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					                                Banner in the Sky
                                Chapter Questions

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Chapter 1: A Boy and a Mountain

   1.      What are the characteristics of Rudi Matt that apparently suggest he would be
           a poor mountain climber?
   2.      What qualities does Rudi actually posses that indicate he would be a
           successful climber?
   3.      How does the author make the Citadel appear exceptional among mountains?
           What magic does it possess?
   4.      Why is the Citadel so difficult to climb?

Chapter 2: A Boy and a Man

   1.      Describe the rescue of Captain Winter.
   2.      How does Rudi demonstrate qualities of courage and intelligence?
   3.      What do Rudi and Captain Winter have in common?
   4.      How does Captain Winter flatter Rudi?

Chapter 3: Two Hundred Dirty Dishes

   1.      What is the story behind Old Teo’s crippling accident?
   2.      Why does Old Teo defend Rudi?
   3.      Explain why Uncle Franz opposes Rudi’s climbing.
   4.      Why does Rudi’s mother give him permission to climb?

Chapter 4: Trail-

   1.      What does the red shirt mean to Rudi? Why does he take so good care of it?
   2.      Why did Captain Winter choose the gifts he did for Rudi?
   3.      Why is Rudi so happy to see Klaus Wesselhoft?

Chapter 5: -and Error

   1.       Briefly describe the different stages of the climb up the Wunderhorn.
   2.       Why is the Citadel referred to as the King?
   3.       What information does Captain Winter Gather about the Citadel?
   4.       What characteristics lead Rudi into the dangerous error that he commits?
   5.       How does this error confirm Uncle Franz’s opinion of Rudi?

Chapter 6: Master and Pupil

   1.       Describe four different mountaineering skills that Old Teo taught Rudi?
      2.      What is the lesson to be learned from Old Teo’s story of Rudi’s father?
      3.      Why does Old Teo let Rudi act as his guide?

Chapter 7: A Prisoner Escapes

      1.       What is the result of Klaus Wesselhoft’s beating of Rudi?
      2.       Can you excuse Rudi’s running away from and taking his equipment from
               his uncle’s house? If you can excuse him tell why.
      4.      In spite of having a fine ax, why does Rudi take his stout stick with him?

Chapter 8: White Fury

     1.     What impression does the guide, Emil Saxo, make on Rudi?
     2.     Is there an excuse for Rudi’s lie that he has climbed to the hut with his
            mother’s permission? If so why is it?
     3.     Describe the passage from the snow bridge.
     4.     What error of judgment contributed to the climbers being caught by the

Chapter 9: The challenge

  1        How do the guides in the Edelweiss tavern react to news of captain Winters
           attack on the citadel?
  2.       How does old Teo mock the guides of Kurtal?
  3.       Are the guides of Kurtal cowards or not?

Chapter 10: Three to make Ready-

1.         How does the true mountaineer’s instinct save of the three climbers in the

2.         Why is the Captain Winter so anxious that Uncle Franz join the attack on the
3.         Why can Rudi not return to Kurtal and deliver the Captain’s message to
           Uncle Franz?
4.          What to you think Rudi intends to do when the others have left him?

Chapter 11: Alone

1.          “What he was doing was not a result of conscious choice or decision;
            it was simply what he had to do.” Why does Rudi have to climb as high
            as the Fortress?
2.          Describe the general appearance of the Fortress. Why is “Fortress”
            a suitable name?
3.          Gendarme is the French word for policeman. Why are the towers so
4.        How can you account for the shadow that caused Rudi a moment
          of dreadful panic?
5.        How does Rudi overcome his fear?
6.        What is the “key” to the Fortress that Rudi eventually finds?

Chapter 12: A Boy and a Ghost

1.        What are the most serious difficulties that face Rudi in his descent
          from the Fortress?
2.        What lesson does Rudi learn as he sits in the cave?
3.        What new terror comes to Rudi in the cave?
4.        How is Rudi saved from a fatal act of folly?

Chapter 13: Four to Go

1.        Show that Emil Saxo exhibits both stubbornness and courage.
2.        In what ways is Uncle Franz’s anger justified? In what ways is
          it not justified?
3.        What are the arguments that Old Teo and Captain Winter present
          to excuse Rudi’s behaviour?
4.        How does Captain Winter finally convince both Uncle Franz and Emil Saxo to
          climb the Citadel with him?

Chapter 14: First of All Men

1.        What is Old Teo’s parting advice to Rudi?
2.        Show that Rudi’s self-confidence has returned.
3.        In spite of Rudi’s difficulties with his wooden pole, why does he insist on
          keeping it?
4.        What is there about the lammergeyer that excites Rudi’s imagination?

Chapter 15: The Needle’s Eye

1.        What happens to Captain Winter and what effect might this occurrence have
          on the climb?
2.        Why do the climbers not use the chimney that offers a path up the shoulder?
3.        What are the two routes to the top of the needle? What is the problem
          involved in each?
4.        Describe Rudi’s climb through the Needle’s Eye.

Chapter 16: Darkness and Dawn

1.     How does Uncle Franz’s advice to Captain Winter show that he is a true guide?
2.     Do you feel that Rudi was right or wrong to try to follow Saxo to the top?
       Defend your choice.
Chapter 17: The Day

1.    How does Rudi’s mother take the news that her son is on the Citadel? Why does
      she react this way?
2.    Why does Old Teo insist on going up to the Fortress?
3.    Account for Captain Winter’s amazing recovery.
4.    Explain why Rudi’s knapsack is lying so near the summit.

Chapter 18: The Heights

1.    Why is Saxo so determined that Rudi not accompany him?
2.    Who is the more to blame for Saxo’s fall- Rudi or Saxo?
3.    Why did Rudi leave his pack and staff on the ridge?
4.    How does Rudi’s decision to help Saxo show that he really is his father’s son?
5.    Account for the fact that neither Captain Winter nor Uncle Franz saw Rudi as they
      climbed to the summit.
6.    Why does Rudi not call to his uncle for help?

Chapter 19: The Conqueror

1.    What is Saxo’s final gesture?
2.    Can Rudi rightly be called “the conqueror of the Citadel”? If so, why?