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									Who Is Doing This?                                 Contact Information                              San Lorenzo Valley
                The Cougar Card is backed by       For complete details and to become an               High School
                 several locally owned             offering merchant go to or
                 businesses who want to bring      send an email to
                more funds to youth programs.
             Each merchant will be promoted
via existing web-based businesses (i.e.,,
                                                   Sample Merchant Offers
                                                   These are only sample offers and are only
                                                   used to generate ideas for new merchants.
and, social networks and
traditional print media. Advertising on these
web properties will be used to encourage the
sale of the Cougar Card and encourage
                                                   These sample offers are not real:
                                                   • Blackfoot Golf Course — Purchase 9 holes
                                                     play 18.
                                                   • The Bike Shop — 10% off bike tune-up, ski-     The SLV High School Athletics Program has
business participation through online
                                                     tune, or snowboard tune-up.                    developed a fundraising program to raise
marketing and display ads. Special
                                                                                                    recurring funds for its Athletic programs. The
recognition on these sites will come in the        • Double Shot Coffee — Receive Large Latte
                                                     or Mocha for Medium charge.                    ability to raise funds through this program is
form of a participation logo and an online
                                                                                                    not limited to Athletics. Every high school
display badge. These websites receive an           • John’s Sports — 20% off any purchase           youth organization willing to put effort into
average of 20,000 unique visitors each month.
                                                   • Great Harvest — Buy two loaves at regular      card sales can raise funds for their program.
Additional Items                                     price, get one loaf of equal or lesser value   SLVHS Athletics splits the profits from each
                                                     for free.                                      sale with the selling youth organization.
Window decals, flyers, posters and other print
media will be created to display in                • Jammin’ Juice — 20% off any purchase
participating merchant windows. Cards may          • Papa Dave’s Pizza — Buy Large Special Pizza
be purchased online at                at regular price, get Medium One Topping
through your PayPal or Google Checkout               for free.
                                                   • Red Hot Roasters — Buy 1 20oz. drink and
Cards are available for purchase now and will        get one free.
be delivered beginning in January 2011. Cards      • The Birds Nest — Buy appetizer, entree and
expire at at the end of each year. Cards have a      drink, receive entree up to $15.00 for free.
face value of $20. Each youth organization
                                                   • Boulder Deli — Buy one deli sandwich and
receives half the profit for each card sold. The
                                                     receive the second sandwich free (Monday
remaining funds, less expenses go to the
                                                     through Friday).
athletic department. ALL FUNDS, LESS
MINIMAL EXPENSES, ARE DISTRIBUTED TO               • Giuseppe’s — Buy an entree at regular price
SLVHS YOUTH PROGRAMS.                                get a free dessert.                            The Cougar Card entitles its owner a discount
                                                                                                    or a free offer from participating merchants.
  SIGN UP TODAY TO                                                                                  We target only local businesses to participate
                                                       COUGARCARD.ORG                               in this win-win program. Unlike other
PLACE YOUR DEAL AND                                                                                 “discount cards”, this program does not solely

   SUPPORT LOCAL                                                  c/o iHwy, Inc.                    target fast food chains or a single merchant.
                                                                                                    And most important, 100% of the profits stay
                                                                  13200 Hwy 9, Suite D
  YOUTH PROGRAMS                                   10/11          Boulder Creek, CA 95006           local to support youth programs.
How It Works
The Cougar Card entitles its owner a discount
                                                                     A WIN-WIN PROGRAM
                                                 Participating merchants may offer a 2 for 1 discount, free upgrade or percentage discount on food
or a free offer from participating merchants.
                                                 and non-food items and control the content of their online listing. Businesses benefit in the
We target local businesses to participate in
                                                 following manner:
this win-win program. Unlike other “discount
cards”, this program does not solely target       • Drive traffic to your business
            fast food chains or a single
                                                  • Change the offer for seasonal promotions
             vendor. And most important,
             100% of the profits stay local to    • New customer opportunities
            support youth programs. The only      • Directly supports SLV High School athletics, youth programs, and their families–—generations of
         funds not distributed to local             customers for your business. 100% of proceeds from the sale of Cougar Cards go directly to
programs are those used to promote the              student programs.
program or cover the costs of materials.
                                                  • Up-sell possibilities (drinks, desserts and/or accessory items)
The Cougar Card is available for purchase at
local events or on the website     • Online brand exposure including logo, business information, discount offering.
each year beginning in January. Each card         • The directories and web properties in this program are highly optimized for online search engine
costs $20. During the introductory period           exposure. Connecting with these engines brings more tourists to your store and into the SLV
from January 1st through February 28th the          area.
card will be sold with a 25% discount.
                                                  • Window signage to promote participation will be provided.
Who Can Join                                      • Facebook and other social media exposure
Any local merchant may join the program by
                                                 All merchants have to do is offer a discount — we do all the work of marketing the card to a proven
signing up at Merchants
                                                 audience — friends, neighbors and families of Cougars.
receive a Cougar Card window decal to
advertise their participation. Every             Anchor Merchant
participating merchant receives a Search
Engine Optimized listing on the Cougar Card      We are looking for 2-4 businesses who will participate in the Anchor Program. These early adopters
site. Each merchant has complete                 will help defray the cost of printing the Cougar Card. In return, your logo or brand will be placed on
control over their listing and                   the back of the card. And, we’ll increase your exposure on the Merchant Directory website. The cost
can change or remove an offer                    to participate in the Anchor Merchant
a t a n y t i m e . We a s k t h a t             Program is $250.
merchants keep offers valid for                  Marketing & Promotion                             Coffee Nine
at least a 30 or 60 day period.                                                                    Business Name:     Coffee Nine
                                                 The Cougar Card is promoted through a
Who Can Make Money?                              professionally designed web application           Address:           9509 Hwy 9
                                                                                                                      Ben Lomond, CA 95005
Any SLVHS youth organization can offer the       ( that allows merchants to
                                                 sign up to participate and card users to          Phone:             (831) 336-4521
card to generate funds for their own
program.                                         search for merchant offers. The application       URL:     
                                                 allows users to purchase cards and will allow     Business Hours:    5AM - 2PM Mon - Sun
 PRE-PURCHASE YOUR                               existing card holders to register their card
                                                 for additional merchant offers.
                                                                                                   Offer:             Cougar Card holders enjoy a
                                                                                                                      free Coffee upgrade.

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