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									                                                                        February 10, 2011

                               CKS News
                         The Weekly Online Newsletter of Christ the King School

     In This Issue                          FROM THE PRINCIPAL’S DESK:
                                     Dear Parents,
     Calendar (p. 2)
                                     After two days of our Big Freeze, I was ready to return
                                     to CKS with bells on! As you know, CKS is celebrating
     Good News (p. 2)
                                     Catholic Schools Week this week. I hope you are not
     Events,                        too confused. CKS has built in their yearly calendar –
      Announcements &                Monday, April 25 and Tuesday, April 26 as makeup
      Reminders (p. 3)               weather days which will be used. Stay tuned for our
                                     third and fourth makeup days.
     CKSPA Nomination               Our eighth grade students will have their Confirmation
      Form (p. 11)                   Retreat on Saturday, February 12th. Please pray for

 Students of the Week                Rosemary B. Seltzer
KG          Zoe Smith
KR          Charlie Schmidt
1G          Judy Trigiani
1R          Joe Staubach
            Madeleine Hebert
            Annabella Ritter
                                                              February Artists
3G          Isabella Bittner                                    of the Month
3R          Nicole Hernandez
4G          Niko Hernandez
4R          Annalisa Teleha                                     8th Grade
5G          Sydney Nelson             Abby Karol  Michael Mulholland  Jessica Patrick
5R          Zach Feffer
6G          Kay Douglas                                         4th Grade
6R          Carolyn Howard            Marina Baracco  Ava Davros  Regan Halverson 
7G          Garrett Munck              Kendrick Hawkins  Annalisa Teleha  Hanna
7R          Chase Ryan                                   Hughston
8G          Megan Machak
                                             All work is displayed in the main entry display case.
8R          Katie Nye
                                                                     February 10, 2011

  1/30-2/4     Catholic Schools Week
     2/4       Spirit Day
               Early Dismissal (Lunch Served) K-5 12:50 p.m., 6-8 1:00 p.m.
    2/10       Valentine Parties – Grades 2, 3 & 4
    2/11       Valentine Parties – Grades K & 1
    2/12       8th Grade Confirmation Retreat – 7:45 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
    2/15       CKSPA Valentine’s Luncheon
    2/16       “What's Hot” – 1st & 2nd Grade Parents – 8:30 a.m. – Parish Center
    2/17       Progress Reports
               Faculty Lunch
    2/21       No School – Presidents’ Day
               Teacher In-service
    2/24       4th & 5th Grades visit Enterprise City
    2/25       Father-Daughter Dance
 4/25 & 4/26   Inclement Weather Make-Up Days
                 Please visit www.cks.org to view entire school year calendar.

                                                               Madison Wray & Elizabeth Valdes

Congratulations to Christ the King eighth grade students Madison Wray and Elizabeth
Valdes. They both competed in the Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contest held on
January 22 at St. Patrick’s School. Both were crowned champions of their respective age
levels. Madison won the 13 year old division and Elizabeth won the 14 year old division.
Madison and Elizabeth both qualified for the Regional Free Throw Contest which will be
held at Jesuit later this month. We are proud of both of our champions.

Kindergarten celebrated the 100th day in style this year with a hat parade! Each child
decorated their own hat with 100 items from home and we looked amazing! We also
counted 100 items by fives, tens, twenties, and fifty, along with creating a list of 100
items we would love to eat and 100 we would not care to eat. Now that we counted up to
our big 100th day, we begin to count down the days until summer fun!
                                                                               February 10, 2011

  Events                       Announcements                                      Reminders
       Gu                  Guidance

 Mrs. Jeffers, our CKS Counselor, will                                Mass Schedule
 conduct her guidance classes for the
 month of February.                                           2/11 – Our Lady of Lourdes – 4G
                                                                 2/18 – Ordinary Times – 3R
 Discussion: What is respect and how
                                                                2/25 – Ordinary Times – 3G
 do we show it?

Please join us for the annual CKSPA Valentine Lunch and General Meeting

                                    Tuesday, February 15th, 2011
                                                 11:00 am

            At the home of Ana Maria Benitez – 6429 Lavendale Avenue, Dallas

All CKS moms are invited and encouraged to attend. You don’t have to be on the CKSPA board, but
you just might decide to do so once you join us! We will be unveiling the theme and date for the 2011-2012
CKS Auction! Our President-Elect, Cindy Freeman, will be accepting forms for positions on the 2011-
2012 board! The Nominating Committee is selected to help fill the next year’s Executive Board! And of
course, the food will be great and the company even better.

       Want to come? Leave your $25 check (payable to CKS) in the designated box in the teacher
                        workroom (next to the office). Your check is your reservation.

                             Questions? Contact Helena Wall or Ellen Fernandes.
                                   (helena@wallhouse.com or ellfern@mac.com)
                                                                       February 10, 2011

                     Magical Mardi Gras Masquerade
                      CKS Father-Daughter Dance
  Come and enjoy…. Great DJ and Music, Parade with Beads, Dance Contests,
 Awards for Dad and Daughter Mask Decorating Contest, Pictures…Lots of Fun!!

                            Friday, February 25th
                    6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. – CKS Cafeteria
       Dad and Daughter Mask Decorating Contest
  Decorate the blank mask included in this invitation and make it FABULOUS!
             Each class will have special awards for the following categories:
                                   Fantastically Flashy
                                     Creatively Cool
                                  Magically Mardi Gras
                                  Kaleidoscope of Color
                                   Elaborately Elegant
                               GRAND PRIZE - WOW AWARD

                                        BE CREATIVE!!
Ideas of items to use on your mask include feathers, sequins, glitter, paint, markers, fabric, trim,
     ribbon, yarn, pom-poms, beans, add a side stick… If you can glue it on, you can use it!
          There are NO RULES about what you can use to decorate your mask.

    To join the fun, send the slip below to school with your check or cash in an
                    envelope marked “Father-Daughter Dance.”
                                $30 per Father-Daughter
                             $5 for each additional daughter
                          Grandfathers & uncles are also welcome

                    Count me in on the Mardi                Gras FUN!
Students Name: _________________________________ Grade: ______________

Additional Student: ______________________________ Grade: ______________
                                                          February 10, 2011

In a once-in-a-lifetime Rangerette performance on February 6th, the 3 CKS alumni
(Christina Marino, Leah Karol, and Katharine Cicardo) who are currently Jesuit
Rangerettes danced in the Superbowl half-time show featuring the Black Eyed

The team was transported early in the day to UT-Arlington where they changed
into costume. They met up with drill team members from the north Texas area. The
dancers were transported to Cowboy Stadium during the first half. At halftime, the
girls danced onto the field as the Black Eyed Peas were lowered from the huge
jumbotron onto the stage. Six quick songs later, it was over, but as the girls
summed it up, “Best day ever!”
                                  February 10, 2011

Mark Your Calendars for DIVA DOUBLES –
       The CKS Laura Sutherland
     Memorial Tennis Tournament

             Friday, April 15th
All Levels of Play are Invited to Come for
Tennis & Lunch – Or Just Come & Cheer!
            Details to Follow…

               Save the Date!

18th Annual Crusader Classic Golf Tournament
         Brookhaven Country Club
               April 29th, 2011
          1:00 p.m. - Shotgun Start
                                                                                  February 10, 2011
                          Christ the King Catholic School of Dallas Presents the:

     1st Annual - Dads Club “Wild Game Feast”
                          (Limited to the first 40 reservations, see page 2 for details)

      Italian Mild Sausage:
           Texas venison & pork spiced with fennel seed sautéed in white wine & olive oil
           w/ garlic, peppers, onions & shallots.
          Provided & Prepared by: Joseph DiFrancesco & Tony Barraco

      Wild Nachos:
          Smoked wild hog w/ pepper-jack cheese on homemade tortilla chips w/ peach
          hot sauce & jalapeno jelly.
           Provided & Prepared by: Frank Parigi

      Civello Ravioli:
          Texas Venison & imported Fontinella cheese handmade and presented w/locally
          grown baby Shiitake mushrooms.
          Provided & Prepared by: Chena Civello & Joe LaBarba
      Mixed Greens w/ Smoked Salmon:
          Fresh smoked salmon shredded over mixed greens w/ Italian vinaigrette
          Provided & Prepared by: Joe LaBarba & Frank Parigi
      Quail (whole farm raised):
               Grilled to perfection & served w/ grilled squash.
          Provided & Prepared by: Tony Barraco & Joseph DiFrancesco

      Halibut (harvested in Alaska):
          Broiled w/ olive oil, garlic & diced tomatoes. Served w/ sliced breaded eggplant.
          Provided & Prepared by: Joseph DiFrancesco & Tony Barraco

      Venison Ragout (venison):
          Braised venison w/ bread dumplings & cranberry sauce.
           Provided & Prepared by: Joseph DiFrancesco & Jorg Mast
      Cheese Cake:
          Homemade New York style cheese cake baked with TLC and Pride.
          Provided & Prepared by: Joe Cox

      Cool, Fresh Sorbet with Ginger Snap Cookies:
          Provided & Prepared by: Maria Parigi & Chena Civello
      All wines will be selected to complement each course.
           Selected & Provided by: Frank Parigi, Mark Hajdu, Joe LaBarba &The Dad’s Club.
                                                                            February 10, 2011

Memories are Priceless…Create Your Own.

                                   Live Auction Items:
   ‘Two Nights’ fully guided ‘Doe Deer Hunt’ on the Spike Box Ranch, for one parent and
    one student. Food and lodging included. Safety and rifle range training included.
    Guided tour of ranch included. The ranch is 100,000 acres in size and is located 4
    hours northwest of Dallas. Four Star Accommodations w/ private Helicopter Pad &
                                        (Bidding begins at $1,200.00)

   ‘Two Nights’ fully guided ‘Hog Hunt’ on the Spike Box Ranch, for two parents and two
    students. Food and lodging included. Safety and rifle range training included. Guided
    tour of ranch included. The ranch is 100,000 acres in size and is located 4 hours
    northwest of Dallas. Four Star Accommodations w/ private Helicopter Pad & Airstrip.
                                      (Bidding begins at $1,600.00)

                    Event Location, Date, Time and Cost:
                                Lakewood 1st & 10 Sports Bar
                                 6464 E. Mockingbird, #316
                                     Dallas, TX 75214
                              Friday, March 4, 2011
           Starting at 7:00pm Appetizers served at 7:30pm and so on…

                                 Cost per Guest $75.00
                  Email Joseph@publicserviceplumbers.com to confirm reservations.
               Reservations considered binding & no shows will be considered a donation.

Mark Hajdu & Tony Barraco are graciously providing a private room at their ‘Lakewood 1st & 10’ Sports Bar.
                                                                                            February 10, 2011

                             “I think there is tremendous power in kids helping kids. It develops so many of the qualities
                             every parent wants to see in their child: generosity, acceptance, self-respect and self-

                             My son has a donor valve. If this type of research keeps getting funded, I am confident that in
                             the future, one sick child’s life will not depend on the tragic death of another child. This is an
                             exciting time in history, and donations made to the AHA can make this future vision a reality.”

                             ~ Abigail, mother of James, Age 8, heart disease survivor

Help Your Child Save Lives and be a Heart Hero!
HOW: Support your child in the American Heart Association’s Jump Rope For Heart program (K-4)
WHAT: A life-saving and educational community service program
WHY: Your child will help kids with special hearts, learn about how to be heart healthy and feel good!

Dear Parent/Guardian,
We are thrilled that Christ the King is supporting the American Heart Association’s Jump Rope For
Heart program! When your child participates in Jump Rope For Heart he/she:
       Learns about the importance of the heart – how it works, and how to take care of it:
        Through classroom exercises and educational information provided by the American Heart

       Helps kids with special hearts: Our safe online tool makes it easy for your child to set-up a
        web page and send emails to invite friends and family to support their fundraising efforts and to
        share life-saving information.

       Feels good for making a difference in people’s lives! Funds raised support American Heart
        Association research and education initiatives that save lives in our community. Congenital
        heart defects are the most common cause of infant death from birth defects. Many children are
        alive today because of treatments not available even 10 years ago. Funded research and
        advancements have changed and saved their lives!
We hope you are as excited as we are to support our students in this important experience! If you have
any questions or would like to volunteer, please let me know. Let’s help our children be heart heroes!
Visit www.americanheart.org/jump to get started today!

Please return your child’s donation envelope no later than: Thursday, March 10
Thursday, March 10 will be your child’s event day during their PE class.
Special Notes:
*Please make checks payable to American Heart Association.
*For the safety of our children, we ask that your child not go door-to-door or ask strangers for donations.
*Our school also has the opportunity to earn free physical education equipment.
                                                                      February 10, 2011

                          MUSIC AT CHRIST THE KING
                                          Henry McDowell, Music Director/Organist
                                           Carlos Daniel Flores, Assistant Organist
                                  Monica Awbrey, Assistant Director/Christ the King Choir
                            Merily Colley, Assistant Director/St. Cecilia Singers and Cherub Choir
                                            Music Inquires: ctkmusic@hotmail.com
                                    Wedding Inquiries: yourweddingmusic@hotmail.com

February 13: The Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time
5:30 p.m. (Vigil) mass - St. Cecilia Singers, cantor and organ
9:30 a.m. mass - Cherub Choir, cantor, and organ
11: a.m. mass - Handbell Choir, cantor, and organ
12:30 p.m. mass - Handbell Choir, cantor and organ

February 20: The Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time
5:30 p.m. (Vigil) mass - Vocal quartet, cantor and organ
9:30 and 11 a.m. masses - Christ the King Singers, cantor, and organ
      Anthems Where charity and love prevail             Benoit
                  Ubi caritas et amor                    Duruflé
                  (Translatiion is found at #598 in Worship)
      Motets      Ubi caritas et amor                    Barnard
                  A new commandment                      Shephard
12:30 p.m. mass - CTK Choir, cantor and organ

February 27: Bruce Foote Memorial Scholarship Concert
6:00 p.m. Please make plans to attend the annual Bruce Foote Memorial
          Scholarship Concert featuring vocal performance students from
          SMU and the Men’s Chorus from Hamilton Park Baptist Church.

March 8: Wedding Recital
7:00 p.m. Come hear some of Dallas’ finest musicians in a one hour mini
          concert of wedding music.

                           CHRIST THE KING CHOIR
The Christ the King Choir will sing for the 12:30 p.m. Sunday liturgy on the 1 st, 3rd, and
4th Sundays each month and is open to adults. Rehearsals are on Sundays at 11:15 a.m.
in the Parish Center. Monica Awbrey, director. No audition is necessary.
                                                           February 10, 2011

    Christ the King Catholic School Parents’ Association
                 2011-2012 Board Positions

Join us and be a part of the CKSPA Board for the 2011-12 school year! We
have positions that are begging for your special talents! Whether you are a
veteran or somewhat new to CKS, we have the perfect fit for you. We also
welcome any suggestions if you know “just the right person” for a particular

 Please check those positions in which you have an interest (or indicate if you
need more information prior to committing). Also, provide us with the names
of other individuals and the respective positions in which you believe they
would excel. Return this form to the CKSPA President’s box in the teacher
workroom or email your interests/nominations to Cindy Freeman by Feb.
15th! cindysfreeman@aol.com *** (214-497-7161)

THANK YOU FOR YOUR INPUT! Christina Karna (President) and
Cindy Freeman (President-Elect)

YOUR NAME:_______________________________________________________



                                                                February 10, 2011


1st Vice President (President-Elect)
Will serve as president in the 2011-2012 school year; in 2011 assist with teacher
lunches the week before school starts; prepare nominating packet in early 2012;
compile Volunteer Packets, New Family Packets, and assist with New Parent
Orientation in May; perform president’s duties in the absence of president

Auction Chair – Elect (can share position)
Chair the 2012-2013 Auction

Membership Chair
Gathering, combining and updating the coming year’s Master CKSPA/School
Calendar; supporting the President-Elect as she distributes the volunteer packets to
the school; support Mrs. Allen as she compiles information for school directory and
subsequent distribution (including CKSPA Board list, President’s letter, room
mother assignments); informing Board members and school community of upcoming
events that relate to the CKSPA; assist Welcoming Committee as communications
liaison to new, non-Kindergarten CKS families
Programs Chair
Coordinate and host Fall Luncheon, New Year’s Brunch & May Luncheon and
secure locations at restaurants/homes for these; schedule programs & secure
locations for 3-4 general membership meetings; coordinate with administration,
Partners in Parenting & Spiritual Chairs for general meetings; notify CKS News
about general meetings; coordinate any special programs requested by the CKS

Recording Secretary
Record, transcribe, & distribute (via email) minutes of all Parents’ Association Board
meetings & general meetings; provide copy of approved minutes to Technology
Director for posting on CKS website; prepare any official correspondence for CKSPA

Treasurer Elect
Assist treasurer, coordinate pre-pay packets; in 2012-13 serve as CKSPA treasurer:
account for all funds of the organization and the duties that are associated with
bookkeeping, budget reports, writing checks, and making deposits


Academic Competitions (can share position)
Work with Kasey Dow to plan, coordinate and prepare students for the St. Patrick
and PSIA academic fairs; update Enrichment Programs document and provide to
President-Elect and administration for New Family Packets and current CKS

Accelerated Reader (can share position)
Coordinate accelerated reader program with librarian & reading resource teacher,
organize and plan four A.R. “stores” per year (at the end of each quarter) & an ice
cream party in May
                                                                February 10, 2011


Cafeteria Volunteer Coordinator
Recruit volunteers & prepare master schedule before school begins in August; work
with school nurse and nutrition coordinator to maintain a healthy cafeteria
environment (and train volunteers accordingly); submit monthly schedule to CKS
News before the last Tuesday of each month; send email reminders to volunteers if

Catholic Schools Week Coordinators (committee of 2-3)
Work with administration to coordinate events of Catholic Schools Week (last week
in January); events include open houses; faculty lunches; parent/student lunches;
recruiting volunteers to help during the week

Charity & Welfare (committee of 2-3)
Recruit volunteers to make meals for CKS families in times of need; prepare Lenten
Boxes & coordinate delivery of money with upper school Religion teacher; organize
Thanksgiving & Christmas drives for charity (and any others the administration
would like to participate in)

Cheerleader Sponsor (can share position)
Compile informational packets for upcoming 8th grade girls; organize all cheerleader
activities with cheerleading coach (parent meetings, uniforms, summer camp, etc.),
attend all games and events the cheerleaders participate in, plan after-school spirit
Homecoming camp for CKS students

Clinic Coordinator
Assist school nurse in scheduling volunteers for health screenings, work with nurse
and VP of programs to plan speakers for Drug Awareness week, select and deliver
gift from CKSPA to school nurse on Nurse Appreciation Day, assist nurse in any
clinic related events

CKS News (can share position)
Receive & enter weekly data into newsletter format on computer & give to
Technology Director and school secretary to post on CKS website

Correspondence Coordinator
Send cards to CKS families in times of need; coordinate special occasion
correspondence for CKSPA

Cultural/In House Programs
Plan and coordinate in-house cultural events with input from teachers and

Cultural/Field Trips
Plan and coordinate all school field trips and transportation away from CKS with
input from teachers and principal; organize community service projects for each
                                                                February 10, 2011


Faculty Lunches (committee of 3-5)
Plan all aspects (food, set up clean up, etc) of faculty lunches one day of each month
Sept. through May; coordinate with room mothers to have volunteers from each
grade prepare food; coordinate with President to help with set up/clean up of lunches
during Teacher In-service Week in August (week before school starts)

Giving Tree Coordinator
Coordinate Christmas Giving Tree program for faculty and staff during Oct., Nov.,

Grandparents Day (committee of 2-3)
Coordinate all aspects of Grandparents Day

Collect and organize photos, articles, and memorabilia regarding the school and put
in a scrapbook format

Hospitality (committee of 2-3)
Plan all aspects of First Morning Coffee in August; coordinate all aspects of 3 Donut
Sundays representing the school for the Parish and coordinate dates with church
office; provide coffee and light refreshments for CKSPA Board meetings in Sept.,
Oct., Nov., Jan., Mar., and Apr.

Inventory Coordinator
Organize and maintain the CKSPA office; maintain inventory of supplies for
CKSPA; inventory, maintain and dry clean all CKSPA tablecloths and schedule use
for events

Library Coordinator
Schedule K-5 parents to work in the library; prepare and submit schedule to CKS
News; assist librarian with special events as needed including the Book Fair

Partners in Parenting/Faith & Families (can share position)
Plan 2-3 events/materials/speakers to educate parents concerning issues facing
families today (“brown bag lunch” format); coordinate with VP Programs Chair

Photo Center
Photograph (or enlist others to do so) school functions; coordinate with on-line
website ordering service; upload photos from events to the website so orders can be

Submit news and photograph of CKS events to local media; work with
administration to prepare press releases

Room Mother Coordinators (three grade level positions: K-2; 3-5; 6-8)
Recruit Room Mothers for each homeroom during the first week of school; prepare
packets, hold room mother meeting in August, as needed start phone tree and email
                                                                February 10, 2011


Produce carpool tags in the summer; educate parents about carpool drop-off and
pick-up procedure; plan year-end party for 5th grade student Safety volunteers

Secondary Fundraising:

       Box Tops
       Coordinate, collect and count Box Top collections from classes; publicize
       program through CKS News, deliver incentives to winning classes

       Passive Fundraising
       Investigate and maintain, educate and publicize ways in which the CKS
       community can raise funds by linking grocery cards to CKS, receiving points
       from shopping promotions and on-line shopping options

Special Events (committee of 2-3)
Coordinate with administration to plan two Great Expectations nights in
September; plan National Junior Honor Society reception in spring; help with
special events as administration requests

Spiritual (can share position)
Lead prayer at CKSPA Board meetings; select a gift for the pastor’s feast day and
birthday; plan half-day spiritual retreat (coordinate with programs chair)

Spring Fling (committee of 2-3)
Plan all aspects of Spring Fling Carnival in April, proceeds to benefit OLPH;
coordinate with and include Parish

Staff Appreciation
Recognize faculty and staff birthdays throughout the year

Supply Store
     Back-to-School Packs (can share position)
     In late spring, distribute school supply lists to all students, order supplies,
     collect payment; compile and distribute supply packets to classrooms in
     Maintain and organize store; order supplies and spirit items throughout the
     year; price items according to sales tax guidelines; prepare and make deposits
     Volunteer Coordinator
     Recruit volunteers to work in the store; prepare master schedule; submit to
     CKS News; send email reminders to scheduled volunteers

Collect, clean, and organize uniforms next to the stage throughout the year; organize
a uniform swap at the beginning and end of school year; work with administration
on uniform issues
                                                                    February 10, 2011


    Upper School Coordinator (can share position)
    This position requires a 2011-2012 seventh grade parent who is willing to serve as
    Upper School Coordinator for one year and Eighth Grade Coordinator for the
    following year.

    Help plan Student Council election; help students plan school social events; plan
    community service projects with Student Council; assist with student council
    meetings as needed; work with Student Council and Charity & Welfare chairs to
    coordinate charitable drives at Thanksgiving and Christmas

    **Eighth Grade Coordinator** (this position is filled by the upper school
    coordinator from the previous year)

    Prepare packets and help conduct 8th grade parent information meeting in August;
    secure hosts/venues and help to plan various spring graduation events

    Welcoming (2 – 4 people; 1 of whom must have children above 2nd grade, and
    must include 1 mother of a girl and 1 mother of a boy)
    Plan and execute New Family Reception in September; update and distribute CKS
    New Family TIPS book; recruit host families and match with new families; manage
    all correspondence to new families; plan Kindergarten summer playdates; plan New
    Family Round-up in August

                   THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

CKS NEWS – The E-Newsletter of CKS
The CKS News is compiled weekly by CKS moms Lisa Jackson and Jeannie Miller and
edited by Roberta Allen. It is posted on the CKS website each Thursday of the school year.
It contains information on upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and important school
news.     To submit news, please send a Word document (no PDFs please) to
cksnews@cks.org. Submissions may be formatted by you or sent in plain text for formatting.
We reserve the right to adjust document formatting due to space restrictions. To read or
print the CKS News, visit www.cks.org/CalendarNews_News.asp and click on the date of the
current newsletter. If you would like to receive a weekly email providing a link to the CKS
News page, please make certain that the office has your current email address by sending an
email entitled “CKS News email” to rallen@cks.org. A weekly email reminder will help you
to stay up-to-date on all the CKS News.
Submissions due to cksnews@cks.org by NOON each Tuesday.

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