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Mercedes-Benz CL-Class


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                      CAR BROCHURE

                  Mercedes-Benz CL-Class


                I NTRODUCTION              EQU I PMENT
                   The new CL-Class   03      Standard eq uipment - CL SOO      22
                                              Standard equipment - CL 600       24
                DYNAJI, lISM                  Standard and optional equipment   26
                   VB engine          08      Light-alloy wheels                28
                   V I2 engine        10
                   Suspension         12   Ai\IG bodyst yling                   30

                COMFORT                    designo                              32
                   Cockpit            14
                   Sea t comfort      16   COLOURS AND MATERIALS
                                              Pa int Fini shes                  34
                SAFETY                        Lea th er                         36
                   PRO-SA FpM         IS      Wood                              37

                                           TECHN ICAL
                                              Technical data                    38
                                              Dimensions                        39
                                                                                   THE CL-CLASS I 03

Good, better, best: that's as far as it goes,
according to the grammar books. We beg to differ
The new CL-C lass. A masterpiece from Mercedes-Benz

The coupes with the th ree-poi nted star have always had a particularly
attrac ti ve and compelling character. They embody our traditional refusal
[0 coml)romise and our passionate belief that the best can be made even
betler. Proof that thi s is possible is provided by t he new CL-Class. I[s lines
are everyt hing you would expect from a Mercedes-Benz: breathtakingl y
elegant, yet exceptionally dynami c. In fac t, even th ose who are used to [he
best will be astonished by ils adva nced technology and high level of comfort.
Bu [ then, improving on the best has always been part of the Mercedes-Benz
philosophy. Thinking ahead.
-. .
                                                                 In   N I\\IIS~1   107

You'll be carried away.
Even when it's standing still
The design of the Coupe: the sha l:te of thrills to come

The form of a COll i>!! is usuall) dominated b} the frOnl and reM Ililhlr!> linked
b~ [he 1)OIIerfui arch of the roof. [n the case of the nell CL-C[ass, [hi<, h
Just one of man) exciting design characteristics_ I ndeed, its enlire formal
locilbular) is (In irresistibl) eloquent im italion to take the II heel. Elen
,I[ first glance, the CL ~ccms [0 hug the road, read~ to deli ler an exceptional

dril ing cllJericnce.
    The impressil e radi<ltor gril[e and the high-weh liJ;hts gile t he- front
section i [S ullmiswk<lb[e identity while the museu lor contours of t he II in);~
dominate the side lieII'. A distinctive riSing feature line sweeps ucross
th e nonks of the \ chicle and merges with the characteristic roof line before
con tinuing on 10 the rear lights \Ihich II rap round into Ihe elegant, yet
l>owcrfuJ rear.
    St} ling as dynamic as Ih is inevitably raises cxpectations nl>Otll perform-
om;e. A look under the long bonnet confirm s Ihe presence of a po\\crplant
I\hlch Is eminentl y I\orth) of a coupe like Ihe CL
08 I OYNA,\I1S;\t I V8 engine

Powerful and discreet. Who says you can't have the best of both worlds?
The   Va with 7G-TRON IC automati c transmiss ion: more dri ving pleasure, more comfort and 25 % more power

Dri ven with moderation, the CL500 is character-           The 7G-TRONIC automatic tran smission (avai l-
ised by an understated engi ne nOle which docs             able for the CL500 only) also contributes to the
nOthing to betray il s remarkable I>ower reserves.         optimised performan ce delivered by the VB
It seems scarcely I>ossibie that a 285 kW (388 hI»)        engine. This seve n-speed au toma tic transmission
engine with a ma xi mum torqu e of 530 Nm                  makes for smaller shifts in engine speed which
and the abilit y 10 accelerate the CL500 from              t ran slate In to fa ster gea r changes. These, in tu r n,
o  to 100 kmj h in 5.5 seconds is at work here.            result in a (;Ombination of I)articularly resl>onsive
    Compared wi th the predecessor model, I>ower           performance and powerfu l acceleration which
has been increased by 25 percent whi le emissions          del i\'ers nOI only increased dr iving pleasure, but
have been reduced. The key to thi s win -win situ-         grea ter comfort, 100, thanks to the fact that the
ation is to be fou nd in the opt imi sed airsuppl y:       gear changes are almost imperceptible. The seven
our engineers have used sensors 10 bring aooul             ratios also red uce t he average engine speed,
a significant improvemen t in ai rfl ow in the intake      thereby cutting both fuel consumption and noise
and ex haust ducts.                                        emissions.

                                                                  l're.'IOlls CL 500               r.'ew CL 500



                                               CL 500
                                Comp~redWlth the prede-

                                                           -- - - - ,- - - -              ••
                                cessor model, maxImum      ~

                            torque ~rW output hiM! been
                                increased by 70 Nm and
                                                           -1_- -- -1_----
                               60kW (82 hpl respectively   ~

                                                              ....           - -~...,                      - -"...,
                                                   DYNAM ISM I VI2 engine I 11

4.6 seconds. Need we say more?
The V 12 birurbo engine: effortless acceleration

Behind the breal hlaklng accelcration of thc CL600 lies its highly advanced
cngine technology. Our top powerplan t, the V 12 bilUrbo, is now even more
athlelic. l ls output and tor(lue have been incrcased from 36BkW (500 hpj
and BOONm 10 3BOkW (5 1 hpj and B30Nm respectively.
    Then there's its outstanding responsiveness: the V12 biturbo de\ elops
its maximum tonlue at just IBOOrpm and maintains it all the Ilay through to
3500 film , The two exhaust turbochargers and the intercooling system are
the key faclOrs which cnable the Cl 600 to deliver such superb performance.
In order to save weight, the cylinder heads are made from pressure-diecasl
magnesium. Airflo\\ is improved by the usc of three v31\cs per cyli nder,
with dual ignition ensuri ng optimum combustion.

                                    Pmious Cl600

                                                               \e>o' Cl600


                                                        ••                    ~
  The enhanced VI2 biMbo      ,.                        ,.                    ~

 engine"s output and torque
 are up by 12kW Bnd 30Nm
               respectM:!1y   ~
                                   - - - - - --- -
                              - '_PIo<.
                                             --    ~

                                           - 0..-"'"
                                                        -    _ _J
                                                                      - 0..-,,,.
12 I [)YNAM ISM I Susl>cnslon

What dynami sm has to do with comfort. And vice-versa
AClive Body Control (ABC) suspension system for optimum roadholding

Fast reactions are also one of the great strengths of the standard-fit Acti ve
Body Control (ABCl system which adjusts dynamically to the condition
of the road and thu s ensures first -class roadholding. This not on ly results
in outsHlnding handling dynamics with opt imum ride comfort, but also
offers an even g reater degree of sa fet y.
    The system uses a combi nation of high-pressure hydraul ics, sophisticated
sensors and powerful microprocessors. Pi tching and rolling movements of
the body arc reduced significa ntly in all drivi ng situations, most noti ceabl y
when cornerin g. For a particularly dynamic driving experience, t he speed-
sensitive ride-height con l rol lowers th e body of t he Coupe by 20 mm <11
speeds above 60 k m/ h, The re sulti ng redu ction in drag also helps 10 cut
fuel con sumption,

                                                        Acti ve Body Control
                                                        The ride height can also be
                                                        adjusted manually via the
                                                        COMAND imerface when
                                                        negotiating a particularly poor
                                                        road surface or when required
                                                        by the vehicle's load status
The suspension
TI'Ie ABC SUSpensiOfl struts
With hydraulically co~trolled
plunger pistons deliver
e~cellenl ride comfort
                                                                                                              CO"FOllT I Cockpit I 15

                            The CL-Class: made to fit you perfectly
                            Fine mater ials, an elegantl y shaped centre console and COJ\I AND

                            Like a first -class bespoke suit, t he CL surrounds    The intcl·ior"s ergonomiCS are liS important to us
                            you with the hest malCr ials, coordinated to per-      as its bC<luty. Clearly laid out controls make man}
                            fection. You can choose from five interior colour      tasks easier and dri\,ing safe!". It \\as with this
                            combinations. Complementing them, the fine             in mind that lIe further iml)rol-cd the COMA~ D
                            leather and chrome elements \\ ith their exclush C',   control and displa} system. Its displa}. a high-
                            hand-craftcd look and feel bear the unmistakable       resolution 8-inch TFT colour screen, is now
                            signature of our designers.                            situated next to the instrum!'nt cluster in order
                                Fine \\ood - a\ailable in a choice of four         to bring it c\eo further into )our field of I isiol1.
                            different larieties - is also I)Ut to impresshc use        CO;\I ,\ND is Ol)ermed b) means of the
                            inside t he CL-Class. lt can be found on the door      COMA NO controller - a rotary con tl"ol situated
                            and rea r side pnllels as wcll ason the illno\'nlilo   on the front edge of tlte armrf'st. This allows you
                            centre console, an object lesson in harmonious         10 access the COMAND menus in which }OU
                            and coherent design which underl ines t he spa-        can quickl) and easil y adjust sellings of\arious
                            cious charncter of the interior.                       systems, such as the aulOmatic clima te control,
                                                                                   the mul ticQl1tour seats (optional for the CL 500)
                                                                                   or the ambient lighting (optional for the CL 500).
                                                                                   The COMA ~O function hUllons immediatel)
                                                                                   in front of the COMA \D controller provide short-
                                                                                   cuts fo r direct control of the audio systems,
 COMA ND con troller
The ergooomic cO!1troiler                                                          the telephone and the seat settings.
and the functiO!1 buttons
 maxe the new COMANO
      system even easier
               to operate
16 I CO.\ll'ORT I Seat comfort

Coupes are usually designed for individualists.
Ours has space fo r four of them
First ~class   seating comfort and a perfect travelling climale for four occupants

Freedom of movement (something which is                     sea ts (optional for the C1.500) will el'en massage
lacking in so many coupes) is one of the defining           their backs (ti ny air chambers create an undulat-
remures of the new CL - no\\herc more so than               ing motion II hich stimulates the back muscles).
in the rear scats. Here, the passengers can enjoy           The dynamic multiconlOur seats (standard in the
headroom and legroom aplenty as they relax                  CL600) are also equiPI)ed with air chambers
in particularly comfortable indh idual scats. And           in the slde bolsters and the cushion. These inflate
they will also ap!)reciatc the EAS\ -ENTRY system           to provide optimum support during dynamic
\1 hich simplifies access to their sea ts. An even          corn eri ng. I[lghl) adl'anced sensor technology
 wider range of creature comforts is available for          is also to be fou nd in the standard automatic;
tho dr iver and front passenger, who can choose             climate-control system. As well as offer ing sepa-
bel\\een three extremely comforwlJle sea t vari-            rately programmable settings for the driver
ants: the luxury seats deliver a 1)1C<lsant cooling         and front pas~enger. it allows Ihe front [oo\\\e11
or heating effect, as required. The multicontour             temperatu re 10 be sct independentl), too.

                                                              . . '.' ,                    Iland -crofted leather

                                          :.. : : : : : : : : :.~: :.'.:-~:'~'~~,,'."-"~
                                                                                           Hide ,me:! chic: tugh·quahty
                                                                                           PASSION teather w,th fine
-   -
                                                                                     SAFEn I PRO-SMP" I J9

A theory whi ch can save lives in practice
PRO-SA FETM : ac:.:cicien J resea rch and hig hl y se nsit ive proJ ive systems
for comprehensive sa fety

If t here is one area t hat dr i ... es us to e\er greater   If there is a high probabi l il Y of an accident
achicvements more t han any other, it is your                occurring, PRE-SAFE prepares the occupants
safet y. We Ilioneered comprehensive passenger               and t he \ehicle for it. The PASSIVE-SAFE
prolcction back in t he fifties when we de\elol)ed           systems can provide the passengers \\ith appro-
the passenger safety cell. Today, this is just one           pr iate protect ion duri ng the colli!\ion. OcCullant
of ma ny clements which make up PRO-SAFErM -                 protect ion after an accident is increased by t he
OU f philosophy which br ings us closer to our               measures which fo r m t he POST-SAFE group.
vision of acciden l- free driving.                           Additional information abou t the Mercedes-Benz
     PRO-SAFP'''' consis ts of fou r grou ps of safety       safety philoSOI)hy is available on Ihe Internet at:
feat ures: PEHFOH M-SA FE com pr ises al l t he              www.mercedes-henz.comjairbag-brochure.
components which are able to support safc
driving and iden t ify critical driving situations
in time to give a warni ng and provide appro-
pr ia te ass ista nce.

AMercedes is provided with optimum protection froma whole range of hazards.
We're committed to making sure that you are, too
Night view assist, DISTRONIC PLUS incl uding BAS PLUS and PRE· SA FEct
bra ki ng deli ver a panicularly sa fe dr iving ex perience

It is wel l known that our vehicles are I)rovided    main-beam mode, al lows you to reac t to hazard-                  PLUS Brake Assist system. If t he d river brakes,
with ever better protection from numerous haz-       ous driving situations at an early stage.                         BAS PLUS evaluates the radar signals and,
ard s. But we also want to make sure that you are        When you're stuck in a tailback, in stop -and-                depending on t he distance to t he vehicle in front,
able to cope well with hazardous driving situa-      go traffie or dri ving on a motorway, DlSTRONIC                   assists the dri ver with additional braking force,
tions. II was with this in mind thai we developed    PLUS can now keep your distance automatically.                    if necessary.
night vIew assist. This system makes it easier       With its iml)roved sensor system, DlSTRONIC                           The CL-Class is t he fi rs t vehicle to feature
for you to recognise obstacles, even when you are    PLUS is able to monitor Ihe distance to the vehicle               PRE-SAFE" braki ng, anot her ex tension to
being dazzled by oncoming n ame. This optional       ahead in a speed ran ge of 0 to 200 kmj h and ca n                DlSTRON IC PLUS. [ft here is a risk of a col lision,
system works with infrared head lamps whi ch illu-   brake Ihe vehicle - 10 a standslill, if necessary -               t he d river is given aud ible and visual warnings
mi nate the road ahead with infrared light which     if there is a redu ction in the distance. The maxi-               and PRE-SAFE" brakin g is activa ted. Wi t h
is invisible to the human eye. The image is picked   mum deceleration Ihe system can apply is 4 m;sl.                  a maxi mum decelera tion of 4 mjsl, PRE-SA FE-
up by an infrared camera and is shown as a grey-     In order to move off agai n, the dri ver need on ly               braking can redu ce the impact speed - and thu s
sca le I)ictu re on the multifunction display.       [lull on the crui se-control lever or blip the accel-             the severit y of the accident - to a considerable
Thi s picture, which resembles the view t hrough     erator. Available as an option, DlSTRONIC PLUS                    extent.
the wI ndscreen when the headlaml)S are on in        forms the basis of the - fo rward - looking~ BAS

                                                                                 DISTRONIC PlUS, BAS PlUS
                                                                                 and PRE-SAFE- braking
                                                                                 use radar   st'flSOfS   for optimum
                                                                                 moMoring of the area
                                                                                 immedi~tety adja<:enllo
                                                                                 the vehicle. 100
                                                                                                                                   F(lUJl"II" r I !-jt;IIH1,mll'lluipnwnt - CL50() I 23

Surrou nd yourself with luxurious leather, chrome and fin e wood
The standard equi lilnen t of the CL500

The CL500 Ilcll and truly spoils you - hefore                       Inside. }ou will find fine Iloud trim elements,              And }ou')j find it's "lIlhe more enjo),able tlwnk s
you ('\l'n get in: the metallic paint is included                   avail<Jhle in three different grain pmtel'lls, and           ({J the Inlelligellt Light S}stem , Ilhi ch adnpts

in thl' standurd spedfication. as is the doorhold                   sol'! leather in fin: st) lish colour combinations;          to the 1ightle\el~ on the road, a<; Ilell il!'> the
function. The EASY- ENTRY system facilita tes                       cognac lWOII n/ulack is reserved e\clush'eI)                 7(; ~ mONIC ~c\cn - ~peed !:Iulornatic tran~rnission.
access for Ihe rear passengcrs: the driver's semI                   for the CL-CI<lSs_ I! goes II ithollt sa) ing th'lt the                        \
                                                                                                                                     Tht' nC\1 CO, I \ND (;ontrollind (liSI)I1.I) s),stcm
f!'Ont passengl'r scat simpl} slides ronlard                        fronl seats are equipIH'd as standard I\ith lumhar           nlsu makes things much ('asier for you, It hrings
II hen th(' handle is pulled and then returns to                    suppart~ and heating. So <111 IOU h<l\(' 10 do               Iogc'therlill t he ke) fun (' li()n .~ in a particularl)
its origirwl posi l ion.                                            is ~ellie inlO lour (;QmforHlhle SCllll.lnd {'nja}           us('r-rriendl} tlisplil} right ne'>;tlO thc instrument
                                                                    the drive.                                                   cluster.

Wood 'Hld leal her nppointmems                                                                   E\tcrior design cues
A classic comb ination Wlt~ painstaking attention to detail: black lealtler appOintments         17-lOch 7-spoke light-alloy wheels conlnbut€!O the dynamiC presence of the CL 500
With dark burr wal nut woo d trim
                                                                                                                                   EOUII'M ENT I Stllll(\ard equipment - CL600 I 25

Why should haute couture be restricted to the catwalk?
The slandard equipment of the CL600

The extremel> high design \'a luc.~ emborlied b)                    on the door ce ntru panels, on the ,\Icantara rOof           your back, Anothnr fen tum which Ilwkes for
exterior fClIlUres such as th e 18-inch Vl2 -design                 lining and on th e $(',11 5 which also have distin c-        a relax i ng dril'C is th e standard -fit COil·IAND AI'S
IIghH11l0} II heels, the chromed strip on the nir                   ti ve VI2 badges. Exclusive 10 the C1.600, hand-             hard-disc-based nnl'igalioll sys tem. To complete
intake under th e bumper and the chromcu fog                        picked poplar is lIscd fo r paris of the extensive           th c cxperience, )ou can enjo) )OUI" fUlourite
taml)S are also very much in cl idellcc in side the                 llood trim , such as the llood/icather steering              music II ith thc harman/ kardon LOGIC 7' sur-
CL 600. llerc}ou \\ill lindont} thclcq best                         II heel, for c~a mplc.                                       round sound system. This sophb t icatcd audio
materials - an ou tstanding exa mple being the                          Standard -fit d) namic multicon tour sea ts for          s)stem, II hich comcs II ilh a D"D changcr, has
designo-&t} led EXCLUSI\'I: PA SS IO ~ It':u her                    th e dril cr and fron t passengcr also con tribute 10        hcen sl>cciall} tuned 10 [he acoustic profile
interior a ppointments       II   hieh (''.;tend 10 the doors,      th c superb com fort offered b) th e CL 600. As Ilcll        of the Ct.-Class.
dashboard and centre console. i\ ll<I!'l icullirly                  as pro\ iding opt imu III l::Heral support. especi:!ll}
C}{'-c,uching feat ure is the longitudinal nUling                   during sl)Qrt) driving, they !;,In even ma ssagc

\\ood and le<lther allllOintlllents                                                              Exterior design cues II hieh Idcntif) [he CL600
The ,. jmbmatoon of poptar wood arld cognac brown teatMr IS exclUSIVe to the Cl600.              18-lOCh VI Z-des'gn hght ahoy wheels. a chromed strip on the a,r intake below the bumper
The paonstaklng workmanship is typ,fted by the attractIVe fllllong on the door centre panets     and cnromed fog lamps urldertme the ident i t~ ol\he Cl 600
26 I EO UIPME NT I Standard equipment


 5-speed automatic transmission (CL600)                                                         Electronic Stabilit y Program (ESj>®) with ,\8S and ASR
7G~TRONIC      7-speed automatic transmission (CI.500)                                          Four 3-point seal bellS with comfort- fit function, front belts adjustable for height
Active Boo y Control (ABC)                                                                      Front passenger se<lt adjustable from dril'er's seat

Adaptil'e brake lights                                                                          Front seats with EASY-ENTRY function, includes automatic adjustment
                                                                                                of steering wheel when gelling in/out, can be deactivated
AO,\PTIVEBR,\KE with HOLD function and hill start assist
                                                                                                I' ront seats with lumbar support, seat height and fore-and -aft position electricall)'
/\dapti\'e windscreenwilJers with one-toucllll'ipe function and rain sensor
                                                                                                adjustable, PRE-SA FE- posi tioning fun ction for front passenger (ClSOO)
with 1\\0 levels of senSitivity
                                                                                                Ileadiamp Assist
,\irb3gs with   mulli ~stage   deploymelll sensors, frolll and rear sidebags plus Ivindowoogs
                                                                                                lIe<ldlamp cl eaning sys tem
ASSYST PLUS      sef\' i~e   interval indicator and service compu ter
                                                                                                Heated frolll seats
Automati ~   climate control
                                                                                                Intelligent Ught System inc!. bkxenon headli!mps, acti\"e light function, motorway mode,
Automatically dimming interior mirror and dril'er's-side exterior mirror
                                                                                                ctlrnering light function (illlegrat ed in headlamlls) and extended fog lamp function
Brake Assist (BAS)
                                                                                                ISOFIX child seat attachment points in rear
Central locking I, ith mdio remote control and Immobillser
                                                                                                Leather upholstery (CLSOO)
Centre armrests front (with compartment) and rear, foldin g
                                                                                                Light -alloy wheels
COMAN]) system with integral radio, 8-inch colour display, ])VD dri, e (CLSOO)
                                                                                                Memory package for front seats, steering column and mirrors
Courtesy lights in the doors
                                                                                                Metallic paint
Cruise con1rol with SI'EEDTRONIC variable speed limiter
                                                                                                Multifunction leather steering wheel
Dark burr walnUlwood trim (CI.SOO)
                                                                                                I'oplar 'Hlod trim (CL600)
DI RECT SEI.ECT gearshift and steering-wheel gearshiftllunons
                                                                                                Power wiudows from and rear with PRE-SAFE* closing function
Door sill panel s in stainless steel with    · Men:;edes- Ben~·   Ienering (CI. SOO)
                                                                                                Speed-sensitive power steering
                                                                                                Stowage compartment behind rear armrest
El ectri c parking lImke with convenience release function
                                                                                                Tinted, noise-insulating, infr.lretl-reflecting laminated glass all round
Electrically   adju~table    and folding C);terior mirrors
                                                                                                TIREFIT tyre sealam with electric pump
Electri cally operate(1 tilting/sliding glass sunroof with PRE-SAFE- closing function
                                                                                                lyre pressuft: loss warning system
                                                                                                                                  EQUIPM ENT I Opllona l ex t ra s I 27

OPTIONAL EXTRAS ( SEl.£CT'JON)                                                                                            CL50Q                     CL600
Ambienllighll ng
                                                                                                                           •                          0
Anti -I hef! alarm SYS em wit h tow-away protecl lon and Infrared Interior monl loring
                                                                                                                           •                          0
COMAND AI'S wl l h hard -disc-based navlgal lon srsl em
                                                                                                                           •                          0
des lgno-SI)'led EXCtUSIVE PASS ION lealher                                                                                                           0
Dl STRONIC PLUS      Illl)~ imll y   con l rol l nci. BA S PLUS Brake Assist , PRE-SA FE- braki ng and Parking ,\ SSISI
                                                                                                                           •                          •
[)ou bie cup holder In fronl
                                                                                                                           •                          •
[)ynamic mulliconlour fro nl sea l wl l h massage funct ion an d PRE-SAFE- llOsitionlng function
                                                                                                                           •                          0
harmanj kardon LOGIC 7· surround sound system " 'ith 11 loudspeakers aud suhwoofcr
                                                                                                                           •                          0
Hea led sleer lng whee l
                                                                                                                           •                          •
                                                                                                                           •                          0
LlNGUATRONIC voice con l rol sys tem
                                                                                                                           •                          •
I.uxur y fron t seats (hea tt'{l and vemilat cd,perforaled leat her )
                                                                                                                           •                          0
Mobil e phone wllh un iversa l Int erface, hands-free sys lem and aeri al
                                                                                                                           •                          0
M uilicontour front seat s wi t h ma ssage fun cti on and PRE-SAF E- positioning function
Night view assist Including ti nted, noise-i nsulating, in frared-renecti ng windscreen
                                                                                                                           •                          •
PASS ION leather
Rea r head restra ims wi th pn eumatic raisi ng/lowering fu nction
                                                                                                                           •                          0
Re\'ersing ca mera
                                                                                                                           •                          •
TV tuner (for analogue and digital rta:pilon )
                                                                                                                           •                          •
lyre pressure monil oring S)'Stem
                                                                                                                           •                          •
Wood/leather sleering wheel
                                                                                                                           •                          0

                                                            - ,\." . ,,,Uable
211   HlLlP'1I \ T       l.iI;ht -allo\   \I   heel ..

Stylish right down to the ground
Til(' light -allo} \\heels for the CL-Class

'l ercedes-B('nl has al\\a) s understoocl the importance of dNalh. That is
\\h) \Ie hale del<!lol>ed a II ide ran~e of light-a llol II heels II hich allo\\ )OU
to gile your CL-Class its OIl n distincthc identity.
    Our s(antlanl \\hcels ha\(' been clrsigncd to underline the sw'cial charac-
ter of the CL COU I>C, hut rou can makc an clen more strik i ng ~ t atemen t
b~ specifying one of our other design s, such as the r\ MG light -aIlO} II heels
\Ihieh hear the unmistakable hallmark of the st) ling spedalists From our
luning unil in Affaltt·rhath.
    [,elusi\{' incenio designer \1 heel s an' abo alailable from ou r range of
ge nuine accessori{'s.

11 Inch 1 spol<e lIght allov wtleeIs I standard fQl' Cl5(0)   IS-inch Vl2 lighl allOy wheels (standard for Cl6(0)   tS-Ulet! 5-spoke right alloy wheels (oot;on<ll extra)
                                                                                                                   roUI'\usr I        U ght   ,111m \\heds I ZV

18 Ind19 !>pl\~(' lIghT alloy wheels   18 loch 9 spoke lIght alloy wheoels wIth sculpted ridges   19 m(:h multI ,>pokt> light alloy wheelS (optional extra I
ioptlonal extra)                       (optIOna l extra)
                                                                                                                                                                     ,\M G bo~l ysl)' ling I 31

Looking good from nose to tail
AMG bodystyling for the CL-C lass

Over thirt y yea rs ago, when th e Aj\ IG motorsport                 AMG bud yst yling takes t he d ynamic look s of t he
experts prepared the first j lercedes-Bcllz                          new CL-Class 10 an even higher levelwilh pOlI'er-
I'chicles for the race circuit, Ihey probably never                  ful front and rear apron s as wel l as side skirt s.
imagined tha t th eir successes would become                         And, as is on ly fitting for a tru e sports star, the
famou s far beyond th e world 01' motor racing.                      CI.-Glass can be equipped with high- performan ce
Today, AMG is synonymou s with sport y vehicles                      -footwear" in the form of 19-inch 5-spoke AMG
- on ul1 roads - and form s a parti cullHly strong                   light-alloy wheel s with a high-shccn fini sh.
Icum lI'ilh th e Mercedes- Benz COUI)CS. In fa cl ,

Rear apron                                                                                       M, IG light-allo)' II heels
The powerful rear apron - Its styliSh lines are sure to auraet a keen fo llowing                 A new dimension of street credlbllily: 19-inch AMG light-alloy wheels
32 I designo

As individual as you are
The designo individual isation range

In order 10 make it a little easier 10 choose the        dcs ig no Edition I                                       designo Edilioll II
ideal combination, two excl usive appointments           The deslgno Edition I package owes its classically        A sportier image is projected by the designo
packages are also avai lable as options for the          elega nt character to the fine deslgno sand aniline       Edition II package featu ring designo aniline
CL 500: the classicall y elegant designo Edition J       lea ther with the striking designo matt natural           leath er in mid orion grey. The interior appoint-
packa ge and the sl> y designo Edition [I                oak grain tr im elements. The Alcantara roof l ining      ments are complemented by the Alcantara roof
package.                                                 in anthraci te completes the package.                     lining in anthracite and designo trim elements
    With both packages, the seats are upholstered                                                                  In lustrous deep black piano lacquer.
i n fine designo aniline leat her and feature the
character istic ten vertical nuti ng elements as wel l                                                             The CL 600 can also be equipped with separate
as designo badges on the backrests. The arm rests                                                                  elements from th e comprehensive designo
on the doors and centre console are also covered                                                                   individualisa tion range.
with designo leather. The painstakin gly crafted
designo trim elements are coord inated wi th the
i nterior al>pointments of the chosen package.

                                                                                    deslgno Edi tion I
                                                                                    Ctassically elegant: designo
                                                                                    sand leather coordinates
                                                                                    perfe<:t~ witll too trim
                                                                                    elements in designo matt
                                                                                    natural oak grain
34 I COLOL RS A \0 ,\\ATERIALS I Paint              fin i ~hes

                                                                    NO~ - "IETALLIC     PAIl\'T   METALLI C PAINT

Whichever paint finish you choose, )'ml can be conf ident that
eY{!ry colour sets off the Coupe perfectly. Created excius,Y{!ly
for the CL-Class, germanite grey is characterised by its
particularly brilliant iridescence in changing light cond itions_
    All the vehicles are finished w'th a clearcoat conta imng
microscopica lly small ceramic particles which has been
specially developed by Mercedes-Benz in order to provide
optimum scratch resistance. It goes Without saying that the         040 black                     169 green black
paintwork also represents the final stage of the advanced
anti-corrosion system which begins with the application of
a zinc phosphate coat ing to the sheet metal for lasting
protection from corrosion.
    What's more, for the sake of [he en~ironment. we only
use water -based paints - with up to 60 percent less sol~ent
content than con~entional paints.

                                                                    650 calcite white             197 obsidian black

                                                                                                  300 periclase green
                                               SPECI AL PAI NT

359 tanzaflite blue   693 traveftil'le beige   494 germanile grey

368 flint grey        723 cubanile silver

544 carneal red       775 iridium silver

                                      LEATHER COLOUR COMB INATI ONS

Sporty or classic?
Regardless 01 whether you
choose leather or the partic~
ularly soft PASSION leather.
you can be certain that all
our interior appointments
and upholstery ranges are
designed W painstaking
attention to detail and
rellect the highest standards
of workmanship. In the
case of Exclusive PASSION
leather. additional elements.
such as the dashboard.
                                      black/black                     basalt grey/dark basalt grey    cognac brown/black
doors and centre console
                                      201 leather                     208 leather                     207 leather
are finished in PASSION
                                      801 PASSION leather             808 PASSION leather             807 PASSION leather
leather. The roof lining as
                                      501 EXCLUSIVE PASSION leather   508 EXCLUSIVE PASSION leather   507 EXCLUSIVE PASSION leather
well as the A and C-pillars
are finished in Alcantara.

                                      savanna beige/cashmere beige    sahara beige/black
                                      204 leather                     205 leather
                                      804 PASSION leather             805 PASSION leather
                                      504 EXCLUSIVE PASSION leather   505 EXCLUSIVE PASSION leather
                                                                                 COLOURS AND M/\TERIALS I Wood I 37

   ature, our greatest inspiration
The fine varieties of wood in the CL-Class

or the many chartlctel'istics II hich murk the CL-Class ou t as a highly
d istinct ive vehicle, the exclusive wood trim is one of the most stri k ing.
WhichC\cr variety or COIOUf you choose, ever y single piece of wood is
hand-picked by our experts and \Iorked in such a \\a)' that it is presented
10 best advantage in your Cl -Class.
   For example, 1\10 shades of Californian burr walnut are 3\ailable while
fine black ash \\ood trim can be spec ified as a no-cost ol>lion. FUrlhcrmore,
poplar is resened as       an c>.:clushe \\000 trim for the CL600.

dark. burf walnullh;gh·glossl                bulT walnulls,lk malt)                 poplar leKCtuSive tD the Cl600)
38 I      TECHNICAL           I Technica l data

                                                                                                                        CL500                                                                       CL600
  No, an d arrangement of qlinders                                                                                      8/V                                                                         12/ V
  Bore;~tll)ke      (mm)                                                                                                9B/90.5                                                                     82/87
 Total displacement (cc)                                                                                                5461                                                                        5513
  Rated output (kW at rpm)'                                                                                             285/6000                                                                    380/5000
  Rated torque (Nm at q)m )'                                                                                            530/2800- 4800                                                              830/ 1900 - 3500
  Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/ h (5)                                                                                  5.5                                                                         4.6
 Top spet!d, appro:..:. (km/ h)                                                                                         250 1                                                                       250 1
 Tyre size                                                                                                              235/55 R 17                                                                 255/45 R 18
                                                                                                                        235/55 R 17                                                                 275/45 R 18
  Fu el                                                                                                                 Premium unleaded                                                            Super Plu s unleaded

 Fuel consumption (VIOOkm))
 urban                                                                                                                   18.1'                                                                      21.7'
 eXIra-urban                                                                                                            B,5'                                                                        10.0'
 combined                                                                                                               IV"                                                                         14.3'
 COl emi ss ions (g/km) l comhined                                                                                      28'                                                                         340
 Tank C31)3city (Ill incl. approx. reserve                                                                              90/11                                                                       '10/11
 Turning circle (m)                                                                                                      11.6                                                                       11.6
  Max.lJOO\ calmcily (I)                                                                                                490                                                                         490
  Kerb weighl (kg) )                                                                                                     1920                                                                       2195
  Permissible gross vehicle weighl (kg)                                                                                 2510                                                                        2620

, l'lg""", a,,;.. "'I"& W [)ire<,i\~ 80/ 12M/ Ef.C in 'he cu,ren,I)' ~pplicahl~ 'el'Slun
, Eltt:tronkall), go"c'"ed
' The   fig"'"
             shown "w.. ot)"ine\l In ."con l.""" ,, ;,h 'he p"",<,II",1 m"a,u ,ln~ 1' r<>Ct'Ss IDI .......
                                                                                                         1;." SOj1268/EEC In '"e cu,,,,".ly " ppllc~t)le ,'"",Ion).
 The fig""'" om"'" base.l un;on l"d i,';d""1 rnotIel ami do nO! r.. "~.;,ute 1"'11 uf the v""tuct uffer; the} .'" pro,-;,IN S<llelr fo, 1''''1'''''''' ofcoml'"' iso "            be,w,,,," differen' '-chicle n,odel;
'l'n;I>I<lo" " i figu",
, 1'18U"", """<1,<lIn): '" 1)1"",.1" , 92/ Zt/ EC. , e",ion <;5/46/ ~C (kerb ... ej~ht ... it h fuel lank 9t) 'I; lul l. d';,-. ,. 6H kg. "nd luU_g<'. 7 kgl for .ta nd anl ·Spe"Uicat ion ' -ehicie-,.
  OI~lon;,1 e_ rd' ""d act",. sori"" "ill It""erdll l in,,,,",,, Ihis fiSY'" and ..,<lu,.., the I,"}-k>;od '''l'a<:1' ~ a«<>rdl"):I)
                 TECHNICAL I Dimensions I 39

CL500   CL 600
Takc·lml'k of end ·of·lifc u~hlcles. Co ming full circle
,\llhe e nd of Its hmg li fe. you ClI n return Y(lUr Cl·C lass 10 us for environment·frle ndl y dlSllOsalln acconlan ce
wi lh lh e EC I: ml ·Of· Ufe Vehi cle Dln.'£tlve ' . BUllhat day lies II long way uff.

'API~ieltn      ..........""" ~ IIh ""kon •• ~ULolkons KI ,'t>IIld•• uv .. l.S ,on...,. ""'" "'~I"'!.       •
                                                                                                      M."'.d.•  ·IIen .... -"tI<' "'...
                                                                                                                                      III,'. """
,'''' "' •• u....,. .. ~ ..,lon$p'''"'11I8 ."" ... I,obIlI.) O(,OeI,ll<slgn for """,~.oo "",),<11.& for. nu .. hero( )..."..,.... ~ _~""' of,'.hkle
                                                                                11                        ',1>
.. lie-t.<~ <1< ..... ' . 00 111> ..... , ..... "'" '-n .. 14I~bl'o<d ,.'hkh ,, 1 proo:eM )'(IU' "~hk" In on                                      "'0)"
                                                                                                                I"",,,,,,,,, frieOOIy ... n...... I""
In " 'hkh ' .... h ,000klo:> . 00 port< non "" ""'....,~ ..., .... bI«I 10 onp"J .....'I'lo:>pme.1I and 1011              .
                                                                                                             "",,,,,,"" 1 ' _...... 1)1. ,'''' CL·C\oss
"III "" .IJI_   10"-", .. I,h.1'Ij fIIl u", 1"" ..... _ In 11...... )"<11'" q""" ,,'I'hin l lot Slipubftod ,I.,. u.. I,,,
furt"'" In"""",,,,,, 10 ....IlaI... " " ... " .~·bt"          .....       «I»' c.olll"ll ooeoo I 7771771.

Please m)le: changes mlly hale '-n made 10 the 1       1I'oduct s ince Ih is brochure went 10 press 123.02.20(6).
The manufacwrer resen 'es the right to make ch.anges to the design, form. colour and specification during the
delh'ery IlCriod. pl"Ol'lded these ch.anges. while loking into aaou nt the interesls of the "endur, can be deemed
reasonable with rn:pect 1 t he 1)Ul"(haser. Where the '-e ndor or the manufactu rer uses symbols or numbers
to de5crlbe. n ortIeror Ihe subject of an onter, no rights may be deri"ed solely from Ihese. The Illustrations
may sho..... accessories and Items of ojJIional equipmem ..... hich are not parI of $tonda nl spet;JnClltlon .
Colours may differ sHghtly from Ihose sho..... n Inlhe bnXhure, o..... ing 1 lhe limi lallons of the Ilri ming ilroteSS.
This brochu re Is distributed Internationa lly. ItO "CI-er. Information given rega nl!ng SllOtuWry regulations,
lega l re!lulremcnts and taxa llon applies onl y 1 Ihe Federal Republic of Germany 3t Ihe time of goi ng to press.
I'lease consull )'Our Mel"(edes· llen~ dea ler for final delails and for infurmat ion about the stalul Of')' regulations
and lega l rt'(luiremems which apply in other ((".HItries.

 "'lm~!(:hl"Y'~r AG. ~u npM M~"/K               6701 · 0'110 · 02·0010606 PMnl"" In (;o,rm.ny
 "·,,·,,, ...Ie!i·I"'"M"'"

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