Book 12 of the Florentine Codex by liuhongmei


									                  Book 12 of the Florentine Codex

Jessica Acosta
Colleen Lenahan
Olivia Marcucci
• Auh niman in iehoan Españoles, quitlalique in quauhtematlatl
  in mumuzticpac, inic quintepachozq in macevaltin

• And then the Spaniards installed the wooden sling (catapult)
  on top of the altar platform to hurl stones at the people.

• More literally: "And then they Spaniards it-installed the
  wooden sling for throwing stones altar-on-top-of in order to
  at-them-hurl-stones the people"
• Auh in oquicencauhque, in ie quitlaçazque, cenca
  cololhuitinemi, ceca ommapiloa, quinmapilhuia in macevalti,
  ommapiloa in vmpa omocenquixtiq in amaxac, in ie ixquich
  macevalti, cenca quimomottitia

• And they made it ready and were about to shoot it o ff, they
  gathered around and greatly pointing their fingers to all the
  people gathered there in Amaxac, showing them to each other.

• More literally: "And (past)-it-make-ready-(pret.) already it-
  hurl-(pl. future) greatly it-gather-around-go-about-doing
  greatly away-pointing at-them-pointing-their-fingers the
  people away-pointing there (pret.)-(3rd pers. pl. refl.)-gather-
  something-scattered-(pret. plural) Amaxaca already all the
  people greatly them-away-(3rd pers. pl. refl.)-show-
• ommaçoa in Españoles, inic impan contlaçazque con
  maiavizque, in iuhqui

• The Spaniards spread out their arms, showing how they will
  hurl it away as if they were using a rock sling.

• More literally: "away-spread-the-arms the Spaniards how for
  they-it-away-hurl-(fut.) it-away-hurl-(fut.) in this way them-
• nec quimalacachoa nec quitevilacachoa, nimā ic meoatiquetz
  in quauhtemalacatl in iquauhio

• Then they wound it up, then the arm of the wooden catapult
  rose up

• More literally: "next they-it-wind-up next they-it-make-
  revolve then for the reason hurl-(lig.)-raise up the arm of the
  catapult it-wooden-house-made-of"
• Auh in tetl amo vel vmpa ia in ipa macevalli çan ie icampa
  iteputzco in vetzito tianquiztli Xumolco

• Then the stone did not hit the people, instead it only fell behind
  the marketplace at Xumolco

• More literally: "but the stone no greatly where already toward-
  the-expected-direction the people merely already behind it-
  behind fall-outward-moving the marketplace Xomolco"
• Auh ic vnca mixnamicque in iuh nezque Españoles iuhquin
  mixmapilxixili, cenca chachalaca

• Because of that there the Spaniards argued amongst themselves
  as if they were stabbing their fingers in each other's faces,
  chattering a great deal

• More literally: "and for that reason there argue thus appear-
  (pl. pret.) the Spaniards like stab-one-another-in-each-other's-
  face greatly chatter"
• Auh in quauhtematlatl mocuecuepa avic iaiauh, çan ivian

• And the catapult kept returning back and forth and bit by bit it
  righted itself

• More literally: "and the catapult (refl.)-return-back-and-forth
  back and forth (emphasized)-go only bit-by-bit (refl.)-go-
• niman ic vel nez in iiacac catca in tematlatl cenca tomaoac in
  mecal, inic mecaio

• Then it could be clearly seen that there was a stone sling that
  was attached to its point by a very thick rope

• More literally: "then for the reason greatly appeared point-
  (pret.) was the sling for hurling stones greatly something thick
  the rope how something tied with rope"
• niman ic quitocaiotique quauhtematlatl

• Then because of that, they named it a wooden sling for
  throwing stones

• More literally: "then for the reason it-name-(pret.) wooden
  sling for throwing stones"
• auh ie no ceppa quicentlazque in Españoles

• And already the Spaniards assembled

• More literally: "and already also once they-assemble-(fut. pl.)
  the Spaniards"
• yoā in ixquich tlaxcaltecatl

•   they sent out all the Tlaxcalans

• More literally: "went all the people from Tlaxcala"
• nimā ie vmpa motecpana in iacaculco, yoan tecpancaltitlan
  yoan copalnamacoia

• Then they lined up in Yacacolco, Tecpancaltitlan,

• More literally: "then already there (refl.)-put-in-order
  Yacacolco sent"
• nimā ie vmpa atecocolecan quiniacana in ixquich

• Then there in Atecocolecan, they led everything and all that
  surrounded us

• More literally: "then already there Atecocolean them-lead all
• cencan ivian in onotiui.

• very gradually they proceeded

• More literally: "greatly gradually away-proceed-go-along-
• Auh in tiiacaoan valmomātivi, vel mochichicaoa, vel
  moquichquetza, aiac tlacuecuetlaxoa, aiac tlacioatlamachtia.

•    And the warriors were on their guards, greatly working up
    their spirits, greatly standing up in a manly way, no one was
    faint, no one acted like a woman

• More literally: "and the warriors toward-themselves-be-on-
  one's-guard-go greatly (refl.)-work-up-one's-spirits greatly
  (refl.)-manliness-raise-up no one faint no one act like a
• Quitoa. xioalnenemican tiiacavane, aquique in tenitotonti,

•   They said, "Come running warriors! Who are these
    barbarians, these backlanders?

• More literally: "they-it-say (imperative)-towards-travel-(pl.)
  warriors who
• Auh in tiiacavan avic vivi, ixtlapal huivi

• And the warriors went this way and that way sideways

• More literally: "and the warriors back-and-forth go sideways
• aocac tlamelauhca icac, motlamelauhcaquetza

• No longer no one stood straight, raised up straight

• More literally: "no longer no one go straight standing vertical

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