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Special Section on Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Technology


									Call for Papers

 Special Section on Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Technology
  The IEICE (Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers) Transactions on Electronics
announces a forthcoming special section on "Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Technology" to be published in
September 2007.

   With the recent and rapid growth of wireless applications (3G cellular, wireless LAN, ETC system, millimeter-wave
radar), there are increasing demands of high performance/small size/low cost microwave and millimeter devices/
circuits/components/sub-systems for existing and next generation wireless systems. The purpose of this Special
Section is to publish and stimulate the latest researches and developments in this technical field.

1. Scope
   Contributions are solicited in the following topics, but are not limited to:
          Active Devices and Circuits (Low-Noise Devices and Circuits, High-Power Devices and Circuits, Control Circuits, MMICs
          and HMICs, Silicon RF Devices and Circuits, High-Speed Digital Circuits)
          Passive Components (Filters and Resonators, Ferrite and Surface Wave Components, Packaging Techniques, Passive
          Devices and Circuits, Wavequides and Striplines, Microwave Superconductivity, WDM Components, RF-MEMS, LTCC Devices)
          Systems (Wireless Systems, Optical Fiber Systems, Microwave Applications(ITS, SPS), Microwave Medical & Biological
          Applications, EMC, Millimeter-Wave Radar and Sensor, Microwave Photonics, Measurement Techniques)
          Antenna and Propagation (Scattering and Propagation, Electromagnetic Field Theory and CAD, Antenna Theory,
          Microwave Antennas, Antenna Systems (Phased Array, Active and Adaptive Antennas, MIMO Systems))

2. Submission Instructions
   The deadline for submission is January 31, 2007. This special section will accept only papers by electronic
submission. Prospective authors are requested to follow carefully the submission process described bellow.
(1) Submit a paper using the IEICE Web site The acceptable format of the file is
     PDF file. Authors should choose the [Special-EC] Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Technology as a "Type of
     Issue (Section)/Category of Transactions" on the online screen. DO NOT CHOOSE [Regular-EC].
(2) Send "One copy of the printed manuscript including figures and tables", "Copyright Transfer and Page Charge
     Agreement" and "Confirmation Sheet of Manuscript Registration" to

          Noriharu Suematsu
             Electro-Opt & Microwave Electronics Tech. Dept.,
             Info. Tech. R&D Center, Mitsubishi Electric Corp.
             5-1-1 Ofuna, Kamakura, Kanagawa 247-8501, Japan
             tel: +81-467-41-2544, fax: +81-467-41-2519, e-mail:
     by postal mail. (NOT by FAX or E-mail). Please do not forget to send "Copyright Transfer and Page Charge
     Agreement" and "Confirmation Sheet of Manuscript Registration". We cannot start the review process without
     them, even if we receive the manuscript.

3. Special Section Editorial Committee
   Guest Editor:    Kiyomichi Araki (Tokyo Inst. of Technology)
   Secretary:       Masahiro Muraguchi (Tokyo Univ. of Science), Noriharu Suematsu (Mitsubishi Electric)
   Guest Associate Editors: Koichi Ito (Chiba Univ.), Naoko Ono (Toshiba),
                    Kazuo Sato (Toyota Central R&D Labs.), Satoshi Tanaka (Hitachi), Mikio Tsuji (Doshisha Univ.),
                    Tsuneo Tokumitsu (Eudyna Devices), Kiyoshi Hamaguchi (NICT), Tetsuou Ma (Saitama Univ.),
                    Toru Maniwa (Fujitsu Lab.), Moriyasu Miyazaki (Mitsubishi Electric), Keren Li (NICT)
                    Ryo Yamaguchi (NTT DoCoMo), Yoshihide Yamada (National Defense Academy)

* Please note that if accepted, all authors, including authors of invited paper, are requested to pay for the page charges
 covering partial cost of publications. Authors will receive 50 copies of reprints.
*At least one of the authors must be an IEICE member when the manuscript is submitted for review. Invited papers are
 an exception. We recommend that authors unaffiliated with IEICE apply for membership. For membership
 applications, please visit the web-page,

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