; Describing People (PowerPoint)
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Describing People (PowerPoint)

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									Describing People
In this lesson…

 1. Reading: a short paragraph 
 2. Listening: Filling in blanks
 3. Pair work: Read pictures of some
  pop stars  Write a short
  paragraph  Oral report
1. Reading
Hello! I’m Miss X. I have long curly hair.
My face is narrow and long I have a
pointed chin and a small, pointed nose.
My eyes are small and narrow and my
eyebrows are thin and straight. I have
thin lips and small mouth. Do you know
who I am?
In describing people, what parts
(criteria) do you have to focus on?
   Hairstyle
   Eye brows
   Eyes
   Nose
   Mouth
   Chin
   Face
   Body Shape
What words or phrases you can
 Hairstyle  Long, curly
 Face  narrow, long
 Chin  pointed
 Nose  pointed
 Eyes  small and narrow
 Eyebrows  thin and straight
 Mouth  Thin lips and small mouth
2. Listening

   P.73 of the textbook
3. Pair work

 1. Pair up
 2. Each pair is given one picture of a
  pop star
 3. You have to write description of the
  pop star and present your pop star to
  the whole class
                  Picture 1
Long and
curly hair

  Flat nose
              Rounded Chin
                         Picture 2

 Long and
Straight hair

 Pointed nose

                Pointed chin
                Picture 3

Flat nose
             Thick Lips
Round chin
                  Picture 4

Pointed nose
               Flat lips
Pointed chin
              Picture 5

Curly hair

             Wide mouth
Round chin
                    Picture 6

  Long and
 straight hair

                 Small mouth
Pointed chin
Can you see the difference?
Janice Man

             1. Hair
             2. Nose
             3. Chin

             1. Nose
             2. Chin
             3. Lips
Niki Chow

             1. Hair
             2. Chin
            3. Mouth
4. Assignment

 Describe a classmate/ a teacher in 50
 Guessing game next lesson

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