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                                                                                                                                                State Transportation Department                                          Transportation Commissioners
                                                                                                                                                Endorses Education Contracts for                                         Honor the Late Leonard R.
                                                                                                                                                Pavement Condition                                                       Sugerman
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         STORY MERCY LOPEZ
                                                                                                                                                Data Collection
                                                                                                                                                STORY ROBERT YOUNG
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         	          New	Mexico	State	Transportation	Commission	ap-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         proved	a	proclamation	Aug.	17	honoring	the	memory	of 	Leonard	
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         R.	Sugerman.	The	proclamation	serves	as	a	tribute	acknowledg-
                                                                                                                                                	          From	May	through	August	of 	this	year,	24	col-                ing	his	commitment	and	numerous	contributions	to	making	
                                                                                                                                                lege	engineering	students	from	the	University	of 	New	                   the	Southwest	Regional	Spaceport	a	reality	in	New	Mexico.	
                                                                                                                                                Mexico	and	New	Mexico	State	University	were	hired	by	                    	          “I	am	humbled	to	be	part	of 	the	tribute	to	
                                                                                                                                                the	New	Mexico	Department	of 	Transportation	to	col-                     honor	the	late	Mr.	Sugerman,”	said	NMDOT	Cabi-
                                                                                                                                                lect	pavement	data	on	state	roads	and	highways.                          net	Secretary,	Rhonda	G.	Faught.	“He	is	a	true	found-
                                                                                                                                                		         “This	is	an	excellent	opportunity	for	engineering	students	   ing	father	of 	the	Southwest	Regional	Spaceport.”
                                                                                                                                                to gain perspectives in their field while also being employed on         	          NMDOT	Transportation	Commission	Chairman	Johnny	
                                                                                                                                                such	a	critical	research	project	for	our	department,”	Transportation	    Cope	said,	“Mr.	Sugerman	was	a	brilliant	man.	His	contributions	
                                                                                                                                                Secretary	Rhonda	Faught	said.	“This	is	also	part	of 	our	continued	      to the state of New Mexico are tremendous. This tribute is fit-
                                                                                                                                                commitment	to	partner	with	our	educational	institutions	in	engi-         ting	for	Mr.	Sugerman	–	the	visionary	behind	the	Spaceport.”
                                                                                                                                                neering	research	and	development	to	groom	our	future	engineers.”         	          NMDOT	Transportation	Commissioner	John	
                                                                                                                                                		         NMDOT	is	spending	nearly	$600,000	for	this	pro-               Hummer	said,	“Leonard	Sugerman	was	a	strong	and	posi-
                                                                                                                                                gram	but	for	the	students,	the	experience	is	invaluable	as	              tive	pillar	of 	the	Las	Cruces	community.		When	others	raised	
                                                                                                                                                they get their first taste of road and highway engineering.              doubts,	he	never	lost	sight	of 	the	vision	for	a	spaceport	in	
                                                                                                                                                		         An	article	from	New	Mexico	State	University	said	stu-         Southern	New	Mexico.		On	a	personal	note,	I	came	to	know	
                                                                                                                                                dents	stop	at	every	mile	marker	and	examine	a	tenth	of 	a	mile	of 	      Leonard	as	a	good	friend.		He	always	took	the	time	to	edu-
    The Lopez family and Secretary Faught pose for a photo next to the Ben Lopez Memorial.                                                      pavement.	They	work	10	hours	a	day,	four	days	a	week,	through	           cate	me	on	the	important	aspects	of 	our	community.”
                                                                                                                                                the	12-week	summer	job.		The	students	were	given	the	opportu-            	          Sugerman	was	born	in	New	York	and	was	a	gradu-
                                                                                                                                                nity	as	NMDOT—which	typically	does	the	evaluation--is	busy	              ate	of 	High	School	Stuyvesant,	Massachusetts	Institute	of 	
                                                                                                                                                implementing	Gov.	Bill	Richardson’s	Investment	Partnership	
    Urban Patrol Yard Named After the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Technology	and	received	his	master’s	degree	in	business	ad-
                                                                                                                                                (GRIP).	UNM	student	Tom	Hackett	said	it	will	help	his	career.            ministration	from	the	University	of 	Chicago.	In	2004,	New	
                                                                                                                                                		         “I	thought	it	would	be	a	good	idea	to	help	fur-               Mexico	State	University	presented	Sugerman	with	a	honor-
    Late Ben Lopez
                                                                                                                                                ther	my	education,”	he	told	the	UNM	Daily	Lobo.	“It	would	
                                                                                                                                                be	a	great	resumé-building	opportunity,	and	also	to	get	ex-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ary	doctorate	to	acknowledge	his	contributions	as	a	mili-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         tary	leader,	university	administrator	and	civic	volunteer.	
                                                                                                                                                perience in the field.” Benjamin Bridges, another student                	          His	everlasting	commitment	to	the	county,	state	and	
                                                                                                                                                in	the	program,	said	he	signed	up	for	similar	reasons.                   educational	institutions	began	in	1942	when	Sugerman	joined	the	
                                                                                                                                                		         “I	decided	to	get	involved	because	I	thought	it	would	        United	States	Air	Force.	He	served	his	county	for	33	years	until	
    	         	The	New	Mexico	State	Transportation	Commission	               continue	to	express	our	condolences	to	his	family.”                help	me	take	a	step	forward	and	further	my	career,”	he	said.             his	retirement	in	1975.		During	World	War	II	he	served	in	two	
    on	Thursday,	approved	a	resolution	Aug.	17,	to	rename	the	               	         Benny	(Ben)	Cruz	Lopez,	a	New	Mexico	native	             		         NMSU’s	Abel	Garcia,	a	senior	civil	engineering	stu-           overseas	tours	with	engineering	units.	In	the	early	1950s	and	early	
    New	Mexico	Department	of 	Transportation	District	Three	                 born in Gallup in 1951, gave the ultimate sacrifice for the        dent,	said	experiences	in	the	classroom	and	prior	work	experi-           1960s,	he	served	at	the	Pentagon	and	Andrews	Air	Force	Base.
    building	at	the	South	Urban	Patrol	Yard	as	the	“Ben	Lopez	               citizens	of 	our	great	state.	During	the	early	morning	of 	Aug.	   ence	gave	him	a	chance	to	test	his	skills.	“The	DOT	is	putting	          	          In	1964,	Sugerman	relocated	to	Holloman	Air	Force	
    Building.”	The	South	Urban	Patrol	Yard	is	formerly	known	                18,	2005,	Lopez	was	working	at	the	West	Mesa	Patrol	Yard	          a	lot	of 	trust	in	our	judgment,”	he	said.	“My	partner	and	I	            Base	in	New	Mexico.	At	the	Southern	New	Mexico	base	he	
    as	the	West	Mesa	Patrol	and	is	located	in	Albuquerque.                   when	he	was	brutally	murdered	while	performing	his	job.	           both	have	a	background	in	construction	and	project	man-                  served	as	director	of 	the	Air	Force	Missile	Development	
    	         Cabinet	Secretary	Rhonda	G.	Faught	said,	“I	                   	         He	began	his	career	with	NMDOT		Sept.	16,	               agement, so I feel like we are qualified for the work.”                  Center.	He	concluded	his	military	career	as	colonel	in	1975	
    am	deeply	saddened	that	the	NMDOT	family	lost	one	of 	                   1991	as	a	highway	maintainer	I.	At	the	time	of 	his	pass-          		         Garcia’s	partner,	Judith	Gallardo,	had	a	co-op	posi-          at	the	Kirtland	Air	Force	Base	Special	Weapons	Center.
    their	own	to	a	senseless	crime.	This	tribute,	however,	will	             ing,	Lopez	held	the	position	of 	assistant	patrol	fore-            tion	with	the	city	of 	Las	Cruces	for	the	past	year-	and-	a-	half,	      	          New	Mexico	State	University	offered	Sugerman	the	assis-
    honor	our	family	member	and	hero,	Ben	Lopez,	for	his	                    man	at	the	West	Mesa	Patrol	for	the	week	of 	Aug.	15,	             managing	road	construction	projects.	She	is	a	senior	civil	              tant	to	the	director	of 	Physical	Sciences	Laboratory	position	in	1977	
    outstanding	and	tireless	commitment	to	serving	the	people	               2005	he	was	serving	as	Acting	Patrol	Foreman.                      engineering	student	specializing	in	environmental	engineer-              and	he	accepted	it.	From	that	point	forward,	his	contributions	to	
    of 	our	great	state.	He	will	forever	be	remembered	for	his	              	         Lopez	was	formerly	honored	by	the	                       ing	who	plans	to	join	the	Peace	Corps	after	graduating.                  NMSU flourished. In 1984, he received a master’s degree in public
    commitment and sacrifice in making our roads safe.”                      State	Transportation	Commission	when	they	ap-                      		         Pavement	data	is	used	to	calculate	budget-based	perfor-       administration	from	NMSU.	The	university	honored	Sugerman	in	
    	         Transportation	Commission	Chairman	Johnny	Cope	                proved	the	renaming	of 	the	Department’s	Best	Pa-                  mance	measures,	providing	crucial	information	needed	to	make	            2004	by	naming	the	campus	structure	that	houses	the	New	Mexico	
    said,	“NMDOT	employees	put	their	lives	on	the	line	day	in	               trol	Award	to	the	“Ben	Lopez	Best	Patrol	Award.”	                  informed	decisions	affecting	highway	maintenance	and	safety	             Space	Grant	Consortium	the	“Sugerman	Space	Grant	Building.”
    and	day	out.	Ben	Lopez	was	one	of 	our	brothers	and	he	will	             	         Lopez	is	survived	by	his	wife,	three	sons,	              on	the	entire	roadway	system.	The	data	helps	to	develop	dete-            	          His	contributions	to	New	Mexico	continued	to	prosper.	
    forever	be	missed.	He	will	be	memorialized	by	the	naming	of 	            eight	grandchildren	and	many	friends	including	the	                rioration	models	that	can	predict	future	pavement	conditions	            Sugerman	co-founded	High	Tech	Consortium	of 	Southern	New	
    this	building	and	I	am	honored	to	be	part	of 	this	tribute.”             NMDOT	family.	He	will	forever	be	remembered	                       and for identifies upcoming roadway improvement projects.                Mexico	and	the	Southwest	Space	Task	Force,	a	citizen’s	advisory	
    	         Transportation	Commissioner	Norman	Assed	                      for	his	commitment	in	making	our	roads	safer.                      		         Both	UNM	and	NMSU	will	collaborate	in	col-                    group	dedicated	in	promoting	the	concept,	development	and	
    said,	“Mr.	Lopez’	death	is	truly	a	loss	for	our	entire	de-               	         His	family	has	established	a	scholar-                    lecting	pavement	data	from	the	entire	state	that	will	be	                construction	of 	the	Southwest	Regional	Spaceport	near	Upham,	
    partment.	We	miss	him	greatly	and	this	is	a	very	well	de-                ship	fund	in	his	name	that	assists	the	children	of 	               transferred	to	the	NMDOT	database	for	analysis.                          New	Mexico.	The	Spaceport	was	born	because	of 	Sugerman’s	
    served dedication. He has made a great sacrifice and we                  NMDOT	employees	with	their	education.	                                                                                                      commitment	and	vigorous	contributions	to	making	it	a	reality.	

Geothermal Drive
Underpass Now the
“Dr. C. Quentin Ford

	          New	Mexico	State	Transportation	Commission	
Thursday,	approved	a	resolution	Aug.	17,	naming	the	Geo-
thermal	Drive	Underpass	on	U.S.	25	as	the	“Dr.	C.	Quen-
tin	Ford	Underpass.”	The	underpass	is	located	in	Doña	
Ana	County	in	Southern	New	Mexico	and	serves	as	a	di-
rect	connection	between	the	north	and	south	side	of 	the	
New	Mexico	State	University	campus	in	Las	Cruces.
	          State	Transportation	Secretary	Rhonda	
Faught said, “Dr. Ford was my first engineering pro-
fessor	whom	I	have	always	held	in	high	regard.	We	all	
looked	up	to	him	for	his	advice	and	leadership	at	the	
engineering school. This is truly a fitting tribute.”
	          “I	am	honored	to	be	part	of 	this	tribute	to	such	a	
distinguished	and	remarkable	New	Mexican,”	said	Transporta-         Governor Richardson shares a laugh at the U.S. 84/285 groundbreaking.   L-R: District Five Commissioner David Schutz, Santa Clara Pueblo Sheriff Naranjo, Santa Fe County Commisioner Montoya, Pojoaque Pueblo Lt. Governor Diaz,
tion	Commission	Chair,	Johnny	Cope.	“Dr.	C.	Quentin	Ford	                                                                                   Governor Bill Richardson, Secretary Faught, District Five Engineer McElroy, Santa Fe County Clerk Espinoza and Richard Cook of Espanola (project contractor)
has	dedicated	his	life	for	the	betterment	of 	New	Mexico.”
	          Transportation	District	1	Commissioner	John	Hum-
mer	said,	“I	am	very	pleased	that	we	have	the	honor	of 	paying	
tribute	to	Dr.	Ford.	He	is	a	notable	engineering	expert	and	this	
                                                                    Governor Breaks Ground for
will	be	a	permanent	reminder	of 	his	contributions	to	the	State.”
	          Ford,	a	native	New	Mexican	born	in	Glenwood,	
                                                                    Reconstruction on
is	a	graduate	of 	the	United	States	Merchant	Marine	Acad-
emy,	New	Mexico	State	University,	the	University	of 	Mis-           U.S. 84/285 Between
souri	and	received	his	Ph.D.	degree	in	Mechanical	En-
gineering	from	Michigan	State	University	in	1959.	
He	began	his	teaching	career	in	1949	at	the	University	of 	
                                                                    Pojoaque and Espanola
                                                                    STORY JAMIE BOBB PHOTOGRAPHY MARTI NIMAN
Missouri	and	from	1950	to	1958	he	taught	at	Washing-                OUR GUIdING PRINCIPLE: ECONOMIC VITALITY
ton	State	University.	In	1959,	he	returned	to	his	home	
state	and	served	at	various	capacities	at	his	alma	mater.	
	          During	his	tenure	at	NMSU	he	continually	dem-            	            overnor Bill Richardson joined local officials Aug.        “Our	$1.6	billion	GRIP	program	is	improving	our	transportation	                  neighboring	residents	and	commuters,”	District	Five	En-
onstrated	his	commitment	to	the	university	and	its	students.	                    21	to	break	ground	for	the	reconstruction	of 	             infrastructure	and	it	is	also	providing	jobs	and	economic	devel-                 gineer	John	McElroy	said.	“We	anticipate	this	proj-
Ford	served	as	head	of 	the	Department	of 	Mechanical	En-                        GRIP	U.S.	84/285	between	Pojoaque	and	Espa-                opment	for	rural	New	Mexico,”	Gov.	Richardson	said.	“Right	                      ect	to	run	smoothly	during	the	next	few	months.”
gineering	from	1960	to	1970	and	served	as	the	associate	                         nola.	The	$50	million	project,	which	will	be	built	        now	there	are	35	GRIP	projects	under	construction	around	the	                    	         The	groundbreaking	ceremony	held	at	the	intersec-
dean	of 	engineering	and	interim	dean	of 	engineering	from	         in	two	phases,	is	expected	to	be	completed	by	late	2008.                state	for	a	total	value	of 	$421	million.	About	95	percent	of 	that	             tion	of 	N.M.	503	and	U.S.	84/285	was	attended	by	Speaker	
1974	to	1988.	Following	his	retirement	he	continued	to	             	         “This	highway	serves	as	a	vital	connection	between	           money	has	been	awarded	to	local	contractors.	In	this	case,	local	                of 	the	House	Ben	Lujan;	District	Five	Transportation	Com-
serve	NMSU	as	associate	dean	and	professor	emeritus.                dozens	of 	northern	New	Mexico	communities	and	Santa	Fe	and	            contractor	Espanola	Mercantile	will	be	the	lead	on	this	project.”                missioner	David	Schutz;	Espanola	Mayor	Joseph	Maes-
	          Ford	also	has	an	extensive	history	in	serving	the	       Albuquerque,”	Gov.	Richardson	said	during	the	groundbreaking	           	         Transportation	Secretary	Rhonda	Faught	said	this	                      tas,	Santa	Clara	Pueblo	Gov.	Michael	Chavarria;	Nambe	
State	of 	New	Mexico.	From	1989	to	1995,	Ford	served	the	           ceremony.	“This	highway	currently	handles	about	24,000	vehicles	        project	design	was	based	on	input	from	local	and	tribal	gov-                     Pueblo	Governor	Dennis	Vigi,	Pojoaque	Pueblo	Lt.	Gov.	
State	Highway	Commission.	During	his	tenure	on	the	com-             per day. This traffic is projected to almost double in just 20 years.   ernments	and	area	residents	to	better	improve	local	access	                      Linda	Diaz,	State	Rep.	Nick	Salazar,	Santa	Fe	County	Commis-
mission	he	served	as	Chairman	of 	the	Policy	and	Legal	Com-         Our	state	and	our	economy	are	growing;	we	need	to	invest	in	our	        and	make	daily	commutes	for	thousands	of 	Northern	New	                          sioner Harry Montoya, and other local and tribal officials.
mittees	and	was	a	member	of 	the	Aviation	Committee.	From	          roads	so	that	they	keep	up.	This	improved	highway	will	enhance	         Mexico	residents	more	comfortable.	“Local	residents	have	re-                     GRIP	is	a	$1.6	billion	economic	stimulus	program	that	includes	im-
1991	to	1995,	Ford	served	as	secretary	in	the	commission.           safety	for	daily	commuters	and	increase	tourism	in	this	area.”          quested	more	accessible	alternatives	in	order	to	control	traf-                   proving	40	highway	and	transportation	projects	across	New	Mexico,	
	          While	serving	on	the	State	Transportation	Commis-        Phase	One	includes	reconstructing	of 	one	mile	of 	N.M.	503	            fic volumes for both residential and commuter traffic. I am                      including	the	commuter	rail	service	between	Belen	and	Santa	Fe.	
sion,	he	was	a	strong	advocate	for	cities	that	have	interstate	     at	the	intersection	of 	U.S.	84/285	to	provide	for	a	safer	ac-          glad	we	can	accommodate	these	requests,”	Faught	said.	                           The	GRIP	projects	have	been	broken	into	smaller	construction	seg-
routes	passing	through	their	boundaries.	Ford	wanted	to	imple-      cess	on	and	off 	the	highway	and	improve	local	access	with	             Phase	Two	of 	this	project	includes	improving	the	9	                             ments	so	New	Mexico	contractors	could	competitively	bid	for	work.
ment a comprehensive frontage road system to keep local traffic     the	addition	of 	turning	lanes.	A	new	signal	light	also	will	be	        miles	of 	highway	between	Pojoaque	and	Espanola.	This	
off 	the	interstates.	Thus,	the	construction	of 	the	Geothermal	    installed	on	Santa	Fe	CR	109N,	to	lead	residents	onto	the	              project,	which	starts	next	fall,	also	will	include	turn-
Drive	Underpass	developed	due	to	Ford’s	vision	in	planning	         main highway via N.M. 503 to control traffic congestion.                ing	lanes	and	other	improvements	to	the	highway.
a	workable	and	effective	frontage	road	system	along	I-25.           Phase	One	reconstruction	will	be	completed	next	summer.                 “We	will	make	efforts	to	reduce	the	impact	of 	noise	on	

4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          5
    New Mexico’s DwI Program Serves as a Model
    for Other States

                raffic safety officials from       combating	DWI	in	New	Mexico,”	said	              	          Chakiris	said	11,000	law	
                Arkansas,	Louisiana,	              O’Connor.	“They	are	a	vital	part	of 	            enforcement	agencies	across	the	na-
                Oklahoma	and	Texas,	               the	high	visibility	enforcement	effort	          tion	will	join	those	represented	here	
                were	in	New	Mexico	Aug.	           that	is	responsible	for	apprehending	            today	to	again	make	it	clear	that	they	
    22-23	to	observe	New	Mexico’s	ag-              drunken	drivers	and	removing	them	               are	serious	about	saving	lives	by	
    gressive	program	to	combat	Driv-               from	New	Mexico’s	roadways.	Law	                 participating	in	the	National	Impaired	
    ing	While	Intoxicated	(DWI).                   enforcement	has	played	a	key	role	in	            Driving	Crackdown	“Drunk	Driv-
    	         Under	the	administration	of 	        New	Mexico’s	progress	on	DWI.”                   ing.	Over	the	Limit.	Under	Arrest.”	
    Gov.	Bill	Richardson,	New	Mexico	              	          New	Mexico	Transportation	                       According to Chakiris, “Traffic
    has	launched	an	uncompromising	                Secretary	Rhonda	Faught	said,	“We’re	            data	shows	40	percent	of 	New	Mexico’s	
    anti-DWI	effort,	including	mandatory	          proud	of 	what	we’re	doing	to	combat	            crash	fatalities	in	2005	were	alcohol	
    ignition interlock devices for first-time      DWI	in	New	Mexico.	In	2005,	we	saw	              related.		The	victims	were	not	simply	
    offenders	and	a	tracking	system	to	            alcohol-related	fatalities	decline	by	11	        traffic statistics. They were normal,
    monitor	repeat	DWI	offenders.                  percent,	while	alcohol-related	injury	           everyday	people	who	did	not	make	
              Officials from the National          crashes	dropped	by	20	percent	from	              it	back	home	and	their	families	and	         Secretary Faught and the Transportation Commission pose for a photo with Representative. Stell.
    Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s        figures in 2004. Clearly we are mak-             friends’	lives	were	changed	forever.”
    South	Central	Region	states	will	ob-
    served	the	Bernalillo	County	sobriety	
                                                   ing	progress,	and	we	are	working	to	
                                                   see	that	this	progress	continues.”
                                                                                                    	          New	Mexico’s	Super	Blitzes	
                                                                                                    feature	increased	law	enforcement	
                                                                                                                                                 6-mile Portion of US 62/80 Dedicated to
    checkpoint.	The	checkpoint,	at	700	                       NHTSA officials, including            against	DWI	coupled	with	a	public	           State Representative Joe M. Stell
    Bridge	Blvd.	SW	in	Albuquerque,	is	one	        South	Central	Region	Administrator	              awareness	effort	The	New	Mexico	             STORY MERCY LOPEZ PHOTOGRAPHY STEFAN KOSICKI
    of 	many	conducted	by	New	Mexico	law	          Georgia	Chakiris,	were	in	New	Mexico	            Department	of 	Transportation	funds	
    enforcement	to	combat	drunken	driving.         for	a	regional	meeting.	The	Bernalillo	          the	Super	Blitzes,	and	is	spend-             	          The	New	Mexico	State	                 Water	and	Natural	Resources	Interim	             transferred	in	1948	to	the	University	of 	
    	         According	to	New	Mexico	             County	sobriety	checkpoint	is	part	              ing	$125,000	in	a	public	awareness	          Transportation	Commission	ap-                    Committee,	a	member	of 	the	New	                 New	Mexico.	In	1950,	he	received	his	
    DWI	Czar	Rachel	O’Connor,	in	2005	             of 	New	Mexico’s	current	DWI	Super	              campaign	during	the	current	Blitz	to	        proved	a	resolution	Thursday,	Aug.	17	           Mexico	Finance	Authority	Oversight	              Bachelor	of 	Science	degree	in	language	
    there	were	nearly	700	state-funded	            Blitz,	held	in	conjunction	with	the	             emphasize	the	state’s	DWI	message:	          dedicating	a	16-mile	portion	of 	U.S.	           Committee,	a	member	of 	the	New	                 arts	and	later	earned	his	Master	of 	Sci-
    sobriety	checkpoints	in	New	Mexico.	           National	Impaired	Driving	Crackdown.             “You	Drink.	You	Drive.	You	Lose.”            62/180	from	Whites	City	to	the	New	              Mexico	Tax	and	Revenue	Committee,	               ence	degree	in	school	administration	
    “Sobriety	checkpoints	are	a	linchpin	in	       	                                                                                             Mexico	state	line	as	the	“Joe	M.	Stell	          designee	of 	the	Revenue	Stabilization	          from	Western	New	Mexico	University.
                                                                                                                                                 Highway.”		The	highway	is	located	in	            and	Tax	Policy	Committee	and	an	advi-            	         He	was	an	educator	from	
    New Mexico DwI Czar Rachel O’Connor (left) NHTSA’s Georgia Chakiris (center) and MADD New Mexico President Terry Huertaz attended a news     Southern	New	Mexico	in	Eddy	County.	             sory	member	of 	the	Legislative	Council.	        1951	to	1953	at	the	Deming	School	
    conference during a Bernalillo County sobriety checkpoint.
                                                                                                                                                 	          Transportation	Secretary	             	         He	is	the	recipient	of 	various	       system.	From	1953	to	1966	he	taught	
                                                                                                                                                 Rhonda	G.	Faught	said,	“I	would	like	            prestigious	awards	and	honors.	On	Jan.	          and	coached	with	the	Carlsbad	Mu-
                                                                                                                                                 to	extend	my	sincere	appreciation	               30,	2004	he	was	honored	by	the	New	              nicipal	School	District.	He	later	
                                                                                                                                                 for	his	statesmanship	and	dedication	            Mexico	Bureau	of 	Geology	and	Mineral	           served	as	an	administrator	for	Carls-
                                                                                                                                                 to	the	State	of 	New	Mexico.	Repre-              Resources	and	the	State	Energy,	Miner-           bad	schools	from	1967	to	1987.
                                                                                                                                                 sentative.	Stell	has	always	been	a	true	         als	and	Natural	Resources	Department	            	         Stell	is	a	life	member	of 	
                                                                                                                                                 gentleman	who	asks	tough	questions.	             as	he	was	presented	the	New	Mexico	              the	National	Education	Association;	
                                                                                                                                                 It	has	been	my	privilege	and	honor	              Earth	Science	Achievement	Award.	In	             a	member	of 	the	National	Associa-
                                                                                                                                                 to	know	and	work	with	Representa-                April,	Representative	Stell	was	presented	       tion	of 	Secondary	Principals;	the	New	
                                                                                                                                                 tive	Stell	for	the	past	16	years.”               with	the	Legacy	Award	by	the	Greater	            Mexico	Cattle	Growers	Association;	
                                                                                                                                                 	          Transportation	Commission	            Albuquerque	Chamber	of 	Commerce	                the	New	Mexico	Public	Lands	Council;	
                                                                                                                                                 Chairman	Johnny	Cope	said,	“The	nam-             for	his	distinguished	service	as	a	legisla-      the	Mountain	States	Legal	Founda-
                                                                                                                                                 ing	of 	this	road	will	serve	as	a	tribute	       tor.	Some	of 	his	other	awards	include	          tion;	Carlsbad	Soil	and	Conservation	
                                                                                                                                                 to	a	man	that	has	served	southern	New	           the	New	Mexico	Department	of 	Agri-              District,	Lodge	Number	1588	of 	the	
                                                                                                                                                 Mexico	with	great	pride.	I	am	humbled	           culture	Secretary’s	Honor	Award	and	the	         Benevolent	and	Protective	Order	of 	
                                                                                                                                                 to	take	part	in	this	tribute	to	Rep.	Stell.”     Lifetime	Achievement	Award	from	the	             Elks;	Bureau	of 	Land	Management’s	
                                                                                                                                                            Rep. Stell was first elected to       Greater	Artesia	Chamber	of 	Commerce.            Resource	Advisory	Committee;	Eddy	
                                                                                                                                                 the	House	of 	Representatives	in	1986	           	         	Stell	is	a	1946	graduate	of 	         County	Sheriff ’s	Posse	and	the	First	
                                                                                                                                                 and	has	continuously	and	tirelessly	             Carlsbad	High	School.	During	his	high	           United	Methodist	Church	of 	Carlsbad.
                                                                                                                                                 served	the	citizens	of 	District	54	since	       school	years	he	was	All	State	in	foot-           	         He	is	married	to	Verna	J.	Ren-
                                                                                                                                                 then.	As	a	representative	has	served	as	         ball,	basketball	and	track.	Following	his	       fro	and	has	four	children,	James	William,	
                                                                                                                                                 the	chair	of 	the	Agriculture	and	Water	         high	school	graduation,	he	attended	             Cathy	Jeanne,	Jo	Beth	and	Linda	Lee.
                                                                                                                                                 Resources	committee,	co-chair	of 	the	           Southern	Methodist	University	and	               	

6                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               7
District Four employee litter pick up volunteer.                        Morphy Lake State Park near N.M. 58.                                     District Six engineer Larry Maynard helps paint the Route 66 stencil.

                                             Roads are Clean on N.M. 58                                                                                                    District Six Joins Forces with Grants/Cibola
                                                   STORY ANd PHOTOGRAPHY CHRISTINA ROMERO
                                         OUR GUIdING PRINCIPLE: ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY
                                                                                                                                                                                   County Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                                                                                                                                         STORY ANd PHOTOGRAPHY ROSIE SAIS

	          District	Four	recently	wrapped	up	the	“Toss	No	Mas”	          mated	to	be	about	$1	per	pound	of 	trash.	When	you	think	about	                                                                                  	         The first week of August 2006, Star Gonzales, Grants/Cibola
statewide	litter	event	for	the	entire	department	as	the	concluding	      the	number	of 	pounds	of 	trash	we	pick	up,	we	could	invest	our	                                                                                 County	Chamber	of 	Commerce	director,	approached	Larry	Maynard,	
district	to	host	such	an	event.		District	Four	staff,	employees,	San	    dollars	in	improving	our	highways,	good	pavement,	and	good	                                                                                      D-6	Engineer	to	ask	about	painting	the	Route	66	logo	on	Old	Route	66.	
Miguel	County	Corrections	Program,	Jicarita	Rural	Telephone	             signage.	The	focus	is	not	so	much	about	picking	up	litter	but	                                                                                   “Cibola	and	McKinley	County	have	the	longest	stretch	of 	un-
Company,	members	of 	the	Mora	V.F.W.	Post	1131	and	folks	                about	raising	awareness	throughout	our	community.	One	of 	                                                                                       broken	Route	66	in	the	state	of 	New	Mexico,	said	Gonzales.
from	the	Adopt-a-	Highway	Program	cleaned	70	miles	of 	trash	            our	strategic	plans	in	the	department	is	to	expand	and	maintain	                                                                                 “This	is	important	to	the	local	communities	that	live	on	the	route	
from	Las	Vegas	to	Mora	Aug.	22.		Mora	County	Magistrate	John	            a	safe	transportation	system.		That	strategic	priority	tracks	the	                                                                               and	this	historic	route	is	what	many	of 	us	have	come	to	appreci-
Sanchez	assigned	several	people	to	help	clean	trash	from	the	            litter	control	program.		We	report	to	the	Legislature	the	number	                                                                                ate	as	an	important	part	of 	our	economic	development.”	
right-of-way	as	part	of 	their	community	service.		More	than	100	        of 	pounds	of 	litter	we	pick	up	each	year	and	the	dollar	amount	                                                                                	At	that	point	Larry	was	sold	and	began	to	make	ar-
participants	pitched	in	to	help	clean	of 	N.M.	518	of 	8.9	tons	of 	     associated	with	that	activity.	Some	folks	may	think	a	high	number	                                                                               rangements	for	the	project	to	begin.		
trash.	New	Mexico	State	Police	kept	the	roads	safe	by	patrolling	        is	a	good	thing	but	the	truth	is	it’s	a	bad	thing,	because	people	are	                                                                           	         Local	representatives	from	Cibola	and	McKinley	counties	came	
N.M. 518 and slowing traffic throughout the event.                       still	littering	our	roadways,”	said	Gray.	                                                                                                       to	the	kick-off 	Aug.	22	for	painting	the	logo.		Representatives	included;	
	          A	press	conference	on	KFUN/KLVF	radio	was	held	               	            As	the	daily	afternoon	rains	held	off,	the	40-member	                                                                               Joe	Murrietta		City	of 	Grants	mayor;	Tom	Ortega,	Village	of 	Milan	
live	from	Morphy	Lake	State	Park.	Speakers	included	District	            Luna	Community	College	Rough	Riders	baseball	team	volun-                                                                                         mayor;	Billy	Moore,	McKinley	County	commissioner;	David	Ulibarri,	
Four	Engineer	Paul	W.	Gray,	Adjutant	Secretary	Rebecca	Mon-              teered	its	time	to	help	clean	up	the	route	instead	of 	holding	                                                                                  Cibola	County	manager;	Star	Gonzales;	Herb	Mosher,	Gallup/McKinley	
toya,	Mora	County	Magistrate	John	Sanchez	and	Acting	Mora	               daily	practice.	Gray	and	Christina	Romero,	District	Four	public	                                                                                 County	Chamber	of 	Commerce	executive	director;	and	Jane	Pitts,	Cibola	
State	Park	Superintendent	Jaime	Romero.		Participants	enjoyed	a	         information officer, met the team at milepost 0 on N.M. 518                                                                                      County	commissioner.		There	were	30	designated	locations	that	will	be	
picnic	lunch	at	Morphy	Lake	State	Park	secluded	in	the	Sangre	de	        to	distribute	safety	vests,	trash	bags,		bottled	water	and	gloves.	                                                                              placed	starting	in	Mesita	and	heading	west	to	the	Arizona	state	line.					
Cristo	Mountain	range.	                                                  Rough	Riders	coaches	Sam	Soto	and	Peter	Ortiz	walked	along	                                                                                      	         	“The	New	Mexico	Department	of 	Transportation		is	responsible	
	          During	the	press	conference	Gray	said,	“It	gives	us	a	        the	3-mile	stretch	to	keep	the	guys	in	line	and	also	pitched	in	to	                                                                              for	the	safety	of 	the	traveling	public	and	providing	positive	guidance	for	
new	respect	for	our	maintenance	personnel,	who	do	this	type	of 	         pick	up	trash.	                                                                                                                                  travelers	on	New	Mexico		roads,”	said	Maynard.	“Two	of 	our	priorities	
activity	on	a	regular	basis	and	spend	a	big	part	of 	their	week	pick-    		           “We’re	happy	to	help	the	DOT	and	the	community	of 	                                                                                 are	to	assist	with	economic	development	and	to	partner	with	local	govern-
ing	up	trash	along	our	right-of-ways	as	well	as	other	maintenance	       Las	Vegas	raise	awareness	about	litter	on	our	roads,”	said	Coach	                                                                                ments	and	tribes.		Working	with	the	Grants/Cibola	County	Chamber	of 	
activities.	In	addition	to	litter	pickup,	they	keep	our	roads	clean	     Soto.	“The	guys	were	really	surprised	about	the	great	lunch	                                                                                     Commerce	has	shown	that	Route	66	is	an	important	part	of 	the	heritage	
during	the	winter	by	plowing	snow,	mending	fences,	patching	             they	had	waiting	for	them	when	they	were	done.	I’ve	never	seen	                                                                                  of 	New	Mexico	and	is	important	to	the	economic	development	of 	small	
potholes,	keeping	livestock	off 	the	roadway	and	dealing	with	lit-       6-	foot	subs,	chicken	and	pizzas	disappear	so	quickly.”	Although	                                                                                communities	that	lie	on	Route	66.		These	Route	66	logos	will	provide	
ter.	                                                                    the	Rough	Riders	were	on	the	scene	on	N.M.	518;	it’s	no	longer	a	                                                                                guidance	to	travelers	wishing	to	experience	the	legacy	of 	Route	66.”
	          “The	amount	of 	money	spent	on	litter	pickup	is	esti-         rough	ride,	thanks	to	everyone	who	helped	clean.		
                                                                               vehicles	and	helps	employees	moving	heavy	objects.
                                                                               									Tony	listed	the	numerous	activities	he	does	daily.	He	
                                                                               started	with	small	things	and	soon	there	was	a	whole	page	
                                                                               of 	things	he	does	on	a	daily	basis	that	aren’t	listed	in	his	job	
                                                                               duties.		It	was	a	surprise	to	all	and	especially	Tony,	because	
                                                                               he	said,	“Wow!		I	didn’t	realize	that	I	did	that	much!”		
                                                                               										Tony	is	scheduled	to	work	a	standard	40-hour	week	
                                                                               but	recently	was	asked	to	come	in	one	hour	early	to	unlock	
                                                                               the	gates	at	the	district.	The	system	was	recently	struck	by	
                                                                               lightening and hasn’t been fixed, so Tony was asked to make
                                                                               sure	all	D-6	employees	can	access	the	district	complex	at	
                                                                               their	scheduled	working	hours.		Tony	does	most	of 	his	work	
                                                                               outside	in	various	weather	conditions	and	rarely	is	able	to	
                                                                               spend	time	indoors.		He	has	an	impeccable	safety	record	
                                                                               with	the	state.		Other	than	minor	scrapes	and	bruises,	Tony	
                                                                               has	never	had	a	severe	injury	or	serious	vehicle	accident.		
                                                                               										Some	of 	the	many	extra	activities	Tony	assists	with	
                                                                               include raising and lowering the flags morning and evening,
                                                                               helping	the	service	center	technicians	and	the	warehouse	
                                                                               when	they	are	short-handed,	keeping	the	curbs	clean	and	
                                                                               painted;	picking	up	the	mail	daily	at	10	a.m.	and	being	on-call	
                                                                               for	problems	with	gates,	doors,	heating	and	cooling	systems	
                                                                               and	sprinklers.	He	comes	to	work	early	every	morning	in	
                                                                               winter	to	clear	the	parking	lot	of 	ice	and	snow	and	ensures	the	
                                                                               sidewalks are safe. Recently, the district offices got new carpet
                                                                               and	Tony	and	his	summer	helpers	cleared	out	all	the	furniture,	
                                                                               painted the walls and replaced the furniture in each office.
                                                                               When	the	new	security	system	was	installed,	Tony	made	two	
                                                                               trenches	around	the	entire	district	for	the	wires	that	control	
                                                                               the	fence.		“That	assignment	took	one-and-a-half 	weeks,”	
                                                                               he	said.		Sometimes	various	projects	and	events	come	up	
                                                                               around	the	district	and	Tony	is	always	willing	to	lend	a	hand.                                                                                                          PHOTOGRAPHY BRIDGET SPEDALIERI
                                                                               										In	July	2005,	Tony	was	honored	as	Employee	                Flooded streets of Hatch, New Mexico.
                                                                               of 	the	Month	for	his	spectacular	attitude	and	willing-
                                                                               ness	to	help.	Tony’s	hard	work	and	dedication	to	his	job	
                                                                               makes	District	Six	look	good	–	literally.		Coming	off 	
                                                                               I-40	into	D-6,	there	is	beautiful	green	grass,	full	trees,	
                                                                                                                                                    Message from the Secretary
                                                                               gorgeous flower beds and clean landscaping, thanks                   	         Earlier	this	August,	Southern	New	Mexico	was	devastated	       prevent	injuries	or	fatalities	in	that	area.	Employees	in	District	Four	
                                                                               to	Tony.	He	may	be	small,	but	he	sure	is	mighty!		                   by	heavy	rains	and	thunderstorms.	Our	citizens	suffered	through	         also helped with closing flooded county roads. This is just the tip
	                                                              Tony Sandoval
A Day in the Life                                                       			
                                                                                                                                                    severe	conditions	affecting	the	counties	of 	Dona	Ana,	Grant,	
                                                                                                                                                    Luna,	and	Hidalgo.	Throughout	this	devastation,	our	employ-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             of 	the	iceberg.	The	list	of 	heroics	and	heroes	goes	on	and	on.	
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Thanks to those first responders from our department
of District Six Groundskeeper,                                                                                                                      ees,	especially	those	affected	in	District	One	and	District	Two,	        for unselfishly volunteering their time and energy to help oth-
                                                                                                                                                    rose	to	the	occasion	and	made	this	department	proud.	When	the	           ers in need. New Mexicans survived the inundated flood waters
Tony “Bullet” Sandoval
	                                                                                                                                                   town	of 	Hatch	was	overwhelmed	and	under	water,	our	District	            and	safety	in	our	communities	and	on	our	roads	prevailed.	For	
STORY ANd PHOTOGRAPHY ROSIE SAIS                                                                                                                    One	employees	put	their	lives	on	the	line	to	pull	out	stranded	          this	outpouring	of 	concern	and	compassion,	residents	of 	Hatch	
OUR GUIdING PRINCIPLE: A GREAT PLACE TO WORK                                                                                                        residents	to	safety.	They	were	there	helping	people	out	of 	the	         and	all	the	surrounding	villages	so	deeply	affected	by	this	ex-
	                                                                                                                                                   flooded streets before any official help arrived. They saved lives and   treme devastation are filled with heartfelt gratitude. I honor our
                                                                                                                                                    avoided	any	tragic	situations	with	their	tireless	and	heroic	efforts.	   employees	who	have	demonstrated	to	the	utmost	degree	their	
	           Tony	“Bullet”	Sandoval	is	much	more	to	District	Six	than	                                                                               	         Hatch	Patrol	workers	Ronnie	Hinojos	and	Ruben	Diaz	            ultimate	generosity	and	benevolence.	There	are	not	enough	words	
meets	the	eye.		Tony	has	been	an	employee	with	District	Six	for	                                                                                    drove their loader through rising floodwaters to rescue stranded         for	how	proud	I	am	of 	every	individual	who	honored	our	com-
six	years	–	three	with	the	rest	area	crew	and	three	as	the	grounds-                                                                                 residents,	working	long	hours	performing	rescue	duties	beyond	the	       mitment	to	care	for	each	other.	Because	of 	their	leadership,	
keeper.		Tony	came	to	us	from	the	mining	industry	and	says	he	is	                                                                                   norm. Likewise, Roswell Patrol workers helped with flood rescues         team	work	and	quick	thinking,	several	lives	were	saved	and	I	am	
happy	here.		He	has	a	wide	variety	of 	“followers”	and	has	become	                                                                                  in	addition	to	clearing	debris	from	the	roads,	often	working	24-         so grateful for that. We may have suffered through a difficult
known	as	Bullet	for	his	lightening	speed	and	sense	of 	humor.                                                                                       hour shifts in the face of area floods. District Five workers spent      time,	but	together	we	will	help	each	other	rebuild.	I	appreciate	
										According	to	his	job	description,	Tony	is	responsible	for	                                                                                three	days	clearing	rock	fall	from	Hyde	Park	Road	near	Santa	Fe	         everyone	for	their	dedication	and	motivation	to	persevere.	We	
maintaining	and	making	repairs	around	the	district	complex	                                                                                         and	guiding	stranded	motorists	safely	down	the	mountain.	District	       truly	are	a	family	and	I	am	honored	to	be	part	of 	this	family.
buildings	and	grounds,	keeping	the	20-year	old	heating,	cool-                                                                                       Three	workers	cleared	mud	and	silt	from	Corrales	Road	and	pre-
ing,	boiler	and	sprinkler	systems	working	and	maintaining	the	                                                                                      vented further flooding by removing concrete walls to allow water        Sincerely,	
district	lawn	to	perfection.	Tony	also	assists	the	district	engi-                                                                                   to flow over the bridge. District Six crews responded immediately        Rhonda	Faught
neer	and	administrators	with	preventive	maintenance	on	their	                                                                                       to the incessant rainfall and their quick, efficient response helped

            n	 late	 July	 District	 One	 was	                                                                                                        As the flooding took place, Ron-
            hit	 severely	 with	 heavy	 rainfall	                                                                                          nie	 Hinojos	 and	 Ruben	 Diaz	 worked	 ef-
            and runoff, causing flooding                                                                                                   fortlessly to rescue people from flooding
            in	 Dona	 Ana,	 Grant,	 Luna,	 Hi-                                                                                             waters.	 Hinojos	 got	 in	 the	 loader	 bucket	
dalgo	 and	 Sierra	 counties.	 The	 rain	 ini-                                                                                             and	Diaz	drove	towards	the	apartment	area	
tially	 affected	 U.S.	 180,	 N.M.	 145,	 N.M.	                                                                                            to	 get	 people	 out	 through	 second	 story	
52,	 N.M.	 211,	 N.M.	 273	 and	 FL	 6403.	                                                                                                windows	and	drive	them	to	safer	ground.	
These	 routes	 have	 been	 re-opened	 ex-                                                                                                  Hinojos	said	Diaz	had	to	be	quick	on	the	
cept	 for	 N.M.	 52,	 which	 has	 restrictions	                                                                                            peddles	 so	 the	 loader	 would	 not	 die	 out,	
posted	due	to	the	muddy	roadway	surface.	                                                                                                  due to high water and floating debris. Diaz
	           The	second	string	of 	rain	show-                                                                                               used	 his	 skill	 to	 ensure	 Ronnie’s	 safety.	
ers	visited	Hatch	Aug.	1,	bringing	devasta-                                                                                                	          These	heroic	employees	could	not	
tion to the town with flooding, runoffs and                                                                                                imagine	 stopping	 when	 all	 they	 could	 see	
closures	 throughout	 this	 area.	 This	 large	                                                                                            was	fear	in	children’s	eyes.	Many	of 	these	
storm	came	off 	the	Las	Uvas	(The	Grapes)	                                                                                                 children	 lost	 contact	 with	 their	 parents	
Mountains,	carrying	water	and	debris	from	                                                                                                 as	 the	 waters	 swept	 them	 away.	 Hinojos	
N.M.	26	down	to	N.M.	187.	The	town	was	                                                                                                    and	 Diaz	 made	 several	 runs	 into	 the	 wa-
inundated	with	little	or	no	time	to	evacu-                                                                                                 ters	to	recover	separated	family	members.	
ate.	 The	 impact	 of 	 the	 water	 caused	 em-                                                                                            At	 one	 point,	 Hinojos	 went	 to	 a	 nearby	
bankments	to	break	and	the	levy	to	breach.	                                                                                                home	 to	 carry	 Gilbert	 Montenegro’s	 el-
	           At	about	12:30	p.m.	Aug.	15,	Dan-                                                                                              derly	 bedridden	 mother	 to	 an	 ambu-
na Molina, radio room supervisor, notified                                                                                                 lance.	 Montenegro	 is	 forever	 grateful	 to	
two	 employees	 from	 the	 Hatch	 Patrol	 to	                                                                                              Hinojos	 for	 helping	 his	 family	 in	 need.
assess	the	situation.	When	Ronnie	Hinojos	                                                                                                 	          Ronnie	Hinojos,	Ruben	Diaz,	Rey	
and	Ruben	Diaz	arrived,	they	immediately	                                                                                                  Terrazas	 and	 Danny	 Silva	 all	 said	 they	
began	 rescuing	 individuals	 from	 the	 Ca-                                                                                               would	 take	 these	 extreme	 measures	 again	
ballo	Apartments	and	nearby	homes.	They	                                                                                                   to	rescue	individuals	from	devastation,	say-
called	Danny	Silva,	Hatch	Patrol	supervi-                                                                                                  ing	 “Yes,	 I	 could	 not	 imagine	 doing	 any-
sor,	 and	 Rey	 Terrazas,	 highway	 mainte-                                                                                                thing	 else.”	 	 They	 felt	 	 the	 need	 and	 de-
nance	worker,	to	alert	them	to	the	situation.	                                                                                             sire	to	save	those	crying	out	for	help.	Silva	
	           Silva	gathered	assistance	from	all	                                                                                            said	 he	 is	 extremely	 proud	 to	 be	 part	 of 	
supporting	areas	and	an	emergency	com-                                                                                                     the	Hatch	Patrol.	“It	is	through	these	em-
mand	 post	 was	 established	 at	 the	 Hatch	                                                                                              ployees	that	not	one	life	was	lost,”	he	said.
Patrol.	Lt.	Dominic	Pargas	of 	New	Mexico	                                                                                                 	His	employees	took	the	necessary	steps	to	
State	Police	took	charge	of 		resources	for	                                                                                               ensure	the	safety	of 	others	without	think-
the	Town	of 	Hatch.	Pargas	had	assistance	                                                                                                 ing	twice	about	themselves.	Despite	all	the	
from	the	Red	Cross;	Sgt.	Garcia	of 	the	Na-                                                                                                rain and flooding, the roadways in this area
tional	Guard;	Dona	Ana	County	Sheriff 	T.	                                                                                                 have	been	reopened	except	N.M.	187	near	
Garrison;	 Leo	 Barrett	 and	 Gary	 Essling-                                                                                               the	 Caballo	 Apartments.	 Crews	 continue	
er	 of 	 Elephant	 Butte	 Irrigation	 District	                                                                                            to	 work	 on	 the	 road	 and	 embankments.	
(EBID);	Hatch	Police	Chief 	D.	Ross;	the	                                                                                                  	          “There	 are	 not	 enough	 words	 to	
New	 Mexico	 Department	 of 	 Game	 and	                                                                                                   commend	all	the	employees	of 	District	One	
Fish,	 Southern	 New	 Mexico	 Corrections	                                                                                                 who	 took	 part	 in	 these	 rescue	 missions,”	    	
Facility,	 Cupid	 Construction	 and	 many	                                                                                                 said	Dominguez.	“Not	to	mention	the	em-
more.	 Alvin	 Dominguez,	 District	 One	                                                                                                   ployees	from	my	other	patrols	who	maintain	
engineer,	 reassigned	 employees	 from	 the	                                                                                               the	safety	of 	our	roadways	in	other	coun-
Bridge	 Crew,	 Heavy	 Maintenance	 Crew,	                                                                                                  ties.”	 	 The	 employees	 from	 District	 One	
Las	Cruces	Patrol	and	the	T	or	C	Patrol.	                                                                                                  all	 deserve	an	 award	 for	 their	 long	 hours,	
This	 was	 possible	 due	 to	 the	 well-	 coor-                                                                                            hard	work	and	dedication	to	the	safety	of 	
dinated	efforts	of 	his	assistant	district	en-                                                                                             our	communities	and	the	traveling	public.
gineers	and	area	maintenance	supervisors.
	                                                                                                       Hatch engulfed with flood water.
                                                    STORY BRIdGET SPEdALIERI PHOTOGRAPHY STATE POLICE
                                                    OUR GUIdING PRINCIPLE: SAFETY ANd SECURITY

Flood damaged U.S. 247.                                                                                                                          Clogged channel on N.M.448.

State Roads Flood Due to Heavy Monsoon Rains                                                                                                     Heavy Rains Clog Channel On N.M. 448 In Corrales
STORY ANd PHOTOGRAPHY MANON ARNETT                                                                                                               STORY ANd PHOTOGRAPHY PHIL GALLEGOS
OUR GUIdING PRINCIPLE: SAFETY ANd SECURITY                                                                                                       OUR GUIdING PRINCIPLE: SAFETY ANd SECURITY

	           The	dry	weather	has	diminished	with	heavy	                   fixed, it gets damaged again with more rain.”                           	         Recent	heavy	rains	have	kept	maintenance	crews	          the	immediate	problems	it	would	require	N.M.448	be	com-
rainstorms	hitting	several	towns	in	southeastern	New	                    	           Water	levels	have	been	as	high	as	12	feet	on	some	ar-       busy	throughout	the	state	and	District	Three	crews	have	not	       pletely	closed	at	the	bridge	until	the	channel	could	be	cleared.	
Mexico with gusts of wind, flooding major roads.                         eas	of 	N.M.	247	near	Corona,	forcing	the	department	to	close	          been	spared	having	to	assist	with	the	cleanup.	On	August	6th	      	         Now	the	focus	shifted	to	removing	the	muddy	contents	
“The	New	Mexico	Department	of 	Transportation	(NMDOT)	has	               it	to	travelers.		Flooding	has	destroyed	fencing,	washed	out	           heavy	downpours	west	of 	Corrales	caused	a	very	large	amount	      of the channel to allow for the correct flow of runoff. The task
spent	an	estimated	$1.5	million	so	far	cleaning	up	debris	from	the	      roads and filled roadways and some communities with debris.             of mud, silt and debris to flow down the Montoya Arroyo.           facing	the	crews	was	the	removal	of 	mud	8	feet	high,	40	feet	wide	
roadways,”	said	Deputy	Secretary	Robert	Ortiz	at	the	Aug.	17	New	                    Heavy flooding brings difficult working conditions and      Upon entering the Harvey Jones Channel the mud flow man-           and	3,000	feet	long.	Initial	estimates	placed	the	cleanup	time	at	
Mexico	State	Transportation	Commission	meeting	in	Cloudcroft.            unforeseen	problems,	requiring	quick	responses	by	Department	of 	       aged	to	plug	the	channel	beneath	N.M.448	(Corrales	Road).	         several	months.	As	of 	Aug.	15,	the	crews	continue	to	clear	the	
	           As	rain	continues	to	come	down,	NMDOT	maintenance	           Transportation	employees.		“The	roads	are	the	lifelines	to	our	neigh-   The	situation	threatened	to	damage	the	bridge	and	cause	the	       channel	but	expect	to	reopen	N.M.448	within	the	next	few	days.
patrols	are	out	to	the	rescue,	aiding	cities,	counties	and	private	      boring	communities,”	said	Gary	Shubert,	District	Two	engineer.		        overflow of water to flood homes adjacent to the channel.
citizens	while	still	cleaning	the	debris	on	their	own	assigned	          	           Damaged	roads	in	the	District	Two	jurisdic-                 	         District	personnel	assessed	the	problem	and	decided	
roadways.		The	patrols	are	on	call,	working	more	than	24-hour	           tion	include	U.S.	82,	N.M.	532,	N.M.	524,	N.M.	247	                     to	remove	the	concrete	walls	on	the	bridge	to	allow	water	to	
shifts	if 	necessary,	to	keep	roadways	open	to	the	traveling	public.		   and	N.M	24.	For	more	information	about	road	adviso-                     flow over the bridge and downstream thus avoiding flood-
	           District	Two	Area	Maintenance	Supervi-                       ries	visit	the	NMDOT	web	site,	nmshtd.state.nm.us.                      ing	the	neighborhood.	They	then	created	temporary	concrete	
sor	Dewayne	Brown	said	maintenance	crews	have	                                                                                                   wall	barrier,	earthen	banks	across	N.M.448	to	contain	the	wa-
been	busy	working.	“By	the	time	they	get	something	                                                                                              ter while it flowed across the bridge. While the solution solved

Flood damage on N.M. 52.                                                                                                                        District Three Crews repair N.M. 448.

4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    5
District Five maintenance crews work around the clock to clear out rubbel.   Landslides cover N.M. 475.                                                  Flood damage on N.M. 8.   Crews repair N.M. 8.

                                                                                                                                                                                     District Six Slammed
                                                                               traveling	both	to	and	from	the	Santa	Fe	National	Forest.	
Landslide on NM 475 - Hyde Park Road                                           While	the	crew	cleared	both	lanes,	rainfall	began	to	accu-
STORY ANd PHOTOGRAPHY KARYN LUJAN                                              mulate	and	more	and	more	rock	fell	again.	At	about	3	p.m.	
                                                                               Aug.	20,	Hyde	Park	Road	was	closed	at	milepost	7.3	ex-
                                                                               cept	for	those	coming	down	the	mountain	to	Santa	Fe.		
                                                                                                                                                                                     by Thunderstorms
                                                                               												The	Cuyamungue	Crew	diligently	worked	to	re-                                              STORY ANd PHOTOGRAPHY ROSIE SAIS
	            The	recent	rains	have	been	great	for	the	
                                                                               move	the	fallen	rock	until	late	that	night.	Local	news	media	                                         OUR GUIdING PRINICIPLE: SAFETY ANd SECURITY
dryness in recent years—reservoirs fill up, vegeta-
tion	grows,	and	the	hot	temperatures	cool.                                     covered	the	story	while	the	heavily	traveled	road	remained	
            On the flip side, too much moisture often can have                 closed	for	the	next	two	days.	Working	from	sunup	to	sun-
a	negative	impact	on	state	highways.	During	Indian	Mar-                        down, the Cuyamungue Crew finally cleared a large enough
ket	weekend	in	the	wee	hours	of 	the	night,	heavy	rains	in	                    area	by	Aug.	23	to	reopen	the	road	to	the	traveling	public.	
the	Hyde	Park	area	caused	a	slight	shift	in	the	mountain	                      												After	seeing	the	rock	fall	site,	District	Five	Maintenance	
and	about	500	tons	of 	rock	fell	on	the	roadway	of 	N.M.	                      Engineer	Miguel	Gabaldon	noted	that	over	2,500	tons	of 	mate-                                           	         District	Six	has	been	hit	hard	recently	
475, blocking any traffic traveling up the mountain.                           rial	had	been	moved	during	the	clean	up	and	the	hillside	still	had	                                     with	the	relentless	rain	showers	and	thunder-
												Responding	to	a	call	from	the	Santa	Fe	County	Sheriff ’s	          not	stabilized.		Assistance	was	requested	from	the	NMDOT	                                               storms	that	began	in	early	July	2006.		Some	of 	
Department,	the	District	Five	Cuyamungue	Crew	headed	up	                       Geotechnical	Design	Section,	and	GDS	staff 	assessed	that	the	                                          the	major	areas	of 	District	Six	that	were	severely	
the	mountain	around	6	a.m.	Aug.	20	to	assess	the	damage.	                      majority	of 	unstable	rock	already	had	fallen	and	routine	moni-                                         damaged	with	water	were	most	of 	Cibola	County	
The	rock	fall	occurred	just	before	the	Hyde	Park	ranger	sta-                   toring	of 	the	remaining	slope	would	be	necessary	until	mon-                                            and	parts	of 	Sandoval,	Catron	and	McKinley	
tion,	an	area	that	typically	experiences	falling	rock	–	a	wall	                soon	storms	come	to	an	end.		Pending	further	evaluation	from	                                           County.		District	crews	did	an	outstanding	job	
barrier is in place to protect oncoming traffic. This barrier has              NMDOT	geotechnical	and	environmental	staff,	Gabaldon	said,	                                             tackling	the	unfailing	and	unshakeable	rainfall	
been	effective	over	the	years,	as	rock	that	falls	has	had	only	                “District	Five	will	continue	to	do	what’s	necessary	to	handle	this	                                     that	affected	NM	roads.		Because	of 	the	im-
minimal	impact	until	this	incident.	So	much	rock	fell	that	it	                 situation	and	prepare	for	the	upcoming	winter	month’s	moisture.	                                        mediate	response	and	knowledge	the	crews	
completely	covered	and	cracked	the	protective	wall	barrier.	                   However,	we	cannot	control	Mother	Nature,	but	our	mainte-                                               demonstrated,	the	district	endured	no	fatalities	
												The	Cuyamungue	crew	immediately	cleared	a	lane	                    nance	crews	will	be	ready	to	protect	our	roadways	and	of 	course,	                                      or injuries due to the flood. Crews are still out
to	allow	vehicles	to	pass.	There	were	campers	and	hikers	                      provide	a	safe	and	passable	route	for	the	traveling	public.”	                                           cleaning	and	repairing	damaged	roadways.		

6                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            7
District Two                                                                                                                                                       Over 200 Visitors at the NMDOT
                                                                                                                                                                                       Open House
HEA gives                                                                                                                                                            STORY ANd PHOTOGRAPHY MANON ARNETT

$2,000 to                                                                                                                                   	                         Roswell	and	nearby	residents	got	an	in-depth	in-
                                                                                                                                                              troduction	to	implementation	and	development	of 	our	
Scholarship                                                                                                                                                transportation	system	Aug.	2	at	the	New	Mexico	Depart-
                                                                                                                                                            ment	of 	Transportation	District	Two	Open	House.		The	
winners                                                                                                                                                                  district office received more than 200 visitors.
OUR GUIdING                                                                                                                                 	                      Seated	behind	tables	or	standing	next	to	trucks	and	
PRINCIPLE: A GREAT                                                                                                                                     equipment,	the	NMDOT	representatives	who	make	District	
                                                                                                                                                         Two	run	smoothly	explained	their	jobs.		Guests	were	given	
                                                                                                                                                     guided	tours	through	the	complex	to	hear	10	department	sec-
                                                                                                                                                                tion	representatives	explain	their	areas	of 	occupation.		
	         The	District	Two	                                                                                                                 	                           Each	department	section	explained	the	unique	
Highway	Employee	Associa-                                                                                                                                     talents	of 	its	area	of 	expertise	including:	adopt-a-high-
tion	(HEA)	gave	$2,000	to	                                                                                                                                way,	audit,	aviation,	bridge	inspection,	chip	seal,	construc-
the	2006	HEA	scholarship	                                                                                                                                        tion,	design,	herbicide,	human	resources,	lab,	mainte-
winners. Four qualified                                                                                                                                            nance, permits, service center, sign shop and traffic.
applicants	applied,	each	                                                                                                                   	                      Large	groups	of 	children	lined	up	for	bicycle	train-
of 	whom	received	a	$500	                                                                                                                                  ing	and	received	NMDOT	bicycle	helmets.		They	learned	
scholarship	toward	college	                                                                                                                               the	importance	of 	bicycle	safety,	exercise	and	other	forms	
expenses.		All	scholar-                                                                                                                                   of 	transportation.	Others	strolled	though	the	outdoor	ex-
ship	applications	were	due	                                                                                                                                hibits	clutching	souvenirs	they	received	while	taking	in	all	
by	July	31	and	applicant’s	                                                                                                                                      the	information	given	by	department	representatives.	
parents	were	required	to	be	                                                                                                                	                       Visitors	also	had	the	opportunity	to	talk	with	local	
District	Two	HEA	mem-                                                                                                                            agencies	that	were	invited	to	partake	in	the	event.		Local	agencies	
bers.	For	more	information	                                                                                                                       included:	Big	Brothers	and	Big	Sisters,	Bureau	of 	Land	Manage-
regarding	District	Two	                                                                                                                           ment,	Dexter	Volunteer	Fire	Department,	New	Mexico	Depart-
Highway	Employees	As-                                                                                                                             ment of Labor, Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell, Pacific
sociation	(HEA),	contact	                                                                                                                          Institute,	Smith	Engineering,	Roswell	Fire	Department,	Roswell	
Georgina	Ramirez,	District	                                                                                                                          Parks	and	Recreation	Department	and	United	Blood	Services.
Two	HEA	Chair.		Join	your	                                                                                                                  	                      The	open	house	committee	wanted	local	agency	in-
local	HEA!                                                                                                                                            volvement,	department	involvement,	high	public	turnout	and	
                                                                                                                                                           an	educational	experience	for	attendees.		Planning	for	the	
HEA	Scholarship	Winners:                                                                                                                             day	began	late	June.		Refreshments	and	door	prizes	were	pro-
                                                                                                                                                         vided	by	a	variety	of 	sponsors.		With	participation	from	an	
Erica	Winkle,	daughter	of 	                                                                                                                                  outstanding	group	of 	individuals,	the	day	was	a	success.	   	
Lowell	Winkle,	will	enter	the	                                                                                                              	                          NMDOT	personnel	are	the	deliverers	of 	a	safe	
nursing	program	at	ENMU	                                                                                                                                          and	secure	multimodal	transportation	infrastructure.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Alien overlooks Districts Two’s Open House.
for a certificate in phle-
botomy.                          wellness fair volunteer holds a model of what fat looks like in the human body.

Kristi	Aragon,	daughter	of 	
Jeff 	Aragon,	will	study	edu-
cation	at	NMSU	to	become	
                                 Fourth Annual wellness Fair 2006
                                                                                                                                                th annual National Association of
an	elementary	teacher.
                                                                                                                                                Transportation Safety and Health Officials
                                                                                                                                                STORY TOdd WILSON
Mattie	Runyan,	daughter	         	         In	an	effort	to	create	awareness	and	educate	NMDOT	employees	on	health	conscious	issues,	
of 	Mittie	Runyan	(Artesia	      a Wellness Fair was held Aug. 23 at the Motor Pool of the NMDOT General Office. There were 17
Patrol),	will	study	occupa-      exhibitors	who	participated	in	the	Wellness	Fair	and	all	had	very	valuable	information	for	employees.	         	         Members	of 	the	NMDOT	G.O.	Risk	Management	Bureau	and	Districts	One	and	Two	Risk	Management	of-
tional	therapy	at	ENMU	–R,	      Some	of 	the	17	exhibitors	on	hand	were:	Turquoise	Trail	Physical	Therapy,	St.	Vincent’s	Hospital,	Fit-        fices attended the 39th annual National Association of Transportation Safety and Health Officials (NAATSHO).
expand	into	Hippo	Therapy	       ness	Plus	and	Concentra.		Included	were	booths	where	employees	were	able	to	check	blood	sugar	levels,	         NAATSHO is the only organization specifically targeted toward improving the health and safety of DOT em-
and	work	with	special	needs	     blood	pressure,	body	mass	and	also	donate	blood.                                                               ployees	in	the	United	States,	Canada	and	Mexico.	A	total	of 	27	states	and	two	Canadian	provinces	were	represent-
children	                        	         Kids	Under	Konstruction	was	able	to	raise	$210	for	the	daycare	by	selling	a	delicious	and	           ed	at	the	annual	meeting	in	Rapid	City,	S.D.		Members	exchange	information,	share	ideas	and	learn	new	and	innova-
                                 healthy	lunch.	Exhibitors	and	NMDOT	employees	alike	have	been	pleased	with	the	information	and	                tive	ways	to	improve	the	safety	of 	DOT	employees	and	members	of 	the	traveling	public	in	work	zones.	
Robert	Crane,	son	of 	           outcome	of 	the	annual	Wellness	Fair.		                                                                        Through	this	process,	DOTs	have	input	on	ANSI	standards	for	personal	protective	equipment	and	new	equip-
Robert	(Roswell	Patrol)	and	     	                                                                                                              ment	designs	and	applications.	During	the	conference,	all	states	compared	injury	and	accident	data.	It	was	apparent	
Lorraine	Crane,	will	major	      	         >For	more	information	about	the	Wellness	Fair	or	the	participating	exhibitors,	please	contact	       again	that	NMDOT	employees	work	with	safety	as	one	of 	their	top	goals,	as	the	records	showed	it	had	the	lowest	em-
in	Range	Science	at	NMSU.        Risk	Management	at	827-2414.                                                                                   ployee	injury	rate,	lowest	severity	rate	and	lowest	lost	time	rate	of 	those	DOTs	that	attended	the	conference.				

                                                                                                                                               Rhonda	and	Tom	--			

                                                                                                                                               	I	wanted	to	take	a	moment	to	formally	recognize	Pat	Byrd	and	John	Whitbeck	on	having	checks	produced	in	less	than	6	hours	from	
                                                                                                                                               the	point	we	learned	of 	the	error,	for	our	over	200	employees	who	received	reductions	on	their	check	due	to	the	SHARE	programming	
 Dear	Secretary,                                                                                                                               error	on	our	per	diem	tax	correction.
 	                                                                                                                                             	        In	a	nutshell,	SHARE	was	not	answering	their	phones	this	morning,	so	John	and	Pat	took	it	upon	themselves	to	drive	to	their	
 My	husband	and	I	wanted	you	to	hear	about	an	incident	that	occurred	on	Saturday,	July	8th.                                                    office. When they arrived, they found the two SHARE staff that could assist us, and the initial response was that it was too late, and we
 	                                                                                                                                             would	have	to	wait	until	Tuesday	to	begin	work	on	this.		Pat	was	instrumental	in	convincing	them	that	this	had	to	be	done	today.		Pat	
 We	were	traveling	on	our	motorcycle,	north	between	Abiqui	and	Chama.		There	were	three	other	motorcyclists	riding	slightly	ahead	of 	         and	John	literally	worked	with	them	side-by-side	entering	the	information	for	all	affected	employees.		They	then	went	to	DFA	to	pick	
 us.		It	had	begun	to	rain	very	hard	about	20	minutes	before	we	reached	the	construction	area.		We	are	comfortable	with	riding	on	dirt	        up	the	checks,	which	were	ready	for	pony-express	or	pick	up	by	1:45.
 roads	so	we	proceeded.		Within	minutes	the	gentleman	riding	ahead	of 	us	was	down.		We	helped	him	get	his	bike	back	up	and	contin-            	        The	success	of 	these	checks	being	produced	this	quickly	lies	solely	with	John	and	Pat.		It	was	their	commitment	to	NMDOT	
 ued.	Within	about	300	feet	he	was	down	again.		This	time	when	we	tried	to	help	we	became	aware	that	the	road	surface	was	extremely	           employees,	initiative,	negotiation	and	interpersonal	skills,	willingness	to	pitch	in,	and	unwillingness	to	take	no	for	an	answer	that	made	
 slippery	and	our	tires	had	become	caked	with	mud	from	the	short	distance	we	had	ridden.		At	this	point	two	members	of 	the	road	              this	happen.			
 crew drove up and asked if we were able to take the bikes to the other side of the road to wait for the traffic controller whom they had
 already	contacted	by	radio.		She	arrived	in	minutes	and	told	us	that	the	crew	would	have	a	trailer	come	and	pick	up	the	bikes	and	take	us	    	
 to the end of the construction area(approximately 12 miles). This was all done with the greatest efficiency, good humor, and courtesy.
 The	crew	handled	the	bikes	with	care	and	were	congenial	and	supportive	(this	had	been	quite	stressful).		We	were	so	grateful	that	we	
                                                                                                                                               Bowser,	Vicki	L.,	
 asked	the	crew	if 	we	could	buy	lunch	for	then	but	they	assured	us	that	they	were	“only	doing	their	jobs	—	to	keep	us	safe.”		They	did	far	
 more, they went above and beyond in helping us in a very difficult and dangerous situation. The other bikers were from out -of -state         NMDOT	Human	Resources
 and	commented	extensively	on	the	performance	of 	these	folks.		I	was	both	grateful	and	proud	to	be	a	New	Mexican.		
 	                                                                                                                                             Dear	Pat	and	John,
 If 	there	is	any	way	in	commending	the	road	crew	I	would	be	very	grateful	to	you.		They	were	a	                                               THANK	YOU!!!!
 perfect	example	of 	the	beautiful	people	who	make	up	our	amazing	state.		Thank	you.
 	                                                                                                                                             		      You	are	both	heroes	for	going	beyond	the	call	of 	duty	to	help	those	200	employees	who	were	short	changed	in	SHARE.		
 Celia	Karen	Mendes-Fiedler                                                                                                                    Working	with	people	like	you	makes	all	this	worthwhile.		I	cannot	be	more	proud.
 19	Ruta	Sin	Nombre	                                                                                                                           	“Thanks”	is	really	not	enough	but	please	accept	my	sincere	appreciation	for	a	job	well	done.
 Santa	Fe,	NM	87507		
                                                                                                                                               	Take	care,
 Comments	from	NMDOT	Website-I-40	EB	@	Sedillo	Hill,	Exit	181                                                                                  Rhonda

 To all of the people who followed up and caused the Eastbound I-40 pothole to be fixed, I want to say thank you. Just when I begin to         Larry	&	Rick	-	
 think	bureaucracies	don’t	work,	folks	like	you	prove	me	wrong.		You	followed	up,	you	communicated	and	you	got	it	done.		Great	Job!
                                                                                                                                               	         As	a	very	tired	G.O.	IT	crew	was	returning	home	from	a	very	long	week	in	Las	Cruces	and	the	Engineer-
 Thanks	again,                                                                                                                                 ing	conference,	they	had	the	misfortune	of 	having	a	tractor-trailer	in	front	of 	them	throw	a	retread	tire	off 	its’	wheel,	strik-
 Mike	Zimprich	New	Mexico	Resident                                                                                                             ing	the	IT	van	in	the	windshield.		Thanks	to	some	excellent	driving	by	the	IT	staff,	they	were	able	to	avoid	an	accident	
                                                                                                                                               and	prevent	any	injuries.			In	fact	they	ID’d	the	truck,	which	did	not	stop	and	contact	State	Police	(who	did	get	the	truck	
 2006	Transportation	Planning	Excellence	Awards                                                                                                stopped). Through the event, the IT crew contacted me, the GO Security Officer, and D-3 to report the incident.
 Award	Winners                                                                                                                                 	         Due	to	the	windshield	damage	the	IT	van	was	not	able	to	driven	back	to	Santa	Fe.		D-3	Safety	Sec-
 2006	Transportation	Planning	Excellence	Award	Winners                                                                                         tion	(Carl	Lucero)	and	AMS	(Farrel	McKay)	went	to	where	the	van	was	stopped,	took	the	van	to	a	nearby	patrol	yard,	
                                                                                                                                               and	secured	it	for	the	evening.		The	crew	continued	on	to	Santa	Fe	with	another	vehicle	load	of 	IT	staff.			
 Honorable	Mention	                                                                                                                            	         Between	the	Damage	happening	and	the	van	being	secured,	the	IT	crew	had	contacted	me	at	home	a	few	
 I-40/Coors	Design-Build	Reconstruction	Project:	Aesthetics	Public	Involvement	Program                                                         times, D-3 (Carl Lucero) had contacted me as had the G.O. Security officer (Crystal) to make sure that all required
 New	Mexico	Department	of 	Transportation                                                                                                      steps	were	taken.		This	shows	that	much	like	any	family,	we	may	occasionally	have	our	problems	but	we	all	come	to-
 Albuquerque,	NM                                                                                                                               gether	when	one	of 	our	family	needs	help.		Thanks	for	the	help	demonstrated	in	the	above	incident.

 The	New	Mexico	Department	of 	Transportation	selected	the	design-build	delivery	method,	with	an	18-month	schedule	for	the	I-40/               Thanks,
 Coors	Boulevard	Interchange	Reconstruction.	The	project’s	aesthetics	involvement	program	was	used	to	build	an	aesthetically	pleasing	         Todd	C.	Wilson
 interchange	and	involve	the	community	in	decision-making	on	design	items	such	as	wall	texture,	bridge	sculptures,	and	color.                  Risk	Management	Bureau	Chief 						

                                                                                                                                                   If 	you	have	Que	Pasa	Mail	please	submit	to	matthew.hunt@state.nm.us

20                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           2
                 Supervisor:	Gerry	Trujillo–	Engi-               Employee:	Edmund	San-                            	         District	Three’s	Victor	Martinez	                Una	Gutierrez	has	been	with	the	     	          District	Four’s	Jimmy	Sanchez,	
                 neering	Automation	Bureau,	Su-                  chez-	Electrician	A	GO                           has	worked	for	the	NMDOT	for	almost	           NMDOT	for	12	years	and	is	currently	the	         regarding	installation	of 	Infrared	Heaters;		
                 pervisor	of 	Operations	GO                      	          Edmund	has	been	employed	at	          eight	years	and	is	currently	part	of 	the	     quality	manager	at	District	Three.	Una	is	be-    When	starting	this	project	I	knew	it	was	
                 	         Gerry	has	contributed	to	the	         the	Signal	Lab	for	approximately	11	years.	      Environmental	Management	Crew.	Victor	         ing	recognized	as	the	August	Supervisor	of 	     a	large	endeavor.	The	heaters	completely	
                 Engineering	Automation	Bureau	daily	            His work ethic and knowledge of traffic          started	working	for	the	DOT	at	District	       the	month	because	she	is	willing	to	go	out	      assembled	weigh	between	300	to	600	
                 operations	by	assuming	the	position	of 	        signals	and	electrical	systems	make	him	a	       Two in Roswell. He worked there for five       of 	her	way	to	get	the	job	done.	Una	started	    pounds.	Within	a	short	time	they	where	
                 acting	bureau	chief 	while	the	bureau	chief 	   true	asset	to	NMDOT	and	the	Signal	Lab	          years	on	the	bridge	crew,	then	transferred	    with	the	working	for	the	DOT	at	the	Gen-         hung	on	schedule,	13	heaters	for	the	
                 attended	meetings.	He	spent	the	entire	         Operation.		Edmund	assures	the	safety	           to	District	Three.	Victor	has	been	part	of 	   eral Office in Santa Fe in 1994. She worked      welding	shop,		store’s,	and	large	equip-
                 month	coordinating	all	computer	and	            of 	public	motorists	and	pedestrians	at	         the	District	for	three	years	and	he	really	    for the EEOP, Office of the Secretary, and       ment	shop.		The	heating	system	covers	a	
                 applications	requests	for	service.		Gerry’s	    signalized	intersections	and	school	crossing	    enjoys	his	job.	When	interviewed	Vic-          the	Engineering/Design	Division.	When	in-        total	of 	2l,	000	square	feet.	So,	go	by	and	
                 management	skills	were	evident	by	the	way	      zones.		He	cordially	assists	fellow	employ-      tor	stated,	“The	best	part	of 	my	job	is	      terviewed,	Una	stated,	“The	best	part	of 	my	    take	at	look	at	it,	it	is	rather	impressive.			
                 he	handled	personnel	issues.	Gerry	always	      ees,	district	and	municipality	personnel	with	   going out in the field and working with        job	here	at	District	Three	has	been	learning	
                 has	a	great	attitude	and	positive	outlook	      solutions to traffic signal and school cross-    my	co-workers.”	Victor	is	an	important	        the	different	duties	of 	maintenance	and	
                 toward	his	customers	and	employees	alike.       ing flasher malfunctions. Edmund deserves        asset	to	the	Environmental	Management	         construction	and	also	watching	how	fast	
                                                                 Employee	of 	the	Month	recognition.              Crew	and	is	always	eager	to	work	and	          projects	are	completed	within	our	district.”
                                                                                                                  help	out	the	crew	in	any	way	necessary.	

                 John	Whitt,	NMDOT	District	                     Lynne	Rogers,	NMDOT	District	                    District	Four’s	Jonathan	Romero	:	Jona-
                 Two	Chip	Seal	Supervisor	                       Two Carlsbad Project Office                                                                     	         The	District	Five	June	Supervisor	     	         The	District	Five	June	Em-
                                                                                                                  than	manages	the	Santa	Rosa	Project	           of 	the	Month	is	Rick	Anaya.	Rick	is	the	su-     ployee	of 	the	Month	is	Joe	Rodriguez	
                 	         John	Whitt	has	been	with	the	         	          Lynne	Rogers	has	been	with	the	       Office. He runs the office extremely
                 New	Mexico	Department	of 	Transporta-           New	Mexico	Department	of 	Transporta-                                                           pervisor	of 	the	mechanic’s	shop	at	D5.	Rick	    from	the	District	Five	mechanic’s	shop.	
                                                                                                                  efficiently and is very accurate and timely    is	always	willing	to	help	his	employees,	both	   Joe	is	always	willing	to	make	himself 	
                 tion	District	Two	for	several	years.		He	is	    tion	District	Two	for	seven	years.		She	         with his work. He always keeps his files up
                 a	wealth	of 	knowledge	when	asked	about	        is always very efficient and thorough in                                                        at	work	and	off 	duty.	He	is	a	family	man,	      available	to	help	everyone.	Whether	in	
                                                                                                                  to	date,	neat,	and	accurate.		He	is	always	    so	he	knows	how	important	it	is	when	his	        his office or in the shop, he is always
                 chip	sealing	operations.		He	supervises	a	      her	work	and	in	her	communication	with	          professional,	extremely	courteous,	and	
                 crew	of 	8+.		The	responsibility	he	takes	      co-workers,	supervisors,	contractors,	and	                                                      employees	need	time	off 	for	family	matters.	    there	to	lend	a	hand.	His	attitude	and	
                                                                                                                  helpful.		He	is	an	enormous	resource	of 	      Rick	is	a	great	supervisor	for	whom	to	work.	    personality	keeps	everyone	smiling	and	
                 during	daily	activities	is	exceptional.	His	    the	public.		She	is	willing	to	go	the	extra	     information on specifications, time sheets,
                 knowledge	and	pride	showed	during	the	          mile	and	assist	in	any	way	needed	to	get	                                                                                                        laughing	throughout	the	day.	Our	jobs	
                                                                                                                  site	manager,	and	all	District	forms.		                                                         as	mechanics	are	made	easier	because	of 	
      FROM THE   NMDOT	District	Two	open	house.		                an	assignment	completed.	Her	demeanor	
                                                                 is	great.	Lynne	has	a	positive	attitude	                                                                                                         Joe’s efforts in the shop and his office.
                                                                 and	is	a	joy	to	work	with	on	the	job.	
        OF THE
22                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           2
District	I
John	Hummer,	Commissioner
Alvin	Dominguez,	District	I	Engineer
Bridget	M	Spedalieri,	District	I	PIO
2912	East	Motel	Drive
Deming,	NM	88031

District	II
Johnny	Cope,	Chairman
Gary	Shubert,	District	II	Engineer
Manon	Arnett,	District	II	PIO
P.O	Box	1457
Roswell,	NM	88202

District	III	
Norman	Assed,	Commissioner
Larry	Velasquez,	District	III	Engineer
Phillip	Gallegos,	District	III	PIO
P.O.	Box	91750
Albuquerque,	NM	87199

District	IV
Jim	Franken,	Commissioner
Paul	W.	Gray,	District	IV	Engineer
Christina	Romero,	District	IV	PIO
P.O.	Box	30
Las	Vegas,	NM	87701                                                                               Flooded Street in Hatch, New Mexico	
505-454-3600                                                                         PHOTOGRAPHY BRIdGET SPEdALIERI

District	V
David	Schutz,	Vice	Chairman
John	McElroy,	District	V	Engineer
Karyn	Lujan,	District	V	PIO
P.O.	Box	4127	
Santa	Fe,	NM	87502
505-827-9500                             Que Pasa is published by the office of Public Relations and Marketing, New Mexico
                                         Department	of 	Transportation,	P.O.	Box	1149,	Santa	Fe,	NM	87505-1149

                                         S.U.	MAHESH:	Director
District	VI                              STEFAN	KOSICKI:	Media	Producer
Gregory	T.	Ortiz,	Secretary              MARTI	NIMAN:	Photographer
Larry	Maynard,	District	VI	Engineer      ANGEL	GARCIA:	Photographer
Rosie	Sais,	District	VI	PIO              JAMIE	BOBB:	GRIP	PIO
P.O.	Box	2159	                           TOM	TROWBRIDGE:	DWI	PIO
Milan,	NM	87021                          MATTHEW	HUNT:	Graphic	Designer
                                         Story	ideas,	comments,	and	suggestions	are	welcomed	by	the	Editor	via	email	to:	matthew.
                                         hunt@nmshtd.state.nm.us	by	phone	@	505-827-5319.	Opinions	expressed	herein	do	not	nec-
                                         essarily reflect those of the New Mexico State Transportation Commission.


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