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Former College Park Policeman Shoots Unarmed Man Backing Out of Parking Lot

                       Corbin Livingston Critically Injured

Atlanta, GA (11-04-2010). A civil action has been filed in the Fulton County
State Court of Georgia against former College Park, GA policeman Lee A. Bailey
and El Ranchero Restaurant on behalf of 23 year old Corbin Livingston. The
law suit alleges that Lee Bailey, a security guard for an El Ranchero Restaurant
located just south of Atlanta, shot Mr. Livingston without provocation. “The
negligent act of discharging a fire arm without sufficient cause, with the intent to
cause harm, constitutes negligence – and battery – under Georgia law,” said Rod
Edmond, with the law firm of Edmond & Lindsay, who represent Mr.

Corbin Livingston was socializing at the El Ranchero Restaurant, located at
5021 Old National Highway on Friday, October 29, 2010. A friend of his was
involved in a minor altercation, and the bouncer asked them to leave.

Livingston and his friend left the restaurant intending to leave the premises.
However, when Livingston attempted to back his car out of the parking space, Lee
Bailey, a plain-clothed security guard for the restaurant and a former College Park
policeman, drew his pistol and fired multiple shots into the Livingston’s car
window, striking Livingston twice in his back and once in his left arm. Multiple
witnesses confirm that Mr. Livingston was unarmed, had not threatened Bailey in
any way and that Bailey was in no danger when he shot Livingston. Livingston
merely began backing his car out of the space when Bailey began firing.
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After shooting Mr. Livingston, Bailey pulled Livingston from the car, pushed him
to the ground and handcuffed him.

Corbin Livingston spent days in intensive care, being treated for a collapsed lung,
blood in his chest cavity and with two of the three bullets that struck him still
lodged in his chest, one lying dangerously close to his heart and aorta. Livingston
will require additional chest surgery to remove these two bullets.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is currently investigating the shooting and
may make recommendations for indictments to the Fulton County District

The lawsuit states that Bailey negligently and unnecessarily used deadly force and
deliberately inflicted violent physical injury to Livingston. The suit seeks damages
for Mr. Livingston’s pain and suffering, medical expenses along with punitive

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