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					                               Girls Night IN!
                                   Event Agenda

6:30 Hostesses & Guests arrive
        · Dinner
        · Hostesses: Match foundations & eye make-up remover
7:00 Clean up & transition into family room
        · Customer profiles
7:10 Start program
        · Welcome & Explanation of agenda, present hostesses with gifts & extra tickets
        · Split hostesses & guests
                Guests: remain in family room
                       o Explain ticket game
                       o Trunk show style: Miracle set facial on hands
                       o Satin hands & lips
                Hostesses: in master bath
                       o Miracle set
                       o MDA
                       o Foundation (Their choice: MC or MPF)
                       o Facial Highlighting pens
                       o Concealer
                       o Customized looks
7:40 Introduce Hostesses with new Glam Look!
        · LeAnn romance their treatment
        · Present hostesses with $75 gift certificate
        · Get pic of hostesses all together!!
7:45 Group trunk show
        · Pass out Build-A-Bag Sheets
        · Group Close
8 PM Private Consultations, Color Time & Dessert
        · Do a BIG promo for Sales & Bookings: announce giving away tickets, etc.
        · Color Demos, mirrors, holiday items
8:30 Know Your Options
        · Marketing
        · Feedback forms
9 PM Personal Stylist Tips
9:20 Last chance for tickets into the drawing…featured hostesses?!?
        · Grand Prize Drawing – 1 hour private consultation with stylist!
9:30 Goodnight!!

Menu & Grocery List
· Dinner: Lasagna

                                                                 Created by NSD Allison LaMarr
o   2 varied frozen lasagnas
o   Bag lettuce: romaine & iceberg
o   Garlic bread
o   Reduced fat ranch dressing
o   Oil & Vinegar
·   Drinks: Iced Tea & Water
       o Tea in pitchers, water in filter spout
       o Sugar, Splenda, Lemon slices
·   Desserts:
       o Pumpkin roll cupcakes with a pecan on top
       o Mixed nuts & candy??
       o Coffee, Creamer, Sugar, Splenda
·   Paper goods:
       o Dessert napkins
·   Serving ware:
       o Placemats & dinner napkins
       o Bowls for entree & sides
       o Coffee mugs
       o Dessert serving platters
       o Glass pitcher to serve iced tea

· Dining room table = 8 people
· Kitchen table = 8
· Bar = 4

Registration Logistics
· As guests arrive, welcome them, help them find their seat, and bring them to kitchen.
· Give them a nametag & send through buffet line for food & drinks.
· As they finish eating, or by 7 PM at the latest, we need to help clear plates & corral
  everyone into the family room to find a seat & fill out profile cards.

Facilitators’ Roles, Responsibilities, & Rotations
 Facilitator Dinner Transition           Split   Consults                         Marketing          Stylist
                                Presentation                                                           Scan
               Door duty/
                                    prep          Guest trunk        Serve                           feedback
    Allison     seats &
                                                    show          dessert/PCs
                                                                                                    forms; fill
                                Corral guests                    Facilitate color Help eliminate
    LeAnn     Prep hostesses                      Hostess glam
                                                                      / PCs
                                                                                                    Join audience
                                                                                 distractions & set
                                Clear plates to                                  example of being
                                dumbwaiter &                         Private     actively engaged
     Cari      Kitchen help
                               put dinner food
                                                                    Consults       in marketing     Fill orders
                                   in fridge                                       presentation!

Guest Trunk Show Supplies
· Demo bag with 1 of each item on Build-A-Bag Sheet
· Even complexion essence demo
· Serum +C demo
· Velocity demo
· Picture flyers of MDA, velocity, cellushape, serum +C
· Roll of tickets & bowl for tickets

                                                                                   Created by NSD Allison LaMarr
·   Color demos (on fireplace to promote color-play during PCs)
·   Gift certificates for hostesses

Featured Hostess Facial Supplies
· Miracle set – both formulas??
· Facial Highlighting pens
· Concealers
· Foundations: both MPF & MC
· MPF demo brush
· Demo brush set
· Cleansing cloths
· Hand towels for drying face, etc.
· Sponge applicators for MC foundation?

Featured Hostess Gift Bags
· Customized look samples
· Create-A-Look instructions
· Applicators
· Tissue paper
· Labeled with a post-it note waiting in the utility room

7:10 Opening Remarks
· Welcome! Did you enjoy your dinner? Tonight is going to be a fun, fun night!
· Introduce facilitators: LeAnn & Cari
· Introduce featured hostesses: Elicia & Melissa
· Hostesses: introduce your guests & tell us how you know them
Ok, let me tell you what you can expect from the rest of our night. You are about to be treated
to an overall, head to toe, image overhaul! While our hostesses are receiving their customized
glamour look, their guests are going to stay in here with me for some treatments of their own.
Then LeAnn is going to bring our hostesses back in so we can see their new looks! Once we’re
all back together, I’m going to share some fun anti-aging tips with you and give you a quick
peek at some amazing products. Then it will be time for dessert – and there will be several
fun things going on while we serve dessert, so I’ll share more about that in a minute. Then to
wrap up your total image overhaul, I’m going to share how you can totally overhaul the next
30 years of your life and then our grand finale is going to be a presentation from an image
stylist on how to overhaul your own wardrobe!
· Grand prize drawings: 4 giveaways tonight!!
         2 MK gift sets, Free cut & style at the Saks Salon, 1 hour private image consult
· You want to earn tickets all through the night!!!
· 1st ticket give-aways: 2 tickets if here by 6:35 tonight…raise your hand!
· Hostess send-off:
         Gift bags
         Boas
         5 tickets

7:45 Group Trunk Show
· 1 ticket into grand prize drawing for every $10 spent (tax doesn’t count)
· 5 tickets into grand prize drawing for coming back as a featured hostess

                                                                      Created by NSD Allison LaMarr
·   Upcoming GNI dates: Dec 4

Featured Hostess Incentives: Available when YOU bring 3 or more guests*!!
· 5 entries into grand prize drawing for having 3+ guests
· 10 entries into grand prize drawing for having 5+ guests
· Microdermabrasion treatment
· Customized Glamour Look
· $75 MK product gift certificate
*To be eligible, guests must be over 18 w/o current MK consultant

8 PM Private Consultations – 30 Minutes
· Follow guest survey form for sales & booking featured hostesses
· Postcards with hostess plan & upcoming dates

8:30 Marketing Presentation – 20 Minutes
· Allison’s story
· Ticket game
· Feedback forms
· Drawing

9 PM During Stylist Presentation – 20 Minutes
· Help fill product orders in utility room

                                                                    Created by NSD Allison LaMarr

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