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   CVS-Arunwide and Voluntary and Community Action Chichester District • December 2010

Nick Gibb MP, offers a helping hand
to the Arun Health Trainers project
          At the end of June, the Arun Health Trainers were joined by our local MP
          Nick Gibb who wanted to find out more about the service and to offer his
          support. They met the MP at a local event and he was so impressed that
          he offered to help promote the FREE service.
Paul Ayling (Health Trainer Team Leader, Littlehampton) says ‘we are delighted that
Mr Gibb has decided to support the service and help us to show how we can help people
to make healthy lifestyle changes.’
The Health Trainers also took Mr Gibb to see the new outdoor gym equipment on
the Trees estate in Bognor Regis which was officially launched on 29th July. He was
impressed with both the equipment and the Health Trainer Service and said ‘this is a
great scheme and people speak very highly of the advice and help they get from Health
Trainers. There is nothing more important than good health and a bit of fitness; and
this equipment is robust and very effective.’
The Health Trainers are very grateful to Mr Gibb for finding time in his busy schedule
to show his support for the team, and enjoyed meeting with him and showing him what
the service is all about.
The Health Trainer service is free and can help people to eat more healthily, be
more active, stop smoking, lose weight, reduce alcohol intake and improve mental
health. The Health Trainers work with people on a one-to-one basis and are trained
to offer information and support to people wanting to make a change. To make an
appointment, or if you would like more information, please phone 01243 828783 or

    Not only, but also...Health Trainer                            concerns they are facing.”

    client numbers set to reach 300!                               The Health Trainers offer a free and confidential service to help
                                                                   people make healthy lifestyle changes such as:
The Arun Health Trainers are thrilled with the success of
their project and they are now fast approaching their 300th        • Losing weight
client!                                                            • Eating more healthily
The teams, based in Bognor Regis and Littlehampton, began          • Being more active
seeing clients at the end of 2008 and since January 2009 have      • Stopping smoking
seen 290 clients between them. With new clients coming on
                                                                   • Drinking sensibly
board each week they are confident that they will top 300 in the
weeks ahead.                                                       • Improving mental wellbeing
                                                                   The service is available to anyone over the age of 18 who would
Paul Ayling (Health Trainer Team Leader) says “Health
                                                                   like help, support and motivation to make a healthy change.
Trainers nationally have a 76% success rate when working
with clients and it is an honour and a pleasure to be able to      If you would like to make an appointment to see a health
help so many people to achieve their goals. No two people are      trainer or would like more information call 828783, e-mail
the same, so we are lucky to be able to spend time with them or visit
and help them to find the right answer for whatever lifestyle       ArunHealthTrainers.
                     Council for Voluntary Service
                     Arunwide latest news
                     Hilary Spencer, Chief Executive, CVS-Arunwide

                                  In the last issue of this            and volunteer vacancies and the project is involved in the
                                  publication the item ‘News           potential development of a network of Time Bank initiatives
                                  From Sussex Community                across Arun.
                                  Foundation’ made reference
                                                                       Migration Impact
                                  to the Foundation wishing
                                  to avoid returning unspent           The Migration Impact funding originally given to the Expanding
                                  funds. We now understand             Communities Team for 2 years was cut and finished at the
                                  that this terminology may            end of September. ACCORD were successful in bidding to the
have been misconstrued. It was intended to highlight that the          MIF partnership fund, held by Arun District Council, to keep
Sussex Community Foundation are aware that many local                  the 3 members of staff funded through MIF until the end of
voluntary organisations have need of financial support and that        March. This brings them into line with the current contracts
the Foundation is committed to making the best, and most use           and funding for the whole Expanding Communities project. We
of their funding to meet the needs of local groups.                    will be wishing Katrina Middleton well as she goes on maternity
                                                                       leave in December, but I’m confident the team will be well
Sadly, due to the funding situation CVS-Arunwide has had to            supported as Vanessa Palito will be acting up in her absence.
take the decision to make our Community Link workers Helen
Saxton and Jan Koutsoumanis redundant and they will be                 EESI Project
leaving us in December. Both Jan and Helen have contributed            Those who attended will have enjoyed a successful EESI
significantly to our work over the last few years and we will miss     showcase event, promoting both the achievements of the project
them, as I’m sure will our members and the community groups            and partnership working in the County. An initial bid for EESI
they have supported. We have also said goodbye to our admin.           2 has gone to the Big Lottery to see if we can sustain the work.
assistant Sue Butler who can now be found at ICIS!                     The project would have 2 Business Development Officers, 1
As with many organisations we are waiting to find out what the         in the north and 1 in the south, a team of EESI workers, and
impact of the local government spending cuts will mean for us          a co-ordinator over a 2 year period. In the interim each EESI
before announcing the shape and support that CVS-Arunwide              workers host CVS is making separate arrangements according
will be able to offer from April 2011.                                 to whether there are resources available.

Future Jobs Fund                                                       The BHEARD project
We have enjoyed and benefitted from a number of Future Jobs            The BHEARD project is funded by L’ton 2020 and Bognor
Fund placements over the past few months; Andy Burnett,                21, working out of Bersted Green Learning Centre and the
Tom Ricards Peter Caffyn and Alf Clark are all helping us get          Highfield area of Littlehampton. For the first year 18 hours
our house in order administratively to tackle the forth coming         will be in Bognor and 19 in Littlehampton and the second
challenges. Both Bersted Green Learning Centre, Bheard and             year 27 hours in Littlehampton and 10 in Bognor. We have
Bognor office CAB are also receiving support from this team.           appointed Eileen Rogers who was part of the POPPs team with
                                                                       4 Sight. In Bognor Eileen will develop the learning centre and
We will also be undertaking a major review and revamp of our           community development while in Littlehampton it is grassroots
website in the new year to more effectively support our services,      and community advocacy.
hopefully supported by the University of Chichester.
Health Trainers                                                         Can Cook – Will Cook?
The Littlehampton Health Trainer team has relocated to
                                                                        Can you spare 1 or 2 evenings a month? Could you cook
Dove Lodge and CVS now shares an office, retaining our
                                                                        for 10-12 people with ease?
Littlehampton base but maximizing resources. There have
been a few teething problems with regards to space and we are           Would you be willing to make imaginative use of (often tinned)
fortunate to be able to book overflow office space to take off the      ingredients to produce healthy and appetising meals? We
pressure. Littlehampton is now as busy and chaotic as ever.             are in urgent need of volunteers who are willing to prepare
                                                                        evening meals here at St Joseph’s Night Refuge, Chichester.
Our contract in respect of the Health Trainer project will finish
in September 2011. There appears to be a possibility of this work       In return for your commitment we can offer regular support,
continuing but details are not yet available. It is likely the focus    FREE training, membership of our volunteer community and
for Health Trainers may become Cardio Vascular issues but the           – above all else the warm appreciation of hundreds of our
service is likely to be tendered.                                       clients. If you have even one occasional free evening please
                                                                        let us know.
Arun Volunteer Centre
                                                                        Emma Kierans, Administrative Assistant, 01243 537934,
Arun Volunteer Centre is about to undergo its annual review.
There continues to be a steady stream of potential volunteers           Martin Lucktaylor, Administrator, 01243 537934

                           Voluntary and Community Action
                             Chichester District latest news
                                                                  Kate Scales, Chief Executive, VCACD

                                              “The Big Society”. According to the Big         payment by results, and support for social
                                              Society Network www.thebigsociety.              enterprise and cooperatives”
                                     the Big Society is;                       The Voluntary and Community Sector
                                              “a society in which individual citizens         needs to be involved in the debate and
                                              feel big: big in terms of being supported       shaping of what “The Big Society” means
                                              and enabled; having real and regular            to us locally. There have been a lot of
                                              influence; being capable of creating            comments in the media about “getting
                                              change in their neighbourhood. Does our         services for free” and the increased role
It is hard to believe how much has            society pass this test at the moment?           of the voluntary and community sector,
happened in such a short time frame,                                                          one cabinet minister has also described
whilst we all knew that a new government      Well, only 4 out of 10 of us believe that       the Big Society as “chaotic”. We do
was likely and deeper cuts were on their      we can influence local decisions. Only          have the opportunity to start debating
way I don’t think any of us quite realised    1 in 33 of us attend public meetings.           what it means to us and our sector and
how deep and how soon. I am writing this      We feel anger and frustration at the            try and shape how we can support our
report two days after the Chancellor’s        recent behaviour of both the City and           community more effectively. It is also an
speech and like a lot of people I am trying   Westminster and relatively powerless to         opportunity to reiterate that while the
to work out what the implications of these    change them. We are often anonymous             voluntary and community sector brings
cuts are to the voluntary and community       tax-payers without a real sense of how          added value, this does not come without
sector locally.                               our money gets spent. Most of us try            a cost and therefore needs to be suitably
                                              to be reasonably good citizens but our          valued and resourced.
The huge cuts in benefits, public sector      influence seems very small.
budgets, the rise in VAT etc can only                                                         The Big Charity Knit
indicate that there will be more people       The Big Society is a powerful vision
                                                                                              We have been delighted by the response
wanting voluntary and community sector        to change this, creating a nation of
                                                                                              to our Big Charity Knit, we submitted
services but less money to pay for them!      empowered citizens and communities.
                                                                                              an article in the local newspapers
                                              It has been articulated by Prime Minister
A glimmer of hope was announced in                                                            asking for people to knit items for us
                                              David Cameron, but is linked to some
the speech, a £100m transition fund                                                           to sell at a Charity Christmas Fayre we
                                              of the best ideas across the political
announced by the government will be                                                           are organising in December. We have
targeted at service-delivery organisations                                                    had a wonderful response. The Charity
that have low levels of reserves and high     People have interpreted the ideas and           Christmas Fayre is the first we have
dependence on public funding streams          vision in different ways, but we see the core   organised and hopefully will not be the
that are particularly vulnerable to budget    of the big society as three principles:         last! In these challenging economic times
cuts. Indications have been given that                                                        we want to support local voluntary and
                                              • Empowering      individuals     and
some £10m of funding will be disbursed                                                        community groups in any way we can.
this year and the remainder in 2011/12.                                                       This event is giving 18 local organisations
                                              Decentralising and redistributing               the chance to raise both funds and the
The distributor of the funds will be          power not just from Whitehall to
announced shortly and that organisations                                                      profile of their organisation.
                                              local government, but also directly to
with an annual income of between              communities, neighbourhoods and                 If you have any ideas for events or
£50,000 and £10m will be able to apply.       individuals                                     initiatives that we could pool our
                                                                                              resources to support local charities then
                                              •	 Encouraging	social	responsibility:	          let me know, I think that the more we can
       “only 4 out of 10 of us                Encouraging         organisations        and    do to support each other, the more we can
       believe that we can                    individuals to get involved in social action,   reduce some of the burden of the cuts.
                                              whether small neighbourly activities like
       influence local decisions”                                                             Staff Changes
                                              hosting a Big Lunch to large collective
                                              actions like saving the local post office       We were sad to say goodbye to the
                                                                                              Chichester Older People’s Partnership
We will of course keep members up-to-         •	 Creating	 an	 enabling	 and	 accountable	    team who left at the end of September,
date with information about this fund as      state:                                          one of the many casualties of the cuts in
and when we receive it.                       Transforming government action from             funding. With the loss of this project we
                                              top-down micromanagement and                    are now somewhat depleted and so please
The Big Society                               one-size-fits-all solutions to a flexible       bear with us if it takes that little bit longer
Another recent announcement is about          approach defined by transparency,               for us to support your organisation.


Community Link Project Draws to a Conclusion
Jan Koutsoumanis and Helen Saxton reflect on their time at the Community Link Project
as it reaches the end of the road
Jan Koutsoumanis, Littlehampton Community Link Worker
In May 2008 I began my new post as a Community Link Worker for CVS Arunwide.            number pages on her computer but these
This was both exciting and slightly daunting following the expertise of Jill Jacobs.    are also sometimes the most important
My main role was to support the local community groups and the voluntary sector         as they are so appreciated and help small
with policies, constitutions and funding assistance. In addition with my colleague      groups to fulfil their very needed service
in Bognor Regis we arranged and delivered community lunches and attended                in the local community and the larger
meetings to represent the voluntary sector. I greatly enjoyed meeting local people      events like Arun Community Week.
and finding out about the many helpful and supportive groups in Arun.                   While in the Littlehampton office I have
                                            led to me giving several presentations      often felt like a local directory service
                                            on subjects varying from how to support     but the knowledge I have gained since
                                            volunteers to what implications the         starting has enabled me to do this and
                                            vetting and barring scheme will have on     many people have gone away happy.
                                            voluntary groups.                           Whilst I am out visiting in the community
                                            Over the three years as a Community         I have been able to spread the word about
                                            Link Worker I have also assisted my         our other projects and linked groups to
                                            colleague Helen Saxton with events          EESI, ECP and the ANN team with very
                                            she has put on including the Engaging       successful results.
                                            Men event which she arranged so             The later part of 2010 has been a difficult
                                            successfully. I have enjoyed helping        and sad time for us as Community Link
                                            at the very well attended EESI project      Workers following our redundancies and
                                            Grassroots funding day..                    I have enjoyed working in Arun and
                                            My role has been so wide and varied that    especially enjoyed working with all my
                                            it has often been hard to define what a     colleagues in CVS Arunwide. It is with
                                            Community Link Worker is. My work has       great sadness that I leave CVS Arunwide
                                            swung between small pieces of help like     and I wish all my colleagues and the
As I settled in the role progressed and     providing a local group with information    trustees a prosperous new year and hope
as CVS hosted other projects like the       on where to find a similar support group    the financial cuts do not impact too
ANN project and the EESI project some       or in one case helping a secretary of       much on the fantastic work all who work
of my original role became addressed        a small local group work out how to         in the voluntary and charity sector do.
via these projects. The main area that
these projects helped me was through
supporting groups with funding advice.      Helen Saxton,Bognor Regis Community Link Worker
This allowed my role to adjust as needs
                                            Back in August 2007, I started in           I have worked in partnership with Jan
arose and in 2009 I was asked to develop
                                            my role as Bognor Community Link            Koutsoumanis the Littlehampton
and coordinate Arun	 Community	 Week
                                            Worker for CVS. At the time I was           Community Link Worker in some joint
following on from the Arun Peace
                                            6 months pregnant with my second            events and projects. We undertook
week in 2008. This role became very
                                            daughter. As I come to leave my role        joint presentations to groups such as
time consuming and I spent a lot of
                                            in December, my daughter is now 3           United Response, and planned and led
time contacting and encouraging local
                                            years old so much has changed both          the Community Lunches and coffee
organisations to take part in celebrating
                                            personally and professionally in that       mornings, where groups could network
diversity in the Arun community.
                                            time!                                       and listen to presentations and updates
I coordinated this event again in 2010                                                  about a variety of topics. I have also
                                              I began the role by trying to build
although I was lucky enough to have the                                                 enjoyed working in partnership with
                                            up relationships with the members
help of Kristy Bristow and Laura Devlin                                                 projects such as POPPS, EESI and Arun
                                            and contacts of CVS, and familiarising
who made the week another success and                                                   Volunteer Centre.
                                            myself with the Bognor area. I made
allowed me more time to carry out other
                                            lots of visits to local voluntary and       I have always been keen to take an active
roles within Arun. This week has a strong
                                            community groups such as L’Arche and        part in developing new projects that
sense of inclusion and I hope this goes
                                            Bognor CAN to offer the support of CVS      would meet a particular need, and I was
from strength to strength in the coming
                                            and to give them information about the      asked to undertake the ‘Engaging Men’
                                            services which CVS offer. I found many      project to look at how groups might be
Attending Community lunches has been        excellent groups and activities going on,   able to engage more men in using their
a wonderful opportunity to find out what    with inspiring leaders and volunteers       services and becoming volunteers. The
is happening and how CVS can help           and was made very welcome by all I          project was developed alongside the
support the local community and has         visited.                                    POPPS team and with the help of other

                                                              Homeless at Christmas
                                              Imagine being homeless at Christmas. For most of us the festive period is a time to
                                              relax and enjoy being with our families, but for hundreds of thousands of people
                                              around the country Christmas can be a lonely and difficult time.
                                              Working with some of the most vulnerable people in society, Stonepillow offers
                                              more than a bed for the night. Through our two Day Centres (The Old Glassworks,
                                              Chichester and St Martin’s, Bognor Regis) we provide specialist services that help
                                              to address some of the problems that can be associated with homelessness, such as
                                              mental health problems, alcoholism and drug misuse, and in doing so enable people
                                              start the process of rebuilding their lives.
                                              This Christmas, at the Old Glassworks Day Centre in Chichester, we will offer a
                                              Christmas lunch, served up by our dedicated team of staff and volunteers and at St
                                              Joseph’s Night Shelter we offer a meal, a shower and a bed for the night. The shelter
                                              is open from 7pm – 8am every day of the year to provide emergency accommodation
                                              on a night by night basis for 10 men and 2 women.
                                              Here are just a few of the ways you can help us:
members of CVS. The project resulted
in a successful event where men could         • Making a regular gift to Stonepillow allows us to plan for the long term. It helps
come along to find out information            us to meet the future challenges and develop new and innovative ways to help people
about services offered to them.               change their lives. You can donate on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis to support
                                              our life changing work. Every pound makes a difference to someone.
I was then asked to spend some time
working at the Bersted Green Learning         • Financial donations can be given easily and directly to us through www.justgiving.
Centre to encourage local people to use, or contact us to set up a regular standing order
the centre and to organise groups and         Instead of sending Christmas Cards send all your friends and colleagues an e-mail
volunteers to run courses and activities.     telling them that you are donating the money you have saved to Stonepillow, and if
I worked very closely alongside Tony          you drop us an e-mail to let us know, we will send you a
Brant, Community Engagement worker            personal thank you that you can circulate.
for the POPPS project and we started          • Use Christmas Time as an opportunity to fundraise for Stonepillow, through raffles,
a weekly group for people to use the          quizzes, getting sponsored for fancy dress, or dressing up or down days at work,
centre for computer training, games and       college or school, we can provide you with sponsorship forms
activities such as quizzes and bingo. I       • Volunteer some time, you can find out more about volunteer opportunities by
was able to use contacts with Outset          calling 01243 537934
Youth Action to find volunteers to help
                                              • We also try to give all of our Service Users a gift at Christmas time, and underwear,
with the computer training, and had
                                              socks, scarves, gloves & hats are always warmly received (no penknives or alcohol
other local people offer to volunteer at
the centre. I was also able to build on the
relationships with groups such as South       • Donate items of non perishable food to help our team of fantastic volunteer cooks
Bersted School and Tree House Family          continue serving up over 30,000 meals a year
Centre that I had made when I first           If you rather, you can donate your time to Stonepillow this Christmas by volunteering
started in post. I will remember my time      to help organise and cook the Christmas meal. As in previous years we hope that
working with the Bersted community            many of you will volunteer to take part and help make Christmas a special time for
with happy memories.                          our Clients. Please contact us on 01243 537934 and leave your contact details and
                                              availability, giving us as much notice as possible to fit you in.
As well as the project work I have
undertaken, I have also been able to
give out advice and information from                     Impact Initiatives – Advocacy Service
the Bognor office, and sit on a variety       Impact Advocacy Services (IAS) of Littlehampton has recently been awarded
of boards and strategic meetings. I           the West Sussex County Council funded advocacy contract. This provides ‘issues
have been fortunate to have been given        based’ advocacy support to adults with a physical or sensory impairment or an
the opportunity to participate in many        acquired brain injury.
different training courses and learn new
skills during my time at CVS.                 IAS have been established in West Sussex for more than 15 years, providing high
                                              quality and independent advocacy support to more than 1000 people. During April
As I look back on the past 3 years ,I am      they finalised recruitment of new staff and volunteers to join their established team
very sad that my time with CVS is coming      to deliver this support. Please contact them if you have an issue based advocacy need.
to an end, and I will miss all of my very     Referral forms and guidance are available from them upon request.
supportive and friendly colleagues and
the many people I have worked with, and       • Maxine Thomas, the service manager, can be telephoned on: 01 903 730 044, e
will definitely be back for visits in the     mail:
future! Thank you to you all.                 Address: Dove Lodge, 49 Beach Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex, BN17 5JG

Partnership in Action - ‘EESI’ does it!
           hat a success! Yes the EESI event went off with a bang. It was well attended
           with speeches from Kevin Curley Chief Executive of National Association
           of Voluntary and Community Action (NAVCA) and Tim Loughton MP,
speeches are available on the EESI website at
The West Sussex EESI team gave a presentation to celebrate their achievements as a
partnership project.
This was followed with a partnership panel who highlighted the positive partnership
work at different levels, they went on to answer and field questions.
The morning closed with the Lord Lieutenant Mrs Susan Pyper, the Queen’s
Workshops in the afternoon included:
1:1 support advice sessions, Charity Builder, RAISE Partnership Toolkit, Sussex
Community Foundation, Salvia Fundraising, Big Lottery, EESI Team, Lloyds TSB and
Sussex Community Internet Project (SCIP).
Our thanks to everyone who took part and attended our Partnership in Action - ‘EESI’
does it! showcase event. The EESI team appreciated the support they received and still
do across West Sussex.
Funding for the EESI Project from the Big Lottery comes to an end in December
2010. The West Sussex CVS network recognises the value of the services that this                   Pictured above: top, delegates
                                                                                               listen to speeches and below, Jaqui
project has been delivering and is working together to develop a further project across
                                                                                                 Ball from Arun District Council in
West Sussex that will continue to deliver these essential services to Voluntary and           attendance at the West Sussex EESI
Community groups. If you would like to discuss this or have further information please                    showcase event
contact CVS Arunwide. Web site:

My Time at VCACD: Claire Dower
I started work at Voluntary and              Manage Your Mobile which aims to               Derek, Larry, Chris & Orlando – (the
Community Action Chichester District         make older people feel less isolated. I        dog), Simon and Shirley. I would like to
(VCACD) in April as part of the Future       really enjoyed working on these projects       thank everyone at VCACD for making my
Jobs Fund scheme, which provides             and it gave me plenty of experience on         time here so special and full of memories.
young people with the chance to              doing event planning which I am really         I feel so lucky to have had such a nice
gain paid work experience within an          interested in pursuing a career in. As         experience given to me for my first taste
organisation for a period of 6 months        well as this I was taught to update and        of a full time job. I shall be very sad to
to give them a stepping stone in to the      manage the Chichester District Older           leave and admire all of the work that
world of work.                               Peoples Partnership (CHOPPS) website           VCACD does to help people and I wish
                                             which helped me develop a new skill,           them continued success for the future.
I first heard about VCACD when I saw         and in addition to this I also created a
a job advertised at Chichester College       VCACD Facebook page.                            Spotlight: Giving World
that they were looking for an Assistant
Administrator. I applied for the post        Due to my expanding role within the                     Online
straight away and later attended an          charity, I was taken on to work full time
                                                                                            Giving World Online is a free, not-for-profit,
interview. Luckily a few days later I        and really felt like part of the team. My 6    scheme offering organisations the chance
got a phone call saying that I had been      month working contract was due to end          to pass on surplus goods to people in
successful and got the job and I was over    in October, but I am pleased to say that       need. It was set up to help community
the moon with the news. I began my time      I am now being kept on until the end of        groups and charities access free surplus
at VCACD doing general admin. work           April. However I will deeply miss working      goods from businesses and organisations
                                             here when my working time comes to a           whilst at the same time reducing the
for 25 hours per week. All the staff were
                                             close, I have met so many lovely people        amount of goods sent to landfill.
very warm, friendly and welcoming and it
made me feel very settled working there.     and I will miss all the wonderful staff that   Since GWO’s soft launch in December
                                             work here especially those I have worked       2008, more than half a million pounds
As my time continued at VCACD, I was         closely with and shared an office with,        worth of goods have been redirected from
given so many opportunities to work          Kate, Carol Allen, Carol Grove, Derek,         landfill to UK charities, and plans are in
on various projects that were starting       Norman, Doreen, Jenny, Maureen and             motion to extend the reach of the project
within the organisation. These included      all the fantastic volunteers that give up      even further.
working on Community Voices Projects;        their spare time to help us here and           • To see if GWO can help you, go to www.
Get Connected, Sharing Memories and          who always brighten up my day, Marina,

Renewed efforts tackle the ‘benefits barrier’ to volunteering
Alan Strickland, Senior Policy and Information Manager, Volunteering England explains how it is tackling this
long running challenge.

         Barriers to volunteering caused by the benefits system will be all too familiar      expected to be carried out in the autumn.
         to many volunteer-involving organisations and infrastructure bodies. A new           Attention often focuses on the problems
         national project, bringing together Jobcentre Plus and the volunteering              faced by volunteering organisations, rather
sector aims to speed up the pace of change in tackling this long-running challenge.           than asking advisors what challenges they
                                                                                              face in supporting volunteering as part of
The ‘benefits barrier’ is one of the           on the rules around volunteering while         their day-to-day work.
volunteering barriers raised most often        receiving benefits has been added to
with Volunteering England. It covers a         the Jobcentre Plus intranet and is easily      Our work in the area has uncovered some
range of related difficulties which can        accessed by advisors. In addition, VE has      excellent examples of local Jobcentre Plus
be faced by those wanting to volunteer         secured various changes to the national        offices and volunteering organisations
while receiving state benefits. Jobseeker’s    guidance booklet Volunteering while            working closely together, with real
Allowance, which gives rise to most            receiving benefits and developed its own       benefits to volunteers. A publication
complaints, has very straightforward           improved information sheet.                    will be produced pulling together good
guidelines. An individual can volunteer as                                                    practice case studies and highlighting
                                               A national strategic relationship              hints and tips.
much as they like, so long as they are still
                                               with Jobcentre Plus
meeting the requirements of JSA, chiefly                                                      Understanding the rules around benefits
that they are actively seeking work.           While these improvements have made a
                                                                                              is key. New, more accessible, means of
                                               difference, we felt that to have a deeper
Despite this, problems persist in some                                                        explaining them will be created, both
                                               impact, Volunteering England needed
areas. Some volunteers report being                                                           online and in print. This will include a
                                               to build a more strategic relationship
given incorrect advice by Jobcentre                                                           simple ‘myth-busting guide’s.
                                               with Jobcentre Plus not only to tackle
Plus advisors – for example being told         problems as they arise, but also to take       How you can help
that they cannot volunteer at all while        a longer term approach to dealing with
claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance or can                                                          If you have examples of good partnership
                                               the underlying causes. To achieve this, a      working between a local Jobcentre Plus
only volunteer for 16 hours per week. The      national agreement between Volunteering
‘16-hour rule’ is a common myth, passed                                                       and volunteering organisations, please
                                               England and Jobcentre Plus was launched        feed these into the project at the e-mail
on both by some Jobcentre Plus staff           earlier this year.
and some volunteering organisations.                                                          address below. We are actively gathering
Let’s be clear – there has never been a        A clear plan for improvement                   ideas on what type of information and
16-hour rule for Jobseeker’s Allowance.                                                       support organisations would value, and
                                               The agreement is to be underpinned by an
A similar rule did apply to some other                                                        there is still time to submit your requests
                                               action plan, which will drive collaborative
benefit claimants, but was scrapped in                                                        for activities which should be included in
                                               projects to deliver improvements. The
1998! While many issues focus around                                                          the action plan for the project. We look
                                               plan is currently being finalised, but some
implementation of the rules, others focus                                                     forward to receiving your ideas. Please
                                               of the key steps are clear.
on the lack of positive encouragement                                                         send any ideas to me at alan.strickland@
and support for volunteering.                  Research to provide an insight into the, tel. 020 7520
                                               underlying causes of the benefits barrier is   8987
The difficulties are not universal, but
widespread enough to cause concern.
Given that extreme cases involve               Local appeal for Charity Trustees
volunteers having their benefits               Do you have the required skills and enthusiasm?
incorrectly stopped, it is an issue which
can have quite a serious impact on some        Charity Trustee – Volunteering can change lives, including your own. But volunteering
volunteers. The challenge is to ensure the     as a trustee for a charity or local community organisation can make an even bigger
right information is understood and used,      impact for both you and the charity. Trustees are the people responsible for ensuring
and that advisors actively encourage           that an organisation has a clear strategy, that it remains true to its original vision, and
volunteering as a positive step.               that it complies with the necessary rules and legal obligations. Collectively, trustees
                                               are known as the Board, and they have a number of formal roles and responsibilities,
Making progress                                which include appointing key people and keeping a check on the organisation’s
Volunteering England started working           finances and activities. Charity and community organisation boards need people with
with national Jobcentre Plus officers          a wide range of expertise and backgrounds. If you have personal experience of the
to tackle these problems following the         issues a charity tackles or are part of the community it works in, have professional
Commission on the Future of Volunteering       skills or management experience, then you have a unique combination of expertise
and has made good progress since.              and perspectives we are looking for so please get in touch.
Information on the benefits of volunteering
has been included in internal Jobcentre        For more information please go to the following web page:
Plus and Department for Work and      The Essential Trustee - what
Pensions magazines. Clear information          you need to know.

 Stonepillow Your donations
    aare urgently needed
                                                 Help tomorrow take shape

All donated food is used at our Night                     n 27 March 2011 all residential      by the purple 2011 Census logo. For the
Shelter to provide a hot meal for our clients             households in the United             first time it can be completed online; the
and also distributed to our other projects:               Kingdom will be taking part          individual internet code on the front of
YAS Projects, The Sands Project, The Old         in a census. The census provides an           the questionnaire will be needed.
Glassworks & St. Martin’s Day Centres            excellent source of information about the     The 2011 Census doesn’t want anyone to
and the Move-on-Accommodations.                  population. This enables central and local    fall behind – so there is a wide range of
We would be particularly grateful for            government, health authorities and many       help options available (such as language
donations of the following items. Please         other organisations to identify needs for     guidance booklets, large print format,
call us on tel: 01243 537934 to let us           housing, education, health and transport      Text Relay and census field staff on hand,
know when you wish to deliver your               services for years to come.                   as well as online help and telephone call
donation. Our needs list is sent three           Census population statistics are really       centres). There will also be help available
times a year along with our Newsletter.          important in understanding people’s           from the census team in the area and
If you would like to receive the list more       needs and making sure all communities         recruitment is currently taking place for
regularly please can you contact the Head        get the services they need. It’s simple.      a number of roles covering the period
Office on 01243 537934. Thank you.               If the census can’t see someone, the          around Census Day. Some are part time,
                                                 organisations responsible for delivering      others are 37 hours a week but all involve
URGENTLY needed items:
                                                 the services they need either won’t be        flexible working. They will appeal to a
• Coffee, granulated sugar, marmite,             able to see them or, if they know they are    wide-range of local people who know
shower gel, tinned meat, toilet rolls,           there, won’t be able to persuade sources of   their local areas and communities.
deodorant, marmalade, razors, tinned             funding that a need exists. In discovering    For more information contact John
fish, tinned tomatoes                            and understanding communities, the            Heaton, the Census Area Manager for
Items needed:                                    census could make a very real difference      Chichester, Arun and Horsham on 07801
                                                 to people’s lives. The census needs to        331500.
• Weetabix, soap powder, kitchen towels,         include everyone, everywhere – and that’s
tissues, fresh meat that can be frozen, fruit,   why everyone has to take part.
squash, peanut butter, tinned custard,
trifle sponges biscuits, gravy granules,         The census statistics also feed into the            “Its simple. If the census
jellies, jam, ground black pepper                allocation of funding for local authorities         can’t see someone, the
                                                 and play a major part in identifying
Please be aware that we cannot use out of        need for local services in communities,
                                                                                                     organisations responsible
date food items, including tins of food          so it is crucial the population estimate            for delivering the services
Items we do not need, Thank You:                 is as accurate as possible. When the                they need won’t be able
                                                 questionnaire envelope comes through
• Fresh Fish, Soup, Ravioli, Baked Beans,        the door it will be easy to recognise it
                                                                                                     to see them”
Tinned Spaghetti, Pasta
Emma Kierans, Administrative Assistant,
01243 537934, adminassistant@                                Helping ME: The Sussex ME Society                               The Sussex ME Society recently ran a survey about the experiences of those affected
Martin Lucktaylor, Administrator, 01243          by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome across the county. This is the first professionally run
537934,                 comprehensive study of its type and the results are being studied by service providers
                                                 and users alike.
                                                 The project looked at which NHS and other services people are using and how useful
Lend A Hand Service                              these services are to patients. The questionnaire also enquired about which treatment
The Independent Living Association is in         approaches are being tried and how helpful those are. The findings show that a
the process of launching a new domestic          varied number of treatments and approaches are helping a lot of people affected by
help service called Lend a Hand. The             this debilitating illness. Most doctors in the area are seen by ME patients as being
aim is to offer a high quality of service,       reasonably helpful. The ME/CFS service at Burgess Hill is a centre of local expertise
responsive to the wide ranging needs of          run by the NHS.
                                                 Of those that have practiced the management approach of Pacing a massive 94%
The new service seeks to provide support         found it to be of some help or very helpful. Treatments such as specialist Cognitive
with housekeeping in customers’ homes,           Behavioural Therapy has helped 74% of those that have tried it. Specialist pain
including cleaning and laundry. It will be       medications have helped the majority prescribed them, as have low doses of certain
available to everyone and will be launched       anti depressants that can help some with sleep, mood and pain. Lifestyle courses run
in the Worthing area. Any profits                by the NHS centre and the Expert Patient Programmes are helping lots of people.
generated will be transferred to the ILA to      Alternative approaches such as Yoga, Nutrition, Acupuncture and Homeopathy, along
help fund its charitable activities.             with the Lightning Process are rated highly by many patients who have benefitted
                                                 from them.
To find out more, contact Roger
Lightbown on 01 903 219 482                      • Further details are available at

Goodbye From The CHOPP Team
My time at VCACD and how I learnt to “Do It” by Doreen Barry (SNNC ChOPP 2008 - 2010)
I’ve been working behind the blue “Tardis” door at 60A
North Street for the last 2 years within the Chichester and
                                                                                  “I have learnt that within VCACD the buck
District Older People’s project (ChOPP). This was my first                        really does stop here. if something needs
experience of working within the voluntary sector, having
accepted voluntary redundancy from West Sussex County                             to be done; it’s all hands on deck, because
Council, and became a fast learning curve in appreciating the
reality of what life in the sector is really like.
                                                                                  that’s how the voluntary sector works.”
To sum it up, I was recently encouraged to reflect on my choice,        ChOPP meetings, the Cookery Roadshows, the older people we
when someone said to me how lucky I was to have found another           have met and worked with, the partners, I could go on forever!
interesting job (with ChOPP), and how did I manage to find              I feel I have also made some good friends who I plan to keep in
these jobs? The truth is, I have been very lucky in being able to       touch with.
have the support behind me to have the freedom to develop the
                                                                        I have learnt that within VCACD the buck really does stop here.
role in the direction I believe it should go. In this case, the brief
                                                                        If something needs to be done, it’s all hands on deck because
was to benefit older people living within the district, to enable
                                                                        that’s how the voluntary sector works. If a leaflet needs creating
their independence and to increase their health and well-being.
                                                                        you create it, a form to be instigated, you ‘do it’ - right the way
I have equally been able to work with an amazing and dedicated          through to stamps on letters and posting them – you ‘do it’!
team. Most of the time, it really hasn’t even felt like work. I
                                                                        But it’s not as arduous as it might sound when you have such a
don’t think it should, if you enjoy what you do and feel you are
                                                                        supportive and friendly team to “Do it” with. The Tardis houses
making a difference. It would be untrue to say there hadn’t been
                                                                        many of these fantastic people with Kate Scales, who is our
frustrations and moments of annoyance, but it has made me
                                                                        Dr Who. There are no Daleks here.... just a team of dedicated
realise that when you are working in true partnership, towards a
                                                                        workers and volunteers who just “Do it”, but “Do It” with the
common goal, there can be nothing better!
                                                                        commitment, dedication and sincerity that has made my time
I have some wonderful memories of the project, the team, the            here so enjoyable.

          Stay Focused                           NHS / Adult Social Care                                 Arun Lifeline
Youth in Focus, a new £30 million England-        – Complaints Guide                           This is a 24 hour telephone link service
wide funding programme launched by                                                             for short or long-term needs for those
                                                Health and social care staff strive to
the Big Lottery Fund, aims to provide                                                          who live alone and have just come out
                                                get things right, but with busy services,
support for young carers as well as other                                                      of hospital, have special needs, are
                                                mistakes can happen.
vulnerable groups and young people                                                             physically disabled or frail and at risk of
leaving youth offending institutions and        They now have a single approach to             falling, are vulnerable through domestic
young people leaving care.                      dealing with complaints about NHS and          violence, age or illness. The alarm service
                                                Adult Social Care Services, their aim          is accessed through a normal telephone
• For further information, visit the            being to make services more effective,         line to the Control Centre (Chichester
website at           personal and safe.                             Careline) where trained officers are on
prog_youth_focus, call 0845 410 2030                                                           duty.
or e-mail youthinfocus@biglottteryfund.         The Department of Health has produced                                          a guide to provide more information            • Arun District Council, Town Hall,
                                                about their complaints approach, which         Clarence Road, Bognor Regis PO21 1LD.
 Aldingbourne Trust Art                         is available to all.                           Telephone: 01903 737970
    and Craft Service                           • To obtain a copy of the guide and/           e-mail:
                                                or additional advice sheets on specific
The Creative Studio offers a wide range
                                                issues, visit or                              AIMS
of tuition in art activities for adults with
                                                phone 0300 123 1002, quoting 292319.           Advice Information and Mediation
learning disabilities. The service is sited
in Bognor and is open from Monday to                                                           Service provides impartial, independent
Friday, 9.30am-12pm and 1pm-3.30pm.
                                                        WSCC Website                           advice, information and mediation for
Students may attend full-time or part-          The West Sussex County Council                 residents and staff of rented sheltered
time. The centre provides opportunities         website has undergone a redesign. The          and leasehold retirement housing. Can
for people to develop skills, abilities and     new more modern look was developed,            help with common issues such as rent
confidence.                                     based on feedback received from a recent       and service charges, role of the warden
• Telephone: 01243 838535 or e-mail:            consultation.                                  or scheme manager, rights to repairs and or                                                              improvements, etc.
                                                • Go to to find                    out the reasons behind the changes, go         • Lo-call helpline: 0845 600 2001                     to              

                                                                   accountabilities, and partners agree to accept and develop a
                                                                   mutual understanding of these differences, and that they will act
                                                                   with transparency and integrity in all of their dealings.
                                                                   Honesty: All partners to engage in open communication, and
                                                                   that they will enter into open, full and frank discussion of issues
                                                                   of mutual interest, concern or misunderstanding and difficulty.

The Compact is the longstanding agreement that sets out            Independence: Partners recognise the right of all other partners
shared principles and guidelines for effective partnership         to campaign, comment and challenge actions or intentions of
working between government and the third sector in                 other partners.
England.                                                           Diversity of the Sector: All partners value and foster a thriving
The Compact stands for better partnership working and creating     voluntary and community sector, encouraging innovation and
better outcomes for individuals and local communities. Its         choice through a multitude of voices.
commitments are divided into three areas covering ‘involvement     Representation: Partners agree to recognise the need for the
in policy development’, ‘allocating resources’ and ‘advancing      widest possible representation in their joint partnership working
equality’.                                                         arrangements and to strive for this, reflecting the needs and
As well as the national compact, West Sussex has its own           choices of the people and communities they serve.
compact, this document is currently being reviewed by statutory    Equality: All partners value the need for fairness for all, regardless
sector and voluntary sector organisations. If you would like to    of background and will actively promote equality and fairness for
know more about the Compact then contact your local CVS.           all through their activities.
We felt that Compact Week was a good opportunity to remind
everyone of the principles behind the compact:                     Volunteering: The energy and commitment of people freely
                                                                   giving time for the public good should be recognised and valued
Principles                                                         by all partners.
All partners agree to the following principles in their working
                                                                   Dispute Resolution: Work with an ethos that encourages
relationships with each other:
                                                                   mediation at the earliest stage as the best course of resolution
Respect: It is recognised that partners have different             where there is conflict or breakdown in relationships.

                     Norman’s Shorts
  EESI Celebration Event                    the project. 100 or so people were there,
                                            and first up was a main speaker, Kevin
  ‘Partnership In Action...                 Curley, CEO of National Association
       EESI Does It!’                       of Voluntary and Community Action
                                            (NAVCA). He spoke very lucidly about
The EESI Project has been a resounding      the implications of Big Society and the
success over the life of the project,       challenges to the voluntary sector.
supporting Voluntary Sector groups in
so many ways: from starting up a new        This was followed by a response from
group, to policy development, funding       Tim Loughton, MP for East Worthing
grant form assistance, training, and so     and Shoreham and Parliamentary Under-
much more!                                  Secretary of State for Children and
                                            Families. He congratulated the EESI
Some months ago, all involved in the        Project on its achievements and stressed
project wanted an event that would          the Government’s commitment to the
publically celebrate all the achievements   voluntary sector through Big Society.
and partnerships that had developed.
                                            Our EESI Project Development Workers
So was born the ‘EESI Does It!’ working     did a presentation on the successes of the        Tim Loughton, MP addressing the
title and a team from the EESI Project      project over the last 3 years. I shared that                conference
Steering Group got together to work on      £250,000 had been raised for groups in
various aspects of the highly anticipated                                                  The afternoon saw networking and
                                            Chichester and Arun groups and others
event: venue hire, speakers, food,                                                         workshop opportunities, and one-to one
                                            talked about successful new group startup,
workshops, stall holders, and gradually,                                                   sessions with funders and EESI Project
                                            faith forums, training, monitoring and
things came together.                                                                      Workers.
                                            policies/procedures. After a partnership
So on September 16th 2010 at The            panel and a short address by Lord              All in all the feedback was very positive
Charmandean Centre in Worthing,             Lieutenant of West Sussex, Susan Piper,        and a consensus to do what we can to
everybody gathered together to celebrate    an excellent lunch followed.                   extend the life of the project.

 Volunteering in the Chichester District
Carol Allen, Chichester and District Volunteer Centre

        he main bulk of our volunteers         We welcome volunteers from anywhere           Trustee Wanted for locally known
        come from the Chichester city and      in the District and at any time in their      Charity in the Chichester District which
        its urban area which is the most       life. We have various opportunities with,     supports people in their own home. You
populated in the Chichester District where     and for elderly people and opportunities      would be responsible for assisting the
we have our Tuesday drop-in service            with, and for, young people. And all the      organization’s clear strategy, remaining
weekly here in the red portacabin outside      bits in between to do with families and       true to its original vision and compliant
the New Park Community Information             children, sport, recreation, animals, the     with necessary rules and legal obligations.
Centre. We also have drop-in sessions at       arts, charity shops, community centres,       Bring your skills, knowledge and passion
other places across the area but changes       hospitals and hospices and many other         to this appointment knowing it will have
are afoot! At the Volunteer Centre we have     places.                                       a direct effect on people’s lives.
made a decision that we will no longer         Current Vacancies                             Sport placements available to help
hold drop-ins at Midhurst due to minimal                                                     behind the scenes with a view to
take-up by potential volunteers, change of     Meet and Greet Scheme at St Richards
                                               local hospital, based in Outpatients          increasing the sporting achievements of
accommodation and making effective use                                                       various clubs in the area, raising their
of my 27 hours per week.                       Department where the volunteers wear
                                               the instantly recognizable uniform            game to another level and allowing
The altered schedule from NOW is that          and give a reassuring presence. They          participation in wider based competition.
on the first Thursday of each month,           provide wheelchair assistance if required     Previous experience in a particular sport
between 10a.m. and 12 noon we will hold        and volunteers cover either morning or        or activity useful but not essential.
the Petworth drop-in at the Red Cross          afternoon shifts of the five days per week    Any queries or to contact about above
Centre, but we are proposing working           of the service. Other volunteers assist       – Carol Allen, Coordinator, Chichester
more closely with the Children and Family      with Meet and Greet at the Maternity          and District Volunteer Centre, 60a North
Centre at the school.                          Unit.                                         Street, Chichester, PO19 1NB , Tel. No.
On the second Thursday, we will no longer      Chichester Conservation Volunteers            01243 532765 or e-mail carol.allen@
hold the Midhurst drop-in but will be          Help with a conservation task at     (Administration),
available for appointments or special          Woolbeding Common, The Mens
                                                                                             Drop-In Service
events in that part of the district - please   (managed by Sussex Wildlife Trust) or
telephone 01243 532765 or e-mail carol.        Levin Down, as a volunteer one Sunday.        First Thursday of month at Petworth Red if you wish to enquire      Teams go out, led by the Task Leader          Cross Centre and last Thursday of the
about our service. Finally, on the last        after meeting at the local railway station,   month at Selsey Town Council premises.
Thursday of the month we will hold our         bringing with them old clothes and            Every Tuesday at The Portacabin, NEW
drop-in sessions at Selsey Town Council        boots, plus packed lunch and drink. No        PARK Community Information Centre,
offices between 10a.m. and noon, no            experience is necessary, tools are provided   New Park Road, Chichester PO19 1XN
appointment needed.                            and instruction given in their use.           (No appointments needed)

Littlehampton Vacancies (contd.)                                      out a variety of tasks including admin, finance, delivery of team
                                                                      games, and organisation of work placements.
Volunteer Member - Littlehampton And District Lions Club
– Our aim is to help people of all ages who are less fortunate        The team programme is a full-time, 12 -week personal development
than us through a wide variety of fundraising events and some         course for 16-25 year olds, designed to improve confidence, self-
hands on projects. We need to recruit some new members to             esteem, communication, leadership and teamwork skills through
bolster our membership. Members would be required to assist           a series of individual and team challenges and workshops.
at local fundraising events throughout the year. No experience        The participants also improve skills such as problem-solving,
is required you just need to have a caring nature and a good          motivation and tolerance, with the ultimate goal of moving the
sense of humour. Club meetings take place at the Worthing             learners into either employment or further education.
Rugby Club on the first Tuesday of each month but other events
                                                                      Typically our learners come from disadvantaged backgrounds;
can take place at any time throughout the year.
                                                                      sheltered housing, homeless, unemployed, no or low
Trustees - Littlehampton Shopmobility – We urgently require           qualifications, low on confidence & self-esteem, etc. In addition
Trustees to fill the following positions, Business Development,       the learners gain C&G qualification in self development &
Treasurer, Retail, General Secretary.                                 contributing to the community. Skills/qualifications required;
                                                                      numeracy & literacy skills, computer literate / admin skills. Able
Bognor Regis Vacancies (contd.)                                       to communicate at all levels both written & verbal. Ability to
Assistant Team Leader – This is an excellent opportunity for          work as part of a team & use own initiative. Must able to work
anyone wishing to gain experience working with young people.          in a sometimes stressful environment, under pressure & to
The role is to support the staff running the prince’s trust team      deadlines, be patient, understanding, approachable & friendly.
programme & the successful candidate will be expected to carry        Minimum age is 22 ; hours can be discussed on application.

Arun Volunteer Centre
Coordinator: Derek Moore MBE Bognor Regis Office: tel 01243 864220 Littlehampton Office: tel 01903 731223
Littlehampton vacancies
Collection Box Co-ordinator Volunteer – Spinal Injuries                    involved in local and regional actions including meetings or
Association - Working alongside the fundraising team SIA seeks             events to demonstrate support for local change to support blind
a volunteer to assist with the management of SIA collection boxes          and partially sighted people. Letting us know if something you
in your local area. You will help ISA to recruit local businesses          come across locally or a national issue needs challenging and
to display collection boxes on their counter top, for example              helping us and others to take action to change it.
local pubs, newsagents and bakers. You will also help ISA to
                                                                           Most actions can be taken from your own home, but we will also
distribute the boxes, keep in touch with the businesses, collect
                                                                           invite you to other activities in your local area with occasional
old boxes and distribute new boxes when needed. Based from
                                                                           national events that we would love you to attend if you can.
home, a car would be helpful for this role. SIA has established
Health and Safety and Equal Opportunities policies to ensure               Driver – Contact The Elderly - We are urgently in need of a
that all roles are safe and accessible to all.                             driver for the group. We meet on the 3rd Sunday of each month
                                                                           and the time commitment is once a month, from approximately
Key Campaigner - Royal National Institute of Blind People -
                                                                           2.30 – 5.30pm.The role of the driver is to collect up to 3 elderly
Make a difference by taking actions to change national and local
                                                                           people from their homes and accompany them to the host’s
issues affecting blind and partially sighted people.
                                                                           house for tea. They should then be available to return them
By writing a letter, sending an e-mail or meeting a local                  home. Most drivers choose to stay at the host’s home with the
politician you can change the world without necessarily leaving            guests during the tea but this is not essential. As the driver is in
your home. By taking a minimum of three actions per year                   contact with vulnerable adults we would run CRB checks and
to support RNIB’s national and local campaigns i.e. sending                take up references. The volunteer should be someone with their
e-mails, letters or contacting key national or local politicians or        own car and who enjoys the company of older people.
service providers to demand better. When appropriate getting                                                         (continued on page 11)

Bognor Regis Vacancies

11th Bognor Regis Scout Group - Our aim is to promote the                  Group Scout Leader - The Group Scout Leader is the manager
development of young people in achieving their full physical,              of the Scout Group. They offer support and leadership to the
intellectual, social and spiritual potentials as individuals, as           other leaders as well as the young people within the Group.
responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and           They help to develop the group and create an atmosphere that
international communities. We have the following opportunities             makes others want to stay and join. Hold regular meetings
to fill:                                                                   with members of the Group to keep abreast of what is
                                                                           happening in each section. Resolve problems that may occur
Caretaker/Premises Manager - We have two sites, one in
                                                                           within the Group. Act as a charity trustee of the Group.
Brent Road, Aldwick and one in Central Drive, North Bersted,
                                                                           and work with the Group Executive Committee to ensure
both requiring someone to help with maintenance both inside
                                                                           the effective administration. Skills/Qualifications required,
and out as well as cleaning. Both sites are regularly used at
                                                                           previous Scouting experience is not essential but knowledge
various times during the week so work must be done when the
                                                                           of youth work would be an advantage.
premises is not being used. This may suit a couple or single
person or even two different people, one for each site. You                Prince’s Trust / Creating Futures Ltd - Bognor Team - The
must work within current Health and Safety regulations as well             aim of creating futures ltd. Is to offer all service users an equal
as Scout Association rules. There may be some contact with                 opportunity to improve their personal, vocational and social
children so a CRB check will be carried out. At a later date this          skills so that they are able to make a valuable contribution to
may develop into taking bookings for the halls as well. Skills/            the community in which they live in. We would like to fill the
Qualifications required, knowledge of general maintenance jobs             following opportunity:
(no major projects), lawn mowing etc.                                                                                    (continued on page 11)

   CVS-Arunwide                                      CVS-Arunwide                                       Voluntary and Community Action
   Littlehampton office                              Bognor Regis office                                Chichester District
   Dove Lodge,                                       Town Hall                                          60a North Street, Chichester
   49 Beach Road                                     Clarence Road                                      PO19 1NB
   Littlehampton                                     Bognor Regis                                       Tel: 01243 528615
   BN17 5JG                                          PO21 1LD                                           Fax 01243 528615
   Telephone: 01903 726228                           Telephone: 01243 840305                            E-mail:                           E-mail:   

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