings for the half-day briefings are now being taken, if you would like to attend
please complete the appropriate booking form and send to the appropriate CVS Officer:

Eastbourne: Sue Duffell – / 01323 639373
Lewes: Julia Fowler – / 01273 483832
(if you are based in Wealden feel free to contact either of the above for information).

Organisations are being advised that they must have attended an October half-day
briefing ‘Understanding public sector contracting’ before attending the one-day courses
‘Preparing your organisation for public sector contracting’, and ‘Public sector contracting
– creating opportunities and overcoming barriers’.

Cut your utility costs and environmental impact – free courses
East Sussex County Council are offering two opportunities to attend a free course in
Eastbourne this Autumn which covers how to effectively manage utility costs by making
saving on energy water and waste. The Eastbourne events happen between 9am -
1.30pm on 21 October and 04 November at the Lansdowne Hotel, Eastbourne. Further
details can be found at:
Contact: Janette Ackroyd and Nancy Bluck, BETRE Project Officers (Business
Excellence Through Resource Efficiency) Transport & Environment Department East
Sussex County Council E Floor, West Block, County Hall, St Anne\'s Crescent, Lewes,
East Sussex, BN7 1UE, Tel: 01273 336777, Email:

Festival of Sport event at Northease Manor School, Lewes Friday 2 October 2009
This forthcoming event in Lewes will focus specifically on young people with learning
difficulties in our community (10 - 17 years). As well as being a fun and interactive day
they hope to ensure they get as many Home Fire Safety referrals as possible from this
event. The objective is to support youth engagement and also increasing smoke alarm
ownership across the Borough. Further details are given below. Specific events are:-
       Coaching for a Safer Community Shootout goal and Coaching session - C4SC
           Coaches to deliver session
        Albion in the Community Disability football Coaching session - Albion coaches
         to deliver session
        Cricket session - Delivered by St Bedes Qualified Cricket Coach
        Tennis session - Delivered by a Qualified Tennis Coach
        Team Building - Delivered by Fire Service and Albion in the Community
         Disability Coach
        Climbing Wall - Delivered Adventure Unlimited, which is a charitable

Schools Participating:-
Northease Manor School, Northease
St Johns, Seaford
Cuckmere House, Seaford
Lindfield, Eastbourne
Ovingdean Hall School, Ovingdean
Hamilton Lodge, Brighton

Schools participating will bring up to 10 children and appropriate staff. The team will
consist of pupils that have been good at their school. The objective is to offer the
Festival as a reward and at the same time educate them with regards to Fire & Road
Safety, general safety and wellbeing, team building and developing self esteem,
confidence and belief.

The Agenda: Start time 1000hrs. Each team will go to their respective activity and have
an event brief, then move on to the next event.

The school has capacity to provide lunch for participants, staff and guests but need to
know numbers ASAP? This will be provided in the dining hall and followed by the giving
of certificates and goody bags with a range of safety information. Participants will then
depart at approximately 1400hrs and return to their schools. The schools will be sent an
evaluation form for feedback comments on the event and a formal debrief will then
follow. „If you wish to attend please call Dave Amiet on 07876133618‟

Don‟t Miss The Bus!
East Sussex Hearing Resource Centre and Adult Social Care are working in partnership
to provide a mobile information and advice service (Deaf Outreach) for Deaf, deafened,
hard of hearing and deaf/blind people living in East Sussex.

The mobile unit will be visiting Lewes on Thursday 15th October 2009 (Phoenix Centre
Car Park), 10.30am – 3.30pm.

The bus is accessible to wheelchair users and representatives from both the East
Sussex Hearing Resource Centre and Adult Social Care will be available to provide
individual information and advice on all aspects of hearing loss.

For further information please contact:
Teresa Davis, East Sussex Hearing Resource Centre, Tel: 01323 722505
(voice/text/fax) e-mail:

Why not come along to the Lewes Hard of Hearing Group and take the opportunity to
meet other people in an easy-to-communicate atmosphere?

The group meets once a month and is run by the East Sussex Hearing Resource
Centre. Different speakers attend each month to talk on a variety of subjects and
equipment is demonstrated which can be of help to hard of hearing people. You will also
learn useful tips on how to communicate with deaf or hard of hearing people so your
friends and family might want to come along too.

The next meeting at Lewes will be on Monday 19th Oct 09 2009 (10.30am - 12noon) at
Age Concern, House of Friendship, 208 High Street, Lewes.

The title for October’s talk is, “Supporting People.” East Sussex County Council
Supporting People team are responsible for providing care services to elderly, disabled
and vulnerable people. Come along a find out if any of the services that they offer would
benefit you. Everybody welcome so put a note in your diary. For further information
please contact: David Rowan, East Sussex Hearing Resource Centre, 8 St Leonard’s
Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 3UH  Tel: 01323 722505 (voice/text/fax)
Email:, Registered charity No. 1101140

We check all the links in this e-Bulletin but if they don’t work for you, please email or call 01273 483832.

The most recent edition of South Downs View and Wealden View can be downloaded
from the SDCVS website, go to:

Julia Fowler
South Downs CVS
66 High Street
Lewes BN7 1XG

T: 01273 483832
F: 01273 483834

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Company Limited by Guarantee, England No. 3334341
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