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                                                     FRIDAY BRIEF
  Good to Great!                                                                                  APRIL 24, 2009
                                        Town Forum Educational Meeting
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                                   Representative Bill Clyburn and Dr. Jim Rex
                       April 29, 2009 – 6:00 p.m. ~ Strom Thurmond High School Cafeteria

          Palmetto Gold Schools Receive Awards
                                                                              Each school received an award flag, a
                                                                      certificate and monetary awards of: Strom
                                                                      Thurmond High School – $9,859; Fox Creek
                                                                      High School – $2,801; Strom Thurmond
                                                                      Career Center – $7,114.
                                                                              Congratulations to the staff, the
                                                                      students, parents and administration of each of
                                                                      our Palmetto Gold Award winners.

                                                                            STHS RECOGNIZED FOR
                                                                                CLOSING THE
                                                                              ACHIEVEMENT GAP
                                                                              A second state recognition was presented
                                                                      to Strom Thurmond High School, which was an
                                                                      award for making substantial progress in closing
                                                                      achievement gaps in the 08-09 Palmetto Gold and
                                                                      Silver Awards Program.
                                                                              This award recognizes schools for attaining
        Shown left to right are: Mrs. Sallie Cooks, Chairperson EC
Board of Trustees, Mr. Matt Schilit, Principal Strom Thurmond High    high levels of absolute performance, high rates of
School; Dr. Tim Murph, Principal of Fox Creek High School; Dr.        growth and for making substantial progress in
Carroll Wates, Director Strom Thurmond Career Center and Mrs.         closing the achievement gaps.
Diane Murrell, Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services.           Strom Thurmond High School was
                                                                      presented with a certificate of recognition as well
        The Edgefield County School Board Spotlight                   as a monetary award of $1,200 from the state.
Recognition Program honored three schools by presenting
them with their state awards for being named Palmetto
Gold Schools. The awards received by each of the honored
schools places them in an elite group found across the state
that are recognized as Palmetto Gold and Silver Award
        The Palmetto Gold and Silver Awards Program
recognizes South Carolina Schools with the highest levels
of student academic achievement and the fastest rates of
improvement. The Education Oversight Committee’s
Award criterion is based on the absolute and improvement
ratings assigned to each school on the 2008 Report Cards.
The financial award is determined by several factors,                            Mr. Matt Schilit, Principal STHS is
including the type of award received, student enrollment,                 shown being congratulated by Mrs. Sallie
student attendance, teacher attendance and dropout rates.                 Cooks-left and Mrs. Diane Murrell-right.
                         Superintendent’s Friday Brief -               Page 2
State Superintendent’s Writing Awards                       Foundation for Public Schools in Edgefield County
     Program Winners Announced                                    2009-2010 Teacher’s Vision Grant

        The Edgefield County School District is proud         Teachers: Applications are available in your
                                                                            school office.
to announce the winners of the State Superintendent’s
Writing Awards Program.
        Miss Ebony Johnson, a student at Johnston-          Connect2Business Program Held
Edgefield-Trenton Middle School is the county eighth
grade winner and Miss Mahiva Patel, a student at
Johnston Elementary is the county fifth grade winner.
        Students from all county fifth and eighth
grades were eligible to participate in the program. The
purpose of the program is to support teaching of the
South Carolina Academic Standards and provide fifth
and eighth grade students an opportunity to express
themselves through the writing process. This year’s
topics were Savings and Financial Well-Being-fifth
grade; and Personal Financial responsibility-eighth
        Ebony and Mahiva will be invited to a
statewide awards ceremony in May and will receive an
invitation to the state sponsored writing workshop to
                                                               Dr. Pitts presents Connect2Business Program.
be held in June.
        Each school selects classroom winners, then                Dr. Cynthia Pitts, Upper Savannah REC
the school winner. The school winners compete for the     Coordinator for Personal Pathways to Success,
District Awards. Classroom and school winners for the     presented a program to local citizens and business
2009 program were:                                        representatives on the Connect2Business program at
        Douglas Elementary: Dante Stover-class and        STHS.
school winner; Christopher Bragg, Marcus Williams,                 The Connect2Business program is designed
class winners.                                            to be a web based tool for students and teachers to
                                                          utilize for the purpose of finding available jobs for
        Johnston Elementary: Mahiva Patel-class,
                                                          internships, shadowing and apprenticeships; as well
school and district winner; Hunter Herrin-class           as information on the skills needed for certain career
winner.                                                   choices.
        Merriwether Elementary: Olivia Pardis-class                Mr. Bill Barlow of kuder assisted Dr. Pitts
and school winner; Bryan Hurt, Chloe Syms and             with the program. He presented the web based
Elizabeth Adams-class winners.                            program design and a walk through on how the site
        W. E. Parker Elementary: Bailey Pedersen-         can be utilized. After the program, business
class and school winner; Alexis Gordon, Shelby Faust,     representatives signed on to the Connect2Business
Sarah Given-class winners.                                web program for participation in providing
        JET Middle School: Ebony Johnson-class,           information for students to use.
school and district winner; Brandy Bonzcek, Jake
Goforth, Jasmine Holmes, Malika Williams and              REP.    BILL     CLYBURN                SPONSORS
Shanasha Gray-class winners.                              EDUCATIONAL TOWN FORUM
        Merriwether Middle School: Jackie Polz-           WITH DR. JIM REX
school winner.                                            Representative Bill Clyburn is sponsoring an
        These students will be recognized at the May      Educational Town Forum on April 29, 2009 at 6:00 p.m.
12 Edgefield County Board of Trustees “In the             in the Strom Thurmond High School cafeteria. Joining
Spotlight Program”.                                       Representative Clyburn will be Dr. Jim Rex, State
        Congratulations to all students for their         Superintendent of Education to address educational
outstanding creative writing and to the teachers who
have given them the skills needed to produce such fine
                                  FRONT PAGE NEWS - - Page
                              Superintendent’s Friday Brief Page 4 3

“Culture of Excellence Award”                                     Superintendent Rex Schedules
                                                                 Second Statewide Virtual Faculty
                                                                        Meeting April 27
                                                                 COLUMBIA – Superintendent of Education Jim
                                                         Rex will hold his second online faculty meeting with
                                                         South Carolina teachers statewide from 4 to 5 p.m. on
                                                         Monday, April 27.
                                                                 This virtual meeting – like the first held in
                                                         February – will be broadcast live to schools by South
                                                         Carolina ETV and will also be available via streaming
                                                         video. Educators are encouraged to participate in groups
                                                         at their schools and may e-mail questions during the
                                                         program at
 Patricia Williams left, with Linda Hillary, Assistant           Thousands of educators took part in Rex’s initial
                                                         online meeting produced by ITV and SCETV on
         Mrs. Patricia Williams has received the         February 2. The sessions allow the State Superintendent
honor of being named the “Culture of Excellence
                                                         to share his perspective on a variety of issues and also
Award” recipient for the month of March at Strom
Thurmond High School.
                                                         give educators a method to directly communicate their
         This award, established by Principal            concerns to him.
Matthew Schilit, recognizes teachers who                         After April 27’s live broadcast, the program will
demonstrate “good school culture” and excellence in      be archived in StreamlineSC and Educator+ (access from
teaching. Nominations are made by teachers. The or from ITV Web site -
award is presented once a month. Recipients will         bullet in middle of home page by “Instant Replay”).
receive a star of excellence pin, and lunch from the     Viewers searching the archive should look for “Statewide
principal.                                               Virtual Faculty Meeting - April 27, 2009.”
         Mrs. Williams is a Special Programs
instructor and Health Science Technology instructor      Educator access information for the live
at STHS/STCC. She is the chairman for the STHS
School Improvement Council and a National Board
Certified teacher.
                                                             •    The best way to view the program is on satellite
                                                                  channel 1 or, if available, use your local DES
                                                                  Channel (formerly called DELC).
                                                             •    OnePlaceSC will also stream the program. If
                                                                  your district has an IP Streaming system, the best
                                                                  way to view is on your local streaming District
                                                                  TV Guide.
                                                             •    Any teacher, administrator or staff member may
                                                                  also view the Internet stream on OnePlaceSC's
                                                                  ETV TV Guide channel 1; however, many
                                                                  schools may not be equipped to view live
         Caught In The Act 2009
                                                                 To learn the best access solution for your district
        “Dancing In The Streets”                         or school, educators should contact their local school
                                                         media specialist or DES (Digital Education Services)
            May 1 – 7:00 p.m.                            operator (link to DES contact information:
            May 2 – 7:00 p.m.                  
             STHS Cafeteria
        STHS Fine Arts Department
                           Superintendent’s Friday Brief -                Page 4

   Entrepreneurial Students of
                                                          Jean Vess
            the Year
                                                        Recognized As
                                                        Teacher of the

                                                                                           Mrs. Jean Vess

                                                           Jean Vess, Business Education teacher at STCC,
                                                     has been selected by YEScarolina as a SC
                                                     Entrepreneurial Teacher of the Year 2009 for her work
 Bryanna McCain, Lilly Torres and Erica Tamayo       with students at STCC. This work included teaching
                                                     entrepreneurship and assisting students in expanding
         Strom Thurmond High School Seniors,         their small business knowledge, and creating business
Lilly Torres and Erica Tamayo have been              plans to compete in the annual YEScarolina Advanced
selected as Entrepreneurial Students of the Year     Biz Camp competition. For the past three years STCC
by YEScarolina. These students participated in       has been represented at state competition. Last year the
Mrs. Jean Vess’ Entrepreneurship class to            state was proudly represented at the NFTE national
develop and submit a business plan for the state     competition by Garrett Dorn, a STHS student.
YEScarolina Business Plan Competition.                    YEScarolina is a non-profit organization that works
Bryanna McCain received an honorable mention         with high school students in South Carolina to help them
for the plan she submitted.                          develop       knowledge      and    enthusiasm      about
         Torres and Tamayo will attend Advance       entrepreneurship. This organization works along with
Biz Camp at the College of Charleston in July to     the national organization, NFTE, to provide information,
compete for the national title awarded by NFTE.      and business camps for competing students.
         The YEScarolina and NFTE are non-                    YEScarolina and NFTE also provide teacher
profit organizations that are dedicated to the       support, including free books and workbooks for the
initiatives set forth by the federal government to   classroom. Their agenda is based on the federal
teach young people entrepreneurship, problem-        initiative, put forth by President Obama, for helping all
solving skills and character.                        students develop needed entrepreneurial skills, including
                                                     problem solving, creativity, and character.

                               Merriwether Elementary Awarded
                                 Picturing America Resource
                        Congratulations to Merriwether Elementary School! The school has
                 been awarded Picturing America, a free education resource of the National
                 Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), distributed in cooperation with the
                 American Library Association.

                         Picturing America award materials include forty images mounted
                 on twenty double-sided, laminated posters for display and classroom use
                 and a teacher’s resource book.

                         This exciting initiative of the National Endowment for the
                 Humanities brings masterpieces of American art into schools and public
                 libraries nationwide.
                           Superintendent’s Friday Brief -                   Page 5

      Club 180 Students Participate in                                Eligible To Participate in Duke Tip
            Scholarship Pageant                                              Talent Search Project

                                                                           Merriwether Elementary, Merriwether
                                                                    Middle School and Johnston-Edgefield-Trenton
                                                                    Middle School have received notice of students
                                                                    who are eligible to participate in the Duke TIP
                                                                    Talent Search Program.
                                                                           The honor these students received is an
                                                                    honor requiring exceptional academic ability.
                                                                    They will each receive award ribbons.
                                                                           Students from Merriwether Elementary
                                                                    are: Jared Bodiford, Misty Henderson, Gage
                                                                    Logan, Ethan Lowe, Gregory Baucom, Tannor
                                                                    Byrd Olivia Floyd, Joshua Martin and Scott
                                                                           From Meriwether Middle School students
Shown left to right: Olivia Brown, Ashley Boyd, Alexis Culbreath
and Mrs. Alicia Martin, Club 180 advisor.
                                                                    recognized are: Amanda Biddlecome, Kalei
                                                                    Bowser, Kaylee Bryant, Andrew Buist, Chandler
       Three Johnston-Edgefield-Trenton Middle                      Crenshaw, Jerem McClendon, Savannah
School students who are members of the Club 180                     Percival, Megan Sherman, Morgan Williams and
organization participated in the 2009 Jabberwock, a                 McKenzie Wilson.
scholarship pageant sponsored by the Aiken                                 Johnston-Edgefield-Trenton         Middle
Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority,                      School students are Clifton Bates, Alexis Dukes,
Inc. The event was held at Schoefield Middle School                 Benjamin Gordon, Amber Lee, Sally Mickelsen,
in Aiken, SC.                                                       Adam Price, Bryan Scott, Elizabeth Timmerman
                                                                    and Terell Young.
        Alexis Culbreath read a poem entitled “I
Asked”.                                                                   “Hats Off To Character”
        Ashley Boyd read a poem entitled “The
Color of Me”. She was voted “Miss Congeniality”.
        Olivia Brown rendered a creative dance                            An End-of-the-Year ceremony for
routine to the sounds of “Love Brings Change”. She                 Club 180 and U-Turn Organizations at JET
was voted “Best All Around” and won 1st runner-up.                 Middle School will be held on Sunday,
                                                                   May 3, 2009 beginning at 4:00 p.m.
       The event sponsored by Delta Sigma Theta
Sorority is a means to raise scholarship funds for
                                                                          The event will be held in the school
young girls in their pursuit of higher educational                 cafeteria and has a theme of “Hats Off To
goals.                                                             Character”.
                                                                          Club 180 and U-Turn are
       Mrs. Evergrace Jackson is the Vice President                organizations of character clubs. The
of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and is instrumental in               students have worked hard this year to
working with the scholarship program. Mrs. Alicia
Martin served as Mistress of Ceremonies for the
                                                                   support their community selected Autism
event.                                                             Charity fund raising project
                                                                          The public is invited to come out and
                                                                   enjoy the program for recognizing a
                                                                   “Celebration of Character”.