Declaration of Homestead Declaration by cuiliqing


									                                              Declaration of Homestead
(Check One)
       Married (filing joint declaration)                                                 Head of Family
       By Husband (filing for joint benefit or both)                                      Single, Married, Widowed
       By Wife (filing for joint benefit of both)                                         Multiple Single Persons
       Other: (Describe)

A.       (Check One)
         Regular Home Dwelling                        Mobile Home                  Condominium Unit                  Other

Name on Title of Property

Do individually or severally certify and declare as follows:
                                                      is / are now residing on the land, premises (or mobile
home) located in the City of                           , County of                          , State of Nevada,
and more particularly described as follows: (Set forth legal description and commonly known street

Assessor’s Parcel No.

B.       I / We claim the land and premises herein above described, together with the dwelling house
         thereon, and its appurtenances, or the described mobile home as a Homestead.
C.       (Check One)
         (1) No former Declaration of Homestead has been made by me, or us, or either of us.
         (2) This Declaration constitutes an abandonment of the former Declaration recorded
         In Witness, Whereof, I / We have hereunto set my hand / our hands this
         day of                                            , 20     .

                      (Signature)                                                (Signature)

                     (Print or type name here)                                   (Print or type name here)

         STATE OF NEVADA                                      )
         COUNTY OF                                            )

This instrument was acknowledged before me on

                                           (Person(s) appearing before notary)

         (Signature of notarial officer)

My commission expires:
                                                                                                    (seal, if any)
Recording Requested by and Mail to:          Space Below this Line for Recorder’s Use Only



City / St / Zip:

                                       This form provided as a courtesy to the taxpayer by:
                                     M. W. SCHOFIELD, CLARK COUNTY ASSESSOR
                   The Assessor’s Office assumes no liability for the completion of the Homestead Declaration.
                              NEVADA HOMESTEAD LAW

Dear Homeowner ,

We hope this brief summary of the Nevada Homestead Law will be of assistance to you. If you
have any legal questions regarding your Declaration of Homestead, please consult your attorney.


              M. W. SCHOFIELD
              Clark County Assessor

                                   What The Law Provides

When you record a Declaration of Homestead, Nevada law protects the equity in your home up
to $125,000. This protection precludes seizure or forced sale of your residence by general
creditor claims (unpaid medical bills, bankruptcy, charge card debts, business/personal loans,
accidents). A creditor may file suit and can record a judgement lien against any real property
you own. Recording a Declaration of Homestead protects your principal residence up to the
statutory maximum. For Example, if the value of your home is $145,000 and you have a first
mortgage of $85,000 plus a second mortgage of $10,000, the equity is $50,000.

                                    What Is Not Protected

The Homestead Law does not protect you against debts secured by a mortgage or deed of trust,
payment of taxes, IRS lien, mechanic’s lien, child support or alimony payments.

                    Procedure For Recording Declaration of Homestead

       1. Complete the Homestead Declaration form.
       2. Sign in the presence of a Notary Public.
       3. Take or mail the completed document to:

                                   Clark County Recorder
                               500 S. Grand Central Pky 2 nd Fl
                                      P.O. Box 551510
                                Las Vegas, NV 89155-1510

       4. The recording fee is $7.00.

The Recorder’s Office does not review homestead forms for legality; recording the declaration is
NOT a guarantee that is has been done correctly.

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