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									Sempra San Diego Gas & Electric (commercial/industrial)
General Service – Time Metered
Commercial/Industrial Schedule AL-TOU (information taken from rate schedule)
I.    This schedule applies to all metered, non-residential customers whose monthly
      maximum demand equals, exceeds, or is expected to equal or exceed 20 kW. This
      schedule is optionally available to three-phase residential service, as well as metered,
      non-residential customers whose monthly maximum demand is less than 20 kW.
      There are two seasons in this program: Summer (May 1 – Sept 30) and Winter (Oct 1
      – April 30). On-peak, semi-peak, and off-peak time periods apply to this schedule.
      On-peak summer hours are 11 am to 6 pm weekdays. Winter on-peak hours are 5 pm
      to 8 pm weekdays. Summer semi-peak hours are weekdays 6 am to 11 am and 6 pm
      to 10 pm. Winter semi-peak hours are 6 am to 5 pm and 8 pm to 10 pm weekdays.
      Off-peak summer and winter hours are 10 pm to 6 am weekdays, plus weekends and
II.   Number of participants is not available.
        Charges                Secondary     Primary        Secondary     Primary        Transmission
                                                            substation    substation
        Basic service fees
        0-500 kW               46.14         46.14          13,179.65     13,179.65      46.14
        greater than           184.55        184.55         13,179.65     13,179.65      184.55
        500 kW
        greater than           --            --             20,752.11     20,752.11      --
        12 MW
        Distance               OH-1.17       OH-1.16        --            --             --
        adjustment fee         UG-3.02       UG-2.98
        Demand charges         6.06          5.92           93 cents      54 cents       53 cents
          Summer               9.99          9.63           6.62          5.84           5.80
          Winter               4.47          4.40           1.60          1.37           1.37
        *Power Factor          24 cents      24 cents       24 cents      24 cents       --
        Energy charges
        On-peak Summer          1.589          1.550 cents 1.120           1.075 cents      1.071 cents
                                cents                         cents
         On-peak Winter         1.392          1.363 cents 1.012           --               --
                                cents                         cents
         Semi-peak              1.313          1.284 cents --              --               --
         Summer                 cents
         Semi-peak Winter       1.226          1.203 cents --              --               --
         Off-peak Summer        1.036          1.025 cents --              --               --
         Off-peak Winter        1.041          1.030 cents --              --               --
       *Power Factor – a clause in a rate schedule providing for an adjustment in the billing in case the power
       factor varies from a specified figure or range (e.g. 85%). Power factor = ratio of the real power (KW)
       to the total apparent power (KVA).
IV.    A meter is required.

Sempra San Diego Gas & Electric variations

General Service – Small Time Metered
Schedule A-TOU
General Service – Time Metered – Optional
Schedule AY-TOU
General Service – Time Metered – Optional
Schedule A6-TOU
General Service – Variable Time-of-Use 1
Schedule A-V1
General Service – Variable Time-of-Use 2
Schedule A-V2
Sempra San Diego Gas & Electric (commercial/industrial)
Scheduled Load Reduction Program
Commercial/Industrial Schedule SLRP ( information taken from rate schedule)
I.    This program allows the customer to schedule the amount of load they are willing to
      reduce during periods the customer selects (up to three periods can be selected
      Mondy through Friday) between June 1 and September 30. The customer must have
      an average monthly demand of at least 100 kW and be able to reduce total load by
      15% or 100 kW -- whichever is greater.
II.   1 participant
III.  A monthly credit of 10 cents/kWh will be paid for the amount of load reduced during
      the selected periods. There is no penalty for not reducing load, however, customers
      can be removed from the program for three failures to curtail within 12 months.
      Additionally, monthly incentives will be lost if load shifting to the on-peak period
      The benefit of this program is that the customer will receive upgraded metering
      equipment at no cost to help monitor energy use.
IV.   A meter is required. The utility provides a meter and installs it at no cost to the

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