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									            Youth Ministry                                                                    March 19, 2004
            BLD Newark

                           Youth BLD
                     Inter - District Conference

      ... for theYouth
     are the future of
     Christ’s church.

    “ I    shall cultivate the
    ground around it and
    fertilize it; it may bear
    fruit in the future.” (Lk
    13:9) Praise the Lord! With
    God’s grace the Youth
    Ministry of Newark
    welcomed the BLD Youths
    from Toronto and Trenton
    to a BLD Inter-District Conference at St. Leo’s Boland Hall on Saturday March 13, 2004 from 1:00
    p.m. – 9:00 p.m. The Conference allowed for the Youth and Youth Adults to discuss challenges
    facing their ministries and possible solutions to counter these challenges, while being able to share
    their strengths and exchange new ideas such as the Youth Rally and Youth Getaway. Highlights of the
    conference included the performances given by the Newark Youth/John 6 and the Toronto Youth.
    Interactive song, dance and a powerful skit both delighted and moved the Youths, which led into
    their favorite activity - praise jam. The Youths were so enthusiastic about praising the Lord that they
    even chose to praise jam over an early dinner. To complete the night’s events, both Toronto and
    Newark Youth visited Ground Zero in New York City, where they said prayers for those lost and
    shared happy moments taking pictures. In reflection of the short time spent with the Toronto Youth,
    we discover that there is room to grow and to learn from one another. Thus, Newark BLD Youth
    anticipate to visit Toronto BLD sometime this summer. We pray that the BLD Youth all around the
    world continue to prosper and bear fruit, for the Youth are the future of Christ’s church.

J   The trip was fun. Got to meet new people and I had   J I had a great time with the youths in New Jersey!
so much fun getting high (on God’s love). Everybody      They are cool bunch of people who share the same
there was nice and friendly. I enjoyed the weekend as    belief as the youths in Toronto. Meeting them was a
much as everyone else in BLD Toronto. I think I speak    pleasure. I’ve seen that they never stop loving and serv-
for everyone that IT WAS CRAZY IN A GOOD WAY!            ing the Lord and they do it with so much passion and
God is hot? oh so hot *ssssssssssss. - Gino Guillermo,   their hearts are all overflowing. *waterfall* “I LOVE
YBLD Toronto                                             BLD NEW JERSEY WHOOO!!!!” - Val Campos,
                                                         YBLD Toronto
                                                             J   JERSEY ROCKS... the road trip experience was
J   Having the youth come together just for a day was        great, not only did i get to know more about my fellow
such a strong event. Seeing so many youths just praising     BLD Toronto youth! But also I have met many friendly
and raising their hands up to the LORD was                   BLD Jersey youths. You guys are surely one of a kind!
overwhelming. Every person that was there had glowing        This experience made me realize that the other BLD
faces and the biggest smiles ever. I felt the Lord’s         around the world are just the same as us, going through
presence the whole time. It was the best feeling ever, it    the same problems and it helped knowing how they
felt as if we were in another world. We had nothing to       conquered them. I want to thank everyone there for being
worry about , all we had to do was lift our hands as high    so friendly, because through you guys i got touched to
as we can and praise him for bringing                        make the BLD community bigger and
us all together. - Asia Raagas, YBLD Newark                  better. - Carlo “nerd” Suarez, YBLD Toronto

J   This trip was an amazing expierence! I had the time      J   Our New Jersey youth road trip was not only really
of my life and I thank the Lord for giving us the time and   fun, but a really good experience. We learned so much
guidance to go there! The praise jams and singing and        from them and hopefully we can use what we learned
just talking with all of you was the greatest! Thank you     here to help our youth. I would like to thank everyone
to those who signed my book because I am now able to         there for making us feel so welcomed and feel at home.
bring my memories back home! I hope that we will keep        You welcomed us into your homes and the host families
in touch and visit each other again! Also, thank you to      treated us as if we were their own kids. Thank you for
the Laxina family for allowing us to stay at their house!    all your generosity. I also would like to thank BLD
And of course, Thank you BLD Newark! The laughter,           Toronto for giving us a once in a lifetime experience.
jokes, singing, and the smiles will always be in my          Hope to see you all again. Take care and God bless. -
memories! I miss ya’ all already! haha God bless always!     jervy lasquite, YBLD Toronto
KEEP SMILING! =) <— (happy face haha) Andrew
Rejano, YBLD Toronto                                         JBLD Newark isn’t that different from ours. We all
                                                           share the similar goal. We come every friday to praise
J The discussion groups with the Canadian BLD youth and worship the Lord. The ride going to New Jersey
really put things into perspective. The main objectives of was just as fun as the ride back. The Lord kept us safe
the discussion were basically to address certain issues and protected us through the storms. The people there
concerning organizational and technical problems that were really nice. We were new and they accepted us.
exist in certain ministries, as well as pointing out what They opened their homes to us. I would just like to thank
we like about the ministries. It was apparent that the them for giving us this chance to see how they do things
Toronto BLD Youth lacked the organization and there, and help us improve on ours after all we’ve been
leadership that the BLD Newark Youth has. The Toronto through. Newark’s to coming in the summer! right guys?!
Youth, as one person put it, was more like a giant “blob” =). GOD IS HOT!!.... GOD IS HYPE!!.. THANK
and mesh of people with little or no organization, run YOU NEW JERSEY!!! GOD BLESS!! -
solely by parents, unlike the Newark Youth, with our arvic canaria, YBLD Toronto
respective ministries and organizational core. The main
ministry that my group discussed was the praise ministry. J Going to BLD Newark and meeting the Youths was
It was obvious that everyone liked the Praise ministry a great experience. I was amazed by their praise and
the best, but also more evident that our praise ministry worship. The youths are very talented and are full of so
still has a long way to go. The issues and problems were much joy. Thank you so much for your hospitality. I had
indeed, addressed, however, the next step is to take a wonderful time with all of you. Hope to see all of you
actual action for the discussion groups to be deigned again. God is hype eh?! SYN DAT!! God Bless. -
efficacious. – Ray Chan, YBLD Newark                       MK Prollamante, YBLD Toronto
J    Saturday was hype, ay?” Indeed, Saturday was
“hype”, as our Canadian friends liked to call it. The
conference between Toronto and New Jersey youth                  J   All I can say is that Saturday was WOW. Despite
alike, held this past Saturday at St. Leo’s, was definitely      being miles apart, and never meeting each other before,
a learning experience for all. The afternoon started off
                                                                 we all got along so well; as if we already knew each
with mini worship lead by several of Newark’s DYC
                                                                 other. We were truly one big family, willing to support
members. Following worship came several talks by
                                                                 one another, whenever trouble arises. I learned a lot
DYC members regarding the different ministries of our
                                                                 about BLD Toronto, along with new songs. I learned
Youth, and a talk from Father Paul. Towards the end of
the day, we broke up into discussion groups and                  about the problems they went through, and they were in
discussed the different aspects we like and dislike about        about the same situation as us. Truly God was with us
our ministries, and put our heads together, not as Toronto       last weekend, as he rekindled the burning desire within
or Jersey, but as BLD Youth as a whole, and found                all of them to praise God, and to help restructure their
ways to better our Youth. Afterwards, mass was                   community. I am a witness, to the love our God has for
celebrated by Father Paul, and then came one of the              his children, for he brought our two communities together,
favorite parts of the night: praise jams. We were able to        to help each other, and to grow deeper in faith, and as a
let loose, and together, feel comfortable praising God           bigger community with God. The night ended with a bang
and storming the heavens with our voices. It ended in            with a praise jam and dinner with our fellow Toronto
 dinner and fellowship.                                          brothers and sisters. I can’t wait to see them again! –
  The day enabled all of us to see the BLD Community             Ken Reyes, YBLD Newark
from a different perspective, and taught us our role in
the bigger picture. Toronto shared with us a short               J The weekend was great! the people in New Jersey
presentation, including a skit and several songs, and in         were so kind at heart and very spiritual. i miss them, and
return, Newark shared a presentation as well. There              i would definitely go on another road trip to Jersey in the
was plenty of time for all of us to make new friends, and        future. God is Hot! too hot tsssssssssst! - Kathleen
see the Christ in each other. The best part of it all, was       Ongteco, YBLD Toronto
realizing, that no matter where you’re from, Toronto or
New Jersey, or anywhere for that matter, God unites us           J   I really enjoyed Saturday’s Youth Inter-district Con-
all as one. And that, is the beauty of community. –              ference. One of the most profound things were although
Kimberly Ciocon, YBLD Trenton                                    Newark and Toronto are so far apart distance wise, we
J  Praise God for this wonderful opportunity to visit the        are all very unified under our Lord Jesus Christ. We
BLD community in Newark. The whole trip was amazing!!            were all able to bond with one another, and not judge
The youth are sooo “money”! Their praise and Worship             each other, and it did not even take very long for this to
was excellent and their praise jam session was oh so             occur. That is something that needs to be practiced more
hot...SssSssssSss!! Thank you everyone for being so              in this world. In the discussion groups, everyone re-
welcoming and so generous and especially to the host             flected Christ by lending out a hand to one another by
families. i hope you guys get to visit us in toronto sometime!   sharing their hardships, courses of action, and solutions
Take care and God Bless. - Timmy Nazal,                          that worked for a particular ministry. There is no doubt
YBLD Toronto                                                     in my mind that no matter which BLD we all came from,
                                                                 we all taught each other valuable things whether appar-
J   Going to New Jersey was truly a blessing. Being              ent or not. Now we truly know that our community
amidst that atmosphere of utter faith, sincere laughter,         does not struggle alone in following Christ, and that with
joined hands, and voices being raised up to the Heavens          the help of each other we can make it through all the
was more than i had ever imagined. The youth of New
                                                                 hardships we encounter. We were all truly blessed that
Jersey has been an inspiration from the start. Not only
did they awaken my somewhat hibernated faith, but they           day. – Stephanie Ikalina, YBLD Newark
made me feel alive. Thank you New Jersey, from the
bottom of my heart. - Nicole Valdez, YBLD Toronto
J   To the Newark Youth, WOW! You people are truly
AMAZING!! Very unique in your own little ways... this
roadtrip was crazy fun. Shooooot... the hardest or worst
part of the trip was leaving... especially the ride back home   J       On March 13, 2004, Youth from Newark,
because JC blew it at least 7 times LOL. Anyway, just           Trenton, and Toronto convened at St. Leo’s Church
wanted to thank all of you for giving us such a warm            for the first ever Youth Inter-District Conference to
welcome and for helping us out to rebuild our ministry. The     answer God’s call to bear fruit. The Conference was
Praise JAMS were one of my favourite parts, and praise          a day full of fruitful discussions led by the DYC and
battling u guys also. Can’t write much only allowed 5 or        Father Paul Lehman, as well as group discussions on
some what lines or else mine would be a page long. Shoooot      any problems existing in the Youth Ministry, and
missing you people already! Well, keep in touch...              solutions to those problems as well. The Toronto
 no name YBLD Toronto                                           Youth shared a moving and spectacular presentation
                                                                on the saving power of Jesus, and shared several songs
J   If you think im cute, i mean cool, im THE GUY,              and cheers with the other members. The Conference
holler at me with friendster, aim, or xanga...going to get      concluded with Mass, a praise fest, and
them. Shouts to all the girls, the 3LW boyz, the host           a celebration.
families, and everyone who i didnt mention. If you ever             Twenty-eight members of BLD Toronto arrived
need me, just HOLLLLLLEEEEEERRRR, syn                           Friday night and participated in the Youth’s worship
breddrin... One - J.R. Sabbun, YBLD Toronto                     gathering. The following day, they, as well as three
                                                                members of BLD Trenton Youth, and several members
J   The New Jersey Road Trip has ignited he fire inside         of Newark’s Youth Ministry were all in attendance.
of every BLD TO Youth! The ively praise and worship             We praise God for inspiring these Youth to answer
experience as well s the jamming affirmed what our youths       God’s call to bear fruit, and we thank Toronto for
had lways felt should do: Praising God and rejoicing in          spending their weekendwith us.
   His goodness go well with lots of singing, dancing,             The one phrase that echoes in my mind right now
jumping, clapping, and joyful shouting. The energy of           is “God is Good all the time, and all the time God is
the weekend is so refreshing and invigorating it would          Good.” It has never been as real and as vibrant to me
be a sin not to share it with the rest of the ministry and to   as it is now. It is rather simple. God is leading us, not
 the community!                                                 simply as a Youth Ministry, but a Community as a
    It is my prayer that the Toronto Youths will be             whole to an amazing opportunity. We are now an
perpetually energized by this unique experience all             Association of the Faithful in the Archdiocese of
through their ministry tenure. As for me, I will summarize      Newark. We have held an Inter-District Conference
my experience by borrowing a line from a Manilow song:          for the global BLD Community, and we have now
“I am young again, even though I’m very old.” Indeed,           held one for the global BLD Youth Community. We
anyone who is in Christ is a new creation!                      have held two successful Youth Rallies. It is not a
   Thank you Newark for your hot welcome! No winter             coincidence that everything is happening like this. God
chill will ever ice up your blazing spirits! Praise the Lord!   is calling us to really raise the ante. I feel that He is,
  - Jade Lopez, BLD Toronto Youth Coordinator                   right now, setting down the foundation of things to
J   The Jersey trip was way more than what I expected           come. Again, it is simple. Youth Rally 2k3. AFCCPC
it to be! Meeting all the youth from BLD Newark was             National Convention. Youth Rally 2k4. Youth Inter-
such a great experience, it was so great to see so many         District Conference. After each of these events, I felt
youth gather in one place for one reason, and that is to        that I could never ever top the spiritual experience
praise our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you to everyone             that I had, but when the next event came, God proved
from New Jersey, especially the Punzalan family for being       me wrong. God is most definitely Good. -
such a great host. We hope you can all visit us someday Dave de la Fuente, YBLD Newark
and experience what we have experienced! -
Frandie Lasquite, YBLD Toronto

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