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Southeast False Creek _amp; Olympic Village by ert554898


									Southeast False Creek & Olympic Village
Jody Andrews, Project Manager
                           North Shore

            Stanley Park
                                   Burrard Inlet


                           Southeast False Creek

                           Olympic Village
 Southeast False Creek
Southeast False Creek 2020
  16,000 new residents by
26 acres of park
  6 million sq ft of development on 80 acres
new seawall – bridge - island
  120 new & boating
community buildings centre
  $4 to $5 school
  most sustainable development of this scale in North America
Southeast False Creek
 interfaith spiritual centre
 community centre and non-motorized boating facility
 childcare facility
 subsidized and rental housing
 playhouse – grocery store – drug store
 neighbourhood energy facility
Green Development
all city buildings LEED gold
community centre LEED platinum
net zero energy building
solar panels
energy consoles
waste heat recovery
rainwater collection and re-use
passive design
solar orientation and shades
50% green roofs
local materials
Green Development
LEED gold Neighbourhood pilot
urban agriculture
community demonstration garden
inter-tidal marine habitat
habitat island
native landscaping
co-op cars provided
2 rapid transit stations
future street car line on First Avenue
2006 winner of FCM Sustainable
 Community Transportation Award
2 bike routes
commuter bike lanes
Water Management
 rainwater harvesting
 50% green roofs
 water balance model
 rainwater storage in buildings
 50% reduction in consumption
Neighbourhood Energy Utility
new plant under cambie bridge
heat recovery from sewer mains
all domestic hot water for SEFC
all heating for SEFC
no hot water tanks in buildings
The Salt Building
built on waterfront in 1931
owned by City
foundations upgraded 2007
north basement completed
restoration underway
brew-pub, restaurant, bakery
The Olympic Village
The Olympic Village
first phase of southeast false creek
$30 million from VANOC
millennium is partner
olympic village master plan
20 buildings on 9 parcels
The Olympic Village
most secure olympic venue
operates for 5 months
2,800 athletes and officials
 ice skating
migration from Whistler
Olympic housing legacy

Olympic Village Community
Benefits Agreement
City – Millennium – BOB
$750,000 in training for inner-city residents
100 jobs for inner-city residents
$15,000,000 procured from inner-city businesses
The Olympic Village Team
Owner/Developer                       City of Vancouver
Development Partner                   Millennium Water
Financier                             Fortress Financial, NYC
Engineers                             Stantec, EBA, HayCo,
Architects                            Westmar, Glottman Simpson
                                      Merrick, GBL, Arthur
                                      Erickson, Nick Milcovich,
                                      Walter Francl, LDA, PWL
Environmental/Geotechnical            Quantum, Hazco, Morrow,
                                      Golder, Keystone, Levelton
Quantity Surveyors/Cost Consultants   BTY, Altus, PWC, Quoin
Infrastructure Contractors            Geopac, BelPacific, Matcon,
                                      FRPD, JJM, Ruskin,
                                      Megatech, Wilco
General Contractors                   Metrocan Construction (MCC)
                                      Intertech Construction (ITC)
Olympic Village Schedule               14 months to completion
selection of millennium as developer   April 2006
soil clean-up, roads, utilities        Jan 2006 – Aug 2009
buildings                              May 2007 – Oct 2009
VANOC exclusive use period             Nov 1, 2009 – Apr 7, 2010
olympic winter games                   February 12 – 28, 2010
paralympic games                       March 12 – 21, 2010
retrofit                               Apr – Sep 2010
Olympic Village
Construction Facts
6 new roads
9 parcels
12.5 acres
14 cranes
18 buildings
1,000 workers
750,000 tonnes of soil
$1 billion
Parcel 2
First Avenue & Columbia
2 buildings
13 storey market
7 storey non-market
2 levels underground parking
Parcel 3
Athletes Way & Columbia
3 buildings
11 storey west market
8 storey north market
5 storey rental building
2 levels underground parking
Parcel 4
2 buildings
12 storey west market
7 storey east market
2 levels underground parking
Parcel 5
First Avenue & Manitoba
2 buildings on commercial podium
8 storey market building
8 storey non-market building
2 levels underground parking
Parcel 6
Athletes Way & Manitoba
3 buildings on commercial podium
11 storey market building
8 storey market building
4 storey market building
2 levels underground parking
Parcel 9
First Avenue & Ontario
3 buildings on commercial podium
13 storey market building
6 storey rental building
7 storey non-market building
2 levels underground parking
Parcel 10
Athletes Way & Ontario
2 buildings on commercial podium
11 storey market building
9 storey market building
2 levels underground parking
Parcel 11
3 storey community centre & non
motorized boating facility
2 storey restaurant
1 level underground parking
Salt Building
First Avenue & Manitoba
3 storey wood piled heritage
No underground parking
First Avenue
$25 million reconstruction   from
Cambie to Quebec

jody andrews

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