A glitter by liaoqinmei


									The following list is a list I use for several ABC type projects including:

    ABC Discovery Bottles: I purchased the discovery bottles from Steve Spangler. I took 26 of them and filled
     them with one item for each letter of the alphabet. My students sort the bottles into ABC order. Some write the
     contents down on an ABC list.

    Textured Name Plates: I wrote each of my student’s name on tag board. I had an
     assortment of A-Z items they could choose from. I stored the items in Steralite (sp?)
     pull out drawers for easy access. This project coincided with the Textured ABC Chart.

    Textured ABC Chart: I printed off labels with the letters of the alphabet on them.
     Some of my kids chose to write the letters themselves
     (differentiation!). They had to write/label the letters in the
     correct order on the tag board I provide. They could then
     choose from the A-Z drawers an item for each letter of the
     alphabet. The drawers contained an assortment of things for
     each letter of the alphabet. Only one item per letter was

    A     Ants, almonds, anteaters, apples
    B     Beans, band-aids, beads, buttons, bells
    C     Coins, cotton balls
    D     Dice, dolphins, dirt
    E     Erasers , elephants, earth stickers, egg stickers
    F     Feathers, flowers, fur
    G     Glitter glue, giraffe, grape stickers, glitter
    H     Hearts, hair, hippopotamus
    I     Ice skates, invitations, Indian corn, igloo
    J     Jelly beans, jacks, jewels
    K     Keys, kangaroos, kidney beans, kazoos
    L     Leaves, letters
    M     Money, marshmallows, macaroni
    N     Newspaper, names (classmates - - on stickers)
    O     Oatmeal, orange stickers
    P     Pom-poms, puzzle pieces, pipe cleaners, price tags, paper clips
    Q     Q-tips, quarters
    R     Rice, rubber bands, ribbon, rocks
    S     Smile face stickers, squares, straws, sand
    T     Thumb prints, toothpicks, triangles, tape
    U     Umbrellas
    V     Velcro, Valentine’s day cards
    W     Wiggle eyes, wood, wall paper, water
    X     x-rays
    Y     Yarn
    Z     Zeros, zebras, zippers

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