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                   The Official Publication of the Great Seminole Nation of Oklahoma

September - October 2008                             OTOWOSKUCE - OTOWOSKO RAKKO                                                      www.seminolenation.com

    Inside             SN citizens vote “yes” for tribal court system
                       By Dustin Gray                          Seminole Nation Days Celebra-            ered at the Arena, “and I encourage     margin of 196 for and 106 against
                       Media Director                          tion. Thus, tribal members, many         you to support the Tribal Court.”       the removal.
                                                               from outside the state of Oklahoma,         “We ask you to support both of          The Election Board certified the
                          In a referendum election held on     visiting the Mekusukey Mission for       those issues, so we as the Seminole     results shortly after the ballots were
                       Saturday, September 20, 2008 citi-      the celebration would also have the      Nation – as a sovereign government      counted, and the SN is currently
                       zens of the Seminole Nation voted       opportunity to vote.                     – can move forward in the direc-        awaiting BIA approval of the elec-
                       on two important issues concerning         Signs were placed throughout          tion we need to go,” Representative     tion. There are no time limits on
                       tribal sovereignty. With five sepa-     the Mission, encouraging all tribal      Haney added.                            this final approval, and the tribe
                       rate polling locations, Seminoles       members in the crowd of 15,000 that         The first question on the ballot     has been informed that the process
                       throughout the state had the oppor-     attended the Nation Days Festival to     concerned the establishment of the      could take anywhere from 8 months
                       tunity to participate.                  participate in the election.             tribe’s very own tribal court system,   to a full year before receiving word.
  New Royalty             Both the Seminole Nation Gen-           Hecete Band Council Represen-         and members voted, by a margin of          The Election Board rushed to
   Crowned             eral Council and Constitution Revi-     tative and Former Principal Chief        197 to 108, in favor of the issue.      submit the final results of the elec-
    Page 3             sion Committee worked tirelessly to     Jerry Haney asked for the partici-          The second question on the ballot    tion for this very reason, and will
                       make the proper amendments and          pation of Seminole citizens prior to     concerned the removal of BIA Sec-       continue to coordinate efforts with
                       complete all the necessary proce-       Chief Kelly Haney’s “State of the        retarial Approval on all future Semi-   the BIA for final approval.
                       dures to have the special election      Nation” address.                         nole Nation Constitutional Amend-          This 8 month to a year time span
                       ready in time for the 40th Annual          “Go and vote,” he told those gath-    ments. This issue, too, passed by a                      see election on page 3

                                              SSC ribbon cutting ceremony                                                                       Education, Domestic
                                                                                                                                                Violence Safe House
                                                                                                                                                emphasized in “State
                                                                                                                                                of the Nation” address
Domestic Violence                                                                                                                               By Dustin Gray
 Banquet Update                                                                                                                                 Media Director
     Page 4
                                                                                                                                                   In keeping with the spirit of com-
                                                                                                                                                munity at the Seminole Nation Days
                                                                                                                                                Festival, Chief Kelly Haney enlisted
                                                                                                                                                the help of a few friends to deliver his
                                                                                                                                                annual “State of the Nation” address
                                                                                                                                                at the Mekusukey Mission Arena on
                                                                                                                                                a warm Saturday afternoon. The
                                                                                                                                                two main points of emphasis in this
                                                                                                                                                year’s message were education and
 Language Class                                                                                                                                 domestic violence.
                                                                                                                                                   “I can’t think of one profession
    Schedule                                                                                                                                    that’s available to us, that we’re not
     Page 8                                                                                                                                     into,” Chief Haney said. “We have
                                                                                                                                                attorneys. We have physicians. We
                                                                                                                                                have educators. We have people in
                                                                                                                                                every walk of life, and we ought to
                           Seminole State College students (front, L-R) Bill Hobia III, Siah Scott, Becky Tiger, Calli Wood and                 be proud about that.”
                         Michelle Jones join (back, L-R) Chief Kelly Haney, Council Representative Terry Spencer and Assistant                     He also discussed the domes-
                         Chief Larry Harrison outside the new Seminole Nation Residential Learning Center. The students are                     tic violence problem, particularly
                         SN tribal members, and currently live in the new dormitory.                                                                            see address on page 3
                                                                                                          Photo by Linda UpChurch

                        Hundreds attend unveiling of new dormitory
Past Nation Days        By Dustin Gray                                              the colors, followed by SSC students Zach David and
                        Media Director                                              Kendall Kincade singing the National Anthem.
  Celebrations                                                                         Reverend Chebon Kernall from the First American
     Page 10               Hundreds of students, educators, prominent com-          United Methodist Church in Norman provided the
                        munity citizens and patchwork clad tribal members           invocation, offering a native blessing on the new Resi-
                        attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Sem-       dential Center.
                        inole Nation Residential Learning Center on Thursday,          Dr. Glen D. Johnson, Chancellor of the Oklahoma
                        September 18, 2008 at Seminole State College.               State System of Higher Education, followed Reverend
                           SSC students and staff members greeted visitors and      Kernall, and praised both SSC and the Seminole Nation
                        offered open house tours of the newly constructed, $8       of Oklahoma for their dedication to higher learning.
                        million state-of-the-art facility, which currently houses   Dr. Johnson called Dr. Utterback “a great leader for
                        130 students.                                               this institution and its students.”
                           Tallahassee Band member Lewis Johnson played                Dr. Johnson praised Chief Kelly Haney for his com-
                        traditional songs on his flute as visitors roamed the       mitment to education, reflecting on his service in the
  Nation Days           halls of the dormitory, admiring the architecture and       State Legislature.
    Results             various amenities.                                             “Day-to-day for two decades,” he told the audience,
    Page 11                Shortly after 2:30 p.m., Master of Ceremonies and        “I watched him stand up for the students in this state.”
                        SSC President, Dr. Jim Utterback delivered a welcome           Chief Haney stressed the mutual benefit of the
                        message before a standing-room-only crowd of lis-           Seminole Nation Residential Learning Center, for both
                        teners. The Seminole Nation Honor Guard presented           the college and the tribe, as nearly 25% of SSC’s stu-
                                                                                                                 see ribbon cutting on page 3

                       Information meeting affords input from tribal members
                       By Dustin Gray                             The main topic of discussion was      wide range of legal issues that now     court system is to help individuals
                       Media Director                          the proposed tribal court and coming     confront the Nation and its mem-        integrate back into mainstream soci-
                                                               election. Both Deborah Harjochee,        bers.                                   ety with sharper social skills.
                          The Seminole Nation called a spe-    SN Court Clerk, and Sandra Har-             The proposed court system is            Some had their reservations con-
                       cial Information Meeting on Friday,     rison, Attorney General from the         a “Community Court” model, in           cerning the language of the proposed
                       August 29 to explain some of the        Andrews Davis Law Firm, provided         which referrals to social services      court system.
                       evolving issues within the tribe and    input on the court system.               will be used to combat, and hope-          “In order for me to accept this
 Ronnie Milsap         field questions and concerns from          Harjochee’s presentation illus-       fully eliminate, the underlying cause   tribal court, I need a separation of
 at Nation Days        tribal citizens. The meeting was        trated that, under current conditions,   of repeat offenses. Of course, some     powers,” stated Ceyvha Band Coun-
     Page 12           held at the Lecture Hall inside the     the CFR Court is not empowered           cases may require incarceration, but    cil Representative Rosanna Jones.
                       Kelly Haney Center in Seminole.         under federal law to address the         the overall goal of the proposed SN        Fannie Harjo, a Tom Palmer Band
                                                                                                                                                                see meeting on page 3
                                                                 News - Nak Onvkv
         2                                                                                                                                                            COKV TVLVME

ACT Prep Workshop is a success
   SEMINOLE, Okla. - The Semi- nole Tribal students in the 11th and the year, so our Seminole tribal
nole Nation Education Commit- 12th grade to take the ACT this students attending Konowa were
tee sponsored the first annual school year. Seniors are encour- able to attend their own workshop
ACT Prep Workshop led by Chad aged to take the ACT at least three there.
Cargill on August 28, 2008 at the times before entering college.           A special thanks to the Super-
Kelly Haney Center on the campus         Colleges and universities use intendents of the various schools
of Seminole State College. The ACT or SAT scores for college in Seminole County for allow-
workshop started at 8:45 a.m. and admission along with proper aca- ing the Seminole Nation to put on
ended at 11:45 a.m. with approxi- demic courses. Many scholarships this valuable workshop during the
mately 150 students in attendance. that are offered to high school school day. The committee appre-
   The workshop was set up pri- seniors require certain ACT scores. ciates the hard work of individual
marily for Seminole tribal students The individual workshop fees sponsors, teachers, and administra-
in high school in Seminole County, for Seminole tribal students was tors who accompanied their stu-
but also invited non-tribal students paid for by the education commit- dents to the workshop.
to attend too. There were about 70 tee through special funding from        Students are encouraged to see
Seminole tribal high school stu- NIGC.                                  their high school counselor or prin-
dents, primarily juniors and seniors,    The committee will continue to cipal for assistance in signing up
in attendance at this workshop.       pay ACT workshop fees for Semi- for the ACT Test and a possible
   Chad Cargill has been putting nole tribal students throughout the fee waiver. They may also regis-
on these workshops statewide 2008-09 academic year, even for ter online at www.actstudent.org.
since 1992 and is now known as students attending schools outside Seminole Tribal students are also
the ‘expert’ in this field. He deliv- of Seminole County.               encouraged to see their Title VII
ered an exciting, enthusiastic and       Participating schools at the Coordinator and their local JOM
informative presentation that stu- workshop included: Bowlegs, Coordinator since some will pay
dents thoroughly enjoyed and ben- Butner, Konawa, Maud, Sasakwa, the $31 fee.
efited from. He not only covered Seminole, Varnum and Wewoka               For further assistance from the
each aspect of the ACT test which Public Schools. Konawa Public Seminole Nation Education Com-                           Principal Chief Enoch Kelly Haney
includes, reading, mathematics, Schools had their own ACT Work- mittee, please call Terry Spencer at
english, and science along with the shop with Chad Cargill earlier in (405) 324-2174.                                      Citizens of the Seminole Nation, our friends and neighbors what you
writing test, but also gave practical                                                                                  are holding in your hands is another indication of forward progress by the
hints of relaxation and self-confi-                                                                                    Seminole Nation. This is the first edition of the Cokv Tvlvme in color, and
dence prior to taking the test.                                                                                        it is a welcome change.
   The main purpose of this work-                                                                                          I am certain you will like this new format which was suggested by Com-
shop was to encourage Seminole                                                                                         munications Director Dustin Gray. We are fortunate to have an energetic
Nation tribal students to take the                                                                                     staff in the Communications Department. They have done excellent work
ACT prep workshop in better pre-                                                                                       in covering the events and activities of the Nation’s programs and individu-
paring for the actual college admis-                                                                                   als.
sion ACT Test. Seniors were par-                                                                                           I look forward to reading about the accomplishments of Seminole Nation
ticularly encouraged to sign up for                                                                                    citizens in the new editions of the Cokv Tvlvme.
the first two ACT tests of October
25, 2008 and December 13, 2008.
   The SN Education Committee,
composed of Terry Spencer, Frank
Alexander, Lisa Cobb, Christine
McKinney and Rockee Harjo, is           Speaker Chad Cargill gives students ACT preparation tips during
stressing the need for all of Semi- an August 28 workshop at Seminole State College

                                       ACT Test Schedule

         Test Date                         Regular Deadline                            Late Deadline
October 25, 2008                       September 19, 2008                      October 3, 2008
December 13, 2008                      November 7, 2008                        November 20, 2008
February 7, 2009                       January 6, 2009                         January 16, 2009
April 4, 2009                          February 27, 2009                       March 13, 2009
June 13, 2009                          May 8, 2009                             May 22, 2009

Tutors attend Title VII Workshop
By Terry Spencer                       working with our tribal students in        Title VII is a federally funded           Assistant Chief Larry Harrison
Education Committee Chairman           the various schools.                    program through the Department
                                          Valerie Little Creek, Director of    of Education operating within              Hello to all tribal members. Hope you’re having a nice day.
   A total of seventeen educa-         Indian Education at the State level,    the Office of Indian Education in          I would like to take this time and thank all the employees, committees
tion tutors attended the Title VII     gave an interesting and practical       Washington, D.C. All students of        and volunteers who made this year’s Seminole Nation Days a complete
Workshop held on the campus of         information presentation that cen-      Native American descent are eli-        success, as families, friends and other tribes took part in the full slate of
Seminole State College on August       tered primarily on tribal customs       gible. Income Levels have nothing       activities.
8, 2008. Most of the tutors present    and the Indian student. The speak-      to do with this federal program.           On a flip side, Ted Underwood and I were invited to tribal consultations
were tribal members.                   ers gave out door prizes and other         The mission of the Office of         in St. Augustine, Fla. August 11-15 with Florida, Mississippi, Alabama
   The workshop was sponsored          material relevant to their job tasks.   Indian Education is to support the      and Georgia National Guards, as well as 25 other tribes participating under
by the Seminole Nation Education          The Seminole Nation Education        efforts of the local educational        NAGPRA Law, Section 106.
Committee for adult tutors who         Committee’s goal was to not only        agencies, Indian tribes and orga-          Ted and I also attended the Trail of Tears Symposium September 23-24
work with our tribal students in the   provide good, valuable informa-         nizations, post secondary institu-      in Little Rock, Ark. Very informative and detailed information was given
public schools in Seminole County.     tion that tutors can actually use in    tions, and other entities to meet the   about the 5 tribes as we were brought to Indian Territory in the 1800s. Mr.
Shawnee Public Schools was also        the classroom, but also to let them     unique educational and culturally       Underwood gave the breakdown on the history of the Seminoles.
represented at this workshop.          know how much we appreciate             related academic needs of Ameri-           Last note: The Historical Preservation Office of the Muscogee (Creek)
   The theme of the workshop was       their hard work in working with         can Indians and Alaska Natives so       Nation sent a team down from September 30 to October 1 with their Ground
‘Building Academic Vocabulary          our tribal students.                    that these students can achieve to      Penetration Radar to take some readings on possible gravesites around the
and Comprehension’ presented by           Assistant Chief Larry Harrison       the same challenging standards as       Nation. We should have results back in a couple of weeks. Mvto!
Penny Gooch of the State Depart-       gave a brief welcoming message to       all students. Funds support such
ment of Education in Oklahoma          the participants stressing the need     activities as after-school programs,
City. She gave the tutors valuable     to help our tribal students succeed     early childhood education, tutor-
information that can be used in        in school.                              ing, and dropout prevention.
                                                                  News - Nak Onvkv
   September - October 2008                                                                                                                                                              3

  ribbon cutting                                                                    continued from page 1
dents are Native American. He also      of the world,” he stated.               56,000 square-foot residence hall.
lauded the cooperative accomplish-         Following the open house and            Steve Littleman, a Kiowa tribal
ment in carrying out the plans for      reception, everyone gathered out-       member, then performed a custom-
the new facility.                       side as Chief Haney cut the ribbon      ary cleansing by burning cedar to
   “A vision with a task is the hope    stretched across the front of the       bless the new building.

  Chief Haney (center) cuts the ribbon in front of the Seminole Nation Residential Learning Center. The facility
name is displayed in both the English and Mvskoke Seminole languages on its sign.

  address                                   continued from page 1               2008 - 09 Seminole Nation Princesses
among Native women, and the tribe’s     the program may best suit the needs
effort to combat the epidemic.          of the children and the community.
    “Indian women are abused two           Spencer discussed the progress
and a half times more than any other    that the SN Education Committee
race of people,” he said, “and that’s   has made recently, working with
not acceptable to the Seminole          pre-school through college age
Nation. We cannot accept that. And      students and establishing a work-
we’re trying to do something about      ing relationship with the schools in
it.”                                    Seminole County.
    But just as his address was wind-      “After having been in all of our
ing down, Chief Haney announced,        schools the last two years, we have
“At this time, I’m going to ask         some excellent students and out-
two groups to come forward and          standing Seminole students that you            Little Miss SN - Sierra Price                                     Jr. Miss SN - Angela Lena
talk about those areas that we’re       can be proud of,” he stated. “It’s a
involved with, because it’s more        pleasure to work with them.”
than you having to hear it from me,        Chief Haney then asked Sheila
it’s hearing from these people that     Harjo, Hecete Band Council Repre-
are actually responsible for seeing     sentative, to discuss the SN Domes-
some of our initiatives come to frui-   tic Violence Program’s efforts to
tion.”                                  raise $500,000 to build a Safe House
    He then asked Tribal Youth Pro-     for victims of abuse.
gram Director Rena Tiger and Edu-          “We have reached approximately
cation Committee Chairman Terry         $300,000 to date,” she told listen-
Spencer to come forward and talk        ers.
about the Seminole Nation’s various        “Our program is small, but we
education endeavors.                    intend to grow. We intend to be one
    Tiger talked about both the Back    of the premiere programs – not just
to School Backpack Giveaway, suc-       in the State of Oklahoma – but in
                                                                                          Miss SN - Erica Williams                                       Sr. Miss SN - Inna Hickey
cessful in helping young students       Indian Country,” Harjo said.
obtain new backpacks for the school        She added that the goal is to have
year, and the 2008 After School Pro-    the Safe House up and running by
gram. She also stressed the need for    next year’s “State of the Nation”
input from tribal members, so that      address.

  meeting                                   continued from page 1

Representative wanted to know why       the state of the Mvskoke Seminole
a separation of powers clause wasn’t    language among tribal citizens.
included in the legislation.            Johnson also announced early plans
   Attorney General Harrison stated     to begin a community language
that the main concern was getting       class.
the legislation passed as quickly          Transportation         Department
as possible, and that future amend-     Director Chris Cutler followed,
ments can be made once this has         presenting an aerial view of Meku-
taken place.                            sukey Mission and an available land
   “It’s not going to be an overnight   use plan. Tribal members discussed
process,” Harrison said. “It’s going    the location of a tribal cemetery,
to take some time.”                     and provided input as to how to use
   Chief Haney assured those in         some of the available land. One of
attendance that if the people want      the more popular suggestions was
a separation of powers, it can be       the building of a senior citizens
                                                                                   Attorney General Sandra Harrison and SN Tribal Court Clerk Deborah Harjochee discuss the pro-
arranged.                               center for tribal elders.
                                                                                 posed tribal court system at the August 29, 2008 Information Meeting
   “That’s the kind of court we’re         The final presentation of the eve-
talking about,” he stated, “a court     ning was delivered by SN Division
with heart. And it’s a Seminole         of Commerce CEO Sam Caruso.               election                                                                             continued from page 1
heart.”                                 Caruso fielded a wealth of questions
   “There’s nothing impossible,” he     from those in attendance, explain-      will allow the SN and its Judiciary         Upon completion, these codes will      lative and Executive Branches – and
concluded.                              ing discrepancies and difficulties      Review Committee to begin the tran-         be sent to the SN General Council      establish a true, democratic govern-
   Following a brief intermission,      at some of the tribal casinos and       sition from CFR Court to the new            for approval.                          ment within the SN will be possible
the second half of the Information      convenience stores. Previous over-      Tribal Community Court model.                  Once BIA approval of the elec-      once the BIA approves the election
Meeting focused on different tribal     projections, over-staffing and dwin-        The Attorneys General are cur-          tion is received, the SN will be       results.
matters.                                dling inventories were the main cul-    rently working on court procedures          able to set up and review additional      “A Sovereign Court System will
   Historic Preservation Officer        prits in the cases where revenue may    to be put in place for the filing of cer-   amendments to the Constitution that    help to stabilize our tribal govern-
Jennifer Johnson gave a presenta-       have declined or become stagnant.       tain types of judicial cases, as well as    reflect the will of the people. Such   ment,” stated Chief Kelly Haney.
tion over the newly implemented         With the new annual operation plan,     establishing certain codes to address       amendments will no longer need the     “We’ll be moving very quickly to
Seminole Language Program. She          Caruso assured tribal members that      such issues as the Adam Walsh Act           approval of the BIA Secretary.         get it running as soon as possible.”
explained that her program would        appropriate action had been taken,      in the protection of children from             A future referendum to provide         “The real beneficiaries,” he
be handing out language surveys         and that the SN was well on its way     predators, domestic violence codes,         a separation of powers – separating    added, “are our Seminole tribal
during Nation Days to better assess     to recovery in these problem areas.     family codes and numerous others.           the Judicial Branch from the Legis-    members.”
                                                     Programs - Seten’tvcke
        4                                                                                                                                                      COKV TVLVME

                                                                                                           Domestic Violence
                                                                           October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month
                                                                          By Heather Napier                                          what local resources are available within your com-
                                                                          SN Domestic Violence Program Director                      munity. Call the local domestic violence service pro-
                                                                                                                                     viders to find out whether they can assist and/or pro-
                                                                             The month of October is the kick-off for victim ser-    vide educational materials. Many of the victim service
                                                                          vice providers to raise awareness on the growing epi-      providers provide educational classes for those who
                                                                          demic known as domestic violence. The definition that      want to gain a better understanding of the dynamics of
                                                                          explains the meaning of the term domestic violence is      domestic violence as well as develop safety plans for
                                                                          as follows: Domestic Violence refers to a pattern of       themselves and children.
                                                                          violence and coercive behavior exercised by one adult         Purple ribbons are worn during the month of October
                                                                          or teenager over another in an intimate relationship. It   in order to promote awareness that families are suffer-
                                                                          is not a “marital conflict,” “a lover’s quarrel,” “boys    ing from this epidemic that is plaguing so many homes
                                                                          just being boys,” or “a private family matter.”            and relationships. The Seminole Nation Domestic Vio-
                                                                                                                                     lence Program will be giving out magnetic ribbons to
                                                                             Facts                                                   those who would like to join the effort in promoting
                                                                             •Every 15 seconds a woman is battered.                  awareness that domestic violence is not okay!
                                                                             •25% of women have been abused at least once in            The SNDV Program also offers educational classes
                                                                          their lifetime.                                            to the community as well as agencies who would like
                                                                             •Young women between the ages of 14 and 24 are          to learn more in the areas of domestic violence, sexual
                                                                          the largest demographic of domestic violence cases.        assault, dating violence and stalking.
                                                                             •Domestic and teen dating violence cross all racial,       October 15, 2008 has been designated as “wear
                                                                          social, education, economic, and religious lines.          purple day” through the Oklahoma Coalition Against
                                                                                                                                     Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. On the same
                                                                             The five basic types of domestic violence are physi-    day starting at 6:00 p.m., the State Capitol will light
                                                                          cal abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, spiritual    up with the color purple in honor of domestic violence
                                                                          abuse, and economic abuse. One of the many ques-           awareness month. Everyone is invited to see this dedi-
                                                                          tions asked is “How can I help?”                           cation to all of those who have lost their lives and to
                     SUBSCRIPTION FORM                                       Chances are many of us in our own personal lives        those who are still battling the abuse.
                                                                          have known someone who has undergone, or is still             The Seminole Nation Domestic Violence Pro-
                                                                          involved in, an abusive relationship. The best way to      gram can be reached at (405) 382-3762 or by email at
    Are you enrolled with the Seminole Nation? Yes             No         help a person who is undergoing such coercion and          hnapier@seminolenation.com. The Oklahoma Coali-
                                                                          manipulation is to listen. After seeing and hearing what   tion Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
              What is your Band affiliation?                               this individual is going through, you should find out      state office number is (405) 524-0700.
      BRUNER                         DOSAR BARKUS                                                                                                          Lt. Governor Jari Askins speaks
      CEYVHA                         MEKUSUKEY                                                                                                          before a large crowd at the Domes-
                                                                                                                                                        tic Violence Banquet held on
      FUSHUTCHE                      EUFAULA                                                                                                            Monday, September 15, 2008 at the
      TOM PALMER                     NURCUP HARJO                                                                                                       Enoch Kelly Haney Center on the
      HVTEYIELKE                     HECETE                                                                                                             Seminole State College Campus.
      TUSEKIA HARJO                  REWALKE                                                                                                            The event, part of the 40th Annual
                                                                                                                                                        Seminole Nation Days Festival,
      OCESE                          TALLAHASSEE                                                                                                        helped raise funds for the SN
                                                                                                                                                        Domestic Violence program’s
The Seminole Cokv Tvlvme is provided free of charge to ENROLLED                                                                                         goal of building a Safe House for
                                                                                                                                                        domestic violence victims. Fea-
TRIBAL MEMBERS. Membership will be verified with the Tribal                                                                                              turing both a style show and fine
Enrollment Office. All other subscriptions will be provided at a rate of                                                                                 art auction, the Domestic Violence
$12.00 per year. Advance payment is required before subscription is                                                                                     Banquet helped the tribe raise over
              activated. These forms can be mailed to:                                                                                                  $11,000. Photo by Ted Underwood

   NEW SUBSCRIPTION                         ADDRESS UPDATE                                     Food and Nutrition Services
                           Cokv Tvlvme                                       Right: Interim SN Food and
                                                                          Nutrition Services Program
                  c/o Seminole Nation of Oklahoma                         Director Rex Hailey (left) pres-
                           P.O. Box 1498                                  ents the first new canvas shop-
                        Wewoka, OK 74884                                  ping bag to a client at the SN
                                                                          grocery store, as (L-R) Admin-
                                                                          istrative Assistant Claudia Lena,
                                                                          Receptionist Ann Lonechief and
     ________________________________________________                     Warehouse Clerk Colby Lehman
                           Name                                           look on. The new reusable bags
                                                                          were purchased through a $2,500
                                                                          grant from the USDA. They
                       Maiden Name                                        fold into a wallet-sized pouch
     ________________________________________________                     and contain several items, such
                          Address                                         as spatulas and measuring cups,
     ________________________________________________                        Below: Warehouse Clerks
                                                                          Colby Lehman (left) and Sandy
     ________________________________________________                     Williams (right) and Interim
                          E-mail                                          Director Rex Hailey (center)
                                                                          show off their new forklift inside
                                                                          the Food Distribution Ware-
     _______________________________________________                      house at Mekusukey Mission.

            Date of Birth _________________________

        Last four digits of SS#_________________________

 Please provide the Communications
 Department with your name, branch
  and band information to be added
         to the Veterans list.

                              Announcements - Nak Ok’ker’kuecetv
  September - October 2008                                                                                                                                                5

                                 Birthday Wishes                                                                        A NOTICE TO OUR READERS
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                                                                                                                the Cokv Tvlvme in any regard.
  6th - Andrew Fixico                 From: Mom                                                                    The Cokv Tvlvme is published monthly by the Seminole Nation
                                                                                                                Communications Department.
  6th - Jess and Jordan Williams      From: Grandma and Grandpa Williams                                           Please notify the Cokv Tvlvme management of any error, or what
                                                                                                                might be considered unfair treatment, so that proper correction or
  12th - Kyleigh Hause                From: Aunt April                                                          adjustment may be made.
                                                                                                                   Deadline for submissions is the first Friday of each month.
  13th - Lloyd Pete                   From: Friends and Family                                                     Editorial and publication offices are located at the Seminole Nation
                                                                                                                Tribal Complex, Wewoka, Oklahoma 74884, Hwy Junction 270/56.
  16th - Dakota Cheyenne              From: Friends and Family                                                  Telephone: (405) 257-7292. Fax: (405) 257-7209. E-Mail: cokvtv-
  17th - Thomasine “Dos” Owings       From: Friends and Family                                                     The Cokv Tvlvme is the legal publication of the Seminole Nation
                                      From: Grandma and Grandpa Williams                                        of Oklahoma. As such, it is the publication legally qualified to pub-
  17th - Andre Williams                                                                                         lish official and/or legal notice as required by law.
  17th - Barbara Jean Coon            From: Connie, Mike & the Coon Family                                         Subscriptions and change of address should be sent to:
                                                                                                                                               Cokv Tvlvme
  17th - Rebecca Joyce Larney         From: The Coon Family                                                                                    P.O. Box 1498
                                                                                                                                           Wewoka, OK 74884.
  18th - Debbie Billie                From: Mary Ann & the Boys                                                    Be sure to give both old and new addresses when requesting
                                                                                                                change. Tribal Band and membership information is also required.
  18th - Shannon Clark                From: Mom, Kody, Alexis, Adrian & Matt                                    A copy of your tribal enrollment card is also requested.
  19th - Kiley L. Jefferson           From: Sister Corrie Jefferson
  20th - Franklin West (33)           From: Mom, Dad, Brandon, Sophia & Madden
  20th - Daniel Joseph Sanders        From: Friends and Family
  22nd - Bennie Williams, Jr.         From: Mom and Dad
  22nd - Mychal Elizabeth Barnett     From: Friends and Family
  26th - Ronnie Harjo                 From: Linda
  29th - Chazz Kalinich               From: Caleb and Tre
  1st - Imogene Fish                  From: Family
  1st - Shyan Mychel Tiger            From: Friends and Family
  2nd - Alec James McKane             From: Friends and Family                                                         Happy 3rd Birthday Ezra Wind
  4th - Amand LeAnn Edwards           From: Friends and Family
                                                                                                                                          September 3, 2008
  4th - Christine Neese               From: Family
                                                                                                                                      From: Papa and Grams

A limited number of Cokv
Tvlvme publications will be                                                           October 2008
available at the following lo-
                                                                                      OAP LUNCH MENU

Pink Laundry, Inc               Sunday          Monday                  Tuesday           Wednesday                    Thursday              Friday              Saturday
  640 N. Main
  Seminole                                                                                                      1                     2                       3                    4
                                                                                           pinto beans with         roast beef            boiled eggs
Seminole Nation Trading                                                                   salt pork and rice       mashed potatoes       sausage/bacon
Post                                                                                       mustard greens           gravy                 biscuit & gravy
  Hwys 56 and 270                                                                          cornbread                peas & carrots        cereal
  Wewoka                                                                                   jello with fruit         mixed berries         fruit
                                          5                       6                    7                        8                     9                      10                  11
Come pick up a free copy.
                                               hamburger              chicken pot pie      meatloaf                 liver & onions        scrambled eggs
ADDRESSES!                                     french fries           scalloped potatoes   mashed potatoes          mashed potatoes       sausage/bacon
                                               cole slaw              salad                gravy                    gravy                 biscuit & gravy
   If you receive the Cokv                     chocolate chip         jello with fruit     peas & carrots           carrots               cereal
Tvlvme by mail you must                        cookies                                     mixed fruit              chocolate cake        fruit
make sure your address                    12                    13                    14                    15                     16                        17                  18
is correct. The United
States Postal Service will                     hot dog                spaghetti            white beans              stuffed pepper        boiled eggs
not deliver your mail if                       baked chips            carrots              ham                      baked sweet potato    sausage/bacon
you have the new 911                           cole slaw              garlic bread         mustard greens           roll                  biscuit & gravy
address and are still using                    ice cream              banana pudding       cornbread                jello with fruit      cereal
                                                                                           lemon cake                                     fruit
an old route box number.
   In order to ensure that                19                    20                    21                    22                     23                        24                  25
you are still receiving
your paper, we ask that                        chicken salad          enchilada            stew                     hamburger steak        scrambled eggs
you update.                                    sandwich               pinto beans          cornbread                stewed tomatoes        sausage/bacon
                                               baked chips            rice                 strawberry               yams                   biscuit & gravy
   If you have moved,
                                               cole slaw              s.f. orange cream    shortcake                roll                   cereal
please send an address
                                               pickle                                                               fruit salad            fruit
update, as we are unable                       s.f. p.b. cookie
to forward to your new
address.                                  26                    27                    28                    29                    30                         31
   Please don’t get left
                                               frito chili pie        goulash              chicken &                beef stroganoff       boiled eggs
behind. We want you to                         pinto beans            broccoli             dumplings                carrots               sausage/bacon
receive your paper with-                       salad                  bread stick          green beans              cornbread             biscuit & gravy
out interruption.                              chocolate pudding      peach cobbler        fried bread              jello parfait         cereal
      MVTO!                                                                                mixed fruit                                    fruit
                          Announcements - Nak Ok’ker’kuecetv
        6                                                                                                                                       COKV TVLVME

         Birth Announcements                                                                          Birthday Wishes
                                                                        5th - Mecko Kalinich                   From: Friends and Family
                                                                        5th - Alexis Rene Snodgrass            From: Friends and Family
                                                                        7th - Timothy James Jesse              From: Friends and Family
                                                                        8th - Obegin Douglas                   From: Friends and Family
                                                                        10th - Bryan Hause                     From: Your little Sis’
                                                                        11th - Bolo Spencer                    From: Amy & Lumhe Hvtke
                                                                        11th - Josh Henson                     From: Friends and Family
                                                                        13th - Terence Harjo                   From: Friends and Family
                                                                        14th - Wyslie Ann Wesley               From: Aunt Barb and Family & the Coon Family
  Khloee Kyle Pinson                   Cason Ray Foster
                                                                        15th - Greda Lynn Hooper               From: Sister Barb and Family & the Coon Family
   Khloee Kyle Pinson was born        Cason Ray Foster was born
Tuesday, August 26, 2008 at 9:18   Wednesday, August 20, 2008 at        15th - Chester Douglas                 From: Friends and Family
a.m. She weighed 8lbs 13 ounces    9:56 p.m. He weighed 8 lbs 4
and was 20 inches long. Her par-   ounces and was 20 inches long. His   17th - Johnnie Kalinich                From: Your Grandchildren
ents are Matthew Kyle Pinson and   parents are Chad Allen Foster and
Sidney Morris of Sasakwa. Grand-   Chanelle Fisher. Allen and Raynell   18th - Kenan Loggins                   From: Mom, Dad & Brother
parents are Kyle and Kimberly      Foster, and Bryon and Gina King
Pinson, and Tracey and the late    are the grandparents. Great grand-
                                                                        19th - Cota Lee Tebe                   From: Linda
Floyd Morris. Great Grandparents   parents include Mary Jo Williams     20th - Tyra Yahola                     From: Mom, Dad, Brothers & Sisters
are Carol Walker and Eddie Rick-   and James Givens, and Fern King
etts, and the late Linda Lance.    and the late Helen Lashley.          20th - Linda Martin                    From: Family
                                                                        21st - Ardeena Angelo                  From: Your office staff that loves you!
                       Wedding                                          22nd - Micheal Paul Jefferson          From: Sister Corrie
                                                                        22nd - Portlyn Houston Harjo           From: Mom, Dad & Brother
                                                                        22nd - Preston Kalinich                From: Kenan
                                                                        27th - Robert Fish                     From: Family
                                                                        25th - Sierra Harjo                    From: Brendon and Brooklyn Stone
                                                                        30th - Ashlee and Martin Jacobs From: Friends and Family
                                                                        31st - Rebecca Graham                  From: Linda

                                                                                               Happy 2nd Birthday                                      Happy 14th
                                                                                                 Janna Malone!                                          Birthday
                                                                                                 September 6, 2008                                    Ambrey Cully!
                                                                                              Mom, Dad, Aunt Teresa                                      September 8, 2008
                                                                                              and Uncle Anthony

                                                                                               Happy Birthday                                       Love,
                                                                                                 Aunt Jane!                                         Mom, Jerry, Brothers,
                                                                                                  September 1, 2008
                                                                                                                                                    Sister, Grandma &
                                                                                               Your Family                                               Happy 23rd
                                                                                               Happy Birthday                                             Birthday
                                                                                                   Cheri!                                                Sharla Coon
                                                                                                   September 2008
                                                                                                                                                         I love you
                                                                                               Love,                                                       From: Dad
                                                                                               Your Cousins
Fred Hockert III and Michelle Fixico                                                               Happy 8th
                                                                                                                                                     Happy Birthday
   Michelle Fixico became the bride of Fred Hockert III at a cer-                                                                                      Makayla!
emony officiated by Dr. Richard Thomasson on Saturday, June 7,                                      Birthday
2008 at the Baptist Church in Tonkawa, Okla.                                                   Jeremiah Dewayne
   The bride is the daughter of Norene Fixico of Blackwell, and                                    Harrison!
                                                                                                                                                          September 2008
the granddaughter of the late Willie and Elizabeth Fixico of Semi-
nole. Michelle is also the great-granddaughter of the late Charles
“Foxy” and Muna Larney of Holdenville.
   The bridegroom is the son of Fred and Elizabeth Hockert of                                  Your Granny, Mom,
Tonkawa, and the grandson of Berniece Sands and the late Fran-                                 Jordan and Kaleb                                     Love,
cis Tah of Tonkawa and the late Fred Sr. and Vera Hockert of                                   “Pookie”                                             Your Cousins
Norfolk, Va. Fred is also the great-grandson of the late Tommy
and Reba Martin of Tonkawa.                                                     Happy 11th Birthday                               Happy 8th Birthday
   Maid of Honor was Rhea Fixico, and bridesmaids were Kasha
Thompson, Candy Byrum, Eusibia Zamudio and Lacy Hemby.                         Tyler Austin McCauley                              Brandie Alexis Coker
   Best Man was Randy Byrum, and groomsmen were Russel
                                                                                                                                        September 20th
Martin, Cole Chandler, Kevin Coy and Jason Fixico.
   Flower girls were Raven Hockert, Daniella Busman and Savan-                 We are so proud of you!                    Happy Birthday, Babygirl. We love you very much
nah Hockert. The Ring Bearer was Jaidyn Guzman.
   Ushers included Brett Hockert, brother of the groom, and Toby          Tyler is a Boy Scout and attends Church        From: Daddy, Darcy, and brothers Gage & Caleb
Fixico, cousin of the bride.                                            on Sundays. He is very polite and respect-
   The bride is a graduate of Blackwell High School and is cur-         ful. He also brings great joy to his Great-
rently the Assistant Manager for Continental Credit and Loans in        Grandmother in the hospital.
Ponca City.                                                                                                                        Happy 4th Birthday
   The groom is a graduate of Tonkawa High School and is cur-                                                                      Caleb Andrew Coker
rently a Department Manager for the Tonkawa Indian Casino.                       Tyler always shines!                                     October 19th
   The newlyweds plan on taking their honeymoon in the spring
of 2009. They received an all expense paid trip to Las Vegas for
                                                                                                                           Happy Birthday, Son. We love you very much
four days and three nights at the Rio. A summer vacation at the         Love,
island of Cabo has also been planned.                                                                                    From: Daddy, Mommy and Brother
                                                                        Nana and Papa
                                                Community - Em’etvl’hvmke
  September - October 2008                                                                                                                                                        7

Walker elected to Seminole Hall of Fame                                                                                                             Poetry
    Brett Walker was inducted into     up his senior year. He earned All-     ored as the District and County                                     Indian Eyes
the Seminole High School 2008          Conference, All-District and All-      Defensive Player of the Year. In
Hall of Fame on October 4. The         State honors as a senior and played    the spring of 1990, Brett was named     Time is passing without me there
induction ceremony was held at the     in the 1990 All-State football game.   Chieftain Football Outstanding Ath-     I see only pictures from loved ones so dear
Kelly Haney Center at Seminole         During his senior year, he led the     lete.                                   The family I love is growing everyday
State College.                         State in tackles (225) and was hon-       As a special honor in 1996, Brett    A new life, a new home and a lot of new faces
    Brett attended Seminole Public                                            was a relay torch bearer for the        Then a tear falls from my sad indian eyes
Schools for 13 years and graduated                                            Olympic Festival.                       I feel the love for all my people
in 1990. He was a member of the                                                  He attended Haskell Junior Col-      The memories shine in my mind so vividly
Student Council for three years and                                           lege and Seminole State College.        All the laughter, all the love is haunting me daily
was on the Honor Roll as a senior.                                            In 1996, Brett began employment         Back to a place when I was walking free
Brett was a two year letterman in                                             in Shawnee with Wolverine Tube          Then a tear falls from my sad indian eyes
track and field and lettered four                                             Company, where he is now a Pro-         By a route in my life obscure and so lonely
years in weightlifting and football.                                          duction Coordinator.                    The everyday tumult is but a coming tide
During his freshman year, he was on                                              He attributes his success in life    I have been here in bondage and servitude
the State Champion Weightlifting                                              to several different entities: his      Confined to a perplex world of no essence….I cry
team. As a member of the weight-                                              God and his faith; his wife, Ann; his   Then a tear falls from my sad indian eyes
lifting team, he was the all-classes                                          mother, Bea; his late grandparents,     The vex of my life lies – sublime
weightlifting State champion as                                               former Principal Chief, Rev. Terry      I’m of no space – in no time
a freshman and was all-classes                                                Walker and Eliza Walker; and his        Interminable nites meddle with the days
weightlifting State runner-up as a                                            high school coaches.                    Hoping for the end of my deathlike maze
sophomore.                                                                       Brett lives in Seminole with his     Then a tear falls from my sad indian eyes
    The Chieftain football team made                                          wife Ann and two children Ryan          Many natives have traveled this path I’m on
the playoffs every year that Brett                                            and Hannah. He is a member of the       No sins of our fathers can sustain our blame
played, finishing as State Runner-                 Brett Walker               Ocese Band.                             We were given a life to choose our steps
                                                                                                                      But even the good ones fall to the way side
   Seminole Nation Employment Opportunities                                                                           Then a tear falls from my sad indian eyes
                                                                                                                      I live in my dreams my body still as a winter pond
 Controller #08-20                                        able. Basic computer skill in the use of Microsoft          While my soul and mind escapes to remember
 Salary: $60,000                                          Windows, Word and Excel. Prefer 5 years experience          The love notes of your voice, face and song
 Seminole Nation Tribal Complex – Wewoka, Okla.           as a bus or truck driver, commercial chauffeur, or          Perpetually I drift to stand by you again
                                                          similar experience. 5 years experience as a supervi-        Then a tear falls from my sad indian eyes
 Responsible for the design, operation and control        sor or manager in transportation, business or related       Human life gives us great possibilities
 of effective administrative procedures relating to       field. Pre-employment background investigation and           I will live it more careful not so carefree
 accounting and payroll. Supervises the operation of      drug screening is required.                                 Making my life matter, to encourage, to ignite
 the accounting system. Supervises and coordinates                                                                    Show that the choice I made, has changed my life
 the preparation of financial reports for internal man-    Project Coordinator #09-01                                  Then a tear falls from my sad indian eyes
 agement use. Presents financial reports and informa-      Salary: Negotiable                                          I ponder the “what ifs” or “could haves” everyday
 tion to the Finance Committee and General Council        Law Enforcement                                             But that only reminds me of all the yesterdays
 as required. Reviews the budget of all grants and        Mekusukey Mission – Seminole, Okla.                         So, I’m here waiting for time to run its course
 contracts. Completes special financial analysis work                                                                  Like a mid-night moon turning – it will soon be a crescent
 and other special financial projects as requested by      Plans, directs and coordinates activities of the COPS       Then a tear falls from my sad indian eyes
 the Principal Chief or General Council.                  Methamphetamine Initiative to ensure that goals or          The Great Spirit will lead me from this dark place one day
                                                          objectives of the project are accomplished within pre-      To my home, that beloved Red Earth that calls to me intently
 Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in accounting and       scribed time frame and funding parameters. Reviews          Back to my people where all is good and certain
 at least 3 years experience in governmental account-     project proposal or plan to determine time frame,           My eyes will open, my soul to shine bright
 ing or audit preferred. Subject to background check      funding limitations, procedures for accomplishing           My life to never fly away again
 and drug screening.                                      project, staffing requirements and allotment of avail-       Today no tears will fall from my…
                                                          able resources to various phases of project. Confers        Beautiful Indian Eyes.
 Construction Representative #08-63R                      with project staff and collaborating agencies to out-
 Salary: $13.89 – $18.13 hourly                           line work plan and to assign duties, responsibilities       Lilly Beth Fixico
 Indian Reservation Roads Program                         and scope of authority. Prepares project reports for        Hecete Band
 Seminole Nation Tribal Complex – Wewoka, Okla.           management, client or others.                               Pearl, Miss.

 Monitors the control of construction operations          Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in criminal jus-
 assuring adequate inspections and construction pro-      tice. Business or related field and 2-3 years related
 cedures. Attends and participates in pre-construction    experience and/or training or equivalent combination
                                                                                                                      Attention Artists:
 conferences with contractors. Contacts contractors to    of education and experience. Subject to background
 explain requirements, discuss plans for work accom-      investigation and drug screening.                             The Communications Department would like to feature
 plishment and scheduling and to assist in complying                                                                  your poems and artwork in an upcoming edition of the
 with plans and specifications. Serves as chief of a       Nurse Educator/Diabetes Case Manager #09-02
 party of construction survey crew. Responsible for       Salary: $40,000                                             Cokv Tvlvme.
 the quality control of materials on construction proj-   Mekusukey Mission – Seminole, Okla.                           Please mail a copy of your work to:
 ects.                                                                                                                        Seminole Nation Communications Department
                                                          The Nurse Educator will be primarily responsible for
                                                                                                                              P.O. Box 1498
 Qualifications: High school diploma and 3 years           providing comprehensive diabetes self-management
 related experience. Prefer associate degree or voca-     education to patients diagnosed with diabetes and                   Wewoka, OK 74884
 tional training plus related work experience. Would      pre-diabetes patients. The incumbent will work with
 consider providing training program for individual       other diabetes team members in the on-going evalua-
 with demonstrated work experience and aptitude
 for this field of work. Valid state driver’s license is
                                                          tion and development of all activities in the diabetes
                                                          program. Conducts nursing assessments and pro-                         Seminole Voices
 required. Subject to background investigation and        vides appropriate nursing care to all patients across          Kudos to the Tallahassee Band
 drug screening.                                          the life span with diabetes learning needs. Focus will
                                                          be on persons with new diagnoses, gestational diabe-
                                                                                                                      for taking a step towards revital-        We want to hear
                                                                                                                      izing awareness of our Seminole
 Transit Coordinator #08-65R                              tes and the self-care learning needs of persons with        Culture by offering cultural art            from you.
 Salary: $12.70 - $16.59 hourly                           previous diagnoses.
 Indian Reservation Roads/Transportation Program                                                                                                                “Seminole Voices” is a new
                                                                                                                         If we don’t teach our children,
 Seminole Nation Tribal Complex – Wewoka, Okla.           Qualifications: Bachelor’s of science in nursing                                                    supplement to the Cokv Tvlvme,
                                                                                                                      who will? When we teach our
                                                          preferred and 2 years related experience or equivalent
                                                                                                                      children about their proud heritage,   and will serve as a forum for
 This is a local transit system providing public trans-   combination of education and experience. Current
                                                                                                                      their self-esteem and pride soar.      tribal members to share their
 portation within Seminole Count. Incumbent plans,        Oklahoma Nursing registration is required. Subject
                                                                                                                         I’d like to see the Seminole        ideas and opinions on the impor-
 directs and coordinates the transportation mainte-       to background investigation and drug screening.
                                                                                                                      Nation provide classes on Semi-        tant issues that impact the Semi-
 nance operations and services for the transit system.
                                                                                                                      nole regalia (e.g. how to make         nole Nation.
 The Coordinator manages, supervises and coordinates      Indian preference applicable to all positions. Submit
                                                                                                                      patchwork, leggings/moccasins,            All readers are encouraged to
 the activities of all transit system staff. The incum-   tribal applications, diplomas, transcripts, valid Okla-
                                                                                                                      cloth turbans, finger weave, etc.)     participate in this process.
 bent is the primary representative of the program to     homa driver’s license and CDIB or tribal enrollment
                                                                                                                      and stomp dance classes for Semi-         Please submit your articles to:
 government agencies, tribal leaders and the general      card to:
                                                                                                                      noles of all ages.                     Seminole Nation
 public. Explains and enforces laws, ordinances or                 Seminole Nation of Oklahoma
 regulations; develops and implements policies and                                                                       Teach us the songs, shell shak-     Communications Department
                                                                   Human Resources Department
 procedures, methods or standards, and monitors staff              P.O. Box 1498                                      ing, teach us how to make turtle       P.O. Box 1498
 activities for conformance and execution.                         Wewoka, OK 74884                                   shells and/or cans, teach us about     Wewoka, Ok. 74884
                                                                                                                      the Green Corn, the Ribbon Dance,         You may also email your
 Qualifications: High school diploma or GED and at         Equal Opportunity Employer: Other than Indian               etc. Mvto!                             articles to cokvtvlvme@semino-
 least 1 year experience as a supervisor or manager in    Preference, selection for each position will be made                                               lenation.com
                                                                                                                      Rinah Poweshiek
 transportation, business or related field. Valid driv-    without regard to race, sex, color, creed, age, marital
                                                                                                                      Nurcup Harjo Band
 er’s license. Good driving record and must be insur-     statues, national origin or any other non-merit factor.

  2008 Tri-Cities Health Fair                 Seminole Nation                                                             Seminole Nation OAP                   Deadline for November
     “Wellness Our Way”                    General Council Meeting                                                          Halloween Party                    Cokv Tvlvme submissions

  Saturday, October 24, 2008              Monday, October 27, 2008                                                    Thursday, October 30, 2008
 Kelly Haney Center - 9:00 a.m.           Council House - 7:00 p.m.                                                         OAP Building                      Friday, November 7, 2008
                                                                                   Important Dates
                                                          Culture - Pum Vpeyetv
          8                                                                                                                                                      COKV TVLVME

                           Our Mvskoke Language
 By Edwin Marshall                      to as “God,” which sounds like a       is just as essential. The person
 Family Services Director               title. In the Mvskoke, the Supreme     designated as Etvlwv ‘Moponayv
 Native Language Volunteer              Being is referred to more person-      (Speaker for the Tribe) or Etvlwv
                                        ally and described as “Oh’fvnkv”       Tolaswv (Tribal Tongue) is trained
    The Mvskoke (Seminole/Creek)        (one who is over all) or “Hesaket-     and versed in effective delivery of
 language is still vital in many        vmese” (master of breath).             oratory. The long speech presen-
 homes, churches, ceremonial                Traditional Christian hymns not    tations are meant to stir the tribal
 ground and governmental activi-        only serve as gestures of praise but   members into the spirit. He may
 ties which are conducted regularly     also evoke emotions that stir the      begin his presentation by saying:
 throughout the Nations.                very essence of the human soul.        “Enka, montos’ce hvyomat!” when
    Socio-cultural values, unlike the   Prayers in the native language do      translated means “And yes, this is
 Anglo society, are closely inter-      much the same. Many Christians         as it is at this time!”
 twined with religious and spiritual    may begin their prayers by address-       Once again, the rest of his
 values and, thus, are reflected in     ing the supreme being thusly: “Pon     speech is also as dramatic. Almost
 the language.                          Hesaketvmese, epofastv momet           all social (and not just religious)
    Separation of government, reli-     puhayvte, estofis likvrane likets-     activities are begun with a prayer
 gion and domestic issues is not a      kat” which literally is translated     and may end with a prayer includ-
 concept known to earlier Mvskoke       to say “Master of our breath, our      ing governmental functions.
 cultures. In fact, leaders of the      caretaker and creator, one who has        The adherence of Tribal societ-
 Tribes looked to their spirituality    always been, continues to be and       ies to their religious and spiritual
 in guiding their people. Likewise,     will always be in existence.” A        values is often credited for their
 heads of social systems (clans,        little different than “Our Father in   survival and continued revitaliza-
 bands, towns, families) did (or do)    Heaven” eh?                            tion through periods of assault,
 the same.                                  The remainder of the prayer is     conquer, annihilation attempts,
     In the Anglo cultures for exam-    just as poetic and emotional. In       removal and other adverse periods
 ple, the Supreme Being is referred     the traditional religion, oratory      of Native American history.

                                        SN receives ANA grant award                                                                                             Haskell Alumni
                                        By Jennifer Johnson                                        competitive basis.                                           Association of
                                        Historic Preservation Officer                                  The demand for ANA project funding is approxi-
                                                                                                   mately $100M annually, which is more than twice
                                           The Seminole Nation of Oklahoma has been awarded        the funding amount available. ANA funds short-term
                                        a grant from the Administration for Native Americans       projects that have definite goals and objectives to be      Haskell Indian Nations
                                        to support a Language Preservation Program. The goal       achieved by the end of the project period.                       University
                                        of the project is to determine the current status of the      Funding for the Native Language Preservation and
                                        Seminole language and formulate steps to keep it alive.    Maintenance projects are broken into the following cat-    Lawrence, Kansas 66046
                                           The ANA was established in 1974 through the             egories
                                        Native American Programs Act. ANA is the only fed-            Category I-Language Assessment                          Invites all Haskell Alumni
                                        eral agency serving all Native Americans, including           Category II-Language Planning                           and Friends to join them at
                                        562 federally recognized tribes, American Indian and          Category III-Language Project Implementation                         the
                                        Alaska Native organizations, Native Hawaiian organi-          Category IV-Language Immersion Project
                                        zations and Native populations throughout the Pacific                                                                 Haskell Reunion 2008
                                        basin (including American Samoa, Guam, and the Com-           Rebecca Stone, Grants and Contracts Coordinator
                                        monwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands).                for the Seminole Nation, submitted the grant proposal         Oct. 31 – Nov. 2
   Chief Kelly Haney speaks to             The ANA website indicates that funding for commu-       for Category I funding in March 2008. On Sept. 29,          Holiday Inn – OKC
fellow Rotary members during            nity-based projects is provided through three competi-     2008 the Executive Office received the Notice of Award     6200 N. Robinson Ave.
the Seminole Rotary Lunch, held         tive discretionary grant programs to eligible Tribes and   document.
Wednesday, September 24, 2008           non-profit Native American organizations. To promote          It should be noted that the Seminole Nation is one               Contact:
at the Mirror Room at Seminole          self-sufficiency, ANA invests tax payer dollars in com-    of twelve recipients of Category I funding. Addition-
                                                                                                                                                                   Loretta Bradford
State College. Chief Haney dis-         munity-based projects focused on social and economic       ally, the Seminole Nation was one of only four tribes in
                                        development, language preservation, and environmen-        Oklahoma that were funded through an ANA grant.
cussed the Nation’s latest activi-                                                                                                                                 Flo Spotted Bear
ties and programs, as well as the       tal regulatory enhancement. To achieve this mission,          The Seminole Nation ANA Language Preservation
                                        ANA provides project grant funding to eligible Tribes      Program will be designed to intervene and reverse the            918.948.2505
Domestic Violence Safe House
Fund.    Photo by Linda UpChurch
                                        and Native American non-profit organizations on a          trend of language loss.
                                              In Memoriam - Ra’vkerricetv
  September - October 2008                                                                                                                                                              9

Victor R. Panuco                        Kernell, Chebon Kernell, Chuck
                                        Huff and Tracy Mullings.
                                                                                rode motorcycles and coached and
                                                                                assisted his children’s baseball and
                                                                                                                       Funeral Home.
                                                                                                                          Kinney passed away on Sunday,
                                                                                                                                                                 Greg, George and Don Bailey, Jr.,
                                                                                                                                                                 Mark and Beau Miller, John and
   Funeral services for Victor R.                                               football games in both Wewoka and      September 14, 2008 at the age of          Jace Williams, and Brian and Kenny
Panuco were held on Thursday,
August 21, 2008 at the Sheil Colo-
                                             Sonia Cerda                        Oklahoma City. He was a member
                                                                                of the Hecete Band.
                                                                                                                          He was born January 2, 1953 to
                                                                                                                                                                    Zack Buck, Marcy Mooney,
nial Chapel in Kansas City.                Funeral services for Sonia Cerda        Preceding him in death are his      parents Wilson and Jennie (Chupco)        Jerry Walker, George Franks, Glenn
   Burial followed at the Mt. Olivet    were held on Saturday, September        grandparents, Ryder and Serena         Kinney. He graduated from Wewoka          Harjo, Alfred Walker, Tommie Harjo
Cemetery.                               6, 2008 at the Sunny Lane Funeral       Larney of Seminole and William         High School and married Nancy             and Jack Bruner served as honorary
   Panuco passed away on Sunday,        Home Chapel. Burial followed at         and Harriet Hamilton of Ada.           Gaines in May 1971 in Wewoka.             bearers.
August 17, 2008 at North Kansas         Sunny Lane Cemetery in Del City.
                                                                                                                                                                   Ray Hammons
                                                                                   He is survived by his father,       Kinney worked as a roustabout for
City Hospital. He was 43.                  Cerda passed away on Wednes-         Harold Walker; mother Teresa           Atlantic Richfield and was a member
   Panuco had a passion for cars,       day, September 3, 2008. She lived       (Larney) Walker; sons, Ray and         of Blessed Rock Baptist Church, the          Funeral services for Ray L.
and worked for many years as a          most of her life in Midwest City and    Eben Walker; and daughter Broanna      Jaycees and various civic organiza-       Hammons were held on Friday,
mechanic. He loved his family and       graduated in 1992 from Del City         Walker.                                tions. He was also a member of the        September 19, 2008. A graveside
enjoyed annual vacations with his       High School, where she was on the          Pallbearers included Vic Guti-      Seminole Nation General Council,          ceremony, officiated by Reverend
children. He was a member of the        pom-pom squad.                          errez, Bobby Thomas, Jimmy             Nurcup Harjo Band.                        Dustin Tidwell, was held at Charles
Tusekia Harjo Band.                        One of the brightest moments         Warledo, Jeremy Culver, Daniel            Kinney loved his family and            Cemetery in Eufaula.
   Panuco will be missed terribly by    in Cerda’s life was the birth of her    Haney and Boyd Tiger.                  friends and was an inspiration to all        Hammons passed away on
his father, Benjamin and two broth-     son, Ezekiel Josiah Cerda, on May          Roy Yargee, Herb Johnson, Tom       that met and knew him.                    Monday, September 15, 2008 at
ers, Mark and Frederic.                 6, 2003. She lived the last eight       Stewart and Evan Haney served as          Preceding him in death are his         Community Hospital Lakeview in
   He is also survived by his mother,   months of her life with her grand-      honorary pallbearers.                  parents; three sisters, Wilma Kinney,     Eufaula. He was 64.
Christine Panuco; two sons, Matth-      parents Russell and Elizabeth Coker                                            Julia Lewis and Martha Walker; and           Hammons was born to parents
ias I. and Sterilng A. Panuco; daugh-   in Seminole.                                                                   three brothers, C.W., Robert and          Ray and Lida Hammons in Brigham
ter, Maria V. Panuco; three brothers,      Cerda’s attained many lasting                                               Reuben Kinney.                            City, Utah, and raised in Antlers,
Jeffery, Douglas and Gregory; and       friendships throughout her life. She                                              He is survived by his wife of 37       Okla. Upon high school graduation,
many nieces and nephews.                was a member of the Nurcup Harjo                                               years, Nancy; daughter and son-in-        Hammons entered the United States
                                        Band.                                                                          law Jennifer and David Dunlap of          Army and served as a helicopter
 Chebon Martin                             She is survived by her son, Eze-                                            Wewoka; two sisters, Agnes Kinney         crew chief in Vietnam.
   Funeral services for No-ko-se        kiel Josiah Cerda; parents, Chris-                                             Webster of Oklahoma City and                 Hammons returned to Okla-
Scott Martin were held on Thursday,     topher and Linda Cerda; brothers                                               Augusta Smith of Tahlequah; three         homa after his service in the Army,
August 28, 2008 at the Caddo Cul-       Aaron (and wife Tiffany), Joshua                                               brothers, Jerry Baker of Wetumka,         attending Oklahoma State Univer-
tural Center with Reverends Delfred     and Teri Cerda; nephew Isaiah                                                  Woodrow Kinney of Shawnee and             sity, where he graduated in 1979
and Elenor Whitecrow officiating.       Cerda; nieces, Mya and Chloe                                                   Curtis Kinney of Muskogee; and            with a degree in Electronics. He
   Interment followed at the Caddo      Cerda; grandparents Russell and                                                numerous nieces, nephews, and very        worked for both Exxon Petroleum
Nation Tribal Cemetery in Binger.       Elizabeth Coker; Uncle Odilon and                                              special friends Lucky and Janice          and Boeing Aviation, before retir-
Services were under the direction
of the Comanche Nation Funeral
                                        wife Carmen Cerda, Uncle Ber-
                                        nardino and wife Minnie Cerda;
                                                                                     Douglas Lee                       Chinn of Sapulpa.
                                                                                                                          Pallbearers included Loren Hays,
                                                                                                                                                                 ing in 1996 and settling with friends
                                                                                                                                                                 and family in the Eufaula area. His
Home.                                   Aunt Mary Cerda; Aunt Rinah and               Worcester                        Larry Hendrix, Kevin Jones, Steve
                                                                                                                       Smith, Donnie Sneed and Guy
                                                                                                                                                                 favorite hobbies included working
   Martin passed away on Monday,        husband Steve Poweshiek; Uncle                                                                                           with computers, rock collecting and
August 25, 2008 in Oklahoma City        Russell Coker; Aunt Brenda Coker;          Funeral services for Douglas Lee    Tucker.                                   pipe smoking.
at the age of 24.                       and Sam Hoosh and numerous cous-        Worcester were held on Monday,            George Kinney’s nephews, Ira              Hammons was a member of the
   Chebon Martin was born to par-       ins and friends.                        September 15, 2008 at Bird Creek       Walker, Gerren Walker, Jared Smith,       Tom Palmer Band.

                                           Jamie Marvin
ents Rose C. Botone and Lloyd P.                                                Indian Baptist Church in Sasakwa       Joshua Smith, Conchate Webster,              Preceding him in death are his
Martin. He enjoyed basketball and                                               with Reverends Houston Tiger,          Stacy Kinney, Christopher Kinney,         parents.
graffiti art, and found employment         Funeral services for Jamie Lynn      Kenneth Tiger and Jimsey Harjo         Dennis Baker, Dean Baker, Derrick            He is survived by his wife Pauline
as a wild land firefighter and Heri-    Deere Marvin were held on Sat-          officiating.                           Baker; and friends, John Villines         (Cummings) Hammons of Eufaula;
tage Resource Technician for the        urday, September 6, 2008 at the            Interment followed at High          and Jake Smith served as honorary         sons, Kenneth Hammons of Chi-
Caddo Nation. He was a member of        Criswell Funeral Home Chapel in         Springs Indian Baptist Church Cem-     bearers.                                  cago, Timothy Hammons of Enid
the Ceyvha Band.                        Ada with Reverend Sandy Harjo           etery. Services were conducted by                                                and Lenny Ray and wife Cherelee
   Martin is survived by his mother,    officiating.                            Stout-Phillips Funeral Home.                                                     Jim of Clewiston, Fla.; stepchildren,
Rose Botone of Binger; father,             Burial followed at Rosedale Cem-        Worcester passed away on Tues-                                                Joe and wife Katie Dreadfulwa-
Lloyd Martin of Seminole; four sis-     etery. Services were under the direc-   day, September 9, 2008 in Tulsa.                                                 ter of Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo., Jess
ters, Morningstar Botone of Lawton,     tion of Criswell Funeral Home.          He was 28.                                                                       Dreadfulwater of Palmdale, Calif.
Eliza Botone of Yukon, E-cho Hok-          Marvin passed away on Wednes-           Worcester was born May 27, 1980                                               and Brian Dreadfulwater of Law-
tv Martin of Hollywood, Fla. and        day, September 3, 200 at an Okla-       to parents Alvena Annette (Morgan)                                               rence, Kan.; sister Jackie Jones of
Winter Star Martin of McDonald,         homa City Hospital.                     Ayala and Douglas Glenn Worcester                                                Antlers; brothers, Steve Hammons
Kan.; and one brother, Lance Martin        She was born December 31, 1982       in Ada. He attended Guthrie Public                                               of Coweta, Okla., Gary Hammons
of Manderson, S.D.                      in Seminole to parents Larry and        Schools, as well as Tulsa Welding                                                of Antlers, and Cody Hammons of
                                        Margie Schmidt Deere.                   School. Worcester enjoyed playing                                                Wetumpka, Ala.; and nine grand-
                                           Marvin graduated from Seminole       pool, chess and dominoes, and also                                               children.
                                        High School and attended Semi-          performed card tricks. He was a                                                     Pallbearers included Timothy
                                        nole State College. She married
                                        Sonny Boy Marvin on July 2, 2001
                                                                                member of the Tom Palmer Band.
                                                                                   Worcester is survived by his             Irene Bailey                         Hammons, Lenny Jim, Joe Dread-
                                                                                                                                                                 fulwater, Jess Dreadfulwater, Brian
                                        in Paris, Tex. She was a member of      mother Alvena A. Ayala of Edmond;         Funeral services for Irene Bailey      Dreadfulwater and Charles Deere.
                                        the Mekusukey Band.                     father Douglas Glenn Worcester of      were held on Wednesday, September            Steve Hammons, Kenneth Ham-
                                           Marvin is survived by her hus-       Ardmore; sisters, Alisha A. Worces-    17, 2008 at the First Baptist Church      mons, Jerry Haney and Glen Sharpe
                                        band, Sonny Marvin and two daugh-       ter of Tulsa and Martha, Dora and      in Holdenville with Reverends             served as honorary bearers.
                                        ters, Bethany and Allison Marvin, all   Sandra Ayala of Edmond; brothers,      Frank Moppin and George Harjoche
                                        of the home; her parents, Larry and     Carmelo M. Ayala of Guthrie and        officiating, assisted by Reverend
    John Kernell                        Margie Deere of Seminole; and her
                                        brother, Jason Deere of Seminole.
                                                                                Oscar, David and Omar Ayala of
                                                                                                                       Allison Phillips and Wayne Bailey.
                                                                                                                          Interment followed at the Middle
   Funeral services for longtime                                                   Pallbearers included Wendell        Creek #2 Church Cemetery. Ser-
Seminole county resident John                                                   Williams Sr., Brian Wallace, Mal-      vices were under the direction of
Anthony Kernell were held on                                                    colm Freeman, Geronimo Quili-          Hudson-Phillips Funeral Home.
Thursday, September 4, 2008 at the                                              maco, Andy Gonzales, Larry Tiger          Bailey passed away on Sunday,
New Life World Outreach Center in                                               and Christopher D. Tiger.              September 14, 2008 at her home in
Shawnee with Keith Ward officiat-                                                  Wendell Williams Jr., Phealan P.    Wewoka, surrounded by her children
ing.                                                                            Morgan, Eloy Gonzalez and Car-         and grandchildren. She was 93.
   Interment followed at the Ker-                                               melo Ayala served as honorary bear-       Irene Bailey was born June 18,
nell Family Cemetery in Seminole                                                ers.                                   1915 to parents Alec Walker and
County.                                                                                                                Annie (Tiger) Walker and was raised
   Kernell passed away on Sunday,
August 31, 2008 in Shawnee. He
                                                                                                                       near Spaulding.
                                                                                                                          She was a lifelong member of               Barry Coker
was 32.                                                                                                                Middle Creek #2 Baptist Church,              Funeral services for Barry Coker
   Kernell was born June 26, 176                                                                                       baptized by Reverend George Tiger         were held on Monday, September
                                           David Walker
to parents John Allen and Maria                                                                                        on November 16, 1931 and ordained         22, 2008 at Hudson-Phillips Chapel
(McClure) Kernell in Fort Smith,                                                                                       as Sister’s Leader by Reverend Tom           Burial followed at the family
Ark.                                       Funeral services for Seminole                                               Stewart on March 5, 1977.                 cemetery in Hughes County. Ser-
   He was a member of the New Life      County resident David Wayne                                                       Bailey was a member of the             vices were under the direction of
World Outreach Center in Shawnee        Walker were held on Wednesday,                                                 Ocese Band.                               Hudson-Phillips Funeral Home of
and worked as a cook at McDon-          September 11, 2008 at the Stout-                                                  Preceding her in death are her         Holdenville.
ald’s. Kernall was a member of the      Phillips Funeral Home Chapel with                                              parents; brothers, Charlie, Terry,           Coker passed away at Stillwater
Tom Palmer Band.                        Reverend Mike Harjo officiating.                                               Dave, Robert and Jimmy Walker,            Medical Center on Wednesday, Sep-
   Preceding him in death are his          Services were under the direction                                           Sr.; sisters, Katie Tiger, Eliza Harjo,   tember 18, 2008. He was 39.
mother, Maria Kernell; grandfa-
thers, Simeon Kernell and Benja-
                                        of Stout-Philips Funeral Home.
                                           Walker passed away on Friday,
                                                                                  George Kinney                        Izora Bruner, Anna Henry and Suzie
                                                                                                                       Walker; sons, Donald G. “Sockey”
                                                                                                                                                                    Coker was born April 17, 1969
                                                                                                                                                                 to parents Cora Lee (McComb) and
min McClure; grandmother Amelia         September 6, 2008 in Oklahoma              Funeral services for Wewoka         and Kenneth Bailey; and daughter          Edmond Lee Coker in Claremore,
Kernell; uncles, Cecil Kernell and      City. He was 35.                        resident George Andrew Kinney          Viola Norman.                             Okla. He graduated from Hold-
S.J. Kernell, Jr.; and aunt Debbie         Walker was born August 27,           were held on Tuesday, September           She is survived by her sons, Char-     enville High School in 1987 and
McClure.                                1973 in Claremore, Okla. To parents     16, 2008 at the First Baptist Church   lie Bailey of Tulsa and Gene Harjo        attended college at Murray State.
   He is survived by his father, John   Harold and Teresa (Larney) Walker.      of Wewoka with Reverend Dave           and wife, Geraldine, of Shawnee;             Coker was a veteran of Opera-
Allen Kernell of Shawnee; sister and    He graduated from Strothers High        Blackwood officiating, assisted by     daughters, Sally Bailey Williams          tion Desert Shield/Desert Storm and
brother-in-law Jessica and Donnell      School in 1991 and attended Okla-       Reverends Jim Choate and Dan           of Ponca City, Alene Bailey Miller        a member of the 2120th Supply and
Richardson; and nephews Anthony         homa City Community College.            Factor.                                of Wewoka, Linda Buck and Shir-           Service Company in the Oklahoma
Kernell and Alexander Richardson.          He found employment at Winslow          Burial followed at the Kinney       ley Sanford of Holdenville and Inell      National Guard.
   Pallbearers included Donnell         Associates in Edmond as a paint fin-    Family Cemetery. Services were         Bailey of Tulsa.                             Coker was a kind and loving
Richardson, Greg Kernell, Jason         isher. Walker also tattooed, drew,      under the direction of Stout-Philips      Pallbearers included grandsons         person who enjoyed life and spend-
                                              Past - Oketv Rem Vpvl’hvmke
         10                                                                                                                                                  COKV TVLVME

                                                                                                                                In Loving Memory
ing time with his family. He also       Chapel in Konawa. With Reverends      Seminole Indian Baptist Church and
loved to watch OU football. Coker       Dennis Traxler and John Millican      the Tom Palmer Band.
played basketball, baseball and soft-   officiating.                             Preceding him in death are his
ball, and was a member of Middle           Burgess passed away on Satur-      son Bobby Burgess; daughter Lori                                           We miss you so much Grandma.
Creek #2 Baptist Church and the         day, September 20, 2008 in Okla-      Millican; three brothers; and two                                       Words can’t express how much
Tusekia Harjo Band.                     homa City at the age of 85.           sisters.                                                                we wish you were still here. Even
         He is survived by his chil-       He was born August 16, 1923 in        He is survived by his wife Ellen                                     though you are in a better place,
dren, Brooke L. Coker, Trask X.         Konawa to parents Harper Burgess      Burgess of the home; son Ricky                                          it is still hard to believe that we
Coker and Debra J. Coker of Hold-       and Anna (Barnett) Burgess and        Burgess of Konawa; two daugh-                                           can’t call you on the phone, come
enville and Caitlin Paige Coker and     married Ellen Larney on May 11,       ters, Cora Osborne of Konawa and                                        by and say “Hello,” “I Love You,”
Taylor Chase Coker of Perkins;          1946 in Sasakwa. Burgess gradu-       Barbara West of Tecumseh; ten                                           and “Thank You for Always Taking
mother Cora Coker of Wewoka;            ated from Vamoosa High School         grandchildren; eleven great-grand-                                      Care of Us,” stay the night, go to
father Edmond Coker of Pawhuska;        in 1943 and later joined the United   children; and one great great-grand-                                    a gospel singing with you, go to
two brothers, Terry Coker of Wag-       States Coast Guard.                   child.                                                                  church with you, go garage selling,
oner and Edmond Lee Coker, Jr. of          After earning an Associates of        Pallbearers included grandchil-                                      Come by and pick you up to go to
Wewoka; and three sisters, Sherri       Applied Science degree from Colo-     dren, Christopher Baker, Billy                                          town, go shopping with you, help
Gray of N.C., Jeri Boyd of Semi-        rado, Burgess went on to become       Archer, Franklin West, Michael                                          you get ready, color your hair, paint
nole and Lynn Hughes of Barnsdall,      a state and veteran certified alco-   Burgess, Ricky Burgess, Jr. and                                         your nails, feel your hands, smell
Okla.                                   hol and drug abuse counselor for      Jason Burgess.                                                          your scent, hear you sing one more
                                        the U.S. Department of Health and        Great-grandchildren Austen Bur-                                      hymn and hear you laugh just one
                                        Human Services. He was recog-         gess, Brandon West, Madden West,                                        more time.
                                        nized in 1988 as an outstanding
                                        counselor for his service to those
                                                                              Camron Archer and Robert Archer,
                                                                              nephews, great-nephews and fellow
                                                                                                                     Lucille Johnson                     What keeps us going is the fact
                                                                                                                                                      you are always watching over us
                                        with chemical dependency.             rodeo friends all served as honorary          1935 - 2007               until we meet again in heaven.
                                           Burgess was a member of the        bearers.

                                                                 Thank You
                                            We would like to thank the Seminole Nation Administration,
                                          Election Board members, and employees for their words of kind-                            Obituaries should be submitted to:
                                          ness and prayers during the loss of our beloved family member.                             cokvtvlvme@seminolenation.com
                                            Your kindness will be remembered, and you will always be in
                                          our prayers as well.                                                        Please make arrangements with the funeral home to have the
 Robert Burgess                                                                                                        tribal member’s obit and picture emailed. If you have any
   Funeral services for Robert            Sincerely,                                                                    questions, please call the Communications Department at
“Bobby” Watson Burgess were held          The Farron Culley Family                                                                             405-257-7292.
on Wednesday, September 24, 2008
at the Swearingen Funeral Home

Seminole Nation Days: Through the Years

  (L-R): Francis Coker, Mary McCormick, Sarah Davis and June Lee prepare a meal at the first
Seminole Nation Days Celebration in 1968.

                                                                                 All photographs
                                                                                  submitted by
                                                                                 Jane Northcott

                                                                                                                Young contestants at the 1978 SN Days Traditional Dress Contest

  Former Chief Tom Palmer rides along in the SN Days Parade

  Martha Flippin rides her motorcycle during the 1972 SN Days                     Penni and Wayland Northcott (left) and Jane Northcott (right) participate in the 1987 SN Days Parade
Parade                                                                         as part of the Seminole Nation Roundup Club
                                                      Present - Oketv Hvyomat
  September - October 2008                                                                                                                                                11

40th Annual Seminole Nation Days Festival
                  2008 Seminole Nation Days Event Winners
         Art Contest                                                        5k Run
K - 5th Grade       6th - 9th Grade      Male – Age 1 – 12                     Timothy Sparks (21:16)
1. Jake Tiger       1. Cali Moses        Colton Niemeier (27:19)               Male – Age 35 – 39
2. Kayle Day        2. Dylan Moore       Female – Age 1 – 12                   Eric Whatt (21:31)
3. Abigail Gosa     3. Zac Self          Josie Edgell (24:28)                  Female – Age 35 – 39
                                         Male – Age 13 – 15                    Lisa Johnson (35:24)
10th - 12th Grade   Adult                Landon Sagebiel (18:27)               Male – Age 40 – 44
1. Eli Spraker      1. Robert Deere      Female – Age 13 – 15                  Kenneth Johnson (21:05)
2. Natalya Tanyan   2. Chris Watkins     Cheyenne Niemeier (21:26)             Female – Age 40 – 44
3. Michael Tanyan   3. Debra Osage       Male – Age 16 – 19                    Mechell Downey (31:50)                     Photo by Ted Underwood
                                         Boilton Hobbs (20:33)                 Female – Age 45 – 49
Traditional Dress Contest                Female – Age 16 – 19                  Denise Hooper (50:00)
                                         Amilia Aviles (35:20)                 Male – Age 50 – 54
Boys (0-15)                              Male – Age 20 – 24                    David Lena (24:12)
1. Jake Tiger (Tom Palmer)               Allan Bryant (22:28)                  Female – Age 50 – 54
2. Micheal Cole (Tom Palmer)             Female – Age 20 – 24                  Karen Benson (44:07)
3. Madden West (Ocese)                   Laura Knight (27:44)                  Male – Age 60 – 64
Girls (0-15)                             Male – Age 25 – 29                    Sketter Hogue (22:11)
1. Caitlin Hamilton (Mekusukey)          James Monroe (21:26)                  Male – Age 65 – 69
2. Isabelle Fixico (Tallahassee)         Female – Age 25 – 29                  Buddy Kessinger (28:53)
3. Ania Rhodd (Ocese)                    Jade Benson (23:45)                   Male – Age 70 – 74
Gentlemen (16 & Above)                   Male – Age 30 – 34                    Greg Gutierrez (38:39)                     Photo by Dustin Gray
1. Dwayne Miller (Tom Palmer)
2. Lewis Johnson (Tallahassee)              Youth Fishing Derby
Ladies (16 & Above)                      Biggest Fish - Jake Tiger, 13
1. Dana Miller (Tom Palmer)              Smallest Fish - Shayna Howery, 5
2. Johnni Mae Miller Taylor (T. Harjo)                   Caleb Potts, 10
3. LeAndra Wind (T. Harjo)               Most Caught - Cameron Hart, 7

Seminole Nation Bands/Organizations/Programs
1. Seminole Nation Color Guard
2. Tallahassee Band
3. Tom Palmer Band
Commercial/Community Organizations/Schools
1. Trico Clowns
2. Hasinai Society of the Caddo Nation
3. Seminole State College Athletic Teams
1. Baby Pageant Contestants Braleigh King, Trinity Henington and Aubrey            5k Run Winner (age 50 - 54)
Larney                                                                          David Lena from Okemah poses for
2. Tallahassee Band                                                             a picture with his first place medal.
                                                                                David is the son of the late Robert and
3. The Coker Family                                                             Wanda Lena of Wewoka.
                                                                                                                          Photo by Dustin Gray

                                                                                      Women’s Jingle

                                                                                1st - #29 Donna Pewo
                                                                                2nd - #47 Yvette Goodeagle
                                                                                3rd - #75 Lois Lonetree
                                                                                4th - #64 Evelyn Martinez

                                                                                     Women’s Buckskin

                                                                                1st - #108 Akeemah Robedeaux
                                                                                2nd - #77 Erin Yarholar
                                                                                3rd - #51 Erin Plumley
                                                                                4th - #30 Linda Tsonetokey

                                                                                 Women’s Fancy Shawl

                                                                                1st - #52 Elizabeth Hudson
                                                                                2nd - #92 Nicole Sine
                                                                                3rd - #53 Kay Lyn Ivory
                                                                                4th - #38 Oke-Tw’sha Roberts

Photo by Chaparne Harjo                                                                Women’s Cloth

                                                                                1st - #32 Jacquie Tsonetokoy
                                                                                2nd - #65 Janet Bullcoming
                                                                                3rd - #100 Hauli Siouy Warrior
                                                                                4th - #73 Angie Goodfox

                                                                                         Men’s Fancy                      Photo by Dustin Gray

                                                                                                                          A special “Thank You” to all of the sponsors for
                                                                                1st - #95 Mike Pahsetopah
                                                                                2nd - #89 Graham Primeaux                   this year’s Seminole Nation Days Pow Wow.
                                                                                3rd - #17 Thorpe Sine
                                                                                4th - #72 Tyler Thurman                                           Okmulgee Times
                                                                                                                                                    Creek Nation
                                                                                       Men’s Straight                                   McClendon – Winters Funeral Home
                                                                                                                                                   Massey’s BBQ
Photo by Chaparne Harjo
                                                                                1st - #59 Micheal Plumley                                      Shurden Funeral Home
                                                                                2nd - #41 Zack Morris                                      Golden Pony Casino – Okemah
                                                                                3rd - #18 Gordon Roy                                          World Acceptance Corp.
                                                                                4th - #91 Denny Medicinebird                                 Creek Nation Honor Guard
                                                                                                                                 Creek Nation Communications & Native News Today
                                                                                     Men’s Traditional                                          Shawnee News Star
                                                                                                                                                Enoch Kelly Haney
                                                                                1st - #43 Clarence Yarholar                                Canadian Valley Electric Co-op
                                                                                2nd - #56 Jason Bender                                             Shawnee Mills
                                                                                3rd - #71 Terrence Atkins
                                                                                                                                               Seminole Nation BCR
                                                                                4th - #39 Pat Moora
                                                                                                                                                     Billy Tiger
                                                                                                                                                 Seminole Producer
                                                                                         Men’s Grass
                                                                                                                                         Seminole Nation Days Committee
                                                                                                                                              McDonald’s – Okmulgee
                                                                                1st - #80 Dijay Yarholar
                                                                                2nd - #68 Jay Roberts                                             Rev. David Little
                                                                                3rd - #35 Dale Roberts                                    Oklahoma Army Surplus – Tulsa
Photo by Dustin Gray                                                            4th - #36 Peanutt Roberts                                    Tyson Foods - Holdenville
Ronnie Milsap: Live at Mekusukey Mission

                Photographs by Dustin Gray

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