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A Semi-Annual Publication of Nightlight Christian Adoptions                                   Fall 2010

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   A Quarterly Publication of Nightlight Christian Adoptions                                                                      Fall 2010

Daniel to parents Bradley and Noelle of California • Isabella to parents Thomas and Peggy of North
Carolina • Dimitry to parents Ronny and Tonya of Kentucky • Michael and Dasha to parents Rob and
April of California • Christian Chuan to parents Otto and Julie of California • Angela to parents David and
Diane of New Jersey • Louis En-Guo to parents Christopher and Melissa of Texas • Kelsey to parents
Edward and Valerie of California • Nikki to parents Galen and Robin of Kansas • Elijah to parents Shawn
                                                                                        and Kristen of
                                                                                                                    Above: Kelsey & Family

                                            and Jacob Titus were born to Joey
 SNOWFLAKE                                                                              North Carolina •

                                            & Melissa, and Cade Judah was
                                                                                        Scott to parents
 By Megan Fabian                            born to Michael & Christy.
                                                                                        John and Kirby of

                                            Welcome home!
                                                                                        South Carolina •
 We celebrate with 14 happy                                                             Kurtis Chia-An to
 Snowflakes families who joyfully           To the parents who chose to                 parents Timothy and
 welcomed their babies recently. In         entrust their embryos to a loving           Theresa of New
 January, Trent Cole was born to            adopting family, your choice to             York • Solomon to
 Steve & Christy, and Caleb Joshua follow your love for these lives                     Paul and Stacy of
 was born to Dave & Deb. In April,          instead of your fear of the unknown California • Sasha to                   Above: Haile

 Faith Kathleen was born to Dan &           has brought the joy of family to so         parents Josh and
 Jamie, and Naomi Grace was born many lives. You are these                              Julie of South
 to Ron & Linda. In June, Makenna children’s heroes. Thank you.
 Lee was born to Brad & Laura,
                                                                                        Carolina • Nahom

 Meredith Liesel was born to Noel & Nearly every day we receive a call
                                                                                        to parents Michael

 Anne, Elisabeth Olivia Reiko and           or two from parents of embryos
                                                                                        and Jamie of South

 Thomas Josiah Gideon were born             hoping to place them with a loving
                                                                                        Carolina • Haile to

 to Tom & Lisa, and Thomas James family. God calls each family to
                                                                                        parents George and

 was born to Jamie & Elizabeth. In          adoption for a special reason and if
                                                                                        Diana • Redeit to

 July, Camila Joy was born to Bryan your heart feels pulled to
                                                                                                                   Above: Solomon & Family
                                                                                        parents Kevin and

 & Tracey, Cora Rose and Robert             unconditionally love and care for
                                                                                        Sharla of Kentucky •

 McDowell (“Mac”) were born to              these special lives, we would be
                                                                                        Dawit and Terefech to parents Mark and Dawn of

 Bryan & Andrea, and Shelby Ruth            honored to serve you through your
                                                                                        Oklahoma • Mussie and Teketel to parents Jason

 was born to Andrew & Carolyn. In           embryo adoption process.                    and Cara of Louisiana.
 August, Noah Benjamin was born             God Bless!
 to Jeff & Heather, Joshua Canaan
                                                                                                                      FROM THE
                                             NEW DOMESTIC ARRIVALS                                                    DIRECTOR
                                             We also welcome home the following                                        It would be nice if
                                             babies who were adopted through our                                       there was a way
                                             Domestic Adoption program and were                                        we could
                                             delivered into the waiting arms of their                                  demonstrate to
                                             proud parents.                                                            our children how
                                                                                                 fast time really passes when you get
   Above: Peyton Hope   Above: Daisy Marie
                                                                                                 older. When you are 14, you think
  CHILD                          DATE OF BIRTH            PROUD PARENTS                          time crawls at a snail’s pace as you
  Daisy Marie                    January 12, 2010         David and Denise Field                 wait for such momentous milestones
  Cooper Bryson                  July 30, 2010            Hank and Holly McClurg
                                                                                                 as getting your driver’s license,
                                                                                                 graduating from high school, hearing
  Peyton Hope                    February 18, 2010        David and Lisa Nazaryk                                        (continued on page 2)
FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR (continued from page 1)
from that special friend who has ignored   Did you know that the other 99% of            But the truth is a powerful tool when we
you for more than an hour and, of          children are more likely to drop out of       share a few uncontroverted facts: (1) over
course, being able to make all of your     school, be involved in drug or alcohol        80 treatments and cures have been found
own decisions without your parents’        abuse and end up in jail? Nightlight is       using “adult” stem cells; (2) no treatments
interference. Then comes early             sponsoring the development of a youth         or cures have been found using
adulthood, followed by middle age,         group curriculum called Adopt: The            embryonic stem cells; (3) it is now
followed by late middle age, followed by   Option which will be available to youth       possible to extract embryonic stem cells
later middle age, followed by …. early     groups in October. We hope to help            without destroying the embryo; and (4)
post-middle age and .. well let’s stop     educate young people about adoption as a      pluripotent stem cells (the big argument
there. My point? The year 2010 is flying   loving and courageous decision for a          for why embryonic stem cells are needed)
by and there is still so much to do.       woman facing an unplanned pregnancy.          can now be developed from cord blood
                                                                                         and other adult tissue. But the truth did
At the risk of missing one of the          International adoptions continue to drop      not stop the flow of hate mail last month
significant events, let me just scan the   as a result of political factors around the   when Nightlight’s role in stopping Federal
peaks and valleys of the year – so far.    world, fueled in many countries by            funding of embryonic stem cell research
                                           UNICEF’s behind the scenes efforts.           was announced. We are grateful that
The number of domestic adoptions seems     Under the banner of stopping corruption       God has been able to use us in this life
to be increasing, perhaps because of the   in adoptions, an increasing number of the     saving role, primarily through the
bad economy. Did you know that less        143 million orphans in the world are          reputation we have developed with our
than 1% of babies born to single women     denied permanent homes. But Nightlight        Snowflakes embryo adoption program.
(not counting those who do not survive     continues to fight the good fight on          We will always be one voice that speaks
the pregnancy) are placed for adoption?    behalf of waiting children while sharing      up for the protection of all life, whether
                                             the frustrations of the waiting families.   an embryo, a pre-born baby, an infant
                                             It should never be about money, but         needing a loving home or the 143 million
FAMILY ALBUM STAFF                           unfortunately many of the families with     orphans around the world. It is not an
                                             the biggest hearts have fewer financial     either/or decision as to which life should
Ronald L. Stoddart
                                             resources. We would like to have a half     be protected, but our best effort to stand

  Executive Director
                                             million dollars to begin offering $5,000    up for all life.

                                             matching grants to families adopting
                                             older (10+) and special needs children.     In 1992, after 8 years of practicing

Kathryn Deiters
                                             We already have the lowest program          domestic adoption law, I went to Russia
                                             fees for older children from Russia, but    and my life was changed. God put a
  Director of Administration &               we’re stretched thin on our support         passion for older children in my heart
  Marketing                                  budget. (Know any corporations which        that remains today. One of my favorite
  Editor of the Family Album                 would like to support a good cause?)        daily activities is to scan my Facebook
  Email:              By the way, our tour of children from       page and see how so many of the children
                                             Russia and Taiwan this year was very        adopted from Russia are doing now that
Rhonda Jarema                                successful. In addition to California,      they have grown into young adults. In
  Director of Family Support Services
                                             the Russian children also visited           late October, I will be traveling to
                                             Colorado where three of them may            Uganda with our agency mission team to
                                             already have permanent homes awaiting       visit and work at the Tender Hearts Baby
Victory Allan                                them.                                       Home that we sponsor. Like many
  Director of Social Work
                                                                                         friends who have already visited Africa, I
                                            The last week of August was a big week       expect God to once again change my life.
                                            for advocates of life. Nightlight is one     So even though time is passing by at the
                                            of several plaintiffs who filed a lawsuit    speed of light, you are never too old to be
                                            against the Federal government to stop       used of God. Go to our web site and
Nightlight Christian Adoptions
4430 E. Miraloma Ave., Suite B
                                            Federal funding of embryonic stem cell       search for a way that you can be a part of

Anaheim Hills, California 92807
                                            research which destroys human                God’s work at Nightlight.
                                            embryos. The argument isn’t over when
P: 714.693.KIDS (5437)
                                            life begins, but when it is deserving of
F: 714.693.5438
                                            protection. We are a lonely voice
                                            among adoption agencies who do not
                                            want to be involved in anything as           Ron Stoddart                          controversial as stem cell research.

SUMMER TOURS                                                            2011 GALA
                                                   The 2010             MARCH 12, 2011
                                                   tour was a           THE MERIDIAN CLUB, FULLERTON

                                                                                                                 We would like to
                                                                                                                 invite all of you to
                                                                                                                 join us at the
                                                                                                                 beautiful Meridian
                                                   from Russia                                                   Club for our Annual
                                                   and Taiwan                                                    Gala on Saturday,
                                                   had a                                                         March 12, 2011.
                                                   wonderful                                                     We are going to
time with their families in Southern California and the Russia                                                   have a spectacular
                                                                        auction, great speakers, and wonderful food. If you’d like
                                                                        to register online, just go to our web site, to
children went on to Colorado for a week as well. The kids

went to the beach, Disneyland, enjoyed the summer reunion
and were able to perform at several churches in Southern
California and Colorado.
                                                                        And if you’d like to support the Gala ahead of time, we
                                                                        would greatly appreciate donations for our auction—
Please let us know if you would be interested in supporting the
                                                                        vacations, sports equipment, tools, children’s toys,
2011 Tour. Would you like to be a host parent? Are you
                                                                        certificates for hair salons, dinners and other services.
willing to help raise financial support for the tour? Please
contact Kathryn Deiters at (714) 693-5437 or                            Just call to let us know you have something to donate,                                                 (714) 693-5437. You may ask for Kathryn.

                              SUMMER FUN AT
                             THE REUNIONS AT
                                ALL THREE

                                                                  ADOPTEES BEACH PARTY
                                                                  There was a wonderful turnout of kids at the Beach Party last
                                                                  month. Kids who hadn’t seen each other in 10 years were able
                                                                  to catch up and look forward to getting together soon. We’re
                                                                  hoping that several of you will come to the Fullerton Ruby’s on
                                                                  Saturday, October 16th at 3:00. Liana Gabler will be there and
                                                                  several others. If you’d like more information you may call the
                                                                  Nightlight office and ask for Kathryn or contact Liana on

                                           ORPHAN SUNDAY
                                           NOVEMBER 7, 2010

                                           On Orphan Sunday, churches around the country and beyond will celebrate
                                           the love of the God who “places the lonely in families” (Psalm 68:6) and
                                           calls us to do the same. Ultimately, Orphan Sunday seeks to make the
                                           Gospel visible as Christians explore and respond to God’s heart for the
                                           orphan in adoption, foster care, and global orphan ministry.

                                           Ask your church if they will be holding an event on November 7th. Offer to
                                           have an information table after or between services that Sunday to raise
                                           awareness of the need to help orphans worldwide. There are resources on
                                           the internet at and we will be happy to provide you
                                           with resources. Please contact Laura Godwin ( for
                                           more information.

                                                We adopted our daughter last year             with God changed dramatically this year,
                                                through the China Special Needs               and I cringe at the thought that I could
IS THERE EXTRA ROOM                             program. The term “Special Needs” is          have gone through life ignorant of how
                                                scary. I pictured a child who would live      much He loves me. I just didn’t realize
IN YOUR HEART?                                  with us for the rest of our lives…a child took 35 years and my daughter’s
There are lots and lots of children around      that needs constant care…a child that         adoption to realize the depth of God’s
the world, waiting for a family to call their   needs more patience than I may have. I        love for me.
own. Nightlight has been helping children       didn’t feel like I could be the parent that
                                                a special needs child requires. Originally    Is adoption smooth sailing? No. Does
here in the US and abroad for over 50                                                         an adopted child have different needs?
years now. Some of the parents knew that        we were on the list for a non-special-
                                                needs child, but changed to the Special       Yes. Does a special needs adopted child
they were adopting a child with a need for                                                    have different needs? Yes. Is it scary?
a little extra care or who might need           Needs program when we realized that
                                                “special needs” encompassed many              Yes and no. Do you have a support
surgery. Another family thought they were                                                     system at Nightlight? YES! Will you
adopting a non-special needs child and          different needs… some needs that do
                                                require much more than I could give, but      grow into the parent that God wants for
later learned that she had cerebral palsy.                                                    you to be? Yes. If you have any
But all of these families know their            other needs that have been corrected or
                                                could be corrected through surgery here       questions about special needs adoption,
children have been a blessing to their                                                        please don’t hesitate to contact
families and would love for more people to      in the U.S. You can do a little research
                                                and decide what you feel you might be         Nightlight; they’ll be happy to answer
step forward and adopt waiting children.                                                      your questions and I’ll be happy to talk
There are about 2,000 waiting children in       able to handle.
                                                                                              to you as well. I’d love to introduce you
China right now. China is recognizing the       Adopting Aaselia has been life changing       to our daughter and show you how
need for more families for these waiting        for us. Her medical needs take all of 5       simple a special needs adoption really can
children and has begun a new program            minutes a day…she acts just like a            be.
they are calling their “Special Focus           normal 2 year old and no one realizes
Children”. These are children who have          that we have adopted a special needs          A Surprise…
been on the Waiting Child list for 2 months     child. I’ve come to realize through her
or more. If a couple selects a child from       adoption just how much God loves me!          Just a couple of hours after adopting our
this list, they will have 6 months to get       After all, I’ve been adopted by my            daughter we realized that she had some
their paperwork ready (instead of the usual     heavenly Father. Was He looking for a         very special needs (we would later come
3 months). As with any Waiting Child,           “perfect” child? Nope. He adopted a           to learn that she had probably suffered a
you will receive updated medical reports        special needs child. I am far from            stroke, either before or shortly after
and photos while you are waiting to             perfect…ugly on the inside and I need a       birth, resulting in cerebral palsy). At 17
complete the process. Families are usually      LOT of work, yet God loves me                 months, she was acting more like a 6
able to complete their adoption within a        unconditionally. When I look at Aaselia       month old. The worst went through my
year.                                           and see how much I love her, regardless       head. She would never walk, feed
                                                of the extra doctor appointments I may        herself, or have any independence of her
Let’s hear from three families who would                                                      own. Our older daughter, waiting for us
like to share their experiences…                have, I can only imagine how much
                                                more God loves me. My relationship                                    (continued on page 5)
 TENDER HEARTS                                                     you would like your donation to go to Uganda Baby Home.
 OUR                                                               We are also sending people over on Mission Trips throughout
 ORPHANAGE                                                         the year. The first group is leaving on October 22nd. If you
 IN UGANDA                                                         would like to go on a future trip, please let us know. Those
                                                                     traveling will be helping with projects around the
 Lives are being                                                     orphanage and caring for the children in Tender Hearts’
 transformed at                                                      care. For more information, please visit our web site or call
 Nightlight’s new                                                    our office.
 orphanage in Uganda, Tender Hearts.
 Chris is a prime example. Just a short
 while ago Chris was found in an                                 A SNOWFLAKES JOURNEY
 abandoned house with his ailing
                                                                 JASON AND KELLIE’S STORY, PART 1
 grandmother. Because she was dying
 and could no longer care for the 2-year old little boy she       Jason and Kellie knew that they wanted to adopt, even
 asked the authorities to take care of him. They placed Chris     before they had their two sons. When their first son was
 with Tender Hearts on July 14th. He was in terrible shape,       born with cystic fibrosis, a second pregnancy seemed scary,
 as this first photo shows. He was extremely malnourished         but Jason and Kellie stood firmly on their Christian faith
 and wasn’t at all responsive. He didn’t even cry or make any     and decided they did not want to live by fear. After their
 sound.                                                           second son was born, it was time to adopt. A friend
                                                                  suggested embryo adoption and Jason and Kellie valued
 Chris was taken to the medical clinic for testing and medical
                                                                  aspects such as the control of the prenatal environment and
 care. He weighed only 7 kilo, about 15.5 lbs., not much at
                                                                  the bonding during pregnancy and birth. During their
 all for a 2 year old! He was given special food to eat to attain
                                                                  homestudy, they learned that some of those embryos waiting
 a more healthy weight and within 6 weeks he had gained
                                                                  for homes were single embryos. They rightfully guessed that
 weight, was smiling (and crying when unhappy about
                                                                  those single embryos often wait a long time for an adoptive
 something) and was a totally different child, learning and
                                                                  family because of the risk of not achieving a pregnancy with
 growing. Quite a transformation!
                                                                  one. Jason and Kellie are not a couple who lives by fear.
 That is our goal with Tender Hearts, for children to receive     They chose to adopt one single embryo and live by faith.
 the love and care—and prayer—they need to grow into              Currently, they are at the beginning of the matching phase
 strong, healthy adults. Would you consider supporting our        and we will follow their embryo adoption journey to watch
 Ugandan Ministry? You may donate to the orphanage by             it unfold.
 visiting our web site and clicking on Donate. Indicate that

                            RUSSIAN AND CHINESE CHOIRS - YEAR ROUND!
                            We’ve had our Russian Choir for 7 years and now we would like to expand our Choir to include
                            children adopted from Chinese speaking countries as well. The children (up to early 20s) will
                            learn two Christian songs in their native language and will go to churches throughout the year to
                            help raise awareness of the need to help orphans worldwide. Would you like to join one of our
                            choirs? Practices will be held at a convenient time and location for participants. Please contact
                            Kathryn Deiters if you’d like to learn more—or to sign up to be a part of one of these choirs,

IS THERE EXTRA ROOM IN                      receives some extra support with              heart, and is very compassionate. We are
YOUR HEART? (continued from page 4)         occupational and speech therapy at her        very blessed to have her in our home and
                                            school. But she is a happy child. She is      love her dearly. We know that she was
at home, would have her life drastically    reading and writing and doing math.           meant to be in our family.
altered by her sister’s developmental       She is on a soccer team. She is also
issues.                                     involved in our church’s children’s           We also wanted to share Juliana’s story,
                                            programs.                                     even though she was adopted from Belarus,
After we were home 6 months we had                                                        not China, because it beautifully illustrates
her evaluated by Regional Center.           My greatest fears at the beginning never      how one family handled a difficult
Within another 3 months she was             materialized. She is constantly making us     situation and came through it even stronger
receiving occupational therapy, speech      laugh and she gets along well with her        than before and very grateful that Juliana
and cognitive therapy, as well as group     sisters. She is funny, giving, has a tender   had been entrusted to their care…
therapy. Now, at 8 years of age she still                                                                          (continued on page 9)
Nightlight offers the following classes in our offices or online. If you would like further information on any of these
classes, please call us at (714) 693-5437. Pre-registration is required for all of the classes.

Adoption classes are required for all families completing a homestudy through Nightlight. All classes are held in our office (4430
E. Miraloma Ave., Suite B, Anaheim Hills, CA 92807). Please call (714) 693-5437 or email to register;
registration is required for all classes.

Classes required for International clients are designed according to The Hague Standards. These classes will help to ensure that
the required parent education and preparation for inter-country adoptions has been completed. Clients will receive a certificate of
completion at the close of each class to verify that they have attended the class in its entirety.

These are informational seminars on Domestic, International, and Embryo adoption.
Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 Noon. There is no charge, but registration is helpful.

Adoption seminars can also be held at local churches. If you would like an adoption seminar offered at your church, please call us
at (714) 693-5437 and ask for Kathryn Deiters.
Dates for 2010: November 13; Dates for 2011: February 26 • May 7 • September 17

LIFE-LONG ISSUES IN ADOPTION (required for all clients)
Thursday evenings from 6:30 – 9:00 p.m. Cost: $50/Couple
In this class we will look at the core adoption issues, which will give you an understanding of how you are linked to the other
members of the adoption triad: the adoptee and the birth family. The material is applicable to all types of adoption, including
Domestic, International, or the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program, and will help adopting families develop understanding
and compassion for everyone involved in the adoption process. For information on upcoming classes, please check our web site,
Dates for 2010: December 2; Dates for 2011: February 17 • May 5 • August 4 • November 3

Thursday evenings from 6:30 – 9:00 p.m.; Cost: $50/Couple
This class will feature an adoptive family discussing their open adoption. They will discuss how the type of contact was agreed
upon and how it is working out for them.

Dates for 2010: December 9; Dates for 2011: February 24 • May 19 • August 11 • November 10

Wednesday evenings from 4:00 – 9:00 p.m.; Cost: $100/Couple
Understanding the theory behind parent and child attachment is important for any parent. However, it becomes particularly
important when adopting a child internationally. It is most helpful if this class is taken in the beginning of the homestudy
process. This class defines attachment and bonding, reviews the theories behind attachment, and provides practical advice on how
to develop a solid attachment with your newly adopted child. Please contact Rhonda Jarema, MA, Director of Family Support
Services, with any questions about this class, by emailing her at

Dates for 2010: October 13; Dates for 2011: January 5 • March 23 • June 8 • September 21

Saturday mornings from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon; Cost: $60/Couple
Dr. Gary Feldman, Medical Director of the Stramski Center at Miller Children’s Hospital, will be leading this class to provide an
overview of the medical issues commonly experienced by children who have been adopted internationally. Dr. Gary Feldman is
an expert in his field and we know those of you in attendance will enjoy this informative class. This class satisfies the medical
issues training required by The Hague.

Dates for 2010: October 2

There are two ongoing support groups: Moms of Internationally Adopted Preschoolers and Moms of School-aged Internationally
Adopted Children. If you are interested in participating, please contact Rhonda Jarema,, for more

Snowflakes - If any of you would like to be added to the Snowflake Adopting Parent or Genetic Parent Yahoo groups, please
contact Megan Fabian at The Snowflake families are great about sharing information they learn with
others in the group. We would be happy to add you.
Taiwan - Families adopting from Taiwan may join our Yahoo group for this country, which provides a wonderful way to meet
other families adopting from Taiwan. Please contact Kathryn Deiters at to be added to this group.

 WHEN TO SEEK HELP FOR YOUR                                            move forward. Five or ten years down the road, it is hard to
 CHILD By Rhonda Jarema                                                determine the cause of a behavior or issue that has been
                                                                       building for years. At that point you are looking at the
 As I was responding to a family, commiserating over a                 immediate behavior or issue and trying to ‘fix that’, while
 particularly challenging ‘first year’ that we were sharing with       ‘peeling back’ the layers of issues that have built up over the
 our respective children, I realized the topic for my article. The     years.
 first few months and even years, have some significant
 challenges. Each member of the family is adjusting to the             As school is beginning, I wanted to point out an area of
 resulting changes of adding another family member. However,           concern. The international specialists have noted that if
 despite or perhaps due to all the evaluations, meetings and           internationally adoptive parents were to choose one
 education, families may be hesitant to share their issues,            intervention that would provide the most benefit to their
 unwilling to admit, despite the education, that they are              child, it would be speech and language therapy. A child who
 struggling. All too often, I don’t hear from a family until they      is struggling to communicate gets frustrated and ends up with
 have been home several years and finally get to the point             other issues aside from the initial speech concerns. If the
 where they are overwhelmed enough that they are desperate             ‘experts’ from your local school district are encouraging you
 for a solution. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill or wave of      to ‘wait three years’ to determine if speech/language is really
 a wand to fix issues that have been building for years.               an issue because language acquisition ‘takes a few years’, I’d
                                                                       encourage you to insist on an evaluation. If your child has an
 At Nightlight, we’ve recognized that being in close contact           issue, that issue is eligible for evaluation and services the day
 with your adoption agency social worker or support person,            you arrive home from the airport. You do not have to wait
 particularly that first month home, can really help in the            three years for an evaluation!
 family’s adjustment. Families benefit from meeting with their
 social worker within the first month post placement. It is a          I’ve learned all about evaluations, study meetings and
 time of stress as all family members are dealing with the             individualized educational plans throughout the years. There
 changes in the family. We know it won’t solve all issues, but         are some wonderful websites that talk about parental and
 we have found that identifying issues early on can help               student rights in schools. Here are my two favorite websites,
 families bring in resources so that the problems can be      and Do check
 addressed and helped rather than continue to escalate over a          them out as they provide a wealth of valuable information.
 matter of years.                                                      Also, if you have concerns or questions, don’t hesitate to
                                                                       contact your post adoption support social worker/counselor
 We are now asking each family to meet with their home study           or contact me. We are here to help, not judge. Let us try to
 or post adoption social worker within their first month home.         problem solve together. That is what it is all about! Here is a
 We honestly believe and hope that visit will help families start      quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt that says it best of all,
 their life together with their child on a positive footing.           "One thing is sure. We have to do something. We have to do
                                                                       the best we know how at the moment . . .; If it doesn't turn
 When issues are identified, even if they seem rather small at         out right, we can modify it as we go along."
 the time, it is best to check them out with a professional. Ask
 your social worker, talk to your pediatrician, child’s teacher or
 even call or email me. If issues are addressed while still small,
 it is often easier to determine their source, treat them and

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR GRADS!                                 ASHLEY DINGESS (right)
We want to congratulate the hard-working                      graduated from Sunny Hills
graduates who shared their exciting news with us.             High School on June 17, 2010.
                                                              Congratulations, Ashley! And it
                                                              was so nice to see you at the
                                   ILYA WILTZ (left)
                                                              Beach Party in August!
                                   graduated from Cal
                                   State Long Beach on
                                   May 26, 2010. Ilya
                                   served as president of
                                   CSULB’s Human
                                   Resource Management
                                   Congratulations, Ilya!
                                                                                      SERGEI ANDREW
                                                                                      GOLDSTEIN (left) graduated
                                                                                      from El Camino Real High
graduated from California
                                                                                      School in Woodland Hills,
State University, Fullerton on
                                                                                      California on June 17, 2010.
May 22, 2010 with a BA in
                                                                                      Congratulations, Sergei!
Communications. She
interned here at Nightlight this
past summer, offering great
support during the Summer
Tour and Reunion and
planning the Adoptees Beach
Party. Congratulations and
thank you, Liana!
                                                              JAYDEN PAPPAS (right)
                                                              graduated from Mountain
                                                              Peak Charter School in
                          VERONICA ANDREA
                          CLAYTON (left) graduated
                                                              Fountain Valley, California.
                          from Upson-Lee High School
                                                              Congratulations, Jayden! It
                          in Thomaston, Georgia on May
                                                              was nice to see you at the
                          28, 2010. Congratulations,
                                                              Beach Party!

                                                              ANYA NICOLE BURKHOLDER graduated from
                                                              Brethren Christian High School in Huntington Beach,
                                                              California on June 11, 2010. Congratulations, Anya!
AARON TROY (right)
graduated from Avalon High
                                                              ANASTACIA NOELLE GEORGE graduated from
School in Avalon, California
                                                              Auburn High in Auburn, Alabama on May 25, 2010.
on June 24, 2010.
                                                              Congratulations, Anastacia!
Congratulations, Aaron!

 By Laura Godwin

 Now that your child may be going back to school, you may wonder if the teachers will understand your child’s
 needs as they relate to adoption. Because many of our children may have a history of living in an orphanage
 and in some cases experiencing not only neglect but abuse, it is helpful to have resources to share with
 teachers. The Heart of the Matter, a resource site for adoptive parents, has a guide that can help you in talking
 with your child’s teachers and creating realistic expectations.
 P l ea s e l et u s k n o w i f y o u r fa m i l y i s i n t h e n e w s a n d w e’ l l b e h a p p y t o s h ar e !
 Kicker has come from Russia to love, a wonderful story of Oleg Parent’s journey from Russia to Southern
 California where he has become quite the star kicker at Trabuco Hills High School, Orange County Register,
 May 4, 2010. Congratulations, Oleg!
 Nightlight was in the news a great deal the end of August when Judge Royce Lamberth blocked the Federal
 government from funding research involving human embryonic stem cells. As Ron mentioned in his letter,
 Nightlight has taken a stand on this issue. As a result, the phones were ringing off the hook in the hours and
 days after the ruling was announced. The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Times (August
 24, 2010), and newspapers, TV, and radio stations across the country all weighed in on the subject, many of
 them interviewing Ron for their stories.

IS THERE EXTRA ROOM IN                            During the year Juliana was in treatment            The theme that comes through in all three
YOUR HEART? (continued from page 5)               for cancer, we watched our beautiful little         of these stories is that the families have been
                                                  girl lose her hair and turn deathly pale as         greatly blessed by the children they adopted,
We were drawn to Juliana’s picture when           she endured a very difficult course of              even though they required some extra
we first saw her because she had beautiful        treatments. Throughout all of this Juliana          medical attention.
blue eyes that were crossed just like our         remained a happy, optimistic little girl
son, Timothy. We knew from experience             who almost never complained.                        Is there extra room in your heart to help a
that strabismus (crossed eyes) was easily                                                             child who needs you? Are you wondering
corrected in the U.S. with an outpatient          While we were not planning to adopt a               what some of the conditions of the waiting
surgery. Juliana was 20 months old when           child with a serious medical condition,             children are? Here is a brief list: Heart
we brought her home from Belarus, she             God gave us the grace to see it through.            issues (many times correctable with
had surgery to fix her eyes at 24 months,         We feel that it was God’s plan for Julie to         surgery), club foot, albinism, missing eye,
and enjoyed good health for the next              be adopted into our family so she could             intestinal issues, various degrees of cerebral
three years until a fateful day in February       both receive treatment for cancer and               palsy, cleft lip and palate, dwarfism,
2007. That was when she showed us a               have the love and support of parents and            anemia, spina bifida, crossed eyes and other
swollen lymph node in her right armpit.           siblings. It is very unlikely she would             vision problems, deafness, hepatitis B and
The next day at the pediatrician’s office         have received any treatment in Belarus              C, among others. Many of these conditions
we found a swollen area under her right           and she certainly would not have had                are correctable with surgery or can be
forearm which started a surreal journey           access to all of the latest equipment and           minimized through proper care and
of doctor and hospital visits, MRIs, CT           specialists that she had here in the U.S.           treatment.
scans, PET scans, bone scans and                  Juliana has already beat the odds by
biopsies. After 3 weeks we knew that              making it off treatment for 2 years                 If you would like to learn more about this
Juliana had a very aggressive, rare               without a relapse and her long term                 program, please contact us. We would be
pediatric muscle cancer called                    survival odds keep increasing with each             happy to add you to the list to receive
Rhabdomyosarcoma and we were facing               passing day. We feel sure God must have             emails about specific waiting children as
14 rounds of chemotherapy and 6 weeks             a very special purpose for Juliana’s life.          well. You may contact
of radiation along with a discouraging            She is our hero and a walking miracle               for more information.
prognosis for her future.                         and we are honored God chose us to be
                                                  her parents.

                    CARS 4 CAUSES                                           BABY BOTTLE FUNDRAISERS
                     If you would like to donate an old car, truck,                            These fundraisers are a very successful means of
                   or van, regardless of where you live, you may                               allowing churches to become involved in a
contact Cars 4 Causes and they will take care of everything.                                    profound way in support of Nightlight
                                                                                             Christian Adoptions and our ministry to help
Phone (800) 766-CARE (800-766-2273). Tell them you would
                                                                                            women who are facing a crisis pregnancy. Please
like the proceeds to be given to Nightlight Christian Adoptions.
                                                                                           talk to people at your church to find out if they
Cars 4 Causes will pick up the car, towing it if necessary, without
                                                                                         would like to support a fundraiser. You may contact
charge to you. Cars 4 Causes fixes up the car, sells it, and sends a
                                                                                       Kathryn Deiters for more information.
check to Nightlight.
If you have any questions about the program, please call
Nightlight at (714) 693-5437.
                                                                    LAILA ROSE FOUNDATION
                                                                    If you are considering adopting a special needs child, The Laila
WHEN SURFING THE WEB OR SHOPPING                                    Rose Foundation may be able to help. The Foundation was
Are you going to be doing some Christmas shopping
                                                                    formed in 2006, in loving memory of Laila Rose Engh, who

online this year? You could help Nightlight in the
                                                                    was lost at the tender age of four in a tragic automobile

process. By adding the GoodSearch toolbar to your
                                                                    accident, along with her dear mother, Lisa Engh. The family

computer, either Internet Explorer or Firefox, each time
                                                                    has decided to turn their grief into action and find a way for

you shop at more than 1,300 stores (from Amazon to
                                                                    Laila’s legacy to bring the sort of joy to others that she brought

Zazzle) a percentage of your purchase will automatically
                                                                    to her family’s lives as a daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece,

be donated to Nightlight! And it doesn’t cost you a penny.
                                                                    and friend.

You may even save money as the toolbar provides                     The mission of the Foundation is to provide needed support to
coupons and deals as well. The toolbar also has a                   foreign born orphans eligible to come to or already arrived in
search box and each time you search the Internet about              the United States for adoption, to the adoptive families of such
a penny is donated to Nightlight. What could be better?             orphans, and to organizations assisting the orphans and
Please pass this information on to your kids and your
                                                                    adoptive families.
friends. All you need to do is go to:
                                                                    You too may join in helping children by contacting the

adoptions. If you have any questions or problems,
                                                                    Foundation at or by calling (703) 360-

please give us a call at (714) 693-5437 and we’ll walk

you through it. Thank you for your support!
                                                                                        DETSKY DOM PARTNERS
Do you like to make crafts? You probably received our e-                                Detsky Dom Partners is the humanitarian
newsletter about a fun opportunity that Jo-Ann Stores is                                foundation that is helping orphans around
offering, Crafting for a Cause. The intent is to encourage          the world. Detsky Dom Partners is providing material aid and
Jo-Ann customers to make and donate a handmade item                 financial support to orphans worldwide, including bringing
directly to their favorite charity. You must be 14 or older         children to the
to enter. Each person enters their craft on behalf of               U.S. for Summer
Nightlight. You are then eligible yourself to win one of            Tours.
five $1,500 gift cards from Jo-Ann. The three non-profits
who receive the most craft item entries submitted on their          If you would like
behalf (photos of the craft are entered), are then eligible         to support
to receive a portion of a $90,000 donation from Jo-Ann              Detsky Dom
and its partner organizations.                                      Partners or
                                                                                                     Above: 2010 Summer Tour
You may register at and in their search
                                                                    would like to

box type, Craft for a Cause, to get all of the details—
                                                                    learn more about

you’ll be sending photos of your entry to Jo-Anns and the
                                                                    this organization and how you might be able to help, please

actual item to Nightlight if you’d like to donate it. The
                                                                    visit the website at or contact

contest ends October 30th though so be sure you enter
                                                                    Kathryn Deiters ( One way to

in time.
                                                                    provide support is through corporations providing matching
                                                                    funds for donations you make. We will be happy to give you
Here are a few ideas for crafts you could make:
                                                                    any information the corporation needs for this purpose.

Blankets for babies and older children, jewelry, decorated
photo albums, purses, quilts, cloth baby books, cloth               THE TRICYCLE GUILD
dolls, scarves and hats for any age, just to name a few.
                                                                                 Are you looking for a worthy organization to
If you’re willing to part with your prize creation and donate                       support, volunteering your time and talents?
it to Nightlight, we have several events coming up:                                  Nightlight has the answer—The Tricycle
                                                                                     Guild! We get together and have parties just
October 2010: Mission trip to Uganda                                                for fun; we have gatherings to plan upcoming
November 2010: Nightlight will have its first online                events, and we have “work parties” before our big events.
March 2011: Nightlight Gala and Auction                             For further information or if you are interested in joining The
July 2011: Summer Tour Children would love a little                 Tricycle Guild, please contact Kathryn Deiters at (714) 693-
photo album for photos of their trip.                               5437 or

                                                           - 10 -
RUBY’S FUNDRAISER                                  or email and we’ll send you more:
SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2010                         714.693.5437 or You       NIGHTLIGHT CALENDAR
                                                   have to present the flyer when paying your
7:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M.                              bill though. The money raised will be used     2010
If you live in Southern California and enjoy       for our new Scholarship Program at

                                                                                                   02 Medical Issues of Int’l Adoption
Ruby’s Diner as much as we do, this will be        Nightlight, to help special needs and older

                                                                                                   13 Attachment & Other Issues
a fun and easy way to support Nightlight.          children be adopted.

                                                                                                   16 Ruby’s Diner Fundraiser
Just cut out the flyer below, and head over        You can help Nightlight by going anytime
to the Ruby’s Diner in Fullerton any time
                                                   during October 16th, but if you’d like to
during October 16th and enjoy a meal               meet up with other Nightlighters, be sure to
                                                                                                   07 Orphan Sunday
at Rubys - 20% of your bill will go to             come around 3:00 p.m. Several of us will
                                                                                                   13 Adoption Seminar
Nightlight. If you need more flyers, to give       be there at Ruby’s at 3:00 p.m.
to family or friends that might want to go
at a different time, just give our office a call   Hope to see you there!                         December
                                                                                                   02 Life-Long Issues in Adoption
                                                                                                   09 Domestic Adoption Decisions

                                                                                                   05 Attachment & Other Issues
                                                                                                   29 Asia Reunion
                                                                                                   17 Life-Long Issues in Adoption
                                                                                                   24 Domestic Adoption Decisions
                                                                                                   26 Adoption Seminar
                                                                                                   12 Gala Auction & Dinner
                                                                                                   23 Attachment & Other Issues
                                                                                                   05 Life-Long Issues in Adoption
                                                                                                   07 Adoption Seminar
                                                                                                   19 Domestic Adoption Decisions
                                                                                                   08 Attachment & Other Issues
                                                                                                   04 Life-Long Issues in Adoption
                                                                                                   11 Domestic Adoption Decisions
                                                                                                   17 Adoption Seminar
                                                                                                   21 Attachment & Other Issues
                                                                                                   03 Life-Long Issues in Adoption
                                                                                                   10 Domestic Adoption Decisions

                                                                                                  For more information on any
                                                                                                  of these events, please call
                                                                                                   the office: (714) 693-5437.
                                                                            - 11 -

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