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									                                              Case Study
                                              Due to a market slowdown, particularly in the software mar-
                                              ket, Jacada needed to dramatically reduce its occupancy
                                              costs, as well as plan for future growth. NAI Brannen God-
                                              dard was hired to evaluate the company’s current office
                                              space and the viable alternatives. A strategy needed to be
                                              developed and implemented to meet the client’s objectives.

                                              After evaluating over 25 options, NAI Brannen Goddard
                                              and Jacada settled on three possible options. Two of the
                                              options involved moving to new locations, and the third
                                              was to negotiate a lease renewal at their current location.
                                              NAI Brannen Goddard negotiated a short-term renewal
                                              that would save $470,000 over a two-year period, as well
The Terraces                                  as provide the flexibility for growth. The reduction of oc-
18,000± Square Feet                           cupancy costs by 50% for two years would preserve cash
                                              for other operational expenses.
400 Perimeter Center
Dekalb, Georgia 30346                         TESTIMONIAL
                                              “As a leading software company in the United States
                                              facing an unstable economy, we knew that every oppor-
                                              tunity had to be investigated to lower our operating
                                              expenses. The team at NAI Brannen Goddard under-
                                              stood what we needed to accomplish and presented
                                              alternative office lease options to decrease our occu-
      The team at NAI Brannen Goddard         pancy costs. As a result, they created a competitive
      understood what we needed to            environment with our existing landlord. This led to NAI
      accomplish and presented alternative    Brannen Goddard negotiating a renewal at our existing
                                              location, which lowered our occupancy cost by 50% over
      office lease options to decrease our    the upcoming years with no disruptive move.
      occupancy costs.
                                              I would recommend NAI Brannen Goddard to any com-
                                              pany looking for more out of their office space then just a
                                              nice building.”

                                              Ronald Abreu
                                              Vice President, Operations

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              Brannen Goddard                                404 812 4068
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                                              Case Study
                                              Hagemeyer, a Dutch company, wanted to rapidly expand
                                              its presence in the United States. In order to accomplish
                                              this, they needed to expand their current United States
                                              Headquarters from 6,000 square feet to a site with 60,000
                                              square feet and accommodations for 250 employees.
                                              Hagemeyer only had six months to complete the process
                                              from identification to occupancy. The client needed a
                                              group to help them manage the entire process including:
                                              identifying all relevant properties, gathering detailed infor-
                                              mation about each property, performing an in-depth
                                              financial analysis of all available options, and negotiating
                                              the lease terms.

Royal Ridge                                   A new headquarters location was selected for Hagemeyer
60,737 Square Feet                            with occupancy within the critical time frame. The client
                                              was also released from a 12-month obligation on their prior
                                              lease. Hagemeyer’s new lease resulted in a savings of $3.5
11680 Great Oaks Way
                                              million over a 10-year term with $1.3 million in savings real-
Alpharetta, Georgia 30022
                                              ized during the first 12 months. This savings netted a
                                              decrease in operating expenses, which provided capital
                                              for North American expansion.

                                              “We were faced with having to identify, negotiate and move
                                              into a new United States Headquarters within a six-month
  NAI Brannen Goddard quickly assessed        period. NAI Brannen Goddard quickly assessed our needs
  our needs and concerns and presented        and concerns and presented us with a myriad of solutions.
                                              They helped us identify the top candidates and negotiated an
  us with a myriad of solutions.              office lease that reduced our potential occupancy cost dra-
                                              matically, as well as relieving us from an existing obligation.

                                              Their professionalism, experience and understanding of a
                                              real estate transaction turned a challenging requirement
                                              into a seamless transaction.”

                                              Ray Perlock
                                              Vice President, Finance
                                              Hagemeyer North America, Inc.

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                                              Case Study
                                              With eight months remaining on their existing 10-year
                                              lease, Target MarkeTeam needed to evaluate the costs and
                                              benefits associated with lease renewal versus relocation.
                                              Business conditions remained steady and projections were
                                              strong; however, the company faced annual occupancy
                                              costs totaling approximately $3.8 million over the life of
                                              their lease.

                                              NAI Brannen Goddard was hired to negotiate the renewal
                                              of a 10-year lease and to research alternative office envi-
                                              ronments. The client had three primary goals that needed
                                              to be achieved. These included maintaining the image of
Crown Pointe Center                           “Class A” office space, locating space on the upper floors
23,000± Square Feet                           of a building and reducing occupancy costs. A comparable
                                              building was identified in the GA 400/I-285 office market
1050 Crown Pointe Parkway                     which met all these criteria. Most importantly, the reloca-
Atlanta, Georgia 30338                        tion decreased occupancy costs by 31% and provided us
                                              total annual savings of approximately $1.2 million to Target
                                              MarkeTeam’s bottom line.

                                              “NAI Brannen Goddard’s thorough understanding of our
                                              office environment and needs resulted in locating the per-
  NAI Brannen Goddard’s experience            fect space for our business. Their experience in negotiating
  in negotiating and representing our         and representing our interests saved us time and money
                                              and allowed us to remain focused on our business through-
  interests saved us time and money.          out the process.

                                              The team at NAI Brannen Goddard took what would nor-
                                              mally be a distracting and often frustrating task and turned
                                              it into a smooth operation.”

                                              Ann Hattaway
                                              Target MarkeTeam, Inc.

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                                              Case Study
                                              Acordia, Inc., a Wells Fargo Company, is one of the largest
                                              insurance brokerage firms in the world, with over six billion
                                              dollars in risk premiums. The company had very specific
                                              geographical parameters and with a softening office mar-
                                              ket, they wanted to make sure the best deal for the right
                                              location was negotiated. Their initial search spanned nine
                                              months with no success. The lack of not finding an ideal
                                              location combined with a fast-approaching lease expira-
                                              tion date resulted in Acordia taking a new approach.

                                              NAI Brannen Goddard was hired to represent Acordia in
                                              their real estate search and within two weeks several build-
                                              ings that met their needs were identified. The result was a
Perimeter 400, Center 1                       building that accomplished all of Acordia’s objectives, which
25,000± Square Feet                           included lowering the occupancy cost, maintaining a high-
                                              quality image and providing for future growth. Similar to what
                                              Acordia offers its clients, NAI Brannen Goddard provided
1100 Johnson Ferry Road, NE
                                              global experience with local broker service and expertise.
Atlanta, Georgia 30342
                                              “We had been looking for a new office for approximately
                                              nine months and were not happy with the opportunities we
                                              were seeing. We knew there had to be a facility that was
                                              being overlooked, so at that point we engaged NAI Bran-
                                              nen Goddard to re-evaluate our space needs. They
  NAI Brannen Goddard listened to what        carefully listened to what we were looking for based on
  we were looking for and within days,        both geography and economics. Within days, we were
                                              provided with a number of options that had not been pre-
  provided a number of options.               sented to us prior to working with NAI Brannen Goddard.

                                              After finding a building that best suited our needs, NAI
                                              Brannen Goddard negotiated a deal that dramatically low-
                                              ered our occupancy cost, which has had a direct impact
                                              on our bottom line. If you want a firm that is truly looking
                                              after your interests on your next office search, I would
                                              highly recommend NAI Brannen Goddard.”

                                              Tony Salvatore
                                              Managing Director
                                              Acordia Southeast, Inc.

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                                              Case Study
                                              The Lenox Towers development is located in the heart of
                                              Buckhead directly across from Lenox Mall, one block from
                                              Phipps Plaza, The Ritz Carlton, Westin and the Buckhead
                                              MARTA station. It has all the amenities that discriminating
                                              office users require without the price usually associated
                                              with those types of buildings.

                                              Don’t take our word for it, listen to what our tenants are

                                              “Outback Steakhouse International began its space
                                              search several months ago in anticipation of a lease
                                              renewal and to avoid the disruption of a planned major
                                              renovation at our former Lenox Road building. In addition
                                              to covering our remaining lease obligation, Lenox Towers
                                              became our top choice because of:
                                               • Extremely tenant-friendly lease terms
                                               • Walking distance to restaurant & shops
Lenox Towers                                   • Close proximity to our current location and
375,000± Square Feet                             Peachtree Road
                                               • MARTA and Georgia 400 access
3390/3400 Peachtree Road, NE                   • Class “A” location at a Class “B” price
Atlanta, Georgia 30326                         • Building and amenities were a step up from our
                                                 existing facilities
                                              Since we signed our lease with Lenox Towers, I have be-
                                              come even more convinced that it was a smart decision.
                                              Everyone involved from the Landlord’s side was extremely
                                              helpful in making the transition from our old space as
  Since we signed our lease with Lenox        simple as possible. Simply put, they did exactly what they
                                              said they would do - Our new space is fantastic!”
  Towers, I have become even more
  convinced that it was a smart decision.
                                              Bill Daniel
                                              Vice President, International Facilities
                                              Outback Steakhouse International

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                                              Case Study
                                              Lancope is a leading provider of Advanced Threat Protec-
                                              tion solutions designed to combat today’s hacking exploits
                                              and enterprise network misuse. Lancope was faced with a
                                              rapidly expiring sublease and was not prepared to commit
                                              to a five-year lease with a landlord. The company was also
                                              not interested in incurring all the costs associated with fur-
                                              nishing a new office.

                                              NAI Brannen Goddard found the ideal sublease with the
                                              appropriate amount of time remaining on the lease, which
                                              accomplished several key considerations. First, Lancope
                                              only had to commit to a two-year lease obligation, which
Brookside Concourse                           provided the necessary flexibility. Secondly, NAI Brannen
18,272 Square Feet                            Goddard negotiated a rental rate that was significantly
                                              lower than Lancope’s prior office space. And finally, NAI
3650 Brookside Parkway                        Brannen Goddard was able to secure over $400,000 worth
Alpharetta, Georgia 30022                     of furniture for Lancope at no cost.

                                              “NAI Brannen Goddard has been our exclusive commer-
                                              cial real estate firm since we were founded on the campus
                                              of Georgia Tech in 2000. Over the years, they have played
                                              an integral role in helping us plan for our growth and have
  NAI Brannen Goddard’s in-depth              made it a point to fully understand our needs then match
  experience and solid reputation in the      them with the availabilities in the office marketplace.

  Atlanta Office Market ensured that we       A critical point to us was utilizing NAI Brannen Goddard's
  found the best office location with the     in-depth experience and solid reputation in the Atlanta Of-
                                              fice Market to ensure that we found the best office location
  most favorable economic structure.          with the most favorable economic structure we could
                                              achieve. NAI Brannen Goddard made the entire process,
                                              from beginning to end, so easy for us with their team skills
                                              and comprehensive competence.

                                              I would highly recommend NAI Brannen Goddard to any
                                              company who is about to set out on the daunting task of
                                              searching for and securing office space.”

                                              Harland LaVigne
                                              President & CEO

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