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                                         Clover                                                        Flyer
                                          WAUKESHA COUNTY 4-H FAMILY NEWSLETTER
                                             VOLUME 62                ISSUE 5           SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2010

                   “Knowing is not enough, we must apply; willing is not enough, we must do.” Goethe

CLOVER FLYER CONTENTS                                           GENERAL INFORMATION
General Information, page 1                                     Newsletter—Clover Flyer
                                                                Welcome to Waukesha County 4-H. This newsletter
                                                                is published/posted six times per year for Families
4-H News, page 1                                                and Leaders in the 4-H program. This newsletter
                                                                contains important information relating to you!
                                                                Newsletters are published on or before the first of
Calendar, page 2                                                January, March, May, July, September and
4-H Youth Awards, page 3                                        For an up to date calendar, forms and other
                                                                information,     check       our     Website       at
ReDISCOVER 4-H, page 3                                

                                                                4-H Support Staff Office Hours
4-H Events, page 5                                              Lisa Boyer‟s hours are 8:30 am -12:30 pm, Monday
                                                                thru Friday. The UW Extension office is open from
                                                                8-4:30 if you need to drop off or pick something up.
Volunteer Information, page 6
                                                                Come & VOLT!
Animal Science, page 6                                          All new leaders must attend a Volunteer Orientation
                                                                Leader Training (VOLT) before working in 4-H. The
                                                                VOLT sessions are scheduled for Tuesday, October
Arts & Communication, page 7                                    26, Monday, November 15, Wednesday, January 19
                                                                and Thursday, February 17. Please call the 4-H
Mechanical Sciences, page 9                                     Office at 262-548-7774 to sign up.

                                                                4-H NEWS
Natural Sciences, page 9
                                                                4-H Adult Volunteer Recognition
                                                                The 4-H Adult Volunteer Recognition Banquet
Club News, page 10
                                                                will be held on Sunday, November 7 at the
                                                                Saxe‟s Casual Fine Dining. Leaders, watch for
Special Emphasis, page 11                                       your invitation!

4-H Fundraiser Information, page 11                             4-H Summer Camp 2011
                                                                Mark your calendar! 4-H Youth Summer Camp will
                                                                be held July 29-August 1. And yes, it really starts on
More Opportunities, page 12                                     Friday! Any questions call Mike Rauworth at 262-
                                                                510-4098 or email at
ReDiscover 4-H Flyer, Page 13
                                                                WEBSITES/EMAILS OF INTEREST
Waukesha County 4-H . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Waukesha County Fair . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Waukesha County 4-H Horse Association . . . . . . . . .
Wisconsin State Fair . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Maria Habib, 4-H Youth Development Educator . . . .
Lisa Boyer, 4-H Secretary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Wisconsin 4-H Youth Development . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
         Waukesha County UW-Extension 4-H, 515 W Moreland, Room AC G22, Waukesha, WI 53188
              4-H Educator - 262-548-7784; 4-H Secretary - 262-548-7774; Fax - 262-548-7787
             University of Wisconsin, U.S. Department of Agriculture and Wisconsin counties cooperating. UW-Extension provides equal opportunities in employment and programming including Title IX and ADA

                                                                                 4-H CALENDAR
   SEPTEMBER                                                                                                       NOVEMBER
   1     New 4-H Year Begins!!!                                                                                    15    Volunteer Orientation Leader Training, CAC, 7
   3     Record Books & ME Forms Due to 4-H Office, 3:30                                                                 pm
         pm                                                                                                        15    4-H Finance Mtg, CAC Rm 255, 7 pm
   10-12 Wisconsin Wool & Sheep Festival, Jefferson                                                                20    4-H Fall Leadership Conference, Chula Vista
         County                                                                                                          Resort
   11    Modelclub Mtg, Greenfield News & Hobby, 10                                                                20    County-wide Knitting and Crocheting Mtg, UW
         am                                                                                                              Waukesha Private Dining Room, 9 am
   18    County-wide Quilting Mtg, UW Waukesha                                                                     25-26 4-H Office closed for Thanksgiving holiday
         Private Dining Room, 9 am
   20    4-H Awards Committee Mtg, CAC Rm G25                                                                      DECEMBER
   20    4-H Finance Mtg, CAC Rm 255, 7 pm                                                                         3            Registration Deadline: 4-H Art Lab in the Dells
   23    4-H Executive Board Mtg, UW Waukesha, 7 pm                                                                10           Registration Deadline: Showcase due to 4-H Office
   25    County-wide Knitting and Crocheting Mtg, UW                                                               11           County-wide Quilting Mtg, UW Waukesha
         Waukesha Private Dining Room, 9 am                                                                                     Private Dining Room, 9 am
                                                                                                                   24           4-H Office closed for Christmas Eve Holiday
   OCTOBER                                                                                                         27           4-H Office closed for Christmas Holiday
   2     County-wide Quilting Mtg, UW Waukesha                                                                     31           4-H Office closed for New Year‟s Eve Holiday
         Private Dining Room, 9 am
   7-10 North Central Region 4-H Volunteer Forum,                                                                  JANUARY
         Michigan                                                                                                  3     4-H Office closed for New Year‟s Day Holiday
   9     ReDiscover 4-H                                                                                            10    Registration Deadline: Curtain Call due to 4-H
   15-16 4-H Shooting Sports Certification, Eau Claire                                                                   Office
   18    4-H Finance Mtg, CAC Rm 255, 7 pm                                                                         19    Volunteer Orientation Leader Training, CAC, 7
   22    Registration Deadline: 4-H Fall Leadership                                                                      pm
         Conference, Chula Vista Resort                                                                            21-22 4-H Art Lab in the Dells
   23    County-wide Knitting and Crocheting Mtg, UW                                                               FEBRUARY
         Waukesha Private Dining Room, 9 am
                                                                                                                   5            Showcase, Butler Middle School
   23    ME Interviews, UW Waukesha
                                                                                                                   5            Curtain Call, Butler Middle School
   26    Volunteer Orientation Leader Training, CAC, 7                                                             17           Volunteer Orientation Leader Training, UW-
                                                                                                                                Waukesha, 7 pm
   28    4-H Executive Board Mtg, UW Waukesha, 7 pm
   NOVEMBER                                                                                                        Check
   1      Re-enrollment packets due from Club leaders                                                              HCalendar.html for the most updated calendar.
   7      Waukesha County 4-H Leaders Association Annual
          Meeting and Leaders Banquet, Saxe‟s Casual Fine                                                          This newsletter was posted/mailed on September 1.
   13     County-wide Quilting Mtg, UW Waukesha
          Private Dining Room, 9 am
4-H YOUTH AWARDS - URGENT                                     drop off their own books or forms. You must turn in
                                                              the record books for youth applying for a Project
Give your completed Record Book to your Club                  Medal, Project Honors, Citizenship, Achievement or
leader TODAY so you can be considered for an                  Leadership Medals, State and Higher Award trips and
award. (The leader must turn it to the 4-H office by          Scholarship Applicants. DO NOT turn in record
Friday, September 3 at 3:30 pm with their                     books for bronze, silver and gold recipients.
recommendations.) This includes all youth interested
in state and national 4-H trips and youth who turned          Membership Evaluation (ME) Interviews
in Scholarship Applications for a 4-H Scholarship             The date for the ME interviews will be October 23 at
from the Leaders Association by the April 30, 2010            UW Waukesha. We encourage all 4-H members 8th
deadline.                                                     grade and older to submit a ME long form to
                                                              participate in the award trips offered.
State Conference and Member Evaluation
(ME) Forms                                                    Terri Johnson, Awards Committee Co-chair
The State Conference ME and Member Evaluation
Forms are also due to the 4-H office by Friday,               ReDISCOVER 4-H – OCTOBER 9
September 3 at 3:30 pm. Get them to your Club                 On Saturday, October 9, Waukesha County 4-H will
leader today so they can turn them in!!!! The State           again be holding an event at UW-Waukesha –
Conference ME form and ME long form are available             ReDISCOVER 4-H! The event will be from 9 am-
on the Waukesha County 4-H website.                           3:30 pm; attend as your schedule permits. (Lunch will
Project Medals – 7th grade and above                          be available for purchase.)
To be considered for a Project Medal, the youth must          4-H has so much to offer! Even those of us who have
be in 7th grade or above and have turned in a Record          been in 4-H for years are still learning. The purpose
Book to their Club leader.                                    of the event is to help people ReDISCOVER 4-H as it
8th and 9th Graders                                           Recruits new 4-H members, Retains current members,
If you are entering 8th or 9th grade and are interested       and Reveals to everyone that 4-H offers more than
in attending the State Youth Conference in Madison            ever before! ReDISCOVER 4-H has three
on June 27-30, 2011 complete the State Conference             components – Project Workshops, Performances and
Trip form. Give the form to your Club Organizational          Hands-On Exhibits.
leader – it is due Friday, September 3 at 3:30 pm.            Project Workshops: Learn a new skill or get a start
You are also encouraged to fill out a Member                  on a project for fair in these one or two hour
Evaluation (ME) Form. (9th Graders who attended the           workshops. Workshop leaders will teach and help
State Conference in 2010 MUST fill out the Member             youth as they work on projects such as rocketry,
Evaluation (ME) long form and be available for an             robotics, and woodworking. Two Project Workshop
ME interview on October 23 to be considered for the           sessions will be offered, 9:10-11 and 1:30-3:30 pm.
2011 State Conference trip.)                                  Registration is now open. See below for more
10th, 11th, and 12th Graders                                  information.
Complete the Member Evaluation (ME) long form if              Performances: 4-H groups and individual members
you are interested in applying for the 2011 trips. Give       will show the performing arts side of 4-H with dance,
the form to your Club Organizational leader – it is           drama, declamations, demonstrations, speeches,
due in the 4-H office on Friday, September 3 at 3:30          illustrated talks, and instrumental music from 11 am
pm. You must be available on October 23 for an ME             to 12:30 pm.
                                                              Hands-On Exhibits: From 11am-1:30 pm, booths
Scholarship Applicants (turned in by April 30)                will show some 4-H Projects, Waukesha County 4-H
All scholarship applicants must turn in their record          Clubs, and 4-H Committees.
books to your Club Organizational leader – it is due
                                                                 Project Exhibits – Interest 4-H members and
in the 4-H office on Friday, September 3 at 3:30 pm.
                                                                 other guests in a variety of 4-H projects.
Club Organizational Leaders                                      Whenever possible, these booths will involve the
It‟s time to figure out the 4-H Awards that will be              youth in trying the skill. (See related article for
given at the Member Recognition Banquet in                       more information and how to help.)
January!! Record Books, State Conference Trip ME                 Waukesha County 4-H Clubs – Introduce
forms and ME long forms are due to the 4-H Office                interested attendees to the 4-H clubs in Waukesha
by Friday, September 3 at 3:30 pm. Youth are not to              County. The Hands-On Exhibits portion of
    ReDISCOVER 4-H will give 4-H clubs a chance               As at Open House in the past, these will be critiqued
    to inform interested attendees about your club –          and will count as a county level demonstration for
    who you are, when and where you meet, what                your record book. These "demonstrations" include
    activities people in your club like to do, etc            traditional demonstrations, action demonstrations,
    4-H Committees – Inform 4-H youth and families            public speeches, and illustrated talks. Tradtional and
    about 4-H county level committees - what they             action demonstrations can be done by an individual, a
    do, what they provide, and how others can help.           team (2 members), or a group (3+ members). To sign
                                                              up for doing a demonstration, speed, or illustrated
Visit our web site for more
                                                              talk, go to and click on the
information, future updates, and signing up for
                                                              Performances section at the menu bar on the page and
project workshops and/or volunteering.
                                                              then click on Performance Sign-Up.
ReDISCOVER 4-H Project Workshops                              Adults willing to critique the demonstrations should
ReDISCOVER 4-H will be having Project Workshop                sign-up at or contact Nancy
Sessions: a Morning Session from 9:10-11 am and an            Farrell at or at (262) 544-0753.
Afternoon Session from 1:30-3:30 pm. The one or
two hour workshops in each session provide an                 ReDISCOVER 4-H Project Exhibits
opportunity for youth to try new projects and/or get a        ReDISCOVER 4-H will be having Hands-On
start on a project they want to do for fair. Workshop         Exhibits from 11 am to 1:30 pm. Project Exhibits
leaders will teach and help youth as they work on             will be operating during this time. We still need adult
projects such as rocketry, robotics, and                      and youth leaders who would be willing to show how
woodworking. Project Workshops require pre-                   to do projects.
registration and the cost or materials for the project.
                                                              The Project Exhibits will allow 4-H members and
Attend as many of these workshops as you want. For
                                                              other guests to learn about some of the different
the complete list of Project Workshops available, go
                                                              activities that 4-H offers. These exhibits are set in an
to and sign up to attend!
                                                              open house format and do not require registration -
ReDISCOVER 4-H Project Workshop enrollment for                just come and go as you desire.
4-H youth begins on Sept 1. After Sept. 15,
                                                              Most Projects Exhibits - such as knitting, robotics,
interested non-4-H members can sign up for the
                                                              model railroading - would take place in the UW-
workshops. Workshops will be filled on a first come,
                                                              Waukesha Commons Area and Hallways. Some may
first serve basis. Class sizes are limited.
                                                              take place in the Field House.
ReDISCOVER 4-H Performances                                   The Project Exhibits will interest 4-H members and
ReDISCOVER 4-H will be having Performances                    other guests in the variety of 4-H projects. Whenever
from 11 am to 12:30 pm.                                       possible, the youth visitors should have an
                                                              opportunity to participate for a few minutes to let
4-H groups will perform dance and drama, plus                 them try a new skill; these would not be take-home
individuals, teams, or groups will do demonstrations,         projects. (Example: Latch hook project - leader
public speeches, illustrated talks, instrumental              works on a latch hook project, explains how to do the
solos/ensembles       or      declamations.      (The         hooking, lets interested booth visitor do a few
demonstrations, public speeches, and illustrated talks        squares, and then continues on, or helps next visitor.)
will be critiqued and will count as county-level
demonstrations for project medals and project                 This would be a great opportunity for youth leaders to
honors. See the related demonstration article for             work on a project, explain how it is done, and help
details.)                                                     others learn it. (We would encourage youth leaders
                                                              to save at least 30 minutes of the 2 ½ hour exhibit
If you are interested in performing an instrumental           time to see other exhibits. Maybe you could work as
solo/ensemble AND/OR a declamation, sign-up on                a team with other youth demonstrating the same website by clicking on the               project and taking turns.)
Performance section at the menu on the page and then
click on Performance Sign-Up. Groups may also go              If you are willing to help in this area, please sign-up
to the Performance page to select to sign their group         on-line at (click on Exhibits
up for a dance and/or drama performance.                      clover at the top of the page) or contact Pam
                                                              Poglitsch at or at (262) 951-
ReDISCOVER 4-H Demonstrations                                 8082.
ReDISCOVER 4-H will be providing times for
Demonstrations from 11 am - 1:30 pm.
4-H EVENTS                                                   November 20 at the Chula Vista Resort &
                                                             Conference Center in WI Dells. It's open to 4-H
Showcase – Saturday, February 5, 2011                        youth, in 7th grade and older, from across the state.
Come share all of your talents. Showcase is an               This event is sponsored by Southern Distict
opportunity for kids to play, sing, or dance a musical       Leadership Team members (SDLT). Registration
piece in front of a judge. After the performance, the        deadline is October 22.
judge provides an encouraging and reflective
evaluation. Students receive tips and strategies to          Why should youth attend the 2010 State-Wide 4-H
make their musical performances better. Showcase             Youth Leadership Conference?
also prepares students for upcoming Solo Ensemble                Youth will become re-energized about 4-H!
competitions at their schools.                                   Youth can learn about 4-H opportunities available
Along with the musical performances, students can                to them!
do a DECLAMATION. Students recite a piece of                     Youth will learn new ideas and leadership skills
writing with emphasis on vocal inflection and                    through fun, hands-on        workshops!
expression. Many students choose to perform a                    The chance to meet other older youth from all
Declamation because it helps them grow in                        over the state!
confidence and speaking skills.                                  After the conference, enjoy the indoor water park
                                                                 with your new friends!
DANCE is again being offered at Showcase this year.
                                                                 It's planned by 4-H older youth for 4-H older
If you are taking dance lessons, are in a dancing
                                                        you know it's going to be great!
ensemble, or performed during county fair, please
consider dancing for Showcase. (If there are not                 It's only $47
enough registrations for dance, this category will               Your parent may attend the conference for only
have to be cancelled.)                                           $25 (which covers lunch, but not a water park
BAND JAM! BAND JAM! Do you want to see how
it is to play with a band? Do you want to see how fast       Make this a family outing...your whole family can
a group of talented musicians can play a piece               enjoy an overnight experience at Chula Vista. There
beautifully? Then Band Jam is for you. During the            is a block of rooms, listed under "Southern District
morning of Showcase, students join a other students          4-H Program." for November 19 or 20.
and learn new music, practice in between judging,            The flyer and registration form is at
and perform together after judging is completed. 4-H
members are encouraged to invite their friends to
participate in this event. Band Jam combines young           4-H Art Lab in the Dells
musicians with experienced musicians creating                The 4-H Art Lab is back in the Dells! It will be held
music. (If there are not 15 students signed up by the        January 21-22, 2011, at our State 4-H Environmental
deadline, Band Jam will not be offered.)                     Center, Camp Upham Woods, Wisconsin Dells. The
There‟s no time like the present to start preparing          registration deadline is December 3. The registration
your music, dance, and declamations for this year‟s          fee is $35. 4-H Art Lab is sponsored by 4-H Arts and
Showcase. This year‟s Showcase will be on Saturday,          Communications.
February 5, 2011, at Butler Middle School,                   The mission of the Art Lab is to provide an in-depth
Waukesha, from 8:00 to 11:50 am. Join other 4-H              and focused experience in the “art track” of choice.
performers and share your talents. Duets, groups with        Tracks have been expanded from the traditional
friends (4-H and non 4-H members) are welcome.               communication, music, theatre arts, video, and
There will be refreshments and snacks for the                photography to include other topics such as Culinary
performers throughout the morning.                           Arts, Basketry, Jewelry Design and Production, Tae
Registration deadline is December 10. See your club          Kwon Do, Directing for the Theatre and more! Each
leader or the 4-H website for a registration form            participant will choose one track for the entire          weekend.
If you have any questions, MaryAnn Rauworth 262-             4-H youth and adults will select one of a wide variety
662-2906.                                                    of educational tracks to go “in depth” and explore the
                                                             art form that interests them the most! Participants
4-H Fall Youth Leadership Conference                         will also work together in large groups for team
The 6th Annual State-Wide Fall 4-H Youth                     building and sharing.
Leadership Conference will be held on Saturday,
Why not get a group of youth and adults together               Over the next few issues of the Clover Flyer, we will
from your county for a weekend of fabulous 4-H                 be providing information regarding volunteering in
bonding and ART!                                               the Food Stand areas at the club level, county level,
                                                               and/or committee. We hope to provide clarification
Auditions for the 4-H Showcase Singers will be
                                                               of the different levels of participation and to stir
conducted at 3:00 pm on Saturday, January 22, 2011.
                                                               interest in volunteering. We have a number of
Additional information, a brochure and the                     committee members that will be retiring over the next
registration form are on the 4-H website at                    year or so, and we need new volunteers to step up and                  help out to keep the Food Stand/Kitchen areas up and
                                                               running to provide support for our county 4-H and all
4-H Summer Camp 2011                                           the great programs it provides. Please watch for these
Mark your calendar! 4-H Youth Summer Camp will                 articles in future issues of the Clover Flyer.
be held July 29-August 1. And yes, it really starts on         For more information, you can also stop by and visit
Friday!                                                        our booth at the ReDiscover event on October 9.
Any questions call Mike Rauworth at 262-510-4098               The Waukesha County Fair 4-H Food Stand/Kitchen
or email at                                  Committee

VOLUNTEER INFORMATION                                          ANIMAL SCIENCE
Come & VOLT!
                                                               4-H Dog Training
All new leaders must attend a Volunteer Orientation
                                                               Waukesha County 4-H offers a dog training program
Leader Training (VOLT) before working in 4-H. The
                                                               which begins in March and runs thru the County Fair.
VOLT sessions are scheduled for Tuesday, October
                                                               This training prepares youth for County Fair and the
26, Monday, November 15, Wednesday, January 19
                                                               State Dog Show. Dog obedience training includes
and Thursday, February 17. Please call the 4-H
                                                               Junior Showmanship and Dog Quiz Bowl. Agility
Office at 262-548-7774 to sign up.
                                                               training has been added and is available for those in
                                                               Novice classes and above. Youth entering the State
The Value of Volunteering                                      Dog Show can also train for Team Obedience where a
Hopefully, you all had a wonderful fair experience             team of four youth and four dogs work together.
this year. What makes the 4-H experience at Fair so
great is volunteering. The Fair would not happen               If you would like to take Dog Training as a 4-H
without all those who volunteer to help in all areas -         project, be sure to add 20731 to your enrollment
project judging and check-in, set-up, tear down and            form. If you‟ve already given your leader your form,
clean-up, promotions, and of course, the Fair food             contact them and ask them to add 20731!!
stand areas (Kitchen, Dairy Bar and Action Center).            In January, a registration packet is mailed to all youth
More specifically, volunteering to help in the Food            who sign up for project 20731. Registration forms
Stand/Kitchen is of significant importance as it is one        must be returned to JoAnn Hubacek (not the 4-H
of two major fundraisers for our county 4-H. The               office). Youth are assigned to instructors based on the
profits from the Food Stand areas provide 40% of the           classes they enroll in. An orientation meeting is held
funding for Waukesha County 4-H programs. The                  at the end of February at the Expo Grounds and
clubs also benefit, not only from those county                 training begins in March!!!
programs, but also in that the clubs receive payment           If you have any questions, please contact JoAnn
for each shift worked.                                         Hubacek at 262-251-6768.
We encourage every club, old and new, to volunteer
next year. An email announcement will be sent in the           Youth Sweepstakes offered at Wisconsin
first quarter of 2011 with information regarding the           Sheep & Wool Festival
mandatory fair kitchen meeting. If you are a new               Youth Sweepstakes is an exciting opportunity for
club, or an existing club, that has never worked a shift       youth who participate during the September 10-12
in the Food Stand areas, please contact the Food               Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival at the Jefferson
Stand/Kitchen committee and let us know of your                County Fairgrounds.
interest.         You      can      email    Jean     at                                         Events included are: Educational – Jr. Showmanship,
                                                               Skillathon, Judging Contest, Poster Contest and Lead

Line. Exhibits – Jr. Breeding Sheep and Jr. Market           firsthand look of the department as they tour campus
Lambs.                                                       and facilities and learn of the exciting opportunities
                                                             available to the major. Faculty and current students
For more information and registration, go to
                                                             will be available for questions.
                                                             To RSVP and for more information, download a
Rabbit Hopping Project                                       registration form from the UW Animal Sciences
Rabbit Hopping had another great event this year for         Extension        Youth       Livestock        page
the fair. We celebrated our seventh year in the    
project.                                                     ck/openhouse.cfm. You can also contact Bernie
                                                             O‟Rourke          at       608-263-4304          or
I am very proud of all the kids that took the time to Register early, seats are
come to our practices. You showed a great deal of            limited!!
responsibility and leadership. When you work with
your rabbits, take the time to come to practices and
                                                             Ag Truths not Tails Conference
care for them all year you are a winner no matter
                                                             Mark your calendar for this engaging youth
what happens at the event.
                                                             conference on January 28-29, 2011 at Upham
This year‟s event winners were:                              Woods. Friday night stay is optional. This is for
Over all Straight line Course, Cheyenne Brandt and           youth ages 13 to one year post high school in the
Sarah; Over all Crooked Course, Cheyenne Brandt              project areas of Dairy, Beef, Sheep, Swine and
and Sarah; Straight Line Easy Course 9-11 yrs, 1st           Goats. This is a great opportunity to learn and
place Lauren Demasek and Daisy, 2nd place Jared              practice skills to become the next generation of
Drankus and Fred, 3rd place Rachel Rodrigus and              communicators for Wisconsin‟s Livestock & Dairy
Thunder; Straight Line Easy Course 12-18 yrs, 1st            Industry. Bring a team of youth and parents to these
place Cheyenne Brandt and Honey, 2nd place Sara              interactive, networking sessions that will focus on
Johnson and Tibbitt, 3rd place Markelle Grabo and            Animal Welfare from leaders in the Livestock &
Coraline; Straight Line Medium Course 12-18 yrs,             Dairy Industry. Speakers from UW Extension,
1st place Cheyenne Brandt and Sarah, 2nd place               Validus, World Dairy Expo, National Pork Board and
Kaylee Wolf and Apple Jack, 3rd place Chloe                  others will lead your experience. This is a great
Tompkins and Casey; Crooked Easy Course, 1st                 opportunity for county educational credits. For
place Cheyenne Brandt and Honey, 2nd place Sara              more information visit the conference website at
Johnson and Tibbitt, 3rd place Markelle Grabo and  , contact Bernie
Coraline; Crooked Medium Course, 1st place                   O‟Rourke, Extension Youth Livestock Specialist with
Keylee Wolf and Apple Jack; Team Relay, 1st Place            questions 608-263-4304,
Team: Jared Drankus and Fred, Hannah Rodrigues
and Lightning, Rachel Rodrigues and Thunder; 2nd             ARTS & COMMUNICATION
Place Team: Lydia Kemp and Squirt, Maiya Brandt
and Sarah, Paul Burrie and Edward; 3rd Place Team:           Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival
Kaylee Wolf and Apple Jack, Chloe Tompkins and               Attention:     Knitters, sewers,  rug   hookers,
                                                             photographers, foods project members and anyone
Casey, Markelle Grabo and Moose
                                                             looking for a fun event!
We will be starting our new season in January 2011. I
                                                             The Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival will be held
hope to see all our members back next year along
with many new ones. For more information on the              September 10-12 in Jefferson. It‟s a family weekend,
Rabbit Hopping project keep reading your Clover              full of entertainment and education.
Flyer or contact Donna Towell at 262-392-3553 or             You‟ll see sheep shearing, Border collies in action,                                    yarn by the yard, and wool in every color imaginable.
                                                             There are over 50 Wonders of Wool fiber arts classes
UW Madison Animal Sciences Open House                        and workshops for adults. There are a number of
The University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of            youth activities including a knitting workshop, a
Animal Sciences invites high school students and             spinning workshop, and a felting workshop. There are
transfer students interested in exploring an education       cooking demonstrations, the Make it with Wool Style
in Animal Sciences to an Open House on Tuesday,              show, a photography contest, a hooked rug exhibit,
November 30 from 10 am to 2 pm with a 9:30 am                and so much more. For those in the sheep project, you
registration. Deadline to register is November 23.           can show your market lamb. There are also fun
Prospective students and their parents will gain a
skillathons for youth. Check out the website for              hook for the yarn you picked. The size of the
details:                appropriate tools is on the band of the yarn you
                                                              choose. If you have trouble figuring that out, contact
4-H Public Speaking Program Opportunities                     me. (See below.) If you would like to learn to knit
This announcement is to inform you about some                 with a loom, bring one skein of yarn and we have the
exciting upcoming opportunities with the Waukesha             looms.
County Public Speaking Program.          On October 9,        Current or aspiring knitting and crocheting leaders
the ReDiscover program is offering 4-Hers the                 and youth leaders are also invited to join us. Mentor a
opportunity to give a speech or a demonstration in a          youth new to the craft with no stress of organizing the
project area of their choice. As you may know, in             event. You can also have fun networking with other
order to receive a project medal in 4-H you need to           leaders.
give a judged or critiqued demonstration or a speech
in the project area. This is one opportunity for you to       The meetings will be held in the private dining room
do that. If you would like to sign up to give a speech        (in the University Commons Building) at UW-
or a demonstration please go to the performance               Waukesha at 1500 North University Drive,
section of the ReDiscover 4-H page and click on               Waukesha, WI 53188. For directions go to
“Critiqued Demonstration”. They are trying to add a 
separate field for speeches, but if they have not added       We will usually be meeting on the fourth Saturday of
a “Critiqued Speech” category when you register,              each month from nine to noon from September
please sign up under demonstrations and put a note in         through May (except December). The dates for 2010
the bottom section that you are giving a speech.              are September 25, October 23, and November 20.
Additionally, if you would like to learn the                  Please note that the November meeting is on the
fundamentals of public speaking for such areas as             third Saturday of the month.
speeches, demonstrations and declamations please              We teach a new technique each month for both
sign up for the workshop entitled “Speak Out!” at             knitting and crocheting and the pattern and materials
ReDiscover 4-H on October 9 from 1:30 pm to 3:30              are published through our e-mail group. If you would
pm. We will have a live interactive program where             like to get e-mails concerning the knitting and
everyone will have the opportunity to practice their          crocheting meetings and what we are up to, please
speaking skills with the group. By the time you go            contact me. (See below.) Our group is also now on
home that day you will have actually given an                 Ravelry which gives you access to our lending library
impromptu speech and demonstration. This program              and projects we will be doing and projects we have
is a great introduction course for beginners but also         done in the past.
will offer experienced speakers a chance to get some
great feedback and polish their skills. If anyone has         Contact Debi Marheine at 262-542-1253               or
other questions about the program please contact     for any questions.
Dawn Krautkramer at the email address listed below.
                                                              Helping Others by Knitting/Crocheting
Finally, if you are a 4-H Club Leader and you would           Last year‟s our knitters and crocheters made 33
like your club to receive some additional education           squares for Warm-Up America. Warm Up America is
on the Waukesha County Public Speaking Program,               an organization made up of volunteers who create
please      contact     Dawn      Krautkramer     at          handmade afghan blankets, clothing, and accessories . Dawn is the Key Leader               to help those in need. We will again be making
for Speaking and Demonstrations in Waukesha                   knitted and crocheted items for Warm Up America
County and would be happy to come out to your                 this year. The beauty of this project is for those new
clubs and work with your kids to learn more about             to knitting and crocheting you just need to create a 7”
public speaking.                                              by 9” square and other volunteers sew the squares
                                                              together to make afghans. For more information, go
County-wide Knitting/Crocheting Meetings                      to
Monthly meetings will be held for youth interested in
starting to knit and crochet as well as experienced           For the experienced knitters and crocheters, Shawls
knitters and crocheters. Parents are welcome to attend        for Persons in Need will be a welcome, interesting
and learn with their child(ren). Bring your current           project. There are four different patterns for
knitting and crocheting project or, for first-timers,         crocheting as well as knitting. These shawls will be
buy a skein of yarn that you love and buy the                 going to people in need. This is a project that is co-
appropriate straight needles (for knitting) or crochet

sponsored by Lion Brand Yarn Company. Go to                  MECHANICAL SCIENCES to learn more.
More information and patterns will be available at the       The meetings are held at Greenfield News & Hobby.
county-wide monthly knitting and crocheting                  The next meeting is on September 11 at 10 am. If you
meetings or by contacting Debi Marheine at 262-542-          are interested in joining Modelclub, please contact
1253 or                                 Michael Luedke at
County-wide Quilting Workshops                               Model Rocketry
There will be county-wide quilting project meetings          This year‟s fair rocket launch took place at a new
held from nine to noon usually on the second                 location. It was held at the Halquist Stone on Lisbon
Saturday of each month from September through                Road in Sussex. This year brought some “new”
May. All meetings will be held in the private dining         challenges for the launch. The sun was out but there
room in the commons building at UW-Waukesha,                 was a fair breeze out of the West for launching
1500 North University Drive, Waukesha 53188. For             rockets. In addition to that, the field we were using
directions go to           had not been cut, so we had to deal with about 3 foot
Come when you can and leave when you must. The               tall grass. There were 27 members who showed up
meetings will provide help with all phases of a              for the launch. Despite the “grass” issue, and with
quilting project regardless of the level of experience       the help of many parents and members, every one had
of the member.                                               a great time, there were only a couple of rockets with
Current or aspiring quilting leaders and youth leaders       minor damage, and we never lost a rocket. After all
are also invited to join us. Mentor a youth new to the       of the judging was finished, there were a couple of
craft with no stress of organizing the event. You can        youth and adults who stayed and launched a couple of
also have fun networking with other leaders.                 rockets.
The dates for 2010 are September 18, October 2,              This year‟s winners were Blaze Holmes for Seniors
November 13, and December 11. Please note that               and Breck Heller for Juniors. I would like to thank
the September meeting is on the 3rd Saturday and             Mary Ann Gordon for handling the registrations,
the October meeting will be held on the 1st                  Dave DeRemer our Judge, Luann Ladwig for helping
Saturday.                                                    with the pictures, Mary Ann Burrie for helping get to
                                                             get spotters, and again the many adults and 4-H
This year we will be teaching paper piecing to new           members who were in the field as spotters so we
and intermediate quilting members. We teach a new            didn‟t loose a single rocket
technique each month and planned topics are
published through our e-mail group. If you would like        Questions or for more information contact Flash
to get e-mails concerning the quilting meetings and          Gordon       at   262-544-0405    or     e-mail
what we are up to, please contact me.              
If you have any questions, please contact Debi
Marheine at or 262-542-1253.             NATURAL SCIENCES
                                                             Shooting Sports
Quilting and Community Service                               Reminder, each 4-H member involved in the shooting
Last year, our quilting members made 9 baby quilts           Sports Program MUST fill out both the Waiver/Code
for Project Linus in cooperation with the generosity         of conduct AND the Medical Consent forms each 4-H
of Pamella's Place quilting shop in Genesee Depot.           year – which means a new form as of September 1!
Project Linus is a community service opportunity to          They are found on the Waukesha County 4-H web
make quilts for children who are less fortunate or in        site, click on the “4-H Forms” tab, then go to
crisis. During the first two meeting of the year,            Shooting Sports. The forms can be printed on both
members and leaders will be deciding what                    sides of one sheet of paper. Please send all forms to:
community service project we will be supporting this         Flash Gordon, 1115 Millwood Avenue, Waukesha,
year. Please join us to make this important decision.        WI 53188-4919. All information will remain
If interested in joining us in this year's community         confidential! I will also have forms available that can
service project, contact Debi Marheine at                    be filled out at the practices. or 262-542-1253.                         For clarification, members MUST BE AT LEAST 12
                                                             YEARS OLD to participate in doing any actual
                                                             shooting of any POWDER BURNING FIREARMS,
i.e. .22 Rifle, Shotgun, or Muzzleloading, for archery,          ice cream social for residents. "June Dairy Month"
air rifle and air pistol, you just need to be a 4-H              was acknowledged with a poster contest. Posters
member. These are both state 4-H and national 4-H                were awarded as follows: Mary Ellen Pawley 1st,
guidelines.                                                      Charlie DeCloux 2nd, Kerianne Pawley 3rd, and
                                                                 Danielle DeCloux 4th.
Rifle / Air Pistol
Practices for both .22 rifle, .177 air rifle and .177 air        Kerianne Pawley and Nicolas Bast attended the
pistol will be beginning this fall, in October and               Wisconsin 4-H and Youth Conference in Madison.
running to April. They will be on Monday nights, at              Club awards at County Fair:        Ashley Behnke
the indoor range at Hillcrest Park (the old Nike Site)           received Grand Champion for Model Trains; State
on Davidson Road. Depending on the numbers, we                   Fair for Jewelry and Clothing; 2 Merits for Foods.
may ask members to do alternate weeks to give                    Mitchell Behnke received State Fair for Model
everyone a chance to practice. Cost is $2.00 and you             Trains. Kerianne Pawley received a Merit for
need to bring your own equipment, NO RENTALS                     Clothing and Quilters' Guild Award for Home
AVAILABLE! Stay tuned for more information on                    Environment.     Nicolas Bast received Grand
the exact starting date!                                         Champion for Painting & Drawing; Grand Champion
Shooting Sports Leaders                                          and Merit for Music; "Best Figure Award" for Scale
REMINDER: All adult leaders must sign up each                    Models. Ethan Hebbe received Grand Champion for
year, in each discipline they will be involved in. This          Rabbit Vet Science.
is required for insurance coverage as well as State and          Minooka 4-H Club
National 4-H requirements.                                       Minooka 4-H is excited to start another 4-H year with
Calling all adults interested in becoming instructors.           their annual ice cream social and project display.
Because of member and adult non-renewals, I have                 Congratulations to members on the club's
lost some “Certified Instructors” in the shooting                herdsmanship awards: Swine 1st, Sheep 3rd, Goats
sports program, in particular in the rifle and archery           3rd.
areas. I am looking for adults who would be                      Muckey 4-H Club
interested in becoming certified instructors in any of           In June the Muckey 4-H club had a group picnic. The
the areas. Note: Due to changes at the State level,              club also went to Mt. Olympus Water Park and
only two certification classes will be held in 2010 and          enjoyed themselves thoroughly there.
2011, one in the spring and one in the fall.
                                                                 In July club members worked in the fair kitchen for
The fall 4-H Shooting Sports Certification workshop              two shifts. Members also performed their signature
will be held at the Eau Claire Rod and Gun Club on               clogging dances at the County Fair. The cloggers and
October 15 & 16, 2010. The workshop is for adults                the club‟s drama group were selected to perform at
wanting to be certified in Archery, Coordinator,                 State Fair in August. Presenting at State Fair was an
Muzzleloader, Pistol/Air Pistol, Rifle/Air Rifle or              excellent closing to the 4-H year and members are
Shotgun.      For    more     information   go   to              now planning exciting new things for the up coming                year.
CertificationTraining.cfm The cost of the course is
$70.                                                             Prairie Pioneers 4-H club
                                                                 Prairie Pioneers had a busy past few months. The
Without enough certified instructors, the                        June meeting activity was replaced with a pot luck
programs cannot continue and the youth lose out.                 and a rented jump house. The jump house was great
Questions or for more information contact Flash                  fun and everyone brought a dish to pass. In July
Gordon     at    262-544-0405     or     e-mail                  during the fair Prairie Pioneers worked in the Dairy                                      Bar on Thursday, on Friday, the Kitchen and the
                                                                 activity tent. There was a wonderful turnout in spite
CLUB NEWS                                                        of the rain and bad weather. The club‟s next meeting
                                                                 will be on August 19.
This section highlights what is happening in your 4-H
Club. To be included in the Club News, please send               Washington 4-H Club
                                                                 Rosemary Hassenfeldt,              long time club
your minutes or Club Newsletter to Maria Habib.
                                                                 organizational leader, retired from volunteering for
Falls Busy Beavers News                                          4-H and has passed the leadership of Washington
Falls Busy Beavers' June meeting was at Northfield               club to Barb Jones. Barb‟s connections to the club go
Manor Nursing Home in Menomonee Falls hosting an                 back to its very beginning, as her Grandmother Leona
Jacobson was the founder of the club and general                  Consider „adopting‟ a vendor or two at State Fair
leader for 55 years.                                              and working with them to develop and implement
The August meeting is a Pot luck picnic; members                  an action plan for recycling (They are in dire
bring a dish to pass while the club provides hot dogs,            need of help in this matter).
buns and drink. The pot luck serves as a farewell to              Research rain gardens and rain barrels (a good
graduating members and a celebration of the past 4-H              place              to           start             is
                                                                  ments/rgmanual.pdf). You can build a rain garden
West Vernon 4-H Club                                              in your home, your library, school or church. An
This year at the fair the West Vernon club had a great            established rain garden that needs some
time working the Dairy Booth on Wednesday, the                    volunteers to care for it is on the Expo Center
opening day of the Fair. It was very busy and                     grounds. Native plants are available to
members and leaders worked very hard. Working in                  homeowners through the Graham Martin
the dairy bar is always wonderful and a great learning            Foundation Rain Garden Grant program and can
experience. This year the club celebrated its 75th year           be ordered through Waukesha County
and members wore their commemorative shirts at the                (
Fair.                                                             pMetaId=15012&id=22924). Waukesha County
                                                                  now has rain barrels available at Retzer Nature
SPECIAL EMPHASIS 2010-2011                                        Center located at S14 W28167 Madison Street,
Growing Green With 4-H                                            Waukesha. The deadline for ordering the Prairie
Waukesha County‟s youth chose the Special                         plants is January 31.
Emphasis theme, Growing Green with 4-H, for 2010-                 Research composting and present results at a club
2011 through an internet poll. Thank you to all the               meeting. Promote composting among club
4-H youth who participated! The names of the youth                members. Resources are available through the
who voted for the winning theme were put forward                  Waukesha County Departments of Parks & Land
for a prize drawing. Sam Zandi of the Brookfield                  Use, Division of Recycling & Solid Waste.
Blazers won the $10 gift card.                                    Organize a drive to obtain building materials for
More and more people are beginning to realize the                 Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity
importance of environmental stewardship. The theme                ( ) has a center
for the June 2010 Wisconsin 4-H & Youth                           located in Waukesha that is open for donations of
Conference, “We‟ve always been green,” refers to the              usable appliances and construction materials.
fact that 4-H, through its environmental education                Participate in the Storm Drain Stenciling Program
programs, has always promoted proper use of the                   of Waukesha County. Contact Maria at
world‟s natural resources.                              
Exciting things you can do within the environmental               The Nu Genesis Farm is an organic farm focused
theme:                                                            on growing foods with the strongest disease
                                                                  prevention properties, making them widely
    Arrange a club visit to the Waukesha County                   available, conducting research to support this, and
    MRF (Material Recycling Facility).                            teaching the public how to incorporate these
    Develop a club plan to promote recycling among                foods into their daily lives. Check out volunteer
    members‟ families.                                            opportunities at
    Obtain free re-cycling bins from your local                   or call Peggy at 414-801-4955.
    municipality and distribute among members                     Participate in Earth Science Week, Oct 10-16. Go
    along with recycling information.                             to for information
    Investigate club or family use of materials.                  and activities.
    Develop and help implement a plan to reduce
    waste for club, family, church and county events.          4-H FUNDRAISERS
    Investigate the recycling program in your local            McDonald’s Receipts
    church and/or school. Propose and help                     Keep on saving and collecting your receipts from
    implement changes.                                         McDonalds. They can be turned in to the 4-H office
    Participate     in    Ozone      Action     Days           or to your club leader. Look for the Ronald
    ( ).                        McDonald box and display at the ReDiscover 4-H.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me,          MORE OPPORTUNITIES
Mary Ann Gordon, at
                                                             American Red Cross Babysitting Course
Pick ‘n Save Cares Program                                   Available to 4-H Youth
The Waukesha County 4-H program was approved to              Want to earn money babysitting? Take the American
participate in the Pick „n Save Cares program in             Red Cross Babysitting Course and become a certified
1999. Just a reminder to verify that Waukesha County         babysitter! The class is $58.00 for 4-H youth and
4-H is your designated agency. This will ensure that         $70.00 for non-4-H youth. Interested? Contact
we continue to get funds from this Roundy‟s                  Michelle M. Gonzalez, 4-H Program Coordinator,
program. Our number is 918500.                               Milwaukee County UW-Cooperative Extension,
                                                             (414)256-4626 or
Endowment Fund
There have been some questions as to what and why            Green Thumb Challenge
we have an Endowment Fund. We hope the                       Green Education Foundation has launched the “Green
following will help you understand what we are               Thumb Challenge”, mobilizing schools and youth
trying to accomplish with our Endowment Fund.                groups nationwide to plant 10,000 gardens in 2010
                                                             with the aim of connecting kids to the healthy
The Waukesha County 4-H Endowment Fund is                    benefits of gardening. For more information, visit:
organized and operated for the exclusive purpose of
providing long-term financial support for 4-H                option=com_content&view=section&layout=blog&id
activities in Waukesha County. Your contribution             =22&Itemid=289
will not only be used to enrich and expand current
4-H activities but also develop new 4-H programs
                                                             Trash to Treasure
within Waukesha County.
                                                             PBS Design Squad Trash to Treasure Contest Turn
The Endowment Fund supports: Educational                     your trash into treasure and be on TV! Recycle, reuse,
resources and program materials; Youth and Leader            and re-engineer everyday materials into an out-of-the
training; Youth scholarships to leadership                   box invention. For more information, visit:
development programs such as State 4-H Youth       
Conference, Citizenship Washington Focus, National
4-H Congress and National 4-H Conference; Awards             Engineering Poster Contest
and college scholarships to recognize 4-H                    “Civil Engineering” is the theme for the EESC‟s Fall
achievement; summer camp.                                    2010 poster contest. Posters should be fun,
How the Fund Works. The Waukesha County 4-H                  motivational and inspire students to pursue a degree
Endowment Fund can accept gifts and donations to             in engineering, technology, math and/or science.
the Waukesha County 4-H program. The goal of this            Civil engineers enjoy being able to choose from many
fund is to distribute earnings to the Waukesha County        specialties within their discipline, such as
4-H Leader‟s Association. The Trust Board is                 environmental         engineering,       transportation
authorized on an annual basis to distribute up to 75%        engineering, structural engineering, geotechnical
of the income of the Trust for the calendar year. The        engineering, or water/wastewater management. They
Trust Board is instructed to retain all capital gains        can work for NASA building the infrastructure for
recognized until such time as the trust reaches              space exploration or in the middle of the ocean
$50,000. We are currently around $35,000.                    installing a wind turbine. They make sure things stay
Who can contribute? Anyone can contribute. Gifts of          strong and stay put, they make sure things move
any size are welcome and appreciated. As a 501 (c) 3         along nicely, they design places that people like, and
non-profit organization, your gift to the Waukesha           they keep it all clean. Civil engineering is one of the
County 4-H Endowment Fund is fully tax deductible.           oldest and largest branches of engineering.
Cash gifts as well as gifts of stock, real estate and        Contest deadline is November 3. For a flyer go to
land are acceptable.                               
Your gift can be a memorial or a bequest, or can be          Fall10.pdf to enter the contest go to
made in honor or in remembrance of a special person,
event, or occasion. All gifts will be acknowledged to        Winners will be notified by November 10. View the
the honoree or family of the memorialized as                 2005-2009        winning        posters        here:

                 Get Involved in

         Saturday, October 9, 2010
        Take a Workshop or two
         Lead a Project Workshop
          Do a Demonstration or speech
           Perform a musical solo or ensemble
            Dance as an ensemble or solo
             Perform a clown skit
              Showcase a curtain call skit
               Have an exhibit for your club,
                committee, project, or activity
                 Help advertise the event
                  Bring friends!!!

For more information about getting involved, find us
online at