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            International Boating
            & Water Safety Summit

Daytona Beach, FlorIDa
   Sunday, March 28 —
  Wednesday, March 31
 A Joint Program Sponsored by the National Safe Boating Council
             and the National Water Safety Congress
n n n   2010 IBWSS olyMPIcS   n n n
                        International Boating and
                          Water Safety Summit

Dear Fellow Summit Participants:

The National Safe Boating Council and the National Water Safetey Congress are pleased to present
the Proceedings from the 14th Annual International Boating and Water Safety Summit. We had over
350 boating and water safety professionals and volunteers in attendance as “teachers” and “students”
as knowledge and techniques were shared during general and breakout sessions. The outdoor,
hands-on breakout sessions were well attended again this year. Teamwork, along with some friendly
competition, was essential as four regions vyed for the coveted Golden Starfish at the 2010 IBWSS

The Summit is helpful to anyone involved with boating and water safety. As you will see from the
following pages, there were sessions for everyone and the freedom to “cross-train” during breakout
sessions. If you would like more information on any session, please contact the presenter listed with
the session. (Summit attendees are listed in alphabetical order beginning on page 33).

We encourage you to put next year’s Summit on your calendar, which will be held at the
Savannah Marriott Riverfront in Savannah, Georgia, March 6 - 9, 2011. This beautiful and
historic setting is a new venue for the Summit and we urge you to keep an eye on our websites
( and for registration information.

In 2011, The National Water Safety Congress will mark its 60th anniversary and all are encouraged to
come join the celebration during the Summit.

Thank you to all who participated in the 2010 Summit in Daytona Beach! We look forward to seeing
you in Savannah early next March.

	            Veronica	Floyd	                                      Gary	Owen
             Chair                                                President
             National Safe Boating Council                        National Water Safety Congress

                                                Thank you to Boat Ed for being one of our
                                                sponsors for the 2010 IBWSS including the
                                                Opening Reception and the Awards Banquet.
Launched in 1995, Boat Ed is a national organization dedicated to providing boater safety education. Boat Ed works closely
with the state agencies responsible for boater education to develop distance learning and classroom courses.
   From the beginning, Boat Ed’s focus has been on quality—no shortcuts, no “one size fits all” approach. When developing
instructional content, Boat Ed works intensively with each state agency to ensure that the content and the “look” of each
publication uniquely reflects that state’s laws, that state’s students, that state’s waterways, and that state’s needs.
   This commitment to customization and quality has never wavered. Since its mid-1990s inception as a course developer
for a single state, Boat Ed has earned the trust of 49 state agencies, the United States Power Squadrons, and the U.S. Coast
Guard Auxiliary.
   Today, Boat Ed offers a wide range of instructional materials, custom-tailored for each state. And, Boat Ed is constantly
innovating and working to develop products specifically requested by its agency partners.

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                                                 2010 IBWSS
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Pre- and Post-Summit Meetings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4                    Practical On-The-Water Training . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .               18
                                                                                               Having Fun in Teaching Using Tried and True Tips from
Sunday, March 28                                                                                 NSBW Campaign . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .             19
Opening Reception . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5              Permitting & Public Safety (Round Table Panel)
                                                                                                 Hunting on Project Waters. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .              19
Monday, March 29                                                                                 Camping and ATV Use on Project Lands . . . . . . . . . . . . .                        19
Update from the Office of Auxiliary and Boating Safety . . . . 6                                 Electrical Safety on Docks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .            19
USACE Life Jacket Wear Mandated in Mississippi . . . . . . . . . 6                               Lessons Learned from Drought Conditions and
Boating Alaska: A short order cook’s approach to                                                   Flightseeing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      19
  boating safety . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7         Coast Guard Maritime Authority and Jurisdiction . . . . . . . .                         19
Cold Water Boot Camp – Beyond Cold Water Boot Camp USA:                                        Social Marketing: A Campaign for Changed Behavior . . . . .                             20
 The 3 “R’s” Rescue, Recover, Re-warm. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7                         Lunch at Daytona Lagoon
DHS Small Vessel Security . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7                  The Commodore Prject . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .              20
Using Online Games and Animation to Teach Boating Safety 8                                     Afternoon Events and Breakouts at Daytona Lagoon
Arctic Boating Safety Outreach: Challenges and Cultures . . . 8                                  Testing Methods to Approve a Coast Guard Approved
Drinking and Boating . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9                 Life Jacket . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   20
Operation Dry Water . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9                New Techniques for Paddlesports Rescues
Power Boat Hands-on Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10                           (Kayak Safety Skills and Techniques . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                   20
“Wear It!”: One Voice – One Message . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10                           First Responders in Life Jackets:
                                                                                                   Using the Line Reel and Rescue Chain . . . . . . . . . . . . .                      21
tuesday, March 30
Interactive Boating Education Exercises for Classroom                                          Wednesday, March 31
  and Online . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11          Stand Up Paddleboard . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
Facilitating Partnerships on Land Owned by U.S. Army Corps                                     The “Right” Life Jacket: Life jackets and their role in
  of Engineers, and Managed by Ohio Department of Natural                                        protectiong the individual participating in a recreational
  Resoures…The Answer During Financially Depress Times 11                                        boating and/or water activity . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
Managing Risk While Afloat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11                  ICURR Cave Rescue and Recovery Team . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
Public Safety Issues/Cases/Programs                                                            Coast Guard Maritime Law Enforcement Training, Boarding
  How the FERC Inspection Program Addresses Public                                               Procedures, and Boating Under the Influence Enforcement
    Safety Issues . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12           Overview . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23
  Consumers Energy Overview Lease Program . . . . . . . . . . 12                               Rowing Instruction and Safety . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23
Marine Surveyors: The Triangulation of Safety . . . . . . . . . . . 12                         Incident Command, Where Communication is Key! . . . . . . 23
2010 NSBC Alcohol Impact Award Winner . . . . . . . . . . . . 12                               Developing Partnerships with Government Agencies to Build
A Behind the Scenes Tour of “Life Jackets Float, Do You!” . . 13                                 a Public Sailboat Marina/Saling Center with Private Funding
Interpretive Programs – Alive and Well . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13                        and Volunteer Hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23
Weather Safety and Your Water-Based Recreational Activity 14                                   Kiteboarding and Kite Surfing Demos/Training/Safety
Public Recreation and Safety                                                                     Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23
  Recreation Management at Hydropower Projects . . . . . . 14                                  Aquatic Spinal Injury Management . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23
  Cooperative Agreements in Providing Recreational                                             Inflatable Life Jacket Education Kit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24
    Opportunities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14           Federal Carriage Requirements for Recreational Vessels . . . 24
NASBLA’s Operation Dry Water . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14                      Awards Banquet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24
NSBC Boating Safety Youth Award . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
                                                                                               NSBC Award Winners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
USACE/ALUM Creek Lake 5-Year Water Safety Plan and
  Accomplishments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14               NWSC Award Winners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
A Boating & Water Safety Program for South America. . . . . 15
                                                                                               2010 Media Contest Winners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27
Connecticut: “Leaning” into the Future . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15
Flooding and Its Impact on Public Safety                                                       Summit Polling 2010 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28
  Lake Catherine Flood of 1990 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
                                                                                               2010 IBWSS Attendees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33
  Drought to Deluge, Managing Hydroelectric Projects
    Through Extreme Conditions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16                    Exhibitor Directory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43
Waterways Management in Abu Dhabi, United Arab
                                                                                               NSBC Board of Directors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46
  Emirates. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17
OMC Award Winner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17                NWSC Board of Directors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47
Water Safety Partnerships . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18

Every effort has been made for accuracy in the production of the Proceedings regarding information. We regret and
apologize for any omissions or errors.
         n n n         Pre- anD PoSt-SuMMIt SeSSIonS                                                      n n n

American Canoe Association (ACA) - Level 1: Introduction to       NBF Annual General Meeting
Kayaking Instructor Certification Workshop                        NASBLA Education
National Safe Boating Council’s (NSBC) and National               NASBLA Education/Marketing
Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA)
Boating Safety Instructor Training Course                         NASBLA Course Administration Subcommittee

National Water Safety Congress (NWSC) Personal Watercraft         HQ USACE National Water Safety Team Meeting
Course                                                            USACE Agency Meeting: Best Management Practices
NASBLA Education                                                  NWSC General Membership Meeting/Elections
NASBLA Education/Marketing                                        NSBC General Membership Meeting
NASBLA Course Administration Subcommittee                         United Safe Boating Institute Meeting
NBF Executive Board MeetingNWSC Board and Partnership             USACE Team Meeting – National Water Safety Products
Meeting                                                           Advisory Team
NSBC Board Meeting                                                NSBC Paddlesport Training Course
Boating Education Advisory Panel (BEAP)

                n n n         Seen arounD the SuMMIt                                             n n n

                           n n n          SunDay, March 28                                         n n n

                                                                         about boating responsibly, but stressed that it’s exactly the
a Presentation from Keith colburn                                        danger that keeps life jackets and safety at sea at the forefront
Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch                                      of what he does as a commercial crab fishermen. Colburn told
                        Keith Colburn spoke to approximately             the audience that when accidents happen despite their best
                   150 International Boating and Water Safety            efforts, they make every incident a learning experience and a
                   Summit attendees about his passion for                chance to improve their safety procedures even further.
                   safety on the waterways. Colburn, Captain                   Colburn went on to share that he felt that safety is equally
                   of the fishing vessel The Wizard and star of          important for recreational boaters. He shared that he had
                   the Discovery Channel’s hit television show           conducted a life jacket demonstration with a group of Sea Ca-
                   The Deadliest Catch, has also served as the           dets earlier in the day and stressed the importance of teaching
                   National Spokesperson for the U.S. Coast              boating and water safety to children and adults. Colburn said,
                   Guard’s “Boat Responsibly!” initiative for the        ”For the past year, I’ve tried to convey to recreational boaters
                   last two years.                                       across the country the need to be prepared for every boating
     During his speech he stressed the importance of safety not          emergency, and especially for the need to wear life jackets at
just for recreational boaters but professional fishermen as well.        all times on the water. This is something I believe in.”
When asked about the reality of the television show Colburn                    After the speech, Colburn was recognized for his con-
stated that what is not captured is the amount of preparation            tributions to safe boating in America with a presentation of
that occurs July – September to prepare for the fishing season.          the Coast Guard’s Pillar of Support Award. In announcing
     Speaking of this preparation, Colburn stated, “before we            the award, Rear Admiral Kevin Cook, Director of Prevention
leave the dock we conduct safety drills for everything from              Policy for the Coast Guard said, “Captain Colburn is a well-
man overboard, to how to call for assistance using the marine            known and respected seaman who recognizes the importance
radios, and we make certain that every person knows exactly              of responsible boating safety procedures.”
what to do, with or without the captain. Most important,                       Colburn offered a special thank you to the U.S. Coast
everyone wears a life jacket, either an auto-inflatable vest style       Guard Integrated Support Command at Kodiak and St. Paul
or a full jacket with foam flotation.”                                   Island, Alaska. He praised the vigilance of these men and
     Captain Colburn noted that it may seem odd to have                  women and their willingness to engage in search and rescue
someone involved in such a dangerous profession talking                  in every kind of weather on the Bering Sea.

                                                              n n n
opening reception honoring IBWSS exhibitors
Exhibits Open – Networking and light hors d’oeurves
The Opening Reception was sponsored in part by BoatEd.

                        n n n          MonDay, March 29                                           n n n

       Update from the Office of Auxiliary and                          USACE Life Jacket Wear Mandated in Mississippi
                  Boating Safety                                             Lynda Nutt, USACE, and Cecilia Duer, NWSC
    Capt. Mark Rizzo and Jeffrey Hoedt, Chief of the                        As the largest provider of water-based recreation in the
           Division of Boating Safety, USCG                            nation, the US Army Corps of Engineers has aggressively sup-
     Over 83 million adults and millions more youth, nearly            ported public education on water safety for more than three
1/3 of the American population participate in some form of             decades. Despite extensive risk management efforts, the Corps
recreational boating each year. Since the enactment of the             continues to experience high numbers of public fatalities and
Federal Boat Safety Act in 1971, the number of registered              serious injury accidents. Noting that greater than 90% of those
                                                                       who drown during recreation activities were not wearing a life
boats has more than doubled to nearly 13 million but the
                                                                       jacket at the time of their death. In May 2009, the US Army
number of fatalities has plummeted from a record high of               Corps of Engineers began testing mandatory life jacket require-
1,754 deaths in 1973 to 685 deaths in 2007. These figures              ments for boaters and swimmers on its lakes in Mississippi
demonstrate that the National RBS program has been very ef-            and western Pennsylvania. In this presentation, the Corps and
fective over the past 34 years. A copy of our Strategic Plan           its key partners, the US Coast Guard and the National Water
is included in the program.                                            Safety Congress, shared the successes and challenges experi-
     Unfortunately, after years of declining injuries and deaths       enced to date, as well as plans for the upcoming second year
over the past 5 years we have been stuck on an average of 700          of the three-year test.
deaths per year. We are validating FY- 09 casualty numbers             The National Water Safety Congress: Mississippi Wear Rate
now and it appears that the injury goal WILL be met but the            Validation of Observation Project
deaths goal WILL NOT be met.                                           Presented by Cecilia Duer, Executive Director, NWSC
     Due to the fact that most boating accidents are caused by              The National Water Safety Congress requested and recei-
human factors and that nationally 70% of all reported deaths           ved funding from the U.S. Coast Guard Office of Auxiliary and
continue to occur on boats where the operator has not taken            Boating Safety to perform a simultaneous wear rate study on
a boating safety course the Coast Guard believes that it is time       the same Mississippi lakes as the JSI Wear Rate Study team was
to make a change. For this reason we are actively pursuing a           performing in the summer of 2009.
Legislative Change Proposal (LCP), endorsed by the National                 For the first time, this would be a boat-based validation
Boating Safety Advisory Council to get the statutory author-           of the JSI Wear Rate study. In Mississippi, where mandatory
ity to require all operators of recreational vessels to obtain         wear was in place on United States Army Corps of Engineer
boating safety education. Uniformity and reciprocity are key           (USACE) lakes, observation dates, based on the water, did
factors in this process and we are hopeful that States will work       come very close to matching the JSI organization study.
                                                                            Results of this boat-based study were presented in con-
together to minimize the impact to boaters in adjoining States
                                                                       junction with the USACE and JSI wear rate study results.
and transient boaters should this legislation be passed.                    Project Description: The NWSC validation project invol-
     Regarding the Sportfish Restoration and Boating Trust             ved unobtrusive observation and data collection, from a boat
Fund, our previous 5 year Reauthorization ended 31 Septem-             or boats. The data was collected by a team of researchers from
ber, 2009. Our Trust Fund has been extended through Decem-             the University of Mississippi which included faculty and gra-
ber 2010. The Coast Guard, U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service are         duate students from the Park and Recreation degree program.
working together to see that legislation is considered that will       Each person involved in data collection was trained in the
provide the next long-term extension for the remainder of the          research methodology used by JSI Consultants thus insuring
5 year period.                                                         that the data will be comparable, reliable and valid.
     For years was have promoted life jacket wear through a                 Additional variables which were collected:
wide variety of campaigns in an effort to reduce casualties.           1. Obvious alcohol consumption
Our data shows that 70% of all deaths resulted in drowning             2. Data collected from social beaches/moorings/anchorages
and 90% of those that drowned were not wearing a life jacket.          Defined as a location where 2 or more vessels are together
In 2008, my office was made aware of a study the Army Corps            3. Weekday use
of Engineers was conducting on life jacket wear at 4 Northern          4. USACE designated swim area usage
Mississippi reservoirs. This involved a Corps mandate for all          5. Law enforcement or USACE presence
boaters to wear life jackets on boats less than 21ft. Baseline              Personnel Training: On June 4 - 5, 2009, six two-person
measurements were taken in 2008, before the mandate went               teams were trained by JSI Consultants to collect data through
into effect; and were then taken again in 2009 to see what the         unobtrusive methods from land-based observation points.
results of the mandate were.                                           Training included classroom instruction and field work where
     The results were incredible! With the Corps using only            actual observations were made alongside JSI associates. One
                                                                       of these teams was used to collect data during the project thus
public awareness measures to get voluntary compliance (no
                                                                       assuring that all individuals involved in measuring life jacket
tickets were written), the wear rate for adults on open motor-         use have been trained to use the same methodology.
boats jumped from approximately 13% in 2008 to nearly 71%                   Observations were conducted during the summer months
in 2009. Two separate on-water observation studies were also           beginning the weekend of July 4th and ending on the Septem-
conducted, one of which was done by the National Water                 ber 26, 2009 weekend.
Safety Congress and all studies supported the findings. We’re               Conclusions: This report covers observational data collec-
very excited about these results and will continue to work with        ted from July 4, 2009 – September 26, 2009. The overall wear
the Corps on this test in 2010.                                        rate for boaters observed is 61.4% including PWCs in 2009
     Now this begs the question? If in two short years the             for this Mississippi boat-based observation study. Without
ACOE can increase wear rates from 13% to 71% with no sig-              knowing the JSI rate of wear overall at the time of this report,
nificant push back, I believe that it is time to consider pursu-       we cannot conclude the validation point of this study, compa-
ing legislation that requires mandatory wear on all Navigable          ratively speaking. We do acknowledge that the wear rate over
waters of the U. S.                                                    at 61.4%, is significantly higher than the 22% of wear rate
                         n n n          MonDay, March 29                                            n n n

on the National Study, thereby allowing us to conclude that                   While there’s always going to be some risk in boating, safe
the required wear of life jackets on these Mississippi United            and enjoyable boating is possible with effective risk man-
States Corps of Engineers properties, HAS increased use of               agement. Risk management depends on four things – your
life jackets in a concentrated area where boat based studies             attitude; skill and ability; good, unimpaired judgment; and
were accomplished. Wear rates on PWC’s for both adults and               knowledge and experience. Knowledge and experience are
children are almost universal.                                           especially important, because eight out of ten boating fatali-
      Overall Life Jacket Wear: The overall wear rate for boaters        ties nationwide involve boating operators who have never had
observed is 61.4% including PWCs in 2009 for this Mississippi            a single boating safety course. To help boaters manage these
boat based observation study only.                                       risks and ensure a safe and enjoyable time on the water the
      Overall Mean Life Jacket Wear Rates: there were 1445               Alaska Office of Boating Safety focused on four areas: pre-trip
Boats observed; 4019 persons observed and categorized by                 planning, things to know on the water, accident prevention,
age; there were 1050 Youth under the age of 18; there were               and emergency and accident response. Just remember – while
2886 adults between the ages of 18-64 observed; and there                this DVD will give you an excellent overview of boating, it is
were 83 adults observed over the age of 65.                              not a comprehensive boating course.
      Of the total 4034 persons observed and recorded wea-
ring or nor wearing, 2466 WERE wearing and 1568 were                                     Cold Water Boot Camp –
NOT wearing. This accounts for 61.4% of the total number of
persons, recorded and observed from a boat based observation                       Beyond Cold Water Boot Camp USA:
point, wearing their life jackets.                                                 The 3 “R’s” Rescue, Recover, Re-warm
      The National Water Safety Congress does intend to conti-           Cecilia Duer, Executive Director, National Water Safety
nue to work on the study to validate JSI’s work in Mississippi             Congress/Executive Producer The Three “R’s”, and
during this three year project test.                                               Ted Rankine, Play Safe Productions
      For more information please contact Cecilia Duer, Executi-              Following the success of Cold Water Boot Camp, Beyond
ve Director NWSC, 440.209.9805 or email Director@waters-                 Boot Camp: The 3 R’s has been created. Using DVD and web;                           delivery of the materials, it is designed to provide educators
                                                                         with tools to better inform themselves and their students about
                                                                         the risks of cold water immersion and first responders with
                  Boating Alaska:                                        information to be more effective in successful rescue, recovery
  A short order cook’s approach to boating safety                        and re-warming of any person suffering from a cold water im-
    Joe McCullough, Alaska Office of Boating Safety                      mersion or hypothermic experience. This presentation intro-
     Like all of its brother and sister states in the lower 48,          duced elements of the (soon to be released) DVD, highlighted
Alaska endeavors to reach boaters with important safety                  a sampling of the material it will contain and provided an
education – especially adult males. Making this task even                overview of distribution plans for the program.
harder is the fact that these boaters aren’t especially interested            The 3 R’s has been created to educate first responders
in traditional class room courses. While there has been major            about the proper methods of identifying the level of hypother-
progress in reaching this electronically focused group with              mia in a victim and how to rescue, re-warm and treat the vic-
internet based courses, Alaska still felt there was no substitute        tim. The 3R’s portion of the program addresses some education
for an instructor lead class, so we developed what we have               and awareness issues for SAR first responders to be educated
referred to as a “short order cook’s approach to boating safety”         and therefore better prepared with a workable plan on how to
in the hopes that our 30 minute video Boating Alaska would               rescue, recover and re-warm hypothermic victims. With an
whet the viewer’s appetite enough that they would enroll in a            estimated 20% of those severely hypothermic victims suffering
NASBLA-approved course.                                                  from circum rescue collapse, it is evident that the knowledge
     In Alaska, boating is a lifestyle. People rely on it for            is lacking in this area and the 3R’s will fill that void.
transportation, depend on it for subsistence and enjoy it for                 The National Water Safety Congress will conduct a profes-
recreation. Which shouldn’t be a surprise – Alaska has more              sional training course curriculum entitled Cold Water Im-
water and more coastline than any other state in the country,            mersion Prevention / Rescue Recover Re-warm. This will be
with 3 thousand rivers, 33 thousand miles of coastline and 3             presented in an 8-16 hour classroom and on/in water setting.
million lakes! Unfortunately, Alaska also has one of the highest         A certificate of completion will be issued at the completion of
boating fatality rates in the nation. In the past 15 years there         the course.
were over 300 recreational boating deaths in Alaska, more                     Contact the National Water Safety Congress for more in-
than in commercial boating. Many of these could have been                formation:, 440.209.9805.
     The state of Alaska has a NASBLA approved eight-hour                               DHS Small Vessel Security
course which has been well attended with approximately
1500 students receiving course completion cards since 2002,
                                                                                  Robert M. Gauvin, Technical Advisor,
which is especially encouraging since Alaska is one of the few                Coast Guard Sections Office of Vessel Activities
states without mandatory education. Nevertheless, the staff                   Mr. Gauvin discussed the 4 major concerns on the Depart-
of the Alaska Office of Boating Safety wasn’t convinced that             ment of Homeland Security (DHS) regarding a possible terror-
they were reaching their target audience – young adult males.            ist use of a small vessel* to conduct:
This target group was used to getting their information fast,            • Conveyances to smuggle weapons (including, but not lim-
either on the internet or through television, and they weren’t           ited to, Weapons of Mass Destruction/Effect (WMD/WME));
as willing to sit through an eight-hour class. So the Office of          • Water Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (WBIED)– small,
Boating Safety produced a 30 minute video designed to pique              explosive-laden vessels used as “boat bombs” against another
the interest of viewers and hopefully encourage them to attend           vessel, maritime critical infrastructure, or key resources;
a NASBLA-approved course.                                                • Conveyances to smuggle terrorists into the U.S.; and
                                                                         • Platforms for standoff weapon attacks on the maritime indus-
                           n n n            MonDay, March 29                                             n n n

try or critical infrastructure.                                               interaction - is a logical progression when it comes to boating
     Small vessel security issues can be managed by in depth,                 education.
layered international and national security programs which                         Research indicates the vast majority of people use vi-
uses a risk based decision making targeting scheme to ef-                     sual cues when learning and that active participation in this
fectively assign resources to respond to the level of known or                process increases comprehension and retention several-fold.
perceived risk. The DHS Small Vessel Security Strategy was                    Surveys also reveal students prefer using interactive hands-on
released by Secretary Chertoff in April 2008 and provides the                 methods utilizing animations, simulations and video. That is
goals and objectives provided by the small vessel stakeholders                why BoatU.S. Foundation developed a suite of new interactive
during the national and regional summits, which jointly were                  learning tools including video games and a boating simulator
developed to manage the small vessel risk. This is being fol-                 that puts the student at the helm.
lowed up by a DHS Small Vessel Security Implementation Plan                        Games offer a challenge to anyone who plays them
which is currently in final review with the President’s Office of             because they are not just the same repeated scenario. By
Management and Budget (OMB) and Secretary Napolitano’s                        definition, games vary each time you play, depending on
staff for release. The Implementation Plan will provide a map                 player input. And with variety, the player gets unique feedback
of the actions that have been and will be taken to reduce                     guaranteeing a new experience each time. Feedback is instant
threat through partnerships with the states, local and tribal                 – you get safety tips along the way, feedback on performance
governments as well as the industry, small vessel owners and                  at various intervals and an overall score to compare yourself to
operators, and the public. A roll out of the Implementation                   others.
Plan will occur starting with introduction to the small vessel                     The “BoatU.S. DockIt!” game presents a series of typical
stakeholder leadership and at each port once released. All                    marina layouts with instructions to navigate safely to your boat
documents with supporting information and actions taken to                    slip without incurring substantial damage, or else you’re sunk.
date can be referenced on the DHS web site at: http://www.                    Beware of the tides, current and confusing dock layouts that                                  are as confounding as the real thing, at least to a new boater.
     Work on the concerns does not wait for the Implemen-                     If you dock your boat successfully, you’re greeted with a round
tation Plan to be released as all of the DHS components                       of applause by onlookers and advance to the next level. There
(USCG/CBP,ICE,TSA,DNDO, etc) are taking actions to reduce                     are six levels in all with a nighttime bonus level.
the threat from the use of small vessels in an attack on the                       As a follow up, the Foundation developed “BoatU.S. Navi-
U.S. homeland and abroad. One specific action where the                       gateIt!” Instead of emphasizing the subtleties of docking, the
public and stakeholders can make a difference is America’s                    NavigateIt! game takes you on a journey. Along the way, you
Waterway Watch (AWW), 1-877-24-WATCH. This is a 24-7                          must pass marks on proper sides, avoid typical traffic flow and
hotline to report suspicious incidents from those of the public               watch for common waterway hazards. There’s even a quiz you
and industry who work and live on or near the water. AWW                      can take to enhance the experience and an option to review
has its own web page, so if there are questions on what is a                  real-life boating tips that emphasize safety.
suspicious incident or why should one report it, there is some                     The latest BoatU.S. Foundation product, the “BoatU.S.
online training on the AWW web site at: http://www.americas-                  Boating Simulator – a Virtual Boating Experience” offers a be- .                                                            hind the wheel experience, complete with a simulated throttle,
     The DHS Small Vessel Security Implementation Plan when                   shifter, and chart plotter. Instructions are given at the begin-
released will be advertised in boating and industry periodicals               ning of the voyage and you must use all tools at your disposal
as well as be available to read or download from the DHS                      to navigate around aids to navigation, through congested wa-
website listed above. Any questions please use the contact                    terways and across sometimes shallow and treacherous waters.
link on the website directly.                                                 Performance feedback is given along the way and penalties are
*The U.S. has characterized a small vessel as any watercraft, regard-         assigned real-time for violating speed zones, crossing too close
less of method of propulsion, which is generally less than 300 gross          to another vessel or navigating out of bounds.
tons, and used for recreational or commercial purposes. Small vessels              These experiences offer both the new and experienced
include commercial fishing vessels, recreational boats and yachts,            boater something unique and ensure that learning is a fun ex-
towing vessels, uninspected passenger vessels, or any other small
commercial vessels involved in foreign or U.S. voyages. This definition       perience. BoatU.S. Foundation staff demonstrated these games
distinguishes small vessels from large commercial vessels and yachts          for the audience during the general session and shared how it
(generally 300 gross tons and over) that are applicable to security           is accomplishing the mutual goal of the BoatU.S. Foundation
measures already put in place under the authority of the Maritime             and United States Coast Guard of promoting boating safety in
Transportation Security Act (MTSA) of 2002 and the International              a fun and interactive way.
Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.
                                                                                          Arctic Boating Safety Outreach:
national Water Safety congress                                                               Challenges and Cultures
awards luncheon (See Award Winners on page 26.)                                      Commander Michelle Webber, USCG, and
                                                                                          Mr. Michael Folkerts, USCG
          Using Online Games and Animation                                         Promoting boating safety in the Arctic presents many chal-
                                                                              lenges; inclement weather, ice, marine mammals and per-
                to Teach Boating Safety                                       haps the most important of all, indigenous cultures. When it
       Ted Sensenbrenner, BoatU.S. Foundation for                             became apparent that diminishing ice packs would likely open
              Boating Safety & Clean Water                                    the fabled Northwest Passage to commercial vessel traffic, the
    When researching anything these days most people begin                    Coast Guard scrambled to begin establishing a presence in
with the Internet. Results are fast and just about everyone is                Alaska’s Arctic. Historically, the Coast Guard has visited the
comfortable using a variety of online tools. Finding a way to                 Arctic many times; as far back as the 1860’s with Revenue Cut-
take the next step in education and reaching boaters in a fash-               ters. As the Coast Guard moves into a higher level of Arctic
ion to which they are accustomed - not just online but through                Domain Awareness, recreational boating safety is included in
                         n n n          MonDay, March 29                                            n n n

the Coast Guard mission set.                                             embarrassment. The final consensus about drinking and
     A traditional boating safety program would normally in-             boating was the same people who would never drink and
clude two basic components; Education and Enforcement. In                drive their automobiles still felt that consuming alcohol on
the case of the Arctic residents, we started with a ‘clean sheet,’       board a boat was ok.
the first order of business was to research the utilization of                Armed with studies and statistics, the Canadian Safe
recreational boats in the far north. We already knew there was           Boating Council, Smart and Lifesaving Society set
minimal enforcement of small boat carriage requirements and              out to develop a series of tools to help turn the tide about
very little boating safety education offered in the rural commu-         drinking and boating. They first started with a poster campaign
nities. A review of accident statistics also revealed that despite       depicting an overhead shot of a highway with a boat operating
a high percentage of native recreational fatalities, relatively          at high speed, weaving in and out of traffic. The poster was
few occurred north of the Arctic Circle. We set out to discover          developed to help draw the line about the similarity between
what the local boaters knew about boating safety that we                 drinking and driving and drinking and boating. In partnership
didn’t. On the surface, it seemed that hunting/gathering/trav-           with Transport Canada Office of Boating Safety, the Liquor
eling with small boats in the Arctic Ocean, Chukchi Sea and              Board of Ontario and MADD, the poster was displayed in
Bering Strait would present a much higher level of risk.                 liquor stores, marinas and community centres across Canada.
     The difference between a stereotypical recreational boater               To effectively demonstrate the behaviour change when
and the Arctic boaters showed stark contrasts and learning               alcohol and boating are mixed, videotaped
about boating risk management in this unforgiving environ-               a demonstration with 10 volunteers who gathered for a day
ment was obviously our first tasking. As we progressed with              of boating and drinking. Under the watchful eye of York
boating safety in the Arctic, the roles reversed. We became              Regional marine police officers, the volunteers were invited
the students and the native boaters became the teachers.                 to demonstrate a number of on-water-skills at a variety of BAC
     Additional visits to the Arctic hold high promise as the            levels, up to 0.049. The goal was to demonstrate that you
Coast Guard continues to develop strong working relation-                don’t need to even approach the accepted standard of 0.08
ships with local residents. The political and environmental              BAC to have the alcohol affect your boating abilities.
impacts to the Arctic are yet to fully evolve as climate change               Finally, with a focus on younger boaters, four Public
shapes an unknown future for this remarkable part of our                 Service Announcements were created using a ‘Texas Hold’em’
planet.                                                                  poker theme to illustrate the effects of inappropriate risk
                                                                         taking. One of the P.S.A.’s focused on impaired boating,
                   Drinking and Boating                                  outlining that the viewer would not risk placing a bet on a
         Ted Rankine, Play Safe Productions, and                         losing hand in poker, but would risk the consequences of
            Barbara Byers, Lifesaving Society                            operating a vessel impaired. All the P.S.A.’s, including the
     Alcohol is a contributing factor in many boating accidents          alcohol one, will be in rotation as part of the marine report
and the Canadian Safe Boating Council, in co-operation with              on the Weather Network and Météo Média (French language
their partners, are increasing awareness through an integrated           Weather Network) throughout the summer.
outreach program.                                                             Plans are now being made for future demonstrations on
     There is agreement that alcohol and boating is an                   how environmental effects, such as wind, waves, and sun,
important issue and much work has to be done to change                   dramatically increase the effects of alcohol when drinking and
attitudes and behaviour. As a result, the outreach program first         boating.
started with a review of current statistics in both the United                The poster, alcohol and boating demonstration and the
State and Canada and then conducted a new Canadian study                 P.S.A.’s will be posted on the website for public
on boaters’ attitudes regarding drinking and boating.                    viewing and boating safety educator downloading.
     In the United States, research has demonstrated that boat
operators with a BAC (blood alcohol content) above 0.10%                                   Operation Dry Water
are 10 times as likely to be killed in a boating accident. In                              Tom Hayward, NASBLA
2007, alcohol was the leading contributing factor in 21% of                   Operation Dry Water was a tremendous success in its
boating fatalities. A 10 year trend in boating injuries has seen         inaugural year. During the weekend of June 26-28, 2009, 51
a significant drop, except where alcohol is involved; where              states and territories, along with numerous Coast Guard Sta-
it has been relatively unchanged in real numbers throughout              tions, participated in this enhanced boating under the influ-
the years. A California Department of Boating and Waterways              ence enforcement campaign.
Accident report found that in 66% of all alcohol related                      It was expected that the number of BUI citations and ar-
fatalities, the victim fell overboard and drowned and 41% of             rests would increase during the Operation Dry Water weekend
all alcohol related fatalities showed it was the passenger who           simply as a result of increased emphasis on BUI saturation pa-
was the victim or contributed to the accident.                           trols and checkpoints. However, the magnitude of the event’s
     In Canada, statistics collected by the Lifesaving Society           impact was astonishing. Based on reports from the participat-
from provincial coroner’s offices identified that almost 40%             ing agencies:
of all recreational boating fatalities involve alcohol. A study,              During the 2009 Operation Dry Water weekend, 2,442
focusing on the attitudes of boaters towards consuming                   officers:
alcohol while boating, was conducted by the Canadian Safe                • Issued 283 BUI citations
Boating Council in conjunction with It was               • Issued 5,320 warnings
discovered that 37% of boaters admit to consuming alcohol                • Issued 1,127 citations for other violations
every time that they boat and 66% admit to consuming                     • Contacted 36,277 boaters on 17,695 recreational vessels
alcohol sometimes when boating. As far as the ‘fear factor’                   Reports from agencies that participated in the 2009 event
was concerned, older boaters were more worried about                     show that there were more BUI arrests in that one targeted
death, injury and property damage whereas younger boaters                weekend of enforcement than there were for more than half of
had a greater fear of enforcement action and the resulting               the states combined for the entire 2008 year.
                         n n n           MonDay, March 29                                             n n n

     Though the intensified enforcement had the direct result                      “Wear It!”: One Voice – One Message
of removing nearly 300 impaired boaters from the waterways,                     Rachel Burkholder and Virgil Chambers, NSBC
just as important was the publicity that Operation Dry Water                    To establish the goals and objectives of the North Ameri-
generated, which further increased awareness of BUI and                    can Safe Boating Campaign (“Wear It!”), it’s important to first
other boating safety issues.                                               review the 2008 U.S. Coast Guard Accident Statistics Key
     According to VOCUS, a media tracking service, Operation               Findings. In 2008, there were 4,789 accidents, 709 deaths,
Dry Water resulted in the following media placements during                510 drownings, and 3,331 injuries. It’s important to highlight
June 26-28, 2009:                                                          that over 2/3 of all fatal boating accident victims drowned, and
• 563 television news stories         • 273 online mentions                of those, ninety (90) percent were NOT wearing a life jacket.
• 224 newspaper articles              • 4 magazine articles
                                                                                The 2010 campaign has seen advancement and increasing
• 11 international mentions
• 104 wire stories/hyperlink mentions                                      efforts since the 2009 campaign. In 2009, there were only 33
     Though funds for the campaign’s first year were limited,              state agencies that were committed to the “Wear It!” message.
Operation Dry Water was undoubtedly big news. With effi-                   In 2010, there has been a commitment from all 50 states to
cient media relations practices, “pick up” was extensive. Good             use the “Wear It!” campaign in some capacity.
results in the initial year help to provide a strong foundation for             National Safe Boating Week 2010 will be from May
expanding and intensifying Operation Dry Water in future years.            22-28, 2010. There are events being held all over the coun-
     Considering the remarkable success of the first Operation             try during National Safe Boating Week and throughout the
Dry Water, plans are under way to make Operation Dry Water                 summer. There is a section on the campaign Web site (www.
an annual event, with NASBLA at the helm on the national          for groups and individuals to post
crackdown. NASBLA hopes for participation from all 50 states               their event or view events in their area. Another fantastic
and six U.S. territories.                                                  event being held for the first time in 2010 is the “Inflatable
     The second annual Operation Dry Water weekend will                    Life Jacket World Record Event.” On Thursday, May 20, 2010
take place June 25 – 27, 2010.                                             at 11:00 EDT / 8:00 PDT, we’re asking people all across the
                                                                           country to simultaneously inflate their life jacket. The goal is
            Power Boat Hands-on Education                                  to promote life jacket wear, specifically inflatable life jackets
                   Virgil Chambers, NSBC                                   and to educate about general boating safety. For more infor-
     The RBS Strategic Plan addresses on-water skill-based                 mation, visit
courses of instruction and encourages this type of education. It                The campaign continues to promote its message on a vari-
further defines on-water education as any course of instruction            ety of social marketing sites including Facebook, Twitter, You-
that is boat based for skill development, regardless of the level          Tube, Vimeo, MySpace, and Wikipedia. Other media efforts
of the course content. The Power Boat Hands-on Education                   include press releases that are sent out monthly, e-newsletter
session addressed the next level of boating safety education               blasts that are also sent out on a monthly basis and a variety of
and training - power boat operation skills.                                campaign outreach materials including a magnetic postcard,
      There are several outstanding national hands-on power                talking points, campaign mailer, and lenticular postcard. To
boat programs, for example, US Sailing/US Power boating                    promote the campaign, a new Public Service Announcement
programs, the Boy Scouts of America boating program, and                   (PSA) was created in December 2009 and the NSBC is in the
the Spirit of American Program. The US Power Squadron and                  process of creating a new PSA spot for 2010. The “Be a Survi-
The National Safe Boating Council (through its Close Quarter               vor: Wear It!” and Float Yourself Float-o Contests will continue
Boat Control Course) are both developing additional programs               in 2010. Both will be promoted through the campaign Web
that center on skills that teach on-water power boat training.
                                                                           site and social marketing sites.
Classroom courses focus on what to do and why to do it. Skill-
based boating must focus on when to do it and how to do it,                     Another initiative that has grown in popularity this past
using factors like wind and current to assist you in putting the           year is the “Fish with a Pro” contest. With this contest, states
boat where you want it to be. Knowledge of how your boat                   have access to resident BASS and FLW touring pros who
reacts in different situations is crucial to safe boat handling.           will help promote the state boating program. For more
Hands-on and on- water practice reinforces theory and refines              information, contact Chris Edmonston, BoatU.S. at
skills. These skills cannot be learned in the classroom. Boaters 
need a hands-on program. A skilled operator understands the                     The campaign will continue its targeted efforts in Tennes-
boat’s limitations in varying conditions and can predict how               see for its third year, Michigan for its second year, and New
the boat will respond. Skill level combined with knowledge                 York in its first year. Although the JSI study has not seen a
allows an operator to get underway with confidence in                      substantial increase in life jacket wear rate nationally, USCG
their decision making ability in handling their boat in tight              statistics in the “Wear It!” states show that something is hap-
conditions. There is no substitute for the knowledge gained                pening to reduce deaths and fatalities. From 2007 to 2008,
from actual hands-on experience. Remember: practice makes                  there were 10 less deaths and 10 less drownings in California
permanent…only perfect practice makes perfect.                             and in Florida, there were 20 less deaths and 1 less drowning,
     Teaching your staff or the public how to safely and                   although it’s necessary to note that not all “Wear It!” states
confidently operate will reduce accidents and allow for more               have seen these same positive results from 2007 – 2008.
enjoyable boating. The need for effective on- water power                       As always, the North American Safe Boating Campaign
boating programs is coming. While hands-on power boat                      wants to help YOU with your own campaign efforts. We offer
education currently does not have national standards, NASBLA               a variety of free resources including brochures, posters, and
has established some best practices for on-water/hands-on                  stickers as well as great paid resources to use. To view these
education. Working together to establish standards in training
                                                                           resources, visit the campaign Web site at www.SafeBoating-
is important to this level of boating safety education.

                         n n n           tueSDay, March 30                                           n n n

      Interactive Boating Education Exercises for                         related interests. These partnerships have resulted in an expan-
                 Classroom and Online                                     sion of a wide variety of the parks recreational facilities which
                                                                          have enhanced the 5 county area population’s use and enjoy-
          Kerry Moher, BoaterExam America Inc.
                                                                          ment. Some of the organizations included in this group of part-
     Our state-of–the–art online learning tools offer a conve-
                                                                          nerships are listed below. This presentation included detailed
nient way to obtain boating safety and certification---and yet
                                                                          information of how the largest of these, the Alum Creek Sailing
that’s only part of what has earned BoaterExam the distinction
                                                                          Marina, partnered with ODNR to achieve its goal of creating a
of being an industry leader in outdoor education. Our com-
                                                                          public sailboat only marina, with private funds.
pany understands that learning happens best when the tools
                                                                          • ALUM CREEK SAILING MARINA, Alum Creek Sailing As-
you use are engaging....interactive....and fun!!
     As a leading provider of a suite of boater education study
                                                                          • DOG PARK & DOG SWIM AREA, Friends of the Alum Creek
guides and course materials, BoaterExam is proud to intro-
                                                                          Dog Park
duce a series of new interactive Flash exercises in 2010. These
                                                                          • MODEL AIRPLANE PARK, Westerville Model Aeronautical
new exercises allow both online and classroom students the
opportunity to further explore boating safety course topics.
                                                                          • CANOE & KAYAK LAUNCH AREA, Local Eagle Scout
In addition to the exercises, participants can engage the new
interactive study guides featuring narrative dialogue while
                                                                          • MOUNTAIN BIKE TRAILS, Central Ohio Mountain Bike
enjoying the more than 300 original illustrations and 150
animated video clips, thus experiencing a greater level of
                                                                          • DISC GOLF COURSE, Mid Ohio Organization Golf
participation as well as a superior level of retention of the safe
                                                                          • EQUESTRIAN AREA, Horseman’s Associations of Ohio
boating concepts.
                                                                          • CHRISTMAS FANTASY OF LIGHTS, Alum Creek Marina
     In our experience in delivering boater education courses
both in the classroom and online over the last 10 years we
                                                                          • ALUM CREEK MARINA STORAGE, Alum Creek Marina
have recognized the importance of ‘memorable, teachable
moments.’ Using the interactive course materials allows for
                                                                          • CHILDREN’S BEACH PLAYGROUND, Mothers of Alum
the opportunity to get students out ‘of their seat’ and actively
participate in the course; this has proven very effective. These
                                                                          • OSPREY NESTING PLATFORMS
innovative and user-friendly exercises provide an engaging
method for teachers and their students to apply concepts from
the course and offers occasion for instant feedback.                                     Managing Risk While Afloat
     The BoaterExam exercises touch on a multitude of boating                             Jeremy Oyen and Chris Stec,
safety areas including personal flotation devices, operation in                           American Canoe Association
darkness, safe operation and navigation rules, just to name a                   This session provided a range of pertinent guidelines for
few. Various types of interactive and narrated exercises provide          administrators to manage participant risk while on the water,
immediate feedback on each participant’s progress. Keeping                provides insight on how to effectively evaluate paddlesports
students engaged and committed to the learning process is                 staff, and encourages program staff and administrators to view
essential. The end goal results in higher test scores, improved           risk management in their paddlesports programs from multiple
student satisfaction and enjoyment, and ultimately greater                angles.
retention of required boating safety information.                         Specific Topics covered:
     All attendees at the Breakout Session received a FREE CD             1. The ability to evaluate their program staff with a ‘new’ criti-
containing all Flash exercises to take home. Please contact               cal eye
Kerry Moher at 877-722-8838 x.222 to obtain a CD if you                   2. The ability to confirm that their program meets Best Prac-
were unable to attend.                                                    tices for Paddlers and Paddlesport Programs
                                                                          3. The knowledge to identify areas for improvement and where
    Facilitating Partnerships on Land Owned by                            to acquire those resources
   US Army Corps of Engineers, and Managed by                             Managing Risk While Afloat Presentation:
     Ohio Department of Natural Resources …                               • Introductions & Overview
                                                                          • Frightening ‘What If’ case study
  The Answer During Financially Depressed Times                              -Brief Small Group Discussion
  Panelists: Victor Ricks, Ohio Department of Natural                     • Guidelines for managing participant risk while on the water
     Resources; Dick Armstrong, Central Ohio Safe                            -Minimum suggested requirements
  Boating Council and Alum Creek Sailing Association;                        -the unseen factor
 Jim Spurgeon, Central Ohio Safe Boating Council and                      • Tools for effectively evaluating paddlesports staff
     Alum Creek Sailing Association; and Margaret                            -guidelines for evaluating staff
       Spurgeon, Alum Creek Sailing Association                                 -paddling skills
    Alum Creek State Park and reservoir was a project of the                    -rescue skills
US Army Corps of Engineers which opened in 1974 and is                          -on water group management and judgement
managed by the Ohio Department of Resources (ODNR).                          -‘paper’ experience vs ‘real’ experience
Purposes of the Park are threefold: flood control, water sup-                -continuing evaluation tips for returning/veteran staff
ply and recreation. It’s located in central Ohio and its lake             • Evaluating and managing risk for an overall paddlesports
spans 26 miles. During the past 15 years with declining funds             program
the ODNR has developed working partnerships with several                     -from the desk to the day trip to the remote
private specialty organizations which have park and/or lake                  -strategies for administrators
                         n n n          tueSDay, March 30                                          n n n

  -viewing your paddlesports program from an entirely new                1980’s. Check the USCG website for factory recalls for the
angle                                                                    past 25 years. Some great boats will have some blistering
                                                                         problems that can be readily fixed with time and money. Use
       Public Safety Issues/Cases/Program                                your inspection judgment.
                                                                              Fuel Tanks: See engine above and use a wand mirror to
   “How the FERC Inspection Program Addresses                            check as far as possible over under and around tanks. Iron
              Public Safety Issues”                                      fuel tanks are common in older boats. Check for water under
                Lorance (Randy) Yates, FERC                              tanks. Use a clean rag and wipe all over the tank, under and
Participants learned how project areas and facilities requiring          around the bilge, AND ESPECIALLY THE CORNERS. If you see
public safety devices or other changes are identified at FERC            fuel or oil on the rag, caution the boat owner or buyer to have
licensed hydro projects. Types of FERC inspections and Com-              the tank lifted for further inspection or possible replacement.
mission regulations were discussed. An overview of public                Fiberglass tanks? Use the same due diligence because of the
safety upgrades requested as the result of FERC environmental            ethanol creep with fiberglass.
inspections. Sample slides were shown of hazardous condi-                     Deck and topside: When water enters the sandwich
tions and past corrective action items.                                  through screw or bolt holes or flaws, serious problems arise.
                                                                         Check for discolored paneling, flooring, and painting. Port
   “Consumers Energy Overview Lease Program”                             holes, hatches, doors, gangways with water stains or filtering
          Brooke McTaggart, Consumers Energy                             may indicate past problems.
     Consumers Energy developed an overall Land Manage-                       Superstructure coring: Check for coring and fiberglass
ment Plan for its Federal Energy Regulatory Commission                   thickness using a thickness gage. Older boats show weaker cor-
licensed projects which included a chapter titled Lease and Li-          ing but the amount of fiberglass repair can often compensate.
cense Program Plan. This presentation reviewed some aspects                                                    *Navtech US Surveyors Association
of Consumers Energy’s lease and license instruments that may
be useful for other licensees to consider including submittal of             2010 NSBC Alcohol Impact Award Winner
an annual Operations Plan by each public lease and license                    Ohio DNR Division of Watercraft Alcohol
facility that includes provisions for addressing boating safety
along with many other aspects of the operation, requirements
                                                                                       Awareness Program
to report visitor use information to support the FERC Form                     Officer Walter J. Hodgkiss and PI&E Manager
80 data collection, and provisions for Master Planning that                     Cindy Bellar, ODNR Division of Watercraft
includes review by Consumers. The methodology for estab-                      The Ohio DNR Division of Watercraft, in its continuing
lishing and updating lease and license annual fees was also              effort to provide Ohio’s boaters with the safest boating
reviewed.                                                                environment, implemented the “Get on Board with a Sober
                                                                         Boater” awareness program in 2009. The overall goal of the
                                                                         campaign is to increase boating safety by providing an alcohol
    Marine Surveyors: The Triangulation of Safety                        and drug free environment for all who boat on Ohio water,
                Dr. Virginia E. Harper, Ed.D.                            to educate the public and increase awareness of the relative
     The marine surveyor triangulates private business with              risk associated with alcohol/ drug use while boating, and to
safety regulations. First and foremost the marine surveyor               educate the community about dangers of alcohol and drug use
has the responsibility for safety. The following checklist is the        in the boating environment.
hallmark of a good surveyor. Private boat owners can also use                 Ohio Watercraft Officers promote the program to boaters
the following when buying or selling a boat.                             in many venues, both on and off the water. During these
     Indicators of Previous Sinking: Mud, dirt, sand in tight            contacts, boaters may voluntarily take the Sober Boater Pledge
spaces and bilges. Check spaces where decks join hull and                which states:
hidden bulkheads. Always review boat’s history.                               I will be a safe and sober boater.
     Fire Damage Indicators: Use destructive testing, ultra                   I will not operate a vessel after consuming any alcohol/
sounding. Check fiberglass core.                                         drugs.
     Bad wiring, fire in wiring, sinkage damaged wiring: Cor-                 I will provide a safe and alcohol/drug free environment on
roded wires throughout. Burnt ends. Hastily reapplied ends.              board my vessel.
Look at all terminals in panels and wire ends.                                I will abide by the laws of the state of Ohio, and practice
     Excessive mold and mildew: Sinkage, partially sunk, not             good seamanship.
cared for. Long term storage.                                                 I will encourage other boaters to “Get on Board with a
     Cracks in hull: Critical areas of the hull that present are         Sober Boater”.
beneath engine stringers, at bow, encircling rudder, post or                  Boaters taking the pledge will receive a wrist band
shaft. (Trivial gel coat cracking should be indicated as well).          displaying “I’m a Sober Boater”, a 4-inch decal to be displayed
     Engine: Look for excessive rust. Remove oil filler. Inspect         on their vessel, and a Sober Boater Pledge Card which also
as far as you can see to and past rocker arms. Dirty? Rusty?             includes safety tips and the Wear It Ohio logo. In addition,
Sludge buildup? Have a mirror affixed to a long wand to look             thirty metal signs promoting the “Get on Board with a Sober
under, behind the engine, for rust, oil leaks etc. Always rec-           Boater” Campaign have been posted at high profile launch
ommend an engine survey.                                                 facilities within the northern Region of Ohio. Eight large
     Wet hulls: A moisture meter by itself does not indicate a           banners are posted at various boat shows, sport shows, boating
wet hull. And a dry hull can be just as deceptive. Know the              and fishing festivals, malls, and during the Wear It Ohio
boat’s history.                                                          events. Officers also partner with DARE officers, providing
     Blisters: Many good used boats will have some blister-              in person presentations making students aware of the relative
ing. Some boats had factory recalls especially during the late
                          n n n          tueSDay, March 30                                          n n n

risk of boating and drinking. The campaign was publicized                 the movie industry the term comes from an episode of Happy
during safety/ sobriety check points, Operation Dry Water,                Days where the Fonzie is challenged to jump a shark pen on
several media pickups on local news broadcasting, and during              his water skis. The episode was considered over the top and
National Safe Boating Week with PSA’s.                                    the show had lost its credibility. For example, in the video
     Boating is primarily a recreational activity; as a result it         “Cold, Wet, and Alive,” we had the problem of showing hypo-
appears many boaters do not associate the same dangers and                thermia can kill you without actually killing the victim. Since
consequences of drinking and boating as with drinking and                 most people experience hypothermia without actually dying,
driving. This social acceptance of consuming alcohol while                we needed to be careful about killing off the victim because it
boating greatly increases the risk to all boaters. The Division           would be easy to “jump the shark” and loose the audience.
of Watercraft hopes to greatly reduce the number of alcohol                    The next “pitfall and barnacle” to avoid is where the
related accidents and fatalities in Ohio by implementing the              audience concludes that “I would never do that,” or “that
“Get on Board with a Sober Boater” program throughout                     has never happened to me.” The death and gore automobile
the entire state of Ohio and continue to make a strong                    crashes everyone saw in high school were illustrative of this
enforcement effort to deter alcohol and drug consumption on               approach to scare people straight. The problem with this ap-
the water.                                                                proach is that the audience has already rejected the message.
     It’s easy to get on board with Ohio’s Sober Boater                   In creating a safety video, it is easy to fall into this trap.
Program. No materials are copyrighted and all can be shared/                   Also, the session discussed the concept of the “story with-
adopted/ copied without permission. All materials are generic             in the story” approach used in “Cold, Wet, and Alive” with the
and can be used by any state. Art work and distribution                   computer graphs where the audience is in on the gig before
contacts are available by contacting PI&E Manager Cindy                   the actors in the story. It is a variation of the Rocky Horror
Bellar at (614) 265-6504.                                                 Show. It works because the audience “buys into” the message
                                                                          as they anticipate what is about to happen to the somewhat
                       Summit Polling                                     naive victims.
       conducted by National Safe Boating Council
See the results of this year’s polling on page 28.                               Interpretive Programs – Alive and Well
                                                                                 Barbara Corbitt and Joe Crommett, USACE
               A Behind the Scenes Tour of                                     While fun traditionally drives interpretive programs, we
               “Life Jackets Float, Do You!”                              shared how to build an effective water safety program with
                 Robert B. Kauffman, Ph.D.                                limited resources. In addition to teaching water safety, all
     The purpose of the session was two fold. First, it provided          programs include aspects of conservation, education, and
a behind the scenes tour of the recent safety video: “Life Jack-          recreation.
ets Float. Do You?” In this regard, the session emphasized the                 We used a PowerPoint presentation and 30 years of com-
production of the opening rescue scene. Second, the session               bined personal experience to illustrate and support our efforts
provided a conceptual behind the scenes tour regarding de-                to promote an awareness of water safety. The PowerPoint pho-
veloping a successful boating safety message. In addition, the            tographs illustrate interpretive ideas and the implementation of
session used clips from previous videos to show both success-             water safety goals.
ful and unsuccessful techniques to convey the boating safety                   Topics include:
message.                                                                       • “On the Beach” – activities such as the “Beach Olym-
     Conceptually, the objective of the video was to get people           pics” that include water safety activities, the use of “props”
to want to wear their life jackets. This is a noble, if difficult         to get swimmers out of the water to discuss water safety, and
goal. The video incorporated the advertising model. Initially, it         beach seining to promote protection of the “where the land
is the emotional appeal which reaches people. It is “I want,” “I          meets the water” environment.
need,” “that’s neat,” or “I want to do that...” Then, in an effort             • “Amphitheater and stars”: It’s fun to have your own
to support their emotional decision, people seek the rational             snake show, but how about inviting guests to present? You will
support of their commitment with knowledge and facts. The                 be surprised at people who jump at the opportunity to be the
Life Jacket Floats video opens with fire trucks, helicopters,             star for the night and share their knowledge about alligators,
EMS people, and rescue boats searching for the lost member                owls, and bats – complete with live props!
of the raft which turned over in the river. The scene appeals to               • “Campground Walk-a-thon” – Visiting individual
the viewer’s emotions.                                                    campsites pays big dividends! It’s a chance to invite campers
     In the video, the rational, knowledge, and facts included            to interpretive programs, promote safety, and make a positive
a discussion of river dynamics. Essentially, its message was              contact with visitors - they enjoy the chance to talk and ask
that there are currents out there which can do things to you              questions.
even if you know what you are doing. These currents include:                   • Outreach Tools – There are plenty of inexpensive, practi-
holes, eddies, high water, cold water, strainers, etc. A second-          cal, easy-to-use tools (prize wheels, button makers, “ice cream
ary theme was to present boating in a positive light. Surfing a           machine” …) that will assist in achieving goals.
wave, doing an ender, and people having a good time boating                    During the session examples of past programs were
were interspersed within the scenes.                                      discussed with time allowed for the attendees to comment or
     The session discussed the video in terms of previous works           ask questions. Handouts were provided to assist attendees in
done by the author and director. When you are making a safe-              developing their own fun-filled programs. These included how
ty video, there are some “pitfalls and barnacles” to avoid. First,        to make camper ice cream, scavenger hunts, and water safety
you don’t want to “jump the shark” where the script becomes               questions that have many applications.
so preposterous that the audience rejects it out of hand. In
                         n n n          tueSDay, March 30                                          n n n

        Weather Safety and Your Water-Based                                          NASBLA’s Operation Dry Water
               Recreational Activity                                                       Tom Hayward, NASBLA
      Dr. Stephen Leatherman, Chair Professor                                This session was an open forum discussion to hear more
 and Director of the International Hurricane Research                    details and ask questions about “Operation Dry Water.” See
                   Center in Florida                                     page 9 for information about “Operation Dry Water.”
    This session offered information about weather and water
safety with relationship to nearshore boating, with a special                     NSBC Boating Safety Youth Award
focus on rip currents.                                                                  sponsored by BoatU.S.
                                                                                     Paddle Safe, Paddle Smart –
              Public Recreation and Safety                                    A Paddlesport Education Program for Youth
              “Recreation Management at                                         Jeremy Oyen, American Canoe Association
                Hydropower Projects”                                          Paddle Safe, Paddle Smart is a national research based
                   Jon Cofrancesco, FERC                                 educational curriculum designed to introduce middle and high
     The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission or FERC is an              school age youth to the joys and skills of paddling a canoe
independent regulatory agency that has broad responsibilities            and/or kayak. The curriculum emphasizes safety and skills and
under the Federal Power Act (FPA) for, among other things,               is designed for teachers and youth leaders who want to include
licensing and regulating non-federal hydroelectric projects.             paddle sport instruction in their programs.
Of the 1,600 hydropower projects under the Commission’s                       This curriculum was a joint venture of the ACA and the
jurisdiction, the majority of them have significant lands and            American Association for Physical Activity and Recreation. It
waters available for public recreation use. In a typical year,           was produced under a grant from the Aquatic Resources (Wal-
these projects receive about one million visitors for recreation-        lop-Breaux) Trust Fund administered by the U.S. Coast Guard.
al purposes.                                                                  In this session, participants learned the methodology of
     Under Sections 10 (a) and 4(e) of the FPA, the Commission           how to use the Paddle Safe, Paddle Smart curriculum including
licenses hydropower projects to provide for developmental                hands-on activities which demonstrates how one can easily
improvements and benefits of the waterway, and non-devel-                teach a group of students basic paddlesport safety utilizing
opmental benefits, such as public recreation. These mandates             student-centered learning.
provide the foundation for Commission regulations and its
determination of appropriate license conditions for the project.          USACE/Alum Creek Lake 5 Year Water Safety Plan
     Recognizing a growing demand for recreation, in 1965,
the Commission issued Order 313 outlining its recreation                             and Accomplishments
policy, “ to seek within its authority the ultimate development                      US Army Corps of Engineers
of recreation resources consistent with area needs and the                 Manager Bob Wattenschaidt and Ranger John Wargo
primary project purpose.” This policy is accomplished through                  The USACE/Alum Creek Lake is located 3 miles north of
specific license conditions and regulations, including Section           Columbus, Ohio. Two million people live within an hour drive
2.7 and Part 8 of 18 CFR, which identifies a licensees’ respon-          of the lake. Alum Creek Lake is the busiest boating inland lake
sibilities to cooperate with others to meet recreation needs,            in Ohio and has 3,387 acres of water fun. Alum Creek Lake
to provide reasonable public access and opportunities, and               has 3+ million visitors per year.
comply with applicable federal, state, and local regulations                   The Ohio Department of Natural Resources manages
for safety, health, and public safety. Typical license conditions        the lake and lands upstream of the dam. This USACE/ODNR
address public access, public safety, modification of project            agreement created Alum Creek Lake State Park in 1975. The
recreation facilities, recreational monitoring, and the develop-         USACE manages the dam and below dam area. The USACE is
ment of recreation plans or reports.                                     the landlord for the entire project.
     Licensees also have responsibilities to provide reason-                   The five year Alum Creek Lake plan was implemented
able public recreation use and access and impose measures                in cooperation with the Central Ohio Safe Boating Council,
or restrictions in the interest of protecting life, health, and          (COSBC). The USACE is an active member of COSBC. The
property. Consistent with these responsibilities, licensees must         first thing we did was collect ideas. We then looked for
strike a reasonable balance between its obligations to provide           sources of funding. Our goal was to target the safety messages
recreational opportunities and access and to provide for public          to the 18 – 35 year old male audience who was most likely to
safety.                                                                  be involved in a boating or water type accident.
     As demand for recreation at hydropower projects contin-                   The 1st year’s idea was to bring back the large grass boat-
ues to grow, the Commission and its licensees will continue to           ing safety message painting on Delaware Dam that had been
provide recreational opportunities and will work with agencies           painted in years past. This site is located beside the busy 4
and others to meet its obligations.                                      lane US Rt. 23. The 1st year we did the life jacket and Wear It
                                                                         message. The 2nd year we partnered with the Columbus Sail
                                                                         and Power Squadron and received a grant from NWSC. The
        “Cooperative Agreements in Providing                             Columbus Sail and Power Squadron suggested we change the
            Recreational Opportunities”                                  message to “Git-R-On!” We received a lot of press with this
                  Tommy Boozer, SCE&G                                    new message. This painting has continued.
   This presentation covered the benefits associated with                      The 2nd year’s idea was to print a life jacket “Git-R-On!”
developing cooperative agreements with various entities to               message on the advertising “The Bag” plastic coupon bag. This
provide and improve public recreation at FERC license project            “Bag” is distributed to 600,000 homes each week. This idea
facilities.                                                              was done with a grant from NWSC and has been continued
                         n n n          tueSDay, March 30                                          n n n

the last four years during the July 4th holiday week!                         The Sea Angels Brazil Institute offers programs which
     The 3rd year’s idea was to design and purchase two large            emphasize search and rescue and life guarding in high risk
banners with the life jacket and “Git-R-On!” message. These              water situations. In addition they provide programs which
banners were to be used in parades, boat shows and be                    teach children and teenagers boating and water safety
displayed on the USACE Visitor Center. This idea was funded              procedures. Ulyssea pointed out that underdeveloped search
by a grant from NWSC and the banners have been used every                and rescue teams, poor life guarding programs, lack of fund-
year.                                                                    ing, lack of boating regulations and boating under the influ-
     The 4th year’s idea was to stencil the life jacket and “Git-        ence are major causes for the huge number of deaths from
R-On” message on the launch ramps and marina walkways.                   drowning and boating accidents in Brazil and other South
This was accomplished by a grant from NWSC. Atotal of 14                 American countries.
stencils were painted.                                                        Ulyssea concluded his presentation with an overview of
     The 4th year we also started doing “Coastie the Safety              the current boating and water safety problems Brazil and other
Boat” programs at schools and outside events. We wanted                  South American countries are facing and the strategies and
to explore how much interest there was for these programs.               goals for solving those problems. The goal is to develop a real
We also wanted the 18 – 35 year old moms and dads to hear                boating and water safety program that will educate the people
the same safety message their children were hearing. This                instead of just having an emergency system in place.
program was very successful and we made plans to buy an
USACE safety boat.                                                              Connecticut: “Leaning” into the Future
     The 5th year we designed and made 3 large “Wear It &                        John Annino, Connecticut Department of
Git-R-On” metal signs that we put up at the three big boat                              Environmental Protection
ramps. We used our old metal signs that we had in storage.                    Connecticut: “Leaning into the Future,” Connecticut’s
We received a grant from NWSC to do the graphic package.                 Boating Program has discovered Lean methods for program
These 3 signs were very popular and we even saw them on                  development and management that are becoming well known
family vacation personal Facebook sites. We also used this               and widely accepted in government. Without compromising
same graphic design and made smaller signs for our patrol                the integrity of their education program and offering a quicker
boat.                                                                    more efficient way to boating certification, Connecticut is
     We also used the life jacket “Git-R-On” stencils to paint           implementing a 73% reduction in effort. Utilizing ‘Value
four bridge piers that boaters pass under when they are boat-            Stream Mapping’ and ‘Key Performance Indicators’ the Boating
ing on Alum Creek Lake. This was done with paint left over               Division will streamline their program, eliminate waste,
from the third year project.                                             make better use of time and save funds while keeping high
     The 5th year we also added a school program. We pro-                standards.
vided each 3rd grader a water safety activity coloring book                   LEAN is a process improvement approach that identifies
for all schools that agreed to display our boating and water             and minimizes wasted time, money and effort. Used by
safety banner every year during the month of May. We wanted              the Japanese for ages to command efficiency without
moms and dads to see this banner when they entered their                 compromising quality, Lean has been one of the cornerstones
child’s school. We had 13 schools participate and we gave out            of success for corporations like Toyota.
1800 activity books. This program will continue every year.                    It starts with a weeklong Kaizen Event with a pre-
     The 5th year we had our summer ranger paint a Alum                  selected team to concentrate on the one topic that needs
Creek Lake 10” by 8’mural that we could use in our fairs dis-            more efficiency. Kaizen in Japanese means ‘Continuous
play. We also developed the 10 question water safety quiz. All           Improvement.’ There are no ‘problems,’ only ‘opportunities
those who passed were given a rubber duck. This duck quiz                for improvement.’ During the Kaizen event, each step in the
program was very successful. Families and young adults took              process must be examined. Every step in the process is color
our quiz in record numbers. We also purchased “Corey the                 coded into the following categories: Value added, No value
Safety Boat” and this program has been very successful!                  added, No value added but necessary, Waiting or in Transport.
                                                                         This roadmap allows you to see at a glance where the waste
        A Boating & Water Safety Program for                             is and where improvements may be made. The team develops
                   South America                                         a one-year plan to implement the improvements. During this
     Marcelo Assumpção Ulysséa, Sea Angel’s Brazil                       ‘event,’ team members immerse themselves into this topic
        Institute/Boating Safety and Education                           only. Support from your agency and management is crucial.
     The focus of this presentation was to show participants                   The process of identifying where room for improvement
how the process of boating and water safety educational                  exists is called ‘Value Stream Mapping.’ The DEP Boating
programs is slowly trying to change the perspective of South             Division realized that it was costing the same amount of
Americans toward boating accidents and fatalities in their               money to educate 5,000 students in 2008 as it did to educate
country. The presentation discussed how far they have come               15,000+ students in 1992 and 1993. The process involved a
and how much is left to do.                                              lot of transport of materials statewide. Improvement involved
     Ulyssea shared his experiences working in the United                utilizing new technologies, taking advantage of parallel
States from 2002 to 2004 as an instructor for law enforcement,           processes and changing some regulations to reduce the
fire fighters, and marine personnel for personal watercraft res-         number of steps taken from start (registration of a student) to
cue programs through the K-38 Water Safety organization run              finish (certification of student) from 91 down to 24. That’s a
by Shawn Alladio. He also worked as a boat operator in dif-              73% reduction in steps taken.
ferent high risk water situations. Ulyssea took this information              Such changes will result in an annual savings of over
back to Brazil and developed the Sea Angels Brazil Institute.            $165,000. It also allows DEP staff to be utilized in other

                         n n n          tueSDay, March 30                                          n n n

capacities therefore increasing the value of the agencies                by an Arkansas statute (which the Court ignored, finding it
services to the public. An added benefit is received by the              provided no duty not already contemplated, and provided
State’s private education providers including the US Coast               a remedy only before the state Soil and Water Conservation
Guard Auxiliary and the US Power Squadrons because the                   Commission).
DEP will cease teaching classes leading to certification.                     District Court entered partial (as to most landowners/prop-
To date, 19 programs within the Connecticut DEP have                     erty) summary judgment for Entergy, since the sole purpose
undergone a Lean process and the Governor is interested in               for having the easements was to allow [Entergy] to flood the
taking DEP’s successes statewide.                                        property, and doing so can’t constitute an illegal interference
                                                                         with their property rights. An easement holder, said the courts,
                                                                         does not commit negligence in doing exactly what his ease-
      Flooding and Its Impact on Public Safety                           ment permits. Some additional negligence must be shown
          “Lake Catherine Flood of 1990”                                 (and none was, in the motion affidavits or at trial).
            Bobby Pharr, Energy Arkansas, Inc.                                Any plaintiff whose damages resulted from flooding of
     This presentation gave an overview of the 1990 flood on             land below the level covered by an easement was barred from
Lake Catherine which resulted in the flooding of over 200                recovery, even if the improvements on the property reached
lakefront homes and the overtopping of Remmel Dam when                   above the easement level and were damaged by water higher
12 inches of rain fell during a 6-hour period. Also discussed            than that level. Plaintiffs argued that the flooding violated
was the subsequent legal battle over flowage rights.                     an Arkansas principle of law requiring mutual duties on the
     On May 18, a slow moving line of storms began affecting             dominant and servient owners of easements not to harm the
the City of Hot Springs dropping approx. 5-6” of rain saturat-           other. This, however, would void the right, title and interest
ing the soil. On May 19 as the front passed Hot Springs an               purchased in a flowage easement.
isolated cell stalled directly over downtown. Light rain began                After losing the appeal, remaining plaintiffs (those with
to fall again at approx. 6 p.m. that night. During the 6 hour            lands above the easements, or on property having no ease-
period between the hours of 8 p.m. and 2 a.m. the next morn-             ment) brought the case to trial.
ing, 13” of rain fell over downtown Hot Springs. Most of the                  Entergy defended on the basis that this was an “Act of
water entered the lakes from Gulpha & Hot Springs Creeks.                God,” and an unforeseeable, 1000-year weather event, and
Hot Springs Creek runs under AR 7, know as Bath House Row                that it had done all it could reasonably have done to handle
of the Hot Springs National Park, for 2 miles entering Lake              the massive amounts of water. Experts testified as to the
Hamilton just upstream from Carpenter Dam. Gulpha Creek                  meteorology and the hydraulics/management of the dams. The
flows directly into Lake Catherine. Lake Hamilton’s water level          jury returned a defense verdict.
rapidly rose 3 ½ feet.
     Operators began opening gates at Carpenter Dam, even-                  “Drought to Deluge, Managing Hydroelectric
tually opening all 12 gates. Remmel Dam operators began                        Projects Through Extreme Conditions”
opening spillway gates to match the flows from Carpenter
Dam. Lake Catherine rose 23 feet at tailrace of Carpenter Dam                           Keith Bryant, Alabama Power
                                                                             Alabama Power Company’s 14 hydroelectric projects serve
and 14 feet at Remmel Dam. Remmel Dam was overtopped by
                                                                         a variety of competing interests including power generation,
2 ½ feet causing the operators to evacuate the dam. Approxi-
                                                                         navigation, recreation, water supply, wildlife and fish habitat,
mately 194,000 cubic feet per second flowed from Remmel
                                                                         commerce, etc. The extended and exceptional drought-of-
Dam. Over 200 lakefront homes were flooded on Lake Cath-
                                                                         record in 2007 and 2008, followed by record-setting rainfall
erine and 3 million dollars of damage was done to Entergy’s
                                                                         and inflows in 2009 presented a variety of challenges in the
facilities (dams & 500 Kv substation).
                                                                         management of these projects.
     As a result of the flood, litigation was brought against the
                                                                             During the drought, company representatives held weekly
company. The case was brought originally in both state and
                                                                         conference call meetings with the FERC, U.S. Fish and Wild-
federal courts but was combined in federal court, not as a
                                                                         life Service, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Alabama Depart-
class action, but as a “diversity” suit, as some plaintiffs and
                                                                         ment of Conservation and Natural Resources and appropriate
interveners were from other states.
                                                                         industry and municipal stakeholders. Meeting participants
     Duty of federal courts in such cases is to ascertain as best
                                                                         discussed current and forecast conditions and impacts, priori-
it can the way the Supreme Court of Arkansas would decide
                                                                         tized demands and uses for available water and decided on
the issues. Entergy filed a motion for summary judgment rely-
                                                                         appropriate operations. Agencies provided timely consultation
ing upon flowage easements reserved in the deeds/titles to
                                                                         and the FERC expedited requests for variances from license
property held by the suing landowners, the purpose of which
                                                                         requirements for reservoir levels and recreation releases, and
was to dismiss the case as to all who had such easements, for
                                                                         for temporary emergency municipal water intake extensions.
damage occurring within the easements. Arkansas law recog-
                                                                             The company managed flood conditions in cooperation
nizes flowage easements granting an occasional right to flood
                                                                         with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers projects upstream and
and submerge lands; as easement holder does not commit
                                                                         downstream of company projects. Flows were managed to
negligence in doing exactly what his easement permits.
                                                                         keep reservoir levels as low as possible and to minimize reser-
     Entergy had purchased these easements at certain levels
above mean sea level, based on a study of “worst case sce-               voir level fluctuations as much as possible.
nario” conducted during construction and well before the
lakeside property was heavily populated. Plaintiffs argued that
these easements were null and void because they were “excul-
patory” and against public policy, and because they violated
a duty to “adequately protect lives and property” as required
                         n n n          tueSDay, March 30                                         n n n

       Waterways Management in Abu Dhabi,                               Priorities – Marinas
              United Arab Emirates                                      • Standard for Marina Design and Construction has been
     Salem Al Mehairi, Captain Waleed Khaled and                        • Marina management guidelines are being developed.
                    David Marsh                                         In conclusion
Abu Dhabi Facts                                                         • There is a lot of work to go.
• Abu Dhabi is one of the 7 Emirates of the United Arab Emir-           • The Department’s top management and Abu Dhabi’s Execu-
ates                                                                    tive Council are completely supportive of the initiative.
• Closest neighbor to the north is another Emirate, the Emirate         • Time is not on our side and as such extra attention is being
of Dubai                                                                paid to get it right the first time.
• Abu Dhabi is made up of over 200 islands
• Made up of 67,340 sq km of land and has almost 2000
miles of coastline                                                                     OMC Award Winner
• Desert climate with an average rainfall of 46mm in 2008                       M/V Half Shell; Shipboard Program,
The Past                                                                 Living Classrooms of the National Capital Region
• Abu Dhabi was historically a fishing village, with pearling                           Captain Andrew Samworth
being a major source of income until oil was discovered in the               Living Classrooms is pleased to be the winner of the Out-
1950’s which lead to the first oil being exported in 1962               board Motor Corporation Foundations “TAKE ‘EM BOATING”
• The United Arab Emirates was formed in 1971                           grant for 2010. The grant is administered by the National Safe
• In the past 40 years Abu Dhabi has seen an expediential rise          Boating Council and awarded once a year.
in population as well as oil discoveries which by default has                Living Classrooms Foundation was established in 1985,
seen the shipping and recreational boating industries expand            when one hundred Baltimore-area school children embarked
rapidly                                                                 upon an exciting and creative hands-on learning proj-
Rapid expansion                                                         ect—building a full-sized working replica of a 19th century
• This is only one area of Abu Dhabi and it is projected to             Chesapeake Bay pungy schooner. Over the past 25 years,
contain the following:                                                  the foundation has grown from a single project serving 100
    – 4 separate developments                                           youth to a multifaceted non-profit organization that serves
    – 9 Marinas                                                         over 40,000 children and young adults per year with creative
    – 1200 marina berths                                                hands-on education, job-training, and maritime programs. At
So what is the plan to regulate the waters of Abu Dhabi?                the heart of all Living Classrooms Foundation programming is
• The Department has developed a full suite of maritime                 the idea that hands-on learning techniques are effective and
legislation including standards, policies and procedures. In-           motivational teaching methods that inspire learning and lead
ternational best practice was gathered from countries such as           to greater retention of information.
the US, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia when                    The Living Classrooms of the National Capital Region
drafting the legislative package.                                       shipboard program has been in existence since 2001, serving
• The Department has also developed a comprehensive                     over 2200 students each year from area schools with a focus
implementation package for the legislation with a compliance            on students that would otherwise likely not have an opportu-
strategy also being drafted to ensure for the smooth introduc-          nity to boat. The program is run on a 1928 Chesapeake Bay
tion of the new legislation.                                            buyboat, “Half Shell.” Buyboats played an important role in
• The Department is grappling with issues associated with the           the rich maritime history of the region.
introduction of new legislation into a market that has been                  When students arrive in the morning for a five hour trip
left relatively unregulated for years. A staged implementation          on the boat, they participate in what we call the “respect talk”
scheme has been decided upon with the high risk issues being            which addresses their own safety and raises awareness of their
tackled first.                                                          new surroundings. After donning a Type III life jacket they get
Priorities – PWC                                                        aboard the vessel, where they receive a safety briefing from
• PWC initiative.                                                       the captain. This includes a hands-on demonstration of how to
    – Complete PC campaign (TV, radio, print etc)                       don a Type I life jacket.
Priorities – Recreational Vessel Operator License                            Once the boat is underway, the crew of four educators ex-
• All those operating a powered vessel must have a operator             pose students to a variety of hands-on lessons including setting
license.                                                                and retrieving a trawl net, identifying aquatic species, setting
• Recreational Vessel (incl PWC) operator license standard,             a plankton net and examining the catch under a microscope,
competencies and syllabus have been developed.                          taking a water sample from various depths and testing water
• Expressions of interest from training organizations will be           quality, recovering a sample of the bottom using a “benthic
sorted in the coming months.                                            grab” and exploring the various life forms that make up the
Priorities – Risk Management                                            benthos. Students also learn how to use a compass and plot
• Risk assessment of all waters, beginning with high risk areas.        the boat’s position on a chart. Before returning to the dock,
    – Risk based vessel operating and zoning rules to be ap-            every kid gets an opportunity to take the helm and safely steer
plied following results of risk assessment.                             the vessel under the supervision of the captain.
• Signage and AtoN being standardized across Abu Dhabi                       Students and teachers agree that this is the best field
with a local standard based on IALA being adopted for AtoN              experience they have been on. Kids regularly overcome fear
and a new standard for signage being developed and imple-               of being on the water, and warm up to the idea of touching a
mented.                                                                 fish. Teachers love that the kids are so engaged.

                          n n n           tueSDay, March 30                                           n n n

    Funding for the program comes from a variety of sources                rescue and recovery, fires, weather and other water related
including the upcoming Nations River Bass Tournament on                    emergencies.
May 26, 2010, at National Harbor, in Prince George’s County,                    The program is designed as a guide for water safety educa-
Maryland. Recent corporate sponsors include American                       tors to build similar relationships at their projects. The presen-
Honda Motor Co.Inc., Cummins Chesapeake, ZF Marine,                        tation will provide examples and step by step procedures that
Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation, US Fish and                   are required to establish and maintain lasting partnerships.
Wildlife Service, Volgenau Foundation, Mirant Mid-Atlantic,
and PEPCO.                                                                             Practical On-The-Water Training
    For more information about the program please visit our                      Bob Sweet, National Education Officer, USPS
website: or contact us: Andrew Sam-                      The best way to help boaters safely handle their boats is to
worth at or Mari Lou                      show them and let them practice on the water. However, on-
Livingood at                            the-water training has always been limited by several barriers.
                                                                           An approach that is effective in training large numbers of boat-
                Water Safety Partnerships                                  ers has been developed and is in the process of being refined.
  Brian Westfall, Natural Resources Specialist, USACE                      This presentation provided a summary of how the barriers
     The Corps of Engineers, DeGray Lake is dedicated to pro-              have been dealt with, and overviews the training process.
viding quality water based recreational experiences with the                    The first barrier has always been the lack of efficiency
safety of our visitors held at the highest regard. With increas-           for on-the-water training. Typically, only a few students at a
ing visitation, ongoing budget and manpower restraints, this               time can be accommodated on a training boat. The selected
goal is increasingly difficult to attain. We realize that fostering        method rotates students between classroom and boats so
partnership opportunities are paramount in helping meet our                while some are on the boat, others are learning other handling
mission essential tasks. Partnering drives our water safety pro-           topics in the classroom. In that way, helm time is maximized
gram. Professional relationships are the essential ingredient              for each student and they are trained in topics such as han-
to saving lives on the water. For many years our water safety              dling boats in challenging conditions that extend beyond the
budget has been flat lined, yet our water safety programming               basic on-the-water exercises.
efforts have doubled from previous years. Partnering has of-                    The second barrier has been boaters’ lack of understand-
fered us the opportunity to provide comparable customer care               ing how boats behave in the water and respond to the con-
relative to other agencies and Corps districts that have more              trols. Experienced boaters have traditionally learned by trial
resources. Our partners, to name a portion include the Little              and error beginning as youth on small boats. They often do
Rock District Corps of Engineers, Arkansas Game and Fish                   not truly understand the principles but have developed a “feel”
Commission, Arkansas Parks & Tourism, Daily Siftings Herald,               for what works. Today’s boaters often begin as forty-something
Clark County Broadcasting Network, University of Arkansas,                 adults on larger craft and no prior experience, and thus no feel
Iron Mountain Lodge and Marina, Hot Spring & Clark County                  for the boat. The selected approach combines comprehensive
Sheriffs, Lowes and Entergy.                                               classroom pre-training with on-the-water practice to accelerate
     Because of our partners, the project Life Jacket Loaner               the learning process. This helps students “visualize” how the
Program has expanded thanks to Lowe’s as they donated a                    boat will behave and what maneuvers will help them achieve
user friendly life jacket station. Corps of Engineers partners             what they want. When they get to water, they are better pre-
from throughout the Vicksburg District made the DeGray Lake                pared to reinforce these skills with hands-on experience.
Water Saturation Weekend extremely successful. Because of a                     The third barrier has been liability to the teaching organi-
longstanding water safety partnership with Arkadelphia’s Daily             zation. USPS utilizes volunteer instructors on borrowed boats.
Siftings Herald Newspaper, DeGray Lake is a safer place to                 To deal with this situation, a tailored program was developed
work and visit. Entergy and the Arkansas Game and Fish Com-                with USPS’ insurance agent and underwriters to reasonably
mission have been integral in the success of the Water Safety              cover boats and instructors during the program.
Billboard program. The power of water safety public service                     The fourth barrier has been having enough trainers. USPS
announcements has been realized by a tremendous radio part-                began by partnering with US Sailing adapting their extensive
nership. The Clark County Broadcasting Network promotes                    on-the-water program and instructor training to build a cadre
water safety on four stations, in English and Spanish to over              of “master USPS instructors.” Master instructors circulate
14,000 listeners. The Spanish PSA’s are provided by volunteer              around the country training regional and local trainers in the
interpreters partnering for the cause. Cultural Diversity is               program.
paramount in promoting water safety. This important medium                      The resultant training program, with the support of grant
is provided by our partner, the Amigo News. Television Chan-               funding administered by the Coast Guard Office of Auxiliary
nel 50 KTSS in Hope, Arkansas partnered with DeGray Lake to                and Boating Safety and the assistance of other boating orga-
produce water safety outreach that broadcasts to over 140,000              nizations, will fully integrate classroom training, animations,
viewers. The Annual Water Safety Partnership Meeting, held in              video, refined on-the-water exercises, and will provide both
conjunction with National Safe Boating Week, is a combined                 instructor and student training materials which can be used by
effort to make DeGray Lake safer. Almost thirty promoters of               multiple organizations to reach a greater number of boaters.
water safety and law enforcement officers attend the annual
meeting. Local water safety professionals including educators
and law enforcement specialists gathered together to partner
in making DeGray Lake a safer destination for our customers.
The meeting was designed to establish protocol for search,

                         n n n          tueSDay, March 30                                          n n n

 Having Fun in Teaching Using Tried and True Tips                       • AmerenUE integrated the Fire Districts Program into its Per-
             from NSBW Campaign                                         mitting Process by:
                                                                             1. Adding the boundaries of each Fire District to Ame-
             Robin Freeman, USCG Auxiliary                                   renUE’s GIS Mapping
      Robin Freeman, USCGAUX, presented and demonstrated
                                                                             2. Identifying the responsible Fire District for each boat
teaching tips highlighted on the National Safe Boating Coun-
                                                                             dock permit issued
cil’s Campaign Activity Sheets web page. She demonstrated
                                                                             3. Providing the corresponding Fire District with a copy
the “Life Jacket Fashion Show,” and had members from the
                                                                             of the boat dock permit
audience model the different styles of jackets. To show the im-
                                                                             4. Working with the Fire Districts by suspending and
portance of always wearing the life jacket, she used “Survive
                                                                             or revoking boat dock permits for non-compliant electric
the Unexpected” activity sheet to illustrate how difficult and
sometimes not possible it is to don a jacket in an emergency
                                                                           AmerenUE’s partnership with the Fire Districts and the
situation. Lastly, a rousing game of Boating Safety “Jeop-
                                                                        development of this program has been very successful. As a re-
ardy”™ was played. The point of the training session was that
                                                                        sult of this program, the number of electrical contact incidents
teaching boating safety can be done in a fun and sometimes
                                                                        has continued to decline at the Lake of the Ozarks.
zany way, but that making people relax and laugh is a big key
to learning and retention.
                                                                             “Lessons Learned from Drought Condition
               Permitting & Public Safety                                                and Flightseeing”
                  (Round Table Panel)                                                    Dave Evans, Santee Cooper
    This presentation was a panel discussing the following                   Severe drought conditions in 2007 and 2008 caused
safety topics associated with the management of the lands and           Santee Cooper to realize that it was not properly prepared
waters at various hydroelectric projects. Heather Campbell              legally to confront the issues associated with the extremely
with FERC facilitated the panel discussion.                             low water conditions that existed systemwide. Of the roughly
                                                                        160,000 flooded acres that normally exist at full pool,
                                                                        approximately 1/3 was exposed leaving historical artifacts,
              “Hunting on Project Waters”                               undocumented graves and personal property exposed to
           Blake Hogue, Entergy Arkansas, Inc.                          curiosity and, in some cases, vandalism.
    Entergy Arkansas worked with the Arkansas Game & Fish                    After futile attempts to invoke a trespassing statute, it was
to develop special hunting regulations to mitigate conflicts            determined that since Santee Cooper is a state-owned utility
between hunters and lakefront property owners.                          that, its lands are open to the public as are its waters. If the
                                                                        public had access to the water, why could not the public have
     “Camping and ATV Use on Project Lands”                             free access to the soil beneath the lakes also? Not until the
                Bill Glisson, Georgia Power                             State Archeologist objected and invoked a statute preserving
Georgia Power has extensive experience in managing the im-              artifacts did treasure seekers and intermittent damage to
pacts of camping and ATV with and without permission from               personal property diminish.
the licensee.                                                                The drought is only a distant memory. Unfortunately,
                                                                        the South Carolina legislature did not learn its lesson, since
              “Electrical Safety on Docks”                              no law has been enacted to prevent trespass when such
                  Mark Jordon, AmerenUE                                 recurrent conditions appear in the future. Santee Cooper must
    AmerenUE is the owner and operator of the Bagnell Dam               approach the lawmakers in the interim to ensure the property
at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. The project is licensed          is protected.
by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) under                     The second brief topic discussed was the informal
Project Number 459.                                                     application made by an entrepreneur to operate a commercial
    One of the many requirements under the project license              aerial sightseeing service in the immediate vicinity of Interstate
requires the Licensee AmerenUE to develop a permitting                  Highway 95. His take-off and landing area was very near
program for certain activities allowable under the license              the crest of I-95 as it crossed one of our reservoirs. It was
such as boat docks. AmerenUE’s dock installation guidelines             believed by Santee Cooper and the South Carolina Dept.
have always required the electrical installation on the dock to         of Transportation that such an occurrence would be too
meet or exceed the National Electric Code but the inspection            distracting for motorists on I-95. To avoid this conflict Santee
thereof was lacking.                                                    Cooper made an alternative site available, but negotiations
    The local authority responsible for inspecting all electric         have stalled.
installations for buildings and other structures around the Lake
of the Ozarks are six different Fire Districts. In 2008, Ame-            Coast Guard Maritime Authority and Jurisdiction
renUE worked with those Fire Districts to develop a program                                W. Scott Pierce, USCG
lake wide to ensure the electric wiring on boat docks was be-                Topics for this presentation included a brief overview of
ing installed according to code.                                        US Coast Guard federal authority and jurisdiction. Also includ-
    Some of the highlights from the program included:                   ed was a detailed diagram showing delineations of internal,
• The Fire Districts developed standard electric drawings for           state, and federal waters and which laws fall within which wa-
boat docks                                                              ters. The presentation was wrapped up with a brief overview
• The Fire Districts developed standard inspection practices            of the Coast Guard’s fellow Department of Homeland Security
• The Fire Districts coordinated their efforts to ensure a seam-        agencies, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Immigra-
less implementation of the program                                      tion and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
                         n n n          tueSDay, March 30                                         n n n

                 Social Marketing:                                      mapping and collecting data from the wreck site which rests in
          A Campaign for Changed Behavior                               75 feet of water off the coast of Daytona Beach, FL.
          Joe McCullough and Meagan Piersma,                                 In the early 1980s, Elizabeth Friedmann, a professor of
              Alaska Office of Boating Safety                           English at Jacksonville University, became interested in the
     Millions of dollars have been invested in safety messag-           whereabouts of the Commodore shipwreck. She contacted
ing across the country encouraging boaters to wear their life           well-known Daytona Beach diver Don Serbousek to see if he
jacket. Yet, the national wear rate has remained consistent.            would be interested in searching for the ship. By coincidence,
There have been numerous campaigns ranging from “You’re in              he had already been diving at a wreck site some 12 miles off
Command” to “Wear It,” but there has been little documenta-             the Florida coast that had a cargo of Remington rifles and
tion of their effectiveness.                                            other items that matched the Commodore’s manifest for her
     In the spring of 2009, the Alaska Office of Boating Safety         last voyage. Archaeological investigations have confirmed that
contracted with a social marketing firm to establish a cam-             the site is indeed the Commodore. An exhibition concerning
paign focusing on the highest risk group – adult males – and            the filibustering ships and featuring artifacts from the Commo-
develop messages that, based on research, would change                  dore is currently on view at the museum.
behavior.                                                                    In 2002, the Cambrian Foundation formed a team of div-
     The first part of the campaign which has already been              ers, videographers, and an archaeologist to perform a survey
completed utilized focus groups throughout the state made up            and document artifacts remaining on the wreck site. A team
of the intended audience. These groups were asked about their           of high school students from Virginia assisted with every facet
willingness to wear a life jacket and what messages would               of diving operations and learned hands-on about maritime
impact their wearing them more often. The responses as to               archaeology, oceanography, US History, physics, coastal ecol-
if they wore life jackets were not surprising- ranging from it          ogy, etc. The Cambrian Foundation returned in 2003 with an
won’t happen to me, I can swim, life jackets are too bulky or           ROV (remotely-operated vehicle) as part of another phase of
they are for inexperienced boaters. What was surprising was             the expedition. All artifacts recovered remain on display at the
what the groups said would (or wouldn’t) affect their behav-            Ponce Inlet Lighthouse Museum.
ior. The respondents almost unanimously said guilt would not            aFternoon eVentS anD BreaKoutS at
work, but that real-life stories would. Most did not want to be
told what to do or be given statistics. Some said peer pressure,        Daytona laGoon
especially from family members, would have an impact on
                                                                        Testing Methods to Approve a Coast Guard Approved
their decision to wear a life jacket. They didn’t, however, feel
that role modeling by national celebrities would change their           Life Jacket – Scott P. Swanby
behavior. Instead, they said they were more likely to make a                 The different methods and techniques to achieving Under-
change based on anecdotes from real people like them.                   writers Laboratory (UL) listed and Coast Guard approved prod-
     Using the findings from these focus groups the social mar-         uct were discussed. Some of the performance characteristics
keting firm developed several messages for television, radio            tested by Underwriters Laboratory to evaluate the effectiveness
and print and showed them to the same focus groups to deter-            and reliability of a product include buoyancy, distribution,
mine if these messages would cause a change in behavior.                turning, free board, face plane angle, body torso angle, and
     The Office of Boating Safety and the contractor also plan          tensile strength. It was pointed out the performance require-
to disseminate the messages throughout the state this upcom-            ments for inflatables are significantly higher than for inherent
ing boating season and compare older wear rate studies with             buoyant devices approved for the same applications. Manu-
one set to be done during the 2011 boating season.                      factures make PFD’s as wearable as the performance require-
     This presentation went over the process that was used to           ments will allow. With the best of intentions our regulations
develop the campaign and solicit interest in the focus groups.          and standards have emphasized effectiveness and reliability
We also unveiled the campaign messages that are planned for             to the extreme. All components and designs must go through
this upcoming season.                                                   tremendous testing and review to ensure a near fail-safe level
                                                                        of compliance.

lunch at Daytona laGoon                                                 New Techniques for Paddlesports Rescues (Kayak Safety
Guest Speaker and Presentation:                                         Skills and Techniques) – Jeremy Oyen and Chris Stec,
THE COMMODORE PROJECT                                                   American Canoe Association
Terrence N. Tysall, Amy L. Giannotti, and Robert E. Ogoreuc                  Safety while paddling is important to everyone. Knowing
     Built in 1882 in Philadelphia, PA, the Commodore sailed            how to rescue yourself and others is an essential skill for all
as a tug-style steamship in the New York area. In 1895, it went         paddlers. Jeremy Oyen (ACA Safety Education and Instruction
south on filibustering expeditions, or acted as a gunrunner to          Director) along with the newly certified instructors from the
Cuba during the Spanish-American War. After a few success-              International Boating and Water Safety Summit pre-conference
ful trips, on January 2, 1897, she sank under somewhat myste-           workshop (Erika Nighswonger, Joe McCullough, Megan Piers-
rious conditions, 12 miles off the coast of Daytona Beach, FL.          ma, Kim Jackson, Steve Verchinski, Dave Lumian) presented
One of her crew members was the famed Hearst correspon-                 this on and in-water workshop to allow conference attendees
dent Stephen Crane (“The Red Badge of Courage”), and his                the opportunity to not only see how the techniques for rescue
ordeal in getting to shore, after spending 30 hours in a 10-foot        have changed over the recent years but also to give them the
dinghy with three other men, led to his writing of the famous           opportunity to rescue and be rescued at the Daytona Lagoon.
short story “The Open Boat.” The presentation gave a historical              The preferred method of rescue in both canoes and kayaks
outline of the Commodore and the expedition that occurred in            has become the “Heel Hook” method. This method allows

                         n n n          tueSDay, March 30                              n n n

the rescuer to utilize the buoyancy of the craft to assist the
swimmer back into the boat with considerably less effort. The
Heel Hook method has garnered great support in the paddling
community due to the increased success rate for paddlers of
all ages, sizes and ability levels. For more information on this
method of rescue, go to

First Responders in Life Jackets: Using the Line Reel and
Rescue Chain – Robert E. Ogoreuc, Brian Davidson,
Mike Ulrich, Adam Katchamarchi and Jerry Craddock
      This session gave an overview of two rescue skills taught          The 14th Annual International Boating
to first responders in open water rescue. An introduction
on rescue floatation devices (RFD) was given describing the                and Water Safety Summit Team and
advantages and disadvantages of the rescue can and rescue                 its attendees say THANK YOU to the
tube. In addition to the RFD/s the rescue line reel was also
explained. The components of a water rescue were discussed
                                                                         Owners and Staff of Daytona Lagoon.
which are:
1. Recognize and Respond
2. Contact and Control
3. Signal and Save
      The lifeguard must be able to recognize that a person is in
a distress situation and respond by activating the emergency
action plan, selecting the proper rescue equipment and ap-
proach to the person in distress. In regards to the rescue chain
sequence, which utilizes multiple rescuers linking up to trans-
port a person in distress back to shore, the first rescuer that
approaches the victim will use a quick reverse and establish
contact and control, the second rescuer then approaches the
first rescuer and the victim and presents their RFD to the first
rescuer. The second rescuer is now the lead swimmer. With
the addition of a third rescuer, they will present their RFD to
the second rescuer, thus increasing the length of the rescue
chain and allowing more rescuers to provide assistance mov-
ing the person in distress back to shore.
      The line reel demonstration illustrated the use of the line
reel and breakaway rescue lifejacket. This rescue technique
allows the rescuer to be tethered to the shore, establishing a
link between the in-water rescuer and the shore-based rescu-
ers. This use of the line reel and breakaway lifejacket pro-
vides additional buoyancy and a secure anchor point. This
technique is used in the New Jersey State Police Open Water
Rescuer Course for First Responders and many South Jersey
Beach Patrols.

                     n n n           WeDneSDay, March 31                                                 n n n

                  Stand Up Paddleboard                                            ICURR Cave Rescue and Recovery Team
     Eddie Toy, Ocean Extreme Sports, St. Augustine                                             Robert E. Ogoreuc
                                                                                The International Underwater Cave Rescue and Recovery
 The “Right” Life Jacket: Life jackets and their role                      (IUCRR) is an all-volunteer, not for profit organization. The
                                                                           mission of the IUCRR is to support all Public Safety Agencies
   in protecting the individual participating in                           in the rescue and/or recovery of victims in an underwater envi-
   a recreational boating and/or water activity                            ronment (with Overhead Obstruction such as caves, caverns,
        Gary Owen, Brian Davidson, Mike Ulrich,                            and mine shafts, etc.). The IUCRR team consists of Regional
                 and Jerry Craddock                                        Coordinators who have the responsibility to assist law enforce-
    We were able to give the pool side presentation and dem-               ment agencies at their request with the rescue and/or recovery
onstration twice at the 2010 Summit in Daytona, once in the                of divers who have entered an underwater overhead environ-
morning and then again in the afternoon. This provided the                 ment, and have not returned within their allotted dive time.
summit participants the ability to attend at least one of the ses-         Each Regional Coordinator is responsible for maintaining a
sions. Both sessions were well attended with many questions                current list of qualified recovery divers in their area. IUCRR
generated from the presentation. The focus of the pool side                divers must be certified by a recognized cave diving organiza-
presentation was to provide professionals with the knowledge               tion to dive in underwater overhead environments, and attend
to take back to the public on “How to Choose the Right Life                an IUCRR course before being placed on the call out list for
Jacket.”                                                                   rescues/recoveries. Divers must be qualified to dive in the
     We selected a wide range of life jackets for a wide variety           environments involved before they are put to use by the law
of water recreational uses, such as riding PWCs, canoeing and              enforcement agencies.
kayaking, water skiing and wake boarding, sailing, fishing,                     At the 1982 NSS-CDS (National Speleological Society
hunting and wind surfing. We addressed the physical features               – Cave Diving Section) Cave Diving Workshop, held in Bran-
of the different life jackets, such as having adequate zippers,            ford, Florida, the executive committee authorized the organi-
straps and snaps to properly hold the life jacket securely                 zation of a Cave Diving Recovery Team to be made available
to your body. The buoyancy capabilities of the different life              for law enforcement agencies that are affected by cave diving
jackets were discussed. Does the life jacket provide adequate              type accidents. They acknowledged the quality and credit-
floatation for the water type you are operating in? Will the life          ability of such a recovery team and realized the importance
jacket float you adequately and protect you from wave splash?              of it being controlled by a law enforcement agency. To make
We addressed the importance of the dependability of the life               available a qualified recovery team for local law enforcement
jacket for the water recreational use. Will the life jacket do its         agencies and maintain a uniform procedure that is acceptable
job when you need it? It is important to understand that differ-           to each agency, the NSS-CDS requested the following:
ent life jackets were not designed to be used in certain water             1. Program Coordinator
recreational uses.                                                         2. Instruction seminar
     The importance of comfort of the life jacket might make               3. Call out list
the difference to the user to wear or not to wear. Proper fit and          4. Method for immediate response
sizing of the life jacket could make the difference between life                The NACD (National Association of Cave Divers) also cre-
and death. It is imperative that when wearing your life jacket             ated an almost identical process, and the instruction seminar
it will not interfere with your ability to perform the intended            created was used by both cave diver certification agencies.
water recreational activity. We addressed the customization of             The team of divers grew successfully in numbers and its exper-
your life jacket for water recreational use by adding such items           tise. All team members were formally trained as a rescue and
as safety whistles, a rescue knife, reflective tape, compasses             recovery diver specialist. The team consisted of NSS-CDS and
and/or an emergency light.                                                 NACD divers.
     We discussed the necessity to properly care for your life                  In January 1999, the Board of Directors for the NSS-CDS
jacket to ensure that it will do its job when needed, to “save             and NACD elected to remove Rescue and Recovery Team
your life.” Life jackets need to be cleaned and dried after each           from one particular cave diving organization and allow it to be
use. This will protect your life jacket from rotting damage. Life          established as a bipartisan program to be under the joint aus-
jackets should be properly stored away from the sun to avoid               pices of the NSS-CDS, and the NACD, and other cave diving
sun rot.                                                                   agencies. The intent of this move was to eliminate duplication,
     Some life jackets will provide users cold water immersion             create harmony between the cave diving agencies, provide
protection and others will not. A life jacket with cold water              for a single-point of contact for public safety agencies, and to
immersion protection is extremely important when you find                  have a single point for consolidation of accident reports, and
yourself in the water for a period of time.                                provide accident analysis services for the benefit of all under-
     The industry does a tremendous job providing the water                water overhead divers.
recreational user a great variety of life jackets designed for spe-             The IUCRR is governed by a Board of Directors and Law
cific water recreational uses. The water/boating safety profes-            Enforcement Oversight Board (LEOB). The Oversight Board
sionals must have the knowledge of the life jackets to properly            consists of Law Enforcement Officers that are Certified Cave
educate and advise the water recreational users on how to                  Divers and trained in the management of a rescue and recov-
select the “Right” life jacket.                                            ery operation. The organization has a worldwide resource list
                                                                           of volunteer trained rescue/recovery divers.

                     n n n          WeDneSDay, March 31                                                  n n n

 Coast Guard Maritime Law Enforcement Training,                           occur. A designed public information officer should be the
   Boarding Procedures, and Boating Under The                             only one who communicates to the media in such incidents.
                                                                          The process of emergency management is critical to being
        Influence Enforcement Overview                                    able to successful handle “the unexpected!”
   W. Scott Pierce, Gary Owen, Richard Moore, and
                    Walter Hodgkiss                                          Developing Partnerships with Government
    This topic was presented as an interactive forum in which             Agencies to Build a Public Sailboat Marina/Sailing
federal (US Coast Guard) and state (Ohio & Iowa Dept of                   Center with Private Funding and Volunteer Hours
Natural Resources) policies were introduced and compared.                     Victor Ricks, Dick Armstrong, Jim Spurgeon and
Also included was a presentation on the dangers associated                                   Margaret Spurgeon
with alcohol abuse on the water and how state & federal BUI                    The Alum Creek Sailing Association (ACSA) partnered with
cases are processed. The audience of approximately 40 was                 the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the State of Ohio, De-
then broken into three smaller groups and impairment simula-              partment of Natural Resources to build a public, sail boat only,
tion goggles (“beer goggles”) were distributed so “subjects”              marina. The project was over 20 years in the making, until
could witness firsthand the difficulty with performing ashore             both public users and government developed a trusted part-
field sobriety tests while intoxicated.                                   nership. This beautiful new marina is located on Alum Creek
                                                                          Lake in Central Ohio and includes 135 docks, a catamaran
             Rowing Instruction and Safety                                beach, walking trails, modern restrooms, and a public shelter
             Michelle Zaloom and Willie Black                             house for training and meetings.
    Learn-to-row and discussion of rowing safety.                              This presentation described the process from its inception;
                                                                          through many long negotiations and approvals; discovering
Incident Command, Where Communication is Key!                             and fulfilling regulation challenges; financing efforts; building
                                                                          the docks; restrooms; catamaran beach and training shelter;
            Expect the Unexpected                                         clearing the land; to the final completion.
               Bob Ogoreuc and Mike Ulrich                                     The presentation was introduced by Victor Ricks, Ohio
     This presentation was given on the topic of emergency                Department of Natural Resources who described the creation
management. The goals of the presentation included how to                 of the partnership between the Alum Creek Sailing Associa-
mitigate and manage vulnerabilities to hazards and then create            tion, the State of Ohio and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
a plan to react as quickly as possible in order to save lives,            This partnership enabled the ACSA to begin the long process
prevent injury, and reduce property loss.                                 of planning, funding, and building the docks.
     An overview was given of the Incident Command System                      Dick Armstrong, a member of the ACSA, the Ohio Safe
and critical elements that need to be addressed for effective             Boating Council and an active member of the team who
scene management. Those elements include: ICS fundamen-                   worked diligently for several years to make the marina a real-
tals, Unified Command, Incident / Event Assessment & Inci-                ity. Dick became the project recorder and filmed the marina
dent Objectives, Planning Process, Incident Resource Manage-              development over a six year period from ground breaking to
ment, Demobilization, Transfer of Command, and Closeout                   the final construction of the shelter house. His presentation
Procedures.                                                               consisted of a condensed 15 minute film of the project.
     It was stressed that all emergency action plans should be                 Jim Spurgeon, also a member of the ACSA and the Ohio
understood, practiced, and evaluated. The roles and actions of            Safe Boating Council, was the lead ACSA member respon-
team members need to be discussed so everyone is prepared                 sible for oversight of all facets of the marina development. Jim
during an emergency. Such plans should be included in all                 presented a PowerPoint presentation detailing the project form
facility policies and procedure manuals. It is a critical piece           inception to completion.
for all employee orientation.                                                  The project CD and PowerPoint presentations were distrib-
     When developing such EAP’s (Emergency Action Plans),                 uted to the presentation participants.
attention must be given to facility design, equipment, staffing,
communication, as well as all post emergency procedures. It
is also important to identify the equipment needs for different
                                                                            Kiteboarding and Kite Surfing Demos/Training/
emergencies. It is imperative that all stay updated on current                            Safety Information
rescue technology.                                                                     Paul Beiderwell, 1st Coast Kiting
     Special consideration must be given to the responsibilities
of various team members. Knowing who is responsible for                             Aquatic Spinal Injury Management
commanding the scene as well as the other various roles must                     Bob Ogoreuc, Mike Ulrich, Brian Davidson,
be prepared ahead of time. The subsequent actions that are
taken once an emergency exists should be well thought out                          Jerry Craddock and Adam Katchmarchi
and practiced. Activating the EAP, following rescue proto-                     This presentation allowed the participants an opportunity
cols, notifying the chain of command, interviewing witnesses,             to learn various methods of turning and supporting individu-
recording and reporting, replacement of equipment and the                 als with suspected spinal injuries in the water. The following
debriefing at the end, are all critical pieces to successful emer-        techniques were discussed:
gency management. All must be prepared.                                        In water cervical immobilization (c-spine) techniques:
     Communication is the key to successful incident com-                      Head Splint, Head Chin Support, Hawaiian Method,
mand operations. Being able to listen and respond appro-                  Standing Take Down. In-waterback boarding demonstration
priately is of utmost importance. These skills need to be                 were performed to show the proper way to extricate an indi-
discussed and practiced in order for successful execution to              vidual with suspected spinal injuries
                    n n n          WeDneSDay, March 31                                                n n n

     Course audience was comprised of water rescue person-             • Florida FWC Law Enforcement Training Video, “Life Jacket
nel, marine law enforcement personnel, marine equipment                Policy” (7:12)
retailers and some general public.                                     • Four posters: Worn Out, Inflate Deflate, Within Reach, Wear
     An overview of the rescue process included: the rec-              It Right
ognition and importance of the alert and the information               • Inflatable life jacket check sheet
that comes in with it, and the importance of ascertaining the                We plan to distribute the kit through the following venues:
location of and number of victims so a rescue team can be              the 56 States BLA or Education coordinator, the RBS Special-
prepared.                                                              ists in each USCG District for shared use with USCGAUX
     The c-spine immobilization technique presentation was             within the districts, the U.S. Power Squadrons, each district
done poolside followed by a demonstration, which was per-              to share within districts, and the US Army Corps of Engineers,
                                                                       each district for sharing.
formed in the pool with all attendees being in good view.
     The following techniques were demonstrated:
     The basic maintain c-spine maneuver - with victim face                       Federal Carriage Requirements for
up and rescuer tending or holding c-spine of victim.                                     Recreational Vessels
     The Hawaiian - with victim face down in water and one                                     W. Scott Pierce
rescuer, while maintaining c-spine and spinal alignment                    The purpose of this presentation was to display and de-
rotates victim to a face up position. While this technique may         scribe boating safety equipment which is federally required
look simple to execute, experienced, well-trained rescuers             to be onboard recreational vessels. A mobile training kit was
should only attempt this technique.                                    supplied by the National Safe Boating Council with all the
     Both of these techniques were completed with a back-              necessary equipment. Necessary safety equipment for all
board being slid underneath victim. *Important to note, secur-         recreational vessels includes, but is not limited to, life jackets
ing head area to backboard after body has been secured.                (wearable and throwable), sound producing devices, fire extin-
     The take down technique was demonstrated at poolside.             guishers, and visual distress signals.
This approach would be used for a victim who has been
injured and may report to a lifeguard station complaining of
injuries. While victim is standing, the first rescuer takes and        aWarDS Banquet
maintains c-spine control. The second rescuer aligns back-             The Awards Banquet is sponsored in part by Boat Ed.
board firmly to victims back and in unison and while main-             Announcement of Poster/PSA Winners – Contest Facilitator
taining control of c-spine the victim is tilted on to back and         Eugene Goff, USACE – See the complete list of winners on
then secured to board for transport.
                                                                       page 27.
     For more information, contact the National Water Safety
Congress:, 440.209.9805.              Medals were awarded to the four IBWSS Oympics teams:
                                                                       North, South, East and International – See the inside cover for
          Inflatable Life Jacket Education Kit                         exciting photos from the competition.
         Fred Messmann and Rachel Burkholder                           Prize Drawings – Thank you to our exhibitors and partners for
    The overall goal of this project is to reduce recreational         their donations to the door prize drawings.
boating casualties based on the Strategic Plan of the National
Recreational Boating Safety Program 2007-2011. Our imme-
diate goal is to educate the boating public by addressing the
lack of knowledge and understanding of inflatable life jackets
and their benefits to boaters.
     The basic initiative components include the design, pro-
duction, and distribution of an educational video stressing in-
flatable life jacket wear and related safety messages. We will
also produce and distribute an Inflatable Life Jacket Education
Presentation Kit. We will continue to promote the pre-existing
“Wear It!” campaign identity package, coordinate an outreach
program with large organizations, and begin to develop new
ideas and incorporate them into the initiative.
     The Inflatable Life Jacket Education Kit contents are as
• Tote Bag
• 1 inflatable suspender-style life jacket
• 1 inflatable belt-pack life jacket
• Approx. 3 extra cartridges for each life jacket to re-arm and
• 1 Table-Top Flip Chart (hard copy and PDF format)
• 1 11”x17” Lenticular poster
• Inflatable Life Jacket Educational Video, (6:25)
• 1 USB Flash Drive
• Digital Inflatable Life Jacket educational information
• “Wear It!” logo in .jpg format
• Inflatable Life Jacket :15 spot
                     n n n          nSBc aWarD WInnerS                                      n n n

                                                                 Veronica Floyd (far left), NSBC Chair, and Virgil Chambers
                                                                 (far right), NSBC Executive Director, present Officer Walter
                                                                 Hodgkiss (right), Cindy Bellar (center), PI & E manager, and
                                                                 Chief Pam Dillon (left) of the Ohio DNR – Division of Water-
                                                                 craft with the Alcohol Awareness Impact Award.
Andrew Samworth accepts the OMC “Take ’em Boating”
Grant Award on behalf of Living Classrooms of The Greater                                            Tim Smalley received
Capital Region from Veronica Floyd, NSBC Chair.                                                      the NSBC Boating Safety
                                                                                                     Hall of Fame Award and
                                                                                                     gold pin from Veronica

Veronica Floyd (far left), NSBC Chair, and Virgil Chambers
(far right), NSBC Executive Director, along with sponsor
BoatU.S. representatives Amanda Suttles (left) and Ted
Sensenbrenner (right), present Chris Stec (center) of the
American Canoe Association with the Boating Safety Youth
Program Award.

                                                                    Virgil Chambers receives the     Virgil Chambers, NSBC
                                                                    Hall of Fame gold pin from       Boating Safety Hall of
                                                                    Veronica Floyd.                  Fame recipient.

William “Griz” Griswold presents Pam Dillon,
Chief Ohio DNR - Division of Watercraft, with
the Silver Schooner Award.                             NSBC Boating Safety Hall of Fame Recipients (l to r): William “Griz”
                                                       Griswold, Tim Smalley, Carolyn Belmore, Pam Dillon, Everette Tucker.
                                                       NSBC Past Chairs (l to r) William “Griz” Griswold, Mary Law, Pam
                       n n n           nWSc aWarD WInnerS                                        n n n

Region One:                                   Pam Herrin, Vicksburg District, USACE
Brian Davidson, Vice President                Letters of Commendation:
Awards of Merit:                              B. J. Parkey and Mark Boling,
Bob Wattenschaidt, Alum Creek Lake,             Tulsa District, USACE
  USACE                                       Steve Sells, SEMO Water Safety Council
Pittsburgh District, USACE                    Lyndle Crownover, Doug Small, and
Adam Prokop, Ohio DNR,                          Chris Majors, Arkansas Game & Fish
  Division of Watercraft                      Cpl. Mike Story, Cpl. Ron Davidson, and
Wanda Butts, The Josh Project                   Officer Mike Shamoon, Arkansas Game
Mentor Fire Department                          & Fish
  Dive Rescue Team
Rebecca Byrge, Caesar Creek Lake,             Region Five:
  USACE                                       Ed Huntsman, Vice President
Letters of Commendation:                      Awards of Merit:                              The President’s Award Winner –
Dick Armstrong, Volunteer, USACE              Jim and Carol Allen, Arizona Boating
                                                                                            Wayne Stogsdill
James P. Muldoon, St. Brendan                   and Watersports Magazine
Philip Pfeffer, Boy Scouts of America,        Forever Resorts
  YMCA, Spirit of America                     Ed Swift, Drowning Prevention Coalition
Alum Creek Ranger Staff,                        of Arizona
  Alum Creek Lake, USACE                      Region Six:
Victor Ricks, Ohio DNR,                       Ed Huntsman, Interim Vice President
  Division of Watercraft                      Awards of Merit:
Michael Ulrich, Mentor Fire Department        Ryan Lott, Montana Fish, Wildlife
Region Two:                                     & Parks
John Punkiewicz, Vice President               Brad Tribby, Montana Fish, Wildlife
Awards of Merit:                                & Parks
Dennis Franks, Quincy Rangers,                Mike Gladhart, Clearwater County
  Lock & Dam 21, USACE                          Sheriff’s Office
Donald Bardole, Mississippi River Visitor     Letters of Commendation:
  Center, Lock & Dam 15, USACE                Larry Cox, USCG Aux. Flotilla 54              Lifetime Achievement Award Winner
Eldon Bird, Mississippi River Project,        Leroy Bentley, Oregon State Marine Board
                                                                                            – Emily King
  USACE                                       ____________
Keith Koeman, Ottawa County Sheriff’s         Region Three Award:
  Office                                      Norman R. (Rusty) Gardner Jr.,
Lake Shelbyville Water Safety Task
  Force Team                                  USCG Aux. Flotilla 14-5
Letters of Commendation:                      Region Four Award:
Clint Adams, Jason Finney, Gary
  Garretson, Carl Hoyt Jr.,                   St. Louis District Water Safety Team, USACE
  Harvester Bass Club
Phil Petersen, Iowa Great Lakes
  Water Safety Council
Region Three:
Ernie Lentz, Vice President
Awards of Merit:
Center Hill Lake Park Rangers, USACE
B-100 WQXB Radio Station                                                                    National Award Winner –
USCG Aux. Flotilla 8-1                                                                      Julie Richardson with her sons
Officer Jonathan Fank, Selma Police Dept.
Safe Kids Northeast Florida
Grenada Tourism & Thunder on the                                                     Region Five Award:
  Water Planning Committee                                                           Paul Newman, USCG (pictured left)
Letters of Commendation:
Donald Baker, USCG Aux. Flotilla 8-1
Jeremy Oyen,
  American Canoe Association
Thomas McKoon, USCG Aux. Flotilla 8-1
Frank and Hillary Smith, Gil Page,
  Jim Sislow, Mississippi Spirit of America
Region Four:
Alan Bland, Vice President
Awards of Merit:
Sherry Kelley, Noalmark Broadcasting
Dan Marsh, Daily Siftings Herald              Region One Award: Cold Water Boot Camp and Beyond Boot Camp:
Mark Martin, NASCAR                           The 3 R’s - Rescue, Recover, Rewarm
           n n n          2010 MeDIa conteSt WInnerS                                                         n n n

Categories:                                                           Audio PSA:
Givaways/Handouts; Posters/Signs;Booklets/Brochures; Audio            1st Place: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Wappapello Lake,
PSAs; Video PSAs; Electronic Education; Special Category              St. Louis District and South East Missouri Office, Regional
Education                                                             Water Safety Council
                                                                      Title: “Winners Wear Life Jackets” safety message.
Judging Criteria:
                                                                      2nd Place: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Wappapello Lake,
• Clarity of Message                                                  St. Louis District and South East Missouri Office, Regional
• Uniqueness/Innovation                                               Water Safety Council
• Boating/Water Safety Message                                        Title: “It Only Takes 10 Seconds to Buckle Up” safety message.
• Easily Modified so Adaptable Nationwide
                                                                      3rd Place: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Grenada Lake, MS,
Judges:                                                               Vicksburg District
                                                                      Title: “Radio Game Show” with multiple Water and Boating
Facilitator: Eugene Goff, US Army Corps of Engineers, Tulsa
District                                                              Safety messages during the question and answer session.
Panel:                                                                Video PSA:
Patricia Uchil, Chief Operations Officer, The Uchil Group
- Strategic Consulting Organization                                   1st Place: Department of Public Safety, Oklahoma Highway
Kelly Thomas, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Portland District         Patrol, Lake Patrol Division
Pam Doty, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Louis District            Title: “BUI-DUI” message and consequences if a person par-
                                                                      ticipates with drinking alcohol and operating boats.
82 Entries were reviewed and selected from.                           2nd Place: Lower Colorado River Authority
                                                                      Title: “Life Jacket” and “Wear It Texas” message in Spanish and
Winners:                                                              English languages.
Giveaways/Handouts:                                                   3rd Place: United States Coast Guard, Jacksonville, FL Station
1st Place: Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks, Office of         Title: “BUI – Stay Alive” message.
Boating Education
Piggy Bank with “Wear It!” Life Jacket and “Saving Lives” mes-        Electronic Education:
sages and graphic on the bank.
                                                                      1st Place: United States Coast Guard, Safe Boating Division
2nd Place: Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of           Title: “Rental Boat Safety” safety education and messages on
Watercraft                                                            DVD.
“Get On Board with a Sober Boater” message on a decal.
                                                                      2nd Place: Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Division
3rd Place: Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division             of Parks and Outdoor Recreation, Office of Boating Safety
of Watercraft                                                         Title: “Boating Alaska” safety education on DVD.
“Get On Board with a Sober Boater” message on a pledge
card.                                                                 3rd Place: American Canoe Association
                                                                      Title: “Life Jackets Float, Do You?” safety education on DVD.
1st Place: California Department of Boating and Waterways             Special Category Education:
“If it is Your Boat, It is Your Responsibility” message on a          1st Place: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, National Water
poster.                                                               Safety Project Delivery Team
2nd Place: Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of          “Don’t Flush Your Life Away” message and artwork of Life
Watercraft                                                            Jacket on rubber mats are available to be placed in restroom
“Get On Board with a Sober Boater” message on banner in-              urinal stations.
cluding the pledge to adhere to the message.                          2nd Place: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Wappapello Lake,
3rd Place: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Pittsburg District           MO, St. Louis District
“Wear It!” message on a banner.                                       “Safety Rocks” messages and games printed on food tray liner
                                                                      utilized at McDonald’s Restaurants.
Booklet/Brochure:                                                     3rd Place: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Lower Granite
1st Place: American Canoe Association                                 Project, WA, Walla Walla District
“Canoeing and Kayaking for People with Disabilities”                  “Families Against Drowings” (FAD) message by using human
instructors’ booklet.                                                 look alike cutouts/stand-ups wearing Life Jackets to promote
2nd Place: Utah State Parks                                           safety. The wooden or plastic human designs can be placed or
“The Basics of Marine Radio Use” brochure.                            setup about anywhere to promote/remind people to wear their
3rd Place: American Canoe Association                                 Life Lackets.
“Cold Water Survival” brochure in Spanish and English

                     n n n          SuMMIt PollInG 2010                                         n n n

1. I think the Washington Nationals will win the World               9. Indicate the highest level of education you have
Series this year.                                                    completed or the highest degree you have received.
    Yes                                        8   20.51%               Some high school                             0       0%
    No                                        31   79.49%               High school or GED                           0       0%
    Totals                                    39     100%               Some college                                 2       5%
                                                                        Associate degree                             1    2.50%
2. Have you participated in this interactive polling before?            Technical or vocational school               0       0%
   Yes                                         19        50%            Bachelor degree                            28       70%
   No                                          19        50%            Masters degree                               9   22.50%
   Totals                                      38       100%            Doctorate degree                             0       0%
                                                                        Decline to answer                            0       0%
3. What is your favorite season?                                        Totals                                     40      100%
   Spring                                     11     28.21%
   Summer                                      7     17.95%          10. Indicate the category that best describes your total
   Fall                                       19     48.72%          annual household income before taxes.
   Winter                                      2      5.13%              Less than $25,000                           1       2.50%
   Totals                                     39       100%              $25,000 - $49,999                           1       2.50%
                                                                         $50,000 - $74,999                           8         20%
4. My favorite snack is: (Choose all that apply)                         $75,000 - $99,999                          13     32.50%
   Chips                                       16    18.18%              $100,000 - $149,999                        13     32.50%
   Cake                                        13    14.77%              $150,000 - $199,999                         2          5%
   Cookies                                     20    22.73%              $200,000 - $249,999                         1       2.50%
   Pie                                         13    14.77%              $250,000 or more                            1       2.50%
   Fruit                                       13    14.77%              Decline to answer                           0          0%
   Other                                       13    14.77%              Totals                                     40        100%
   Totals                                      88     100%
                                                                     11. Which part of the country (U.S.) would you consider to
5. What is your gender?                                              be your permanent residence?
   Male                                       30     76.92%              North East – New England                   1     2.94%
   Female                                      9     23.08%              North East – Mid Atlantic                  5    14.71%
   Totals                                     39       100%              Mid West – West South Central              1     2.94%
                                                                         Mid West – East North Central              6    17.65%
6. I am between the ages of:                                             South – West South Central                 7    20.59%
   16 – 19                                     0         0%              South – East South Central                 8    23.53%
   20 – 29                                     4     10.26%              West – Pacific                             4    11.76%
   30 – 39                                     9     23.08%              West - Mountain                            2     5.88%
   40 – 49                                     6     15.38%              Totals                                   34       100%
   50 – 59                                    13     33.33%
   60 and above                                7     17.95%          12. Is your permanent residence located on or adjacent to
   Totals                                     39       100%          the water?
                                                                         Yes                                        8    24.24%
7. Please indicate the racial type that best describes you:              No                                        25    75.76%
   American Indian or Alaska Native              3      7.69%            Totals                                    33      100%
   Asian                                         0         0%
   Black or African American                     1      2.56%        13. How many years have you been boating?
   Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific              0         0%            Less than one year                     2             5%
   White or Caucasian                           35     89.74%            1 – 2 years                            0             0%
   Other                                         0         0%            3 – 5 years                            4            10%
   Decline to Answer                             0         0%            6 – 8 years                            1          2.50%
   Totals                                       39       100%            9 – 10 years                           3          7.50%
                                                                         More than 10 years                    30            75%
8. Are you of Hispanic or Latino origin or descent?                      I have never been boating              0             0%
   Yes                                         0        0%               Totals                                40           100%
   No                                         38    97.44%
   Decline to Answer                           1     2.56%
   Totals                                     39      100%

                      n n n         SuMMIt PollInG 2010                                          n n n

14. Which category best describes your skill level when              21. How many boating safety courses have you completed?
operating a boat?                                                        1                                        3     7.50%
    Beginner                                    4       10%              2                                        9   22.50%
    Intermediate                               10       25%              3                                       12       30%
    Advanced                                   22       55%              4                                        3     7.50%
    Expert                                      4       10%              5                                        0        0%
    Totals                                     40      100%              6                                        3     7.50%
                                                                         7                                        0        0%
15. Do you own a boat? (if you own more than one boat,                   8 or more                                8       20%
please answer the following questions for the vessel that is             No response/not applicable               2        5%
used more frequently)                                                    Totals                                  40      100%
    Yes                                        14         35%
    No                                         19     47.50%         22. Were any of these boating safety courses approved by the
    Yes, multiple boats                         7     17.50%         National Association of State Boating Law Administrators and
    Totals                                     40       100%         recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard?
                                                                         Yes                                       28        70%
16. What type of vessel is your primary boat?                            No                                         2         5%
    Open Motorboat                            19     54.29%              I don’t know                               8        20%
    Cabin Motorboat                            1      2.86%              No response/not applicable                 2         5%
    Pontoon                                    3      8.57%              Totals                                    40      100%
    Houseboat                                  0         0%
    Personal Watercraft                        1      2.86%          23. How did you take the last boating safety course you
    Sailboat                                   3      8.57%          completed?
    Rowboat                                    2      5.71%              In a classroom                             16       40%
    Canoe                                      2      5.71%              On the Internet                             1     2.50%
    Kayak                                      4     11.43%              Through a home study or correspondence course
    Totals                                    35       100%                  that was not on the Internet            0        0%
                                                                         On the water                               14       35%
17. How is your primary boat powered?                                    Another type of course                      7    17.50%
    Outboard                                  19     48.72%              No response/not applicable                  2        5%
    Inboard                                    2      5.13%              Totals                                     40      100%
    Inboard/Outboard                           2      5.13%
    Manually                                   5     12.82%          24. Why did you take the last boating safety course that you
    Sail                                       0         0%          completed?
    No response/not applicable                11     28.21%              Required by my state                        2      5.13%
    Totals                                    39       100%              To get a discounted insurance program       0         0%
                                                                         To refresh my skills                       14     35.90%
18. What is the length of your vessel?                                   Other                                      20     51.28%
    Less than 16 feet                          7     17.50%              No response/not applicable                  3      7.69%
    16 to 26 feet                             21     52.50%              Totals                                     39       100%
    26 to 40 feet                              0         0%
    Greater than 40 feet                       1      2.50%          25. Strong swimmers do not need to wear life jackets while
    No response/not applicable                11     27.50%          on board boats.
    Totals                                    40       100%              Strongly Agree                             0         0%
                                                                         Agree                                      1     2.50%
19. How many times have you taken your boat out on the                   Neither Agree nor Disagree                 6       15%
water in the past 12 months?                                             Disagree                                   7    17.50%
    I have not taken it out in the past 12 months 5 12.82%               Strongly Disagree                         26       65%
    Once                                          2  5.13%               Don’t Know                                 0         0%
    2 – 5 times                                   7 17.95%               Totals                                    40      100%
    6 – 10 times                                  1  2.56%
    11 – 20 times                                 7 17.95%           26. It is not necessary to wear life jackets while on board
    More than 20 times                            7 17.95%           larger boats (more than 21 feet).
    No response/not applicable                  10  25.64%               Strongly Agree                                 1     2.56%
    Totals                                      39    100%               Agree                                          2     5.13%
                                                                         Neither Agree nor Disagree                     7    17.95%
20. Have you ever completed a boating safety course?                     Disagree                                     17     43.59%
    Yes                                      38       95%                Strongly Disagree                            12     30.77%
    No                                        2        5%                Don’t Know                                     0        0%
    Totals                                   40      100%                Totals                                       39       100%

                      n n n         SuMMIt PollInG 2010                                          n n n

27. Life jackets should always be worn in rough conditions or         33. Penalties for operating boats under the influence should
bad weather while aboard boats less than 21 feet.                     be more severe.
    Strongly Agree                            34        85%               Strongly Agree                              24       60%
    Agree                                       4       10%               Agree                                        9    22.50%
    Neither Agree nor Disagree                  0        0%               Neither Agree nor Disagree                   3     7.50%
    Disagree                                    0        0%               Disagree                                     3     7.50%
    Strongly Disagree                           2        5%               Strongly Disagree                            0        0%
    Don’t Know                                  0        0%               Don’t Know                                   1     2.50%
    Totals                                    40       100%               Totals                                      40      100%

28. All boaters should be required to wear a life jacket while        34. There are too many boating rules and regulations and this
boating.                                                              makes boating less fun.
    Strongly Agree                              11     27.50%             Strongly Agree                             0         0%
    Agree                                       14        35%             Agree                                      2         5%
    Neither Agree nor Disagree                  11     27.50%             Neither Agree nor Disagree                 6        15%
    Disagree                                     2         5%             Disagree                                 20         50%
    Strongly Disagree                            2         5%             Strongly Disagree                        11      27.50%
    Don’t Know                                   0         0%             Don’t Know                                 1      2.50%
    Totals                                      40       100%             Totals                                   40        100%

29. I always wear a life jacket while boating.                        35. People should obtain an operator’s license in order to
    Strongly Agree                             16        40%          operate boats.
    Agree                                      14        35%              Strongly Agree                             21     52.50%
    Neither Agree nor Disagree                  5     12.50%              Agree                                      14        35%
    Disagree                                    3      7.50%              Neither Agree nor Disagree                   2         5%
    Strongly Disagree                           2         5%              Disagree                                     2         5%
    Don’t Know                                  0         0%              Strongly Disagree                            1     2.50%
    Totals                                     40       100%              Don’t Know                                   0         0%
                                                                          Totals                                     40       100%
30. Alcoholic beverages should never be consumed while
operating a boat.                                                     36. Boaters under a certain age should be required to take a
    Strongly Agree                           22   56.41%              boating safety course.
    Agree                                     6   15.38%                  Strongly Agree                            32        80%
    Neither Agree nor Disagree                5   12.82%                  Agree                                      8        20%
    Disagree                                  5   12.82%                  Neither Agree nor Disagree                 0          0%
    Strongly Disagree                         1    2.56%                  Disagree                                   0          0%
    Don’t Know                                0        0%                 Strongly Disagree                          0          0%
    Totals                                   39     100%                  Don’t Know                                 0          0%
                                                                          Totals                                    40       100%
31. Alcoholic beverages should not be consumed by
passengers on board boats.                                            37. All boaters should be required to take a boating safety
    Strongly Agree                           7    17.50%              course.
    Agree                                    9    22.50%                  Strongly Agree                             26         65%
    Neither Agree nor Disagree              11    27.50%                  Agree                                      11     27.50%
    Disagree                                12       30%                  Neither Agree nor Disagree                  3      7.50%
    Strongly Disagree                        1     2.50%                  Disagree                                    0          0%
    Don’t Know                               0        0%                  Strongly Disagree                           0          0%
    Totals                                  40      100%                  Don’t Know                                  0          0%
                                                                          Totals                                     40       100%
32. Boating under the influence is a serious problem.
    Strongly Agree                             22     57.89%          38. Taking a boating safety course increases the likelihood
    Agree                                      12     31.58%          that a boater will wear a life jacket while boating.
    Neither Agree nor Disagree                  2      5.26%              Strongly Agree                                7    17.50%
    Disagree                                    2      5.26%              Agree                                        18       45%
    Strongly Disagree                           0         0%              Neither Agree nor Disagree                   12       30%
    Don’t Know                                  0         0%              Disagree                                      2        5%
    Totals                                     38       100%              Strongly Disagree                             0        0%
                                                                          Don’t Know                                    1     2.50%
                                                                          Totals                                       40      100%

                      n n n          SuMMIt PollInG 2010                                          n n n

39. The amount of reckless boating has been increasing.                44. Which would be the best channel for distributing
    Strongly Agree                             4        10%            awareness information about accident reporting? (check all
    Agree                                     11    27.50%             that apply)
    Neither Agree nor Disagree                16        40%                Through insurance companies, vessel
    Disagree                                   5    12.50%                    registration packages                  28     16.18%
    Strongly Disagree                          0         0%                Boating classes, Vessel Safety Checks,
    Don’t Know                                 4        10%                   Boat shows                             32     18.50%
    Totals                                    40      100%                 Accompanying boating safety products      10      5.78%
                                                                           Marinas, Boat access ramps, wharfs,
40. I practice safer boating habits when I’m with my family                   boatels, etc.                          26     15.03%
rather than when I’m with my friends.                                      Medical treatment facilities              10      5.78%
    Strongly Agree                              3      7.69%               Law enforcement officers/boardings        18     10.40%
    Agree                                       6     15.38%               Boat dealers, Marine supply stores,
    Neither Agree nor Disagree                  9     23.08%                  Boat/fiberglass/repair shops           24     13.87%
    Disagree                                   13     33.33%               Convenience stores near access points      9      5.20%
    Strongly Disagree                           8     20.51%               Media                                     16      9.25%
    Don’t Know                                  0         0%               Totals                                  173        100%
    Totals                                     39       100%
                                                                       45. What do you feel is the most important safety issue
41. I would wear a life jacket if they were more comfortable.          confronting recreational boaters?
    Strongly Agree                             12    30.77%                Lack of knowledge regarding rules
    Agree                                       9    23.08%                    of the road                           11      28.95%
    Neither Agree nor Disagree                 11    28.21%                Propeller strikes and/or carbon monoxide
    Disagree                                    5    12.82%                    poisoning                              0          0%
    Strongly Disagree                           2     5.13%                Drowning due to the lack of life
    Don’t Know                                   0       0%                    jacket wear                           17      44.74%
    Totals                                     39      100%                Falls overboard/capsizings                 1       2.63%
                                                                           Cold water immersion                       2       5.26%
42. I would wear a life jacket if others on the boat were also             Boating under the influence                0          0%
wearing one.                                                               Overloading of small vessels               2       5.26%
    Strongly Agree                                4       10%              Reckless operation                         3       7.89%
    Agree                                         9    22.50%              Crowding of waterways                      2       5.26%
    Neither Agree nor Disagree                   17    42.50%              Totals                                    38        100%
    Disagree                                      9    22.50%
    Strongly Disagree                             1     2.50%          46. What do you feel is the most important topic that should
    Don’t Know                                    0        0%          be addressed for better recreational boating in the future?
    Totals                                       40      100%              Facilities and Access                        1      2.50%
                                                                           Education and Public Relations              19     47.50%
43. I am aware of the new styles of inflatable life jackets                Safety and Law Enforcement                  17     42.50%
(including the belt pack)                                                  Laws and Regulations                         2         5%
    No                                            0          0%            Water Quality                                0         0%
    Yes                                          23     57.50%             Registration and Titling                     0         0%
    Heard that there are new styles but                                    Other Issues not listed here                 1      2.50%
        know nothing about them                   1      2.50%             Totals                                      40       100%
    Worn the new inflatable style life jacket
        and really liked it                      16         40%        47. How has the economy affected your boating behavior/
    Worn the new inflatable style life jacket                          experiences?
        and didn’t like it                        0          0%            No effect                                 23  57.50%
    Totals                                       40       100%             Decreased number of boating trips           8    20%
                                                                           Decreased distance traveled to or on
                                                                               boating outings                         5 12.50%
                                                                           Changed to more fuel efficient type of
                                                                               boating (lower horsepower, canoe/kayak,
                                                                               sailboat, etc.)                         1  2.50%
                                                                           I took some other action based on changes
                                                                               in the economy                          3  7.50%
                                                                           Totals                                    40    100%

                     n n n          SuMMIt PollInG 2010                                          n n n

48. Do you support a 4-year rotation of destinations for the         54. The National Recreational Boating Safety Strategic Plan is
IBWSS, including set locations of San Diego, CA and Panama           like most long range government plans that take two or more
City Beach, FL?                                                      years to create in that the U.S. Coast Guard has put it on the
    Yes                                       27      69.23%         shelf where it is collecting dust.
    No                                        12      30.77%              Agree                                       8     20.51%
    Totals                                    39        100%              Disagree                                  31      79.49%
                                                                          Totals                                    39        100%
49. My first exposure to the National Recreational Boating
Safety Strategic Plan was:                                           55. The National Recreational Boating Safety Strategic Plan
    I don’t know what the “Strategic Plan” is    2    6.06%          is being reviewed to determine the progress, analyze the
    I heard about it for the first time at this                      measurements, and consider new strategies and get increased
        conference                              16   48.48%          participation by implementing partners. This updated plan
    I heard about it at other conferences        8   24.24%          will be implemented beginning:
    I am an implementing partner of the                                   2011                                      22        55%
        Strategic Plan                           7   21.21%               2012                                      14        35%
    Totals                                      33     100%               2013                                       2         5%
                                                                          2014                                       2         5%
50. The National Recreational Boating Safety (RBS) Strategic              Totals                                    40      100%
Plan is a plan:
    I have never heard about                     3    7.50%          56. The National Recreational Boating Safety Strategic Plan
    I have heard about, but don’t know much                          is:
        about what it does                      19   47.50%              A useful way to determine what strategies
    I am basically familiar with                 8      20%                 help reduce fatal, injury, and property
    I know very well and have utilized it in my                             boat accidents                          21    52.50%
        program                                  1    2.50%              A worthwhile exercise in reviewing the data
    I/my organization is an implementing                                    but time and money should be used on
        partner                                  9   22.50%                 the water instead                        3     7.50%
    Totals                                      40     100%              There has been little or no benefit from
                                                                            the Strategic Plan                       1     2.50%
51. The National Recreational Boating Safety Strategic Plan              I don’t know enough to provide a
was developed by:                                                           comment                                 15    37.50%
    The U.S. Coast Guard                       14        35%             Totals                                     40      100%
    NASBLA and NSBC                             2          5%
    NSBC and NBSAC                              1      2.50%         57. The overall National Recreational Boating Safety Strategic
    Members of the public, industry, boating organizations           Plan could be improved via:
       and associations, boating law administrators,                     My agency or organization becoming an
       and federal agency partners             23     57.50%                implementing partner                     6        15%
    Totals                                     40       100%             A plan that needs better dissemination if
                                                                            it is to be of any use                  16        40%
52. The National RBS program was originally established by               Having other federal agencies that are
the Federal Boating Safety Act of:                                          responsible for boating safety develop
    1958                                      2         5%                  their won boating safety plan            2          5%
    1971                                     17     42.50%               I don’t know enough to provide a
    1983                                     11     27.50%                  comment                                 16        40%
    1996                                     10        25%               Totals                                     40       100%
    Totals                                   40       100%

53. The National Recreational Boating Strategic Plan was
approved and signed by NBSAC and the implementing
partners in:
    1996                                       9    22.50%
    2001                                       5    12.50%
    2005                                      10       25%
    2007                                      16       40%
    Totals                                    40      100%

                          n n n         2010 IBWSS attenDeeS                                                       n n n

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P.O. Box 1632                       981 Kilbourne Dr.                        12401 Mill Creek Ln.                   351 Corps Rd.
Mentor, OH 44061                    Worthington, OH 43085-4022               Wye Mills, MD 21679                    Denison, TX 75020
(440) 209-9805                     
                                    (614) 846-2283                           (410) 827-9100                         (903) 465-4990
Ross Adkins                                                                                                         Fax (903) 465-6571
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Donna Angus                         (662) 226-5911                                  2325 SE Seamist St.
National Water Safety Congress      Fax (662) 226-0239                       (508) 540-9204                         Port St. Lucie, FL 34952
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                                    7703 Copperfield Ct.                     U.S. Power Squadrons                   Bonnie Breyley
John Annino                         Baton Rouge, LA 70808                    (National Contact)                     National Water Safety Congress
State of Connecticut DEP -              P.O. Box 30423                         P.O. Box 1632
Boating Division                                                             Raleigh, NC 27622                      Mentor, OH 44061
333 Ferry Rd., P.O. Box 280         Mike Baron                                                                      (440) 209-9805
Old Lyme, CT 06371-0280             U.S. Coast Guard MLE Academy             Ginger Bjornson                  2000 Bainbridge Ave N.                   U.S. Army Corps of Engineers           Margot Brown
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Sara Goodeyon                      (610) 444-1793
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-SWT                                               David Hancock                          Arlyn Hendricks
1645 S. 101st E. Ave.              Alan Griffin                                S.C. Electric & Gas Co.                U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Tulsa, OK 74128                    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers                Lake Mangement M2-6                    Kaw Lake Office        324 West 7th St.                            Columbia, SC 29218                     9400 Lake Rd.
(918) 669-7365                     Mountain Home, AR 72653                                Ponca City, OK 74604
Fax (918) 669-7368                       (803) 217-9007               
                                                                               Fax (803) 217-9045                     (580) 762-5611
Mark Goodwin                       Kathleen Grim                                                                      Fax (580) 762-9250
Watermark Navigation Systems       U.S. Army Corps of Engineers                Chris Hannaford
29 Gilford East Dr.                1286 Palisades Dr.                          U.S. Army Corps of Engineers           Theresa Hershey
Gilford, NH 03249                  Leesport, PA 19533                          P.O. Box 10                            U.S. Army Corps of Engineers                        Enid, MS 38927                         1325 J. St., 14th Fl.
(603) 524-6066                     (610) 376-6337                        Sacramento, CA 95814
Fax (603) 524-8100                                                             mil                          
                                   William Griswold                            (662) 563-4571                         (916) 557-5281
Shreda K. Gorum                    United Safe Boating Institute               Fax (662) 563-2481                     Fax (916) 557-6877
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers       815 NorthSide Dr.
502 8th St.                        Mt. Dora, FL 32757                          Gary Hardin                            David Hinders
Huntington, WV 25701-2070                              U.S. Army Corps of Engineers           U.S. Power Squadrons      (352) 383-8889                              P.O. Box 531                           830 Cypress Dr
(304) 399-5039                     Fax (352) 383-9344                          Collinsville, MS 39325                 Rio Vista, CA 94571
Fax (304) 399-5581                                                    
                                   Mike Grupa                                  (601) 626-8431                         (707) 374-2108
Bill Gossard                       Stearns Safety & Survival
NTSB                               P.O. Box 1498                               Virginia Harper                        Walter Hodgkiss
OC-30                              St. Cloud, MN 56302                         13430 McGregor Blvd.                   ODNR - Division of Watercraft
Washington, DC 20594                            Ft. Myers, FL 33919                    1407 Cleveland Rd.                  (320) 252-1642                                          Sandusky, OH 44870
(202) 314-6182                     (320) 252-4425                                                           
Fax (202) 314-6178                                                             Don Harris                             (419) 621-1302
                                   Sylvia Guerrero                             U.S. Army Corps of Engineers           Fax (419) 625-4603
Sam Gramlich                       U.S. Army Corps of Engineers                819 Taylor Ft. Worth, TX 76248
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers       P.O. Box 1072                                        Jeff Hoedt
Route 3, Box 486                   Porterville, CA 93258                       (817) 886-1571                         U.S. Coast Guard
Jasper, TX 75951                     Fax (817) 886-6455                     2100 Second St. SW, Room 2408   (559) 784-0215                                                                     Washington, DC 20593
(409) 384-5716                     Fax (559) 784-5469                          Ryan Hartwig                 
Fax (409) 384-6076                                                             U.S. Army Corps of Engineers -         (202) 372-1001
                                   Consuela Gunter                             Savannah Dist.
Tanya Grant                        U.S. Army Corps of Engineers                100 W. Oglethorpe Ave.                 Thomas Hoff
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers       109 Saint Joseph St., CESAM-OP-TR           Savannah, GA 31401                     U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Hartwell Lake Office               Mobile, AL 36602                            P.O. Box 10
5625 Anderson Hwy.                  (912) 652-5056                         Enid, MS 38927
Hartwell, GA 30643                 mil                                         Fax (912) 652-5065                  (251) 694-3707                                                                     (662) 563-4571
(888) 893-0678                     Fax (251) 694-4264                          Eric Haskell                           Fax (662) 563-2481
                                                                               U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Sheryl Grant                       Chris Gurner                                3801 200 Park Rd.                      Blake Hogue
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers       U.S. Army Corps of Engineers                Waco, TX 76708                         Entergy
100 Fair St.                       29049 Hwy 315                               141 West County Line Rd
Clarkston, WA 99403                Sardis, MS 38666                            (254) 756-5359                         Malvern, AR 72104                                            
(509) 843-1493                     (662) 563-4531                              Jim Hatton                             (501) 282-9250
Fax (509) 751-0242                 Fax (662) 563-4433                          Metropolitan Police Dept. Harbor       Fax (501) 844-2172
                                   Bill Hagy                                   550 Water St., SW
                                   Lower Colorado River Authority              Washington, DC 20024
                                   P.O. Box 220 (Mail Stop M-107)    
                                   Austin, TX 78767-0220                       (202) 727-4582
                                                   Fax (202) 727-3663
                                   (800) 776-5272
                                   Fax (512) 473-3501
                            n n n    2010 IBWSS attenDeeS                                                 n n n

Susan Holcombe                   Gregg Inscore                         Kurt Kalkomey                       Gary King
Boat Ed                          EdgeWater Powerboats, LLC             Boat Ed                             U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
14086 Proton Rd.                 211 Dale St.                          14086 Proton Rd.                    7019 Grand Vista Ln.
Dallas, TX 75244                 Edgewater, FL 32132                   Dallas, TX 75244                    Monroe, GA 30656                 (386) 426-5457                        
(214) 351-0461                   Fax (386) 426-1999                    (214) 351-0461
Fax (214) 351-6429                                                     Fax (214) 351-6429                  Charles Kizina
                                 Keith Jackson                                                             Playsafe Productions
Louis Holstead                   Maritech Industries                   Adam Katchmarchi                    24 Robert St.
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers     6680 Lockheed Dr.                     Slippery Rock University            Keswick, ON L4P 1K7 Canada
Waurika Lake Office              Redding, CA 96002                     1321 Vineyard Circle                (905) 989-0664
Rt. 1 Box 68                        Slippery Rock, PA 16057             Fax (905) 535-1591
Waurika, OK 73573                (530) 226-7414                  Fax (550) 226-9516                    (814) 590-0393                      MariAnn Koloszar
(580) 963-2111                                                                                             Oregon State Marine Board
Fax (580) 963-3741               Kim Jackson                           Robert Kauffman                     435 Commercial St., NE 400
                                 Idaho Parks & Recreation              Frostburg State University          P.O. Box 14760
Douglas Hord                     5657 Warm Springs Ave.                7 Hill Top                          Salem, OR 97309
Gaston County Police Dept.       Boise, ID 83716                       Frostburg, MD 21537       
420 W. Franklin Blvd.                    (503) 378-5158
Gaston, NC 28052                 (208) 514-2412                        (301) 687-4474                   Fax (208) 334-3741                                                        Steven Koon
(704) 866-3320                                                         Kevin Kelly                         U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Fax (704) 862-6332               John Thomas Jenkins                   8th Coast Guard District            82 Bay Springs Resource Rd.
                                 Alabama Marine Police Division        500 Poydrais St.                    Dennis, MS 38652
John Hotz                        64 N Union St Rm 438                  New Orleans, LA 70130-3396
AMH Government Services          Montgomery, AL 36130                      (662) 423-1287
7710 21st St. East              (504) 589-6770                      Fax (662) 454-9346
Sarasota, FL 34243                                                     Fax (504) 671-2269                Kim Jenkins                                                               Gary Kulibert
(941) 758-5417                   NASBLA                                Thomas Kemp                         Explorer’s Guide Maritime Training
Fax (941) 758-5417               1500 Leestown Rd., Suite 330          U.S. Power Squadrons                110 South Stevens St.
                                 Lexington, KY 40511                   1504 Blue Ridge Rd.                 Rhinelander, WI 54501
John Hotz                                      Raleigh, NC 27607
Safe Boats International         (859) 225-9487                                 Gail Kulp
8800 SW Barney White Rd.         Fax (859) 231-6403                    (888) 367-8777                      NASBLA
Port Orchard, WA 98367                                                 Fax (888) 304-0813                  1500 Leestown Rd., Suite 330              Frank Jennings                                                            Lexington, KY 40511
(360) 674-7161                   U.S. Coast Guard                      Krista Kendall            
Fax (360) 674-7149               17708 Riverway Dr.                    Transport Canada - Marine Safety    (859) 225-9487
                                 Lakewood, OH 44107                    330 Sparks St., 8th Fl.             Fax (859) 231-6403
Cowan Hunter                                                           Ottawa, ON K1A 0N5 Canada
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers     Bruce Johnson                                   Mary Larsen
29049 Hwy 315                    U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary            (613) 990-5898                      U.S. Coast Guard Auxillary
Sardis, MS 38666                 6148 Llanfair Dr.                     Fax (613) 991-4818                  4621 S. Hope Spring Rd.      Columbia, MD 21044                                                        Stone Mountain, GA 30083
(662) 563-4531                         Capt. Paul E. Kennedy     
Fax (662) 563-4433               (410) 707-1682                        Missouri State Water Patrol         (404) 294-7550
                                 Fax (202) 707-3959                    P.O. Box 1368
Alton Hurley                                                           Jefferson City, MO 65102            William Latham
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers     Dean Jones                          U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
1175 FM 667                      Metal Shark Aluminum Boats            (573) 751-3333                      29361 Hwy 315
Purdon, TX 76679                 6816 E. Admiral Doyle Dr.             Fax (573) 522-1287                  Sardis, MS 38666    Jeanerette, LA 70544                                            
                                   DeDe Kern                           (662) 578-3873
Stephanie Hussey                 (561) 909-9788                        Winnetka Park District              Fax (662) 563-0110
Recreational Boating & Fishing   Fax (337) 364-0337                    540 Hibbard Rd.
Foundation                                                             Winnetka, IL 60093                  Marty Law
601 N. Fairfax St., #440         Mark Jordan                                    Oregon State Marine Board
Alexandria, VA 22314-2081        Ameren UE                             (847) 501-2040                      435 Commercial St., NE #400                 P.O. Box 780                          Fax (847) 501-5779                  Salem, OR 97309-5065
(703) 519-0013                   Jefferson City, MO 65102                                        
Fax (703) 519-9565                         Brooke Kervin
                                 (573) 681-7246                        U.S. Army Corps of Engineers        Charlie Leath
Maria Iltis                      Fax (573) 681-7485                    1528 Hwy. 32 East                   U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
228 Brazos Dr.                                                         Ashdown, AR 71822                   1798 Chatham Dam Rd.
Grafod, TX 76449                 Cindy Kalkomey                    Ashland City, TN 37015                Boat Ed                               (870) 898-3343            
(940) 779-3208                   14086 Proton Rd.                      (870) 898-2111                      (615) 792-5697
                                 Dallas, TX 75244                                                          Fax (615) 792-5775
Mike Iltis                                  Emily King
Brazos River Authority           (214) 351-0461                        National Safe Boating Council
301 Observation Point Rd.        Fax (214) 351-6429                    P.O. Box 509
Graford, TX 76449                                                      Bristow, VA 20136                                                     (703) 361-4294
(940) 779-2321                                                         Fax (703) 361-5294
Fax (940) 779-3440
                             n n n         2010 IBWSS attenDeeS                                                        n n n

Dr. Stephen Leatherman                 Capt. Dave Lumian                           Jeff McCrery                         Fred Messmann
Florida International University       American Sailing Association                U.S. Army Corps of Engineers         National Safe Boating Council
11200 SW 8th St., University Park,     5301 Beethoven # 265                        1500 Rock Island Dr. - Safety        4595 Mt. McKinley Dr.
MARC 360                               Los Angeles, CA 90066                       Rock Island, IL 61201                Sparks, NV 89436
Miami, FL 33199                                      
(305) 348-1607                         (310) 822-7171                              (309) 794-5856                       (703) 789-2730
Fax (305) 348-1761                     Fax (310) 822-4741                          Fax (309) 794-5395                   Fax (703) 361-5294

Douglas Leavell                        Edwin Lyngar                                Joe McCullough                       Anabella Messmann
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary 08WR        Nevada Dept. of Wildlife                    Alaska Boating Safety Program        4595 Mt. McKinley Dr.
1222 Spruce St., Room 2.102H           1100 Valley Rd.                             550 West 7th Ave., Suite 1380        Sparks, NV 89436
St. Louis, MO                          Reno, NV 89512                              Anchorage, AK 99501                         Travis Miller
(314) 269-2696                         (775) 688-1548                              (907) 269-8704                       U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Fax (314) 539-2685                     Fax (775) 688-1551                          Fax (907) 269-8907                   23115 W. Wekiwa Rd.
                                                                                                                        Sand Springs, OK 74063
Ernest Lentz                           Edward Lyon                                 Kevin McDonough            
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers           Idaho Dept. of Parks and Recreation         Global Water Recovery Systems        (918) 865-2621
3905 Arkabutla Dam Rd.                 465 Crystal Dr.                             12330 Parkside Circle                Fax (918) 865-5054
Coldwater, MS 38618                    Montpelier, ID 83254-1516                   Washington, MI 48094                       (586) 786-5532                       Jimmy Miller
(662) 562-6261                         (208) 390-2622                              Fax (586) 786-5532                   U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Fax (662) 562-8972                                                                                                      P.O. Box 903
                                       Kerry Lyons                                 Linda McDonough                      Grenada, MS 38901-0903
Rick Lewis                             U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service                Global Water Recovery Systems
Denver Water                           4401 N. Fairfax Dr., M5-7097-43             12330 Parkside Circle                (662) 226-5911
1600 West 12th Ave.                    Arlington, VA 22203                         Washington, MI 48094                 Fax (662) 226-0239
Denver, CO 80204                                      (586) 786-5532          (703) 615-0084                              (586) 786-5532                       Gregory Miller
(303) 634-3641                         Fax (703) 358-1875                                                               U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Fax (303) 628-6851                                                                 Valerie McKay                        60 Forsythe St. SW
                                       David Marsh                                 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers         Atlanta, GA 30303
LaMonica Little                        Dept. of Transport                          P.O. Box 44270, 34443 Sierra Dr.
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Mobile   P.O. Box 20                                 Lemon Cove, CA 93244                 (404) 562-5134
P.O. Box 295                           Abu Dhabi, UAE                    
Peterson, FL 35478                            (559) 597-2301                       Robert Minielly                                                   Fax (559) 597-2468                   Canadian Safe Boating Council
(205) 553-9373                         Robert Martin                                                                    2021 Millwood Rd. RR #2
                                       U.S. Army Corps of Engineers                Kurt McKean                          Orillia, ON L3V 6H2 Canada
Mari Lou Livingood                     P.O. Box 1752                               Oklahoma Highway Patrol    
Living Classrooms of the National      Jamestown, ND 58402                         7000 East Second St.                 (705) 329-0650
Capital Region                             Edmond, OK 73034                     Fax (705) 329-2879
P.O. Box 70437                         (701) 252-7666                    
Washington, DC 20024                   Fax (701) 251-9442                          (405) 341-8927                       Mike Mize                                                                                         Oklahoma Highway Patrol
(301) 785-3546                         Eric Tyler Matthews                         Anna McKinney                        3156 CR 2409
Fax (202) 488-1307                     U.S. Army Corps of Engineers                U.S. Army Corps of Engineers         Barnsdall, OK 74002
                                       855 Bust Dock Rd.                           230 Friendship Park Rd.    
Anne Lockwood                          Somerset, KY 42501                          Coleman, TX 76834-8845               (405) 341-8947
U.S. Coast Guard Auxillary                 Fax (405) 341-3860
1821 Bay Shore Dr.                     (606) 679-6337                              (325) 625-2322
Rockport, TX 78382                     Fax (606) 679-6339                          Fax (325) 625-5079                   Dale Mogle                                                                                                U.S. Sailing
(361) 790-5956                         Fredrick Matthies                           Dean McLeod                          215 Rio Villa Dr. #3189
Fax (361) 230-0289                     U.S. Army Corps of Engineers                Tacoma Power                         Punta Gorda, FL 33950
                                       West Point Lake                             P.O. Box E                           (941) 639-1845
Edson Lott                             500 Resource Mgmt. Dr.                      Silver Creek, WA 98582
14th District U.S. Coast Guard         West Point, GA 31833                            Jo Mogle
Auxiliary                            (360) 985-2222                       U.S. Sailing
275 Makaweli                           mil                                         Fax (253) 502-8629                   215 Rio Villa Dr. #3189
Honolulu, HI 96825                     (706) 645-2937                                                                   Punta Gorda, FL 33950                                                                  Larry McNamee              
(808) 292-1100                         Creighton Maynard                                        (941) 639-1845
                                       U.S. Power Squadrons                        1568 Carling Ave., Suite 203
Marlene Love-Jones                     3605 Verde Vista                            Ottawa, Ontario K1Z 7M4 Canada       Kerry Moher
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers           Aledo, TX 76008                          
P.O. Box 96                                              (613) 722-8899                       1568 Carling Ave., Suite 203
Chattahoochee, FL 32324                                                            Fax (613) 248-5026                   Ottawa, Ontario K1Z 7M4 Canada         Murray McCarley                                                        
                                       U.S. Army Corps of Engineers                Brooke McTaggart                     (613) 722-8899
Trevor Luce                            Ft. Worth                                   Consumer Energy Company              Fax (613) 248-5026
Piratecom, LLC                         3110 FM 2271                                330 Chestnut St.
5045 Pottsville Pike                   Belton, TX 76513                            Cadillac, MI 49601
Reading, PA 19605                                 (254) 939-1829                              (231) 779-5511
(484) 220-0477                         Fax (254) 939-8061                          Fax (231) 779-1007
Fax (610) 916-1291
                           n n n           2010 IBWSS attenDeeS                                                      n n n

Eugene Molteni                         Antony Nahitchevansky                   Aniceto Ogumoro                        V/C Richard Peoples, SN
U.S. Power Squadrons                   Mercury Marine                          Northern Mariana Islands               U.S. Power Squandrons
5235 Leith Pl.                         W6250 Pioneer Rd., P.O. Box 1939        P.O. Box 500791 CK                     708 Puesta Del Sol Plz.
Little Neck, NY 11362                  Fond du lac, WI 54936-1939              Saipan, MP 96950                       Indialantic, FL 32903-3624                (670) 664-9180               
(718) 224-2124                         (920) 924-2041                          Fax (670) 664-9186                     (321) 773-5402
                                       Fax (920) 924-1488
Richard Moore                                                                  Brian Osberghaus                       William Petronis
Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation   Doug Natoce                             U.S. Army Corps of Engineers           U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Commission                             Brunswick Commercial & Gov.             112 Speck Ln.                          1 Bond St.
620 S Meridian St., Room #235          Products                                Port Barre, LA 70577                   Troy, NY 12190
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1600             420 Megan Ave.                
(850) 251-0264                         Edgewater, FL 32132                     (337) 558-0853                         (518) 273-0870
Fax (850) 488-9284                     (850) 539-9191                                                                 Fax (518) 273-3772
                                                                               Gary Owen
Madeline Morgan                        Naim Nazha                              Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources        Conrad Pfeifer
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers           Transport Canada - Marine Safety        3011 Center Lake Dr.                   The Cambrian Foundation
Ft. Worth                              330 Sparks St., 8th Fl.                 Spirit Lake, IA 51360                  1234 E. Concord St., Ste. A
P.O. Box 17300                         Ottawa, ON K1A 0N5 Canada                            Orlando, FL 32804
Ft. Worth, TX 76102                                                                      (407) 314-4649      (613) 990-5898                          Jeremy Oyen                            Fax (407) 646-2429
mil                                    Fax (613) 991-4818                      American Canoe Association
                                                                               108 Hanover St.                        Richard Pfenniger
Henry Morris                           Paul Newman                             Fredericksburg, VA 22401               U.S. Power Squadrons
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers           U.S. Coast Guard                              P.O. Box 6580
1226 Powerhouse Rd.                    Coast Guard Island, Bldg 50-8           (540) 907-4460                         Hollywood, FL 33081
Camden, AL 36726                       Alameda, CA 94501                       Fax (888) 229-3792                     (934) 983-6214
(334) 682-4244                         (510) 437-5364                          Selverio Pacleb                        Bobby Pharr
Fax (334) 682-4246                     Fax (510) 437-2728                      Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept.         Entergy
                                                                               4200 Smith School Rd.                  141 West County Line Rd
Michael Mosby                          Lt. Paul Niepling                       Austin, TX 78744                       Malvern, AR 72104
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers           Metropolitan Police Dept. Harbor
601 East 12th St.                      Patrol                                  (512) 389-8302                         (501) 282-9250
Kansas City, MO 64106-2896             550 Water St., SW                       Fax (512) 389-8400                     Fax (501) 844-2172         Washington, DC 20024
                                                 Liz Parcell                            Marty Phillips
James P. Muldoon, Esq.                 (202) 727-4582                          American Electric Power                Kleinschmidt
U.S. Sailing                           Fax (202) 727-3663                      996 Old Franklin Turnpike              141 Main St.
1500 K St. NW, Ste. 350                                                        Rocky Mount, VA 24151                  Pittsfield, ME 04967
Washington, DC 20005                   Erika Nighswonger                       (540) 489-2540                              Kansas Dept. of Wildlife & Parks        Fax (540) 489-2567                     (207) 487-3328
(202) 638-2788                         512 Southeast 25th St.                                                         Fax (207) 487-3124
Fax (202) 638-2780                     Pratt, KS 67124                         Bill Parkerson
                                                U.S. Army Corps of Engineers           Walter Scott Pierce
Laura Ellen Mullek                     (620) 672-0770                          P.O. Box 192                           U.S. Coast Guard
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers           (620) 672-0769                          Arcadia, OK 73007                      Law Enforcement Academy
109 St. Joseph St.                                                           2000 Bainbridge Ave.
Mobile, AL 36628                       Mark Novo                               (405) 396-8026                         Charleston, SC 29405          Watermark Navigation Systems                                         
(251) 690-3126                         29 Gilford East Dr.                     B.J. Parkey
Fax (251) 690-2507                     Gilford, NH 03249                       U.S. Army Corps of Engineers           Megan Piersma
                                       (603) 524-6066                          Waurika Lake Office, Rt 1 Box 68       Alaska Office of Boating Safety
Brian Mulvey                           Fax (603) 524-8100                      Waurika, OK 73573                      550 W. Seventh Ave., Suite 1380
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers                                                   Anchorage, AK 99501
295 Florida St.                        Lynda Nutt                              (580) 963-2111               
New Bedford, MA 02745                  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers            Fax (580) 963-3741                     (907) 269-8705                3037 N. Alfalfa Loop                                                           Fax (907) 269-8907
(508) 989-8398                         Post Falls, ID 83854                    Jim Parroco
Fax (508) 995-8744                        PPG Marine                             Benjamin Pitcock
                                       (309) 794-5496                          2612 Taylor Rd.                        U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Dorie Murphy                                                                   Chesapeake, VA 23321                   P.O. Box 10
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers           James O’Boyle                       Enid, MS 38927
1801 N. Mill St.                       William R. Harsha Lake                  (757) 213-2065               
Lewisville, TX 75057                   2185 Slade Rd.                          Fax (757) 420-4207                     (662) 563-4571
(469) 645-9082                         Batavia, OH 45103-4766                                                         Fax (662) 563-2481
Fax (469) 645-9101                     james.f.o’          Steve Patchkofsky
                                       (513) 797-6081                          U.S. Army Corps of Engineers           Jeffrey Pobieglo
Joanne Murphy                          Fax (513) 797-4766                      100 Allerton Farm Rd.                  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers                                                   Middlebury, CT 06762                   1850 Carters Dam Rd.
Canyon Lake Office, 601 C.O.E. Rd.     Robert Ogoreuc                    P.O. Box 96
Canyon Lake, TX 78133-4129             525 E Gilmore Rd.                       (978) 318-8369                         Oakman, GA 30732-0096         Grove City, PA 16127                                                 
(830) 964-3341                                                                        (706) 334-2248
Fax (830) 964-2215                     (724) 738-2816                                                                 Fax (706) 334-2213
                                       Fax (724) 738-2921

                           n n n           2010 IBWSS attenDeeS                                                  n n n

Joe Ponder                             Jim Richardson                        Pam Samuels                            Dennis Sens
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers           Lower Colorado River Authority        U.S. Army Corps of Engineers           U.S. Coast Guard
3606 West Plymouth Rd.                 P.O. Box 220 (Mail Stop M-107)        29361 Highway 315                      431 Crawford St.
Columbus, OH 39701                     Austin, TX 78767-0220                 Sardis, MS 38666                       Portsmouth, VA 23704     
                                       (800) 776-5272                        (662) 578-3873                         (757) 398-6204
John Punkiewicz                        Fax (512) 473-3501                    Fax (662) 563-0110                     Fax (757) 398-6203
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Clock Tower Building, P.O. Box 2004    Tony Richardson                       Billy J. Samuels                       Ted Sensenbrenner
Rock Island, IL 61204-2004             Oklahoma Highway Patrol               U.S. Army Corps of Engineers           BoatU.S. Foundation for Boating Safety       7000 East Second St.                  P.O. Box 10                            147 Old Solomons Island Rd.
(309) 794-5181                         Edmond, OK 73034                      Enid, MS 38927                         Suite 513
Fax (309) 794-5180                           Annapolis, MD 21401
                                       (405) 341-8927                        (662) 563-4571                         (703) 461-2878
Jaime Ramirez                                                                Fax (662) 563-2481
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers           Victor Ricks                                                                 Joyce Shaw
P.O. Box 67                            Ohio Dept. Natural Resources          Andrew Samworth                        U.S. Power Squadrons
Raymond, CA 93653-0067                 3615 South Old State Rd.              Living Classrooms of the National      252 Timberlake Dr.         Delware, OH 43015                     Capital Region                         Florence, SC 29501
(559) 689-3255                         P.O. Box 70437
Fax (559) 689-3408                     (740) 272-1467                        Washington, DC 20024                   Pamela Shelton
                                       Fax (740) 548-4509                 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Stephanie Rankine                                                            (301) 785-3546                         1050 Buford Dam Rd.
Playsafe Productions                   Angie Rizzo                           Fax (202) 488-1307                     Buford, GA 30518
24 Robert St.                          Houston Safe Boating Council                                       
Keswick, ON L4P 1K7 Canada             P.O. Box 34225                        James Sandberg                         (770) 945-9531               Houston, TX 77234                     U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
(905) 989-0664                                   4600 State Hwy. 165                    Erica Shipman
Fax (905) 535-1591                     (281) 732-4681                        Branson, MO 65616-8980                 Alabama Marine Police Division
                                       Fax (713) 946-7827                  64 N. Union St., Rm. 438
Ted Rankine                                                                  (417) 334-4101                         Montgomery, AL 36130
Playsafe Productions                   Mark Rizzo                            Fax (417) 334-4169           
24 Robert St.                          U.S. Coast Guard
Keswick, ON L4P 1K7 Canada             7311 Castleberg Ct.                   Holly Sandberg                         Marcella Silvestro                  Alexandria, VA 22315                  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers           Sea Angel’s Brazil Institute
(905) 989-0664                                Chena River Project                    Av Jose Siqueira, 726
Fax (905) 535-1591                     (202) 391-2036                        P.O. Box 55270                         Itajai, SC Brazil 88307
                                                                             North Pole, AK 99705         
Lawrence Rathbun                       Dean Roberts                
U.S. Power Squadrons                   U.S. Army Corps of Engineers                                                 Gary Simmons
202 Pliska St.                         Rt. 1 Box 259                         Bernard Santos                         U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Fairhope, AL 36532-1932                Gore, OK 74435                        Northern Mariana Islands               2453 Lake Rd.              P.O. Box 500791 CK                     Fall River, KS 67047
(251) 422-6636                         (918) 487-5252                        Saipan, MP 96950             
                                       Fax (918) 487-5346                            (620) 658-4445
Brian Rehwinkel                                                              (670) 664-9180                         Fax (620) 658-4919
Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation   Kim Roundtree                         Fax (670) 664-9186
Commission                             Forever Resorts                                                              William Siversten
620 S. Meridian St.                    7501 E. McCormick Parkway             Todd Schaller                          U.S. Army Corps of Engineers -
Tallahassee, FL 32399                  Scottsdale, AZ 85258                  Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources   Englebright Lake         P.O. Box 7921                          P.O. Box 6
(850) 488-5600                         (480) 998-9977                        Madison, WI 53707-7921                 Smartville, CA 95977
Fax (850) 488-9284                     Fax (480) 998-9965            
                                                                                                                    (530) 432-6427
Scott Resch                            Eric Rouse                            Paul Schwen                            Fax (530) 432-6418
US Army Corps of Engineers             Progress Energy                       SmartKids Worldwide
N11196 Dorr St.                        P.O. Box 1551 - PEB 3A                P.O. Box 1005                          Jeffrey Skrivanek
Elcho, WI 54428                        Ralegih, NC 27602                     Provo, UT 84603                        U.S. Army Corps of Engineers                       106 South 15th St.
(313) 348-5329                         (919) 546-2991                        (972) 781-9414                         Omaha, NE 68102
Fax (313) 226-6009                                                           Fax (972) 782-4152           
                                       Bruce Rowe                                                                   (402) 221-4051
Kent Richards                          Forever Resorts                       John Sellers                           Fax (402) 221-4230
U.S. Coast Guard                       7501 E. McCormick Parkway             Missouri State Water Patrol
300 Ala Moana Blvd., Suite 9-108       Scottsdale, AZ 85258                  P.O. Box 1368                          Timothy Smalley
Honolulu, HI 96850-4982                    Jefferson City, MO 65102               Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources               (480) 998-9977                         500 Lafayette Rd.
(808) 541-2161                         Fax (480) 998-9965                    (573) 751-3333                         St. Paul, MN 55155-4046
                                                                             Fax (573) 522-1287           
                                                                                                                    (651) 259-5354

                          n n n         2010 IBWSS attenDeeS                                                     n n n

Charles Smith                       Roxanne Standefer                         Scott Swanby                        Scott Tichy
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers        Foresight & Imagination                   Revere Supply Company               U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
3905 Arkabutla Dam Rd.              45 Rue de Carillon                        5323 Highway Ave.                   2630 114th Ave. SE
Coldwater, MS 38618                 Gatineau, QU J8X 2N8 Canada               Jacksonville, FL 32254              Valley City, ND 58072      roxanne@foresightandimagination.          (904) 786-0033            
(662) 562-6261                      com                                       Fax (904) 786-0890                  (701) 845-2970
Fax (662) 562-8972                                                                                                Fax (701) 845-0712
                                    Christopher Stec                          Michael Swanson
Louise Smith                        American Canoe Association                USCG 17th District                  Floyd Tippetts
National Water Safety Congress      108 Hanover St.                           P.O. Box 25517                      Robotronics, Inc.
P.O. Box 1632                       Fredericksburg, VA 22401                  Juneau, AK 99802                    1610 West 1600 South
Mentor, OH 44061                             Springville, UT 84663-3057
(440) 209-9805                      (540) 907-4460                            (907) 463-2297            
                                    Fax (888) 229-3792                        Fax (907) 463-2820                  (801) 489-4466
Michael Smith                                                                                                     Fax (801) 489-8241
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers        Karen Steely                              Robert Sweet
427 Eufaula Rd.                     Aaron Foundation                          U.S. Power Squadrons                Paul Toman
Fort Gaines, GA 39851               20759 Hwy 392                             78 Rosemary Ln.                     U.S. Army Corps of Engineers      Greeley, CO 80631                         East Falmouth, MA 02536             Pittsburgh District
(229) 768-2516                                              1000 Liberty Ave.
Fax (229) 768-2809                  (920) 339-9105                            (508) 495-4300                      Pittsburgh, PA 15222
                                    Fax (920) 339-9302                                                  
Christopher Smith                                                             Kyle Tanner                         (418) 395-7176
American Canoe Association          Mike Stegall                              U.S. Army Corps of Engineers        Fax (418) 644-4195
108 Hanover St.                     U.S. Army Corps of Engineers              Nashville District
Fredericksburg, VA 22401            Route 3, Box 486                          P.O. Box 1070                       Kelly Townsend
(540) 907-4460                      Jasper, TX 75951                          Nashville, TN 37202-1070            U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
Fax (888) 229-3792                  506 Players Ridge Rd.
                                    (409) 384-5716                            (615) 736-5626                      Hickory, NC 28601-8816
Sandy Smith                         Fax (409) 384-6076                        Fax (615) 736-5499        
National Safe Boating Council                                                                                     (828) 495-1146
P.O. Box 509                        Susan Stocker                             Adam Tarplee                        Fax (828) 304-0023
Bristow, VA 20136                   Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources           U.S. Army Corps of Engineers     502 E. 9th St.                            2325 SE Seamist St.                 Everette Tucker
(703) 361-4294                      Wallace State Office Bldg.                Port St. Lucie, FL 34952            U.S. Coast Guard Auxilary
Fax (703) 361-5294                  Des Moines, IA 50319-0034              610 Allens Mill Rd.
                                          (772) 332-6351                      Yorktown, VA 23692
Fred Smith                          (515) 281-0122                                                      
Conowingo Dam Exelon Power          Fax (515) 281-6794                        C.Q. Tefft, II                      (757) 888-8151
2659 Shares Landing Rd.                                                       Color-Ons
Darlington, MD 21034                Wayne Stogsdill                           1701 S. Eisenhower Ave.             Michael Tustin          U.S. Army Corps of Engineers              Mason City, IA 50401                U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
                                    29361 Highway 315                                     550 Main St., Rm 10032
Kate Soska                          Sardis, MS 38666                          (641) 424-1511                      Cincinnati, OH 45202-3222
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers          Fax (641) 423-7843        
2850 Prairie du Chien Rd NE         (662) 578-3873                                                                (513) 684-2612
Iowa City, IA 52240                 Fax (662) 563-0110                        John Tennery                        Fax (513) 684-7246                                                U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-SWT
(319) 338-3543                      Alyson Strickland                         1645 S. 101st E. Ave.               Atul Uchil, PhD.
Fax (319) 354-4466                  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers              Tulsa, OK 74128                     U.S. Coast Guard Auxillary
                                    25207 Rd 407                             5345 Beaufain Blvd
James Spurgeon                      Raymond, CA 93653                         (918) 669-7365                      Virginia Beach, VA 23464
Central Ohio Safe Boating Council        Fax (918) 669-7368        
3370 E. Powell Rd.                  (559) 673-5151                                                                (757) 471-1083
Lewis Center, OH 43035              Fax (559) 673-2044                        Rick Theobold                       Fax (650) 475-8400                                                              U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
(614) 679-5011                      Karie Stupek                              1776 Niagara St.                    Ken Ullman
Fax (614) 476-5647                  Forever Resorts                           Buffalo, NY 14207                   Walsh Marine Products
                                    7501 E. McCormick Parkway                                                     2735 N. Calhoun Rd.
Margaret Spurgeon                   Scottsdale, AZ 85258                      Kelly Thomas                        Brookfield, WI 53005
Central Ohio Safe Boating Council                U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
3370 E. Powell Rd.                  (480) 998-9977                            P.O. Box 564                        (262) 797-9888
Lewis Center, OH 43035              Fax (480) 998-9965                        The Dalles, OR 97058                Fax (262) 797-9910                                                     
(614) 679-5011                      Amanda Suttles                            (541) 980-3295                      Michael Ulrich
Fax (614) 476-5647                  BoatU.S. Foundation                       Fax (541) 298-7527                  Mentor Fire Dept.
                                    880 S Pickett St.                                                             10121 Hobby Horse Ln.
Wayne A. Stacey                     Alexandria, VA 22304                      Adam Thompson                       Concord, OH 44060
DHS/U.S. Coast Guard                (703) 461-2878                            U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
38490 Velta Dr                      Fax (703) 461-2855                        P.O. Box 117                        (440) 336-5418
Ocean View, DE 19970                                                          Piedra, CA 93649                                                   Marcelo Ulyssea
(202) 372-1067                                                                (559) 787-2589                      Sea Angel’s Brazil Institute
Fax (202) 372-1933                                                            Fax (559) 787-2773                  Av Jose Siqueira, 726
                                                                                                                  Itajai, SC Brazil 88307

                          n n n         2010 IBWSS attenDeeS                                                       n n n

Bob Vandegriff                      Robert Wattenschaidt                      Brian Westfall                        Ruth Wood
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-SWT    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers              U.S. Army Corps of Engineers          BoatU.S. Foundation
1645 S. 101st E. Ave.               5905 Lewis Center Rd.                     729 Channel Rd.                       880 S Pickett St.
Tulsa, OK 74128                     Lewis Center, OH 43035                    Arkadelphia, AR 71923                 Alexandria, VA 22304
(918) 669-7365                      mil                                                                             (703) 461-2878
Fax (918) 669-7368                  (740) 548-6151                            Chris Wiehl                           Fax (703) 461-2855
                                                                              U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Stephen Verchinski                  Michelle Webber                           1616 Capitol Ave.                     Betsy Woods
New Mexico State Parks              U.S. Coast Guard                          Omaha, NE 68102                       Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
P.O. Box 1147                       P.O. Box 25517                            christopher.d.wiehl@usace,    P.O. Box 40747, Boating Division
Santa Fe, NM 87504                  Juneau, AK 99802-5517                     (402) 995-2814                        Nashville, TN 37204                                            
(505) 476-3369                                                                Rene Wiley                            (615) 781-6684
                                    Peter Webber                              Avista Utilities                      Fax (615) 781-5268
Reyna Volsky                        U.S. Coast Guard                          1411 East Mission Ave.
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers        1004 Wee Burn Dr.                         Spokane, WA 99220                     Bruce Wright
Chena River Project                 Juneau, AK 99801                             U.S. Coast Guard
P.O. Box 55270                               (509) 495-4998                        909 SE 1st Ave.
North Pole, AK 99705                (907) 209-5493                            Fax (509) 495-4852                    Miami, FL 33131                                                                             
                                    Phil Weeks                                John Williams
John Wargo                          Robotronics, Inc.                         U.S. Army Corps of Engineers -        Lorance Yates
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers/Alum   1610 West 1600 South                      Mobile District                       Federal Energy Regulatory Commis-
Creek Lake                          Springville, UT 84663-3057                Alabama River Lk                      sion
5905 Lewis Center Rd                (801) 489-4466                            8493 U.S. Hwy. 80 W                   3700 Crestwood Pkwy, Suite 950
Lewis Center, OH 43035              Fax (801) 489-8241                        Hayneville, AL 36040                  Duluth, GA 30096                                                 
(614) 548-6151                      Susan Welch                               (334) 872-9554                        (678) 245-3084
Fax (614) 548-5016                  Santee Cooper                             Fax(334) 875-1603
                                    P.O. Box 2946101 M/C MM06                                                       Valencia Young-Morris
Brenda Warren                       Moncks Corner, SC 29461                   Jeff Wilson                           U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
National Water Safety Congress                  BRP US Inc.                           384 Resource Management Dr.
3464 Woodville Dr.                  (843) 716-4068                            10101 Science Dr.                     Demopolis, AL 36732
Huntington, WV 25701                Fax (843) 761-4003                        Sturtevant, WI 53177                                                                                (334) 289-3540
(304) 522-8032                      Terry West                                (262) 884-5389                        (334) 289-3193
                                    Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources        Fax (262) 884-5403
Bunnie Watkins                      2070 US Highway 278 SE                                                          Jason Zehr
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers        Social Circle, GA 30025                   Norm Winchester                       Brookfield Power
10419 Perry Park Dr.                      U.S. Army Corps of Engineers          399 Big Bay Rd.
Perry, KS 66073                     (770) 918-6408                            17968 Covered Bridge Rd.              Queensburg, NY 12804     Fax (770) 918-6410                        Oakdale, CA 95361           
(785) 597-5144                                                            (518) 743-2007
Fax (785) 597-5739                                                            (209) 881-3515                        Fax (518) 745-4252
                                                                              Fax (209) 881-3203
                                                                                                                    Roy Zellmer
                                                                                                                    Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources
                                                                                                                    101 South Webster St.
                                                                                                                    Madison, WI 53707-7921
                                                                                                                    (608) 266-5386
                                                                                                                    Fax (608) 266-3696

                     n n n          eXhIBItor DIrectory                                          n n n

2011 International Boating                                       Brunswick Commercial &
& Water Safety Summit                       Larry McNamee, Kerry Moher,                  Government Products, Inc.
March 6 - 9 in Savannah, Georgia            Robert Dupel                                 Don Ellingsen, Jeremy Davis,
Virgil Chambers                             1568 Carling Ave., Suite 203                 Doug Natoce
P.O. Box 509                                Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1Z 7M4              420 Megan Ave.
Bristow, VA 20136                           613-722-8899; Fax 613-248-5026               Edgewater, FL 32132
703-361-4294; Fax: 703-361-5294                            850-539-9191                                    Engage your students on the internet         We built the first commercially-used Bos-
or              or in the classroom with BoaterExam’s        ton Whalers in the late 1950’s. Known
                                            suite of boater education products.          then as Boston Whaler Commercial and
American Canoe Association                  From online courses to student manuals,      Government Products, we continued
Jeremy Oyen                                 handbooks and exams – we’ve got you          to grow and to expand our market to
108 Hanover St.                             covered.                                     include agencies across the nation and
Fredericksburg, VA 22150                                                                 around the world. Now, as Brunswick
540-907-4460; Fax 888-229-3792              BoatU.S. Foundation                          Commercial and Government Products                    Ruth Wood                                    (BCGP), we have evolved into an even                       880 S. Pickett St.                           larger company as part of Brunswick
The American Canoe Association is a         Alexandria, VA 22304                         Corporation – the largest marine manu-
not-for-profit organization in service to   703-823-9550; Fax 703-461-2855               facturer in the world. BCGP builds tough
the paddling public. Providing educa-                    boats for tough jobs. Our boats, like our
tion on matters related to paddling,        The BoatU.S. Foundation is a nonprofit       customers, have earned their stripes in
supporting stewardship of the paddling      organization dedicated to promoting safe     countless rescues, combat missions, and
environment, and enabling programs and      and environmentally sensitive boating.       life-threatening circumstances.
events to support paddlesport recreation.   Our goal is to be the leader in boating
                                            safety and environmental education and       The Coleman Company
America’s Waterway Watch                    outreach.                                    Jeff Gayer
Mary Larsen                                                                              3600 N. Hydraulic
USCG, Commandant                            Boy Scouts of America/Sea                    Wichita, KS 67219
2100 2nd St SW Room 5302                    Scouts, BSA                                  316-832-2981; Fax: 316-219-2006
Washington, DC 20593                        Keith Christopher, Brian Gray      
202-372-1111; Fax: 202-372-1905             P.O. Box 152079                                   1325 W. Walnut Hill Ln.                      We have a longtime heritage in the
                                            Irving, TX 75015-2079                        business of keeping people safe, and a
Boat Ed                                     972-580-2447; Fax 972-580-7894               history of quality and innovation in creat-
Cindy Kalkomey, Kurt Kalkomey,                              ing products that are unsurpassed in the
Barbara Bullock, Susan Holcombe             An organization providing boating and        industry.
14086 Proton Rd.                            water safety training for boys 7 to 14;      Stearns – The Life Jacket Experts!
Dallas, TX 75244                            and young men and women 14 to 21.
214-351-0461; Fax 214-351-6429              Activities include anything in, on, or un-   Color-Ons                           der the water – boating canoeing, sailing,   C.Q. Tefft, Mike Deets                            boardsailing, swimming, kayaking, scuba      1701 S. Eisenhower Ave.                         diving, snorkeling, and fishing.             Mason City, IA 50401                                                                        641-424-1511; Fax: 641-423-7843
America ’s premier provider of boater       BRP US Inc.                        
education, delivering complete solutions    Jeff Wilson                        
for exceptional classroom, video, and       10101 Science Dr.                            A colorable, educational iron-on. Using
online courses. The most educational        Sturtevant, WI 53177                         ANY BRAND OF CRAYON, kids color
tools and the best value — custom-          262-884-5389; Fax 262-884-5403               and an adult irons onto a t-shirt with a
tailored for you.                                           hand iron. Get YOUR MESSAGE SEEN for
                                                               YEARS! Patented and Made in the USA!
                                            Manufacturer of Evinrude ETEC outboard
                                            engines and Sea Doo Personal Watercraft      Edgewater Powerboats LLC
                                            and Sportboats. Visit our booth to discuss   Gregg Inscore
                                            our direct government sales programs.        211 Dale St.
                                                                                         Edgewater, FL 32132
                                                                                         386-426-5457; Fax 386-426-1999

                      n n n           eXhIBItor DIrectory                                       n n n

Everglades Commercial &                     Florida Fish & Wildlife                      Metal Shark Aluminum Boats
Government Division                         Conservation Commission                      Dean Jones
544 Airpark Rd.                             Capt. Richard Moore,                         6816 E. Admiral Doyle Dr.
Edgewater, FL 32132                         Brian Rehwinkel                              Jeanerette, LA 70544                620 S. Meridian St., Room 235                561-909-9788; Fax: 337364-0337
Everglades, based in Edgewater, Fla.,       Tallahassee, FL 32399-1600         
is a leading manufacturer of premium        850-488-5600; Fax 850-488-9284               Manufacturer of high quality custom alu-
offshore and inshore boats ranging from                  minum boats for the U.S. Coast Guard,
21 to 35 feet. Founded in 1999 by Bob       Our mission: Managing fish and wildlife      Navy, Army, Army Corps of Engineers,
and Stephen Dougherty, the company is       resources for their long-term well-being     Law Enforcement, State, Local and Fire
famous for its patented RAMCAP con-         and the benefit of people.                   Rescue platforms.
struction process, which makes all Ever-
glades virtually unsinkable. Everglades     Forever Resorts                              Mustang Survival, Inc.
Commercial & Government Division            Kim Roundtree                                Steve Chambers, Brian Dalgliesh,
produces a full line of unsinkable, inno-   7501 E. McCormick Parkway                    Mike Grupa
vative and customizable vessels capable     Scottsdale, AZ 85258                         1215 Old Fairhaven Pkwy, Suite C
of multiple maritime applications. Over     480-998-9977; Fax: 480-998-9965              Bellingham, WA 98225
the past six years, Everglades has been     Forever Resorts is an industry leader in     360-676-1782; Fax: 360-676-5014
recognized with three coveted recre-        houseboat manufacturing and luxury 
ational marine industry awards.             houseboat vacation rentals.        
                                                                                         Mustang Survival is committed to pro-
Explorer’s Guide Maritime                   Global Water Recovery Systems                viding life support solutions for people
Training                                    Timothy Gonyeau, Kevin McDonough             exposed to hazardous environments. We
Gary Kulibert                               12330 Parkside Circle                        are the premier supplier of protective
110 South Stevens St.                       Washington, MI 48094                         garments for the most demanding users.
Rhinelander, WI 54501                       586-786-5532; Fax: 586-786-5532
800-487-6029                                Global Water Recovery Systems features       National Association of                   a patented product RIBS. This device         State Boating Law Administrators
On-line and on-water maritime training      makes it possible to retrieve someone        (NASBLA)
for recreational to professional boaters.   unconscious or conscious without put-        Tom Hayward
                                            ting one of your crew members into the       1500 Leestown Rd., Suite 330
Federal Energy Regulatory                   water.                                       Lexington, KY 40511
Commission (FERC)                                                                        859-225-9487; Fax 859-231-6403
Mark Carter, Heather Campbell               Maritech Industries                
888 First St., NE                           A Division of IPCD Associates      
Washington, DC 20426                        Keith Jackson                                The National Association of State Boating
202-502-8951; Fax 202-208-0819              6940 Danyeur Rd. #A                          Law Administrators is a National non-                                Redding, CA 96001                            profit that works to develop public policy
Hydroelectric projects are recognized       530-243-4709; Fax 530-243-4733               for safety and security on the Nation’s
throughout the country for the recre-                      waterways. NASBLA represents the
ational opportunities they present. The     Maritech Industries is proud to have         recreational boating authorities of all 50
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission        become the industry leader in boating        states and the U.S. territories.
works with the licensees to promote         safety technology. For information on
water and public safety at over 1,600       our product line, including the award        National Safe Boating
projects nationwide.                        winning Virtual Lifeline (wireless lanyard   Council, Inc. (NSBC)
                                            system), please visit our booth.             Virgil Chambers
FLIR Systems, Inc.                                                                       P.O. Box 509
Andrew Cox                                  Mercury Marine                               Bristow, VA 20136
27700 SW Parkway Ave.                       (Government Sales)                           703-361-4294; Fax 703-361-5294
Wilsonville, OR 97070                       Anthony Nahitchevansky                       The NSBC is the foremost coalition for
877-773-3547; Fax: 503-498-3153             W6250 Pioneer Rd., P.O. Box 1939             the advancement and promotion of safer                              Fond du Lac, WI 54936-1939                   boating through education, outreach                                920-924-2041 or 866-408-6372;                and training. The NSBC accomplishes
Maritime thermal night vision cameras       Fax 920-924-1488                             this mission by promoting outreach and
let boaters see clearly in total darkness                  research initiatives that support boating
and in other times of reduced visibility,                        education and safety awareness; improv-
                                            Mercury Marine leads the world in ma-        ing the professional development of
providing unparalleled levels of safety
                                                                                         boating safety educators through train-
during navigation and man overboard         rine propulsion products. Our full line
                                                                                         ing, and developing and recognizing
recovery operations.                        of advanced low emission two and four
                                                                                         outstanding boating safety programs.
                                            stroke outboards and MerCruiser stern-
                                                                                             To learn more about the NSBC and
                                            drive packages provide power for every
                                                                                         its programs, visit our Web site at www.
                                            marine application.                
                     n n n          eXhIBItor DIrectory                                          n n n

National Water Safety                        PPG Marine                                  United Safe Boating Institute (USBI)
Congress (NWSC)                              Jim Parroco, Wil Busby                      Norm Dyck, Gus Decock
Cecilia Duer                                 2612 Taylor Rd.                             6874 Ryall Crescent
P.O. Box 1632                                Chesapeake, VA 23321                        Delta, BC V4E 2H5 Canada
Mentor, OH 44061                             757-213-2065; Fax 757-420-4207              604-594-3335; Fax 604-594-3335
440-209-9805; Fax 440-209-9805                                   PPG Marine, a division of Parroco           The United Safe Boating Institute is an al-
The NWSC, established in 1951, remains       Production Group, Inc., is a full service   liance of non-profit organizations joined
committed to their leadership role in        media and training company utilizing        together to provide a public service
advancing the promotion of education         web-based systems for U.S. Coast Guard      through preparation and distribution of
and hands on training for the safety of      Boating Safety and Product Assurance        focused boating educational information,
our recreaional waters. The NWSC de-         Programs nationwide.                        funded by grants and/or public, private
velops, publishes and distributes boating                                                and corporate contributions.
and water safety education materials, to     Revere Survival Products
recreational and professional users, for     Scott Swanby                                United States Power
classroom and hands-on educational           5323 Highway Ave.                           Squadrons (USPS)
programs with a consistant message,          Jacksonville, FL 32254                      Thomas Kemp, Mary Catherine Berubie
providing public safety benefits, national   904-786-0033; Fax 904-786-0890              1504 Blue Ridge Rd.
in scope, designed to reduce or eliminate                        Raleigh, NC 27607
the number of water-related accidents,       Since 1936, Revere has manufactured         888-367-8777; Fax 888-304-0813
injuries and fatalities. The NWSC pro-       and imported the finest survival equip-
vides training and professional develop-     ment available on the market. Products      America’s leading non-profit provider of
ment seminars, encourages individual         include: life rafts, emergency locator      courses and seminars for public instruc-
states to establish and maintain effec-      beacons and inherently buoyant & inflat-    tion in the fundamentals of safe boating
tive water and boating safety programs,      able PFDs.                                  to qualify the student for state certifica-
acknowledges those who have made                                                         tion. Classroom, CD based, online.
outstanding contributions in their efforts   Robotronics, Inc.
to prevent accidents or loss of life, and    Floyd Tippetts, Phil Weeks                  Walsh Marine Products
establishes partnerships between federal,    1610 West 1600 South                        Ken Ullman
state and local agencies, organizations      Springville, UT 84663-3057                  2735 N. Calhoun Rd.
and individuals by developing a network                   Brookfield, WI 53005
of water safety professionals throughout     801-489-4466; Fax: 801-489-8241             262-797-9888; Fax 262-797-9910
the country. Learn more about us and our               
programs by stopping by our booth and                                          
meeting our Board and Staff.                 Safe Boats International                    Walsh Marine products is a manufacturer
                                             John Hotz                                   of navigational aids for inland water-
Piratecom, LLC                               8800 SW Barney White Rd.                    ways. Specializing in buoys and floats
Trevor Luce                                  Port Orchard, WA 98367                      our product line includes Coast Guard
5045 Pottsville Pike                         360-674-7161; Fax: 360-674-7149             approved regulatory buoys and barrier
Reading, PA 19605                                           floats ranging in sizes from 13” to 24”
484-220-0477; Fax: 610-916-1291                        x 45”. Our products are made from a                                                                     high-density polyethylene plastic provid-
                                                                                         ing a seamless product with vinyl graph-                            SmartKids Worldwide
Communication for marine safety.                                                         ics that will not fade for a minimum
                                             Paul Schwen
                                                                                         of 5 years. We also carry a full array
                                             P.O. Box 1005
Playsafe Productions                                                                     of hardware in hot dipped galvanized
                                             Provo, UT 84603
Stephanie Rankine                                                                        and stainless steel. With many custom
                                             972-781-9414; Fax: 972-782-4152
24 Robert St.                                                                            designs under our belt if you can’t find
Keswick, ON L4P 1K7                                                                      what you need chances are we can help
Canada                                                                                   you with your need.
905-989-0664; Fax: 905-535-1591
                                                                                         Watermark Navigation Systems
                                                                                         Mark Goodwin, Mark Novo
A communication company specializing
                                                                                         29 Gilford East Dr.
in innovative approaches for the promo-
                                                                                         Gilford, NH 03249
tion of boating and water safety. Ser-
                                                                                         603-524-6066; Fax: 603-524-8100
vices include concept development HD
video production, web design/creation,
PR/marketing and full execution.
                                                                                         Watermark Navigation System supplies
                                                                                         navigation aids such as bouys, regulatory
                                                                                         signage, daymarks & sealite solar lan-
                                                                                         terns to the marine marketplace.
                     natIonal SaFe BoatInG councIl
                     n n n BoarD oF DIrectorS n n n
Veronica Floyd - Chair                     Robin Freeman - Member at Large           Terry West – NASBLA President
Brunswick Corporation                      U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary                Department of Natural Resources
5906 Ashby Manor Pl.                       480 Front St.                             Wildlife Resources Division
Alexandria, VA 22310-2267                  Grover Beach CA 93433                     Law Enforcement Section
Phone: (703) 960-2223                      Phone: (805) 489-2063                     2070 U.S. Hwy. 278 SE
Office: (703) 960-2232                     Fax: (805) 481-8753 (fax)                 Social Circle, GA 30025
Fax: (703) 960-2696                        Email:            Phone: (770) 918-6408
E-mail:                                                   Fax: (770) 918-6410
                                           Carl Blackwell - Member at Large          Email:
Jim Richardson - Vice Chair                Chief Marketing Officer
Lower Colorado River Authority             VP, Marketing & Communications            Jeremy Oyen – American Canoe Assn.
P.O. Box 220                               National Marine Manufacturers Assn.       Director, Safety Education & Instruction/
Austin, TX 78767                           200 E. Randolph, Suite 5100               Recreation Outreach
Phone: (800) 776-5272                      Chicago, IL 60601                         108 Hanover St.
Fax: (512) 473-3501                        Phone: (312) 946-6277 (direct)            Fredericksburg, VA 22401
Email:             Fax: (312) 946-0388                       Phone: (540) 907-4460 ext. 105
                                           Email:                Fax: (888) 229-3792
Ruth Wood - Past Chair                                                               Email:
BoatU.S. Foundation                        John M. Malatak - U.S. Coast Guard
880 S. Pickett St.                         Chief, Program Operations                 John Johnson – NASBLA
Alexandria, VA 22304-0730                  Division of Boating Safety (CG-54222)     Executive Director
Phone: (703) 823-9550 ext. 3204            2100 Second St. SW (Stop 7581)            1500 Leestown Rd., Suite 330
Fax: (703) 461-2855                        Washington, DC 20593-7581                 Lexington, KY 40511 – 2047
E-mail:                   Phone: (202) 372-1070                     Phone: (859) 225-9487
                                           Fax: (202) 372-1933                       Fax: (859) 231-6402
Lynda Nutt – Treasurer                     Work Cell: (202) 297-8123                 Email:
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers               Email:
Manager, National Operations Center for                                              Virgil Chambers – Executive Director
Water Safety                               Arlyn Hendricks – National Water Safety   Email: NSBCdirect@safeboatingcouncil.
1412 N. Williams St.                       Congress                                  org
Hanford, CA 93239                          USACE Kaw Lake Office
Phone: (559) 584-1058                      9400 Lake Rd.                             Fred Messmann – Deputy Director
Work Cell: (208) 699-5944                  Ponca City, OK 74604                      Email:
Email:         Phone: (508) 762-5611
                                           Fax: (580) 762-9250                       Sheila Chappell – Office Manager
Joyce Shaw - Secretary                     Email:     Email:
United States Power Squadron
252 Timberlake Dr.                         Bob Minielly - Canadian Safe Boating      Rachel Burkholder – Outreach Manager
Florence, SC 29501                         Council                                   Email:
Phone: (843) 393-2540                      2021 Millwood Rd., RR#2
Fax: (843) 393-2540                        Orillia, Ontario L3V 6H2 Canada           Sandy Smith – Financial Officer
E-mail:                 Phone: (705) 329-0650                     Email:
                                           Cell: (705) 826-2021
Maureen Healey - Member at Large           Email:                 P.O. Box 509
Personal Watercraft Industry Association                                             Bristow, VA 20136
444 N. Capitol St., NW Suite 645           Bill Gossard - National Transportation    Phone: (703) 361-4294
Washington, DC 20001                       Safety Board                              Fax: (703) 361-5294
Phone: (202) 737-9778                      (SR-30) 490 L’Enfant Plaza East SW
Fax: (202) 628-4716                        Washington, DC 20594-0001
E-mail:                   Phone: (202) 314-6182
                                           Fax: (202) 314-6178

                     natIonal Water SaFety conGreSS
                     n n n BoarD oF DIrectorS n n n
Gary Owen - President                     John Punkiewicz - Region 2 Vice          Barbara Byers - Director at Large
and Education Chairman                    President                                LifeSaving Society
Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources           Corps of Engineers, Rock Island Distr.   400 Consumers Rd.
3011 Center Lake Dr.                      Attn.: CEMVR-OD-T                        Toronto, ON M2J 1P8 Canada
Spirit Lake, IA 51360                     Clock Tower Bldg., P.O. 2004             Phone: 416-490-8766
Phone: 712-260-1018                       Rock Island, IL 61204-2004               E-mail:
Fax: 712-336-0921                         Phone: 309-794-5484
E-mail:                  Fax: 309-794-5180                        Joe Confrancesco - Director at Large
                                          E-mail:    Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Paul Kennedy - Executive Vice President   mil                                      888 First St., NE
Missouri State Water Patrol                                                        Washington, DC 20426
2401 E. McCarty St.                       Alan Bland - Region 4 Vice President     Phone: 202-502-8951
Jefferson City, MO 65102-1368             U.S. Army Corps of Engineers             Fax: 202-208-0819
Phone: 573-751-3333                       Beaver Lake Project Office               E-mail:
Fax: 573-522-1287                         2260 N 2nd St.
E-mail:        Rogers, AR 72756                         Madeline Morgan - Director at Large
                                          Phone: 479-636-1210 ext 313              U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Brenda A. Warren - Executive Secretary    Fax: 501-324-5472                        5762 Rockhill Rd.
3464 Woodville Dr.                        E-mail:        Fort Worth, TX 76112
Huntington, WV 25701                                                               Phone: 817-886-1316
E-mail:                   Ed Huntsman - Region 5 Vice President    Fax: 817-886-6453
                                          Arizona Game and Fish                    E-mail: madeline.morgan@swfo2.usace.
Ernie Lentz - Treasurer, Region 3 Vice    2221 Greenway Rd.              
President and Awards Chairman             Phoenix, AZ 85023
Arkabutla Lake Corps of Engineers         Phone: 602-789-3381                      Bob Ogoreuc - Director at Large
Arkabutla Lake Field Office               Fax: 602-789-3903                        Assistant Professor
3905 Arkabutla Dam Rd.                    E-mail:              Slippery Rock University
Coldwater, MS 38618                                                                Morrow Field House
Phone: 662-562-6261                       Joseph McCullough - Region 6 Vice        Slippery Rock, PA 16057
Fax: 662-562-8972                         President                                Phone: 724-738-2816
E-mail: ernest.e.lentz@mvk02.usace.       Alaska Boating Safety Program            Fax: 724-738-4791                                  550 West 7th Ave., Suite 1380            E-mail:
                                          Anchorage, AK 99501
Arlyn Hendricks - Immediate Past          Phone: 907-269-8704                      Bobby Pharr - Director at Large
President                                 Fax: 907-269-8907                        Entergy - Hydro Operations
Kaw Lake Office                           E-mail: joseph_mccullough@dnr.state.     141 West County Line Rd.
9400 Lake Rd.                                                       Malvern, AR 72104
Ponca City, OK 74604                                                               Phone: 501-844-2121
Phone: 580-762-5611 ext. 21               John Annino - Director at Large          Fax: 501-844-2172
Fax: 580-762-9250                         EP Safety Representative                 E-mail:
E-mail:    State of Connecticut
                                          DEP - Boating Division                   Bruce Rowe - Director at Large
Brian Davidson - Region 1 Vice            333 Ferry Rd., P.O. Box 280              Director of Marine Services
President                                 Old Lyme, CT 06371-0280                  Forever Resorts
Lake Metroparks                           Phone: 860-434-8638                      7501 E. McCormick Parkway
8668 Kirtland Chardon Rd.                 Fax: 860-434-3501                        Scottsdale, AZ 85258
Kirtland, OH 44077                                                                 Phone: 480-998-9977
Phone: 440-256-2110                       Mark Brown - Director at Large           Fax: 480-998-9965
Fax: 440-256-3827                         Oklahoma Highway Patrol                  E-mail:
                                          7000 East Second St.
                                          Edmond, OK 73034
                                          Phone: 405-341-8927

                     natIonal Water SaFety conGreSS
                     n n n BoarD oF DIrectorS n n n
John Schreiner - Director at Large          Directors Emeritus –                        John Johnson and Ron Sarver - Liaisons
New Jersey State Police                     Carl Bishop                                 NASBLA
Atlantic City Station                       Al Payne                                    1500 Leestown Rd., Suite 330
1200 N. Rhode Island Ave.                   Jim McGuffy                                 Lexington, KY 40511-2047
Atlantic City, NJ 08401                     Brad Keshlear                               Phone: 859-225-9487
Phone: 609-449-1472                         Cliff Hays                                  Fax: 859-231-6402
Fax: 609-449-0908                           Carl Garner                                 E-mail:
Email:                  Bill Ladd
                                                                                        John Malatak - U.S. Coast Guard Liaison
Michael Ulrich - Director at Large          Cecilia Duer - Executive Director           Chief, Program Operations
Mentor Fire Dept.                           Spirit of America Foundation                Office of Boating Safety
10121 Hobby Horse Ln.                       7455 Tyler Boulevard                        2100 Second St. SW
Concord, OH 44060                           Mentor, OH 44060                            Washington, DC 20593-0001
Phone: 440-336-5418                         Phone: 440-209-9805                         Phone: 202-372-1070
E-mail:            E-mail:    Fax: 202-372-1933
Brian Westfall - Director at Large          Virgil Chambers - Liaison
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers                National Safe Boating Council               Ted Rankine - Canadian Partner
729 Channel Rd.                             P.O. Box 509                                Play Safe Productions
Arkadelphia, AR 71923                       Bristow, VA 20136                           24 Robert St.
Phone: 870-246-5501                         Phone: 703-361-4294                         Keswick, ON L4P 1K7 Canada
Fax: 870-246-9540                                                                       E-mail:
                                            Bill Gossard - NTSB Representative
                                            National Transportation Safety Board
Cecilia Duer - Executive Director
                                            (SR-30) 490 L’Enfant Plaza East SW
NWSC Corporate Office
                                            Washington, DC 20594-0001
P.O. Box 1632
                                            Phone: 202-314-6182
Mentor, OH 44061
                                            Fax: 202-314-6178
Phone: 440-209-9805
Fax: 440-209-9805
                                            NTSB (SR-20)
                                            Washington, DC 20594
Louise Smith - Chief Financial Officer      E-mail:

Donna Angus - NWSC Journal Editor

                                              The Summit Singers
                                              strike again with
                                              ”Proud To Be
                                              A Mariner.“

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Implementing Boating and
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