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					Reviewer's report

Title: Reduction in the Risk of Human Breast Cancer by Selective Cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2)

Version: 2 Date: 4 January 2006

Reviewer: Kirsten Moysich

Reviewer's report:

The authors have addressed all concerns that were raised in the initial review. In fact, the
documentation of the outstanding response rates for both cases and controls adds to the validity of
the findings. Further, the added detailed analyses for duration of use, greatly strengthen the
observed findings for regular use of the agents.

The manuscript is acceptable for application in it’s current form.

Major Compulsory Revisions (that the author must respond to before a decision on publication can
be reached)

Minor Essential Revisions (such as missing labels on figures, or the wrong use of a term, which the
author can be trusted to correct)

Discretionary Revisions (which the author can choose to ignore)

What next?: Accept without revision

Quality of written English: Acceptable